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Join the National Cannabis industry Association in Boston, MA this February 12-13, 2019 for our 3rd Annual Seed to Sale Show as we learn to navigate the latest emerging market in the global green rush. Learn about the latest technologies and business solutions on the exhibit floor.

Discover the latest best practices from the biggest names in the industry.

Create meaningful connections with fellow cannabis entrepreneurs.

Learn alongside more than 3,000 cannabis executives.



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4 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

A new life is always on the horizon. Red Rock Fertility Center is Nevada’s 1st & only boutique-styled center. We specialize in personalized physician care & expertise in and intimate and cozy setting.

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6 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

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8 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

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* 1 s t M S W D b o a r d a p p r o v e d Wa t e r S u p p l y A s s e s s m e n t ( W S A / W S V o n 5 - 1 5 - 2 0 1 7 ) *


of goods and services sold in the industry through cooperative cost-sharing • No electric company tier bumps for growers (~50% cost reduction) • 1,000 gallons/minute shared water well (~50% cost reduction) • Park-wide reverse osmosis water purification system (500,000 gal/day) • 4 million gallon water storage reservoir & distribution system • 50% lower security costs • State-of-the-art security technology

More than just a State of Mind!

• Security provided by U.S. veterans with former special forces personnel • U.S. embassy style secured compound • Private air-blown fiber-optic infrastructure


LAB BUILDING (SUITES FOR LEASE) 47,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs featuring extraction,

processing, and manufacturing laboratories with industrial kitchens for production of infused and edible products.


A 20,000 square foot drive-thru dispensary featuring products from the Coachillin’ Canna-Business Park. Coachillin’ Holdings, LLC 71713 Hwy 111, Ste. 100 Rancho Mirage, Ca 92270 760.775.4000 | info@coachillinholdings.com

Visit coachillin.com for more info

Coachillin’ Holdings LLC does not engage in the production, manufacturing, planting, cultivation, growing, harvesting, preparation, propagation, compounding, processing, dispensing, delivery, or distribution of any controlled substance. 10 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

ISSUE 2 // VOLUME 2 // 2.2019

FEATURES 26 Food Foreplay

How nature’s aphrodisiacs can improve all aspects of our lives.


A Cannabis Plant by Any Other Name SP EC IAL R EP OR T

Hemp and “marijuana” come from the same plant. So, if hemp is now legal, shouldn’t “marijuana” be, too?

56 Just Add Water

Water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes are disrupting cannabis cuisine. BITE THAT BUD For health’s sake


every issue 13 Editor’s Note 16 The Buzz 22 TasteBuds


32 AroundTown


38 HighProfile


42 TravelWell


46 HomeMade

SWEETER THAN SWEET Fairy tales do exist



66 HereWeGo


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“Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.”



– Anthony Bourdain

Food is not mere sustenance. Food is the universal language of love, history, tradition, passion, seduction, and culture. In fact, if you think of the times you’ve been invited to someone’s house, it seems everyone always ends up in the kitchen. We gravitate towards the place of food because it subconsciously signals a sense of community. Throughout history, wars have paused while enemies sat together to share a meal


before a battle ensued, kingdoms celebrated victories with

FlowerKist by Steph // CBD COSMETICS

watch TV shows about cooking, cheer on chefs battling it out for

Grow Generation // HYDROPONICS Hemp Love // NANO-ENHANCED HEMP OIL Hybrid Payroll (Ms. Mary Staffing) // STAFFING AND HR BENEFITS

Inclusive Cannabis // MARKETING LINX Card // MERCHANT SERVICES Mighty Meds Vape // VAPE Mountain High Suckers // CBD EDIBLES NLVO // LAS VEGAS LUXURY CANNABIS PNS Ventures // RECREATIONAL DISPENSARY Red Rock Fertility //


