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C ONT E NT S May 2017 | Issue #59

8. Panic! at the Disco 12. Buddy Guy 14. Modern Day Outlaw 16. Kaya Festival 19. The Rides 19. Big Sean 22. Neil Diamond 24. Fort Rock 29. Chainsmokers 29. We the Kings 30. Tortuga Music Festival 34. The Memphis Strange 36. Biscuitfest 38. Misterwives 38. Testament


May 3 Live Dead ’69 – Revolution Live

May 4 Suicidegirls – Culture Room Diane Ward Band – Hard Rock Cafe Jeffrey James Harris Duo – Rum Shak

May 5 Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers – Perfect Vodka Amp Tech N9ne – Culture Room Manny Diquez, Chris Springer – Double Dee’s Axcents– Packy’s Sports Pub Michelle Wolf, SoleMark – Rum Shak Tuxedo Jesus – Whiskey Tango May 6 Miguel Bose – The Fillmore Miami Beach Abby Owens, Kristen Spencer – Double Dee’s Bounce – Packy’s Sports Pub Erik O’Niell – Rum Shak Stone Mojo – Whiskey Tango May 7 Fuerza Flamenca – The Fillmore Miami Beach Abby Owens Duo – Rum Shak May 9 Greensky Bluegrass – Culture Room Jack Ingram – Bowery Palm Beach Abby Owens & Summer Gill – Hard Rock Cafe Rob Arenth – Rum Shak May 10 Brothers Of Others – Hard Rock Cafe Heath Nichols Duo – Rum Shak May 11 The Weekend – BB&T Center The Victor Wooten Trio – Culture Room 56 ACE – Hard Rock Cafe Mark Pisarri – Rum Shak May 12 New Found Glory – Revolution Live Phoenix – The Fillmore Miami Beach X – Culture Room Lane Braden, Kenny V. – Double Dee’s Mischief – Packy’s Sports Pub Steven Vincent, The Silent Shout – Rum Shak 6 |

Steeltown Religion – Whiskey Tango

May 13 Carlos Vives – American Airlines Arena Citizen Cope – Culture Room Hot Pink – Bowery Palm Beach Slip Mahoney, Tom Blake – Double Dee’s The Groove – Packy’s Sports Pub Steeltown Rellgion – Rum Shak May 14 The Damned – Revolution Live Aldo Marchant Duo – Rum Shak

May 16 Jimmy Buffett – Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre Xander James & Joe Tierny – Hard Rock Cafe Rob Arenth – Rum Shak May 17 Slip & The Spinouts – Hard Rock Cafe Erik O’Neill – Rum Shak May 18 Led Zeppelin 2 – Revolution Live The Social Cog’s – The Fillmore Miami Beach The Livesays – Hard Rock Cafe Jeffrey James Harris Duo – Rum Shak May 19 George Thorogood – Pompano Beach Amphitheater LOTOS Music Festival – Mizner Park Amphitheater Andres Calamaro – The Fillmore Miami Beach Slip Mahoney, Ricky Valido – Double Dee’s Shane Duncan Band – Packy’s Sports Pub Michelle Wolf, Melinda Elena Band – Rum Shak Paradigm Shift – Whiskey Tango May 20 Muse – Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre SanLuis – The Fillmore Miami Beach Zach Jones, Eric Ryan – Double Dee’s The Goodnicks – Packy’s Sports Pub Mouth Tape – Rum Shak The Silent Shout – Whiskey Tango May 21 Russ – The Fillmore Miami Beach Animals As Leaders – Culture Room 432 Duo – Rum Shak

LIVE! May 23 Kurt & Cary– Hard Rock Cafe Rob Arenth – Rum Shak

May 24 Say Anything / Bayside – Revolution Live The Baron Sisters – Hard Rock Cafe Heath Nichols Duo – Rum Shak May 25 Mayday Parade – Revolution Live Riverdown – Hard Rock Cafe Daniel Ericks Duo – Rum Shak May 26 Cowboy Mouth – Culture Room Asleep At The Wheel – Bowery Palm Beach Brad Brock, BJ Parks – Double Dee’s BombShell – Packy’s Sports Pub Eric Ryan, Axcents – Rum Shak Manny Diquez Band – Whiskey Tango May 27 Train – Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre Beach House – Revolution Live Turnstiles – Bowery Palm Beach Adam Jason, Tom Blake – Double Dee’s Stereotomy – Packy’s Sports Pub Shovelhead – Rum Shak Sex Cells – Whiskey Tango May 28 Undertow Jam – Pompano Beach Amphitheater Pure Zeppelin – Bowery Palm Beach Chad & Heather – Rum Shak May 30 BRIT FLOYD – The Fillmore Miami Beach Rob Arenth – Rum Shak May 31 Austin Mahone – Culture Room Stray Jackets – Rum Shak




