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President’s Message Joseph E. Pechter,


We are moving in a positive direction! It has been an honor to serve you as your president of the SFDDA this year. To recap the year, I would like to remind you of some of the issues we faced and their outcomes. A bill to introduce mid-level providers (dental therapists) into Florida was defeated thanks to the intervention of our members with an active letter writing campaign and presence of FDA members and staff speaking against the bill at the hearings during the recent legislative session. If you were looking for a time to join us in combatting our anticipated lengthy legislative battle against the unwanted insertion of mid-level providers into our existing team - now is the time. We will continue to provide our members with more detailed information as this issue continues to be discussed and evaluated. Please watch your email for information and speak to your legislators about the negative impact of dental therapists in out state and elsewhere. During the same recent legislative session, a law was passed requiring all health care providers authorized to prescribe controlled substances to complete a board-approved two-hour continuing education (CE) course. This course must be completed by January of 2019. Look for more information on the “opioid training” in this newsletter. Among other important local news items, SFDDA has been working diligently to strengthen the alignment with our three local affiliate societies, South Broward, North Dade-Miami Beach, and Miami Dade Dental Societies. Since incorporating affiliate dues with tripartite (ADA-FDA-SFDDA) dues, while increasing the value of the membership to our sponsors, our district office has been able to more effectively coordinate continuing education dinner meetings of each society, along with the help of the affiliate presidents and boards. To help in becoming more cohesive, new bylaws have bee proposed which will help ensure that the affiliate societies maintain a secure connection with the tripartite, while providing the tools to lead, be represented, and succeed for years to come. I am also pleased to see new leaders emerge this year. We have a plan in place that will hopefully continue to cultivate new leaders of all ages in our South Florida district. This initiative will include a leadership training program that will foster skills applicable to all aspects of our lives. We hope that you will find value in these and take the time to participate in some of our exciting upcoming leadership events. We saw a net increase of new members this year in South

Florida that rivaled the state and the nation. Part of this trend is due to an increase in graduating dentists from more dental schools in Florida, and a sizeable portion has also resulted from renewals of existing memberships. We hope to continue to show our members the value of being a part of organized dentistry. We hope to continue to increase the membership and our strength in numbers. The Florida Mission of Mercy event, a central theme of this newsletter, took place in Fort Myers in March, 2018. The event was well attended by volunteers from our South Florida District. I saw first hand the impressive amount of dental care provided to patients in need, and I thank everyone who attended. Plans are underway for us to hold the Mission of Mercy event in South Florida in 2021. We are working to secure a location and date, and we will be asking for your support to make it happen successfully. We continue to spend many hours in person at our district office in Coral Gables, or on conference calls, to organize, update, and serve our members. Without our volunteer leadership, none of this would be possible, and I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to those who tirelessly serve our district. They are the board members, mentors, and liaisons to the state and national levels of the association. They are dedicated, committed, and passionate in promoting “best practices” in our profession. They serve as advocates who help us meet the needs of all members of the professional dental community as well as our patients. I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude to our South Florida District officers, including Drs. Mark Limosani, Enrique Muller, Oscar Peguero, and Orlando Dominguez, as well as those who mentor our leadership, Drs. Michael Eggnatz, Cesar Sabates, Richard Mufson, Alan Friedel and Lee Hauer, all of whom have provided me with guidance throughout the year. I would also like to thank others who have served this year on our executive council and our delegation to the FDA House of Delegates - Drs. Marcos Diaz, Isaac Garazi, Carlos Sanchez, Mariana Velazquez, Elaine deRoode, Linda Niessen, Eddy Sedeño, Melissa Sedeño, Gina Marcus, Laurie Gordon-Brown, Norbert Camacho, John Aylmer, Evan Rubenstein and our trustees, Drs. Jeannette Peña-Hall, Beatriz Terry, Irene Marron-Tarrazzi and Rodrigo Romano. And, I thank our executive director, Yolanda Marrero and Jackie Quintero for their continued dedication to protecting our members and advancing our dental profession. cont. on pg. 12


Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM) Fort Myers, Florida, March 9-10, 2018 Richard A, Mufson, DDS, Editor

By the time you are reading this, you may have once again missed it - unless you were one of an inspiring number of volunteers from throughout Florida and elsewhere – also including an impressive number from our own South Florida area. The signature event of the Florida Dental Association Foundation - the Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM) took place on March 9 -10, 2018 at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers. This two-day effort marked the fourth such event within the past five years. Preceding events took place in Tampa (2014), Jacksonville (2016) and Pensacola (2017). It was actually more than a two-day affair when one takes into account the incoming multiple large tractor-trailers with all the required equipment, supplies and other dental-related paraphernalia brought in days earlier, in addition to early registration offered and provided to our veterans of the armed services on the Thursday afternoon prior to the main event. Once again, scores of FDA members and staff, along with a large contingent of allied and community volunteers, marched into action for the expressed purpose of serving the underserved. Several hundred dental and medical professionals – includ-


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill ing dentists, dental students, office staff, hygienists, assistants, nurses, EMTs, and a diverse array of other community volunteers, converged upon the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers – beginning at 5:00 AM on Friday morning, and over a two-day period, would manage to deliver well over 8,000 dental procedures, to over 1,900 patients, totaling over $1.7 million in needed dental care. Long lines of patients were waiting outside the front doors well prior to 5:00 AM. As a result of early registration on the day before, veterans were afforded the earliest access to care. There were no preliminary screenings or other requirements for patients seeking entry into the event – other than willingness to simply “show up,” and receive care on a first-comefirst-serve basis. Upon stepping into the 50,000 square foot Lee Civic Center, one could not help but feel awestruck by the sheer size of the place, the volume of equipment, chairs, sections, people, and moreover, the level of organization, effort and donated monetary funds - to the tune of about $250,000 - which went into putting on this monumental effort, with a common theme of giving back to others in need.

- Over 1,900 Patients Treated - Over 1,300 Volunteers - Over 8,000 Dental Procedures Performed - Over $1.7 Million in Dental Care Provided

Photos of the 2018 Mission of Mercy Volunteers. If you see a photo you would like, let us know and we will email a copy. 5

The medical triage section, staffed by dentists and physicians, evaluated the medical history and physical status of all patients. A very small number of patients were turned away if their respective medical history or conditions were felt to preclude the delivery of safe dental care. As a participant within the oral surgery section for the better part of the two days, I was yet again amazed by three long rows of some thirty plus chairs, continuously filled and operating to capacity for treatment - which ranged from removal of one or two teeth to full mouth extractions, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, or other procedures such as removal of bony exostoses for a denture. The workload and amount of care delivered was both intensive and impressive. The room was divided into quite a number of sections – patient registration, medical triage, dental triage, radiology, patient routing, dental lab/prosthodontics, sterilization, central supply, restorative dentistry, hygiene, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, patient education, and volunteer registration/hospitality – all set up with a designed purpose of analyzing, organizing, planning and then routing patients, and in some cases, entire families, to the most appropriate other sections for their required dental care. A row of digital panoramic units and printers were once again on hand to obtain diagnostic screening radiographs for each and every patient who would then proceed through the other triage sections for examination and treatment planning. Not all dental conditions were treated, but rather, individual patient needs were categorized and identified within each chart by priority.


Although oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists (OMS) were on hand, the section was once again filled with dentists from seemingly any and all walks of life - general dentists, periodontists, endodontic specialists, in addition to OMS faculty, residents, and dental students from each of the three schools in Florida, and even one or more Board of Dentistry members. A dental hygienist from our Miami VA Hospital in Miami was my surgical assistant on the early Friday morning shift, and two LECOM dental students – a second and third year – assisted me the following day on the final Saturday afternoon shift. I also proctored each of them in performing a couple of dental extractions of their own. The two days were divided into four shifts, and the first began with a 5:00 AM arrival for breakfast and orientation, and soon following this – patients were escorted in for treatment. By 6:15 AM, I would once again find myself in the unique posi-

tion of administering local anesthesia at a record-breaking (for me) earliest time in a given day I had even been called upon to do so (thank goodness for strong coffee, and the IV bag that came with it!).

