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Serious Joy A Semi-annual Report to Friends of Bethlehem College & Seminary

the alumni issue



How a Small School is Spreading a Passion for a   Big God

FALL 2016




Our Vision for Spreading


When you deeply love someone or something, or when you have been profoundly blessed by someone or something, your natural response is to want to tell people about it! That’s how the Lord has wired each one of us. When we’re happy and blessed, we want to share the source of that joy with anyone who will listen. This is precisely what the Lord expects of us as we become more and more satisfied in Him. By this means, the good news of the gospel will one day go to the ends of the earth—reaching all peoples in all languages. The courage: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” We will never be alone as we seek to fulfill this calling! The King of the Universe will be with us!

2017 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors + Church Leaders

January 30 – February 1, 2017  Minneapolis Convention Center

Featuring plenary messages from Thabiti Anyabwile, Mark Dever, Jason Meyer, John Piper, and Zane Pratt. Including programming for Pastors, Elders, Church Planters, and Worship, Missions, and Women’s Ministry Leaders.

It is with this rising focus on the spreading of the gospel to the ends of the earth that we wholeheartedly embrace the new spreading vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church called Fill These Cities: 25 by ‘25. It’s a vision to raise up 25 new Tim Tomlinson, President, Bethlehem College & Seminary


church plants and to engage 25 unengaged people groups


Rev. Dr. Jason DeRouchie has been named Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, becoming Bethlehem College & Seminary’s first faculty member promoted to full

t Bethlehem College & Seminary we have be-

by the year 2025. We love this bold vision as it resonates

come increasingly focused on achieving this

clearly with our vision for spreading and therefore it has

end. It has always been our goal, but because of all

led to a new goal and focus for Bethlehem College &

the work that has been required to establish a new

Seminary. In an extraordinary move, the following in-

Matt Crutchmer, Instructor

school, we haven’t been able to put all of our ener-

stitutional goal was adopted at our September meeting:

of Bible and Theology, has

gies toward its fulfillment. However, from the very beginning our mission has been to “spread.” In fact, it forms the heart of our mission statement:

The Board of Trustees of Bethlehem College & Seminary, with the glad partnership of the staff and vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church. We are eager

a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for

for Bethlehem College & Seminary to be a strategic

the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ by equip-

pipeline through which a stream of God-centered,

ping men and women to treasure Christ above all

Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated men and women

things, to grow in wisdom and knowledge over a

give themselves at the frontlines of this vision. We

lifetime, and to glorify God in every sphere of life.

will pray and teach and challenge to that end. May

spread a passion for the supremacy of God. And, we exist to take this spreading to the ends of the earth.

“This is the greatest need in the world— messengers of Jesus Christ who can fearlessly and boldly take the gospel to all the nations.”

been promoted to Assistant Professor of Theology.

faculty, rejoice in the Fill These Cities: 25 by ‘25

Under the inerrant Word of God, we exist to spread

Our calling from the Lord is clear: we exist to


God, in his sovereign power and great mercy, incline the hearts of at least 25 of our students to join

Zachary Howard, MDiv ‘16, formerly Director of Admissions, has joined the faculty as Instructor of Theology and Humanities.

hands with others on the frontiers of this church planting and pioneering missionary effort. Frankly, such a goal is simply unheard of in educational institution circles. It is bold, audacious, and, I believe, God-glorifying! This is the ultimate out-

Daniel Kleven, BATS ‘16, has been named Director of Admissions.

come of our educational efforts. We want to see the darkest parts of the world penetrated by our students through church planting efforts and through

The Great Commission of Matthew 28: 18-20 lays out

reaching the unreached peoples all over the world.

for us the command, the context, and the courage

May the Lord make it happen in our lifetime!

source for fulfilling it: And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


So as we seek to provide a life-transforming “Education in Serious Joy,” our aim is to produce

Jonathon Woodyard,

graduates who are filled with the overflowing love

MDiv ‘16, Church Planting

of God, who are fully satisfied in Him, and whose

Resident at Bethlehem Baptist

greatest delight is in sharing this joy with others.

Church, has been named

This is the greatest need in the world—messengers of

Lead Pastor of Northfield

Jesus Christ who can fearlessly and boldly take the

Community Church,

gospel to all the nations.

Northfield, MN.

You, my dear friends, are partners in this great

The command: making disciples of all nations by

endeavor. By your prayers and your gifts, the Lord

teaching them to observe the Lord’s commands.

is quietly sending out workers into the harvest. We

The context: all authority in heaven and on earth

need your prayers and support now more than ever

has been given to Jesus Christ! Everything we do is

as we take on this glorious new goal. If you haven’t

in this context—including reaching the nations with

already, please join with us as we pursue this new,

the gospel.

ambitious vision. May the Lord bless you!





