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On May 4, 2016, Penguin Bookshop hosted bestselling novelist David Baldacci who spoke about his novels, his writing career, his family and Amos Decker, his latest character. Mr. Baldacci was funny, smart, and an engaging public speaker. At the end of the presentation, as is normal, the author will generally sign a book for you and, perhaps, you can have a picture snapped with the author, too. I dutifully waited in line with a copy of The Memory Man and cell phone in hand. Susan Hans O’Connor, Penguin Bookshop owner, introduced me to Mr. Baldacci as the Sewickley Public Library Director. He looked up from signing my book, smiled. When it was my turn to get my picture snapped with Mr. Baldacci, he stood next to me and said, “I love libraries.” Wow. I wish I could have asked him, “why do you love libraries?” Would it be the same reason you and I love Sewickley Public Library? Or any library? What is it about libraries that still attracts people in the age of computers? We know libraries are places where people gather to explore, interact and imagine. Libraries are people-places that know no gender, generational or socioeconomic divides and all manner of people are welcome. The library brings us together in uncertain times as we search for answers to life’s mysteries, or, perhaps, we just want to get lost in a good mystery.

The Sewickley Public Library staff and volunteers work hard to bring you a welcoming and vital library. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of our communities. We want to thank all of you for your kind words, donations, and tokens of appreciation. Please drop us an email anytime with your thoughts about why you love SPL and what we can do better.

Carolyn A. Toth Executive Director

Primary Local Funders

Mission Statement The Mission of the Sewickley Public Library is to serve as a center of lifelong learning by providing free access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library resources that address the interests and needs of the children and adults in the Quaker Valley region. The Library seeks to fulfill its mission by providing access to the world of ideas and imagination through its educational and informational resources, enrichment programs, welcoming environment and competent staff and volunteers. Adopted by the Board of Directors, July 12, 2004


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National Recognition The American Library Association published the Sewickley Public Library program model for our Wise Walk. Wise Walk is a 10 week walking program for the active 50+ adult. The library offers the program twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Staff Training The library staff and volunteers participated in our first staff in-service day. Quaker Valley School District’s Officer Aaron Vanatta presented ALICE safety training. ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. The training provides preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder. Outreach Programming SPL’s Children’s Department began hosting free and open Family Story Times at the Ohio Township Nature Center on Monday mornings for a small fee to Ohio Township. The Story Times have been so well received that we will continue to provide the Family Story Times in 2017. Book Discussions The library regularly offers five free adult book discussion groups: Mystery Book Group; Brown Bag Book Group; Get Lit – A Social Cure for Your Average Book Club; 4th Tuesday Book Group and our newest one, Foodie & the Feast: A Cookbook Club. Sto-Rox Services After seven years of providing financial and management services to the Sto-Rox Library our contract has ended and we’re happy to report that Sto-Rox Library is now working with the Allegheny County Library Association. As an SPL Board Director noted, under SPL guidance the Sto-Rox Library has money in the bank to assist them with a move to a newer building and has two more part-time paid staff members (for a total of four) than they had in 2010. Community Collaboration We are happy to report that the library continues to collaborate with Sewickley organizations. This year the library formed a new partnership with the Sweetwater Center for the Arts; a creative writing class for adults guided by Beverlee Blair. The library has also displayed numerous 10th grade projects for Quaker Valley students. Staffing Changes Five special employees have decided to make the library a place to visit and enjoy rather than their place of employment. They all provided great customer service and unique and creative ways to make Sewickley Public Library stand out from all other libraries: • • • • •

Rita Crawford, Head of the Children’s Department, 31 years Randi Morgan, Curator and Display Case Coordinator, 15 years Anne Stuever, Library Clerk, 27 years (plus volunteering for many years before being hired!) Sarah Davies, Office Manager, 8 years Sue Behme, Accountant, 8 years

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.” Lady Bird Johnson




Quaker Valley School District




Allegheny Regional Asset District


Library Materials


Gifts & Donations




Friends of Sewickley Public Library $63,057



Program Service Fees


Facility Maintenance




Office Supplies & Prof. Services


Masonic Village at Sewickley












Notable Donations •

The Sewickley Valley Community Fund donated a matching $25,000 gift to help us grow our local base for giving.

The Raymond C. and Martha S. Suckling Fund donated $9,052 to the library through the Pittsburgh Foundation.

The Jack Buncher Foundation donated $8,741.49 resulting from our fundraising during Love Your Library month in September. The Foundation matched all donations received during the month of September at .235 for each dollar raised by each public library in Allegheny County.

The Jack Buncher Foundation also donated $5,000 to each public library in the county, including Sewickley, $5,000 in December.

The Friends of the Sewickley Public Library donated $63,507 for the purchase of books and other collection items; funds to support the Battle of the Books program and the Summer Reading Clubs.



