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Stephen F. Austin State University

Volume 3, Issue 2 February- April 2012

Love Your Genes

A Look at SFA’s BeYOUtiful Campaign for NEDA Awareness Week Page 3

Letter from the


Welcome to another addition of the Rec Insider, As you’ll see in this issue, Campus Recreation has been busy this semester. From helping with the Flag Football National Tournament to hiring new staff members, as well as planning new events for the spring, Campus Rec is hopping (Easter is not too far away). Be sure to read about our newest full time staff member as well as catch up with a couple of our great former student employees and see what they are up to now. Two big educational programs are planned for this semester – “Love Your Genes, Love Yourself Week” and “Earth Day”. Along with these high profile events we will have our 5 on 5 basketball league, outdoor trips, fitness classes, the re-opening of the outdoor pool, and more in our efforts to provide qualities opportunities and services for the students at SFA.

2012 Campus Recreation Staff Ken Morton Director Janice Casper Office Manager Kelley Consford Administrative Asst.

Until next time, stay beYOUtiful and take care of yourselves,

Kenneth Norris Facilities & Membership Services

Ken Morton Director of Campus Recreation

Debbie Norris Fitness, Wellness, and Safety Brian Mills Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, & Camps Evan Coulson Outdoor Pursuiits

1817 Wilson Drive • Nacogdoches, Texas 75962 Phone: (936) 468-3507 • Page 1


Campus Rec Outdoor Pursuits celebrates Earth Day on April 21st! Earth Day is an outdoor festival sponsored by SFA Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Pursuits program and community entities including The Healthy Nacogdoches Coalition, the Pineywoods Native Plant Center, Nacogdoches Naturally and the SFA Mast Arboretum. The vision guiding this celebration is to provide opportunities for members of the SFA student body and our local Nacogdoches community to develop a sense of environmental stewardship while celebrating the world in which we all live. Held in the beautiful setting of the Piney Woods Native Plant Center, participants will enjoy informational booths, engaging speakers, organized activities for kids of all ages, delicious food, music and more. This Earth Day celebration will be presented alongside the SFA Spring Garden Gala Plant Sale, so guests are encouraged to come out and enjoy both events! Join us in celebrating the Earth while discovering inspiring ways to live simply and sustainably. The Campus Recreation 2012 Earth Day celebration will be held on Saturday, April 21st from 10am to 2pm at the SFA Pineywoods Native Plant Center on Raguet Street in Nacogdoches.

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EVAN COULSON Coordinator-Outdoor Pursuits Evan moved to Nacogdoches from Southern Illinois. He studied therapeutic recreation at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, specializing in adapting adventure actitivies for people with disabilities. His background includes serving as a challenge course manager, rock climbing instructor, coastal kayaking instructor, evironmental educator, outdoor education program director, and a telecommunications specialist in the U.S. Coast Guard. His wife, Gabrielle, is a native Texan out of College Station and is thrilled to be back in Texas. Both are excited to begin this new season in Nacogdoches.

What are some of your goals for Outdoor Pursuits? “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to continue the great momentum of the Outdoor Pursuits program. There is a fantastic community of passionate staff and dedicated outdoor enthusiasts associated with the program that will enable it to continue to grow and thrive. The resources available to SFA in the form of our equipment rental and tripping program are incredible and I foresee more people becoming aware of the opportunities awaiting them within this program. In addition, the Experiential Learning Center has the great potential to provide team building and challenge education services to the many programs and organizations on campus and continue to grow into one of the go-to resources available to students and staff looking to engage and develop SFA students. As more and more people continue to recognize the deep value of outdoor experiences as they relate to both interpersonal and intrapersonal development, the SFA Outdoor Pursuits program and Experiential Learning Center will be well poised to meet the needs of this great campus community.�

What were you expecting coming into the job? To join the good folks fighting the good fight at SFA and to help change the world.