I M PAC T How a Small School is Spreading a Passion for a Big God Look at how quickly and widely God has dispatched debt-free   Bethlehem College & Seminary graduates to gospel ministry

CL ASS OF 2000

CL ASS OF 2002

Gary Steward  TBI 2000

John Beckman  TBI 2002

Assistant Professor of History  Colorado Christian University Arvada, CO

Assistant Professor of Old Testament  Bethlehem College & Seminary Saint Paul, MN

Justin Taylor  TBI 2000

Kenneth Boer  TBI 2002 Director of Worship & Music  Covenant Life Church Gaithersburg, MD

Elder, New Covenant Bible Church  Editor, Crossway Glendale Heights, IL

D.S.  TBI 2000 Sensitive Location

Todd Wilson  TBI 2000 Senior Pastor  Calvary Memorial Church Oak Park, IL Stephen Witmer  TBI 2000 Lead Pastor, Pepperell Christian Fellowship Adjunct Professor of New Testament  Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Pepperell, MA


Kent Capps  TBI 2002 Head of School  Paedeia Academy Knoxville, TN


Jack Delk  TBI 2002 Pastor for Counseling  Bethlehem Baptist Church Mounds View, MN Jason Kovacs  TBI 2002 Executive Director  Austin Stone Counseling Center Austin, TX

THEOLOGICAL SCHOLARS CL ASS OF 2001 John Kimbell  TBI 2001 Pastor of Preaching & Discipleship  Clifton Baptist Church Louisville, KY Jonathan Leslie  TBI 2001 Missionary, Africa Inland Mission Kenya

Jason Meyer  TBI 2001 Pastor for Preaching and Vision  Bethlehem Baptist Church Minneapolis, MN Steven Oeverman  TBI 2001 Senior Pastor  Grace United Reformed Church Tigard, OR

CL ASS OF 2003 Sean Cordell  TBI 2003 Senior Pastor, Treasuring Christ Church Raleigh, NC Ryan Kron  TBI 2003 Senior Pastor  Emmaus Road Reformed Church Bloomington, MN Weyland Leach  TBI 2003 Senior Pastor, The Heights Church Saint Paul, MN


David Lincicum  TBI 2003 Associate Professor of Biblical Studies & Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity  University of Notre Dame Oxford, England

Matthew Perman  TBI 2001

Paul Springer  TBI 2003

Director of Marketing, Made to Flourish Kansas City, MO

Elder, Uptown Baptist Church Chicago, IL

Benjamin Reaoch  TBI 2001 Senior Pastor  Three Rivers Grace Church Pittsburgh, PA

Dale Thiele  TBI 2003 Senior Pastor  Oak Hills Presbyterian Church Shawnee, KS


First class of The Bethlehem Institute (TBI)


FALL 2016



Kelly Capps  TBI 2006 Associate Pastor, APC Bonn Bonn, Germany

We pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of   the pastoral ministry. The mentality of the professional is not the mentality of the prophet. It is not the mentality of the slave of Christ. Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and the heart of the Christian ministry. The more professional we long to be, the more spiritual death we will leave in our wake. Brothers We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry

Joseph Selness  BTH 2011 Production Director, Wretched Radio Farmington, MN

David Mathis  TBI 2006

Jonathan Winslow  BTH 2011

Executive Editor, Desiring God Minneapolis, MN

Salesman Portland, OR

Zachary Schmidt  TBI 2006 UC Berkeley Phoenix, AZ

Charles Shepherd  TBI 2006 Diocesan Learning Advisor  Diocese of Monmouth Newport, England

Harold Simmons  TBI 2006 Global Director of Strategy  United Metal Products Tempe, AZ

CL ASS OF 2007 Justin Hoover  TBI 2007 Evangelist, Grace for the Nations Bemidji, MN

Jesse Peterson  TBI 2007 Ministry Fellow, Christian Union Columbia University New York, NY

Joseph Randall  TBI 2007 Senior Pastor, Olney Baptist Church Philadelphia, PA

CL ASS OF 2012 Jason Abell  MABPS 2012 Vice President of Administration   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Forrest Ackerman  AA 2012 Financial Analyst Wells Fargo Capital Finance Torrance, CA Joshua Anderson  BTH 2012 Music and Youth Pastor, The River Church  MDiv Student, Southwestern Baptist   Theological Seminary River Falls, WI Haddon Anderson  TBI 2012 Senior Pastor Garner, IA

Samuel Barber  BA 2012 Pastoral Assistant & Teacher   Habersham School Guyton, GA Timothy Becker  MABPS 2012 Pastor of Discipleship, First Baptist Church Medford, WI

