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welcome to soul survivor A! We’re so pleased to see you here in Stafford! It’s brilliant to see familiar faces and new friends and whether this is your first time with us or you’ve been along for the ride since the beginning (we’ve heard that some of you love not having to make the trek down to Somerset!) – it’s great to have you here. Because this is the year of HOPE*, and because it’s something we’re really passionate about, one of our focuses this summer will be on evangelism. We want to make space over the next five days to give everyone a chance to meet with Jesus and to equip you all to tell other people the good news throughout the year. We’ve been hearing amazing stories from HOPE 08 of communities brought together and lives changed and the most exciting thing is that it’s not over yet! There’s still time to get involved so check out the seminars and find out more in the article on page 51.

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As always we’re going to spend a lot of time worshipping, hearing from some inspiring speakers who are passionate about you encountering God in your everyday life and praying with one another. Plus we want to allow space for God to meet with us through his Holy Spirit and to learn how to put our faith into action with the last, the least and the lost. There is loads going on over the week and we hope that you’ll enjoy everything from the packed seminar schedule to the cafes, sports and live music. Check out the rest of the programme to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Have a great week and take every chance you get to find out more, ask questions, enjoy time with your friends and, most importantly, meet with God. With love, Mike

*HOPE 08 is an initiative of the churches of Britain and Ireland which is all about helping Christians to demonstrate their faith in words and actions to their community.


issues with the following... Happiness? Money? Relationships? Time Management? Parents? Anger? and more...

don’t keep it bottled up simply take one a day for ten days

10 talks presented by J.John books . dvd . cd . mp3 . mp4



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the main focus:



Main meeting Times DAY 1: 7.30pm (to give you time to put up your tent!) Days 2-4: 11am and 7pm Day 5: 10am and 7pm

We love hearing about what God does in your life during Soul Survivor!

testimonies We love hearing about what God does in your life during Soul Survivor! Whether you think it’s big or small, don’t forget to let us know. We also love hearing about how the things God did in your life at previous events have changed things for you since then. You can scribble down your testimony and put it in the box on stage during the event or email us when you get a chance: (If you would like this to be kept confidential please let us know.)

Hang around Soul Survivor long enough (i.e. for about two and a half minutes) and you’ll find there are some things we’re pretty passionate about. First and foremost we think there’s nothing more important than people developing and deepening their relationship with God. The thing we’ve found is that the more time we spend in worship, hearing from the Bible and praying for each other, the more we get to know Jesus and find out how we can be more like him. So that’s what we do! While we’re here at Soul Survivor we’ll get together in a huge tent every morning and evening for what we call worship, teaching and ministry. So what are these things all about?

which tell him how amazing we think he is. We do this not because God gets a bit insecure if we don’t, but because we know that only he is worthy of our praise and the Bible tells us this is important. Focussing on him also takes our minds off us and helps us to open ourselves up to God and what he wants to say to us. We might sing energetic songs, slow songs, have a bit of quiet, spend some time shouting or whispering our praises. You might want to stand, sit, kneel or dance; this isn’t about someone telling you what to do, it’s about having the freedom to express to God how much you love him and you having time to come close to him.



Loving God and worshipping him is about the whole of our lives and can be expressed in loads of different ways from opening our mouths and telling him we think he’s great to buying someone who is homeless and hungry some food. When we get together we choose to express our worship through singing songs to God

As well as the massive selection of seminars on offer, we have different speakers in our main meetings so we can learn something from their understanding of the Bible and their experiences of following God. We’re not setting them up as experts or pretending they have everything sewn up, but we think

that they have things to share with us that will encourage us to be more like Jesus.

Ministry We can hear challenging and inspiring talks and get really excited about God using us and all the ways we want to serve him, but we can’t do it in our own strength. Ministry is about coming before God with our needs and our longings, our hurts and our hopes. When we ask God to minister to us we’re asking him to empower us, to speak to us, to heal us, to change, challenge and direct us. We want to encourage everyone to take part in the ministry, to have prayer and to pray for others. We do have an experienced ‘Enabling Team’ who will be moving around to make sure things stay safe and for you to grab if you have any questions. To find out a bit more about ministry and how to pray for people, turn to the Ministry Times at the back of the programme.



* If you come across someone who is trying to force their views on you and others please do let us know immediately (come to Information) so we can deal with the situation.

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We think you’re special. Awwwww. OK, so cheesiness aside, we really do. So we do everything we can to make Soul Survivor a safe place for you and an environment where you feel loved, accepted and respected. For example in our ToolShed venue you will only find charities and organisations who won’t give you a hard sell, will not pressure you to think a certain way or buy a certain product and there will be no sexism, racism or any other type of discrimination.* We also don’t allow anyone to market their products or services to you during our main meetings. That means if Mike & co recommend a book, CD, charity, project or anything else from stage it is because it is something they believe in, have found to be beneficial and think will help you. They’ve not been paid, bribed or bullied to say it!!

Tell us what you think… Don’t forget to let us know what you think about Soul Survivor, what you liked and what you didn’t! Just go to our homepage ( ) and follow the link to share your views. You could even win a special prize! 6

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All this and much more at the Oasis stand this Soul Survivor. Come and speak to us about hope, life, your future and much more.


furnace: chat room: just looking: late night worship: 8

Times: 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm Meeting God whilst surrounded by thousands of other Christians can be an amazing experience but if you’d like a slightly quieter place to go after the main meetings where you can ponder on the things God has been saying to you and chat to him a bit more, then Furnace is for you. You don’t have to be a Prayer Warrior to come along – even if you feel a bit daunted by the whole idea of prayer you’re really welcome to drop by, be inspired by the creative ideas and find new ways to reflect, meditate and meet with God in a relaxed and informal way.

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Late Night Worship 10.30pm-11.30pm

One of the things we all love about our time together in the summer is having lots of space to worship our amazing God. And sometimes we just can’t get enough. So each night while the cafés are still buzzing a few of us sneak off for a little bit more. The setting is relaxed, the mood creative and the whole thing is informal. If you want to spend just a bit more time soaking in God’s presence and processing some of the things he’s been saying to you, what better way to use some of your last waking moments?

Just Looking Times: 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm If you’re new to Christianity or to Soul Survivor you might have a few questions buzzing round your head. If you’d like to talk to someone who’s not looking to tell you what to think but who would be happy to help you work through anything that’s on your mind, then ‘Just Looking’ is just for you! It’s relaxed and informal so you can pop in anytime they’re open to let your thoughts run wild.

Chat Room Times: 2.30pm-5.30pm Sometimes you just need to talk. Whether it’s about things that are happening in the ministry times, general questions about God and faith or anything else that’s on your mind at all really. Our team can offer prayer, advice or just a listening ear and would love you to pop in and say hello (they get a bit bored otherwise).



100 professionals needed to put their feet where their faith is and meet China’s needs 01732 887299

café uno: Times 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm

By day Café Uno is as laid back as an afternoon nap on a sun lounger in Crete. It prides itself on a relaxing atmosphere, delicious cakes to tempt your tastebuds, gorgeous hot chocolate to melt into and not taking life too seriously. But every evening the resident jazz café band (see below) will take over and turn the place upside down with their crazy tunes that will have you dancing, singing, humming and smiling for many hours to come.

s as i o n U Café back as an laid noon nap on after lounger a sun ete. in Cr

café uno bands: Have you heard the rumour yet? If not get down to Café Uno to check out this brilliant five-piece band for a musical journey from Motown through to the current charts.


soul action café: Times 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm

Throw yourself onto a pile of cushions, find a patch of grass to lie down on or simply pull up a chair, but whatever else you do in the Soul Action Café – relax! Let fairly-traded teas, coffees and hot chocolates quench your thirst for fluids and ethical living and take your pick from the delicious cakes that will tempt your taste buds and delight your stomach. Don’t be fooled though by the café’s laid back vibe, behind the calm exterior lies a revolution. OK, it’s a Soul Survivor and Tearfund style revolution so there’s no blood to be shed here, but it’s all about change none-the-less. Find out more and get involved…


Slumming it with Soul Action Soul Action is the bit of Soul Survivor that is committed to talking about - and acting on - God’s heart for justice. It’s about inspiring, encouraging and equipping us all to follow Jesus with no ifs and no buts. Showing our love of God by loving our neighbours. Living out His call to stand with and serve the last, the least and the lost all over the world. We work alongside our friends at Tearfund to make Soul Action happen. The dream is to inspire a generation of Christians who get it: that God loves us to love others, that worship and justice go hand in hand, that we can’t love God without loving our neighbours. Soul Action supports projects and friends working in poor communities throughout the world, but also offers loads

of practical initiatives that help you to raise awareness of the issues facing some of the worlds poorest. This is where you come in… we want you involved! Take a look and see what you can do from a simple action, to serving for several months overseas!

Soul Action at Soul Survivor There’s a few different ways to connect with Soul Action whilst at Soul Survivor. Have a read, make sure you know what’s what, and come and say hello sometime. Soul Action in the Main meeting: You won’t miss this one. Every evening there will be a short Soul Action film showing how the money raised over the last 12 months has had an impact. Soul Action stand: The place to be to find out everything about Soul Action ever. Come and have a chat and we’ll see if we can get you started on a Slum Survivor or Noise event, overseas team, AOK Day mission and more besides… Daily AOK task: This is where it gets fun. The AOK (Act of Kindness) revolution has been quietly overturning our ‘me me me’ centred world for a year or two now. To join in check the screens in the main meeting venue before our morning and evening meetings to see our suggested AOK missions for each day. Slum Survivor taster sessions in the Soul Action Café: About one sixth of the world’s population live in slums. It’s hard to believe what life is like for these one

billion people. Insecurity, hunger, disease, financial poverty, hardship. Slum Survivor is our chance to stand with these people. To raise money, awareness and have our attitudes changed over the course of a weekend. Come and experience Slum Survivor for an hour in the Soul Action Café one afternoon. Soul Action seminars: We’ve got a whole seminar stream called Soul Action where you can find out everything from the biblical mandate on justice through to stuff on international development and making ethical and God centred decisions about our money, careers and lives. You can read more in the seminar guide. Soul Action Fun Run: Not one for the faint hearted, Day 4 sees the fourth annual Soul Action Fun Run. Get sponsored, or be a sponsor and help raise a bit of money for the projects Soul Action supports. Find out more on page 19.

Soul Action throughout the year Pull your socks up and get ready to get going with Soul Action in 08 and 09! Check out the stuff you can do when you get back home… AOK Day: Join the revolution! Pick up an AOK (Act of Kindness) flyer, do the suggested missions, write down your stories and let us know how it all went. Check www. for more acts, stories, encouragements and more. Go on, go out of your way to make someone else’s day!

Prayer: It might seem that in the face of such poverty and injustice, we are helpless to do anything. But, we can pray. Check for regular prayer updates on what is happening around the world. Seek God for your community, nation and world. Slum Survivor: Pick up our brand spanking new CD ROM/DVD from the Toolshed and get started on planning and running your very own Slum Survivor event. Spend a few days the way a billion spend a lifetime and limit your lifestyle to raise money for and awareness of poor communities around the world. Slum Survivor in schools: A brand new initiative…Slum Survivor as part of the school curriculum. If you’re a teacher, or youth worker involved in schools work, then check www. for a free resource pack! Go to serve from January 2009: There are placements on teams serving in Durban for 3 months leaving in January. Spaces are limited so find out more at the Soul Action stand or check www. when you get home. The Noise: Get started in bringing Jesus’ light and life to your community with a one off weekend or regular social action initiative. See what other churches are up to and get some ideas at www.soulaction. org/thenoise


Slum Survivor in your church! 24th – 26th October*

New resources to help you get started!

Spend a day, night or weekend getting sponsored to live with the basics, creating your own shelters and learning about life in the slums and temporary settlements that house many of the world’s poor. Choose to undergo all new challenges based on the reality of life on the streets or a child headed household. Exist on a limited diet, pray for change and raise money for Soul Action sponsored projects working in poor communities throughout the world.

New in 08 is a great FREE DVD and CD ROM pack with video sessions on poverty, justice and God, plus a whole bunch of new challenges, bible studies and ideas to get you started on organising a Slum Survivor. Visit the Soul Action stand in the ToolShed to get a copy for your group (or visit when you get home) and check out the afternoon Slum Survivor taster sessions in the Soul Action Cafe for loads more info, resources and ideas on making your Slum Survivor event happen. Be inspired to raise money and awareness for change by holding a Slum Survivor weekend, day or night in your church!

