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F@&K the buck 2013 the annual george trip and its magical powers ISSUE 55

AUG/SEP 2013

holy heat

braxton haine sessions the heated streets of india

plus: getting dirty in the pit - there is no, no - favoured spots - top tens - and all the regulars









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48. BUCK TOUR 2013


REGULARS 8. R E D I A L 10. M A I L B A G 12. B L A C K B O A R D 14. T H E B I Z N E S S 54. C L O S E T E N V Y 56. E L E M E N T S T I C K T I P S 58. D O G A N D B O N E 59. I A M 60. R A I N Y D A Y S 62. H A V E A N A D R I A N D A Y


Contents: Loucas Polydorou playing with boats, backside ollie in a CT yacht mould. Photo JJ Harris. Cover: Mitchell Rice kinked boardslide. Photo Pinkhard SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 7




ON THE ROAD AGAIN.... BOD’S TAKE ON TOURS I awoke to Riaan shouting at me while he scraped me off my chair minus my shoes, “Bod come on dude, you’ve passed out, lost your shoes and we need to get you back to the chalet”. This after a heavy boozy ten pin bowling session that went down the Friday night before The Buck Tour contest. It had started that afternoon mid way to George when Jonathan Channing, Volcom team manager, opened the door of our tour bus and dumped 4 crates of beer on the floor much to the driver’s disapproval and the team’s utter approval, after all what is a skate tour without beer? “Skate Tours”, two words that resonate good times with me and always mean plenty hillarity, plenty skateboarding and plenty boozy high jinx and this year’s Buck Tour was no different, infact, I don’t think I remember a skate tour that did not involve the above ingredients, aside from the skateboarding part. Working at a skate mag I often find myself on the road and ending up in some new part of the country or revisiting old parts again, Jozi 3 weeks ago, George a week later, Durban next week and who knows were to next but who is complaining, I f#&$ing love it. I get to hangout with my friends in some part of the country while skateboarding, that is why we do this.

Editor Brendan Body Sub Editor Adrian Henderson Online Darren Jacoby Financial Clint van der Schyf Copy Editor Luke Jackson Advertising


THINGS WE DID ON OUR LAST TOUR AD Spraypainted his hair white, spraypainted his nipples white, set his leg on fire, drank vodka for breakfast, did the only wallride in the contest, bowled gutter balls, got man-handled by a Mexican Viking and didn’t shower.

Bod Went Wizard, passed out on the bar, bowled a strike first go, lost his shoes behind the bowling pins (apparently later on one came back up the runway), snored so loud Alan’s wife had to move her bed into the living room, a handplant and got locked in his bedroom by 4 tables and a shoelace.

Photographers Tim Moolman, Jonathan Pinkhard, Clinton Theron, Jansen van Staden, Grant Mclachlan, Seth Phitides, Grant Payne, Peter Hudson, Louis van Niekerk, Gavin Scott, Jamie O’Brien. Writers Adrian Day, Brett Shaw, Luke Jackson, Brendan Body, Adrian Henderson.


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AD’S TAKE ON TOURS I don’t shower on trips… The trip to Mozambique? Once. Maloof? Vokol. Fuck The Buck? Never. It feels like cheating. I might stink from skating every day, still have remnants of dirt and wax ingrained in my jeans, spraypaint in my hair, dried blood on my arms, but the dirtier and more broken I feel when returning home dictates how good of a trip it was. It serves to sort of encapsulate that time. The continuity of memory untainted by the return to materialistic comforts. Tours are almost always budgeting missions in themselves. There isn’t corporate money like the states for vans and hotels and strippers and cocaine. Not here. Here we take the bakkie; we dick the campsite by leaving early and not paying; attempt to lure some swamp-donkeys back to the campsite and have to make do with shitty ass weed from more often than not some dreadlocked dude you spotted at the taxi rank. These are experiences that define a skate tour. If you want a cozy place with a view, cocktails and prissy model’s then start surfing. We skate motherfuckers. We like it raw.

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Thabo, crooks at Salesians. Pic, Zac Kruyer.

Sunset flip. Pic, Carel Stander.

Victor Nengwekhulu smith grind, Skinner PTA. Pic, Lefa Biya.

Joha Oosthuizen, ollie. Pic, his china.

Rieyaad Saban, backside air Kings Beach PE. Pic, Steven Watters.

Ameer Abrahams, flat ground ollie. Pic, Richard van Kuik.


Liyabona (captain swag) frontboard at Salesians. Pic, Zac Kruyer.

V O N Z I P P E R . C O M / L O M A X






A T :

C H O O S E V Z @ V O N Z I P P E R . C O . Z A


- Matt Hensley



Deon Fourie layback frontside rock, PTA.

No, No. Constantly evolving and the endless quest to progress is what it’s about. There’s no point in doing anything if you’re standing still or trying to recreate something that’s already happened. Sometimes you need to get off of the treadmill and do things your own way. I guess that’s where we are all super fortunate in that we are skateboarders, because our world warps and twists at a catatonic pace. If you take your finger off of the pulse for a minute you’ll get left behind. 10 Minutes ago is history, how many views, likes and shares do you have? We need more now. Back in 86, the year “Reign in Blood” came out, progression was a lot slower, why? Because you never knew what the hell was going on in the next town, never mind what Natas was doing on the west coast. It was hard to get your hands on any skate mags. There was no World Wide Web or cell phones so you never knew what was possible. It was a big thumb suck. You’d hear stuff by word of mouth but the fish was always way bigger by the time you heard the story. Some guy in Howick landed a McTwist on an 8 foot ramp, you laugh it’s a true story. There was an invisible governor on our minds and we never 12 | SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA

“There’s no point in doing anything if you’re standing still or trying to Recreate something that’s already happened. Sometimes you need to get off of the treadmill and do things your own way.” knew it. I saw a dude learning rock ‘n rolls the other day and I remember thinking “damn he’s got a long way to go but holy shit if he sticks with it he’s in for one insane ride”. 93 “In on the Kill Taker” came out the same year 411 #1 was unleashed on our eyeballs and that was the start of the “what’s going on” portal. Hi 8, VHS, DV Cam, HD, how we document what we do, where we put it and how we analyze it has had a huge effect on what people are doing now. Pretty Sweet and HD or Deathwish and the VX1000, you can’t compare them. It’s more about personal preference, just because you

have a better camera doesn’t mean what you are doing is any different. Technology helps but shooting 16mm is still damn fun. Now anything is possible, Shane O’Neill is doing double switch tre flips in a contest run and you can see it live, share it with your bro and leave a comment. Tom Schaar is doing 900s and he doesn’t even have ball hairs yet. Yeah I know it’s shameless to watch the X Games but that Mega ramp still blows my mind. It’s like Danny Way poured some magic juice on a launch ramp and mutated it into a mega ramp. I PVR it for the Real Street clips if that makes you feel any better. I voted for Gravette. Sometimes you need to go backwards to progress, like handpoke tattoos, shoe string belts, still listening to Slayer and 8 inch decks but as long as it’s moving forward it’s progression and that’s good. Flip-in flip-out. Higher, longer, further, younger, older, new, semi-old and bruised. It doesn’t matter, stop caring about what other people are doing and do something today that you’ve never done before, for yourself, it will keep you young forever.


INDIGO SKATECAMP 2013 The Madiba Skate Camp - December 7 to 13. Book Early – email: dallas@ WOODIES RAMPS Cape Town has a new 4000 square metre skate park which consists of a plaza and snake run. It’s designed by Woodies Ramps and is being built by Umzali Civils and Spyda Ramps, due to be complete by the end of August.

The camp now has newly built street obstacles, improved accommodation and more cultural activities. Activities including site visits and spot-checks regarding Madiba’s movements in and around the Inanda area, back in the day. Tell your worried parents you’re enriching your knowledge and not just your skate abilities.


FAMILIA SKATEBOARDS The Nightlife series is made up of thermal images shot by Jon Searle. Jon donated small amounts of money to various animal sanctuaries in which the animals were photographed. Familia (UK) recently got a VX to JJ (SA). JJ is going to be filming Yann and Loucas for a future something. Andy Morgan will be filming Steph Morgan and Shaun Witherup in the UK. Steph Morgan, Shaun WItherup, Gary McNaughton, Gavin Morgan and Andy Morgan recently took a trip out to Berlin. Sam Clark who has been living in Berlin for the last couple months showed them around. Everyone smashed it on and off the board. Berlin is a highly recommended place to visit on a skate trip - cheaper, skate friendly and spot heavy.

