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Happy New Year and welcome to the year of the Horse. I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year.

As Alumni, you are aware that Seoul Foreign School has a tradition of supporting our community by serving others. If you follow SFS on Facebook you may recall reading about Seoul Foreign High School students producing a talent show that raised funds for Tuberculosis patients in North Korea. In November, all of our divisions raised funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. One SFS Facebook posting reported the British School students raised 1,724,700won! But SFS students, faculty and alumni don’t just raise funds to help others less fortunate, they also serve. During this year’s Discovery Week, many of our High School students worked to serve others. Some of the activities included preparing meals for Seoul’s homeless at Seoul Station’s Soup Kitchen, digging the foundation for an orphanage in the Philippines, and volunteering at a primary school in Tien Luong, Vietnam. We can, however, grow from being a school that provides community service to one that fosters service learning. As part of our 5-year Strategic Plan, our Christian Ministries department began an initiative that, when implemented, will clearly articulate the difference between service learning and community service. Christian Ministries will be working with the School to identify action steps for service learning integration across the entire school. 4

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace” [1 Peter 4:10]. On a personal note, my family loves to cook. Sharing our love of cooking has been a great way to give back to our host country. Anna’s House, located in Southern Seoul, started in 1998 and provides not only a soup kitchen but also medical care, clothing, barber services, shower facilities as well as legal counseling to Seoul’s homeless, elderly, jobless and children from the street. On December 31st Dr. Blair Lee, Assistant Head of School-Academics, and his family joined my family as we prepared and served a meal to over 540 of Seoul’s homeless. Service learning is first learned at home.

I continue to be excited by the great things happening at Seoul Foreign School and am thankful to be a part of a great leadership team that helps SFS realize its Mission.

Kelly TomHon SFS School Board Chair

Dear SFS Alumni and Friends,

In the beginning of January, We

enjoyed a great Homecoming celebration on January 10th and 11th, and have already completed semester of the year. The Christ-like attitude for the month of February at SFS is SERVICE. Throughout our classrooms, assemblies, and discussions, teachers and students are integrating the idea of service into their Bible stories, reflections on current issues, and their planning for the future. This edition of the Banner is organized around the Seoul Foreign School commitment to service. As I reflect the Christian nature of our school, there is nothing more significant than the natural connection to service from a School, which is “Centered in Christ.” From the collection of canned goods for hungry families in Seoul to the generation of funds which provide special medicine for TB victims in North Korea, our students learn what it means to serve others. Seoul Foreign School students are involved in literally hundreds of hands-on and fundraising type of activities each year. While we want to celebrate the service commitments we already have, we also want to look for ways of enhancing our commitment to service in the future. Currently, Dr. Amos Lyso, our Christian Ministries Coordinator, is leading the Service Learning Task Force

examining ways in which we can be more intentional about integrating Service Learning at every grade level. We are confident this effort will be apparent in attitudes and activities from Preschool through Grade 12. As a Christian school we endeavor to follow Christ’s examples and modeling. Jesus said, “…whoever

wants to become great among you must be your servant… Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve...” (Matthew 20:26). And, “…the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules, like the one who serves. For who is greater, the one who was at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who was at the table? But I

am among you as one who serves.” (Luke 22:26-27) Christ reversed the order of leaders and servants in His day. We want to follow His example by recognizing that lasting meaning in life comes by service to God and others. Thanks Be to God,


John Engstrom Head of School


Even with all that has been happening in the area of community service, the last few years has seen a growing desire for more students to be involved in service activities.

At a glance:

For nearly 15 years, the SFS Middle School and Key Stage 3 students have raised well over US$150,000 dollars for World Vision just by giving up food for 30 hours.

Each February and March the entire SFS community rallies together to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help tuberculosis patients in North Korea.

In the 1990’s, the Grade 1 students started fundraising to pay for the heat for an orphanage here in Seoul and supported that orphanage for over a decade until it was financially stable and not in need of the donations.

For over 20 years, High School students have been a part of service trips to impoverished countries.

In the High School, there are now 20 clubs that are committed to being involved in service and the Discovery Week program adds more service courses each year in response to this growing desire.

From Dongdaewon and the Philippines Service Trip, to the

30 Hour Famine and River of Grace, Seoul Foreign School has a long history of community service. And today we are faced with a very real challenge, especially for younger students, in finding ways to be involved in meaningful service projects that involve more than just fund-raising. Currently a task force has been formed to look at the possibility of integrating service more intentionally within the curriculum.

Rather than just doing community service, the concept of Service Learning is being explored with the hope of enabling students of all ages to learn how they can respond to the needs around them in meaningful acts of service and then reflect on those experiences. The desire is that for SFS students, service will not just be an act that is done, but a lifestyle that is lived throughout their lives.


Throughout the years, SFS has undergone many changes. It has progressed and matured significantly, recognized as one of the leading and oldest international schools in the world. Despite the many changes SFS encounters, the strength of the School's spirit for 'community' remains unchanged. Recently, we welcomed our newest graduates (Class of 2013) and visiting alumni during the annual Homecoming Games and Events, and we were reminded of how meaningful their experiences were at the School and their desire to reconnect with the community they continued to feel so much a part of. Connecting with our alumni as they visit throughout the year, or during the reunion gatherings, have brought meaningful opportunities for the School to capture special memories and moments that have made the community at SFS today so strong. This year, as we hosted our first Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day, we had a wonderful gathering of new members to our community. While guests also arrived from abroad, the majority were from local areas. Guests reminisced about the decades past as we presented a historical slide show of the School's history, dating back to the early 40s. Guests were also given an opportunity to participate in the School's Annual Fund by providing messages to their loved ones at the School (please refer to pages 10 & 11 to see some of the messages that were sent).