CL ASS OF 2008 Johnathon Bowers  MDIV 2012 Daniel Walton  TBI 2003 Chief Technology Officer, Interra Castle Rock, CO

Nathan Miller  TBI 2008 Senior High Pastor, GracePoint Church Minneapolis, MN Nathaniel Porter  TBI 2008

Gregory Zierhut  TBI 2003 Manager, Maintenance Operations  United State Postal Service Roseville, MN

Pastor, River Community Church Red Bluff, CA

Erik Schaefer  TBI 2008 Pastor, Christ Community Church  Newtownville, MA

CL ASS OF 2004 CL ASS OF 2009 Christopher Bruno  TBI 2004 Director of Advancement  Trinity Christian School Kailua, HI

Christopher Davis  TBI 2004 Senior Pastor, Groveton Baptist Church Alexandria, VA Courtney Friesen  TBI 2004 Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies and Classics, University of Arizona Tucson, AZ

Christopher Lent  TBI 2004 Pastor, Celebration Community Church Kissimmee, FL Dale Tolmasoff  TBI 2004 Author Tyler, TX

Luis Mendez  TBI 2009 Pastor, International Baptist Church Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic CL ASS OF 2010 Dieudonné Tamfu  TBI 2010 Assistant Pastor, Jubilee Community Church  Adjunct Professor  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN CL ASS OF 2011 Nadia Afanasyev  BTH 2011 Nurse, University of Minnesota Russian Translator, Bethlehem Baptist Church Eagan, MN

CL ASS OF 2005 Jonathan Christman  TBI 2005

Susan Cleary  BTH 2011 Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools Saint Paul, MN

Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church  Professor, Kentucky Wesleyan College Owensboro, KY

James Rairick  TBI 2005 Horizon International Louisville, KY

CL ASS OF 2006


Edward Katterson  BTH 2011 Saint Paul, MN

Christopher Majors  MDIV 2011 Assistant Pastor, Jubilee Community Church Minneapolis, MN Joseph Mancuso  BTH 2011 Pricing Analyst, Medtronic Stillwater, MN

Aaron Brown  TBI 2006

Thomas Melton  BTH 2011 Account Manager, Artisent Floors Omaha, NE


Matthew Crutchmer  MABPS 2012 Assistant Professor of Theology  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Jason Falck  MABPS 2012 Associate Pastor  Walnut Ridge Baptist Church Waterloo, IA Brent Fischer  BTH 2012 The Station Pub & Event Center Saint Paul, MN Jason French  MABPS 2012 Worship Pastor, Highview Baptist Church Instructor  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, KY Ryan Griffith  MABPS 2012 Assistant Professor of Church History and Theology, Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

David Griffiths  MABPS 2012 Senior Pastor Palmyra, WI

John Hansen  MABPS 2012 I.T. Tech, United Parcel Service Kennewick, WA

Nicholas Jackson  BTH 2011 Accounts Payable Manager Indianapolis, IN

Daniel Brendsel  TBI 2006 Director & Minister of College & 20s Life and Adult Education, Grace Church of DuPage  Director, Missions Training Academy Wheaton, IL

Curriculum Writer, Training leaders Int’l Andover, MN

Andrew Cowan  MABPS 2012 PhD Student  University of St. Andrews St. Andrews, Scotland

Cameron Holly  BTH 2011 Strategic Planner, Ricoh Corp. Grad., Reformed Theological Seminary Latin America

Matthew Wireman  BATS 2005 Dean of Christian Ministries, North Greenville University; Church Planter Greenville, SC

Jason Calcote  MABPS 2012 HS Bible Teacher, Hope Academy Elder, Jubilee Community Church Minneapolis, MN

Colleen Herrmann  BTH 2011 Women’s Ministry & Adult Sunday School Jordan, MN

Travis Myers  TBI 2005 Assistant Professor of Church History &   Missions Studies, Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Assistant Professor of Theology & Philosophy  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Fulfilling your ministry is more important than staying alive. This conviction is what makes the lives of radically devoted people so inspiring to watch. “Ministry—More Important Than Life”

Wesley Hill  BTH 2012 Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies   Trinity School for Ministry Ambridge, PA

Jeremey Houlton  MABPS 2012 Lead Pastor Fort Collins, CO

Robert Hulson  MABPS 2012 Apple Retail (Creative) Boise, ID

Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man. When this age is over, and the countless millions of the redeemed fall on their faces before the throne of God, missions will be no more.