The Right Dosage // PACKAGING SteepFuze // Stewshi //



great feasts, and now, food represents our daily lives. We eat out, a coveted title—whatever it is, food is the star in today’s world. This issue, our theme is food—but it’s more than ingredients; it’s about global inclusion, the importance of trying new things, learning about other cultures and traditions, and exploring the dining and cooking options accessible. We’ve become more aware of how the food we eat is made and grown; we’re familiar with terms like sustainable, farm-to-table, organic, ingestible, and fusion; and we seek out restaurants with unique culinary concepts. That said, whether cooking or dining out, eating with friends, or incorporating cannabis into your meal at home, food truly is the great unifier. It tells us a story of a people, establishes familial tradition and cultural evolution, and creates a bond from one person to another. There really is nothing more personal than food. We are quite literally ingesting someone’s vision and story, and that is worth pausing for. Point is, we as a society have a love affair with food, and as our culinary curiosities grow, we learn more, become more conscious, and hopefully learn to appreciate other cultures—including realizing how lucky we are to live in a country that has so

Therapy Tonics & Provisions // INFUSED DRINKS

much food available to us. As you flip through the pages of this


desire to go eat!

Vriptech // GLASS VAPE

month’s issue, may you find inspiration and hopefully a nagging Live boldly,

WillPower // SPORTS NUTRITION Witlon, Inc. // PAYROLL

Dawn Garcia



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Feed Your Body & Soul

Introducing the latest in massage therapy and skin care. Come in for your aches and pains, leave with a recharged body and soul! The natural alternative to reliving chronic discomfort, stress, and anxiety. $65 Facial $65 Massage $115 for Facial & Massage





1727 Boyd St., Santa Ana, CA 92705 www.55hydro.com H OURS : M ON -T HURS 9:00 AM 14 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


7:00 PM , S AT . 10:00 AM


5:00 PM , S UN . 11:00 AM


5:00 PM

FEEL GOOD ABOUT DISTRIBUTION Good people, doing good business


feelgoodsalesgroup.com feelgoodsalesgroup | #feelgooddistribution

CHULA VISTA PRIVATE SECURITY We Cover All of San Diego Armed & Unarmed Security Officer's

Low Cost Fast Service!



Call Today!

404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92114 (619) 371-5991 // Fax: (619) 761-5844

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Art, art, everywhere!

From Los Angeles to San Diego, the art popping up on the scene is undoubtedly passion-filled. When you feel the power of a new year bearing down, skip the bar and head to a gallery.

If These Walls Could Talk

Charlie James Gallery // Now through March 2 Puerto Rican artist Lee Quiñones launched a graffiti movement in New York in the late 1970s that influenced an entire generation of artists, transforming the way people would view street art. With a visual vernacular for change, justice, thought, and contemporary influence, his work spanned four decades preceding the walls in which he canvased. Though his work had largely disappeared, leaving a gap in graffiti art’s history, the Charlie James Gallery has put together a series titled If These Walls Could Talk exploring the juxtaposition of imposing foundations and urban landscapes showcased by Quiñones. Created on wood paneling and slabs of dry wall, this curated exhibition shows Quiñones’ experimentation with spray bomb color tests. The show offers a far more intrinsic look into the internalizing thought that found its voice in his work. CJAMESGALLERY.COM // 969 Chung King Road // Los Angeles

Annie Liebovitz, the Early Years

The Universe is in Us

Sp[a]ce Gallery at Ayzenberg, Pasadena // Now through March 31

Mark Todd’s curated The Universe is in Us features eight artists exploring mixed mediums. Each artist utilizes raw materials as they relate to the compounds of the universe and life. From drawings to sculptures, Todd begs the question, “What are we made of?” Works from artists Abira Ali, Anita Kunz, Saiman Chow, Seonna Hong, Shannon Freshwater, Somsara Rielly, Souther Salazar, and Sung Jik Yang comprise a powerful collaboration to expose the complexities enveloping the physical being, our spirit, and the impacts contemporary society has on them. SPACE.AYZENBERG.COM // 49 E. Walnut Street // Pasadena

Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles // February 16 through April 14 Annie Liebovitz is a photography icon who has shot some of the most influential people in pop culture. The Early Years exhibition cataloging her photographic journey from 1970 to 1983 includes more than 5,000 photographs that capture the dynamic political and cultural shifts of the 1970s. From her recognizable Rolling Stones covers to her views on photohumanism and photojournalism, this is a rare glimpse into unique images that are an extension of Liebovitz’s work presented in the 2017 LUMA Foundation at the festival Rencontres d’Arles, France. The exhibition also includes Leibovitz’s photographs of Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, Ansel –Dawn Garcia Adams, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, among others. 16 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


