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September 2011 - Volume 5, Issue 1G

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS for sponsoring our Centennial Events

If you are interested in Corporate Sponsorship for any of our upcoming Centennial events in January and May, please contact the Communications & Development Oce.  YoojinUm,Manager JuneKang,Director 023303137G 023303116


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Celebrating Our Centennial School Board Chair Kelly Tomhon The SFS Board

Thissummerwasmyfamily’srst visitbacktotheUnitedStates,our homecountry,sincemovingtoSeoul inAugust,2008.Wecaughtupwith friends,sharingtalesofourlifein Korea.Throughourstoriesitbe cameapparentthatwehaddevel opedanaachmentnotonlytoKorea buttoSeoulForeignSchool.We tendedtogoonendlesslyaboutthe school,boastingthat: 

SFSiscelebratingits100thanniver sarythisyear SFSpromotesChristianvalues SFSisthe7tholdestinternational schoolintheworld SFSisanotforprotschool,ararity inKorea,everydollarthatcomes insupportstheschool,notacor poration SFSisseeingitshighestenrollment ever,atover1500students SFS’sstudentsrepresentover52na tionalities SFSisanInternationalBaccalaureate school

OnbehalfoftheBoard,pleasewel comeournewestmember,RobEver e.Robmostrecentlyservedonthe SFSCouncil,soisintimatelyawareof theSFSmission.Robwillnowshi hisenergiestoworkingwiththe Board,whoseobjectiveistodrivethe strategicdirectionoftheschool.The BoardwishestothankJohnIlKwun forhisserviceontheBoard.John andhisfamilymovedtoTexasover thesummer.Iamhonoredthatthe BoardelectedmetoserveasChair againthisyear. 

2011/2012 SFS School Board Chair Kelly TomHon Vice Chair Harry Rudolph Secretary Prince Charles Oteng Boateng Treasurer Peter LundenWelden Member Paul Cho Member Michael DiStasio* Member Rob Evere Member Bomsinae Kim Member Sue Lynn Koo Member Frank Shyn Member Vacant

*ChairBritishSchoolGovernors G

Centennial Fund Throughouttheyearandduringthe celebrationsyouwillbehearing abouttheCentennial Fund.Icall uponanyonewhohasbeentouched bySFStoconsidercontributingto thisfund.SFS’primarysourceof incomeistuition.Tuitiondollarsare usedtopayteachers’salariesand benets,buildandimproveourcur riculum,createandrunoutstanding extracurricularactivities,runanex

ceptionalvisualandperformingarts program,developandsupport cuingedgetechnicalinfrastructure, payutilitybillsandbuildandmain tainbuildings.ThroughDr.Eng strom’sstrongleadership,SFSisse condtononeinitsabilitytohavetui tiondollarsworkfortheschool. However,bothDr.Engstromandthe BoardrealizethatSFScanrealize goalsandobjectivesfaster.Bycon tributingtotheCentennial Fund you willbehelpingtheschoolmovemore quicklytowardsthecompletionof ourcentennialproject:TheCentenni alWelcomeCenter.Thiscenterwill notonlyhighlightour100yearsbut alsobehometothenewAdmissions Oce–therstpointofcontactfor newandprospectivefamilies.Cor poratedonationsarewelcome. PleasecontacttheDevelopment Oceformoredetailsonhowyou canhelpsupportSFS. G

I’llclosewithaquotethat,Ibelieve, embodiestheSFSlearnerprole: G

The function of education is to teach one to think inten sively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character  that is the goal of true edu cation.  MartinLutherKingJr.G G

MaySFSbeBlessedwithGod’slove foranother100years.   KellyTomHon SFSBoardChair

Celebrating Our Centennial Head of School Dr. John EngstromG Dear Alumni and Friends, Two years ago, we closed school a week aer opening because of H1N1, and this year Centennial fever has denitely smien our campus! Last weekend we enjoyed a “Welcome Back Picnic” Barbeque for our families and a special program recognizing alumni who had returned to SFS for the Centennial. A couple of high-lights in our rst week of Centennial Celebrations were the inaugural golf tournament in honor of the Centennial and a historical picture presentation with narration by Jack Moon, current faculty, Edie Moon ’77/current faculty and Peter Underwood ‘73, who all experienced much of our history, directly or vicariously. I know that many enjoyed the pictures of this event and hope you would consider

joining with us for more events like make my teaching become more fulthis in January or in May during the ly ‘Centered in Christ?’” The discusnext Centennial Celebrations. sion was robust and exhilarating, particularly since our faculty bring Each academic year, the administra- such a broad range of Christian extive sta cooperates to provide a perience. We are deeply thankful comprehensive orientation for new for the commitment of our faculty to and returning faculty. It is an imcarry out this important mission portant time to convey our ethos with our students. and values to new faculty, while reminding all of us of the importance of our mission: Faithfully Yours,

Seoul Foreign School, centered in Christ, inspires academic excellence, and promotes Christian values,

John Engstrom Head of School, Seoul Foreign School G

personal integrity, and

We were pleased to open our doors

responsible global

on August 16 to the largest number

citizenship through a dynamic international experience.

of students in the history of SFS. We currently have 1526 students from PreK through grade 12. Both the Elementary School and the High School are at record enrollments,

Adopted February 2010 while the British School and the Middle School are full in many grades. This year, we spent a full morning discussing the meaning and application of the phrase, “Centered in Christ.” We divided our faculty (about 200) into groups of ten to focus on such questions as, “How does this phrase aect my teaching?” “What does this mean for the SFS community?” and “How can I


Community of donors and sponsors ANNUAL FUND DONATION 200910


THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classied Sta Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho THE CREST CLUB

Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Evere SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee David Livingston Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our donors who participated in the last Annual Fund drive. Your support is crucial as it paves the way for the community of giving at SFS and support to help maintain the success of the school. With this momentum, we will be sure to continue receiving the support of our parents, alumni, faculty and friends.

CENTENNIAL FUND DONATION 201112 THE CREST CLUB Robert and Sondra Black Christian and Benjamin Choi John and Alice Engstrom CENTENNIAL CLUB Ryan Jeon David Livingston Yoojin UmG

THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Je and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum

4G 6G

The Heritage Club $100,000+ The Crest Club $1,000+ Centennial Club $100+


1912 Society $50,000+ The Legacy Club any

Celebrating One Hundred Years The Centennial fund

The Centennial Fund 20112012 Welcome back to all members of the SFS Community! Although we have already had the Annual Fund running for the past two years, the school will be introducing its ’Centennial Fund’ which will take its place for only this special anniversary year.

SFS has long been a signicant provider of the highest standard and quality of education for the children of expatriate families living in Seoul. We would be eager to encourage our friends within the corporate community to help sponsor any of the events throughout this school year.

Please do visit our website hp:// for a The vision for the Centennial Fund is to create a complete list of our events or contact me to nd out meaningful opportunity for all within the SFS com- how you may become a Donor or have your community to participate. The Centennial Campaign pany become a Sponsor in this special Centennial will be encouraging all Donors and also Corporate year. Sponsors to support the celebration of this milestone year. Looking forward to hearing from you. The Centennial Fund brochure (le page) will be distributed to parents, faculty, alumni and friends, to encourage ‘giving’ towards our Centennial Wel- Warmly, come Center. This Center will provide the much needed space to welcome new families, students, visiting alumni and friends, while serving also as a Centennial Hall to re ect the school’s history of one hundred years. June Kang Director of Communications and In addition, we would like to also encourage the support of many corporations within Korea, to join Development us in recognizing Seoul Foreign School’s successful history: providing excellence in education.

of Giving The Millennium Club $10,000+ Red & Black Club $5,000+ dollar amount given by friends and relatives

5G 7G

100 Years of Theatre at SFS…and we are just getting started! Edie Moon School-Wide Drama Director


It is no surprise to anyone who has performed at Seoul Foreign School that the arts have been an integral part of the spirit of the school for the past one hundred years. As we celebrate our centennial this year, we are ooded with memories of music created, plays performed, visual arts displayed, poetry wrien and published, and the relationships forged on the stages and in the classrooms of this school.

characters to life through costumes in a way that was unprecedented. These were surely accomplished women who shared their gis not only at Seoul Foreign School but in Korean universities, churches, theatre companies and even the missionary community at Daechon Beach. The direction they gave me shaped my own vision for directing which continues to be my inspiration today.

