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The skinny on Spokane’s tattoo scene

Jan. 24 - Feb. 7 , 2013

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The Spanish Club talks ‘el amor’

January crime report

Volume 44 | Issue 6


Students volunteer, earn college credits Emily Norton

The Communicator Since 1998, SFCC has incorporated academic service learning in various courses offered, which gives students the opportunity to use what they learn in the classroom in reallife settings through assigned community service hours. Academic service learning combines community service with classroom learning and focuses on reflective thinking and civic responsibility. The programs get students involved with events and activities that help connect them to the community they live in, while simultaneously gaining academic skills. “SFCC is a community college, so we are connected to the community around us,” said Darlene Rickett, an instructor at SFCC who heads the Service learning program. “Service learning really helps students become aware of the community they

live in and connects them to the people around us who need legitimately need our help.” Students are able to learn beneficial life skills during their community service work, including career experience, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills and the opportunity to work with diverse populations. Students are able to witness and experience real-world issues like poverty and homelessness and develop better understanding of the root causes of these issues. “I didn’t realize how much people needed help until I worked for SNAP last quarter,” said Drew Henry, first year student at SFCC. “The four hours of service learning work I did for my calculus class really opened my eyes to how good volunteering can actually be.” The service learning program at


Mireesha Huff | The Communicator

Alfred Lapierre and a student at Holmes Elementary School discuss the nutrition facts on a box of cereal; the students were learning about which snacks are healthy to consume.

Early Alert to identify, help at-risk students Jacobe Flansaas

The Communicator

Katie Bordner, Randy Breedlove and Madeline Tuflija | The Communicator

This Quarter, if you don’t show up to class and participate in class activities, it may be reported. On Jan. 15th SFCC released a new system, Early Alert, to help identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulty. Early Alert spawned out of the Achieving the Dream initiative, a program that SFCC put together with a grant from an organization called College Spark. “Last year we came up with two interventions: Early Alert and Academic Advising,” said Jim Minkler, the Vice President of Learning at SFCC. According to Minkler, a survey was done in 2011 to assess what the students thought of advisement; the ad-


Grammy predictions

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Yuzen: traditional Japanese food


visors did not get good results, which is where the Achieving the Dream Initiative came from. “Academic advisement is not just to help students register for classes, but to help them throughout their college career,” Minkler said. “Early alert is not only to help students quarter to quarter, but year to year. “You won’t see the full impact of the Early Alert, and Academic Advising until next year.” Early Alert is new, but students and faculty are already putting the system to use. “As of January 30th, there have been 85 alerts,” said Connie Carlson, the Student Achievement Manager at SFCC.” If faculty or a student notice someALERT | Page 2


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Two insurance plans for students Health benefits are offered to students who meet the academic and attendance requirments.

If a student doesn’t meet these requirements they will get a full reimbursement but will be dropped from their insurance plan. “Once you pay for the plan and Corbin Bronsch attend class for the first 31 days The Communicator there are no refunds and the student is on the plan until the end of Student Health Insurance Plans the quarter or the end of the year and Injury only plans are available depending on what plan the stuto students taking 6 or more cred- dent purchased,” said Krista Stanek the Senior Vice President of the its. All Washington State Community accident and sickness division at Colleges offer student health insur- Summit America. The insurance plan is run by ance or student injury only insurSummit America Insurance Serance for students that are eligible. vices which is an insurance com“Students must actively attend pany located in Overland Park, KS classes for at least the first 31 days is based on beginning with “It’s nice for students to have a providing the first day for cheap and affordable plan in case affordable which coverage healthcare is purchased,” of accidents or health issues.” to college according to -Krista Stanek the brochure on Senior Vice President of Accident and Sickness Division at students. Summit America For one Student Health a c ademic Insurance Plan. quarter the cost to get Student “The Company maintains its right Health Insurance is $449.20 and to investigate student status and atfor one quarter of injury only covtendance records to verify that the Policy Eligibility requirements have erage the cost is $39.00. But there are some eligibility factors for stubeen met.”

dents to get either the health insurance or injury insurance plan. “I didn’t even know insurance plans were offered at the falls,” said Darian Selby an SFCC student. “But an injury insurance plan that only costs $39.00 sounds like a good deal.” Students get a maximum benefit of $100,000 per policy year for the health insurance plan. For the injury only plan they get a maximum benefit of $1,500 per injury. The price to add a child or spouse has different rates but gets put under the same coverage as the student paying for it. “This plan also extends to a student’s spouse or child if they have them,” said Stanek. The price to add a child or spouse has different rates but gets put under the same coverage as the student paying for it. “It’s nice for students to have a cheap and affordable plan in case of accidents or health issues,” said Stanek “Speaking from experience everyone should have insurance even if they think they are healthy.”

