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A publication for the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools community & alumni. SPRING 2021

ABRIDGE of honor


Dear alumni, family and friends, What a year to start a new job and move to a new community! I am told it gets better, but from what I have experienced it’s already pretty great! This year I accepted the position to work with the Cathedral and O’Gorman High School’s alumni and I am impressed with the affection you have for this community.

Our mission... to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence.

President: Kyle L. Groos Development & Alumni Specialist: Liz Myscofski 605.575.3391 Director of Development: Susanne Halverson Gale ‘94 605.575.3342 Executive Director Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation: Nicole R. Bruning 605.575.3362 Admissions / Recruitment: Jenni Struck 605.575.3358

Several of you have called me. I have enjoyed speaking with you and spending time listening to your stories and memories. A few have stopped by to see me and tour O’Gorman High School. I have listened to your memories and watched your eyes light up as you saw the changes to your beloved school over the years. For me, it’s the first time. But I am looking forward to the many more times I walk the halls with each of you and relive your memories and experiences. I already feel your love for the school and why you choose to continue to support the teachers, staff and students of O’G through your generosity and prayers! Growing up Catholic and having attended a Catholic school, I thought I could relate. And in many ways, I can—some teachers never leave, uniforms are a blessing and a curse, my education was top notch, I loved my class sizes and didn’t realize it until I went on to college and listened to a lecture in a full auditorium. But your fondness for your experience is unique and I am excited to be with Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools and help others share the same high school experience you had. I look forward to meeting many of you, hearing from you and getting to know the community and family that is Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools. Sincerely, Liz Myscofski Development and Alumni Specialist




Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools 3100 W 41st St Sioux Falls, SD 57105

www.ogknights.org www.facebook.com/BishopOGKnights


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Re-U-Knight-er is published three times annually by the Development Office and the Alumni Office for all alumni, Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools’ families and supporters.


Re-U-Knight-er Staff: Designer: Angie Halter | Writers: Liz Myscofski, Chloe Goldade ‘08



You DID it!

$50,000 GOAL

The next time you are asked what you can do in “one day” make sure to say, “I can raise $50K!” We raised $50,272 for this year’s GO>GIVE>OG day! Together as an alumni community, you recognized the value of your high school education and experience, and are enabling families to send their children to Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools.

“I give to tuition assistance because someone gave so I could go to O’G!” - Jon Friedman ’96 “I give to tuition assistance to help someone experience growth, friendships and education—like we did!” - William ’69 & Mary Kay ’69 Savage

The reasons communicated through your donation cards were encouraging: donating to honor family members who made the sacrifice to send you to a Catholic school, recognizing the sacrifice others made so tuition was affordable for your family and donating for future generations of Knights. The Cathedral and O’Gorman alumni community is one we are all lucky and proud to be part of.

We’ve launched a new feature on our website highlighting the stories from within our community—the Knights Newsroom! The Knights Newsroom blog allows us to share the stories that make our system special with you! They highlight special projects going on in our schools, current students, our alumni, volunteers and system fundraisers. Each story is a quick read and will be shared on our social media pages. Share them with your friends, family or someone you know who might be interested in our schools! You can check it out under the “About” section at www.ogknights.org.


ABRIDGE of honor

The somber loss of a friend and classmate was reflected in each mournful note of Taps as it rang out across 41st Street on a rainy Thursday in May. Tears filled the eyes of many as the O’Gorman Class of 1965 remembered and honored a classmate who passed more than 50 years ago. On their minds was Kirby Jon Dougherty who was killed in combat during the Vietnam War just three years after graduating. Dozens more friends, family and fellow war veterans stood alongside his alumni class to celebrate the naming of the 41st Street bridge— next to the O’Gorman campus—in his honor. Among them was Pat Murphy, who spearheaded the naming of the bridge in recognition of Dougherty’s sacrifice.

“I had a great life. Kirby didn’t. He only got 21 years out of it. I felt it was the least I could do to honor his memory,” says Murphy. It all began when Murphy heard the state was dedicating highway bridges in South Dakota to veterans who had been killed in action. He immediately thought of Dougherty. In that first year, the state did not select Dougherty to have a bridge named in his honor, so Murphy redirected his efforts a little closer to home. That’s when he was inspired by his and Dougherty’s shared alma mater. “O’Gorman was a big part of his life and it was symbolic of the fact that, probably, his best memories and friendships were formed here and what better place to have a legacy,” says Murphy. After working with the city planning and zoning divisions, an ordinance change and a vote from the City Council, two signs that feature Dougherty’s name were placed on both sides of the bridge. It is the first bridge naming to ever be approved by the city of Sioux Falls. The class of 1965 decided to celebrate with an early reunion.



“The class of ‘65 has gotten together every five years [since our 40th reunion] and then most of the time, every five years for a class reunion too. So our class has stayed pretty close. And Kirby, being in our class, was a very special man and important in all of our lives,” says Jeffrey Myers, a classmate of Dougherty. Myers had tears in his eyes as he shared that Dougherty was supposed to be the best man in his wedding, but was drafted just months before. Myers found out about Dougherty’s death while on his honeymoon. In honor of him, Myers named his son, Kirby, after Dougherty. This was just one of the dozens of stories shared among friends and family that day which shows the impact that Dougherty had on not only his classmate’s lives, but also the lives of all of those around him. Dougherty was an honor student, a member of Student Council, involved in Track and an All-State basketball player for the Knights during his time at O’Gorman. “I knew [Kirby] from the time I was six-years-old to the time he passed. We went to grade school, high school and to college together. He loved people and he was the most laid back individual you’ve ever seen. I can’t say enough about him,” says Nick Lumby, Dougherty’s best friend, “He was one of us. We grew up with him. He was part of our family.” Dougherty was attending South Dakota State University on scholarship when he was drafted into the Army in 1968. During his first combat mission, his unit was overtaken by heavy fire. His unit retreated but Dougherty couldn’t make it to the helicopter before it took off. For an entire night, Dougherty hid in a rice paddy, trying not to be seen by the enemy. The next day, on September 1, 1968, another chopper arrived in an effort to rescue Dougherty; he was killed as he ran to the helicopter.


