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Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence 1912-2012

May 2012 - Volume 5, Issue 3

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS for sponsoring our Centennial Events

If you are interested in Corporate Sponsorship for any of our upcoming Centennial Week III events in May, please contact the Communications & Development OďŹƒce. June Kang, Director 02-330-3116

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Message from School Board Chair

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The Centennial Fund

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Intro. to the Asst. Head of School Academics - Mr. Blair Lee

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Faculty Farewell

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Faculty Recognition: IB Highlights - Ms. Myung Sung & Ms. Cathi Wiebusch

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University Acceptance

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SFS Theatre

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KAIAC 40th Anniversary

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MS KAIAC Choir Festival

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GIN Manila 2012

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Interview with John O’Donnell ’70

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Congratulatory Messages form the past Board Chairs Pages 22 - 23 Alumni Reunions

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Alumni Notes

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Alumni Visits

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Upcoming Centennial Events

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Front Cover: Sketch of the SFS Korean Gate by Sally Corben, BS Art Teacher


Celebrating Our Centennial School Board Chair Kelly TomHon

”For a century, Seoul Foreign School has faithfully served its students and the English-speaking community in Seoul. During that period, the socioeconomic environment in which SFS has excelled has been anything but tranquil: on the contrary, it has been tumultuous in the extreme. SFS was founded only two years after the official Japanese annexation of Korea, and over the following decades, SFS witnessed catastrophic economic and human suffering on the Korean peninsula: the Korean War, the military coup, and countless student demonstrations. Even today, SFS, together with the rest of Korea, remains subject to continued aggression from the North. When my children enrolled in the early 90’s, air raid drills were a routine of school life.

However, despite such negative external factors, over the last century SFS has

I would like to thank previous SFS Board Chairs for sending the congratulatory messages you will see throughout this special Centennial edition of the Banner. SFS in 2012 is the result of a succession of visionary leaders that began with the formation of the school by Mrs. Charles S. Deming in 1912. Thank you to our predecessors who had the vision to build SFS into the extraordinary school it is today.

Congratulations to the SFS Com-

maintained its reputation for academic excellence with an emphasis on Christian values. SFS’s culture was borne of the dedication of a long line of devoted teachers and staff, and outstanding students. I offer my most sincere congratulations to the SFS community on achieving such a remarkable feat in the face of historical challenges of the first order.

Sincerely yours,

munity. I am blessed and proud to be a part of this remarkable and exceptional community.

Kelly TomHon SFS Board Chair (2010-12)

Sang-Moon Hahm, PhD SFS Board Chair (1999-2001)”

“I congratulate SFS on reaching a centu-

ry of Christ centered service to the community. The faculty, staff, leadership, and the board are to be given high marks for I have no doubt that in the future, as in the past, SFS will continue to face many maintaining a high quality environment. Being a board member from 2001-2003, challenges and difficulties. However, I am equally certain that SFS will continue our main contributions were the Performto prosper in every aspect of academic life ing Arts Center and the turf on the soccer and extracurricular activity, empowering field. Best of luck to you all and enjoy the its students to lead with integrity, confi- 100th celebration.” dence, courage and conviction. Congratulations on 100 years of success Dennis Hodges in the face of adversity, and I pray to God SFS Board Chair (2002-2003) for another 100 years of the same. Continued on pages 22 & 23

Celebrating Our Centennial Head of School Dr. John Engstrom Time on the Hill

maturity, accomplished professionalism and respect for others.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Just last January, I met many alumni in London and Boston. By sharIn 1912, the sinking of the Titanic dominated the news of the day, but ing their stories we all realized how their times at SFS has affected these one of the most important events alumni positively and significantly. was probably not carried on any Many alumni recognize that meannews outlet. During that same year, a group of missionaries gath- ing in life does not depend on the ered together to form the Seoul For- accumulation of stuff, but depends on making a contribution in the eign School, to provide education lives of others. Many are comin English for foreigners throughmitted to problem solving and creaout Seoul. Little did they know, tion for good rather than spending they would be founding the first a life focused on consumption, acinternational school in Korea that would last for 100 years. They also cumulation and self-entertainment. They are clear examples of people could not know they would be founding a school that would even- committed to ethical careers and responsible global citizenship. tually result in the “School on the Hill,” bringing light to its students and community, and eventually to “Time on the Hill” also results in the examined life. Our alumni appeople around the world through pear to have grappled with the big, its students and graduates for 100 important questions necessary to years. live meaningful lives- questions It’s been my great joy and privilege such as “What is the meaning of my life? What is the purpose of the to meet many SFS graduates all around the world. They are teach- world? How shall I live my life?” ers, physicians, lawyers, business people, actors, engineers and full time moms and dads. All of them bring the light “from the hill” to dispel the darkness and add light to those with whom they come in contact. I have met SFS alumni from London, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, and Los Angeles. I am always impressed by their

mentals of significance. This kind of education is the cornerstone of education for all our young people. If it could only be true throughout the world! Faithfully Yours,

John Engstrom Head of School

After visiting with our alumni, it is abundantly clear that “Time on the Hill” results in the development of a whole person, whose mind is deeply rooted in an appreciation for art, literature, science and philosophy. More importantly, however, they are value-driven people, whose lives are founded on funda-


Community of donors and sponsors CENTENNIAL FUND DONATION 2011-12 THE MILLENNIUM CLUB


Jeremy & Hojung Cheung (Parents of Nathan & Eunice Cheung) Christy Joo Eric Joo Do Yoon Kim Kathleen and Rachel Lee Helena and Isabelle Park Yong Sung Park The Shin Family

Nick, Sally, Isobel and Estella Corben In honor of Mr. John Gaylord, from your SFS Children of our Centennial Year Chloe Dain Han Christine Jane Han Youngsook Hahm Hyun Sook Hong Ryan Jeon Jeen and Bomsinae Kim Yoo Soo Kim John Kimm ‘84 Korea Exchange Bank – Yonhi-dong Branch Jennifer Koenig ‘92* Chang Hwan Lee Jaehyun Jacob Lee In honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, from your 1L children of our Centennial Year Robert Lee ‘60* David Livingston ‘72* Monika and Ewa Marczuk In honor of Ms. Dawn Melarvie, from your SFS children of our Centennial Year In honor of Mrs. Edie Moon from the HS cast of ‘Back to the 80s’ John C. O’Donnell ‘70 Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy ‘75* Gene Jaewoo Park Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 Judi Sargent Whitmire ‘78 Sen Di Ten Yoojin Um In honor of Mr. Nathan Walker from the MS cast of ‘Oliver Twist’ Youngja Yum

