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Front Cover: Seniors Michal Milliken as Belle and George Dornbach as Gaston in the HS Spring Musical “Beauty and the Beast” .


Educating the Whole Child The Mission of SFS became apparent as soon as we moved to the School. It was Mrs. Gaylord’s gift of caring for the whole child that prompted her to introduce Patrick and William to a life in theater at SFS. Patrick, who is graduating from SFS this spring, has been involved in the Technical Entertainment Crew since the Middle School’s production of ‘The Music Man’. William, a junior at SFS, has been in every SFS production since helping out with that same production. Patrick and William have grown academically, spiritually and socially because of the opportunities SFS has provided. I am proud that they have taken advantage of those opportunities and, as a result, discovered life-long passions. Meet the SFS Board Members of the SFS School Board are appointed by the SFS Council for a three year term and are limited to a total of six years of service. The SFS Board is responsible for:  Reviewing and upholding the School’s    

Mission & Vision Formulating policy Providing fiscal oversight Developing strategic plans Hiring the Head of School

Below are the members of the 2013-14 School Board: Kelly TomHon (Chair) Harry Rudolph (Vice-Chair) Peter Lunden-Welden (Fiscal-Property Committee Chair) Paul Cho (Development Chair) Peter Choi (Academic/Personnel Committee Chair) Sung Hwan Choi (British Governors Chair) Graham Dodds


Kurtis Jang Penelope Kim Frank Shyn Minki Synn

Mr. Paul Cho’s term on the Board ends this year. Mr. Cho has served as Personnel Committee Chair as well as Development Committee Chair. Service on the SFS Board is completely voluntary and requires a high level of dedication and commitment to the SFS Vision and Mission. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Cho for all he has done for SFS for the past six years. This is also my last year serving on the Board. Like Mr. Cho, I have served on the SFS Board for six years. It has been a pleasure working with so many who are experts in the field of education. Farewell At the end of this year, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Gaylord and Mr. Gaylord will be moving onto new opportunities and we wish them success in their new roles. SFS has truly been blessed with their excellent leadership and the strong teams they leave behind. Dr. John Engstrom is also moving onto a new opportunity. He and his wife, Alice, are moving back to the US. Dr. Engstrom will be the Head of School for Portsmouth Christian Academy in New

Hampshire. On behalf of the School Board, I would like to pay tribute to the work that Dr. Engstrom has done during his time at Seoul Foreign School. John’s leadership, direction, and commitment to the SFS Mission have positioned the School to maintain its ranking as the premier international school in Korea. In particular, John’s leadership in creating our strategic and master plans, his advocacy of educational excellence through instruction and technology, and his vision to establish school development and endowments assure a legacy long after Dr. Engstrom leaves Seoul. We have been blessed to have Dr. Engstrom as our Head of School, and I personally have enjoyed working with him over my four years as Chair of the SFS School Board. I hope you will join the School in June when we celebrate a year of excellence and thank Dr. Engstrom, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Gaylord and Mr. Gaylord for their many contributions to SFS.

Kelly TomHon SFS School Board Chair Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if prophecy, in the proportion of his faith; if service, in his serving; or he who teaches, in his teaching; or he who exhorts, in his exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12:6-8

Dear Alumni and Friends, I was excited to learn that this issue of the Banner would focus on educating the whole child. I believe this to be a Biblical principle coming from the description of the way Jesus grew as a young man. In Luke 2:52 we read, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and men.” It is clear from this verse that the Biblical formation of Christ focused on the whole child. Although Jesus was God, there's no indication that He had all His knowledge and wisdom from birth. It appears that he matured like other boys his age. Jesus grew from a physical standpoint, but also developed socially, in his relationship with others. It appears that he also grew in wisdom – the correct application of knowledge that he was gaining as a young man through the rabbis who taught him, and the values his parents modeled for him. Finally, the verse indicates Jesus also grew spiritually, in his relationship with his heavenly Father. While that is difficult for us to understand, since he was the Son of God, I believe it points to the importance of faith development among children. At Seoul Foreign School, we reveal in the opportunity to develop the whole child. Teaching in the 21st Century requires the engagement of almost every aspect of our students, their values, their passions, their intellect and their relationships.

We recognize the important role we play in preparing our students for success in college and university- it’s demanding and exciting. However, we also recognize that when

we build the whole child, we are preparing our students for future leadership in a world desperately in need of direction, vision and meaning. The Bible teaches that in the development of the whole child, wisdom needs to be the focus. Several years ago a faculty colleague sent this to me: “Real wisdom, God’s wisdom, begins with a holy life and is characterized by getting along with others. It is gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy and blessings, not hot one day and cold the next, and not two-faced. You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only

if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.” This passage comes from James 3:17 through 18, from The Message. When I think about the development of the whole child, this verse characterizes individuals who possess real wisdom. They know how to get along with others, they have a faith that drives them and they look for leadership opportunities to serve God and others. Thanks be to God. Sincerely,

John Engstrom Head of School 5

HS Students in Art Class collaborating on their project

As our students prepare to enter the twenty second century (many of our younger students will see the next century), it is critical that we are educating the whole child for an ever-changing future.

At Seoul Foreign School, educating the whole child means providing a rich and robust, comprehensive educational experience, in a warm nurturing culture, for each and every student at our school. We strive to ensure that each student’s educational journey at SFS is one that challenges and grows their heads, hearts and hands. This means a rigorous 6

intellectual inquiry based education where students not only learn content but also social and emotional competencies and the important critical thinking and trans-disciplinary skills that will support them for a lifetime. This also means an educational experience that challenges our student’s hearts – it presents them with opportunities to explore and develop their character and values. At SFS, we have the unique opportunity to incorporate the dialogue of faith into this important process. We seek to stretch our students by presenting them with challenges and opportunities to put their knowledge, skills and values in action through meaningful, life changing service learning experiences. Part of being a global citizen is embracing the responsibility that comes with this role and to look for ways to give back to the world and to pay forward the incredible blessings that each of our students have

been given. Educating the whole child is not just about standardized test scores, great SAT results, and selective university admissions.

It is about imbedding the mission of SFS into the heart of each student so that they leave us equipped and motivated to truly make a difference in the world. This is what we strive for each day at SFS – this is our blessed calling.

