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1. Aleppo 2. Bell Acres 3. Edgeworth 4. Glenfield 5. Haysville 6. Leet 7. Leetsdale

8. Glen Osborne 9. Sewickley 10. Sewickley Hills 11. Sewickley Heights and beyond


500 THORN STREET SEWICKLEY, PA 15143-1533 (412) 741-6920




Annual Report . 1

Since the founding of Sewickley Public Library in 1873, the library has held a key position of distinction in the region for providing educational and cultural opportunities. The library is, after all, known as the Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District. The library, often described as an educational and informational institution, also contributes to the cultural and civic life in our communities. Libraries are places where individuals, together or alone, explore, interact and imagine. We provide these opportunities with a healthy, current collection of materials in a variety of formats, offer premiere technology, and most importantly, we have an invested and knowledgeable staff and group of volunteers.

I am grateful for the dedication of our librarians, staff, Boards of Directors, the Friends of the Library, volunteers and donors who have made Sewickley Public Library a community tradition and attraction. I hope you agree. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or concerns.

David & Barbara Swan

Alan and Michelle Veeck

Diane Wild

Michael and Kathryn Swaney

Robert Veltre and Delia Battista

The Williams Family

Dr. Joel and Mrs. Maria Swanson

Gloria Vescio

Mary Jane Williams

Sandra Swegman

Robert and Charlene Vescio

The Wilson Family

Patricia Szuba

Joseph and Marilyn Vettorazzi

James and Elizabeth Wilson

Thomas and Elizabeth Szuba

Dick and Diane Viall

Mark and Lisa Witte

James Talman

Village Garden Club

Richard Wittier

Brian Tarasi

Gina Villella

Linda Taylor

Kirk and Elsbeth Vincent

Aregay and Evangeline Woldemariam

Darlene Tchirkow

Mary Jean Voigt

James and Heather Terrell

Norman and Mary Jean Voigt

Robert and Barbara Cooley Thaw

Linda Wagner

The Query Club

Darlene Wahl

The Robby Hague Memorial Scholarship Fund

Todd and Lundy Waldo

Rob and Tina Thomas Mrs. Leroy Thompson

Mission Statement

James Thompson and Alma Lleras Richard and Carol Thompson

The Mission of the Sewickley Public Library is to serve as a center of lifelong learning by providing free access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library resources that address the interests and needs of the children and adults in the Quaker Valley region.

Eleanor Thomson

The Library seeks to fulfill its mission by providing access to the world of ideas and imagination through its educational and informational resources, enrichment programs, welcoming environment and competent staff and volunteers.

Liza and Scott Wendt Thornton

Adopted by the Board of Directors, July 12, 2004

Nick Tisak and Madeline Kosela

W.H. and Sonya Thorbecke Charles and Tris Thorne Mandy Ticknor The Tirimacco Family Ronald and Cathy Tisch

2015 Highlights 

Pauline Tkatch

Served as new host of the Query Club, a 150 year old Sewickley group, which traditionally met in private homes. The Club has maintained its purpose of selfeducation through research, writing and presentation of informative papers.

Keith and Marisa Tobias Renee Tobias Regina Tomasulo Carolyn Toth

Replaced library’s boiler from cash reserves at a cost of $73,879.

Saw continued increase in popularity and circulation of downloadable books, music and movies. In 2015, the library’s eCirculation increased 13.24% over 2014.

John Tucci

Hosted several high school student projects. These included a QVSD project to design and create four historical dresses worn by literary characters. Sewickley Academy students designed, built, and rowed a Huck Finn style raft to collect money for a library donation.

Susan Turner

Jim Edson donated a Sunrise Red Maple and the Bartlett Tree Service donated one day of free library grounds improvement.

Albert Vaccaro


Annual Report . 18

2015 Donors

Donald and Christine Traviss Dr. Steve and Mrs. Terri Tunick Rudy and Lucille Ujhazy Russell and Susan Ulmer Ann Urban John and Martha Vaccaro Lawrence Vaccaro Neil Van Horn William and Lynda Vasiladiotis Ron Vassel

Hartley and Ann Walker Mary Walker Michael and Jo Ann Walsh Cynthia Ward Luke and Barbara Ward Carol Warren Frank and Barbara Wasco

Robert Wolf Charles and Barbara Wright Roger and Pamela Wright Thomas and Fay Wright Charles Wutter John and Liz Yankello Carol Yaster Tom Yeh Brendan and Lacey York Mark and Debra Zappala John and Margaret Zimmerman Joseph Zunic

Tom and Saundy Waseleski

Jeffrey Zupanc and Kathleen Flannery

Art and Wanda Waters

Marilyn Zupancic

Jeffrey and Suzanne Watters Marvin Wedeen Helge and Erika Wehmeier Julie Weikert Zane Weiner and Barbara Harris Louis Weiss The Welge Family Dr. Linda Wellner Sally Welsh Bill and Judy Wenning Christopher Wentz Eric Werner Anna Westehoff Western Pennsylvania Mensa Malachy and Patty Whalen Emerson and Lou Ann White Julie White Sherman and Ruth White William and Lynn White Jeffrey Wigton James Wilberger

Please consider making Sewickley Public Library part of your legacy by including the library in your will, trust, stock, or charitable gift annuities.

