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Delta-Revolution Product Range


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What is Laser Tag? Laser tag is an entertainment game, normally played indoors. It is similar to paint ball, but uses infrared signals to “tag” the other players. Unlike paint ball, laser tag does not hurt and there are fewer accidents. As such it attracts a wider age group starting from 7 years all the way through to grand parents

Dude wearing Vest and Phaser

The Player Players wear a Vest with an attached “phaser” When the player pulls the trigger, an infrared signal from the phaser is emitted. The aim of the game is to “tag” the other team, this is done by aiming at the other player’s vest

The Game A game only needs two players, although most people prefer more than 6 players. The larger arenas can accommodate larger groups with some centres catering for 40 plus players at a time. Depending on the centre, a game can last any where from: • 7 to 8 minutes (short game) • 10 to 12 minutes (average) • 20 minutes or more.

Phaser and Vest

The Phaser and Vest The vests are illuminated with different colors to indicate what team that player belongs to. When the other player is tagged, their gun de-activates for a set time period. During this time the lights on the Vest go out (or dim) and the Phaser no longer operates. The phaser/vest re-activates after a set time (3 to 12 seconds).

Enhancements Over the years laser Tag has become more advanced - to cater for technically savvy children and young adults. These enhancements add more game depth and excitement and are designed to entice players to come back on a regular basis. Enhancements include: • Membership • Arena Components • Different Game Styles

Arena Theming Arenas are designed to be dark, exciting and mysterious environments for the teams to play in. They are created using partitions (walls) that are normally about 2 metres high and are arranged for players to hide behind. These partitions are often themed with with “glow in the dark” paint and the entire arena illuminated with a grid of U.V.

The Arena Games are played within a specially built arena and these vary in size from • 150 sq.m (small) to • 450 sq.m (medium) to • Large at 600 sq.m plus. In the standard game groups are split into two teams, although there are other game styles which have multiple teams (represented by many vest colors).

The history In 1982, George Carter III began the process of designing an arena-based system for playing a scored version of the game, a possibility which had initially occurred to him in 1977 while watching the film Star Wars. He opened the first Photon center in Dallas, Texas on March 24, 1984. Wikipedia

Fluorescent lighting (black lights) Theming can vary from simply painting the walls through to more elaborate props such as robots, spaceships, dinosaurs etc. Additional ambiance can be created with Lighting, haze machines, lasers etc. During the game, a sound system plays music (normally loud) to further enhance the gaming atmosphere. Many arena’s have multi-levels.

Delta Strike International Welcome to Delta Strike’s Revolution Product Range: The worlds most advanced Laser Tag system • Extremely rugged to withstand heavy commercial use • Incredibly fast throughput to maximise your profits • Solder-free modular parts for rapid, easy repair • The most advanced features to keep your customers coming back - time after time This Revolution product range caters for all situations... from your basic laser tag system for quick,easy games, all the way through to Ultra-Interactive Theme Park projects that require massive through-put capabilities. Call us today and find out how Delta Strike’s systems will maximize your profits.

Doug Willems, Company Director

David Lowe, Company Director

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The Software Suite Software Suite Browser Based Membership Booking & POS Software Fastest Throughput World of Games Just like Computer Games

Easy To Fix

Anyone can fix - It’s all modular!

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Systems Choose your System!

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Feature List All the features you could want

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“Sleek, modern and very robust”

Phaser can be tagged

Forward Facing Speakers

Enables phasers to be hit from the front and the sides... no more hiding behind corners!

Powerful speaker send strong, clean weapon sounds towards the target players.

Internal LED Lights

Colourful LED lights inside the case help to create the look of a sci-fi movie scene, and also assists players in identifying allies and opposing players.

Rear Speaker

Provides gaming messages to players throughout the game - very immersive.

Function Buttons

Vibrating Hit Sensor (inside)

Button 1: Players can change their weapons (virtual). Button 2: Allows members to view their gaming statistics.

Optical Trigger

This newly designed lever trigger uses an internal optical sensor... This means there are no switch contacts to wear out ensuring continuous & extended reliability.

Capacitive Hand Sensor

Auto detects both hands are on the phaser - excellent safety feature (can be deactivated).

Built To u gh

• • • • •

Optical trigger - no contacts to wear out Industry’s most durable vest-to-gun cable duct system Clamp-less internal cables, prevents wire damage Plugs designed to remain securely in sockets Capacitive hand sensor - no switch contacts to wear out

Lets the player ‘feel’ it when they are shot for added game play excitement.

Comfort Handle

Designed for ages 6 years and up, the handle is contoured for optimal comfort.

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“Designed for all Futuristic space warriors” Wireless Programming

High-Impact Case

Delta Strike phasers can be reprogrammed wirelessly, eliminating the need to open the phaser every time a software upgrade is provided.

State-of-the-art, injection molded casing (three times tougher than ABS plastic) for light-weight superior strength.

Multi-Beam Spread

Guns fire both narrow-angle beams for a rifle effect and wide-angle beams for a shotgun effect – just like computer games!.

Brighter LCD Display

Our clear, high resolution graphical display shows more gaming information than any other product on the market... plus the backlight illuminates with the players team colour!

Rubber Nozzle

Reduces both injuries to players and damage to the phaser.

RFID Members Log On Members can log onto a phaser using printed membership cards – easy and very fast.

Wireless PC Control

Provides exciting features like realtime scoring and in-game powerups. Wireless control also speeds up game turn-around times to increase your profits.

Built To u gh

Shock Detector

Warns staff that a gun is being ‘misused’ and turns it off – ensuring wear and tear on the gun is minimised.