Dear SFS Community,

We are so grateful to share that

we have raised $84,945 USD for our Annual Fund at this time of the year. Our goal for this year would be to raise $100,000 USD, to help support our Foreign Language Program. Our program, with the addition of our Chinese language, has been very well-received by our community and we would like to help continue enhancing the experience for future students participating here. Each year, the Annual Fund gives the School an opportunity to determine where we may designate the Annual Fund. It may be used to help support and enhance existing programs, faculty development and the upgrading of facilities. As a long term goal, the Annual Fund can ultimately grow to help off-set operating costs for the School and also to help lessen the burden to tuition.

If you have not had the opportunity to give to our Annual Fund, please do make considerations to offer your gift. We are grateful for all levels of support and would hope to encourage participation from all members of our SFS community one day! Please be aware that all gifts may be recognized in continued publications of our Banner magazine and Annual Report. This year’s Annual Fund will be collected until June 30th.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed summer season.

June Kang Director of Communications and Development

It is a priority for SFS to ensure that we provide the best education and opportunities for our community. The partnership of our precious students and esteemed international faculty continues to represent the history of excellence made possible by the support of our discerning parent and alumni community for over a century. Pictures taken from SFS Mandarin Class 7




THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Jeremy & Hojung Cheung (Parents of Nathan & Eunice Cheung) Christy Joo Eric Joo Do Yoon Kim Kathleen and Rachel Lee Helena and Isabelle Park Yong Sung Park The Shin Family

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho

RED AND BLACK CLUB Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classified Staff Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Jeff and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Caroline Hahn Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum

THE CREST CLUB Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

“As a family, we are so blessed by SFS. We give because we want to show our support for the mission and ministry of the school, to be part of its continued growth, and to say thank you to the people and place we love.” Lauren Jackson, Current Faculty

RED AND BLACK CLUB In memory of Edwin W. Crowe ’43* For our SFS children and in honor of our parents, Richard and Patricia Ashcraft and Ed and Thelma Gaylord from John and Lynn Gaylord John and Masumi O’Donnell ’70 Tzu Yu Sheng THE CREST CLUB Jinsoo and Pearl Bae Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black In honor of the MS Faculty 2011-12 from your student, Andrew Ilhoon Byun Dong Soo Byun From the Cho Family - Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi Noah Tae-sun Chung ’95 John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett Rebecca Freeman Kathleen and Timothy Gray Hana Bank—Yonhi-dong Branch Hyong Min Kim Hyong Seok Kim Nina H. Kim and Peter S. Choi George Dongkyu Ko Camila and Gabriela Gonzalez Koo James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ’71 Celine Jin J&J Catering Stephan Min Jason Oh Hyungji Park ’85 Jasmine, Iris and James J. Park In memory of Christopher Mark Thomas, loving uncle of Edward Joseph Pasternak Langston and Linda Rogde Peter and Kelly TomHon Buhm Jin Yoon CENTENNIAL CLUB Jaime Cabal Anna Castagnaro Donald N. Clark '61

The Heritage Club $ 100,000 + 84

The Crest Club $ 1,000 +

Lydia Colston Killough '81 Dan & Joneen Copeland Nick, Sally, Isobel and Estella Corben Drs. JB and Bette Crouse, Jr. Patricia Robin Evans In honor of Mr. John Gaylord, from your SFS Children of our Centennial Year Chloe Dain Han Christine Jane Han Youngsook Hahm Hyun Sook Hong Ryan Jeon Jeen and Bomsinae Kim Yoo Soo Kim John Kimm ‘84 Korea Exchange Bank – Yonhi-dong Branch Jennifer Koenig ’92* Grace and Riley Kwak Family Andy and Joanna Lee Chang Hwan Lee Haeeun Heather Lee ’05 Jaehyun Jacob Lee The Jugant Family In honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, from your 1L children of our Centennial Year Robert Lee ’60* David Livingston ’72* Monika and Ewa Marczuk In honor of Ms. Dawn Melarvie, from your SFS children of our Centennial Year In honor of Mrs. Edie Moon from the HS cast of ‘Back to the 80s’ Mitsuaki Morita ’79* John C. O’Donnell ‘70 Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy ’75* Gene Jaewoo Park Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 In Memory of Robert G. Sauer, Former Trustee & Teacher Frank Shyn ’87* Yage Song Yarene Song Hannah Summers Kai Summers Linda Wang Judi Sargent Whitmire ’78 Sen Di Ten Yoojin Um In honor of Mr. Nathan Walker from the MS cast of ‘Oliver Twist’ Morgan and Jordan Yi Youngja Yum THE LEGACY CLUB Lance, Mary, Ethan, Mason and Porter Ence Kisoon Nam Misty Skidmore

1912 Society $ 50,000 + Centennial Club $ 100 +

ANNUAL FUND DONATION 2012-13 THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Tzu Yu Sheng RED AND BLACK CLUB Jaeho and Soojin Choi Jane Nicole Lee THE CREST CLUB Hyung & Andrea Ahn Anonymous Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black Leo Cho From the Cho Family—Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi The Kimberly Clark Foundation John and Alice Engstrom Rob and Laura Everett James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Haelyung Hwang & Younghee Cha Euiseok Kim & Regina Ryu '87* Nina H. Kim, Peter S. Choi and Kate Kim Choi Seogoo Lee & Suyoung Nam The Lim Family Hyungji Park '85 Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Sookook Company Peter & Kelly TomHon CENTENNIAL CLUB Christina Farley Hyun Sook Hong Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hunsaker Mike & Lauren Jackson George Dongkyu Ko Alice D. Lavina Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 Jack and Rachel Shao Frank Shyn ’87* Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund Rick Wilson

**All returning donors have been marked in red.




Hyung and Andrea Ahn Robert and Sondra Black Christian and Benjamin Choi John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Roger H. Kim ‘93 The Lim Family The Nahm Family Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Peter Pin ‘77 Peter and Kelly TomHon


Olivia and Alicia Chung Donald N. Clark ‘61 Romulo H. Delmendo ‘79 Christina Farley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hunsaker Mike and Lauren Jackson Graeme and Carol Kent Henry Kim Blair and Kim Lee Brian Lee Susan Pope ‘90 The Rudolph Family Joanna Seung Richard and Cynthia Seymour Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund


The Millennium Club $ 10,000 +

Red & Black Club $ 5,000 +


The Legacy Club Any amount given by friends and relatives



My departing comment to a colleague before attending a job fair for international teachers in the spring of 2010 was, “I’ll be happy with a job anywhere in the world, except Asia.” That mindset changed when I interviewed with John and Lynn Gaylord. I quickly realized that SFS was my first choice for a position as an international educator. Despite not knowing what high school science position I would fill, I knew that SFS was where God wanted me to go. The idea of moving from Baltimore, MD to Seoul was exciting and strangely comforting. I knew the school was centered in Christ and from my interviews with the senior administration it was more than words on paper. I have now been a part of the SFS community for four years and it is remarkable. I enjoy living in an international community, being

challenged to grow professionally, and encouraged to strengthen my relationship with God. As a teacher at SFS, I am able to share my faith with my co-workers and students on a daily basis.

