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This is not your grandfather’s Annual Business Meeting... or is it? Join us for a night to remember, pg. 11 ...Also stay that evening at the Hollywood Beach Marriott, and wake up to the Mouth-Body-Mind Connection the following day. An event for everyone!, pg 12

Inside this issue: President’s Message, pg 3 Members Respond to SFDDA Withdrawal from FDA-HOD & Related Activities, pg 4

Congratulations to Lucy Hobbs Award Winner, Dr. Deborah George, pg 14 Haven’t Renewed Your Membership?, pg15 Classifieds, pg 19

“I’m not getting your emails,” pg 8

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President’s Message ‐Oscar Peguero, D.M.D.

Originally from a small rural town in Illinois, neighbors and family members often used to ask Abraham Lincoln, “Why do you read so much?” Given the bleak prospects of most from his hometown, such intense dedication to topics other than farming seemed wasteful at best. But Lincoln never allowed those who doubted him to affect his preparation. He would turn to his detractors and calmly reply, “I will study and get ready, and then the chance will come.” As dentists, we can often feel as if life is pulling us in a million different directions. Balancing roles such as practitioner, small business owner, parent, leader and friend can present us with seemingly endless challenges that we may not have been explicitly prepared for during our “training.” Yet, if there’s a lesson to learn from President Lincoln in this, it is that we must avoid complacency and instead embrace the possibilities of change. And, we should not forget that our preparation for these challenges is a continual process that must evolve, as we do. I can confidently reassure you that YOUR South Florida District Dental Association has worked very hard to remain agile and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of our profession. For instance, in response to increased portability among new members, we were able to centralize affiliate operations through our main office. This in turn now allows members to attend 5 meetings annually at ANY affiliate of their choosing, irrespective of practice or home location. Additionally, we have worked hard to keep up with new state requirements by updating our content to provide topics such as the recently mandated Opioids and Human Trafficking courses. Our membership has responded very favorably to these changes, which is evidenced by the SFDDA’s frequent national recognition for new member engagement, as well the continued support of our amazing sponsors who appreciate the vibrancy of our group.

This year alone we have seen tremendous levels of attendance at all affiliate meetings, and we packed the Kovens Center for the state mandated courses meeting in late October. Even more exciting than this wonderful enthusiasm, though, is the manner in which member engagement can strengthen our profession. The camaraderie and mutual commitment to improvement on display at these meetings can only help prepare us for the inevitable challenges and future changes to which President Lincoln once eluded. Unfortunately, these challenges continue to come at us in many forms. They come in the form of legislation, such as the fight for student loan repayment, or the struggle against dental therapists in Florida and nationally, or from rogue actors within our own profession who favor individual accolades over the good of the majority. They even derive from non-dentists in the business sector, with companies like SmileDirectClub, or the recently approved Instasmile, promising results without so much as an intraoral exam. Yet, despite the uncertainties that our careers will continue to bring, one thing is for sure: the South Florida District Dental Association will prepare and meet these challenges head-on, on YOUR behalf. And, we will continue to offer the same great member benefits that you have grown to love over the years in doing so – benefits like easy CE, top-notch insurance products, and a tremendous professional network that will allow you to “Be Ready” for whatever opportunities your own individual trials may present. So I urge you - whether the thought of frequent change throughout your “steady” dental career makes you feel like a lost puppy or a born-ready savant, come join us and learn about all of the ways in which the SFDDA is here to help you along the way.

In Our Opinion Note from the Editor: Following our last Pulitzer Prize-winning, Breaking News SFDDA Newsletter, many comments and opinions have come in regarding the decision, by a resolution passed at the July, 17, 2019 meeting of the Executive Council, to discontinue sending a delegation twice annually to the FDA House of Delegates, and other related activities. As a theme for this newsletter, we wanted to share with you, our readers and members, a handful of the replies and feedback we have received, with full permission having been granted by the authors.

From Paul  Benjamin, General Dentist, Miami When I left as your FDA Trustee 7 years ago, I felt I was leaving behind a cohesive society. Cesar Sabates was heading to the ADA as our trustee, and maybe being elected ADA president, Mike Eggnatz was beginning his run up the FDA line of officers, and our local SFDDA was humming along, with Yolanda Marrero guiding a new group of young, energetic and diverse leaders. All looked good. Therefore, after 40 years as a very active member in organized dentistry, I was happy to turn over the reins of leadership to others and ride off into the sunset. Now, when I read the latest newsletter, I am truly saddened. What in heavens name is happening? For those of us around long ago – say, 25 plus years ago – this sure feels like déjà vu. We had a knockout, donnybrook of a fight at the SFDDA back then. It got so ugly we ended up hiring an outside facilitator to bring together the angry factions. Despite our efforts, many members resigned, and the ill feelings stayed for decades. It took years, but those of us who remained worked hard to mend the fences and bring us back together. Well, here we go again, another fight. The truth is that I no longer remember what caused all the raucous years ago, and I bet if I am around 25 years from now the cause of this new battle will be equally forgotten. Unfortunately, the damage to our society is not so easily discarded, and the healing process can have unattended consequences. In the latest newsletter, our current board is essentially recommending we abandon the FDA: “Do not expect participation on councils, committees or the board of trustees.” Seriously?? This makes no sense. In the newsletter, you say if we do nothing our members are marginalized from the FDA. Yet, by your actions you did just that. When we are not at the table…literally not at the table…. we are totally marginalized!