Dear Library Lover, As you read this Annual Report, the facts and statistics actually tell a great love story between the Sewickley Public Library and the Quaker Valley community. Like all love stories, there must be some challenges. Notably, in September Rita Crawford, the face of the Children’s Library for so many years, retired. But Jen Farmerie, the new head of the Children’s Library, has embraced challenge to build on the legacy that Rita left behind. I am excited to see how our Children’s Library continues to flourish under Jen’s guidance. Downloads from the Library’s website of e-books and audio books have tripled since 2013. But despite the convenience of downloading, books and periodicals are what our patrons want most from the Library. Over 190,000 books and periodicals were borrowed from the Library last year, which represents 6 books borrowed for each person in the Quaker Valley area. That is a savings of over $100 if you had to buy those 6 books. But it really means that our library staff did another fantastic job to make sure that our collection contains the books and periodicals that our patrons want. It is amazing that our staff has time to curate our books and periodicals since they helped about 14,319 patrons with their reference questions. That is over 40 questions a day asked and answered. Who says that all of the answers can be found on the internet! The staff also conducted over 1,800 programs last year attended by close to 34,000 patrons. The staff was very busy last year.

But as you dig deeper into this Annual Report, you will realize that the Library benefits from a core of dedicated volunteers. Last year, these passionate library lovers contributed over 2,100 hours at the Library. Their willingness to share their valuable time and talents with the Library are essential to the Library’s ability to meet the needs of our patrons. Those smiling faces re-shelving books and other materials or helping you to check out at the Circulation Desk is often a volunteer sharing their love of the Library with you. I would be remiss if I did not also mention the efforts of one special group of volunteers, the Friends of the Sewickley Public Library. The Friends’ quarterly used book sales not only generate a lot of money for the Library but also make sure that used books find a new home. Savoring Sewickley is another great Friends event that showcases our beautiful library building as well as the many dining establishments in our area. Their newest fundraising event, Springbound, highlights the close connection between art and the Library. Finally, the love for the Library is also expressed in the financial investment in the Library from the Quaker Valley School District, the Quaker Valley Community Fund and from our many other donors. The hard work of your neighbors who serve with me on the Board of Directors of the Library helps ensure that this investment is appropriately used to operate the Library as the center for life-long learning in Quaker Valley. The Library Board embraces the obligation to be a prudent steward of this investment in our community. Part of this obligation is the ongoing challenge to plan for the future of our library in order that it continues to meet the evolving needs of our community. We welcome your ideas on how the Library can better serve the community now and into the future. You can leave a message for us through the Library. Enjoy the Annual Report and the great love story that it tells between the Library and our community.

Lawrence V. Castner President of the Board

2016 Library Board of Directors ♦

Lawrence V. Castner President Patty Jones Vice President William Kleeman Treasurer

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Joyce D. Cortese Secretary (ex officio) Gianni Floro* Sarah Heres* Dr. Joseph Marrone* Autumn Redcross

♦ ♦ ♦

Dr. Joel Swanson Thomas Szuba Wayne T. Murphy Emeritus

*Representing Quaker Valley School District Board of Directors



Library Collection Physical

86,272 eContent (Countywide)


ADULT DEPARTMENT Featured Programs Sewickley History The Sewickley area is rich with stories and vibrant history, but what many residents do not know is that the Sewickley Public Library is home to a diverse local history collection containing documents, letters, and photographs related to the Sewickley Valley. For the past year, sta and volunteers at the library have been scanning materials from this collection to make them available online. The goal of this project is to make the collection, and the information within it, more accessible to the community. Thus far, the library has made over 600 digital images available through an online database.

Intergenerational Programming In 2016 the Children's, Teen, and Adult Departments started focusing on inter -generational niche programming. These programs have a very speciďŹ c theme based on a new or trendy interest among our patrons. These programs bring together patrons of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate a topic they are passionate about. In 2016 the departments held various programs for all ages including but not limited to: Spa Day with Mom, Return to Hogwarts; A Harry Potter Party, Hamilton! An Epic Sing-a-long, and A Crazy Cat Lady Christmas.




Featured Programs  

Ohio Township Nature Center In January 2016 the Ohio Township Nature Center and the SPL Children’s Department began a weekly Family Storytime on Monday mornings. Over the past year, this storytime has become very popular among families with multiple children of varying ages. The weekly storytime themes can range from birds & bugs to camping & picnics, and everything in between. This is a terrific opportunity for families to develop early literacy skills through stories, songs, play and crafts.

Baby Sensory Time The children’s department introduced a new program for babies & toddlers. This program allowed participants to play and explore at several stations that encouraged exploration of their worlds through sight, touch & sound. This popular program was attended by over 80 children and adults during it’s first session! Other popular programs in 2016: • • • •

Drive –In Movie Summer Reading Holiday Magic Show 12 Before 12 – Noon Year’s Eve

YOUNG ADULT DEPARTMENT Featured Programs Teen Battle of the Books 2016 2016 marked the first year of being hosted at Quaker Valley Middle School, which was especially fortunate as the expanded size of the venue accommodated the growing number of teams in each level of BOB: 6th, 7th & 8th and High School. Over 90 teams competed among three levels of competition.

