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How to make a relationship with a man

10 Things Men Want in a Relationship

It is no secret to anyone that men and women think differently, especially when we put questions such as relationships and love on the agenda. The woman, detailing and emotional, tends to recognize certain traits of a man's personality in a few minutes of conversation, either by his posture or manner of speaking. In addition, she usually fantasizes about future probabilities within that possible relationship, questioning herself about her desires and whether that man meets her expectations. However, within so many certainties about what we want, there will always be caveats to a huge question mark - man. The figure of man usually to be absorbed, collectively, as a practical and rational being, who can control his emotions, avoid sentimentality and allow himself to act on impulse only for the encounter of casual sex. Sometimes we even have the impression that unmasking the mind of a man, always so reserved and with few open dialogues, becomes almost impossible to accomplish, and the conclusion of all this always leads us to the following statement: Men do not know what they want. To deconstruct this stigma created by the opposite sex, I decided to

direct the following question to the men themselves, who were astonishing in their responses - as well as very similar to the women themselves who seek a solid relationship. After all, what do men want? 1. Gender: Of all the items that will follow, this is probably the most obvious of the whole list, so it comes first. For structural reasons involving hormones, man's desire for sex is higher than that of woman, but to say that men only think about it when they find a mate, would be lying in a generalized way. The truth is that sex is important to any romantic relationship, but not the main reason for liking someone and being willing to be with the other person. Men want sex, but more than that, they want a relationship that brings all forms of physical contact that show affection, such as hugs, kisses and fingers intertwined. 2. Communication: Men rarely can read between the lines of a woman's speech, so they are looking for someone with whom they can have an open and fairly direct dialogue.

Just like us men also want to know your opinion, what bothers you and what makes you happy. To frown and say "Nothing!" When he asks you what happened will only make the weather tense and prone to unnecessary arguments. Communication that is essential for a relationship to work, avoids discomfort and distress. 3. Space: It is important that a couple be united and seek to grow together within a relationship, but for a man, it is also necessary that both have their individuality. We all need a time dedicated to our mind, our unique needs and wants, whether to spend time alone with a book on our lap or an afternoon of chatting with friends. 4. Acceptance: Men want to be accepted the way they are. For them, there is nothing worse than a partner who tries to exert changes in their personality and behavior, whether it involves garbage collectors' garments or persistent criticisms that end up becoming tiresome. We all want to be fully accepted by others, and with them it is no different. 5. Authenticity:

Do not pretend to be who you are not. Some people have a tendency to pretend, albeit unconsciously, to be what they are not at the beginning of a relationship. Like women, men want a true partner, their own personality and tastes, who do not pretend to feel comfortable in such a situation and place just to please him. Sooner or later, the pretense tends to fall apart, which leads to arguments and phrases such as "you're not who I thought I was." Be you, always. 6. Honesty: This item comes accompanied by authenticity, being one of the main pillars of sustaining a healthy relationship. Without honesty, some relationship survives by much. Be honest with your partner just as you expect him to be with you. Lies and secrets are extremely harmful to any relationship. 7. Fellowship: In addition to a partner, men want a best friend for all hours, and it is the marriage of both parties that generates companionship. In good times, bad, easy or difficult, men want to be able to count on their partners. The same goes for the contrary, when they seek to be

able to help them face obstacles and build new paths. 8. Self-confidence: Be confident. For a man, there is nothing sexier and more beautiful than a self-confident woman with no silly uncertainties and jealousy out of context. Dedicate yourself and enjoy yourself in the first place, do not underestimate your ability and never let the insecurity put you down stairs where you really belong. Men admire strong, safe women. 9. Humor: Men like humorous women, who can laugh at him, and still be able to make him laugh. This can be a determining factor in the first encounters, when both are still getting to know each other. People who only bring problems, are pessimistic, do not know how to laugh and carry more frowns than smiles, are not legal for either side. 10. Reciprocity: Of all the items on the list, I believe this is the most important, for both men and women in general.


Understanding Men Who Want a Serious Relationship If you've finally found a man who wants a serious relationship, you'll want to do your best to make that relationship last. Even so, it is

sometimes difficult to understand what they want. You will inevitably make some mistakes during the relationship, but with a bit of commitment and an open mind, you will be able to understand it. You will give yourself a chance to enjoy a lasting love when you understand your man's mind. Make him feel masculine • Talk to him to make decisions. No matter how much you do not need his endorsement to do something or make a decision, it's always good to at least talk to him. Men like to feel like they do things to make their partners happy. If words are not working, try to persuade them in a non-verbal way; doing little pussies and asking dog face is a good tip. • Make him feel big and strong. Men love to feel heroes. Even if you feel strong and independent, allowing him to protect you and take care of you will make him happy. Appreciate acts of chivalry, such as when he opens the door or lets you enter first. • Let him take the initiative. It will be easier to see him doing something if you convince him it was his idea. Use subtle clues to help you make the right decisions. • If you want him to fix the car, but are tired of asking directly to him. Say something like: "Today I saw a car on the nail in the middle of the BR, that makes me paranoid."