When I was an elementary student in the late sixties and early seventies, I remember going to see the plays in the high school and feeling completely awe-struck. Even as a ten year old, I knew that something magical and memorable was happening as I watched actors like Michael BOUCHIER, Anne SIBLEY, Judy IRWIN, Norman SIBLEY, and Sam ROBINSON (SFS Alumni) bring Shakespeare to life under the direction of veteran directors like Mrs. Sally ROBINSON and of course, the inimA Midsummer Night’s Dream itable directed by Rona ROBB in the 70sG Mrs. Rona ROBB. The actors had a passion for the stage that I deeply felt so that when I nally joined their ranks in high school (19741977), I did everything in my power to be in every play. In just four years, I had the privilege of being directed by Mrs. Rona Robb (Pygmalion), Mrs. Dorothy UNDERWOOD (Godspell), and guest director Mrs. LUNDEY (The Matchmaker) as well as Mrs. Margaret MOORE in various Seoul Union Church productions. I also got to benet from the costuming expertise of Mrs. Joan RIEMER whose designing 8G and sewing nesse was able to bring

Since the 1970’s, there have been many other directors including wonderful art teachers like Mr. Tom GORA who directed some of the most Avant Garde main stage works of theatre at SFS including Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist piece The Maids as well as his own interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula both of which my younger sister, Jennifer RADER PURVIS, was able to experience as a theatre student. Upon my return to SFS as an English teacher and drama director in the 1980’s, the challenge of the SFS theatre legacy was my motivation and my inspiration. 

Whatstartedwithperformancesby FatherCharlesin1912hadevolved into a full and rich program over the years and had led many students into professional careers in acting, design, opera, lighting, playwritinganddirecting. 

summer Night’s Dream. Since the early days of theatre of SFS, plays have been performed in every conceivable seing A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Edie MOON in the 90sG from one room stages to cafeterias to Robb Hall to what you see today: a 700 seat, state of the art theatre, in the Lyso Center for the Performing Arts, a black box theatre and a newly conceived Robb Hall in the MPC building. We now have a full theatre department staed with directors, producers, tech directors, and a seamstress who together with the music department work to create truly ne art at SFS. (Please see the SFS website for the link to Fine Arts.) At the core of what we do, however, is the legacy of what has been created these past 100 years. A tribute to this is being designed for the lobby of the Lyso Center for all who will be visiting SFS for the Centennial celebrations in the months ahead. We have also put together shows for the 2011-2012 season that span 100 years in history. The season begins with the high school comedy Shakespeare in Hollywood by Ken Ludwig. The Golden age of Hollywood will come to life on October 7th and 8th in the Lyso Center in a story based on the making of the movie A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the rst talking version of a Shakespearean play ever done on lm and directed by Max Reinhardt. The movie set is used as the backdrop for a hilarious story of worlds colliding as two of Shakespeare’s beloved characters, Oberon and Puck, end up on the set of the 1930’s movie.

Over the past 29 years, I have had the privilege of working collaboratively with talented musical directors including Mrs. Pai KEARNEY, Mr. Stephen RAATZ , Mr. John MCCRACKEN, Mr. Ken MCNEILLY, and Mrs. Marion STATTON all of whom brought a myriad of musical theater performances to SFS including Godspell, Childen of Eden, Wizard of Oz, Into the Woods, and South Pacic just to name a very few. Among the art directors I was privileged to work with was Ms. Joan LUETH who helped us magically turn the stage of the original Robb Hall into an ancient Korean village for our rendition of Shake- This year’s plays will not only take us speare’s Much Ado About Nothing and into down memory lane, but hopefully lead us Arden Forest in our performance of A Mid- with anticipation into the future of theatre at Seoul Foreign School.

International Baccalaureate Service Stuart Kent IB Coordinator On June 5th 2011, Seoul Foreign’s IB Coordinator, Stuart Kent, presented the college bound senior class with some nal words of wisdom to help equip them for life aer their departure from SFS. The primary aim of the talk was to equip students to make wise decisions and, as a result, be able to make bold decisions. Throughout the talk, Stuart drew on his life experiences where he shared some humorous anecdotes about his personal lack of wise decisions during his youth. He also referenced a wide variety of books he had read, movies he had watched and people he had listened to.

age students to contemplate the ‘cross road experiences in life’ and to consider whether SFS had, in fact, equipped students to make wise decisions at that moment.

“The world needs men and wom en who believe in and are willing to apply a wisdom recipe to deci sions and then make BOLD deci sions. We are in desperate need of busi-

Stuart also made references to his love of cooking when he drew a parallel between following a recipe (that oen leads to the creation of a successful dish) and following the same principle when trying to make wise decisions. Exploring the parallel between ‘recipes for cooking’ and ‘recipes for decision-making’ and how it is necessary to have the right ‘information’ or ‘ingredients’ to make wise decisions was a major focus of Stuart’s talk. He ad-

ness leaders who put people before prot, workers before shareholders, politicians who put honesty before convenience, world leaders who put down weapons and trust their enemies before dialogue begins not as a result of dialogue, husbands and wives who put commitment before selshness and institutions who put principles before reputations.”

A key quote that Stuart referenced at the beginning of his presentation was by Dr. vised the seniors that, “…we need Wade Davis, an inspirational Anthropolo- wisdom and clarity of thought in gist and Ethno-Botanist. At a recent IB order to make prudent decisions conference Stuart aended, Dr. Davis

The presentation ended with these closing remarks: ˈDuring the time you have been at SFS, I know you have all been exposed to thousands of messages. You have been bomand we need to include God in barded with messages about what is imsaid, “Life is not a linear progresour decisions, just as we would portant, how to be a lifelong learner, a sion from A to B to C but a collecperson of integrity, what it means to be an need to include yeast if we tion of serendipitous moments IB student, or a Crusader. I hope that towished for bread to rise…” where faced with a crossroad, day’s message is a culminating one that where a decision needs to be made The talk touched upon many personal role you will take time to think about. Decithat we are equipped to make deci- models, from characters in movies to peo- sions cannot be avoided, and I hope that sion based on our inner moral com- ple in history who had either enlightened when you come to the crossroads in your life that you will think back to the impact pass.” Stuart used this quote to encour- and/ or inspired much of where the creaof SFS, of your teachers and of your tion of Stuart’s personal recipe for decifriends that you have shared time with in sion-making has come. One particular inspiration he shared from the Bible, was the high school and that with all of these that of the story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah interactions in mind, you will have the ability to make wise and subsequently was tasked with freeing his people from slavery, leading a trek across inhospitable bold decisions. Don’t let the fear of failure hamstring you. Don’t let bad decisions terrain and then undertaking a massive from the past take away your condence. construction task –the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. When faced with these I hope that the next stage of your journey challenges, Nehemiah took time to make is an exciting one, full of joy, happiness, sure he made wise decisions. Nehemiah’s but also of moments of re ection where ‘recipe’ included the use of his intellect as you take time to think deeply about how you make decisions and your decisionhe made a careful study of his situation, making recipe. I would encourage you to showed empathy for his people by condevelop the character and conviction to templating the impact of his decisions, make decisions that are products of a relaand asking God for help. tionship with God. I want to inspire each and every one of you to develop your reciIn the second half of his talk, Stuart expe for decision making and then make plored how wise decisions can lead to BOLD decisions.” bold decisions. He shared the following:


Alum of the Year award Special recognition in developing Dr. Rachel Moon new Classfacilities of 1978 & renovations I am so honored to be this year’s Alumnus of the Year and to have the opportunity to visit Seoul again! Even though I’ve lived in Bethesda, Maryland now for almost 20 years, Seoul is the city that I claim as my hometown on my Facebook page.


Rachel at the Graduation CeremonyG

I arrived at SFS in 1972 when my Korean-born parents decided to return to Korea as Presbyterian missionaries. I was in 7th grade, and my sisters were in 3rd and 1st grades. Although my parents were excited to be back in Korea, I was apprehensive about this move. However, on the rst day of school, I met an-

Rachel in 1978

other new student, Kathleen Stanley, we quickly became friends, and that helped to ease the transition. G The next 6 years were really great years. SFS was a wonderful place to go to school. However, I didn’t fully appreciate this until my daughters started high school. They aend one of the best public high schools in the country. While they love their school and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, I sometimes wish that they could go to someplace like SFS. My younger daughter’s freshman class has 400 students; there were 30 in my graduating class - and I loved that. At my daughters’ school, you choose one extracurricular activity, and that’s it. There’s no time for more, because you give your all to that one activity, so that your team (or club) is the best. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with striving to be the best that you can be (in fact, I strongly endorse that sentiment), but to me, high school is a time of exploration. When I was in high school, I was on the yearbook sta, newspaper sta, student council, and other activities. My sisters each played 3 dierent sports and participated in other extracurricular activities. Since my daughters both run on the cross country team (which, by the way, won the state championship last year), they can’t also be in the drama club or the debate team. I understand that being an integral part of one extracurricular activity provides a “home” and a core group of like-minded friends for the students (if you go to a school with 1500 students, it can be intimidating and dicult to nd a group of friends) and I’m very thankful that my daughters have found a great group of friends within their team, but I oen feel a lile frustrated that they are forced to choose this early on. What if one of my daughters has an undiscovered talent

