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March 8 - April 25, 2012

SFCC employees to take pay cuts

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Volume 43 | Issue 8

President of SFCC prepares to step down Alicia Villa

As cost of living and gas prices continue to rise across the country, salaries decrease.

The Communicator

Rockford Radke

The Communicator SFCC faculty and staff are due to take a 3 percent pay cut starting July 1. There has been and will continue to be a cost-of-living pay increase freeze in place for state employees. Then the state legislature adopted a 3 percent reduction for all state employees -- including higher education -- for both years of the budget. That means that state employees have not been given a cost-of-living raise in quite a while, even though the cost of living has continued to climb and now state employees are being told by state legislature to give up even more. “I don’t ever like giving money

Nadia Kurakin | The Communicator

Jeff Davis, reference librarian at SFCC, will be taking a pay cut, along with all employees. up, but we are in tighter times,”said SFCC Art Instructor Tom O’Day. “If I had a choice I’d say, ‘no I don’t want it.’” For a bit of perspective, a salary of $30,000 being reduced by 3 percent would mean a loss of $900 a year for that employee. That may not seem like much when looking at it from a simple perspective, but many people are already on a tight budget

and with gas prices speculated to approach $5 a gallon by this summer, the pay reduction could hurt the pocket book of faculty and staff. “I guess, just personally, you’re not getting ahead; you’re constantly going backwards,” said library circulation worker Babs Hachey. “The cost of living, they say, is flat, but it really CUTS | Page 2

“Statewide, the average salary for a community college faculty member was $48,202 two years ago.” Source: Christine Frey

Steps taken to prevent suicide among students Three students committed suicide last quarter, encouraging administration to take a close look at the problems facing students.

Rockford Radke| The Communicator

Sabrina Votava, suicide prevention trainer, has been training SFCC faculty on the issue of student suicide.

trainer Sabrina Votava. “I talked to a student reporter last quarter about the suicides that occurred,” Votava said. “I decided to follow up with the college administration and they asked me to come give the faculty training, so I did.” Suicide prevention effectiveness Clayton Kraft falls in favor of peer recognition over Rockford Radke authority figures, however, so it was The Communicator determined that student trainings were needed. Sabrina had already SFCC’s administration responds to been asked to put on a training, so the rising trend of suicide on camthey merged it into a public student pus by starting a series of prevention training. seminars. “Very rarely do I end Three SFCC up at colleges,” Votava “Ages 18-22 are the students comsaid. “Which is too bad mitted suicide highest risk groups for because I think college during the Fall suicide.” campuses could really quarter, so -Sabrina Votava benefit from this kind Suicide prevention trainer the response of training. is focused on “Ages 18-22 are the recognition. The highest risk groups for suicide, and first training seminar occurred in the that’s mostly who’s here.” Sn-w’ey’-mn building on Feb. 29, The training was open to the and was run by suicide prevention

Despite her retirement this June, President Pam Praeger vows full commitment to the remainder of her term. “I do have plans for the rest of my term, and it is to continue to serve our college and our constituents to the best of my ability,” Praeger said in an email. Praeger is currently working on increasing student support services such as broadening accessibility to tutoring services, providing for responsive new student opportunities such as orientations, timely distributed financial aid and assistance and intentional and individualized academic advising and counseling. All of which are services Praeger would have in the works whether or not she was soon retiring. “It is not right for me to be a lame duck and not to continue to do the work of my position,” Praeger said. “Major decision making and the responsibilities required of my position are the same whether I am here next year or not. “I would never want to leave SFCC in a deficit position through irresponsible decision-making.” Some of these decisions would include budget cuts and management. “As a state higher education system, we are struggling with greater demand and fewer resources,” Praeger said. “So budget cuts and budget allocations are based on data-informed decision-making and budgeting for now and the future.” Praeger is retiring after her second year as interim president, a temporary position she filled after the last president left the position in 2009. “I would have preferred that we do a presidential search when Mark Palek, our previous president, retired,” said English instructor Mark Doerr. While the work of the Presidential Search Committee has been kept confidential for privacy reasons, the new president may be in office before Praeger finishes her term. “Normally we have the new president come in before the current one leaves so there is a smooth transition,

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March. 8 - April. 25, 2012


The Communicator

GOP canidates visit Spokane Rockford Radke Whitney Marshall The Communicator

An energized crowd greeted Republican candidate Ron Paul during his presidential campaign rally in Spokane. The rally started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance just prior to Paul taking the stage to deliver his speech. When he approached the podium the crowd began to chant ‘President Paul’. “We have a large crowd and a lot of enthusiasm, which is great...I have always been told that this part of the country, and this part of the state in particular is very supportive in the cause of liberty, and that was verified tonight,” said Paul in his speech. His speech ranged across many subjects from the Federal Reserve to the current foreign policies. “I was just interested in seeing what Paul had to say about our country,” said SFCC ASG Club Representative Gerard Hegel. “He had a lot of good things to say and a lot of bad things to say about the state the country is in.” The presidential candidate wants to end the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard. Originally the U.S. dollar was based on the gold standard, but in 1971 President Richard Nixon removed the gold standard


