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Serving Seoul For Over a Century

Why the annual fund? SFS is a non-profit School. this distinction entails that every bit of tuition is directed at impacting student learning.

The Annual Fund is


It provides financial resources that go beyond tuition to enhance and enrich the students’ experience.

We feel that supporting the SFS annual fund is important to us since our own children have benefited tremendously from attending SFS over the years. At SFS, they have learned from excellent teachers, had a wide range of educational experiences, and enjoyed wonderful facilities. We want this to continue to be the case for many children to come. Johan Greyvensteyn & Anne Gardon Parents & Faculty

Your donation is an

opportunity to affect the lives of those at SFS. it immediately impacts learning opportunities such as: academic programs extra curricular programs facility upgrades faculty training local service training programs & global service learning programs.

I donated because I know that there are people less fortunate that could still learn with us, and I could give a little to help them along. Jihoo Yang

Grade 6 Student

The benefits of this Fund will directly impact our current students, making it an invaluable resource to which our broad community may contribute. Since its establishment in 1912, Seoul Foreign School has flourished through the generosity of its former parents, alumni, faculty and friends. During this 2016-2017 school year, we will endeavor to provide our students with the unique opportunity to sharpen and coordinate their creative thinking skills, physical strength, and agility. Specifically, we have our eyes set on an indoor climbing wall that can be built into the wall of our UAC (Underwood Activity Center – new gym). According to the experts, kids can acquire a myriad of positive skills from climbing. Because climbing requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output, less athletic kids often shine, surprising even themselves. From climbing, kids can also practice and learn problem solving, because climbing is more or less a puzzle to solve, sometimes requiring the ability to back off, look at the situation anew, and start again. By sharpening their climbing skills, kids can learn to focus, concentrate, and persevere, all of which are essential skills for getting to the top. And along the way, they will gain confidence, competence, strength, and body awareness.

By making a contribution, you will be joining the many students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends who have already lovingly expressed their desire to enable the school to continue to provide extraordinary learning opportunities. Your donation, irrespective of amount, will make a profound statement of support. In the end, our aim is to continue to cultivate a loving community that practices the art of giving for a worthy cause, which is indeed an invaluable learning lesson for our children. Please join us as we work towards this achievable goal. Your gift can be designated in the following ways: · 2016-2017 Annual Fund (Indoor Climbing Wall) · Endowment · Temporarily-Restricted Funds · Building for the Future Fund

We recognize our Donors who have made gifts to any of the following Categories of Giving in our Banner magazine and Annual Report:

Categories of Giving The Heritage Club

$ 100,000+

1912 Society

$ 50,000+

The Millennium Club

$ 10,000+

Red and Black Club

$ 5,000+

The Crest Club

$ 1,000+

Centennial Club The Legacy Club

$ 100+ (under $ 99)

(US $1= 1,000 won)

Gifts may be tax-deductible and made in a variety of ways: 路 A check payable to Friends of Seoul Foreign School (US tax recepit only) or Seoul Foreign School (Korean tax receipt only) 路 Tele-banking or wire transfers to Hana Bank: 230-910010-77004 (Korean won only) or 230-910002-29338 (US dollars only) Please ensure that the name of the donor is displayed when transferring funds. Donations made to this bank account are strictly for the annual fund "unrestricted use" section. For other donations, please contact for bank account information. 路 online at 路 matching gifts welcome For more information, please contact: Esther Myong / / Yoojin Um

02-330-3116 02-330-3137

16-17 Annual Fund  
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