A sense of reverence and unforgettable memories hung in the air as Dougherty was honored with a 21-gun salute on May 13th. Dougherty’s sister Nancy, the last remaining member of his immediate family, was present to accept a proclamation from Mayor Paul TenHaken which stated the day would forever be known as “Kirby Jon Dougherty Day.” His nephew spoke at the dedication and shared how impactful the community has been to help him know an uncle he never got to meet. So much so, that he named his firstborn after him. As Pat Murphy helped unveil the sign on the newly-named “PFC Kirby Jon Dougherty Bridge”, a feeling of hope filled the hearts of many who knew Dougherty; a hope that Dougherty’s name will live on for future generations of O’Gorman students. “I hope they realize that it stands for the fact that he died in service of this country and there’s only been two O’Gorman grads, that I know of, that died in combat. I think it deserves some special recognition for the fact that he was one of those people that made it possible for everyone else to continue their lives in this country and enjoy the freedoms and the benefits that we have. He was just an All-American boy who grew into an AllAmerican man and made the most of the time that he had on this Earth,” says Murphy. Dougherty’s classmates also set up an endowment for tuition assistance in Dougherty’s honor. As of March 31st, the endowment was at more than $18,000, which will help future students afford the gift of a Catholic education. Dougherty’s sacrifice for his country was never forgotten by his classmates and will now serve as a reminder of O’Gorman’s decorated history that students can celebrate just steps from O’Gorman’s front doors.

KIRBY JON DOUGHERTY ENDOWMENT FUND The Class of 1965 invite you to give to the Kirby Jon Dougherty Endowment Fund. If you’d like to donate in memory of Dougherty, please contact the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation by email at foundation@ogknights.org or donate online by clicking the “Donate Now!” button under the Existing Endowments & Scholarships Fund at www.ogknights.org/giving/bishop-og-foundation. Just type in “Kirby Jon Dougherty Endowment” when prompted. 6

O’Gorman - Cathedral

Alumni Hall of Fame

SAVE THE DATE! O’Gorman Homecoming Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Friday, September 17, 2021 We are pleased to present this year’s inductees for our 2021 Hall of Fame who will be honored during the Homecoming festivities on September 17th. Tickets for the induction luncheon can be purchased through the Development office or by calling 605-575-3391*.

10:30AM - Mass and Introductions Dr. Tom and Penny Lorang Theatre (OGHS performing arts center) 12:30PM - Awards Luncheon St. Mary Parish Hall

*Tickets $25 (includes reserved seating at the lunch and entrance ticket to the Homecoming game)

3:30PM - Tour O’Gorman High School 5PM - Homecoming Football Game McEneaney Field

- OUR 2021 INDUCTEES Athletic Hall of Fame: Mike Begeman - former coach Cedrick Lang ‘11 Krier Family: (Steve - current coach and teacher, Ann - former teacher, Trey ‘06, Jenny ‘07)

Distinguished Hall of Fame: Mary Sue Donohue ‘68 Paul and Nancy Scharenbroich ‘77 Sam Kean ‘97


A Commitment to Catholic Education

Thie Family Legacy Ellie Thie

For Ellie Thie, graduation day marked the end of her high school career, but for the Thie family, graduation day marked the end of decades at Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools. The Thie family has attended our schools for the last 57 years and Ellie, the last of the Thie grandchildren currently attending our schools, received her diploma this past May. To tell this story fully, we have to start at the beginning. It all began with Dean and n Mary Kay Thie who were committed to r 10 childre ie and thei ary Kay Th Dean & M their children attending Catholic school, no matter the cost. At the time, they had no idea how many children that would include. Dean and Mary Kay ended up having 10 children: Tom (‘68), Tim (‘69), Ted (‘73), Todd (‘76), Toby (‘77), Terry (‘79), Troy (‘80), Tracy (‘82), Travis (‘86) and Tanya (‘91). After the first 10 graduated, several decided to continue the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools tradition in their own families. Ted sent his sons: Jonathan (‘01) and Jordan (‘02); Todd sent his daughters: Amy (‘96) and Erin (‘01); Toby sent his children: Jade (‘97) and Jacy (‘02); and rounding out the Thie family legacy was Travis, who sent his children: Zachary (‘18), Madison (‘20) and Ellie (‘21). If you do the math, that’s nearly a six decade span of Thie students at Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools! “I am so thankful my parents pointed me in the right direction and appreciative of how the Catholic system helped mold me as a person. I wanted to give them the same opportunity that my parents gave me and my siblings,” says Travis Thie, Ellie’s father. To honor their parents dedication to Catholic education, the 10 Thie children established a scholarship in their memory. Even when making ends meet was difficult, the Thies never wavered in their commitment to a Catholic education, and they want to make that gift possible for other large families in the system. “Our mother and father instilled in us the importance of being a Catholic… the Catholic education was the finishing touch. It gave us all the foundation to build our faith and our lives,” says Ted Thie, Ellie’s uncle. “I feel blessed and fortunate that Ellie was able to attend the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools system. O’Gorman is more than a school. It’s an extended family of people that share the same values which is centered around faith,” says Travis. Though this span of Thies have all graduated, there is still hope for a future generation of great-grandchildren to follow suit.


RETURN TO THE MAC! Save the date for the 43rd Annual Bob Burns Dakota Bowl as it returns to McEneaney Field! Come cheer on the O’Gorman Knights as they host the Roosevelt Rough Riders on Saturday, August 28th. More details to come on tailgating, football/cheer camps and game night. Be sure to follow us on social media!

Shop online all summer long for your favorite Knightwear items!