Pay cut hurts local staff in already difficult times From Page 1

isn’ basically what has happened in the last couple years is our medical premiums have gone up, so for the past two years, that has also been a part of the budget shortfall. “So, actually we’ve probably taken in the past 2 or 3 years, probably, we’ve taken quite a few 3 percent cuts, if the truth be known.” With the bailouts that have happened recently (in the last few years?) going to large companies and banks, it is interesting that the budget for the education system seems to be a lower priority. There may have been good reasons to bailout the financial institutions, but what about bailing out the education system? According to CCS (Community Colleges of Spokane) Chief Human Resources Officer Gregory Stevens, in an email interview, there was flexibility given to agencies to find the salary reduction equivalent. He wrote that CCS leadership has determined

from the dollar creating a floating currency. Returning to the gold standard means that the U.S. would have a fixed monetary policy that does not have inflation. With the current system that we have, dollars that are not based on gold, it makes it easy to have inflation. “I’m pretty much here just because of the fact that I believed in basically the same views as Mr. Paul for awhile, other than the whole religion thing, and that’s just showing that somebody else from other view angles can still be down with this cause,” said Matt Tilly, a Paul supporter. “Also, I just want to live a real life and I’m tired of being bent over by money, it sucks.” Paul also wants to defend the U.S. and its sovereignty. If elected, one of his goals is to bring military troops home from overseas by ending foreign wars. He believes that we should not be a police state in other countries, trampling on their sovereignty. “The 130 bases that we have overseas, I’ve always thought we should bring all of our troops back home and he’s the only person that’s ever said he’ll do that,” said Hegel. The Democratic Party believes that the Republican candidates that have come to Spokane will not have a major influence on their party. “Ron Paul is more of a Libertarian. Libertarians have always had a cross all employees would participate in the 3% reduction in support of our classified staff, who do not have an option. These pay cuts will not affect student employees, employees making less than $2500 per month and parttime hourly employees because they were specifically exempted from the legislation. However, years of pay stagnation and then this pay reduction seems to show that state legislators are not seeing the importance of education. With companies that are too big to fail makes it seem that the education system is too small to notice. That being said, it can be seen that on a more local level, CCS administration is doing what it can to keep people in their positions. It seems that many of the SFCC faculty / staff understand why the cuts are being done. “You just accept it and make adjustments and 3 percent, it’s a cut, but it’s part of the times,” said SFCC Art Instructor Carl Richardson. “It’s what we’re going through right now and so you do what you can to help keep the school able to run and function.”

Rockford Radke | The Communicator

Jeff Davis (left) and Chris Morgan (right) assist students as part of the job they’re paid for.


Page 1- SFCC is one of the only community colleges in Washington that has a bowling alley in their actual school. Page 1 - The income from the games and pool bring in about $1,500 per quarter.


Republician Primary Delegate Facts Delegates are people who are voted on locally to represent their districts at the state and national levels. There are a total of 2,286 delegates in the Republician Primary. Rockford Radke | The Communicator

SFCC ASG Club Rep. Gerard Hegel supports Ron Paul with a sign from last election. party appeal because they tend to be socially progressive and fiscally conservative,” said David Smith, Chair of the Democratic Party. “There is always going to be independent voters who are certainly not turned off by Libertarian thoughts, but I don’t see Ron Paul as taking away from the Democratic Party in the long run.” According to Spokane County Treasurer and rally endorser Rob Chase, the last event on the campaign trail had 1,200 people versus Spokane, where more than 2,500 people at-

Students 9,465 students attend SFCC annually. 63 percent are Full-Time. The average student is 26. Over 55 percent are female. source:

tended. Rep. Paul was the first candidate to come and rally in Spokane. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have also visited Spokane to try and gain support for their campaigns. The state of Washington is a caucus state which means there will be no Presidential primary. “I think we have a good chance to have Washington State as the first state to come out for Paul,” said County Treasurer Rob Chase.


Faculty talk transition to new president From Page 1

“I’m not sure we’re doing that this time; that’s something to check with HR,” said Steve Bays, Dean of Enrollment Services and Student Development. “I don’t believe they (the new president) would be literally working side by side with Pam Praeger, but they will be communicating regularly once the new president is on payroll,” said Anne Tucker, chair of the SFCC President Screen-


Attendees talk about the importance of recognizing signs From Page 1

campus, and among the attendees were a number of Associated Student Government (ASG) members, who attended the event in order to educate themselves. “I thought that as a student leader being in student government that it’s really helpful for us to be aware of these things,” said SFCC student and ASG Special Events Programmer Sarah Howerton. “Because we are a main resource for a lot of students we get a lot of people coming by asking questions.” The training indicates there are many questions that people can ask of themselves and others in order to help prevent suicide; pointing to warning signs like drug and alcohol abuse, mental health struggles and strong academic pressures. According to Votava’s presentation, there are protective factors that can help prevent suicide include family, community, school and the individual themselves. Understanding the possible warning signs makes it easier for people and institutions

Some states award all or nothing for delegate counts, and some do proportional awarding.

ing Committee, “We’re following a specific timeline that we are keeping up with, the new president should be selected by early May, and working with us starting July 1.” Some faculty members testify to Praeger’s character and feel her retirement will be a loss. “Pam’s door is always open to faculty, and she responds as best she can to questions and comments expressed at faculty meetings,” said Mary Hyatt, a communication arts instructor. “Her greatest strength is her concern for individual students. “We are going to be at a big loss when she leaves because of the community she has established.”