The School has come a long way with the help and support of members throughout its history. The Annual Fund, in its fifth year, provides an opportunity for every member of the community to make a contribution that is meaningful, yet within their means. We hope to grow more support towards the Annual Fund, hoping that one day we can benefit from one hundred percent participation. The Annual Fund is designated each year to help with any of the following: enhancing existing programs, providing facility upgrades or supporting faculty development. Thanking you for your continued support,

June Kang Director of Communications and Development

Pictures from the Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day 7




THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Jeremy & Hojung Cheung (Parents of Nathan & Eunice Cheung) Christy Joo Eric Joo Do Yoon Kim Kathleen and Rachel Lee Helena and Isabelle Park Yong Sung Park The Shin Family

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho

RED AND BLACK CLUB Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classified Staff Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Jeff and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Caroline Hahn Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum

THE CREST CLUB Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

“My wife and I have chosen to recently contribute to the school…… Because we believe that the Christian values and strong moral character development of our children that SFS provides needs to be sustained.” Peter Pin ‘77 Alumnus

RED AND BLACK CLUB In memory of Edwin W. Crowe ’43* For our SFS children and in honor of our parents, Richard and Patricia Ashcraft and Ed and Thelma Gaylord from John and Lynn Gaylord John and Masumi O’Donnell ’70 Tzu Yu Sheng THE CREST CLUB Jinsoo and Pearl Bae Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black In honor of the MS Faculty 2011-12 from your student, Andrew Ilhoon Byun Dong Soo Byun From the Cho Family - Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi Noah Tae-sun Chung ’95 John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett Rebecca Freeman Kathleen and Timothy Gray Hana Bank—Yonhi-dong Branch Hyong Min Kim Hyong Seok Kim Nina H. Kim and Peter S. Choi George Dongkyu Ko Camila and Gabriela Gonzalez Koo James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ’71 Celine Jin J&J Catering Stephan Min Jason Oh Hyungji Park ’85 Jasmine, Iris and James J. Park In memory of Christopher Mark Thomas, loving uncle of Edward Joseph Pasternak Langston and Linda Rogde Peter and Kelly TomHon Buhm Jin Yoon CENTENNIAL CLUB Jaime Cabal Anna Castagnaro Donald N. Clark '61

The Heritage Club $ 100,000 + 84

The Crest Club $ 1,000 +

Lydia Colston Killough '81 Dan & Joneen Copeland Nick, Sally, Isobel and Estella Corben Drs. JB and Bette Crouse, Jr. Patricia Robin Evans In honor of Mr. John Gaylord, from your SFS Children of our Centennial Year Chloe Dain Han Christine Jane Han Youngsook Hahm Hyun Sook Hong Ryan Jeon Jeen and Bomsinae Kim Yoo Soo Kim John Kimm ‘84 Korea Exchange Bank – Yonhi-dong Branch Jennifer Koenig ’92* Grace and Riley Kwak Family Andy and Joanna Lee Chang Hwan Lee Haeeun Heather Lee ’05 Jaehyun Jacob Lee The Jugant Family In honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, from your 1L children of our Centennial Year Robert Lee ’60* David Livingston ’72* Monika and Ewa Marczuk In honor of Ms. Dawn Melarvie, from your SFS children of our Centennial Year In honor of Mrs. Edie Moon from the HS cast of ‘Back to the 80s’ Mitsuaki Morita ’79* John C. O’Donnell ‘70 Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy ’75* Gene Jaewoo Park Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 In Memory of Robert G. Sauer, Former Trustee & Teacher Frank Shyn ’87* Yage Song Yarene Song Hannah Summers Kai Summers Linda Wang Judi Sargent Whitmire ’78 Sen Di Ten Yoojin Um In honor of Mr. Nathan Walker from the MS cast of ‘Oliver Twist’ Morgan and Jordan Yi Youngja Yum THE LEGACY CLUB Lance, Mary, Ethan, Mason and Porter Ence Kisoon Nam Misty Skidmore

1912 Society $ 50,000 + Centennial Club $ 100 +

ANNUAL FUND DONATION 2012-13 THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Tzu Yu Sheng RED AND BLACK CLUB Jaeho and Soojin Choi Jane Nicole Lee THE CREST CLUB Hyung & Andrea Ahn Anonymous Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black Leo Cho From the Cho Family—Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi The Kimberly Clark Foundation John and Alice Engstrom Rob and Laura Everett James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Haelyung Hwang & Younghee Cha Euiseok Kim & Regina Ryu '87* Nina H. Kim, Peter S. Choi and Kate Kim Choi Seogoo Lee & Suyoung Nam The Lim Family Hyungji Park '85 Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Sookook Company Peter & Kelly TomHon CENTENNIAL CLUB Christina Farley Hyun Sook Hong Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hunsaker Mike & Lauren Jackson George Dongkyu Ko Alice D. Lavina Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 Jack and Rachel Shao Frank Shyn ’87* Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund Rick Wilson

**All returning donors have been marked in red.

ANNUAL FUND DONATION 2013-14 THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Tzu Yu Sheng THE CREST CLUB Robert and Sondra Black Christian and Benjamin Choi John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Roger H. Kim ‘93 The Lim Family The Nahm Family Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Peter Pin ‘77 Peter and Kelly TomHon CENTENNIAL CLUB Olivia and Alicia Chung Romulo H. Delmendo ‘79 Christina Farley Graeme and Carol Kent Henry Kim Blair and Kim Lee Brian Lee Susan Pope ‘90 The Rudolph Family Joanna Seung Richard and Cynthia Seymour Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund


The Millennium Club $ 10,000 +

Red & Black Club $ 5,000 +


The Legacy Club Any amount given by friends and relatives



10 10

Brent in his senior year




our family and our beloved dogs behind was not easy for us.