RED AND BLACK CLUB In memory of Edwin W. Crowe ‘43* Tzu Yu Sheng

THE CREST CLUB Jinsoo and Pearl Bae Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black In honor of the MS Faculty 2011-12 from your student Andrew Ilhoon Byun Dong Soo Byun From the Cho Family - Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi Noah Tae-sun Chung ʹ95 John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett Rebecca Freeman Kathleen and Timothy Gray Hana Bank—Yonhi-dong Branch Hyong Min Kim Hyong Seok Kim George Dongkyu Ko Camila and Gabriela Gonzalez Koo James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Celine Jin Jasmine, Iris and James J. Park In memory of Christopher Mark Thomas, loving uncle of Edward Joseph Pasternak Peter and Kelly TomHon

THE LEGACY CLUB Kisoon Nam Misty Skidmore

Categories of Giving 6

The Heritage Club $100,000+ 1912 Society $50,000+ The Crest Club $1,000+ Centennial Club $100+

Celebrating One Hundred Years The Centennial fund

Centennial fund raises US 138,700!! Centennial Fund was designated for this new space, recognizing all dobe extraordinary in many ways. nors on a plaque to be displayed in While it is only the third year of Seoul Foreign School’s annual fund- this Center. The Center will be inclusive of the Admissions Office and raiser, the donations made towards the Centennial Fund have helped the Communications and Development Office, exhibiting important School surpass its original target of historical facts about SFS along with USD 100,000. I am very pleased to report that our Centennial Fund has a timeline. The Center will provide a new and meaningful space, comreached a total of USD 138,700! memorative of the School’s rich hisIncluded on the next page, you will tory as it welcomes its community, view some renderings of the Centen- prospective parents, visiting alumni nial Welcome Center. This year, the and guests.

This Centennial Year has proved to

Very recently, a notice of reminder was sent out to make a final solicitation to the SFS community in support of the Centennial Fund. We are pleased to witness our target surpassed for this year as well as seeing the number of donors who have contributed. However, an annual fund is even more meaningful when its efforts can be evidenced by the support of its community members. If you have not already participated in the Fund, I’d encourage you to join the many others who have helped to be a part of a meaningful and commemorative opportunity that only comes every 100 years. Thanking you all for the many ways you support Seoul Foreign School! Warmly,

June Kang Director of Communications and Development

The Millennium Club $10,000+ Red & Black Club $5,000+ The Legacy Club any dollar amount given by friends and relatives


Centennial Welcome Center (renderings) The welcome center will be designed to welcome all those who arrive to our school campus...

Providing an opportunity To enjoy various displays, publications and footage of the school...

Featuring historical timelines to recognize the school’s 100 years of excellence.


Annual fund donors

Donor comments about giving to the Annual Fund: “The past ten years at SFS have been a wonderful experience for our family. We appreciate the Christian values of the school and feel that our two children have benefitted-greatly from the holistic education and personal attention they continue to receive from teachers. We are happy to make our donation to the Annual Fund to help SFS continue to provide their wonderful resources.” - Anonymous Parents of HS students

”We are happy to be a part of our grandchildren’s lives and participate in the Centennial Fund. It is a small way of expressing our support towards the longevity of the school and its mission to enrich and prepare our children for their future.” -Grandparents of Jasmine MS, Iris ES, and James J. Park ES.



THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


RED AND BLACK CLUB Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classified Staff Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho THE CREST CLUB

Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee David Livingston Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Jeff and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Caroline Hahn Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum


Introduction to the Assistant Head of School– academics Mr. Blair Lee 1

ership from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His dissertation topic examines the development of critical thinking in secondary students. Blair holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Regina, Canada and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, majoring in English, from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.



On 2 April 2012, Blair Lee assumed the role of Assistant Head of School – Academics at Seoul Foreign School. Blair is a seasoned administrator having spent nine years in a number of vice-principal and principal positions in Canada before heading into the international market in 2004. He worked at the American International School of Kuwait for seven years, 10

serving initially as the Middle School Principal before assuming the position of High School Principal. Just prior to joining SFS, Blair served as the Superintendent of Mount Zaagkam International School on the island of Papua, Indonesia. Blair is currently working towards his doctorate in Educational Lead-

Blair is joined in Seoul by his wife of sixteen years, Kim, and their two young sons, Hudson and Maguire. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies, a Law Degree, and a Master’s of Arts in Education Degree. Hudson is 10 years old and currently in grade 4, while Maguire is 8 years old and in grade 3. They are an active family that enjoys almost all outdoor sporting activities including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, skiing, and jogging. Some of their favorite and most memorable family adventures involve travelling to far-flung, off-the-beaten path places like Iran, the desserts of the United Arab Emirates and the jungles of Papua, Indonesia. As a family they made the decision to move to Seoul and are very excited and enthusiastic to be joining the SFS community.

Faculty Farewell Thanking our departing staff for all their commitment and dedication, contributing to Seoul Foreign School’s history of excellence

Maria Bahamon

Marlene Fert

Mariely Meza

Megan Segebart

Helen Tildesley Bhauna Bardolia

Janis Hoseman

Lee Parsons

Jason Van Galder Anthony Curran

Hye-sin Kaiser

Buffie Race

Letitia Walters Margaret Curran

Jason Kaiser

Bridget Reed

Meryl Williams

Berengere Dauteuille

John Lee

Beverly Winterfeld

Don Robinson (on sabbatical)

Timothy Winterfeld Anita Denis

Andrew Melmoth

Rose Robinson (on sabbatical)

11 19

Faculty Recognition: Highlights from the IB Program 2011-12 Ms. Myung Sung & Ms. Cathi Wiebusch By Stuart Kent, IB Coordinator

Ms. Myung Sung (HS Korean Teacher) and Ms. Cathi Wiebusch (HS English Teacher) As the year comes to a close I wanted to take a moment to share a few highlights from the world of IB with the boarder SFS community.

