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South Florida District Dental Association A Component of the American and Florida Dental Associations Volume 55, No.1 Summer 2013

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President’s Message, pg. 3 Rich’s Ramblings, pg.4 FDA Honors SFDDA Members, pg. 7 SFDDA Calendar, pg. 9 Mobile Dentai Unit, pg. 10 FNDC and HOD Photo Highlights, pg. 11 Letter to the Editor, pg. 13 Member Benefits, pg. 15 Classifieds, pg. 17 CE Postcard, pg. 18 CPR, pg. 19

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The President’s Message Jeannette Peña Hall, D.D.S. It is truly an honor to serve as your 2013-2014 SFDDA president. Our dental association has been a part of my life long before I decided to become a dentist. In the 1970’s, my grandfather (a foreign trained dentist) was a member of the organization when it was formerly known as the East Coast District Dental Society. His legacy is no doubt a large part of what fuels my interest in maintaining the integrity of our association today. With this said, I wish to take the opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas on how to keep our association strong, interesting and relevant. This year we plan to add a special implant temporary fabrication course to our usual CE offerings. In light of the success of our radiology certification course offered in Miami Dade County, we are also planning to hold the same course in South Broward, thus making it easier for more to attend.

As you may have heard, healthcare is in the political blender and several changes, which can affect our profession as healthcare providers and/or business owners, are on the horizon. Utilizing our association resources, efforts will be made to keep the membership informed of the ramifications of the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will have on our profession. Look for future inserts in the SFDDA newsletter with information regarding these matters. We will also keep you informed of future lectures or webinars discussing this issue. Our goal is to hopefully make clear some of these confusing changes. I very much appreciate that running a private practice and taking on the role of SFDDA president will not be an easy task, but I vow to put forth my best effort, together with our experienced staff, to keep our association strong. I look forward to meeting all of you as I attend your local affiliate meetings this year. Please feel free to call or email the SFDDA office or to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

We will continue holding CPR renewal every month, and this year we will provide the members with an opportunity to attend the state mandated course for relicensure twice - once in the Fall and again at the Miami Winter Meeting. I am also excited to invite you to attend the Member Appreciation Reception on October 23, where I will have a chance to meet you personally and to introduce you to this year’s SFDDA officers. Please save the date in your calendar. The 2014 Miami Winter Meeting will feature a Brazilianthemed “Carnaval” atmosphere, and the program will be provided in both Spanish and English. The Miami Winter Meeting is our premiere event, and frankly, also lots of fun. It is one of my favorite times of the year, because it is an opportunity to see many of my friends and colleagues. Later this year, I am looking forward to our team participation in a Cleft Lip and Palate 5K Run, and in the FDA’s Mission of Mercy (MOM) project - two very worthwhile community events. 3

Rich’s Ramblings -Changing of the Guard On behalf of our members, officers, executive council, and staff, I want to extend our congratulations and gratitude to Dr. Beatrice Terry for a highly energetic and accomplished year as SFDDA president. Thank you, Beatrice, for a job very well done. This is also the time of year to pass the gavel and welcome a new president, and another very bright and dedicated member of our organized dentistry team to the helm, Dr. Jeannette Peña Hall. Many of you already know Dr. Peña Hall, and of her involvement and dedication to organized dentistry. For those of you who do not, I want to share with you some history and other interesting aspects about our newly-installed 2013-14 president. Jeannette was born and raised in Miami, about a decade after her parents arrived here from Cuba in 1962. Among her greatest attributes throughout her grade school and high school years was her interest in sports and her athletic talent. She attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, where she excelled on three varsity teams – tennis, basketball and volleyball. After graduating from Carrollton in 1989, she went on to greener (or blue and whiter) pastures at Duke University, where she majored in biology. Jeannette then began her dental education at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where she would graduate with a DMD degree, cum laude, in 1998. As part of a five-year program at Harvard, she also completed a general practice residency year at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Jeannette then entered a graduate program in endodontics at Tufts University, where she received a specialty certificate in July, 2000. She then earned a board certification as a diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics in 2007. Upon returning to Miami to begin her professional life, Jeannette has been very involved in organized dentistry, serving as Treasurer of West Dade Dental Society in 2004-2005, followed by President in 2005-2006. She has also held a number of positions within the ADA tripartite, including

