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2025 2025 Course Selection Course Selection HHandbook andbook

Are you ready to Are you ready to Find Your Future? Find Your Future?

Welcome Welcome

Welcome to Sevenoaks Senior College. We are committed to developing a unique model of 21st Century Senior Schooling to ensure that every student is wellequippedtodealwiththeopportunitiesoftheirpostschoolpathways.

Three enduring features of Sevenoaks are: Find Your Future, our Young Adult Ethos and our Advocacy Program. Our unique identity has attracted young people from across the metropolitan area, the regions, and internationally to attendourseniorcollegewhichisjustlikebeingatwork,TAFEoruniversity.

Ilookforwardtowelcomingstudentstoouruniqueseniorschoolenvironment andsupportingeveryoneofyouto find your future.

An important message for prospective An important message for prospective students, parents and carers students, parents and carers

Our pathways offer flexibility for students to explore their career aspirations and interests. If students are not sure, they can combine employment, training and university preparation courses to determine their future pathway. Students can alsojoinusiftheyhaven’tmettheirgoalsattheendofYear12andwanttoenrolto completetheirsecondaryschooling.

All students are supported by an advocate who works closely with the student in monitoring their academic and social development, ensuring students feel empoweredbymakinginformeddecisionsaboutthemselves,fortheirfuture.

Our college is managed differently with greater flexibility for students as they map outtheirfutureinasupportiveandinclusiveyoungadultlearningenvironment.

Student timetables vary depending on their course choice, with a range of starting and finishing times. Students can arrive at the beginning of their first class and leaveattheendoftheirlastclasswhilstsomedaystheymaybeoff-siteatTAFEor workplacements.

We encourage prospective students to explore our pathway offerings and make an appointmenttocomeandenrolwithus.Weknowthatstudentslovetheirtimewith us and we know that future students will thrive in our young adult learning environment.

Comeand find your future withus!

Pathways to Pathways to Find Your Future Find Your Future

Ourpathwayswillconnectyoutoyourfuture.Ourpathwaysarepurposeful, engagingandmotivating,andaboveall,personalisedsothatyoucantransitionto yourpostschoolcareerwithsuccess.

Tosupportpathwayplanning,youwillparticipateincareereducationandwork explorationactivitiesalongsidethedevelopmentofapersonalisedcareerportfolioto takewithyouwhenyouleaveSevenoaks.

Ourintegratedwork-learningfocusprovidesuniqueopportunitiesforyoutogain extensivework-relatedexperiencewhilstyoucompleteyourcourse.Thisis supportedbyourindustrypartnerswithpathwaysintoemploymentandon-thejob training.


Throughenhancedpathwaypreparationandplanning,wewillincorporatetheskills ofthe21stCenturyneededforsuccesswhilstenablingyoutopotentiallypursue training,employmentanduniversitypathwaysintheoneplanoveryourtwoyears withus.Wewillensurethatyouarepreparedforyourfuture.

“Our students benefit from the numerous relationships and partnerships currently in place with industry, educational institutions, and support agencies. We will foster and develop these partnerships to continue to provide unique advantages to Sevenoaks students.”

“Our students are equipped with contemporary and emerging work capabilities to meet the challenges of the current and future work environment”

As you plan your future pathway, I bring your attention to our Pathways - Work Integrated Learning model on the following page, which will assist you in working outwhereyoumightbegintoplanyourpathway.Itisaverygoodstartingpointfor youtohaveadiscussionwithyourparentsandyourteachers.

We have expanded our university pathways with the Curtin UniReady Program, which will enable you to study four university units whilst completing year 12. Successful completion will give you an automatic qualification to enter some undergraduate courses at Curtin and other universities. We have also added a Certificate IV in Nursing Preparation, which is a university entry qualification into someuniversitiesandcourses.

Ourspecialisedindustrypathwaysarealwaysinstrongdemandandhavehadgreat success in creating wonderful career opportunities for students. You may also choosetoexploreotherindustrypathwaysbyenrollinginaspecialisedTAFEcourse one day per week or enrol in a school based traineeship in an area of interest. The Big Picture Academy is also an opportunity to explore a personalised pathway that suits your interests and future goals. All our students complete a minimum of one unit of Work Placement, to support further understanding of future career pathways.

We are also mindful that many of our students work part-time or casually, or will need to work to fund future career aspirations e.g. University, TAFE. Consequently, we have introduced opportunities for students to gain industry standard microcredentialssuchasbaristatraining,FirstAidcertificatesandaWhiteCardfocussed on safety in the construction industry. These courses are voluntary and will open manydoorsforyouinthefuture.

Wehavealsoworkedwithindustrytodelivera‘PassporttoSuccess’programwhich focuses on industry standard soft employability skills e.g. teamwork and communicationskills.Allstudentswillhaveanopportunitytocompletethiscourse andagain,itwilladdvaluetoyourportfoliowhenyouleaveus.

I encourage you to explore your pathway in this handbook as you make the first stepto‘findyourfuture’.Ifyouareunsure,pleasecallusandaskforadvice.

“Sevenoaks is a unique learning place and definitely the best place to transition into the real world (university, TAFE, apprenticeships, etc). Sevenoaks not only teaches you the academics, but they teach you to be independent, responsible, critical thinkers.”

Work Integrated Learning Work Integrated Learning

Ourworkintegratedlearningfocusprovidesopportunitiesforstudentstogainextensiveworkrelatedexperience.Thisissupportedbyourindustrypartnerswithon-the-jobtrainingandsoft skillsdevelopment.


Workplacelearningprovidesopportunitiesfor studentsto:

explorefuturecareeroptions gain and develop general workplace skills and practicespecificindustryskills.

All Sevenoaks Senior College students participateinworkplacelearningasfollows:

University pathway students participate in55hoursofworkplacelearning Consortium Industry pathway students (Automotive, Metals, Community Services and Health and Nursing) participate in relevant placements during both years 11 and12.

Industry and Exploration Pathway students complete 220 hours of workplace learning related to their future career options Some students may apply to use their part time work to complete someunits.

Students must complete an induction and interviewtodemonstratetheirworkreadiness foraplacement.

When students finish 55 hours of approved work placement and complete and submit a logbook and skills journal they will be awardedoneunitofADWPL.Thisisequivalent toaCgradeforWACE


The Passport to Success is an industry developed micro-credential which is being provided to Sevenoaks Senior College studentsbyCumminsSouthPacific.

PassporttoSuccessisasuiteofproductsand services proven to foster in-demand ‘life skills’ or ‘soft skills’ that young people need totrulysucceedfromhometoschooltowork andtheirfuturecareer

All students will participate in activities selected from Passport to Success units targetingtheirpathwayneedssuchas:

Personalcompetencies Problemsolving Managingconflict Effectiveworkhabits,and Skillsforprofessionalgrowth.

“During my time at Sevenoaks my most memorable highlight was doing workplace learning. I got real world work exposure which helped me with fostering independence and boosting my confidence to tackle challenges beyond my comfort zone. Sevenoaks also helped me grow as a person and realise just how far I have come.”

WACE WACE Requirements Requirements

The Western Australian Certificate The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) of Education (WACE)

AllstudentsenrolledinYear11and12inWestern Australia are aiming to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). SuccessfulcompletionoftheWACEisarequirement fordirectUniversityentry,mostTAFEcourses,and employers

Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement

TheWesternAustralianStatementofStudent Achievement (WASSA) is issued to all Year 12 students at the completion of their secondary schooling TheWASSAprovidesaformalrecordof whatstudentsleavingYear12haveachievedasa result of their school education in Western Australia.


ToqualifyforaWACE,studentsmustsuccessfully meetanumberofrequirementsrelatingtobreadth and depth, an achievement standard and the literacy and numeracy standard in their senior secondaryschooling.


•demonstrateaminimumstandardofliteracyanda minimumstandardofnumeracy




atleastfiveYear12Generalcourses(ora combinationofGeneralanduptothreeYear12 ATARcourses)orequivalentOR

aCertificateII(orhigher*)VocationalEducation andTraining(VET)qualificationincombination withATAR,GeneralorFoundationcourses

Please note: Students who enrol in a Foundation course must enrol in a Certificate II or higher


Allstudentsmustcompleteaminimumof20units ortheequivalentoverYear11andYear12.

To complete this requirement, students must completethefollowing:

AtleasttenYear12unitsorequivalent fourunitsfromanEnglishlearningareacourse, post-Year10,includingatleastonepairofYear 12unitsfromanEnglishlearningareacourse OnepairofYear12unitsfromListA (arts/languages/socialsciences) OnepairofYear12unitsfromListB (mathematics/science/technology)


Students can obtain unit equivalents through VET qualifications and/or endorsed programs. The maximum number of unit equivalents available throughVETandendorsedprogramsisfourYear11 unitsandfourYear12units


uptoeightunitequivalentsthroughcompletion ofVETqualificationsOR uptofourunitequivalentsthroughcompletion ofendorsedprogramsOR

uptoeightunitequivalentsthroughcompletion ofacombinationofVETqualificationsand endorsedprograms,butwithendorsed programscontributingnomorethanfourunit equivalents.


aCertificateIisequivalenttotwoYear11units aCertificateIIisequivalenttotwoYear11and twoYear12units

a Certificate III or higher is equivalent to two Year11andfourYear12units apartiallycompletedCertificateIIIorhigheris equivalenttotwoYear11andtwoYear12units. (Creditisonlyallocatedifthecriteriaforpartial completionaremet)


Youmustachieveatleast14Cgradesorhigher(or equivalents)inYear11andYear12units,including atleastsixCgrades(orequivalents)inYear12units.


