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sfdda Volume 61, No.1 www.sfdda.org Summer2019

Dr. Oscar Peguero President

Dr. Enrique Muller Immediate Past President

Dr. Orlando Dominguez Treasurer Dr. Mariana Velazquez President-Elect

Dr. Ernesto Perez Secretary

SFDDA 2019-20 Officers

Dr. Melissa Sedeño Young Member Inside this Issue:

President's Message - pg 3 Breaking News: SFDDA Council Votes to Withdraw from FDA HOD and Other Related Activities - pg 4 Affiliate Societies Start New Year with Three Great Progams - pg 7

How to Take ALL the State Required Courses You Need in One Day! - pg 11 Editorial: Young Member Speaks Out on Disempowering & Taking Away the Voice of our Component - pg 13 ADA Annual Conference on Membership - pg 15

SFDDA Resolution: Secession of SFDDA from FDA HOD & Related Activities- pg 8 Letter from Executive Council to FDA President, Dr. Rudy Liddell - pg 9

Letter to the Editor - pg 17 Classifieds - pg 19

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President’s Message ‐Oscar Peguero, D.M.D.

Dear friends and colleagues, It is with great enthusiasm and humility that I begin my tenure as your SFDDA president for the 20192020 year. I believe that my background in service, as well as my past experiences as a line officer for our component, and as president of the Miami Dade Dental Society, have uniquely prepared me to carry out the core missions of our association this year - namely, to promote public dental health and to assist YOU, our members, with any and all professional and patient-related issues. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your continued dedication and support of organized dentistry. It is truly through your commitment to our organization that we are able to harness the tremendous power in numbers that allows us to effect positive change at the local, state and national levels. Without YOU, we could not even begin to tackle the issues that are now seeking to threaten the viability of our practices as we know them – issues such as dental health therapist legislation or direct-to-consumer aligner technologies. I am also thrilled to welcome our new affiliate presidents: Dr. Tim Franklin (North Dade - Miami Beach Dental Society), Dr. Laura Herschdorfer (Miami Dade Dental Society) and Dr. Fredericka Salbo (South Broward Dental Society). They have worked extremely hard to put together a great slate of lectures and exciting speakers for you at our local affiliates this year. These meetings promise to bring you the latest hot topics in our profession, and I hope they will invigorate you to integrate some new principles and concepts into your practices.

Please remember that the SFDDA and affiliate boards have worked arduously over the past several years to make it so that your dues include five dinner meetings at any affiliate of your choosing. Not sure if you can make it to the October meeting in South Broward? Not a problem! Head on over to North Dade-Miami Beach for its meeting just a few days later. Not only is this a convenient way to maximize your membership dollars, but is also a wonderful opportunity to socialize and network with other members from throughout our component. Today’s SFDDA is a heterogeneous, multi-cultural organization that mirrors the vibrant nature of our unique community here in South Florida as well as the proud legacies of our prior leaders. And as we evolve and move forward we must continue to focus our efforts on member recruitment so that our wonderful group may continue to represent the dynamic interests of our ever-changing populace. I ask that you encourage your friends and peers to join us and learn what it is that we are all about. I also would like to thank our immediate past president, Dr. Enrique Mueller, for his hard work and leadership over the past twelve months. Our organization is in a better place today because of his staunch dedication to all of our members’ best interests. I look forward to seeing you all at our affiliate meetings and SFDDA events this year! Sincerely, Oscar Peguero, Jr., DMD 3

In My Opinion Breaking News: Disenfranchised and Disempowered, SFDDA Council Votes To Withdraw Delegation To FDA House of Delegates and Related Activities

‐ Richard A. Mufson, DDS, Editor

TV News Anchor, Howard Beale – from the 1976 movie, Network: “We know things are bad – worse than bad. They’re crazy… All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad (shouting). You’ve got to say: ‘I’m a human being, dammit! My life has value! So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell: ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ “ Franklin Delano Roosevelt, March 2,1930: “The moment a mere numerical superiority… proceeds to ignore the needs and desires of the minority, and for their own selfish purpose or advancement, hamper or oppress that minority, or debar them in any way from equal privileges and equal rights - that moment will mark the failure of our constitutional system.” ______________________________________ As a culmination of events taking place over the past several years, and in large part related to a recent election on the floor of the FDA House of Delegates (HOD) for incoming FDA Secretary (who in six years, would be installed as FDA President) - the SFDDA Executive Council, on July 17, 2019, put forth and passed the following resolution: “Be it resolved that the SFDDA membership does not actively participate at the FDA level, while keeping their elected and appointed positions, until such time that the issues of our disenfranchisement are rectified. Members who choose to participate are free to do so of their own volition.” 4