h Club, Los Angeles

A new creative space called h Club is coming to Los Angeles this month

by way of Microsoft founder Paul G. Allen and acclaimed music man Dave Stewart. With a culinary program curated by a Los Angeles favorite and James Beard award-winning chef Kris Morningstar, the five-story creative space is devoted to tech, fashion, art, culinary arts, music, and philanthropy. With sexy, sleek design, h Club promises to draw creatives and visionaries from every industry looking for a space that feeds their collective pursuits in a collaborative environment conducive to delivering. H Club will feature a state-of-the-art music and recording studio, screening room, venue space for live performances, 35 Russell Sage Studio bespoke designed guest bedrooms available exclusively to members and club partners, five levels of dining destinations, plush lounges, a swimming pool, a hair salon, and a fitness center.


HCLUB.COM // $2,600 per year // includes $2,200 annual fee + $400 application fee (prices subject to change)

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 17


420 Happy Hour

Culver City Every Wednesday in February Happy and hour are two of everyone’s favorite words, and at the Cannabis Members Club in Culver City, you can enjoy happy hour with fellow cannabis lovers. This classy 420 happy hour takes place in a beautifully designed members-only club room in the Culver

ego Markets (SANDIEGOMARKETS.COM ) and interviews at the InTents Conference. The tasting experience will be a culmination of flavor and cuisine from local eateries and chefs, farm-to-table education, and a look at American food and drink. TICKETS $20 // WATCHTASTEMAKERS.COM/MEET-THE-MAKERS-SAN-DIEGO/ San Diego State University // Montezuma Hall, Aztec Student Union // San Diego

Chef Battle

Orange County February 6, 6 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Center where you can enjoy new friends, great conver-

This month, local Or-

sation, education, appetizers, and premium beer and

ange County chefs will

wine along with your preferred method of recreation-

battle it out to see who

al cannabis consumption. This happy hour embodies a

has the winning food,

happy, uplifting environment.

dish, and presentation

All-inclusive Happy Hour // $40 per person // CANNABISMEMBERSCLUB.COM CANNABIS MEMBERS CLUB ROOM // Culver Center, between Washington and Venice

Meet the Makers

San Diego February 17, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Cat Neville, Emmy-winning producer of tasteMAKERS, celebrates the San Diego culinary scene this month inside the Makers Market. Alan, Rory, and Jess from Edible Alchemy (EDIBLE-ALCHEMY.NET) will be doing a live taping of the show featuring Catt Fields White from San Di18 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

at the Orange County’s Best Chef competition on Wednesday, February 6. With crowd participation and a ticking clock, each chef will have a designated amount of time to put their best dish forward and win over the judges and crowd. The event will also feature a cash bar, live entertainment, chef samples, and voting ballots. The winner will go on to compete in the West Coast Regional Chef Battle. General Admission + VIP tickets available // $20-$80 For more information, visit Social Power Hour via EVENTBRITE.COM

–Eli Dupin


Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs

As cannabis products line store shelves, the beauty industry is stepping up its game with a brand-new line of bath bombs designed solely for men. Adhering to the mentality that beauty is for everyone, Life Elements 200-milligram CBD bath bombs soothe mind, body, and soul—but in a manly way. Introducing the idea that manliness has little to do with machismo and everything to do with self-care, these organically grown, hemp-derived CBD bath bombs deliver a pine tree scent to carry you away into the woods—but you’ll actually be in a bath tub enjoying a hot soak. These full-spectrum balls infused with essential oil of arnica, copaiba, pine, fir balsam, myrrh, sandalwood, and rosemary are legal in all 50 states. Formulated to soften the skin and soothe sore muscles and joints, these bath bombs make it cool to say, “real men take baths,” and mean it. –ED LIFEELEMENTS.COM // $20 each

Chx & Blnz is a full-service accounting and business consulting group focused on assisting cannabis companies with bookkeeping/accounting, tax services, audits, compliance, first-time business setup for start-ups, product/service consulting and financial analysis software to give business operators the information they need to make decisions with confidence, and manage with success. Our staff include licensed CPAs, professionals with advanced degrees in Masters of Business Taxation from USC, Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Project Management.

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 19

Are Stress and Anxiety Interfering with Your Life?

We Help Calm Stressed Out Brains & Nervous Systems. Call For our New Patient Special.