I was proud to be your trustee during both Alan Friedel’s and Cesar Sabates’s presidential years at the FDA. For over a decade we worked together as a team, as FDA trustees, alternate trustees, SFDDA line officers, executive director and staff. Without a cohesive local group to support our FDA line officers Alan’s and Cesar’s years would have been at best a constant struggle, and at worse a total disaster. Luckily, they were neither. Now our newest line officer will not have that support. The actions taken to win that election have caused such ill will within our local society, we are now in an untenable situation. She has to figure out how to maneuver in these caustic waters. Personally, I don’t see how she will accomplish this task as she runs through the chairs during the next 6 long years. It seems that political machinations that led to this impasse were not only at the local level, but also involve other districts throughout our state. Therefore, we need the FDA Board to hold an executive session to resolve this dilemma. Who knows? It may come to another facilitator being hired. But, I urge our local board not to compound this disaster with a confrontational approach to the FDA. We need to resolve this with less vitriol. Calmer heads need to prevail. This is a family squabble and we need our trustees at the table working together toward an amicable solution. Like I have said, I have been in your position and there will be no winners. The goal now is to resolve this with as little collateral damage as possible. I can only imagine what an ugly message we are sending to our membership with this newsletter. They do not care what egos may have been bruised. Instead, they want and need to see that their dues are being used to improve our profession rather than to participate in another ugly food fight. Let’s not make the same mistakes we have made in the past. Let’s learn from those mistakes and move forward as the collegial family we are. With respect and a lot of heartburn, your colleague, Paul Benjamin


Reply from the Editor: Dr. Benjamin has been a highly respected leader, mentor and friend for many years within our association, and his comments are very welcome and appreciated. I feel supportive of the feelings and concepts he expressed, especially from the perspective of someone who may be viewing this “from the outside looking in.” However, I would like to share a completely different view that apparently exists, which is a far more positive than one would readily presume.

Also interesting and heartwarming is the fact that instead of dividing us, as occurred within the Atlantic Coast District for similar reasons two years ago - this has actually had the effect of uniting us. The current feeling is very good at present, with a sense of pride that SFDDA is accomplishing great things on a “bipartite” local and national (ADA) level. Locally, the affiliate meetings have been a source of great interest, enthusiasm, camaraderie, with many new faces and great attendance. Membership numbers are the most improved in our state, and possibly the country. We are also led by an exemplary group of young and diverse leaders.

The following views and perceptions are not my own, but rather a collection I have heard expressed by many or most others within the group (our executive council, FDA delegates), who have seen this “from the inside looking out.”

We are extremely proud of our diversity, and feel it is a force which helps drive our uniqueness of ideas and goals achieved. This is in contrast to a good number of others from around the state (certainly not all) who have not demonstrated the same appreciation, comfort level, nor embrace of the youth and diversity of culture, ideas and opinions we so cherish.

There is actually no perception of a “fight” or “battle” occurring, nor any sense of doom and gloom. (As an aside, I also must confess, I do not personally recall the reference to the “knockout, donnybrook of a fight” of “25 plus years ago.” I believe my personal entry into local organized dentistry took place a year or two later. However – from what I know of it, this situation bears little resemblance to the prior one to which Dr. Benjamin referred.)

At the national ADA level, we have been recognized for our progressive attitude and our distinctive and creative approach to leadership development and membership engagement. We have several members participating on ADA Councils on Membership, Elder Care, Licensure, and as a source of added great pride - our 17th District Trustee, Dr. Cesar Sabates, is running a great campaign for ADA President-Elect.

Truth be told - there is, and will likely be, no fight, no battle, no facilitator, no executive session of any FDA boards, no heartache, no feelings of ill will. I believe, for now, we are past that. Relative to the multiple events that occurred over the past 2 years or more leading up to this (please refer to our last newsletter), it is now past tense, and old news. Many attempts had been made over time to reach out and address the perceived problems, but to no avail.

So, rest assured – SFDDA members and leadership are doing “just fine.”