• You can also say, "I think I need a new car. How long would it take us to save enough to make an entrance? " He will probably be more willing to fix your car for being or motivated to protect you, or worried about spending a lot of money. • Respect his independence. Do not tell your friends (especially if it's around) that you have it on your hands. Do not talk as if you could manipulate him to do anything for you. The last thing he wants is to look like a puppy in front of his friends and family. • Avoid comments about past relationships. Do not constantly talk about your ex, nor compare your current partner with him. Also, do not date another man if you have not really outgrown your ex. No one deserves to be blamed for something that another person did, let alone be forced to be equal to another. Comparing it with your ex will make you feel neglected; so do not do this.

Simple and direct communication 1.Interpret male emotions. Male emotions are much less complex than female emotions. Men know what they want and do not want. They usually do not talk about feelings and are not open emotionally, unless they feel extremely comfortable with you. In many societies, men shy away from revealing their feelings so

they can feel as if they are in control of the situation. 2.Learn the meaning behind words. If you want him to do something, he can say "yes" even when he does not feel like it. You should know him well enough to find out if he's saying "yes" just to please you or if it's something he wants to do. He will not get angry if you do not find out, but he can get resentful and feel like he's being controlled. 3.Ask simple questions. For example: Suppose you are bringing your purchases into the house while he watches a game on TV. If you want help, say something like "Do you want me to wait until the commercial to finish bringing things?" Or "Can you take the time and help me bring these bags?" Do not start a long discussion about how being not aware that you need help makes you feel ignored, or about how he never pays attention to your needs, etc., because he will immediately shut down. Be direct and simple, so you have more chances to get what you want. 4.Avoid being critical or manipulative. Both constant criticism and manipulation are guarantees that it can go away. 5.Listen to his ideas with respect, even if they differ from yours. When you understand it and where it comes from, then you can decide if you want to stay with it or look for another relationship. 6.If he has to change something extremely important before you want to spend the rest of his life with him, let him know how you feel, and be prepared. At first, he may want to change things like employment, city, religion or something else to make you happy. However, the change may not be lasting and can become a

major problem along the way. 7.Be ready to leave the relationship instead of asking him to be someone he is not. At the same time, be who you are and do not change your values just so that he can accept it. Expect physical contact 1.Leave the boundaries clear. Men want to be warned by their partners about what they should or should not do, as they are not always able to find out for themselves. This will not hurt his feelings or ruin the moment. This may be even good, for he will know the limits. Skip the subtle signals and tell him exactly what is allowed or not. 2.Accept their fetishes. Men may have fetishes on their partner's eyes, hair, hands or other body parts. If he likes it when you do something with your hair, do it a lot. If he loves your hands and gives you a ring, use it whenever you are with him. If he likes a more intimate part of your body, enjoy. Many women would kill for the attention he's giving to his body. 3.Be affectionate. Hold his hand with both hands or wrap his arm with his. Place your hand on his face, run his fingers through his arm or hold his hand against his face or chest. It's good to be affectionate as long as you're not sticky. Affection has to do with devotion and love; being sticky has to do with possession. Follow his non-verbal cues to learn what he likes or dislikes. 4.Use your touch to calm it down. If your partner had a bad day at work, give him a shoulder massage while he tells you about it.

Say something nice and also that you love him. 5.Enjoy your sexuality. Stereotypes say that all men want is sex, but the truth is they want to give you as much pleasure as you want to feel. When he knows you like what he's doing, his ego increases. So, say what you like and what you do not like. When he does what you love, give him back. Keep love alive 1.Thank the things he does. A man likes to know that his partner feels grateful to be with him. He will return the favor 100 times more. If you make him feel like he's not good enough, he may be unsure about your involvement with other men, leaving you. Men do not like to feel inferior, just as women do not. 2.Take good care of him. Of course he wants to take care of you, but you have to reciprocate. Learn the things that make him feel valued and loved. For example, if he likes home made food and you like to cook, cook his favorite dishes to show that he loves you. 3.Show that you admire him. Remember how it was in the beginning, when you would do anything for each other. Keep this always in mind and treat him as someone you can not miss. Make sure it makes you feel as valued as you make it feel. 4.Let him know that you will stay with him no matter what. Tell him that you will always be with him. Never make him feel pressured to get what he wants. Do not threaten to end the relationship to achieve something insignificant. However, analyze the situation