* Suggested

nationwide dates, but you can run an event whenever you want.


In the last year over 235 churches ran a Slum Survivor event helping to raise in excess of £155,000 for Soul Action projects in poor communities throughout the world, which is amazing! Thanks to all of you who were involved. w. www.soulacƟ | e. info@soulacƟ | p. 0870 054 3331 | f. 0870 054 3334 Soul AcƟon, Unit 2 Paramount Industrial Estate, Sandown Road, Waƞord, UK, WD24 7XF Soul AcƟon is a joint iniƟaƟve of Tearfund and Soul Survivor and operates under the charitable status of Soul Survivor. Charity number is 1080720. Company Limited by Guarantee Reg No. 03991111.

dreggs café:

Times 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm

What goes on in the Dreggs Café is the stuff of legends. If you’ve not been to Soul Survivor before you may have heard the wild rumours but even they are unlikely to have prepared you for the reality. What goes on in the Dreggs Café is the stuff of legends. If you’ve not been to Soul Survivor before you may have heard the wild rumours but even they are unlikely to have prepared you for the reality. The games of Deal or No Deal are fun, but pretty tame compared to the competitions to drink a can of coke through your mate’s sweaty sock or glug your way through a pint of sunflower oil. Euughhh. When not busy breaking the Code of Good Behaviour, the café also plays host to the Dreggs Arcade

where you can take your pick from games consoles and racing games and the Dreggs Salon which offers manicures, hair braiding and straightening.

If you think you’re ready for the mayhem, then enter at your own risk…

This year you can buy tasty toasties alongside your favourite chocolate, sweets and drinks from the lovely Dreggs Café workers, but be warned – they are prone to going mad, getting stuck into the entertainment and creating the crazy, mixed up world that is the Dreggs Café.


Times: 9.30pm-11.30pm

mr boogies:

If it’s cheesy, it’s here! Mr Boogies is the very definition of a Boogie Wonderland, serving up classic disco dishes from the last thirty years, sprinkled with as much cheese as you can manage. They might not inspire your


coolest dance moves but these songs will definitely make you smile as you throw some shapes to bands as varied as Take That, Steps, The Village People and those Kings and Queens of unashamed pop – Abba!

If it’s cheesy, it’s here !

Every night the tunes will be blaring out and Mr Boogies has only one goal in life: to make you dance. Don’t let him down and you’re sure to find it’s a tasty treat!

d: i l u o l e l c Just because we’re in the middle of a bunch of fields doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we’re at the local multiplex (except you won’t feel ripped off at the entrance price because there isn’t one!!). So settle down and finish the day with some of cinema’s finest offerings and bring the biggest bucket of popcorn you can find.

Evan Almighty PG Congressman Evan finds his life is turned upside down when God (in the form of Morgan Freeman) turns up and mysteriously asks him to build an ark. Evan’s family think he’s having a mid-life crisis but as the animals flock two-by-two and international interest builds, everyone begins to wonder if the promised flood will arrive.

High School Musical 2 PG School’s out for summer. And for our friends Troy, Gabriella, Chad and Taylor, that means getting work at a Country Club. There’s only one snag – Sharpay’s family own the club and she’s intent on splitting up Troy and Gabriella, stopping at nothing to make life hard for the others so she

can tempt him away for herself. Plenty of catchy sing-a-long songs and flashy dance routines make this film as legendary as the first High School Musical.

Ratatouillie U If you’re a rat who wants to become a chef there are one or two obstacles to overcome. Not least of all that no one likes to see vermin in the kitchen. Remy isn’t going to let that put him off and when he finds himself living beneath one of the most famous restaurants in Paris, it looks like his dream may be within his grasp. The Spiderwick Chronicles PG Warning. Do not dare to read this book, for if you take one fateful look, you face a deadly consequence….. When Jared finds a book with these words on the cover, intrigue gets the better of him and he goes ahead and opens it. His actions have a bigger impact than he could have imagined and he finds that to save his family he must journey into a magical world and uncover its secrets.

Showings: 10pm

Stardust PG Ever tried to find a fallen star? That’s exactly what Tristan must do if he’s to win Victoria’s hand in marriage before the other man in her life (Humphrey) can propose. On journeying to the magical realm of Stormhold, Tristan discovers the ‘star’ it is actually a beautiful woman called Yvaine who he needs to persuade (or force) to come home with him. But Yvaine is in popular demand; a trio of witches are chasing her too knowing they will regain their youth if they can cut out her heart. An all star cast form for this fairytale that comes heaped with special effects.

Bring the biggest bucket of popcorn you can find. 17

sports: Outdoor sports: 1pm-6pm Indoor sports:

1pm-6pm and 9.30pm – 11.30pm


(Sign up from 10pm on Day 1 at the Indoor Sports venue)

2008 hasn’t been a good summer for football. Everywhere we go we see reminders of a little tournament we weren’t a part of. Bad times. But! All is not lost. As we don’t let small things like European Championships throw us off our game, we’ve got our very own five-aside football tournament happening here! Sign up in the Sports Venue on Day 1 to get your team in with a chance. The football cage will also be back so you can try your luck at some Panna football. Nutmeg your opponent for ultimate glory and honour! If football is not your thing you can still get stuck into the sports programme with some basketball, skateboarding or getting involved in the fun run!

Tournaments: • Football tournament: Days 2, 3 and 5, 1:30pm – 6:00pm in the Outdoor sports arena • The Soul Survivor Village ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge! (Sign up from 4pm on Day 3) Get together with other campers from your bit of the showground and enter into a good old Butlin’s-esque funday. Featuring all the classics: a bean bag relay, sack races, egg and spoon races, a tug’o’war and of course a water bucket challenge. Will Pink 5 be victorious, who knows… try your luck and see if you can be crowned the Soul Survivor Village ‘It’s a Knockout’ champions


Organised events: for 2008. (Teams of five people from the same village, with a minimum of 3 under 16 year old’s to encourage fairness!) Day 4, 2:00pm – 4:30pm • Coaching Sessions: Under 11’s Football Days 3 and 5, 1:30pm – 2:30pm in the Outdoor Arena

• Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee Days 3 and 5, 3:00pm – 5:00pm in the Outdoor Arena • The Soul Action Fun Run Day 4, 5:30pm (5:15pm for warm ups) at the Outdoor Arena

Soul Action Fun Run Day 4, 5.30pm Map Ref: F4 There are various ways to get involved with the Fun Run. 1) Dig out your trainers, do some lunges and stretches taking a few hearty breaths like a seasoned pro then leg it round the course to the sounds of cheering crowds. Finish the two mile run and feel intensely smug about how sporty/ charitable and well meaning you are. 2) Find a wig, a comedy hat or even a whole chicken costume and get dressed up, enjoying the smiles on your fellow camper’s faces as you pass by, doing your bit to bring sunshine and joy everywhere.

lift: Times: 1pm -2.30pm / 5pm – 6.30pm / 9.30pm – 11.30pm Indoor Sports: 9.30pm – 11.30pm only Our favourite skateboarding venue has travelled all the way from Somerset to be with us this year. All skill levels are welcome whether you’ve yet to learn if you’re regular or goofy, are near to perfecting your Ollie or are a seasoned pro and can do a Kickflip in your sleep. There are two sessions so you can practice your switch-stance fakie ollie before and after the main evening meetings.

3) If you’re not the sporty type then dig deep into your pockets and pull out some cash to spur your running mates on as they take up the challenge. Any which way you approach the Fun Run you can pat yourself on the back as you’ll be raising vital cash for Soul Action projects! To find out more about Soul Action and where the money raised from the Fun Run will go, see the Soul Action article on page 13. Sign up at Information, the Sports desk in the Indoor Sports venue, the Soul Action stand in the ToolShed, or the Soul Action café.


gigs: There’s nothing quite like seeing a band live. The sights, the sounds, the smells. OK maybe let’s not focus on the smells, but the rest is great and here at Soul Survivor you get to check out not just one great band but at least one great band every night! Unlike the normal live music scene you don’t have to travel anywhere, hand over a crazily expensive ticket to get in, or have to book months in advance to get in on the action. You can just turn up, tune in and have a brilliant time!



Who can deny the genius that is onehundredhours? They sing, rock and play like the pros they are, stirring up any crowd with their anthemic tunes and thought-provoking lyrics. With a heart for justice, the new collection of songs from their latest album ‘As sure as the stars’ sees the band’s desire to worship collide with their prayer to impact those outside the walls of the church. You see, onehundredhours don’t just talk the talk. They’re a band that’s all about getting out there, bringing God’s hope and speaking of God’s grace to audiences around the world and if you listen up they might just tell you about one of their other great passions - raising awareness of and fighting HIV/AIDS through

This three-piece rock outfit have been busy touring with Delirious? this year but have found the time in their schedule to come and play the world famous Soul Survivor gigs venue. They bring with them a unique sound that blends such diverse influences as Supergrass, Foo Fighters, The Divine Comedy, Alter Bridge, Hooberstank and Duke Ellington.

29th Chapter The 29th Chapter are four young guys who have gone from the realms of relative hip-hop obscurity to the brink of international acclaim and have set themselves apart in their sound, their mission and their individuality. Never afraid to express themselves The 29th Chapter have built a large,





faithful and eclectic fan base around the world who love their explosive live performances. If you’ve heard them before you’ll already know you love their style. Not been to a gig? Then come along and be converted to their fresh sounds.

LZ7 Take a free runner, mix him with a rough emcee/front man, a slick turntablist/wingman, and a dancer that has danced with everyone from Take That to Snoop Dog then you have the band that is LZ7. And believe us when we say LZ7 have beats to get the party off. If you like your live band mixed with a fat track and laced with a dash o’ rap and breaks then you will love this lot. The LZ7 show features a full live band complimented by a scratch DJ, emcee, singers, dancers and free runners bouncing all over the place.


bandstand: Times: 2pm Each and every afternoon you have an opportunity to show your skills to an admiring audience. Get practicing your talents then sign up at the Bandstand to book a slot and show your fellow campers. Don’t forget our spies will be keeping watch to ďŹ nd the best of the best, who will get the opportunity to play a gig at the main meeting venue on the last night!

The line up Day 1


Day 2

29th Chapter

Day 3


Day 4

onehundred hours

Day 5

Best Of Bandstand


29th Chapte r

cing i t c a r p t e G nts your tailgen up at then s ndstand the Ba 21

toolshed and soul survivor café: Even bigger and better than last year, the ToolShed venue now has a Soul Survivor café right at its very heart. This is the place to come not only for a cup of tea and slice of gooey niceness but also where you can find out a bit more about Soul Survivor (what we do and why we do it) as well as hearing more about what we get up to when we’re not camping on a showground in Stafford.


Times 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm

Sprawling out from that centre of warmth and loveliness you’ll find all manner of resources, information and organisations we think you’ll love. You can buy CDs, books and Bibles as well as finding out about Gap Year opportunities, getting hold of seminars you’ve missed, chatting to Christian charities about ways you can get involved in their work and check out the job opportunities board.

the office: You might like to know that… • Any merchandise you find in the ToolShed is sold either because we think it is a great resource or product for you or because it is raising money for a charity

The Stafford Showground has many things going for it. In-tent broadband isn’t one of them. But you don’t need to worry that you’ll suffer internet withdrawal symptoms because The Office is here to help. For a measly sum (30p per 15 minutes) you can surf the internet at your leisure, updating your Facebook status, catching up with your friends on Bebo and MySpace or even going retro and sending them an email.

• No one should market to you outside of the ToolShed • Everyone exhibiting has been asked to play nicely (and we’ve checked them out to make sure they will!). No one should be trying to push any ideas or agenda on you or pressuring you to part with any cash either. The ToolShed should be a relaxed place for you to enjoy so if you think someone isn’t playing by the rules, then let one of the nice people in Information know.

Sprawling out from that centre of warmth and loveliness you’ll find all manner of resources information and organisations we think you’ll love.


art shed: Times: Days 2-5, 4pm

We all have a different idea of what makes a good piece of art. Some love the mindbending images of Dali, others prefer the more calming paintings of Monet. Some say Damien Hurst is a genius for his tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde, some wonder if he is slightly off his rocker. No matter. Whatever you like, whatever your level of expertise, come along to the Art Shed to marvel, critique and discuss the works on the walls. Stand amazed in silence or shout aloud how great you think it is – this isn’t a stuffy old gallery so there will be no one in a suit and cap giving you the evil eye.