Corbin Bronsch | Editor Campus Security Reports Dec. 28-Jan. 31 On 1/3/13 a female student was harassed by a male student who was repeatedly asking for “a date.” On 1/4/13 a student reported their backpack was stolen from the bookstore. The items have not been recovered. On 1/8/13 a student physically assaulted “Skitch” at an ASG event. On 1/10/13 a student’s iPhone was stolen from the weight room in Building 7. The iPhone has not been recovered. On 1/11/13 a student was reported carrying a firearm on campus. Campus Security confronted the student who was found to have the proper carrying permits for the firearm. Campus Security informed the student of SFCC’s campus policies regarding weapons, and the incident was resolved. On 1/15/13 students were reported to campus security for harassment in the parking lot, bay 5. The issue was determined to be a “bad breakup” between two students. On 1/17/13 a missing child report was filed for a foster-care student under the age of 18. The student was found safe. On 1/24/13 a student became disruptive and threatening toward their instructor in building 7. On 1/29/13 a student reported being harassed by his ex-girlfriend, a non-SFCC student. Campus Security had the person removed from campus and the issue was resolved. On 1/29/13 a vehicle was broken into on campus. The items stolen have not been recovered. On 1/31/13 a female student was being harassed by a male student who was persistently asking the female student for “a date.” If you feel unsafe, are being harassed or threatened, or see suspicious activity, call Campus Security at (509) 475-7040 for immediate assistance. For general questions and concerns regarding Campus Security, call (509) 533-3446

Service Learning:

fulfill their class required hours.” Several classes offer academic service learning as a part of the course, however students registering for classes have no way to tell which classes use service learning, because it’s not currently listed in Students required to do the course description. community service in some classes “Unfortunately right now, there’s no way to tell which classes have from page 1 service learning and which don’t,” said Rickett. “We’re hoping to change that someday, and maybe SFCC has ties to several large add it to the course description and small non-profit community somehow. The classes that offer serorganizations. Some of the comvice learning one quarter may not munity partners include Daybreak offer it the next quarter, so it varies. Youth Services and the West Cen“If students tral Community “If a student has a hectic have quesCenter. A full list tions as to of community part- schedule. . . we can still work whether or ners can be found with them and help them not their class under the SL link on fulfill their class required is part of the SFCC’s website. service learn“We receive sev- hours” -Darlene Rickett ing program eral emails on a Head of Service Learning program they can abdaily basis from orsolutely call us to find out for sure.” ganizations all over the local area, If you have questions about acaalways needing volunteers for demic service learning you can call certain events or activities,” said Darlene Rickett or Eunice Stimes at Rickett. “If a student has a hectic (509)533-3308 for more informaschedule outside of school, we can tion. still work with them and help them

Corey McDermett | The Communicator

Connie Carlson discusses the new Early Alert system, designed to encourage students to regularly attend class and “help students that run up against academic difficulty.”

Early Alert: Early Alert provides a new way of encourging students to attend class. from page 1

Mireesha Huff | The Communicator

Abigail Christensen helping a Holmes Elementary school student learn about nutrition facts as a part of her service learning assignment.


one having difficulty with their classes, it’s as simple as filling out a form and hitting the submit button. “Early Alert is designed to help students that run up against academic difficulty” said Carlson “Instructors and students can submit an alert if they see a student struggling.” Students and faculty wishing to use Early Alert will find the link to the system on SFCC’s homepage,

“A student may receive an alert because of low attendance, inappropriate classroom behavior, low test/quiz scores, incomplete/missing assignments, poor/undeveloped study skills or time management, or even a personal issue affecting the student,” said Carlson. “Some students may even need off campus help, including food or clothing assistance, or if they need help paying the bills to keep their water on.” Carlson wants to urge that Early Alert is not for issues pertaining to things such as snow cancellations. “On January 7th there were 9 Alerts asking if classes were canceled on account of the snow,” Carlson said. “Early Alert is for academic difficulties that students may be having.”

Did You Know?: Registration for Spring Quarter begins on Feb. 11. Students with less that 30 credits are required to attend counseling when registering for classes. Source:

Reasons to file an Early Alert Report Poor Attendance Inappropriate Behavior Low Test/Quiz Scores Poor Study Skills and Time Managment Personal or Medical Issues Affecting a Student’s Performance



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Ari Foster | Editor

Yuzen: A taste of traditional Japan in Spokane

Contributed Photo | The Communicator

Mireesha Huff | The Communicator

Salmon eggs wraped in seaweed is just one type of sushi rolls at Yuzen.

