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The question of gender roles has been a catalyst for social changes since the Suffragette movement.

In our Romance and Jewelry world, we are at the forefront of societal changes, as couples usually commit to each other with jewelry for the first time in their 20s or 30s. 20% of Generation Z identify as LGBTQ+ Most Zoomers believe that a well lived life is a life lived authentically as your true self. Millennial couples place gender equality at the core of what makes their relationship successful.

As an editor, it's been exciting to see all these changes impact the traditional way couples propose to each other. We might even have played a small part in moving along some of these changes. We embrace 120% the reverse proposal movement We are so excited to see wives upgrading their husbands' wedding bands. Gay men are putting together such lavish and meaningful proposals.

Men's commitment jewelry brands are using new metals and are getting creative with beautiful ring inlays Designers are making engagement rings for a wide spectrum of people. We see some pieces with bold masculine energy, others with a dark or light feminine vibe, and more and more gender-free options.

This issue is for everyone, including manly men who don't care about jewelry that much Enjoy!

Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag

Cover: Alsace gender-free ring by Chouette Designs.

This cigar band design appears as if there were two stacking bands suspended on the finger It's sleek and modern and can be stacked or stand alone.

"So many people believe in the gender binary- male and female The space in between the 2 bands was purposely left empty There’s a space between male and female, and I wanted our customers to have that choice to make it their own "

Letter from the editor 3
Severine Ferrari
CONTENTS 6 GROOMS' BUYING GUIDE GROOMS' BUYING GUIDE GROOMS' GUIDE The Basics The Basics Basics Metals 101 Metals 101 Metals 20 WEDDING BANDS Editorial picks for 4 types of men 28 MODERN LOVE Creating new traditions 34 GENDER-FREE ENGAGEMENT RINGS Solitaires and signet rings 38 COUPLES They share their unique love and ring stories 44 JEWELRY STYLE Essential pieces for beginners Contents 20 28 44 38 34 28

Artifact:acollectionofmen'sweddingbands inspiredbyhandmadeobjectssuchastools,that weremadeinthepast.AnodetoHistory.



This guide is for the large majority of grooms-to-be. You will find some straight to the point tips from esteemed male contributors, for men who are not used to wearing jewelry. What do you need to consider before picking a wedding band so you can narrow down some styles? Are engagement watches still a thing? Are you supposed to clean your wedding band? How can you avoid breaking or losing it?

The Basics
tacori Matt and Brad Gross, H.L. Gross

Brothers Brad and Matt Gross of H.L. Gross are fifth generation jewelers. H.L. Gross is a Garden City, NY destination jewelry store with an e-commerce site. They offer an amazing selection of men’s wedding bands and pre-owned and new luxury watches, from leading brands such as Tacori and Rolex.



All metals will show wear and tear over time, so the best way to keep your band looking like new is to take it off before any hands-on work or the gym However, platinum and alternative metals such as tantalum do tend to show scratches more quickly, so we recommend white, yellow or rose gold. A high polish or satin finish both do a great job hiding scratches, and can always be polished as needed.


When shopping for a wedding band, the most important thing is to try on different widths and heights. Consider if a wider or narrower band looks more proportionate on your hand, or if you love something that really stands out! Regarding the height, bands with a low profile are popular because they can be more comfortable and less noticeable between the fingers.


Most of our best selling bands have a satin finish with a high polish detail. The contrast between the satin and high shine feels fresh yet timeless Another popular look is a ring that combines gold with a gray or black alternative metal.


Watches are definitely still our number one engagement gift for future grooms. A Rolex is the most popular choice because so many models are distinct yet classic. A major milestone like an engagement warrants a gift that’s timeless and can be enjoyed now and on your fiftieth wedding anniversary.

The Basics 7
Two-tone band by Verragio with an infinity symbol with platinum on top and rose gold inside. White gold band with black titanium stripes and diamonds, also by Verragio.


Once you have the ring, here are some great tips to avoid spoiling,breaking or losing your wedding band by Harry Rosenthal, CEO of Jewelry Innovations.


Always remove your wedding ring before engaging in physical activity, whether on the job, exercising or just working around the house. This tip protects both you and your ring from injury


Despite your best efforts, over time your ring will need cleaning. Soap and water are usually your best option. Do not use an alcohol-based jewelry cleaner on inlays, fine metals and gemstones. Gently wash your ring for at least 20 seconds and use a soft toothbrush to get into the crevices.