I started my career as a musician and music retail store manager in New York. I have a deep love of music, which I now bring into the classroom everyday, whether I’m singing with my guitar or playing a song I’ve already recorded. I know my students love singing the Chinese songs I’ve written for them, and never thought I would be using my musical gift and audio engineering degree as I do. When I came to SFS, it was through a referral of a close friend that does world language consulting work for the school. I had spent the previous 3 years in the United States as the Chinese Department Head for a K-5 school in Memphis, Tennessee. I received a phone call about a respected international school in Korea looking to start a Chinese program. My wife, Madison, and I discussed the option of coming to SFS, and ultimately decided it would be an enriching place for us, and a place we could bring the gift of

The move was well worth it, as our experiences here at SFS have been extremely rewarding, with many new friends made, and through meeting our students and their families.

We’re happy to be in such a loving Christian community, and have enjoyed events and relationships on as well as off campus.

Nick with his wife Madison (ES Mandarin Teacher) language to many amazing students. We had a very busy year between getting married in June, preparing for an international move and heading to Seoul. Even though we were brimming with excitement, leaving

Korea is a beautiful country with a rich history of delicious food and wonderful people.

Madison and I have already grown spiritually since being here. We are fairly private about our faith and have been given the flexibility to participate as much or as little as we feel comfortable. We’ve enjoyed sharing our lives with some new lifelong friends we’ve made, and look forward to more involvement in different aspects of our community. We are so happy to be here breaking ground with the new Chinese program and see ourselves working hard towards its success in the years to follow. Although all new programs experience unique challenges, the faculty, students and their families have been so positive in embracing us, and Chinese language here at SFS, which makes the school instantly feel like home.


Nick with students at Namsan International Kindergarten (NIK)

Kathleen Sungu Lee, a junior (Class of 2015) at Seoul Foreign School (SFS) has recently founded the Hands in Hands Foundation, primarily to support the underprivileged students in Nangi Village, Nepal. The main focus of the foundation is to provide tailored renewable energy solutions, mostly solar PV power and small-hydro power, and an affordable Energy Storage System (ESS), to the impoverished Nangi community in Nepal. Below is a note from Kathleen: I did not even know where Nepal was located before I visited Nepal for the first time in November 2012 through SFS’s unique experimental education program Discovery Week (DW). Initially, I simply chose to visit Nepal to enjoy trekking and the beautiful scenery of the Annapurna Mountain. In contrast to the relaxing and beautiful scenery, life in the mountainous region of Nepal is rife with arduous struggles for survival: many people cannot even find opportunities to change their fate and improve their living standards. The average annual tuition fee in Nepal is only approx. US $12; despite the low costs, many young students are unable to continue their studies, mostly due to poverty and a lack of a proper social infrastructure. 9

Ironically, I was able to realize how blessed we are and how profoundly education can change people’s futures by observing the people of Nepal. During my three visits to the mountain areas of Nepal, I realized that the most pressing issue is the lack of energy. While I was there, the most difficult thing for me to endure was the frigid weather after sunset and lack of lighting. Per capita electricity consumption in Nepal is merely 1/100 of that of the US. Most schools and the dormitories do not have sufficient, if any, lighting and heating facilities, so many students

Kathleen with students in Nangi Village, Nepal cannot read and constantly struggle with cold weather after sunset. As

a student who wishes to pursue studies in the field of environmental science, I decided to contribute my passion and knowledge about clean energy to the Nangi School in Nepal to help the underprivileged yet passionate students. Nepal has very limited fossil fuel sources, so people in the mountain area mostly rely on burning wood chips as their primary energy source, one with which it is almost impossible to generate sufficient electricity. Fortunately, the mountain area of Nepal is a naturally privileged location for solar PV, and small hydro power generation due to its high altitude, and a plentiful supply of water. Together with suitable and affordable ESS, the people of Nepal can generate electricity from the renewable energy sources and keep the electricity stored in the ESS until they actually need to use it, mostly at night.

In addition, just providing hardware might not be sufficient. In order to have self-sustaining power generation storage, 7 we must train the villagers how to install, manage, fix and even prevent all sorts of operating troubles by themselves. We wish to express our gratitude to our local partner, Dr. Mahabir Pun and his supporters, to serve as a model for sustainable local educational and economic development through the Himanchal Education Foundation and the 10 Nepal Wireless Networking Project. I plan to host a fund raising concert and photo exhibition together with the Embassy of Nepal in Seoul at 3 pm on March 29th at uJung Art Center and wish to share with you my experiences and hopes in an effort to solicit your support. In addition, I may consider to work with our school designating Nangi Village as one of the visiting sites in the DW program, so more SFS students can have the opportunity to share the wonderful experiences I have had and give back to the community. For more information please visit: and 15



As an SFS Alumni, who doesn’t remember their experiences on Discovery Week? And while the destinations and size of the program may have changed somewhat from the days when you were at SFS, the focus and benefits remain the same. Photo by Andrey Ten, HS Student From a cliff in Oman

4 15

�I know that the DW trips will leave meaningful memories and experiences that have already impacted who I am today and the person I may become in the future. It has been such a humbling experience to be exposed to realms of human culture and life, whether through service trips or experiencing natural environments of foreign places.� Christian Choi, HS Senior


“Having the opportunity to actually be interviewed the way they would actually interview a real employee was very eye-opening, and seeing all the things that HR does in depth has gotten me very much informed on what the HR jobs are.” Photo by Andy Han, Jeju Island, Korea

Student from ‘World of Works’, Korean Commerce in Seoul

As the name implies, Discovery Week (DW) is an exceptional program in our high school that offers students unique opportunities to discover, learn, grow and serve around the globe. Discovery Week courses are as varied in location as they are in focus. Guided by our school’s mission to promote Christian values, personal integrity, and responsible

In recent years we’ve experienced growing demand from the student body to participate in more service type courses, and in response we now offer a diverse range of service opportunities. This year service courses included trips to Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal and Seoul. As always there were a variety of local activities on offer for students, including: Soaps & Accessories, SEOMUN, Seoul Through the Lens 2013, Korean War, The “Brain Guy” @SFS, Korean Commerce Experience, Hoops For Life, Lifeguarding, and Cooking & Service.