ONLINE STORE Always open online:


Questions: 605-575-3391 or email: theknightlocker@ogknights.org


The 2021 Virtual Extravaganza was a night to remember! Our community of families, alumni, friends and supporters came together to raise more money than we EVER have! A Night for All Knights started off with emcee Joe Rutten, ‘96 grad, and our special guests for Collars & Cocktails. Thank you to Riccardo Tarabelsi from R Wine Bar and Nicki Ellerbroek, ‘98 grad, from McNally’s Irish Pub for helping us put together our charcuterie boards and desserts, and for also teaching us how to pour and pair our drinks. A special thank you to Fr. Cimpl and Fr. Morgan for being part of Collars & Cocktails and making us all smile and laugh. The Virtual Paddle Raise brought in $90,905 to support tuition assistance and staff salaries at all eight of our schools. This is truly amazing! Thank you to our families that donated to our $40,000 match and to the more than 80 donors that donated during the event. We are truly blessed to have such generous supporters. “You’ve Been Knighted” broke our previous record from 2019 and raised $16,000! We had over 70 volunteers moving signs all around our community for 11 nights. The volunteers and the families that were “Knighted” had so much fun and we have many wonderful pictures to prove it. Thanks for sharing all of the adventures! New this year was the Grand Knighting where all 140 O’G signs were placed in one yard! Adam Fahrendorf, ‘04 grad, woke up to find his yard filled with signs. We can’t wait to have families bid on the “Grand Knighting” for Extravaganza 2022 and keep the tradition going.

Extravaganza 2021 raised $221,283 to support our amazing staff and tuition assistance at all eight of our Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools! A big shout out to all of the Extravaganza committee members who worked hard gathering items for the auction, selling raffle tickets and “Knighting” homes. Thank you to all of the businesses and families that donated items to the auction. It takes a team of people to make an event a success and God has blessed this school with so many generous supporters.


KNIGHTS 5K Over the years, the Knights 5K has seen rain, snow, sun, wind and cloudy days but one thing remains the same—everyone has a great time! This year, the Knights 5K Run the River featured over 180 participants on a cold April morning. Elementary-aged students enjoyed running, racing, jumping, stretching and playing with the O’Gorman High School Track and Field team while their other family members walked and ran the race route. Congratulations to the top three winners of the 3.1 mile loop: first place was Ryan Anderson, second place was Jeremy Sorenson and third place was Jacob Friedman. Dwight the Knight cheered on all participants and made sure everyone knew he had the best dance moves around! The tradition of the Knights 5K will continue but everyone would appreciate your prayers for a warm sunny race day in the future!

O’GORMAN GOLF CLASSIC Thirty years ago Rod and Julie Fieldsend recognized the need for an Athletic Booster fundraiser that added necessary funds to all athletic groups. Julie remembers making all the BBQ beef sandwiches for the teams to enjoy during the awards ceremony while Rod recalled all the various types of weather the players endured! Fast forward to Friday, May 14, 2021 and while the morning started out chilly, Msgr. Andraschko, Rod and Julie continued their yearly tradition and “wouldn’t miss this event for anything!”

2021 Msgr. Andraschko

Cup Winners

Last September, the Msgr. Andraschko Cup was introduced as a way to recognize Andraschko’s dedication to golf and the top flight of each tournament. Adding to the September list of names will be this year’s winners: Bob Holm, Brad Dumdie, Mike Langston and Bob Dougherty. A special thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who support this event. This year we raised over $21,000 for twenty-one athletic activities at O’Gorman High School!


KNIGHT NOTES Workout with the Mayor! Donated to the Extravaganza auction by the Mayor’s Office, Mayor Paul TenHaken hosted a special workout class for St. Lambert Elementary students this spring! The whole school hit the playground and learned some easy exercises they can do at home. The Mayor even raced students from every grade level and the teachers! The students cooled off after the workout with popsicles.

Inspirational Destination St. Mary Elementary 5th graders spent the day at Trinity Heights, an inspirational sacred destination featuring life-size and larger religious statues and shrines in Sioux City, IA. The picture shows the students as they spontaneously prayed a Hail Mary together before the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Trumpet, Tuba or Flute? It’s a tough decision, but lucky for the 4th graders at Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools, they had the chance to try out different instruments to see which is best for them before heading into band next school year.


Square Dancing St. Michael Elementary 3rd graders received a special lesson in square dancing from the Spares and Pairs dance group. The class was part of their lesson on the Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Soccer Fun! Mr. Manning and Fr. Klein took part in a friendly soccer match with 1st graders at Holy Spirit Elementary. Each had their own team and explained the rules of the game to the students. They ended the afternoon with a special sundae treat. This item was part of a package that was auctioned off at Extravaganza 2021!

Giving Back with Art Members of the O’Gorman Junior High Art Club used their talents to give back this spring! Students took part in designing and painting rocking chairs for LifeScape.

On to Junior High! St. Katharine Drexel Elementary 6th graders are excited for their transition to Junior High! They invited the O’Gorman Junior High Student Council for a visit and the Student Council answered some of their questions about life outside of elementary school.


Grace Catherine Abdallah  Brynn Elizabeth Askew  Sierra Ravyn Barkus Anah Victoria Barthle  Ella Mae Bender  Jaydrian Sanoa Bendewald-Bonbrake  Grace Noel Bengford  Abigail Anita Rose Benz Kayden Catherine Bjorkman  Lexie Rose Brady  Madeline Elizabeth Brooks  Mara Janet Brown  Amran Shewanlanchi Bushen  Katherine Joyce Castelli Jacey Lee Cihak Sofia Elise Cinco  Rachel Kathleen Clark  Daphne Bena Clausen  Abigail Marie Dardis  Cassidy Jean Davis Elizabeth Jean Davis Jasmine Aleah Kay Debondt Abby Kathryn Dingman  Ellen Josephine Dow  Ava Terese Eggert  Megan Denise Eichmann  Maria Irene Evans  Mary Ann Fiegen