to step in and assist those individuals that may be considering suicide. “I have a personal interest about the topic because it interests me why people choose to commit suicide and why their families and friends (have difficulty) stopping it,” said ASG Senator Paola Zarate. “The information we just heard is very useful, I think it can help people that are thinking of suicide to receive help and stop this kind of thinking.” Many of the students present were from Chemical Dependency Program Instructor Carla Dvoracek’s chemical dependency class, who made the initial call that resulted in the training coming to SFCC to educate her class on one of the impacts of dependency. “Suicide is one of the tragic consequences of addiction for many people and we do all we can to help educate our students who are going to become professionals in the field,” said Dvoracek. “I think the knowledge, the facts and the research behind understanding suicide and how to intervene is very helpful. “The reassuring manner of the presenter helps our students know that it’s not just okay, but necessary to talk about suicidal potential with their clients.”

Did You Know?: Public support for gay marriage has increased about 1 percent annually over the last two decades. Source:

The number of delegates to win the national convention is 1,144, or half the total plus one.

SFCC Faculty Statistics Teaching Faculty: 547 Non-teaching Faculty: 24 Classified Staff: 310 Administrative Faculty: 26 Professional/ Technical Faculty: 53 Total Faculty: 960 Board of Trustees: 5


March. 8 - April. 25, 2012

Marriages that scare people

shelby miltner | Editor

Gay marriage is a touchy subject for a lot of people. For those of us who are progressive minded, this seems strange. We wonder why people care so much about preventing homosexuals from getting married. The main opposition to gay marriage comes from religion, because The Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s important to respect everyone's right to have their own opinion. We allow white supremacist groups to be active in this country, but we don’t allow them to create laws that restrict the rights of minorities. Why do we allow laws that restrict the “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for homosexuals?


Gay marriage will affect children Allie Roberts | The Communicator

Legalize gay marriage nationwide There’s no difference between letting individual states decide whether or not to allow gay marriage and letting them decide Jackson whether or Colby not to allow interracial marriage. Many religious people and politicians concern themselves with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, harming nobody, and it’s pathetic. In the USA we like to think that we’ve moved past the “dark ages” of discrimination, slavery and genocide. While we have made significant strides forward, we still have a long way to go. The AIDS epidemic that erupted in the 1980’s was all but genocide. Years were spent ignoring the epidemic and the people who were infected. This is because people who got the virus were, for the most part, homosexual men and intravenous drug users.. two groups that people traditionally looked down upon. So the epidemic was ignored for far too long and millions died. Even after such a holocaust, the gay community is still alive and well in this country and all over the world. Widespread knowledge of AIDS has led to safe-sex practice which has significantly decreased the rate of AIDS among homosexuals. Fantastic advances in modern medicine make it so that living with AIDS is no longer a death sentence. While homosexuals are treated much worse in some other countries, the fact that only 7 states

Letter to the editor:

in the “Land of the Free” allow gay marriage is an abomination. Homosexuals are treated poorly in this country and it’s despicable, especially after an epidemic which nearly wiped out an entire generation of gay men. Youngsters and immature adults toss the word “faggot” around like it means “loser.” Some parents disown their children for being gay. In Wyoming, “The Equality State,” 21 year old Matthew Shepard, a student at the University of Wyoming, was tortured by country bumpkins and murdered in 1998 because he was a homosexual. The Westboro Baptist Church, a religious organization based in Topeka, Kan., protested at Shepard’s funeral, holding signs insinuating that Shepard was burning in Hell. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? It’s curious that in the USA we allow groups like the Westboro Baptist Church to continue operating in the name of “religious freedom,” but we don’t allow homosexuals to get married. All the states that allow gay marriage (with the exception of Iowa) are in the least religious regions of our country, the Northeast and the Northwest. This is no coincidence. My uncle is a homosexual and has had AIDS since the 1980’s. He survived because of his unquenchable thirst for life and because my family has extremely strong genes. But the majority of his friends and lovers died during the epidemic. Still he has consistently maintained a positive attitude about life and never lets a day go to waste. He’s my role model. I have absolutely no respect for people who would think he should have less rights due to his sexuality. An imaginary friend in the sky told them to have that opinion.

In Ashley Hiruko’s article titled “Contraception Controversy,” she contradicted herself in her opening statements. In her first paragraph, she exclaims that “The government should not interfere with women’s health. Instead, the government should offer birth control for women through social programs and not let religious groups interfere with something that isn’t their choice.” What Ashley doesn’t realize, is that if the government offers those benefits, then they are interfering with a woman’s health. -Isaac Fall

