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Volume 4, Issue 4 August - October 2013

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Letter from the


Welcome to the latest edition of the Rec Insider! As always, the start of a new school year brings a lot of exciting new people and new opportunities here at SFA Campus Recreation. We have new four new Graduate Assistants as well as three new staff members joining our team this Fall. You can read about all of our GA’s and one of our staff members inside this issue. You can also learn about our wonderful ELC program and the exciting changes that have been happening with it. As always we spotlight a past employee and this month it is Mr. Joe Wise. You’ll also learn how to get the best from your workout plans and some great stretches to do if you work at a desk. One of the things I would like to highlight is the great work being done by staff to build up the Dr. Ray Worsham scholarship for Campus Recreation. The first Annual Bass Tournament was a big success and we look forward to seeing that program grow every year.

Fall 2013 Campus Recreation Staff Ken Morton Director Janice Casper Office Manager Kelley Consford Administrative Asst. Scott Wagner Facilities & Member Services

Last, but not least, I’d like to personally invite you to come back to Nac for the SFA Homecoming festivities this year. The campus will be celebrating its 90 year anniversary and Campus Recreation will be hosting several events during the weekend activities. Come back to Nac and enjoy the fun! We would love to see you stop by the Recreation Center to visit or get involved in any of the great events planned that weekend.

Kate Bridges Fitness & Wellness Cody Kuykendall Intramural Sports, & Camps Steven Whitman Outdoor Pursuits

As always - Axe’Em Jacks!

TBD Aquatics & Special Events Travis Lankford Sport Clubs & Camps Kati Van Dunk Promotions & Sponsorships

1817 Wilson Drive • Nacogdoches, Texas 75962 Phone: (936) 468-3507 • Page 1


Campus Recreation strives to promote physical, emotional, intellectual, socio-cultural, environmental, spiritual, and career/financial health for all who participate. You can see how each of our program areas enhances each of these areas of wellness in the 2013-2014 Events Calendar on our website at

Join us for SFA’s 90th Anniversary this Homecoming! This year, SFA will be celebrating Homecoming on October 18th and 19th. With this year being SFA’s 90th Anniversary, this is one Homecoming you do not want to miss! Campus Recreation and the SFA Alumni Association will be hosting the 2nd Annual Disc Golf Doubles Tournament on Friday, October 18th with a shotgun start at 2 p.m. at Pecan Park. Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each division (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions). Custom tournament discs will be included in registration cost. This is a great event to kick off the Homecoming weekend and is great for those just starting out or disc golf regulars. Register at The 4th Annual Lumberjack Homecoming 5K will be held this year at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 19th at the Student Recreation Center on campus. The route can be found online on the Campus Rec Alumni Events Page. The 5K will feature chip timing. Register online at The first 100 participants are guaranteed a race shirt. Proceeds from both of these Homecoming events will benefit the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship for Campus Recreation. Read more about the scholarship on Page 10 of this newsletter.

Alumni Bass Tournament raises over $1800 for scholarship On Saturday, June 29th, Campus Recreation and the SFA Alumni Association hosted the inaugural Alumni Bass Tournament at Jackson Hill Marina on Lake Sam Rayburn in Broaddus, Texas. Forty four participants fished the tournament, with the team of Stephen Burgay and Lance Hughes taking the win with 17.58lbs. The team won the first place cash prize of $425, courtesy of Commercial Bank of TX, Bancorp South, and Gound Chevrolet of Nacogdoches. Burgay and Hughes also won the side pot of $400. Winners also received SFA baseball caps donated by SFA Barnes and Noble. Kyle Turner, SFA Bass Club member, took home a gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops for his Big Bass of the day at 6.58lbs. Tattoo Productions in Nacogdoches donated tournament t-shirts for the event. Campus Rec plans to make this tournament an annual event, so keep your calendars open Summer 2014!