FortheWACEliteracyandnumeracystandardyou may: pre-qualifythroughachievingBand8orhigher inthereading,writingandnumeracytestsofthe Year9NationalAssessmentProgram–Literacy andNumeracy(NAPLAN)OR demonstratetheminimumstandardofliteracy and numeracy by successfully completing the relevantcomponentsoftheOnlineLiteracyand NumeracyAssessment(OLNA)*inYear10,11or 12

*OLNA tests are run twice per year for both Year 11 and Year 12 to give students the opportunity to meet this standard

University University Pathways Pathways

"I want to go to university"


plantoprogressintoacareerrequiringauniversitylevelqualification, knowyouwanttocontinueintoaprofessionalpathway, wanttostudyacademiccourses,and wishtoworktowardsachievingaWACE, thentheUniversitypathwayisforyou.

Thispathwayisdesignedtoassistyouto: gainanAustralianTertiaryAdmissionRank(ATAR)^,or completeanalternativeentrypathwaytoUniversityand exploreyourpotentialfuturecareeroptions.

InYear11studentswillenrolin: arelevantselectionofATARcoursesincludingatleastoneListAandatleastoneListB course,or a pathway that provides the prerequisites for enrolment in Curtin UniReady or the CertificateIVinPreparationforHealthandNursing. ADWPLWorkplaceLearning*,and oneortwoothergeneralcoursesoraCertificate.

In Year 12, students will progress into the Year 12 equivalent ATAR courses, apply to enter the Curtin UniReady Pathway or complete the Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing.

^AnATARrangesfrom99.95tozeroandreportsyourrankpositionrelativetoallotherstudents.If you have an ATAR of 7000, for example, it indicates that you’ve achieved as well or better than 70%oftheYear12schoolleaveragepopulationinthestate.TheATARallowstheresultsofanyWA student applying for university admission interstate to be directly compared with results in other states.AspecificATARmayberequiredforentryintoUniversitycourses.

*AllstudentsintheATARPathwaywillalsoparticipateinoneunitofworkplacelearning,requiring 55hoursofworkplacement.Thisplacementwillbeaimedatexploringfuturecareeroptions.

“I am interested in pursuing a career as an Art teacher. To further advance in this field, I’m getting my Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a Masters in Secondary Education Postgrad. To get into my degree I applied via portfolio entry to Curtin University. Sevenoaks helped me gather all my required qualifications and background information necessary for me to complete the portfolio, as well as helping me achieve my goals within the College. This directly contributed to me winning the 2024 John Curtin Scholarship. Even without ATAR, I achieved my goals with the help of Sevenoaks and their alternate pathways to university.” - Charzie, 2023 College Co-Captain

University Entry Requirements University Entry Requirements


All students who are on a pathway to University needtounderstandUniversityentryrequirements sothattheycanensuretheyhaveselectedthebest coursesfortheirchosenfieldofstudy.


Students in Year 12 who have completed a minimum of four ATAR (examination) courses will apply for direct entry to University through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC). Fees applytoallTISCapplications.

TISC provides services for Curtin University, University of Western Australia (UWA), Murdoch UniversityandEdithCowanUniversity(ECU)

University admission requirements for school leaversinclude:




•PrerequisitesspecifictotheUniversityandCourse youareapplyingfor.


Foralluniversities,studentsmustdemonstrate competenceinEnglishbyachievingtheprescribed standardinATAREnglish.

Formostuniversitiesthisisascaledscoreofat least50inATAREnglish

Therearesomeconcessionmechanismsfor students who fail to meet the competence in Englishrequirementsandthesearedealtwithona casebycasebasis


NotallUniversitycourseshaveprerequisites.Visit wwwtiscwaeduauoruniversities’websitesfor detailsofprerequisitesforcourses.

Inmostcases,prerequisitesrequireascaledscore of 50 or more in the prerequisite WACE course. Please note that Mathematics prerequisites differ across university courses. (See page 13 for more information)


Year11andYear12studentswhoareaiming forUniversityentryreceivearangeofsupportat Sevenoaks


Allstudentshaveaccesstoappointmentswith our dedicated Careers Advisor throughout their timeatSevenoaks Itisimportantthatstudentsuse thissupporttogetindividualisedadvice.


AllstudentsenrolledinoneormoreATARcourses in Year 11 will have a weekly scheduled class to assist them prepare for Year 12, which is compulsory

Thiscoursecoversstudyandresearchskillswhich will support students undertaking the demanding ATARpathway


All Year 12 ATAR students attend a timetabled UniversityPathwayssession,whichiscompulsory. During this time, all relevant information for UniversityentryandpreparationforUniversitylife isprovided

Inaddition,allYear12ATARstudentswillhavea predictedATARprovidedforthemfromYear11and willworkdirectlywithourCareersAdvisortoensure that,whenapplyingforUniversityentry,theywill havethebestchancepossible.


EachUniversityoffersarangeofalternativeentry pathwaysintosomeoftheircourses.

Our Careers Advisor works closely with University staff involved in these alternative entry pathways andisanexcellentresourceinthisarea

In2025,weareexcitedtobeabletoofferourYear 12studentstheopportunitytoenrolintheCurtin UniReadyProgram.Youcanfindmoredetailsabout thisoptiononthefollowingpage

Curtin UniReady Enabling Program Curtin UniReady Enabling Program

TheUniReadyEnablingProgramisavailableinyear 12tostudentsatSevenoaksasaWACEEndorsed Program This allows students who would not otherwise meet university minimum entry requirementstodoso,whilstremaininginschool andachievingaWACE.


UniReady is an alternate entry pathway, run by CurtinUniversity Studentscompletefourunitsand upon successful completion of the course, are awarded a notional ATAR of 70 and English competency.Thiswillprovideentryintoanumber ofCurtin’sminimumentrycourses.


Generally,studentswhowishtostudyatUniversity will gain entry via their ATAR score, which is calculatedfromtheresultsoftheirATARcourses However,thisisnottheonlypathwaytoCurtin,as we recognise that there are other non-ATAR studentswhowillbesuccessfulatuniversity

The ATAR pathway focuses on the academic knowledgerequiredforeachspecificfieldofstudy. However, UniReady students develop transferable study and communication skills needed for University. Our core units focus on developing students’ skills in terms of reading, writing and communication. Our optional units introduce students to the different study areas, and cover both the required academic content as well as developinggeneralstudyandtechnicalskills.


UniReady in Schools leads to a range of Curtin Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, HumanitiesandBusinesscourses Viewthefulllist of courses that UniReady leads to at wwwcurtineduau/uniready

Please note, UniReady in Schools students do not have the option to undertake the Mathematics for Science unit and as such do not meet the entry requirements for direct entry to Construction Management and some Science and Engineering courses.


The program is designed to develop students' independent learning skills and prepare them for university study. Students will study the following fourunitsinYear12,twocoursespersemester.


•FundamentalsofAcademicWriting(coreunit) •FoundationsofCommunication(coreunit) •IntroductiontoHealthSciences •IntroductiontoHumanities

Pre-requisites Studentswillneedtohaveachieved: MinimumgradesofAorBinallYear11courses with a course average of 70% or higher in generalcoursesOR ApredictedATARabove65 RequiredOLNAstandards Attendanceabove90%

A sound work ethic including adherence to deadlines and being recommended by course teachers Acapacitytoworkindependently

Certificate IV Certificate IV

Completing an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification at Certificate IV level orabovecanqualifyyouforavarietyofdegrees.Eachuniversityhasdifferentdegreesyoucan applyforandtheentryrequirementsaredifferentforeachuniversity.


Students will have the opportunity to apply to enrol in the Certificate IV in Preparation for HealthandNursingduringyear11.

This qualification provides a clear pathway to the Diploma of Nursing, and other Tertiary pathways(includingsomedegreecoursesatuniversity)thatacceptaCertificateIVasanentry requirement,particularlyinhealth-relatedcareers.

Portfolio Entry Portfolio Entry

Many universities offer a portfolio entry pathway, sometimes known as ‘experienced based entry’. Each university’s application process is slightly different. However, this pathway providesanalternativetoATARentrywhichyoucanplanforduringyear11and12.

Additional Considerations Additional Considerations

ATAR students must be aware of prerequisite ATAR course requirements for entry into their desired university courses. For example, Bachelor of Engineering at Curtin University has a minimumentryATARof80andaprerequisiteofMathematicsMethodsATARandatleastone ofthefollowing:PhysicsATAR,ChemistryATAR,EngineeringStudiesATAR,orequivalent.