Panic! at the Disco BB&T Center Photo: Sean McCloskey 8 |


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emo night bk 5.12

BEACH HOUSE 5.27 THE DAMNED 5.14 Reel Big Fish | Expendables 6.11 Epica | Lacuna Coil 9.23 LED ZEPPELIN 2 5.18 Bayside & Say Anything 5.24 Trombone Shorty 9.29 MAYDAY PARADE 5.25 Trombone Shorty 9.30 BOYCE AVENUE 10.08 BLUES TRAVELER 10.21

Buddy Guy Pompano Beach Amphitheater Photo: Sean McCloskey 12 |

By Todd McFliker SFL Music: Does everybody in Modern Day Outlaw stem from South Florida?

everything we heard tonight stem from your second CD, Day of Reckoning?

Rhythm guitarist Sergio Cesario: We are all from Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami. Our lead guitarist Jake (Nicholson) is the longshot who came in from Luray, Virginia.

Sergio: Yes, Day of Reckoning just came out in January. It’s a little bit different than our first album (2012’s Southern State of Mind). But if you sit down and listen to it, it’s the same meat and potatoes.

SFL Music: How did all of you guys get together? Jake: Facebook. A friend of mine worked with our singer at a Harley Davidson shop. He told me that they were looking for a lead guitar player and that I should check them out. I wasn’t too interested, but I checked them out anyway. I liked their material, so I sent them some videos of me playing a couple of their songs that I learned from their website. Sergio Cesario: He did a great job. Jake: They liked what I was doing, so Sergio and I hooked up. SFL Music: I read online that Modern Day Outlaw has a good deal of Southern blues influences, but I didn’t hear any onstage tonight. Bass player Rob Palladino: That’s because our set was limited. We had a short window to play, so we went with our latest material. SFL Music: Does 14|

Vocalist Ron Brown: More meat, less potatoes. Sergio: Day of Reckoning still has a lot of blues, metal and country. It’s more vocally enhanced for Ron. He wanted to push the envelope on his singing, rather than just growling all the time. That’s all we played tonight. SFL Music: What kind of reception has Day of Reckoning received? Sergio: Thus far, we’ve put two videos out on YouTube, “Good Day to Die” and “Movin’ On.” They’ve been very well received. The release itself is already doing extremely well as far as what people have been saying. It’s been awesome. SFL Music: Does Modern day Outlaw play everywhere in South Florida, from West Palm to Miami and the Keys? Sergio: Yes, we’ve been around.

Ron: We’ll play Guantanamo Bay, Cuba if they pay us. SFL Music: What venue do you consider to be home? Sergio: We are here now at O’Malley’s (in Margate). This is where we had our first five shows about 10 years ago. O’Malley’s was the place that took us in and has been good to us. Ron and I grew up around here and we seem to have a great draw at O’Malley’s. That’s why it is pretty much our home base. SFL Music: Can you pinpoint what makes a Modern Day Outlaw performance unique? Sergio: I could tell you that we bring a raw energy to the stage that is unique, but that’s what every other band is saying. But we really are unique. None of us come from the same musical background. We all have different stylings. Drummer Kirk Sarmento: The short answer is the material. Sergio: We just bring it. We get onstage, and we get loud. We get crazy. We want the crowd to interact. A lot of bands just don’t do that anymore. SFL Music: Can anyone tell me a really funny story from playing onstage? Jake: Ron got wasted and forgot the lyrics. Sergio: If the show starts at 9 o’clock, we tell Ron to show up at 8:30 so he doesn’t get too drunk and forget the lyrics. Ron: It’s that funny. The story is actually a little embarrassing. The fact of the matter is we practiced a particular song, “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead, for two weeks. I was so emotional over the song that I completely forgot the words. So the entire club sang the words because I forgot them. Thanks to O’Malley’s and the people that come out for picking up my slack.

alive, who would it be?