While many of us can’t wait to get the shed in order and start planting, be mindful of your wedding band. It can get dirty, scratched, dented or even lost The best and easiest decision is to remove your ring and put it somewhere safe while you are working. Gardening gloves can help protect your ring.


Playing in the pool or a nice relaxing hot tub session is one activity that people look forward to most once the weather gets warmer. Pools and hot tubs have harsh

The Basics

chemicals like chlorine that can damage your ring, particularly if it has an inlay. Normally, it is best to just not wear it You don’t want to risk changing the appearance of your ring or losing it. The same tips go if you are planning a day at the beach.


Can’t wait to get all the weather gunk off of your car? Grabbing a bucket of soapy water and getting your car nice and clean can be a relaxing spring activity. It is usually best to remove any jewelry during this activity. Wearing a ring while washing your car can damage the finish. You could cratch your car and ruin the paint These tips apply to most jewelry, especially precious metals such as gold and silver and even some alternative metals.

If you have a Serinium wedding band (Jewelry Innovations’ proprietary metal), you can rest a little easier. Serinium is ultra hard, scratch resistant, and will not tarnish, oxidize or discolor, so you can enjoy your favorite summer activities worry free!

The Basics 9
Pictured above, rings from the Jewelry Innovations Western Heritage Collection™ in Serinium® and Black Diamond ceramic ™ Our favorite is the one with crushed turquoise and antlers inlays


In collaboration with Platinum Jewelry

After shopping for an engagement ring, most of you might feel like you’ve become jewelry experts. You both put in the work and researched everything you needed to know about fine metals and diamonds. As you start shopping for grooms’ rings, surprise! There are dozens of material and metal options for your consideration. Which one should you pick? How much should you spend? Most grooms end up owning more than one band for practicality and comfort. However, when it comes to the main one, the one ring, the one you exchange on your wedding day, which metal is truly the best, gold or platinum?

Metals 101
Rings and photo by Marke

Kevin Reilly, SVP of our partner, Platinum Guild International USA, is an industry expert and jewelry collector himself. We turned to him to highlight the most important DOs and DONTs when shopping for a groom’s wedding band.

Kevin is happily married and wears a beautiful platinum wedding band set with black diamonds. His ring reminds him how fortunate he is to have found the love of his life. Platinum is a rare gift from the stars that came to the earth in a meteor shower billions of years ago, and it will still be around billions of years from now. Just like love, it’s eternal.

"My wedding ring is a part of me and I hardly ever take it off – and when I do, I immediately know that something is missing. I love knowing that my ring is made from the rarest and most precious materials on earth. I believe that the satiny surface of my ring reflects the timelessness of love and a life spent sharing it with my one and only."


DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE and run the risk of not getting your ring in time – especially if you select a custom design. Select your ring at least 2-3 months before your special event.


If you have platinum, he should have platinum too. In all the world, only the two of you are perfect for each other and platinum is 30 times more rare than gold!

DON'T LET HIM SETTLE FOR JUST A SPORT BAND (non-precious metal) – buy him the sport band to wear when he’s playing sports and the platinum band as a symbol of your special bond It’s key to select a metal that will stand the test of time – platinum will not lose any metal as a result of normal wear. Does he have sensitive skin? If so, DO consider platinum It’s naturally hypoallergenic. – so much so that it’s used in many surgical applications. White gold is yellow gold mixed with other white metals, in many cases nickel, which can cause severe allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Metals 101 11

1 Beautiful design with platinum satin finish and white diamond accents by Michael M

2 Hidden sapphires! How cool is this platinum band design by David Alan? It looks great with cognac diamonds too

3 Tacori's stunning channel set diamond and platinum wedding band

Platinum rings on models from Marke. All their rings are made in NYC. You can try some replicas of their best selling styles at home before ordering. In 2023, The Black Tux— the formal wear brand that modernized tux online rentals — officially acquired Marke. It’s a match made in heaven as you can now try bands in their showrooms.


All precious metals scratch, but when gold scratches, microscopic bits of your ring will wear away with each abrasion. Platinum, on the other hand, will not wear away when scratched – the metal just displaces, meaning it just moves around on the surface of the ring, but doesn’t wear away. If you choose gold, you may eventually have to replace your bands as they wear down. Platinum bands can be passed down to the next generation

Metals 101 12
1 2 3


Don't miss this great opinion piece by the one and only Chris Ploof. Chris is so passionate about alternative metals and materials. We decided not to edit any of his words that might have altered some of his opinions. We know our readers are in good hands with him. All rings featured in the article are from Chris Ploof Designs.