Margaret Rose Fitzgibbons Doreen Mavis Flannery  Kendall Anne Fogarty  Margeaux Marilyn Freese  Chantalle Rae Galbavy  Abbigail Marie Gant  Kathleen Rossow Gellerman  Emily Elizabeth Gerner  Emily Grace Goldammer  Elizabeth Laursoo Gould  Taitlyn Marie Gowlovech  Anna-Kate Mae Hagen  Kianna Marie Healy  Claire Catherine Heldenbrand  Emma Elizabeth Heldenbrand Abigail Frances Hericks  Luciana Maleah Hofflander  Haley Jean Hoffman  Sydnie Elizabeth Horst  Lilly Elizabeth Hosek  Erena Jain  Allison Joan Junker  Allison Grace Kassing  Hannah Claire King  Katherine Joy Kolb  Jessica Marie Kruse  Ayak Akech Kuol Yeonjae Lee 

Grace Elizabeth Lent  Elizabeth Rose Longo  Chloe Haleyjean Lonneman  Elaina Marie Lubeck  Nicole Elizabeth Lund Lyla Mattu  Hayley Ellen Mausbach Alyssa Nicole May  Shannon Ann McCormick  Emma Kathryn McKay  Elizabeth Anne Meert  Maggie Elizabeth Meyer  Jasy Neil Miller Isabelle Jules Moore  Josie Marie Niedringhaus  Kadyn Margaret Ann O’Brien  Brooke Curry Oberbroekling  Rachel Rosa Oines  Taylor Marie Opitz  Ella Elizabeth Opland  Peyton Elizabeth Paa  Mijoo Park Raegen Jace Reilly  Elizabeth Maria Ripperda  Emma Kae Roth  Allison Jeanne Rutten Maggie Marie Satter  Samantha Ann Sauceda

Taylor Katherine Schenkel Molli Kae Schlenker  Erin Marie Schmidt Anita Rose Schulte  Katharine Priya Shashikant  Hailey Frances Skiles Josie Nicole Smith  Samantha Marie Staehling  Carly Jane Starr  Victoria Lynn Tams  Margaret Rebecca Theobald  Ellie Kay Thie  Pimthong Thongtad  Xinxin Tong  Allison Grace Tschetter  Rebeca Valencia  Emma Rose Waage  Grace Ann Waage  Erin Francis Weber-Reistroffer  Lexy Elizabeth Weigel  Michaela Kate Weinacht Sydney Aleta White Bridget Kathleen Wilde  Gwyneth Anne Winter Zihan Yu

Class of 2021 Riley Stephen Aarbo  Sebastian Clark Althoff  Cade Thomas Lane Anderson Reece Nicholas Arbogast  Jacob Lee Bain Andrew Charles Barr  Beau Ronald Beavers Rasmus Benjamin Dijlali Berrebbah Mason Jay Bierema  Charles David Bills  Shia Matthew Don Bintliff  Deven Joseph Brenner John Clinton Brunner  Joshua James Brunz Cade Matthew Calmus Grant Thomas Carson Luke James Casey  Aiden Gabriel Clarke Thomas Paul Clinton  Gavin Douglas Cotter  Ethan Kaya Cox  Jeffrey Maximilian Fiegen Tynan Burke Fogarty  Ethan James Fredrickson  Thomas John Free  Nicholas Edward Gauer  Joseph Paul Gellerman  Kaeden Campbell Gomez Gabriel Cristian Gonzales 

Noah Jacob Greble  Walker Chad Haber  Henry John Heyer  Owen Michael Holmes  Luke Thomas Hoversten Harrison Dean Hueners  Samuel Evan Hulme Alexander Beau Irvine  Camden Christopher Johnson  Taeyun Kim  Nicholas David Kopp Carson Louis Langston  Joseph Richard Lynch  Jack Neil McCarty Cameron John Messier Edward Vincent Meylor  John Leonard Mieras Jacob Peter Moeller Andrew LeRoy Moen  Kade Logan Moffitt  Jakob Paul Nantke Drew William Nielsen Tanner Joshua Paden Conor Christian Pavelko  John Terence Pellman  Matthew John Peters  Jacob Karl Reimer Benjamin Kramer Renshaw  Zachary John Ridl 

Jackson Thomas Rogers  Graham Johnson Sanders  Teegan Matthew Schlimgen Hunter Jerald Johnathan Schreter Jacob Matthew Schwab  Michael Mitchell Shea  Nathaniel James Sprenkle Samuel David Stukel  Patryk Tomasz Stys  Benjamin Patrick Sweetman  Berent Benjamin Tarabelsi  Andrew Richard Thompson Luke James Tunge  William Joseph Weisensee Matthew Kendell Winterton  Simon Matthew Zimprich 

 National Honor Society  South Dakota Regents Scholar  President’s Award for Educational Excellence  4.0 or higher Grade Point Average (weighted or unweighted, after 7 semesters) 

National Merit Finalist



Pictured above are the Student Council members in their flannel shirts and chaco sandals worn on the dress down day for the Bailey Aleksandr Lauret Memorial Scholarship Fund which raised nearly $5,000. Bailey, ‘15 alum and son of current O’Gorman Theology teacher Mrs. Lauret, passed away earlier this year. Students were encouraged to wear Bailey’s favorite outfit and make a donation in his memory. All proceeds went toward the scholarship.


The musical Godspell debuted to a socially-distanced audience in the Dr. Tom and Penny Lorang Theatre this spring. The cast and crew were able to pull off an amazing show after last year’s musical was canceled due to the pandemic. Godspell is a musical retelling of the Gospel of Matthew set in modern-day New York City. We can’t wait to see what next year’s musical will be!


The students at O’Gorman High School had a wonderful year! We would like to honor the following students for their excellence in academics, arts and athletics during the 2020-2021 year. The entire Bishop O’Gorman Catholic School community remained in school, five days a week, with COVID restrictions. We are proud of the students’ determination and resilience.