SFL Music: The audience knew the lyrics, but you didn’t?

Sergio: I’ll go with Zakk Wylde because that dude can party and throw down.

Ron: Exactly. And I studied those lyrics for two weeks! SFL Music: What’s next for Modern day Outlaw after releasing Day of Reckoning? Will you guys put out more singles? Sergio: Our first priority is to promote the hell out of what we have. Then we’ll write some new material and look at new venues and other places to play outside of South Florida. Another big thing that Modern Day Outlaw is looking forward to is recording a music video in the next couple of months for “Good Day to Die” off the new album. SFL Music: If you could play with any musician, dead or

Jake: Nick Menza the (late) drummer of Megadeth would be amazing. Ron: I wouldn’t even want to sing, I’d just like to hang out with the old Mötley Crüe.

Rob: I am going with Van Halen in the Eighties when they were slaying the country, and David Lee Roth was arrested in a beach towel and cowboy boots. Kirk: Dimebag Darrell, the guitar player of Pantera. SFL Music: What else do you want to tell South Florida music lovers? Sergio: Check out Day of Reckoning on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube and iTunes. So go download it, listen to it and share it with your friends. We love all the support. Reach out to us and we may just send you some free shit.

Lauryn Hill

Skip Marley

Kaya Festival Bayfront Park Amp

Sean Paul

Photos: Sean McCloskey

Damien Marley & Pitbull

Bunji Garlin 16 |

Marley Brothers


Kaya Festival Bayfront Park Amp Photo: Sean McCloskey




18 |

The Rides Pompano Beach Amphitheater Photo: Sean McCloskey

Big Sean Fillmore Miami Beach Photo: Sean McCloskey

20 |

Neil Diamond brought his 50th anniversary tour to South Florida last month. Yes, that is correct, his 50th anniversary tour! And we are not talking about a banquet hall or a corner club but Sunrise’s BB&T Center. Diamond, accompanied by his 13-piece band strung together an impressive 28 song set that included everything from “Cherry, Cherry” and “Love on the Rocks” to the timeless “Play Me” and recrafted solo version of is Barbara Streisand duet “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” Sprinkled throughout the night were many interesting biographical and emotional song introductions including home movies of him growing up during “Brooklyn Roads”. For an artist who has had so many memorable songs and such a wide-ranging career, Diamond still feels approachable and genuine. His looks and sounds are so at ease that it seems like if he wasn’t on stage at the BB&T Center he would be just as comfortable playing his acoustic guitar and a stool at the neighborhood bar.

Neil Diamond BB&T Center

Photo: Sean McCloskey 22 |

While the night surely felt like a trip down memory lane, those memories would not be complete without the trio of his biggest hits during the encore, “Sweet Caroline,” “Cracklin’ Rosie’” and “America”. “Sweet Caroline” was such a hit with the crowd that he brought the song back three more times for “just one more verse”. Truly a magical night.


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The Offsparing

A Perfect Circle

s y Reckles The Prett Highly Suspect 24 |

Photos: Sean McCloskey

In Flames


A Perfect Cir cle

All That Remains

Def Leppard

Papa Ro ac


Def Leppard

Soundgarden 26 |

In This Moment

The Pretty Reckless Nothing More

Alter Bridge

In Flames

Of Mice & Men

All That Remains


28 |

Hits 97.3 - Hit Sessions Presents The Chainsmokers Revolution Live Photo: Sean McCloskey

We The Kings Revolution Live Photo: Sean McCloskey

Kenny Chesney

Photos: Sean McCloskey Maren Morris

ith Granger Sm

Nelly 30 |

Luke Bryan

Michael Ray



G Love

3 Days. 100,000 Fans. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Old Dominion

Brett Eldredge

Old Dominion Daya 32 |


Brooke Eden

Dustin Lynch

Alan Jac


Darius Rucker

Chris Stapleton

By Todd McFliker


SFL Music: Johnny, thank you for speaking with SFL Music. I know The Memphis Strange is currently on the road. Where on the highway is your van right now?