and various tries to get marriages Washbetween people of different skin ington State or race being ok with American is the most people. People still to this day recent state to do not accept these interracial legalize gay marriage. As marriages. What happened then is of February 8, happening now, it will continue to gay marriages happen with each and every situare now legal ation or topic that should already be tolerable with Americans, if Shelby in the state of Washington something is not changed. But face Miltner according to it folks, humans don’t like change an article in and never will. The New York Times. The belief has always been to Marriage has always been the the average American person that union of a man and a women, not a man and woman should have the union of homosexual couples. children and they will be raised Although over recent decades, properly. If a homosexual couple homosexual relationships are startraises a child they will have the ing to emerge. According to avert. views, beliefs and values of their org, Nearly 1.2 million people in parents which are gay. Unlike America are living with the same heterosexual or normal couples sex. where their views, The world is “But face it folks, humans values and beliefs changing, face differ. don’t like change and never it. But people When chilwill.” are afraid of dren are born change, always they are already -Shelby Miltner have been alPerspectives Editor determined to be ways will be. gay or straight, The problem with politics is regardless if their parents or guardpoliticians say or think they can ians are gay or straight. Humans change the U.S. better than the are pre-determined at birth to be last politician. Although this idea homo, hetero or bi-sexual. is not true, politicians will never So it does not matter if gays, be able to change anything in the lesbians or heterosexual couples U.S. Why? Simply because people raise their children. What does don’t like change. matter is how the views, values, When presidents are elected and beliefs of these different types they have an agenda that is either of couples affect their children. wrong or wrong for the U.S. not And how these children will grow a right or perfect idea for the U.S. up and instill these beliefs, values, If we had the perfect idea most of and morals into their generations the U.S.,would be ok with gay and and their children's generations. lesbian couples getting married. I believe gay marriage is wrong States in the U.S. ultimately make in the situation of a child. A child the decisions on whether gay and should not be born with two dads lesbian couples can get married. or male guardian figures in his or Take a look at what has haphers life. It is morally and ethically pened in the past. It took years wrong.

Letter to the editor:

This is a response to the article published in issue 5 of volume 43 regarding the smoking policy change. I would like to know how many smokers were interviewed or what type of survey was taken by the student government or the journalist in regards to this. I understand that peoples health should be a concern but the smokers have rights also. I think the story was not well researched by the writer. 1 faculty member complains and new rules are instated? What about the population of smokers that just got alienated by our student government. I don't remember anyone asking me what I thought about this. I, as a former student and avid reader of The Communicator, wonder how the writer of this article got away with publishing it. -Tyler Deatherage Spokane

Did You Know?: The first state to legalize gay marriage was Massachusetts. Source:

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March. 8 - April. 25, 2012

F ocus Local call center outsources jobs

randy breedlove | Editor

Ben Simpson

The Communicator

Photo Illustration by Drew Castellaw

Podcasting is an inexpensive form of broadcasting that any citizen or journalist can produce easily.

Podcasting as the future of broadcast Will Gilman

The Communicator Many radio stations have switched from a personality driven format, into a format that allows a computer to randomly play songs from a given playlist. Personalities replaced by this new format are re-igniting their career online, through podcasting. With the advent of mobile listening devices, it is like having a radio show in your pocket; with no rules, no FCC restrictions, and no limits. "We got fired in July of 2009, and no one wanted a show like ours," said Mike O'Meara of "The Mike O'Meara" Show, previously heard in Spokane."Non-political talk was seen as not worth the time, and extra staff. “But we believed in our show, so we took a risk and went for it." On Dec. 7 The Mike O'Meara Show podcast was born. Over 500 episodes, and 12 million downloads later, the risk paid off. "We had no idea if it would last two weeks, let alone two years," said Mike O'Meara, show co-host with Robb Spewak. If there is a subject of interest that someone wants more information about, it is likely there is a podcast. "It's evolving into an unlimited conversation with the world," said Oscar Santana. Santana, along with being a cohost of The Mike O'Meara Show, also hosts another "guy-talk" show called "Big O & Dukes", and a technology show "Tech 411". "If you're interested in it, someone's talking about it," Santana said. Podcasting has become a new and useful medium for news, music and other forms of broadcast. In a world where more people are getting their news from the web, podcasting is become the most effective way to be heard.


Top Podcasts on iTunes 1. This

American Life

2.Adam Ca-

rolla Show

3.NPR “Wait, wait, don’t tell me.” 4. The [BS] Report

5. Penn’s Sunday School

6. NPR Car Talk

On March 12, Sykes Enterprises will be laying off 167 employees according to the Washington State Employment Securities Department. The business that used the call center to handle troubleshooting decided to move. Stephanie Klaes, an employee at Sykes, is on the list of people who will lose their jobs this month. She said that the layoff will affect all levels of employment at the call center, from customer service reps to operations managers. “This was a decision from the client to take the project elsewhere,” said Klaes. “The company was very sympathetic to our situation.” Klaes said she didn’t know what she was going to do after March 12. She now finds herself having to apply for unemployment while looking for another job. Despite these layoffs, the Employment Securities Department said that Washington is off to a strong start this year for employment. Sheryl Hutchison, the Communications Director there, said that in 2011 Washington gained 53,500 jobs.