“From my visit to Phuong Vy Elementary school, I realized that tangible objects do not define wealth and happiness.” Student from the Vietnam Trip

“I have always loved Thailand but this trip made me love it even more, it was an eye-opener, not just because I got to witness and serve in improving the lives of rehabilitated elephants but because I was in the immediate vicinity of people who were so passionate about animal rights that it’s contagious.” Student from the Thailand Trip


world citizenship, DW is aimed at providing our high school students with an excellent experiential education opportunity. All the DW trips/activities provide students with an experience from at least one of these educational elements: service, historical/cultural enrichment, physical challenge/skill acquisition or academic enrichment.

Nepal 17

The Cast of ‘Water by the Spoonful’

SFS Theatre that HAS happened, IS happening and WILL be happening soon! We, of course, know that Shakespeare penned the unforgettable words “All the world’s a stage” and that is absolutely true at SFS this year! Not only are we fortunate enough to have a variety of stages on which to create theatre on this campus, but our students are taking their work on the road as well. This past month, the IB Theatre Arts students have been in the throes of creating two performances in the Black Box theatre, one of our most versatile stages. On January 28th and 29th, the IBTA year one students produced, directed and performed the award-winning play Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Alegria Hudes. Using the black box theatre in order to create seven different settings including 18 18

Puerto Rico, Japan, and the United States, the students told the story of families in the throes of coping with addiction.

As recovering addicts created a bond of love and support through cyberspace, the need for redemption, identity, forgiveness and grace was revealed.

play entitled Chimerica by Lucy Kirkwood. Despite incredibly busy schedules as seniors, they were able to powerfully interpret the story of the “tank man” and what might have happened to him after he was caught on camera defiantly standing in front of oncoming tanks during the now infamous 1989 protest and massacre in Tiananmen Square.

Despite only having three days to build the set they designed, and to set and program their lights, with the help and support of the SFS theatre tech department, they were ready and able to perform to two hundred audience members over two evenings.

Though the play had significant political, social and cultural underpinnings, at the heart, it was a story of human beings in relationship straddling the worlds and ideologies of China and America.

Two weeks later, the IB Theatre Arts year two students produced their adaptation of another award-winning

Student directors for the show were seniors Justin An and Sabrina Sung.

Set design was by Reca Sarfati and tech and lighting design was by Andy Kim and Austin Lee. The APAC Theatre Arts students took their ten minute devised play entitled On the Road: In Search of our Roots/Routes to the APAC Theatre Festival which was held in Manila at Brent International School. After doing workshops in order to develop the stories they wanted to tell, the students devised a performance that not only allowed them to share significant moments in the physical lifelines they created, but also gave them the opportunity to convey the significance of rootedness for all those living as third culture students in a highly transient world. “We became the lotus and learned to carry our roots.” If you were to visit the SFS campus right now (and we hope you do), you would see simultaneous rehearsals happening for upcoming performances that will take place on the Lyso Center stage. In the drama lab, choral room, orchestra room and Robb Hall theatre, high school students are dancing, singing, acting, and

playing their way to Disney’s musical Beauty and the Beast to be performed on April 10, 11 and 12. A story that has spanned hundreds of years of interpretation, the high school students are thrilled to perform this beloved “tale as old as time”. With multiple sets, a myriad of costumes and many on stage surprises, this performance will be sure to bring the community together in a memorable and heart warming way. The musical is under the direction of Mrs. Edie Moon, with vocal direction by Mrs. Allison Lyso, and the orchestra conducted by Mrs. Marion Statton. Costume and makeup has been designed by Mrs. Sally Corben. Tickets will go on sale on-line and in the Spirit Shop in March. In the Lyso Center Mainstage, Backstage and Black Box areas, you will see Middle School students madly rehearsing for the upcoming musical performance of Into the Woods Jr. March 7th and 8th. Under the direction of Mrs. Kyla Hamm, Into the Woods combines the fairy tales we all know and love of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack

The Cast of ‘Chimerica’

and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood as worlds collide in the forest in surprising and unpredictable ways. In the end, the characters and the audience learn about the repercussions of greed while at the same time realizing the importance of family and community. Tickets are on sale now on line and in the Spirit Shop for this wonderful Middle School performance! This is not the end for the 2013 and 2014 year on the stages of SFS as the British School Key stage 1 students are now developing their performance of BUGZ to be performed in Robb Hall on April 4th and the Elementary School 4th graders are beginning their journey towards retelling the now 53 year old children’s story The Phantom Tollbooth to be performed May 15 and 16th on the Lyso Center Mainstage. Come visit us if you can. If not, look for pictures of all these performances on the many stages around campus in upcoming publications!


1 25 alumni and guests attended the Seoul Alumni Reunion at Dr. John Engstrom’s residence on Friday, January 19th 2014. The event was followed by the HS Homecoming games, where around 30 alumni attended. The evening started off with some drinks and wine followed by a light buffet dinner. The wines were graciously sponsored by our alum, Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ’73. Following the dinner, we spent some time introducing one another and sharing their memories at SFS. It was fun to get to know each other and hear some of the memories that alumni shared during their different times at SFS. A historical picture presentation of SFS and the future Master Plan was also shared at the gathering. Every one who attended also picked up their alumni gift.