Yuzen serves traditional Japanese sushi as well as other traditional dishes for affordable prices; located near the Northtown Mall Ari Foster

The Communicator Often, the culture behind a restaurant and its authenticity can be lost, especially when it’s being slowly Americanized.. If you are looking for something with more home-style cooking that’s traditional to its origins, Yuzen, a Japanese owned restaurant, might just be the place.

Yuzen restaurant opened only a year and a half ago, making it fairly unknown to the public here in Spokane. It is located where the old thai bamboo was previously, up on division street right before Ross or right after Northtown Mall. Taiki Hanamoto, the owner and chief of Yuzen, serves many different items which include but are not limited to; tradi-

tional home-style meals that he grew egar. A very healthy dish considering up with or are popular in Japan, sushi, its high protein content. This is one of Hanamoto’s favorite and brews exclusive to Japan. “I just can’t eat pizza and burgers dishes to prepare. Hanamoto states every day.” said Taiki Hanamoto “I that it is the best fish they serve while speaking about how important home need something more, more variety.” Hanamoto says he gives his custom- cooking really is. “People should make sushi at ers the opportunity to a new experience with food that they may not have home,” said Taiki Hanamoto “You should make a mess, encountered rice everywhere, its before. Yuzen “I just can’t eat pizza and home cooking. As provides dishes burgers every day. I need long as you have that are not fun. That’s all you common here something more, more need to know.” in Spokane, variety.” At Yuzen, a person from Okonomi -Taiki Hanamoto can enjoy this kind Yaki, a cabbage Owner of Yuzen of mentality; that pancake, to the Smelt-fish, a lightly breaded fish that cooking should be fun, shared and is soaked for 48 hours in sweet vin- enjoyed, easily and with consistenegar. Yuzen works hard to serve food cy. For Taiki Hanamoto and his wife that is a family favorite for him and his Junko are the only two people who cook and prepare the food, creating a hometown. “I eat what I serve.” said Hanamoto unique experience unlike many other sushi restaurants in Spokane. “Most places don’t do that here.” “The most authentic Japanese food One popular dish is Saba Mackerel, which is brought in whole, then cut, in Spokane, hands down.” said Josh salted, pickled and soaked with vin- Mansoner, an employee of Yuzen.

Common Sushi Rolls California Rollcrab and avocado Rainbow Roll5 different types of fish with California roll Dragon Rollfreshwater eel, crab and cucumber with a spicy sauce Boston Rollcrab, salmon, scallion http://www.

Smoke on the water Many cultures throughtout history have been using water pipes in groups for recreational purposes to enjoy shisha.

becoming more recognized,” said Knight. A hookah works by putting flavored tobacco on the top of the piece where the bowl is located. It is then sealed by a piece of foil with Corbin Bronsch holes in the middle and a lit coal is The Communicator placed on the top. Inhaling through The smoke from the growing social the hose heats up the coals allowing trend of Indian origin has reached more smoke to be drawn from the toSpokane in the past few years and is bacco and to go down the stem, into continuing to spread throughout the the water, and out through the hose into the smoker’s mouth. city. A common question that comes In Spokane there are six different smoke shops that sell water pipes, up when talking about hookah, is if it has the same which is becoming health hazards not only a social “I don’t know too many as smoking cigactivity for smokers people who smoke hookah but for a number of by themselves. It’s more of a arettes. “Water pipe young adults who group kind of thing.” smoking delivare 18 years old, -Josh Knight ers the addicwhich is the legal an employee at Peace of Mind tive drug nicoage you have to be tine and is at to purchase one. “To me, it’s a great way to spend least as toxic as cigarette smoke,” time with people,” said Josh Knight according to the Centers for Disease an employee at Peace of Mind. “I Control and Prevention’s website. don’t know too many people who “Hookah smokers are at risk for the just smoke hookah by themselves. same kinds of diseases as are caused by cigarette smoking. It’s more of a group kind of thing.” “Hookah smoking is not a safe alPeace of mind has seen an increase in sales the past few years ternative to smoking cigarettes.” But there is an alternative to inhalwhen it comes to water pipe sales ing all of the toxins when smoking and flavored tobacco. “Our sales have gone up and hookah. “Challenging the traditional ideas that’s solely because the industry is


Madeline Tufilja | The Communicator

Steam Stones is a new way of smoking hookah minus all of the same toxins as tobacco. They provide a tar and nicotine free way of smoking with the same amount of clouds. of hookah, Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones provide hookah smokers with the same great flavor and thick clouds as average tobacco, minus the health risks associated with smoking,” said a statement on Shiazo Hookah’s website. “Traditional hookah tobacco contains glycerine, molasses, flavoring and tobacco leaves. Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones replaces

the tobacco leaf with a 100% natural, extremely pure, raw mineral. These stones are also sold at Peace of Mind along with the tobacco flavored shisha. “It’s pretty much the smart smoke of hookah,” said Knight. “It works the same way as flavored tobacco without all of the bad toxins that come with it.”