HURLEY JJ HARRIS COLLABORATION Featuring the photography of Jess James Harris. Hurley and Baseline recently launched the first collaboration of their new initiative. The initiative places focus on celebrating local artists, photographers and friends with an interesting perspective on skateboarding and the culture surrounding it, in combination with the production of quality and unique garments. The infamous skate shop, now at the base of Kloof Street (CT), played host to the launch on Thursday, 25 July 2013 – and what a launch it was. A full house turnout, photo cubicle, branded wine bottles and craft beer for all.

REVOLUTION Revolution has a newly launched full e-commerce online store, stocking the largest range of online skate, footwear and apparel product in South Africa. They offer free shipping, new products and specials every week. Check it out at: Justus Kotze has come on board at Revolution as CT team manger and office bandwidth destroyer. Dwayne Erasmus is team manager for Jozi & PTA riders. All team riders are busy working on a team Revolution edit that should be out before the end of the year. The Revolution team is Anthony de Mendonca, Adam Wolf, Brendan Dyamond, Justin Biddle, Gavin Scott, Justus Kotze, Jean Marc, Ryan Naidoo, Jean de Wit, Simon Stipcich, Marcel Maassen, Byron Rhoda, Andrew Nero, Mitchell ‘Cash’ Rice, Puddy Zwennis, Kuifie Kruger, Tian van Rensburg, Justin Adonis and Trae Rice. Keep checking for video out-takes. 14 | SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA

Showcasing the photography of Jess James Harris on a series of three T-shirts, with only 12 of each image printed onto quality Hurley threads. The range explores the work and perspective of a lens-man who specialises in capturing urban characters and environments as a result of filming and shooting skateboarding in cities all over the world. Here’s to the thought of many more! VOLCOM Volcom is pleased to announce the launch of operation GIVE JEANS A CHANCE in South Africa. The campaign in SA will be running until the end of August. Volcom are offering you the opportunity to bring your old jeans (that can still be worn) to either Baseline (CT) or Volcom Gateway (DBN) in exchange for 30% off a new pair of Volcom Brand Jeans, as well as the chance to win a R10 000 Volcom hamper. As part of Volcom’s Give Back program, all recovered jeans will be donated to a local homeless shelter organization which will distribute them to the needy for free. With winter well underway we are counting on all of you to make a simple charitable gesture. Last year, Volcom globally collected and distributed almost 35,000 pairs of jeans to multiple homeless shelters and this year we’re reaching out to you to help us match or beat that target.





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SKULLCANDY Skullcandy just added Jozi ripper Brendan Valjalo to their current SA team who consists of Wandile Msomi, Gavin “Moses” Adams, Sam Khumalo and Maanda Mulaudzi. They have also just released the new “Crusher” headphones at select skate stores around SA, the Crusher is full of the latest headphone tech and will be sure to blow your head off your melon, Koston approved so go get some!


YOUR MOM’S WHEELS Your Mom’s first shipment of wheels has arrived and is available for purchase online at thegoldennugget., from Baseline in Cape Town and Skatelab in George. You can also pick them up from Skippy in Pretoria and Manolo Skate night in Joburg. Your Mom is being ridden by Yann Horowitz, Justus Kotzé, Simon Stipcich, Joubert van Staden, Jimmy Wong and Moses Adams. Check it out at

Melissa Williams carving the deep for Your Mom.




Front crooks in Durban.



Shuaib Philander is the 20sk8 General. Other than fasting and repping in the streets of Cape Town, he’s been travelling quite a bit recently so we caught up with him to ask what his Top Ten: SA Spots are – in no particular order.


1. Durban Stadium. 2. Cape Town Civic Centre. 3. Durban ICC Building. 4. P.E Kings Beach. 5. Cape Town Taxi Rank.

6. Cape Town Kensington Mutual Station up the road of my crib most perferct set of stairs ever and no bust. 7. Jozi LBGs. 8. Cape Town Voortreker Rd, spots for days!!! 9. Stellenbosh CBD. 10. Pretoria’s Skinner spot would be 1 of them no doubt, need to get there asap.

T . 011 2620399 /






Pit Party Bree st CAPE TOWN 2 Photos: Seth Phitides


, Grant Payne Story: Bod

Yann Horowitz wallride.

I was nursing a bastard of a hangover from the night before when my flat mate Riaan barged through my bedroom door at 4:40 in the afternoon and proceeded to remind me that I had to be at the Vans judge’s meeting at 5:00, which was now obviously in 20 minutes! So in my bewildered state I managed to summon myself to my feet, get dressed and attempt to get back on the horse again because shortly I would be late for judging the Vans pit party...... This was going to be a long fu#&!ng night.


Rather stand on the side get hammered and get stoked for the skaters who can

Upon arrival, a double whisky shot at the Clarke’s Bar and a Black Label quart were called for before I could even start to think straight again and then hopefully be one step closer to judging the contest. Joining me, thank god, on the judge’s bench were my fellow chums Seamus Casserly (long time ripper and Tattoo extraordinaire) as well as Luke Jackson (ex Jozi lad and Baseline Skate Shop captain), two far better behaved gents than I. Needless to say their added backup and judging support was comforting as well as calming, although in my opinion if you want an honest score always ask the drunk guy because most of us don’t lie. It was now around 19:00 and things seemed to be getting busy, people were flocking in who ranged from an assortment of locally invited skaters, boozers, girls, the odd hipster, a few

metal and hip hop heads as well as an assortment of friends, foes and industry heads who had been cordially invited by Vans for the evening’s affair. It was one of those events where you turn around and it’s all high fives and smiles and ‘what ups’, people were getting their juice on and dudes were shredding the bowl. It was at this point that Warren from Vans and the judges including myself decided to start the contest so Jackson got on the blower and summoned all the skaters to the riders meeting in front of the bowl. Each dude drew a number from a hat and grabbed a beer from the cooler box which was accompanied by a Vans beer-cozy which I thought was a nice little touch, encourage the skaters to get loose. Heats were drawn up and would be judged based on consistency,

Yann all out shredded that thing, charging high speed everywere like the animal he is

If you can’t skate bowls then don’t waste our fu#&!ng time

Brett Shaw sweeper.

Alan Marola frontside standup.

technicality, use of the bowl and style, all key to getting a better score than the bloke next to you.

who charges the crap out of ‘The Pit’ and who made most dudes look like a skin rash!

Now I should just add here if you can’t skate bowls then don’t waste our fu#&ing time and attempt to skate tic-tacking backwards and forwards trying to find a grind box that just isn’t there, rather stand on the side, get hammered and get stoked for the skaters who can. That said, Simon (who did throw in the odd tic-tac) shredded the crap out of this little gem and threw out some of his usual insanity on the walls and wallride, including his double ‘dog piss’ wallride to fakie. It later won him best trick but then he cracked his melon on the ceiling, got to love the gingers! Dudes who shredded were Justus Kotze, Justin Leslie, Yann Horowitz, Brett Shaw, Alan Marola, Wez Coertzen, Jimmy Wong and Melissa Williams

However, in the end it came down to Justin Leslie (3rd), Justus Kotze (2nd) and Yann Horowitz (1st), the top three finalists who ended up taking the podium. Yann all-out shredded that thing, charging high speed everywhere like the animal he is. Being boozed, loose and on fire is what wins a contest like this and he was all three on the night, literally! By now it was around 11:30 and my head was bleeding and by that I mean actually bleeding from also cracking my melon on the low ceiling when standing up. It was also bleeding from my ever persistent hangover that I couldn’t shake, even with every effort to drink it away. I decided it was home time and headed for the door, grabbed the closest cab and headed for bed...

only to bump into Jackson who surprised me after getting out the cab and nearly gave me a fu#&ing heart attack. Apparently he had the same idea of going home a little early, albeit with a much clearer head than mine. Next year it’s your turn Jackson, to get hammered and mess all over your judging sheet have a headache and leave after prize giving. A big thanks must go to Vans, Red bull, The Pit (Clarke’s), Session Magazine, AV Skateboarding, Sins of Style, Seamus, Luke, Seth Phitides, Grant Payne all the skaters who entered and I guess to all you drunk bastards who were lucky enough to get invited, see you all next year. Goodnight, sleep tight.







Where Is My Mind

Mitchell has been part of the local skate scene for years but in recent months his face has been somewhat scarce. He made a name for himself growing up shredding all kinds of transition in Joburg skate parks and by throwing himself down big rails on the Joburg streets. A profile on this often talked about but seldom heard from ripper has been long overdue.