Ms. Cathi Wiebusch, an English teacher in the High School, completed her second year of sitting on the IBO World Wide Curriculum Review Committee for the Extended Essay. She is the only active The IB program continues to expe- teacher currently sitting on that rience significant growth in stucommittee and has been asked to dents wishing to undertake the full extend her involvement to next IB Diploma. This year’s senior year. class has 61 full Diploma students, the junior class has 79 Diploma Ms. Myung Sung was this year candidates and in our centennial appointed by the IBO to the posiyear , 101 Sophomore students tion of Chief Examiner for Korean have expressed a wish to take on Literature. This job carries with it the full IB Diploma when they start the responsibility of writing the as Juniors next year. three IB Korean Literature exams given twice a year. 12

Rachel at the Graduation Ceremony

This year 20 High School staff attending IB workshops or conferences where they received valuable IB training. The High School also implemented a new Extended Essay structure for Diploma students and Staff. SFS hosted a visit by Matthew Thomas, an IB Diploma Coordinator from Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School in Japan. The focus of his visit was to learn more about how SFS supports the IB Program and how his school can also create support for their IB program.

University Acceptance

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2012! What a memorable year this has been! Being seniors during Seoul Foreign’s Centennial Year has been special to this group of students since last August when, at their class retreat, they chose the name “Centurion Army” as their theme for the annual Field Day. The seniors led the Crusaders to several APAC and KAIAC championships, performed brilliantly in fine arts productions on the stage, and contributed to the wide variety of extracurricular activities available at SFS. In addition, it should be noted that this year’s seniors have the highest number of students pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma in the history of SFS. The following is a list of the “post-SFS plans” for the Class of 2012. Seniors: We wish you all the best and encourage you to keep in touch. God bless! Chuck Krugler and Joon Myong Counselors Agnes Scott College Art Center College of Design (2) Barnard College (2) Biola University Boston University Chapman University Colby College Concordia University-Nebraska DePaul University DePauw University Doshisha University (Japan) Drexel University Gap Year (3) George Washington University Georgetown University (2) Imperial College London (UK) Korea University Lancaster University (UK) Leiden University College The Hague (Netherlands) Loyola University-Chicago Marymount College (CA) McGill University (Canada) New York University (4) Northwestern University Occidental College Ohio State University Pepperdine University Queen’s University (Canada) (2) Rice University Saint Edward’s University San Francisco Art Institute Smith College Swarthmore College Temple University

Texas A&M University Tufts University Union University University in Australia University in Belgium University in France University in Germany (2) University in India (2) University in Japan University in Korea (4) University in New Zealand (2) University in Singapore University in South Africa University of California-Berkeley (4) University of California-Irvine (2) University of California-Los Angeles (5) University of California-Riverside University of California-San Diego (2) University of Chicago University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill University of North Carolina-Greensboro University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania (3) University of Southern California (3) University of Tampa University of Toronto University of Washington-Seattle University of Wisconsin-Madison (3) Washington University in St. Louis (2) Wellesley College (2) Wesleyan University (2) Wheaton College (IL)


SFS Theatre Edie Moon Schoolwide Drama Director The SFS Fine Arts department took audiences down memory lane once again with the musical theatre production “Back to the 80s: The Totally Awesome Musical” on April 27th and 28th on the Lyso Center Main Stage. With a cast of over 40 high school students and a pit band of some of our best and brightest music department students performing onstage with the cast, the 1980s came back to us in full force with over 20 songs from the era including: Footloose, Kids in America, Shot Through the Heart and Love Shack! Though the play was based on a young man looking back on his high school years during the 80s and all the ups and downs of his high school experience, the focus was the singing and dancing of that period as some of the best songs of the 1980s were interwoven into the story much like they were interwoven into the lives of those of us who were growing up during that decade. Audience members were encouraged to come dressed in their finest 80s outfits and a contest was held at intermission to see who reflected the 80s spirit the most. Winners were given a t-shirt and poster as well as wild applause. Both nights of the show were completely sold out which means 1,400 people clapped and sang their way back in time with the cast, musicians and crew. It was two nights of celebration of what once was which is, of course, what the focus of this past year has been about. We have been celebrating our legacy, but at the same time, we have been anticipating what is to come. With one week of Centennial Events left in this year, we are excited about the possibilities of the future as much as we have been inspired by the experiences of our past at SFS. 14

Picture taken from “Back to the 80s; The Totally Awesome Musical”

It is my belief that the best hope for our future is always our children and a wonderful affirmation of this is the 4th grade musical CLOWNS which was presented by the elementary school 4th graders in Robb Hall on May 11th at 3:30 pm and May 12th at 5:00 pm. The musical follows the journey of novice clowns who are trying desperately to find the secret of life. Through the process, they learn a great deal about what the focus of their own lives should be. In their final song together they sing,

”There will always be another song to sing and another day to sing it. There will always be another dream for us and another day to dream it. The best in life is still to come; the best is

yet to be. Look forward to tomorrow. There is a new day for you.” What a wonderful message as we look to the future of SFS and our students’ lives. We know that God has given us a hope for our futures and this is what we anticipate with confidence and expectation. This is the absolute assurance we want to leave with all of our students. This is the promise we have seen throughout the past 100 years at SFS.

ES 4th Grade students getting ready for the musical CLOWNS

KAIAC 40th anniversary

SFS hosts KAIAC 40th Anniversary Ceremony

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! to the Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) which celebrated its 40th year on March 13, 2012, with a special ceremony hosted at SFS Robb Hall. KAIAC President Daniel Hale (YISS) opened and Paul Rader

‘04 (current TCIS AD) emceed the proceedings before an audience of Heads, HS Principals, Athletic Directors, former athletes and parents from 13 of the 15 current KAIAC member schools. Special presentations were made to KAIAC athletes from the classes of 2003-2012,

Claire Park (SFS senior) honored by Daniel Hale (KAIAC President

named to their schools’ “AllDecade Team.” SFS recipients Paul Rader ‘04 and Claire Park ‘12 were among several athletes who shared their thoughts on the value of their KAIAC Sports experience. The event closed with a slide show of 40 years of KAIAC sports. Here are the list of the proud KAIAC 40th Anniversary SFS Awardees of the past 10 years.