I appreciate the many opportunities to work with students in various ministry activities in the high school like G2G, the Philippines Service Trip, and the Vida Nueva retreat. I also embrace informal moments to express my faith, in words or actions. In trying to create opportunities for

students to grow in their faith I find I often come away with a deeper understanding of God’s love and a stronger relationship with the Lord. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and the challenges change brings. For the first time I will be leading the Philippines Service Trip, a Discovery Week trip that typically has 50 students working hard in Manila. I am also hoping to complete a master’s degree from the University of Maryland in Chemical and Life Sciences.


Rebecca with SFS students and faculty members

Best Wishes, Class of 2014! It has certainly been our pleasure to have worked with such an outstanding group of young women and men in the Class of 2014. They are a very strong and motivated class academically, with six National Merit Semi-Finalists and another 14 Commended Students. In addition, 70 percent of this year’s seniors are full International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates. They bonded as a class during their retreat after school started in August, and they worked together to win Field Day in September. Many members of this class helped their respective sports teams win APAC and/or KAIAC championships, while others were instrumental in the outstanding success of the fine and performing arts events. This class has represented SFS very well in all aspects, and they will be missed next year. They are, however, well-prepared for their future endeavors. The following is a list of their “post-SFS plans” for next year. We wish them all the best and God’s blessings! Chuck Krugler and Joon Myong Counselors


American University (DC) Amherst College (2) Barnard College Baylor University Bethel University (MN) Boston College Boston University (2) Brandeis University (2) Brown University Bryn Mawr College California Poly-San Luis Obispo Central St. Martins College of Art & Design Colgate University Columbia University Compulsory Military Service (2) Dartmouth College Davidson College DePaul University Drew University Emerson College Gap Year (6) Indiana University Knox College Les Roches School of Hotel Management London School of Economics Maastricht University Marist College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Montana State University New York University (2) Northwestern University Otis College of Art & Design Queen Mary, University of London Palm Beach Atlantic University Penn State University-Harrisburg Princeton University Reed College

Rhode Island School of Design (2) Rice University Ringling College of Art & Design Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Saint John’s College (MD) Saint John’s University (MN) San Francisco Art Institute School of Visual Arts Tufts University 7 University in Australia (2) University in Europe University in Hong Kong University in India University in Japan (2) University in Korea (2) University in South Africa University in Taiwan University in the U.K. (3) University of Alabama University of Bologna University of California-Berkeley (3) University of California-Irvine (4) University of California-Los Angeles (5) University of California-Riverside University of California-San Diego (5) University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign University of Michigan (3) University of Pennsylvania (3) University of Richmond University of Rochester University of Southern California (4) University of Toronto-Mississauga University of Washington-Tacoma Virginia Polytechnic Institute Waseda University (2) Wellesley College Wesleyan University



A legacy of success such as one built by SFS’ Girls’ Varsity Soccer program over the last decade can be a blessing taken for granted; but it can also be an extra burden for a team trying to carry it on. This season, there were some surprises for the Crusader girls as they fought hard to continue this legacy. In the team’s pursuit of titles, many records were broken and personal goals met. Most importantly, however, the group of girls grew closer together as they improved as a team in every aspect.

arguably the best brand of soccer ever played by a girls’ team at SFS and went on to capture its 7th straight KAIAC Conference title. With solid,

SFS travelled to Shanghai American School in Pudong for the Super-12 APAC Tournament. SFS escaped from the “Pool With Morgan Yi (KAIAC Best Goalie) and of Death,” which included the two APAC champions of last year, SAS-Pudong and Kristine Park (KAIAC MVP & Best International School of Beijing, making it Defender) graduating in 2013, the out of pool play with 2 wins and a draw. so-called “Iron wall” defense of SFS soccer The hapless arrangement of the suddenly did not seem so impenetrable tournament schedule required the anymore. However, with a few new Crusaders to play back-to-back matches, quality additions to the team such as resulting in a 30-minute rest period before freshmen midfielder Nina Bernhardt (Allstarting the quarterfinal match against APAC, All-Conference, All-Tournament, Canadian Academy. The result was a 0-2 KAIAC MVP) and goalie Lalla Migliardi, loss versus a team that was beatable, and the “Treble” (KAIAC regular season, the hope for the SFS’ 6th APAC title in 9 APAC Tournament, KAIAC tournament years vanished. The response that championships) seemed a distinct followed this defeat, however, was the possibility in 2014. highlight and key element that defined this year’s group. Rather than reeling from The first unexpected turn took place early the letdown, the team stepped up to play in the season when the team suffered an harder and better than ever. They unexpected 0-1 loss against YISS, an responded with convincing wins on opponent SFS had defeated handily the Saturday over Brent and UNIS of Hanoi to previous week. Using this loss as a finish the 2014 APAC tournament with a 4 motivator, the team went on to tighten up -1-1 record and place 5th of 12. all aspects of its play and improve. However, with another disappointing In the five matches after the APAC loss, draw against Seoul American, combined the Lady Crusaders scored 22 goals, 12 of with a historic season from YISS girls, which were scored by the senior captain KAIAC Conference title race became a Michelle Richardson breaking the SFS battle for the first time in 7 years. career goal record with a total of 79 goals. During this stretch, the 12 16

team played

fluid passing and remarkable chemistry, SFS beat Osan 6-1 in the semifinal and dominated YISS 4-0 in the title match, avenging its only KAIAC loss while winning the Tournament Title for the third straight year.