Background Information For many of our member perhaps unfamiliar with some of the goings-on of our state dental association: The FDA House of Delegates (HOD) meets twice annually, in January at the Tampa Airport Marriott, and in June at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, during the Florida Dental Convention. Each of six component organizations from with Florida, including SFDDA, sends a delegation to the HOD, as a group of dedicated volunteers who represent you and the interests of our local grassroots members. Many important things take place at your typical HOD meeting. In addition to some 100 delegates sent by each state component (Northeast, Northwest, West Coast, Atlantic Coast, Central, and South Florida District Dental Associations), the room is also filled with dignitaries (who are usually asked to stand and be recognized) including past FDA presidents, deans of dental schools, one or more Board of Dentistry (BOD) members, and an ADA president elect or president on occasion. Reports are given by our ADA 17th District Trustee, FDA President, Chairman of FLADPAC, FDA Foundation, our legislative team, BOD, and others. Resolutions are debated, both in reference committees and on the House floor on topics ranging from FDA’s position on issues such as dental education and licensure, impending state legislative and/or Board of Dentistry matters, financial matters and approval of an annual budget, items affecting how we deal with insurance companies and third party payers, issues of the day such as the looming threat of “Do-It-Yourself” Dentistry, Dental Therapists, and many others.

Other items discussed and voted upon deal with “governance” (i.e., how we choose to govern ourselves in the organization) – such as proposed changes in FDA bylaws or policy, and most important for this article – the process of selecting and electing members who will serve on our 17th District (Florida) delegation to the ADA, and election of officers. Election of FDA Officers As officers annually advance up the line of six, and the incoming president ceremonially thanks and congratulates a soon-to-be immediate past president for a job well done that year – a new incoming Secretary is elected by the House, who then takes a seat on the dais as the newest FDA line officer, destined to be president of the association six years later. The method of selecting and electing incoming FDA Secretary has traditionally rested with each of our six state component dental associations. On a rotating basis, each component is granted the opportunity of electing their choice of a new FDA line officer, and the person whom they feel would best represent the interests of their members.

rather than accept by acclamation the component’s choice, another individual was nominated from the floor, and in effect, resulting in “others” from elsewhere around the state determining, and then electing, who their choice would be for incoming Secretary. The net result of this never-before-enacted ploy was very upsetting to many Atlantic Coast delegates, while reportedly having a extremely divisive affect within their component organization, and also resulting in quite a number of resignations from within their delegation, including that of their well-respected delegation chairperson. Adding insult to injury, this event would share a common thread with a number of other subsequent objectionable similar ones that would take place over the ensuing two years – and to wit, all seemingly or allegedly involving evidence of back room scheming, block voting within and among certain components, and all against a backdrop of political payback and/or punitive action by certain individuals against certain other individuals.

The Atlantic Coast candidate debacle, for example, reportedly had much to do with their duly elected On a local level, this process takes place by nom- candidate having questioned, in the course of coninating committee, followed by voting, affirming and versing with another member, whether he could approving the component’s choice at the SFDDA support a given FDA member running for ADA Annual Business Meeting. Such elections are open President, in addition to other reasons allegedly reand not limited to the choice of the nominating lated to issues of cultural diversity or intolerance committee. Any member is free to be nominated thereof. and run “from the floor,” at either of two successive annual SFDDA meetings, after which point, a final Instilled by a handful of “leaders,” which some have choice of the component is decided upon. referred to as a political machine within the HOD, the net result has been, in effect, to take away the For well over forty years, the FDA House has de- will and voices of other less politically connected ferred to, and respected, the will of each compo- delegates, or even those of an entire component. nent and their choice of candidate. It has had a pervasive and disheartening effect that has disenfranchised many among the state’s leadEven though, according to FDA By-Laws, any ership. It has also resulted in many of our younger member of the same component may also be nom- members asking the question, “Is this what organinated “from the floor” at the June HOD and run ized dentistry is all about?” “Is this what we all against the component’s duly elected choice – this signed up for as volunteers?” has never happened in well over forty years – that is, until two years ago. Other similar-themed occurrences promulgated by the same political group would also include: Ignoring The Voice of the Component (1) block voting to purposefully exclude one of our Two years ago, at the 2017 HOD, it was Atlantic most esteemed and qualified members from reCoast District’s turn to have their elected choice of suming a position previously held (but vacated FDA Secretary join the line of officers. However, upon serving a two-year term as ADA Vice Presi-