Students on non-ATAR university pathways are also strongly encouraged to research course requirementsandcompleteprerequisitecoursesifpossible.

Itisrecommendedthatstudentsactivelyseekthisinformationbyresearchingtheirintended course/


“I absolutely love this course. I want to be a theatre nurse and this training is very relevant and a great step in the right direction. The Cert IV is a perfect pathway for people who want to work in the Healthcare Industry.

IIndustry ndustry Pathways Pathways

"I know the career I want"


havechosenyourfuturecareer, arereadytoprogressonyourjourneytoachievethatcareer,and wishtoworktowardachievingWACE,



anindustryspecificCertificateorcourseinyourchosencareer, relatedworkplacement/s,and otherrelevantcourses


On Campus Industry Consortium Pathways - These pathways are delivered at the Collegeandaresupportedbyanindustryconsortium.TheConsortiumisapartnership between Sevenoaks Senior College and relevant industry partners who provide industryguidance,workplacementsandsupportstudents’pathwaysintotheindustry.


Off Campus Industry pathways - These pathways are delivered off site at TAFE or a privateRegisteredTrainingOrganisation(RTO)oneortwodaysperweek,orthrougha School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship. Students will attend Sevenoaks for the remainderoftheweektocompletetheirstudies.

Note: In the Industry Specific Pathways you will be automatically enrolled in relevant courses. However, you will also select a variety of other courses or a Certificate of your choosing.

“After a four year apprenticeship, I’m proud to say that I’m a qualified Tradesman. I owe a lot of thanks to the teachers at the Sevenoaks Senior College Trade Training Centre for giving me the skills and introducing me to the trade of Boilermaking. I’m really glad I chose to stay and finish Year 12. It’s opened up a lot more doors for me. Now I get to go to work every day doing something I love.”

Automotive Automotive

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

The Automotive Industry Pathway is delivered and assessed through the Sevenoaks Trade Training Centre. This includes an industry standard and superbly equipped Automotiveworkshop.

Consortiumpartnershaveequippedtheworkshopwithextraequipmentsuchas: HeavyDutyengines,toolsandproprietytrainingresourcesfromCummins,and multiplelightautomotivevehiclesfromAHG.

Students participate in work placements with multinational and local partners, including: Cummins, Komatsu, GKR, AHG, WestTrans, ThermoKing and many more. Students are expected to participate in four relevant work placements in the automotiveindustry.

This program has outstanding employment and pathway outcomes for students. Manyacceptatraineeshiporapprenticeshipwhichtheycouldbeofferedduringyear 11 and 12. Some students choose to remain in the program to the end of year 12, applyingforandgainingjobs,apprenticeshipsorcontinuingtofurthertraininginthe industry.


Aviation (drone) Aviation (drone)

On Campus Industry Pathway On Campus Industry Pathway

The aviation pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career either flyingcommercialdronesorinrelatedindustries.

Oncompletionofthispathway,youmayprogressto: higher level or related qualifications, including pilot studies, aviation management,flightattendant,helicoptercrew,andrescuecrew, commercialdronepilot,or a multitude of other careers which incorporate the use of drones, including advertising and marketing, media, artist, architecture, defence forces, events management,mining,police,photography,retail,searchandrescue,surveying, andtraining.

Inyear11,studentswillenrolin: AVI30419CertificateIIIinAviation(RemotePilot), ADWPLWorkplaceLearning*,and fourothercoursesoraCertificateoftheirchoice.

*Placements will be in a variety of workplaces for students to investigate careers where they could potentiallyflydrones.

Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunityto: explore other pathways or courses of their choice, as the AVI30419 is generallycompletedwithinoneyear,or applyfortheCurtinUniReadycourse.

Business Business Administration Administration andManagement andManagement

OOnCampusIndustryPathway nCampusIndustryPathway

The Business Administration and Management Industry Pathway is delivered and assessedatSevenoaksthroughavirtualonlineplatform,inasimulatedbusinessanda relevant work placement. Students will have the opportunity to experience different jobrolesthattheymightencounterinabusinessenvironment.

The outcomes from this pathway are specific to the business environment however, they are extremely valuable for all workers in modern society and future tertiary students wanting to develop valuable computer and word processing skills. Students areexpectedtoparticipateinarelevantworkplacementinthebusinessindustry.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the Business AdministrationandManagementindustry.Youmayprogressto: higher level qualifications which lead to roles in the business field, such as human resources, project management, financial management, small business management,teamleader,smallbusinessoperator,orentrepreneur,or employment as an office assistant, a junior clerk, a junior personal assistant, a receptionist,anadministrationassistant,aclericalworkeroradataentryoperator.


BusinessManagementandEnterprise threeothercoursesoracertificateoftheirchoosing.

Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunitytocombinethispathwaywiththeCurtin UniReadycourse.


Community Services Community Services

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

The Community Services Industry Pathway is delivered and assessed at Sevenoaks throughavirtualonlineplatform,simulatedworkplaceandinrealworkplaces.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the community servicesindustry,youmayprogressto: higherlevelqualifications,and/or employment as an assistant community services worker, an assistant childcare worker,acareserviceemployee,customerservicestaff,socialworkrolesoryouth servicesroles.



ADWPLWorkplaceLearning,and Four othercourses oraCertificateoftheirchoosing

Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunityto: continueintheCHC22015CertificateIIinCommunityServices,or complete the certificate in one-year and have the opportunity to complete the CHC32015CertificateIIIinCommunityServices(asaDualQualification)inYear12, and/or applyfortheCurtinUniReadycourse.

Engineering Engineering

TheprogramfocussesonMechatronicsEngineeringunderpinnedwiththethemesof: automated manufacturing 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC plasma cutter,and CNC router; automated projects including drones, robotic arm, and automated toy electricalvehicle;entryintotheFirstRoboticscompetition;and avarietyofotherprojects.

Projects will lead the way in preparing students for the new digital revolution and for thefutureworkforcethatisneeded.

Students will start with the basics of "C" programming to interface with the arduino microprocessortocontroltheirroboticarms.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the Engineering industry,inwhichyoumayprogresstohigherlevelqualificationsatuniversityorTAFE, and/or heavy duty automotive apprenticeships, CNC programming and operating, traineemechanicaldraftsmen(solidworks)andSTEMrelatedfields.

Inyear11,studentswillenrolin: 226321VICCertificateIIinEngineeringStudies EngineeringStudies, ADWPLWorkplaceLearning,amathematicscourse,and twoothercoursesoraCertificateoftheirchoosing.


Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunitytocombinethispathwaywiththeCurtin UniReadycourse.

Health and Nursing Health and Nursing

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

The Health and Nursing Industry Pathway is delivered and assessed on campus at Sevenoaks by the AMA Training Services RTO code: 2020. The AMA have equipped an outstandingindustrystandardsimulatedworkenvironment.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the health, allied healthandnursingindustry,youmayprogressto: higherlevelqualifications,and/or employment in roles such as a therapy assistant, a physiotherapy assistant, an allied health assistant, a podiatry assistant or a speech pathology assistant, or various other health and community assistance roles within aged care/disability/mentalhealthsectors.

Inyear11,studentswillenrolin: the52890CertificateIIinCommunityHealthandWellbeing ADWPL Workplace Learning to complete compulsory work placement with a relevantindustrypartner,and fourcoursesoftheirchoice

In addition, students have the opportunity to apply to participate in the 52895WA Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing^ mid-year 11 and continue over year12.

Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunityto: enrol in the HLT33021 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance including compulsoryworkplacementwitharelevantindustrypartner, continueinthe52890CertificateIIinCommunityHealthandWellbeing, continue in the 52895WA Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing^, and/or applyfortheCurtinUniReadycourse.

^ThisisapathwaytotheDiplomaofNursing,andotherTertiarypathwaysthatacceptaCertificateIV as an entry requirement, particularly in health-related careers. Make an appointment to speak with ourCareerAdvisorifyouwouldliketodiscusstertiarypathwaysinmoredetail.

Hospitality Hospitality

On Campus Industry Pathway On Campus Industry Pathway

The Hospitality Industry Pathway is delivered and assessed through an industry standardsimulatedkitchenandavarietyofhospitalityfunctionsandevents,including service through a real-life coffee cart which provides coffees for visitors and other students.

Students are expected to participate in a relevant work placement in the hospitality industry.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the Hospitality industry,youmayprogressto: higherlevelqualifications,and/or employment as a bar attendant, cafe attendant, catering assistant, food & beverageattendant,frontofficeassistantorcustomerserviceassistant.

Inyear11,studentswillenrolin: SIT20322CertificateIIinHospitality, FoodScienceandTechnology, ADWPLWorkplaceLearning,and threeothercoursesoracertificateoftheirchoice.

Inyear12,studentswillhavetheopportunitytocombinethispathwaywiththeCurtin UniReadycourse.