Michael and Cherie Reilly

Eugene and Sheila Scanlon

Dick and Ginny Simmons

S. Edward and Katherine Renner

John and Linda Schaefer

Jack and Traci Sinclair

Frank Rex

Larry and Sharron Schaefer

Liza Sipe

Larry and Jane Rice

Thomas and Patricia Schauble

Linda Sirianni

Dr. Jory and Dr. Melanie Richman

Margaret Scherbel

Ray and Mary Sisak

Maxine Riddle

James and Lenore Schilling

Raymond and Mary Sisak

Robert and Leslie Riker

Gwendolyn Schillo

Gregg and Ann Siuciak

Frances Riley

Peter Schlicht

Audrey Smith

Mary Anne Riley

Eric and April Schmitt

Bruce and Martha Smith

Mike and Elizabeth Riordan

Bob and Lynne Schneider

Frederic Smith and Brenda Keirn

Bob and Mona Riordan

Linda and Scott Schober

Lindsey Smith and Linda Pell

Robert Morris Blue Cross Faculty

Mary Louise Scholl

Meghan Snatchko

Sally Roberts

Edward and Theresa Schroth

Robert and Diane Snow

Thom and Bett Roberts

The Schuchert Family

Ryan Snyder and Emily Lyons

Dr. Tracey Rock

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Carol Schurman

Bill and Patty Snyder

William and Linda Roemer

Mark and Judy Scioscia

Marjatta Soderlund

James and Sarah Rogers

Sean and Amy Sebastian

Donald and Elizabeth Spalding

Louise Rogers

Jean Sebolt

Samuel and Judith Spanos

Janet Rohrman

Becky Senior

Daniel and Mary Sponseller

Ken Rom

Charles and Maggie Setler

Kathryn Sprouse

Anne Ronce

Ann Sevcik

Thomas and Sarah St. Clair

Bob and Mary Ann Rondinelli

Sewickley Book Club

Alice Ronk

Sewickley Civic Garden Council

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Women's Group

Patrick and Julia Rooney

Sewickley Public Library Board Of Directors

William and Shirley Ross

Marguerite Standish Clarence Steele

Wilson and Catherine Ross

Sewickley Public Library Children's Department

George and Nancy Steffey

Thomas and Nancy Rostek

Sewickley Valley Chamber Of Commerce

Brent and Joanne Steinley

Keith Rothfus

Christopher and Jill Stehnach

Sewickley Valley Historical Society

Thomas Stephenson

Donald and Mary Seymour

Luther and Carolyn Stevens

Loretta Shahade

Stuart Stevens

Kim Sharkey

Diane Stewart

Carol Sharp

Robert and Andrea Stiegel

Stephen and Patricia Sherman

Hayes and Patricia Stover

Ned and Judy Sherry

Lorraine Stragar

Kathleen Sherry

John and Beth Straka

Dustin Shilling

Dr. John and Mrs. Joan Straka

Robert and Amelia Shillingsburg

Ann Strong and Becky Senior

Dan and Denise Shirley

Patricia Stuart

Esther Shoaf

Al and Anne Stuever

Dr. John and Mrs. Peggy Shoener

Joan B. Sullivan

Thomas and Dolores Samuels

Linda Shortz

Joseph and Susan Sullivan

David and Martha Sandberg

Theresa Shuster

Heather Summers

Anthony and Joyce Scalercio

Richard and Pamela Siergiej

Bob and Cathy Susko

Leo and Mary Scalercio

Samuel and Lyndsey Sierra

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Steven Sutey

Susan Royer Nancy Ruffer Edmund and Sally Ruffin John and Kathy Rumin Blanche Rupert Rich and Lauren Rushak Jane Russell Connie and Andy Ruzich H. Wesley and Susan Ryals William and Christine Sadowy Dr. Velma Saire Dr. Richard Saladino and Dr. Kristin Hannibal