Make a Blind Date with a Book 2016 Since 2013, the Make a Blind Date with a Book program has been the highlight of the Teen Department winter. Each February, surveys are circulated to students in the area in grades 6-12. Participants receive a free book matched to their reading level and preferences. In 2016, Emily gave away over 500 books through the Make a Blind Date with a Book program, including a book to nearly every student at Ambridge Junior High.

Test Prep at SPL The Teen Department of Sewickley Public Library is proud to partner with local test prep company, 3RPrep, to provide affordable, quality test prep throughout the school year, including free practice SAT & ACT tests, free testing and college prep seminars, and low-cost week-long test prep, including the annual Christmas Crash Course and, in 2016, two week-long summer prep courses covering the SAT and ACT. Offering the topnotch quality prep provided by 3RPrep owner, Phil McCaffrey and his tutors is one of the many ways the Teen Department tries to reach students at every stage of their education.



6 9 eResources Provided for Library Users • Ancestry Library • AtoZ Databases • Biography inContext

• BookFlix • Business Source Main Edition

• Chilton Auto Repair Library

• Contemporary Authors

• • • • •

Cypress Resume

• • • •

Little Pim

Freegal Gale Legal Forms Hoopla Literature Resource Center Mango Languages MasterFile Premiere Morningstar Investment Center

• New York Times • Novelist • Opposing Viewpoints inContext

• Overdrive • Sewickley Herald Digital Archive

• Tumblebook Library • • World History inContext

• Zinio

Technology Assistance Library staff refocused their efforts on adult technology assistance and training in 2016. More resources were focused on direct, 1-on1 tech cafe sessions. We find these 1-on-1 sessions more affective than large group training. While continuing to offer small group computer classes, we also started two less formal groups for older adults. The Senior Computer Club, led by volunteer Norm Mast and the Senior iPad/iPhone Club provide a forum for collaborative experience and learning.

Printing Upgrades Upgrades to equipment and software made printing and scanning for patrons more accessible. The library replaced two public user multifunction printers, allowing patrons to print on copy in black and white or color. The machines also provide digital scanning, free of charge. In late 2016, the library added a Wireless printing service. The wireless printing allows users to print from any type of device directly to our machines. Printing can be done any time of day from home or in the library.

Other Highlights: • • • •

New POS cash register system with online reporting. Added the ability for patrons to reserve meeting room space online. Provided full online access to the New York Times for users. Upgraded staff printers and capability to create more professional newsletters, brochures, and more.


Featured Accomplishments Little Free Libraries In the spirit of making books accessible to everyone and increasing reading for children, teens and adults, the Friends of the Library have placed two Little Free Libraries in two of our Quaker Valley communities. The Little Free Libraries provide an opportunity for anyone to pick up or drop off a free book at any time.

2016 Fundraiser Stats

and retired Osborne Elementary School Teacher, provided the inspiration for the installation of two Little Free Libraries. The FOSPL Little Free Libraries are located at the Leet Township Municipal Building and the YMCA in Sewickley. Leet Township residents and college students Chris Jabro and Max Magera created and constructed the Free Little Libraries.

Spring Bound April 2 Ribbon Cutting Day at the YMCA. Saundy Waseleski, Friend of the Library

Storage! The Friends of the Library actively fundraise for the library all year long. Yearly fundraisers include three event-style book sales and a small, usually theme based, ongoing daily book sale in the library’s circulation area. It’s pleasing to say that we have generous donors of books and DVDs in our communities, but the library was running out of storage space! The Friends purchased a shed where not only books for used book sales are stored, but the Friends are able to store decorations and glassware for other major fundraisers such as Savoring Sewickley and Spring Bound.

Total Raised $11,916

Savoring Sewickley October 16 Total Raised $29,404

Used Book Sales 3 x a Year Total Raised $11,032 Newly Installed Storage Shed

Other Fundraisers

Savoring Sewickley 2016

Ongoing Table Sale Book Tote Sales



11 The library exhibited a variety of art and documentary material in its display cases during 2016. Highlights included:

The paintings of acclaimed children’s book illustrator Giselle Potter

A comprehensive show on mushrooms, in collaboration with The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

The paintings of foot painter Sandy Allison

Four Ceramicists: Yoko Sekino -Bove, Eric Pardue, Seth Payne and Reiko Yamamoto

Paintings by local artists Linda Price-Sneddon, and Adalberto Ortiz

The display cases are curated by Alexandra Lakin.