Workshops Don’t be put off if you consider yourself artistically challenged; workshops will help get you started, exploring ways to help you get creative and communicate with God through artwork.


performing arts workshops: Times: 4pm Venue: Rockets/Late Night Worship

Who’s the star of the show? This week it’s you! We’ve called in the experts to put you through your paces, to give you loads of inside tips and to get you ready to perform. Each workshop focuses on something different (drama, vocal or dance) and you can pick one or two or go to all three. The best bit? At the end of the week anyone who wants to will get a chance to show off everything they’ve learned in a special showcase! Day 2:

Drama workshop hosted by the Inside Out Theatre Co.

Day 3:

Vocal workshop hosted by Blush UK

Day 4:

Breakdance and Hip Hop dance workshop hosted by Tim Owen from The Message

Day 5:

Show off everything you’ve been practicing at this unique showcase!

Not like the Jam and Paul Weller, but a bit more like the Christians around the world who everyday face persecution for their belief in Jesus. Our mates over at Underground, the youth bit of Brother Andrew’s Open Doors, support the Church in countries around the world where being a Christian is a life threatening commitment.

We reckon that standing with those who share our faith but not our freedom is part of being a Christian. As followers of Jesus we’re part of the same family. This family stretches across the time zones, across the nations, cuts through all restrictions and no go areas… It unites us like nothing else.

Miriam (Ethiopia)

The vision is of a world in which every Christian who is persecuted is remembered and supported by other Christians: where we seek to alleviate their suffering, and to help them extend God’s Kingdom in their part of the world.

Hannatu (Nigeria)

Out of the 200 million people persecuted for their faith in Jesus, 60% are young people…

Miriam’s Dad, an evangelist, was murdered in October 2006. His attackers tried to force him to deny his faith and convert to Islam before he died. But he bravely preached for Jesus and prayed for his family. Miriam’s mum and six brothers and sisters are determined to follow Jesus despite their loss.

Hannatu was expelled from uni for being a Christian. A while later her home was broken into, the attackers were after her, instead they found her sister Jemima. She was beaten and nearly died. Hannatu now lives in hiding, studying in another country: “I know extremists are after my life, and that is why I had to leave my family. I miss the comfort of being with my parents, but I have no regrets. This is part of carrying my cross”.

How about walking in their shoes? Join in the campaign and help raise awareness to do something about stopping persecution of Christians in other countries. Use your freedom to make a statement about injustice and buy a pair of shoe laces to support persecuted Christians around the world. Visit the Underground/Open Doors stand in the ToolShed to get your laces and to find out more about what you can do to stand with your brothers and sisters who face abuse and harm because of their love of Jesus. Put the 8th November in your diary and join with other to pray for the persecuted Church around the world.


kids work: Though Soul Survivor is aimed at teenagers, we don’t forget there are little ones with us too! We get the under 11s into two age groups - 0-4s (Sparklers) and 5-11s (Rockets) and both have sessions from 11am-1pm (doors open at 10.45am so you can drop off your charges before heading to the main meeting).


Registration Registration for ALL children will be in their individual venue (i.e. Sparklers or Rockets) from 5pm 7pm on arrival day (DAY 1). When you bring your child/children to the venue, a member of the team will take the details for you and your child and issue you with a security card. The number on the security card will correspond with the number given to your child so please keep it safe. You will need to show the card at each session and sign the child in and out as an added security. All children will be issued with a plastic security wristband for the event when they register.

Day 2 onwards:

Special needs

All children will need to arrive at 10.45am each day. This also allows parents adequate time to register their child and still get to the start of their own main morning meeting. Parents/ guardians collecting under 10s MUST have their security card with them. This is strictly enforced: no card, no child. Please collect children promptly at the end of the session.

We want to do as much as possible to welcome and include all children irrespective of their particular needs. If your child has additional needs then please make a point of speaking to the Team Leader for their age group at the earliest opportunity (if you haven’t already) so that they are fully aware of how to care for your child in each session.

Day 5: morning sessions run from 10am – 12pm to allow for morning Communion.

Family Films are shown daily at 7pm in Celluloid but children must be accompanied by a parent or a nominated adult. One adult can accompany up to four children so you might find it handy to sort out a rota with other families and take it in turns to be the responsible adult! Day 1: Ratatouille Day 2: Enchanted Day 3: Madagascar Day 4: High School Musical 2 Day 5: Shrek 3rd

All our kids work is run by workers accountable to Soul Survivor with all appropriate welfare training and Child Protection procedures in place to provide the safest environment possible.

l Though Srouis aimed Survivoagers, we at teen orget there don’t f tle ones with are lit us too!



SPONSOR A CHILD Through Compassion’s child sponsorship programme you can step into the life of a child in desperate need and ensure they receive education, healthcare, food, clothing, love, support and the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. For less than 60p a day you can change a child’s life forever.





It’s not the most inspiring of titles we’ll admit that, in fact it’s a bit more of a ‘does what it says on the tin’ type heading. Here you will find all the seminars that can’t quite be squeezed into another category and this covers a whole load of tasty treats such as the Soul Sista and Soul Man streams, evangelism, discipleship and how to handle being the only Christian in your family/friendship group.


There are no seminars today! Soul Survivor A will officially kick off at 7.30pm with an evening celebration in the Main Meeting venue. After that, the following will be open and available for your entertainment and enjoyment!

day one:

Gigs (Main meeting venue): Get a buzz from checking out Electralyte @10pm Celluloid: Watch Morgan Freeman as God and Steve Carell as a modern day Noah in Evan Almighty @ 10pm. Cafés: Take your pick from the catchy pop/rock tunes live in Café Uno, the laid back Soul Action vibe or the hyper-intensive Dreggs – all open from 9.30pm Mr Boogies (9.30pm): Ham it up to the cheesy tunes Furnace: Open @ 9.30pm for you to offer your prayers to God Late Night Worship: Spend some more time worshipping God from 10.30pm





SoulNet - Mike Pilavachi

Soul Sista: A Forgiven Sista – Ali Martin

To kick off the SoulNet programme Mike will use this session to talk about God’s heart for this generation and make time for a Q & A. Café Uno (81001)

The gospels tell a cringe-worthy story about a girl caught in the act! She’d made a LOT of mistakes, and everyone knew it. They’d seen it with their own eyes. But when Jesus looked at her, he saw more than her past. He saw a new kind of future. Come and hear the story of someone who messed up, but got the chance to start again. There was hope for her, and there’s hope for us. Main meeting venue (81007)



‘The poor will always be with you…’ – Emily Vesey What do we make of the story in the Bible where a woman anoints Jesus with perfume? It’s a strange one that sparks off a debate about piety, poverty and worship. In fact Jesus says that the woman’s action is so significant that wherever the gospel is preached, so her story will be told. So, if Jesus thought so highly of it, what can we learn from the whole situation and how do we make sense of the comment that the poor will always be with us? A lesson in how worship, justice and compassion must all sit together… Soul Action Café (81002)

Plugged in to the Holy Spirit – Jeannie Morgan

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus on the inside, behind closed doors and in our hearts? And how do we live it outdoors, around our friends @ school, college, uni or work? Dreggs (81003)

How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? Can anyone speak in tongues? What are gifts of the Holy Spirit? How can I receive them? There will be plenty of opportunity during this seminar to get some answers, receive and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a relaxed setting. Seminar A (81009)


This seminar is for all teams and is open to anyone who would like to see God move when they pray for others. Andrew will take a very practical look at the basics of how to pray for one another and see God move. Mr Boogies (81004)

Old Testament in an hour – Chris Lane Chris’ ‘Bible in an hour’ seminar is the stuff of legends. This time round he’s giving us more to get our teeth into by going through the Old Testament in 60 minutes and looking at how it is actually all about Jesus. Come along and be amazed and impressed at how much you can squeeze into one seminar! Seminar A (81005)

Love UR City – Matt Wilson GENERAL

A seminar that does exactly what it says on the tin. Mike and Andrew take a look at all aspects of relationships: What’s the big deal about sex? How do you keep God in the centre of your relationship? What happens if you keep messing up? An essential seminar discussing how we can honour God in our relationships. Mr Boogies (81008)

Discipleship inside out – Riley Fisher

Praying for people so that stuff happens – Andy Croft


Soul Man: Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft Sex & relationships

Cities sprawl for miles and miles but their culture, attitude and influence spreads out even further. What does God think about cities? Isn’t the garden of Eden more like God’s idea of what the world should be like? Looking to the Bible to give us some answers, Matt will also help us look for opportunities in our own back yards so that we can write the next chapter in the story. Seminar B (81006)

Downwardly mobile – Matt Wilson In 21st century Britain we’re encouraged to achieve and succeed by accumulating money and climbing the ‘social ladder’. Jesus established a different way of life not defined by what we own but by what we give away. A practical seminar unpacking how we can avoid becoming ‘Consumer Christians’ by making radically different choices from our peers. Seminar B (81010)

Telling – Richard Shaw and Paul Flavel So you’ve met with Jesus and now you want to try and tell your friends what happened and explain your new found faith. Come along to be encouraged to share this brilliant thing that has happened to you and get some tips on how to do it! Rockets/Late Night Worship (81011)

4pm Faith, action and humility – Riley Fisher How do faith, action and humility fit together? This seminar looks at their relevance to our walk with Jesus and studies some of the apparent contradictions about them in the bible. Mr Boogies (81012)

Step into my life - Julian Muwanguzi & Patrick Regan Come and step into the life of one of Compassion’s formerly sponsored children, Julian Muwanguzi from Uganda. Julian who has now graduated from Compassion’s Leadership Development Programme, will be sharing her life experiences and giving you a unique insight into how the cycle of poverty can be broken. Seminar A (81013)


HOPE (Part 1): It’s a game of two halves – Paul Flavel


Have we been guilty of telling only half the story? It’s time for us to embrace a courageous and honest approach to evangelism, telling a story that doesn’t ignore our present reality, yet still paints a dynamic vision of hope. Seminar B (81014)

day two: main meetings: Main morning meeting Time to worship, listen to Biblical teaching and engage in ministry @11am (81015) Main evening meeting Come on down for worship, teaching and ministry as we all get together in the main meeting venue @ 7pm. (81016)

OTHER STUFF GOING ON AROUND SITE TODAY Sports – Football, football, football… from 1.30pm Bandstand – bring your band, your guitar, your ukulele or whatever you like! Sign up today for your chance to wow the crowds. From 2pm. ToolShed – have a nose around at gap year opportunities and the like from 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm11.30pm

Drama Workshop: let out your inner drama queen or king at this workshop run by the InsideOut Theatre company @ 2.30pm (Rockets/Late Night Worship venue ArtShed - Let your creative side run loose. Art workshop @ 4pm

Cafes: Whatever you’re in the mood for there’s a café to suit. There’s the laid back vibe in the Soul Action, the hyped-up craziness that is Dreggs and live-music going down in Café Uno. All open from 9.30pm. Mr Boogies: The Seventies are back! From 9.30pm


Furnace: Come and have a chat with God from 9.30pm

Gigs (Main meeting venue): It’s all kicking off with the 29th Chapter and friends @10pm

Late Night Worship: End your day with some time worshipping God at 10.30pm

Celluloid: Sing your heart out with Troy & Co as you watch High School Musical 2 @ 10pm.




Soul Man: Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft - Man-up!