Annual Report . 2

SEWICKLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY RECIPIENT OF LIFETIME ARTS AND CREATIVE AGING GRANT The Sewickley Public Library presented an exciting new arts program during the spring of 2015, Life through My Eyes: Visual Storytelling through Photography, as part of the national Lifetime Arts and Creative Aging Grant. This grant was made possible by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and was administered in partnership with Westchester Library System, Lifetime Arts Inc., and the Allegheny County Library Association. Sewickley Public Library was one of four Allegheny county libraries which received this grant. The Lifetime Arts and Creative Aging grant allowed the library to hire local Teaching Artist, Alisha B. Wormsley. Alisha is a New Media Artist who expresses herself through photography. She has been an arts educator for over 15 years in various parts of the world. The class instructed 8 older adults over a period of 9 weeks. During the sessions, the students learned about famous photographers, simple camera techniques, and how to tell their story through the lens of a camera. In May, friends and family of the artists were invited to the library for an artist reception and showcase of their work. Over 50 people attended this show which was the first time many of the participants had been lauded as creative artists.



Annual Report . 17

2015 Donors


Annual Report . 3

Programs In Library Programs—710 Total Attendance—14,557 Outreach Programs—214 Total Attendance—3,962

New Materials 2,291

Total: 124,225

Featured Programs Halloween Fashion Show Halloween happened to land on a Saturday this year, so the children's department celebrated accordingly! After the parade, parents and children headed over to the library to show off their costumes on the red carpet. And of course, we made sure every trick-ortreater left with a healthy treat!

Mary Ellen Miller

S.A. and Sue Neff

Marvin and O. Theone Paxton

Michele Miller

David and Lynetta Neft

Michele Pazul

Timothy and Helen Miller

Jim and Esther Neft

Wayne Peel

Patricia Milligan

Kirsten Nelson

Bob and Joan Peirce

John and Jill Minard

Hugh and Eliza Nevin

Mark and Rachel Pelloni

Bryant and Wendy Mitchell

William and Ann Newlin

Mario and Carol Peluso

Charlene Mitchell

William and Elizabeth Newlin

Penguin Bookshop

Betty Mohler

Mary Newton

James and Dolores Perino

Paul and Laura Molter

Terry and Marilyn Newton

Carol and John Perkovich

David Monroe

Nancy Nicalo

James Perrin

Patricia Moody

Van and Karen Nickell

Edward Perry

Rajen and Carolyn Grady-Mookerjee David and June Nimick

Peter and Stephanie Perry

James and Norma Moore

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Nitzberg

William Peters

Dr. John and Mrs. Betty Moraca

Martha Nott

Raymond and Marianne Pfeifer

Brian and Jade Morel

David and Sally Oberdick

David and Joan Phillips

Randi Morgan and Jordan Garber

Martin and Susan O'Brien

Katie Picarsic

Mary Morris

Fabian and Annette O'Connor

Mary Pickard

James and Nancy Morrisey

Fabian and Nan O'Connor

Lily Pietryka

James Morrison

Paul O'Connor

Paul and Katherine Pigman

Jeffrey and Diana Morrow

Dr. Stephen and Dr. Elizabeth O'Keefe

Steve and Andrea Pilotti

Frank and Renee Mosura Allen and Annette Moulton


PNC Bank Pauline Polding

Stephen Oliphant and Judith Roscow

Donna Muders

John Oliver and Sylvia Dallas

Michael and Ann Popper

Harry and Garnette Muders

George and Barbara Olson

Helen Porter

Joseph and Jean Ann Mulhern

Ed and Heidi Ondek

Marie Posega

Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Shannon Mulholland

Paul and Celine O'Neill

Claudia Pryor

John Orndorff

John and Barbara Pugh

P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter B.N.

Richard and Wanda Puryear

Louis and Catherine Paff

John and Ann Puskaric

Fiore and Grazia Munizza

Paul Palevsky, M.D. and Sharon Roseman, M.D.