when you have a good reason to end. Do not continue a relationship that does not meet your needs. 5.Give him your trust. When he says he will not leave you for any reason and act accordingly, trust him. Do not ask constantly whether he loves you or not. This can drive you crazy, and you can make him move away. 6.Be prepared for a somewhat territorialistic behavior. Men tend to be territorialist and jealous, particularly if their partners show attraction to other men. • Respect his feelings and avoid being overly attached to other men, either emotionally or physically. The last thing you want is a man who does not feel secure about his love. • A little mystery is always good. Do not wear very indecent clothing when you are in public. No matter how much he likes his curves, he hates it when you show it to others. Dress well and look beautiful, but do not look vulgar. Save your best for private moments. • Get ready for a little jealousy if you travel constantly. Men have seen many movies in which the girl meets someone new when traveling, and ends with her boyfriend. Try to include it in every possible trip. Also, when you return home, make sure that they know how happy you are to be back. 7.Enjoy the things you have in common. Your boyfriend likes to be included in the things you do. At the same time, respect what he likes to do, even if his beach is not much. • If he likes some sport, learn something about it or try to play

games with him. If you do not like it, you do not have to keep going; but often you may be surprised and amused more than you expected. • Give him gifts based on his interests, not yours. Doing this shows that you know what he likes. 8.Know when to make room for it. Men are afraid of losing their independence, they want to be able to go out with friends while they are dating. Even having less to do with friends than when he was single, he still needs a chance to get out once in a while. You should also keep friendships out of the relationship. Thus, you preserve your own identity.

Tips Find out whether or not he wants children. If you want kids and he does not, this can ruin the relationship along the way. Also talk about your creation and creation, to see if you share the same opinion about parenting.

Notices Always be honest. If you want to have a healthy relationship, tell the truth to your partner. Of course you may have some secrets, but do not hide from him what is happening to you mentally or emotionally. Do not date without really liking. If you have the habit of having many relationships in a short time, people who are looking for a long lasting relationship will avoid you. If you're not ready to date seriously, do not

waste the time of a man keeping that in mind. He deserves the chance to move on and find a better relationship. Never try to make you jealous. He will trust you less and be very angry at the other guy.

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How To Be The Woman Every Man Wants In the course of our lives, we often wonder why men seem so difficult to please. Fortunately, they are not that difficult. Here's how to be the woman every man wants. Men are not the super complicated creatures we imagine. Generally speaking, each one has a particular taste when it comes to features that they look for in a woman. There are six traits, however, that every man finds extremely attractive in a woman. And you will discover these six traits here in this article. While some of these traits mentioned will seem like common sense, the rest will look like it came out of an Anitta song. One thing you, dear reader, will notice is that there is a lot of truth in each of these traits. Here's How To Be The Woman Every Man Wants!

Appearances Are Important, But The Secret Is Self-Confidence. Yes, it sounds like an enigma. Men are known to be visual creatures, who need to like what they are seeing first only to later enjoy other traits of the woman. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with weight or biotype, since many men like different sizes of women. "Appearance is important" means that the woman needs to be presentable. Although many women prefer to wear comfortable clothes and are lazy to make up to get out, this is actually a missed opportunity because you can meet a good party anywhere. Now, this does not mean that you have to wear formal attire to go to the market. But leave the sweater at home. The man admires the woman who is proud of her appearance. For him, leaving the house with a sweatshirt gives the impression that you are not proud of yourself and that you are not interested in finding

your soul mate. Alternatively, the man also admires the woman who dresses according to his body type. This includes women of all shapes and sizes. Men are not interested in perfection. If you are overweight, there are dresses today that embellish your curves instead of showing your curves the wrong way. You do not need to hide behind t-shirts and pants that are larger than your mannequin to look presentable. You do not have to be skinny enough to look pretty. There are blouses, skirts and jeans of all kinds that make a woman look great. Also, when you feel great about a suit, you're squandering selfconfidence. Men love the woman whose main characteristic is to be self-confident. They appreciate the girl who takes control of the situation, whatever it is. Nor does self-confidence come from your appearance alone.

Self-confidence shows up in what you do ... it shows up in what you have passion for. Do not be afraid to show your passion for what you do. The truth is, the woman can do anything the man does ... from working the car to being president of a multinational. Follow your heart and let your self-confidence exhale!