SoulNet – Mind the gap – Rachel and Jason Gardner

Mates, TV, films, girls - everyone’s telling us to man-up. But what does it even me to be a real man? A seminar on the sort of things Jesus teaches us to aim for. Mr Boogies (81025)

An opportunity for youth leaders to reflect on and recognize the gap between youth culture and the church and consider the gap that young people are faced with in trying to bridge their faith and their lifestyle. Café Uno (81017)

Think you need to be older, richer, braver, or have to wear open toe sandals or an anarchist t-shirt before you can change the world? Think again! A session packed full of practical, simple and small steps to help you start to live out the Biblical call to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God…” Soul Action Café (81018)

Be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and into the realities of urban mission as Patrick, Tim and Mike take you through some of the highs and lows of working in London and around the world. Explore what it looks like to bring in the Kingdom of God on a day to day basis, how we can be relevant in a cross cultural society and how to understand the issues so we can pray effectively. Small acts of love and small acts of kindness can change peoples lives, what seems insignificant really might not be! Seminar A (81026)

Psalm 23: A fresh look at an old Psalm – Riley Fisher

The Apprentice- Jon Burns

These are some of the most famous and beautiful words ever written, recited at countless funerals and framed on walls in many homes and churches. Riley will help us take a deeper look at this psalm, exploring the meaning of the phrases and words used and helping us to see God as the good shepherd who loves us deeply. Dreggs (81019)

What would Alan Sugar do with you?! A no-holes-barred session in personal development designed to help you live up to your potential. Seminar B (81027)

Change the world without leaving your couch Emily Vesey and Sarah Cavan


Life under pressure – Patrick Regan, Tim Powell & Mike Biddulph Life isn’t always smiles and mountain top experiences; the reality is often quite the opposite. This seminar helps to unpack how we cope when times get tough, how we can build character and integrity that can withstand life’s tests; and where God fits into times that are confusing and isolating. Life will always have its pressure points but the Bible tells us they can shape us and not break us. Mr Boogies (81020)

What the hell? - Chris Lane


In recent years there has been lots of debate about hell – the who, what, where, when and why. This seminar will look at the key issues to help you to approach this controversial subject. Seminar A (81021)


The Bible can seem like a pretty big and daunting book but it’s actually full of incredible stories that are totally relevant to our lives today. Richard and Paul will help you work out why it’s so important and how reading it can have an amazing impact on your relationship with God. Rockets/Late Night Worship (81028)

4pm The Student Connection – James Hewitt Off to uni? Come along and meet others who are in the same boat – it’s a great chance to make some new mates before you even hit the halls! Soul Action Café (81029)

Exploring the Psalms – Andy Croft

Never too young to lead - Jon Burns If you’re sensing God is calling you to take steps into leadership then come and hear stories, ideas and suggestions to help you on your way. Seminar B (81022)

Sex: R U thinking about it enough? – Rachel Gardner & panel

Soul Sista: Rachel Gardner – An Unhindered Sista The Bible tells us about a woman who was so abandoned in her love for Jesus that she did not care what anyone else thought. She turned her back on the disapproving faces, the shame of her past and the judgement of others. She turned her face to him – her saviour. How can we find this same freedom? How do we turn our focus away from what holds us back and find the freedom that God is drawing us into? Main meeting venue (81023)

Starting university – James Hewitt SOUL ACTION

Reading – Richard Shaw and Paul Flavel

The psalms reflect the worship of Israel but what can they teach us about the worship of today? Andy will take you on a journey exploring different types of psalms, why and when they were sung. Mr Boogies (81030)



Conspiracy of the insignificant – Patrick Regan, Tim Powell & Mike Biddulph

Preparing well for university is absolutely vital to get the most out of the student years and to avoid the possible pitfalls. This workshop will help you do just that! Soul Action Café (81024)

Everyone has something to say about sex; the challenge is to recognise wisdom when you hear it. This seminar is all about giving you the chance to air your questions, explore your options, have your ideas challenged and discuss the issues in a mixed sex environment. Seminar A (81031)

Stories of HOPE (Hope Part 2) - Steve Clifford All over the country the HOPE 08 Mission is going on and this seminar is a bit of a bring and share session; come with your own stories and listen to other people’s so we can all learn more about how best to evangelise and bring God’s love to our communities. Seminar B (81032)

day three: main meetings: Main morning meeting Biblical teaching and time for worship @ 11am (81033) Main evening meeting Get yourself down to the main meeting venue for 7pm (81034)

OTHER STUFF GOING ON AROUND SITE TODAY Vocal Workshop - Sing it loud! Led by Blush UK @ 4pm, in Rockets/Late Night Worship venue Sports – It’s football all the way today from 1.30pm but don’t forget to sign up for the Fun Run (at the Soul Action café or stand in the ToolShed) & It’s a Knockout tournament (via your Village Host) which happen on Day 4!

Bandstand – come and watch your fellow campers as they show off their talents or sign yourself up and get in on the action! From 2pm

Celluloid: There’s a rat in me kitchen… Watch Ratatouille @ 10pm.

ToolShed – more resources than you can shake a stick at. Open from 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm-11.30pm

Cafes: Take your pick from the catchy pop/rock tunes live in Café Uno, the laid back Soul Action vibe or the hyperintensive Dreggs – all open from 9.30pm

ArtShed - Let your creativity flow - Art Workshop @ 4pm

Mr Boogies: Dance your flip-flops off from 9.30pm


Furnace: Come in and pray from 9.30pm

Gigs (Main meeting venue): Get the party started with LZ7 @ 10pm

Late Night Worship: More time to spend with your Creator from 10.30pm











SoulNet – Mend the gap – Rachel & Jason Gardner How do we help young people bridge the gap between a big experience of God and the Holy Spirit and how can they move on to spiritual maturity and growth? How does it work post-Soul Survivor/ beyond youth group or a weekend away and what part can youth leaders/friends play in this? Café Uno (81035)

Meet the neighbours – Emily Vesey and Sarah Cavan Unfortunately there are no Aussie actors here… Instead we take a look at our lives through the story of the good Samaritan and ask with Jesus ‘which of these was a neighbour?’ How do we love God with all we have and love our neighbour as ourselves? Beyond that, who are our neighbours in the first place… is it just Dennis across the street, or what about those nameless people we’ll never meet who help to make our clothes or produce our food? Soul Action Café (81036)

Playing the game God’s way – Barry Mason

Soul Man: Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft Band of Brothers Mike and Andy share some of the things God has been teaching them as men over the past year and they’ll be joined by a panel of people, with plenty of time for discussion and your questions. Mr Boogies (81042)

Physical and emotional Healing – Jeannie Morgan Jesus heals today and he wants to use us, his followers. This will be a practical seminar with opportunities to get stuck in and see the power of God in action. Seminar A (81038)

Jesus the Jedi – Star Wars and discipleship – Jason Gardner Due to health and safety restrictions we’re sad to say there won’t be any lightsabre demonstrations during this seminar but it will uncover a radical approach to following Jesus using illustrations from Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Brilliant! Seminar B (81044)

For those of you who are sporty and want to know how best to represent Jesus on the practice ground, playing field, and in the clubhouse afterwards. We’ll take a look at how you can stand up for your faith in the world of sport and even witness to your teammates. Whatever your game and whatever your ability, this seminar will encourage you to be the best you can be in the world of sport without compromising being a Christian. Dreggs (81037)

Praying – Richard Shaw and Paul Flavel

Prophecy – Mike Pilavachi

Getting to grips with Paul - Andrew Croft

What does it mean to hear God speak? How can we listen better? How can we be sure it’s God’s voice we’re hearing? Mike will share his top tips on prophecy and there will also be time to have a go yourself and see what God wants to say! Mr Boogies (81040)

Let’s get to grips with the basics of Paul who wrote more than half of the New Testament; how come he seems to disagree with himself? Does he promote slavery and demote women? What’s the key to Paul’s thought? Mr Boogies (81046)

New Testament in one hour – Chris Lane

Following Jesus – Tre Sheppard

How much can you learn in 60 minutes? Come along and be amazed as Chris gives you a whistle stop tour of all the New Testament books in just one hour, taking you through the story of Jesus, his early followers and some of the letters they wrote. If you’ve heard Chris’ ‘Bible in an hour’ you’ll know these seminars are the stuff of legends and not to be missed. Seminar A (81039)

Jesus was a Jewish teacher who lived in the first century and talked about being a shepherd, planting seeds and camels going through the eyes of needles. In those days there were no mobile phones, TVs, cars and computers so is Jesus still relevant to us today? How do we follow him in the 21st century and apply his teaching to our lives and our culture? Seminar A (81043)

Turning the world upside down - Tamsin Evans

HOPE (Part 3): Friendship evangelism - Gemma Foster

Want to turn the world upside down for God? Tamsin wants to inspire you to be who God made you to be, knowing that though we are created in God’s image and he said we are good, we can easily lose sight of this. Come along and hear how you can be content with how God created you and be empowered to step out in new authority to do the things he created you for. Seminar B (81054)

Top tips on telling your friends the truth about Jesus! Come and be equipped and inspired as Gemma gets stuck into Bible passages and draws on recent stories to help us work out how to tell our mates about Jesus. Seminar B (81048)

2:30pm Soul Sista: A sista with a story - Tamsin Evans A Samaritan woman encountered Jesus and his truth and found her life was turned around. She’d been isolated and alone, now suddenly she had a story to tell that meant many people in her village believed in Jesus too! When we meet Jesus we also have something amazing to pass on – so how do we share it? Main meeting venue (81041)

The heart & character of a worshipper - Ben Cantelon Just how much does it matter what your attitude is when it comes to worship? Could it be more important than how well you play an instrument or sing? Ben gets to grips with what God is looking for in his worshippers. Café Uno (81052)

What’s all this stuff about talking to God? Does praying really work and what’s it all about? Richard and Paul will tackle this mysterious subject and help you get started on having conversations with your creator! Rockets/Late Night Worship (81045)


day four: main meetings: Main morning meeting Time to worship, listen to Biblical teaching and engage in ministry @11am (81049) Main evening meeting Time for more worship, teaching and ministry, as we all get together in the main meeting venue @ 7pm (81050)

Art Workshop - @ 4pm in the ArtShed

Cafes: Whatever you’re in the mood for there’s a café to suit. There’s the laid back vibe in the Soul Action café, the hyped-up craziness that is Dreggs or live-music going down in Café Uno. All open from 9.30pm.


Mr Boogies: Dance! Dance! Dance! From 9.30pm


ToolShed – Come and explore from 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm11.30pm

Break dance and hip hop workshop - led by Tim Owen. 4pm @ Rockets/Late Night Worship

Bandstand – your chance to do your thang from 2pm.

Sports – Get your trainers on for the Fun Run or go and cheer on your mates from 5.15pm AND don’t forget the It’s a Knockout Tournament starting at 2pm

Gigs (Main meeting venue): Rock it up with onehundredhours @10pm Celluloid: Can Jared save his family in the strange and magical world that is The Spiderwick Chronicles? Find out at @ 10pm.

Furnace: Open @ 9.30pm for you to pray Late Night Worship: Take some more time to worship God from 10.30pm





Main meeting venue - Communion

Tricky theology - Andrew Croft

There are no seminars this morning as we’ll all be meeting together for Communion at 10am. (81051)

Come and hear Andrew tackle some interesting theological questions such as how can God be three AND one? How does the cross work? And does God ever change? Mr Boogies (81057)

Relation-shift revolution - Rachel Gardner




2.30pm Don’t give up: PRESS ON! - Ali Martin Being a Christian isn’t always a walk in the park or a cloud nine experience. Sometimes it’s hard work; sometimes we hit a brick wall and the temptation is to take a break, or get out of the race altogether. When the going gets tough what do we do about it? Combining the encouragement of a Saint (Paul) and the experience of a reluctantly reforming couch potato (Ali!) we’ll learn together how to press on through the tough times to the goal of knowing Jesus more. Mr Boogies (81053)

Breakthrough – Nick Evans How can you speak with authority about God’s healing power when you do not know the fullness of God’s healing in your life? How can you speak of God’s goodness when your experiences tell you otherwise? This practical talk will give you the tools to get victory through God’s power and strategies. Seminar A (81047)

The only one - Gemma Foster Being at Soul Survivor is great as we’re surrounded by thousands of other Christians who want to go for it with God. But for lots of us, when we get home we’re the only Christian in our family, school, class or work place. If this is you – or you know someone in this position - then Gemma is here to give you some great tips, insights from the Bible and inspiring stories to help you keep running the race all year round. Seminar B (81055)




Thriving - Richard Shaw & Paul Flavel


Sometimes it can feel like we’re lucky if we just survive school but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could actually thrive in our faith instead? Richard and Paul are here to give you top tips to make it happen! Rockets/Late Night Worship (81056)

Relationships are tricky things and this seminar will look at the importance of good friendships and wise relationships, studying what the Bible has to say about personal boundaries and looking at our relationships through God’s eyes. We will chat about struggles with parents and mates as well as the old hot potato of ‘how far is too far?’! Seminar A (81058)

Life beneath the surface - Jon Dean “The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” (Richard Foster) But what does ‘deep’ even mean? And how do we develop our character, and see more of the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ in our lives? Jon explores some simple and practical steps we can all take in doing life with God. Seminar B (81059)

day five: main meetings: Main morning meeting Let’s get together for Communion at 10am! (81051) Main meeting evening Our last chance to all meet together to worship God and hear from his word @ 7pm (81060)


Sports – Kick it up a gear from 1.30pm

SOULINTHECITY DURBAN Q+A: lIf you think you’d like to come with us to Durban for the SOULINTHECITY house party in 2009 then come and get some more info in Café Uno @ 2.30pm

Bandstand - Check out the talents of your fellow campers from 2pm

ArtShed Let your creative side run loose. Art workshop @ 4pm Showcase: Show off everything you’ve learned at this week’s vocal, dance and drama workshops @ 4pm, Rockets/Late Night Worship

ToolShed - Gap years, great resources, internet café… Open 1pm-6pm & 9.30pm11.30pm

AFTER HOURS Gigs (Main meeting venue): Don’t miss out on the Best of the Bandstand @10pm

Cafes: Cake, glorious cake. And so much more besides. All our cafes open at 9.30pm so head to Dreggs, Café Uno or the Soul Action café to indulge your tastebuds. Mr Boogies: Feel like dancing? Head there from 9.30pm Furnace: Come and have a chat with God from 9.30pm Late Night Worship: Finish the week worshipping your Maker from 10.30pm

Celluloid: Catch a falling star. Check out the magic in Stardust @ 10pm.
