GIRLS TRACK & FIELD STATE CHAMPIONS Photo courtesy of South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Congratulations to the Girls Track and Field team on the first ever O’Gorman High School Track and Field State Title! The tournament was hosted in Sturgis, SD over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Alea Hardie (‘22) was the 2021 Track Athlete of the meet in addition to the three gold medals she received, including placing first at the 1600m with the third fastest time in SDHS history. The team also had an impressive show at the Field events where Daphne Clausen (‘21) cleared the pole vault at 12’1” to take first place. At the welcome back celebration, the coaches and team members recounted the nail biting 4x400 relay that catapulted the team from third place to tie Brandon Valley for first place at the tournament.


After a year of online competitions, O’Gorman High School qualified 13 students for the National Speech and Debate Tournament this summer. This includes competitors in Duo, Informative Speaking, Program Oral Interp, Humorous Interp, U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking, International Extemporaneous Speaking and Original Oratory. The qualifiers include: (top L-R) Noah Johnson (‘24), Walker Haber (‘21), Zihan Yu (‘21), Lyla Mattu (‘21), Noah Greble (‘21), Riley Buus (‘23); (bottom L-R) Maria Evans (‘21), McCabe Wenande (‘22), Suzanna Sejnoha (‘22), Nora Dahle (‘23), Jonah Astrup (‘24) and Sanjana Chandran (‘22). Not pictured: Myles Adamiak (‘24). O’Gorman also received 1st Place in Speech Sweepstakes. They will compete in the online National competition in June.



Girls Cross Country - State Champions

• State Champion: Alea Hardie (two years in a row) • Gatorade Cross Country Runner of the Year: Katie Castelli • All-State: Alea Hardie, Katie Castelli, Libby Castelli, Ruth Pardy

Competitive Cheer - 2nd Place at State

Katie Castelli

Gymnastics - 6th Place at State

• Jadyn Robbins - Linda Koch Memorial Award • Katherine Kolb - Sarah Nitz Memorial Award

Girls Basketball - 3rd Place at State

Izzy Moore

• Metro All-Conference: Izzy Moore, Hannah Ronsiek, Raegen Reilly • All-State: Hannah Ronsiek, Izzy Moore • All-Tournament Team: Izzy Moore, Hannah Ronsiek, Mahli Abdouch • Spirit of Su Award: Izzy Moore • Academic All-State: Ellie Thie, Raegen Reilly, Izzy Moore • Miss Basketball Nominee: Izzy Moore Riley Aarbo

Boys Soccer - State Champions

• United Soccer Coaches Player of the Year: Riley Aarbo • First Team All-State: Riley Aarbo, Patryk Stys


Beau Beavers: • Won the 139-pound Division Winner (Aberdeen-Lee Wolf Tournament) • Lee Wolf Outstanding Wrestler Award

Beau Beavers

Volleyball - State Champions

Bergen Reilly: • Argus Leader 2020 Volleyball Player of the Year • First Team All-Conference • First Team All-State • Class AA All-Tournament Team • All-American by Volleyball Magazine • Gatorade Player of the Year Raegen Reilly: • First Team All-Conference • First Team All-State • Adrenaline Volleyball Class AA Player of the Year • Argus Leader Super Six First Team, Class AA All-Tournament Team • SDVBCA Miss Volleyball 2020


Bergen Reilly

Raegen Reilly

ACADEMIC AWARDS Erena Jain, Abigail Hericks and Reece Arbogast

National Merit Finalists

In order to qualify for this award, each student completes the PSAT-NMSQT assessment and scored amongst the top one percent in the state of South Dakota. This was followed by an extensive application and essay competition, from which the pool of finalists were selected. • Erena Jain • Abigail Hericks • Reece Arbogast

Thomson Reuters Nation “Fact or Fiction” Media Literacy Challenge Winners • Liz Jones • Ella Greble


Health Occupations Students of America

The following students participated and placed first in their division at the South Dakota State Leadership Conference and qualified for the International Leadership Conference: • Hannah King - Behavioral Health Knowledge Test • Ellie Jaspers and Alivia Gale - Forensic Science • Rayna Schoenfelder - Medical Technology Knowledge Test • Tailtlyn Gowlovech - Research Poster

Presidential Scholars Program Candidates (Students are chosen for outstanding performance on the ACT or SAT) • Ella Bender • John Brunner • Abby Hericks • Erena Jain • Anita Schulte

Pottery - Katie Gellerman

Scholastic Art Awards

• Ryleigh Tupper: Silver Key and Honorable Mention Photography Contest • Amy Longo: Two Golden Keys • Olivia Darby: Silver Key and Honorable Mention

SDHSAA State Art Awards

• Katie Gellerman: Pottery 1st Place • Amy Longo: Painting 1st Place • Ryleigh Tupper: Photography 1st Place

Painting - Amy Longo

Photography - Ryleigh Tupper


ACADEMIC AWARDS Scholastic Writing Award Winners

• Gold Key: Rachel Clark, Paige Clausen, Chase Harris, Cassandra Keisacker, Ann Tran • Silver Key: Haley Berg, Clare Carlson, Rachel Clark, Payton Heitkamp, Haleigh Ortega, Meredith Reuter • Honorable Mention: Harris Barnes, Tate Bathke, Peter Benson, Sienna Castelluzzo, Olivia Darby, Hannah Friedman, Logan Hight, Malachi Kwasa, Maria Maus, Lauren Meyer, Nick Schmitz, Megan VanDenHemel, Matthew Viehweg • State American Voices Award: Rachel Clark

National Scholar for the Horatio Alger Association for Distinguished Americans • Jessica Kruse (Jessica is one of 106 in the nation and the only one from South Dakota)

Jessica Kruse

Outstanding Soloist at the 2021 Palace City Jazz Festival • Nick Gauer

OG Band All-State Members • Maddy Brooks • Nick Gauer • Taitlyn Gowlovech • Walker Haber • Aiden Heisinger • Maria Kuchta • Billy Liable • Alex Mohama • Jimmy Ryckman

