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architect & lighting designer portfolio 2017

interactive reflected projection test at Aalborg University Copenhagen| 2017

Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

Foreword Sergio David Hernández Pascual

I´m a design and construction Architect with 11 years of experience on private sector companies and my own studio, with an speciality in Management and Business Development and studies for Manage Mentor at Harvard. At this time I found myself enrolled on the second semester (of 4) of the Master in Science on Lighting Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tagensvej 17, 5tv 2200 København N Denmark

Since I´ve finished my studies of Bachelor in Architecture, I started working on private sector companies, until 2013 when I founded my own studio of architecture design & construction, called Matatena Arquitecturav in Mexico City, in which I looked to set on practice my skills in design, construction and management learned on my previous work in private companies as in the postgraduated studies, focusing on the client needs and relationship as in the creative process.

+45 52 80 44 70 Due to my restlessness to expand my knowledge about the interaction

of architecture, media technology, and light, both in interior and urban design, I decided to choose Lighting Design as my future career and incorporate this into my previous knowledge and experience. My perception about the relationship and experience of the people with the spaces and the urban context in which we live in, is that it can be exalted with the proper use of light, both, natural and artificial, mixed with digital media, can also generate changes in social behaviour and health care. It has become critical for me to acquire and develop skills about light use and its applications, to being able to generate emotions and deep feelings into the users, in order to contribute to the develop of solutions for visual impact, visual pollution, health care and energy savings trough the creation of fit to suit projects for each particular situation, through the combination of architecture and lighting design. I consider myself as an integral designer, passionate about my profession, pragmatic, creative person who is constantly looking for solutions to common problematics, in a continuously pursuit of improvement, as a person and professional, looking forward to continue serving society from a different approach, hard worker, enthusiastic, open minded, adaptable and team player guy who can contribute to others and learn from them at the same time. I appreciate the time you have dedicated to review my CV & Portfolio, hoping to hear from you soon, Sergio David Hernández Pascual, Architect.


Education 2018

Aalborg University Copenhagen | Copenhagen, DK MsC. in Lighting Design | In progress


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México | Mexico City, MX Speciality in Architectural Lighting Design | Diploma


Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México | Mexico City, MX Speciality in Management & Business Development | Diploma


Harvard Business School | Harvard Business Publishing Harvard Manage Mentor 10 | Diploma


Universidad Marista | Mexico City, MX Bachelor in architecture, design & construction | Architect Degree | Honorific mention

Professional experience 2016-Present

Normasym Intl. | Copenhagen, DK

Student job as lighting solution developer

Development of artificial lighting solutions for private and public buildings projects assigned by the company. Using Normasym´s luminaire portfolio, the objective of each project is to fulfill the requirements of the Norm NBN EN 12464-1 and create a lighting concept for the building, using Dialux EVO as main tool to create the proposals.


Matatena Architecture | Mexico City, MX Founder & designer

I founded Matatena Architecture on the third trimester of 2013, a design and construction studio with the aim of create a close relationship witht the clients in order to understand the specific needs and develope personalized projects of housing, offices and commercial infraestructure. I developed around 15 projects in almost 3 years.


Red Yastás | Mexico City, MX

Logistics manager of expansion infrastructure

Design and fabrication of a self standing transaction point and developed the program “ready to start” for the stand to be installed on kiosks on remote comunnities on the south of Mexico, coordinating 10 remote installation teams with a team of three persons. 3000 transaction points where installed on 22 months.


Compartamos Bank | Mexico City, MX Branches maintenance manager

During the 5 years at Compartamos Bank I had different positions: new branches executive, new branches coordinator and at last, branches maintenance manager. Developed my skills to work from distance, design, reaction on specific situations, social skills, construction. In all the positions was required to coordinate working teams on distance due to the expansion of the Bank all over the country. At the last position my responsability was to maintain the operations of the infraestructure of 402 branches scattered over the 31 states of Mexico, from small problems to complete renovations.


Ars Habitat. | Mexico City, MX Construction supervisor

Construction supervisor during the renovation and maintenance of the facades of three historic buildings property of the Bank of Mexico, located in the first square of the historical centre of Mexico City. I developed activities like workers control, tasks assignments, materials and tools logistics and daily report of work progress.

Sergio Hernández | Portfolio 2017




ClĂşe Competition | Participant Project. Hue your way


Filux MĂŠxico | Selected for street tour Project. Threshold of childhood


Marist University New Gym | 1st place Project. Internal competition, winner. Interuniversities UIC | 2nd place Project. Multifunctional iceskating arena


Software skills


professional user

Spanish Native English Fluent Danish Basic

intermediate skills basic skills










vray plugin

Personal skills

Working skills

Social skills

Introspective Enthusiastic Sensitive Active Reliable Loyal Authentic Open minded Balanced Empathic Creative

Clear comunication Consistent Systematic Retailer Analytical Assertive Adaptable Planner Self worker Work underpressure Follow procedures

Leadership Service oriented Develope people Independent Reasoner Influencer Team worker Confident


Data & graphs obtained from Birkman Method test, 2013.