Metals and Metals and Engineering Engineering

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

On Campus Industry Consortium Pathway

The Metals and Engineering Industry Pathway is delivered and assessed through the Sevenoaks Trade Training Centre. This is an industry standard and superbly equipped Engineering/Industrialworkshop.

Where possible, the program is delivered in the workshop through real projects provided by local companies. Students are expected to participate in a relevant work placementinthemetalsandengineeringindustry.

Thisprogramhasoutstandingemploymentandpathwayoutcomesforstudents.Many acceptatraineeshiporapprenticeshipwhichtheycouldbeofferedduringYear11and 12.

SomestudentschoosetoremainintheprogramtotheendofYear12,applyingforand gainingjobs,apprenticeshipsorcontinuingtofurthertrainingintheindustry.

Studentswillenrolin: MEM20422CertificateIIinEngineeringPathways, ADWPLWorkplaceLearning, MaterialsDesignandTechnology–Metals,and threeothercoursesoracertificateoftheirchoosing.

SportsCoaching SportsCoaching

Sports Coaching was a new pathway offered at Sevenoaks Senior College in 2024 and isprovingtobeverypopular.TheSportsCoachingpathwayisdeliveredandassessed at Sevenoaks Senior College through a virtual online platform and in real and simulatedcoachingexperiences.

This pathway is one of your first steps toward your chosen career in the sports coachingindustry.Youmayprogressto: higherlevelqualifications,and/or working or volunteering in assistant coaching roles at community-based sports clubsandorganisations.

Studentswillenrolin: SIS20321CertificateIIinSportCoaching, Physical Education Studies General (multisport, soccer specialist or volleyball specialist), ADWPLWorkplaceLearning,and threeothercoursesoracertificateoftheirchoosing.

“Life at Sevenoaks Senior College gives lots of opportunities for growth and knowledge, from supportive teachers to countless resources available for students to utilise. There are also a bunch of activities which promote diversity and provides a safe place for everyone.”

- 2023 Sevenoaks graduate


Off Campus Industry Pathway Off Campus Industry Pathway

Ifyourchosencareerisn’tlistedasanIndustryPathwaynoracertificateoptionatSevenoaksSenior College,youhaveavarietyofoptionstoexperiencedifferentcertificates,including:

apply to TAFE to participate in one of the Vocational Education and Training Delivered to SecondaryStudents(VETDSS)certificateoptionsoneortwodaysperweekwhilestudyingforthe remainderoftheweekatSevenoaksSeniorCollege,or applyasaprivatestudenttoanexternalprogramforoneortwodaysperweekwhilestudyingfor the remainder of the week at Sevenoaks Senior College. This option is called a Notice of Arrangement(NOA).

WitheachoftheseoptionsyouwillenrolinWorkplaceLearningtogainexperienceinthecareerfield TAFEVETDSS

BothSouthMetropolitanTAFEandNorthMetropolitanTAFEofferawidevarietyofVETqualifications tosecondarystudents.

Students attend a TAFE campus one or two days per week to complete their course and participateintheirnormalschoolprogramontheotherdays

Secondary school students undertaking VETDSS courses as part of their secondary education including pre-apprenticeships in schools courses are exempt from tuition, resource and enrolmentfees.However,dependingonthechosencoursestudentsmayberequiredtopurchase auniform,protectiveequipment,textbooksortradeequipment/tools.

Students can apply for these certificates directly to the TAFE however, there is a limited application period Refer to the South Metropolitan TAFE and North Metropolitan TAFE webpages to see how to applyandthedeadlines


A variety of Registered Training Organisations (RTO) offer private certificates for school aged students.Someoftheseareofferedasonlineoroneortwodaysperweek.

Theseprogramsareuserpaysandaprivatearrangementbetweenthestudent,parent/guardianand RTO

If a student enrols in one of these programs, they can apply for a Notice of Arrangement (the NOA application form is available from the Sevenoaks Senior College Program Coordinator –RelationshipsandPartnerships).IftheNOAapplicationisapprovedbytheDepartmentofEducation, thestudentisallowedtobebothastudentattheprivateRTOandschoolpart-time.

School Based School Based Traineeships

and Traineeships and Apprenticeships Apprenticeships

Off Campus Industry Pathway

Off Campus Industry Pathway


School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs) allow high school studentsinYears11or12,toworkforanemployerandtraintowardsarecognised qualification,whilestillcompletingtheirsecondaryschooling.

Your employment and training forms part of your normal College timetable while completingaSBATatSevenoaks.

As a general guide, you work a minimum of 7.5 hours a week, being either a full dayorsplitshiftsonaschooldaybetween8amand5pm.

StudentswillgenerallyidentifyanemployerwillingtoemploythemasaSBAT.The student needs to liaise with the Program Coordinator - Relationships and PartnershipstoestablishtheSBAT.

Exploration Exploration Pathways Pathways

“I think I have one or two ideas about my future and I need some guidance”


areunsureaboutwhichpathwaytotake haveanideaofoneormorecareersyoumaybeinterestedin wanttoexploredifferentoptions



investigate a variety of different careers or post school options to see what mightberightforyou exploreandexperiencetheworldofwork developworkreadinessskills


a relevant certificate/s or courses offered on campus and/or apply for a TAFE VETDSScertificate.

ADWPLWorkplaceLearning CareerandEnterprise two/threeothercoursesorcertificatesofchoice

In year 12, it is expected that students will continue with their program to achieve theirdesiredpathway.

Pleasenotethatthispathwayispersonallydesigned.Consequently,aWACEmayor may not be achieved, depending on your choices. In addition, this pathway may takethreeyearstocomplete.

“I love that I can explore my interests in a way I thought I could never be capable of. I enjoy having the independence to learn new skills and work at my own pace. I love the freedom to choose my pathway and achieve my goals in a flexible, positive, and supportive environment.”

- Jayden, Year 12 Big Picture Academy Student

Big Picture Big Picture Academy Academy

"I understand the Big Picture program and like the

learning style/environment


The Big Picture Academy at Sevenoaks Senior College offers students an opportunity to engage and connect with education by using a personal learning plan to pursue their passion Students learn throughinterest-basedlearning,attendingworkplacements,andcompletingaformalqualification.

Students in the Big Picture Academy learn in an advisory (class) and are taught by experienced advisors (teachers). Each advisory will provide students with a personalised learning program that allowsthemtopursuetheirspecialinterests,whilstachievingvariousacademicoutcomes

The Big Picture Academy is supported by staff specifically trained to work with young people and assist them to manage their busy and sometimes complex lives; these staff include an education assistant,astudentsupportcoordinatorandanurse.

During advisory time, students will learn life-skills and participate in master classes where course content will be taught to ensure they can move along their learning continuum. Students will also enjoy opportunities to learn outside of the classroom via excursions and networking with experts in industry.


StudentswillbeallocatedtoaCertificatecoursethatmeetstheirneeds,ability,andexperience Itis expectedthatstudentswillachieveatleasttwoofthebelowqualificationsduringtheirtwoyearsin theBigPictureprogram:




Studentswhocompletethe22473VICCertificateIIorIIIinGeneralEducationforAdultswillbeableto accessarangeofcoursesatTAFE.Thesearenationallyrecognisedandtransferablequalifications.

TheFSK20119CertificateIIinSkillsforWorkandVocationalPathwaysisvaluableforstudentswishing tomovedirectlytoemploymentorwishingtoexploreothervocationaltrainingopportunities.

The Big Picture Pathway is flexible and allows students to enrol in other courses, certificates and micro-credentialsofferedatSevenoaksSeniorCollege.Thisincludeshavingtheopportunitytoapply forUniReadyinyear12andtheCertificateIVinPreparationforHealthandNursinginyear11 Students alsohaveaccesstosupportprogramsincludingFollowTheDreamandDeadlySistaGirlz.

SCSA SCSA Course Course

Descriptions Descriptions

English English



The English ATAR course focuses on developing students’ analytical, creative, and critical thinking and communicationskillsinalllanguagemodes,encouragingstudentstocriticallyengagewithtextsfromtheir contemporary world, the past, and from Australian and other cultures Through close study and wide reading, viewing and listening, students develop the ability to analyse and evaluate the purpose, stylistic qualitiesandconventionsoftextsandtoenjoycreatingimaginative,interpretive,persuasiveandanalytical responsesinarangeofwritten,oral,multimodalanddigitalforms


TheEAL/Dcoursesaredesignedforstudentswhospeakanotherlanguageordialectastheirfirstor‘home’ language EAL/D focuses on development of the competent use of Standard Australian English (SAE) in a rangeofcontexts.TheEAL/DATARcoursedevelopsacademicEnglishskillstopreparestudentsfortertiary study.


The English General course focuses on consolidating and refining the skills and knowledge needed by students to become competent, confident and engaged users of English in everyday, community, social, further education, training and workplace contexts. The course is designed to provide students with the skills to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways by developing their language, literacy and literary skills. Students comprehend, analyse, interpret, evaluate and create analytical, imaginative, interpretiveandpersuasivetextsinarangeofwritten,oral,multimodalanddigitalforms.