• • • • •

Injection moulded casing - tougher than vacuum molded Macro blended plastic casing - even tougher! Circuitry mounted on shock absorber mounts Internal structural ribs for the case reinforcement Shock detector warning to prevent misuse



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Larger black casing with access to all features

Smaller transparent case with internal LED lighting and access to all features

Smaller transparent case with internal LED lighting and simple features

Sci fi, serious

Sci fi, other world

Sci fi, other world

6 year plus – particularly teenagers

6 year plus

6 years plus

Stand Alone centres and FECs

Stand Alone centres and FECs

FEC looking for simplest game

Black plastic

Smokey grey transparent

Smokey grey transparent


Avatar, Score, Messages, Shield level, Weapon choice

Avatar, Score, Messages, Shield level, Weapon choice

Avatar, Score, Messages

Extra Weapons


Reload Weapon


Extra game buttons




Wide angle IR


Teams (colors)




Compatible with all

Compatible with all

Base station compatible only


20 plus

20 plus


Game Editing


Membership option


460mm (18”)

370mm (14.5”)

370mm (14.5”)

The look Target Age Group Target Market Plastic Body Internal LED lights LCD Display

Arena Components Sound Editing Number of Games


Size Comparison The Delta Strike Revolution and Evolution phasers, compared to scale to give an accurate lending of the difference in physical size. 370mm (14.5”) 460mm (18”)


Hardware: VEST

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“This leather vest interacts during game play, illuminating with dazzling colors which flash, dissolve and rotate - wow factor like no other”

Shoulder Sensors

Each shoulder sensor contains two receptors so a player may be hit from front or behind. Colors: 6 plus. Display patterns: fade, flash, dissolve etc.

Leather Vest

Designed to fit ages six years and up, have the look and feel of a rugged futuristic space warrior. The unique properties of leather make these vests highly durable and resistant to unpleasant sweat odours associated with synthetic-based vests. Plus, leather actually looks better as it ages.

Polycarbonate Body Sensors

Highly-durable injection moulded shells are tough enough to be driven over by a car. Utilising a tinted polycarbonate plastic, complete with body armor detailing, these body sensors look as tough as they actually are.

Adjustable Waist Belt

The adjustable waist belt is designed to suit customers of all ages and all sizes. Light enough for a six year old and adjustable enough for a sumo wrestler! The strap/buckle system is very easy to use, ensuring fast turnaround times.

Gun Connection Cable

Phasers are connected to the vest via a robust reinforced rubber hose. The internal wires utilizes a unique non-clamping wire system to prevent crimping damage that plagues the vast majority of other laser tag systems.

“We have been really impressed, we love it, in fact everybody loves it. - Really like the leather vests, we have seen so many other products and the Delta Strike system looks so much more modern.” Ross McMillan Regional Manager AMF Bowling

Selectable Team Colours

Available team colours are red, green, blue, magenta, gold and silver. The super-bright LED’s can revolve and flash in many different patterns depending on what mode the vest is in (alive, hit, tagged, standby, charge etc).


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The fastest Remote in the Universe... Although games can be started and stopped using the Game Control software this makes it difficult for staff to interact naturally with your customers. Delta Strike recognized that the remote control played a very important role in insuring fast player through-put. We wanted a remote that could process more than 95% or more of the games without having to go back to the computer all the time... and here it is... Imagine this.. You are at the beginning of a game and your

customers are all wearing their phaser packs. You press the red button and simply sweep the remote in front of the 1st group... You now have a Red team. Repeat for the Blue team and players are ready to go through - very fast, very efficient. Alternatively - use the auto-color select mode - its even faster! As a game plays out, operators can view both the remaining game time as well as the final game score - directly from the remote’s LCD display.

“A perfect laser tag remote can process more than 95% of your games” Infrared Emitter

Sweep across players to change colours and reset packs very quickly.

Graphic Display

Provides game information and extra menus to the operator.

Dedicated Function Buttons

For fast action operations such as: change vest colour, reset, start/stop game.

Programmable Buttons

Functions include: change rank, change game type, single-handed mode, friendly fire, extra colours...

Wireless Transceiver Communicates with the main computer.

This is the Perfect Remote The Delta Strike remote incorporates both Infrared and RF technologies to provide the most efficient and effective laser tag remote control on the market - look at these features: • • • • •

Reset guns Change vest colours (6 available) Add a player to an existing game Activate single handed mode Activate friendly fire mode

• • • • •

Start and stop games Change the type of game Display the score for the current game Display the time left for the current game And more...


ARENA COMPONENTS Highly Interactive Arena’s create Mysterious and Compulsive Game-play, ...enticing your players to come back

Base Stations: Delta Strike’s Base Stations are absolutely packed full of interactive gaming features allowing players to tag the Base Stations and the Base Station can tag players back. Base Stations provide an excellent array of functions, including but not limited to: 1) Base Control: Team players can “capture” a Base Station by tagging it repeatedly. 2) Upgrades: When the lights flash red, players shoot to receive phaser or shield upgrades.

3) Arena Influence: When Base Stations are tagged, they can change how other arena components behave. Feature List: Audio: sound and voice, Light: multicolored dim/flash/strobe, IR signal: shoot out and receive Activate external devices Receive external activations Multipurpose programmable RF (Wifi) Control/Programmable

• • • • • • •

Energy Gates: Delta Strike’s energy-gates use high intensity light beams to illuminate doors within the arena. These gates can be illuminated to any colour and depending on the game. Energy Gates provide an excellent array of functions, including but not limited to: 1) Gateways: The gateway is perfect for implementing a dynamically changing doorway. For instance, if the spotlights are green, then only green team members may pass through this gateway, while other team colours will get tagged.

2) Re-spawn Gates: Some games require that tagged players return to a ‘respawn gate’, in order for their packs to be reactivated. Feature List: Light: Multicolored dim/flash/strobe, IR Signal: shoot out and receive Activate external devices Receive external activations Multipurpose programmable RF (Wifi) Control/Programmable

• • • • • •

(Requires haze in arena)

Targets: Targets are attached to any wall in the arena. Targets provide an excellent array of functions, including but not limited to: 1) Re-supplying a player with ammo or energy 2) Giving out phaser and shield upgrades 3) Influencing other arena components, such as energy gates and laser shooters

Feature List: • Audio: Sound and voice, • Light: Multicolored dim/flash/strobe, • IR Signal: shoot out and receive • Activate external devices • Receive external activations • Multipurpose programmable • RF (Wifi) Control/Programmable

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Massive Interactivety brings the world of computer games to real life You are the game

Prop’ Interactivety Kit The Interactively kit will bring your prop to life. Imagine this scenario... The game begins, 3 minutes later the lights start flashing, the music lowers to a quiet heart beat. The message “Defend yourself, Robo-prop is armed and dangerous” is announced. All of a sudden the Robo-prop itself starts making guttural growling sounds and sending laser lights into the haze. Any players in the vicinity will be tagged. Players can try and tag the Robo-prop - the team that is tagging the Robo-prop the most will start to earn points. In fact,

the Robo-prop will start to illuminated with their team colour. At the same time players can still tag each other. Very exciting and totally immersive. Interactively kits can control • Lighting • Animatronics • Haze machines • Lasers, relays and more Delta Strikes game control software, allows you to program events to happen when and how you desire. Your arena becomes your story.