Freedom is found through the portals of our nation’s libraries.” David McCullough


12 6 Children’s Department Halloween Parade

Savoring Sewickley Organizers

Savoring Sewickley Photobooth

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Teen Writing Group

Special Story Time

We thank all of our donors for your support. Please notify Anja Gnjatic at or 412-741-6920 ext. 6 regarding corrections and omissions. The Acheson Family M. Jean Ackerman Amy Adams Joyce Adler The Aleshire Family Tara Alexander Brian and Paula Allan Brian and Rachel Allen Donald and Joan Allen David and Andrea Aloe Dr. Jeanne Gannon Alvin Lynne Amato Frances Amatucci Dr. Kumar Amin and Ms. Lisa Rivera Linda Anderson Chris and Jennifer Andrews John and Jane Angelini Charles Angelo Anne L. and George H. Clapp Charitable and Educational Trust Anonymous Lois Appel Joseph and Sadie Aquilino Thomas D. Arbogast Sean and Julie Auth Katherine Azadian Ahmed T. Aziz and Diana Lalich Robert Bagans Kyle and Sarah Bahr Albert Baker Stephen and Kathleen Barge Neill and Shirley Barker William and Anne Barnes Robert Barry and Rosalind KalidenBarry Hal and Linda Bartholic Desmond and Joan Bartlett Dolores Bassett The Batchelor Family Anne Battaglia Edward Bauer Gary and Karen Bauer Carl and Karen Baughman David and Gail Becker Norman and Josephine Beesley Susan Behme Jonathan and Gretchen Bender Shirley Benedict Frank Bennett Patti and Jeff Bennett

Dr. Michael Bercik Don and Helen Berman Judith Beswick James Birmingham Alice Anderson Bishop Faith Bitterolf Milana Bizic David Black Donald and Barbara Black Beverlee Blair Elizabeth Blair Christopher and Anne Blazak George Blishak BNY Mellon Community Partnership Cliff Bob and Joan Miles Charlotte Bogdewic Caroline Bologna Harold and Bobbi Bonnett Book Lovers Never Sleep Alone Louis and Joann Borgia Bill Boswell James and Carolyn Bouchard Patrick and Linda Bould Connie Bowden Richard Bowers and Miriam Rader Laurie Boykan Matthew and Leslie Braksick Rich and Kathy Brandt Gail Brooks Laurence and Joan Broussard F.L. and Mary Brown Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Brown Roger and Lea Brown W.S. and Beth Brown Shauna Browne Jan Bruno Michael and Kathryn Bryson Edward Buckingham Jack Buncher Foundation Robert and Gretchen Burnham Charles and Lisa Burrows Georgine Burton William and Mary Butler Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Ann Cahouet Caitlin Camesi Gerald and Anna Camp Holly Carlson Campbell Paul and Anita Cappa Kathryn Carr Barbara G. Carrier

Richard and Barbara Carrier Randall and Patricia Carter David and Victoria Case Ronald and Bonnie Casper Richard and Leslie Cassoff Larry and Priscilla Castner James and Patty Cavalier Gary and Janet Chace Grace Chang James Chaplin William and Jamie Chappell Gary and Janet Chase Victoria Chester Judy Cheteyan Chevron Matching Employee Funds Margaret Childs and Bonnie Blackburn Peter and Jennifer Chmay Christ Church At Grove Farm Joe and Betsy Christof Dorothy Cibulas Joseph and Marianne Cibulas David and Marcia Cifrulak Connie Cindric-Loper Marcy Cirigliano Susan Clancy Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clarke Jr. Lynn Clayton Connor Cogswell Judith Cohen John and Susan Comerci Commonwealth Computer Recycling Jerry and Alexis Communale Carol Conaway Lucile Conrad John and Deanna Conte William and Melissa Cook Michael and Linda Coombs Jim and Anne Cooper Tim and Katie Corcoran Amy Cordes Adrienne Core Joseph and Sally Ann Cortese Joyce Cortese Erin Cosgrove Hazel Cottage Frank and Donna Courtney Odeil Cowden Mary Cowen Hanley Cox Mary Cox

2016 Donors John and Noreen Coyne Arthur and Susan Craft George and Susan Craig Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Lois Crain Stephen and Mary Jo Crane George and Rita Crawford Ann Crouch Kate Crouch David Cukovich James and Lynn Cunningham Genevieve T. Curcio Gregory and Margot Curran Susan Dalessandri Renae Daniels-Simmons Jason and Kathy D'Antonio Jim and Joann D'Antonio Jim and Joan Darby Daniel and Ruth Darragh Janet Daugherty David Boyd & Associates, LLC George and Ada Davidson Joe and Sarah Davies Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Davis William and Jane de Haven Michael and Susan Delahanty John and Melissa Delaney Louis and Kathleen Dell'Aquila Josh and Tria DeNinno James and Ruth DePhillips Kevin and Kristen Dexter Janet DiCicco Ann Dickson Robert and Carol Dickson Norman and Linda Diebold Rick and Lisa Diemert Thomas and Mary Dirda Katherine DiStefano James Dods Dr. Robert and Mrs. Paula Doebler Stefanie Doebler Dollar Bank Foundation Harry Dombi Dominion Foundation Matching Gifts Program Doug and Adrienne Donaldson John and Rosa Dorman Stephen and Judith Downing Alfred and Laura Doyle Sandra Drant W. Daniel and Joan Driscoll Robert and Patricia Drogowski Margaret Dudash Thomas Duddy Susan Dudley

