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How Becoming a “Tide-Riser” Not Only Influences Your Impact but Your Outlook as Well...pg. 3

A Time To Speak Up: Report From (Currently Dysfunctional) Board of Dentistry May 19 Meeting, pg. 4

Annual Business Meeting Highlights, pg. 19 Classifieds, pg. 21

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President’s Message Mark Anthony Limosani, D.M.D., M.Sc Staying Committed, Sharing Your Engagement and Taking Qwnership of Your Profession… How Becoming a “Tide­Riser” Not Only Influences Your Impact but Your Outlook as Well. If one understands the saying, “A rising tide raises all boats,” then it should behoove one to also think, “How can I help the tide rise?” First, I need to express how honored and fortunate I feel to have served you this past year. I am proud to have con­ tributed my part in our restructuring with one focus and question in mind: “How can we better serve our mem­ bers?” Your support of the decision to allow all members to at­ tend five meetings within the three affiliate territories of our district has allowed many to receive 10 CE credits, not to mention invaluable networking opportunities. Person­ ally, I have found that these events have allowed me to create lasting relationships that have enriched my life both personally and professionally. The culmination of this year was highlighted by our an­ nual event that was held at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort this past February. My vision of creating a venue that allowed for high quality education with a va­ riety of clinical and practice management topics came to life, as close to one hundred attendees shared in the learn­ ing and networking with the beautiful backdrop of our very own Hollywood Beach. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors who all took the opportunity to connect and en­ gage with us. All of these events and efforts have borne several fruits. Our district was responsible for a 30% growth in mem­ bership within our state. This is the largest increase among all districts within our state. Our initiatives have taken center stage at the national level. Of the five awards the FDA received at the ADA Recruitment and Retention Conference, two of the awards reflected the effort of SFDDA in diversity and young member engagement. We should all be very proud of both our executive director, Ms. Yolanda Marrero and our Chairman of the ADA Coun­ cil on Membership, Dr. Rodrigo Roman, for their achieve­ ments.

With your upcoming president, Dr. Joseph Pechter at the helm, Dr. Enrique Mueller by his side, and rounded out with Drs. Oscar Peguero, Monica Gonzalez and Orlando Dominguez, there is no doubt our association is in caring and competent hands. Moreover, our executive board is the youngest of any district in the nation. We are fortunate to have not only a homegrown FDA president in Dr. Michael Eggnatz on the horizon, but also our very own Dr. Irene Marron as second vice president of the ADA. Need­ less to say, all eyes are on the SFDDA as we are now con­ sidered a breeding ground for first­class leadership. The only questions left unanswered are the following: What can you do to take part in the movement? Where do you want to see a change? What aspects of your profession do you feel you can impact? The answer is inside of you. It is time to quiet the distrac­ tions and hone in on your true purpose as a pillar of your community. We are truly blessed to be serving a tri­ county area as culturally rich and naturally beautiful as ours. What can we all do together to educate, inspire cre­ ativity and invigorate our wonderful district dental asso­ ciation? The tide is rising, my friends. The shore might be safer, but the journey is much too purposeful to ignore. Cheers! Dr. Mark A Limosani For more details feel free to download the FDA’s member benefit brochure by following the link: http://www.flori­ dadental.org/docs/default­source/default­document­li­ brary/membership­benefits­booklet_0816_web.pdf