You build a robot or a rocket, it costs you $6,000, it looks fantastic... But, nobody see’s it because they’re to busy playing! Bring it to life with a Prop interactivety kit

Laser Turret The fixed turret is a device that can be mounted onto walls or props and prominent features within the arena. When the laser beam pulses, players know the turret is trying to tag them. With certain games, players can also fire back to de-activate the fixed turret. (Haze Recommended)

Feature List: Laser output IR Signal: shoot out and receive Activate external devices Receive external activations Multipurpose programmable RF (Wifi) Control/Programmable

• • • • • •

Crystal Lighting Utilising high- tech LED’s to provide a stunning arena ambiance, these crystals illuminate with vivid colors which flash, dissolve, dim & strobe between colours.

Crystals are intelligent... they provide information to players during a game. For example, the crystal lights surrounding a base station will illuminate with the winning teams color.

Spotlights Delta Strike’s spotlights are used to project coloured light and can be used to illuminate walls, props and other prominent features in the arena.

Spotlights are intelligent... they can flash, dissolve, dim and strobe between colours, all depending on what is happening in the game (Requires haze in arena)

Delta-Ware Software SUITE

Browser Based Software Suite

Access anytime, anywhere‌ Utilising the latest proven web-based programming languages employed by companies such as Google and Apple Inc., Delta Strike’s new software suite can now be run directly from web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Explorer. Modern and incredibly secure.







Game Management

Controls and Displays game operations: Although everything in system is automated, you can still over-ride these operations from the Control Center. Stop/Start games, increase/decrease games times, print score sheets, select game types and many more functions

Equipment Control:

From this panel operators can control Phasers, and Arena components directly As Items change mode, this information is instantly updated on the screen in real time. You can stop/start and change the modes on these items as required.

Game Editor

Allows Editing, Cloning and Creation of new Laser Tag Games: Delta Strike software already comes with many slick well-designed games. As an operator you can clone these and modify them to create your own. Utilising a time-line graph, users can now create or modify games in a way that is incredibly visual and intuitive.

Weapon Editor

Allows Editing, Cloning and Creation of new Weapons and Attachments: The Weapon Editor comes pre-programmed with a multitude of different kinds of weapons such as the Disrupter Beam and Ionizing Canon. You can clone current weapons and modify them to create your own by varying sounds, fire rates, damage, and many more characteristics within the software

Membership Management

When a player signs up to be a member, all their details are stored and maintained within this module. You and your staff can activate members, delete them, export member lists, assign new membership cards, add points and a host of other actions


This is the Members software and it has been designed to run on a touch screen tablet. Players can log-in and review their statistics, purchase new weapons and configure their phasers for use in their next Members game. (please refer to pages 14 and 15)

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All the features you will ever need Software that is incredibly simple to use, yet provides all the extra “nice to haves”

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Continuous Play

Continuous play allows you to put a new group into the arena, while a game is already in progress. This means that the group doesn’t have to wait in line to have a game - providing faster throughput, happier customers and a better turnover for you.

Score Printing

Score sheets are printed automatically when a game is finished, ready for players when they come out of the arena. The printout displays statistics for both the players and the teams. Plus, a worm graph provides a visual display of the scores throughout the game.

Score Screen

Animated score screens display real-time game scores to friends and family in the lobby area. When multiple games are in play, the score screen is able to cycle between individual games.

Game Music

Arena music can be started and stopped automatically using the story board game play. Delta Strike has its own royalty free music which is saved on the game control computer as an MP3 format. Operators can change the game music at any time.

Wireless Upgrading

New software can be uploaded to phasers without the need to even open the phaser case.

True Multi-Lingual Support

Non-English speaking countries, you will love this feature… with Delta Strike’s control software, you will be able to change languages with a simple setting.

“Having the Members Kiosk in Italion has been greatly appreciated by our Members ”

Multiple Teams

Lost Space Lasergame, Cuneo

The game control software can create games consisting of 6 or more teams. Each team is provided with a different colour and each team is scored separately.

Player Database Club

Player databases are considered to be the ultimate, most costeffective marketing tool. As the owner you can create any clubs, and the members can be linked through to as many clubs they are interested in joining. Perhaps they would like to come along to the Tuesday night league club, or the Sunday Church Club. Clubs provide business owners with an excellent mechanism to send targeted advertising to members.

Browser Based SOFTWARE Browser Based Software

new concept Using the latest proven web-based programming Delta Strike’s new Software suite can now be run directly from web browsers such as Chrome or Safari. Faster, sleeker, easier to use, more features and extremely secure.

Black Box Lap-Top

Center Wide Access

The Black box Lap-Top resides away from operations (back room) and runs a web server that distributes Delta Strike’s software modules to operators as and when they require them. Note: The centres daily operations do not rely on an internet connection.

If you have a computer in your centre with a browser - You can access the Delta-Ware Software Suite. As such, multiple software installations are no longer required for each computer This allows centre staff to monitor games from any PC in the building.


Browser based Software Suite

Front Desk PC

Manager PC

Member’s Tablet

Phaser Packs

Wifi Modem



Head Office Access:

With an internet connection, functionality is extended even further. Owners can check on how things are going from home, when away on business, basically anywhere in the world. Simply login with your user name and password. Companies with multiple centres can take advantage of centralised reporting abilities, enabling head office to automatically access and print reports on income, throughput etc.

Member’s Home PC

Member Access from Home

The new browser-based game software system allows members to log in and access their membership from home. They can configure their own profiles so that next time they visit your site they can use these profiles when there is a members game - an incredible incentive to come and play more games at your centre.