What is the biggest thing that surprised you about SFA/Outdoor Pursuits/Nacogdoches? I have been both surprised and encouraged by the many great things related to community and service going on in Nacogdoches. From the active and health-conscious initiatives put forward by the Healthy Nacogdoches Coalition to the robust environmentally minded community, this place is rich in people living intentionally. My sweet, sweet wife and I are eager to become a part of it! Page 5




he purpose of minimalist shoes is to become as close to barefoot running as possible while still maintaining some protection for the bottom of your feet. Running comfortably is a personal preference but after many years of runners packing on comfort and added protection, many were ready to go back to the basics: running barefoot. Nature magazine published a Harvard study that examined the effects of minimalist running:

Pros of minimalist running shoes

There are three types of running styles characterized by where your foot initially strikes the ground.

Cons of minimalist running shoes

These are:

Rear-foot strike (RFS)

Heel hits ground first. Studies show that this is most frequently done by runners that wear shod “heavily padded” running shoes that are in direct contrast to minimalist running.

Mid-foot strike (MFS)

Both the ball and heel of the foot strike at the same time. Minimalist running shoes encourage the mid-foot strike.

Fore-foot strike (FFS)

The middle or ball of the foot strikes before the heel comes down. This is considered to be the least impactful running style based on the Harvard study.

• It’s natural. Barefoot and minimalist running encourage a more natural running style that the leg is better able to deal with. • Higher vertical leg compliance. Basically, the FFS allows your body to better deal with the impact as a whole. • Minimalist running reduces injury as well as works all of the muscles in your foot and lower leg.

• Less protection. Running on a hard surface while running barefoot can be tough on your feet and legs without the proper padding. There is also no telling what you might step on. • Going from shod running shoes to minimalist running shoes can be extremely difficult. There are many muscles that will work for the first time or differently than before. • For older runners or those with a history of knee problems, minimalist running is not encouraged. For those with weak knees, the shock absorbed by heavy padding is invaluable. Most running injuries occur due to bad form, and while minimalist running shoes encourage a healthy running style, the results are inconclusive as to whether barefoot or shod running is more beneficial. It still comes down to a personal preference. It is more important to develop a healthy running style that is comfortable for you.

types of minimalist running shoes

Barefoot running shoes: Closest to barefoot running as possible but still provides protection. Characterized by minimal padding and zero drop from heel-to-toe, encouraging FFS.

The Harvard study illustrated that evolutionarily, the foot naturally tends towards MFS or FFS while running. The FFS is particularly common in sprinters. So is it worth it to throw out those running shoes that you have been so loyal to for so long in favor of a pair of New Balance Minimus or Vibram Five-Fingers? Not necessarily. There have been many runners who have run with shod running shoes that run comfortably and without injury. There are some pros and cons to both shod and minimalist running.

Examples: Vibram FiveFingers (pictured), New Balance Minimus line Minimalist running shoes: Cross between barefoot running and typical running shoes. Provides more padding than barefoot running shoes and some drop from heel-to-toe while still encouraging MFS. Examples: Brooks Pure Project line (pictured), New Balance Minimus line

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BLAST FROM THE PAST Where They Are Now An update on former Campus Rec employees