In My Opinion

A Time To Speak Up: Report From (Currently Dysfunctional) Board of Dentistry May 19 Meeting: BOD Votes to Lower Required Level of Supervision for Dental Hygienists; Pattern of Condescending Verbal Abuse from Board Chair Continues - Richard A. Mufson, DDS, Editor I have often heard the suggestion made to other dental colleagues over the years (something to the effect of), “You should attend a Board of Dentistry (BOD) meeting, for you will be enlightened as to what occurs.” And I have attended a limited number of BOD meetings in the past. However, I am saddened to report that after attending the recent May 19 Meeting and Rule Hearing at the Hilton Orlando Airport, I did not feel “enlightened” or “heartened,” or any such related emotions. The words I would use to describe my experience were more along the antithetical lines of disheartened, disenchanted, bewildered, vicariously insulted, and others. I would love to share each of the specific reasons, verbiage or outcomes during the meeting that would explain such feelings, but I almost would not know where to begin. And, this did not have so much to do with the reason for which I had largely chosen to attend - to speak on behalf of my state oral surgery society (FSOMS) against a recent BOD Rule change lowering the level of supervision required for two relatively advanced procedures performed by dental hygienists, root planing and placement of subgingival doxycycline and chlorhexidine – from “indirect” to “general” (no) supervision. Rather, it had very much to do with the entire process of the meeting, including the disciplinary proceedings brought forth against a number of dentists (as in most BOD meetings), and one dental radiographer. It also had very much to do with the Board Chair, Dr. Joseph Thomas choosing to berate his colleagues who were presenting testimony with a notably condescending and disrespectful tone. He also questioned in some cases their professionalism and ethics, while ironically displaying a general lack of knowledge of his own on a number of issues before him (please see related letters/testimony from Florida Dental Association and Dr. David Boden on pages 8 and 11). This next observation is directed to a least a certain “faction” (I will choose to call it) of the BOD, but certainly not the entire BOD. Contrary to the very purpose and intent of a Rule Hearing, it was readily apparent to even the most untrained of eyes and ears that minds were already “made up,” and there would be no attempt whatsoever to actually listen or learn from any of the testimony given – much of which would be delivered by experts in their respective specialties, such as periodontology. 4

However, my own personal overwhelming epiphany or revelation, after witnessing the overall process unfolding that day, consisted of the realization that: “We, as licensed dental professionals, along with significant risk to our licenses to practice dentistry, must answer to a body of individuals sitting around a board table – and the sad and discouraging part – a good number of whom demonstrate deficits relative to their own awareness and knowledge of the practice of dentistry.” Allow me share several examples: (1) On the apparent lack of knowledge displayed by several BOD members - of the difference between “root planing” and ordinary “scaling” or other more routine dental hygiene/cleaning procedures: In prior testimony before the BOD at the December, 2016 meeting given by periodontal specialist, Dr. David Boden, and in my own testimony at the May meeting, it was stated that, “root planing is not totally innocuous, but rather is a ‘definitive’ procedure, inherently designed to remove cementum and/or dentin that is rough, may be permeated by calculus, or contaminated with toxins or microorganisms,” and which many educators and clinicians also feel has irreversible components in terms of removal of tooth structure (as opposed to scaling). However, this information appeared to fall on deaf or uncomprehending ears, and as a result of back-and-forth comments made by one or more BOD members, it was apparent that they were incapable of, or perhaps in denial of, appreciating the clinical differences between the procedures being discussed. (2) On the issue of potential complications: I reported to the Board that when complications have arisen over the years from either of the two procedures under discussion, such as bleeding, infection, myofascial pain, allergic reactions, and others, patients are typically referred to members of my specialty, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and as such, we are the ones who see them first hand when they occur. Several BOD members, however, and in particular the Chair, Dr. Thomas, refused to acknowledge such complications could occur, or are an issue of any concern, nor would there be any difference (in his words) whether the dentist was in the next room within the office or “on the golf course” (a phrase used repeatedly throughout the discussion). When I also related concerns that an unsupervised hygienist may fail to recognize important aspects or changes within a patient’s medical history, or medications being taken, such

as potent blood thinners, or the need for premedication, or the presence of other significant medical conditions - which should require the training, judgment and presence of a licensed dentist - this information once again did not seem to register as a potential concern with a number of BOD members.

(4) On the issue of subgingival placement of medicaments: Dr. Thomas tried to make a mysterious distinction between “internal” versus “external” administration of medications relative to body tissue (or in this case, periodontal pockets, I presume). However, virtually no one in the room knew what the heck he was even talking about.

“We, as licensed dental professionals, along with significant risk to our licenses to practice dentistry, must answer to a body of individuals sitting around a board table – and the sad and discouraging part – a good number of whom demonstrate deficits relative to their own awareness and knowledge of the practice of dentistry.”

“If” he was referring to a “topical” medication, as opposed to drug taken internally, a sense of disbelief in the room was both audible and palpable – that he was clearly demonstrating a lack of knowledge of a concept very basic relative to the anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of an inflamed periodontal pocket – i.e., that the otherwise protective layer of epithelium has been all but destroyed by either disease or therapy, and therefore, medications enter directly, and immediately, into the bloodstream.