participation on our SFDDA delegation to the FDA since 2006, has sat on two FDA councils - Financial Affairs and Communications, has served as FDA Alternate Trustee, and as Board of Trustees Liaison. She is also on our FDA delegation to the ADA as an Alternate Delegate. Jeannette has also served our SFDDA extremely well, as Treasurer from 2007-2011, as President Elect from 20122013, and as a participant on two important committees, Young Member Committee and Miami Winter Meeting Committee (both from 2007-present). Jeannette is a member of a number of professional organizations, including American Association of Endodontics, and has held academic appointments as Endodontic Clinic CoChair at the Dade Dental Research Clinic (2001-2008) and as Assistant Professor for the Undergraduate Studies Department at Nova Southeastern University (2000-2004). If you were to ask Jeannette’s friends and colleagues, who have worked along side her as officers, executive council members and SFDDA staff, you would hear nothing other than the highest of accolades to describe her initiative, organizational and leadership skills, and her extraordinary commitment to our dental society. As one example, from one of our most involved and respected leaders within SFDDA, Dr. Michael Eggnatz: “When I think of what she brings to our association, I am reminded of how invaluable she was as a thoughtful, rational and trusted treasurer of our district. I recall during my year as president in 2006-2007, she not only redefined and simplified our budgeting process and reports to the executive council, but she also spearheaded the sale of our excess condo space in our Coral Gables office, along with our ED, Yolanda, to consolidate and increase our association reserves. This also maintained our dues level at a time of financial distress.” “Just prior to the financial meltdown in 2007-08,” Dr. Eggnatz added, “along with the help of our steering committee, our then-treasurer, Jeannette, decisively removed our reserves

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SFDDA 2013-2014 Officers and Executive Council President JEANNETTE PENA-HALL, D.M.D. (305) 667-8766 President-Elect MARCOS DIAZ, D.D.S. (954) 659-9990 Vice President ELAINE DEROODE, D.D.S. (954) 659-9990 Secretary PIERO PALACIOS, D.D.S.

Samba the Date! 2014 Miami Winter Meeting February 21-22, 2014

Treasurer RODRIGO ROMANO, D.D.S., M.S. (305) 667-8766 Immediate Past President BEATRIZ TERRY, D.D.S. (305) 270-1350 Young Member ESTEBAN LEON, D.M.D. Trustees & FDA Line Officer Michael D. Eggnatz, FDA Secretary (954) 217-8888 Jorge Centurion, D.M.D., Trustee 305-662-2216 FAX: 305-663-6647 Beatriz Terry, D.D.S., Trustee (305) 270-1350 Alternate Trustees Jeannette Peña Hall, D.M.D. Rodrigo Romano, D.D.S., M.S. Delegates to the Executive Council from the Affiliates Societies Carlos Sanchez D.M.D. (MDDS) Alexandra Castillo (MDDS) Richard Mufson D.D.S (ND/MBDS) Isaac Garazi, D.M.D. (ND/MBDS) Barry Bluth, D.M.D. (SBDS) Kellie Paxton, D.D.S. (SBDS) Affiliate Society Presidents Elaine DeRoode, D.D.S., M.S. (MDDS) Danni Sayman D.D.S.(ND/MBDS) Barry Bluth, D.M.D. (SBDS) Richard A. Mufson, D.D.S., Editor Yolanda Marrero, Managing Editor Jackie Quintero, Advertising Manager SFDDA NEWSLETTER Copyright: © SFDDA 1996 Published by the South Florida District Dental Association 420 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2E Coral Gables, FL 33146 Send announcements and correspondence to the Editor: 420 S. Dixie Hwy, 2-E Coral Gables, FL, 33146-2271 Phone: (305) 667-3647 FAX: (305) 665-7059 or email to: Disclaimer: Opinions stated in the SFDDA Newsletter are not necessarily endorsed by the South Florida District Dental Association, its Executive Council or Committees. Advertisements printed should not be construed as an endorsement by the Association of the company, product or service.

Interesting lectures, fun Brazilian theme entertainment, delicious food, great party! The Miami Winter Meeting Jungle Island, Miami, Florida More information soon to come... from the stock market and transferred the funds into multiple safe, federally insured CD’s to preserve our assets while most of America was losing their shirts. We are all very fortunate to have Dr. Hall as our SFDDA President.” Outside our world of dentistry, Jeannette enjoys a wonderful family life with her two children, Andre (age 12) and Carmen Marie (age 9). Her other interests include athletic and gymnastic related activities, mostly spinning classes, as well as traveling, and above all, “spending a lot of time with family.” On behalf of our entire dental association, please join me in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Jeannette Peña Hall, as we look forward to a great year ahead under her leadership as our 2013-14 SFDDA President.