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Ultimate Software Security Your daily operations rely on a system that is totally secure, Here’s how Delta Strike’s software suite protects your business: Virus Protection If the operating software becomes corrupt - your centre stops working: no income and very disappointed customers. Virus corruption often happens with staff using the internet, downloading songs and games etc SOLUTION: Delta Strike’s Black Box server is isolated from all other PC’s on the system - just the same as say Google servers are from anyone surfing the internet. Software Corruption This can cause corruption of the daily operations, including the phaser guns themselves. SOLUTION: Delta Strike’s new software allows you to restrict access to particular users, so your equipment / software stays in safe hands. Sensitive Information or Data Obviously access from either staff, or even worse, the public, is always a concern. SOLUTION: As the system owner, you decide who can access which parts of the Delta Strike system. User names and passwords within a hierarchical access tree are used to block staff out as required. And the outside world?... No need to worry! We have utilised the same software systems employed by banking companies: Nobody can access the main server, apart from those with administration rights.

“Faster, sleeker, and extremely secure”

MEMBERSHIP Members are able to create and develop their own personal character (Avatar) by earning points during game play, and then use these points to equip themselves with exciting upgrades and weapons during Members games. Membership is interactive, high tech and impossible for players to resist. Most importantly, Membership Encourages Repeat Business

Members earn points - every time they play


At the beginning of a game, the Member logs-onto their gun simply by swiping past their Member’s Card past the log-on logo. Their Avatar name will be displayed on the phaser screen and they will have access to weapons they had previously purchased from the Members Kiosk. Members earn points every time they tag another player or shoot targets.

Membership Cards

Members Kiosk (touch Screen)

$ E



These are the size of Credit Card and allow Members to log-on to both their Phaser as well as the Members kiosk Delta Strike utilises proximity cards (also known as RFID cards) that can be printed onto, providing an excellent medium for advertising.

Buy more weapons, ... Players become more powerful Members can log-onto the Members touch screen Kiosk. Using the points they earned during a Game they can purchase extra weapons and extra attachments. Next time they play a members game, they can utilise these weapons and attachments.

Before a Member can get access to more weapons - they need to play more games Weapons “wear out” to ensure a continuous purchase cycle

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Membership Makes Money - It’s a beautiful thing! Once Members start to join, membership becomes Viral ... Here’s what happens:1) Other non-members want what their friends have - special prices, extra weapons, access to the membership kiosk, access to member only games. So they join as well 2) Players buy games so they can get access to new weapons 3) As soon as a member has upgraded to a new weapon, they want the next, more advanced weapon - so they play more games! 3) They see their friends earn points and they automatically want to beat their score

Membership can give this extra “Icing on the Cake” income

....And so it goes on.... Saturdays and Sundays are normally the busiest days of the week. As such we recommend that Membership games are used during the weekdays - this ensures that games are kept simple during your busy weekends and members start to occupy the quieter weekdays time-slots.


Excellent Profit




Without Membership








Average Profit



4) Once they have that new weapon they’ve been saving their points for - they will want to play another game just to try it out!

With Membership

Tablet Kiosk

Tablets are a very new and exciting technology and as luck would have it - ideal for members to access their membership profiles. Delta Strike’s Membership software is designed specifically to utilise the wonderfully popular swipe and touch tablet interface. Tablets are also well suited to business operators - far cheaper than a PC/touch screen combination, lower maintenance and easy to install.

Access via I-phone & Smart-phone

Imagine this, you get 12 members coming into your centre and they all want to use the membership kiosks at once. Solution: The smart-phone. Once your members are inside your centre, they connect to your local Wi-fi, log into their membership using their user-name and password and they are in!. They can now configure their next membership game directly from their I-phone or smart-phone.

Membership from home!

Members can access their membership details from home… By logging into the centre’s website, your members will be able to directly access their membership screen and view their game statistics as well as the Best Player statistics. And even better, they can configure from home how their gun will operate next time they play. Next time they arrive at your centre to play a members game, they simply log-on to a gun and it’s already configured to go!

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Delta Strike’s Windows-based software packages cater specifically to the laser tag industry. Designed for either touch screen or mouse operation and sporting a colorful, intuitive interface, these programs are industry leaders.

Booking Software

Point of Sale


This calendar based program allows bookings to be created, moved, duplicated, modified, and deleted.

The Point of Sale program allows payments for games, party room bookings, party food, merchandise, drinks and sweets.

The administration panel enables the manager to customize our laser tag management software to suit particular requirements, including: pricing of the games and merchandise, discount options, time-slot size, and game types.

Operators can book games and party rooms, scheduling well into the future. In fact the software will account for leap years, holidays, closing times and staff breaks. Other features include: confirmation alarms, deposit payments, customer retention information, booking audit checking and linking from the booking software to the POS software.

Upcoming games are displayed ready for the operator to process for payment. Receipts can be printed as required and all item buttons can be configured by the manager.

Numerous reports provide managers with customer and transaction details including: cash-up, takings, score, bookings, fund-raising, and party room bookings.

Customer Survey: A valuable feature within the administration section is the Customer Survey Feature This tool prompts staff to ask survey questions during the booking process. It can be set up to ask only one question per booking or as many as you need. It comes with a standard set of survey questions, which can be deleted, added to or changed, to suit your specific requirements The result is that operators can gather information on who their customers are, where they come from and what is important to them - such valuable feedback is essential to operators who wish to optimize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts

“Absolutely love the software, the way it flows, it’s very intuitive, flexible, and reliable. Garry Murdoch Owner of Laser Land

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Fastest THROUGH-PUT The bulk of your profits are made on your busiest days, as they say... Make hay while the sun shines. We have worked very hard at creating systems that will get as many people through your doors as possible - fast, efficient and reliable

MAKING IT HUM Quick, Easy Automated Get them in Get them out

1 2

3 4

Automated Equipment: Delta Strike’s system is the world’s

most automated system available. The operator simply pushes the game button on the remote and then the start button... the system does the rest...start game, start music, activate smoke machine, game an-

nouncements, print scores, stop music, display score screen... etc. etc.

Vests are very easy to change: Delta Strike has worked with clothing designers to create a leather vest which players intuitively know how to put on and take off. Very fast and very effective!

