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The natural development of tableware

Evolution has the lowest carbon footprint of any ceramic hospitality tableware manufactured anywhere in the world At Dudson, we recognise our corporate responsibility in managing the impact of our operations on the environment. Produced entirely in the UK, Evolution is a brand new ceramic body developed with the prime objective of reducing the carbon footprint created during manufacture. Featuring variance in colour and glaze, and specifically designed with the hand-made appearance of thrown pottery, every piece is truly unique. Evolution will bring a welcoming warmth to any tabletop.

The science bit

Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing in particular requiring high energy use. Until now! Evolution is produced using 100% lead-free ThermECO glaze and is manufactured using a once-fired technology, significantly reducing the impact of production on the environment.

Introducing two new colours ... Pearl and Jet Jet and Sand

Pearl and Sand


Pearl and Jet

Following the successful introduction of ‘Sand’, two new colours have been added to the Evolution range. The warm white of ‘Pearl’ will enhance any type of food presentation, while the sophisticated appearance of ‘Jet’ adds a contemporary twist. Why not mix and match all three colours for an individual look?


“We chose to use Dudson Evolution at The Devonshire Arms at Pilsley because of the style and quality of the product. As a traditional country pub with rooms, the handmade appearance of the Evolution range fits perfectly with the inn’s unique character. The lifetime edge chip warranty is a practical benefit which is perfect for a busy pub. As a group, Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants is heavily focused on operating as an environmentally friendly company, and we were delighted that Dudson shares these values and has helped to minimise our impact on the environment.” Alan Hill Chef Patron for The Devonshire Arms at Beeley and the Devonshire Arms at Pilsley, England

“Many things influenced our decision to buy Evolution. First of all, we were looking for tableware that was of a high quality, durable, functional; something that looked good but without being pretentious. We also wanted tableware that would be appropriate both for the setting and the kitchen: understated yet chic, simple but elegant, traditional but with a modern edge, luxurious yet refined. And finally, we wanted tableware that reflected our values: engaging, different, innovative and bold, something daring ... So naturally, we chose Evolution.” Jean Pierre Dureuil Group Executive Chef, Galeries Lafayette, Paris

“Green technologies provide industry with a fantastic opportunity to introduce world-beating products that protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources. By using Endeka’s unique energy efficient ThermECO technology, Dudson has embraced this opportunity with the innovative and stylish Evolution.” Stuart Adams Managing Director, Endeka Ceramics Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent, England

Our greenest product yet The amount of carbon produced in the manufacture of Evolution is 79%* less than that produced in the manufacture of an equivalent porcelain product. *Independent research carried out by Endeka Ceramics Ltd.

Now used on all Dudson products, ThermECO is one of the most durable and energy efficient glazes in the market today, enabling firing at a lower temperature for reduced energy use. *ThermECO is a trademark of Endeka Ceramics Ltd.

Once-fired technology Working closely with Endeka Ceramics, Dudson has developed a new ceramic body that only requires one firing process, compared to the usual two or more in the production of ceramic hospitality tableware. This change in the manufacturing process significantly reduces the impact of production on the environment.

Better for the environment

Strength and durability Evolution is just as strong as other Dudson ceramic products, renowned for their durability and chip resistance. The undeniable strength of these products results in lower replacement rates, meaning less use of resources and lower transport costs.

As with all Dudson ceramics, any unfired pieces that are broken or imperfect can be 100% recycled into manufacturing processes.

Lifetime edge chip warranty All flatware and plate edges that have a reinforced ‘rolled edge’ to increase chip resistance, carry a lifetime warranty against chipping (conditions apply).

“It’s not just the origins of our food and the impact on the environment that we are passionate about. What excites us about Evolution is the fact that, like our menus, ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, supporting the community and keeping carbon production to a minimum.” Avril Gayne Hospitality Services and Control Manager Eden Project, England

Dudson would like to thank everyone at the Eden Project for their invaluable assistance and involvement in the photography of Evolution Pearl and Jet.

Item Range

002R Teacup (Fits 100R) 8 oz 23 cl

099R caFé au LaiT cup (Fits 100R) 10 oz 28 cl

051R TaSTeR cup (Fits 120R) 21/2 oz 7 cl

120R TaSTeR diSh/SauceR 41/4” 10.9 cm

deep ovaL BowL 415R 81/2” 21.6 cm 35 oz 100 cl

oaTMeaL BowL 330R 63/8” 16.2 cm

• 090R MuG (Fits 100R)

650R BeveRaGe poT 28 oz 80 cl

All items shown are available in Sand and Pearl Items denoted by • are also available in Jet

63/8” 16.2 cm

coupe pLaTe • 210R 63/8” 16.2 cm 230R 8” 20.5 cm 240R 9” 22.9 cm 270R 103/4” 27.3 cm • 280R 115/8” 29.5 cm

deep ovaL BowL 425R 101/2” 26.7 cm 383/4 oz 110 cl 1 445R 12 /2” 31.8 cm 65 oz 185 cl

Rice BowL • 588R 41/8” 10.5 cm 7 oz 20 cl

• 100R SauceR

12 oz 34 cl

cheFS‘ pLaTe, SquaRe 216R 61/2” 16.5 cm 236R 81/2” 21.6 cm 266R 101/4” 26 cm

Round FooTed BowL 568R 61/4” 15.9 cm 171/2 oz 50 cl 569R 83/8” 21.3 cm 383/4 oz 110 cl 570R 103/8” 26.4 cm 81 oz 230 cl

Rice BowL • 590R 7” 17.8 cm 30 oz 85 cl

• 704R SaLT • 705R peppeR

500R SuGaR/BouiLLon 8oz 23cl

712R oiL/vineGaR

050R eSpReSSo cup (Fits 120R) 21/2 oz 7 cl

cheFS‘ TRay, RecTanGuLaR • 953R 83/8” x 33/4” 21.4 cm x 9.6 cm • 954R 105/8” x 43/4” 27 cm x 12.1 cm • 955R 14” x 61/2” 35.6 cm x 16.5 cm

Round FooTed BowL coveR • 571R 61/4” 15.9 cm • 572R 83/8” 21.3 cm

JuG 615R 7 oz 20 cl 1 625R 10 /2 oz 30 cl

oLive/TapaS diSh • 917R 45/8” 11.8 cm • 918R 61/4” 15.9 cm

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