I was questioned by one of the two hygienists on the Board as to why there is a lack of data available to support the occurrence of such complications. I then responded with the reason: Such adverse outcomes do not share the same reporting requirements as other categories of medical/ dental complications, such as those resulting from anesthesia delivery, or other more serious, or sentinel, events. Many or most outcomes have also not likely resulted in civil lawsuits or FDOH/ BOD complaints, and as such, would not otherwise be apparent to the BOD or other agencies seeking to regulate these procedures. Dr. Thomas then admonished me by saying that such complications are reportable by Board Rule. However, I then respectfully replied that I believed he was incorrect – as the Rule I believe he was referring to (under Anesthesia, 64B514) only requires reporting if a patient requires transport directly from one’s office to a hospital or other emergency facility, and further, applies only to patients we ourselves have treated and to whom we have administered medications. (3) On the issue of whether local anesthesia (a non-delegable task under general/no supervision) is required: More than one board certified periodontal specialist testified before the BOD (and one, a former Board member with over 29 years in practice) that - in order for root planing to be performed in a (key words) competent, proper, and effective manner, it would require, in most cases, the use of local anesthesia. And, this would then seem to negate the logic of the recent Rule change when considering that local anesthesia is not a delegable task under general/no supervision. However, more than one BOD member, including the Chair, neither of whom are periodontal specialists, refuted this fact and proclaimed this is not true. Oh, really? This would be analogous to a dentist who is not a specialist in oral surgery telling me that IV anesthesia is not indicated or required for most patients undergoing most cases of removing four impacted wisdom teeth. As those in attendance continued to listen, it became apparent that the reason for this lack of acceptance or understanding was likely related to lack of appreciation of: (a) the difference between root planing and other hygiene procedures, and (b) the key words: competent, proper and effective.

It actually took another board member, the one oral surgeon on the BOD, Dr. T. J. Tejera, to respectfully correct him on this misunderstood point, and advise him that medications placed subgingivally are not simply “topical,” but rather are subjected to entry into the bloodstream, and then undergo a “first pass” effect throughout all body tissues. (5) More on the failure to differentiate root planing from other periodontal procedures: During the testimony by former BOD member and periodontist, Dr. Carol Stevens, she attempted to illustrate that a similar lack of understanding may often result in insurance coding errors by other dentists, such as when cleaning/scaling procedures may be “upcoded” and wrongly submitted as “root planing.” She then made the point that such errors have often prevented her from treating her patients who need root planing for reasons relating to limitations in frequency by insurance carriers. Rather than ask for clarification, or attempting to understand the message, Dr. Thomas was quick to jump on her, and all but accuse her of being unethical for reasons implying she was arguing for insurance reimbursement and monetary gain as a talking point against the Rule change. Dr. Stevens was also quick to fire back and, in no uncertain terms, express her sense of indignation of having been unjustly offended by the apparent inappropriate questioning of her ethics. (6) On the improper use of the term, “standard of care:” During one of the disciplinary proceedings, which involved a failed implant case, the BOD Chair asked the defendant, in a seemingly condescending manner, what type of x-rays or imaging she had utilized. Upon receiving a logical answer, he apparently or indirectly attempted to assail what she had done (or not done) by stating that 3-D CT imaging is the “standard of care.” His rationale? As far as I can understand, he made the case by saying that we have a lot of high-tech devices in life, such as Tesla automated vehicles and others, and therefore should use them because we have them. It personally makes my skin crawl when the phrase “standard of care” is thrown about, clearly misunderstood and used inappropriately, especially no less in a serious legal proceeding, by others who have no idea what the phrase, in legal terms, actually means. It is legally defined as (with some variation), “… a given level cont. on pg.9

SFDDA 2016-2017 Officers and Executive Council President Mark A. Limosani, D.M.D., Msc (954) 800-3453 President Elect Joseph Pechter, D.M.D. (954) 981-0012