dent) on the FDA 17th District Delegation to the ADA; (2) a decision that an “alleged” incident of emotional and physical bullying of a young ASDA Vice President by one of our FDA leaders on the floor of the ADA House of Delegates deserved to be ignored and “swept under the rug,” rather than being effectively discussed, addressed, or called out as unacceptable behavior in some form; (3) an attempt to discuss potential changes in bylaws or FDA policy to help deal with the election of officers issue, by one of our own younger members participating on the Council On Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (CEBJA), was reportedly shut down and silenced, again by some within the same aforementioned political group. The Final Straw The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back would take place at the recent June, 2019 HOD meeting in Orlando, in which a déjà vu-like event would occur – similar to that which had befallen Atlantic Coast District two years earlier. Only this time, it was South Florida District’s turn. And just like that. At the snap of one’s finger. Done. The candidate our SFDDA members had chosen and duly elected virtually unanimously and unopposed for incoming Secretary was upended by another candidate by way of an unannounced, although apparently long-in-the-planning, last minute nomination “off the floor.” Once again, the result was to flat out reject and disavow the will and voice of an entire component organization – by in effect, eliminating the candidate the component felt would best represent the views and wishes of its grassroots members – in favor of different choice of SFDDA member who others throughout the state (and orchestrated by the same politically connected group) would instead dictate, and substitute, as their choice for the next incoming line officer.

Most agree the intended purpose of such a provision in bylaws was to allow an alternate option in the event a given nominee were, say, medically or emotionally unable to serve. It was clearly not designed as a convenient tool to be dug out and used as a vindictive political weapon against others. As a separate matter, this argument is also inherently irrelevant and misses the much larger picture. It is also very important to mention – this is not about the specific candidates involved – whether from Atlantic Coast two years ago, or more recently from South Florida. Each is highly qualified to serve the needs and goals of FDA and organized dentistry. If their respective roles had been completely reversed, the feelings and opinions would remain the same. It is the “process” that many feel has engulfed and suffocated the rights of those who wish to actively enjoy the right to participate, with professionalism and respect, and with equal footing on a level playing field. So, as a final outcome of this veritable mess, one could have predicted a point would ultimately be reached - which is now – in which it has officially been decided that, “enough is enough.” And, not unlike the famous scene from the movie, Network, we have effectively stood up from our chairs, stuck our heads out the window, and exclaimed to the world, in unison – “We’re not gonna take this anymore!” ________________________________________ Richard A. Mufson, DDS is the editor of the SFDDA Newsletter and many be contacted at (305) 9357501 or MufsonOralSurg@aol.com

Speaking to the tired and worn-out excuse, “Well, this is allowed in bylaws”: Just because something is legal or allowed in this world does not mean it is the “right thing to do” from an ethical or moral perspective, for this clearly is not right. TV News Anchor, Howard Beale – from the 1976 movie, Network


We look forward to welcoming you back to the Affiliate Dinner Meetings in September . Remember that the affiliate dinner meetings are included in your SFDDA membership. Simply register today at www.sfdda.org

September 3, 2019 6:30pm Solé on the Beach 17315 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles, FL 33160

Speakers: Dr. Joel Berly and Dr. Daniel Torres

September 10, 2019 6:30pm Casa Juancho 2436 SW 8 Street Miami, FL 33135

September 11, 2019 6:30pm Tropical Acres 2500 Griffin Road Davie, FL 33312

Speaker: Dr. Gabriela Lagreca

“To Graft or Not to Graft: Dealing with an Atrophic Maxilla and Implant Complications” Click Here to Register

“Ceramic vs Composite Predictability and Challenges of Direct and Indirect Restorations” Click Here to Register