Alum of the Year award Dr. Rachel Moon Class of 1978 and passion for acting? If so, we’re not going to uncover it during high school – because she’s a runner. SFS allows you to explore dierent activities, and that is very important. I was also fortunate to be surrounded by excellent teachers at SFS. Some of the teachers from my junior and senior years literally changed my life. Ellen Kennedy, our English Lit teacher, taught me how to write a coherent essay, a skill that I use every day. Anne Lippold shared her passion for anatomy and physiology, which ultimately played a key role in my decision to become a doctor. Fred Schneider was our senior class advisor and homeroom teacher. With his air for fashion and boomless coee cup, he made history (which I really never liked) relevant. Hedi Hahm taught me how to read and write Korean – and so much about Korean culture and tradition. Albert Lee and I (the only two in the Korean IV class) had many wonderful philosophical discussions with her. Art Stanley (Kathleen’s dad) was the school religious life coordinator and a wonderful role model. He was always smiling (and whistling, as I recall), full of a zest for life, always ready to listen to our problems, and so understanding of adolescents (who – truth be told – can be a dicult bunch of people). It’s not just SFS that was such a great place to be. Seoul is truly an amazing place to live. It’s such a mix of the modern high-tech and the traditional. One of my favorite places in Seoul is Sejongdaero, where you look down the street and see Kwangwhamun and the statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun Shin interspersed with the modern buildings, bustling crowds, and trac. It’s also one of the few major cities without a serious crime problem. When we came to visit a few years ago, my daughters were impressed that children of ages younger than Elementary School rode the sub-

ways by themselves. My husband (who again, I take with me the piece of SFS that grew up in New York City) was stunned has always stayed with me (but is now when we rode on the Seoul subway and rekindled) and new memories. Thank saw people put their bags on the top rack you, SFS, for the wonderful opportunity. if they had to stand – and then when they G found a seat somewhere else in the subway car, they would walk away and leave their bag on the rack – and NOBODY WOULD TOUCH IT. I didn’t give this a second thought, since I had seen this many times before when I lived in Korea, but to my husband, this was unheard of! G Returning now for this brief trip to Seoul and to SFS, I nd that while so much has changed, Rachel with her sisters Esther MOON ‘82 (back) & Hannah MOON ’84* much has stayed the same. Sejong-daero has even more buildings and more trac, but Kwanwhamun and the statues are still there. People still sit down far away from their bags on the subway.

And as I walked through SFS and participated in the graduation ceremony, a ood of longforgoen memories rushed to the surface. I was reminded once again how special SFS is. I felt a connection with the graduating students, the cheering family and friends, and the proud faculty. As I leave Seoul once

Rachel and her family

Rachel while touring the SFS CampusG


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2011G idealistic answers some have come up with? Or, is it for self-satisfaction? If you nd a reason to work hard, which involves a personal goal, you are more likely to pick yourself up—even aer a failure. In my case, I put forth most of my eort in two areas: Japanese animation and academics. Initially, I studied hard and watched animation to make friends. I realized since I was fairly young that each of my friends had amazing talents and interest in varying subjects: some could draw, some could sing, others could read 3 inch thick books in a week. In comparison, I was not particularly talented or particularly bright—but I knew how to work hard. So I studied hard to make friends. I connected the idea of gaining positive aention from adults when academic successes are demonstrated—to positive Edith March aention from fellow students. That Class of 2011 ValedictorianG wasn’t the reality. Working hard on academics doesn’t develop social skills. I feel honored to be here, speaking be- True friends are a rare blessing that fore the Graduating class of 2011. We’ve come regardless of your GPA. been working hard to graduate. People will be sad to be leaving, but people will Then what do I work hard for now? When you put forth all your eort, you be exited to reach new destinations. nd that the limits of your capabilities All the students here invest a lot of ener- are higher than you ever imagined. Wilgy into their interests. Some students may work hard on their studies to try and please their parents with their grades—or try to prevent themselves from geing the evil eye from them. More realistic people state that working hard would allow one to obtain an appealing future career or make a lot of money. Do Jakob Alejandre you really know why you work so hard? Is it because of all the beautiful, 12G

bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. People are not able to sprout wings and y like in Japanese animations, but I do know that through perseverance and motivation, we can accomplish something beyond what we thought, possible.

Kelvin Benger

with them. To quote a Japanese proverb: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” We should start considering what we put our eort into and why we do it— instead of becoming frustrated later and calling the time spent—“wasted”.

”Knowing the basis of our actions will not only help us in overcoming hardships in our lives but also in becoming resilient individuals.”G G G In conclusion, I would like everyone to rethink their purposes in life. Without Jonathan Jun

liam Blake once said: No

College and adulthood will surely force us to face challenges that test our strength and endurance. If we know our own visions, and the motivations behind them, though we will still have disappointments, we will be able to deal

me saying it, everyone knows life is unfair. Sometimes even with hard work, failure ruins all. In any case, when that happens—what will help you back up? Without a clear “vision” of what you want to do before you, it is hard to try again. So, nd one. When you have a purpose or goal—put your all into it so that you can fulll it. And when you do look back, you may be surprised to notice that you’ve surpassed all your expectations and the boundaries that seemed unreachable.

Graduation Highlights & Awards Valedictorian - Edith March Salutatorian - Jee Soo Monica Kim Alumnus of the Year - Dr. Rachel Moon Alumni Committee Award - Andrew Strege Scholar-Athlete Award - Kelvin Benger IB Senior Award - Jakob Alejandre Fine Arts-Scholar Award - Jonathan Jun Seoul Foreign School Award - Kelvin Benger If I want to start talking about our time at Seoul Foreign School, academically, the seemingly endless lists of homework and countless late nights cannot go unsaid. Having grown up in Europe, it came as a bit of a culture shock at rst learning the dierence between the higher standard of education and expectation at SFS in comparison to my previous school in the Netherlands. Yet through the academic hardships, our friendships grew stronger, and we built memories along the way as we continued to nurture and cheer each other up despite our physically fatigued bodies and mentally beaten brains. ”I pride myself in hav-

ing received one of the best highschool educations in Asia, if not the world, here at SFS.” Now I would like to take us back to a major event that took place in the summer before the start of our senior year, which would aect us deeply as a class, as an entire high school, and as a community: the passing away of our classmate, James Sprake. Siing around the bonre during senior retreat at the start of the year, thinking about a few months later when we would be graduating… and throughout this year, our memories of James pulled our class through the diculties and made us stronger. James would have graduated this year, at the school he was going to aend in Shanghai, and at this time, I would like to dedicate my empty seat here on stage to James. G G

The foundation of this school, cen-

tering ourselves in Christ, is what sets this school apart. Through disci-

Jee Soo Monica Kim Class of 2011 SalutatorianG

pleship, I grew closer to my friends as we encouraged each other on our walk with Him. Through the Shalom Vida Nueva, I became part of the Vida community starting from the “Heroes” family at my rst Vida, and most recently, the “Frosted Flakes” family. Sports is also an integral part of the SFS experience, having been part of the swim team for four years myself, captain for two. Our results speak for themselves, having won numerous championships for KAIAC and at APAC. However, more importantly, the forever-treasured memories of tears, laughter, disappointment, and joy that come along with our sport seasons: special mention to my swim team family, thanks for the great four years. As an alumni, I hope to continue hearing about the amazing results There is a moo that I have been using of our school sports teams. for the duration of my high school life ”The faculty members here at SFS that I would like to share: “If the wind are truly tremendous, all having a will not serve, take to the oars”. There genuine care for their students, will be times when it feels like the wind is not blowing in the direction we want and providing the best of education.” On behalf of our entire class, I’d to go, but if you do not give up, it will take a lot more time and eort, but we like to sincerely thank the faculty for how much you’ve helped and supported can reach the destination we want to get to. By rowing, we not only reach our us. goal, but we also build strength, endurI’d like to take this time for us to thank ance, trust in our ability to do what we our friends, for all the happiness and want, and learn to appreciate the times diculties, for all the precious memories when the wind is blowing for us. But for of laughter, and the jokes, and most im- now, we are nished. Thanks, God, for portantly, for always being there for each geing us here. Congratulations to the other. Class of 2011. 13G