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Taking Leadership

to new


SFA Experiential Learning Center Manager Daniel Harbuck challenges us to reach higher goals...together.


he Experiential Learning Center (or ELC) is what brought Daniel Harbuck to SFA earlier this year. “I came to work for SFA because of the opportunity. Specifically, the opportunity and potential this program has to impact and enrich the university and the community,” said Daniel.

An SFA group takes on a team building exercise

The ELC staff facilitates Ropes Course and Team Building programming for on-campus organizations as well as community programs. Some of the goals for groups are Teamwork, Group Learning, Challenging Yourself, Community Building, Self-Discovery, and Communication. Elements of the ELC include two Rock Climbing Walls, a High Ropes Course with Duel Zip Lines, Indoor High Ropes Elements, and a Low Ropes Course. The ELC can also facilitate groups off-campus, including canoeing and/or kayaking on local lakes and rivers. Daniel brings plenty of experience to the program, as he has been working in the Outdoor Adventure and Experiential

including the Zip Line and Climbing Education field since 2001. He has also Wall. “Each student showed heart and been a Ropes Course Manager and courage facing the challenges they Ropes Course Trainer since 2004. were presented on our course,” says Just in the past year, Daniel has seen Daniel. “They were participation at the ELC Being willing to very inspirational, and grow tremendously, we were blessed to with many groups challenge yourself utilizing this exciting and go further then serve them!” team building facility you thought possible, The cornerstone of since Spring 2013. now that’s success! the ELC program for Daniel is the dedicated, “This summer, our staff talented, and passionate staff. He says has been focusing on what success of the Outdoor Pursuits staff, “They looks like for the participants on our have showed a strong commitment to course. Each person encounters the doing work that is important, the work challenges presented on our ropes of changing peoples’ lives through the course differently, and if success means climbing higher or faster than everyday interactions. “ anyone else did, then sadly some participants that don’t make it will Daniel is from Lufkin, Texas, where leave feeling a failure. Our focus this he lives with his wife, Andrea, summer has been to find the best way and their three children. You can to articulate what success actually learn more about Daniel and the looks like on our course. Being willing Experiential Learning Center online to challenge yourself and go further at then you thought possible, now that’s success!” This year, Daniel is focusing on expanding partnerships with academic classes and organizations on-campus. “There are some amazing people working here at SFA, and being a unique resource for them to bring their staff or students outside the classroom is a big priority.” One highlight of the summer for Daniel was partnering with Camp Independence, a week-long camp provided for visually-impaired kids led by SFA Faculty Michael Munro. During the week, the kids had the opportunity to do several Ropes Course activities,

Daniel joins in on the belaying fun at the ELC. Page 3

The SFA Campus Recreation Experiential Learning Center offers custom experiences that challenges groups to step out of the day-to-day monotony and find strength in working toward a common goal.

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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Meet Our New Graduate Assistants! John McElrath - Fitness & Wellness

John is currently pursuing a Master’s in Kinesiology at SFA. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Akron in Ohio. When asked how he got started in Campus Recreation, John noted his start at the University of Akron. “The high emphasis on student development Campus Recreation presented led me to believe one could make a difference in a student’s life regardless of chosen career path,” said John. He explains he came to SFA for the opportunity to develop professionally as an individual while being provided an adventure outside of Ohio. He notes, “SFA Campus Recreation is a well known organization within NIRSA organization.” John hopes to learn more about himself as a person and what it takes to be a professional in the “real world” while at SFA, and, most importantly, obtain his Master’s Degree. After graduation, he plans on continuing his career path in Campus Rec Fitness and Wellness.

Craig Wright - Safety & Aquatics

Craig is currently starting his Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies. He recently completed his undergraduate degree at SFA. Craig started as a Lifeguard in Campus Rec his sophomore year and “fell in love with the recreation setting.” He says, “I loved the campus and the people at SFA, and it just felt like home when I visited.” While at SFA, he hopes to make himself a better employee and learn how to lead in a Campus Rec setting. Craig hopes to continue in Campus Rec after graduation, hopefully becoming a director in the long run.