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soul survivor 08:site map

Pwllheli, Wales 30 March – 4 April 4 April – 9 April New Word Alive is a Bible holiday week for all Christians. In addition to the full programme of teaching, training and worship it promises to be a great holiday. To request a brochure visit or call 02074075863


Missions experience in Africa and beyond. Guys Autumn Course: Sept 10-Dec 20th Guys Winter Course: Jan 6-June 1st Girls Winter Course: Jan 6-Jun 1st AILS R MORE DET E BOOTH FO G ED L U SO E DROP BY TH



speaker & worship leader bios:

Andrew has just graduated from Cambridge where he studied Theology and he will soon be working for Soul Survivor full-time. He’s looking forward to getting a flat with some mates and learning to cook (but he’s not looking forward to having to clean his own toilet).

Andreana Arganda

Jon Burns

Jon Dean

Originally from Orange County, Andy now works in Watford where she sings and leads worship at various events as well as investing in young female worship leaders and being a singing coach. She loves being an auntie, cooking, watching 24 & CSI, shoes, the colour blue and playing name that ‘key’ with Sam P and Evans.

Jon is a sports mad northerner who feels called to pioneer new stuff for God, whilst training others to be the best that they can be. This has led him to church planting as well as fronting a couple of charities and founding two companies.

Having studied maths and economics at Edinburgh University, Jon is a self-confessed geek but says his true passion in life is football (in particular Arsenal). He is part of the Soul Survivor leadership team in the UK and is the International Coordinator which means he works with the other Soul Survivor centres around the world (and has to suffer for the Lord by having a year round tan).

Ben Cantelon Born and raised in the beautiful location of Vancouver in Canada, Ben left it all behind to head up the worship team at Soul Survivor Watford. He’s a big fan of Will Farrell, travelling, eating curry and playing golf but roller coasters scare him (bless). Last year Ben recorded and released his first album ‘Daylight Breaks Through’.

Mike Biddulph Mike is a passionate evangelist and tropical fish enthusiast who works alongside Patrick Regan at XLP and leads the youth work at a church in Peckham. He eats more kebabs than is perhaps humanly safe, loves Anchorman and can’t grow facial hair.


Andrew Croft

Sarah Cavan Sarah was born and bred in beautiful Belfast but has been exiled to England to work as Project Coordinator for Soul Action. She is passionate about changing the world, loves poetry, people, travel, good music, laughing, swimming, long walks and late night conversation. She is also the proud owner of an impressive vintage t shirt collection.

Steve Clifford Steve is the chair of HOPE 08 and of the Soul Survivor leadership team (which means he’s the lucky man who has to keep the rest of us in line). He also works for Pioneer a network of charismatic evangelical churches, leads the Inspire network team and serves organisations such as Fusion, Spring Harvest, and the Evangelical Alliance.

Nick Evans Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Nick moved to England to do the old Soul Survivor Soul Time course and then met his wife Tamsin while working for Youth for Christ. He has a degree in Youth and Community Studies and currently manages Liverpool’s drug/alcohol treatment service for 10 - 25 year olds. Married to Tamsin, Nick is a cell leader and speaker at Frontline Church Liverpool and in his spare time he can often be found surfing.

Tamsin Evans

Gemma Foster

Chris Lane

Tamsin is the founder and director of Pure Creative Arts, a Christian theatre, band and schools-work team based in Merseyside. Pure works with young people on issues of self esteem and identity, helping them to realise their individual worth and identity. Tamsin is married to Nick, and is a member of Frontline Church, where she leads worship and is a cell leader of 11 fantastic women!

Gemma is an Assistant Pastor at Soul Survivor Watford where she is responsible for all things evangelistic. She is married to J and they have a kitten called Georgia. Gemma likes eating cheese, drinking coffee and watching LOST (and manages to tolerate her husband’s addiction to Hollyoaks).

Chris is leader of Langworthy Community Church in Salford, is married to Esther and has a very cute son called Daniel. In September he will become a dad for the second time, and is trying to get in as much sleep as possible before then.

Riley Fisher Originally from Sydney, Australia 21 year old Riley is not a fan of the English weather (but tries not to hold it against us). He lives in Watford where he works for the Watford New Hope Trust for the homeless and is part of Soul Survivor Watford. Riley has been away from home so long that he is getting worried about his accent and thinks he may have to start watching ‘Home & Away’ to keep true to his roots (or at least that’s his excuse).

Paul Flavel Originally from Melbourne Australia, Paul has been a National Evangelist with Youth for Christ since 2004. He is passionate about finding culturally relevant methods of communicating the gospel to unchurched young people and helping others to do likewise. Oh and he can run really fast.

Jason Gardner Jason works for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity and heads up the Youth Project Research department which focuses on the generation gap between young and old within society and church. He has degrees in Theology and English, is married to Rachel and is a singer-song writer who performs in small venues across London.

Ali Martin Ali has been around Soul Survivor for many years. Starting as PA to the mighty Liz Biddulph (the director person behind the scenes who makes stuff happen), Ali now co-leads the summer events and heads up Soul Sista as well as working as part of the Soul Survivor Watford pastoral team. Ali loves her Aussie husband Joel, watching Lost, eating pic ‘n’ mix, trying new recipes and going to the cinema.

Barry Mason Rachel Gardner Rachel lives in London with her husband Jason, is a Youth Worker and the Creative Director of the Romance Academy which was featured on BBC2’s Documentary ‘No sex please we’re teenagers.’ She loves going out for breakfast, shopping in Top Shop and pretending she can body pop!

James Hewitt In a previous life James was a full-time racing cyclist and part-time journalist. He recently graduated from Loughborough University and now works with Fusion, developing and promoting student mission through churches and with students across the UK.

Barry lives in Salford with his wife Becky and their daughter Olivia. He is the National Sports Coordinator for YFC which involves running the Fly, Kick, Skate and Nomad sports mission training teams.

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Jeannie Morgan

Mike Pilavachi

Richard Shaw

Jeannie has been part of the Soul Survivor Watford Church team since it started in 1993 and has also travelled for several years as part of the Soul Survivor international team teaching about healing and prayer ministry. She is the author of a book entitled ‘Let the Healing Begin’. Jeannie likes to think that she has a healthy lifestyle as her office is in the roof of her new home and involves walking up an extra flight of stairs three times a day; she has also moved her chocolate supply to the top shelf of the fridge!

Mike is not the same man you may remember from previous years. In fact he’s about half the man he once was after a strict diet that has seen him shed an incredible six stone! When he’s not eating raw carrots Mike keeps himself busy by competing with his friends over anything from a game of tennis to who has the most friends on Facebook or who can eat the most chillies. Oh yeah and he set up this thing called Soul Survivor, pastors a church called Soul Survivor Watford, speaks at churches and events around the world and writes books.

Richard works for Scripture Union in East London focusing on schools work, networking and mission. He is married to Helen and has two children Laura and Bradley.

Tim Powell

Matt Wilson

Tre Sheppard Now helping to lead the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland, Tre is originally from the USA. He is the front man for onehundredhours, runs a consulting business and enjoys surfing, playing golf and mowing the lawn.

Sam Parker Sam, the Assistant Worship Pastor at Soul Survivor Watford, recently turned 21 which gave him an opportunity to indulge in one of his great passions: Portuguese chicken at Nandos. Other passions include jamming and writing music with his friends, American TV shows like Lost, Heroes and Prison Break and hanging out in Starbucks. He refuses to go on Facebook, is bad at sport (which he blames on his big feet) and is almost entirely out of his grey wardrobe (just one jumper remains!).

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Tim is the bloke who does marketing for XLP and he has been involved in youth work in London for five years leading teams, doing urban schools and community work. Tim is passionate about God, doughnuts and getting creative. He is married to Ruth and has an 18 month old son called Ezekiel.

Patrick Regan Patrick Regan is the founder and Director of XLP a charity that works with young people using school assemblies and lessons, after school and lunch time clubs, a bus that goes to local estates, arts showcase events and a ‘Gunz Down’ tour to empower them and help them make wise lifestyle choices. Patrick is married to Diane and they have two children, Keziah and Daniel (which explains why Patrick can often be heard singing ‘What’s the story in Balamory?’).

As well as being the loudest whistler in the north of England, Matt is also Director of Mission at The Message. He is married to Grace and they have a two-year-old boy called Izaac. Matt likes Top Gear magazine, blogging and has a habit of buying books he never reads from Amazon.

Emily Vesey Emily is part of Soul Survivor Watford. She used to be a mental health nurse but now spends a few days a week as a networker for Soul Action (which basically involves drinking tea, chatting to people and coming up with loads of Soul Action ideas). The rest of the week Emily works with some of the homeless people in Watford at a local Day Centre.


Bible College of Wales is committed to not just developing the mind but the whole person


Are you looking to be challenged in your walk with God? To develop friendships that span across nations? To be equipped and approved for Christian ministry? Accredited by Bangor University and with over 80 years of teaching experience, BCW is a college of excellence. Study: Degree, College Certificate, College Diploma over 1, 2, or 3 years. Options to study full-time, part-time or by distance learning.

Electives THIS ADinclude: IS PORTRAIT

Music and Worship; Christianity and the Arts; Christianity and the Media; Performing Arts and Youth Work.

Visit: Email: Tel: 01792 203 463 for more information. Better still come and visit us and see for yourself what life at BCW is like.

L E P S O G ¬ E H T ¬ G N I V O L


E R U T L U C ¬ A ¬ G N I P SHA 48

You students face a lot of stick and often get stereo-typed into being tea-drinking, work-shirking, late-sleeping, This Morning-watching types. Not here at Soul Survivor. We love students. Really. So much so that we’ve given you your own event which has loads of great teaching aimed at the things you face in your every day life (it’s called Momentum and you can find out more at momentum) This year it’s happening 21st -25th August so why not come and join us over the Bank Holiday weekend? For all students (and soon-to-be students) here at Soul Survivor we’d love to say hello and give you the chance to meet some like-minded people, particularly helpful if you’re studying away from home and would like to get to know some other Christians in your area. Come along, grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and say hello on Day 3 at 4pm (Soul Action Café).

International welcome If you’ve landed from international shores we’d like to give you a special welcome to the UK and particularly to the fields of Stafford! We hope you have a great time during your stay and if it pours with rain the whole time you’re here we can only say that clichés are clichés for a reason. Sorry. Soul Survivor also has bases around the world in Australia, Holland, Malaysia, New Zealand, the USA and South Africa. Find out more at


other stuff soul survivor does… Tour


We’re going on tour in October and again in February, with evenings filled with worship, teaching and time for prayer ministry too. We’d love you to come along, so check out for more info!

A tasty mag is uploaded to our website at the start of every month full of articles, audio files and random fun. If you get a minute or two have a read at

Soul Sista As well as a seminar stream at our summer events we run day conferences for girls as part of Soul Sista. The next one is on 14th February (yes, Valentine’s day) and is about sex and relationships. Find out more at

Soul Net Our home for all the things we do for Youth Leaders. We put on an annual retreat (early each year) and occasionally have special regional youth leader days. Find out more at www.