2011 Alumni Committee award Andrew Strege Class of 2011 came passionate about TOMS and commied themselves to the cause. Though the work of fundraising and planning the India Service Trip was demanding, and at times overwhelming, it was also profoundly invigorating. The culmination of land. And yet ”never before had I this work came in late May when ever experienced anything like the India Service Trip le for New Delhi to the loving Christian atmosprovide much needed shoes to a group of phere that was SFS, and it was y-ve children. More rewarding than the donation of shoes were the relationhere, surrounded by teachers ships I formed with the children as we and students commied to ser- played games like Jenga and Go Fish or as we posed for countless goofy photos. vice that I truly felt like that I was ready to use my experienc- G However, upon the conclusion of the trip es and take a step forward toand my return to daily life in Seoul, I wards making a dierence in found myself struggling, especially with the question of whether the TOMS club the world around me” and what and the India Service Trip had been sucbeer place to start than with shoes. cessful. Aer all those children were still G living in a poverty that I could still not TOMS is a company with the goal of providing shoes for the nearly 300 million fully comprehend. And here I was in Seoul with my basic needs not only being people that go without them: for every met, but being disgustingly exceeded, and pair of shoes you buy from TOMS they all I could manage to give was a pair of give a pair to a child in need. I was inspired, and near the end of my sophomore shoes? These conclusions made me seriously doubt that the trip had been enough year I began planning to create a TOMS Campus Club at my school with two goals of an impact on the lives of the children or on my own life. in mind: to raise awareness about TOMS G and to organize a trip to North India to supply shoes to underprivileged children. Yet that summer I found solace in an unlikely place. As I read through a biography G of Gandhi wrien by Louis Fischer, I came In my junior year TOMS Club and an Inacross a quote that particularly stuck me. dia Service Trip became a reality. Even “(At his funeral) Gandhi was what he had more exciting was the fact that other stualways been: a private citizen without dents and faculty in the high school bewealth, property, ocial title, ocial post, academic distinction, scientic achievement, or artistic gi. Yet men with governments and armies behind them paid homage to the lile brown man of seventy-eight in a loincloth.” I had never seen the notion that success comes as result of achievements so powerfully refuted. G It hit me that what the work I did for TOMS and the India Service Trip was not My rst plane ride was at the age of six months. I travelled from my birthplace of Gainesville, Florida to my new home in Lagos, Nigeria. By the time I moved to South Korea in my sophomore year I had lived in Ghana, India, Maryland and Po-


in and of itself true success. This was initially not hard to accept; with all the multitudes of people at SFS that helped me along the way, I could never solely claim responsibility for all that was accomplished with the India Service Trip. But the greater realization for me was that

”success is not found in the completion of any action. It’s not about what I do in my life; it’s about how I live it.” What will ultimately endure with me from the India trip is not the lile hand-carved wooden elephants that sit atop the desk in my room or the hundreds of pictures that were long ago uploaded onto Facebook; instead it is the realization that true success is much more than grades, fame, money, or any other achievement.

I have been blessed beyond measure by my unique international experiences... opportunities that God has given me at SFS and these have radically changed my idea of what it means to be successful... to be a force of positive change in the world around me. They say that ‘once a crusader, always a crusader’ and as I head out into the next phase of my life, I hope to be an ambassador of the heart of an SFS crusader – a heart of service.

Centennial Celebration Week 1 Welcome Back Alumni!G

We were excited to have three Alumni from the U.S., Lillian PRINCE ‘77, Clara PRINCE HAWKINS ‘79 and Lori BASINGER REED ‘75* visit SFS during the First Centennial Celebration Week. Here’s what they have to say about SFS and Korea after visiting SFS in over 30 years.

1) What was most surprising for

you during your visit to Seoul and SFS? The most surprising things that we found during the trip to Seoul and SFS were rst the physical and technological improvements that have maximized and transformed the school, and secondly, that despite all the changes made to both, that they still felt familiar and comfortable.

taurant in Sinchon that we used to go to aer school to get Yaki-mandu and listen to music from a DJ called the “STOP”, that is no longer there that would have been fun to revisit, but it like many other lile restaurants and 2) What was most familiar to you on shops are no longer there, replaced campus and what sort of memories now by a variety of westernized diners. did that rekindle? The most familiar thing on campus was the walking across the soccer eld, the high school lobby, halls and classrooms, and the memories of homeroom and World Literature class, and having Mrs. Hong at her desk.

5) What would you like to advise other Alumni who have yet to make a visit during this Centennial year? We would encourage anyone who is even thinking remotely about aending to try and make a plan to aend any one of the scheduled reunion activities.

4) How did you decide to make this trip?

6) People from your times at SFS Friends and our families had always you would have loved to see. talked of going back, but we had nev- We would love to see anyone that we er been able to make it happen. When had even remote contact with as I we received the questionnaire a year believe all of our lives and experiencor so ago in regard to interest in a es are interconnected. reunion/get together Lil and Lori 3) Was there anything you hoped to made a plan to aend. When we then 7) What does SFS mean to you? see (still on campus or in Seoul) that received the brochure /information th SFS means friendship, fellowyou could no longer nd because of on the 100 Anniversary, Lil called ship, learning, memories, history, Lori and we then chose the date that the new developments over time? would work best and made immedi- connectedness, culture, partnership and so much more. No, not really! There was a lile res- ate plans to aend. 15G

Centennial Celebration Week 1 Welcome Back Picnic, August 27th 2011G On Saturday August 27th, the PTA hosted their annual ‘Welcome Back BBQ’ also known as the ‘Ice Cream Social’ for all new and returning families of SFS. This year, as a special part of the Centennial celebrations, the Communications and Development oce hosted an Alumni Courtesy Tent to welcome visiting alumni, their family and guests. G We had the special privilege this year to have 14 alumni and three former teacher/ sta aend the event. The day’s program included hot dogs and hamburgers, the HS PEP Band (student performances) and also special performances by the SFS Faculty Band called, ‘Inner Soul’. The special occasion also gave our entire current SFS community the opportunity to be in the 1. Alumni Courtesy Tent 2. HS Pep Band 3. Christine KIM, PTA Chair 4. Dr. Byungsoo JUNG, Yonsei Univ. Rep. 5. Dr. Andy OH, Rotarian Rep. 6. Enjoying BBQ at the Tent 7. Mahew CHO ‘90, Nancy KIM ‘91, Ronald CHANG ‘98 & Chuck KRUGLER, Current Faculty 8. Mary SPACKMAN ‘87 & Hedi HAHM, Former Teacher 9. Nina KIM ‘83* 10. Hyesun WOO, Bue RACE & Jackie YOON, SFS Volunteers 11. Clara PRINCE HAWKINS ‘79, Lori BASINGER REED ‘75* & Lillian PRINCE ‘77 12. Youngsun LEE, Kihyun SUNG, Hedi HAHM, Former Sta and Mary SPACKMAN ‘87 13. SFS Gis for Alumni 14. SFS Faculty Band “Inner Soul” 15. Alumni Tent 16. & 17. Reception at the ENGSTROMS for alumni aer the Welcome Back Picnic event G


Alumni who aended the picnic were: Lillian PRINCE ‘77, Clara PRINCE Among alumni who aended, three were HAWKINS ‘79, Lori BASINGER REED ‘75, Carlee BENSON ‘11, Amos LYSO our special alumni visitors visiting from ‘93, Jamie AILOR ‘99, Edie MOON ‘77, the U.S. Lillian PRINCE ’77, her sister Nancy KIM ‘91, Mahew CHO ‘90, Clara PRINCE HAWKINS ’79 and Lori Ronald CHANG ‘98, Nina KIM ‘83*, BASINGER REED ’75* oered brief John BLACK ‘04, Stephanie SMALL words of how much the campus had changed since they had le in their grad- BLACK ‘05, Mary SPACKMAN ‘87. uating years. Also, a Senior Ocial from G the Yonsei University, Dr. Byungsoo We were also thrilled to have Former FacJUNG, participated in the event, oering ulty members. Mrs. Youngsun LEE (who congratulatory remarks towards our sig- served as the Administrative Assistant to nicant milestone year, referring to both the Head of School for 25 years), Mrs. Seoul Foreign School and Yonsei as shar- Hedi HAHM (Korean/ Art Teacher for 35 ing the same “family tree”. In addition, a years) and Mrs. Kihyun SUNG served as representative from the oldest and only Admissions Associate (32 years), all English-speaking Rotary in Seoul, Dr. whom are currently retired, be part of the Andy OH, reminisced about the late Hor- occasion. G ace Underwood and both their aliations with Rotary back in the day. Dr. Oh’s Grandson, Sean KIM is currently the HS Student Council President. 1 company of the alumni in aendance.