The net result after the two days of this immense culmination of hard work – was a very thankful Fort Myers community – very similar to those in Tampa, Jacksonville and Pensacola in the years preceding this event.

I also must give a “shout-out” to our section leaders, Drs. Marcos Diaz and Michael Pikos, who began each day and shift with orientations and seemingly worked on a non-stop basis to ensure all chairs were filled with patients, proper equipment, assistants, and that the many needed extractions and other ancillary procedures were performed in continuous motion, somewhat analogous to a freight train. They were also in charge of writing and handing out all prescription medications.

Next year, the FLA-MOM event will be in Orlando. If you and/or your staff have not done so, please consider coming out and participating. Talk of bringing this event to Miami in 2021 is also underway. Beyond locating a suitable venue – we will also need you – our local dental community and family to help organize, fundraise and participle in our own would-be event in the “305.” Please stay tuned.

“From a volunteer perspective, I would encourage, and all but assure, any and all others among you who may be interested in participating in a future MOM event – that you will likely experience an indescribable uplifting and positive feeling - upon being there and donating your care to others in need.” Numerous other tables and stations were set up for everything ranging from volunteer registration, patient registration - and after treatment was performed – patient “check out” areas. Post-operative instructions were given, along with brochures and other helpful information regarding alternate avenues to receive ongoing or future charitable dental care within the community. Patients were also asked to submit comments and feedback regarding the care they received, and many contributed hand-written notes expressing their gratitude and other wonderful comments, which were then posted on a large bulletin board for all to read.

Dr. Richard A. Mufson is the editor of the SFDDA Newsletter, and may be contacted at (305) 935-7501 or

I was amazed when stepping into a room designated for patient education, in which 30-40 patients sat and listened to volunteers teaching them how and why dental plaque, tartar, dental decay and periodontal disease occur, and the methods of choice in prevention of oral disease. Numerous volunteers - “ambassadors ” - were also seen throughout the building, performing many functions ranging from escorting patients in all directions, connecting assistants with treating doctors, translation, and others. Representatives from the news media were once again on hand – Jillian Hartman from Fox4 News and Haley Milon from WINK. I am certain that everyone on hand, volunteers and patients alike, could share their own stories of what this event personally meant in their respectively minds and hearts. Many hugs and, in many cases, tears were shared by not only those so grateful for having been on the receiving end of the generous outpouring of time and care given, but also by many on the giving end as well. From a volunteer perspective, I would encourage, and all but assure, any and all others among you who may be interested in participating in a future MOM event – that you will likely experience an indescribable uplifting and positive feeling… upon being there and donating your care to others in need.


South Florida District Dental Association Annual Business Meeting & Affiliate Society Installation of Officers The South Florida District Dental Association held the Annual Business Meeting on May 2, 2018 at Tropical Acres Restaurant in Davie. Dr. Joseph Pechter welcomed the members and introduced the head table which included the SFDDA Officers, Drs. Oscar Peguero, Enrique Muller, Orlando Dominguez and Mark Limosani. He also introduced our ADA 17th District Trustee, Dr. Cesar Sabates, FDA President, Dr. Michael Eggnatz and FDA Executive Director, Mr. Drew Eason. During the meeting, Drew filmed a segment of “Chew on This,” which featured him asking a series of questions to Dr. Joseph Pechter, ranging from his favorite color, to whether he prefers flossing before or after brushing. Dr. Pechter’s answers resulted in some laughs from the audience and gave everyone a little insight to a different side of the president. This segment of “Chew on This” will be available soon from the FDA on their Facebook page. The evening then proceeded with the “State of the Association” report. Dr. Rodrigo Romano, ADA Membership Chair, awarded the Life Member Certificates to Dr. Joseph Briggle, Dr. John Capriccio, Dr. Jorge Coro, Dr. Edward Cronauer, Dr. Luis Diaz, Dr. Donald Elsman, Dr. Carlos Fernandez, Dr. Faustino Garcia, Dr. Idalia Lastra, Dr. Julio Llera, Dr. Arturo Mosquera, Dr. Raymond Nahmad, Dr. Louis Popiel, Dr. James Sands, Dr. Michael Schenkman and Dr. Richard Soven. Both Drs. Mariana Velazquez and Alfredo Tendler awarded their affiliate officers with plaques for their service throughout the year.