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Honoring Members of the South Florida District Dental Association at the 2013 June House of Delegates and FNDC

Pictured left: Dr. Michael D. Eggnatz and Dr. Jorge Centurion

Pictured Right: l-r: Drs. Rodrigo Romano, Jeannette Peña Hall, Dentist of the Year, Idalia Lastra, ADA President Robert A. Faiella, Beatriz Terry, Jorge Centurion. Pictured below: Drs. Cesar Sabates, Idalia Lastra, Kim Jernigan

Pictured above: Dr & Mrs. Leroy Polite and Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gay

The South Florida District Dental Association walked away with six awards during the 2014 House of Delegates and FNDC. We are very proud of to have among our members, doctors whose dedication to the profession and to the the South Florida community was recognized and honored by their peers and colleagues. Dr. Jorge Centurion, SFDDA Trustee at the FDA received the Leadership Award. Dr. Idalia Lastra, whose “career” serving the members of the SFDDA from the local level to the national scene received the FDA’s Dentist of the Year Award. Also honored were Dr. Iris Torres-Rivera and Dr. Philip Glatsein, who received Special Recognition awards. Pictured above: Dr. Philip M. Glatstien and Dr. Iris Torres Rivera

The Sunshine State Dental Association honored Dr. Joseph Gay, presenting him with the Legends Award at their Legends Banquet. Congratulations to all! 7

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SFDDA Calendar September


2 Labor Day, Office Closed

1 ND-MBDS Meeting 8 MDDS Meeting

4 Steering Meeting 7 Spanish Radiology 10 ND-MBDS and MDDS Meeting 11 SBDS Meeting

9 Joint SBDS and ND-MBDS State Mandated Course Medical Errors 14 Columbus Day, Office Closed


37th A Annual nnual IInternational nternational Conference Conffer e ence Oc October tober 16-19, 2013 THE RRITZ-CARLTON, ITZ-CARLTON, N NAPLES APLES BEA BEACH CH RES RESORT ORT


Dr. Gregory Brambilla

Pinhas Adar M.D.T.

Michael R. Sesemann D.D.S.

David Little D.D.S.

18 SFDDA Executive Council

16 CPR SFDDA Office

25 CPR SFDDA  Office

23 Member Appreciation Reception

Although every effort is made to not alter the calendar, dates are subject to change.

Dwayne Karateew D.D.S.

20 Dental CE H Hours ours Approved Appr oved For For


Register Register at at www.asdatoday.c . om or call call 1-888-988-ASDA 1-888-988-ASDA DOWNLOAD for for mor more e information information BROCHURE

South Florida Baptist Mobile Dental Unit will be back in South Florida in October. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the local community. For over a decade, the members of the SFDDA have given back to the communities in need by volunteering a few hours of their time to come out and provide dental services. This outreach has been made possible through The Florida Baptist Association Mobile Dental Unit. These services have given many indigent children and adults necessary dental care. In addition to the great satisfaction you get from helping those in need, you will also receive, CE credits as provided by Project: Dentist Care and we will give you 2 FREE movie tickets to your choice of any Regal or AMC Theater. For more information, or to volunteer call Jackie Quintero at the SFDDA (305) 667-3647 ext. 13. This year the Mobile Dental Unit will be at two locations: Week One - October 14-18, 2013,

Week Two - October 21-25, 2013

The Redlands Migrant Residency Center in collaboration with the Homestead Housing Authority.

In cooperation with Sembrando Flores

29355 S. Federal Highway Homestead, Florida 33033.

162 SW 1st Avenue Homestead, Florida 33030.

Please Welcome our Newest Members:

Liza M. Aguilar, DDS Orlando Bienes, DDS Celia I. Espinosa, DDS Elizabeth A. Klein, DDS Wenday Swanson, DDS Cynthia W. Yu, DMD Teresa J. Bello- Burgos, DMD

Join your local affiliate society... At the SFDDA, there are three affiliate societies: North Dade Miami Beach Dental Society, South Broward Dental Society and the Miami Dade Dental Society. Each one is located in an area near your practice or your home, making it easy for you to attend meetings. Call and join one today.