7 6










Alumni Notes





4 6

8 9 7



10 15



Centennial Celebration Week 1 CENTENNIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT, August 30th 2011G 1. John ENGSTROM & SFS Faculty Members 2. Nick CORBEN, Current Teacher, Steve CATHERS, Head of KIS, Hyunwoong SHIN & Changgweon HWA (both Dir. of KIS) 3. Chang-Hwan LEE, Dir. of GA, SFS 4. Jae-Soon CHOI, Dir. of Haewool, Kyu JEON, SFS Parent, Kookseop YOON, Board Chair of SAIS & Jaeyoon PARK, Chairman of Century 21 5. Joe BEESON, YISS Head, John ENGSTROM, SFS Head & Steve CATHERS, KIS Head 6. John GAYLORD, ES Principal & Rein DUNKI JACOBS, SFS Parent 7. Members of Yonhi Soccer Club 8. Eugene KIM ‘95, Kwanyoung LEE, Paul KIM ‘97 & Danny PARK 9. John MIN ‘95 10. Hacksoo KIM, Guest, Donghyun KIM, SFS Parent, Andy LEE, Dep. Dir. of GA & Wookeun BYUN, SFS Parent 11. Award Ceremony 12. Choong LEE, SFS Parent 13. Andy LEE & Nick CORBEN 14. Sta busy gathering scores 15. Luncheon 16. First Place Winners 17. Group Picture of Participants The Golf Tournament was a wonderful opportunity for the school to invite not only its immediate members of Parents, Faculty and Alumni but also the broader SFS community to join in our Centennial

Dir. of Daeyang), Koonam KANG (CEO of Acon), Haesoo HAN (Man. Dir. of Jungil) and Jee Sung KONG (Dir. of Jungil), with a score of -7, and Third Place went to Taewhan KWON, Yoogon KIM, Seungjin HONG and Chulmin PARK from Yonhi Soccer Club, with a score of –5. The Longest Drive was awarded to John MIN ‘95 with 270 m and Choong LEE (SFS Parent) with 265m. The award for ‘Nearest to the Pin’ First, Second and Third Place awards and was given to Yoogon KIM (Yonhi Soccer prizes were presented to the Teams with Club) with 2m and Paul KIM ’97 with best scores for the game of ‘Best Ball’. We 3m. were able to provide a variety of prizes G and lucky draw gis from donations Although we had a successful turn-out of made by our generous Sponsors; the O- participants whom took part in this event, cial Porsche Importer of Korea, Stugart we hope that more members of our comSports Cars Ltd., TaylorMade, On the Bor- munity would take part in the Golf Tourder, Caribou, and the Grand Hya Honament that will be taking place next year, tel. All participants were provided with May 30th. It will certainly be another very special souvenir towels embroidered with memorable opportunity for many to take ‘SFS 100 Years’. Alumni whom took part part in our celebrations this year. in this event were: John MIN ‘95, Nick PARK ‘93, Shane HAHM ‘96, Eugene KIM ‘95 and Paul KIM ‘97.

celebrations. A total of 43 participants came together on a beautiful morning at the Namchon Country Club. The private facilities of the Club were made available for use thanks to our current Elementary School parents, Jeehun NAM and his wife Sunhwa KIM, family representatives of the Club Owners. Lunch was also provided, courtesy of Namchon Country Golf Club.


Choong LEE (SFS Parent), Joon MYONG (HS Counselor), Je MARQUIS (HS Asst. Principal) and Paul GILLETT (HS Faculty), brought home the First Place Team award for ‘Best Ball’ with a score of -10. Second Place went to Kyuyoung JUNG (Ex.





Centennial Celebration Week 1 Daechon BEACH TOUR August 31 - September 2, 2011G Back Bay, which is where there used to be an American army base - now Korean around an area known as the Stern, which is where I used to do some insane backdives into the ocean (ah, yes, we were all immortal then), and all the way around the other outcropping known as the Point. It took us about an hour but it was fun! When we were walking around Back Bay, we all came across this huge bolder that was in the same place and looked exactly as it had when we were teenagers! It was actually somewhat comforting to see some things that hadn t changed. The Korean part of the beach (known as the KB ) has become huge! Lots of changes there! Lots of restaurants and shops. There are some great sashimi places. The rst place we stopped in, on our way to checking in for our cabin, served us grilled shrimp and Korean pizza . We also found a 7-Eleven across the street and were able to stock up on coee. We stayed at a beach cabin that was arranged by Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73, (thanks again, Peter!), and it was just a couple of cabins away from the one my family

owned back in the day. He also took us for a boat ride out to some of the islands the next day which was great. The cabin was comfortable but do bring mosquito spray or some coils! That is something that hasn t changed! Just burning a coil does seem to keep them away prey well. Horace Underwood s former cabin is now sort of an Internet cafe there at the beach! We were all in there checking our email while the White Stripes were playing in the background, so that was denitely a dierent experience! Lori, Clara and I were reluctant to leave, but we will hold this special memory of being to Daechon Beach for a few days close to our hearts for a long time! By Lillian PRINCE ‘77

With an audience of Parents, Faculty and Friends, the presentation became a journey through times in Korea and the changes Sincere appreciations go out to Dr. Jonathan BORDEN, Former Administrator (MS and growth that the school experienced Principal from 1988 to 2005, joined the SFS since it was established. Our presenters each shared their unique memories and faculty in 1976), currently serving as the High School Principal of Shanghai Ameri- experiences relating to the pictures they can School. Jonathan organized an extraor- shared. Peter highlighted fascinating stodinary historical picture slideshow ranging ries of his Underwood ancestors and the days of the unprecedented Underwood from the early 1900s and spanning over a Typewriter . Edie and Jack shared a variety period of about 90 years. He created a of anecdotes, rekindling memories of Seoul script which accompanied this slideshow, during their childhood era and throughout. rst shared during the school s 90th anniGG versary celebration. As part of our st week of the Centennial celebrations, Peter Aer the slideshow, John ENGSTROM led the guests to enjoy some light refreshUNDERWOOD 73, Edie MOON 77 and ments, courtesy of SFS. Tables were arJack MOON (Current Faculty) came toranged along the Robb Hall lobby, where gether as Presenters, aer having made Hedi HAHM (former Korean/ Art Teacher some new additions to this original from 1970 to 2005) and Edie MOON preslideshow. pared stunning Korean cultural displays, GG within display windows. All who joined G

took part in some challenging historical trivia, led by Edie MOON. Caribou coee prizes were awarded to only the special few who were able to answer the challenging questions of SFS Trivia. GG All whom aended the presentation were moved by the intimate collection of pictures shared and the range of time the pictures had covered. Although this event was only scheduled for Week I of this Centennial year, due to the signicant favorable response, this event will be hosted again during Weeks II and III. We would hope that many would take advantage of this very memorable walk through history! GG Some special guests in aendance were: Reuben TORREY ‘68* and Irene PARK ‘95, members of the oldest Rotarian Club in Korea 3650, HS. JANG and his wife, Tom COYNER and Tom KANE.

From left: Lori BASINGER REED ‘75*, Lillian PRINCE ‘77 & Clara PRINCE HAWKINS

The trip to Daechon was wonderful! We caught a train to go there (thanks again, Edie and Jack, for arranging to get our tickets!) and back to Seoul and we were all impressed with the comfort and cleanliness of the train. The weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky! When we got to the missionary compound , which is where the lodge and old tennis courts are, it was like stepping back in time. There, of course, have been changes, but there is so much we remembered! The lodge looks almost exactly the same and the old library denitely looks the same! One day, all three of us climbed all the way across the rocks from an area called

Historical Picture Presentation



Centennial Celebration Week 1 Historical Picture Presentation, September 2nd 2011G 2

1. John ENGSTROM 2. Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73, RADER MOON ‘77 & Jack MOON, Current Faculty 3. Rev. Reuben TORREY ‘68* 4. Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73 & Edie MOON ‘77 5. Dinner Buet 6. Edie MOON ‘77 leading the Trivia quiz. 7. Dr. and Mrs. ENGSTROM, Rev. Reuben TORREY ‘68* & June KANG, Dir. of Comm. & Dev. 8. Audience 9. Clara PRINCE HAWKINS ‘79 10. Kelly TOMHON, Peter LUNDEN-WELDEN (Board Members) with John & Lynn GAYLORD (ES/MS Principal) 11. Sondra BLACK, Bue RACE & Vonda RODDICK, SFS Faculty 12. Everyone enjoying the dinner 13. Clara PRINCE HAWKINS ‘79, Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73, Mrs. HONG (High School), Edie MOON ‘77, Jack MOON (Current Faculty), Lillian PRINCE ‘77 & Lori BASINGER REED ‘75* 14. Irene PARK ‘95 & Mrs. WOO (Middle School)G

2 1















Seoul Missionary Reunion Jim Baird (JB) Class of 1970

This is the group of SFS alums who were in attendance. I wish YOU were in this picture.. next time, in 2014

I ve just returned home from a fabulous weekend. I aended this year s Korea Missionary Reunion that is held once every three years, in beautiful Lake Junaluska, NC (near Ashville). Incredible experience. I really want to encourage all of you to consider aending the next one, in 2014. It ll do your soul good. While this has traditionally been a reunion for missionaries and MKs, there was talk this time of trying to combine the next one with general SFS and KCA reunions, to make it a more inclusive and encompassing event. The group at this reunion was comprised of the older missionary generation, as well as MKs like ourselves, and the next generation ( our kids). What an amazing group of people, who have spent their entire lives in service and devotion to taking Jesus to the world. One of the most interesting events this weekend was a session called