Interview. Bod Photos. Moolman, Pinkhard, Hudson, van Staden



y You moved back to JHB after a year or two of living in Cape Town, how was living in CT for you, did you move back to JHB because of your new baby being born or did you want to move back to Jozi? Yeah well, being in CT was amazing. I lived right across from the beach and had a rad thing going on, but skaters aren’t meant to be waiters or barmen. We don’t do so well being controlled or bossed around. Finding work was really hard and there’s a specific lifestyle there. JHB became the better option because I need to study. Studying and working is a tough task even just to get the rent paid! JHB was a better option for us. What are you doing these days to pay the rent? I do whatever I have to do, anything goes man. I’m busy driving some kid around and all I do is play Playstation and teach him how to skate. I’m still looking for a set job. I’m looking for something in CT, I’ll start anywhere. Hook me up because I need to get back there. Going forward, what’s the plan for you now? Well nothing specific. I need to find some decent work, figure out where to go and treat my lady well. I want to try and get back on the scene and have people back me again. Skate and enjoy life. That’s all we need! You took a short hiatus from Skateboarding and were partying plenty, what got you back on board and how are you feeling about skateboarding now?

and the gap away from skating helped me remember why I started skating in the first place. I’ve got a new love for the game!

Haha that’s true. You get to that age, skating is going well and then you say to yourself ‘Why not keep on partying?’ It was all for the smiles and memories. I met my lady in CT and she got me straight, she gave me something real to work for. I also had a whole bunch of sponsor issues. Forgive Skateboards threatening me, stealing my footage and wanting to take me to court, etc. I actually have no idea, I guess being back in JHB

You pretty much smashed this interview out in a few weeks, tell us about it?


I was just so keen! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the mag. It probably could’ve been done even sooner. It bummed me out a bit because I’d be so amped to skate and when I’d skate I’d take a photo for the mag and then have to go home or go to work. So my entire skate session was focussed on getting something for

the interview, when I just wanted to skate. I’ve got some bangers still to come. When did you first start skateboarding and how did you get into it? Damn, I was 10 or 11 I think. I’ve been here for the best parts of skateboarding in SA. I used to race BMX from a young age and when we were at the Nationals in Port Elizabeth I found a board at our hotel. A friend and I were heelflipping 4-stairs onto grass and I’d never ridden a


skateboard ever! They were good times but a couple months after that I quit BMX and started skating all the time. That’s why I know how to ride a bike. Tell us about your BMXing, I have seen you get off your board, grab a dude’s bike and shred, have you ever been sponsored? Haha I’ve won a couple BMX contests at Festival Mall. I used to race and that required a lot of control. I hit the jumps at Ulitmate X whilst ‘off my face’ drunk and ended up doing a 360 off of one of the dirt jumps. Afterwards, Greg Illingworth and the other guys were all super

amped and helped me out, I used to hang out and party with all the BMXers anyway, they are such rad dudes. Your brother Trae also rips on a board, do you guys spend a lot of time together skating and hanging out?

“I wanted to try that” is what I’ve heard a lot about this ledge. Well sorry for you, Mitch did it first. Gap to crooks.

Not as much as we should. I left for CT and when I came back he was killing it. It is rad that he has so much style and board control, it’s actually ridiculous. Even if he doesn’t skate for months, he gets back on it like he never left. We grew up watching ‘In Bloom’ and all those old vids. He skates fast and smooth. He works now and



“I want to try and get back on the scene and have people back me again! Skate and enjoy life!!! That’s all we need!”

SEQ: Frontside 5-O Frontside Flip out if I’m not “mistaken”. STILL: This Feeble is... Wait for it... Fan-TASTIC. Get it? Rice? No? Yeah guess not.

is always injured but when we can, we skate together. We both have the same eye for skateboarding. I remember first seeing you and your brother on the Indigo Skate Trip when we all took the train to Durban to skate the valley of a thousand hills, you guys were pretty young back then and now you’re all grown up. Tell us about growing up as brothers skating and how it has affected both your lives? We were those brothers that always argued or fought haha. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, not just a sport. It changes how you see and approach life and it set us back a little but we’re still doing it. I remember your dad always being super supportive of you and your brother’s skating, he was always down at the park to watch you guys and show support. Did having a supportive dad help push you and your brother on and off your boards? 26 | SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA

Yeah! He is the shit, so laid-back and mellow. He was always there supporting us and he digs the sport. I guess he should though by now, he has game plans. He knows who is who and even calls out a bunch of tricks. He’ll sit, chill and talk, dudes love him. What else interests you, outside of skateboarding? Uh not much, I dig checking out what the BMXers are doing and looking at the spots they find. I just chill with Erin (my lady) and yeah not much else. Instagram haha, the internet keeps me going and I’m also looking for work! Who are some of your favourite skaters locally and internationally? Locally: Mosey, Marcel, Daniel Miltiadou, Anthony, Brendan, Jonathan Pinkard, Braxton, Damon, Joshua, my brother and Diego rapes steez! Internationally:

there’s too many - Mark Suciu, Dylan Rieder and Nyjah is something else! Who are your current sponsors? I currently ride for Revolution, Iron Fist and Clint from Element has been helping me out a crap load, thanks Clint! Converse has just jumped on board as well so we’ll see if that works out. I support the brands that I want to be involved with, hopefully that shows through this. Who were some of your early influences on a board? Guys like Trainwreck, Chris Cole, Tosh Townend, Dylan Rieder and Jon Allie. Trainwreck made me want to skate handrails! since coming here. I watch Jean Marc and I just want to be in his boat. Haha there are so many places I’d like to go, like Portugal, Barca and anywhere actually, just take me!



Gap ollie over some lengthy greenery.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Where did you go to school and did you finish?

I listen to METAL. I read something about some guys falling asleep to Slayer....

I went to a bunch of schools, mostly private schools with dumbasses! I finished at Bergen’s mom’s school in Sunninghill.

You have a fair amount of ink, even your favourite cigarette brand is on your body. Tell us some ink stories? Haha nothing too crazy but a dude misspelled one of them. I was young and retarded. I don’t regret them but one of them I’m looking at getting removed and redone, to get something better and radder. I’ll be pretty chopped soon, well... more so. Who is the best skater to come out of SA in your opinion? Mosey or Dlamini. Dlamini has got that power and determination, always makes me feel like I’m not trying enough. Mosey has a gift and has worked for it.


Where do you like to skate in SA and where is your local spot? Brightwater Commons on Wednesdays (dirty Wednesdays), the rail and hubba at my house and on the weekend I mission with whoever is keen. The new spot at Wits is one of my favourite spots. We skate whatever we can find, ledges all day! If you had 100 grand to spend in a day what would you buy? Shit, a new car! Haha just kidding, I’d use it to buy into

a company or start something of my own. Put it down on a house or a rad apartment. You got to spend cash to make cash. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Probably at work looking at this interview haha. I don’t know what I’ll be doing but I’ll be doing it right, if I know myself. How many bones have you broken whilst skating and what has been your worst injury? None, I’ve broken a rib on the beach but that’s it. Touch wood! Otherwise, I’ve torn the ligaments and tendons in both ankles, my knees are pretty dead (I can’t do anything on my knees) and my hip bones are floating around in pieces.


MOOLMAN It helps when a photographer is willing to call and speak to whatever manager, land-lord or owner he has to so you can skate the spot. That’s what makes a great skate photographer. Frontside Lipslide in appreciation.

“Haha nothing too crazy but a dude misspelled one of them. I was young and retarded. I don’t regret them....”



MOOLMAN STILL: Nollie Inward Heels look much cooler when you have your favourite cigarettes tattooed on your arm. SEQ: Frontside bluntslide halfcab, up and down.

Have you got any crazy stories about your brother that you would like to share?

himself. Current - Element 8.25, 50mm Element wheels and 147 Thunder trucks.

Not really, he is always up to shit. He doesn’t have his original mouth anymore after falling off a balcony due to a fight he didn’t start. He’s got all the stories...

Have you got any advice for young kids getting on boards?