My fascination with and passion for socalled “modern metals” like Damascus steel, meteorite, and mokume gane, is well above average. My first-hand knowledge and insights, gained from working with these metals for 20+ years will hopefully clarify some dos and don’ts about these metal choices…

Modern metals are materials that may or may not traditionally have been used to make jewelry in the past but are currently being used to make jewelry that differs from the “normal” precious metals. These metals are not fads or trends. They are modern metals being chosen today by both women and men. Here are my recommendations when shopping for these types of rings for bridal, either commitment rings or wedding bands.


Modern metals are a broad and diverse group, including steel, tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel, meteorite, tantalum, niobium, and Mokume Gane. All of these are all considered “modern metals.” But not all are equal - in fact far from it. A little education can go a long way when buying one of these metals.

For example, Meteorite is an iron alloy, and not all meteorites work well for jewelry.

Knowledge is critical when choosing a jewelry supplier who uses meteorite. Meteorite should always be lined with a precious metal (here are two of our meteorite rings lines with gold and palladium) At my studio, we dismiss over half of the meteorite we buy as being unsuitable for use in jewelry, and the remaining half may require special care to prevent corrosion. Additionally, rings made with meteorite can be more difficult to size than traditional rings. Personally, I feel it’s a small price to pay to have a piece of 4.5 billion year old space metal on your finger!


Many of the modern metals have great strength and durability, such as stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten. There are also many makers pairing these enduring modern metals with precious materials, which creates a completely different multi color look and greatly increases their value, elevating them above a plain precious metal band.


Alternative materials like wood, plastic, resin, silicone, and antler may seem “cool” at first glance But these materials do not have the durability for lifetime wear, which I believe to be one of the most important aspects of

Metals 101
Photo Audria Abney for Engagement

jewelry, especially wedding bands.


Some of these modern metals are hypoallergenic but can be difficult to size. I recommend avoiding these for jewelry. Instead, opt for stainless steel (the rings pictured below are all made with Damascus steel) or titanium. Other metals can be sized but the companies do it by trading in your ring for a new one. Seems strange to me because you lose the ring you were married in, wore on your honeymoon, or held your children in

With an enduring metal that can be sized, you can easily go up or down a size as needed over the lifetime of wear. Tungsten and cobalt chrome always seem like cool choice because it is extremely difficult to scratch these materials, and they have a beautiful weight to them, similar to gold. The issues with tungsten and cobalt chrome is that they can be difficult to remove in an emergency and are nearly impossible to size


Stainless steel is both an economical and an environmental choice. Infinitely recyclable, stainless steel is a very ethical and responsible choice for jewelers. In fact, 60% of the stainless steel on the market is actually recycled. Typical grades used in jewelry when properly worked, will not and

cannot rust. It can also be used to make patterned Damascus steel, a metal with a rich story and one I have been working with for decades now. Some of the benefits of patterned Damascus steel for jewelry is that rings can typically be sized, are easily removed in an emergency, are hypoallergenic, and the patterning creates unique, one-of-a-kind styles

A word of caution regarding some Damascus steel suppliers. There are some people repurposing knife steel for jewelry, which may or may not be stainless steel. These martensitic steels can be heat treated and are great for knives but will eventually rust no matter how well prepared they are.

Metals 101 15
"Not only is ring sizing important upon purchase, but most human beings do not remain the same size throughout their lifetime."


Some metals are officially classified as “conflict metals.” For example, tantalum can be sized and has a nice look, so it has gained in popularity in jewelry in the last couple of years. However, tantalum is designated as a “conflict mineral” according to the Responsible Mining Initiative and other reliable sources. This is an example of a material not intended for but being adapted to jewelry use that is not an ethical choice Titanium, while lightweight, durable, and recyclable, is pulled from the earth using strip mining techniques and then refined with chlorine. Both of these processes impose environmental issues.


Passion, and Artisanal Craftsmanship

Metals like Damascus Steel and Mokume Gane require true craftsmanship, adding to their unique value. The art that each artisan puts into these materials, as well as the rich stories behind their creation and their history, also add to the value and the passion you may have for your ring when you wear it.

Damascus stainless steel is the modern equivalent of the swords of legend from the Vikings and the Crusades Mokume Gane is directly linked to feudal Japan where it was pioneered to manufacture Samurai swords.

Metals 101 16

Chris Ploof is a modern metals jewelry designer committed to sustainability. All of his gender-neutral jewelry and rings are hand-forged with distinctive patterns in his solar powered studio in Massachusetts.