Morgan Cruze (Jackson)  AA 2012

Let Nations Be Glad: The Supremacy of God in Missions

Self-employed Minneapolis, MN

Brad Kresge  AA 2012 Self-employed Perrinton, MI Amelia Schumann  AA 2012

Brandon Johnson  BA 2013

Lead Pastor, Pillar of Grace Church New Prague, MN

Translation Coordinator  The Gospel Coalition Roseville, MN

MDiv Student, Redeemer Seminary Dallas, TX

Gabriel Leake  AA 2012

Marshall Segal  MDIV 2012

Elijah Layfield  MABPS 2012

Self-employed, Student   University of Northwestern – Saint Paul St Paul, MN

Steven Lee  MDIV 2012 Pastor of Small Groups & Community Outreach  College Church Wheaton, IL Caitlin Johnson (Lemmon)  AA 2012 Primary Education Teacher Minneapolis, MN

Luke Lorence  BTH 2012 Counselor, Heart Song Counseling Jenkintown, PA

Gil McConnell  MABPS 2012 Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship  Bethlehem Baptist Church Mounds View, MN Matthew Molesky  MABPS 2012 Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church St. Cloud, MN Daniel Nichols  BTH 2012 Pastor of Student Ministries  Annandale Evangelical Free Church Annandale, MN

Mathew Nix  MABPS 2012 General Farmer, Righteous Oaks Farm Aikin, MN Nicholas Nowalk  MDIV 2012 Research and Writing Ministry Fellow Christian Union, Harvard University Medford, MA

Aaron O’Harra  MABPS 2012 Pastor for Preaching & Vision, The Rising Eugene, OR

Jonathan Parnell  MDIV 2012 Lead Pastor, Cities Church Saint Paul, MN

Jonathan Philgreen  MABPS 2012 JCorp Edgerton, KS

Andrew Preston  BA 2012 Instructor for Systematic Theology, Latin, Logic,  History, & Literature, Sayers Classical Academy Louisville, KY

Joseph Protzmann  MABPS 2012 Coach, Roosevelt High School Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Reimer  MABPS 2012 Elder; Computer Technician Prescott Valley, AZ

Associate Editor, Desiring God Minneapolis, MN

Stephen Sharp  MABPS 2012 Board of Directors, International Messengers Libby, MT

Michael Sutton  BTH 2012

Brian Tabb  MABPS 2012 Kevin McClure  MDIV 2013 Associate Pastor for Discipleship  Geist Community Church McCordsville, IN

Academic Dean   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Eric Tibayan  MDIV 2012 Lead Pastor, Christian Bible Fellowship Covina, CA Brett Toney  MDIV 2012 Associate Pastor for Administration  Five Points Community Church Auburn Hills, MI

John Peterson  AA 2013 Minneapolis, MN

Grant Winnes  MABPS 2012 Pastor of Adult Ministries  First Baptist Church of Hampton Falls Hampton Falls, NH

Matthew Schildroth  AA 2013 Technology Specialist, American Color Imaging Cedar Falls, IA

Daniel Young  AA 2012

Portland, OR

Joshua Schneider  BA 2013 CEO and Founder, Anderson Area Pools Greer, SC

Steven Schumacher  BTH 2013 Daniel Zinke  AA 2012

Pittsburgh, PA

Target Corporation Minneapolis, MN

Mickey Sheu  MDIV 2013 Adjunct Professor of Mathematics  Bethlehem College & Seminary Business Developer, Xinspire

CL ASS OF 2013

Minneapolis, MN

Brandon Bellomo  MDIV 2013 Senior Pastor  Fellowship Bible Church of Pierz Pierz, MN

James St. John  AA 2013 Student, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

Benjamin Collins  MDIV 2013 Campus Pastor, Grace5Cities Grover Beach, CA

Matthew Strom  BA 2013 Recovery Coach  Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Minneapolis, MN

Dana Dexter  BA 2013 MDiv Student  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX

Charles DeZiel  MABPS 2013 Research, Microsoft  Campus Ministry, The Navigators Minneapolis, MN Kathryn Fischer  BA 2013 Homemaker Greenacres, FL

Minneapolis, MN

John Grimm  MABPS 2013

Heather Rushfeldt  BTH 2012

Director of Family Ministries   Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church Durham, NC

Neil Schindler  MDIV 2012 Pastor Prentice, WI

Linden Vought  AA 2013

CL ASS OF 2014 Charles Ackmann  MDIV 2014 Associate Pastor, Duncan Road Church Blue Springs, MO Josiah Bird  BTH 2014 Construction Laborer, Revision, LLC Richfield, MN

Director of International Missions  The Park Church Charlotte, NC

Nathan Cadman  BTH 2014 Plumber Albuquerque, NM

Aaron Jameson  MDIV 2013 Associate Pastor, Christ’s Church at Fox Creek West Des Moines, IA

Joy Schneider  AA 2012

Jonathan Jerez  MDIV 2013

Minneapolis, MN

Worship Leader and Songwriter Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Michael Strong  BA 2013 Procurement Category Specialist, US Bank Minneapolis, MN