Here are some news items shared by alumni: Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ’73 – runs the “Saint Wine” company in Korea with her husband. She hosted a wine-tasting event at her home in October inviting SFS alumni and also donated some wines for the Seoul reunion. Michelle KIM ’00 – is currently a parent at the school and is also actively involved with the PTA. She has a son, Benjamin SIM in Junior Kindergarten.

Wendy (Pamela) LEE WILLIAMS ‘76* She has been residing in Korea for over 20 years and has engaged in the ESL business in various public schools, institutes, and companies. She also did translating Alumni who attended are: Juhi (Claire) and interpretations at LG CNS. Pamela is AHN KIM ’73, Michelle KIM ’00, Wendy also a member of animal rights groups LEE WILLIAMS ‘76*, Edie RADER and doing volunteer work for rescue and MOON ’77, Jennifer LEE ’06, Regina adoption of dogs and other animals. RYU ‘87*, Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ’91, Pamela would like to get together with Lee-Ellen STRAWN ’86, Nina KIM ‘83*, anyone who is like minded for a great Ben COYNER, Former Student Teacher, cause. She is also open to connect with Peter UNDERWOOD ’73, Samuel JOO anyone to share business ideas or for so’13, Nam H. PAIK ’80, Bailey BAKER ‘12 cial gatherings. and Ashley BAKER ‘13 20

Jennifer LEE ’06 – would like to pursue a career in teaching and occasionally works at SFS as a substitute teacher. Regina RYU ‘87* - is also a parent at the school. Her daughter June KIM is in Senior Kindergarten. Nina KIM ‘83* - is also a parent at the school and is a lawyer and Kim & Chang law firm. Her husband, Peter CHOI serves on the SFS Board and her daughter Kate CHOI is in Grade 3. Ben COYNER – currently is a Guidance Counselor at Pyongtaek International Christian School. Peter UNDERWOOD ’73 – CEO of IRC Limited, a consulting firm that assists Western companies in Seoul. Samuel JOO ’13 – is currently attending University of Pennsylvania. Nam H. PAIK ’80 – has recently returned to Korea as Representative of Baker & McKenzie LLP’s Seoul office.










Bailey BAKER ‘12 - is currently Sophomore at Concordia University in Nebraska.

Regina RYU ‘87* with her daughter June KIM.

Ashley BAKER ‘13 - is currently a Freshman at University of Northern Iowa.

5. Peter CHOI, spouse of NINA KIM ‘83*/ SFS Board Member & Tom ZIMMER, spouse of Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ‘91/ Faculty.

Picture Captions: 1. Group Picture of all alumni and guests at the Seoul Reunion.

4. Jennifer LEE ‘06 & Joon MYONG, HS Counselor

6. Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ‘91 & Samuel JOO ‘13 7. Wendy (Pamela) LEE WILLIAMS ‘76*

2. From left: Michelle KIM ‘00, Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ‘73 & Nina KIM ‘83*

8. Ashley BAKER ‘13

3. Jack MOON, Faculty, Edie RADER MOON ‘77/Faculty &

10. Nina KIM ‘83* & Nam H. PAIK ‘80

9. Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73 & Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ‘73 21

just in history, but also in the future as the Building Master Plan over-view was put on display. Interesting how the table seemed to split between the ‘oldies’ (all over forty…ish) and the youngsters (all under 30)! I was fortunate, being sat right in the middle as I was able to listen to the discussions, revelations and general ‘catching up’ chat A somewhat chilly January 2014, Saturday from both ends of the table – what was night saw a group of ex-teachers, life like in Seoul when the curfew police ex-students and ex-governance members were out and about? What was it like gather together for the annual Alumni being the only British teacher working in Dinner in the Gaon Korean Restaurant in the Elementary School when Ron Richter London. This year, unusually, everyone was Principal back in the ‘80s? Three was UK-based, with some being ‘newbies’ theatres? – how on earth did we manage to the alumni dinner experience and some with just one, small, Robb Hall (Mark 1)? It being ‘old hands’. would have been great to record all the conversations for prosperity - well nearly With access to a large display monitor, not all, as there were a few ‘confessions’ about skipping off campus, jokes played on only were the attendees able to wax nostalgic about the ‘good times at SFS and teachers and a few other incidents which are well worth hearing but not repeating – in Seoul’ but those discussions were but unfortunately that opportunity (maybe enhanced by a rolling display (put together by Alumni organisers, June Kang rightly!) was missed. All in all, a very and Yoojin Um), of SFS and it’s place, not pleasant, easy evening of remembering.


Dr. Tim GRAY, SFBS Headteacher with the younger graduates If you are reading this and thinking, ‘I would have liked to attend that’, then sign up on the school’s website to be kept informed – and bookmark this alumni dinner in your calendar – it is held the first Saturday of the London-based recruitment fairs, normally about the middle of January. Dr. Tim Gray, SFBS Headteacher / Host for this year’s London Alumni Dinner!

Class of 2003 10 Year Reunion November 9, 2013 Michelle LEE Attendees: Michelle Lee, Candice Chung, Michelle Chang, June Park, Brian Park, Joon Lee, Brian Lee, Robert Lim, Joy Kwon, Grace Cheong, Esther Gweon, Julia Chung, Aram Han and Jennifer Noh

turnout in NYC with 15 alumni and 3 significant others attending. 4 people traveled by air or drove significant distance to make it to the reunion. The evening started with dinner at Korean BBQ and continued as we moved locations to enjoy the night. We got to reminisce about the great memories we have from high school.