Auto Colour Select: Vest colours are automatically allocated at the push of a button - greatly decreasing the time to sort groups into teams. (The traditional selection of players can still be used if desired) Radio Game Start and Stop: Vests are activated & de-activated using RF modems (wi-fi) - all at the same time. Many times faster than infrared systems that can only activate one vest at a time.

Easy to Play Games: Delta Strike has created a default game for your busiest days - point-aim-tag... very simple and fast. Note: A variety of complex games are also available for Members.

Fast Score Download: Delta Strike’s system uploads the scores wirelessly (RF) so that by the time the players have taken off their vests, their score sheets are already being printed.

Events to “Program the Customers” Delta Strike’s event base software can automatically broadcast announcements over the sound system such as count-downs to the end of the game. This works exceedingly well at migrating players toward the vesting room encouraging quicker game turnarounds.

WORLD OF GAMES Delta Strike offers an extraordinary variety of games to keep your regular customers coming back - time after time.



Advanced Holdout

Free-for-all No teams! As an individual player, you are pitting yourself against all others in the arena. Sharpen your reaction times, increase your accuracy and work on your evasion tactics. Score the most points to come out as the winner.

Zombie Delta Strike’s own version of the classic ‘infection’ game, Zombie takes the battle of good versus evil to a whole new level. The uninfected must fight off the zombies before they can spread, while the zombies seek to zombie-fy everyone in the arena.

Combining Zombie and Ammunition Tag, Holdout is ideal for players adept at the art of surviving the apocalypse and wanting more of a challenge. Armed with ammunition weapons, the un-infected must battle not only the zombie horde, but also to keep a foothold near the ammo drops, or else risk running their weapons dry.

Delta Tag


The classic Delta Strike

Ammunition Tag

game. Two or more teams

Delta Tag with a tactical flair. Just

older base capture game, Ter-

battle it out to score the most

like name suggests, Ammunition

ritories has players battling to

points. Multiple weapons

Tag uses Delta Strike’s am-

defend base stations and the

and a personal shield

munition based weapons. Players

surrounding area. Points are

ensure the game remains

have to manage their ammuni-

gained for every second your

challenging, while the

tion levels, both in the weapon’s

team holds a base station after

power-ups and bonus points

magazine as well as their personal

capturing it, and the more base

up for grabs keep players on

ammunition stock levels.

stations your team holds, the

their toes.

The remake of Delta Strike’s

more points you get.

Hunter Ammo

Delta FEC


The Family Entertainment

The most popular non-linear

Ammo ramps the difficulty

Centre game, the Delta FEC

game currently on offer from Delta

up a notch. The same stealth

is simple to both explain and

Strike, Agents is just like playing

and marksmanship theme is

play, remaining fun for par-

tag, but in reverse! Players battle

still at the forefront, but now

ents and children alike. Used

to capture the ‘intelligence’, a

players can only carry 10 shots

in theme parks and FEC’s

power that will give them points for

at a time. Ammunition can be

around the world, Delta FEC

every second it is theirs, until they

refilled at any of the ammo

ensures throughput levels

are tagged and the power is take

drops around the arena, but be

are maximized

from them.

warned, these are a good place

Similar to Hunter... Hunter

for an ambush!

One Shot

Free-for-all Ammo

Team Hunter Ammo

Watch out, your shields are

The next step up from Ammunition

For those who like team games,

turned off! Tag players on

Tag, there are no teams in this

but also enjoy the stealth of

opposing teams just once to

game. Players cannot rely on their

Hunter, Team Hunter Ammo

disable them, while avoiding

team to cover them, nor on reload

allows players to play as two

being tagged yourself. Like

stations being unguarded. Not

or more teams. From two man

Delta Tag, multiple weapons,

only must players deal with their

sniper teams to 10 man hunting

power-ups and bonus points

own ammunition levels, they must

parties; Team Hunter Ammo

make this an ultra dynamic

defend ammunition drops to starve

provides excellent tactical game


others of ammunition.


One Shot Free for All


No teams! Or shields! One

free-for-all based game focuses

Shot Free for All takes all

on stealth and marksmanship over

the fast paces action of One

more traditional laser tag styles.

Shot and combines it with

Armed with a high damage, slow

the mayhem of Free for All.

firing weapon, players must track

As one of the fastest paced

each other down, and eliminate

games, it is ideal for smaller

them with the first shot, least the

groups of players looking for

sound of the shot attract other

adrenaline burst.


Ever wanted to be a sniper? this

Species Like the name suggest, each team is a different species. The Humans, Cyborgs and Aliens each have different stats, weapons and skills, and are all battling for control of the arena. Players must adapt and work as a team, changing their tactics based on their given species.

Page 20

Create your own Games... Very intuitive With Delta Strike’s equipment you can clone existing games, edit them and then create your own. The Game Editor software has a vast number of variables that can be adjusted to create laser tag games never seen before. games and each game has its own unique story-board.



0.00 Phasers activated



0.01 Haze machines activated 7

4.30 Dispense rapid fire


0.02 Music starts


4.50 Activate energy gates


0.03 Base stations activated 9

5.10 Target 2 activated

Delta Strike Game Creation software utilises an event based software that assembles games in a story board style. When a game starts, the software coordinates and controls everything in the arena during a game including : 1) phaser guns 2) Sound system 3) Haze machines 4) Scores Screens 5) Arena components, lighting etc. etc.

4.00 Strobe lights activated 10

8.30 Commence count down

10.00 Phasers deactivated

“Automation in laser tag equates directly to profits the faster you can process games, the more money you will make in an hour. “

Game Play Instruction Delta Strike provides a World of Games Manual These sheets can be laminated and provided to Members in folders so players can familiarise themselves with upcoming games

“One of the many reasons we choose to go with Delta Strike’s Revolution product was the system is very customisable. We can create new weapons, new games and then make these available to our Members; It’s a very powerful system” Lost Space Lasergame, Cuneo

Just LIKE Computer Games

The computer game industry is absolutely thriving - the budgets behind the development of many computer games are regularly exceeding budgets for box office movies...