Homemaker Farmington, MN

Robert Ivy  MDIV 2013 Homemaker Minneapolis, MN

Scott McQuinn  MDIV 2013 Contributing Editor, Logos Bible Software Clovis, CA

Bradley Nutt  BA 2013 Pastor, Randolph Baptist Church Randolph, MN

James Waldemar  BTH 2012 Waldemar Construction Lake Elmo, MN

Joe Rigney  MABPS 2012

Whitney Sandidge  AA 2012

Marcus Leman  MDIV 2013 Direct Care Counselor   Sunrise Children’s Services Louisville, KY Michael Littell  MDIV 2013 Assistant Pastor  South Dayton Presbyterian Church Centerville, OH

Chicago, IL

Associate Professor  Bethlehem College & Seminary Pastor, Cities Church

Chaplain Assistant, U.S. Army Fort Bragg, NC

Jeffrey Lacine  MDIV 2013 Senior Pastor, Sellwood Baptist Church Portland, OR

Roger Cowan  MABPS 2014 Missionary, Pioneers Mindarie, Australia

Jonathan Crappel  BTH 2014 Web Developer Minneapolis, MN

FALL 2016



Spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all



things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ

FALL 2016



Sean DeLorme  BA 2014

Matthew Rowley  MDIV 2014

MDiv student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Teacher & PhD Student  University of Leicester

Brady Bowman  BA 2015 Materials Specialist, LDiscovery Austin, TX

Jesse Scheumann  MDIV 2014 Counselor, ACR Homes Hebrew teacher Little Canada, MN

Stacker, Tosca Ltd Worship Leader Memphis, TN

Bryan DeWire  MDIV 2014 Researcher & Editor, Desiring God Pastor for Teaching & Care  Sojourners Church Albert Lea, MN

Jonathan Dierenfeld  TSC 2014 Teaching Elder, Sojourners Church Albert Lea, MN

Joseph Scheumann  MDIV 2014

James Carr  BA 2015

Businessman Springdale, AR

Newark, OH

Joshua Schmitter  BA 2014 Customer Service & Programming  RevTrak Minneapolis, MN

Brian Fergus  BA 2014 MDiv Student  Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia, PA

Matthew Sheppard  MDIV 2014 Instructor, Life Challenge Canton, MI

David Hegstad  BTH 2014 Drafter Glencoe, MN

David Skinner  BA 2014 Territory Sales Manager, Gruber Pallets  Musician Saint Paul, MN

Andrew Horning  AA 2014 Student  Moody Bible Institute Chicago, IL

Andrew Jacobson  MDIV 2014 Lead Pastor, Sand Harbor Presbyterian Jupiter, FL

Matthew Canerdy  BTH 2015

Frederick Crosthwaite  BA 2015 Masters Student  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, KY

Joel Dougherty  MDIV 2015 Curriculum and Research Assistant  Training Leaders International Minneapolis, MN

Carlos Espejo  BTH 2015 Account Specialist, Entrust Datacard Minneapolis, MN

Daniel Stanley  BA 2014

Dale Gruber  BA 2015

Dean of Men, School of Discipleship Spring Creek, PA

Elder, Revolution Church Manager, Gruber Pallets Minneapolis, MN

Rochne Trail  TSC 2014 Owner, Trail’s Travel Center Albert Lea, MN

Trevor Johnson  AA 2014 Student, University of St. Thomas Saint Paul, MN

Daniel Viezbicke  MDIV 2014 Director of Youth and Family Discipleship  Bethlehem Baptist Church Lakeville, MN

Scott Johnson  BTH 2014 Rockford, IL

Daniel Weller  MDIV 2014 Lead Pastor, Living Faith Church Indianapolis, IN

Tyler Kenney  MDIV 2014 Digital Content Manager  Ligonier Ministries DeLand, FL

Kraig Westendorf  TSC 2014

Lewis Guest  MDIV 2015 Assistant Pastor  Jubilee Community Church Minneapolis, MN Andrew Gulbranson  BA 2015 Client Service Representative, RevTrak Minneapolis, MN Luke Humphrey  MDIV 2015 Pastoral Resident for Community Life  College Park Church Indianapolis, IN

Albert Lea, MN

Christopher Klein  BTH 2014 Part-time Teacher Rochester, MN

Justin Woyak  MDIV 2014 Ministry Fellow  Christian Union, Stanford University Palo Alto, CA

Peder Kling  BA 2014 MDiv Student   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

David Zuleger  MDIV 2014 Pastor for Preaching  Sojourners Church Albert Lea, MN

Joshua Koehn  MDIV 2014 Associate Pastor Humboldt, IA

CL ASS OF 2015

Lance Kramer  MDIV 2014 Director of Degree Completion Program   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Gala Kubat  TSC 2014 Clarks Grove, MN