Conversation regarding the 10 year reunion for the class of 2003 started with Sharon Garwood's Facebook post. A Facebook group was used to field a survey and communicate best It was a great way to re-connect and hopefully this will be a start to many location and time of year for the more reunions to come! reunion. We had a FANTASTIC


1970s Class Rep: Veronica CREVECOEUR ‘76 We received news that Michael CORNETT ‘71 and his wife, Ayling WEI CORNETT'72, are now living and working in Busan, Korea. Michael said “we arrived in Korea on November 4th, and are expecting to be here for at least three years. This is a dream come true for us. It is a chance for us to reconnect with the land where we grew up. We would like to hear from any of our classmates from SFS who are in Korea or are planning to visit.” Youngja YANG ‘79 (right) with her colleague

more diverse just like today. Fred still makes occasional visits to Seoul once in a while and also keeps up with the happenings in Korea by continuously reading the Korea Times & Herald online. Fred also volunteered to help us with the upcoming Alumni reunion in Washington DC. Fred UNDERWOOD ‘72

Fred UNDERWOOD ’72 visited SFS on October 7th. It was his first visit since the Centennial celebrations in May 2012. Fred was delighted to see the establishment of the Centennial Welcome Center and shared his insights and comments on the historical pictures and timelines displayed on the display walls. While sharing about his current trip to Seoul, he shared some memories of the High School Junior/ Senior trips during his times at SFS. He shared a lot of historical sites that he had visited in the Southern region of Korean where he will be visiting on this trip as well. While sharing the current school demographics of SFS he also mentioned that during his time in the 70s is when many expats were entering Seoul and the school was becoming


Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ‘73 extended an invitation to SFS Alumni living in Seoul to join her Wine-Tasting event in October at her residence. Wines were provided courtesy of “Saintwine”, a company that Claire and her husband is currently running. Alumni, Fred UNDERWOOD ‘7 2 , Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73 and June KANG, Director of Communications

and Development was in attendance. On November 22nd we had a visitor from Japan. After 35 years, Youngja YANG ’79 made a visit to SFS. She attended 4 years from 9 – 12th grade. She is married and has two children who live in Canada and her daughter is also a teacher. Youngja is the director for an international preschool in Japan called ‘J’s International School’. She sends toddlers to international schools in Japan but also wishes to send some students to SFS if any of them would relocate to Seoul. She was glad to meet up and have lunch with Mrs. Hong (HS Admin. Assistant) reminiscing the memories she had in the 70s.

Juhi (Claire) AHN KIM ‘73 hosting a wine-tasting event

Picture of Rahul PINTO ‘91* in the HS Yearbook

Boys Tennis Team in 1990

Rahul PINTO ‘91* with his wife Yamini


Andrew CHUNG ‘97*

At the SFS Open House event on October 24th, Andrew CHUNG ’97* visited SFS as a guest. It was his first visit since he left SFS 20 years ago. He is currently a lawyer and recently moved to Seoul with his family. He has a two and a half year old daughter and is considering her admissions to SFS. He commented that while on the campus tour, he was amazed at the developments that have taken place, especially the new ES building, swimming pool and the turfed soccer field. He added “the campus tour felt like a personal memory tour for me!” On the first day of school in January, Rahul PINTO ‘91* visited SFS after 24 years with his wife Yamini. He attended SFS from 1987-90. SFS was Rahul’s first

international experience and had impacted his life in many ways. He was really lost in the first year of school but the enormous dedication of teachers such as his Chemistry teacher Mr. ZONLLINHOFFER and the Christian ethos of the school made him the person he is today. While at school, Rahul was on Jack MOON’s varsity Tennis Team, the undefeated tennis team (8-0) in 1990. During his visit, he was thrilled to meet up with Jack MOON, Mrs. HONG (who graciously shared the past yearbooks and found his old pictures) and his class mate, Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ‘91/Current Teacher. Rahul left SFS in his Junior year, and went to Oman to finish his High School. He attended University of Michigan, majoring in Engineering, was in the consulting

world for a few years and then went to Business school. He is currently working for Bacardi and resides in Bermuda with his wife.

2000s Class Rep: Michelle KIM ‘00 Class Rep: Jennifer CHA ‘02 Class Rep: Michelle LEE ‘03 Class Rep: Alex PAIK ‘04 David PARK ’00 was thrilled to meet up with his former teacher Edie MOON on October 21st. He made a visit to the campus with his producing partner Rebekka BJORNSDOTTIR. While at SFS he was very much involved with Theatre and Arts and he commented on some of the plays he acted under the direction of Edie MOON. While looking at the historical picture timeline, he commented about the “Fiddler on the Roof” play which he took part in. David attended the Tisch School of Arts in New York and currently directs and produces Film and Music Videos.

From Left: Edie MOON, Current Faculty, David PARK ‘00 and Rebekka BJORNSDOTTIR


From Left: Mike MOON ‘00, Chuck Krugler, HS Counselor & Eugene HAN ‘00 On October 12, Class of 2000 graduates Mike MOON and Eugene HAN visited the campus. Mike graduated from Cornell University and Brooklyn Law School and has been practicing law for the past 3 years. He lived in NYC and has recently moved to Korea where his family is residing. Eugene was on a short vacation to Seoul. He has been living in Baltimore ever since he graduated from SFS. He attended Johns Hopkins University and graduated from George Mason Law School last year. Both were thrilled to see the development on campus and excited to be back to meet with their former HS Counselor, Chuck Krugler.

Mijin Juliet YANG ‘00* and Thomas SHIN ’00 visited SFS as a parent to tour the SFS campus. Mijin graduated from Cornell University and currently works as a Freelance Interior Designer and Thomas graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and works for a Private Equity Firm. They both first met at SFS and married and have been living in Seoul since 2008. Their son Lucas, who looks exactly like Thomas is 3 years old and is considering admission to SFS.