All KAIC 40th Anniversary award recipients in Korea


Sharon Garwood ‘03 Paul Rader ‘04 Alanna Bennett ‘05 Kazuki Guzman ‘06 Kathleen Barennes ‘07 Remco Rademaker ‘08 Brittney Rader ‘09 Aaron Kearney ‘09 Clayton Baker ‘10 Claire Park ‘12

MS KAIAC Choir Festival

On Friday, February 3, nineteen Seoul Foreign Middle School students participated in the 2012 Middle School KAIAC Choir Festival at GyeonggiSuwon International School (GSIS)! After an intense round of auditions to select the SFMS KAIAC participants in early January, the following students were selected: Dustin DeLuca, Joshua DixHill, Andrew Ha, Sarah Hahm, Gabby Han, Alan Huh, Nicole Hong, Gia Kang, Michelle Khang, Annie Lee, Eunice Ye-In Lee, Soojin Oh, David Ren Pang, Jasmine Park, Ben Rigodin, Zander Sohn, Janice Sung, Andrey Ten, and Hannah Williams.

ducting one of the festival pieces (ʺCome Travel With Meʺ) and working with all 130 middle school students in attendance at the MS KAIAC Festival! Directors from KIS (Mrs. Jen Stephens) and SIS (Dr. Dennis Darling) directed the other two festival pieces. Interesting enough, Dr. Darling from SIS was a Professor of Music Education at Luther College in Decorah, IA that taught both Ms. Pozdol (a In addition to performing the three fes- 2008 graduate) and Mrs. Stephens from tival songs that the participating KIS (a 2001 graduate) when the two schools performed together, the SFS women were undergraduates. It was students sang a separate selection very exciting to see that three Luther (ʺDanny Boyʺ arr. by Carl Strommen) College directors were the conductors 7 by themselves for the closing concert! for the MS KAIAC Festival and that all of them are currently living and teachThe SFS students were the only MS ing in Korea!

ensemble to perform separate from On the day of the festival, students the Festival Choir! It was a big headed out to GSIS by bus and arrived honor to be asked to perform and just in time for the start of rehearshave the Seoul Foreign students do al! The SFS students spent the day re- such an amazing job!

hearsing three different festival songs, performed with students from several other KAIAC schools, including: Asia Pacific International School(APIS), 9 Chadwick International School (CIS), Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS), Pyeongtaek International Christian School (PICS), Korea International School (KIS), Seoul International School (SIS), and Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS). The festival songs included ʺCome Travel With Meʺ by Scott Farthing, ʺO Nata Luxʺ by Tom Porter, and ʺChapua Kali Desembaʺ by David Lantz.

Another exciting piece of news that took place during the festival was that one of the SFS 8th Grade students, Gabby Han, was selected as a soloist for ʺChapua Kali Desembaʺ, the final festival piece conducted at the end of the KAIAC Festival Concert! Gabby was the soloist that started off the entire song with the rest of the choir echoing after her – a very exposed, difficult solo! SFS students and choral director, Ms. Allison Pozdol were very proud! Ms. Pozdol also had the honor of con-

The students overall had an amazing experience at the MS KAIAC Choir Festival and enjoyed working with directors from other schools and meeting 10 new friends! Ms. Pozdol was extremely proud of her SFS students and was grateful that they had such a wonderful opportunity to participate in the KAIAC Festival! ʺIt is festivals like these,ʺ Ms. Pozdol said, ʺthat continue to encourage our students to keep pursuing music and to understand the impact music has on our studentsʹ education and development. It is truly wonderful that the KAIAC program allows us to showcase the amazing musical talent of our students throughout Korea and encourages those students to keep singing and making music throughout their lives!ʺ. 15


GIN Manila 2012 Ruth Seok, Senior GIN Advertising Coordinator The Global Issues Network Club is one of thirty other clubs that exist in the Seoul Foreign High School community. It is almost entirely studentrun and organized by senior executives and President Ryan Yi, with the assistance of Mrs. Craig. GIN is a service-oriented club that, unlike other clubs, not only seeks to raise awareness in the community, but also aims to drive forth-immediate action by fundraising and educating the students who commit themselves to attend meetings every Monday. Through its expansive and holistic nature, the members are divided into six different focus groups that range from Poverty to Water Deficit. From February 16 -20, twenty selected members from GIN were chosen to represent Seoul Foreign School at the 2012 EARCOS Global Issues Network annual conference held at the International School of Manila in the Philippines. The conference, with students from more than 70 international schools, was jump started with a seminar by Alan Atkisson, founder of the AtKisson Group. He presented students with the compass metaphor and pyramid-planning tool as mechanisms to guide the conference as a whole. Using this pattern, 18

all the attending delegates were split into SAP (Sustainable Act Plan) groups in which various global issues were tackled, discussed, and solved. At other times, delegates would attend various workshops organized and presented by students. The three presentations that Seoul Foreign School gave were on North Korean education, the global digital divide, and simple ways to reduce power consumption. Seoul Foreign School teams’ 40 to 45 minute workshops all received positive feedback in post workshop surveys. SFS was given an invitation to the next annual conference in Singapore in November.

The conference this year was also unique as it empowered participants with the opportunity to initiate positive growth and change in their community through a one-day service trip.

The delegates were split and visited seven different local Manila community sites, supported by ISM. The students were provided with a chance to build relationships with not only those who received the aide but also with their fellow students, the difference-makers. n closing, the trip was a huge success. President of GIN SFS Ryan Yi encaptured what many of the older members of the club felt, “As my last year as a senior, I feel that the greatest benefit comes from the fact that many underclassmen participated in this conference. The young high-schoolers are the ones who have yet to be inspired, and this conference truly catalyzes that motivation into fruitful leadership and direction.” At the end of the conference, Global ITGroup Executive Director of Technology Michael Furdyk reverberatingly said: “Many people say that we the students are future leaders of the world. But that is not true. We can become leaders right now, today.” I hope we can all follow this message.


Interview with John O’Donnell ‘70 Alum/Donor of the International Businessperson of the Future Award

1) What was your experience like 2) Did you ever beneattending SFS during your time? fit from having reHow long were you there? ceived any scholarships during your I attended all four years of high days at SFS? school at SFS, from freshman to senior year (1966 to 1970). It seems it was a much smaller school then, compared to today. I think we had only 14 or 15 people in our senior class. That made it easy to get involved with a number of activities, which greatly enriched the school experience. It was also fairly religious in those days, with a very clear Christian approach. It was like living in a nice, small midwestern American town, although we were actually in the middle of a huge city in Korea.