Did You Know?: Some early hookah bases were made from coconut shells. Source:

Steam stones were invented by a group of innovative German engineers and hookah enthusiasts www.hookah-shisha. com/


Spanish Club brings “el amor” to SFCC for el día de San Valentín Coquetear en español Canciones románticas (flirt in Spanish…. find that Valentine) (romantic tunes) for 1. Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy your special Valentine: aquí para robar tu corazón. Content submitted by the SFCC Spanish Club

Prince Royce “Incondicional” Juanes “Me Enamora” Manu Chau “Me gustas tú” Julio Iglesias “Me olvidé de vivir” Moenia “No puedo estar sin ti” Vicente Fernández “Estos Celos” Vicente Fernández “Por tu maldito amor” Carlos Vives “Fruta Fresca” Chayanne “Yo te amo”

Películas románticas (passion inspired flicks you should watch with your “valentine”) El secreto de sus ojos Like water for chocolate Amarte duele Undertoe El baile de la Victoria La pasión de Gabriel Todas las canciones hablan de mí Abrígate Cosas que hacen que la vida valga la pena Cleopatra verás la vida con otros ojos Cinema Paradiso (Italian film, but too lovely to not include…watch is with Spanish subtitles)

Translation: Hello, I am a thief. And I am here to steal your heart.

2. Deberias caminar en la sombra porque los bombones derriten en el sol. Translation: You should walk in the shade because chocolate melts in the sun. 3. Espero que adonde vayas encuentres siempre un cielo tan azul y tan profundo como el que yo encontré en tus ojos. Translation: I hope that wherever you go you find the sky as deep and blue as I found in your eyes. 4. Cuidado preciosa, tantas curvas y yo sin freno. Translation: Careful, precious, so many curves and me with no brakes! 5. Si amarte fuera trabajo, no existiria el desempleo. Translation: If loving you were a job, there would be no unemployment.

Culture SFCC Club Contact Information Japanese Club Advisor: Yasuka Huff phone number: 533-3367 Spanish Club Advisor: Gabriel Valenzuela phone number: 533-3472 French Club: Advisor: Elodie Phan phone number: 533-3592 Red Nations Student Association: Advisor: Pam Austin phone number: 533-3546 AsianAmerican Association: Advisor: Ping Ping phone number: 533-3580 Latinos Unidos de Aztlan Club: Advisor: Pam Austin phone number: 533-3546 Source: http://www.

Ari Foster | Editor

International Film Festival Lyssa Davis

The Communicator Since the 1 of Feb. the Spokane International Film Festival has been bringing world cinema to the Inland Northwest for its 15th year. This is a community effort, made possible by the all-volunteer staff, local artists, and sponsors. SFCC Interim Dean Bonnie Brunt and organizer of the SFCC Film Festival said, “I really think this has something for everyone.” While much of the festival is over, there’s still a variety of films being shown at the Magic Lantern Theatre, located at 25 W. Main St., from Feb 8 through Feb 10, includ-

ing the festival closing party on Feb 9 and the Saranac Public House and The Community Building on 21 W. Main, after the showing of Let My People Go! at 7 p.m. On Feb 10, the world premier of Sitting Between Two Chairs will be shown at the Magic Lantern Theatre, a documentary telling the story of world-renowned Russian photojournalist Leonid Bergoltsev who now lives in America and cannot return to his homeland after documenting the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. All shows are $10, For more information about SpIFF, visit

Japanese Valentine’s Day Content submitted by the SFCC Japanese Club

Valentines Day in Japan is the most common day of the year for girls to express their feelings towards a certain boy by giving chocolates and gifts known as honmei-choco (prospective winner chocolates). These honmei-choco are a show of love from that woman to the man she is giving them to. I should think it an honor to receive honmei-choco, and look forward to the day I receive one… uh! Back to the matter at hand!!! For men in women’s daily lives, there is giri-choco (obligation

chocolates). These are commonly given to coworkers, bosses, and sometimes male friends. A recent third option is tomo-choco (friend chocolates), which are chocolates exchanged by a girl and her female friend. The trade off to this chocolate pushing (instigated by Japanese chocolate companies) is that guys that get chocolates have to return the favor on March 14 (white day) with gifts of equal or greater value to the chocolates they received. I hope this little article proved informative. Happy upcoming Valentine’s Day to everyone who isn’t allergic to chocolate!