Andy MORRIS ’02 visited SFS with his wife Kesiha on January 15th. After graduating from SFS Andy got a BA in Theatre at College and went to law school to receive his JD. He is currently married and is a student at the Seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity in Dallas, Texas. He was very involved in Theatre at SFS and was thrilled to meet up with Edie MOON, his drama teacher who shared

Mijin Juliet YANG ‘00* and Thomas SHIN ‘00


From Left: Kesiha MORRIS, Andy MORRIS ‘02 and Edie MOON, Current Faculty

lots of great memories and also past pictures of Andy framed in the storage room, which she hopes to hang up in her theatre class. Jack Moon also recalled Andy as “you are the one who came out from the Kimchi pot, right? from the play ‘Much ado but Nothing’.” Andy added “it was a strange mix of nostalgia, impressive change and wonderful to be back at the school. SFS played an important role in my life and helped lay the foundation for all the amazing things that God has been doing.” Kristina RADER ERNY ‘02 gave birth to Phyllina Sal Erny on December 10th, 2013 in Seoul. She joins older brothers Ephraim (4) and Moses (2). Kristina and Ben currently teachers at TCIS, Daejeon are moving back to the States this summer. 2013 Rader Family Christmas in Daejeon - Paul ’04 and Hannah with their sons James (2) and Bram (newborn), Brittney ’08 and her fiance, Jesse Fields, and their parents, J.P ‘79 and Helen RADER, Former Teachers.

Kristina RADER ERNY ‘02 and her baby Phyllina They are not sure what they will be doing yet but most likely will be settling in the Midwest (Indiana) and are looking forward to new adventures and time reconnecting with family and friends. We had three alumni from the Class of 2005 visiting in November. Mark SLACK, Alex SULL and Carolina LEE. Mark currently lives in Taiwan working at an internet company. He is also fluent in Mandarin. His last visit was in 10th grade and he was very involved with theatre at SFS. He commented “SFS has given me a very international perspective and there were lots of inspirational teachers here who impacted my life.” Carolina is the founder and CEO of MAP Studio in Seoul. She is grateful to Mrs. Moon who inspired her to pursue Arts and would be very happy to help in make-up for theatre at SFS. Carolina said “as an alum I got to talk to Mrs. Moon’s

From Left: Alex SULL ‘05, Mark SLACK ‘05, Edie MOON & Carolina LEE ‘05 residing in Tokyo since then. He majored in Japanese Poetry and Literature and just finished his Master’s program. He will be working for the Bank of Mitsubishi starting April this year. He was delighted to see Mrs. WOO, MS Admin. Assistant in the Middle School and also many of the developments on the SFS campus. He enjoyed reminiscing the past by looking at Kentaro KATORI ‘06* left SFS in 2003 and the SFS yearbooks and mentioned how thankful he is to Dr. Jonathan BORDEN, returned after 10 years on February 2014. Kentaro left SFS in 8th grade and has been 27 class which was such an amazing experience.” Alex Sull is working in mobile app. marketing. He was amazed to see how the school has grown and progressed. He added “The Lyso Center is amazing and the school has world class facilities!”

graduating in May and would like to work as a Research Assistant to get some

Kentaro in the 2001-02 Yearbook Terri HARTMAN, Former Parent and mother of Sarah GOLDBERG ‘10 experience and then continue her studies to obtain a Ph.D. Sarah commented that her lessons learned from the IB Psychology class at SFS and being in the Varsity Dance and Cheerleading team helped her College adjustment easier. It was challenging to be making a transition in a Senior year of High School but Sarah adjusted very well at SFS and also made a smooth transition to College. She is the Vice President of the Asian American Student Union and continues to take Korean classes.

Kentaro KATORI ‘06* Former Middle School Principal for all the help and advise he has given at SFS and transitioning back to Japan. He also mentioned Dr. Gary ARNOTT, Former Teacher who he missed the most. Kentaro commented “the times I spent at SFS was the most memorable time in my life and the international experience I gained at SFS helped me to be the person who I am today. I thank my teachers and friends for giving me this experience.”

2010s After Clara TAN ‘10*’s parent visit, Clara sent us a recent picture of her. Clara is in her third year attending Imperial College in London, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Arts. She mentioned that a couple of names that just come to mind from her class are Seline JUNG, Andrew PARK, Camilla KO, Chris RICHARDSON, Justin KIM and Valerie KIM. 28

Clara TAN ‘10* Terri HARTMAN, Former Parent and President of SIWA (Seoul International Women’s Association) visited the school and shared an update on her daughter Sarah GOLDBERG ‘10. Sarah attended SFS for one year in her Senior class and currently attends Tulane University majoring in Psychology. She will be

Chris GARCIA ’13 (left) and Akshaay RAMANAUJAM ’13 Chris GARCIA ’13 and Akshaay RAMANAUJAM ’13 made a visit to SFS while they were in Seoul visiting family during the Christmas break. Chris is

currently attending University of Dayton, in Ohio majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Akshaay is at Purdue University also majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The EVANS family sent a picture of Huw ‘10* and Sian ’13*. They moved back to Canada (Toronto) in 2000 after Sian finished Year 3 and Huw Reception at the British School. Sian is now in her final year studying Communications at the Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Huw is in his first year of the Bio -medical Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. LASATER while visiting SFS

Huw EVANS ‘10* and Sian EVANS’13*

Former Faculty/Friends Long time SFS friend and former parents, Franklin C. & Mary LASATER visited SFS on October 18th. Four of the Lasater children, Debbie, Frank, Brenda & Bobby all attended SFS and were in Korea since August of 1965. The children always thought of Korea as home and the States is a place to visit. Currently all the family resides in Texas. Frank has been working for an IT company for the past 40 years in the field of software upgrades. There were 6 students in his graduating class at SFS and among them was Stephen SHAW ’67 who visited us during the Centennial year. Debbie is currently the CEO of Red Cross. She had also served for the Red