2012-2013 SFDDA  Affiliate Societies Miami Dade Dental Society

North Dade - Miami Beach

South Broward Dental Society

Dr. Elaine DeRoode

Dental Society

Dr. Kellie Paxton

(305) 373-7799

Dr. Danni Sayman

(954) 217-3700

(305) 604-8876 10

FNDC & House of Delegates Photo Highlights Pictured left: FDA 2013-14 Officers, l-r. Drs.Bill D’Aiuto, Rick Stevenson, Kim Jernigan, Terry Buckenheimer, Ralph Attanasi, Michael D. Eggnatz Pictured Below: Top Row: Drs. Michael D. Eggnatz, Beatriz Terry, Herb Salguiero, Cesar Sabates; Second Row: Drs. Jeannette Peña Hall. Rodrigo Romano, Irene Marron; Bottom: Dr. Esteban Leon. Bottom Picture: Drs. Bill D’Aiuto, Terry Buckenheimer, Cesar Sabates, Michael D. Eggnatz and Kim Jernigan singing Karaoke on Friday night.

Pictured Below: l-r. Drs. Ralph Attanasi, Bill D’Auito and Michael D. Eggnatz being sworn in at the HOD. Middle Picture : Drs. Clive Rayner and Richard Mufson at the Specialty Forum Bottom Picture: Dr. Irene Marron at Reference Committee hearings.


L e t te r to th e E d i t o r Carlos A. Sanchez, DDS I read with interest the editorial written by Dr. Richard Mufson, appearing in the last issue of the SFDDA newsletter, entitled, “The Current State of Organized Dentistry – More Questions Than Answers,” which addressed our dwindling membership. This is a problem affecting us in all parts of the nation. I must agree with your points, and also wish to add a couple of reasons that I have observed in my conversations with members.

But the most influential factor is the bottom line you alluded to – the “bang for the buck.” This one affects all age groups. Times are tough and many are finding it harder to write that big check. Much as I want to tell colleagues they get a better deal on their insurance, it is not always the case. I’m sure I’m not the only FDA member who has seen rates go up, and with no better deal from our FDAS products than the outside market. I would never quit for that reason but there are those who very well might.

Our new dental graduates are more likely to be women, who juggle kids and a practice. These young dentists also have a level of dental school loan debt that is truly astounding, especially compared to when most of us went to school. College tuition is the most inflated commodity on the market these days, despite the media’s reluctance to report it.

Finally, I believe there is a lack of awareness by many of our grassroots members about the lawsuits and other wins we have had at both state and national levels. It’s a case of low information members who may decide more on emotion, and with limited knowledge of the issues that affect us.

The social habits and attention spans of today’s youth are also different from ours. It would have been unheard of, when those in our generation went to a party or interview, to be gazing into our laps at some electronic gizmo, but that is commonplace among many “young’uns.” They simply have not been raised in a face-to-face culture and do much of their living through the make believe universe.

The only hope is we force young members to watch at least 3 hours of TV Land every night, in lieu of Facebook or Twitter. Maybe Donna Reed and the Cleavers can save us all. Editor’s Note: Views and conclusions expressed in all editorials, columns, commentaries, and/or letters to the editor are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the editors, staff, officers, or members of the South Florida District Dental Association.


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When renwal time comes around just go to the FDA’s website, and click on “Click Here to Pay Dues” Once you do, you will have several options to help you renew and maintain your membership.

Remember, your membership represents more than just the above benefits; it represents you as a dedicated professional committed to excellence in your field. Questions regarding your membership may be directed to Ms. Jackie Quintero at the SFDDA (305) 667-3647 ext. 13.

Members Enjoy Discount Movie Tickets! Regal, AMC Call the SFDDA at (305) 667-3647 or visit 15

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OPPORTUNITIES WANTED EXPERIENCED ORTHODONTIST: Looking to sublease from a specialist 1-2 days a week in the Hialeah/Miami Lakes area. Contact: continued on page 18