What’s your take on skate contests? I dig them most of the time. It depends on who is skating where, it can be great or a waste of time. It’s always rad to push myself and try harder. First and Last setups? First board was a Shorty’s Muska with Orion trucks, before that I just skated whatever. I got boards from Mr. Neil Hughes

Do it for you and do it for fun. This is where it all starts and the rest will follow. It’s your art and expression so do you properly! Have you ever skated vert? I can’t air for shit. I like it all though, I can do a couple lip tricks. I hit the lip of the quarter in the mini-mega ramp, it was something else but I love tranny! Who is currently killing it?

who is running shit right now! Thanks and shout-outs? Damian Martins for hooking me up sweet with my tattoo at the Golden Tiki. Tim Moolman, Jonathan Pinkhard, Jansen and Peter for shooting in time with my tight schedule. Clinton Theron at Element and Gallery Skate Shop for hooking me up, Chris Anderson at Iron Fist USA and Clayton Peterson for always helping me out and looking after me from the start. And to everyone else who has helped me out. Shout out to Diego (RIP), Josh, Sid and my bro! Thanks to my parents and my wonderful girlfriend. RIP Nova-Sky.

Anthony, Dlamini and the whole adidas crew. No doubt about


Alan Marola, frontside 180. Photo Jansen van Staden.

braxton & clinton squeeze into india If you ever wondered what the world will look like in a 100 years, or if global warming will really take its toll, India will be a real eye-opener. No matter what, skateboarding will remain skateboarding and it’s changing lives at the ends of the earth.




Some space to breathe, backside ямВip. SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 35

How did going to India on a skate mission come about? Clinton: Well Braxton told me he was asked to go by some or other Indian tourism representative. I hit them back asking if he could bring a plus one and I told them I could film the trip and supply them with the footy. They surprisingly liked the idea and told us that we would be flying in 2 weeks. Later that day they postponed the trip for 6 months. We had very little info about the trip or our obligations so we never thought that it would actually happen, but it did. They also invited Sittichok Srikaew aka “Ply” from Thailand, a skateboarder we met and knew from Maloof Money Cup in 2012. “Ply” is such a character, he can hardly speak any English but he’s always down for a skate mission or midnight hangouts in the hotel room. Braxton: It was weird! I was on an Element skate trip with the team earlier this year and I got a mail from someone in India who had me on Facebook. They invited me to this Xtreme Invasion event in India. I asked them if I could bring Clint along with me to film the whole thing. Man we were stoked on the idea of a free trip! We never say no to those!! Stoked it all worked out. 36 | SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA

What were your first impressions upon arrival? Clinton: We arrived at night but you still notice the heat immediately. With our Bangalore hotel 2 hours away from the airport we got to experience the crazy beeping night traffic straight off the plane. We were down for an adventure so it didn’t freak us out too much. Braxton: We were so exhausted from the plane rides and waiting at Dubai airport for an insanely long time, but on arrival in India we were welcomed by really friendly people that gave us these amazing huge flower chain ‘things’ to put around our necks. They smelt so good!! The people that had arranged to pick us up were so welcoming. It felt like we were on another planet for a while! I was shocked to see people riding bikes with their whole families sitting behind them, it was a shocker! We saw five people on a motorcycle and nobody was wearing helmets and then we saw more and more of the same thing. That’s when we knew India was crazy! Where in India did you guys get to go? Clinton: Bangalore was our first of 3 stops. Next was

Bombay (Mumbai), 16 hour bus ride away with Delhi to follow but that part of the trip ended up “flopping”. Braxton: We went to Bangalore and then Mumbai. How long were you both there for? Clinton: 14 days, all in all. Were the skate spots that you found any good and did you meet any local skaters to show you around? Clinton: Our hotels in both Bombay and Bangalore were located in an ‘industrial area’ so most of the streets wereextremely crowded, broken or covered in shit. The spots we did happen to find had the same hang-ups with people crowding around and getting it shut down and then having to bribe the police to let you go. We met this kid “Donnie” who told us about a nearby skatepark where we could meet more skaters to show us around. Braxton: There were some interestingly weird spots, yeah we met some really cool homies in Bangalore that showed us around and took us to the local skateparks and spots. There was such a rad little park that they had actually

In between the people and cars, with the police on the way, Braxton makes the Tre Flip Fakie.


built. They have a really rad company called ‘Holy stoked’ that is doing great things for their skate scene! Big ups to those dudes! If anyone goes to India then look those cats up. They will show you around and more! Respect to those brothers. You got to skate the newly built skatepark, who built it and what was it like to skate? Clinton: Yeah the Levi’s Holy Stoked Park was just newly built by a team of German and English skaters. Levi’s even got Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski and Chet Childress out to help build. The park is amazing and has loads of perfect tranny, all marble coping and endless line possibilities that you would need a couple of days to master. Holy Stoked also have a built in skate shop with a hangout on the roof overlooking the park. Unfortunately we only skated it for an afternoon, in the blistering heat. Got a few lines and then we had to move on to Bombay. Braxton: It was so sick! Never skated anything like that before. It’s really tight and had some different things to skate. It has such a fun cradle. I think that’s what you call it. It was built by Nick Smith and the Holy stoked crew. You hooked up with some local skaters and some dudes from Holy stoked over there, tell us about it and how did they skate? Clinton: The skaters are really friendly. “Shakes” Abisheck the co-founder of Holy Stoked showed us around from the back of a motorcycle. Shakes kills the tranny at both the “new” and “old” park on his superior German made quality Holy Stoked boards. We experienced so much positivity from these guys. Everyone skates for fun with no sponsors and no bullshit, just good vibes. Braxton: Dudes from Bangalore killed it. Skating with speed and style! There was a five year old kid killing it too! I rate there’s a solid future in skating for the younger generation in India. Homies in Mumbai were rad too. They took us on a skate mission that was a nightmare in some ways. It was so damn hot, hotter than I have ever felt in my life. They took us to a few spots that were hardly spots at all. But all I can say is what RAD people man. They were so friendly and helpful, one guy even paid for our McDonalds. Never expected anything like that haha. What was your staple diet most days? Clinton: Our hotels provided all the local cuisine for us to try, the food is mostly good but curry for breakfast, lunch and supper does take some getting used to. I personally stayed away from meat. All the animals I saw roaming around were feasting on trash. Braxton: In Bangalore we ate like kings. Buffet for breakfast, lunch and supper. Pretty much anything we wanted but the curry version haha, it was tasty though. In Mumbai it was the same thing, eating buffet from the hotel but something just wasn’t right for me there. It wasn’t the same haha. I ate lots of dahl and rice because it was the only thing that looked okay to me. What were some of the biggest cultural differences you noticed compared to living in South Africa? Clinton: The large amount of people is probably the biggest cultural difference. India is home to a billion people and every little space is occupied by someone trying to make a living or just trying to live. I saw truly poor people in India rather than the self-inflicted laziness we sometimes call poverty. Braxton: Food is simple, all kinds of curry everywhere. Indian music is playing everywhere, all day and all night. They are the most humble people I have ever met. 38 | SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA

Did you swim in the Ganges? Clinton: Unfortunately the Ganges flows through Delhi and we did not get to see it. I did hear from someone that there are people who live only on the dead from the water burials in the Ganges, so I’d think twice about a swim. Braxton: Nope What were some memorable moments you won’t forget? Clinton: We had been seeing these crazy mosaic banks all over the place and only got to hit one up a couple of hours before we had to fly out back to SA. As always, as soon as Braxton started rolling around, a huge crowd of people surrounded us, even cars were stopping on the side of the road to watch. The local kids with us started panicking and telling us ‘the Police are coming’. Brax was so close to getting the trick there was no way we were just leaving. Some pigs stepped in and shut it down,

Some pigs stepped in and shut it down, taking the local skaters back to the station to do some explaining. This bought us some time and Braxton stuck it. taking the local skaters back to the station to do some explaining. This bought us some time and Braxton stuck it. Moments later they fetched us and said that they were locking us up! That is kind of scary when it’s your last 2 hours in a strange country. We begged and pleaded them to let us go. In the end, they just wanted money. After a long frustrating explanation that we had no money left and that we were at the end of the trip, they took down the hotel info and let us go. I’m sure that they were going to rip us off so we raced back to the hotel and got the hell out of dodge. Braxton: The train ride on our street mission in Mumbai was sick! We were hanging out of the train and it was going so fast. I went inside a golden temple and this holy person blessed me and I drank some weird tasting minty flavoured water that was blessed. That was rad. There was Zafren, a BMXer that was a part of the trip who we met there as well, he was from Malaysia and it was his birthday one night so we went out for some beers and I ended up smashing a cake in his face! Good memories haha. Skating and cruising around with the Holy stoked guys was awesome. We went to the best club in Mumbai at the top of this fancy ‘shmancy’ hotel on our last night there. I’ll remember so many things. Everything was crazy different and I am stoked I got to have the experience. How was the weather over their? Clinton: The trip was unfortunately booked in midsummer, an unbearable time to visit one of the hottest places on earth. While we were in Bombay it was reported to be 45 degrees and a bunch of people even died, so at times we could not leave the air-conditioned hotel, let alone skate.