TheEAL/Dcoursesaredesignedforstudentswhospeakanotherlanguageordialectastheirfirstor‘home’ language. EAL/D focuses on development of the competent use of Standard Australian English (SAE) in a range of contexts The EAL/D General course prepares students for a range of post-secondary destinations infurthereducation,trainingandtheworkplace


The English Foundation course aims to develop students’ skills in reading, writing, viewing, speaking and listening in work, learning, community and everyday personal contexts This course is for students who have not demonstrated the literacy standard in the OLNA. Students undertaking this course will improve theirEnglishskillsinspelling,punctuationandgrammar,whichsupportthemtoachieveOLNA.



The EAL/D Foundation course is designed for students who speak another language or dialect as their first or ‘home’ language and who have not demonstrated the literacy standard in the OLNA EAL/D focuses on the mechanics of Standard Australian English (SAE) and its use in the community, the workplace or in furthereducationortraining.Practical,relevanttasksdeliveredthrougharangeofengagingcontextsteach studentstobecomeeffectivecommunicators,codeswitchingbetweenlanguagesordialectssuccessfully


Mathematics Mathematics


The Mathematics Methods course focuses on the use of calculus and statistical analysis. The study of calculus provides a basis for understanding rates of change in the physical world, and includes the use of functions, their derivatives and integrals, in modelling physical processes. The study of statistics develops students’ ability to describe and analyse phenomena that involve uncertainty and variation Mathematics Methods provides a foundation for further studies in disciplines in which mathematics and statistics have important roles. It is also advantageous for further studies in the health and social sciences. In summary, this course is designed for students whose future pathways may involve mathematics and statistics and theirapplicationsinarangeofdisciplinesatthetertiarylevel


TheMathematicsApplicationscoursefocusesontheuseofmathematicstosolveproblemsincontextsthat involve financial modelling, geometric and trigonometric analysis, graphical and network analysis, and growthanddecayinsequences Italsoprovidesopportunitiesforstudentstodevelopsystematicstrategies based on the statistical investigation process for answering statistical questions that involve analysing univariate and bivariate data, including time series data. The Mathematics Applications ATAR course is designedforstudentswhowanttoextendtheirmathematicalskillsbeyondYear10level,butwhosefuture studiesoremploymentpathwaysdonotrequireknowledgeofcalculus Thecourseisdesignedforstudents who have a wide range of educational and employment aspirations, including continuing their studies at universityorTAFE.


The Mathematics Essential General course focuses on using mathematics effectively, efficiently and critically to make informed decisions. It provides students with the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems in real contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings This course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for post-school options ofemploymentandfurthertraining.


The Mathematics Foundation course focuses on building the capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics to meet the numeracy standard for the WACE. This course is for students who have not demonstrated the numeracy standard in the OLNA. It provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems across a range of contexts including personal, community and workplace/employment This course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for post-school optionsofemploymentandfurthertraining.


Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)


AboriginalhistoriesandculturesarefundamentaltothedevelopmentofAustralianidentityandtheformation of contemporary Australian society and as such are a focus of this course. In Year 11, students explore the concept of leadership through the arts, sports and the struggle for civil rights in Australia and in other countries Studentsalsoinvestigatehowcultureisexpressedthroughtheartsandhowthisculturalexpression has changed over time. In Year 12, students investigate the relationship of First Nations peoples with the environment,andculturalinteractionandresilience.


The Geography ATAR course focuses on students’ curiosity about the diversity of the world’s places and their peoples,culturesandenvironments.Itprovidesstudentswiththeknowledgeandunderstandingofthenature, causes and consequences of natural and ecological hazards, international integration in a range of spatial contexts, land cover transformations, and the challenges affecting the sustainability of places In the ATAR course, students learn how to collect information from primary and secondary sources, such as field observationanddatacollection,mapping,monitoring,remotesensing,casestudiesandreports.


The Geography General course focuses on how students can use their imagination, creativity and problemsolving skills to consider the interconnections between places, explore the spatial patterns and processes related to environments at risk, and the protection of such environments through management at local, regional and global levels They will also develop their knowledge of the world around them and the issues facing countries and societies as a result of hazards, globalisation and environmental change. To do this they learn how to collect information from primary and secondary sources, such as field observation and data collection,mapping,monitoring,remotesensing,casestudiesandreports.


The Modern History ATAR course enables students to become critical thinkers and helps inform their judgements and actions in a rapidly changing world. Students are exposed to a variety of historical sources, including government papers, extracts from newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, cartoons, paintings, graphs and secondary sources, in order to determine the cause and effect, and the motives and forces influencingpeopleandevents.Throughtheprocessofhistoricalinquiry,studentsareencouragedtoquestion and evaluate historical sources; identify various representations and versions of history; use evidence to formulateandsupporttheirowninterpretations;andcommunicatetheirfindingsinavarietyofways


The Modern History General course exposes students to a variety of historical sources, including government papers, extracts from newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, cartoons, paintings, graphs and secondary sources, in order to understand the historical narrative including cause and effect, and the forces influencing people and events. Through the process of historical inquiry, students are encouraged to question historical sources; identify various representations and versions of history; use evidence to formulate and support their owninterpretations;andcommunicatetheirfindingsinavarietyofways

37 Career Education Career Education


The Business Management and Enterprise General course focuses on establishing and operating a small businessinAustraliaandaimstoprovidestudentswithanunderstandingoftheknowledgeandskillsofthe processes and procedures required for generating business ideas and turning them into a viable business venture. Factors that impact on business innovation and success, business planning, and legal aspects of running a small business are examined. Students engage in the running of a small business, or participate in business simulations, to develop practical business skills and to develop financial and business literacy Through the consideration of real businesses and scenarios, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills that enable them to analyse business opportunities, develop proposals and make sound, ethical business decisions. The course equips students to participate proactively in the world of business, behave responsiblyanddemonstrateintegrityinbusinessactivities


Careereducationinvolveslearningtomanageandtakeresponsibilityforpersonalcareerdevelopment.The CareerandEnterpriseGeneralcourseinvolvesrecognisingone’sindividualskillsandtalents,andusingthis understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work. The course develops a range of work skills and an understanding of the nature of work. Key components of the course include: the development of an understanding of different personality types and their link to career choices; entrepreneurial behaviours; learning to learn; and the exploration of social, cultural and environmental issues that affect work, workplacesandcareers.

Science Science


The Chemistry ATAR course equips students with the knowledge, understanding and opportunity to investigate properties and reactions of materials. Theories and models are used to describe, explain and makepredictionsaboutchemicalsystems,structuresandproperties Studentsrecognisehazardsandmake informed, balanced decisions about chemical use and sustainable resource management. Investigations and laboratory activities develop an appreciation of the need for precision, critical analysis and informed decision making. This course prepares students to be responsible and efficient users of specialised chemicalproductsandprocessesathomeorintheworkplace Italsoenablesstudentstorelatechemistry to other sciences, including biology, geology, medicine, molecular biology and agriculture, and prepares themforfurtherstudyinthesciences.


TheHumanBiologyATARcoursegivesstudentsachancetoexplorewhatitistobehuman howthehuman bodyworks,theoriginsofhumanvariation,inheritanceinhumans,theevolutionofthehumanspeciesand population genetics. Through their investigations, students research new discoveries that increase our understandingofhumandysfunction,treatmentsandpreventativemeasures Practicaltasksareanintegral part of this course and develop a range of laboratory skills; for example, biotechnology techniques Studentslearntoevaluaterisksandbenefitstomakeinformeddecisionsaboutlifestyleandhealthtopics, suchasdiet,alternativemedicaltreatments,useofchemicalsubstancesandthemanipulationoffertility.


The Human Biology General course gives students a chance to explore how the human body works. Students focus on bones, muscles, nerves and hormones, and how they maintain the body to act in a coordinated manner The causes and spread of disease and how humans respond to invading pathogens are studied, as well as the role of males and females in the process of reproduction Students investigate thebodysystemsthroughrealorvirtualdissectionsandpracticalexaminationofcells,organsandsystems. They research contemporary treatments for dysfunctions of the body systems and are encouraged to use ICT to interpret and communicate their findings in a variety of ways Second-hand data is used to investigatetransmissionofdiseasesfromahistoricalperspectiveandrecentglobalincidences


Science in Practice is a course grounded in the belief that science is multidisciplinary and, in essence, a practical activity The Science in Practice course encourages students to be questioning, reflective and critical thinkers about scientific issues, enabling them to make informed decisions about questions that directly affect their lives and the lives of others. Students will engage in activities and investigations on science issues in the context of the world around them and are encouraged to collaborate and cooperate withothersinthecommunity


The Physics ATAR course focuses on how energy and energy transformations can shape the environment fromthesmallscale,inquantumleapsinsideanatom’selectroncloud,throughthehumanscale,invehicles and the human body, to the large scale, in interactions between galaxies. Students have opportunities to develop their investigative skills and use analytical thinking to explain and predict physical phenomena. Students plan and conduct investigations to answer a range of questions, collect and interpret data and observations,andcommunicatetheirfindingsinanappropriateformat Problem-solvingandusingevidence tomakeandjustifyconclusionsaretransferableskillsthataredevelopedinthiscourse.