ChrisPloofcreatesuniqueDamascusSteelringswithorwithoutadditionsofprecious metalsanddiamonds;refinedMokumeGanebandsinmixedpreciousmetals;evenoneof-a-kindringsinuniquematerialslikerecycledantiqueshotgunbarrelmetalor4.5 billion-yearoldmeteorite…Finelycraftedjewelryfortheconnoisseurs,tastemakers,and geekchicnerdsofallgenderswhovalueartisanalgenius.

Left to right 1 Chris Ploof “Spruce” Mokume Gane ring in Palladum 500, Silver, with a 18K Yellow Gold rail 2 Damascus Steel Shotgun Barrel Ring with diamonds from Chris Ploof Designs 3 Chris Ploof tension setting ring in 18k yellow gold and stainless steel Damascus, setting for 20 carat diamond

Yes to classic styles, but No to boring! All these wedding bands include unique design details. Don't shy away from rose gold, it looks great on all skin types.

Top to bottom

NEO-CLASSIC Bands Picks 20
6 5 mm tantalum and platinum band by Novell Wedding
2 6 mm 18K rose gold ring with a satin finish by Michael M 3 David Alan platinum and 18 K rose gold band with a raw of pavé set diamonds 4 Marke 6 mm diamond flat comfort fit band, 5. Brilliant Earth 4.5 Apollo sapphire wedding band with a matte brushed finish This couple is wearing Marke wedding bands. Photo courtesy of Marke NYC.

Dandies excel in pushing fashion boundaries. If you love to sparkle elegantly, and are not afraid to show a little bit of your feminine side, here are some great wedding band options.

Top to bottom

Customizable Soulmate ring by Milamore, with diamond braille words to share with your love.
2. Ila Perpetuity ring made of a 14K gold flexible chain. 3. Beautiful yellow gold band by Bleu Royale with black diamonds and black carbon accents 4 . Emerald cut diamond eternity band designed by Micaela for De Beers Forevermark. , 5. Bario Neal Dez Shoulder 5mm eternity band All jewelry on model by Bario Neal Photography by the one and only Alain Simic

Your wedding band doesn't have to look like a wedding band. Here are some very unique rings to match your rock star soul and show that you are committed to the one you love.

Bands Picks 24
Top to bottom 1.Bleu Royale black diamond ring in white gold with black carbon details. 2. Pick a meaningful number and write it with Roman numerals, ring by Harlin Jones, 3. Brook and Branch The Chevron ring in gold and Tantalium with a wood patterned center. 4 Gents large Vertebrae ring in 18k rose gold by K Brunini , 5 Black diamond cross hammered wedding band by Catherine Angiel Model is wearing the High Flyer cufflinks in white gold with black and white diamonds by David Gotlib.

Whether you work with tools or enjoy all what nature has to offer, here are options to pay homage to your love for the great outdoors, some with rugged finishes to make little accidents less visible.


Bands Picks 26
Brook and Branch Hotshot ring in rose gold and tantalum 7.5 mm wide. Top to bottom 1. 2. Terra ring by Thorum made with wood from a whiskey barrel encased in hammered titanium. 3. Jewelry Innovations Serinum ring with turquoise inlay and mountain pine engraving. 4 .Tacori geometric Crescent ring in platinum , 5. Logan Hollowell hammered band. Wedding bands by Dana Bronfman in Fairmined yellow gold and palladium


Falling in love is magical and mysterious. Committed love is rare. Whatever relationships experts say, no rules can guarantee a long and meaningful relationship. Every couple is different and finds the ever-evolving formula that works for them. In 2023, dads take parental leaves, women are proposing to men, proposers want to wear an engagement ring too, men are proposing to men, and non-binary people can use their preferred pronouns. We love all these new traditions and to see new kinds of committed relationships thrive. It shows the world and the skepicts that true love always wins.

Modern Love
Jewlr customizable two-stone bands


Modern Love 29


Elisse Mills is a wedding planner and her boyfriend Jared managed to keep his proposal during a Mammoth ski trip a secret. When Jared mentioned that he wanted a ring too, he picked out a few options and Elisse made the final choice of a diamond dust inlay band in titanium. Why was it important for Jared to also get a ring?

"After proposing and giving my beautiful fiancée her ring, I realized the progression of our relationship was embodied and now felt by this small physical object. I'd catch myself looking at her ring finger just about as much as I'd find her admiring it. I wished to take part in this fleetingly new stage of engagement and what better way than to find a matching ring? It was less about needing to wear a ring and more about wanting to feel the huge step in our relationship we had both taken together."