Thanks to Japanese and Spanish Club for submissions.

How to make: The California Roll 1. Gather Supplies 3. Rolling the sushi - Bamboo mat

- Start by tucking the sushi into itself on one end.

- Sheet of seaweed

-Roll the bamboo mat tightly and neatly to the other end.

- 3/4 cup of sushi rice

-Slice into

- 1-2 slice of avocado

6-8 pieces.

- Imitation crab meat

2. Preparing the Roll - Place down bamboo mat with a one and a half centimeter thick layer of rice on top. - Lay a sheet of seaweed centered on

e Com Ashle

and place it on the crab.

uko | Th

- Slice an avocado 6-8 times

y Hir

- Spread out crab meat on seaweed




Did You Know?: Ichiro Mashita created the California Roll by using avocado instead of tuna. Source:



Katie Bordner | Editor

Valentine’s Day Dates Four Valentine’s Day ideas, in a wide price range to celebrate with your significant other. McCall Daniels

The Communicator

Fondue fountains in downtown

The Melting Pot is a fine dining fondue restaurant that provides the perfect romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day. “Rose petals are scattered all over, it’s just really amazing when you walk in,” says Destiny Domino, a host at The Melting Pot. Couples can purchase private booths decorated with rose petals, a vase with roses, and a souvenir picture frame. The meal is four courses that include cheese fondue, salad, entree and dessert.

Local Tattoo Shops Anchored Art Tattoo 421 W Riverside Ave Downtown Spokane 509-747-5020

Mireesha Huff | The Communicator

Firepower and an action flick Making art together

Valentine’s Day is a day that couples aim to celebrate their relationship. To help couples remember this day, Polka Dot Pottery offers a memorable gift that can be a reminder of their special day. “It’s a good activity because you can paint and be downtown. You can always have a nice memory,” says Sally Dashiell an employee at Polka Dot Pottery. At Polka Dot Pottery couples can paint heart shaped bowls, mugs, ornaments, and anything else they can think of. Dashiell says that the most popular item that couples like to paint are mugs and bowls for each other. Prices for mugs range from $11-24.

Getting inked:

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop offers classes on handgun safety marksmanship many different days a week that you and your significant other can attend. Admission for non-members is $17.50 and other fees are applied if you do not bring equipment. Customers under the age of eighteen must participate in a gun safety class before they can use the equipment. A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth installment in Bruce Willis’ Die Hard series, is a possible follow up to the Shooting Range. The movie is about Bruce Willis’ character John McClane traveling to Russia to help his son Jack in a secret CIA mission. “It’s usually busier on Valentine’s Day but tickets will not typically sell out,” said Ashley Knutslon, an employee at the AMC movie theater downtown.

The Melting Pot Hours and Information

Creative cooking for two at home

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. While many may think of spaghetti as the ideal romantic meal for Valentine’s Day, Safeway has a different idea: steak in the shape of a heart. Kyle Okeson, an employee in the Safeway meat department says, “At Safeway you can buy any meat product and they will cut, season, and package with no extra cost.” Okeson says that a customer purchased a boneless rib eye and had it cut in a shape of a heart for his Valentine’s Day date.

Tattoo trend in Spokane retains appeal

All American Tattoo 2425 N Montroe St. 509-325-6700 Shamrock Tattoo 2011 N Madison St. 509-325-0330 The Missing Piece Tattoo 410 W Sprague Ave 509-747-5020 Evolution Art Space 213 S Bernard St. 509-838-7638 Source: com/


Mireesha Huff | The Communicator

Kimberlie Barton

The Communicator While tattoos date back over 5,200 years, the purposes of tattoos have changed. In 2013, Spokane’s tattoo shops offer a variety of different options, as well as prices for the newest marking on a person’s body. “Tattoos can be a personal expression or a hidden meaning,” said Jeremy Corns, the owner of Anchored Art Tattoo and piercing.