Usual Stress



Lighting designer Academic 10

Relighting campus:

AAU Fitness room

Student job 18

Islandsbrygge Skole

Competitions 22

Clúe competition: Hue your way


Filux Mexico: Threshold of childhood

Sergio Hernández | Portfolio 2017


table of contents

Housing Casa GM


Corina 54


PaulĂ­n BBQ


Harbour backyard


Commercial Widex boutiques Mexico


Acsent rouge


Marlboro lounge

39 Office

FGXLA Headquarters Mexico city


Visualizations Casa San Angel


Leon building



Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

Lighting designer


Relighting the campus:

AAU Fitness room *In colaboration with Andreas Ramdhal, Anna Rosa Hiort & Ilo Tarrant.

Aalborg University Copenhagen provides a fitness room that staff and students have free access to. This windowless room is located on the ground floor of the university, and has been referred to by users as ‘a dungeon.’ This is possibly a large part of why the space is so underutilised.

Countless studies have linked academic success to regular exercise, including a study by Dr. Stewart Trust that ensures ‘fifteen minutes of physical activity improves concentration and memory among students.’ We are confident that we can use the power of lighting design to transport users from this windowless room, to a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Sergio Hernández | Portfolio 2017

Lighting Design | Academic work 2016

above | current lighting at AAU Fitness room

-How can we use light to get more people to use the fitness room and improve their experience-


Lighting Design | Academic work 2016


Criteria & Scopes

1. Ambient. Improve the ambience of the space by providing a base level of light when users enter; enough to see rough shapes without detail. This will create the general atmosphere in the room. 2. Function. Provide enough light to perform specific tasks, with the right CCT and CRI.


3. Energy. Make the room more energy efficient by matching the lights that are on with the use of the room. This will also make the space less uniform and more dynamic.

reduce glare

proper light levels

less kWh consumption

CCT for people

light when required

space arrengment

connection w/ exterior

modify uniformity



specific workplanes

Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

above | lighting proposal for AAU Fitness room 13

Lighting Design | Academic work 2016



above | lighting proposal for AAU Fitness room Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

-In front of the mind´s eye are three elements in the perceptions of visual design-three elemental kinds of light effect which can be related to the art of painting for easier visualization: (1) Focal glow or highlight. (2) Ambient luminescence or graded washes. (3) Play of brilliants or sharp details. These three elements are also the order of imaginative planningRichard Kelly

Strip lighting in the ceiling creates a source of indirect light, and mimics the effect of skylight.

Light coming from both sides of an specific area, to remark different activities and relaxing zone.

Specific task lighting illuminates activities that are being performed, only when the user is active.


Lighting Design | Academic work 2016

-Find the best color temperature to make people look and feel good in the fitness room-

Light test

CCT for people Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

To be motivated, it is important that people feel good in the gym, and we believe with the right color temperature this can be supported. From our own experience, and research, our hypothesis is that a warmer color temperature is more complementary for the users. The test was carried out with three spotlights of different colour temperatures. The temperatures were measured with a Asense Lighting Passport spectrometer.

above | model under a 4000k light 17

Islandsbrygge skole

above | lighting proposal for the classrooms corridors

Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

Lighting Design | Student job 2017

Conceptual lighting purpousal for the new school at Islandsbrygge skole using Normasym product catalogue. Four stories building with a basement in which is allocated the sports room of the school, over 1,000 sq meters conform this project in which the lighting set plays one of the most importants roles on the learning process of the kids. The architects had a general scheme about the lighting that should be used, which further was developed for this purpousal. I added the trees concept in the corridors of the classroom in order to encourage creativity and movement in this spaces that could become dark alleys. 19

Islandsbrygge skole 2017



-Play is not a luxury, Play is a necessityKay Redfield Jamison


Tree above | Decomposition of a tree branches, top view Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

above | Visualization of the canteen corridor 21

*In colaboration with Philip Jelvard.

Sergio Hernรกndez | Portfolio 2017

Lighting Design | Competitions 2017


Filux Mexico:

Threshold of childhood

La luz se ha vuelto COTIDIANA, es INVISIBLE hasta que nos

S O R P R E N D E .

La sorpresa como un reflejo de la infancia, es inocente y natural, generada por objetos y efectos casuales. El arcoíris, una sombra en movimiento, los colores, la danza de un globo en el aire, son, probablemente, los objetos que mas nos acercan a nuestra niñez.

luz en


Callejón Condesa, Entre Av. Juárez y 5 de Mayo


dos niveles de experiencia interacción


*In colaboration with Liliana Loera, Marisol Pérez, Pamela Tejeda & Rogelio González

GLOBOS, RE INTERACCIÓN Y CON composición interactiv busc


-Light has become an everyday element in our lives and invisible, until it surprises usSergio Hernández | Portfolio 2017





Lighting Design | Competitions 2015

EHILETES, LUZ, SOMBRA, NTEMPLACIÓN, serán la va en la que el visitante cará revivir su infancia.


The surprise element as a mirror of childhood, is innocent and natural, surrounded by objects and casual effects. A rainbow, a moving shadow, colors, the dance of a baloon on the sky, are elements that makes us go back to our childhood memories. Condesa alley in Mexico City is the location for the purpousal, surrounded by classical buildings, two nets hangs over the user, fulfilled with translucid baloons with strings to interact with the pedestrian, the ballons are enlighted from above, creating a color carpet on the pavement which moves according to the espectator action while pulling the strings of the ballons up and down. 25


Lighting Designer CV & PORTFOLIO  
Lighting Designer CV & PORTFOLIO