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Date: July 17, 2019

Resolution: Secession of SFDDA Delegation to the FDA House and Other Related Activities Submitted by: SFDDA Executive Council BACKGROUND: Based upon recent events which culminated at the June FDA House of Delegates, and other events over the past two or more years leading up to the HOD, it has prompted the SFDDA Executive Council to consider the unprecedented step of backing away from the Florida Dental Association at the present time. Relative to the election of officers taking place at the June 29, 2019 HOD, the duly elected SFDDA-nominated candidate was overruled by another candidate via a nomination “from the floor,” and thereby reflecting the will of the FDA House as a whole, and the floor-nominated candidate was elected. Although this was within the scope of the FDA bylaws, we believe it oversimplifies the issue at hand, and also believe it is not within the spirit of a representative democracy. While the HOD elected THEIR choice, the candidate chosen does not represent OUR choice, nor the will of SFDDA in any meaningful way. We feel these actions have resulted in disempowering and disenfranchising us from the FDA, and will continue to do so until this situation can be rectified. We are still committed to the mission of all three tiers of the tripartite structure even if we believe one has ceased to operate as a representative democracy. We also believe the FDA should be representative in its governance. We believe that we should have the right to select a line officer who will best bring our viewpoint to the FDA Board of Trustees. This issue is not personal. Both candidates are well known within the SFDDA and qualified in their own right. Both were vetted before our nomination committee. Only one candidate chose to have their name put into nomination at the Annual Business Meeting in 2018. As a more significant distinction, the leaders and members of SFDDA believe that the SFDDA nominee has over time proven to be devoted to our component, its leaders and its issues. The nominee is much more politically aligned with our current thinking and therefore is more suited to represent us at the FDA than the person the House elected.


Therefore, the issue is this: If we nominate an ethical, qualified individual to FDA office, whose very title denotes they represent our geographic region of the state, that person should be the one we believe best represents our thoughts and ideas. This is a problem of intellectual diversity. We in South Florida understand that we have a young, vibrant cadre of leaders whose vision for our profession does not always align with the rest of the FDA. Diversity means respecting different ideas and giving them a fair hearing. It does not mean preventing them from being heard because they are not “team players.” Democracy thrives on dissention and discussion followed by consensus building. It fails in an authoritative “my way or the highway” environment. The selection of designated individuals to the FDA Board of Trustees and the ADA delegation at least prevents us from being shut out completely. The ability to select our own line officer should fall into that category. It has only been in the last two years that the larger body has chosen to obliterate dissention by removing all traces of diversity of thought by overriding component nominees for line officer. ____________________________________________ WHEREAS, in the short term, we want redress for what is a politically correct but morally wrong decision, and in the long term, we believe future changes in bylaws should take place such that this should not be allowed to occur again, nor affect any component of the FDA, not just SFDDA, and WHEREAS, no one is being encouraged to resign from organized dentistry, but rather to consider steps relative to active participation within FDA, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the SFDDA membership does not actively participate at the FDA level, while keeping their elected and appointed positions, until such time that the issues of our disenfranchisement are rectified. Members who choose to participate are free to do so of their own volition. FINANCIAL IMPACT: Saves association $16,000 per year.

Dr. Rudy Liddell, President, FDA C/O FDA 545 John Kn K ox Rd Ste 200 Tallahassee, FL 32303 July 17, 2019 2019-2020 Offfficers President Oscar Peguero, D.M.D. Vice President Mariana Velazquez, D.D.S. Secretary Ernesto Perez, D.M.D. Treasurer Orlando Dominguez, D.D.S. Immediate Past President Enrique Muller, D.M.D. FDA Trustees/Alternate Trustees Jeannette Pena Hall, l D.M.D. Trustee Gina Marcus, D.M.D Alt. Trustee , Mark Limosani., D.M.D. Acting Alt. Trustee __________________ __ ______

Dear Dr. Liddell: On behalf of the South Florida District Dental Association we are writing to express our disappointment with the recent elections at the June 2 2019 House of Delegates and to inform you of the actions we will take based upon the outcome. Wh hile we acknowledge that what occurred was within the current by-laws of the Florida Dental Associaation, we also know that it was not within the spirit of a representative democracy. It is clear that you have chosen your designated line officer from the South Florida District; however, your candidate does not represent OUR membersÍ› choice and therefore does not represent us in any meaningful way. We feel your willful actions have disenfranchised us from the FDA, and will continue to do so until this situation can be rectified. Based upon our understanding of the ADA, FDA, and SFFDDA by -laws we have very few options left to us. Our Executive Council, having discussed those opttions, has voted upon the following. We will continue in our role as a Component member of the FDA in name only. We will not coerce nor will we discourage SFDDA members from participating with the FDA if they choose to do so, but neither will we encourage it. At present our leaders have determin ned not to participate in any FDA meetings or activities as an organization. Please do not expect particcipation on councils, committees or the b oard of trustees. In particular, please take note that no conttracts have been signed for FLAMOMs within our district, and we have no plans to hold one. Our members will continue to uphold any ADA duties they may have. It is only the FDA that will be affected by our abstinence.