Miranda Minor - Fitness & Wellness

Miranda is pursuing a Master of Education in Kinesiology, and previously attended the University of Southern Mississippi for her undergraduate work. Miranda had her start in Campus Rec when she attended a Group Exercise class. She explains, “One day a friend asked me to attend a Step Aerobics Group Exercise class, I was a little skeptical at first but finally I agreed to go. I fell in love with the overall environment, fun, and meaningful relationships that were developed. Campus Recreation has changed my life for the better with all the valuable experience and knowledge gained outside of the classroom setting.” Miranda came to SFA thanks to current SFA Fitness & Wellness Coordinator, Kate Bridges. Miranda said her vision and overall perception of the Group Exercise Program really aligned with her goals. In her time at SFA, Miranda plans to grow as a professional and develop long term skills and qualities that will benefit her in the future within her career. After graduation, she hope to work in the fitness industry.

Jarred Taylor - Outdoor Pursuits

Jarred received his Bachelor’s in Music in May 2012 from SFA and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music from SFA. Jarred first got involved with Campus Recreation by being a student participant of Outdoor Pursuits, going on trips, using the gear available, and utilizing Outdoor Pursuits to help plan personal trips. While pursuing his Master’s Degree, a position opened for a Graduate Assistant, which he applied for and received. Jarred first came to SFA for it’s respected Music Education program. While at SFA, he wants to learn how to be an effective educator. When asked his plans post-graduation, Jarred responded, “ I plan to teach music after graduation. I am not sure of the grade level because I am willing to teach elementary to high school age students, and am entertaining the idea of being a college band director in the future.”

Manny Bryant - Facilities & Member Services

Manny is currently pursuing a Master’s in Student Affairs and Higher Education. He received his undergrad degree from the University of Texas San Antonio. When asked about his start in Campus Rec, Manny said it was because he was at the Rec so much already. “The Associate Director asked if I wanted to start getting paid for being at the Rec, so I became an Operations Assistant at UTSA in 2009, and the rest is history,” Manny said. He said he came to SFA because of its reputation with NIRSA as well as the focus on student development that the institution promotes. He hopes to learn how to operate and maintain a recreational facility and leave behind the program in better condition it was when he started at SFA. After graduation, Manny plans on continuing in the Campus Rec field. Page 5





The trend of resistance training, also known as strength training, is an ongoing top trend within the health and fitness industry. For many, entering into a fitness facility with numerous equipment at your disposal can leave the mind overwhelmed with thoughts of “where do I begin?” Here is a quick suggestion that can help uncertain individuals in implementing resistance training to their exercise protocol/program:

Have someone show you WHAT to do for what YOU want. Any piece of fitness equipment within a facility is useless without knowing how to use it effectively to get the results you want. Rather than have someone “show you around the weight room” have them guide you through steps to assist in obtaining your goals. Many individuals begin their exercise endeavor with only a quick walkthrough of fitness equipment, and then they start off on equipment for a few weeks leading to an unsuccessful, short-lived fitness adventure experience. The plan is to avoid situations that tend to stray us away from trying something new. A suggested approach to cultivate successful attempts is to hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to educate you on how to use the equipment properly to meet your goals. This would be a great time to ask any health and fitness related questions. Having a certified professional assist in the beginning process will help ensure success by implementing various types of exercises in order to mix up your routine. Even if it is for one session with a trainer, gaining further knowledge of “how to get started” will help decrease unnecessary injuries and increase understanding and confidence.

The 3 Stretches You Should Be Doing If You Sit at a Desk Increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels are a few health concerns shown in research studies involving individuals who sit six hours or longer. Prolonged sitting can lead to negative physical effects on our bodies as well. Tight muscles surrounding the hip joint can cause pain and discomfort in the hips and lower spine. Here are three stretches that can be performed for a minimum of two sets for at least 30 seconds each. Get ready to loosen up!