Samuel Duerr and Patricia Shetler Teresa Duff Grant and Carrie Duffield Cary Dufour and Denise Blancett Brian and Carol Duggan John and Amanda Dunn Margaret Dury Susan Dwyer Judith Dye and Kyoki Roberts E.M. Jewelers Sharon Eakes Eaton Foundation Eaton Matching Gift Fund Edgeworth Garden Club Jim and Linda Edson The Edwards Family Ludmilla Ellison Richard and Susan Elste Scott and Amy Elste Eveline English Robert and Sharon Erdlen Christine Ethridge Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Fagan James and Diana Falconi John and Pat Farkas Martha Farkasovsky Jennifer Farmerie Beatrice Faux Emily Fear Jeff and Liz Fecko Matt and Katherine Feczko William Fedorka Richard and Judy Mae Fedosick Peter and Michele Fedyshin Carroll Ferguson John H. Ferguson Regan Fetterolf John and Bea Fields Alma Fincke FirstEnergy Foundation Gerald and Donna Fisher Kenneth and Georgiana Fishter Timothy Fitzgerald and Christina Cassotis Warren and Joan Fitzpatrick Kevin and Donna Flannery Denise Fleig Gary and Nancy Fleming Doug Florey and David Lloyd Gianni and Lisa Floro Leland and Linda Floyd Cindy Fontanesi Carole Ford Ed and Susan Ford

Karen Ford Alice Forrest Diane Forrest Alan Fossi Jerry and Linda Francis Scott and Mary Francis Steven Franckhauser Drs. Paul and Kathy Freeman Eleanor Friedman Janet Frissora Richard Fruehauf Eugene and Nancy Frund Jonathan and Susan Frund Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Jean Fusco G. Whitney Snyder Charitable Foundation George and Ann Gaadt The Gabor Family Grace M. Garbe John Gardom Robert and Gail Garlitz Rod and Lannie Gartner Peter and Ausra Gause Laura Geason Cora A. Gebhardt Leo Gelb Joseph and Alice George John and Linda Gilbert Gene and Jennifer Giotto Julienne Giuliani Winifred Glatz Joyce Gledhill Cordy and Mike Glenn Michael Glenn Ralph and Gretchen Goetz Thomas and Ingrid Goff Annemarie Gordon David and Carol Gordon David and Marcia Gordon Maleet Gordon Robert Gordon Timothy and Wendy Gordon Leslie Goss Cordelia Grabiak Dana Graff Thomas and Toby Graham Grapevine Garden Club Mary Lea and Bob Gray Brian and Susan Greene Andy and Christianne Gribben Paul and Saundra Griffith Julia Groll Charles and Kitty Gross Claire Grotevant

2016 Donors Donna Gula Scott and Hadley Haas Tim Hadfield Ellen Hagerty Julianne Hagmann Tim and Renee Hall Arthur and Lilla Hallett James Hamilton Nancy Hansen William and Katharine Harbison Michael P. and Amy G. Harkins Edward Harrell and Chas Pelusi Doris Harris Sarah Harris Mike and Lisa Hart John Harte Tom and Nell Hartley Jeremy and Colleen Hartzell Robert and Nicole Hasak Gary Havranek Angie and Matt Hawes Thomas and Jennifer Hay Brian Hayden R.C. and Andrea Hayden Robin and Dingy Hays Linda Hedin Jean Henderson Dr. and Mrs. David Hennessey Susan Henry Edward and Sarah Heres Harold and Kathy Hess John and Sharon Hess Judith Hetzell Phyllis Hewitt Haldane Hilbish and Linda ReamerHilbish Hillman Company Lawrence and Jane Hitchins Joseph and Rita Hoepp Ivan and Ruth Hofmann The Holland Family Neil and Margaret Hollander Richard and Catherine Hollein Lois Holt Tracy Horter Ken and Nancy House Barbara Houser Barbara and Christopher Howard Kenneth Huber The Huckestein Family Tom and Janet Huddleston Starr Hull Rebecca Hulme Wayne Hulme