Guitarist Johnny Dango: The Memphis Strange is driving north on I-95 somewhere near Gainesville. We are headed to Grayton Beach to play at AJ’s tonight. SFL Music: The Memphis Strange is great by the way. Listening to you guys live, I hear country rock with blues mixed in. Can you pinpoint the influences that contributed to the band’s particular sound? Johnny: It’s just American music. It’s a little of everything. That’s rock and roll. And there’s some gospel in there too. As far as influential bands, there’s the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones and Willie Nelson. SFL Music: What can you tell me about your new CD, Strange Seconds, released at the end of March? Johnny: That was a project that was started and abandoned several times due to line-up changes. Needless to say, it took some time to finish it. Now we can get on to making a new one. SFL Music: The Memphis Strange has three singers. Is it safe to assume that there are three 34 |


Johnny: You are correct. SFL Music: How long has the current line-up of the Memphis Strange been together? Johnny: It’s been a little over a year for the rhythm section, but the three songwriters have been together for more than six years. SFL Music: The Memphis Strange stems from Austin, even if there’s not a single Texan in the band. That’s where everybody lives now? So where does the band’s name come from? Johnny: The original bass player was from Memphis. The original drummer and his twin brother, the guitar player, had a great or great-great grandfather whose last name was Strange. He built a boat called the Memphis Strange and proceeded to sink it. I guess you could call it a maritime disaster. SFL Music: Can you pinpoint any one thing that makes a Memphis Strange performance unique? Johnny: I think the three singers and three songwriters makes us pretty unique. I don’t know of other bands doing that right now. Of course, there are a lot more people who

know what’s going on in modern music than me. SFL Music: Several songwriters makes me think of the Eagles. Just like the way you guys take turns on lead guitar. Johnny: Yup. That’s the kind of band I have also enjoyed playing with. I never wanted to just be the frontman. It’s nice to just sit back and play rhythm guitar in the background sometimes. It’s nice to sing some harmonies instead of being the lead guy. I like trading guitar solos. That’s always been the ideal band for me: two guitars, a bass, some drums and keyboards. SFL Music: How often do you guys switch lead guitar? Johnny: All the time. On these tours, we know who is going to do what and where. But there’s still plenty of it that’s improvisational. SFL Music: Tell me about your set-list. You play some pretty cool covers, like the Stones last night. Johnny: We all have our personal favorite influences, but there’s enough common ground that we can find the right covers to play onstage. The Memphis Strange probably has 20 or 25 originals that we draw from and at least that many covers. A guy will just call out which one he wants to do at the time. There’s no set-list. SFL Music: Do you have a favorite song to play? Johnny: The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” is always a lot of fun. That’s what we’ve been closing the shows with. At the end of the day, we’re all kind of tied to the whipping post. We’ve also been doing some Beatles stuff, like “She’s So Heavy” and the medley “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight” into “The End.” It’s a lot of fun. SFL Music: Todd Thomson on keys sings about loving his dog more than his girlfriend on “Everybody Sheds.” When you write, do you rely on your personal experiences? Johnny: I definitely do. An idea may come from a specific incident, situation or feeling. But I always bring in elements of other people’s experiences. I take some poetic liberties.

SFL Music: I know about Strange Seconds, but what is next for the Memphis Strange? Will there be another national tour? Johnny: We still have a handful of songs that were not used on the record. We’ll probably use those on our next project. Hopefully, we’ll start working on some new material soon. All of our recordings were made with a rhythm section that doesn’t even live in Austin anymore. We’ve been playing them for quite a while. In July, we are going to tour in the Rocky Mountains. That’s as far as we’ve thought ahead at this point. Doug Strahan (Guitarist) and I both have our own little solo projects, and everyone has their family lives. SFL Music: Name the specific music that inspired you to become an artist. Johnny: I started taking piano lessons when I was a kid, but I didn’t get a guitar until I was in high school. My mom listened to a lot of gospel, so there wasn’t a lot of popular music in my house. I got turned onto stuff through my friends who had cooler older brothers. They said ‘You guys don’t need to listen to that crap. Listen to some Led Zeppelin.’ And they were right. If you could play with any musician, dead or alive, who? Johnny: Woah! My answer would be always be changing. I would say the Beatles in the morning. Maybe the Stones for a midafternoon snack. The Allman Brothers as the sun’s going down, and the Grateful Dead for the rest of the night. And if I’m still awake after that, a little Pink Floyd would be nice.

Biscuit Fest 2017

Photos: Jay Skolnick

36 |

Misterwives BB&T Center

Photo: Sean McCloskey

Testament Culture Room

Photo: Larry Marano 38 |

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