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Quadratus Lumborum Stretch

Begin in a single-leg kneeling position with the right foot in front and kneeling on the left knee. Maintain a neutral spine and contract the left glute to stretch the left hip flexor. If you’re able, deepen this stretch by gradually shifting the hips forward.

Begin in a hands and knees position, placing the hands underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips. Cross your right foot over your left and shift your hands over to the right. Gradually begin shifting your weight over to your right hip, lower the hip toward the floor until you feel a stretch. Resist the temptation to shift the glutes back and sit toward the heels.

Begin on your back with your feet on the floor and knees toward the ceiling, with the arms extended out to the sides of the body, palms facing up. Cross the right leg over the left leg and slowly lower both legs to the left, holding this position for 30 seconds. Keeping the legs crossed slowly move the legs to the center and then lower the legs to the left. Again, hold this position for 30 seconds. Page 6

BLAST FROM THE PAST Where They Are Now An update on former Campus Rec employees

Joe Wise attended SFA as a Graduate Assistant for

Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs from 2010 to 2012, receiving his Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS). He previously attended Texas A&M University for his undergraduate degree.

Joe recounts his story of his history in the field of Campus Recreation: “The story on how I got started is actually a funny one. A friend of mine at Texas A&M University invited me to come to a football meeting and I agreed to go. He didn’t tell me it was a meeting to be a flag football official. I thought it was a meeting to meet players and shake hands. I was a dumb freshman at the time. I didn’t find out the true nature of the meeting until it was about to start. Instead of being rude and walking out, I stayed and listened to a guy going over rules and regulations. After the meeting was over, I went up to the presenter and told him I came to the wrong meeting and take my name off his list. He said just try it out and see how it goes, so I did. Next thing I know, I’m an All- American Flag Football Official and loving every minute of the Campus Recreation Department.” Joe remembers his best experience at SFA as being when SFA hosted the NIRSA Regional Flag Football Tournament in 2011. That year, Joe was fortunate to serve as the Tournament Director with fellow Graduate Assistants Ryan and Travis as the department put on the largest flag football tournament in the country, bringing in teams from all over Texas and Region IV. According to Joe, “After the tournament was over, we knew what we had accomplished and knew it was great.” Through his jobs at Campus Rec Departments in his various universities, Joe has learned much professionally and personally. “ I’ve accomplished things I never would have thought possible, and I’m learning new things every day. There is never a dull moment within the world of Campus Recreation, and above all, my jobs within this department have taught me to always have a plan, but prepare to be blind sided,” says Joe. Joe encourages current students to always take advantage of every opportunity presented, because you never know where it might lead. Say “yes” when you can! He notes, “You never know what door that opportunity will open, and it might be one that you’ll love for the rest of your life!” Joe is still in the Campus Recreation field, currently serving as the Coordinator of Club Sports at Auburn University in beautiful Auburn, Alabama. If you are a former Campus Rec employee or participant and want to be featured in this newsletter, please contact us at or 936-468-5844. Please include your experiences working at SFA Campus Recreation and what you’ve been doing since your time at SFA. If possible, please also include a recent picture. Page 7

Where Are YOU NOW? An update on former Intramural participants

With a new year of Intramural Sports upon us, we thought it would be interesting to share the Fall 2012 Intramural Champions from our major team sports. Do you recognize any of these young men and women? They have already made their mark on championship history, but can they defend their titles this year? Stay connected with SFA Campus Recreation to find out!

Men’s Flag Football Elite League

Men’s Flag Football Greek League

Men’s Flag Football Recreational League

Men’s Flag Football Res Hall League

Women’s Flag Football

CoRec Flag Football

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer

CoRec Soccer

Men’s Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball

CoRec Volleyball

If you have team pictures from your time at SFA and want to be featured in this newsletter, please contact us at or 936-468-5844. Please include names of your teammates if possible, as well as any other information about the picture, event, date, etc. Page 8


Club Soccer Looking to Start Strong

What is a Sport Club?

