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Keep it simple…

* We have to say allegedly as we don’t want Jamie to sue us. We actually like Jamie. He’s nice and has done a lot for chickens.

1) Space for thousands of us to worship God with all we have

‘quality time with your mates’, a few new faces, hundreds of thousands of conversations, a little bit of a prayer venue and a good serving of hands on ‘teach me everything you know’ style workshops and you’re there. Pop it in the oven at gas mark 5 for about 30 odd minutes and there you have it; the freshest, tastiest, most tender Soul Survivor programme yet. Jamie Oliver would be jealous (allegedly*).

Soul Survivor is simple. No hype, just thousands of young people desperate to meet with, and be changed by Jesus. It’s been the same since day one, and now we’re nearly seventeen and still doing the same stuff. And why don’t we change? Well, it never gets boring. We’re always about the same key things:

2) Time for us all to learn from the Bible and from the lives of others who are following Jesus 3) Spending a while letting God meet with us, heal us and equip us Still we do some other bits too…

What’s that over there?

The important stuff... What is Soul Survivor? Simply explained, it’s five days in a field, with you, God, your mates and thousands of others too. Besides the cafés and other venues, the main focus of the week is God, and we spend each morning and evening gathering together in a massive tent (the Big Top) to worship God, learn from the Bible and wait on the Holy Spirit to empower, change and equip us.

How much is it? It depends when you book and pay in full by. Paid in full before 30.01.09 then £75, paid in full before 30.04.09 then £84 and thereafter £92 For kids: 0-4’s £45 / 5-11’s £63 /0-2’s who don’t use crèche facilities come for free (but still need to be booked on)

Where will I sleep? Usually in a tent that you bring and pitch yourself. If you’re not so keen on the whole tepee vibe a campervan or caravan would suffice. Or if the idea of getting back to nature just isn’t your cup of tea, then you can rest you laurels at a local B&B, though this will cost you a few extra bucks. How will I eat? With your mouth and stomach and digestion system. Most get by on a delicious diet of camping stove cooked spag bol, bangers and smash or chilli con carne (mmm).Cafés and food vans will help supplement the diet of a hungry camper, those who run out of gas for the stove, or the unfortunate one’s who dropped the saucepan of beans.

Booking: Fill in the form or, for those who know what a website is, head over to and book online (it’s easier and we will have a new system by the time you read this). Just so you know, if you’re under 18 you’ll need to have a leader (an over 18) designated to look after you. One leader can be responsible for up to 6 under 18 year olds.


When and where is it?

Fees Church postcode First name

Be our team mate…

Fancy a different take on Soul Survivor this year? We’d love you to be our bestest mate and serve on a team! Each year around 2000 volunteers serve the events and help make Soul Survivor happen. Without these living legends Soul Survivor could quite possibly implode in on itself giving Stephen Hawking and those other physicists a whole new disappearing universe to investigate and make theories about (which would be ok for them, but not so great for all of us). So you get the point; help us out by serving on a team. There’s loads of different options, from the servant hearted stewards and cool caterers to working in the sublime sports or caring café venues. If you fit any of these adjectives then find out more and apply at Most teams will get you a free place at Soul Survivor, so that’s another nice incentive.

Address Email


Who can come along? Anyone. Soul Survivor is unashamedly aimed at Christian teenagers, but you don’t have to believe in Jesus or be from any particular denomination to come. Everyone is welcome.


Week A: 24-28 July, Stafford Showground

Fees Church postcode First name Church postcode First name

Week B: 12-16 August, Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet

Date of birth Title

Address Email

Surname Address



More info: Just check our little space on the world wide interweb to see some vids, look at pictures, listen to tunes and find out a ton (literally, we weighed it) of stuff on the events.

Mobile no. Female

Church town

Date of birth Title

Date of birth Title

Week C: 17-21 August, Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet

Church town


Postcode Tel no. Male

Disabled/have any special needs on site? * (details) Church name Mobile no. Female

Church town Mobile no.

Female Please also read the Booking Notes on the reverse of this form.

Faster than a speeding bullet, trendier than a haircut and iPhone combined and more fun than pogoing in a poncho (you can never be sad in a poncho), comes the freshest Soul Survivor programme since time began. The funkadelic Mr Boogies has already said he’s taking up residence at Soul Survivor again (he loves it), plus there will be loads of sports to get all competitive about, cafes to chill out in, gigs to make you go deaf and more seminars to help your brain get bigger than you could wave a really massive stick at (and believe us, we’ve tried waving some massive sticks). That’s not it though… mix in a daily silver screen blockbuster, a smidgen of trendy art gallery, one handful of gnarly skate park, a dash of

* Please give details on a separate sheet if necessary.