The Psychology ATAR course focuses on psychological knowledge which supports an understanding of the way individuals function in groups Students learn about major psychological models and theories, and the methods used to conduct scientific investigations in the discipline of psychology. Students apply research methods and ethical principles as they analyse data to illustrate how empirical procedures are used to examine phenomena, such as memory, attention, attitudes, personality and group behaviour Acquiring this foundation of scientific method and critical thinking is a valuable skill which students can apply throughout theirstudy,workandeverydaylives.


ThePsychologyGeneralcoursefocusesonpsychologicalknowledgewhichsupportsanunderstandingofthe wayindividualsfunctioningroups.Studentslearnaboutwell-knownpsychologicalmodelsandtheories,and the methods used to conduct scientific investigations in the discipline of psychology. Acquiring this foundation of scientific method and critical thinking is a valuable skill which students can apply throughout theirstudy,workandeverydaylives.

Health and Physical Education Health and Physical



The Health Studies General course focuses on health as a dynamic quality of life Students will consider the wayinwhichbeliefsandattitudesinfluencehealthdecisionsandlearnhowtoplanandtakeactionthatwill promotetheirownandthehealthofothers.Theyexaminetheimpactofsocialandenvironmentalfactorson healthanduseinquiryskillstoinvestigateandrespondtorelevantissues Thecoursealsoprovidesstudents withopportunitiestodevelopskillsthatwillenablethemtopursuecareersinhealthpromotion,researchor communityhealthcare.


Physical Education Studies course contributes to the development of students’ physical, social and emotional growth. The Physical Education Studies General course provides students with opportunities to understandandimproveperformancethroughtheintegrationoftheoreticalconceptsandpracticalactivities. Through engagement as performers, leaders, coaches, analysts and planners of physical activity, students may develop skills that can be utilised in leisure, recreation, education, sport development, youth work, health and medical fields. You will be required to demonstrate your understanding via engagement and participationinboththeoryandpracticeinordertobesuccessfulinthiscourse.

*Threecourseoptionsoffered:PhysicalEducationStudies-MultiSport(General),PhysicalEducationStudies -Soccer(General)andPhysicalEducationStudies-Volleyball(General)

Technologies & The Arts Technologies & The Arts


In the Automotive Engineering and Technology General course students develop skills and understandings relatingtothecomponentparts,accessories,systemsandtechnologiesoftheautomotivevehicle.Students develop the principles underpinning the operation of vehicle systems and subsystems. They also develop theknowledgeandskillsneededtoservice,maintainandrepairthesesystems Studentsdevelopeffective communication,teamworkskillsandenvironmentalawarenesswhendevelopingsolutionstoplanningand managingautomotivevehiclesystems.


In the Computer Science General Course students are introduced to the fundamental principles, concepts andskillswithinthefieldofcomputing.Theylearnhowtodiagnoseandsolveproblemswhileexploringthe building blocks of computing. Students explore the principles related to the creation of computer and information systems; software development; the connectivity between computers; the management of data; the development of database systems; and the moral and ethical considerations for the use of computersystems.Thiscourseprovidesstudentswiththepracticalandtechnicalskillsthatequipthemto function effectively in a world where these attributes are vital for employability and daily life in a technologicalsociety.


This course suits students with an interest in creating graphics from scratch, editing images, using various technologies and creating digital artwork and products that communicate messages. The course includes elements of Photography, with a focus on editing and enhancing images and how they can be used to create designs such as clothing, skateboard deck designs, packaging, advertisements, signs, badges, keychains,posters,stationeryandmore.Studentsalsohavetheopportunitytoseetheirdesignsbecomea physical product such as a bag tag or a key ring design. Students will be involved in creating promotional items to support a variety of College events such as Harmony Day, Wellbeing Week, Sevenoaks Got Talent, CollegeBallandmore Studentswilllearnaboutthedesignprocess,elementsandprinciplesofdesignand application of design skills and techniques in design development. Students will also be introduced to intellectualpropertyissues,OHSandsustainabilityrelevanttothedesigncontext.


TheDesign-Photographycoursefocusesondevelopingskillsandprocessesforcurrentandfutureindustry and employment markets. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand design and photographic principles and processes, analyse problems and devise innovative strategies through photographicprojects.


TheEngineeringStudiesGeneral(Mechatronics)courseisessentiallyapracticalcoursefocusingonreal-life contexts. Students apply a design process to research and present information about materials, engineering principles, concepts and ideas, and design proposals. Students develop their engineering technology skills in planning and implementing a process to manipulate tools and machines to produce a prototypeoftheirdesignedsolution OurfocusatSevenoaksisforstudentstoproduceAutomatedprojects through Automated manufacturing using an integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM)approach.


The Food Science and Technology General course provides opportunities for students to explore and develop food-related interests and skills. Food impacts on every aspect of daily life and is essential for maintainingoverallhealthandwellbeing.Studentsorganise,implementandmanageproductionprocesses inarangeoffoodenvironmentsandunderstandsystemsthatregulatefoodavailability,safetyandquality Knowledge of the sensory, physical, chemical and functional properties of food is applied in practical situations.Studentsinvestigatethefoodsupplychainandvalue-addingtechniquesappliedtofoodtomeet consumer and producer requirements. Principles of dietary planning, adapting recipes, and processing techniques, are considered for specific nutritional needs of demographic groups Occupational safety and healthrequirements,safefoodhandlingpractices,andavarietyofprocessingtechniques,areimplemented toproducesafe,qualityfoodproducts.

This course may enhance employability and career opportunities in areas that include nutrition, health, foodandbeveragemanufacturing,foodprocessing,communityservices,hospitalityandretail


MaterialsDesignandTechnology-Metalsisacoursethathelpsstudentstounderstandthemanyaspectsof designing and working with metals. This course offers an insight into engineering trades such as Boilermaking, Welding and Mechanical Fitting as well as providing a possible gateway into further studies towards a diploma in Engineering or possible portfolio entry into a Degree in Teaching (Design & Technology), or Civil or Mechanical Engineering Our Trade Training Centre is equipped with full sized, industriallevelequipmentsothatourstudentscangainreallifeexperienceworkingwithrealmachinery.


The Materials Design and Technology - Textiles course is a practical course Students will investigate, design and manufacture garment and textiles pieces as their major focus Students will learn how to operate such equipment as sewing machines and overlockers that will lead to the development of skills to create a physical product. They will acquire an appreciation of the application of a design process, and an understanding of the need for materials sustainability Students will learn and practise sewing manufacturingprocessesandtechnologies,includingprinciplesofdesign,planningandtimemanagement


If you enjoy working creatively with wood, this course is for you. The aim of this course is to provide you withtheknowledgeandskillstobeabletodesignandmakearangeofcreativeandfunctionalitemsfrom wood. The Materials Design and Technology Wood course is a practical course. Students develop and practiseskillsinthedesignandfabricationofcreativeandfunctionalitemsfromwoodandcomplementary materials, while acquiring an appreciation of the application of a design process, and an understanding of the need for materials sustainability Students will learn and practise traditional and contemporary manufacturingprocessesandtechnologies,includingprinciplesofdesign,planningandmanagement.


The Visual Arts course focuses on experiences and explorations You will develop artworks based on your life, personal experiences and the local environment As part of the course, you will participate in various art experiences aimed at developing your sense of observation. You will explore ideas and approaches to art making using a variety of materials and explorations. When exploring ideas and approaches to art making,youwillinvestigatetheworkofAustralianandinternationalartists

VET VET Certificates Certificates

Vocational Education and Training Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificates (VET) Certificates

These qualifications are proposed offerings for the 2025 academic year. At the time of publication, no agreements have been entered into with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the delivery of these qualifications. On the basis of interest from students in each qualification, the school will initiate a formal partnershipagreementwithanRTOforthedeliveryofthequalification.



Theaimofthisqualificationistoprovidestudentswithskillsandknowledgein: machineprocessing, fabricationtechniquesand usingpowertoolsandcomputersforengineeringrelatedworkactivities.

Aspartofthecertificateyouwillundertakeabasicengineeringproject,includingselectingandinterpreting drawingsandpreparingthreedimensional(3D)sketchesanddrawings.

It provides pre-employment training and pathways in the engineering, manufacturing or related industries andaccommodatesentryintothewiderengineeringindustry


Thisisyouropportunitytodevelopthenecessaryentrylevelskillsandknowledgetoworktowardsacareer inCommunityServicesandHealth

Thisqualificationdevelopsavarietyofhealth-relatedskillsandknowledge,includingbutnotlimitedto: communicationandworkinginhealthorcommunityservices, workingwithdiversepeople, providingfirstaid assistingwithmovement, facilitatingtheempowermentofpeoplereceivingsupport,and maintainingahighstandardofservice

Coveringfoundationmaterial,italsoprovidesinformationontherangeofcareeroptionsandopportunities that exist in the sector and can be used to help guide enrolments into future Certificate or Diploma programs


Theaimofthisqualificationistoprovideyouwiththestudyskillsforfurtherlearninginthehealthindustry, andknowledgeandunderstandingofhumanhealthrelatedtopics,including: sciencesrelatingtohealth medicalterminology humananatomyandphysiology basicprinciplesofmicrobiologyusedinhealthsettings mathematicsinhealthandnursing

TheCertificateIVprovidesapathwaytohigherlevelqualificationsincludingaDiplomainNursingorsome degreesatuniversity.Eachuniversity’sentryrequirementsusingaCertificateIVaredifferentandyoumust investigateeachuniversityindividually.