Millennials and Gen Z jewelers have a much more inclusive approach than previous generations. Holden is a gender-neutral commitment ring company in NYC, focused on both sustainability and inclusivity. They recently launched their first-of-its-kind, completely gender-neutral engagement ring collection. Their customizable rings are made with recycled precious metals and ethical lab-grown diamonds. They are also carbon neutral and donate a percentage of their sales to The Trevor Project.

Chouette Designs is a size inclusive jewelry brand. Founded by Ashley Catharine, Chouette Designs is a woman and LGBTQ+ owned brand based in San Diego, CA The Alsace ring we featured on our cover looks great on fingers belonging to humans of all shapes and genders. Many jewelers claim their jewelry is gender neutral but they often forget that unisex rings have to be offered in an array of sizes. You can buy Chouette Designs rings in sizes 4.5 to 15 on their site or try them on in their store.

New Traditions
New Traditions
Holden gender-free collection Macadam gender free Union bracelet Photo Alain Simic Chouette Designs Alsace ring


Though it is still very common practice in the rest of the world, matching His and Hers wedding bands had fallen out of style in the US This meaningful trend is back, and we love it Thorum, a husband and wife owned jewelry brand, offers a great selection of matching sets. "We thought it would be neat to provide our customers with some matching set options. While matching rings aren’t for everyone, there certainly are couples out there that LOVE matching whenever possible." Says owner Caleb Martin. One of the most common hang-ups for picking similar rings is when the bride wants her wedding band to match her

engagement ring Stacking wedding bands collected over time has become very popular. You can own more than one wedding band, food for thoughts!

His and Hers rings are designed and sized a little differently Men find a wider width more comfortable on the finger. Brides should try on their husband's ring and find out how comfy their hubby's ring is. Why do women always have to suffer? LOL. You can never go wrong when choosing matching platinum or gold bands Yet, why not explore together some alternative options, like the cool sets pictured above?

New Traditions
Thorum His and Hers Jack set Heavy Stone matching zirconium bands with a hint of rose gold


When same-sex marriage became legal in 2015, gay couples rushed to the altar after having been deprived of this right for so long. Today, gay men are fully embracing proposal planning and the engagement period. Leading this trend are influencial celebrity couples such as Zac Posen & Harrison Ball (pictured above via Instagram), Ben Platt & Noah Galvin and Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton.Nickolas planned all the details of his Napa Valley proposal remotely, with the help of local photographer Rebecca Skidgel. Nickolas and his boyfriend Sal were on a “weekend getaway” in celebration of an important date for the couple.

On the day of the engagement, Nickolas had arranged for the couple to have a spa day Nickolas told Sal that they had dinner plans that evening and that it was going to be a “nice” dinner. As they got to the lobby, Nickolas grabbed Sal’s hand and they started walking Nickolas asked Sal to put on his jacket for dinner. They continued to make their way to dinner and then they stopped in front of a beautiful tree, as planned, then Nickolas got down on one knee and proposed. Rebecca was there to catch this very special moment pictured above. The ring is a custom platinum design by Mirta de Gisbert.

New Traditions


These rings look amazing on humans of all genders who like curved or angular diamond shapes

Engagement Ring Picks 34
Top to bottom - Left to Right 1 Bario Neal Aira ring in platinum 2 Macadam FutuRetro ring 3 Marla Aaron DiMe Siempre ring 4 Common Rite Supply Dealers Choice 5 Marei Octavian solitaire in black gold

Top to bottom - Left to Right

1 Single Stone Ezra ring in bold gold

2 Aaryah Daiya ring featuring a platinum basket

3 Greenwich St Jewelers Roebling ring from the Sycamore collection.

4 Brent Neale Asscher diamond gypsy-set ring with diamond shields

5 Azlee shield solitaire

Engagement Ring Picks 35

Engagement Ring Picks


Make a bold just-engaged statement with these rings of substance with white diamonds or trendy green gemstones

Top to bottom

1 Maggi Simpkins cushion signet ring

2 Lizzie Mandler oval knife edge signet

3 Page Sargisson carved signet ring with pear rose cut diamond

4 JOON bezel set emerald band by Shahla

Dyne customizable Loverglyph ring

All jewelry on model by Holden

Top to bottom

1 Valerie Madison East-West emerald cut teal sapphire ring

2 Eliza Page Logan princess cut green sapphire ring

3 Yvonne Leon Malachite chevalière

4 Muzo Essentials emerald signet ring

5 Retrouvai emerald pleated solitaire

Engagement Ring Picks 37


Vivian of Henri Noel Jewelry is a Florida based jeweler. She just got married to Max, who rarely wears jewelry. Vivian was determined to create something her husband would be in love with and never want to take off. She asked him a few questions as she would with any other client. It was exciting for her to bring Max into her world of jewelry, and let him be involved in the custom process.