“In January alone we gained 13,200 jobs,” Hutchison said. “Research shows that Washington gained more jobs last year than previously estimated, and unemployment rates in the latter half of 2011 exceeded expectations as well.” Layoffs occur when there is not enough demand for a product to justify a given level of employees. In 1989 the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act was enacted, according the U.S. Department of Labor. The WARN act ensures that employees are given 30 days notice of a layoff if the company employs more than 100 people. Sometimes, companies decide that labor would be cheaper in other countries or states. This practice, known as outsourcing, can mean fewer jobs. In 2009, ICT, a company that was bought by Sykes in 2010, outsourced one of its projects to The Philippines according to Klaes. The Communications Workers of America is a call center workers union that is trying to stop that practice. They are currently trying to push legislation through congress that would guarantee loans for companies that move jobs from over-seas to America. According to

Sports bar recieves cozy makeover Aaron Emery

The Communicator The Tailgater Sports Bar, once known as The Season Ticket, has been transformed into a more modern setting and with that, a wide array of customers followed. “I wanted to make this a place where I would want to come hang out,” Joe Fontenot, part business owner said. The Season Ticket closed in early July, 2011 and the Tailgater opened Sep. 8, 2011. The remodel included putting in carpet, tearing down walls, painting, and clearing out all of the outdated items from the old bar. “The TVs were so old Value Village wouldn’t even take them,” Jenn Mitchell, employee at The Season Ticket, said.

Mitchell had been working at the Season Ticket prior to their closure and was offered to renew the lease, but at first declined. Eventually Mitchell and Fontenot, along with business partners Clark and Kyla Goff, decided not only to renew the lease, but to change the name and business completely. “We wanted a fresh start,” Mitchell said. “When it was The Ticket, people weren’t coming in as much.” Over 20 new HDTVs are spread throughout the bar giving someone a view of a TV from any spot. A lounge area is placed in the corner, giving customers a chance to be secluded while also having one of the bigger TVs. The lounge area can also be reserved. “I want customers to feel at home,” Fontenot said. “They can even move the furniture around if

7. NPR Planet Money

8. Comedy

Bang! Bang!

9. T.E.D. 10. The Days of Wine and Mouses

Source: iTunes as of March 5

Ron Collins, the CWA Chief of Staff, businesses should have incentives to keep jobs in the U.S. “Lawmakers of all stripes from around the country agree that there should be consequences for shipping good American jobs overseas while so many here at home are looking for work,” Collins said. “They get the idea that only companies that create American jobs should get American taxpayer dollars.” CWA believes that outsourcing “threatens the livelihood of both U.S. workers and communities.” In a report released in December of last year, CWA analyzed the potential negative impact of outsourcing. The findings of their report criticized the effects of outsourcing on privacy and data security. It also highlighted several examples of companies taking subsides from communities in order to construct facilities only to outsource those jobs a few years later. It also pointed out that when data is sent overseas it loses the protection of the fourth amendment. This leaves it vulnerable to access from Federal agencies without a warrant.

they want.” To accompany The Tailgater, they have reserved an area in the back behind the bar for the Spokane Comedy Club, as well as team trivia and poker. “Before, they just had a room they did comedy in,” Fontenot said. “Now it’s a real comedy club.” Fontenot is not only part owner of The Tailgater, but is a comedian as well. Every Wednesday night, The Spokane Comedy Club hosts open mic. This is where new and aspiring comedians can come perform. Friday and Saturday comedy nights hosts nationally touring headliners. “We are trying to get big name people in here at least once a month,” Fontenot said. “Jim Brewer and Joe Rogan will be coming soon.” With The Tailgater being a sports bar located right across the street from the Spokane Arena, they collaborate special events especially for Spokane Shock arena football and Chiefs hockey. “Before, when it was the Season Ticket, they had to rely on the events held at the arena; those are bonus days for us now,” Mitchell said. Mitchell said they do their best to accommodate all of their customers, regulars or not. “I come here every day that I don’t work,” Mike McNearney, 25, said. “I got to know all of the owners from coming here and they make me feel at home.”

Nadia Kurakin | The Communicator

Left to Right: Kyla Goff, Mike McNearney. Clark and Kyla Goff manage and own the Tailgater, a new sportsbar established in conjunction with the arena.

Did You Know?: In April 2010, the unemployment rate for white workers were 9 percent, for black workers 16.5 percent, and Hispanic workers 12.5 percent Source:

March. 8 - April. 25, 2012

Moscato Tidbits: Everything you need to know about Italian sweet wine Tavis Ferguson

The Communicator What does Moscato taste like? Moscato is produced from the Muscat grape which is sweeter than typical grapes. It tastes similar to white grape juice. What foods do Moscato pair well with?

Latah Creek

Also offers various other styles of wine including: Pinot Grigio Cabernet Sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc Geurwtzraminer Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Moscato pairs well with almond and coconut desserts in addition to Salmon & Crab.


How much does a bottle of Moscato typically cost?Anywhere



from $5 upward of $30. Latah Creek Winery offers their D’ Latah Moscato for $15 for a 24 oz. bottle.


Is there a charge for winetasting?


Latah Creek does not charge for their tastings, but the glass is an optional $4.99.