Dr. Michael Eggnatz was honored to present the outgoing president, Dr. Joseph Pechter with an appreciation award. He then presented Dr. Cesar Sabates with the prestigious Alan E. Friedel Award for Outstanding Service. This award is given only to those who have served in leadership over 10 years and have held a leadership positon at the local, state and national associations. Dr. Pechter then concluded with the election of officers for the next fiscal year, as well as for the positions of state officers - FDA Trustee, Alternate Trustees and incoming FDA line officer. After duly requesting nominations from the floor, hearing none, he closed the nominations and the candidates were elected by acclamation. Dr. Cesar Sabates installed the following officers: South Florida District Dental Association: Dr. Enrique Muller , President, Dr. Oscar Peguero, President Elect, Dr. Mariana Velazquez, Secretary Dr. Melissa Sedeño, Young Member Dr. Orlando Dominguez, Treasurer. South Broward Dental Society: Drs. Sawan Malik, President, Dr. Fredricka Salbo, Vice President, Dr. John Aylmer, Secretary Dr. Helena Urrea-Feldsberg, Treasurer Miami Dade Dental Society: Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, President, Dr. Ernesto Perez, Vice President, Dr. Laura Herschdorfer, Secretary Dr. Pablo Duluc, Treasurer (not present) Florida Dental Association Dr. Irene Marron Tarrazzi, FDA Secretary Dr. Jeannette Peña Hall, Trustee Dr. Irene Marron Tarrazzi Alternate Trustee Dr. Rodrigo Romano, Alternate Trustee

Pictured Left: Dr. Cesar Sabates receives the Alan E. Friedel Award from Dr. Friedel himself. Pictured Left: Drew Eason addresses the members; Below: Dr. Mariana Velazquez

Pictured Left: Drs. Elaine deRoode, Irene Marron, Helena Feldsberg and Rodrigo Romano stand to be recognized as past society presidents. Dr. John Aylmer is pictured as well.

Pictured right: Drs. Mark Limosani, Michael Eggnatz and Joseph Pechter

Pictured Left: Drs. Enrique Muller, Mark Limosani, Oscar Peguero and Orlando Dominguez

Pictured above, l-r: Drs. John Aylmer, Irene Marron Tarrazi, Melissa Sedeño, Mariana Velazquez, Rodrigo Romano, and behind him, Oscar Peguero, Enrique Muller, Sawan Malik, Laura Herschdorfer, Fredericka Salbo, Ernesto Perez, Jr., Carlos Gonzalez and Helena Urrera - Feldsberg, are installed as the newly elected officers of the association and its societies.

Pictured Above: - Incoming Miami Dade officers, Drs. Ernesto Perez, Jr., Laura Herschdorfer and Carlos Gonzalez.


SFDDA Membership Elects Dr. Irene Marron Tarrazzi as FDA Secretary at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting

At the Annual Business Meeting, which took place on the evening of May 2, 2018, at Tropical Acres Restaurant in Davie, Florida, Dr. Irene MarronTarrazzi was elected to represent the South Florida District Dental Association as our next FDA line office, beginning as Secretary, in June 2019. Dr. Marron will join the respected ranks of past FDA presidents from the SFDDA, most recently, Drs. Alan Friedel, Cesar Sabates and currently, Dr. Michael Eggnatz, whose term will end at the June 2018 FDA House of Delegates. Throughout the years, Dr. Marron has proven her leadership qualities, serving at several levels in the local, state and national associations. Dr. MarronTarrazzi has served as president of the South Florida District Dental Association and past president of the Greater Miami Dental Society.