Mr. and Mrs. LASATER with Mrs. Hyun Sook HONG, HS Admin. Assistant Cross in Seoul as an interpreter with her husband who was a missionary. Debbie was active in Drama during her days at SFS and she comments that all her speech contests, humors and being the student council president at SFS helped her become the person she is today. Brenda works for the Educational Department of the State of Texas assisting schools that are in need of help and maintain a certain educational standard. Bobbie was a missionary and came to Korea in the 70s and lived for 8 years. Mr. & Mrs. LASATER were also very delighted to meet up with Mrs. Hong in the High School whom they have

known for many years. The LASATERs were long time family friends of Mrs. Hong. They made a special trip to Seoul for their 84th Birthday. They have been married for 66 years and enjoy spending time with their 10 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

Brent VAN STAALDUINEN, Former HS English Teacher, has made it to the long list in the CBC Short Story February 2014. For more details visit the website at canadawrites/2014/02/2014-cbc-shortstory-prize-longlist-announced.html 29

All the way from Toronto, Canada, Mr. and Mrs. David Gareth and Mary EVANS parents of Sian Evans ’10* and Huw EVANS ’13* made a visit to SFS for the first time since they left in the year 2000. They were surprised to see Dr. Tim GRAY on campus as he was also at the school when their children were attending the school back then. They had such fond memories from SFS that they insisted to their friends that SFS was the first place on their list to visit during their stay in Seoul.

Dr. Carolyn and David BISHOP, Former Board Chair & Former Basketball Coach/Parent On October 30th Dr. Carolyn and David BISHOP, Former Board Chair and Former Basketball Coach/Parent visited the campus. They were visiting Seoul for the opening of the Fareast Broadcasting Corporation. Carolyn is the President of the Consortium for Global Education which represents 42 universities and colleges in the U.S. At a luncheon in Seoul, she recognized and met with Dr. Harlan LYSO, Former Head of School who she had hired back when she was the Board Chair at SFS. She was able to find her picture back then which was displayed in the Centennial Welcome Center. She shared her time serving as the Board Chair when after the Olympics there was a huge growth of population of international students and how the school had to cope with the growing international environment. David was the HS basketball coach from 81-83 and he shared his memory of winning the Far East Games and also mentioned about the ‘Rebounder’ for the Basketball team (Secret Santa) who was Jennie RADER PURVIS ‘83. 30

Their older daughter Kathy BISHOP STENSLIE’ 91* left SFS in her Sophomore year, however they sent her back to SFS for graduation. She has been good friends with Bruce RICHTER ‘91* and has been a great supporter for Bruce in the Ironman race. This news was highlighted in the February 2013 issue. They were delighted to meet up with Edie MOON, Current Teacher and reminisce the times they spent here at SFS in the 80s.

Mr. and Mrs. David Gareth and Mary EVANS, Former Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Addie and Yeonju TAN, Former Parents Parents of Clara TAN and Andrew TAN, Mr. and Mrs. Addie and Yeonju TAN also accompanied the EVANS family. The TAN family attended SFS at two different times and left SFS in 2006. Clara is in her third year attending Imperial College in London, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Arts. Andrew is in his second year at University of Sydney majoring in Economics. They were very happy to be back to the campus and commented that when they gather with some of the former SFS parents whether in Seoul or abroad they always talk about the best times and memories their children and parents shared at the school. Since the TAN family is currently residing in Seoul they hope to bring their children back to the campus on their next visit to Seoul.

Colin KURCZ, son of Bob KURCZ, Former Teacher with his friend Eitan (left) and Bob KURCZ in the 1975 yearbook (right) Son of a Former Teacher who taught HS PE from 1973-76, Bob KURCZ, Colin KURCZ made a visit to the campus on October 13th. Colin was on his way back to Los Angeles from Thailand and had a 10 hour layover in Seoul. He always remembered how much his father talked about SFS and how special this place was for him. So he decided to make a visit to the school during his short period of time in Seoul. Colin with his friend, Eitan took a video of the campus, found pictures of his father in the yearbooks and also met with Mrs. HONG, HS Admin. Assistant and Mrs. Edie RADER MOON ‘77/ Current Teacher who remembered his father during the time he was at SFS. After leaving SFS, Bob KURCZ went into an acting career (Edie MOON mentioned that he was in a play with her back in the 70s and it was an awesome experience for students to be in a play with the faculty back then) and has been in movies and shows in the past (Mrs. Hong recalls seeing Bob in a movie) but now retired and lives in Wrightwood, California.

Christina and Doug FARLEY, Former Teachers with their two sons struggles, I was inspired to write a story that teens could identify with and dealt with the issues they were facing. I wove a modern day story and pulled in fantasy elements along the lines of my favorite authors: J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. This allowed me to create an allegory of our relationship with God in a non-threatening way that I hope any teen or even adult could read and enjoy.” Christina and Doug, Former Teachers currently live in Clermont, FL with her two sons. For more details, check out her website at Ben COYNER, Former Student Teacher

Christina FARLEY, Former Teacher is now an author of a young adult novel Gilded, which is set in modern day Seoul and Seoul Foreign School. This will release on March 1, 2014. Christina is so honored and humbled to now not only be able to reach students within her own classroom, but anywhere and everywhere Ben COYNER, Former Student Teacher is through her stories. As a graduate with a currently working as Guidance Counselor major in education, her mission statement at Pyongtaek International Christian has always been to reach out to kids in school. He visited SFS as he is the Head any situation or setting and build them up Coach of Girls’ Basketball at his school. to reach the potential that God created Jim MILILIKEN, Current Teacher was them for. his Supervisor when he was at SFS. He She added “while teaching at SFS, I was also worked on this Master’s degree from thrilled to be a part of the discipleship 2007-2009. program where I was able to mentor high school girls. Hearing their needs and

Christina FARLEY, Former Teacher’s book “GILDED”


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