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of care, skill and knowledge exercised by a reasonably prudent similar heath care practitioner under same or similar circumstances.” More important - is what the phrase does not mean. It does not equate with concepts such as, “more and more people are using [a given technique, such as CT] lately or, that “it’s high-tech,” and so it must be great, and therefore it must be the “standard of care.” No, that’s not what it means. And, when misused, it caries with it a significant negative impact from a medico-legal perspective, on all practicing dentists because it also implies that if the given technique is not used, one is then practicing below the prevailing standard of care.1 (7) Procedural “faux pas” and a flawed vote on hygiene Rule: The current sitting consumer member / “lay” person on the BOD (the second consumer seat remaining long-empty due to inaction by the Governor), Mr. Tim Pyle of Pensacola, asked other BOD members for clarification of (a) the difference between root planing and scaling, or other more routine dental hygiene procedures, and (b) the difference between indirect and general supervision. However, the explanation provided to him by the BOD Chair was a combination of inaccurate and/or difficult to comprehend, especially for a non-dentist (sadly, I’m a dentist, and I could not comprehend it either). As a result, many in the room believe the lack of proper understanding likely had the effect of turning a 5-5 vote, preventing the new problematic rule from going forward, into a 6-4 vote – which gave a green light for the BOD Rule change. (8) A final “dagger” was then metaphorically inserted into what had seemed like an endless display of missteps and misplaced abuse of authority on many levels. This was not only my own perception, but also that of others in the room, and not the least of whom would include a dentist facing disciplinary action for a very unfortunate IV sedation-related death of a patient

nent relinquishment of the dentist’s IV sedation permit due to an apparent lack of knowledge, awareness and actions/inactions on her part allegedly contributing to the death. However, the Board then heard an understandably justified, highly emotional and heart-wrenching testimony from the parents of the deceased patient, that also included a plea that the dentist be prevented from practicing again. Apparently moved by this, the BOD then made, voted on, and passed a motion (by a 6-2 vote; 2 were recused), to permanently revoke, not just her IV sedation permit, but her license to practice dentistry. A “gasp” of disbelief was heard when announced, and the apparent message, I feel – was that pure emotions and/or politics, rather than what may be justified by the facts of the case – would play such a role in so heavily influencing the actions of the Board, and the future life and livelihood of the dentist. She thankfully retains the right to appeal. “So,” I ask, “you want to attend that BOD meeting that others have suggested be on everyone’s to-do list?” I don’t think so. Not a good idea. Well, at least, maybe not this BOD. You may need to wait a small while. In the meantime, you can encourage the Governor to fill a long-open consumer position on the Board. Encourage your friends and colleagues to apply for a position, as term limits will soon affect a few others on the Board. Encourage and enlist additional help and lobbying efforts as part of an increasingly concerned and frustrated contingent of members within organized dentistry.

References: 1. Mufson, RA, Ragan, MR. Today’s FDA Article Touting Cone Beam CT as New “Standard of Care” False and Misleading, South Florida District Dental Association Newsletter, Vol 52, No. 2, Fall 2010, p 4-5. Note: Dr. Mufson is the Editor of the SFDDA Newsletter and may be contacted at (305) 935-7501 or MufsonOralSurg@aol.com.

The Board was apparently rightfully poised to accept perma-


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-2deserves proper oversight and supervision by a doctor who understands and can treat complications when they happen. Finally, permit me to voice a philosophical reason for my objection to this illconceived proposal. Throughout my career in our great profession, from matriculation to now near retirement (maybe!), I have always worked to better our care as dentists to our patients. I am saddened that all too often in recent LJĞĂƌƐƚŚĞĞŵƉŚĂƐŝƐŽĨ͞ĂĚǀŽĐĂƚĞƐ͕͟ŐŽǀĞƌŶŵĞŶƚƌĞŐƵůĂƚŽƌƐ͕ĂŶĚĞǀĞŶŽƵƌŽǁŶ dentists and students has been on making things easier, not better. I am a believer, as my wonderful students can attest, in constantly raising the bar in service to our patients, not, as noted by our CDCA presenters at the November 18th board meeting, ŶŽƚ͞ƌĂĐŝŶŐƚŽƚŚĞďŽƚƚŽŵ͟ďLJĐŽŶƐŝƐƚĞŶƚůLJůŽǁĞƌŝŶŐĂŶĚ chipping away our standards of care as a convenience. /ƐĂLJ͕ůĞƚ͛ƐǁŽƌŬƚŽŐĞƚŚĞƌ͕ĂƐwe have for 150 years, to ELEVATE our standards of care rather than being seduced into just making things convenient for a hygienist, dentist, or student. Thank you for your service to our profession and citizens as a member of this board.