John (holding the flag) with Sam Moffett. Picture from the 1970 yearbook.


I donʹt recall getting any scholarships from SFS itself, but I did 1 put myself through college on a combination of scholarships, part-time jobs, and help John getting his make up done before the play in 1967 from my parents. So I know how useful some extra mon- that my wife Masumi and I are the ey can be when trying to meet the sponsors of this fund. financial requirements for a top 4) What are your thoughts about quality education. the SFS Annual Fund? 3) What inspired you to begin SFS is likely to be a special experiproviding a Scholarship Fund? ence for most of those attending it. It has a unique alumni base spread My brother started a fund at SFS across the globe. It should take to promote his professional jouradvantage of this by fostering 2 nal. When I heard about this, I a life-long relationship bethought to myself that I wanted to tween the school and its graduates, set up a scholarship in honor of and between the graduates themour parents, Kevin and Ellen selves. An annual fund is a good OʹDonnell. Without their sense of way to do this, as are activities such adventure and challenge, we as what you are doing for the 100th would never have had the opporanniversary reunion. tunity to go to Korea. I think they are great role models for courage, honor, integrity, and compassion. At the beginning of the scholarship fund, I requested anonymity, so that my parents would not make any distinctions among their children, but now that my mother has passed, it is okay to say 3

Interview with John O’Donnell ‘70 Alum/Donor of the International Businessperson of the Future Award

5) Any message you would like to convey to High School Seniors who may be a recipient of your Scholarship?


years, up to the graduating class of 2017. In terms of a message to the previous scholarship awardees: ʺI hope this helped you out a little bit, and that it helped you to achieve some of your goals. If more SFS alumni can get involved in international business, 5 then the world will probably become a better place, because I think SFSʹers are likely to be honest and fair in their business dealings.ʺ

Some words of thanks from recipients of the Award… Recent picture of John and his wife Masumi7at Monument Valley.

Read Steve Jobsʹ Commencement address at Stanford, June 2005. Probably one of the best speeches of this sort Iʹve ever read. 6) Any message youʹd like to offer those SFS Alumni who have received your Scholarship since it was offered back in 2003? Yes, the original commitment we made was for a ten year period, to cover the graduating classes of 2003 to 2012. So, technically, this year will be the last year of the original arrangement. However, Iʹd like to continue it for at least another five

veyed the following: I would like to thank Mr. OʹDonnell for his generosity and support. The reward was very meaningful to me, as it helped me to reflect on where I saw myself in 510 years - an exercise that helped 6 shape my university experience as well as my first year in the working world. My biggest takeaway 9 from this reward is that although our 5-10 year plans may not (and, I would say, rarely do) fall into place exactly as we envision, deliberately reflecting with the future in mind ensures that we act in a meaningful way today. Daniel H Kim ‘10 writes the following as a ‘humble student’ : 11

Brad Kowalk ‘09, 2009 Award ReWe have never met, but your docipient expressed: nations have led me to where I am today. I currently attend New I want to take this time to thank York University’s Stern School of you for the International Businessperson of the Future Award I Business, and I am pursuing degrees in Business Economics and received from you in 2009. I was very honored to receive this award Finance. In the past two years, I and greatly appreciate your gener- have made a variety of forays into osity. I have used this towards my the industry and can say it is a tuition at the University of10 Michi- perfect fit. I work at a CPA firm 30 hours a week while attending ganʹs Ross School of Business. I am now a Junior studying Market- school, as well as managing my own international social investing and Strategy. ment fund. I want to take these Thanks again for the support that few words to thank you for your generous contributions; none of you have given. this would have been possible if not for that award scholarship. George Rudolph ‘07, currently working at the Boston Consulting Group in New York City con21

Congratulatory Messages from the past Board Chairs (1999-2010) Continuation from Page 2.

the prism of being centered in Christ.”

“Long before Seoul Foreign School had a

Jan Williams SFS Board Chair (2003-2004)

mission statement, it began operating from the premise of being ʺcentered in Christ.ʺ Through decades of developing the school, interruptions of a world war and the tragedy of a divided country and peninsula, the school maintained its foremost priority of offering the highest quality education within the context of a community centered in Christ. Here at the celebration of its first 100 years, Seoul Foreign School has been faithful to grow and mature into a premier international school that has intentionally remained centered in Christ. I pray that its next 100 years will find Seoul Foreign School continuing to expand and grow through 22

cant changes in the campus facility and student enrolment. Laurie & I both cherish our years spent in Seoul, and miss the excitement of “life on the hill.” For a century running, SFS makes a lasting impression on everyone who teaches, studies, or simply passes through. We were one of those fortunate ones. Congratulations!”

“Crossing the 100 year milestone in 2012 reminds all of us who’ve ever been part of the SFS Community to pause and reflect on this amazing achievement. The Gary Small sacrificial commitment of countless facul- Board Chair (2004-2008) ty, staff, & volunteers in every decade sets apart SFS as an enduring institution where God is honored, His children of all nations are embraced, and learning is both celebrated & lifelong. It was a sincere honor to serve as the SFS Board Chair from 2005-2008 during a time of signifi-



“Congratulations to you as you celebrate 100 years of academic excellence and Christian commitment to Seoulʹs international community. From your humble beginnings as a school for missionary kids to your reputation today as an outstanding institution of the highest academic credentials, Seoul Foreign School continues to train international leaders, preparing them for exemplary careers in the arts, business, government, education and religious organizations. It was indeed a great privilege for me to serve alongside you for a brief but significant time during the schoolʹs 100-year history. You have a powerful legacy and great promise for the future! I continue to pray for you and wish you Godʹs richest blessings as you continue to provide a quality, Christ-centered educational experience for those who pass through your gates. May God be with you!”