Rather, the current inherent feeling within the group is conversely far more upbeat. There is a sense of calm. The group appears to be “at peace” and “OK” with having chosen (for now) the route of stepping back, and away from the troubled and dysfunctional political machine within the FDA HOD that created and paved the way for this elected path of abstinence. Also of tremendous importance is the fact that our local grassroots members have been virtually unanimous in their agreement and support for the recent decisions and actions of our leadership. It is also worthy of mention that those who wish to participate in some form, have not been discouraged from doing so, and in fact, several of our members are continuing to remain engaged by attending as trustees, on FDA councils, and whatever other functions or events they so choose.

Also, to answer a frequent question from local members: Nothing has changed relative to your tripartite “membership,” and the benefits applying to all three levels of organized dentistry remain in place as they were previously. The only change has been limited to participation (or lack thereof) by a group of 16 people who travel twice a year, to Tampa and Orlando, to participate in the FDA House of Delegates. Finally, to the greater point about being marginalized and not at the table, and that if we do nothing…we are totally marginalized: There is a clear perception among the group that this again is past tense, for we have already been pushed off the table by others, or as a more appropriate metaphor, we have been relegated to the “kid’s table.” And, at least for now, the delegation is currently very happy to have respectfully chosen to accomplish great things while sitting “at our own table.” A Few Other Replies: From John Yurosko, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Venice, FL: continued on pg 6

continued from pg 5

Thanks for the [newsletter]. Your editorial was well thought out and written, as per usual. Having been the “victim” myself, of similar happenings, on three separate occasions during my dental-political career, I am most sympathetic. Two of those three were actually by fellow alumnae of my own dental school! Wonders never cease. Tough to deal with, and even, sometimes, tough to get over. Nevertheless, doing the right thing is always appropriate, yet acting gracious about it is never easy. I’ve gotten over it. Without question, the high road is a very lonely place, but it has proven to be worth the price that sometimes must be paid!

From Robert Eckelson, Orthodontist, Boca Raton, Florida and former Atlantic Coast District FDA Delegation Chair: Interesting!!!! Will your group follow through? What is the new nominee thinking about going it alone? From Richard Sherman, Pediatric Dentist, Davie and Pembroke Pines, Florida: It is indeed a very sad day when such an article has to be written - when our common goal is to provide excellent dentistry for the citizens of Florida and at the same time maintain a quality profession - that we adults can’t get along. When I was on the HOD years ago I saw many issues that disturbed me, so I guess things haven’t gotten any better. From Raymond Kimsey, General Dentist, Miami, Florida: This is sort of like a family where we have the exact same major interests but get caught up with little differences and end up hating our loved spouse and getting a divorce. At the end we are all worse off.

From Mel Kessler, DDS, MAGD, Miami, Florida: On June 28, 2019, the House of Delegates of the Florida Dental Association did not recognize the duly elected representative from SFDDA to serve as FDA Secretary, and ultimately serve as FDA President. What happened? Did a small group usurp the rights of the SFDDA members to elect their own representative? Yes, I know the FDA by-laws allows for nominations from the floor, but was there a fair representation of the duly elected representative and a true comparison between the merits of the two candidates? Did the FDA House know that their replacement never even attended the SFDDA Annual Business meeting when we voted on our candidates? Did politics play a hand in this? And, if so, this is a very sad situation in a volunteer organization. The FDA should be very careful before it usurps the rights of its constituents. Why am I writing this letter to the editor? I am just a simple SFDDA member. I am not in leadership, have never held an office, though I have been very supportive of many of the activities as constituent of my local component organization. I have been a member for 50 years. I very strongly support dentistry and its organizations. These organizations exist to serve their members and to serve the public. While the government views us as nothing more than a trade union, that is totally wrong. We stand for always doing what we feel is right, and not being self-serving. So why did we do the wrong thing when it came to seating our duly elected SFDDA representative?

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Congratulations to 2019 Lucy Hobbs Award Winner,

Dr. Deborah George What is the Lucy Hobbs Award? Named for the first American female to earn a degree in dentistry, the Lucy Hobbs Project powered by Benco Dental, annually presents six awards to inspirational women in the profession. The 2019 honorees include: Industry Icon Award recipient, Linda Miles, Clinical Expert Award recipient Deborah V. George, BSN, DDS, Humanitarian Award recipient, Tesa Jolly, DDS, Innovator Award recipient, Cathy J. Grinham, RDH, Public Health Dental Hygienist Mentor Award recipient, Carole Ann Palmer, EdD, RD, LDN, Woman to Watch Award recipient, Charmaine Ng, DMD.