Some may see the results from APAC and assume that the team be disappointed, but the response of the group proved their heart as true champions, albeit with only two titles instead of three. And the legacy of Lady Crusader Soccer continues. 2014 KAIAC DIVISION I ALLCONFERENCE: Nina Bernhardt, Samantha Kim, Sofia Migues, Joanna Kim, Su Jean Park, and Michelle Richardson 2014 KAIAC ALL-TOURNAMENT: Sasi Banyatphiyaphod, Nina Bernhardt, Michelle Kahng, Taylor Kim, Su Jean Park, Michelle Richardson, Ji Won Shin 2014 KAIAC Tournament MVP: Nina Bernhardt 2014 KAIAC Tournament Best Offensive Player: Michelle Richardson 2014 ALL-APAC: Nina Bernhardt,

After many months of preparation and hard work it was with a bang of the gun that signified not only the start of the 1500m race but also the beginning of the B1 U13 FOBISIA games in Seoul, South Korea. Eight different schools made the journey across various parts of Asia to participate in this year’s U13 FOBISIA games. The competition started at the illustrious Seoul National University track and field facility. Athletics was the theme for the morning session followed by swimming. SFBS claimed athletics gold followed closely by TES and Kellett. The final two days saw some tired legs exit the pool and enter the basketball court and football field at Seoul Foreign School. The home support played a part in pulling SFBS home to victory taking both boys and girls team gold on the second day of competition. Along with the medals the winning teams also had the opportunity to receive their awards from the British Ambassador! SFBS went into the final day with four out of four gold's but also the added pressure of being the team to beat. Boy’s football was particularly close with the odd goal claiming final spots for Kellett and SFBS. After a nail biting second half the game was won in extra time with a scorching drive from distance to seal another win for SFBS. In the final quarter TES showed

U13 FOBISIA Games – Results Medal Position Swimming Athletics Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Boys Football Girls Football




some real quality under pressure taking the game to Kellett and ultimately securing a well deserved gold medal. The U13 FOBISIA Games in Seoul was a huge success due to the large number of people who committed their time, support and energy to make this event possible. Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, volunteers, helpers, FOBISIA Leaders & Ambassadors, Seoul National University, SFS, GA Staff, transport, J & J Catering and participating schools in making the event a triumph. Also a special thank you to the SFBS PTA for going above and beyond as well the marketing team and all sponsors. Next stop Under 11 FOBISIA Games, Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong, 20th – 24th May 2014. Please wish the Year 4, 5 and 6 girls and boys the best of luck.


A View of the FOBISIA Games, hosted by SFBS with Eight Participating Schools

“This was a well organised, well planned FOBISIA Games. The tournament director, Laur amazing job. The games were clearly supported by SFBS leadership and I felt this contribu success of the games.”

“The whole experience was simply superb- from our arrival where we were warmly welco automatically that we were in very capable hands. The events all ran very smoothly and t students were heightened also by the standard of referees.”

Feedback shared by 14


rector, Laura Phillips, did an his contributed to the huge

rmly welcomed by SFBS and felt oothly and the experiences for our

k shared by U13 FOBISIA Games participant schools 15

On April 10, 11 and 12 in the Lyso Center for the Performing Arts, the magical world of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was finally brought to life under the direction of Mrs. Edie Moon. With over a hundred student, faculty and community members involved in a variety of capacities, the stage was transformed into the world of Belle and the Beast with truly outstanding performances by 18 seniors and 30 or more freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Senior Michal Milliken gave a stunning performance as Belle as did senior Isaac Son as the heart- wrenching Beast. With creative and artistic makeup and costume designs by Mrs. Sally Corben as well as the artistry in set and lighting design of Mr. John Black, Mr. Darrell Roddick and Ms. Eun Jung Shin, the stage was SET for the unforgettable music of Beauty and the Beast under the direction of Mrs. Marion Statton and Mrs. Allison Lyso. The choreography team of Ms. Menya Jefferson, Mrs. Nicole Oakes, and Ms.

16 18

Juliette Roberts added yet another layer of life, exuberance and color to the unfolding of the story. Children in the audience dressed up as Belle and the Beast and received prizes at intermission and anyone was invited to get their picture taken with the characters before the show! 1800 tickets were sold for the three performances much to the joy of the cast and crew! At the heart of the performances, of course, was the story itself which has kept the legend of Beauty and the Beast alive for hundreds of years. As I wrote in the Director’s Statement:

“The archetype of the Beauty and the Beast has resonated across centuries as people from all parts of the world have connected with the story. A hundred years from

HS Spring Performance “Beauty and the Beast”

Belle in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’

now, the story will remain. It is, at the core, a tale of sacrificial love that goes far beyond physical beauty and perfection. It is a story of grace, acceptance, and, best of all, forgiveness. Such stories are always tales as old as time. They are tunes as old as song. To find that we can change; to admit that we were wrong. Beauty and the Beast.”

MS Musical ‘Into the Woods’ In March, the Middle School finished up 10 weeks of incredible ensemble work with 2 solid performances of Sondheim's Into The Woods. The music in this show was exceptionally challenging, with dissonant solos and challenging parts. Mrs. Kyla Hamm, the show's director, worked with the soloists to capture both the intricacy of the music and the uniqueness of the characters.

The students absolutely nailed it, refining the mannerisms and voices of hilarious princes, powerful enchantresses, demanding children, clueless princesses, wishful peasants, mysterious forest nymphs and a mischievous wolf and more. Perhaps the most captivating character, however, had not a single line or note, and anyone who saw the performances would agree that the COW stole the show! There were a number of talented 6th grade leads this year, and combined with the skilled 7th and 8th grade veterans, the cast was amazing! An 8th grade dancer, Erica Kim, also stepped up to help Mrs. Hamm with choreography,

creating beautiful solo, duet and group dances. Mrs. Allison Lyso and Ms. Menya Jefferson helped with group vocals and choreography as well, and Ms. Natalie Priest, Mrs. Lynn Gaylord and Mr. Tim Relyea, rounded out the solid teacher team. A number of solo vocal parts were added, tweaked and created to accommodate the overwhelming number of beautiful vocalists in this cast, making the musical a true showcase of SFMS talent.

children’s classic: THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster and adapted by Susan Nanus. The Phantom Tollbooth was written over 50 years ago but is still considered a “must-read” classic today. Directed by Mrs. Edie Moon and the 4th grade teachers Mr. Brad Thies, Ms. Leslie Horne, Mrs. Mollie DeBoer and Mrs. Sophie Hammerberg, 78 fourth graders led the audience on the same roads that Milo travels as he evolves from a little boy bored with his life into a thinking, creative and imaginative person with the help of Tock the Watchdog, the incorrigible Humbugs, Princess Rhyme and Reason and many more. If you admire puns and the most clever use of language you could imagine, you will love this performance! Throughout the process of preparing for the show, the 4th grade students were taught about the theatre design process as it relates particularly to costumes and props. All

students did designs for a particular costume and prop in their classes and top designs were selected, built and then brought to life for the performances. Thus, the

students have had the experience of being both designers and performers!