Felicia Humer Marc Kennedy and Diana Schwab Jon Hur John and Amy Kenneweg Doreen Hurley Wes and Pam Kenneweg Jerry and Lois Huston Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kepple Eileen Hutchinson Michael and Kimberly Kerr Michael and Patricia Ingram Renee Kerr Jamie and Bobbi Irving William Kestner Albert and Jannette Islar Edward Kielty Ann Jabro The Kilpela Family Jeffrey and Doreen Jackson Donald and Loretta King Scott and Karen Jackson Frances Kinney Velma Jackson Robert and Mary Kirsch Brad and Tracey Jadlowiec Dr. Sally Kitchen Catherine Jaffe Scott and Gretchen Klavon Matthew Jarock Bill Kleeman Tim and Jan Jashinski Edward W. and Margaret H. Kleeman Brian and Kate Jeffe Fund Michael and Kimberly Jehle Milton and Lynn Klein Bernard and Ashley John Joe and Richelle Klug Brian John Mary Ann Klussmann Ken and Barbara Johns Bob and Fran Kluz Lauri Johns Sarah Koch Rich and Laurie Johnson Rich and Mary Beth Koenig Thomas and Catherine Johnson William and Elizabeth Kofmehl Raymond Johnston and Irene Dinning Dr. John Kolano Ruth G. Jonas Marlene Koledin Catherine Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Kopf III Gwynne and Judy Jones Robert and Martina Kopf Harris and Patricia Jones Robert and Susan Kopf Norman and Donna Jones Donna Korczyk Thomas Jones Gary and Janet Kovac Rebecca Jordan David and Kathleen Kovacs Jay and Jana Joseph Cindy Koval Deborah Judkins Carl and Thressia Kriebel Erica Kain Paul and Nicole Kriebel Joseph and Susan Kalinyak Mary Kristof Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kalla Rebecca Kronk Greg and Susan Kaminski Kathryn Kruse Dorothy Kane Charles Kulbacki John and Edna Kane Phillip Kumanchik Christine Kardong and Suzan KardongRichard Kunzer Edgren Paul Labur Christopher and Terry Karwoski Alexandra Lakin Dave and Marge Kasper Dick and Elaine Lampl Jim and Casey Kasperik Jennifer Landau Patrick and Nicole Keane Richard Lang Elise Keely and Tom Vreeland Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lang Dr. James A. Kehl Glenda Larson and Tom Parker Brett and Sarah Keisel David and Pamela Lasorda Russell Keith Douglas and Vicki Lauffer Donald and Mary Louise Keller Mary Lautanen Cindy Kelley Thomas and Polly Lechner Michael and Linda Kelley Capt. John and Mrs. Linda Lednak Cornelia Kelly Mario and Nathalie Lemieux

2016 Donors Sheila Lenehan Mr. and Mrs. G. Levine A.W. Liberati Philip and Leslie Liebscher Kris and Brenda Lightcap Brian Limbach Erik and Leah Lindemann John and Ruth Lindquist George and Betsy Linge Ken and Hope Linge Little Garden Club Kyle and Kelly Little Anthony and Amy LoCascio Bill and Carroll Logsdon Ken and Diane Long John and Francine Lopinsky Wood and Sara Lovell Barbara Frazer Lowe John and Betty Luff Allison Luptak Joe and Tracey Vogel Luther William Luttner Paul and Karin Magee Jonathan and Sally Maloney Alan and Kathleen Malus Leda Mance Jeff and Becky Mancuso Michael and Gail Mangan William Manifesto Betty Mann Georgiann Mansell Caroline Markfield Milan and Millicent Markovich Jennifer Markus Dr. Joseph Marrone Darren and Bethany Martian Linda Martin Mary Jane and Joseph Platt, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Masonic Village Of Sewickley The Masterani Family Laura Mastrorocco Michael Matre Glenn and Doty Mauney Daniel and Karen Mayer Phillip McCaffrey Sharon McCalmont Thomas and Eileen McConomy Mr. and Mrs. McCormack Susie McCoy Martin and Joanne McDaniel Sylvia McGaughey Carol McLenahan Lauren McLeod

Kevin and Beth McManus Nancy McNary-Smith Brian and Deborah McTiernan Dr. and Mrs. James and Christina Meditch Dr. Katherine Ke and Mr. Joseph Meier Frank and Shirley Melnyk June A. Melodia Daniel and Caroline Mengon Charles and Stephanie Menzock Jerry and Terri Mercadante Timothy W. Merrill Jr. and Nancy N. Merrill Simon and Hazel Merrills Elizabeth Merriman Fran Merryman Anne Metcalf Marlene Mihalsky Nancy Miklos Stephen and Nancy Miklos Michael and Isabelle Mildenberger Deborah Millar Betty Ann Miller Jay and Holly Miller John and Denise Miller Sandra Miller Tim and Helen Miller John and Jill Minard Donna Mitchell Jamie Mitchell Christopher and Terri Modic Betty Mohler Paul and Laura Molter David and Ginny Monroe Patricia Moody Rajen and Carolyn Grady Mookerjee James and Norma Moore Dr. and Mrs. John and Betty Moraca Brian and Jade Morel Randi Morgan and Jordan Garber Suzi Morgan Mary Morris Jeffrey and Diana Morrow Harry and Garnette Muders Joseph and Jean Ann Mulhern Mike and Cindy Mullins Bob and Susan Mulshine Fiore and Grazia Munizza Jamie Munson Deborah Murcko Joan W. Murdoch Gary and Constance Murphy Wayne and Mary Murphy

