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Target Audience

Above is photographic representation of what imagine a typical female and male reader of my product would look like. Wearing fashionable trends, and perhaps tattooed as this could link in with the artistic culture of my magazine. These people would be up to date with the latest music, fashion and films and would probably live in the London area.

Demographics: Gender – Male & Female Age – 18-24 Class – ABC1 ranking

Psychographics: Shopping Habits – Enjoys buying from Topshop/Topman, Zara, CDG, American Apparel and other places to collect the latest trends but also adding a few designer pieces to their wardrobe. Music Preference – Electro, Rap/Hip-Hop, Underground, Indie, Occasionally Pop. Interests – Blogging, Making Music, Photography. Films – The Wolf of Wall Street, Pineapple Express, Friends with Benefits, The Place beyond the Pines, The Great Gatsby, movies that are current in the cinema.

My target audience would buy/subscribe to my magazine because it keeps up with current trends in music and fashion and film and also includes reviews on those topics. Also there would be up and coming artists featured and interviewed, therefore fulfilling their ‘need’ to have their finger on the pulse of alternative media and constantly be in the loop of what is new. It would also fall into a ‘niche’ market making these types of people want to buy it more as it will only be sold in certain cities in the UK.

In a sense my audience themselves, are in fact a product. Being sold to companies and products due to their alluring advertisements. Some likely Companies that would advertise in my magazine would be: HMV Zara

Apple Topshop/Topman

Selfridges Urban Outfitters

iTunes Starbucks

Some likely Products that would be advertised in my magazine would be: Beats by Dre Perfume/Aftershave

Jambox Books

iPod DVDs

Apps Albums

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