“Like, for a loved one.”Some people get tattoos for a family member who was important to them or for a person who has impacted their lives, some to remember important event; tattoos are printed for a variety of reasons. “I guess some people think of tattoos as a rite of passage when there a certain age or they’re just putting a mark on their body to remind them of this time in their life. Everyone gets a tattoo for a different

reason, “said Tom Morris at All American Tattoo. While everyone has their own opinion as to what is valuable in a tattoo, finding the right artist can also be a factor to take into consideration. To research your artist in advance is considered beneficial and can help keep your skin clear of any mistakes or art that is not to your standard. “I do custom art so everything is different and I’m my own boss and I just get to be creative every day. and

Mon-Thur: 5p.m.- 10p.m. Fri- Sat: 4p.m.- 11p.m. Sun: 4p.m.- 9p.m. source: http://www.

thats why I love my job.” said Patrick Ethington, owner and tattoo artist of Shamrock Tattoo. To see an artist’s work, portfolios are available at tattoo shops to view the work a particular artist has done. If someone was looking to getting a tattoo, they might want to consider talking with their potential artist and relating with the person to be sure the artist understands your needs. “I was always into art and I was excited to get my first tattoo and after I did I just knew then that I wanted to learn how to be a tattoo artist,” said Jeremy Corns, owner and tattoo artist of Anchored art Tattoo and Piercing. Tattoos, like other fashion also go through seasons. What is popular now in tattoo’s has not always been popular. Text, roses, custom workthese are all part of this past year’s season. “I do a lot of roses in my work,” said Corns. “Every tattoo is different so it basically depends on the year. The popular tattoos in the 1990s were sunflowers and dolphins. For a while it was stars but I do custom work so it’s not all the same,” said Ethington. For those getting a new tattoo, be sure to look at an artist’s portfolio, along with comparing prices. “If you’re someone who is looking to get their first tattoo done I would advise them to look at portfolios, get to know the artist a little to see if you get along,” said Corns. “The cost is based on time, we do $100 per hour with a $80 minimum.”

Did You Know? Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually? Source:

707 W. Main Cresent Bldg. 2nd Floor Skywalk Level 509-926-8000



This year marks the 55 anniversary of the award show. In 1959 the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences got together to set up an accolade to recognize outstanding achievment in the music industry. They came up with the Gramophone Award which is now reffered to as the Grammy Award. The Grammy Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious music awards and artist can revieve. It is equivalent to the Emmy Awards for television, and the Academy Awards for film. There has been controversy on the award being prestigious due to the amount of awards the academy would give out. Which at one point got up to nearly 200 awards given out in one night. Compare that to the 22 given out at the first ceremony in 1959. The academy has dropped and Katie’s Pick’s: fused many awards previously given for a total of 81 awards that Album of the Year: will be given out this year. Babel by Mumford and Sons It will be hosted by LL Cool J at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Song of the Year: and will be aired on CBS Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Fun. is up for all three of the top Jepsen honors, which are Record of the Best New Artist: Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the year. Fun. So who will win big during musics biggest night? Staff members Producer of the Year: of The Communicator have made Jeff Bhasker producer of Fun. their predictions.

Conner Nuckols | Editor

Grammy Award ion Nominat Featurin Show g: k K c e a $ b h a Nickle J u j s a t n in i Bieber Nicki M The No


(This Sh

Will Suck)

Randy Breedlove|The Communicator

Conner’s Pick’s:

Madeline’s Pick’s:

Redord of the Year:

Redord of the Year:

Sombody That I Use To Know by Gotye feat. Kimbra

We Are Young by Fun.

Album of the Year: Blunderbuss by Jack White Song of the Year: We Are Young by Fun. Producer of the Year: Jeff Bhasker producer of Fun.

Album of the Year: Babel by Mumford and Sons Best New Artist: Hunter Hayes Producer of the Year: Jeff Bhasker producer of Fun.

Predictions for music’s biggest night Record of the Year Best New Artist history will help Fun. Song of the Year

So, here we are: at the Grammys. In my opinion, the Grammys are a whole lotta’ hype, and the awards don’t always go to those that most Katie deserve them. Bordner Also, many artists and songs fall victim to the hardship of being well liked; if a song is entirely overplayed- then the Grammys arrive and everyone is sick of that song and the song/artist receives a bad vote. So, I feel like it is somewhat of a raffle: you never quite can tell the amount of heart and work someone puts in until the artist is around long term. With that being said, let’s get to my pick for record of the tear. This year i feel Sombody That I Use to Know by Gotye will win the award. This song speaks volumes artistically. The apathetic melody and vocals are almost ironic, until the beat picks up, and you just want to scream the point that any break up, any heartfelt tear in your heart becomes something that is hardly important anymore. Kimbras voice is also a nice touch to song. That is why this song should take the Grammy.