Korean War Era Re ections. It was a panel of missionaries who were in Korea when the war broke out in 1950. And it 22G was fascinating. Margie MOORE s

(former missionary) description of the evacuation was riveting: she described in detail how the women and children were taken in the middle of the night (having had no advance warning or time to prepare) and were transported to Inchon, where they were put on a cargo ship which carried them (under hard rain and on rocky seas) to Japan. Margie had three of her boys with her, one of whom was just an infant (Ron), and another (Bill, I think) who had just had his tonsils removed a week earlier (and who consequently began hemorrhaging before boarding the ship - with no way to stop for medical aention). On top of all that, this was Margie s third evacuation in a period of ve years (from both China and Korea). These are amazing people. People with amazing dedication and lives of service. It is very inspiring to hear what these people have lived through to serve God. It s inspiring to HEAR these stories, and to be in the same room with the people who lived them. GGGGGDick UNDERWOOD ‘45/FA was

there, and had an entire session to talk at length about his experiences in the Army during the Korean War (he was just 18 when it started). Fascinating. Did you realize that he and his brother Horace acted as the Korean/English interpreters at the negotiations of the Armistice Commission in Pan-Moon-Jam at the end of the war? What a view on history... I enjoyed having breakfast with him and his wife Carol on Sunday morning. GGGGGWe re loosing this group. They are aging out. There was a list of about 45 people from this group who have passed away since their last gathering in 2008. We re loosing them fast. I encourage all of you to try to make plans to be there for the next gathering in 2014. It will inspire you. And enrich you. Put it on your calendar and make plans now. It ll be good for you. GGGGGAnother presentation at this reunion which really grabbed my aention was Heidi LINTON s (former missionary) presentation about what Christian Friends of Korea is accomplishing in North Korea. Amazing stu. I didn t

make sure it all gets where it s supposed to go. They are doing amazing things. Please go to their web site at hp:// www.c .org and read up on their organization and activities. It is a very worthy cause, if you are looking for an organization that will put donations to absoFrom Left: Bill UNDERWOOD ‘71, Esther UNDERFrom Left: J.P. RADER ‘79/FT, Rachel PATTEN ‘79/ lutely good use, WOOD, FT, Alan MOORE ‘71, Brent BURKHOLDER where your contribuFT, Chris RICE ‘78 & Mark MATTHEWS ‘79/FT ‘69 & Jim BAIRD (JB) ‘70 tions will make a realize this kind of work would be denite positive dierence in the lives of being at Daechon again, where everyone possible now, given the current politi- people who are literally dying to receive was on equal ground. A great group of cal climate, but they are doing this at the aid. It was great to connect with the oth- people, with a diverse background, invitation of and with the cooperation of er MKs who were there, and to nd out coming together and appreciating each other and encouraging one another all the NK government, because of CFK s what they are doing with their lives. with a Great common love for Korea, track record since 1995 of providing des- People like my classmate Brent perately needed aid. They are able to BURKHOLDER ‘69, who is Director of and a common spirit of wanting to serve monitor delivery of their shipments and Global Immunization at the CDC in At- and make a dierence. We ve got a rich lanta. In his career at CDC, he s been to heritage. GGGGGEdie ’77 and Jack MOON, Current just about every world hot-spot and in every major refugee population. Faculty hosted an informative session He also spent 12 years in India working for those of us interested in news of Seoul Foreign School, and they disfor World Health Organization. Tom UNDERWOOD ’75, who is in the Diplo- played items available in the school s matic Corps, assigned to the Embassy in Spirit Shop. SFS has come a long way from the time I was a student there! Seoul. Carol SAUER LACROIX ‘71, a doctor who is conducting leading edge medical From Left: Leah SAURER MEEK ‘82 & research. And then Helen RADER, FT there was me. Humbling, for sure, for The next Korea Reunion is slated for me to be in that ausJuly 2014 at Lake Junaluska, North picious group, but I Carolina. J.P. RADER, Helen RADER, feel privileged to be Jack MOON and Edie MOON will a part of this illustriserve as leaders and facilitators of the ous group, even if next reunion and they are excited about my accomplishworking with the wonderful team of ments aren t all that volunteers that will serve as members notable. The great of the organizing commiee. A website thing is that no one for the Reunion is presently being developed and the address will be sent to there made me feel all participants of this last year s reunthat they measured ion. Pictures and video clips of speakme by my accomers etc. will be posted to the website. If plishments or lack you have any suggestions, questions or From Left: Tom UNDERWOOD ‘75, Brent BURKHOLDER ‘69, thereof. It was like Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73, Grace UNDERWOOD HARKNESS ideas for the next reunion, we look for‘46*, Diana UNDERWOOD (Spouse of Peter) & Deb CANNON ward to hearing from you. (Spouse of Brent) 23G

Alumni Visits


Three alumni, Kayla2MOON ’10, Seline JUNG ’11 and Briney RADER ’09 visited the SFS campus on May 16th 2011.


Kayla completed her rst year at Valparaiso University. She is currently studying Public Relations and considering a double major in Theatre. Her sister Melissa MOON ‘07* just graduated from Asbury College Cum Laude and will be teaching at Seoul English Village beginning this July. Seline JUNG completed her rst year at Boston University majoring in Journalism. She will be in Seoul until September and is taking o to do an internship next year.

From Left: Brittney RADER ‘09, Kayla MOON ‘10 and Seline JUNG ‘11G

Briney RADER nished her second year at Asbury College majoring in Physical Education and Health in Kentucky. She will be working at a Fitness center at the Asbury College this summer.

mied to four dierent lm festivals, such as Busan, two in Japan and another independent lm festivals. His production company is Urban Insights which he founded with Alex PAIK ’04 while he was at SFS while in Mr. Justin WILD’s class (Former HS English teacher). To view his works please visit the website at hp:// Alex LEE ‘04G

While working on his movie on the On May 20 , Alex LEE ’04 visited weekends, Alex also worked for the United Nations. He recently nthe SFS campus. Alex is currently producing a movie and planned to ished a research project on the Corshoot a lm at the school. He hopes porate Social Responsibility in Korea. to have his lm screened and subth

On June 10th Rachel MOON ‘78 visited the SFS campus. She was at SFS receiving the “Alum of the Year 2011” award while presenting the Alumni Commiee Award to the graduating senior at the Graduation Ceremony. (Please read the feature article on Rachel on page10). Just before the graduation ceremony, Rachel was able to do a quick tour of the school. She was very impressed by the development of the SFS campus since she last visited the campus in 1999. She also visited the High School building where she found her name and her sisters’ names on the HS Award plaques, she reminisced back to her days on the campus as she pointed towards the UAC, where her old home used to be in the 1970s.




Bethany STALLINGS ’07 and David BLACK ’07. George graduated from 10 Princeton University in May and will be working for the Boston Consulting Group in New York beginning in September.

George will have spent his summer with his family and friends in Seoul and the United States. He George RUDOLPH ‘07 G would have also made his On June 9th we had George rst trip our to Cambodia. Rudolph ’07 visit the SFS Congratulations George!! campus. He also met up with his former classmates,

From Left: June KANG, Rachel MOON ’78 and Sue-Lynn KOO ‘84*G

From Left: June KANG, Sunny SUN, Michael NATZKE, FTs & Andy LEE, Dep. Dir. of General Affairs

Former Teachers, Michael NATZKE and Sunny SUN visited SFS on August 16th, which was the Registration Day for many new families joining the school. As part of their trip to visit family in Korea they made some time available to drop by our SFS campus. Both Michael and Sunny are currently working for Aramco School in Saudi Arabia and just nished their second year. Michael is currently teaching ES Music and Band. ished his volunteer work as a Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) an international camp for youth which was hosted in Korea this year. He just missed the rst week of Centennial June KANG & Carlos LEGARDA ‘89G celebrations by a couple of days but said that Carlos LEGARDA ‘89 was he would like to join for fuhere at SFS together with ture events. Carlos currently Nancy KIM ‘91 meeting up resides in the Philippines. with Mrs. Edie MOON on August 23rd. Carlos just n-

From Left: Dr. John Engstrom, SFS Head of School, Ted GURIN ‘02*, Christy (Ted’s wife), Paula & Steve Cathers. G

From Left: Amos LYSO ‘93, Marianne HUIZEN ‘94* & Roman RUEGG ‘93G Roman RUEGG ’93 and Marianne HUIZEN ’94* visited Seoul for a combination of business and personal. While they rst met when they were aending SFS, they continued to keep in touch for ten years even though Roman lived in Switzerland and Marianne was studying in Holland continuing a long-distance friendship. They got married in 2003. Marianne currently works as an Inside Sales Specialist for Honeywell and Roman has established an independent Record Company with his brother, Rudolph ‘88 (also known as ‘Rudi’) in Zurich. ‘Rudi’ RUEGG ’88 (Roman’s brother) works as the Graphics Designer and works together with Roman on music

compilation. Aer having been given a tour of SFS by former classmate, Amos LYSO ’93 (also current SFS Christian Ministries Coordinator ), Marianne remarked, “It was great to see how the school had modernized and that changes were made to facilities appropriate for current needs,” and Roman expressed how great it was to see familiar faces and especially to have had Amos provide a school tour. Roman’s sister, ‘Maggie’’88 is currently living in Switzerland and married with one daughter who is 6years old. If you would like to visit Roman’s newly-established independent Record Company, please visit .