Nick Gauer

National German Honor Roll

Jimmy Ryckman

• Jimmy Ryckman: Bronze Medal and special recognition for his outstanding performance on the 2021 National German Exam for high school students

2021 National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Award Recipients • Kyra McIntyre: Winner • Emma Roth: Honorable Mention • Ryleigh Tupper: Honorable Mention

OGHS Chess Tournament

• Cameron Messier: Winner (3rd year in a row)

Educators Rising Students - National Competition (first or second at the State Competition) • Lesson Plan and Development: Kayden Bjorkman and Hannah Woody • Educators Rising Moment: Ellie Ripperda and Lauren Meyer

South Dakota Association of Secondary Principals Daktronics Academic All-State Team

O’Gorman can nominate four seniors based upon their academic performance, ACT scores and submitted essays. Three Academic All-Star Teams are selected within the state. Selected to the 1st team and receiving a gold medals: • Anita Schulte • John Brunner • Erena Jain


The 2021 graduating class is no stranger to an uncertain future. When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic cancelled their spring semester of their junior year, no one was able to guarantee what their senior year would look like. Despite this, the newest additions to the O’Gorman alumni family persevered and enjoyed a roller coaster of accomplishments. We would like to honor all of the Class of 2021 including the 67 who maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school, the 130 who achieved Regents’ Scholar status and the 88 National Honor Society members. Maybe you remember your senior year; the winter formal dance, Senior Dinner Dance, the All Knighter, National Honor Society Mass, the graduation ceremony, the sporting events, the homecoming events and enjoying open campus. The Class of 2021 experienced many of those, but with a twist. There was no Homecoming dance, but Dakota Bowl was held on campus for the first time and seniors enjoyed a designated tailgate area on campus. Sporting events did not include many of the junior high or elementary fans due to restrictions brought on by the pandemic, but high school students rallied and showed their support which made up for the small fan base. The winter formal was cancelled but the Senior Dinner Dance was transformed into a Senior night featuring dodgeball, open mic, laser tag, food and fun. The administration planned the event based on the feedback of the senior class. And best of all, students—with approval of their parents—enjoyed open campus for lunches all year! The 2021 graduating class has many stories to tell and we can’t wait to see where they all are at in ten years. Until then, we wish each and everyone of them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


‘53 Fanette L. Stewart moved back to Olympia, WA in 2020 after she received a pacemaker. She is enjoying writing and retirement but gives the following update on her family: “Left Jeff and Jody both in Spokane and two grandsons and greatgrandson. Blair and Jay are in Oly and grandson, Nicholas in Seattle. Rex is in Osaka, Japan and his daughter is in SakonNakhon, Thailand. He brings her here each year for a month or more, except in 2020. Trying to stay well so I can see them both again! I am also still on Facebook. Friend me there.” 414 Marland St SW, Apt 14A Olympia, WA 98502 509-747-3395/509280-5323. Email: fanettes@hotmail.com ‘67 Jean Torkildson address update: 2501 S Kiwanis Ave, Apt 310 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 ‘76 Carol (Buckwalter) Pederson “After 36 years, I retired from teaching elementary education in 2016. I’m enjoying substitute teaching and am celebrating over 25 years as an announcer at KIOS-FM.” Email: pedersc@cox.net ‘86 Carrie (Fitzgerald) and Lynn Schultze were married September 26, 2020. Their children include Bailey Fitzgerald ’06 and Katie Miller. “We have an awesome granddaughter, Piper, who’s 6, and are excited to announce another grandbaby coming in August! Lynn has been a nurse in cardiology at Sanford for 20+ years, and Carrie has (temporarily!) given up airline life and is an Eligibility Senior Representative at Accredo Specialty Pharmacy.” Their updated address is 5701 W 14th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57106.


‘92 Reverend Shane D. Stevens is the current Pastor-Superintendent of Saint Mary Catholic Church (Dell Rapids) and School, Pastor of St. Rose of Lima (Garretson) and St. Joseph the Workman (Colton). You can contact him at 606 E. 8th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022 or by phone at 605-428-3990. ‘05 Maggie (Baker) Groteluschen and her husband, Kyle, joyfully welcomed Evelyn Mae Groteluschen on January 25, 2021. She was 8lbs 3oz and 20.75in. Evie joins big brothers Garrett (4) and Charlie (3). ‘06 Tyler Schulte accepted a new position at Plains Commerce Bank doing mortgage lending. He is excited to be able to help serve the O’G family with one of the biggest investments of their lifetime. “Whether it is in Sioux Falls or somewhere across the country, I would love to help with any purchase or refinance of your dream home. Email me if I can help you!” tschulte@plainscommerce.com ‘10 Jordan Serck graduated SDSU with a BSN in 2014, and is currently a captain in the USAF. He married his wife, Jayden in 2015. From 2014 to 2016, he worked at Sanford USD Medical Center until commissioned by the USAF and was stationed at Travis AFB in Sacramento, CA. In 2019, their first child, Lincoln, was born and the family relocated to McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS. Jordan and Jayden are expecting another child in April of 2021 but don’t want to leave out their fouryear-old Great Dane.

‘10 Steph (Halverson) Schabacker and her husband, Matt, welcomed baby boy, Kai Bennett, born on September 5, 2020. Baby Kai joins big brother, two-year-old, Charlie Mac. ‘10 Gian Andreone has received a BA in Physics and Math at Luther College in Decorah, IA and a PhD in Space Plasma Physics at the University of Iowa. Recently, he defended his PhD in Space Plasma Physics at the University of Iowa and is currently applying for Postdoctoral research positions at different institutions, and ideally would continue Space Physics research. ‘14 Austin Serck graduated from SDSU in 2018 with a degree in business. After graduation, he lived and worked in Brookings for Daktronics. He is currently employed at GPAC. Austin married Hannah Voss on December 19, 2020. She graduated from SDSU in 2019 and will be completing her master’s degree in May of 2021 and will be looking for employment as an elementary school counselor. Austin enjoys bowling, golfing, playing basketball, softball and baseball in his free time. ‘18 Carli Tomac graduated with honors this May from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a bachelors in music technology and a minor in business.