Fun. wins hands down. When a new artists is up for this award along with numerous other awards, it;s very likely they will win Conner the award for best Nuckols new artist. Don’t believe me, then lets take a stroll down Grammy memory lane. In 2006 John Legend won best new artist as well as three other Grammys. In 2007 Carrie Underwood was the best new artists as well as being nominated for all three top honors. 2008, Amy Winehouse won two of the three major awards as well as winning best new artist. Adele won in 2009 when her song ‘Chasing Pavements was nominated for all the top honors, and last year Bon Iver was nominated for all the top honors

and won. This year their is only one nominee nominated for all three top honors including best new artist and that is Fun. Therefore I feel confident choosing Fun. to win the award. Frank Ocean is nominated for two of the top honors too, so he is also a possibility. I love Alabama Shakes and The Lumineers and I feel they deserve the award just as much as Fun., but compared to the success that Fun. had this year it would just be wrong if Fun. didn’t win. Hunter Hayes is also a notable country artist and will have a lot ofsuccess but, the Grammy for best new artist will not be one of his achievments.

Song Of The Year is always one of my favorite sections and there is a great turnout this year. All of them but one are worthy of this nomination Madeline and I am a fan of Tuflija all of them so narrowing them down is tough. But alas I believe it is a race between Ed Sheeran’s The A Team and fun.’s We Are Young. The A Team just grips your heart from the first line and has you visualizing the story as he sings. It is one of my favorite songs for sure. We Are Young is a great song, makes you sing along and want to get up and dance. Not my favorite fun. song but a great pick for this section. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) is a great song of course, but I do believe it has been over played, same with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Both great songs and relatable but I do believe people have grown tired of them. Unlike the two I mentioned before, who I have not heard as much on the radios and The A Team is fairly new to the U.S. Adorn is no more of a background music, not something you listen to with intent. No chance for this song to win.

Did You Know?: That Alison Krauss holds the record for most Grammys won by a female artist with 27 total. Source:

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Ana Sorci | Editor

Urban boarding vs. Snowboarding

Madeline Tuflija| The Communicator

Henry Tacner selling snowboard gear in Wintersports shop in Spokane.

Snowboarding is a traditional college hobby but those looking for a rush should look into urban boarding. Ana Sorci

The Communicater Winter brings people out to spend money on one of the most popular sports/hobbies of winter seasons. Snowboarding is mostly a college guys favorite getaway, but then there are some guys that like the danger of urban boarding. Which one, which one? “Definitely have to think outside the box,” Devon Peone, an SFCC

student said. More college students with a dangerous streak seem to love boarding in the cities. They call it Urban boarding. Just go out and find a high school, or a local park that has slopes and rails, grab your board, jump on it and go have fun with it. “It’s more dangerous than snowboarding. For emergency only, I suggest having company that can drive.” Peone says.

whole life, it’s the greatest feeling Peone recommends to pick a ever.” Reynolds said. good area when going urban boardTo many people, snowboarding is ing that means you are going to be a hobby and something they can do driving around, but make sure you to have fun with friends and family. know your city pretty well before To others, snowboarding is a sport, going out. a technique they can practice to get “To board in the city, it doesn’t into a race or maybe even compete require any money like snowboarding, but you will have to pay for gas in the Olympics. “When I to drive around. first tried out Some really good “Definitely have to think snowboarding, places are quite outside the box,” a ways to drive” - Devon Peone, I rented some SFCC student snow gear, but Peone says, “just literally wore take a deep breath jeans.” Tacner says, “I wore jeans and go.” until I earned enough money to buy If you don’t want to risk getmy own snow equipment.” ting hurt, snowboarding is always There’s a debate on whether skiing another choice. Just go up to the is more difficult to learn at first than mountains, bundled up of course snowboarding. Kids agree that skiing and let loose. is old school and snowboarding is a “If you’re new at snowboarding, lot easier, but others say that skiing I suggest Mt. Spokane,” Richard is the original snowboarding experiReynolds, a freshman at SFCC said, ence. This hobby depends on who “otherwise try 49 degrees north.” you are and what your body agrees Snowboarding originated from with. Snowboarding can be the skateboarding and surfing, but has easier for people or skiing. taken a big leap in the United States “Snowboarding is a good way to the past couple of years. The main get out and enjoy the mountains.” idea of snowboarding is to have fun Henry Tacner, an employee at Winand enjoy the outdoors. tersport in Spokane said. “I’ve been snowboarding my