At the state level, Dr. Marron served as a delegate to the FDA and ADA House of Delegates. She served as Chairman of the Council on Membership at both the Florida and American Dental Associations. She is an alternate trustee of the FDA, and Dr. Marron is a past vice president of the American Dental Association. Originally from Venezuela, Dr. Marron-Tarrazzi studied dentistry at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She completed her post-doctoral training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned her certificate in Periodontology and Master of Science degree, and in 2003, she received her dental degree from Nova Southeastern University. We congratulate Dr. Marron Tarrazzi and look forward to her representation of our district as a line officer and future president of the Florida Dental Association.


Volunteer to help needy patients get the dental help they need. Join us on the Baptist Mobile Dental Unit October 22-26, 2018 and October 29-November 2, 2018 Doral Vineyard Church 8041 NW 14th Street Doral, Florida 33126 Morning Shift - 8:30 am to 12 pm Afternoon Shift - 1 pm to 5 pm Volunteer for one or more days, morings, afternoons or both. Call (305) 667-3647 ext 13 or email:

President’s Message cont. from pg. 3 SFDDA 2017-2018 Officers and Executive Council President Joseph Pechter, D.M.D. (954) 981-0012 President Elect Enrique Muller, D.M.D. (305) 931 0607 Secretary Oscar Peguero, D.M.D. Treasurer Orlando Dominguez, D.D.S. (305) 386-2766 Immediate Past President Mark A. Limosani, D.M.D., Msc (954) 800-3453 Young Member Monica Gonzalez, D.M.D.

Trustees & FDA Line Officer Michael D. Eggnatz, D.D.S., FDA President (954) 217-8888 Jeannette Peña Hall, D.M.D., Trustee 305-667-8766 Beatriz Terry, D.D.S., Trustee (305) 279-2828

I would like to acknowledge our affiliate presidents, Drs. Alfredo Tendler, Evan Rubensteen, and Mariana Velazquez for their hard work and service this year. They each provided excellent leadership, speakers, content, and much-needed feedback from their members. They were fiscally responsible and organized. With their help and cooperation, we were able to successfully combine our end-of-year affiliate installation meetings with the SFDDA Annual Business meeting. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the affiliate board members, advisors, local members that loyally “show up” - no matter what. It is because of you that we continue to succeed. Offering a final thought: I feel our district is ready for more positive changes and growth. We have been successful in combining our resources, and now we have to become successful at increasing participation at all levels. Perhaps trying some new and more attractive venues for our affiliate dinner meetings could be a worthy start. We may consider using the remaining treasury reserves of the affiliate societies wisely and responsibly toward higher quality speakers and continuing education events. We may look to partnering more with our local dental schools to improve the transition to private practice. It has been my absolute privilege to serve you this year. I hope to see you at the Florida Dental Convention next month. Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful summer! Yours respectfully, Joseph E. Pechter, DMD SFDDA President

Alternate Trustees Irene Marron, D.M.D. M.S. Rodrigo Romano, D.D.S., M.S. Delegates to the Executive Council from the Affiliates Societies Carlos Sanchez D.M.D. (MDDS) Mariana Velazquez, D.D.S.(MDDS) Richard Mufson D.D.S (ND/MBDS) Isaac Garazi, D.M.D. (ND/MBDS) Affiliate Society Presidents

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Mariana Velazquez D.D.S. (MDDS) Evan Rubensteen, D.M.D. (ND/MBDS) Alfredo Tendler, D.M.D. (SBDS) Richard A. Mufson, D.D.S., Editor Yolanda Marrero, Managing Editor Jackie Quintero, Advertising Manager SFDDA NEWSLETTER Copyright: © SFDDA 2017 Published by the South Florida District Dental Association 420 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2E Coral Gables, FL 33146 Send announcements and correspondence to the Editor: 420 S. Dixie Hwy, 2-E Coral Gables, FL, 33146-2271 Phone: (305) 667-3647 FAX: (305) 665-7059 or email to: Disclaimer: Opinions stated in the SFDDA Newsletter are not necessarily endorsed by the South Florida District Dental Association, its Executive Council or Committees. Advertisements printed should not be construed as an endorsement by the Association of the company, product or service.