Disabled/have any special needs on site? * (details) Church name


Postcode Tel no. Male

Disabled/have any special needs on site? * (details) Church name

Postcode Tel no. Male


ADDITIONAL DELEGATES For additional bookings, either include all details on a


For each ‘Delegate’ make sure you include as much info as possible including correct date of birth (please don’t just guess!)

Fill in the info!

Soul Survivor is a Registered Charity (1080720) and a Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales (03991111). Registered Office: Unit 2, Paramount Industrial Estate, Sandown Road, Watford, WD24 7XF

Soul Survivor A (Stafford)

Soul Survivor B (Somerset)

Fri 24th - (midnight) Tue 28th July 09

Mon 12th - (midnight) Fri 16th Aug 09


Sat 17th - (midnight) Wed 21st Aug 09

Soul Survivor C


Please tick one of the boxes to indicate the week you are planning to attend

Which event?

Disabled/have any special needs on site?*


Church name

Church town


Church postcode Postcode

Tel no.

Mobile no.

Date of birth







First name

All correspondence will be by email.


Who gets the info?


Please tick if the ‘contact’ is NOT coming to the event or is booked on already.

Booking Ref no (if known):

Whoever you put in the ‘contact’ box, will be the person to receive all the info related to your booking.


3. Email the details to

HOW TO BOOK FOR 2009 1. The easiest and simplest way to book is online using our BRAND NEW website!

Booking form

Date Rec’d

Payment no.

Ref. No.


Soul Survivor 2009



STEP 5 Are you part of a group?

Where are you going to sleep? We need to give you enough space – let us know what you’re bringing and who you’re camping with!

If everyone on this booking is under 18 OR if you’re part of a bigger group, then we need details for your Group Leader (person over 18yrs).

OR If you are not bringing accommodation who will you be sharing with? Name:

Total number of: Caravans Awnings Motor homes Trailer tents

Their Booking Ref No: (Eg. A2K900072)

Please put me on the curfew village (all quiet from 10.30pm–7am)





Booking Ref no:


(if known) (Eg. A2K900072)



The minimum deposit is £15 per person. This is non-refundable as it covers administration costs. After 1 July 2009 only full fees will be accepted. All cancellations must be made in writing and we regret that cancellations after 1 July 2009 will forfeit all fees.

Handing over the cash!

Payment: I enclose a cheque (payable to Soul Survivor) for £ Please charge £


FEES RS £75 Paid in FULL by 30 Jan 09



Card no. Visa


Expiry Date




Issue No.

(Maestro only) Issue Date


Card Security Number (last three digits on your signature strip) *For AMEX please enter the 4 digit number on the front of your card

Card Holder’s Name Address


Paid in FULL by 30 Apr 09 Thereafter

KIDS CLUB RATES £63 5-11s £45 0-4s FREE 0-2s for non-creche users





Read the booking notes and small print below.

Booking Notes We regret that we are unable to take bookings over the phone. All under 18s must book with a responsible leader who is over 18. For every group of six under 18s, one over 18 must be named. These group leaders and youth leaders are therefore responsible for the delegates under their care at ALL times and must ensure their welfare during the event. The small print In coming, you agree to abide by Soul Survivor’s ground rules which are to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Soul Survivor Conferences wish to make it clear that it does not favour sectarian propaganda or proselytising within the Christian fellowship. This means that any group or individual which uses the Soul Survivor Conferences and its facilities for such purposes does so against the spirit of the event. does not operate holiday insurance or cancellation scheme, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance broker if you require this cover. Soul Survivor cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to persons or property. Data Protection Act: Your name and address will be retained on computer for further mailings. If you do not wish to be contacted about future events, please tick the box.


Double check EVERYTHING!

Then return to: Soul Survivor Unit 2, Paramount Industrial Estate, Sandown Road, Watford, WD24 7XF Tel. 0303 333 1333 Fax. 0303 333 1334, Email: Book online at: I would like to have extra info about: Teams Bringing a Group Promoting Soul Survivor to my church

Soul Survivor is a registered charity. Charity Number: 1080720 Registered Company Number 03991111

Soul Survivor Booking Form 09  
Soul Survivor Booking Form 09  

Booking Form for Soul Survivor Weeks A, B & C 2009