Dr. George is an active member the Host Council, Live Healthy Miami Gardens Initiative and an Interview Panelist for Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. She is presently faculty for both New York University-Langone and Larkin Community Hospital AEGD Residency Programs. She is also a member of American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, South Florida District Dental Association, Miami-Dade County Dental Society and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

More about SFDDA member, Dr. Deborah George: Dr. George is an Executive Vice President and Chief Dental Officer at Jessie Trice Community Health System (JTCHS). In her present leadership role, she has oversight of the dayto-day operations of the Oral Health Program and provides leadership in securing collaborative relationships with community stakeholders.

Dr. George is a Board Trustee and Secretary for the Historic Hampton House Community Trust and one of the founding members and Vice President of an investment club (FIG). She has mentored many young individuals through high school, undergraduate and dental schools. She is passionate and committed to helping ensure that individuals have access to high quality dental health care and education.

Dr. George earned her DDS degree from Georgetown University School of Dentistry in Washington, DC, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia. She is a native Floridian. Her career spans the breadth and depth of public health and university-based clinical and dental health care. She is a past Florida State Board of Dentistry examiner. She was the JTCHS lead team member in the HIV Testing in the Dental Setting research study with Columbia University investigator and CDC. In 2011, Dr. George led the establishment of the first Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Residency Program at a federally qualified community health center in South Florida. She is the Administrative Director of the AEGD Program.








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Classifieds OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE PART TIME: High quality prosthodontist and periodontist needed for selective cases at my office. Please call or e-mail. David Vine, D.D.S. 305.538.1115 (dvine@davidvinedentist.com ).

OPPORTUNITIES WANTED GENERAL DENTIST LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT: My goal is to provide exceptional care to patients. I value organized dentistry and continuing education to maintain high standards and connect with the wider dental community. Experience in all areas of family dentistry. Graduated in 2014 and AEGD completed in 2015. I’m excited to meet you and your team! Available for FT, PT or as needed. P: 513.312.3619. E: ericcole29@gmail.com . PERIODONDIST LOOKING FOR ASSOCIATESHIP: Broward, Dade, Palm Beach Counties. Highly experienced in Implant (Including Full Arches) Tel: (561)5738741

DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE WESTON GENERAL PRACTICE FOR SALE: Small family practice in best location. Great marketing potential. 4 operatories, 2 x-ray, pan. Fairly Priced, Dr. retiring. Call 305-498-1406 LONG ESTABLISED ORAL SURGERY PRACTICE IN BROWARD COUNTY: Solid referral base with 4 ops and room for 5th. Great opportunity for a second location or for a young oral surgeon looking for an affordable practice with growth potential. Contact Katie at 727-4035213 or katie@legacypracticetransitions.com

TIRED OF SOUTH FLORIDA PATIENTS?: This practice is for you. Great opportunity for: 1) a Doc looking to keep 12 days in another office, 2) A relocation, 3) A Doc ready to downsize/work only 3 days a week, 4) A Doc like the idea of working Tues.-Th. for 237K/yr. Practice in a semirural setting while being 45min. from Weston, Wellington and other suburbs. If you are accustomed to ‘coastal’ patients this practice will be a breath of fresh air. “Country” patients and staff will change the way you feel about the profession. Low cost buy the building= no rent. There are many unseen advantages compared to an office in Miami, WPB, or Ft. Lauderdale areas. Email me for NDA, practice details, and a pro forma for your lender med2miami@gmail.com

OFFICE SPACE-SALE OR RENT OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE: in Coral Gables. Wholefoods building directly across from Sunset Place. Three fully equipped operatories, digital pan/ceph machine, private consult room, lab, break room, sterilization area, private restrooms, large waiting room, Class “A” building with plenty of free parking for specialty practice. For further information contact Jilien 305984-3240

MISCELLANEOUS EGG PRECIOUS METALS, LLC: As a practicing dentist I Maryland for over 40 years, I was appalled at the small amount of money paid to dentists for their scrap. Over 10 years ago I began paying my fellow dentists the true value for their scrap. I am licensed and certified in the state of Florida as a precious metals recycler and precious metal dealer. I personally come to you. I weigh the scrap and estimate its value, and give you an advance on the value. You receive a numbered receipt and personally take the scrap to the refinery. There, I watch the weight being rechecked and the scrap melted. It is then assayed and sold on the commodities exchange. I work with different refineries in the U.S. to get the best price for you. After sold, the remainder of your payment is in the form of certified bank check, and in some instances cash or wire. Contact Information: Edward Gutman, D.D.S. Email: leg7915@verizon.net Cell: Call or Text 410-303-2525

To run classified or display advertising in the SFDDA Newsletter or SFDDA Website, please contact: Jackie Quintero at (305) 667-3647 ext 13 or email jackie.sfdda@gmail.com


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