Quaker Valley School District Board of Directors

Joshua Munn

Ed and Laura Palmer

Richard and Ann Quillen

Donald and Rochelle Murano

Marian Palmer

Walter Quinn

David and Joan Murdoch

Tom and Laura Pangburn

R. P. Simmons Family Foundation

Liz Murphy

Richard and Sharon Papke

The Racquet Friends

Michael and Elizabeth Murphy

Dan and Elaine Park

Ben Rafoth

Wayne and Mary Murphy

Yunsu and Lara Park

John and Patricia Randecker

Brad and Samantha Murray

Richard and Karen Parker

Zelik and Miryam Ratchkauskas

Sandra Murtiff

Raymond and Mary Paschke

Dan and Patty Nadler

Joseph and Antoinette Passarello

Raymond C. and Martha S. Suckling Fund

Michael Nan

Tom and Mary Beth Pastorius

Patricia Nanni

Gregory and Judy Patrick

Lou and Lynn Naugle

Gloria Patterson

Keith and Deborah Neal

Eileen Paul

Diane Mullin


Sandra Olenick

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Masterani

Col. and Mrs. Mark Mulkey

Dog Tales 2015 marked the 4th year the Children’s Department has worked with certified therapy dogs to encourage kids to become more comfortable with reading out loud. Volunteer Maggie Dobbins coordinates this monthly program, working with a handful of local dogs and their owners. The program allows children ages 4-10 to practice and improve reading in a relaxing, judgment free environment.

Annual Report . 16

2015 Donors

Mike and Cindy Mullins

Oliver and Mary Kay Poppenberg

Autumn Redcross Robert Regina Dr. Carol Regueiro Patricia Reich

Annual Report . 15

2015 Donors

Annual Report . 4


Russell Keith


Dr. Joseph Marrone

Cindy Kelley

Glenda Larson

Darren and Bethany Martian

Cornelia Kelly

Douglas and Vicki

Linda Martin

John and Amy Kenneweg

Mary Lautanen

Richard and Stacey Martin

Wes and Pam Kenneweg

Bob and Teresa Lavery

Martini Book Club

Total Attendance—6,038

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kepple

Laurene Lavoie

Tony Maruca and June Connolly

Kimberly Kerr

Thomas and Polly Lechner

Dr. Hedwig Marwaha

New Materials

Renee Kerr

Col. John and Mrs. Linda Lednak

Marilyn Mauro


William Kestner

Mario and Nathalie Lemieux

Daniel and Karen Mayer

Edward Kielty

Sheila Lenehan

Phillip McCaffrey

Michael and Ann Killian

Glen and Glenis Levine

Mara McClain

The Kilpela Family

Richard and Barbara Levkoy

Tom and Eileen McConomy

Donald and Loretta King

Elsie Lewis

Murch and Grace King

Philip and Leslie Liebscher

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McCormack

Robert and Mary Kirsch

Kris and Brenda Lightcap

Dr. Sally Kitchen

Brian Limbach

Kiwanis Club Of Sewickley

Erik and Leah Lindemann

Bill Kleeman

John and Ruth Lindquist

Jack and Patricia Klein

George and Betsey Linge

Milton and Lynn Klein

Ken and Hope Linge

Joseph and Elaine Klimkowski

Emily Liska

Sarah Koch

Little Garden Club

Katie Koenig

Kyle and Kelly Little

Dr. John Kolano

David and Joanna Littlefield

Marlene Koledin

Alma Lleras

Michael and Tory Konecny

Bill and Carroll Logsdon

Rob and Martina Kopf

Ken Long and Diane Kosela Long

Bob and Susie Kopf

John and Francine Lopinsky

Marie Koster

Thomas and Sara Lovell

Susan Kostkas

Dr. and Mrs. Karl D. Ludwig

David and Kathleen Kovacs

Allison Luptak

Cindy Koval

Joe and Tracey Vogel Luther

Joseph and Erin Kramer

The Luttner Family

Rita Kramer

Paul and Karin Magee

Mary Kristof

Thomas Mahler

Doug and Kerri Krotine

Ed and Elizabeth Maloney

Kathryn Kruse

Jonathan and Sally Maloney

Phillip Kumanchik

Leda Mance

Jonathan Kuzma

Michael and Gail Mangan

Dick and Elaine Lampl

Dr. John Mangin

John Landwehr and Karen Logdson Landwehr

William Manifesto

Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Betty Ann Miller

Betty Mann

Daniel Miller

Stefanie Manos

George and Katie Miller

Milan and Millicent Markovich

Ian and Jennifer Miller

Richard Lang William and Anne Lang Alan and Linda LaRose

2015 Circulation

In Library Programs—515

Reference Questions 15,680

Reference Research Time 692 Hours

Rich and Kirsten McCormack

Total: 172,944

Susie McCoy Dolly McCutcheon Sumner and Janet McDanel Martin and Joanne McDaniel Dale and Jess McDonald Julia McFarlane Sylvia McGaughey Shirley and R.J. McGinnity Donald and Laura McKee Leroy and Edith McKissic Michael and Julie McMullen Neil and Joyce McPherson Brian and Deborah McTiernan Sharon Meirose June Melodia Daniel and Caroline Mengon Jerry and Terri Mercadante Tim and Nancy Merrill Simon and Hazel Merrills Elizabeth Merriman Leonard and Holly Merriman Fran Merryman Anne Metcalf Thomas and Linda Michael Nancy Miklos