The British School's Key Stage One took to the stage at the beginning of April as adorable and sparkly bugs determined to invade a picnic and have fun! BUGZ, the musical, was a big hit with the students, teachers and parents. Under the Direction of Mrs. Kyla Hamm, with Mrs. Esther Jun as Musical Director, the

Key Stage One brought the lively little creatures to life with beautiful singing, fun choreography and colourful setting and costumes.

On May 15th and 16th , the Elementary School 4th graders took us on the journey of Milo based on the beloved 17 19

This year US alumni reunions were hosted in Washington DC, Boston, and San Francisco. It is always an incredible opportunity to meet up with alumni, hearing about their latest news, their memories of being a part of SFS and also sharing information about SFS today. Both Head of School, John Engstrom and the Director of Communications, Development and Marketing, June Kang hosted the gatherings at designated Korean restaurants, which always help bring back the nostalgia of Korea! Unlike other years, John and June had the opportunity to also meet with alumni outside of the designated dinner gatherings planned and were thrilled to reconnect with a number of former students throughout the years.

“I had almost forgotten about my alma mater since I last left in 1977, but after participating in the gathering and hearing about SFS facing healthy competition with a number of other newly-established international schools in Seoul, I felt compelled to reconnect with the School and also offer any help that I could as an alum of a school I had such fond memories of.” As such, we were thrilled to find support from alumni interested in supporting our Annual Fund, which is still growing and in its 5th year (pages 7 –9).

Also in Boston, we were able to meet up with an alum to finally hand over a Bible that belonged to the family which was found by an anonymous Korean man who wished to return this to the It was also wonderful to receive such owner of the family (photo on the warm feedback from alumni who gathered right). at the event, hoping to join in future gatherings. A memorable comment from We feel very blessed at SFS to have such a one alum this year was: strong community of distinguished


Washington DC Reunion

Margaret WEEMS ‘92* with her family Bible alumni, who are each very powerful ambassadors of the 7th oldest international school in the world (of over 6,000 international schools world wide)!

Each year, the annual participation of our board members from the Friends of Seoul Foreign School, creates a special connection for our alums. This year, we had Harlan LYSO, Former Head of School (and Mary Lyso, Former Teacher), Ron and Ruth RICHTER, Former Administrator/Teacher, John LEE ‘84, Harry RUDOLPH, Board Member and the newest member and incoming Head of School, Colm FLANAGAN, as attendees. Gail RIGGSMEYER ’70 and Dick UNDERWOOD ‘45/ Former Head of School were unfortunately unable to attend this year. This gathering with the FSFS members was hosted in San Francisco. We’re grateful for the continued support and dedication of these members who have such a strong enduring commitment to the School.

Brent in his senior year

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Boston Reunion


San Francisco Reunion



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1960s Don CLARK ‘61, Joanna CLARK ‘93* and her husband Sean GAMBLE and baby boy Arlo, visited SFS on May 8th. Don has visited the campus many times but it was the first time for Joanna to come back after she left SFS in Grade 9 in 1990. After the campus tour, Joanna added “I was impressed to see how the school has grown and the Arts and Music are well supported at SFS where in the U.S. there have been cut backs due to financial reasons.” Joanna was on maternity leave and will be going back to work as a Product Manager for Housewares Company in Seattle, Washington. Don shared some interesting stories and one of them was his unusual upbringing from other students that attended SFS at that time. During high School days, Don made friends with Korean boys that attended Kyongbok High School. At that time, Korea was devastated after the War and there was poverty everywhere. There was very little respect for Koreans and the country. However, engaging with Korean upper class students of Kyongbok High School, Don learned about a sophisticated Korean culture where he, as a foreigner had the opportunity to respect Korea in many different ways. Another memory that really impacted him during his days at SFS was his teacher Hope DIFFENDERFER who encouraged students to go out to explore and pay attention to the surroundings. At that time, students were impoverished having only exposure to school, their home, the U.S. Army base and to a limited number of places. Mrs. DIFFENDERFER’s comment and encouragement was always “history is happening right under your nose” which inspired the HS Junior/Senior trips. This maybe the origin of our ‘HS Discovery Week’ trips today. 220

Don CLARK ‘61, Joanna CLARK ‘93*, Sean GAMBLE (Joanna’s husband) and baby Arlo (Joanna’s son) Don’s comment about his visit to SFS was that “It feels like being at home.” Don’s wife Linda also taught Drama at SFS from 1975-76. After over 40 years, Beatrice WEISS SCOONES ‘63 came back to the SFS campus on April 29th with her daughter, Shaleen and her grandchildren William and Katy. Beatrice attended SFS from 1955-60 (just after the Korean War) and then in 1961-63. She remembered attending classes at Morris Hall (1st floor were classrooms and 2nd floor being a huge gymnasium) in Jung-dong and also the very first time when SFS moved to the Yonhi-dong campus, when the floors were all concrete and there was an awful smell. She remembers the Korean janitor Leesuhbang (이서방) sweeping and mopping the floors at that time.

She also mentioned that the RIGGS lived next to their home in Sajikdong at that time and it was because of Mr. RIGGS who was the Finance Officer at that time, that the School was smoothly operated with no debts which created the foundation to grow into the fabulous school it is today. Beatrice graduated from SFS as a Valedictorian among 7 graduates back in 1963. Her father, Dr. Ernest WEISS helped with the establishment of the Severance Hospital (that is partly also the reason why she and her family were invited to be apart of the opening of the new Cancer Hospital at Severance). Her mother Mrs. Hilda WEISS taught Biology at SFS. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) WEISS graduated from SFS in 1959 the fist graduating class after the Korean War. Beatrice started her career at Baskin Robbins and then went back to school to obtain a CPA and a Law Degree. She is now retired and lives in Decatur, Texas.

Beatrice WEISS SCOONES ‘63 with her daughter Shaleen and grandchildren William (left) and Katy (right) WUNDROW.

On May 12th we had Ben VAN LIEROP ‘65 and his wife Chris who visited SFS after 44 years. Ben was at SFS in 1970 for 9 months as a Volunteer in Mission teaching at ‘Kyungshin Boys School’, near Kwanghwamun. Since then it was his first visit back to the School. He started SFS in Morris Hall in Jung-dong and then moved to Yonsei campus for a year, and then to the current SFS Yonhi-dong campus. Ben commented that everything looked different and that only the up hill leading up to SFS and the location/land where he played soccer is the same. The one comment he made about his feelings coming back to SFS was a “Dream come true.”