Braxton: It is too HOT to HANDLE. Like seriously... you skate for five minutes and it looks like you just jumped in the sea. If you could compare the skate scene to ours here at home, what date would it be if you had to put it on a timeline? Clinton: Skateboarding in India is still in the beginning stages, but it has a rich future ahead with the European and American input. Braxton: I would say maybe around 2001 or even before that. Did you see any skate brands being sold in any stores and where do the dudes get their boards from? Clinton: The Holy stoked shop has lots of good quality product and brands supplied to them from Europe. They are definitely on the right track. They also get stacks of used equipment for the kids that skate at the park to use. Bombay has the obvious board riders mall store, although most of the kids I saw were skating Holy stoked boards. Braxton: Yeah, well the Holy Stoked guys have a skate shop in Bangalore and they had sick brands like Polar skateboards. They had some really cool boards that they had gotten from the guys in Germany. Good quality boards. I even bought a board from them, a Shorty’s Sesame Creeps model. It was for my wall but it was so fresh that I skated it haha. Did you buy something traditionally Indian to put on your mantelpiece at home? Clinton: My wife has visited India before and really likes the elephant god “Ganesh”, so definitely got her something for the mantel. Braxton: We were given these rad ‘Elephant God’ ornaments as gifts and a cool gold medallion from the guys who organized Xtreme Invasion India. Did you take in any of the nightlife? Clinton: Most evenings we spent at the hotel recuperating from heat stroke. We did hit up a couple of restaurants and even an underground night club for about an hour until they turned the lights on at 12 and kicked everyone out. Streets at night are lawless and it’s normal to see five people on a motorcycle with no helmets and no worries, so just walking around was entertaining enough. Braxton: There wasn’t much nightlife. Most things are shut down by about 10 pm. We did go out for some drinks though and to check out the scene. Would you go back for another visit and if so where would you go the next time around? Clinton: Yes, most definitely a winter trip next time. We didn’t get to experience the beautiful India, so would like to go up north closer to Kashmir and the Himalayas. Also, Delhi has the most potential for street skating so will have to make that the main stop for the next trip. Braxton: I would dig to go back to Bangalore and Mumbai and maybe check out Delhi. Thanks and Shout-outs? Clinton: God and Brax. Braxton: Shot to my homie Clint Theron for making it a rad trip! It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Scorching backside tail at the diamond in the rough.

Multi-tasking Clinton gets the 5-0 and the line. SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 39


I asked Craig what I should write about in this introduction. His reply was “Shit... I don’t know.” and I guess that pretty much sums up Craig. He does what he knows and what he knows he does well. He works like a calculator 8 hours a day and will still find time to skate everyday. He has no musical knowledge and will never credit any musicians. In his world it’s not David Bowie Rock ‘n Roll Suicide, it’s more like “Isn’t this Arto Saari in Flip Sorry?” I’m glad Craig doesn’t live up to the 4:20 because a calmer man, you can’t find. Yet, I once saw him help out the homies in a bar fight. I love skating with him just as much as I hate it. His warm ups can be your session, but he doesn’t care about minor or major. He is just happy to have his friends with him on the streets. Craig is dedicated, works hard for his tricks and has a good idea what the end result is going to look like. Clock in at 9. Clock out Unit87. Interview. Streets Crew and Adrian Henderson Photos. Andre Visser


Popped nollie ip for the fun of it, with that classic Leak style. SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 41

Back to school without any dogs, guns or chains. Backside Flip over the fountain.

Juan has its perks; his dad can fix your car while his mother feeds you haha. Anybody who knows Juan will agree that he’s quite a character. He says the most random shit and when you want to punch him all you can do is laugh. His skating pushed me and I owe him for where I’m at right now.

** Taken from a Group Conversation n July 2013

Adrian Henderson: Let’s get this interview started Leak. Have you lived in Cape Town your whole life? Craig Leak: Well, when I was a few months old we moved to Namibia for a while. My dad got a job there. We moved back when I was about 4/5 years old, to Goodwood (the hood), in Cape Town.

Juan Smit: Is it true that you are the guardian of Settlers and anyone who wants to skate there must first beat you in a game of skate?

Dewald Bruwer: Why have you never jumped the fence of the school around the corner from your house to skate the hubbas? Craig Leak: The fences are high and the guards have dogs, guns and chains I’ve heard, so I give it a skip.

Craig Leak: Yes Juan, that is correct, I own a portion of the tennis court. My funeral shall be held there as stated in my will and I would like a casket made of plastic benches. have a care in the world, as long as I was cruisin’.

Dewald Bruwer: You’re on Plankie now and they are helping you with boards. How did you hustle boards growing up? I remember you bolting two boards together... That’s basically skating a 14 layer board.

Pieter Retief: How long have you and Juan been together?

Craig Leak: Yeah damn, I’ve come a long way since then. When times were tough I used to take 3 different boards, saw them up and make them into one board - using hardware to keep it together. We called it Fix-Ups haha. I got so good at making them I would help out buddies by making them ones too. I would make them in my room so there would be sawdust and mess everywhere. I lived in a flat so I didn’t have any garage space. But I rolled that shit so I could come home from school put on my R25 pep All-Star look-a-likes and not

Craig Leak: I used to skate with buddies from primary school at their house and Juan lived across the road – that’s where I first started skating with him. He had a whole skate park! Rails and boxes that we would set up in lines. Years later I started skating with him again at Goodwood library which was my local spot. He had a car at the time, so he started meeting me there and we would make missions. I remember one of the first spots we hit was Durbanville park and the infamous Settlers. We’ve been rolling ever since. Being friends with


Dewald Bruwer: Which is better: Going to Juan’s house with a broken car or an empty stomach?

Adrian Henderson: Matt was added to the Dville Whatsapp group while he was out there. Who started that? What was the point? Leon Bester: And why did Juan leave the group? Craig Leak: Leon created the group for skate sessions at the Dville Park, so if u wanted to hit a session you could leave a message and the relevant people would know what was going down - instead of sms-ing everyone individually. The group was rarely used for this. It became a trash talk spot. If u dare leave your phone for an afternoon there could be as many as ±80 unread messages. This was a haven for Juan. He would share everything besides skateboarding. Eventually we gave him so much grief he left the group. His last activity was posting photos of a trip to Robben Island… The group was never the same again.

Craig Leak: I think I’m a pretty positive person. I’ve always got a smile. Even when shit goes wrong I try to look at the bright side. Anger clouds the mind and then you don’t think straight. Everyone gets frustrated; I just don’t let it linger for too long.

Adrian Henderson: What’s the deal with 87? Joubert Van Staden: Got that one: It’s none of your business. Adrian Henderson: Joubert stop fucking this up please. Thank you.

Juan Smit: Tell us about the STREETS crew and the first road trip.

Joubert Van Staden: Haha ok. Calm down AD. Craig Leak: We are like the Illuminati, a secret elite skate breed born in the year 1987. Basically, there are a bunch of us that were born in that year: Marcel (Maassen), Joubert and Dewald to name a few, and me of course. It just became a thing. We got some mileage on these up and coming youngsters who think they know what’s up! Adriaan Louw: Sausage... Pork sausage... Juan Smit: How did you get the nickname ‘’Unit’’? And tell us a good old Shack (bar) story that involves Pieter. Craig Leak: Well my first memories of this nickname I believe were created by Pieter on another usual night at ‘The Shack’.

We paired up in an argument against you Juan as you love to talk so much shit. I was in a unit with Pieter and the name stuck. Pieter has shares in the front door to Shack and has probably spent more money there than Donald Trump’s net worth. That’s all that needs to be said.

Craig Leak: The crew consists of me, The Jaakness, Leon, Pieter, Dewald, Juan and Adriaan. I believe we all met at a typical Settlers session. Juan and I got a few clips in the friends section of their first video. We got invited to the premiere and a little while later we did a road trip to Durban. We’ve been down ever since and I have had the best times with these dudes. They have all at some point helped me out with product along the way too. Thanks boys.

Pieter Retief: How do you always stay so calm when you skate, you never seem to get angry or is that not true?

Pieter Retief: If the Plankie and Streets homies had to fight, who would win? Weapon of choice? Joubert Van Staden: Eish.... Political...

Straight forward Tre Flip at another Post Office skate spot. SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 43

Craig may not kill people but he killed the Stadium Ledge. Nollie Front Nose 270 Shuvit.