Yolanda Marrero Executive Director South Florida District Dental Association E-Mail: ymarrero.sfdda@gmail.com

We realize that from your perspective, this may no doubt appear extreme. From our perspective this is already a situation where everyone loses. If we did d nothing, our members may well remain so marginalized and disempowered that many may leavve organized dentistry completely. With this proposal, they are still participating albeit on two out of three layers of the tripartite. We can turn this around, and we would very much like to do so, should d real solutions be mutually agreed upon and 420 South Dixie Highway, Suite 2E e n act e d th at m ay re c tify th e c u rre n t s itu at ion to o u r s at t isfaction. Coral Gables, FL 33146 305.667.3647 305.665.7059 FAX

Respectfully, The Officers and Delegates of the Executive Council off the South Florida District Dental Association


Time to Renew Your License DEADLINE FEBRUARY 28, 2020 CE CHECKLIST (30 TOTAL HOURS) a28 General Hours a2 Hours: Prescribing of Controlled Substances NEW!  required every biennium for ALL DENTISTS a2 Hours: Medical Errors, required every biennium a2 Hours Domestic Violence Due every third biennium a1 Hour: Human Trafficking (this biennium) aUp-to-date CPR Certification* (must be live course) * not part of the 30 total hours


Take Advantage of doing it all in one day! The South Florida District Dental Association will offer all four courses required for re-licensure in one day! And each course will be scheduled to provide everyone an opportunity to attend only what they need. 9:00 am Opioid lecture (two hours): “Prescribing Controlled Substances� Legislation now requires that all dentists take the two-hour Opioid Prescribing course by the license renewal deadline of February 29, 2020. If you have already taken this course you are not required to take it again in this biennium.

12:30 pm Medical Errors followed by Domestic Violence: Medical Errors: This course is designed to inform and educate dentists about risk management and the prevention of medical errors in clinical practice. Domestic Violence This course will help dentists in early identification of domestic violence victims and their abusers, and to offer education, counseling, and referral information when needed.

11:30 am Human Trafficking (1-hour): Dentists must now complete a one-hour CE course on human trafficking as part of the total number of hours for CE required by law. The course addresses both sex and labor trafficking, how to identify individuals who may be victims of human trafficking, how to report cases on human trafficking and resources available to victims.


October 25, 2019


Kovens Conference Center 3000 NE 151st St, North Miami, FL 33181


See Registration on-line for member price and additional information.

Lunch will be provided during the Medical Errors Lecture.

register on line at www.sfdda.org or call us (305) 667-3647 if you have questions.

SFDDA 2019-2020 Officers and Executive Council President Oscar Peguero, D.M.D. (786) 519-3636 President Elect Mariana Velazquez, D.D.S. (305) 595-4122 Secretary Ernesto Perez, D.M.D. (305) 220-9393 Treasurer Orlando Dominguez, D.D.S. (305) 386-2766 Immediate Past President Enrique Muller, D.M.D. (305) 707-2266 Young Member Melissa Sedeño (305) 822-7684 Trustees Jeannette Peña Hall, D.M.D., 305-667-8766 Alternate Trustees Gina Marcus, D.M.D (305) 446-6655 Mark A. Limosnai, D.M.D. (954) 800-3453 Delegates to the Executive Council from the Affiliates Societies


Miami Dade Dental Society Carlos Sanchez D.M.D. Laura Herschdorfer, D.D.S. North Dade/Miami Beach Dental Society Richard Mufson D.D.S Tim Franklin, D.M.D. South Broward Dental Society John Aylmer, D.D.S (SBDS) Fredericka Salbo, D.D.S. (SBDS) Affiliate Society Presidents Laura Herschdorfer, D.D.S. (MDDS) Tim Franklin, D.M.D. (ND/MBDS)



Fredericka Salbo, D.D.S (SBDS) Richard A. Mufson, D.D.S., Editor Yolanda Marrero, Managing Editor Jackie Quintero, Advertising SFDDA NEWSLETTER Copyright: © SFDDA 2019 Published by the South Florida District Dental Association 420 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2E Coral Gables, FL 33146

Send announcements and correspondence to the Editor at address abovePhone: (305) 667-3647 FAX: (305) 665-7059 or email to: southfloridadistrict@gmail.com Disclaimer: Opinions stated in the SFDDA Newsletter are not necessarily endorsed by the South Florida District Dental Association, its Executive Council or Committees. Advertisements printed should not be construed as an endorsement by the Association of the company, product or service.