Ave. Cost of Snowboarding $500

Rental $25 Lift Ticket Cost $25 College Dis. Toyotathon Feb. 8th Student Pack $99 + tax OZ Fitness Fridays $20 Family Fun Pack $449 + tax


MMA fighting becoming popular in the Spokane area MMA is a great way to relieve some stress and connect with your inner fighting spirit.

like Anderson Silva and George Jones use MMA, all the way to the general public.” While there are many different Katie Bordner types of martial art styles, MMA The Communicator fighters must know how to handle themselves in stand up fighting and Voted the U.S.’s top sport, MMA on the ground. (Mixed Martial Arts) took the lead “Try fighting. It is not just going over the NHL, NBA, and MLB- comto punch someone in the face. Find bined. MMA fighting is said to be the an accredited school with structure, purest form of competition, originatsomeone who has a vested interest ing in multiple countries in unrelated in putting you out there,” said James events, all over the world- and began Weed, the owner of Newborn-Cas“likely before history was recorded,” cao Jiu Jitsu. ( With the varying MMA types, the styles/a/mma.htm). While the first UFC fight took place goal is the same: to take down an opponent by submission, Tap-Out, in only 1993, the sport is drawing in Knockout, or by decision from judge a large amount of supporters. or authority. There “I was watching a rerun season “I know that I am here for a is no kicking to leading up to The purpose bigger than myself,” the head, eye gouge, pulling of Ultimate Fighter - Samuel Sicilia, and realized it UFC Fighter hair, head-butts, or groin strikes was a true sport, and with a constant referee to watch that there are rules,” said Brady Nelson , owner of Arena Rumble and the action the fights are regulated. “You can’t just be a wrestler. You Spokane’s Shock Football. “I flew can’t just be a boxer. You have to to Montreal and saw a fight, then I have your stand up and your ground, found out friends of mine were really that is your art, that is Brazilian Jiu interested and knew all about it.” Jitsu,” said Weed. If it be rooting for the fighters in The steps for joining fights in Spothe ring, or fighting in the gym: MMA kane are to train at your local gym, is becoming a large influence on build connections with other fighters American culture. The benefits of and trainers that you meet and then MMA seem to be endless. Fans are get involved in matches and competifinding MMA to be a tool for getting tions at the local level. While MMA is in shape, learn about themselves and the fastest growing sport in the world, MMA can even connect the general MMA is not for everyone. population to elite athletes. “Fighting isn’t for everyone. This “Twenty years ago, fighting was not a sport that applied to all demograph- is a blue collar sport, you have ics, now it is,” said Nelson. “The Spo- to put in your time,” said Samuel Sicilia, a UFC fighter from Spokane kane Shock Football football players who started as a wrestler at Mount love it. You are seeing elite athletes


Katie Bordner | The Communicator

MMA fighters practice different techniques to prepare themselves for upcoming fights. Spokane High School. “You can work hard and still get discouraged, but keep going and keep fighting. My wrestling coach taught me a hard work ethic and mental toughness, and to not be afraid of hardships. You can’t be half hearted. It has to be a lifestyle.” “I don’t wait for an opening for a knockout, I create it. My mouthpiece says faithful and fearless. I know that I’m here for a purpose bigger than myself,” said Sicilia “Focus on your fight and not about the outcome,” said Sicilia. “When you hear the cage lock and your feet on the matt, you know it’s real.” It is a feeling you can’t describe.” “You really find out who you are in a fight”, said Sicilia. “You have no one to help you, you have to go get it for yourself.” “The MMA boom is insane. Vegas, where I trained, is the Mecca of MMA, but here in Spokane, it is

like people might be even more obsessed,” said James Weed, the owner of Newborn-Cascao Jiu Jitsu. “Our girls class is growing, in the tournament we are going to this weekend we have 4 ladies out of 25 men.” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a grappling art that taught practitioners how to utilize joint locks and chokeholds to their advantage on the ground. “These people are my friends. This becomes a team,” said Weed. “We are looking to find and develop talent, to bring in recruits and have our fighters train with pro caliber athletes,” said Nelson. “There are some guys who end up in fighting and they didn’t play a lot of sports. But at the top of the game it is the best athletes who win. We want to find people with the best athletic ability. Wrestlers dominate MMA. We are looking for more high level and athletic wrestlers who are collegiately decorated.”

Did You Know?: Snowboarding was originated from skateboarding and surfing.

Styles in MMA Boxing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Judo Karate Kickboxing Kung Fu Russian Sambo Shootfighting Tae Kwon Do Source:

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Second issue of Winter quarter 2013

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