A Sport Club is a recreational or competitive organization created, managed, and led by students. These teams are not varsity teams, so no players are on athletic scholarship. This is a student organization and no student is denied participation.

SFA Men’s Club Soccer belongs to the Lonestar North Conference of the Texas Collegiate Soccer League, along with Baylor, UNT, TCU, and more, while Women’s Club Soccer is in the East Conference with SHSU, LSU, Texas A&M, etc. Both of these teams are very competitive and active, traveling all over the region to compete in conference play and tournaments. The clubs hope to compete in the Region IV South Tournament November 1-3 at Texas State University.

Fall 2013 Men’s Club Soccer Schedule Date Time Opponent Home/Away Sat. Sept. 7


University of North TX


Sun. Sept. 8


University of TX-Dallas


Sun. Sept. 15




Sat. Sept. 21


Univ. of TX-Arlington


Sun. Sept. 22




Sat. Sept. 28


Texas A&M


Sat. Oct. 5


Louisiana Tech


Sat. Oct. 12


Texas State


Sun. Oct. 20


St. Edward’s


Fall 2013 Women’s Club Soccer Schedule Date Time Opponent Home/Away Sat. Sept. 7


Texas A&M Texarkana


Sun. Sept. 8


University of Houston


Sun. Sept. 22




Sun. Sept. 29


Sam Houston


Sat. Oct. 5


Texas A&M


Sat. Oct. 12




Sun. Oct. 13




Players must pay dues and team fees, fund raise for the club, and provide some of their own equipment. Competitive teams do practice and compete on a regular basis against opposing universities and colleges. Recreational clubs hold practices or meetings but do very little in terms of competing on a regional or national level. It is through the student leadership of each club that will lead to the success of the organization.

Rugby to Host Rugbyfest in October The SFA Rugby Club will be hosting their annual Rugbyfest tournament on Saturday, October 26 on the SFA Intramural Fields. This all-day tournament will feature teams from across Texas and Louisiana. Past years, teams including Sam Houston, Rice, and even a few women’s teams have attended. SFA Rugby will also be holding their annual Alumni Game on Saturday, October 12, where the team will face former SFA Rugby players gathered from around the state. This semester, SFA Rugby will face opponents including University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, Texas State, and the University of Houston. See the Rugby schedule and more club schedules on the Campus Rec Website.

Want to get in touch with old club members? Please e-mail us at or call 936-468-1434 and give us some details about your experience with the club program, when you were a part of the club, and who you are looking for. We will do everything we can to help. Page 9

Donate to the

Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship Fund The Campus Recreation Department is excited to announce the creation of the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is created to provide financial assistance to current student employees of the Campus Recreation Department. Dr. Raymond “Ray” Worsham was the Intramural Department Director at SFA for 43 years prior to the creation of the Campus Recreation Department. Dr. Worsham was the keystone to the Intramural Department for more than four decades and his dedication and lasting impact is something that we will celebrate for decades to come with the creation of this scholarship. Under Dr. Worsham, intramural sports flourished to the highest numbers the program has ever seen. Thousands of students spent nights playing on the intramural fields, in the HPE and around campus over Dr. Worsham’s tenure. The strong intramural tradition lives on through our current sport offerings, THE intramural champ shirt, the contact we have with former student athletes in the program and we are privileged to honor him with this scholarship. For more information about the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Endowed Scholarship, please contact Janice Casper, Campus Recreation Office Manager at or call 936-468-1569.

If you would like to donate to the Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship Fund, please follow these simple steps: 1. Visit 2. Select “Donate Online” next to SFA Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. 3. Select Alumni Scholarship Fund as the donation type and specify “Dr. Raymond Lee Worsham Scholarship.” 4. Complete all required information. 5. Submit your donation. You can also join the Alumni Interest Chapter on the SFA Alumni website to follow Nacogdoches Alumni Chapter events. Page 10

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