Sandra Murtiff Dan and Patty Nadler Patricia Nanni Bryon and Jennifer Nastasi Jim and Esther Neft Hugh and Eliza Nevin Terry and Marilyn Newton Nancy Nicalo Michele Nichols P. Van and Karen Nickell David and June Nimick Robert and Susan Nitzberg David and Sally Oberdick Martin O'Brien Paul O'Connor Stephen and Elizabeth O'Keefe Jeff Olander Nancy O'Leary Sandra Olenick Stephen Oliphant and Judith Roscow John Oliver and Sylvia Dallas George and Barbara Olson Denise Ombres Paul and Celine O'Neill John Orndorff Michael and Linda Orsini Susan Paczak Louis and Catherine Paff Paul M. Palevsky, M.D. and Sharon R. Roseman, M.D. Ed and Laura Palmer Agnes Pangburn Thomas and Laura Pangburn Vernon and Angie Pansmith Dan and Elaine Park Yunsu and Lara Park Richard and Karen Parker Toni and Joe Passarello Mary Beth Pastorius Gregory and Judith Patrick Nancy and George Patterson Rodney Pavlik David and Gretchen Pawloski Marvin and O.Theone Paxton The Peduzzi Family Peirce Family Foundation Bob and Joan Peirce Mario and Carol Peluso Diane Perino James and Dolores Perino James Perrin Edward Perry Peter and Stephanie Perry William Peters

2016 Donors Raymond and Marianne Pfeifer Ken Rom Ray and Marianne Bob and Mary Ann Rondinelli David Phillips Alice Ronk David and Joan Phillips Patrick and Julia Rooney Nathan and Kate Picarsic William and Shirley Ross Mary Pickard Thomas and Nancy Rostek Linda Pierce Susan Royer Pauline Polding Carolyn Ruffer Aaron and Heather Ponzo Nancy Ruffer Oliver and Mary Kay Poppenberg Edmund and Sally Ruffin Marie Posega Blanche Rupert Deborah Pratt Ted and Marilee Ruscitti Presbyterian Church Friendship Richard Rush Programs Rich and Lauren Rushak John and Barbara Pugh Robin Russell David and Dorothy Pusateri Connie and Andy Ruzich John and Ann Puskaric H. Wesley and Susan Ryals Wilson and Beth Pyle Robert and Eileen Ryan Quaker Valley School District Board of William and Christine Sadowy Directors Velma Saire Richard and Ann Quillen Dr. Richard Saladino and Dr. Kristin R. P. Simmons Family Foundation Hannibal Grace Rader Mark and Julia Sanders David and Teresa Rafalko Elizabeth Santos Mary Ann and Ben Rafoth Anthony and Joyce Scalercio Ruth Ramsey Gene and Sheila Scanlon Zelik and Miryam Ratchkauskas Ronald Schaar and Mary Wurm-Schaar Raymond C. and Martha S. Suckling John and Linda Schaefer Fund Of The Pittsburgh Foundation Larry and Sharron Schaefer Fred and Maria Raymond Eric and Linda Schatzman William Reckert Margaret Scherbel Richard L. Reed James and Lenore Schilling Robert Regina Steven Schlick Janice Rehwald Bob and Lynne Schneider Patricia Reich Linda and Scott Schober Michael and Cherie Reilly Mary Louise Scholl Nichole Remmert Joanne Schollaert Cathy and Tony Renda Edward and Theresa Schroth S. Edward and Katherine Renner The Schuchert Family Jen Restaneo Gary and Carol Schurman Frank Rex Mark and Judy Scioscia Larry and Jane Rice Sean and Amy Sebastian Jory and Melanie Richman Jean Sebolt Liz Riddle Harton and Judy Semple Robert and Leslie Riker Becky Senior Frances Riley Charles and Maggie Setler Mary Anne Riley Ann Sevcik Bob and Mona Riordan Lisa Sevcik Robert and Mary Gray Borough Of Sewickley Heights Tracey Rock Sewickley Music Club Mark Rodgers Sewickley Valley Community Fund William and Linda Roemer Loretta Shahade Sally and Jim Rogers Kim Sharkey Janet Rohrman Stephen and Patricia Sherman