Ted GURIN ’02* spent his time at SFS from 1997-99. He is currently living in Portland, Oregon with his wife Christy and has been involved as an entrepreneur for a variety of small businesses. He works in Internet Marketing and specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Ted would welcome you to contact him at if you wished to be in touch with him or were interested in his specialty for Search Engines. Ted visited SFS and toured the campus with his inlaws, Steve and Paula Cathers who currently live in Korea. Steve Cathers is also the Head of the Korea International School (KIS). Head of School, John Engstrom took the family around the campus for a tour. It was the rst time Ted had returned to Seoul since he le back in 1999.


Alumni Notes

“improvingthepracticeandscienceof livinginIowaandisanAdvanced RegisteredNursePractitioner.Her healthpromotion,integratinghealth  promotionintoUSnationalhealthpol husbandGaryisamaintenanceengi Carlissta HENRY RADLOVE ‘61*

neerforaresortandshehasthreechil sharedhernewswhileregisteringon icy,andacceleratinginternational ouralumniwebsite.SheaendedSFS growthofhealthpromotionconcepts.” dren,Amanda(32yearsold),Leah(28 forthejuniorandsenioryears1959 Theawardwillbepresentedatthean yearsold)andTyler(22yearsold)and 61andgraduatedinJuneof1961with nualmeetingoftheSocietyforPublic sixgrandchildren!ItwasSFSthatin HealthEducationinAlexandria,Vir spired“lifelonglearning”andthere DonClarke,CaroleCameron,Steve giniaonOctober29,2011. fore,Lorihasgonethroughschoolsat Hindman,GeorgeBaker,andVirginia variousstagesinherlifetoachieve Kim.Sheiscurrentlyretiredandhas  higher.Lori’sparentswerealsovery onedaughter,Caryn,andtwogrand Whileupdatinghermailingaddress activeintheschoolandservedonthe sonsSammy(5)andJake(3)wholive fortheBanner,Dalisay STINER ‘76

PTA.HervisittoSFSthispastsummer withherinMaryland.Herparents, hasbeenherrstvisitsinceshelein brotherDan,andsistersMarsha 1976. andHeatheralsoliveinthearea. G

VisitingSFSandSeoulforthethird timesinceshelein1977,Lillian


PRINCE ’77 iscurrentlytheAssociate DirectorofOperations&Technology attheTexasHealthServicesAuthority. Sheiscoordinatingandimplementing anelectronicexchangeofhealthinfor mationwithintheStateofTexasand Dalisay STINER ‘76 and her family at her within45yearsthissystemwillbe son’s wedding in MayG launchedthroughoutthedierent states.ShealsoworkswiththeFederal sharedthemarriageofherson.She Governmenttohandouthealthgrant  wrote“OursonJeremyjustgotmar awards.SheismarriedtoaCanadian

riedtoChloeMuelleronMay13so MartinBANDOMIR.Shewasherein

thatiswhathasconsumedour Korea,in2008withherfamilyand

thoughtsandprayersforthelast husbandtravelingtomanydierent Michael P. O’DONNELL ‘70G year.Wehadagreattimeandare citiesandvisitingherbirthplace, Michael P. O’DONNELL ‘70, MBA, lookingforwardtobuyingtheirrst Jeonju(ࢷ࣯).In2010,Lillianwasalso MPH,PhDhasbeennamedwinnerof home.Itisgreathowlifegoes the2011ElizabethFriesHealthEduca on.Godissogood!”Dalisayalsoadd inKoreainDaeguforaHealthInfor tionAward.TheJamesF.andSarahT. ed“Anyoneinterestedinvacationing mationTechnologyConference.We FriesFoundationpresentsthisaward inCocoaBeach,FLwehaveaCondo werefortunatetohavehervisitwith annuallytoahealtheducatorwhohas thatwerentoutonaweekly&month hersisterClaraandherfriendLori madeasubstantialcontributiontoad lybasis.EmailmeandIwillsendyou GagainfortheCentennialCelebrations. vancingtheeldofhealtheducation detailsincludingpictures.”Heremail Aer34years,Clara PRINCE HAWorhealthpromotionthroughresearch, KINS ’79visitedSFSandKoreaforthe programdevelopment,orprogram

delivery.Michaelwasselectedfor rsttime.ClaraismarriedtoBill Lori BASINGER REED ‘75* isnow




HAWKINSwhoretiredfromtheAir Forceandhasthreechildren,Natasha (25yearsold),Carl(18yearsold)and Danielle(15yearsold).Shehasbeen livinginClovis,NMforthepast14 years.BothClaraandBillarework ingattheCannonMilitaryAirForce Base.ItwasherhusbandBillwhoen couragedhertovisittheCentennial Celebrationsthisyear.Clararemi niscedthetimesshespentatSFSdur ingthe70sandadded“Hi!J.P.and KevinMOORE,mybuddies!”

willnowberesponsibleforallof CNN’soperationsincludingonair news,onlinenewsandfeaturepro grammingacrosstheregion.  Whileupdatinghercontactinfor mationfortheBanner,Camilla

CRAWFURD ‘98 wrotetogiveusan updateonherexperiencesthesepast fewyears.Forthelast3andhalf years,Camillaandherpartnerhave beenenjoyingthelifestyleofVancou ver,CanadawhileworkinginMar ketingforNokia.InMay2010,she becametheproudmotherofherson, 1980s

Anton.Thispastsummerthey movedbacktoCopenhagen,Den marksothattheycouldbecloserto familyagain.Sheadded“It’ssofun togetupdatesonpreviousstudents andtheCentennialcelebrations.I hopetomakeittoWeek3oftheCen tennialCelebrations!”  “Summer Bog, Marstons Mills, Mass” by  Sarah SON THEROUX ‘84G   Sarah SONTHEROUX ‘84 helda GalleryTalkonTuesday,August30th  attheCahoonMuseumofAmerican   Art.Thetitleoftheexhibitionand  talkwas“Sowhat’sinaBog?”This exhibitionlookedathowartistshad  portrayedbogsinthe19th,20thand  21stcenturyandhowtheboghasbe   comeanintegralpartoftheland scape.Seeaboveoneofthepaintings   bySarah.   Camilla CRAWFURD ‘98’s son AntonG 

Alumni Notes

Maxwell, son of Eugene BORDEN’98G

hasbeentoalocalseafoodfestivalon thebeachandapplepickinganden joyswalksinthecrispautumnNew Hampshireair.” 


Kathryn DEL ROSSO ‘06 wroteusto sharehercurrentnews.Aerreceiv ingadualdegreeinBiologyandPsy chologyfromtheStateUniversityof NewYork,Kathrynhasmovedto ArkansastoworkatTurpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Thenonprotor ganizationisthelargestsanctuaryfor abused,abandoned,andneglected bigcatsintheworldopentothepub lic.Shenowcaresfor120rescuedex oticanimalsincludingligers,tigers, lions,cougars,leopards,servals,and bears.  Jeeyun CHOI ‘03 justgraduatedfrom HarvardMedicalSchoolwithan M.D.andwillbestayingatHarvard forhertraininginInternalMedicine atMassachusesGeneralHospital andOphthalmologyatMassachuses EyeandEarInrmary. 1990s

  CongratulationstoEugene ’98 &Ga Anastasia PRIKHODKO ‘09* has InJune2011CNNTodayannounced brielleBORDENonthebirthoftheir beenlivinginNewZealandforthe thepromotionofEllana LEE ‘90* as sonMaxwell Pahk BORDEN.He last11yearsandiscurrentlyinher thevicepresidentofitsAsiaPacic wasbornat9:58pmonJuly30,2011 secondyearatAucklandUniversity. operations.Ellana,whowastheman at7lb14oz.Eugenesays“Sofarhe Cont.d... agingdirectorofCNNAsiaPacic,


Alumni Notes

Sheisstudying English andSociology andhopingto pursueJour nalism.Just threeyears ago,Anastasia realizedhow wonderfulit wasto Current picture of Anastasia sharefond PRIKHODKO ‘09* G memories duringtimesattheschoolwhenshe hadtheopportunitytogetintouch withpastSFSclassmatesandremi nisceinawaythatshecouldnotshare withothers.TeacherslikeMs.Anne GardonandMrs.Smithplayedvery signicantrolesforAnastasiaduring hertimeatSFSinthelate90s.She spentGrades2and3atSFSandle duringthemiddleofherGrade4 year.Itwasduringthistimethatshe woulddiscoverherlifelongpassion for‘acting’throughherexperiencesof


 AleerwasreceivedfromtheUniver sityCollegeLondon(UCL)toour HeadofSchool,Dr.Engstromthispast summer.Theleernotedthatinoneof therecentexaminationperformances ourrecentSFSgraduate,Toma KOBAYASHI ‘10,whojustcompletedthe rstyearofhisBEngElectronicand ElectricalEngineeringdegreeatUCL, obtainedanaveragemarkof87% acrosshisrstyearcourses,whichis anoutstandingresultandisthejoint highestmarkoutof100studentsinthe yeargroup.Tomahasalsobeen awardedaGoldsmidPrizeforout standingstudents,ofwhichonlyve aregivenoutinthedepartment.Con gratulations,Toma!Wearesoproud ofyou.