Date: Saturd day, June 23, 2018

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“Show Us A Sparkling Smile” was the theme of the SFDDA’s 2018 Children’s Dental Health Month Annual Poster Contest. We once again celebrated the winners of the annual poster contest with a delightful awards breakfast at Denny’s in Coral Gables. The poster contest was creatd to bring awareness of good oral health care habits and has been a staple of the SFDDA and Miami Dade Coubty Public Schools (MDCPS) for over thirty years. The winners attend along with their parents, teachers and school principles, and also joining them was Mabel Morales, District Supervisor Visual Arts for MDCPS and Poster Contest Chair, Dr. Jeannette Peña Hall.


Pictured Above: The 2018 Poster Contest Winners with their winning artwork. (Also pictured on next page.) Pictured Below: Art Teachers, Mr. Okpala Columba and Mr. Ray Jui with their students.

3rd Grade 1st Place - Alan Rivero 2nd Place - Giana Pantaleon 3rd Place - Elisabeth OrdoĂąez

4th Grade 1st Place - Melany Polanco 2nd Place - Isaura Larios 3rd Place - Omar NuĂąez

5th Grade 1st Place - Angelina Cabrera 2nd Place - Alideimy Moreno 3rd Place - Angelina Valdivieso

Working continuously to balance the

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Affiliates Corner... A GREAT MEMBER BENEFIT that provides you with continuing education and a nice dinner in the company of your friends and colleagues is offered by the SFDDA’s three affiliate societies. Check on for upcoming events.

Miami Dade Dental Society

North Dade - Miami Beach Dental Society

South Broward Dental Society

Usually meets in the Coral Gables area on the 2nd Tuesday of select months between September and April President: Dr. Carlos Gonzalez

Usually meets in the Aventura area on the 1st Tuesday of select months between September and April

Usually meets in the Davie area on the second select of Wednesday months between September and April President: Dr. Sawan Malik

Mandatory Opioid Course for all Florida Licensed Dentists! To ensure your license stays active, all Florida licensed dentists registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to prescribe controlled substances must take a two-hour continuing education course on opioid training by January 31, 2019. The 2018 Florida Legislature recently passed HB 21, which requires each person registered with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and authorized to prescribe controlled substances to complete a board-approved 2-hour continuing education (CE) course on the prescribing of controlled substances by January 31, 2019.

This deadline does not follow the license renewal biennium schedule. The course must be completed by January 31, 2019.


Our Newest Members and Reinstated Members Dr. Diane Alvarez-Rodriguez Dr. Laura Cabrera Dr. Sandra Cuartas Dr. Camila Di Giorgio Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai Dr. Maria Hayeck Dr. Georgia Hernandez Dr. Maria Mogollon

Dr. Numa Munoz Dr. Nuria Otero Dr. Elvira Rodriguez Dr. Nancy Wise Dr. Jinelle Andujar Dr. Cassandra Iglesias Dr. Maria Hayeck Dr. Amir Radwan