Spokane Blush

Latah Creek Winery


Sangiovese Zinfandel

Address 13030 E Indiana Spokane Valley

Muscat Canelli

Contact (509) 926-0164

Monarch Red

Hours Daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

C ulture Finding e-love in today’s world


Tavis Ferguson | Editor

Dominick Martinez The Communicator

With social networks being one of the biggest ways of communicating these days, dating websites have gone on the rise. Identifying with people’s preferences and locations, dating websites now have a wide selection on finding you that special someone. and are two popular websites, but many other sites are constantly appearing making it easier for users to filter out the choices of potential matches they are not interested in seeking. Today, there are now over 900 dating websites that satisfy virtually any preference from religious views to different racial preferences. With all these and more, people can easily find what they’re looking for. According to Matt Miller, online dater and creator of, “dating websites cover the introductions smoother, making people more open to the idea of meeting someone they have never met as well as cover the bases for those who are introverts. “A shy guy like me who hates bars and felt awkward approaching random women was given a medium to find dates with the world of online dating,” Miller said. Another pro for the dating websites that people are finding are the quick expansions of the sites. “Although online daters make up only a small portion of all adults online, they still

Photo Illustration by Nadia Kurakin

There are over 900 dating sites that satisfy virtually any preference. represent millions of customers,” said Brian Boyd, staff writer of The Stafford Times. Aside from the pros of online dating, the cons are still why millions still haven’t found that special someone and the biggest con is staying persistent. While on the websites, people search hundreds of pages of profiles looking for that potential match and attempt to filter the results. When one doesn’t see satisfaction, they leave. “Many people look to online dating and think that it’s going to be easy but then find themselves very frustrated with some of the more complicated features and give up,” Miller said.

Another aspect that tends to drive people away from the idea is the price. Each site differentiates between registration prices and how much per month. For their price is around $34.99 a month while EHarmony has a monthly price of $59.99 according to With all these factors, people have decided to either join the movement or decided against it but whatever the case, Miller chose online. “Whether you’re new to online dating or just extremely shy, I would prefer online dating,” said Miller. “But maybe I prefer online since I met my wife there!”

Drums, dances, demos Students taught about tribal dancing, native culture, storytelling Allie Roberts

The Communicator

Drew Castellaw | The Commuicator

Shane Ridley-Stevens demonstrating Shoshone dance steps during the SFCC Int’l Week

The more noisemakers, the better the dancer. That was one of the insights provided by Shane RidleyStevens on his lecture about Native American dancing. SFCC’s International Week started Feb. 27, with 15 scheduled events from every corner of the world. From food to dance, the bases were covered. With four clubs listed specifically as multicultural, and more with ties to foreign interest it’s no surprise there’s a week dedicated to diversity. One event on Monday gave students a glimpse into Native American traditions and dance not usually explained. Shane Ridley-Stevens, part of the Wst Shoshone Nation was there with his daughter, playfully nicknamed Buster, in full traditional dress to speak about his native culture, specifically dances and pow-wows. “Even in our social dances, they’re like prayer,” Ridley-Stevens said. “When I dance, my prayers are for my family. “It helps us remember the problems other people have and to forget the problems I have.” Ridley-Stevens gave a lecture of history and story-telling of the how’s

Did You Know?: Latah Creek will be celebrating its 30th year in business this July. Source: Riley Egan, Assistant Winemaker, Latah Creek Winery

and why’s of things like how Native Americans started using the flute or why the social dance was called the Crow Hop. “In the old days feathers were earned by acts of valor, and strength, and protecting what you love,” said Ridley-Stevens. “When I’m not dancing, I wrap my feathers up, I keep them safe, and I take care of them. “When I see that Buster is respecting and taking care of her chicken feathers, she’ll earn hers too.” It wasn’t merely a spectator sport, Ridley-Stevens explained how to do the steps and their meaning before inviting everyone to join in the social dance. “A social dance means everyone is allowed to dance, doesn’t matter who you are,” said Ridley-Stevens. At a Pow-Wow, the social dance is called an inter-tribal dance. “The way we look at it is if you’re currently in a tribe or descended from one, no society just appeared,” said Ridley-Stevens. “Every society started as a tribe, so inter-tribal dance call is for everyone.” The upcoming Pow-Wow will be May 19-20 at Riverfront Park and the Red Nations Club have been doing fundraising for it. “It’s our big cultural event we do,” said club representative, Daniel Troy. The club raises thousands of dollars to support the pow-wow.


March. 8 - April. 25, 2012


The Communicator

Up and coming guitarist reaches over 100,000,000 views on Youtube channel Kailee Suender

The Communicator The self taught acoustic artist Andy McKee is a world wide known acoustic guitar soloist. His online fans have raised his YouTube video views to a high of 100 million plays. Starting on a nylon stringed guitar that his dad bought him, McKee started taking guitar lessons. Initially overwhelmed by his lessons, McKee’s electric guitar playing cousin inspired him to continue learning, taking him out for his sixteenth birthday to see guitarist Preston Reed perform live at a music clinic. To fans of modern acoustic music, McKee entertains both the eye and the ear as he metamorphoses the steel string guitar into full orchestra with his use of altered tunings, tapping, partial capos, percussive hits and signature two-handed technique. Along with his wide range of techniques, Mckee has also brought back the idea of the Harp guitar. This early 20th century instrument is a normal six string acoustic guitar,