Juan Abreu  BA 2015 Barber Greenacres, FL

Jesse Albrecht  MDIV 2015 Curriculum and Research Assistant   Training Leaders International Minneapolis, MN

Gabriel McCracken  BTH 2014 Ph.D. Student Little Rock, AR

Joel Aubrey  MDIV 2015 Lead Church Planter  New Creation Church Middle Granville, NY

Devin Mork  BA 2014 Director of Event Technology, PSAV Saint Paul, MN

Bradley Baar  BTH 2015 Property Manager Lakeville, MN

Mark O’Neill  BA 2014 Community Living Manager   Judevine Center for Autism Belleville, IL

Ivy Hutchins  AA 2015 Swim Instructor Louisville, KY Andrew Johnson  MDIV 2015 Front Desk Agent, The Westin Minneapolis Columbia Heights, MN Lucas Johnson  BA 2015 Associate Pastor, The Well Antigo, WI Arthur Joyce  AA 2015 Web Design  Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Kansas City, MO

Joseph Karrigan  BA 2015 MDiv Student   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Klem  BTH 2015 MDiv Student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Jeremy Krulikowski  BA 2015 Administrative Assistant, Hope Academy Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Lamb  BA 2015 Mountain Home, AR

Jacob Bosquez  TSC 2015 Dayton, MN

Tyler Pierson  AA 2014 Self-employed Farmington, MN

Dayton, MN

Grant Bostrom  MDIV 2015

Minneapolis, MN

Sarah Bosquez  TSC 2015

Christopher Powers  MABPS 2014 Artist, Teacher, Writer; Full of Eyes Washington Court House, OH

Staff  CrossCultural Evangelical Free Church Forest Lake, MN

Christopher Robbins  MDIV 2014 Project Engineer, Waterous Company Eagan, MN

Stephani Liesmaki  AA 2015 Director of Communications  Minnesota Family Council Student, Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Cameron Maveus  BA 2015

Joshua McCarthy  BA 2015 MDiv student  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, KY

They are called to take what God has made in all of its now-present falseness and remake it into something Godward and beautiful and Christ-honoring with a deep sense of fulfillment of who we are as created in the   image of a maker.

Charles McLarty  BTH 2015 Verification, Lens Rentals Teacher & Curriculum Writer, Grace Church Memphis, TN Ryan McLaughlin  BA 2015 Residential Supervisor  ACR Homes Brooklyn Park, MN Malachi Moody  BA 2015 MDiv Student, Cornerstone Seminary Sebastopol, CA

“We Are Makers—Lessons on Vocation from Dorothy Sayers”



Adam Mostert  MDIV 2015 Associate Pastor Galena, IL

Frank Nees  TSC 2015

Kent Atkinson  BA 2016

Hudson, OH

Intern, Cities Church Minneapolis, MN

Leonard Novakovskiy  MDIV 2015 Director of Youth and Family Ministries  First Baptist Church Cupertino, CA

Kyle Augsburger  BTH 2016 Operations Manager  Greater Pittsburgh Painting Company West Mifflin, PA

Jonathan Osburn  BTH 2015

Bradley Aust  MDIV 2016 Associate Pastor of Family Discipleship Grace Evangelical Free Church Indianola, IA

MDiv Student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Randy Paulson  TSC 2015 Monticello, MN

Thomas Barclay  MDIV 2016 Pastoral Intern, Covenant Life Church Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Pinckney  BA 2015

Josiah Bennett  BA 2016

Candidate, International Missions Board Charlotte, NC

Custodian, Bethlehem Baptist Church Roseville, MN

Nicholas Roen  MDIV 2015 Pastor for Worship, Sojourners Church Albert Lea, MN

Jacob Brunton  BTH 2016 Master’s student  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX

What ‘scholarly’ would mean for me is that the greatest object of knowledge is God and that he has revealed himself authoritatively in a book; and that I should work with all my might and all my heart and all my soul and all my mind to know and enjoy him and to make him known for the joy of others.