Upcoming Reminiscing, getting together, sharing a laugh and enjoying the company of your fellow classmates, that is what a reunion is about! Planning a reunion can seem daunting, however we are here to support you! Contact the Development/Alumni office (605-575-3391 or lmyscofski@ogknights.org) to see what we can do to kick start your reunion plans!

Class of 1971 – 50 Year Reunion

The class of 1971 will be celebrating their 50-year reunion on September 24-25, 2021. To RSVP and for more information, please go to http://sites.google.com/view/og-class-of-1971-50th-reunion/home?authuser=2 or www.ogknights.org/alumni/alumni-happenings. “Even if you are unable to attend, please go to the above link to tell us about your life since graduation. We would love to hear from you, but better yet, see you!” Update your contact info at: OGclassof71@gmail.com. “Our ReUnion won’t be the same without U. PLEASE join us!”

Class of 1972 – Coming Soon - 50 Year Reunion Coming in 2022.

Class of 1980 – 40-ish Year Reunion

Last year’s reunion was canceled due to Covid and a new reunion has been planned for September 17-19, 2021. More details to come. Any questions, please contact Tom Jansa at tjjansa@gmail.com.

Class of 1981 – 40 Year Reunion

The class of 1981 will be having their 40-year reunion on August 27-28, 2021. “C’mon its been 40 yrs! Join us, reconnect and share a few laughs—it’s sure to be a ‘Knight to Remember’.” Friday night there will be a Welcome Reception (cash bar/appetizers) with music by the Crab Grass Crew at Ode to Food & Drink, 300 Cherpa Place, Sioux Falls and on Saturday will be a cocktial hour, dinner and CLASS PICTURE at the Minnehaha Country Club. To RSVP or for more information, please visit ogclassof81.rsvpify.com.

Class of 1985 Reunion

Save the date! The class of 1985 will have their reunion at Dakota Bowl, Saturday, August 28, 2021. Join the class for Mass, a school tour and tailgating before the game. More details to come! Questions, contact Jolene Hiebert Masloski, 26478 Brune Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57107, call/text at 605-321-0988, email: jolene2121@gmail.com or Teri Anderson Gruneberg, call/text 952-250-2013 or on Facebook or Messenger.

Class of 2001 – 20 Year Reunion

This class of 2001 reunion will be August 27-28, 2021. Friday will be dinner and drinks at 6PM at the Blue Rock Bar & Grill. Saturday at 1PM will be a tour of O’Gorman High School. More details to come for tailgating at Dakota Bowl. Please Contact Lindsay ‘Vogel’ Fries with any questions at Voges329@hotmail.com.

Class of 2011 – 10 Year Reunion

For information regarding your reunion please contact the Development office at 605-575-3391 or lmyscofski@ogknights.org.


* Full obits available at www.ogknights.org/alumni/in-memoriam

FORMER STAFF: Fr. Victor Ramaeker passed away March 30, 2021 in Sioux City, IA. Fr. Ramaeker served as the principal of O’Gorman High School from 1971 to 1976. He is survived by one sister, Sr. LaVerne M. Ramaeker, FSPA. He was preceded in death by his parents, Fred J. and Gertrude Ramaeker: his brothers, Arthur, Andrew, David, Elmer and Paul and sisters, Claire, Sr. Mary James Ramaekers, FSPA and Bernice. Dr. Duane R. Niles Jr. passed away May 16, 2021 in Rochester, MN. Duane served as band director of O’Gorman High School from 2009–2014. Duane is survived by his wife Kathy; daughter Kaitlin ‘12; his mother Lore; siblings Mark, Sonja and Michelle and many nieces. He was preceded in death by his father Duane, father-in-law and mother-inlaw, and numerous uncles and cousins. Msgr. James Doyle passed away May 24, 2021 in Sioux Falls, SD. Msgr. served as the founder of The Banquet and St. Michael Parish and School. He was preceded in death by his parents and sister, Sister Margretta Doyle.

ALUMNI: ‘47 Wayne Wehrkamp passed away on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, in Sioux Falls, SD. He is survived by his children Debbie ‘70, Craig ‘71, Dawn ‘72, Carol, Nancy ‘77, Bill ‘80, Todd ’82; 21 grandchildren; 22 greatgrandchildren (one on the way); one greatgreat grandson; and many other relatives and friends. Wayne was preceded in death by his wife Ardell, son Brad and son-in-law Hadley.


’49 Florenz “Flo” Kapaun passed away on February 9, 2021 in Ames, IA. He is survived by his children, Michele, Joe, Casey, Dan, Paul, Jane, Stephen, Katie; 17 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Kathryn ’49; son Patrick; grandson Michael; daughterin-law Carol; parents Jack and Florence; brothers Frank, Ralph and Jim; and sister Joann Hines ‘52. ’50 Colleen Zuraff passed away on February 16, 2021 in Sioux Falls, SD. She is survived by her children, Cathy, Dan, Tom, Shelley, Tony, David, Steve and Tim; 22 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren; siblings, Steve, Mike, Chuck, Dick and Terry. She was preceded in death by her husband, George Zuraff; parents, Gerald and Lillian Lynch; daughter, Karen Zuraff; and siblings, Pat, Elaine, Gerry, Marilyn and Jim. ’51 Jerry Curren passed away February 3, 2021 in Madison, WI. He is survived by his wife, Betty; children, Patrice, Beth and Tim. They have 10 grandchildren, and three greatgrandchildren. He was preceded in death by his siblings, Colleen ‘43 and Gordon ‘46. ’53 Carmen (Bjornstad) Bassing passed away on February 28, 2021 in Golden Valley, MN. She is survived by her children, Patricia, Mark and Kevin; grandchildren, Britny, Nicole, and Nathan; great grandchildren, Teya and Rya. Carmen was preceded in death by her husband of 51 years, Chuck ‘53 and son, Jerry. ‘53 Robert “Bob” Fleming passed away April 22, 2021 in Sioux Falls, SD. He is survived by his wife Janice; children Bridget, Timothy, Albert, Robert and Anthony. He is proceeded in death by his brother, William.