Ben also shared interesting stories of times in Korea in the early 50s, being at a missionary gathering in Daechon and having to evacuate to Japan by taking a boat from Busan because the North were invading Korea. He mentioned how his home on the Yonsei University campus was being taken over by North Koreans and later by the U.S. Army, as his father also had to live with them for some time.

Ben added “the current SFS campus is a remarkable campus, which was established with a lot of thought and investment. The buildings are very functional and impressive. I highly regard the well-planned vision of the Head of School and the School Board for making SFS the wonderful school that is today.”

Due to the Korean War he spent his early childhood years in Japan and then came back to Korea. Ben lived in Japan for more than 20 years and met his wife, Chris in Tokyo as well. Ben is currently the Executive Director for ‘Japan America Society of Minnesota’. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his family.

Ben VAN LIEROP‘65 Family Picture (above) and Ben and his wife, Chris while visiting SFS (below) Ben made this special trip to Korea to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of KyungAn School, a Christian school in Andong, which was founded by his father Peter VAN LIEROP. His mother Eleanor VAN LIEROP served on the SFS Board for many years. We enjoyed the visit from three alumni from the 60s, over a 2 week period, all three on separate occasions. The visits of Don CLARK ‘61, Beatrice WEISS SCOONES ‘63 and Ben VAN LIEROP ‘65 were so close that all three alumni felt great remorse in the timing having just missed each other! In fact, Ben mentioned that Beatrice’s mother, Mrs. Hilda WEISS was his favorite Biology teacher back then. It was wonderful to have these alumni back on campus and listen to their fascinating stories and memories. 21

1970s Class Rep: Veronica CREVECOEUR ‘76


Jennie RADER PURVIS ‘83 with her colleagues from HKIS David JOHNSTON ‘87* back in 1984, Freshman at Recent picture of David JOHNSTON ‘87*

David JOHNSTON ‘87* recently registered on the alumni portal and shared his current status. He attended 8th and 9th grade at SFS in 1983-84. David shared that, “after leaving Seoul and South Korea in 84, I returned to the UK to complete my schooling and went on to attend both Liverpool and Newcastle Universities, majoring in Mathematics and Computing Science.” He is married to Marie and father to three naughty rabbits. I am now a Software Developer for financial services Provider, True Potential, based in Newcastle, England.

1990s Class Rep: Lionel CHUFFART ‘95*

This Spring we had David TARLOW ‘92 visiting SFS since his last visit during the Centennial celebrations. While at SFS, he

conducted a workshop in one of Edie MOON’s IB Theatre Arts class. Both David and students loved this opportunity to share and learn his expertise and experiences of the real working world. David currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Jennie RADER PURVIS ’83 visited SFS with her colleagues from Hong Kong International School (HKIS) during their spring break. She was happy to spend time with her sister Edie and also her friend Liz RICE 83* who was in Korea conducting an international workshop. Jennie is currently the High School Counselor for HKIS.


David TARLOW ‘92 with Edie MOON and the HS IB Theatre Arts students

Lionel CHUFFART ‘95* while at SFS During the time when U.S. reunions were being held, Director of Communications, Development & Marketing, June KANG met with Lionel CHUFFART ‘95* who currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Lionel shared that his family left Seoul for Hong-Kong, where he attended the French International School from 1993-95, in the English stream passing his IB exam. After 2 years in Hong Kong, Lionel studied at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne and worked for 3 years in a hotel in Geneva. In September 2004, he moved to Toronto where he has been living now for almost 10 years. In 2007 he got married to Karina and they have two daughters: Lara born in 2009 and Abby born in 2013. With regards to his SFS memory he is curious to know if the pizza place at the bottom of the hill, is still open (Yes, it is still Chicago Pizza). He also wondered about the dirt pitch playing soccer behind the High School and also walking up the hill from the main street to the school.

The CHUFFART Family from left to right: Lionel, Lara, Abby and Karina

Lionel has volunteered to be the Class Rep. for Class of 1995 and Toronto and hopes to host SFS reunions in the Toronto area in the near future.

Teacher’s class. He is currently the Vice President of the Management Planning Division at Dongah Elecomm.

Brian LEE ‘97* visited SFS with his wife, Hyunjin YOON, SBS Announcer and his daughter, Emma to inquire admissions to SFS. While visiting the Centennial Welcome Center, Brian was surprised to find a picture of his mother, Mrs. Janet LEE who was an active member of the PTA, back in the 80s. The picture was from the Time Capsule that was buried in 1987. Brian attended SFS from Grade 2 – 6 with his sister Christine LEE ‘98*. He has fond memories of SFS and being in Mrs. Holly RAATZ, Former

Brian LEE ‘97* with his wife, Hyunjin YOON and daughter Emma Lionel CHUFFART ‘95* and June KANG

Brian LEE ‘97* while at SFS in Grade 6 23

Anna COHEN LANDIS ‘02* (left) in Grade 2 at SFS and David COHEN ‘98* in Grade 6 at SFS.

David COHEN ‘98* with his wife CheyAnn (left) and Anna COHEN LANDIS ‘02* with her husband Chad (right) On May 1st we had a surprise visit from David COHEN ‘98* and Anna COHEN LANDIS ‘02* together with their spouses, CheyAnn and Chad. Both David and Anna attended Elementary and Middle School from 1990-93. They visited for a family trip with their mother, Mrs. Sunhi COHEN who was also a very active member of the PTA in the early 90s. They were happy to reunite with Mrs. CHO, ES Admin. Asst. and Mrs. WOO, MS Admin. Asst., who according to them looked the same 20 years ago! They were thrilled to find their old pictures in the 1991 and 1992 yearbooks and shared how much they remembered the faculty and friends at that time. David remembers the field being dirt at the time he attended SFS and also the “Friday Fun Day” at school. He was also happy to see his friends Majd ABDULZAHAB ‘98* and Eddie CHO ‘98* in the yearbooks and had fond memories of their teachers J.P. RADER, Former Teacher and Deborah SCHUMACHER, Former Teacher. 24

Anna shared her memories of SFS about the International Fair, The Spirit Week and also performing the Fan Dance (부채춤) when Princesses Diana was visiting SFS. She still keeps in touch with her friends Kathryn SPILLER ‘02*, Elaine SPIRINGER ‘02* and Salm SPINA ‘02* via Facebook. She also mentioned J.P. RADER, Former Teacher’s daughter Kristina RADER ‘02 being in her class too. They both added that many things have changed and modernized at SFS but that some things remained the same.