Craig Leak: This would be an interesting match. We have fireman Juan with his buff chest, bigger than sum girls out there, but Plankie has Marcel. He will knife you in your sleep. So I reckon it could go either way, both teams have trump cards. Pieter Retief: In the first Streets video you shared a ‘Friends’ part with Juan, will you share a part in the Plankie / Dope video or will you have a full part? Or are you filming for something else? Craig Leak: Well yeah, there was talk about sharing a part in the beginning, but I have been putting in some work when I’m not stuck at the office. Footage has been coming in nicely so far and I’m hyped on a few tricks that I’ve got already so a full part is what I’m aiming for.

Dewald Bruwer: Last year you had to film your debut part in AV and straight after that you worked on a part for the DC Reel Edit. Now you have to do it all over again with the Plankie vid this year. Which part is going to get the best footage? Are you aiming for the money or will you be more keen to film a good part for the Plankie / Dope colab? Craig Leak: At the moment my focus is on the Plankie / Dope part - Joubert & Jamie will be handling filming on that. For the DC edit I will team up with Streets homie Leon. Last year’s edit we did in less than a month and got a good response. I’m hyped on Leon’s style of filming and the way he puts it together. Things tend to work out well when we go on missions so maybe that will bring in money this year haha... and buy the boys a night out. Dewald Bruwer: You’ve got a steady 9-5 but you always make time to skate. I ride past your house every day after 6 and never see your car in front of your house and I know you are out skateboarding, graveyard shift at Settlers, Dville or Edgemead. Craig Leak: Yip I’m stuck in front of a screen all day in a small office Monday to Friday and skating is the perfect release to clear your mind after a day’s work. I try to hit the Edgmead park - one of Jamie O’Brien’s projects – it’s small but has got all the right stuff; or the Durbanville park (STREETS headquarters) if I can. It’s hard in winter because it gets dark so quick but I will at least try getting a skate in even if it’s just 20 minutes. I work between both parks so I can choose what I’m feeling that day. Adrian Henderson: You worked as a bank teller for a long while. Were there ever any robberies or drama while you worked there? Craig Leak: I saw a lot of money come and go in the 4 years I worked there. We were never held up or anything like that but customers I helped got robbed on their way home. I was however scammed twice with fake IDs and lost the bank R80 000 in total. I don’t know how they never fired me for that. Also, my boss once showed me what a million rand looks like in cold hard cash. R100 notes stacked in bundles. That was pretty cool. Adrian Henderson: That stack of bills must have been impressive. Did it excite the gangster in you? What music do you listen to regularly? Craig Leak: This is a funny one. So many people ask me what music I listen to. I’m not too picky. I like all genres, whatever makes me feel hyped. I’ll admit I lean more towards Hip Hop... been flowing Gangstarr and even some Whiz Khalifa tracks.... Shuaib (Philander) would approve.


Dewald Bruwer: Do you have any tranny skills? All the people you skate with can skate tranny. Were you just skating flat while everyone else was carving?


I’ll have a One Push Pop Shuv to go please.

Craig Leak: Yes, it is no secret my tranny skills are inadequate. I’ll leave it until I’m in my thirties and can’t jump down shit anymore, Reynolds style. While other people were hittin’ the tranny, I was working on my mannys.

missions and parties happened in that car. Been through it all and still going strong. I get offers daily to sell her but she ain’t going anywhere. Dewald Bruwer: Is it true that Juan wanted to take out all the seats so that he couldn’t give people lifts anymore?

Dewald Bruwer: You are soft-spoken and will keep stuff to yourself. That’s a well-known trait of a killer... Have you ever killed anybody?

Leon Bester: hahahaha

Craig Leak: Stop reading books Dewald... but who knows? You might catch me on the 7 o’clock news in years to come while you’re drinking your beer on the couch. After all, I grew up in Goodwood...We dodgy folk. The Jaakness: Do you spit or swallow? Craig Leak: I was told to chew your food well before you swallow and spitting isn’t polite. Juan Smit: Tell us about the Ford Escort. You can always see


it lurking in the background on AVs. When are you putting the old girl to rest!? Craig Leak: Yes she is my child. She has more memories than a 90 year old. It was first Juan’s car then I bought it from him. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. Our first skate

Craig Leak: Yeah, Juan (being a bit older) was the first one to have a license and a car, so everyone would bum lifts off of him. He always threatened to remove the seats so he didn’t have to give lifts anymore but he never did. It was pretty funny. Juan Smit: Jip, dit is waar, en ek wil begin stockars jaag. Maar toe koop ek ‘n bakkie met vok-all canopy. So wie soek ‘n lift town toe? Enige iemand? Hmmm? (Yes it is true and I wanted to race stock cars. But then I just bought a bakkie without a canopy. So who wants a lift to town? Anyone?)

Switch Flipping out of Left Field. Unit is getting down to business.

Dewald Bruwer: Dus nie jou interview nie. (It’s not your interview.)

Pieter Retief: Ja Juan, luister vir langes. Dewald, when did you start slapping da bass man? Dewald Bruwer: I don’t slap it. I walk it. Pieter Retief: Can you walk the dog with one of Juan’s YoYo’s? Dewald Bruwer: Jussis shut up. Pieter Retief: Jussis gaan jou nie help as jy so praat nie… (Jesus won’t help you if you talk like that…)

Adrian Henderson: What’s your drink of choice and have you ever smoked weed? Craig Leak: Beer for chilling and rum and coke for a good time. 87s have a need for Coca Cola. It gets you through them

skate sessions, just ask Joubert. Subway has legit food and bottomless coke, a skater’s dream. It’s cheap on the pocket too. We are becoming regulars. After 8 visits you get a free meal. Shit after this question they should hook me up for advertising. No smoking and no 4-20s for me. Juan Smit: I hear you have pretty impressive melon grabs. If you were asked to do a ‘trick tip’ for Session with a benihana grab would you do it? Craig Leak: Yes Juan, but only if I can benihana over 5 of your dad’s client’s cars in front of your house. Dewald Bruwer: You are talking like an old war veteran Craig. As a veteran, what advice can you give your younger brother and the homies he skates with, the kids of today? Craig Leak: Kids of today have the wrong mind-set instilled in them from watching the latest videos and industry influences.

It’s all about getting sponsored, no more fun. I’m glad the way it worked out for me; the people and companies I’m associated with are friends first then business in-between. It happened naturally with no pressures involved and that motivates me more to go out and get shit done. I’m trying to help out and guide my brother along where I can, as I see some of these bad habits in him. At end of the day it’s about what you feel is right for you. Skating has no rules, only opinions. Adrian Henderson: Any Thanks? Craig Leak: Companies backing me right now: Plankie Skateboards (Joubert + Jansen van Staden), adidas (Pieter Retief) and Jamie O’Brien at Dope Industries. Shout out to Clarke’s (Lyndal + Melissa) + Baseline family for the good times. Respect to Damd + 20sk8 crews and to everyone out there showing me appreciation. Family + friends. Thanks to Session Magazine for this article. Blessings to the STREETS... It’s always going to be a STREETSLIFE!


Photos: Grant Mclachlan Words: AD


In 1999, Mr. Joseph Miller opened Skatelab Skate Park in George. A bunch of Cape Town skaters made the trip from Cape Town to George not knowing that this would be the start of some sort of ‘thing’. In 2000 we returned and had another good time skating the park and hanging out with Mr. Miller and the rest of the George locals. On the way back to Cape Town John Coetzee, Marissa Coetzee, Seamus, Craig Pike and Christi Wiehahn were travelling in John’s Toyota Fortuner. It was late at night and Craig was driving with Seamus in the passenger seat, John and Marissa on the back seat and Christi in the ‘dog box’. Suddenly, a buck ran in front of the car, Craig swerved out and the 4x4 jack-knifed with the trailer and began to roll. The car proceeded to skid RQLWVURRI IRUVHYHUDOPHWHUVEHIRUHÁLSSLQJEDFNRQWRLWVZKHHOV$V the car started rolling, Marissa knocked into John’s jaw and managed to break it in two places. Marissa and Seamus got out and started to pick up some of their things that were scattered all over the road. It was at this SRLQWWKDWWKH\UHOHDVHGWKH\FRXOGQ·WÀQG&KULVWL They proceeded to search for him and found him about 100 meters away in a thorn bush with a broken femur. We were lucky that nobody lost their lives in that accident.

Since then, the trip has been named “FUCK THE BUCK”. We still go back every year. This year was the 13th year of enjoying the skate park and sticking it to that BUCK! This year I dedicate the trip to the fallen heroes that have been on the tour: Inus Wiehahn, Kirk Paioni and Derik Du Toit. You are always in our memories. Keep Rollin!