Featured Programs Get Lit Book Club The library launched a new, non traditional book club during Summer 2015. Get Lit meets monthly at various Sewickley area restaurants, cafes, and bars. Participants enjoy light, lively conversations of edgy, irreverent, contemporary titles along with their favorite drink. Move Up: Mobility and Vitality Lifestyle Program Sewickley Public Library and the University of Pittsburgh Prevention Research Center partnered in a research study aimed to improve health, function and lifestyle for 60-75 year olds. The research, which continues into 2016, focuses on behavioral weight loss intervention. Local Author’s Open House In August the library welcomed more than a dozen local authors from Sewickley, and the metro area, to showcase their works. Writers of novels, poetry, short stories, memoir, and nonfiction had the opportunity to discuss their work with the public and offer them for sale.




Annual Report . 5

Annual Report . 14

2015 Donors Rodney and Elinor Gartner

James and Charlotte Hamilton

Dr. Starr Hull

Peter and Ausra Gause

William and Katharine Harbison

Rebecca Hulme

Ronald and Cora Gebhardt

Edward Harrell and Chad Pelusi

Felicia Humer

Mark and Anne Gensheimer

Sarah Harris

Jon Hur

David and Anne Genter

John Harte

Dan and Tracy Hurley

Jeff and Dorothy Getty

Thomas and Nell Hartley

Doreen Hurley

John and Linda Gilbert

Jeremy and Colleen Hartzell

Eileen Hutchinson

Thomas and Leslie Gill

Herman and Susanne Harvey

Nancy Hutchinson

Peter Giopulos

Gary Havranek

Genevieve Hyatt

Gene and Jennifer Giotto

Thomas and Jennifer Hay

Julienne Giuliani

Brian Hayden

Christopher Inacio and Denise Ombres

Nick Giver and Mary Lu

R.C. and Andrea Hayden

Featured Programs

Joyce Gledhill

Alexander Hays

Glenn Charitable Trust

Robin and Dingy Hays

School Outreach

Cordy and Mike Glenn

Linda Hedin

Teen Librarian Emily Fear continued her work with schools including: QV Middle School, for Period X classes and lunchroom visits, QV High School, for book club discussions, Sewickley Academy, for class visits and lunch book clubs, St. James, for Battle of the Books visits, and the Sewickley Community Montessori School, for visits with their 6th - 8th year students. Additionally, 2015 marked the second year collaboration with Reading Specialist Jane White and the Ambridge Junior High for Make a Blind Date with a Book, an annual program that gives readers free books matched to their tastes.

Anja Gnjatic

Robert and Teri Hegner

Thomas and Ingrid Goff

Hewitt Heiserman

Tonya Sulia Goodman

David Hennessey

Annemarie Gordon

Susan Henry

David and Carol Gordon

Peter and Susan Herchenroether

David and Marcia Gordon

Dr. Edward and Mrs. Sarah Heres

Robert Gordon

Craig and Michele Heryford

Roderick Goyne

Harold and Kathy Hess

Cordelia Grabiak

John and Sharon Hess

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Toby Graham

Haldane Hilbish and Linda ReamerHilbish

2015 Circulation

Programs In Library Programs—257 Total Attendance—4,931

Outreach Programs—125 Total Attendance—5,437

New Materials Total: 15,424


Sewickley Gay-Straight Alliance In late 2014, the QVHS Gay-Straight Alliance decided to move to a community venue and picked Sewickley Public Library’s Teen Department as their home. By midway through 2015, the Sewickley GSA became a thriving group of middle school and high school students, educating each other and the community on topics such as coming out, coping with school and online bullying, transgender awareness and issues, being an ally to other LGBTQ students and more.


Grapevine Garden Club Mary Lea and Bob Gray Brian and Susan Greene Andy and Christianne Gribben Matthew and Adrienne Groom Charles and Kitty Gross Claire Grotevant

Hillman Company Lawrence and Jane Hitchins Joseph and Rita Hoepp Ivan and Ruth Hofmann Neil and Margaret Hollander Richard and Catherine Hollein

Jamie and Bobbi Irving Albert and Jannette Islar Ann Jabro Jack Buncher Foundation Jim Jackson Brad and Tracey Jadlowiec David Janicki Amy Jarvie Brian and Kate Jeffe Bernard and Ashley John Kenneth and Barbara Johns The Johnson Family Tom and Cathie Johnson Valerie Johnson Raymond Johnston and Irene Dinning Gwynne and Judith Jones Harris and Patricia Jones Thomas Jones Rebecca Jordan Jay and Jana Joseph Just For Fun Book Club