The Boss Is The Independent Woman. Another trait that men find absolutely irresistible is the independence of a woman. For a long time they had to pay the dinner bill and give expensive gifts. We are in the 21st century, a time of equal opportunity. There is nothing wrong with being an independent woman. The independent woman is powerful and attractive. The man likes the woman who pays her own bills and who dominates her own finances. The time has passed since the woman was a kind of object that the man possessed.

Women today are proud to be able to pay for things they could not have before. Men lose interest in a woman if she always expects him to pay for everything. Men want to buy things for him, too. Man does not have to sacrifice savings to buy a house he wants or a new toy just to impress a potential bride. It's time for women to celebrate as a whole the fact that they can make enough money to buy their own expensive items. Women can buy their own jewelry. Women can buy their own car. They can even buy or rent a house or apartment. When the man sees that the woman has control over his life, he sees a future wife who can make him a better man. At the same time, women should occasionally let the man pay the bill. If you pay for everything, he will think you are a loser. That is the secret to the perfect balance in a relationship.

Follow The Flow. Life tends to follow its own flow. There are things beyond our control. Should we be stressed and worried when things do not work out? Of course not! For a man, nothing is more annoying than a woman who can not adjust and adapt. Remember, men are problem solvers. If you have a problem, they are programmed to appear with a solution. This goes hand in hand with independence. A woman who is able to follow the flow and adapt to the changes around her is highly attractive in the eyes of men.

Do not Be Afraid To Mess With Hands. Men love to fish, hunt and camp. Most of them enjoy nature and any outdoor activity, and it does not matter if it's raining or snowing.

So, what man would love most is to have a girlfriend or wife with the same mindset and do these activities with him. All three of these activities involve soiling and sweating. There's no problem with that. The woman was not meant to be a doll all the time. Men like to be on the side of women who are willing to get dirty. You are getting to know each other and he calls you to a Rally on foot. What would you do? At the Rally on foot you will cross rivers and dive your beautiful shoes into the mud. Would you do it? Other activities can be paintball, trail and rappelling. Men do not like expensive, demanding, fresh women who are disgusted with even a little dirt on their shoes ... or women who change their mood completely just because they broke a nail. Handwashing involves other activities as well, such as cooking. Instead of getting annoyed because he spilled some ketchup on his clothes, make fun of the lambanza. Life is too short to worry about clothes. When the man spends time together with a woman who is not afraid

to get dirty, he sees a woman who is putting 110% effort into the activity they are doing. So cook without an apron and enjoy the moment, even if you had no intention of getting dirty. Believe me, he will feel the sense of freedom to be who he is on your side.

Take Control Once In a While. Many people see relationships as a competition for control. Although some men love to control the pace of the relationship, most men like it when women take the reins from time to time. It could be as simple as planning a date or something as seductive as mastering it in bed. For most men, a woman who knows how to take control from time to time is irresistible. This shows him that you are not submissive, which can be annoying if it is something your partner is constantly having to deal with. Men also prefer women to have some plans at times. It's getting hard

for him to find a romantic place for you to get out. Men are not programmed to be romantic all the time. That is why they would love a woman's initiative from time to time. As a woman, you are programmed to stay in tune with romantic things, so it is easier for you to plan the meeting of your dreams. The same thing goes for different things in bed. Men are accustomed to being dominant in bed and this becomes routine for them. Take control of the fuck once in a while and let him be submissive for a change. He will get very excited to feel that you are dominating. This is an easy way to spice things up. Is it worth doing with it? Read Also: The 6 Step Guide To Leaving A Boy Caught By You

Communication Is Important.

Above all, the man appreciates the woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell him that. Men were not born to read women's minds. They do not know what you're thinking about most of the time and they get confused when you get angry about something that could be easily resolved through good communication. Men need a sense of direction when it comes to wives and girlfriends. If you do not tell him that you want him to do something or that you do not like something, he will not know. Indirect does not work for men. Clear language is necessary for them to understand. Do not have the hope that they will know everything you like and do not like if you do not talk. As well as self-confidence and independence, a woman with excellent communication skills is highly attractive to men. This shows them that you will not throw any bombs at him further into the relationship and will help him feel more secure.

Men are insecure creatures and need women to give direction. If he does not have to worry about knowing what you want, they will be happier. What woman who does not want a happy man? In short, it is not a difficult task to be the woman every man wants. Conclusion If you follow these six strokes to the letter, you will have more interesting suitors on your way. So increase your self-confidence with nicer clothes, let your independent side shine, do not be a neat doll all the time, show who's boss and let the communication flow. The less you realize, the more you'll love the man you love!

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How to make a relationship with a man  

How to add relationships with men in dreams Make you a woman who wants to live with.

How to make a relationship with a man  

How to add relationships with men in dreams Make you a woman who wants to live with.