Soul Action The stuff we do with our mates at Tearfund comes under the name of Soul Action. Everything from sending teams to serve poor communities overseas, to raising money and awareness with Slum Survivor or loving your neighbour with the Noise fits in this little bit of who we are. Check it all out at www.


Shop Get all the Soul Survivor goodies you’d ever want at our online shop, including cheap seminar downloads from the events, the latest live albums, books and all sorts of other resources too. Just try for all your Christmas pressie needs!

SOULINTHECITY Durban Back in 2007 nearly 200 of us from our church Soul Survivor Watford travelled to Durban, South Africa and worked on several specific projects and initiatives with a few local churches. It was an amazing time to learn, serve, relax, be challenged, inspired and changed. Furthermore, we’ve just sent a team of 100 volunteers out to serve this summer too (some of whom might be with us this week) and we’re planning on doing the same again next July, but this time, we want you guys to come with us… Find out more about Soul Survivor activities at

In addition to summer events, Soul Survivor does a bunch of other stuff too. Just have a look…

The plan is… To take up to 400 people to Durban over a 2 week period (provisional dates being in early July 09). Mike P will act as a host and tour guide (seriously, he loves being a tour guide) with the heart being that we go to love, learn from and serve our South African friends who are doing some amazing work with the poor communities in their city. How to get involved… If you’d like to get involved then we’d love you to come and join with us. We know the events will be a fantastic time to meet with God, serve the great churches of Durban, be changed ourselves and hopefully help see change in others lives too… so we hope you can come. We’ve recently amended the plans for SOULINTHECITY 2009 but hope that we can now be a great blessing to a more focused area of this amazing city. We’re well excited, and desperate to serve some of the amazing stuff going on in Durban. If you’re up for it, check out www. for more details… More info? Pop along to the SOULINTHECITY Durban Q&A on Day 5 in Café Uno at 2.30pm to ask as many questions as you’d like!

What is HOPE? Most of you will probably have heard about HOPE 08, but in case you’ve been hiding under your duvet this last year, HOPE 08 is an initiative that has been encouraging individuals and churches right across the UK to get stuck into their communities and to communicate the gospel through their actions and words.

What’s been happening? There was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the original idea. The first target of 500 locations getting involved was obliterated when the HOPE team heard from 1400 villages, towns and cities in the first few months of 2008 who

wanted to be a part of things! Loads of young people have got on board with the HOPE Revolution – you can add your stories or read others at www.

HOPE at Soul Survivor We’re really passionate about evangelism so while you’re here we’d love to help equip you for HOPE and beyond by giving you loads of practical tips and ideas on how to tell your friends about Jesus so check out the HOPE seminars.

HOPE in 2008 and beyond There’s still a lot more to do during the year of HOPE 08 – including two high points of running Alpha style courses during September and all the opportunities that Christmas brings for telling people the good news. Plus we’re doing a Soul Survivor and HOPE 08 tour in October (find out more at They will be great events to invite your mates to! And of course we’re called to evangelism and mission for our whole lives not just for one year! Everyone involved in HOPE 08 is encouraged to keep going and to see how they can sustain their evangelistic activities over the coming years. Find out more at www.hope08. com and get connected with the Hope Revolution at


based on a real experience of Him; one that’s personal and significant to us, whatever ‘type’ of man we might be.

Real lives?

Hosted by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft Several hundred men in one room at the same time… a bad idea we hear you say. Well forget the lingering weird smell and hazardous levels of testosterone. We’re inviting all the blokes at Momentum to join us for a bonding session each afternoon. And yes, we will talk about sex, girls and other secret man stuff, but that’s not all…

Real men? Just take a look around, men are everywhere and we’re all different. Some of us love the skinny jeans 80’s revival. Some of us go a bit more seventies. Other’s of us still sing our hearts out on the terraces each Saturday, whereas loads of us mix it all up and try to make it all make sense to our own lives. For many of us the metro sexual stereotype that likes fine wine and pointy shoes makes us as uneasy as the brave Aragorn hero-type who wields a sharp blade and massacres orks. With Soul Man we get the chance to ask ‘who should I be?’ and ‘how can I connect my life and passions to following Jesus’?


Real faith? Jesus wasn’t big into sports, music or any of the other stuff we use to define who we are… so is he really a role model for the 21st century man? When we’re brought up on a healthy dose of Indiana Jones, Christiano Ronaldo and Justin Timberlake doesn’t Jesus seem a bit detached from reality? And besides isn’t it weird to sing songs of love to Jesus, after all he is a bloke too? Well, at Soul Man we want to discover the Jesus who’s not locked into a specific interpretation that limits his impact on our lives. Jesus was both compassionate and loving, whilst at the same time being committed, angered and a natural leader. Whoever we are Jesus offers us a real faith that isn’t so much about being religious or saying the right thing, but about doing, changing and seeing others changed too. If we want we can make him our ‘give up everything sacrificial hero’, or if we want we can make him a more gentle, loving, foot washing humble character… but He wants us to discover all of him, to develop a real faith

But how do we live it? Canoeing down some rapids with a bow and arrow on our backs and a ‘kill’ in our minds? Well kind of. We’re all on a journey, are invited along on the adventure Jesus offers us and, importantly, are allowed to be who we are (unless you’re a serial killer, then JC might want you to change quite substantially). But we’re also all broken, struggling with stuff like identity, our past, our future and ourselves. We all make mistakes and probably have a hard time with our thoughts, ambitions, motives and how these fit with our faith. With Soul Man we want to see guys live lives of integrity, honesty and openness. We want to let Jesus help us deal with our messes and go on to keep each other accountable for our actions, choices and decisions. We want to see real men raised up, not guys who fit the often coined stereotypes, but men whose real faith causes them to lead real, risky, adventurous, passionate and whole lives. Get it? If you’re a bloke then pop along to the Soul Man sessions to find out more: Sessions this week all at 2.30pm, Mr Boogies Day 2: Sex & relationships Day 3: Man-up! Day 4: Band of brothers (See the Daily Planner for individual descriptions).

What’s it all about? Soul Sista is the ‘girls only’ stream of Soul Survivor and it’s a fantastic chance for us to get together and look at the issues that affect us. The rest of the Soul Survivor programme is aimed at both sexes but, let’s face it, in some ways we’re very different from the guys (!) and there can be a real freedom and honesty that comes from just being with our sisters. Here at Soul Survivor, Soul Sista meets over three afternoons but we also run events at different points in the year at the Soul Survivor Watford warehouse (see below for details of our next oneday conference where we’re joining up with Romance Academy!).

Sistas and the Saviour This week we’ve got this great opportunity to hang out with each other and meet with Jesus and we want to grab it with both hands! We’re going to look at what happened when three women in the Bible encountered Jesus and find out how their lives were turned around when they discovered God is compassionate, loving and powerful. The message for us this week is that wherever we’re at, however we’re feeling about ourselves and towards God, we can come and find healing, hope, forgiveness and encouragement.

Hosted by Ali Martin 2.30pm – Main Meeting Venue Day 2 Ali Martin A forgiven sista Day 3

Rachel Gardner – An unhindered sista

Day 4

Tamsin Evans A sista with a story

(See the Daily Planner for individual descriptions)

Soul Sista meets Romance Academy - one day conference – 14th February 2009! Ever since we met Rachel Gardner who heads up the Romance Academy we couldn’t help but love her brilliant message about sexuality, so we thought we’d get together

for the day to take a look at the issues of sex and identity! The event will be at the Soul Survivor Watford warehouse and will include worship, teaching and ministry alongside Soul Sista favourites like the thrift store, chocolate fountains and free hand massages. Book online at shop. - tickets cost £7.50. Find out more To find out more about Soul Sista, get the latest event news, listen to seminars for FREE and read Soul Sista articles go to www. You can also sign up for our free e newsletters that mean you’ll be the first to know what’s happening – at 53

soulnet: If you’re a youth leader this SoulNet stuff is all for you! It’s our way of trying to look out for you (because we know you probably spend most of your time looking out for your youth group) so pause here for a few minutes and find out what it’s all about……

SoulNet in the summer Breakfast and seminars Times: Days 2-4, 9am Venue: Café Uno While we’re here on site, we’ll be getting together on days 2, 3 and 4 from 9am to have a free cup of coffee and a croissant or a bit of toast before the SoulNet seminar stream kicks off at 9.30am. Our teaching in this seminars week will be from the brilliant Rachel and Jason Gardener (from Romance Academy and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, respectively) who will share from their fantastic mix of understanding both the theory and experience of youth work. Prophecy Times: Days 2-5, 2pm-5.30pm Venue: Young Farmer Building (next to Red Gate) Because we want to encourage you in your work and in your relationship with God, we’d love to pray for you and see if we can hear God on your behalf. The team will be available from 2pm-5.30pm each day so sign up for a slot during the SoulNet breakfasts. New for 2008! Lounge Times: Days 2-5, 2.30pm-4.30pm Venue: Young Farmer Building (next to Red Gate) We know that you guys don’t get much of a break here at 54

Soul Survivor so we wanted to give you a space where you could come and get a cup of tea, find a comfy chair (maybe even a hammock!) and relax. Use the time to chat to other youth leaders, get a bit of shut eye or just read one of the papers or magazines you’ll find; this is your space so how you use it is up to you. Retreat 09 and more Each year a group of us head to Center Parcs to hang out with each other and God, getting to know one another, relaxing and generally having a good time. Pick up a flyer from the SoulNet stand in the ToolShed or go to www.soulsurvivor. com/soulnet and come and join us next year (6th- 9th February in Nottingham)! You’ll also find lots of information on things like SoulNet Networks and regional days which are just some of the ways we’re trying to support you in the fantastic work that you do.

Tell us what you think…We’d love to hear your thoughts about both SoulNet and Soul Survivor in general so please fill in the Youth Leader questionnaire on our website when you get home (www.soulsurvivor. com/uk). We promise to read them all so this is a great chance to have your say!


Soul Survivor present

how to unlock the power of the Bible:

with Closer to God sponsored by Scripture Union


closer to

GOD 56

Why read the Bible? Because it’s alive! God’s Word has the ability to bring about change. When we read it the words can leap off the page, speaking to us personally. Although the Bible might not answer all our questions directly, reading it prayerfully can help us know God better and make better choices for ourselves and our world. How can you have this experience yourself? Well, here’s a simple 30-day plan for getting into the Bible, written especially for Soul Survivor 2008 by James Davies, a regular contributor to Closer to God – the Bible-reading guide for people who want to see God’s Spirit move in power in their lives. This is your chance to dedicate time to exploring God in his Word. And if you want more you can visit, where our writers discuss a range of Bible passages in greater detail. Or get the printed edition of the next issue of Closer to God for FREE (see offer below). Here are some suggestions to help you as you read: PREPARE yourself to hear God before you start! Ask his Holy Spirit for an understanding mind and a responsive heart. READ the Bible passage carefully, listening for what God has to say. EXPLORE the meaning of the passage before reading each comment or question. Ask yourself: what’s the main point here? What is God showing me about himself or myself? Is there anything to take special notice of? RESPOND to what God has shown you in the passage with worship and prayer. Decide how you might share your discoveries with others, in word or action.

FIVE DAYS ON HOPE Day 1 Romans 15:13 Loads of people can talk a good game, acting all positive and well up for the future, but did you know that there is only one real, true source of hope? Do you feel hopeful today? Take some time to talk to God about it. Put your trust in him – and joy, peace and hope will follow. Day 2 Psalm 25 King David’s thought to have written this psalm, and he had plenty of experience of relying on God when life turned ugly (vs 16–20). David knew from experience that his hope should not be in superior firepower,

clever plans and ideas, or a good education. What, or who, have you put your hope in today? Day 3 Ephesians 1:15–23 Ever slept in until 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm(?!), then stumbled around like a zombie once you’d got up out of bed? We can spiritually sleepwalk through our lives, too, not appreciating what an amazing present and future Jesus has won for us (vs 18–20). Why not get together with a friend or two, read these verses, then pray for each other? Day 4 2 Corinthians 1:9–11 At some points in life, everything looks really bleak and you can feel on

a constant downer. Even the apostle Paul felt like he was on death row at one point (vs 8,9). At times like these, it takes an act of the will to put our hope in Jesus (v 10). Pray now for anyone you know who needs to do just that. Day 5 Matthew 12:15–21 Jesus isn’t just the hope in our lives, he is the hope of nations (v 21), of the whole world. One day, he will bring justice to every wrong situation, healing everyone who is sick. Spend some time worshipping him.