2000s Class Rep: Michelle KIM ‘00 Class Rep: Jennifer CHA ‘02 Class Rep: Michelle LEE ‘03 Class Rep: Alex PAIK ‘04

Chuck MORAVEC ’00 who recently joined the Washington DC reunion in February made a visit to SFS in March The COHEN family left SFS in 1993 moved to Kansas City and to Thailand for with his fiancé Adrienne. They will be a couple of years and then back to Kansas getting married on October 19th. They again where they currently live. David is were returning from a trip to Cambodia currently a Freight Broker and Anna is an and Myanmar and had one day layover in Seoul. Chuck graduated from Clemont Attorney at Lawrence, Kansas. McKenna College for his BA and Johns Hopkins for is MA. He currently resides in Washington DC and works for the

Chuck MORAVEC ‘00 with his fiancé Adrienne

Jack and Edie MOON, Teachers with their students Jiyoung KIM ‘01 (left) and Candice KIM ‘04 (right)

U.S. Treasure Department as the Deputy Director of South and South East Asia Office. As Chuck is also a Curler (Curling—winter sport) he would like to visit Korea again in 2018 for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Edie and Jack MOON, Current Faculty, met with their former students Jiyoung KIM ‘01 and Candice KIM ‘04. Jiyoung is currently working on her doctorate in Dentistry at Yonsei Severance Hospital and Candice is currently teaching Arts and interning at Korea International School (KIS). They enjoyed the chat and coffee with their former teachers and students sharing their fond memories of SFS. Hannah MICHELL ’01 visited SFS on February 19th to meet Edie MOON, her former English teacher and present her first novel book, “The Defections”. This book is also available for sale at the Kyobo Bookstore in Korea. Hannah currently lectures about Korean Pop Culture at UC Berkley and this course has recently become popular among many Asian Americans. She currently lives in the States but makes a visit to Korea every year.

Hannah MICHELL ‘01

On March 7th, Allison DOLAN ‘02* visited with her fiancé Toby NOESEKABEL. Her parents James (HS Teacher and Soccer Coach) and Dawn (MS Teacher) were teachers at SFS

Allison DOLAN ‘02* and her fiancé Toby NOESEKABEL during the years 1991-94. Her parents got married in Seoul and her brother Patrick DOLAN ‘99* was born in Busan. Allison was also the first Reception student at the current British School. Allison is currently living in Connecticut working at an Organic Chemistry Synthetic Lab and will be applying to medical school. She still keeps in touch with Katelyn KEARNEY ’02 and will be getting married on July 26th this year. 25

Alycia LIM ‘04* with her mom and Edie MOON, current faculty Alycia LIM ‘04* visited SFS on April 28th with her mom after 12 years. Alycia came to SFS in 9th grade and left in 10th grade and then attended United World College (UWC) in Singapore. She currently works for Yahoo videos (based in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines) and started her Masters in Communications this year. Her sister Laurane LIM ‘06* studied at the University of Southern Australia and is currently a Pharmacist. Her brother Chee Kuon LIM attended Elementary School for one year.

Sean LEE ‘05 with his Former Teacher, Amos LYSO 26

From Left: Chris CHANG ‘05 with his girlfriend Sally and Sean LEE ‘05 Congratulations to Heather LEE ‘05 who recently shared the news that the President of her school district has recognized her as one of the top 5 teachers in the district! Heather is currently a 2nd grade teacher at the Baker Ripley School, a Charter School operated by an non-profit organization, Neighborhood Centers Inc. in Houston, Texas.

them over to the campus to show them how great SFS is!”

On the very same day, we also had Chris CHANG ‘05 visiting the SFS campus. Chris graduated from Northwestern University and is currently working for a Finance company, Nomura Securities in Seoul. Chis attended SFS since Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 except for the 2 Sean LEE ‘05 visited SFS on May 1st. This years when he attended a Korean school. He feels that the School has had an equal was his fourth time visiting the campus amount of change that he experienced since his graduation but the first time while he was a student at SFS for the 10 doing a campus tour as all the previous visits were in the summer when the school years and feels great and proud that the School is continuously getting better. was closed. After graduating from SFS, Sean went to Michigan State University Kyong Won LEE ‘06 is currently studying and returned to Seoul in 2009. Then he moved to Beijing, China to do his MBA at in Singapore, after working in South East Asia and Korea for a short while. While in Peking University where classes were offered in both English and Chinese. He is Korea he worked for the Hapkido Federation and also has worked for the currently working in the Finance area, in Yeoido, Seoul. Also, he is getting married National Association for the Blind in Singapore in the past. While at SFS he was this coming October. Sean attended SFS an active member of the Swim Team and only for three years but is privileged and has fond memories with his team proud to be an SFS Alum. He has always members. missed SFS and tries to promote the School whenever he was with friends who have also attended international schools abroad. He added, “I enjoyed bringing


Natalya JENNEY ‘10 Congratulations to Natalya JENNEY ‘10 who was selected as one of the “25 Ducks - List of Oregon students who will change the world.” For more details click the link below:




From Left: June KANG, Gary and Laurie SMALL, Former Board Chair/Parent and Rob BLACK, Asst. Head of School Madness Superfans! Chris is in the pep band for University of Dayton (their mascot are the Flyers). They have advanced to what is called the “Sweet 16” in the NCAA basketball tournament. Click to view more: http:// basketball/photos/1403/cbb-super-fans032414-march-madness/4/


Janey LEE ‘11 acting as Diane from ‘Diane and Acteon Pas de Duex’ Last February, Janey LEE ‘11 was a part of a ballet performance. She was Diane from "Diane and Acteon Pas de Deux" in the ballet, La Esmeralda, which is based on Victor Hugo's novel, Notre Dame de Paris. Janey is currently studying this semester in Istanbul, Turkey. CJ CHEN ’13 dropped by the SFS Welcome Center to pick up his alumni gift, which was announced during the Homecoming games in January. CJ is attending ‘Underwood International College at Yonsei University since March majoring in Life Science and Technology. The campus will be located in Songdo, Incheon and he looks forward to College life.