album called “Art of motion”. Most of McKees well known songs are located on this album. Such as Rylynn, Drifting, and into the ocean featuring his harp guitar. With the new release McKee earned considerable praise from established acoustic guitarist Don Ross who Mckee claims as one of his favorite guitarist. Along with signing with Candywrap records, McKee also pubilshed a couple videos of new released songs on “Preston Reed has really been an youtube and in doing inspiration to me and my music through so his career took off. out my career.” McKee’s online media success has -Andy McKee impacted both album Youtube phenomenon and ticket sales allowing him to tour internationally with over 200 live 2003, McKee toured in Taiwan with shows a year. Jacques Stotzem, Isato Nakagawa, “There are very few places in the and Masaaki Kishibe. Also earnworld I have yet to see,” McKee said. ing first place in the Miscellaneous “But my music has allowed me to acoustic Instrument contest of the see many different places around Kansas State fiddling and picking the world such as South Korea, championships with a Ron Spillers United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, harp guitar. France, Lyon, Germany, Austria and In 2005, McKee Signed with the Netherlands, along with many Candywrap records. After joinmore.” ing candywrap McKee released an but it also has six harp strings on an extended end of the guitar body. With using the six harp strings it adds an extra bass resonance causing the music to seem more open, ringing into motion. In 2001, McKee independently released his first album, Nocturne. That same year, he was placed third at the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, Kan. In

SFCC Revelers perform classic Shakesperean play Matt Moffatt Kylie Lindquist

The Communicator It takes a lot of talent to pull off a Shakespearean play. But that is not slowing down the actors at SFCC as they perform Shakespeare’s ‘A MidSummer Night’s Dream’, directed by Sara Marlowe. “Midsummer Night’s Dream is the first full length Shakespearean play that I directed” said Sara EdlinMarlowe. “The play is wonderful because it is a colorful story about love.” The entire drama staff worked hard to create a beautiful revolving set with dense greenery and spectacular special effects. The make up and Nadia Kurakin | The Communicator costumes are vibrant and beautifully Midsummer Night’s Dream will be wrapping on March 11. designed with flowers and authenticity. “Mostly the lines that refer to different go out on stage.” Auditions occured at the end of Greek gods or fables, mythologies.” According to Lang, whom has last quarter, and the competition for What should audience members done multiple plays for Spartan Thethe roles was different for each of expect? Nicki Meyer and Geoff Lang, atre, and may not be able to return them respectively. both in the play, had explanations. for his last chance to act in the Spring Alicia Pierce, one of the lovers, “Awesomeness.” Meyer said. play, Chronicles of Narnia, making it was more worried about doing what “A very funny play,” Lang said. into a play at SFCC is not as hard as she needed to do. “Something worth spending their some may think. “I didn’t really focus on the comevening.” “This has been a wonderful experipetition,” Pierce said. “I just went in There’s no way of being truly ready ence,” Lang said. “People who are hoping for a role.” for a show, especially on show night. interested in theater, this theater is Niko Sotolongo had a very unusual But some of the actors have come special. audition. up with their own personal ways of “Any person who comes in has “I actually got hit in getting as ready as the ability and the opportunity to get the nether-regions by “The play is wonderful possible for a show. somewhere. You don’t have to be in Hermea (Pierce) going “I do a lot of your final year, you don’t have to be because it is a story through my legs,” warm-ups,” Pierce brilliant. about love” Sotolongo said. “I said. “I do tongue “I have never felt so distinctly that limped around for the twisters to make these (opportunities) are available to -Sara Edlin Marlowe rest of the day. everyone.” Director sure I’m vocally “They laughed a lot, ready, and I also A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream is so they liked me for that.” like to sing.” such an accessible play which allows Sotolongo went on to say it was “It depends on the characters I’m for creativity and original artistic well worth going through that kind doing,” Lang said. “I have to start detail. of pain. walking around, getting my body Mid-Summer Night’s Dream started “An ice pack later, and I had the used to moving the way my character last week, but finishes up this weekpart.” Sotolongo said. moves. end. Show dates are March 8-11, Dan Herve explained what exactly “I say a few lines, adjust my voice at 7 p.m., except for Sunday, where changed from Shakespeare’s original so that I’ve got the accent right. Then showtime is 2 p.m. It is free to SFCC play. just do breathing exercises to get students. “Mostly just line cuts,” Herve said. myself into the right state of mind to


Contributed photo courtesy of Andy McKee

Andy’s next

“Preston Reed has really been show will be an inspiration to me and my music on Mar. 14 throughout my career,” said McKee. “I used to play his cassette and just in Austin, pluck along ‘til I found exactly what TX he was playing. It taught me a lot of techniques that I use still today.” andymckee.


Midsummer Night’s Dream Originally by William Shakespeare Time/date: Mar. 8 - Mar. 11 7 p.m. Cost: Free admission for SFCC Students

March. 8 - April. 25, 2012


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march. 8 - April. 25, 2012

Sidelines Up against the ropes

Nadia Kurakin|The Communicator

Antonio Tessitore squaring off with his sparring partner Alec Clare at The Howard St. Boxing Club

Local Spkane boxer has hopes of going Pro. The Howard Street Boxing Club is helping him work towards his goals. Aaron Emery

The Communicator The Howard St. Boxing Club is a dedicated gym with dedicated trainers and boxers. Antonio Tessitore, 23, is one of the athletes at the gym and is involved in amateur boxing, also known as Olympic style boxing. Tessitore, started boxing at the age

of 12, but stopped in his teenage years due to the gang life, drugs, and alcohol. “I wanted to start boxing again because it’s something that I’m good at,” Tessitore said. “I was really down in the dumps for a while, so I thought boxing would help get me back on my feet.” Tessitore started boxing again in September, 2011, at the Howard Street Boxing Club. Both this gym and trainers are new to him , but he says it is the best training he has ever had. Both of Tessitore’s trainers, Shad