Page 21

...we asked ourselves “What is that makes computer games so exciting and compelling?” and how can we incorporate these elements into laser tag, here are the results...

“Personally I feel the Delta Strike system is like stepping into a realistic game, you can change weapons, have rapid fire and a shield which regenerates. The customers absolutely love it and the staff are also very pleased with it.” Chuck Starrit General Manager, Star Tracks


Most computer games allow players to have their own avitar (character)name. Delta Strike phaser guns each have a preprogrammed avitar, selected by you the laser tag owner. Members can create their own avitar and these will be uploaded to the phaser gun.

Game Messages

During the game the “Info” panel will provide players will helpful information and tips.

Extra Weapons & Tools

Another common element within most computer games is that as points are earned, players can purchase extra weapons and power packs to use in their game. Laser Tag has never had this feature … Until now!

Extra Buttons

Computer games use keyboards and game consoles use game controllers – either way players have excellent control over their game due to these additional buttons. Delta Strike Phaser Guns have 2 action buttons plus a trigger providing extended game play functionality.

Earn Game Points

As with computer games, members accumulate points every time they play. This is such a basic yet profitable requirement - it keeps your regular players competing against their friends (and coming back!).


In the vast majority of laser tag games, when a player has been tagged once, that’s it! Their gun immediately deactivates for 10 seconds, With computer games it takes 3 or 4 hits before they are “tagged”. Delta Strike laser tag equipment emulates this operation wonderfully. Players have a shield which reduces every time a player is hit. If they are hit enough times, their weapon de-activates. (The shield can be deactivated by the operator if desired)

Heads Up Display

All first person shooter PC games have a HUD (Heads Up Display) This displays detail information on their game status such as weapon being used, shield level etc. To emulate this, Delta Strike use a Graphics Display providing the industries largest and most detailed display yet.


Page 22

Laser tag arenas are hellish environments. Phasers and vests get smashed against walls, dropped on the floor, sweated on, given the “Tug of war” treatment, and are often vandalised. We have worked very hard to build this product to be extremely tough . There is however no system on the planet that is invincible... At some stage equipment will need to be fixed We know this and Delta Strike have gone all-out to make servicing as easy as possible for your staff...

Plug & Play Spare Parts

All of the electronic components for the Delta Strike equipment are modular. If a component is no longer working, unplug it and plug in a new one - very quick and simple. Your staff do not have to be experienced technicians to help fix equipment. In fact we insist no soldering should be applied to Delta Strike’s equipment during servicing.

No Soldering Required

Labelled Circuit Boards

If you unplug more than one module - you will need to know which plug goes where. Delta Strike label all the sockets on the circuit boards. Our sockets also have a locator tag ensuring they can only plug back in one direction. Staff can now unplug virtually every module within the phaser and vest and then re-assemble back to working order - so easy!

All Staff can Repair

We have designed our equipment so anyone can fix it - male, female, young or old. If your staff are common sense people - train them up! When you buy a system from Delta Strike, we are very happy to provide service training to everyone and anyone that is going to be there on the training day.

Repair Manuals

Delta Strike repair manuals are designed for non-technical people to use and include diagrams, repair tips and common fault diagnoses. Delta Strike’s Phaser gun displays also provide error messages for commonly occurring faults such as cable disconnections.

Wireless Upgrades

When Delta Strike provides Software upgrades - you don’t have to open every phaser gun or arena component. Simply download the latest update and apply it!

Help from Delta Strike

Delta Strike Support is available by phone, mobile and Web-Cam for urgent matters or e-mail for non-urgent requirements. Delta Strike provides a 24 hour help-line to not only get you started, but also to provide ongoing assistance and support.

“Since our Revolution system was installed the amount of repair work has been absolutely minimal. Even better, when repair work is required, it’s extremely easy to fix since everything is lablled and modular.” Mark Smith AMF - Forest Hill

CHOOSE YOUR SYSTEM Family Entertainment Centres (FEC’s) Phaser & Vest

FEC’s are multi-entertainment centres, they often provide food, arcade games and a number of other entertainment services such as bowling, wall climbing etc. As such, Laser Tag service is not the main reason people go the your FEC centre. There are two main groups: 1) Social Groups. This group will be your main income earners They generally want a quick game of Laser Tag and then they’ll be moving onto bowling or some other activity. As such, the laser tag games needs to be quick and easy to


Page 23

learn... Delta Strike has the perfect Game - It’s called FEC Game ... point- aim-tag... It’s the easiest game available! 2) Dedicated Players Dedicated Players like more involved games - they are the enthusiasts. If you want to attract a local community of Dedicated Players for weekday profits you may wish to consider expanding your systems functionality with Membership as well as extra Arena Components such as Targets and Energy gates.

Required Score Screen

Server & S/W

Score Printer


Base Station



Crystal Lights


Energy Gates

Laser Turrets

Light Cones

Prop Interactivety Kit

DMX Integration

Arena Components (page 8-9)

Highly Recommended


Stand Alone Laser Tag

A Stand-Alone Laser Tag Centre is one where the main entertainment service is Laser Tag.. If you are looking at setting up such a service then the extra bells and whistles are going to be more important. For Standalone centres we highly recommend the following:


Phaser & Vest

1) Membership Excellent for bring in those dedicated players during the quieter weekdays

2) Extra Arena Components This will make your arena a lot more exciting and also expands the number of different games that are available to you (some more advanced games required extra arena components) If you have an exciting prop like a Robot or a Dinosaur, consider livening it up with our Delta Strike “Prop Interactivety Kit” - it can then become part of the game play

Required Server & S/W

Score Screen

Score Printer

Required Base Station


Highly Recommended Crystal Lights


Energy Gates

Laser Turrets

Light Cones

Prop Interactivety Kit

Arena Components (page 8-9)

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended


DMX Integration

Page 24

Theme - Parks

Phaser & Vest

Theme Parks - need ZING Theme Parks need to be Laser Tag on Steroids...Ultra-interactive, with a high intensity creative “story-line” Theme Parks are a specialty of Delta Strike’s: 1) Specially Programmed Games Delta Strike can create games specific to your theme. These stories can have a beginning, middle and end. They can have missions and goals for players to achieve. We will work with you to create the storyline to suit your attraction