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In My Opinion

Editorial Mark A. Limosani, D.M.D.

As a young member appointed to serve on the FDA Council On Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (CEBJA), I have gained a better understanding of the purpose of a “floor nomination.” Aside from being part of a fair democratic process, it serves as a failsafe method of preventing someone who may not be “fit to serve” from moving up the line potentially representing all members as president. During our conversations related to the intent of this rule, as well as the need to create some guidelines that would best reflect this intent, I felt like I was silenced, and those leading the conversation preferred to maintain the status quo. I found this to be disheartening considering the fact that there is a clear flaw in this system that has been exploited. As a young member, I find that there is nothing more disempowering then to see leaders/mentors pick and choose the rules they want to follow based on the political results rather than the good of the organization. I alluded to the concept that this is not a conversation piece about “how we feel,” but more so about the facts. An elected official from Atlantic Coast District saw this decision overturned by representatives from outside the district. This is a fact. The Immediate Past Vice President of our national organization, not to mention the 2018 recipient of the “Dentist of the Year” award, got voted off of our national (ADA) delegation. This is a fact.

I cannot think of a more incongruent statement than to consider someone “Dentist of the Year,” much less a member who held the highest office in the ADA other than president – but then not believe she would be qualified to represent our state at the ADA as part of our 17th District ADA Delegation. During our most recent HOD meeting, this same person was the nominee we endorsed as a district. This individual had been nominated 2 years prior and her candidacy remained uncontested during two successive SFDDA Annual Business Meetings, as well as at the FDA Board of Trustees meeting just prior to the HOD. Once again, the voice of the district was overturned by the will of the state, only this time it was done at the very last possible moment by someone who only two months earlier had accepted a position as Trustee of our association. This decision not only went against the wishes of the district, but it also left us with less representation on our BOT, seeing as though this seat cannot be filled for another year. In any event, if our goal is to create an institution that keeps meritocracy as its foundation, we are certainly not on track to achieving this. _______________________________________ Dr. Mark Limosani is past president of the SFDDA, and may be contacted at marklimosani@gmail.com.


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American Dental Association Annual Conference on Membership The American Dental Association held it’s Annual Conference on Membership this past July at their headquarters in Chicago. During the conference, executive directors from around the country as well as membership chairs gather to exchange ideas and to receive information on the latest news in membership at the American Dental Association. Dr. Michael Eggnatz, FDA representative to the ADA Council on Membership and SFDDA Executive Director, Yolanda Marrero, attended the conference. Ms. Marrero was invited to speak on our success with introducing young dentists into leadership, consequently having the youngest officer board in the state and possibly in the country.

Her advice for helping to make this happen in other districts is providing an open platform for young dentists to share their ideas and help shape the future of the organization. “It’s not about filling a seat on the board, it’s about giving them a voice, respecting each other’s opinions and being heard”. Dr. Eggnatz was on hand to help give out the annual ADA Membership awards, and three of which were received by Florida. • Converted the Highest Number of Diverse Dentists to Membership • Converted the Highest Percentage of Non-members to Membership • Greatest Gain of New Dentists

Pictured from l-r: Greg Gruber, Angel Estep, Dr. Demetrick LeCord, Yolanda Marrero, Kerry Gomerios, Dr. Michael Eggnatz and Casey Stoutemire

Registrationfor the 2020 Dentists’ Day on the Hill is now open https://www.floridadental.org/advocacy/dentists-day-on-the-hill

Dentistry has changed over the years. Our commitment hasn’t.

Transitions are hard. Even though dentistry has changed dramatically over the years, easing dentists into retirement has always remained our focus. The transition ahead seems as new and uncertain as when you began your practice, and your experienced Transition Consultant at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions will guide you along the way.



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Hurricane Season Are You Ready?