Melissa MOON ‘07* isbackinSeoul forayearteachingEnglishattheEng

Anastasia PRIKHODKO ‘09* at a Halloween party, SFS in Second GradeG

beingapartofschoolplays.Ana stasiawillbebackinSeoulduring JanuaryandFebruary2012tobegin InterningforalocalKoreanEnglish newspapercalledthe‘SeoulTimes’.  28G

Melissa MOON ‘07* (pictured on the right ) with her friends at the Graduation ceremonyG

lishLearningVillageinSooyoori.She graduatedfromAsburyCollegeCum LaudemajoringinSocialWorkthis pastSpringandwantedtorevisitKo reasincesheleSeoulin9thGrade. ThisisaninterimyearforMelissaas shepreparesforhersocialworkcareer nextyear. 

Recent picture of Tash (Natasha) GATE ‘11G

Tash (Natasha) GATE ‘11 hasrecently been having a lot of fun competing in Miss Howick (beauty pageant in New Zealand). Although her mobility was compromised by her ongoing joint problems due to the chemotherapy , Tash still won three awards , “Most Outstanding Eort”, “Charity Queen” and the “Peoples Choice”.Shewasal so interviewed on New Zealand na tionalnews. Here’s the link to her video featured onthenationalnews: hp:// contestantinspiration454video 4365086 TashcurrentlyaendsSt.Kentigern CollegeinPakuranga.SheisinYear 13andisstudyingHistoryofArt, FashionandTextilesTechnology,Art DesignandPhotography.Tashisvery


creative and although not denite on whatshewouldliketodomostlikely itwillbeeithersomethinginthefash ion industry or designing. This year, Tashdesignedthelogofortheirfami ly business. Also her artwork was se lectedasanalistbyCanTeenforthis years Christmas cards. Tash and Melissa ’12* aended Seoul Foreign School from 2003  2006.  Tash was there from Year 5, Fiona PETKOFF,

FT was her rst teacher and Melissa started in Year 4 with Mr.

BONNEFOY, FT.  Both Tash and her sister Melissa ’12* thoroughly en joyedtheirtimeatSFSandtheyoen talkfondlyofthesetimes.

Congratu lationsto Brianna



whogot marriedto JePRE BECKin Brianna RAATZ June2011. PREBECK ‘04*G Thewed

Alumni Notes

dingtookplaceinLouisville,KYand JaegunLEE,BryanK.LEE,andSang joonYOO. manySFSfacultyandalumniwere presenttocongratulatethebigmo  ment.BriannagrewupatSFSand bothherpar entsStephen

and Holly

RAATZ are formerSFS teachers. Congratula tionstoDaniel


whowasmar riedtoKatie THORNTON STOCKSon July16inOak Park,IL.Dan andKatiemet atOberlinCol legesomeyears ago.About20 formerSFSfac ultyandstu dentswerein aendance,in cludinghigh schoolfriends

James J. (J.J.) AILOR ‘04G


Former and current SFS faculty and alumni at the wedding of J.J. AILOR’04G

AlsoinJuly,James J. (J.J.) AILOR ‘04

gotmarriedtoRachelROBERTSin Nashville,TN.ManySFSteachersand alumninotonlyaendedtocongratu latebutalsowerethereasbestmen andhissisterJamie AILOR ‘99/CT

wasoneofthebride’smaidforthe wedding.Congratulationsandbest wishestoJ.J.AILORandfamily!  SFS teachers from 1980s to present and SFS alumni at Brianna RAATZ PREBECK (04*)’s wedding G


Upcoming Events Centennial Week II: Jan 9 - 14, 2012G DateG


Jan 9G

SFS Tour 10:00am1:30pm WalkthroughthecampustocapturetheevolvementofSFSovertheyearsanditsvast facilityimprovements.Lunchwillbeprovided. Free of charge.G

Jan 10G

Seoul City Tour 8:30am4:00pm Get connected to the hoest locations of this modern city. Spend your day in GwanghwamunSquare,CheonggyecheonStream,LeeumMuseumofArt,NSeoulTow er,DigitalPavilionandNanjiHangangPark. CostKRW 130,000 inclusiveoflunch.  Historical Symposium I 5:00pm6:30pm The opening of the SFS Historical Symposium followed by student performances and dinner.Don’tmissoutonthepaneldiscussionsandopportunitiesforQ&Ainthesecond part,thenextday! Free of charge.



Jan 11G

Historical Symposium II 9:00am3:00pm(moredetailstofollowshortly)Acontinua tionfromthedaybefore.Fourdistinguishedspeakerswillmakepresentationsfollowed byapaneldiscussion.Coeebreaksandlunchwillbeprovided. Free of charge.


Jan 12G

DMZ Tour (duringtheday) DiscoverthetragichistoryoftheKoreanWar.ThetourfeaturesvisitstotheDemilita rizedZone,ImjingakPark,BridgeofFreedom,DoraObservatory,ThirdInltrationTun nelandPajuProvinceVillage. CostKRW 125,000 inclusiveoflunch.  Centennial Ceremony Tentativelyfor6:00pm8:00pm NEW!!G Free of charge.G



Jan 13G

Seoul City Tour (halfday) DiscoverSeoul’straditionalneighborhoodsincludingSamchungdongandBukchon HanokVillage. CostKRW 95,000 inclusiveoflunch.  Homecoming Reception 3:30pm9:00pm NEW!!G AllalumniareinvitedtocomeandsupportourJVandVarsityteams.Followingthe gameswillbeanAlumniReception(dinner)attheHeadofSchool,Dr.JohnEngstrom’s residenceat7pm. Free of charge.G



Jan 14G

Alumni Breakfast & Games 8:00am Aeraspecialbreakfastgathering,alumniandguestscanplaybasketballandvolleyball againstthefacultyorstudentsandbeawinnerofawesomeprizes. Free of charge. G


Deadline for registration and payment is Friday, November 11, 2011 at

hp:// 30G

Reg. CodeG W2-1G

Upcoming EventsG

 2012willbeSFS’sCentennialYearandalsothe14thyearpre sentingthe“AlumnusoftheYearAward.”Dr.RachelMoon ’78wastherecipientlastyear.  Pleasereadthecriteriabelowcarefullyandforwardyour nominationsforpossiblecandidateswiththeirachievements and the reason why you are recommending the particular alumtoYoojinUmatyjum@seoulforeign.orgnolaterthan Friday,February10th,2012.Finalselectionwillbemadeby theAlumniCommiee.

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February 2012

Criteria 1.Candidatemustbesupportiveoftheschoolinword andaction. 2.Someonewhohasachievedsuccessintheireldand iscommiedtopublicservice. 3.MusthaveaendedSFSforatleasttwoyears (doesnothavetobeagraduate).  Additional Information

TheAlumnusAwardrecipientwillbeinvitedtotheHigh SchoolgraduationandwillpresenttheSFSAlumniCom mieeAwardtothewinningsenior.Alumniwhoarealso currentlyemployedatSFScanalsobenominated.


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February 11th


 Formalinvitationswillbeforwardedtoyoushort ly.Pleasealsocheckonouralumniwebsiteforde tails.  www.seoulforeign.orgunderAlumni&Friends

THANK YOU!! ASpecialthankyoutoMrs. Hedi HAHM & Edie

RADER MOON ’77 foryourtimeandeortsfor beautifullydecoratingtheRobbHalldisplayunits. Wearesogratefultohavesuchtalentedpeoplewho canoerandsharetheirtalents.  ThewallsofRobbHallarenow fullydecoratedwithavarietyof traditionalKoreanitemsforvisit ingalumni,currentstudents& parents,facultyandthebroader SFScommunitymemberstoen joy.Pleasedon’tmissoutonthis displaysifyouareoncampus! 31G

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