`February 8, 2017 Department of Health Board of Dentistry 4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin C-08 Tallahassee, FL 32399-3258 RE: Dental rule 16.007 changes at the Dec 22nd teleconference meeting Sirs: I write thiss, after several weeks of conte o mplation, to strenuously object to the Board of Dentistry rule made in December 20 016 to change periodontal scaling and root planing for a dental hygienist from indirect superrvision to unsupervised. The reasons we re given during my recorded testimony at that meeting. g It was the first time I tesstified at the BoD. As a periodontist, dental educator in perriodontics, and as an expert in Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) periodontal a coding, I was surprised at the lack of knowledge on the part of sevveral members of the BoD, but was shocked when board member dental hyggienist Ms. Cabanzone relied on a dental hygiene textbook for her definittions instead of the origin nal source material----the CDT, which I had quoted. She stated the ADA ma m terial was out of date. Well, that code and its definitions are reviewed annually and the per e iodontal codes specificaally were updated in 2017. For me to be put down that way, and then to be insulted by the new wly elected chair, Dr. Thomas, was unten e able. It was apparent to all attending that the Bo oard had ŶŽƚĚŽŶĞŝƚƐƉƌŽƉĞƌĂŶĚŶĞĐĞƐƐĂƌLJŚŽŵĞǁŽƌŬ͕ƚŚĂƚĂƉŽůŝƚŝĐĂů͞ĨŝdžǁĂƐŝŶ͟ĂŶĚĂůůĚŽĐƚŽƌ testimony was to be ignored and put down. In fact, the only testimony apparently ac cepted was a masss template mailing from dental hygienists. I must tell all of you that given my first experience with the Fllorida Board of Dentistry , and ĚĞƐƉŝƚĞĐĞƌƚĂŝŶŵĞŵďĞƌƐ͛pronounccements to the contrary, as a an ethicist I no longer have confidence the Board places the safety and welfare of the Flor o ida citizenry over political a and agenda am mbitions in making serious decisions. And personallly, after the way I was treated as an in i divid i iduall docttor giv i in i g testtimony off my own free will, ill and the unproffession i a l way thatt meeting was conducted with observved verbal bullying and intimidation of certain mem mbers, I sadly no lo onger have respect for thiss Florida Board of Dentistry. r Changes sh hould, and must be made.


‡ ‡

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South Florida District Dental Association Annual Business Meeting 2017 The South Florida District Dental Association held their annual business meeting on April 26, 2017 at Tropical Acres Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Mark Limosani welcomed the members and proceeded with his “State of the Association” report. He thanked the officers for their service this past year and talked about the positive outcomes of providing the affiliate experience as part of the member benefits of the association. He also reported on the increase in membership the SFDDA experienced this year and the impact it represented on the state’s overall membership statistics. He urged the incoming officers to continue striving towards member engagement; leadership development and excellence in all they do.

The SFDDA Officers for the 2017-18 fiscal year which included, Drs. Joseph Pechter, President, Enrique Muller, President Elect, Oscar Peguero, Secretary and Monica Gonzalez, Young Member as well as Dr. Orlando Dominguez, Treasurer were installed during the meeting. Also installed were the South Broward Dental Society Officers, Drs. Alfredo Tendler, President, Sawan Malik, Vice President, Joel Baez, Secretary and Helena Urrea-Feldsberg, Treasurer. After the close of the business meeting, members remained for the lecture on the state mandated courses presented by Dr. Richard Mufson. To see more pictures, “like” us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pg/south.dentalassociation/photos/

Pictured below: l-r, Drs. Richard Mufson, SFDDA Editor; Michael Eggntaz, FDA President-Elect; Cesar Sabates, ADA 17th District Trustee-Elect; Irene Marron, ADA 1st VP

Pictured left: l-r President-Elect, Dr. Joseph Pechter presents Dr. Mark Limosani with an award in appreciation for his past year as SFDDA President.

Pictured Below: l-r Dr. Mark Limosani presents Dr.Thomas Frankel with his Life Membership Certificate.