Dear South Florida District Members! Although we were fortunate that in 2018 our district had a relatively quiet season, the predictions for 2019 include nine to fifteen named storms, including four to eight hurricanes. The hurricane season starts June 1st and runs through November 30th, it may seem that there is time to prepare. But why put off for tomorrow? It’s better to prepare now and have you plan of action ready for both home and office. The Florida Dental Association, Miami-Dade County and Broward County have put together very good preparedness guides to help you. Please use the links below to download the information. Remember, a storm can form at any moment and come from any direction.

Plan Early and Stay safe!

https://www.floridadental.org/me mber-center


https://www8.miamidade.gov/glo bal/emergency/hurricane/home. page

Letter to the Editor I wish to clarify that the cancellation of the South Florida Mission of Mercy (MOM) was not something I had been made aware of until it was announced to the FDA in a letter and at least a week after the event chair, Dr. Marcos Diaz, had already been informed the event would be cancelled.

MOM event was cancelled as a presidential executive order. He did however mention that he had discussed the matter with the Executive council. Again I am part of the council and I was not informed of any organized meeting through the SFDDA office for this to occur.

The agreement to hold the MOM event was made a couple of years ago and voted on by the executive council of that date. Although it had been stated by a letter from the SFDDA that the executive council had agreed on the event cancellation, I feel it is important to clarify that I, the SFDDA trustee and a member of the executive council, was not invited or informed of any scheduled meeting or phone conference to discuss that matter.

I am not only offended that the item was vetoed without full consideration of the entire executive council, but I wish to state that I would disagree with cancelling a charitable event such as the MOM for the underserved and the public, particularly over any possible internal political disagreements amongst leadership. In addition, I wish to thank Dr. Marcos Diaz for having come forward to volunteer to chair the MOM event, and I am saddened that this has occurred.

I did contact the President, and he informed me that the

Jeannette Pena Hall, DMD

Note From the Editor: For clarification, the South Florida/FDA MOM event, which was in the relative early stages of planning, was not "officially cancelled" by way of any scheduled meetings or phone conferences in advance of the July 17 meeting of the SFDDA Executive Council. Rather, it became official as a result of the larger issue of SFDDA withdrawing from FDA HOD and other related FDA activities being discussed at the July 17 meeting, voted upon, passed in the form of the resolution appearing on page 8, and then acted upon by way of the letter sent to FDA (page 9).

Connecting practices to

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To run classified or display advertising in the SFDDA  Newsletter, please contact: Jackie Quintero at (305) 667-3647 ext 13 or email jackie.sfdda@gmail.com

OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE VERY BUSY PEDIATRIC/ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE: in Hialeah in need of an oral surgeon for one day per week. Please call Dr. Miguel Montilla at 954-830-6745 for details. PART TIME: High quality prosthodontist and periodontist needed for selective cases at my office. Please call or e-mail. David Vine, D.D.S. 305.538.1115 (dvine@davidvinedentist.com ).

DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE TIRED OF SOUTH FLORIDA PATIENTS?: This practice is for you. Great opportunity for: 1) a Doc looking to keep 12 days in another office, 2) A relocation, 3) A Doc ready to downsize/work only 3 days a week, 4) A Doc like the idea of working Tues.-Th. for 237K/yr. Practice in a semirural setting while being 45min. from Weston, Wellington and other suburbs. If you are accustomed to 'coastal' patients this practice will be a breath of fresh air. "Country" patients and staff will change the way you feel about the profession. Low cost buy the building= no rent. There are many unseen advantages compared to an office in Miami, WPB, or Ft. Lauderdale areas. Email me for NDA, practice details, and a pro forma for your lender. med2miami@gmail.com

Volunteers are needed for the Annual South Florida Baptist Mobil Dental Unit. Each year, the South Florida Baptist Association sends their fully equipped mobile dental van to the underserved areas of our district. Please help put smiles on the faces of those who need it most. Consider volunteering a couple of hours from your day for this worthwhile cause. Call Jackie Quintero at (305) 667-3647 for more information or to register for a morning or afternoon shift. First Week: September 30 - October 4 New Dawn Church 17200 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33015


OFFICE SPACE-SALE OR RENT OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE: in Coral Gables. Wholefoods building directly across from Sunset Place. Three fully equipped operatories, digital pan/ceph machine, private consult room, lab, break room, sterilization area, private restrooms, large waiting room, Class “A” building with plenty of free parking for specialty practice. For further information contact Jilien 305984-3240

Second Week: October 7- October 11 Miami Rescue Mission 2031 NW 1st Street Miami, FL 33127

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