“Nursing is my passion and the Cert IV is helping me to realise my dream. The course is interesting and we learn a lot about Chemistry, Physics and Human Anatomy but in a practical way.”


Thisisyouropportunitytolearnhowtoflyadrone,whilealsolearningtherulesandrequirementsto operateforcommercialorbusinesspurposes

ThisisthehighestqualificationavailableforhighschoolstudentswantingtoobtainaCivilAviationSafety Authority (CASA) Remote Pilot Licence(RePL) and develop industry leading skills within the remotely pilotedaircraftsystem(RPAS)industry.

ObtainingyourRemotePilotsLicenceisthefirststeptobeingabletooperateremotelypilotedaircraft systems, otherwise known as drones or UAVs, for commercial or business purposes without weight or operatingrestrictions.

Thiscertificateisdeliveredon-campusatSevenoaksSeniorCollegeandatalocalopenspacebySouth MetropolitanTAFE.

Studentscompletingthisqualificationcanpursueemploymentopportunitiesintheindustryorusethe qualificationasapathwayintofurtherstudiesataCertificateIV,DiplomaorAdvancedDiplomalevel. Alternatively, students can explore Certificate III qualifications in aviation, for example pilot studies, aviationmanagement,flightattendant,helicopterandrescuecrewman.


This is your opportunity to learn about the Automotive industry in our superbly equipped Automotive workshoplocatedinourTradeTrainingCentre.Theworkshopisindustrystandard,andhasalsobeen equipped with additional vehicles and equipment provided by multinational and local automotive companies.

Thisqualificationaimsto: provide students with the initial automotive employability skills and knowledge that prospective employersarelookingfor,and reflecttheroleofentrylevelemployeeswhoperformroutinetasksunderdirectsupervisioninthe industrysector.

Studentswill: gainanunderstandingoftheautomotiveindustryinasimulatedworkshop, learnbasicuseofautomotiveworkshopequipment,safeworkpracticesandmanualhandlingskills, and learnthebasicpurposeandfeaturesofvehiclesystems.

Thiscertificateprovidesapprenticeshipopportunitiesintheautomotiveretail,serviceandrepairsectorsof theindustry



Thisqualificationdevelopsskills,knowledgeandexperience: inavarietyofentry-levelbusinessservicesjobroles, inarangeofbroad-basedbusinessskillsthatareapplicabletoalmostallindustries,includingarange ofsomeofthemostcommondigitaltechnologiesandapplicationsusedacrossbusinessestoday,and for individuals who have not yet entered the workforce and are developing the necessary skills in preparationforwork.

Studentswillcarryoutarangeofbasicprocedural,clerical,administrativeoroperationaltasksthatrequire self-managementandtechnologyskills.Studentswillperformarangeofmainlyroutinetasksusinglimited practicalskillsandfundamentaloperationalknowledgeinadefinedcontext.

Theskillsdevelopedinthiscertificatearevaluableformostemployeesandworkers.Theyarealsovery relevant to students, providing fundamental skills to assist their learning, whether at school, TAFE or university.

*Potential Dual Qualification with BSB30120 Certificate III in Business for students who complete the CertificateIIandchoosetoprogresstotheCertificateIII


Students enrol in the BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills and if students complete the Certificate II theycanprogresstotheCertificateIII

Thisqualificationreflectsthevariedrolesofindividualsacrossdifferentindustrysectorswhoapplyabroad range of competencies using some discretion, judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. Students willdevelopandbuildknowledgeandskillssuchas: teamwork,interpersonalandorganisationalcapabilities, digitalliteracy, useofbusinesssoftwareapplications, criticalthinking,and timemanagement.

This qualification provides direct entry to jobs including: Business services officer, Customer Service Advisor,GeneralClerk,ClericalOfficer,JuniorPersonalAssistantand/orfurtherindustry-relatedstudy


This certificate has a childcare, social work and youth services focus Students will develop skills and be assessed on campus at Sevenoaks Senior College and will complete work placement in the community servicesindustry.

Studentswilllearnknowledgeandskillsrelatingto: respondingtoworkplaceproblems, workingwithdiversepeople, providingfirstaid,and personalstressmanagement inthecommunityservicesenvironment

Thisprogramprovidespathwaysto: furtherindustry-relatedstudy, CHC32015CertificateIIIinCommunityServices applyforthe52831WACertificateIVinPreparationforHealthandNursingStudiesinyear12,and community services work such as providing support and assistance to a variety of clients including childcare,agedcare,educationassistantandthedisabilitysector.

*Potential Dual Qualification with CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services for students who completetheCertificateIIandchoosetoprogresstotheCertificateIII.


StudentsenrolintheHC22015CertificateIIinCommunityServicesandifstudentscompletetheCertificate II they can progress to the Certificate III. This certificate has a Childcare, social work and youth services focus

Students will develop skills and be assessed on campus at Sevenoaks Senior College and will complete workplacementinthecommunityservicesindustry.

Studentswilllearnknowledgeandskillsrelatingto: communicatinginthecommunityservicessector, workingwithdiversepeople managingstressintheworkplace,and respondingtoclientneeds

Thisprogramprovidespathwaysto: furtherindustry-relatedstudy,and community services work such as providing support and assistance to a variety of clients including childcare,agedcare,educationassistantandthedisabilitysector.



Bytheendofthistwo-yearcourseyouwill: learntoworkinateamandperformmusicinagroup, developindustryknowledge,and operaterecordingandPAequipmentusingsafehandlingpractices.

You will also gain experience in music creation including song writing. Students may enter the qualificationwithlimitedornoexperience

After completing this course, you can pursue employment in the music industry or complete further industry-related study. However, this is a fantastic certificate for any student, as most employers recognisetheimportanceofwell-roundedemployees


Thisqualificationisdesignedforstudentswhorequirefurtherfoundationskillsdevelopmenttoprepare forworkforceentryorvocationaltrainingpathways

Itisalsosuitableforstudentswhoareinvestigatingtheirfuturecareeroptionsthroughthedevelopment ofavocationaltrainingandemploymentplan.

Itissuitableforstudentswhorequire: apathwaytoemploymentorfurthervocationaltraining, reading, writing, oral communication, learning and numeracy skills primarily aligned to the AustralianCoreSkillsFramework(ACSF)Level3,and entryleveldigitalliteracyandemployabilityskills

This certificate is valuable for students wishing to move directly to employment or to explore other vocationaltrainingopportunities


This is an ideal qualification for those wishing to enter the health industry and support allied health professionalsandtheirclients

The qualification equips students with the skills and knowledge to attain employment in roles such as Therapy Assistant, Physiotherapy assistant, Allied health assistant, Podiatry assistant or Speech pathologyassistant

Thisqualificationdevelopsavarietyofhealth-relatedskillsandknowledge,includingbutnotlimitedto: interpretingandapplyingmedicalterminology, communicationandworkingwithdiversepeopleinthehealthandcommunityservicesindustry, recognisingtheimpactofhealthconditions, respondingtobehavioursofconcern,and applyingbasicprinciplesandpracticesofinfectioncontrol.


This qualification is designed to provide a broad introduction to roles in Information and CommunicationsTechnology(ICT).

Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills, such as: animation, basic cloud computing, basic cyber awareness, digital media skills, generalist IT support services, networking, programming,systems,andwebdevelopment.

Individuals who work in these fields apply broad sets of skills, including critical and creative thinking, management of personal and workplace information, teamwork, ethic and privacy in ICT environments, introductoryprogrammingandadvisingclients.

This certificate is valuable for students wishing to move directly to employment or to explore other trainingopportunitiesintheInformationtechnologyindustry.


OurexceptionalengineeringworkshoplocatedinourTradeTrainingCentreprovidesawell-equippedand industrystandardlearningenvironmentwherestudentsparticipateinreallifeengineeringprojects

This qualification is intended for students interested in gaining exposure to an engineering or related working environment with a view to entering into employment in that area Students will develop introductorytradeskillsandknowledgeinarangeofengineeringandmanufacturingtasks,suchas: weldingandfabrication, useofpowerandhandtools, pullapartandre-assemblyofengineeringmechanisms,and team-workinanengineeringenvironment

This certificate will enhance students’ entry-level employment prospects in an engineering-related workplace, and/or further training opportunities in the industry, including: apprenticeships and traineeships


This qualification provides students the opportunity to enhance and develop their own skills while coachingyoungerstudents.

