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HD™ Ball Plug • Custom-Color™ Pigments Insta-Patch™ Ball Repair • Ultra-Buff™ Polishing Compound

HD™ Ball Plug


2-Gallon HD™ Kit (3 half-gallon HD™ resin compound, 1 half-gallon HD™ hardener)


HD™ Resin Compound (1 half-gallon)


HD™ Hardener (1 half-gallon)

HR™ Hardener


2-Gallon HR™ Kit (3 half-gallon HD™ resin compound, 1 half-gallon HR™ hardener)


HR™ Hardener (1 half-gallon)

• Designed to produce perfect plugs in heat-sensitive situations where other products fail.

• Has proven successful in reactive resin, urethane, and polyester bowling balls.

• Great for oversize holes; designed to do the job without two-staging.

• Excellent adhesion to all cover stock materials.

• Plugs holes in thick urethane and resin cover stocks without cracking, chipping, or color burnout.

• Extremely crack, chip, and impact resistant. • Virtually no post-cure shrinkage so you will not have to worry about separation or flat spots.

• Cures in 10-16 hours at recommended temperatures.

• No air bubbles as it allows trapped air to escape before it cures. • Drills straight and true without bit chatter or chipping around the rim. • Cures in 6-8 hours at recommended temperatures. • 3:1 ratio of resin compound to hardener. • Available in 2-gallon kits.

Ball Plugging Pumps 1103-05

HD™ Pump Set (for item no. 1007-00)


HR™ Pump Set (for item no. 1005-00)

These pumps are precalibrated for use with HD™ and HR™ Ball Plug to dispense the proper 3:1 ratio of resin compound to hardener.

Insta-Patch™ Kit


Insta-Patch™ Kit

Note: HR™ Hardener is compatible with any ball type, but we do not recommend using it in polyester balls, small holes in urethane, or small holes in resin bowling balls since cure time will extend beyond 16 hours.

• Allows for fast repair of scratches, nicks, and gouges in ball surfaces.

Perma-Fill™ Engraving Fill

• Cures in about 1 hour at room temperature, and in about 5-10 minutes with an external heat source.

• Extremely impact resistant when cured and exhibits excellent adhesion to all ball surfaces. • Repairs long scratches in one application without running, even on non-horizontal surfaces.

• Compatible with ball plug tints and pigments in small amounts. • 4:1 ratio of resin to hardener.

Ball Plugging Dams 1302-08

Round Thumb Plugging Dams (150)


Oval Finger Plugging Dams (100)

• Leak-free and easy to use, exhibit excellent adhesion to all bowling ball cover stocks.


Lightning Yellow Perma-Fill™ (1oz.)

• Each 15-ounce Insta-Patch™ Kit will repair approximately 60 bowling balls.


Arctic White Perma-Fill™ (1oz.)

• The Insta-Patch™ Kit includes one 12-ounce resin, one 3-ounce hardener, 50 graduated mixing cups, and stir sticks.

Perma-Fill™ is a paste engraving fill that is totally permanent and will not discolor, fall out, or absorb fluids from the lanes. Application is easy with the included squeegee. Just place a dab in the center of the engraving and wipe back and forth in all directions. Allow it to dry for a few minutes and simply wipe away excess with a damp cloth. Solvent-free and non-toxic.

• Each box of plugging dams contains 25 concentric units that pull apart into 150 round or 100 oval dams.


5oz. Mixing Cups 1304-05

5oz. Ball Plug Mixing Cups

Perfect for ball plugging. Provides room for mixing and the markings for measuring. Contains 50 mixing cups.

Made in u.s.a.

CustomColor™ Match Kit

Plug Saver Tray 1311-05

3/4 oz. bottles

Fluorescent Color Kit

Plug Saver Tray

Eliminate waste by pouring excess plug into the Plug Saver Tray. When cured, just ‘pop’ the small plug slugs out of the tray and use them in future plugging projects. Oversize holes can be difficult to plug because the large mass of curing material creates excess heat. By using the plug slugs, less new plug material is needed to fill the hole, so the level of heat is reduced.

8/8oz. Jars 1203-05

Fluorescent Color Kit (all 7 colors)


Fluorescent Blue


Fluorescent Green


Fluorescent Red


Custom-Color™ Match Kit (all 13 colors)




Fluorescent Orange




Fluorescent Yellow




Fluorescent Pink


Fluorescent White
















Silver Pearl


Gold Pearl



UltraBuff™ Ball Polishing Compound 5106-05

UltraBuff™ Ball Polishing Compound (2-Pack)

• Features a hybrid blend of wax and polishing compounds. This technology produces an ultra high gloss on any type of bowling ball.

Formulated from pigments, not dyes, Tech-Line Custom-Colors™ allow you to create extremely accurate matches in any type of bowling ball. The pigments we use are similar to those used by the bowling ball manufacturers. Produce opaque colors at high concentrations and translucent colors at low concentrations. Use with the Tech-Line Color Match Guide to make matching a ‘snap’. The Custom-Color™ Match Kit includes each of the 13 colors listed, but colors are also sold separately.

• Designed for maximum compatibility. Can be used in virtually all polishing machines. • Each case contains 2 blocks of polishing compound. “Not only does UltraBuff™ do a great job polishing, but it also gives the ball a little more skid-snap reaction. I have started using it on my own equipment with very good results and our customers are very happy also.” ~ Rich Orf (Ray Orf’s Pro Shop)

Bevel Knife 1404-05

3-Edge Bevel Knife

The Tech-Line Bevel Knife has a 4-inch steel blade for beveling finger and thumb holes. The steel blade is securely fitted into a wood handle that is wrapped with a coil brace to ensure strength and durability.


Matching fluorescent bowling balls is a breeze with Tech-Line’s Fluorescent Color Kit. Formulated from pigments, not dyes. Allows you to create extremely accurate matches in any fluorescent bowling ball. The Fluorescent Color Kit includes each paste color listed (2 white). Colors also sold individually.

Extractor Insert Puller 1406-15

7/8” Extractor


7/8” Blade


1-1/8” Extractor


1-1/8” Blade

A reversible and replaceable steel blade makes the Extractor™ the most practical insert puller available. Solid steel construction for maximum durability. Comfortable ball handle fits in the palm of your hand.

Bubble Buster Air Release 1303-03

4oz. Bubble Buster Air Release

Eliminates air bubbles. Simply spray it on the plug surface and watch the air bubbles burst. It is available in a 4-ounce bottle with a fine-mist sprayer.

Made in u.s.a.

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