Pictured Above: Dr. Michael D. Eggnatz installs the incoming 2017-18 officers of both the SFDDA and SBDS Affiliate. l-r: Drs. Helena Urrea-Feldsberg, SBDS Treasurer; Joel Baez, SBDS Secretary; Beatriz Terry, FDA Trustee; Oscar Peguero, SFDDA Secretary; Enrique Muller, SFDDA President Elect; Joseph Pechter, SFDDA President; Alfredo Tendler, SBDS President; Sawan Malik, SBDS Vice President and Dr. Michael Eggnatz

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Classifieds OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: on a personalized level at my office. David Vine, D.D.S. over 44 years of experience and author of the book “Understanding First Class Dental Care”, Call 305.538.1115. dvine@davidvinedentist.com

SHARE OVERHEAD OR EXPERIENCED ASSOCIATE: and or Start own practice in shared office. Hollywood dentist looking to bring in another experienced dentist(s), to share overhead expenses in a well established Hollywood Dental Practice. Call Kim (954) 981-4500 FLORIDA (SOUTHEAST AND ORLANDO – Over 50 practices): Sage Dental is seeking experienced General Dentists and Specialists to come grow with us! We offer excellent earning potential and the opportunity to focus on patient care in our state-of-the-art facilities. We take care of the administration tasks (insurance claims, payroll/staffing, marketing, etc.) for you so that you can enjoy a work-life balance again! Take the next step in your career and apply online at https://www.mysagedental.com/careeropportunities/ or email your CV to bcabibi@mysagedental.com today! Call us at 561-999-9650 ext. 6146

RETIRED DENTIST NEEDED: Doctors Choice Practice Brokers now hiring agent to work full time in Miami/Dade. Call Kenny Jones 561-746-2102 FULL TIME OR PAERT TIME AVAILABLE: for Associate Dentist licensed to practice in Florida. Practice location 2915 NW 7th St Miami, FL 33125. Position available ASAP. If interested, call for details 305 846 9082 or 305 484 3948. PART TIME: High quality prosthodontist and periodontist needed for selective cases at my office. Please call or e-mail. David Vine, D.D.S. 305.538.1115 (dvine@davidvinedentist.com ). SEEKING: an “on call” substitute General Dentist in Dade Co. Salary Negotiable. Ideal opportunity for retired or persons needing extra income. Please call for details. Judy Jones 615-202-8864 GENERAL / SPECIALIST: Ft/Pt Great opportunity for General Dentist / Specialist. Excellent compensation, bonus and partnership positions. Multiple locations in South Florida. Please fax resume to (305) 770-1232 or call Kathy (954) 430-2188 or email to haroldhui@aol.com BUSY DENTAL PRACTICE: Looking for PT associate dentist in Fort Lauderdale and Delrey Beach. Competitive % compensation based upon experience. Ask Dr. Martin 786-525-9946

WANTED P/T PEDO/ENDO/PERIO/ORAL SURGEON: for Hollywood General Dentist office. To share space. Call Kim 954-9814500.

OFFICE SPACE-SALE OR RENT GABLES PROFESSIONAL BUILDING: Space available for rent with interior bathroom. Great location. Rent ranges $1,250-$1,400/month. Call (305) 7636106

DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE GENERAL DENTIST SELLING PRACTICE: at 4790 NW 7 street. Leaving patient data, 3ops, digital like new. 1,300 sq. ft. $2,000 rent. Please call Dr. Rey (305) 450-0067

To run a classified or display advertisement in the SFDDA Newsletter, please contact: Jackie Quintero at (305) 667-3647 ext 13 or email jackie.sfdda@gmail.com

The SFDDA Nominating Committee is seeking Candidates for the following: SFDDA Secretary FDA Secretary FDA Trustee - Incumbent is Dr. Jeannette Peña-Hall FDA Alt Trustee - Incumbent is Dr. Irene Marron

Candidate Applications and complete rules and policies are available at SFDDA.ORG or by calling the SFDDA Office at (305) 667-3647. Submit Applications by email or mail to: southfloridadistrict@gmail.com or SFDDA 420 South Dixie Highway, Suite 2E, Coral Gables, FL 33146. 21

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SFDDA 2017 Newsletter Spring Issue  

Quarterly Newsletter for dentist members

SFDDA 2017 Newsletter Spring Issue  

Quarterly Newsletter for dentist members

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