FIVE DAYS ON GRACE Day 6 John 1:14–18 What is God like? Just look at Jesus for the answer (v 18). What is Jesus like? Full of grace and truth (v 14), blessing us time after time after time (v 16). Today, ask Jesus how you can be a blessing to those around you. Day 7 Ephesians 2:1–10 ‘Grace’ isn’t just a name or what you say before meals. Grace means God lavishing his favour upon you (vs 7–9), making you truly alive (vs 4,5), even though you deserved the exact opposite: judgement and a death sentence (v 3). Grace is truly amazing. What does it say about our God? Day 8 Luke 15:11–32 The young rebel of a son made his father a local laughing stock and disgrace. So why did the father accept him back? Grace. The son deserved to be cut off, yet the father was so chuffed at his return, he sprinted down the road to meet him (v 20). Is this how you picture your heavenly Father acting towards you? Day 9 Romans 5:17 Jesus has made a way for us to the Father. We can never earn that right – no one could ever live a good enough life. All we need to do to get


right with God is accept Jesus’ gift of righteousness. Through his gift and God’s grace, you can overcome any and all situations life may throw at you. Day 10 Matthew 18:21–35 We almost always think we’re in the right when we hold a grudge against someone. But God expects us to show grace towards others because he has lavished his grace upon us. Is he speaking to you right now about someone you need to forgive?

FIVE DAYS ON EVANGELISM Day 11 Matthew 28:16–20 Jesus wants everyone to come into the kingdom and know his Father (v 19). Today, you may not be off to Uganda, Paraguay or Chongqing Province to make disciples, but what about a friend or neighbour at home? Could God use you to demonstrate his love to them? Day 12 1 Peter 3:14–16 It isn’t your responsibility to make someone a Christian – that’s God’s work. We are to put Jesus first in our lives and to be ready for people’s curiosity (v 15). Pray for your friends and family to ask you questions about your faith, and for God to give you gentle, gracious answers. Day 13 Acts 5:12–16 How amazing is that? In 2008 we might not be seeing hospital porters laying sick patients out in the road as we walk by, but God’s kingdom is about words and power. Why not get together with some of your friends and begin to pray regularly to see more healings in the church and on the streets?


Day 14 Acts 8:4–8 It took just one person to change a city… that’s all God needs. You might be young, you might not have been a Christian very long, you might not think you know all that much. But God can use you for amazing things. Pray he’ll make you a joy-bringer, like Philip. Day 15 Acts 17:16–34 Paul tried to understand the people he was reaching out to (vs 16,22,23). He related the good news about Jesus to the people in Athens in a way that made sense to them (v 28). Can you think of different ways to help your friends understand the gospel?

FIVE DAYS ON GOD’S WORD Day 16 Psalm 119:9–11 Nowadays, life can move at such a fast pace that it’s difficult to know what the right thing to do or say is. Knowing the Bible for yourself is so important. Try memorising a different key verse each week (you could start with verse 10). Day 17 Psalm 119:97–105 Would your teacher agree (v 99)?! Knowing the Bible for yourself, and putting what you read into practice, will transform your life. God is waiting to speak to you through his Word (v 102), to help you navigate the moral maze (v 105). Are you willing to listen? Day 18 2 Timothy 3:14–17 Timothy was young, but he had a lot of responsibility. What helped him was knowing God and God’s Word for himself – this meant he was well-equipped (v 17). Is there anyone you could study the Bible with (v 14)?

Day 19 Hebrews 4:12,13 Go and watch a butcher slice and dice a joint of meat: God’s word cuts through to the heart of our lives in a similar way, exposing pretence and illusion and challenging us to get right with our Creator and Lord (v 13). It’s powerful and incisive, not boring. Make it your habit to ask God to speak to you through the Bible. Day 20 James 1:22–26 Some people can wow us with their Bible knowledge, only to go and slag off their best friend (v 26). It’s not what we know about the Bible that counts… it’s what we know and do (v 22). Bring your life into line and you will be blessed (v 25).

FIVE DAYS ON PRAYER Day 21 Matthew 6:5–15 The disciples were so impressed with how Jesus prayed, they asked him to teach them. Why not spend some time following Jesus’ lead (vs 9–13), making it personal to you – what are your immediate needs today (v 11)? In what areas of your life do you need to see God’s way put into practice (v 10)? Day 22 John 14:12–14 Don’t think this means you can go out and ask God for a Ferrari or a top ten chart hit. But what a promise! Asking in Jesus’ name (vs 13,14) means praying in line with Jesus’ character and way of doing things. What do you dare ask God for today? Day 23 Daniel 6:1–10 Daniel lived through not one but two death threats (check for yourself). Instead of being tempted to take a month off from prayer (v 7), he kept God his number one priority. He was

the most important man in the country (v 3), his life was under threat, but no matter what, he still prayed (v 10). What an example for us to follow. Day 24 Ephesians 3:14–21 There’s no getting round it, if you want to know God you need to spend time with him. He has so much more in store for you than you currently know (vs 18–20). Paul kneeled (v 14): he was desperate for the Ephesian Christians to discover all that God had for them. Who might you pray for today? Day 25 John 17:20–26 Whole books have been written on Jesus’ prayer in this chapter and we can spend our lives learning from it. Jesus was thinking about you at this point (v 20). How can we work to see his prayer fulfilled (vs 21–23)?

FIVE DAYS ON JUSTICE Day 26 Luke 4:14–21 Justice is important to Jesus. He is not OK with labour that exploits children. He does not smile upon governments that lock up innocent people. He gets angry when the rich don’t pay the poor a decent wage. In what ways can we show that we care about the things that he cares about? Day 27 Psalm 140:12,13 The Bible is full of references to God caring for and standing up for those who are poor and in need (v 12). Think about your church, back at home. What one thing could your church do to help people in need in the surrounding area? Why not talk to your church leader about it?

Day 28 James 2:14–17 Nice words are soon shown up for what they are if they’re not followed up with actions: empty (vs 15,16). Christlike love in action shows that our faith is truly alive (v 17). Is there anyone in your life that needs some down-to-earth, practical help? Day 29 Deuteronomy 25:13–16 Being a con artist, treating other people unjustly and deceiving them invites God’s judgement (v 16). You might not be tempted to have ‘two differing weights in your bag’, but when are you tempted to be less-thancompletely honest? What might you do about it? Day 30 James 1:26,27 When someone else is being a hypocrite we can spot it a mile off, but what about ourselves? Does the way we talk match what we say we believe (v 26)? Do we look out for the weaker ones (v 27) in our circle of friends or allow them to be bullied? Ask God for help to do the right thing in these areas.

If you found this 30-day plan helpful, you might like to try its big brother, Closer to God – each issue contains three months of full length Biblereading notes and costs £3.50. To buy: • phone: 0845 07 06 006 • online: • write: Scripture Union Mail Order PO Box 5148, Milton Keynes, MLO, MK2 2YX • visit your local Christian bookshop

FREE OFFER Scripture Union is offering a FREE copy of the brand new issue of Closer to God for October to December, worth £3.50 (plus free postage and packing), to the first 200 Soul Survivor event-goers from each week who contact them and quote one of the following codes: ‘Week A’, ‘Week B’ or ‘Week C’. Offer ends 1 October. Don’t miss out… Phone 0845 07 06 006 (charged at the BT local rate) or go to uk/ctgoffer

59 59

a note on ministry times:


One of the things we’re really passionate about is meeting with God. During the main meetings and celebrations we will always seek to involve God, by His Spirit, in what is going on. In real terms this means that there is often a call forward for prayer. This is a specific time to let God ‘minister’ to us – that is to work with and deal with things in our lives. Don’t worry if you’ve never had prayer offered in this way, or if you’re not sure how to pray. We have an experienced ‘Enabling Team’ on hand who will be around to give you a guiding hand, plus there’s a whole bunch of seminars on the Holy Spirit and praying for others too, so get along to one of them. There is no ‘right way’ to pray for each other. However, we’ve included these guidelines as they are tried and tested and tend to work quite well! Please stick to the advice given. So, what happens? Ministry times usually begin with an invitation from someone on the main stage for people to respond to the Holy Spirit. In praying for people, the most important thing to remember is that this is God’s work not ours. We are there to encourage those seeking God and to bless what the Holy Spirit is doing in people. An illustrated guide to praying for others… God can use any of us to help people meet with him, but we’ve found that some of this common sense stuff is useful in making sure we don’t get in God’s way when we’re praying for others.


Keep your eyes open when you pray for someone. This means you are more aware of what God is doing and how the person is responding. It also means you can be prepared if they look like they may fall over in the power of the Spirit. If this does happen then please make sure they are in a comfortable position, not draped over anyone else and that their dignity is maintained (i.e. nothing is on show that shouldn’t be). Stay with them as long as needed and encourage them to go on receiving from God. It is not always necessary to stay with the person you have prayed with but keep a watchful eye on them and continue to check that they are safe.


Don’t be afraid to ask someone what they would like you to pray for and what God is doing – even if the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully on them (Luke 18v40 Jesus asks the blind man ‘What do you want me to do for you?’). However, be aware of not turning this into a long conversation, this is a time for the Holy Spirit to offer counselling, not you! If appropriate speak into the situation or condition in Jesus’ name, be sensitive and recognise that you may be wrong. If you have a prophetic word or picture, offer these as a prayer or in such a way that the person being prayed for can make their own decision as to how appropriate they are. Never insist that what you have to say is a word from God but seek to build up, comfort and encourage the person you’re praying for (1 Cor 14v3).


Encourage the person to receive from God and be still, rather than pray for themselves. Some people may show this attitude de by opening their hands in front of them. You can also lay your hands on them (if they are comfortable with that). This can be helpful for the person being prayed for and biblical, especially with regards to healing (in Mark 1 v40-45 Jesus heals a man of leprosy, in Matthew 19v13-15 Jesus blesses the children). If it is appropriate to pray in this way, be sensitive about where you place your hands.

And finally…

Ears: Listen carefully both to the person you are praying with, and to God. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and encouragement, be prepared to wait, this is God’s work, not yours. The person you are praying for may tell you about things that have happened in their life. Don’t appear to be shocked by any disclosures. Remember that confidentiality is of the utmost importance but DO NOT promise to keep anything secret (especially with regards to claims of abuse). Your first contact in such a situation should be a member of the Enabling Team. They are there both to support you, and the person you are praying with and will be able to take things further if necessary.


Only pray for someone who shares your gender. Prayer ministry can bring up all sorts of stuff and so it’s a tried and tested principle to always have at least one person with you who shares the same physical bits as the person you’re praying for. Even if you’re married we’d ask you to bear this in mind to avoid any confusion for others around you. Thanks.

The whole body:

Allowing the expression of feelings is very important and this might mean people cry, shake or respond in other ways to what God is doing. This is totally cool, but be careful not to suppress or to build up the situation. We want God to do what he needs to do and not get in the way of that.

Not everyone is familiar with ministry and prayer times and some people are fearful when they become aware of God working through the Holy Spirit. We need to help people who are receiving, to feel comfortable and safe, and to encourage them to reach out to God. Always be sensitive and respectful, keep in mind how you would like to be prayed for, constantly ask God’s help no matter how you are praying. Reassure those being prayed for that God has heard sincere prayers and the cries of our hearts and encourage them to expect answers. Speak healing, peace and release in the name of Jesus and remember the place of repentance, forgiving and being forgiven. If a request is made for further ministry then encourage the person to go to the ‘Chat Room’ on site where there will be people available to pray with them. It should also be encouraged that individuals should seek help from their home church where ministry can be continued. Do not make appointments to pray with people outside of the meeting. If extra prayer or counselling is needed then find a member of the Enabling Team and explain the situation. If at any time you feel out of your depth then ask for help. The Enabling Team will be moving around the venue and wearing bright pink badges. We all find ourselves in situations that we cannot handle alone. This is not failure and it’s often good to pray with others, plus is a great way to learn more! All these are tips to help you let God work through you. Remember: don’t worry. The Enabling team and the person leading the meeting will be giving directions and advice to everyone. The important thing is that you are ready and willing to pray for those around you.




If you haven’t booked on or PAID IN FULL yet then you’ll need to head to Information to sort yourself out. If you arrive a bit late and Info is closed then just head to Comms.