- Riaan van Biljoen, NSA


Contests have always been a point of consternation for me. They felt awkward. I rode a board to escape the winner vs loser mentality of organised sport and the classroom and couldn’t feel at ease with its ugly green head presiding over my plankie time. But I’d go anyway. I’d see some of the best skateboarders I knew tre flip tail grabbing off jump ramps; huge baggy pants flapping on frontside noseslides; the mc calling on the crowd to ‘make noise’; the lurkers; the stoners; the parents; the kids; the popular dudes and their fine-ass girlfriends. There was skating yeah, but contests seemed just like school. And by then the best time to be at a school was late Sunday afternoon or the early hours of the morning when you needed a safe-ish place to crash after walking the streets all night.

in. He proceeded to climb and perch precariously on the fence mounted a metre further above the transition while his buddy

However, I remember one contest when my eyes were opened. The show was over, the winner announced and one solitary figure appeared on the top of the highest obstacle. The 9ft roll

steadied him and passed him his board. He placed his board under his foot while still holding the fence and balancing his


To wander back to the campsite with a gash on your head and no idea where the rest of your friends are, mumbling something about pirates and a Caribbean island...

weight with his hand on the nose. In almost one movement he got his balance, raised himself, put his front foot on and tail dropped into the roll in… The board stopped dead and he flew 8ft onto his head and shoulder like a sack of dead body pieces. It was incredible. People screamed, people laughed, parents turned into doctors. The individual in question - a quieter older dude who hadn’t skated much the whole day - got up and avoided the attention. Laughing with his friends and sorting out the gash in his head. I learnt later that the dude was piss drunk. They’d spent the whole day drinking a pre-mix under the trees. To my 13 year old brain, this opened up a completely new way to endure the competitive format in skateboarding. Fucking The Buck is really just about celebration. It’s not about getting completely lost in inebriation for the sake of being a bad-ass. It’s about getting as wasted as possible to celebrate

with the ones that are still here to do so. Those who are still here to fall off roofs onto poles with their backs. To finish someone else’s whole bottle of Rum and become the entertainment for the night. To puke everywhere and break all the glass bottles. To fill the braai place with as many branches as possible from tree that’s been freshly cut down. To tag the whole braai area in charcoal. To wander back to the campsite with a cut on your head and no idea where the rest of your friends are, mumbling something about pirates and a Caribbean island. The incidents and antics of this particular weekend are a boundless source of stories, references, jokes and torments for a large number of CT skateboarders all year round. This year was no different albeit somewhat quieter than usual without namely Retief, Maassen, Twala or Khulu. Thankfully the wizard staffs were started as a matter of priority on Friday and the torch was carried through the whole weekend. You only become a wizard once your staff is taller than you.


Above: The highest ollie was declared a draw. In true Plankie style, Alan couldn’t let it beat him and popped it anyway. Top Right: Blunts on the extension all day. Anton Roux pays homeage to JP while Jansen and Skippy look on, Blunt Airwalk. Right: Justus Kotze does some disco dancing while learning a new variation. Backside 360 Switch Smith Stall.

...Fridges were moved in front of doors; shoelaces were tied to door handles; cameras were usurped; Team managers, Organisers, Editors and Sponsors were trapped while they slept. Only to discover the ceremonies effects with wizard induced groggery the following morning.


Left: Wind, Rain, Hail and Sunshine. That’s one day in George. Uri Rubin is probably never prepared but at least he’s got his sunnies. Flip Frontside Board. Top: Khule Ngubane does a Nollie Flip Late Heelflip and avoids the bailing kid. Bonus Points. Above Left - Right: Judges corner gets some direction from Bod. Ryan Naidoo hippie jumps an invisible unicorn. Khule warms down indoors on Saturday night.

A feat a few had accomplished before we even started the bowling tournament Friday night. Yep. That’s right. We had a trophy and everything. Skippy and Wian battled for it in the final – the ginger Wian taking the title and the unique trophy Alan and Die Kaptein had got made. Bod got MVP though after walking in half way through, selecting the nearest ball and sending it sailing down the alley for a strike. One time done. We were all on form. Every time the manager turned his back someone was sliding down the aisle in their socks or doing something he needed to be worried about. So much laughter. So many photos… So many stinking shoes in one pile. You could almost see the fumes. The annual comp went down well despite the hangovers. Organisation was on point with the Monster and Volcom crew keeping the kids happy and Donovan keeping them informed and entertained on the mic. The changes in the park were a bit awkward with the huge jump box being the centre obstacle but it did spread out the skating a bit. The hip was positioned better and is where the best trick went down later that afternoon. Khule showing his nollie heel late flippery and Rhoda gliding away from a double tre flip… I think. To be honest my eyes start hurting when there is more than one flip involved. But hey, I’m apparently getting old since we had a chalet for the weekend so don’t listen to me. My pic of the contest was Ryan Naaidoo hippy jumping over nothing but the pyramid. He rolls up it and just springs 4 foot in the air while his board rolled over the top and lands back on it

on the way down. It was amazing. I also saw the BIGGEST BENIHANA I HAVE EVER SEEN. I wish we had a photo. Out the jump box, easily 5 foot of air to the flat top of the jump box. Tic Tac away. Classic. Almost as classic as the J-Boarders and Wrongboarders getting knocked over by various bearded beings. Thank god for small mercies.

...before being discovered on their knees around the corner with a biology experiment gone horribly wrong surrounding them. Marola took the cash and the trophy again with Byron Rhoda taking second and Khule coming in third. I saw Jaakness there. He looked a bit lost. They had no handrail this year. At least he still did some frontside mustache flips and partook in the Domination of the Chalet-That-Is-Not-Ours Ceremony in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Fridges were moved in front of doors; shoelaces were tied to door handles; cameras were usurped; Team managers, Organisers, Editors and Sponsors were trapped while they slept. Only to discover the

ceremonies effects with wizard induced groggery the following morning. A proper Fuck The Buck thank you possibly? Possibly just shit luck. Either way Volcom, Monster, OSP, Mr Muller and all involved deserve much gratitude. The dust settles on Sunday each year with an insurmountable amount of broken glass. It’s callous, but join us next year and see if you don’t break something. How Jansen managed to keep his feet from getting sliced up is beyond me. The young ones are really a highlight of the weekend. Every year there’s a 1 or 2 who get ahead of themselves. The normally quiet skater kids are suddenly filled with the confidence to walk up to Marola and begin discussing the finer points of being on DC, or brashly shout the odds before being discovered on their knees around the corner with what looks like a biology experiment gone horribly wrong surrounding them. Limits are found and introductions are taken care of around the glow of the fire, and that’s all that really matters to those in attendance. Whether ‘tis for skateboarding, partying, catching up or fanning out, the annual weekend in George has been uniting skateboarding for 13 years. It was held on the 13th of July in the year of 2013, so I am entirely amazed that this article wasn’t full of police encounters, drug busts, citizen’s arrests, broken cars, lost goods and serious injury… Guess we’ll have to try harder next year.





Assorted Levi’s button ups.

DC Bombay Jacket

Levis Coachy Jacket

DC Hecktech Backpack


DC Weak At Heart T

Hurley JJ Harris Colab T

Iron Fist Can’t Stop Em T

Iron Fist Plunder T

Dope Industries Jimmy Wong Signature Series All Over Print Button Up and 5 Panel

SHOES Fallen Daze Black

Vans Lindero Black

Nike SB Koston 2 IT Quickstrike


Fallen Daze Red

Vans Lindero Grey

Nike SB Janoski Mid Armour

Fallen Forte Black

Vans Chukka Mid top

DC Nyjah Black

DC Nyjah Grey

Adidas Americana Vin

Adidas Campus Vulc

Adidas 15 years of Gonz Hamper Winner from Issue 54 Winner: David Shiffman Question: Name the 6 Photographers that are exhibiting their work at the Gonz Exhibition in Area3, Maboneng, JHB in July? Answer: Joe Brook, Benjamin Deberdt, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morfor, Skin Phillips, Sem Rubio






Anti Hero



Volcom 2 x 4 Denim

Volcom Nova Denim

DC Street Core Denim

Levi’s Skate collection assorted 510 & 504 Denims

DC Straight Chino




Your Mom’s Wheels Nixon 48-20 PU Surplus/Black


Nixon The Rover Sand/saddle

Nixon The Big Player Matte Black

SUNNYS Vonzipper Side Pipe

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Vonzipper Elmore SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 55




”You learn how to do skateboard tricks from the trial and error of physically attempting them yourself.”