Classifieds,continued from pg.17

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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) POSTCARD The Florida Dental Association (FDA) has received many inquiries regarding a postcard that was recently sent by the State of Florida’s health-licensee CE tracking provider, CE Broker. The FDA is working to make this soon-to-be required transition to real-time CE confirmation at the time of licensure renewal as seamless for our members as possible. Here is what we know: • In 2014, when dentists (and hygienists) are required to renew their license, the online renewal process will be linked to the state’s CE database. • Those dentists (and hygienists) who have not recorded the appropriate CE hours will be flagged and asked to populate the appropriate CE fields. For dentists and hygienists, a bypass for this will be available, as the 2014 cycle will only strongly encourage dentists and hygienists to comply with the electronic tracking of CE credits, but not require it. • The exact details of which buttons to push to opt out of the state tracking system will not be finalized until the State gets closer to the 2014 renewal date. • Please note: this will be a requirement as part of the 2016 renewal process. Some other professions are required to comply during the 2014 renewal cycle, but we were successful in delaying the process for dentists. Currently, the FDA is developing a CE tracking system in which all CE credits achieved via the FDA’s free online program, as well as through the Florida National Dental Conventions (back to 2011) will be automatically imported. As an FDA member dentist, you also will be allowed to self-report CE credits from other providers. The FDA will be working to provide a mechanism so that component CE credits are automatically updated into our CE tracking system. It is our goal to provide all FDA members with the ability to access and update their personal CE record. At the appropriate time, the FDA will provide the information to the state. This new member benefit will be launched once we finalize certain issues with the Department of Health and its CE database administrator. Stay tuned for further details. The complete Capitol Report can be found at

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Member Appreciation Reception October 23, 2013 La Jolla Ballroom Coral Gables, Florida

Cocktails, Hors D’ouevres and Dancing

Need to Renew Your CPR Certification? Register Today - Classes Limited USE THIS FORM TO REGISTER SIMPLY COPY AND FAX OR MAIL

Basic Life Support Basic Rescuer CPR Healthcare Providers South Florida District Dental Association – PP#0004  Thisfour(4)hourcoursemeetstherequirementsoftheFloridaDentalPractAct,effectiveNovember1,1986, whichprovidesmandatorycurrentCPRtrainingforalldentistsandhygienists.Coursecompletionofferstwo(2) yearscertification.Continuingeducationcreditsapply.AspartoftheCPRtrainingattheBasicLifeSupportlevel, thiscourseprovidestrainingintheuseofeitheranAutomatedExternalDefibrillatororaDefibrillatorand Electrocardiograph.   Courses for August, September and October 2013 

Classes held on Wednesdays on the following dates:


August 21, 2013 – 6pm September 25, 2013 – 6pm October 16, 2013 – 6pm

AllclasseslistedaboveareattheSFDDAofficeinCoralGables.ClasssizeislimitedandpreͲregistrationisrequired. Thepriceis$50perperson.Registrantswillbesentdrivingandparkinginstructions.Dresscodeisfulllengthpants andshirtstopracticeoneandtwoͲpersonCPRwithmanikinsonthefloor.Participantsmustbeingoodhealthand able to do strenuous activity. If a disability exists, please notify the SFDDA office and you must speak to the instructor before class starts. Cancellations with 24 hours prior notice of the class will be refunded Ͳ less $10 administrationfees.NoͲshowsandcancellationswithlessthana24hoursnoticewillnotberefunded,butmay berescheduled.Notelephonereservationsareaccepted.Pleasefillouttheformandmailittotheaddressbelow orsenditbyfaxifpayingbycreditcard.CPRCOURSESARETAUGHTBYAHACERTIFIEDINSTRUCTORS

Make Checks Payable to: SFDDA 420 South Dixie Hwy #2E Coral Gables Fl 33146 Telephone: 305.667.3647 Fax: 305.665.7059 Enclosed is my check for $______ at $50 per person for the following registrant: 1 FORM PER PERSON! Name:____________________________________________________Position:________________________________ Current CPR Card _____ Yes _____ No

DATE EXPIRES_______ -______

1st CHOICE: Date ______________________ ᆕ9:00 a.m. ᆕ6:00 p.m. 2nd CHOICE: Date ______________________ ᆕ9:00 a.m. ᆕ6:00 p.m. Daytime Phone________________________ Fax___________________ Email:_______________________________ Address ____________________________________________City, State,Zip_________________________________ To pay by Credit Card: ᆕVISA ᆕMASTERCARD ᆕDISCOVER Credit Card # _____________________________________________ Expiration Date: ______________________ No. On Back of Card _______________________ Billing Zip Code________________________ Signature _______________________________________________________________________________ Print name on Card _______________________________________________________________________

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