Lauren Radtke graduated from SFA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with focuses in anthropology, psychology, and Spanish in December of 2010 with a minor in Latin American Studies. She worked for Campus Recreation for two years, beginning as an Outdoor Pursuits trip leader. She became a Graduate Intern and Trip Leader Coordinator after graduation. As a trip leader, Lauren led outdoor adventure trips and informational clinics throughout each year. As a Trip Leader Coordinator, she oversaw all the Trip Leaders, was over a new program for hiring Trip Leaders, and coordinated Campus Rec’s Earth Day Celebration. She also helped then Outdoor Pursuits Assistant Director Michael Maningas prepare for the next year and for the next Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator. When asked her favorite experience working at Campus Rec, Lauren noted her opportunity to coordinate Earth Day. “Earth Day was right up my alley in terms of sharing how to be self-sufficient and how to become more aware of the precious resources we have (water especially – Dr. McBroom spoke on that). What made it such a neat event is that it connects SFA with the community. I met so many community members and leaders that inspired me and encouraged me to become more involved in the community on a personal level.” Lauren currently works several job, including teaching Spanish and working as a liaison between SFA and the Nacogdoches community for Earth Day 2012. She says working at Campus Rec prepared her for her current jobs through opportunities to connect with so many different people, to work on time management skills, and to think of a job as more than just a job. “I led so, so many trips where people were not at all familiar with the outdoors and it was neat to be that link that introduced them to the world we live in: the earth that produces what we eat, drink, and breathe. God created a fantastically complicated and beautiful earth. Another way it prepared me for my job was to have a boss like Michael Maningas. To see someone so in love with what they do and always do the best and most detailed job they can, urged me to do the same. He held us to high standards, and so, in the jobs I have now I haven’t let down those standards for myself, and to me, it’s shown.” Lauren’s advice for current Campus Rec employees is to serve joyously because “a joyous heart can really change not only other people’s behavior, but it will most definitely change your own.” Charlcie Owens graduated from SFA in May 2011 with a Bachelors of Business Administration, focusing on Accounting. She worked for Campus Recreation as an Administrative Assistant for four years, serving as the Administrative Manager her last semester. Her favorite part of working at Campus Recreation were the people that created a fun and friendly environment that made her look forward to work. Charlcie currently works as the Accounts Payable/Purchasing Manager at Dallas Glass & Door Company, LTD in Rockwall, Texas. When asked how working for Campus Rec prepared her life after college, she responded, “It exposed me to a lot of situations where I had to learn how to interact with customers and solve problems when they arose. In my current job, I constantly use what I learned at the Rec Center to help communicate better and resolve issues with employees and vendors.” Charlcie encourages current staff to “take advantage of the opportunities presented at the Rec Center. Volunteer, attend events, and get all the experience you can because I believe it is a great atmosphere to do so.” If you are a former Campus Rec employee or participant and want to be featured in this newsletter, please contact us at or 936-468-5844. Please include your experiences working at SFA Campus Recreation and what you’ve been doing since your time at SFA. If possible, please also include a recent picture. Page 7

Who Am I?

A look at former IMS participants For many years, fraternities dominated men’s intramurals at SFA. Here is a look at some of the teams that made names for themselves in their day. If you are or know someone in these pictures, please let us know! We want to hear the stories of your intramural days and see what you are up to now. Maybe you’ll even reconnect with old teammates. Either way, we want YOUR history at SFA to be talked about for years to come. Contact us!



Pi Kappa Alpha

Phi Delta Theta

CHAMPIONSHIPS ‘65 Softball ‘66 Flag Football ‘73 Flag Football ‘76 Flag Football ‘77 Flag Football ‘78 Softball and Flag Football ‘83 Flag Football and Volleyball ‘85 Softball ‘86 Flickerball ‘91 Flickerball

‘93 Flickerball and Flag Football ‘98 Flag Football ‘00 Flag Football ‘01 Volleyball ‘02 Flickerball ‘04 Volleyball Overall Champions: ‘63, ‘74, ‘75, ‘76, ‘77, ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82, ‘84, ‘85, ‘86, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘00, ‘01

CHAMPIONSHIPS ‘68 Flag Football ‘69 Flag Football and Volleyball ‘70 Flag Football and Volleyball ‘71 Softball and Flag Football ‘72 Softball ‘74 Flag Football ‘76 Softball ‘77 Softball and Flag Football ‘94 Softball

Overall Champions: ‘69, ‘70, ‘71, ‘72, ‘73

Do you know these past Campus Rec Intramural participants? Is it you? Help us remember those who have helped keep the strong IMS traditions of SFA by sending us what you know! If you know the names of these players, please email us at or call 936-468-1434. Page 8