Former Faculty/Friends CJ CHEN ‘13

Chris GARCIA ‘13 Check out our very own SFS Alum, Chris GARCIA ‘13 who was captured on the Sports Illustrated Magazine on March

Former parent and Board Chair, Gary and his wife Laurie SMALL made a visit to SFS in February. They have just been relocated to Japan and happy to be close to their family members in Seoul. Their oldest daughter Stephanie SMALL BLACK ‘05 is teaching at the High School. Christina FARLEY, Former Teacher has published a book, Gilded with the setting of Seoul and Seoul Foreign School. It’s a wonderful read (Fantasy/Korean Mythology) with a sequel coming out this fall. Here is a link to The Korean Times newspaper article on Christy’s book Gilded. p=9748&fb_action_ids=10203518629785625 &fb_action_types=og.likes


Congratulations to J.P ’79 and Helen RADER, Former Teachers in receiving their Doctorate degree this Spring! Both defended their dissertation study entitled, "An Investigation of Teacher Candidate Perceptions: Using 21st Century Tools and Clinical Medical Model Practices to Teach Classroom Management Skills” on March 15th. They graduated with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership on May 10th from Morehead State University. J.P added, “We are both teaching as Assistant Professors in the Asbury School of Education. Helen has focused her efforts on Elementary Education classes for Undergrads as well as Adult students. I have primarily worked with our Secondary Education program for the Undergrad and Graduate program. We have both been involved with work in Eastern Kentucky schools with Leadership training through the support of several educational grants that run through the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative. I also am in the 5th year of serving as Head Coach of the Women's

John and Lorena BYRD, Former Teachers with their daughter June BYRD ‘81/Current Faculty and her husband Jim MILLIKEN, Current Faculty, and their grandchildren, Michal (Gr. 12) and Mercy (Gr. 7) Volleyball team at Asbury. Last season we qualified for the NAIA National Tournament after a season that saw us win our KIAC Conference and Tournament titles.

We are excited that all three of our kids Kristina '02, Paul ’04 and Brittney '09 and their families are teaching overseas in Korea and Afghanistan. We miss the SFS community!” Former Teachers, John and Lorena BYRD visited SFS in April. They first came to SFS in 1979 and left in 1999. During their stay, they were happy to see their granddaughter Michal’s (she was Belle,, one of the main roles) performance in “Beauty and the Beast”, meet old friends, colleagues and students, and share memories from their past with Edie and Jack MOON, Liz RICE ‘83, Nancy KIM ’91, Mrs. HONG and Mrs. YUM. Their daughter June BYRD ’81 and her husband, Jim MILLIKEN have been teaching at SFS for many years now.

J.P ‘79 and Helen RADER, Former Teachers with their dissertation team 28

Many changes and developments took place at SFS and Seoul since they left in 1999. Lorena commented, “it was challenging to travel around Seoul with the new bus system and subway. SFS

From Left: Mrs. Kee Hyun SUNG, Former Staff and Flo EPP, Friend of Former Parents (front left), Jerry and Barb SANDOZ, Former Parents and Teacher (back), JB and Betty CROUSE, Former Parents and Vice Chairman of the Board (center), Jack MOON, Current Faculty and Carroll HUNT RADER, Former Parent (right). campus has improved a lot and buildings have great architecture. It almost felt like we needed a map within the campus.” John and Lorena both currently reside in a small town in Iowa, a few miles away from Lorena’s hometown. Since retirement, John has been teaching in different schools and involved in ministry work. Lorena has been helping and supporting the family members. Former missionary members of OMS (One Mission Society), JB and Betty CROUSE, Former Parents and also Former Vice Chairman of the Board (Betty), Jerry and Barb SANDOZ,

Former Parents and Former Teacher (Barb), Carroll HUNT RADER, Former Parent and Flo EPP (Friend of Former Parents), made a visit to SFS on April 17th. They were here in celebrating the coming of OMS to Korea. The CROUSE brothers, Jay ’80, John ’81 and Steve ’82 attended SFS and were famous basketball players back then.

Mrs. Kee Hyun SUNG, Former Admissions Associate was the person who introduced Barb to her husband Jerry back when Barb first came to Korea as a single as a Campus Crusader. Carroll HUNT RADER’s daughter, Julie HUNT’ 76 graduated from SFS and Carroll recently published a book called ‘Beyond South Gate’, a novel on the first missionaries in Seoul. She has also written 5 additional books.

The SANDOZ family Josh ’95, Debbie and Jeff attended SFS back in the late 80s and early 90s and Barb was a former ES Kindergarten and MS Music teacher while Dr. Jonathan BORDEN was the Principal. Interestingly 29

From, Steve Kosberg, pastor of International Lutheran Church, and his wife Mary. Pastor Kosberg also served as the SFS Jaidan Chair since August 2012. International Lutheran Church (ILC) has had a greatly-blessed and long relationship with Seoul Foreign School as one of its founding missions. Because I have been the pastor of ILC for the last five years, my wife Mary and I have also been deeply blessed with our relationship with SFS. It has been a privilege to be able to connect with many of the students, teachers and staff at SFS, both in a ministry connection and as friends. It has been my privilege to participate in many ministry opportunities including, morning devotions, Vida Nueva weekends, speaking at several worship times, interacting with the students, and serving as the Chair of the Jaidan. Mary and I have attended many plays and concerts at SFS and always walk away amazed at the high caliber of talent and professionalism shown. We will soon be leaving Korea, which we have loved so very much and

Pastor Steve and Mrs. Mary Kosberg will miss deeply, and will be retiring from full time ministry and settling near our family in Minnesota, USA. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless and lead

SFS down its excellent path of Christian education so that it will continue to be a "bright light" in the Seoul community. God's peace.

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We are thankful to our leaving Faculty for their significant contributions towards the excellence of education at SFS

Kevin Baker HS Principal

John Gaylord ES Principal

Aaron Jefferd Aquatics Instructor

Allison Lyso HS/MS Music

Jessica Raeside

MS/BS Ed. Tech.

Joy Cato BS Y3C

Lynn Gaylord MS Principal

Fiona Craig HS Math

Brian Hamm HS ET Integration Specialist

Kimberley Jefferd ES LS Services Facilitator

Ai-Feng Kao HS Mandarin

Amos Lyso Christian Ministries Coordinator

Jeong-suk (Suki) Maguire BS TA

Tim Relyea MS Humanities 7

David Robinson BS PE

Hayden Craig BS ICT

John Engstrom Head of School

Erin Evans HS Math

Kyla Hamm Drama

Janet Jang Day Care Asst.

Leslie Horne ES Gr. 4

Michael Knox MS Humanities 6

Normandy Kononen ES Gr. 1

Ji-Sun Lee MS Music

Dawn Melarvie ES Curriculum Coordinator

Michelle Noh BS Asst. Librarian

Christel Oosthuizen ES Sr. Kindergarten

Victoria Scott BS Y6

Patricia Smith Aquatics Coordinator

Lee-Ellen Strawn HS Korean


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