Ned and Judy Sherry Dustin Shilling Robert and Amelia Shillingsburg Howard and Sarah Shockey Amy Short Theresa Shuster Richard and Pamela Siergiej Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Simmons Elizabeth Sipe Linda Sirianni Raymond and Mary Sisak Gregg and Ann Siuciak Cigden Slanherd Bruce and Martha Smith Kathlin Smith Mary Smith Tom and Suzonne Smith Cliff and Meghan Snatchko Ryan Snyder and Emily Snyder Bill and Patty Snyder Frank Sopko and Allison Lamb Terry and Mary Soster Peter and Susan Sour Hank and Barb South Donald and Elizabeth Spalding Samuel and Judith Spanos Kathryn Sprouse Thomas and Sarah St. Clair St. Paul's Lutheran Church Women's Group Benjamin Stafford John and Christian Stampfel Marguerite Standish Clarence Steele Paul Steliotes and Anne Foulkes John and Cristen Stephansky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stephenson Clayton Steup Karen Steup Luke and Carolyn Stevens Stuart Stevens Ed and Carol Stewart Robert and Andrea Stiegel Hayes and Patricia Stover Lorraine Stragar John and Joan Straka Robert Stringert Ann Strong and Becky Senior Gretchen Stryker Al and Anne Stuever Susan Sulkowski Joan B. Sullivan Heather Summers Clifford and Lonnelle Sutliff

2016 Donors Brigette Sutton David & Barbara Swan Dr. and Mrs. David and Barbara Swan Joel and Maria Swanson Sandra Swegman Mike and Amy Szuba Patricia Szuba Thomas and Elizabeth Szuba The Taiclet Family James Talman Christine Tassari Jacqueline Taylor Linda Taylor Robert J. Taylor, Esq. James and Heather Terrell Robert and Barbara Cooley Thaw The Little Garden Club Of Sewickley The Pittsburgh Foundation The Query Club The Wise Walkers Robert and Tina Thomas Don and Loretta Thompson James Thompson and Alma Lleras Richard and Carol Thompson Eleanor Thomson Liza and Scott Wendt Thornton The Tirimacco Family Nick Tisak and Madeline Kosela Erica and Andrew Tisch Ronald and Cathy Tisch Pauline Tkatch Keith and Marisa Tobias Renee Tobias Gregory and Nancy Todd Regina Tomasulo Rodney Torbic Alan and Anna Torrance Carolyn Toth William and Deborah Tranter Triada US Literary Agency Filomena Troiano Trowel and Error Garden Club Beth Troy Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tucci John Tucci Steve and Terri Tunick Susan Turk Susan Turner Rudy and Lucille Ujhazy Russell and Susan Ulmer Ann Urban Albert Vaccaro John and Martha Vaccaro Lawrence Vaccaro

Ralph Valenzi Susan Van Volkenburg Mr. and Mrs. Neil Y. VanHorn Jane VanKirk William and Lynda Vasiladiotis Ron Vassel Robert Veltre and Delia Battista Gloria Vescio Joseph and Marilyn Vettorazzi Richmond and Diane Viall Village Garden Club Gina Villella Kirk and Elsbeth Vincent Norman and Mary Jean Voigt Georgette Vougias Linda Wagner Darlene Wahl Hartley and Ann Walker Jon Walker and Nancy Chalfant Walker Kirby and Daniell Walker Mary Walker Joyce Walkingshaw Eric Walters Luke and Barbara Ward James Wardrop Susan Wardrop Gwynn Wardwell Carol Warren Frank and Barbara Wasco Tom and Saundy Waseleski Art and Wanda Waters Jeffrey and Suzanne Watters Marvin Wedeen Jeff and Ann Wehler Helge and Erika Wehmeier David and Carole-Jay Weicht Thomas Weir Louis Weiss Bill and Judy Wenning Christopher Wentz Anna Westehoff Mike and Kelly Wetzel Malachy and Patty Whalen Emerson and Lou Ann White Julie White Sherman and Ruth White Mr. and Mrs. William C. White Doug and Carolyn Wicker Oliver and Heather Wiehe Jeffrey Wigton Emily Willets Mary Jane Williams Dick and Jerry Williams

James and Elizabeth Wilson Robert and Mona Wilson James Wiltman Russell and Susan Wisor Mark and Lisa Witte Aregay and Evangeline Woldemariam Robert Wolf Dr. Allen Wolfert and Ms. Adrienne Young Charles and Barbara Wright Thomas and Fay Wright Scott and Lauri Wroblewski Amanda Wysocki William Wytiaz Matthew Yakshe John and Liz Yankello David Yasko and Carol Gray-Yasko Carol Yaster and Bill Levant Tom Yeh Jennifer Young Mark and Deb Zappala Jeremy and Beth Zeman John and Missy Zimmerman The Zugelder Family Joseph and Stacy Zunic Paulina Zunino Marilyn Zupancic

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11 6 7 3 1 985 4

1. Aleppo 2. Bell Acres 3. Edgeworth 4. Glenfield 5. Haysville 6. Leet 7. Leetsdale

8. Glen Osborne 9. Sewickley 10. Sewickley Hills 11. Sewickley Heights and beyond


2016 Annual Report  
2016 Annual Report