2) Ultra Interactive Delta Strike recommend you use many Arena Components because Theme Park

Required Server & S/W

customers will be expecting something extraordinary. Our Arena Components can integrate with DMX lighting , haze machines as well as animatronics. If you have a number of Prop’s, consider livening them up with our Delta Strike “Prop Interactivety Kit” - these Prop’s can then become an integrated part of the game play 2) Ultra Fast Throughput The number one consideration for Themeparks is fast throughput and Delta Strike’s advanced Software and hardware systems are designed specifically to handle this

Score Screen


Base Station

Crystal Lights


Energy Gates

Laser Turrets

Light Cones

Prop DMX Interactivety Kit Integration

Arena Components (page 8-9)

Use of many is highly recommended

Mobile Systems

Phasers (vests optional)

Portable Server & Software

A mobile Laser Tag service needs to be.... very mobile! 1) Very light and easy to move around 2) Incredibly quick to set-up 3) Reliable during game play Delta Strike’s Mobile system fits the bill perfectly. The Main PC is a laptop and since Delta Strike’s guns and remote control are Wi-fi compatible, no external RF modems are required... Just turn on the Laptop, guns and remote, start the software and your running. You can also have sound start

and stop automatically direct from the laptop and you get access to a number of different gaming styles with Delta Strikes Game Control software Continuous-play-mode: Delta Strike software can run games in continuousplay-mode, providing really fast throughput - refer page 11 Easy Upgrade: Delta Strike’ mobile system can be upgraded to a full system for use within a permanent arena - the same guns are used

Alternative Outdoor Capable Gun Kit Outside use: Remote


Delta Strike’ standard indoor gun can be modified for outside use - The infrared firing distance can be extended, a scope attached and even a Rifle Stock attached. With Delta Strikes advanced Game control Software, you don’t just end up with a outdoor laser tag system - you end up with the worlds most advanced outdoor laser tag game play.

Attachable Scope

Extended Shooting Range

Up to 30 metres outdoors – in the sun!

Attachable rifle Stock

Attached to provide a heftier, outdoor style.


Free Arena Designs

Delta Strike can help design an arena concept for you. Simply e-mail your building plans through to us and we will create design concepts in 3D to suit your building layout. This service is free to all Delta Strike product purchases (we ask for a small deposit to be provided in advance that will be refunded back against the purchase of a laser tag system) When you send scanned images we will need accurate data to work from to provide effective information back to you, this would include: 1) At least 2-3 accurate dimensions shown on the plan diagram 2) The drawing is accurate and to scale 3) All rooms are correctly labelled 4) Floor heights are provided

Free Briefing and Vesting Room Designs:

We can also help you to design suitable locations for the briefing and vesting rooms to ensure maximum throughput efficiencies of customers on your busiest days.

Pre-Installation Manual

Once you are ready to start building your laser tag arena, Delta Strike will provide you with a detailed preinstallation document outlining all the specific details on how to prepare your site for your laser tag installation. This document is full of diagrams and drawings and is to be handed out to your electrician, builder and other contractors so that all parties have a full understanding of who is providing what services and when.

Collaboration with Arena Design Companies

If you are employing the services of an arena theming company to design and build your arena - no problem! We are always happy to work alongside these companies to ensure the end result is designed to suit Delta Strike’s arena components and equipment. This way you get an interactive arena that provides the very best game dynamics for your customers.

Page 25

THE Numbers

Page 26

Helpful Information when Designing your Centre We have provided some very generalized estimates for you to work from below... These numbers have been gleaned from the U.S. market - for other countries, please convert to local costs as required

Area Estimates

(for an Average sized Facility)




Total Facility

9-12,000 sq.ft

800 to 1,100 sq.m


4,500 to 6,000 sq.ft

400 to 5600 sq.m





125-150 sq.ft/pack

12 - 14 sq.m/pack

Briefing room

8 sq.ft/pack

.75 sq.m/pack

Vesting room

13 sq.ft/pack

1.2 sq.m/pack

Cost Estimates (US$

for an Average sized Facility)




Tenant Improvements:

$10 - 12/sq.ft $110 - 130/

Entire facility: Includes bringing the arena to “black box� ready for theming, bathroom renovations, party room build-out

Second Level Structures:

$20 - 25/sq.ft $215 - 270/

For wood structure

Second Level Structures:

$40 - 50/sq.ft $430 - 540/

Professional theming:

$16.00 - 20.00/ sq.ft $170 - 215/

Price is the same for briefing, vesting, and arena

Laser Tag Equipment

$75,000 to 100,000

30 player system, depending on features

Professional Fees


Accountant, attorney, architect, etc

Point of Sale

$3 - 6,000

Exterior Signage

$8 - 10,000

Computers and other Equipment


Utility Deposits


Labor Costs during training


Permits and Licensing


Working Capital

$3 months

Lease Deposit

2 months

Misc. Items


For steel structure

Trash cans, tools, office supplies, etc


Free Business Systems Looking for an efficient and profitable laser tag business - you require SYSTEMS! As a Delta Strike buyer, you will have access to a wide range of system documents specifically designed for the laser tag industry. These forms have been developed and refined over years of actual laser tag operations. As a buyer you can take these forms and adapt them to suit your business and environment - 90% of the work has been done for you!

Free Branding & Marketing New buyers can hit the ground running with our professionally-designed and proven laser tag identity. Delta Strike have created a stunning brand identity. Templates for this brand identity (valued in excess of $US 35,000) are available free of charge with a system purchase. These templates are provided in a format almost any graphic designer can use. Operators can adjust these templates to suit individual business requirements.

Free Briefing Video DVD Delta Strike provides a briefing video which explains the basic operations of the Delta Strike phaser packs as well as outlining the standard safety points.

Page 27


Page 28

Same/Next Day Dispatch Our online catalogue lists all components, along with photos, part numbers, prices and descriptions. You will find ordering parts a very quick and simple process.

Order online one day and we will dispatch the next - in fact most of the time the same day! Delta Strike’s fast and efficient online order system supplies your parts ASAP with minimal administration time and cost.