Ann Lovell SFS Board Chair (2008-2009)

proclaims core values of faith in Christ and of integrity that promotes young people of character, who are intellectually curious and ready to have an impact on our world. My husband and I are so very thankful for “Dear Seoul Foreign School Community, the meaningful ways SFS has impacted our I am writing to extend my heartfelt conchildren, and I am honored to have been gratulations on a century of excellence in among those who have served with such education. I have had the distinct honor to outstanding educators in a place that preserve on the SFS Board of Directors and pares children to positively impact our the privilege to be a parent with daughters world in exciting ways. enrolled in the school. When I think about May God continue to bless the people past the many things that make SFS special it and present who are a part of this special really comes down to the people, both cur- community, and may God bless SFS with a rent and past, who have served at the future that continues to bring people who school. This includes talented administra- will uphold its mission for many, many tors, faculty and staff, as well as committed years to come.” parents, who have given of time and talent Blessings and congratulations, to provide students with an incredible experience in the beautiful country of South Tracy Mohr Korea. These people are inspired and guid- SFS Board Chair (2009-2010) ed by SFS’ foundational mission which 23

Alumni Reunions Class of 2001 Ten Year Reunion The Class of 2001 ten year reunion was held in Los Angeles on December 3, 2011. A good number of us were able to make it: Sharon CHOI, Jason CHUNG, Sooki HONG, John JUNG, Eunice KANG, Hanna KIM, Janice KIM, Ji Young KIM, Claire KOH, Jae Kuen LEE, Hannah MICHELLE, Mike TIEN, and Minzi WIND. We should also mention that Sarah Yun played a big role in planning the event but unfortunately wasn’t able to

Alex LEE ‘04


attend. We 2 1 started the evening with an absolutely delicious Korean dinner at Yongsusan (highly recommended). This is where we took one of our group photos, and as you can see, we were pleasantly surprised by the schwag we received from SFS for this event (thank attended and helped plan the event! you June Kang and Yoojin Um!). Following dinner, we headed to a Lastly, the Class of 2001 would like to makguli house for drinks and before congratulate SFS on its centennicalling it a night, we finished with an 9 has had the pleasure of al! Our class hour of power at a noraebang nearexperiencing a small part of Seoul by. We all shared some good memoForeign Schoolʹs long and distinries and sincerely wished each other guished history and wish the best for the best. Thanks to everyone who SFS as it enters it’s next 100 years.




Alumni Reunions

London Reunion This year’s London reunion was held on Saturday, January 28th at the RAN Korean restaurant. 10 alumni and guests were present at the reunion. Here are some news and updates shared at the reunion. Cornelia CHOE ‘94* is currently living in London. She is working in finance, assisting smaller companies to grow in emerging markets and helping them to improve their efficiency. Cornelia spoke in glowing terms of her time at SFS, recalling teacher after teacher who had influenced her and set her life in a positive direcFrom left to right is Brenda HIGGINS, FT, Saralthorn tion. Nathan GRAY ’03* is now an accomplished lawTANOMSUP ‘02, Kieran GRAY ‘08, Michael CHANOUZAS yer in London, providing leadership and vision for the ’94 (and wife, Anna), John ENGSTROM, Head of School, Jeff firm he serves. Jeff GILMORE ’97 writes code to assess GILMORE ‘97, Nathan GRAY ‘03*, Cornelia CHOE ’94* (and risk analysis on the macro level for cities and countries husband) and Grace KIM ‘02 around the world. He also spoke positively about his experience at SFS. “My most memorable teacher was Mrs. Grace KIM ‘02 is now reading law in preparation for her Moon. She actually transformed my intellectual life career. All of the folks who attended the gathering wanted through her Shakespeare class. I was never the same after to learn more about their school since they had been affectexperiencing her class.” ed so deeply by SFS.

Boston Reunion

John ENGSTROM (Head of School) with Alumni, Former Teachers and guests at the Boston Reunion in February.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 several alumni gathered at the Kaya Korean restaurant to come together for an annual reunion hosted by the Head of School on behalf of SFS. Alumni were in attendance with guests and family members and had a wonderful evening exchanging all sorts of great memories of their times back in the day in Seoul and at Seoul Foreign School as they each could recall. John Engstrom gave alumni and their guests an update of the current status of SFS; student enrollment, upgrading of facilities and sharing of some information for the Centennial Celebrations. All were encouraged to join the Centennial Events and even just to visit SFS. As with all US reunions, the alumni and guests enjoyed some nostalgic Korean cuisine over some fun SFS Trivia. We hope to encourage more alumni to attend our future US reunions! 25

Alumni Notes

1960s Donna SIDWELL DEGRACIA ‘68* recently published a book “An Intricate Tapestry” on the experiences of Korea missionaries and their children with acculturation. For more information and to purchase the book click the link below. An_Intricate_Tapestry

stewarts-shoes-at-la-mama.html? _r=1&pagewanted=all

1990s A huge congratulations to Nick PARK ‘93 and Eunie Lee ‘00 who gave birth to a beautiful girl on April 18th at 8 pm. Nick says that “It is a wonderful experience to have two beautiful daughters (first princess is 4 now) at home.” While making a donation to the Centennial Fund, Noah CHUNG ‘95 forwarded a picture which was taken by his wife Sung Min Kim of Noah and his son Issac Chang-woong Chung last summer. They are expecting a second son this July. Issac is extremely active and is preparing to be a good older brother.


Noah CHUNG ‘95 and his son Issac

Ned TAPLEY ‘00* and his wife at SFS

ed from SFS during that time, and another sister, Ciara was in HS. Ned is in his 4th year of Med School in London, and his wife was a university mate of Ciara, now working on her PhD in creative writing, also in London. Congratulations to Kristina RADER ‘03 who won a USD 1,000 prestigious prize for poetry and is being published in two prestigious journals. Here is the link to the official announcement of Kristinaʹs Ruskin Art Club Poetry Award - http:// In addition, she also got a four page publication in the February issue of Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought. Kristina we are so proud of you!