Photos Clinton Theron Words Luke Jackson

No spots you say? Wrong, there is always something to wallie! Find a wall, 1. Approach an obstacle with a fair bit of momentum and remember that you need to ride up this bloody thing. a wedge, a pillar, a rubbish bin... hell, find anything you can and ride it. The 2. Place your feet the way you would to roll off a step rather than how you would to ollie up name of this trick implies you need a ‘wall’ but you don’t actually need a wall one. You don’t want to pop an ollie, you want to use your momentum to roll your wheels up to do it. The wallie is basically done by riding up whatever is in front of you, the obstacle. instead of doing an ollie over it. Watch Pontus Alv, watch video parts from New 3. Hit the obstacle with your weight centred, you don’t want to lean into it like an ollie. Don’t York City and go do wallies this weekend instead of having a whinge. pop that tail! Push your board up it. 4. Level your board out as you clear the obstacle, spot your landing and ride that sucker out. 5. Keep pushing down the street and repeat!





LOUCAS POLYDOROU “I’m basically running an IBM disguised as an iPhone 1, or 2” PHONES HE’S HAD How the hell am I meant to remember how many phones I’ve had? Lots.




Yonkers Surveillance Tape 01 Malcolm Tucker - A Tribute to Brilliant Swearing.

Don’t have any. I’m basically running an IBM disguised as an iPhone 1, or 2. I don’t even know what it is.

I only have 3 bands on my phone Pavement, Bardo Pond and My Bloody Valentine.

Kanya backlip, Camps Bay bowl

His fridge

A road of cards

No headed, one legged superhero

Luke and Khulu griptape wrestle

Street sushi

Talitha and Sarah

Sam Clark & security

Bishop on a chandalier

Yann Horowitz on a Rafiki’s poster






Flip backtail backside flip out.

I AM TOUFEEQ RAUBENHEIMER Who are some of your favourite rippers? My favourate rippers are Felipe Gustavo,Shane O’Neill and Mike Mo Capaldi..

How old are you? I’m 17 years old. Where are you from? I live in Elsies River, Matroosfontein.

Who do you skate with? The people I skate with often are Shuaib Philander, Wesley “tooth” Shcroeder, Samir Samaai, Alan Adams, Toothless, Ryan Naidoo, Justin Adonis, Stefan du Plessis, Julian Williams, Wade de Monk, Khule Ngubane and a lot of other skaters.

When did you start skating and how did you get into it? I started skating in grade 3. I saw this one guy that always skated past our house and I also wanted to skate because it seemed like fun.

Skinny or Baggy? I love baggy clothing.

What size board do you ride? I skate size 8 boards.

Where do you go to School? I attend St. Andrews school of technology.

Who pays for your boards? I’m sponsored by Ghetto Royalty Headware.

Stuff you want to learn? I want to learn to do graffiti.

What is your favourite skate terrain? I try and adapt to any skate terrain.

What else do you like doing besides skateboarding? Nothing really, I just skate.

Hip Hop, Punk or Metal? Hip hop music.

Photos Grant McLachlan

In 5 years from now, where do you see yourself in skateboarding? I see myself in 5 years sponsored by my dream sponsors LRG and Selfish skateboards, pushing the 20sk8 scheme and continuing skating and progressing my skating. Thanks and shout outs? Shout out to my mom and sisters who always try to help where they can and all who support me. A big thanks to 20sk8crew, Shuaib Philander, Wesley “tooth” Schroeder, Ryan Naidoo, Justin Adonis, Pedro St Claire, Junaid Kippie,MJ Johnson, Grant Mclachlan (awesome photographer), Andre Arnie Lambert, Stefan du Plessis, Jesse Adams, Ashley Philander, The Boobs and Skateboards crew, Anthony de Mendonca, Justin Taylor, Andrew van der Walt (filmer), Gavin Adams, Dean Marais, Benjamin Hausen,Tyler Kammies, Warrick Delport, Quinton Robertson, Samir “Sam” Samaai, Khule Ngubane, Jeremiah Olivier, Theo Setsetse, Julian Williams, Wade de Monk, Ference Isaacs, Justin Lucas, Keerin Noah, Marcel Maassen, Rayne Moses and many more, much love, respect and support from all these dudes. SESSIONMAG.CO.ZA | 59



Skateboarding goes through cycles as it evolves over time. Things get more technical, go bigger and become more specialised but then at times they also tend to go the other way by becoming simpler and more low-key. Every few years things come full circle as new generations of skateboarders take over the reins. Trends come and go and tricks become more or less popular. A big trend right now in videos (a trend I’m really into) is the resurgence of the ‘no-comply’. Originating from the early days of skateboarding, it became the mere trump card for ‘over 30s’ in a game of SKATE. However, just recently it has evolved and subsequently made it into a young man’s repertoire of tricks. Sure, Ray Barbee still has one of the better ‘no-complies’ you’re likely to see but new kids on the block

“A big trend right now in videos is the resurgence of the ‘no-comply’.” like Kevin Terpening are now doing them over picnic tables, into nose manuals on picnic tables and I even saw him do one at a bump-to-bar. Pontus Alv is another favourite, he regularly does them into lipslides, bluntslides, tailslides and even into fakie 5-0 reverts! Check out the recent AV 19 and you’ll see about 6 or 7 no-comply tricks from local lads. Whether you’re into them or not, they are popping up everywhere and you’ll see a whole new generation of kids trying to perfect them at your local park. Ok, let’s take a look at this issue’s ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ regarding our two featured videos: Heroin Skateboards - ‘Video Nasty’ and Element Europe - ‘Hold it Down’.


ELEMENT ‘HOLD IT DOWN’ Pros: Not much slow mo for an Element video – about bloody time! Karsten Kleppan is killer! He’s one of the best dudes riding on an Element stick All-Terrain shredders European spots Ross McGouran outdid himself Madars Apse’s vertical pole jams into grinds Jarne Verbruggen’s opening line catches you off guard and then so does his whole part! ‘No - comply’ variations! (Yes I know they keep coming up, they’re ill!) Nassim Guammaz is gnarly! Cons: Element Euro smokes Element USA and yet this Euro video is still below the radar Not enough Michael Mackrodt footage Launching skate videos through a shitty skate park web platform (The Berrics)

Pros: Awkward bank spots Pole Jams Hella ‘no-comply’ variations! Tom Day British crust Wallies Wallrides Daniel Shimizu Chet Childress Gou Miyagi is a magician-like performance artist with unreal rail balance Far East Skate Network Japan! The Osaka Daggers Skating in your 40s Powerslides Skating curbs An American named Adrian Adrid A Brit geyser named ‘Rogie’ charges! Creativity Jersey Barriers Tranny killing Cons: Too little footage from Shimizu and Childress The questionable fashion of skateboarders in their 40s Not enough cons!


All the best brands available with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in South Africa








FAVOURED SPOTS EVERY CITY IS DIFFERENT. EVERY TOWN IS DIFFERENT. AND WHILST IT’S ALL TOO EASY TO MOAN ABOUT A LACK OF PERFECT HANDRAILS OR MARBLE BLOCKS, YOUR TOWN SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING UNIQUE TO OFFER THAT NO OTHER PLACE CAN. I went back up to Johannesburg last month, and really all I wanted to do was hit Angles [or Slopes as some call it]. So I connected with Ben Bergh and we headed out there.

And I love to see that. I guess my point is that what you have in your town is there for you to claim. It might not look like Shanghai or Barca, but look past what you’d wish for, and focus on what may be right in front of you.


It was so fucking sick. My favourite spot on earth. Of all time. But it wasn’t always like that. I remember a time when I hated going there because it seemed too hard to skate... and lots of people did in fact hate skating there, or at least found it too frustrating.

It dawned on me how much that spot influenced my skating. It literally shaped the shit I wanted to skate, and shaped the way I wanted to skate. And it did that for a lot of people.... just the same way JHB kids are all manual wizards thanks to Library Gardens, or so many Cape Town dudes go fast and gnarly thanks to the hills, or can adapt to the crustiest shit due to so much of it being crusty as shit. Seems these days the Durban dudes are hecka smooth on ledges and maybe that’s from the parks, but now they’ve got the stadium...

“It dawned on me how much that spot influenced my skating, it literally shaped the shit I wanted to skate, and shaped the way I wanted to skate.”









Session Magazine - Issue 55  

The August/September 2013 issue of South Africa's bi-monthly skateboarding Magazine.

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