Setup and Training Delta Strike provides the following resources as part of a system purchase. • • • •

Pre-Installation Guide Software-users guide (within S/W) Hardware users manual Maintenance guide

24 Hour Help-line We consider customer satisfaction our number one priority. As such, Delta Strike provide a 24 hour help-line to not only get you started, but also to provide ongoing assistance and support. From initial startup to daily operations, you

will be able to contact us and talk to our technical assistance staff any time. In addition to this, for less urgent matters you can e-mail direct to our service department or marketing department for information and assistance.

Purchase Options Delta Strike offer a number of payment options on system purchases to suit your situation: • Cash purchase for a fast set-up and the best overall cost • Lease/lease to own - providing the lowest initial cash outlay so you can spend money on setting up your laser tag business and marketing your business when it opens. Note: All finance options are subject to approval.









For products which are not originally supplied by Delta Strike such as LCD monitors, computers and printers, Delta Strike will always supply with a 2 year warranty policy when available from the original manufacturer.


Delta Strike products carry a 2 year manufacturer’s parts replacement warranty on products which have a defect in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions. This warranty includes the gun cases, internal electronics, vests, base stations and software. This warranty does not cover acts of god, vandalism or abuse.


Manufacturer’s Warranty



Page 29

Fully Featured Everything you could ever want - and more


Reliable, Tough, Safe, Easy to fix


Reliable, Tough, and looks Fantastic!

Injection moulded casing - very tough

Quality leather - durable, looks better as it ages

Macro blended poly carbonate plastic - toughest!

Li-ion batteries - modern, lightweight, long life

Circuitry mounted on shock absorber mounts

Industries most durable vest-to-gun cable

Internal structural ribs for the toughest construction

Clamp-less internal cables, prevents wire damage

Shock Detector warning of misuse

High Impact Poly carbonate plastic circuit casing

Large rubber safety nozzle

Fully Featured

Modular, easy swap components, no soldering

Non synthetic anti-odour material

All circuitry is labelled - anyone can repair

Wireless Phaser Programming

Very Lightweight 1.2Kg (2.6lbs) for 6 years and up

Optical Trigger for long life operation

Adjustable for all ages - from 6 to sumo size

Designed for very easy, fast on-off wearing

Quick release buckles

360 tagging with front, back and shoulder sensors

Super-bright LED’s with 8 plus team colors

Multiple flash modes (alive, hit, charge, standby...)

Fully Featured •

16 Hours uninterrupted game play

Easy 1-step plug-in charging

Capacitive hand switch - for long life operation

Outdoor capable phaser

Both narrow “rifle” beam and wide angle beam

Both 1 or 2 handed operation mode

Change weapons at the touch of a button

Green Laser beam option

RFID Membership Cards - printable

Fast, easy switch to different weapons

Lightest Phaser at only 1kg (2.2lb)

Both forward and rear speakers

Dynamic phaser and voice sounds


Large Alphanumeric LCD display, bright and clear

RFID Log-in

Multicolored backlight on LCD display

Membership cards can be used - printable

Both phaser and vest can be tagged

Accumulate member information for marketing

Vibrating ‘Feel the Hit’ Sensor

Point system encourages repeat business

Complete Wireless PC control

Designed for tablet or smart phones

Real-time scoring for both individual and teams

Accessible over the internet

Built in Phaser Gun Sight

Membership Pre-Registration - saving staff time

Software completely touch screen compatible

Modern - Futuristic


Futuristic design (not a toy)

What can Members do?...

Modern surface mount electronic circuitry

Accumulate points to buy weapons & power-ups

Built in Phaser Gun Sight

Configure a game profile to use in a future game

Outdoor Capable

Members can change their Avatar

Extended shooting range in sunlight

Access membership from Android, i-phones, tablets

Attachable rifle stock for outdoor use

Access membership from home

Attachable Scope

Members “call sign” name displayed on phaser

Page 30

Fully Featured Everything you could ever want - and more

Software and Control


The most fully featured in the world

Fully Featured

Both RF and Infrared control

Browser based software - access from anywhere!

Processes 95% plus of all game operations

Most Secure laser tag software available

Large graphic backlit display

Visual status display of all phaser guns

Dedicated buttons for one push actions

Visual status display of all arena components

Programmable buttons to suit your requirements

Continuous play mode (multiple game operation)

Very easy to use for non-technical staff

Print both current and previous game scores

Seam-less Integration with game control software

Upgrade the birthday persons gun to birthday mode

Multiple methods to action games - your choice!

Game time remaining & time used is displayed

Access and adjust Member details

Multi-centre membership

Quick adjustment of current game time

Single handed or friendly fire selection

Wireless upload new gun S/W

Wirelessly upload new arena component S/W

In-game phaser gun re-configuration

Centralised reporting

Multi-lingual support

Quick start game assignment buttons

Activate / deactivate games & weapons as required

Add your own games music and weapon sounds Membership Clubs - allowing targeted marketing


Fully Featured •

Arena Components are multi-purpose

Both audio voice and special effects output

World of Games

Both audio line level or amplified output

Clone and edit your own games

Program control of haze machine, animatronics

Hundreds of game parameters to choose from

DMX lighting control

Design your own weapons and power-ups

All components can be programmed by the owner

Story-board game programming

Components can tag players

Time-line event management of games

Players can tag components

Team-based games available

Lighting has infinite colors

Character based games available

Create game events and story-lines with software

Automation and Control

Lighting can dim, strobe, pulse, flash

Games started and stopped automatically

Arena Music automatically started and stopped

Spot lights for ambient, controllable lighting

Game messages automatically announced

Light columns for ambient, controllable lighting

Lighting and sound with arena - auto controlled

Energy Gates - virtual doorways, reload stations

Games scores automatically printed

Base Stations - multipurpose functions

Score monitor - Real time

Laser Shooters to liven up your Props

Phasers are automatically started and stopped

Advanced Targets - with audio and lighting

Arena components automatically started/stopped

Prop Interactively Kits - to liven up your props

Haze Machines and Animatronics control

Largest selection of arena components •




U.S.: +1 317 3533234 Europe: + 442081231839 Asia: + 85 281 990 724 New Zealand: + 64 3 982 9892 E-mail: Website: Delta Strike are members of:

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