Sharon GARWOOD ‘03 graduated from Boston College in Business Man2000s agement in 2007. She is currently in Mia YOO ‘89 recently became the At the end of Christmas Break, Jan 7th new artistic director of La MaMa Ex- Jim MILLIKEN, Current Faculty ran New York City handling specialty retail production in Central America for perimental Theatre Club, one of the into a young couple wandering beclients including Adidas/Reebok, Unmost famous off Broadway theatres in tween the HS and MS on SFS Camder Armour, and Express. As a forNew York City. You can read more pus. It was former student Ned TAmer KAIAC champion, she runs 35 about her current news at http:// PLEY ‘00*. He was here through 3 mi/week, and is a regular in men’s years of MS in the mid 90s. His oldest pick-up BB games in her gym. theater/mia-yoo-steps-into-ellensister, Saralene TAPLEY ’95 graduat26 Mia YOO ‘89

Alumni Notes

for 2012. He still enjoys playing sports, and is currently on an intramural basketball team with fellow SFS alumni Jonathan HWANG ʹ08 and Chris KOWALK ’09 (twin brother), who also attend Michigan. Although he has been away from Korea for a couple years now, his experiences at SFS continue to influence him. He took Korean language classes in college for two years and conEllen HAHM ‘08 performing with the Penn Symphony Orchestra tinues to eat Korean food at least a result of winning the Hilda once a week. He hopes to someday Alanna BENNETT ‘05 graduated Nitzsche Concerto Competition last make it back to Korea and will stop from University of British Columbia December. Ellen performed Franz by SFS to make sure it is still as classy with a major in Political Science and Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 (she also minor in Anthropology. She is curas when he left. 화이팅 SFS!ʺ rently working for the Canadian gov- received a $500 cash prize). She is currently a senior at University of ernment Department of Aboriginal Janet KIM ‘03* is working for SemPennsylvania studying Philosophy, Affairs and Northern Development pio Foods Company as the manager Politics & Economics with a minor in in Whitehorse, Yukon. of Marketing and PR for the Jang music. To read more about Ellen’s Project. Salted soybeans, lunch ticknews please go to the following link. Kazuki GUZMAN ’06 recently ets, Christmas concert rehears graduated from the Art Institute of als, after school activities, girl Chicago. He is now travelling around current/2012-02-16/latest-news/penn- scout cookies, middle school dancpianist-star-symphony-orchestrathe world on a grant with the Peace es, international fairs, basketball concert Boat from Japan, fostering internagames, Mr. Brunk ʺthe world is not tional awareness. flatʺ is what Janet remembers the most at SFS. Janet added “Happy Remco RADEMAKER ‘08 is a stuBirthday SFS! 100 years of history in dent at Maastricht Hotel Managethe making and more blessings to ment School in Holland. As a former come!” KAIAC champion he continued to play soccer for 3 years in a club (semi Aaron KEARNEY ‘09 is a junior at -pro) Soccer for VV Scharn first team, Loyola University in Chicago. He 56 goals in 57 matches, Champions in was on the Dean’s List studying jour2011. Currently he is interning in nalism, and political science, with a Sales & Marketing at the Banyan Tree minor in peace studies. Currently he Hotel in Bangkok, hoping for a fullBrad KOWALK ‘09 is interning at the documentary film time hotel position in Asia after July. company, Kurtis Productions.

On Saturday, February 25th Ellen HAHM ‘08 performed as a piano soloist with the Penn Symphony Orchestra at the Irvine Auditorium. As

Brad KOWALK ‘09 is currently studying business at the University of Michigan. Apart from school, he helps in recruiting for the Michigan Football Team, which just pulled in the #4 recruiting class in the country

Daniel H. KIM ‘10 currently attends New York University’s Stern School of Business, and pursuing degrees in Business Economics and Finance. He also works at a CPA firm 30 hours a


Alumni Notes

week while attending school and enjoy studying Finance.

Daniel H. KIM ‘10 (left) with Jonathan JUN ‘11

Former Teachers In February, Edie MOON ’79/CT had the privilege of attending APAC THEATRE in Shanghai, China. This is a note shared by Edie after her visit to Shanghai. “Much to our delight, we discovered over 12 former SFS teachers are now teaching at Shanghai International School Puxi , SAS Pudong, and

Concordia International School. I was hosted by Soon-ok and Jonathon BORDEN. Jonathon is principal of SAS Pudong and Soon-ok teaches in the elementary school. Walking down the hall I bumped into From Left: Jonathan BORDEN, Sara PREUS, Steve & Mary Steve NAKAI. Ste- NURRE, Joan LUETH, Edie MOON ’77/CT, Soon-ok BORDEN & Brian KLINGBERG (all former teachers) ve and Stacy are Sara PREUS all of whom teach in now both teaching at SAS Pudong. Wandering upstairs I saw the beautiful Shanghai international schools. The face of Justin WILD former HS English weekend was topped off with a wonderful visit with former SFS student teacher. He and his wife both teach at Katelyn KEARNEY ’02 and her husSAS Pudong as well. Later that evening, I had the joy of eating dinner with band. Both are now teaching at SAS Pudong. The international schools in some legendary former SFS teachers including Joan LUETH, Mary and Ste- China are greatly benefitted by each of these teachers and administrators! ve NURRE, Brian KLINGBERG and

Alumni Visits SFS a few times before we met her. After graduating from SFS she lived and worked in Germany and Japan. Sharing her memories at SFS she mentioned field trip to Amore Pacific (Korean Cosmetic company) where Edie Rader Moon ‘77 was chosen to be the make-up model. She said that it is always fun to read about her class of Joseph CHANG ‘85 and his family 79 friends in the Banner who are Vera JANSON ‘79 his brother Richard CHANG ‘93*. Joscattered all over the world. seph wanted to show his family SFS, While visiting SFS Vera JANSON ‘79 the place where he learned and grew shared some of her current news. Vera Joseph CHANG ‘85 was visiting Seoul from Hong Kong for the Easter up. Pictured above is Joseph and his is currently working a Maple Bear, break and dropped by SFS with his family. Canadian Cultural Center since 2008. wife Annette Wu, daughter Andrea (7 She has a 6 year old son David. Her nephew attends the BS so she visited years old), Joshua (5 years old) and 28

Alumni Visits

Elizabeth KRAUTH ‘80* visited SFS on April 13th with her father Charles Krauth, husband Tom Oprendek and two sons Ian (14 years old) and Liam (12 years old) as they were on a family trip to Korea as a gift from her husband for her 50th birthday! Elizabeth first came to SFS in 1965 from Grade 2—5 and then rejoined from Grade 7 – 10 and left SFS in 1978. She currently lives outside of San Francisco and works for the U.S. Department of Commerce helping U.S. companies

enter new overseas markets. Her husband works for a software company and her father was a Korean War veteran.