Thestudentwillgainarangeofbasiccoachingskillsrequiredtoworkunderthesupervisionofacoachto engageparticipantsinsport Thestudentwilldeveloptheskillsandknowledgeto: provideequipmentforactivities, participateinconditioningtrainingforsport, conductsportcoachingsessionswithfoundationlevelparticipants,and assistsupervisorstoprepare,conduct,monitorandevaluateactivitysessions

Successful completion of this qualification will qualify the student to work or volunteer in assistant coaching roles at community-based sports clubs and organisations, and/or pursue further other sport relatedtrainingopportunities



Thisqualificationisintendedtodevelopstudents’knowledgeandskillsabout: safetyandsecurityintheworkplace, foodandbeveragepreparationandservice,and espressocoffeemaking

Successful completion of this qualification provides you with the skills to become a kitchen hand, cook’s assistant, food and beverage attendant, a coffee maker and/or the opportunity to progress into further studyinthehospitalityindustry

“I have dreamed of becoming a chef for as long as I can remember. My childhood was deeply intertwined with the kitchen. My grandmother, a restaurant owner, often found me, the eldest grandchild, lending a hand around the establishment. The Hospitality pathway is helping make my dreams a reality.”


MicroMicroCredentials Credentials

love knowing that I could help save someone’s life in an emergency! Learning FIrst Aid is very important and really got me out of my comfort zone!”

- Willow, Year 11 Student

On Campus On Campus


Agoodbaristaismorethansomeonewhosimplymakescoffees Askilledbaristahasknowledgeofthe entire process to effectively prepare the desired cup of coffee A barista can acquire these skills by attendingtrainingclasses,buttobeskilledtakesasignificantamountofexperience.




Theywillthengainmoreexperiencemakingcoffees,honingtheirskillsthroughpractice Thisprogram willstartparticipantsontheirjourneytobeacompetentandskilledbarista

The micro-credential program is suitable for students who wish to gain coffee making skills to complement their life skills or increase their breadth of career skills and experience, and to support part-timeemploymentoptions



TheProvideFirstAidcoursewouldbenefitstudentsatworkandinpreparationforafuturecareerand personal life.The course provides an excellent general grounding in first aid and will enable you to performappropriatefirstaidproceduresandbasiclifesupportskills.

This unit is appropriate for both work and training requirements across a range of workplace and generallifesettings.

This micro-credential is suitable for students already working, preparing for future work or someone wishingtodeveloptheirgeneralfirstaidskills


WhiteCardisevidencethatyouhavecompletedaGeneralConstructionInductioncourseorWhiteCard course Thiscourseismandatoryforanyonewhoworksorwantstoworkintheconstructionindustry

Students will participate in the unit of competency CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the constructionindustry.UponsuccessfulcompletionstudentswillbeissuedwithaWhiteCard.

Off Campus Off Campus


MetropolitanTAFEsofferavarietyofSkillsSetslocatedonTAFEcampuses.Theseareannounced annually,andSevenoaksSeniorCollegestudentsareencouragedtoapplyfortheseprograms wheretheyfitwiththeirchosenpathwaystudiesatSevenoaksSeniorCollege.


“The Follow the Dream program enabled me to get the guidance and help I needed to get through my senior years and try to gain a pathway to find what I wanted to do in the future. Jennet helped me understand myself better and I had tutors when needed to help with upcoming assignments and exams. I don’t think I would have passed without the encouragement I had from being part of Follow the Dream.”

- Blayre, Sevenoaks and Follow the Dream Alumni

Additional Programs and Support Additional Programs and Support


The Advocacy Program provides support and care toallstudentsatSevenoaksSeniorCollegeandwill help you to adapt to our young adult learning environment Advocacyisamentoringprogramthat supports you in all aspects of your senior schooling sothatyouleaveourCollegewellpreparedforyour future beyond school. Key areas of support include attendance, academic performance and achievementofpost-schoolgoals.

EveryteacheratSevenoaksisalsoanAdvocate.You will be assigned to an Advocate who will stay with youforyourentiretimeatSevenoaks.Advocacyisa timetabledzoneonedayperweekandyouwillalso meet individually with your Advocate several times pertermtodiscussindividualgoals


StudentServicesatSevenoaksisaplacewhereyou canreceivesupportwith:


Practical issues, eg finding accommodation, Centrelink payments, making appointments withcommunityagencies.

Counselling, e.g. family issues, relationships, substance abuse, domestic violence, health issuesetc.

Other personal issues, e.g. anger management, conflictresolution.

Student Services has friendly, professional staff who are here to help. Our team consists of a StudentServicesManager,YouthWorkers,aCollege Psychologist, a College Nurse, a Year 11 Student SupportCoordinatorandaYear12StudentSupport Coordinator.


Career advice is available to all students in our dedicated Careers and Information Hub. You can bookanappointmentheretomeetwithourcareers counsellor, who will advise you on course choices, TAFE and university applications and other career related questions. Our careers newsletter is also distributed to our College community monthly, which features upcoming events in the careers space,jobopportunities,TAFEandUniversitynews, jobspotlightsandmore!


Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students haveaccesstoadditionalsupportprograms.

The Follow the Dream program is an inter-agency initiative managed by the Department of EducationincollaborationwiththeGraham(Polly) Farmer Foundation and private industry sponsors such as BHP Billiton The program specifically supports Aboriginal students with high aspirations astheyfindtheirfutureatSevenoaks.Studentsare selected for the program based on attendance, good grades, and positive attitudes toward their schooling. The goal is to encourage students to complete Year 12 and achieve results that enable entranceintotertiarystudies.

Deadly Sista Girlz is a culturally appropriate healthy lifestyle program which aims to improve engagement and education amongst school-aged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls The program at Sevenoaks enables students to make informed decisions about their personal health and well-being to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle Deadly Sista Girlz is delivered by strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female role models. These mentors offer a stable environment and aim to engage, educate, and empower girls to makepositivechoicesfortheirhealthandfutures


Sevenoaks Senior College is honoured to have the support from some very generous individuals and organisations who share our commitment to ensuring all students have equal opportunity to succeed Sevenoaks offers a number of scholarships for both Year 11 and 12 students to supporttheirlearningwhilsttheyarestudyingwith us.Applicationsforthesescholarshipsopeninlate Term 1 and are awarded in Term 2 of every year Successful applicants are also given the opportunity to meet the donors of their respective scholarship during an award assembly and a specialmorningtea

For more information on all of the above listed programs and support services, please visit our website

Extra Curricular Events and Activities Extra Curricular Events and Activities

As well as supporting students in their academic and career goals, Sevenoaks recognises the importance of developing young adults who are also positive citizens Through a series of events, sport and leadership opportunities, our students areexposedtooutofclassroomlearningthathelps themdevelopintotheadultstheywanttobe


Every year, students at Sevenoaks have the opportunitytoparticipateinanumberofonandoff site events and activities including: the Year 12 School Ball, Harmony Day, Sevenoaks Got Talent, Book Week, Wellbeing Week, NAIDOC, Reconciliation Week and a number of course focussedincursionsandexcursions.


Students can also nominate in both Year 11 and 12 to be part of the Student Guild. The Guild plays an active leadership role in the school, presenting student ideas to the College leadership team Elections are held in March. Once elected to the Guild, students are guided through a leadership program that includes camps, seminars, meetings andcommunityserviceactivities


There are a number of clubs at Sevenoaks which meet and hold activities outside class times including Anime Club, Art Club, STEM Club and Qmmunity(LGBTQIA+).

Sevenoaksalsorunsanumberofcommitteesevery year where students are given the opportunity to be involved in and to have a say on the College Ball,LeaversJacket,Yearbookandarangeofother activities

Joining a club or committee is a great way to be a part of the decisions that affect these important aspects of College life and to make the most of yourfinaltwoyearsofschooling!


Sevenoaks is also proud to field a number of competitive local and inter school sporting teams in football (soccer), futsal, basketball, volleyball, netballandbadminton.Wehavehadmajorsuccess inourvolleyballandfootballteams,beingcrowned division and state champions for volleyball and regional pennant champions in football. Interschool sporting teams are open to all students

What's Next? What's Next?

Onceyouhavereturnedyourenrolmentpackwiththerelevantcompletedformsanddocuments,youwillbe contactedtoarrangeameetingwithoneofourenrolmentteammembers.Inthismeeting,youwillbeguided throughthecourseselectionprocesstoensureweenrolyouintoapathwaythatbestsupportsyourvisionfor yourfuture.YouwillthenreceivefurtherinformationinDecemberregardingbooklistitemsandyour contributionsandcharges.AlluniformpurchasesaretobemadeviaUniformConceptseitheronlineviathe linkonourwebsite,orbyvisitingtheUniformConceptsWillettonSuperstorelocatedat30KemblaWay, WillettonWA6155

Makesuretokeepaneyeonourwebsitewwwsevenoakswaeduauandfollowusonsocialmedia @sevenoaksseniorcollegeforthemostuptodateinformationonallthingsSevenoaks


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