Jeff and Gerry Guiler

Holocaust Center Advisory Board and Staff

Donna Gula

Lois Holt

Greg and Susan Kaminski

Leslie Gumbita

John and Sally Hoover

Dorothy Kane

Scott and Hadley Haas

Hunter and Anabel Hopkins

John and Edna Kane

Tim Hadfield

Thomas and Joanne Horner

Dave and Maura Haffey

Dr. Ken and Dr. Nancy House

Christine Kardong and Suzan Kardong-Edgren

Hilda Haffey

Barbara Houser

Ellen Hagerty

Kenneth Huber

William and Maureen Hahn

Janet and Thomas Huddleston

Jean Hahnel

Lynne Hughes

Thomas and Donna Hajdukiewicz

Thomas and Lisa Hughes

Arthur and Lilla Hallett

Diane Hulings

Joseph and Susan Kalinyak

George Kasich Jim and Casey Kasperik Georgette Katona Elise Keely and Tom Vreeland John Keenan Dr. James Kehl Brett and Sarah Keisel

Annual Report . 13

Chevron Humankind

Tom and Jeanne DeFazio

Elizabeth Evans

Margaret Childs and Bonnie Blackburn

Fred and Patricia DeGroot

Bob Fadden

Mary Helen Chiodo

Lawrence Deihle and Louann Tronsberg-Deihle

Dave and Becky Fallgren

Dorothy Cibulas

Michael and Susan Delahanty

Joseph and Marianne Cibulas

Louis and Kathleen Dell'Aquila

David and Marcia Cifrulak

Stan and Margee Denver

Connie Cindric-Loper

Devin and Christie Depner

Sonny and Fran Citro

Eugenia Devens

Barbara Clark

Ann Dickson

Edwin and Kathryn Clarke

Robert and Carol Dickson

Clearview Federal Credit Union

Thomas and Mary Dirda

Ann Coburn

James Dods

Dr. Ira and Dr. Judy Cohen

Robert and Paula Doebler

John and Susan Comerci

Harry Dombi

Lucile Conrad

Domestic Outreach Center

William and Melissa Cook

Thomas and Betsy Donehoo

Michael and Linda Coombs

Stephen and Judy Downing

Tim and Katie Corcoran

Alfred and Laura Doyle

Joseph and SallyAnn Cortese

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Melissa Doyle

Joyce Cortese

Sandra Drant

Hazel Cottage

The Dripps Family

Frank and Donna Courtney

Robert and Patricia Drogowski

Mary Cowen

Margaret Dudash

Hanley Cox

Howard and Sharyn Duerr

Mary Cox

Samuel Duerr and Patricia Shetler

Wes and Noreen Coyne

Teresa Duff

Arthur and Susan Craft

Grant and Carrie Duffield

George and Susan Craig

Cary Dufour and Denise Blancett

George and Rita Crawford

Brian and Carol Duggan

Ann Crouch

Abdul Dulloo and Kathleen Egan

Kate Crouch

William and Susan Durbin

David Cukovich

Margaret Dury

James and Lynn Cunningham

Matthew and Amy Dwyer

Genevieve Curcio

E.M. Jewelers

Gregory and Margot Curran

Sharon Eakes

John and Patricia Dagnon

Eaton Foundation

Sandy Danley

Edgeworth Garden Club

Jim and Joan Darby

Jim Edson

Douglas and Edith Davidson

Tim and Linda Edson

George and Ada Davidson

Trevor and Michele Edwards

Joe and Sarah Davies

Ludmilla Ellison

Elliot and Beth Davis

Richard and Susan Elste

Matthew and Noelle Davis

Amy Elste

William and Jane de Haven

Eveline English

John and Pat Farkas

Annual Report . 6

TECHNOLOGY Computer Usage Logins

Technology Assistance Time Used (Hours)

Kenneth and Beatrice Faux Emily Fear

43 Adult Computer Classes 55 1-0n-1 Tutoring Sessions

Matt and Katherine Feczko


William Fedorka

eResource Usage

Richard and Judy Mae Fedosick Peter and Michele Fedyshin ,

John H. Ferguson


Joe and Mary Ferris Regan Fetterolf David and Rosemary Fielding


Ian and Dana Fields John and Bea Fields Alma Fincke Gerald and Donna Fisher Jim and Susan Fisher Kenneth and Georgiana Fishter Warren and Joan Fitzpatrick Kevin and Donna Flannery Doug Florey and David Lloyd Anthony and Mindy Floro Gianni and Lisa Floro Leland and Linda Floyd Joseph and Dorothee Foltz Ed and Susan Ford Karen Ford Alice Forrest Justin Forzano Scott and Mary Francis Barbara Frazer Lowe Nicole Freda Eleanor Friedman Nancy and Andrew Frishkorn Patricia Fulton Carol Furness Timothy and Melanie Fusco The Gabor Family Iris Gardner John Gardom Robert and Gail Garlitz Elinor Gartner