Couple Stories 38
Photography Kati Rosado

Max really loves the look of yellow and white gold against his skin tone and wanted a lowmaintenance band he would not have to worry about. He also wanted a unique design. They decided on two bands attached by a jump ring. The larger yellow gold band represents him, the white gold band represents her, and the jump ring represents their union (and their dachshund, Pippa). On the inside of the wider band, there's a Union Jack because Max is from England, along with the words “Today and Always”.

Couple Stories 39


Breeanna is an elopement photographer. She always knew she was going to be the one to propose She asked Jacob to be her boyfriend, so she thought it would be a cute callback to ask him to be her husband too. Breeanna proposed in front of the picturesque Dolomites in Italy with the tungsten ring of Jacob's dreams. The mostly positive comments on their viral proposal video are proof that reverse proposals are a trend embraced by many, and here to stay.

Couple Stories 40
Jenny Storment Photography
Couple Stories 41

months later, Quinn received his surprise while celebrating their favorite holiday season, in front of the Christmas Tree at The Drake Hotel.

ories 43

Start cufflinks

Jewelry Style 44
Model is wearing the Jump in yellow gold, set with white diamonds and emeralds by David Gotlib

Smiling Rocks


Men have been wearing jewelry since the dawn of time Celebrities on the red carpet are pushing the boundaries of what type of jewelry men "should" wear, and they look so stylish doing so. Some men want to buy jewelry for themselves, but are not sure what and how We chatted with Zulu Ghevriya, co- founder of Smiling Rocks to gather some tips and advice for men who want to start collecting pieces.

Some American men are already into jewelry, but many are just starting to explore beyond watches. Which pieces should a gentleman consider buying to style his wardrobe?

Accessories for men are trending Now men are becoming more expressive with their jewelry, such as layering with Cuban bracelets and necklaces, cuffs, bangles. They own unique cufflinks that have a meaning behind them. We are also seeing traditional tennis bracelets as a new trend that men are interested to follow for their daily wear.

Why are lab-diamonds a great way to adorn men’s jewelry?

Men often shy away from picking diamond jewelry, except when they are part of the hip hop culture. They are missing out!

Jewelry style 45

Smiling Rocks chain linking yellow gold bracelet with labgrown diamonds, lab-grown diamond band and pendant All from the Zulu Collection

Jewelry Style
Chris Ploof tapered Damascus cuff Macadam Union Bracelet set with rubies

David Gotlib Gold Rush yellow gold cufflinks with 2 bezel set natural diamonds

Simon G gold necklace and bracelet in black leather and rose gold

Brilliant Earth engravable ID bracelet.

Jewelry Style

Lab-grown diamonds are making it easier for designers to create new men's diamond jewelry styles. Lab-grown diamonds are a great opportunity for a new generation who believes in the value of these diamonds. They are definitely a great choice for young couples for proposals or engagement purposes.

The trend of women proposing with an engagement ring is growing in India and all over the world. Why do you think this is happening?

Yes, this is correct, in today's world all genders are equal. Men and women are or considered equals in society and business. The traditional way of proposing is changing. Women are taking the lead in planning the proposal and purchasing an engagement ring for their partner. This is a great sign of the empowerment of women in modern society.

Any tips about caring for a groom's wedding band or engagement ring?

A ring in precious metals should be cleaned when needed, with soap and water or a jewelry cleaning product. Usually there are not a lot of gaps in men's rings, so they are easier to clean in comparison to the more delicate designs of traditional women's engagement rings.

What is the metal you recommend the most for groom's rings?

I would recommend 14K or18K gold, or platinum. These metals should definitely be preferred metals for men's commitment jewelry.

Thank you so much Zulu!

Jewelry Style 48
Manish Jiwani and Zulu Ghevriya co-founders of Smiling Rocks both modeling the Zulu Collection.

Here are 1 podcast and 2 Youtube Channels we recommend for great jewelry styling and gents' shopping tips.



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