Kathleen PHILLIPS GAVLE ’82* visited SFS last in 1990 (and before that, in 1979). Kathleen attended SFS for grades 7,8 and 9 (her brother Steven J. PHILLIPS aka ‘Fred’ would have attended for grades 5, 6 and 7 and her twin sister Karen M. PHILLIPS KEITH who would have attended during the same time as Kathleen . She visited the campus with her husband, Bradley D. Gavle, and her daughter, Erin K. Gavle (13). The family really enjoyed going through old

yearbooks and Kathleen shared some fond memories of her experiences as a student: recollections of having had a very international experience, recalling an old teacher Mr. Fred Schneider, Patricia Ryan ’81* an older student who she really looked up to, and having worn a blue jean outfit with a checkered shirt which was the way she and her twin sister had often dressed. While looking over old yearbook photos, Kathleen’s daughter remarked, “Some of these kids look just like my friends at my school!”

The family enjoyed looking at old yearbooks and shared stories about their times living in Seoul in the early 70s. Elizabeth recalled her best friends Ginger RICHTER ’80 and Laura ALLEN ’80 and memorable times with them. Her sons really enjoyed seeing old pictures of their mom in yearbook photos where she could be seen on the varsity teams for Basketball (#99), Volleyball and also being a Cheerleader. Elizabeth’s father shared many stories of times when the family lived in a remote and rural part of Seoul, being the only visible foreigner, and also being recognized by all the

people in the town. When asking Elizabeth how it felt to leave Seoul at the age of 16, she remarked, “It was very hard to go back to the US at the age of 16…in Seoul, I was amongst people from all over the world…there was a true international feeling, a sense of belonging.” She further shared that her time living in Seoul attributed to her becoming rich with worldly culture, which also made it more challenging to assimilate in the U.S.

Kathleen is currently stationed in Daegu as a Colonel of USAG Daegu Commander. You can read more about Kathleen at: http:// Steven J. Phillips seen here with wife Jennifer, daughter Shannon (4), son Andrew (6), and Megan (3). 29

Attendee List from Overseas

Centennial Celebration Week III May 28 - June 1, 2012

WELCOME BACK ALUMNI!! We look forward to seeing you soon Harlan Lyso, Former Head of School Mary Lyso, Former Teacher Gregory Carlson ʹ72 Lori Hedstrom (Spouse of Gregory Carlson) Langston Rogde, Former Administrator Linda Rogde, Former Teacher Robin Evans, Former Teacher Marcy Carlson Kirksey ʹ70 John OʹDonnell ʹ70 Masumi OʹDonnell (Spouse of John OʹDonnell) Fred Underwood ʹ72 David Tarlow ʹ92 Victoria Skyvalidas, Former Teacher Brian Kruse (Guest of Victoria Skyvalidas) Dick Chase (Former Board Member) Karen Chase (Spouse of Dick Chase) Carolyn Nelson-Becker ʹ69 Mary Nelson Bradley (Guest of Carolyn Nelson -Becker) Anne Nelson Emmerich (Guest of Carolyn Nelson-Becker) Donna Sidwell DeGracia ʹ68 Fernando DeGracia (Spouse of Donna Sidwell DeGracia) Carol Sauer LaCroix ʹ71 Michael LaCroix (Spouse of Carol LaCroix) Rachel LaCroix (Guest of Carol LaCroix) Stephen Shaw ʹ67


Virginia Korte Shaw (Spouse of Stephen Shaw) Brad Roush (Guest of Stephen Shaw) Judi Roush (Guest of Stephen Shaw) Ron Richter, Former Administrator Ruth Richter, Former Teacher Gail Riggs Meyer ʹ70* Andrew Meyer (Guest of Gail Riggs Meyer) Nancy Pearson, Former Teacher Marilyn Underwood Burney ʹ74 Maura OʹDonnell-McCarthy ʹ75 Neil McCarthy (Spouse of Maura OʹDonnell) Brent Burkholder ʹ69 Debra Cannon (Spouse of Brent Burkholder) Christine Champlin, Former Parent Chris Champlin, Former Parent David Moore ʹ60 Margaret Moore ʹ36 Winn Darden ʹ73* Mark Kruemke ʹ80* Stephen Majors, Former Teacher Phylis Majors, Former Teacher Shirley Droese, Former Administrator Paul Rader, Former Board Kay Rader, Former Board J.P. Rader ‘79 Helen Rader, Former Teacher Kayla Moon ‘10 Sang Hae Sohn, Former Staff

Save the Date for the Upcoming

Centennial Celebration Week III May 28 - June 1, 2012 DATE



May 28

Daechon Beach Tour (during the day) Please register to take a day trip back to some nostalgic and meaningful past memories at the Daechon Beach! Cost is KRW 35,000, lunch included


May 29

SFS Tour (10am, Schedule and Details to be forwarded to registered attendees) Please register to be a part of a School tour and enjoy a courtesy lunch from the SFS Cafeteria. Applicable to SFS Alumni and School Guests only. Free of Charge


Time Capsule Opening (2:15-2:45pm, Basketball Court on Soccer Turf) Come and witness the contents buried in a Time Capsule from the School’s 75th Anniversary! The new Time Capsule will also be displayed. Free of Charge May 30

Golf Tournament (7am-2pm, Namchon Golf Country Club) Registrations now closed. Musical Performance “The Centennial Gala Concert” (7 pm, Lyso Center Main Stage) Students from all divisions of SFS will be a part of this beautiful performance. Ticket price 5,000 won

May 31

June 1



DMZ Tour (during the day) Please register for this Tour, which will be inclusive of a lunch. Please refer to the Centennial Events website for more information: Cost is KRW 125,000, lunch included


Centennial Worship Ceremony (7pm, Robb Hall) A worship ceremony to commemorate the Centennial of SFS. Program to include former Heads of School: Mr. Dick Underwood and Dr. Harlan Lyso. The community is strongly-encouraged to participate in this meaningful worship. This will be followed by a light dinner buffet. Free of charge


Seoul City Tour (half day) Please register for this Tour to enjoy the many wonderful sites that Seoul has to offer. Cost is KRW 95,000, lunch included


Centennial Gala Dinner (6:30 pm) Registrations are now closed.


Please visit the Centennial Events Website for any further information: or contact June Kang (02-330-3116) at or Yoojin Um (02-330-3137) at 31

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The official publication of Seoul Foreign School

The Banner - May 2012  

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