205 Students Served 12,462 Records Downloaded AtoZ Databases 14,365 Issues Viewed Sewickley Herald Digital Archive 80 Resumes Edited Cypress Resume

Featured Projects iPad Program Thanks to generous contributions in memory of George Sebolt Sewickley Library was able to purchase iPads for use in programming and instruction. The new iPads have been used for adult technology training classes. Librarians have used the iPad technology to supplement programming with media creation and hands on learning. WiFi Improvements Public access to wireless internet access was improved in 2015. Improvements included the replacement of old technology and addition of new access points. The library also improved and redesigned the wireless login page for public access. Online Reservation The library introduced a new online reservation request system. The system allows library users to request meeting and study room time at “MY TWO FAVOURITE THINGS IN LIFE ARE LIBRARIES AND BICYCLES. THEY BOTH MOVE PEOPLE FORWARD WITHOUT WASTING ANYTHING.�


2015 Donors


Annual Report . 7

The Friends of the Library presented the inaugural FOSPL Donor Book Sale and Lecture. The purpose of the sale and lecture was to acknowledge and thank all donors for the year. Guest speaker Mark Helbling, General Manager and garden expert at Reilly’s Summer Seat Farm, spoke and gave a demonstration on herb and vegetable gardening. The Friends also hosted a small book sale featuring gardening books. The Friends and Jessie Britton of Art Space 616 introduced an art fundraiser for the library called Spring Bound. Over 130 champagne Vernissage and general admission tickets were sold. The work of a dozen artists were on exhibit and available for purchase.

The Friends traditional fundraising activities, including a sold-out Savoring Sewickley, the annual appeal and used books sales, contributed $75,000 to the library last year. Including:  $56,000 for collection expenditures  $10,000 toward operating expenses  $9,000 for programming and furniture

2015 Donors

We thank all of our donors for your support. Please notify Sarah Davies at or 412741-6920 ext. 6 regarding corrections and omissions. Dr. William and Mrs. Sharon Abraham

Desmond and Joan Bartlett

Connie Boschetto

The Acheson Family

Jennie Bartlett

Bill Boswell

J. M. Adler

Dolores Bassett

Joyce Adler

Robert and Bonnie Batina

Dr. Richard Bowers and Ms. Miriam Rader

Adobe Systems

Edward Bauer

Aetna Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Baumwell

Karl and Evelyn Aigner

Elizabeth Baun

Clifford and Susan Aleshire

Joseph and Charlene Beck

Allegheny County Library Association

Dave and Gail Becker

Brian and Rachel Allen Judith Allen Elizabeth Allyn David and Andrea Aloe

Barbara Belliveau Dianne Bellman

Que and Joan Bronson Judith Brown Shauna Browne David and Susan Brownlee Bruegger's Bagels Michael and Kathryn Bryson John and Nancy Bunce Robert and Gretchen Burnham

