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The New Rebels Guided by an instinctive love for the power of nature and the raw materials obtained from it, we want to present to you The New Rebels by Muubs. The SS2017 collection scened in the beautiful surroundings of the Muubs house, located at Portal Nous, Mallorca, has been shaped to enhance the mobility from indoor to outdoor and make your home a flexible vessel for living – to enjoy the precious moments of life, to gather and to grow.

Let the walls melt down With warmth and sunshine, the walls between the indoor and outdoor spaces melt down. The same applies to the design in the Muubs SS2017 collection.

In the kitchen – regardless of whether it is the indoor or the outdoor kitchen, Muubs has expanded the collection this season. Among others, with new cutting- and serving boards with a juice groove and a cool hotdog stand. The quirky teak tray fits two bowls and two spoons to be mixed and matched – everything hand cut from teakwood.

Let the walls melt down and enjoy your outdoor space to the full. Move the Muubs Rockefeller table from indoor –out or mix and match the Lazise lounge set to fit your unique family constellation.

The sun is like love, like time and like travelling – we can always use just a little more. To improve your relationship with the sun we have created a range of functional objects that are just as flexible and mobile as the life they have been designed to adapt into.

A twist of rebelliousness Nothing tamed, nothing contained.

Simple. Honest. Unexpected.

Channeling the darker side of design with a variety of unique black burned objects in solid wood with dark, honest surfaces, showing the organic structure of the wood underneath as it is grown. In nature given shapes.

Sculptural, handmade details bringing authenticity to the home, showing unique traces from the hands that have shaped each single object. Regardless of size. Regardless of material. From the small, hand carved Ohio-vase in ceramic to the giant totem sculptures in recycled teak.

The objects of the Muubs SS2017 collection are even more organic than seen before. Showing the unique features of the natural material from which each object has been shaped. The Sculpture chair in solid teak root is a perfect example of this philosophy. Just as unique as a fingerprint. We love that.

The precious moments Life is no more than the sum of your most precious moments. Cut the non-essentials and surround yourself with furniture that invites to relaxation, gathering and just for you to enjoy your life and passions. No matter if it is a good book in a moment of quietness or an informal family gathering during long summer nights

With the new teakwood serving boards from Muubs you can easily prepare delicious snacks indoor and bring them outside to enjoy – in the sun, or during warm summer evenings with family and friends. Appreciating good food and good company. Creating memories.

Kaito. Meaning ocean. Inspired by the shape of a breaking wave, with the Kaito sunbed in solid teakwood, we have cut down the superficial details to create a place for relaxation. A place to enjoy the precious moments. Kaito is with its handles and folding features easy to move around. Place two Kaito sunbeds next to each other and share your space of relaxation.

We seek to create objects for the home. Celebrating individuality of the people living in it.

Our appreciation of the forces of nature and the perfect imperfections.

A small space does not necessarily mean you have to compromise your quality of life and the most important aspects of the meal; people gathered around a table. Create a place for conversation with the cafĂŠ tables from Muubs. Use them alone or put them together to create a table as long as your invitation list requires.

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