Cody Sandidge  MDIV 2015 Mentoring and Housing   Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

David Capistrant  MDIV 2016 Pastor of Community Life  First Evangelical Free Church Maplewood, MN

The Pastor as Scholar & Scholar as Pastor

Nicholas Sevier  BA 2015 Student  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, KY

Steven Carlisle  BTH 2016 Minneapolis, MN

Daniel Shambro  MDIV 2015

Rendel Carolino  BA 2016

Jacob McAtee  BA 2016

Pastor, Ekklesia Eau Claire, WI

Masters Student, New Saint Andrews Valencia, CA

MA Student, New St. Andrews Minneapolis, MN

Ryan Shelton  MDIV 2015 Worship Pastor, Winnetka Bible Church Winnetka, IL

Anthony Cooper  MDIV 2016 Programer Analyst, Cemstone Forest Lake, MN

Head Teacher, Marie Sandvick Center Saint Paul, MN

Christina Soukup  AA 2015

Trey Davis  BTH 2016 Self-Employed MDiv Student  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Ripley, TN

Music Instructor Minneapolis, MN

Daniel Soukup  BA 2015 Administrative Assistant   Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Minneapolis, MN

Zachary Melvin  BA 2016

Anatoliy Mikityuk  AA 2016 Student, Fordham University (NYC) Happy Valley, OR Matthew Morken  BTH 2016 Associate Pastor Climax, MN

Todd Fruehauf  MDIV 2016 Columbia Heights, MN

Jared Mulvihill  MDIV 2016 Daniel Souza  MDIV 2015 Lead Pastor Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Nathanael Steller  BTH 2015 Masters Student (Special Education)  University of St. Thomas Minneapolis, MN

Curriculum and Research Assistant   Training Leaders International Burnsville, MN

Michel Galeano  MDIV 2016 Church Consultant, Lifeway Christian Resources Miami, FL

Jens Paulson  MDIV 2016 Manager, Hidden Treasures Minneapolis, MN

Jordan Hecox  MDIV 2016 Minneapolis, MN

Kyle Substad  BA 2015 Minneapolis, MN

Jonathan Hettema  MDIV 2016 Connections Minister, Foothill Church Glendora, CA

Amanda Sutton  AA 2015 Minneapolis, MN

Christopher Tachick  THM 2015 Translation Consultant-In-Training  The Seed Company Roseville, MN

Jeremy Thomas  MDIV 2015 Associate Minister of Worship Arts & Care  Grace Church Eden Prairie, MN Craig Waldron  BTH 2015 Graphic Designer Bloomington, MN

Julia Wallace  TSC 2015 Nursing Student  University of Northwestern—St. Paul Little Canada, MN

Zachary Howard  MDIV 2016 Instructor of Bible and Theology  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Jonathan Rice  AA 2016 Minneapolis, MN

Clayton Hutchins  BA 2016 MDiv Student  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Instructor, Sayers Classical Academy

Nico Salas  MABPS 2016 Health Policy Researcher and Advocate Baltimore, MD

Louisville, KY

Eric Satterfield  BA 2016 Technical Support Specialist, RevTrak West Saint Paul, MN

Stephen Johnson  MDIV 2016 Aftercare Coordinator Pierz, MN

Robert Spangler  BTH 2016

Andrew Kasahara  BA 2016

Self-employed Baltimore, MD

Self-employed Minneapolis, MN

John Supica  MDIV 2016 Pastoral Resident Wheaton, IL

Adam Kinunen  BTH 2016 Courier, Fedex Saint Paul, MN

Brian Verrett  THM 2016

Daniel Kleven  BA 2016 Director of Admissions & MDiv Student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Bryce Young  BA 2015 Content Strategy, Desiring God Minneapolis, MN

CL ASS OF 2016 AnaLise Alzen  AA 2016 Violin Instructor Roberts, WI

Joshua Kohn  BTH 2016 Meter Maintenance Tech, RMR Services Wayzata, MN

Campus Ministry Staff, The Navigators Cosby, MO

Church Planter, New Creation Church Middle Granville, NY

Scott Weiss  BA 2016 MDiv Student  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, KY

Sara Smith (Winslow)  AA 2016

Keith Kresge  BA 2016

Nanny Minneapolis, MN

Pastoral Resident, CHBC MDiv Student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

Jonathon Woodyard  MDIV 2016 Pastor, Northfield Community Church Northfield, MN

Michael Langevin  AA 2016 Wil Anderson  BA 2016

William Raihala  AA 2016 Hammond, WI

Garrett Warfield  BTH 2015 Masters Student Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX

Ian Pitkanen  BA 2016 Creative Design Manager, AVODA Saint Paul, MN

Student, St. Cloud State Center City, MN

Matthew Wright  BA 2016 Fort Scott, KS

David Larson  BA 2016 Alen Andrews  BA 2016 The Gospel Coalition Minneapolis, MN

MDiv Student  Bethlehem College & Seminary Minneapolis, MN

FALL 2016




Heart Holder: Ryan Griffith and the Lives of New College Students

Curriculum (CWIC) program which serves as the college’s general education core. “Most schools and students, sadly, regard the first two years of courses as a punch list of things to get out of the way before they zero in on majors and degrees,” says Griffith. ‘We see that thinking as short-sighted. Here we highly regard the chance to explore the facets of the liberal arts through the lens of Scripture and, in

“True Christian formation is a spiritual and a Godentranced vision of all things, of seeing the glory of God in the word and in the world.”