’65 Joan O’Connor passed away on March 30, 2021 in Sioux Falls, SD. She is survived by her children, Traci ‘90, Shannon ‘93, Colin ’96; her siblings, Marilyn ‘69 and Rick. She was preceded in death by her husband Cliff, her parents, Ted and Eileen Hanneman and her brother, Tim. ‘67 Patricia E. Parezo passed away February 18, 2021 in Salem, Or. She is survived by her child Leah; siblings Cathie ‘71, John, Stephen ‘75 and Michael ‘77. Patricia was preceded in death by husband Owen, sister, Lori DiDonato, parents Howard and Lorraine Parezo. ‘74 Patricia Leichner passed away in Sioux City, SD. Patti is survived by her sisters, Mary Swenson ‘68 and Janice Johnson ‘70. She was proceeded in death by her parents and a nephew. A full obituary will be available at a later date. ‘76 Debra (Letcher) Sampica passed away on September 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN. Deb is survived by her husband Steve; his children Jen and Ben; grandson, Sam; siblings, Mike, Kathy and Russ. She was preceded in death by her parents Wesley and Irma. ‘03 Jessica Kontz passed away on May 26, 2021. She is survived by her mother, Marilee (Huff) Kontz ‘74.

UPDATE/CORRECTION February Re-U-Knight-er correction: ’43 Rose Ann (Ashoff) Ryan was preceded in death by her beloved husband Pat.

FAMILY OF ALUMNI: Sophia Colleen Biver, daughter of Wendy (Nelson) ‘10 & Matt ‘10 Jeanne Richardson, mother of Christopher ‘80, John ‘84, David ‘85 and Paul ‘89 Sharon Marie Flynn, mother of Ben ‘95, Adam ‘98 and Stephen ‘05 Memorials are directed to Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools 3100 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Gordon Honerman, father of Laurie Rogers, Mark ‘81, Paul ‘82, Patrick ‘85 and Lisa Stinson ’95 Peter Horner, father of Emily Ochoa, Annie Taylor ‘01 and Kelly Rausch ‘06 Julie Job, mother of Julie Job-Massa ‘91 Elaine Ann Parliman, mother of Thomas ‘65, Sally ‘67 and Nancy

Join us for our 18th annual Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation Sporting Clays Shoot.





Justin Peterson, husband of Sarah (Basche) ‘98, father to Ella, Molly and Jaxon—all current students at Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools; son-in-law to Doug and Becky Basche former employees of OGHS and St. Mary Elementary. Sandra Sue Pyper, wife of Phil ‘59, mother of Theresa ‘83, Mike ‘85, Jennifer ‘86 and Beth ‘89 Kevin Ronan, son of Roberta Atkins ‘59 and brother to Kathleen Lastine ‘80

To register, scan this code or go to www.ogknights.org/about/events/sporting-clays-shoot Space is limited, so secure your spot today!

Marge Wilson, mother of Luke ‘80 and Jon ‘82 Ronald Verville, father of Barb ‘79, Bill ‘80 and Sandy ‘82

Contact the Foundation at 605-575-3343 or foundation@ogknights.org with any questions or for sponsorship opportunities. All funds raised will go towards the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools Foundation operations.


A Wider Perspective on the World mily a F & i n m u Al n a m r o G ’ O man O o t e v o M


“We want to give our daughters a wider perspective on the world and be fully immersed in a completely different culture.” Kristen (Bankers) Saxhaug, a 2002 O’Gorman alumna, and her family are making a huge leap in an effort to share their knowledge and skills. Since she graduated, she earned a BA from the College of St. Benedict in English/Secondary Education and a Master’s in Education from Hamline University. Her studies helped her, her husband and their two daughters make the BIG decision to move to Muscat, Oman, which is located right next to Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. “We have never been to Oman and won’t step foot in the country until we move there in a few months!” said Saxhaug. Teaching abroad has always been a dream of hers and she is excited about the ability to bring her family along. “We want to give our daughters a wider perspective on the world and be fully immersed in a completely different culture. We can’t wait to have them learn and play alongside kids from so many places in the world; we hope they will develop life-long friendships and have experiences that impact the trajectory of their lives. Our situation in Oman will give us more time together and allow us to bond in a unique way,” said Saxhaug. But Kristen isn’t the only one with a passion for education in the family. Her husband, Jan, is a teacher and a retired member of the US Army who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jan says he is eager to be back in a culture that he appreciated during his time in the military. Both Jan and Kristen will be teaching at The American International School of Muscat which is a Pre-K through 12th grade international school with students from 60 different countries around the world. Kristen will be teaching English and advising the school yearbook while Jan will be teaching Social Studies and advising the Model United Nations academic simulation activity. Their daughters, 6-year-old Sigrid and almost-3-year-old Berit, will be in first grade and early childhood at the school. The family will be moving in just a few short weeks, but they will be welcomed by a familiar face of the O’Gorman community. Melanie Brink, who is the former St. Mary Elementary and O’Gorman High School Choir Director, will be there to welcome them with open arms. “We are very lucky to have Greg and Melanie Brink as resources to support our family. [They] have been there since [2002] and love it. We are so excited to have them as a built in ‘family’ for us when we arrive,” said Saxhaug. We wish the best of luck to the Saxhaug family and we can’t wait to hear about their adventures in Oman!



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