General Information 0303 333 1333 From 9.00am-5.30pm this number is open for general Soul Survivor enquiries. (Please note that ‘general queries’ doesn’t mean this is the way for your mum to contact you to find out if you liked the sandwiches she packed for your journey!)

NEW!! Event wristbands By now you should have become acquainted with your wristband. In fact you should be wearing it with pride and joy. You see, you need your wristband to get into all the venues (and to stay on site) so it’s a good job that once you put it on you can’t lose it. If you’re not yet sporting this lovely piece of adornment, here’s how to get your hands on one:

1. Arrive on site (you’ve done this bit already – clever you!). You’ll know where you’re camping as we emailed you this info about a week ago (or if you booked on when you got here you should have been told by Information), so head to your village and set up camp.

2. Once that is all done, head down to the centre of site and have some fun at the Wristband Exchange. You’ll need the email we sent you with your registration details and something to prove you are who you say you are (not your mum, but an ID card or something).If you arrive on Day 2 or later go to Information instead.

3. We’ll give you your wristband, and it’ll be clamped onto your wrist as you leave the Exchange.

4. Don’t lose your wristband. (In the tragic event of separation occurring you will need to speak very nicely to the people at Information and handover 40 of your English pounds to get a new one.)


Information Map Ref: E5 If you’ve had questions without answers i.e. have checked with your Village Host and they have exhausted their extensive knowledge, then pop down and say hello to our friendly Information team. They’re even more useful than Wikipedia as they can tell you everything from the number of local cab companies and where the nearest laundrette is to giving you details about one-day event passes. If you’re wondering whether you’ll get to top up your tan they can even give you a five-day weather forecast (as well as a friendly reminder to use sun tan lotion!). There are also regularly updated Information Points around site which will give you all the latest seminar and venue information.

Comms If you’re faced with a practical problem (like a blocked toilet/broken shower/over-flowing bin) or find yourself faced with an emergency, go and see the amazing Comms team. Tell them what’s going on then stand back in admiration and see them swoop into action. It’s a thing of great beauty we assure you.

Facilities for hearing impaired delegates All main meeting venues have a loop system facility. Please see

the stewards in the venue for exact locations. Main morning and evening meetings will also be signed.

Stewards Our stewards are an amazing bunch. They work long days, are often up half the night and barely have a moment’s rest between cleaning up the site, opening and closing venues and stewarding us in the venues of course. Despite this exhausting regime their main goal remains to keep us all safe and happy here on site – aren’t they just lovely?! They are easy to spot as they wear beautiful fluorescent jackets (rumoured to be the inspiration for catwalk designers around the world) and if they ask you to do something (or to stop doing something) please pay attention – they are looking out for you and your safety. If you come across a steward who seems a bit weary – you could always do an extra AOK* and buy them a cup of coffee or a slice of cake to help them through the day! *Find out more about AOK’s on page 13.

Village Hosts Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the wisest of them all? Well your lovely Village Host of course! Each village has its own host (hence the name) who is there to make your Soul Survivor visit run as smoothly as possible. As a species they are pretty handy with a mallet (for helping you with your tent pegs not keeping you in order), are known for their quality cups of tea and hot chocolate and will be able to answer your Soul Survivor related questions quicker than Gordon Ramsay can lose his temper.

Post services Need to put something in the post? The on-site post box has collections everyday at 3.30pm. If you need to receive a letter or parcel whilst you’re with us make sure the sender addresses it as below: Your name and delegate c/o Soul Survivor Information Staffordshire County Showground, The Pavillion Complex, Weston Road, Stafford, ST18 0BD Please check the alphabetised pigeonholes in Information to find your incoming mail.

Lost Property If this was the place where property belonging to the brilliant TV show ‘Lost’ was kept it would be a room full of Dharma initiative jumpsuits, bits of plane wreckage and perhaps the odd gas mask. Fun as that would be, this Lost Property is actually the place where you can come and be reunited with the iPod/Bible/jumper/ umbrella that you left behind in a venue on your mad rush to get a slice of cake from a café. If you lose something pop down to Comms (next to Information) and see if it’s been handed in. If you don’t realise until you get home then you can call our office in Watford on your return on 0303 333 1333 to see if we’ve got it. We can only hang on to things for a short amount of time before we start tripping over them (and have to find them a new home) so please call as soon as you can.

Food “I urge you to take some food. You need it to survive.” So said Paul in Acts 27 and you won’t find us arguing with his logic. Onsite food vans will do you proud if you’re after such delights as burgers & chips, chicken, curry, fish & chips, jacket spuds, paninis and ice cream. Food can be found at: Café Uno, Soul Action café, ToolShed café and the Food vans.

Camping Resources We have a fantastic on-site shop here in Stafford which sells everything from bottles of coke and bars of chocolate to fresh sandwiches, milk, bread, yummy cakes from local bakeries and even locally produced items such as cheese and ice cream. Mmmmmm. Your nearest supermarket and cash point is the local 24-hour Asda which is about a 10 minute drive away. To get there turn left out of the deliveries entrance, at the roundabout go straight on (signposted Stafford), stay on that road for approximately 2 miles (going past the hospital) and Asda is on your left as you approach the next roundabout. Stafford town centre is also about 10 minutes away and has lots of banks, shops and coffee shops.

Freezer packs can be bought for £2 and exchanged at the back of the main meeting venue. Times: 9.00am-9.30am and 5pm-5.30pm.

Gas If you’re something of a Jamie Oliver when it comes to cooking up a feast then you’ll probably need some gas for your gas stove! Come to Information to place your order before 10am and collect the next day, then pick up the gas from the Disabled Car Park.

Fire regulations Even if you really fancy someone and think they have all the qualities necessary to be your future wife or husband, you mustn’t pitch your tent less than three metres apart. This reduces fire risks and allows for easy access to each tent in an emergency. If you don’t know a metre from a yard check with your Village Host before you pitch to save having to redo it at a later stage.

First Aid In the case of accidents and emergencies you can visit our team of doctors, nurses and First Aiders who are on call 24 hours a day. The Medical Centre is open from 9am7pm and outside of these hours help can be obtained through Comms. If you have an on-going medical condition, please notify First Aid on arrival and leave any medication with them that needs to be refrigerated (i.e. insulin).

Emergency procedure 1) Try not to panic 2) Don’t call 999 yourself. This can cause confusion and delay the response. 3) Go to Comms, call Comms (0303 333 1333), or grab your nearest Steward/Village Host for emergency help. 4) Comms will then contact the emergency services on your behalf.

Health and Safety We know it sounds boring but it’s actually really important that you have a read of the following so you know how to keep yourself and everyone on site safe.


All the time we hear about the damage we’re doing to our planet with the way we live (boo!) but sometimes we can do really easy things to make a difference – hurray! Around site you’ll find recycling points where your old glass, cans and plastics can be collected and start their journey from being leftover rubbish towards becoming something new and exciting.

You can also recycle any nonperishable and un-opened food that you haven’t used and don’t want to take home with you by bringing it to Sparklers after 5pm on DAY 5. It’s not so we can have a slap up feast; we’ll pass everything on to local charities and projects that will make sure it all gets into the hands of people who need it. These are all things you can do but we’re up for doing our bit

too to be as green and ethical as we can. This year we’ve been trying to send as much of our correspondence with you by email rather than by post (saving a fair few trees) and as you know we’ve given you wristbands rather than little badges in plastic wallets. Plus we’ve made sure all our team t-shirts are made from Fairtrade cotton and of course all the tea and coffee we serve on site is Fairtrade too.

Doing our bit. Recycling, food collection, Fairtrade: 66

Last year’s offering Last summer you guys gave an amazing £75,000 at our event offerings for a new project in South Africa and SOULINTHECITY Durban! (Plus an extra £9,000 in the £1 bins!) We thought you might like an update on where the money went ….

Halfway house in Durban Ikhayalethu (which means ‘our home’ in Zulu and is pronounced “ick-eye-a-lert-oo”) is the project we told you about last year that has been started in Durban South Africa to give young boys who have lived on the streets for years a place to live, a home and access to education and jobs. If you want to keep up to date with how the project is getting on check out and read how things are developing.

SOULINTHECITY Durban Although most of us won’t be in Durban until next summer, to get everything up and running for ’09 we’ve already needed to have people based there. They’ve been working with the churches and organisations we’ll be partnering with, to make sure that when we descend on the city next year for our houseparty, our time will be well spent and we’ll be helping people who need it the most. There have also been over 80 young people out there this summer working on projects.

Find out food about our on collection page 66!

2008 offering As in previous years we will take up a collection during the evening meeting on Day 4 of Soul Survivor. This money will go towards expanding the ministry of Soul Survivor in areas that are not paid for by the summer conferences, including leadership development, resourcing youth leaders and our work in Durban and Central Asia. Gift Aid If you pay UK tax please, please, please fill in a Gift Aid form (available from Information and at the Offering collection points). Last year this meant the Government gave us back over £9,000 that you had paid in tax – all because you gave us your signature! Outside of the main meetings you can give in your gift at Information.


site rules: OK, so this may not seem like the most interesting section of the Soul Survivor programme but it is very important you read and take on board the rules to ensure a healthy, happy stay on site. 1) Youth Leaders are responsible for their under 18’s at all times. 2) Strictly no alcohol on site. 3) Strictly no drugs or drug paraphernalia on site - except for medical purposes. Anyone found in possession of drugs or alcohol will be evicted from the site and refused further entry to the event. Furthermore, all drug-related incidents will be dealt with by our Site Management team and the Police Representatives on site. 4) After arrival, all vehicles must be moved to the designated car parks in order to comply with official Fire & Safety regulations. The only cars allowed on site during Soul Survivor are emergency vehicles or those displaying a valid disabled sticker. 5) Wristbands must be worn at all times - they are the only way to get into venues. There is a charge to replace lost passes. 6) Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees or individual tents.

7) No mixed tent/caravan/ accommodation on site i.e. No boys and girls sleeping in the same space unless married.

site. Please speak to a member of the team at Comms if you need to use a generator while at Soul Survivor.

8) Ball games are to be finished by 10pm - even if you’re convinced that an extra few minutes could see you making an historic come back from a 5-0 defeat.

17) Soul Survivor wishes to make clear that it does not favour sectarian propaganda or proselytising within the Christian fellowship. This means any individual or group that uses Soul Survivor and its facilities for such purposes does so against the spirit of the event. The organisers reserve the right to cancel any such person or group’s booking and escort them off the site/premises immediately. If you think someone is trying to force their views on you and others please do let us know immediately (come to Information) so we can deal with the situation.

9) Roller blading, skateboarding or cycling can only occur after dark if you have appropriate lighting (i.e. have a light on your bike or are in a well lit area for roller blading and skateboarding). 10) However hot it gets, and tempting it seems, there is to be no swimming in the lake. 11) Tents or caravans can only be moved to another village by registering with Information. This is essential so we can contact you in the event of an emergency and to maintain site security. 12) No speeding. When arriving/ leaving the showground or unloading/packing up please observe the 10mph speed limit at all times. Please also note, driving lessons are not permitted on site - even though your friends may well be justified in begging you to take more. 13) No parking on site (except in designated car parks). Fire & Safety regulations prohibit this. Cars may be forcibly removed if they are parked illegally on the campsite. 14) Pets are not allowed on site - except guide dogs (please go to the Information Office on your arrival). 15) No accessing into any area that has been marked out of bounds by red and white tape. 16) There are strict guidelines relating to the use of generators on

18) Soul Survivor does not operate holiday insurance or cancellation schemes. We strongly recommend that you consult an insurance broker if you require cover. Soul Survivor cannot be held responsible for loss of damage to persons or personal property. 19) The Stafford showground has some very pretty areas so please be respectful of your surroundings and make sure you don’t walk/run/ skateboard/dance/skip etc where you’re not allowed to. (Areas are clearly marked and should be fairly obvious too!) 20) As you will have realised the car park is on the other side of the road to the showground. As this is a very busy road please use the underpass when you cross as it is more direct and far less dangerous. Access to the underpass is via a ramp so please do not use your bike or skateboard there.

Driving lessons are not permitted on site even though your friends may well be justified in begging you to take more. 68

Stafford Programme  

Event programme for Soul Survivor Stafford 2008

Stafford Programme  

Event programme for Soul Survivor Stafford 2008