doing so, provide a strong Bible-saturated foundation for life-long learning—less of a punch list, more of a launch pad,” he added. Such work is more than head work, it’s heart work. Griffith exemplifies the pastor-scholar typical of


Bethlehem’s “Education in Serious t has been said that the most for-

Christian formation is a spiritual and

Joy,” a teacher involved as much in

mative times in a person’s life are

a God-entranced vision of all things,

his students’ spiritual formation as

the first five years of life and the first

of seeing the glory of God in the word

he is in their academic performance.

college semester after high school.

and in the world, and comprehend-

His hours with students extend well

The former requires the love and at-

ing God’s sovereignty over every di-

beyond the classroom and academ-

tention of caring parents, the latter

mension of life.”

ic advising. Griffith is alongside his

of godly teachers. C. Ryan Griffith, Assistant



After graduating from the Grad-

students in prayer, church life, com-


uate School at Wheaton College in

munity service, extra-curricular ad-

History and Theology, has made the

2004, Griffith came to Bethlehem to

venture, and personal fellowship.

care and feeding of undergraduates

enroll in what was then called The

“I suppose many teachers else-

eternally happy by learning and sharing that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” Griffith believes an outcome of this approach is a better managed transition from adolescence to adulthood. “We do not yet have data to support this claim, but our intimate personal knowledge of these students

Whether it’s gathering students in his home or meeting over coffee, Griffith embodies Bethlehem’s highly relational community life.

tells us that we are, by God’s grace, graduating responsible adults, men and women already able to undertake the manifold challenges and life and ministry.” Later this year, Griffith hopes to

at Bethlehem College & Seminary the

Bethlehem Institute, an apprentice-

where find joy in their work,” he

defend his doctoral dissertation on

object of his vocational passion.

ship program for aspiring biblical

says. “We like to think we are foster-

“John Ryland, Jr. (1753–1825) and the




elders. He later played an integral

ing joy here at Bethlehem College &

impact of Jonathan Edwards on the

much more than mastering apol-

role in the formation of Bethlehem

Seminary, equipping young men and

development of evangelical biogra-



College & Seminary, especially of

women to launch into high-impact

phy” at The Southern Baptist Theo-

parative religion,” he says. “True

the Christian Worldview Integrated

lives in which they make other people

logical Seminary.




Reading the Bible Supernaturally: Seeing and Savoring the Glory of God in Scripture

Visual Exegesis: Vol I

Not Yet Married: The Pursuit of Joy in Singleness and Dating

The Virgin Birth of Christ

Revelation: A 12-Week Study (Knowing The Bible)






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Every resident student receives a Serious Joy Scholarship EDUCATION IN SERIOUS JOY

Bethlehem College & Seminary students are equipped for joyful lives of high impact, helping other people be eternally happy, by learning and sharing that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.


God works in the hearts of individual men and women to provide two-thirds of the students’ full tuition such that they can: 1

Receive a high-value education at an unusually affordable cost


Launch immediately into ministry without student loan debt


Be affordable as staff to churches and ministries that need them

Bethlehem College & Seminary is operated in such a lean, back-to-basics, no-frills manner that nearly every dollar received goes to the direct benefit of the student.


Pray for God to supply the need of 250 Serious Joy Scholarships every year. Full Annual Tuition

$ 16,000

Serious Joy Scholarship [ $ 10,000 ] Net Student Tuition

$ 6,000 *

Bethlehem College & Seminary receives no funds at all from the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Pell Grants, Student Loan Programs, IRS Code 26 §529 College Savings Plans, the State of Minnesota, denominational support, or Desiring God Ministries. Bethlehem Baptist Church provides very generous services in-kind, but only a nominal amount of direct cash support.



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Serious Joy From the President Our Vision for Spreading Disproportionate Impact To Study, Practice, & Teach Heart Holder




We Thank God for You Each day as the new Director of Communications for Minnesota Family Council, I’m invit-

ed into the world of policy and political messaging. The way I put ideas into practice, strategize, and communicate in this role has been significantly shaped by Bethlehem College & Seminary. The integrated liberal arts curriculum, that has characterized my four years here, wove far more than a timeline into my head and heart. Centuries of philosophical argumentation, artistic expression, literary craft, and political upheaval demonstrated to me again and again that Colossians 2:3 is true. In Christ “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” The flakes of gold we panned for in every era and discipline find their fullness only in the wisdom and knowledge of Christ. Thank you so much for cherishing this wisdom and knowledge by investing in this college financially. When I graduate debt-free, I plan to continue “doing” politics in light of the treasures of Christ, striving to advance public policy that honors God’s very good designs. Thank you! Stephani Liesmaki Class of 2017

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