Lacrosse Team Starts the Season Strong

The Stephen F. Austin Lacrosse Club team made an impressive showing against the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor in their season opening match on January 29, winning 18-6. They also won their second match on February 5 against the University of Texas-San Antonio 9-8. After having a rough season last year, this is a very important confidence booster and a great start to a new year. The Lacrosse team has the following home matches scheduled for the spring semester: • Sunday, February 12 vs University of Louisiana-Lafayette at Noon • Saturday, March 3 vs Trinity College at Noon • Saturday, April 21 vs Austin College at 1pm All home games will be played at Homer Bryce Stadium at SFA.

LAX vs Mary Hardin Baylor on Jan. 29

SOA Officials Make National Appearances

Women’s Volleyball Hosts Annual Tournament

Warren Upson and Ryan Bassett represented SFA and officiated the NIRSA NCCS National Flag Football Tournament at College Station, Texas, on January 3-6, 2011. Warren earned a bid for the national tournament at the University of Southern Mississippi tournament, and Ryan received his at the Stephen F. Austin regional.

The women’s volleyball club will be hosting their annual home tournament on Saturday, March 3 at the HPE and Shelton Gym. The women’s club team is prepared to make a run at reaching the regional tournament with a legitimate chance to earn a spot to the National Volleyball Championships.

This is the second time SFA has had officials work the national flag football tournament. SFA intramural sports has continued to create a name for itself at the regional and national levels. SFA has also had two officials named AllAmerican officials in basketball in 2009 and 2011.

The team will also be competing at the Noel Orr Valentine Tournament in College Station, Texas, on February 11, as well as at the University of Texas-Austin Tournament in Austin, Texas, March 9-10.

Past Bass National Champions to be Honored Most recent Mercury College B.A.S.S. National Champions Ryan Watkins and Andrew Upshaw, as well as the 2005 Champions Casey Sobczak and Jonathan Garrie will be honored at the SFA Spirit Lounge with championship rings on Thursday, February 16 at 3:30

Want to get in touch with old club members? Please e-mail us at or call 936-468-1434 and give us some details about your experience with the club program, when you were a part of the club, and who you are looking for. We will do everything we can to help. Page 9

Donate to the

Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship Fund The Campus Recreation Department is excited to announce the creation of the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is created to provide financial assistance to current student employees of the Campus Recreation Department. Dr. Raymond “Ray” Worsham was the Intramural Department Director at SFA for 43 years prior to the creation of the Campus Recreation Department. Dr. Worsham was the keystone to the Intramural Department for more than four decades and his dedication and lasting impact is something that we will celebrate for decades to come with the creation of this scholarship. Under Dr. Worsham, intramural sports flourished to the highest numbers the program has ever seen. Thousands of students spent nights playing on the intramural fields, in the HPE and around campus over Dr. Worsham’s tenure. The strong intramural tradition lives on through our current sport offerings, THE intramural champ shirt, the contact we have with former student athletes in the program and we are privileged to honor him with this scholarship. For more information about the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Endowed Scholarship, please contact Brian Mills, Assistant Director for Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs and Summer Camps at or call 936-468-1775.

If you would like to donate to the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship Fund, please follow these simple steps: 1. Visit 2. Select “Donate Online” next to SFA Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. 3. Select Alumni Scholarship Fund as the donation type and specify “Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship.” 4. Complete all required information. 5. Submit your donation. You can also join the Alumni Interest Chapter on the SFA Alumni website to follow Nacogdoches Alumni Chapter events. Page 10

Thanks to our new Campus Recreation Sponsors!

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Rec Insider - February - April 2012  

Quarterly newsletter for alumni, members, and supporters of Stephen F. Austin State University Campus Recreation. This issue includes SFA's...

Rec Insider - February - April 2012  

Quarterly newsletter for alumni, members, and supporters of Stephen F. Austin State University Campus Recreation. This issue includes SFA's...