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Classifieds OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE Associate Dentist – Melbourne: Our state of the art practice in Melbourne, FL has an exciting opportunity for a talented Dentist. Fully digital office w/ SiroLaser, CEREC® CAD/CAM, intraoral cameras,VELscope®, and more! Competitive production-based comp plan with bonuses/benefits including: Med/Dent/Vision, 401K w/match, malpractice, AGD CE, and fully paid lab fees. Great working environment, with a fun, friendly, and well-trained support team. Clinical autonomy with a focus on excellence and creating patients for life. To be considered immediately, please apply here: ?site=1&id=11367&source=JobTarget Associate Dentist – Naples: Our state of the art practice in Naples, FL has an exciting oppty for a talented Dentist. Fully digital office w/ SiroLaser, CEREC® CAD/CAM, intraoral cameras, VELscope® and more! Competitive production-based comp plan with bonuses/benefits including: Med/Dent/Vision, 401K w/match malpractice, AGD CE, and fully paid lab fees. Great working environment, with a fun, friendly, and well-trained support team. Clinica autonomy with a focus on excellence and creating patients for life. To be considered immediately, please apply here: urce=JobTarget Associate Dentist - Fort Myers: Our state of the art practice in Fort Myers, FL has an exciting oppty for a talented Dentist. Fully digital office w/ SiroLaser, CEREC® CAD/CAM, intraoral cameras, VELscope® andmore! Competitive production-based comp plan with bonuses/benefits including: Med/Dent/Vision, 401K w/match, malpractice, AGD CE, and fully paid lab fees. Great working environment, with a fun, friendly, and well-trained support team. Clinica autonomy with a focus on excellence and creating patients for life. To be considered immediately, please apply here: ce=JobTarget

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Associate Dentist – Gainesville: Our state of the art practice in Gainesville, FL has an exciting oppty for a talented Dentist. Fully digital office w/ SiroLaser, CEREC® CAD/CAM, intraoral cameras, VELscope® and more! Competitive production-based comp plan with bonuses/benefits including: Med/Dent/Vision, 401K w/match, malpractice, AGD CE, and fully paid lab fees. Great working environment, with a fun, friendly, and well-trained support team. Clinical autonomy with a focus on excellence and creating patients for life. To be considered immediately, please apply here: ?site=1&id=11221&source=JobTarget OPPORTUNITY FOR ASSOCIATE DENTIST: Established Tamarac General Dentistry practice Seeking Female Associate Dentist…minimum 2 years experience 2-3 days per week plus 1 Saturday per month. Fluency in Spanish preferred…Potential for six-figure income. Daily advance towards monthly collections available. Email resume to: FLORIDA (SOUTHEAST AND ORLANDO–Over 50 practices): Sage Dental is seeking experienced General Dentists and Specialists to come grow with us! We offer excellent earning potential and the opportunity to focus on patient care in our state-ofthe-art facilities. We take care of the administration tasks (insurance claims, payroll/staffing, marketing, etc.) for you so that you can enjoy a work-life balance again! Take the next step in your career and apply online at https://www.mysageden‐‐opportunities/ or email your CV to today! Call us at 561‐999‐9650 ext. 6146 PART TIME: High quality prosthodontist and periodontist needed for selective cases at my office.Please call or e-mail. David Vine, D.D.S. 305.538.1115 (dvine@david‐ ). SEEKING P/T ENDODONTIST: Large Multi Specialty practice in Miami-Dade seeking Endodontist to grow with us. Applicant must possess clinical and patient skills. Please email or call Kristina at or 786804-4662

OPPORTUNITIES WANTED EXPERIENCED BOARD CERTIFIED ENDODONDIST: looking for an endodontic position. Please email: advancedrct@


SPECTACULAR DENTAL OFFICE: Space for rent with two equipped operatories. Brickell area. Call us @ 305-510-4446 Gabriella GREAT OPPORTUNITY: to open your own business and sublease our beautiful new office at an easily affordable price in the South Miami Area. Please call Veronica at 305-798-2961 for more information. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE: 2-Jed Med Microscopes, 2Bellmont X-Ray Machines, 1 Bellmont Dental Chair, ADEC Cart & other miscellaneous equipment for sale. Call 305-4511251

DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE: Modern 4 operatory fully digital, established for 10 years. Fee for service. Not HMO or Medicaid. Long term lease. Staff willing to stay.305-244-2771

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2018 spring  

Newsletter for SFDDA Member Dentists

2018 spring  

Newsletter for SFDDA Member Dentists