Frances Amatucci

Shirley Benedict

Charles and Lisa Burrows

AmazonSmile Foundation

Frank Bennett

Georgine Burton

Linda Anderson

Linda and Lewis Benson

Bradley and Marne Busatto

Maya Andlig

Dr. Michael Bercik

Carrie Butler

Chris and Jennifer Andrews

Don and Helen Berman

Frank and Ann Cahouet

John and Jane Angelini

Judith Beswick

Roy Calvin

Charles Angelo

Gail Bitar

Gerald and Anna Camp


Milana Bizic

Don and Sandy Campbell

Lois Appel

David Black

Holly Carlson Campbell

Dr. David and Mrs. Leigh Ann Applegate

Carl and Suzanne Blackburn

Paul and Anita Cappa

Susan Blake

Carla Cardosa

Christopher and Anne Blazak

Richard and Barbara Carrier

George Blishak

Richard and Michelle Carrier

Robert Bagans

BNY Mellon Community Partnership

Randall and Patricia Carter

Sherman Bailey

Cliff Bob and Joan Miles

Stephen and Kathleen Barge

Harold and Barbara Bonnett

Neill and Shirley Barker

Book Lovers Never Sleep Alone

Jack and Ann Barnes

Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Kristin Bordeau

William and Anne Barnes

Louis and Joann Borgia

Robert Barry and Rosalind KalidenBarry

Thomas Borkovic

Katherine Azadian


Ann Behrer

Mary Brock

Dr. Gretchen and Mr. Jonathan Bender

Thomas Arbogast

Savoring Sewickley 2015

The Beech Family

Matthew and Leslie Braksick

Ernest and Jeanne Alvin

Joseph and Sadie Aquilino

Friends Volunteer Mary Walker

Annual Report . 12

Bartlett Tree Experts

Borough Of Glen Osborne

The Burns Family

Ronald and Bonnie Casper Dr. Richard and Mrs. Leslie Cassoff Larry and Priscilla Castner Robert Castner James and Patty Cavalier Gary and Janet Chace James Chaplin William and Jamie Coyne Chappell


Annual Report . 11

Jennifer Scanlon-Roach, one of our dedicated patrons, recently posted on our Facebook page “Consistently, amazing programming….Proves why libraries are more than just houses for books. They can be safe havens for all ages and community gems!” I think Jennifer really summed up our Library well. Patrons of all ages have free access to a wealth of knowledge at your Sewickley Public Library. In 2015, books remain the primary way that you use your library. And the book doesn’t have to be in our stacks. Your library card gives you the opportunity to borrow books from any library in Allegheny County. Your Sewickley Public Library is committed to keep pace with changes in technology and, most importantly, your needs. Programming is one important way that your Library continues to evolve to be the library you want today. In the last five years, we have increased the number of programs for adults, teens and children by 70%! We also have a growing collection of DVDs and CDs. You can even download ebooks and audiobooks through the Library’s catalog using your own computer or tablet or through one of the Library’s. But most importantly, your Library has one of the best library staffs around. The staff is dedicated to making sure your Library continues to meet your needs. Cheers,

Annual Report . 8

EXHIBITS The library exhibited a wide variety of artwork and artifacts during 2015. Curator Randi Morgan also collaborated with the Friends to bring works from … artists as the center piece of the first Spring Bound art fundraiser. 2015 exhibit highlights included: 

Custom made puppets Tom Sarver

Acrylic paintings Katie Koenig

Photographs Chap Achen

Oil paintings and screen prints Paula Garrick Klein

Fused, painted, and blown glass Jeffrey Phelps

Native American Artifacts

Paper Cut Art Kathryn Carr

Acrylic Paintings Michael Barnhouse

Larry Castner

    

2015 Library Board of Directors Lawrence V. Castner President Patty Jones Vice President William Kleeman Treasurer Joyce D. Cortese Secretary (ex officio) Gianni Floro*

     

Sarah Heres* Dr. Joseph Marrone* Autumn Redcross Dr. Joel Swanson Thomas Szuba Wayne T. Murphy Emeritus *Representing Quaker Valley School District Board of Directors

Display Case Curator Randi Morgan

Spring Bound Art Show




Annual Report . 9 Patrons

Annual Report . 10


New Patrons Registered: 970 Total Attendance: 241,221

Collection New Books and Media Added: 9,205 Total Items: 86,718

Total Circulation: 312,999

Toni Phillips, Technical Services

New card design for 2015

eCollection Circulation eBooks: 11,257 eVideo: 1,245

Circulation Desk Revenue Miscellaneous


eAudio: 2,874 eMagazines: 2,180

Patron Reading an eBook

Route Outs: 66,396 (SPL Items Checked Out at Other Libraries)

Route Ins: 59,997 (Non SPL Items Checked Out at Sewickley)

Tim Terry, District Services

Interlibrary Loan

Notable Donations Meeting Space

Meetings: 348 Total Attendance: 2,821 Tutoring Sessions: 1,450 Total Attendance: 3,225

Volunteers 2,184 Hours of volunteer service.


 Helen Peace, Volunteer

Write Now, SPL’s Weekly Writer’s Group

  

Glen Osborne Borough donated $1,000 to the library’s Endowment in support of our long term mission of providing educational materials and services to people of all ages and for future generations. The Friends of Sewickley Public Library contributed $75,000 to collection expenditures, operating expenses, programming and furniture. An anonymous donation of $10,000 to the library’s endowment fund and $20,000 to the library. Raymond C. and Martha S. Suckling Fund donated to the library $45,448 through The Pittsburgh Foundation The Jack Buncher Foundation donated $3,000 to each Allegheny County Public Library including Sewickley Public Library. The Kiwanis Club donated $800 to freshen up the Newbery Books in the Children’s Department.


Annual Report 2015  
Annual Report 2015  

2015 Annual Report of the Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District