Cramer and Jade Alverez, said he has a good chance to go pro. “Going pro is an absolute for him because he works hard enough to do so,” Cramer said. Tessitore, still being a new boxer, has a lot more to overcome. He is still working on the basics, but it is coming along very fast. His strengths are his excellent stamina and strong upper body. “Antonio is a die hard boxer,” Alverez said. “He hasn’t missed a single workout and will even come and train on extra nights. Tessitore’s record is five wins and

one loss; fighting as a welter weight at 152 pounds. He plans on going into professional boxing in 18 to 24 months. Cramer was a boxer himself, but now is training other boxers due to his injuries. The job was passed onto him after head coach, Ray Kerwick, developed cancer, and now he has been coaching for the past three months. “After my injuries I wasn’t really involved, but I enjoy training so much I think I am going to stay,” Cramer said. All of the coaching done at Howard Street Boxing Club is voluntary and 100 percent nonprofitable. Athletes involved in the club are prepared to compete in fights which are arranged for them. The gym costs are $250 a year per athlete. “Boxers pay gym dues, but the money goes back to them, helping them pay for travel fees and gear,” Cramer said. The gym space is located in the basement of a downtown building that is also being leased out to other companies. The owner of the building, Tom Keefe, provides the club with the space for free because his son boxed. Keefe did a $50,000 remodel for the club after it used to be a treatment center. The Howard Street Boxing Club was originally the Lilac City Boxing Club, with Dan Vassar being the head coach. After he died on September 25, 2010, Kewrick, along with Sherman Vassar, took over the club. Dan, and his boxing organization has produced more national champions than any other boxing clubs in the Spokane area. “Dan Vassar was the greatest coach in the world,” Cramer said. “He donated all of his time because of the love for the sport.”

Golfing a fun sport accessible to beginners Getting started in golfing may be much more easy than you might think. Why not give it a shot? Courtney Brooks

The Communicator The weather is starting to warm, the golf courses are starting to turn green and learning how to play golf is easier and a lot more affordable if you can understand the game and find out the key tricks for just starting out in the sport. “If you are just beginning (to know) how to play golf, I would start off by learning how to tee off, putt, and the etiquette of the game,” Jeff Koppa the golf club president at Downriver golf course said. Golf is a sport where you need a club and a ball. The goal of the game is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of strokes possible. In golf you can play at a par 3 golf course, which is the smallest length from the green. This is where


most beginners or moderate players can go and practice with their pitching wedge, putters, and a driver. “The most clubs you can play with in a legal tournament is 14, but when you first start out you can do every other club,” Koppa said.” When I started out I just played with my 3,5,7,9 irons and my putter, and of course a driver.” The putters are mostly used on the green to roll the ball into the cup, the woods are used for longdistance fairways and tee shots, and the irons are used for all kinds of shots.

Courtney Brooks | The Communicator

number will get you closer shots and the lower number will help with longer distances. “Starting out I would recommend “If you are just “The great thing getting lessons so beginning (to know) about golfing is that you can learn you can be 8 years how to play golf, I would how to hit the ball old or 80 years start off by learning how and also the etiold and it will quette of what you to tee off, putt and the still be challengshould or shouldn’t etiquette of the game.” do in the game, but ing not only for your competitors also when you start -Jeff Koppa but yourself also,” Downriver Golf course club president to get it you will be Steve Conner, enjoying the game head golf professional at Downriver more,” Conner said. golf course, said. Downriver golf course has been The majority of woods and irons giving lessons. For one individual have a number on them, higher the the cost is $40 or in a group the cost

Did You Know?:

gabriel dillon | Editor

Though often overlooked in lieu of driving, putting is one of the fundamental skills beginners must master in order to excel in the sport. Most golf shops have putting greens such as this one for you to try new clubs.

is $10 a lesson. Downriver and other golf courses are planning to be open mid march if the weather is good. “Playing golf isn’t just about hitting a ball, it’s kind of like being in a park walking around with friends playing a game,”Koppa said. Once you start getting used to the game of golf you can move up to a 9-hole golf course or to the normal size of an 18 hole golf course. “You also don’t have to invest a lot of money into golf if you can go to any golf course with no clubs,” said Conner. “(You don’t have to) know anything about the game and we will give you a couple clubs (to) let you go to the driving range and work on your swing.”

On June 28, 1997 Mike Tyson bit a chunk out of rival Evander Holyfeild’s ear in a Las Vegas bout. Authorities revoked Tyson’s Boxing licence and fined him $3 million.

SPOKANE BOXING GYMS Howard St. Boxing Club Spokane Boxing and Matial Arts Club Warrior Camp School of Boxing and MMA

Antonio Tessitore’s next bout is April 14 at the old University High School. The price of admission is $10 at the door.

Golf Facts The world’s longest golf course is the International Golf Club in Massachusetts. It is a par 77 (8325 yards). The worlds largest green is that of the 695 yard, 5th hole, a par 6 at the International Golf Club in Massachusetts. The longest hole in the world is the 7th hole (par7) of the Sano Course at the Suatsuki Golf Club in Japan.

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