760-632-9674 TRUE CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS 112 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, CA 20 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 21

{tastebuds } by E L I D U P I N


How one small area is transforming a community. You know that saying, “more than meets the eye?” It’s

true in the case of one small strip of North Hollywood. North Hollywood, originally named Lankershim, has a story

who called the area home. Fast forward 90 years, and the city is returning to its glory. With a commitment to improving the neighborhoods, bringing in more businesses, and building more housing developments, the implemented gentrification of what is lovingly referred to as NoHo offers a plethora of options for locals and Angelenos alike. On Magnolia Boulevard in the arts district, you’ll find theatre houses, acting schools, random shops, and eateries serving sushi, classic Americana, phô, pie, hot dogs, Italian, and Mediterranean; a cantina; and a bar with no name. Each has its own story, but on a weeknight when you need a drink, these spots have just what the doctor ordered: something that won’t break the bank or make you question your dining habits. NoHo is also home to one of the city’s best dispensaries.

that goes as far back as 1542, but it was in the 1910s, when

KAHUNA TIKI | 11026 Magnolia Blvd.

Moses Hazeltine Sherman, HJ Whitley, and Harry Chandler be-


gan developing housing, that the city got its legs. In 1927 it was

When you’re hungry for sushi, want to be surrounded

officially named North Hollywood for the stars and starlets

in island tiki while sucking down drinks with an umbrel-


22 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

la in a totem glass, and eager to expand your knowledge of old surf movies, Kahuna Tiki (KAHUNATIKI.COM ) is the place. This South Pacific island bar with torches, strung lights, grass huts, and a fire pit serves island-inspired cocktails that make its Aloha Hour all too good to pass up. These drinks are not light on the alcohol, so if you order the Lava Pit, Mai Tai, or any one of the other tiki drinks, you may need to follow that up with some Polynesian-inspired food. The sweet potato tater tots, reef pasta dish, or burger will do, but you may want to prepare for mass amounts of sushi. During Aloha Hour, the sushi is reasonably priced, most cocktails are $6, and if you time it right and stay a little later, you may end up getting a hula dance.


FAT DOG | 11050 Magnolia Blvd. + 801 N. Fairfax in WeHo HAPPY HOUR, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 3 P.M.-7 P.M.

Greeting you with a French bull dog face upon arrival, Fat Dog (THEFATDOGLA.COM)

is a highlight of the NoHo strip. Serving brunch, lunch, dinner, and the

coveted happy hour, the menu is delicious and expansive, and the industrial space with warm wood accents makes it easy to pull up a bar stool, grab a booth, kick it in the outdoor patio (with heaters), or sneak into the Fat Dog Bar in the back. Fat Dog is the cool kid on the block, and its menu and beer selection make it easy to see why. The fish n chips rival those of proper Brits, the créme fraîche deviled eggs sound pretentious but are goddamn delicious, the vegan jalapeño mac and cheese is the cure to stress—and if you add the hickory-smoked bacon, you’ll find vindication. Feasting on food is a no-brainer when you’re drinking, and this place caters to your LA food snobbery without the entitled attitude.


Pretend you’re in Austin, when it was still cool and weird, with bright picnic tables, Texas state signs on the walls, odd art of naked cowgirls next to Velveeta boxes, beer, loud music, and cornhole. Now picture all of that on Magnolia in NoHo, and you’ll find yourself at El Tejano Tex Mex (ELTEJANOTEXMEX.COM ) cantina. El Tejano reeks of a good time, guaranteed drunken stupors, endless margarita and beer pitchers, and Tex Mex food that goes with all of the above. It’s sports bar meets hipster with questionable art that feeds your adolescent fantasies on the walls above the bright blue booths. There’s even a wall full of sombreros, because hey, Texans love themselves some sombreros. This is where you come to saddle up, watch a game, drink way too much, take full advantage of the Frito pie, and make frequent visits to the chips and salsa trough. sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 23





- Personal Chef Services - THC/CBD Meals & Products - Interactive Dining Experiences - Consulting & Appearances

Millie Fernandez Celebrity Chef/Cannapreneur Contact (818) 404-1705 Email RockStarChefz@live.com 24 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


Industry Night every Tuesday

20 percent off for entertainment union card holders all night

Kama’aina Night EVERY THURSDAY

15 percent off for locals all night (discounts only valid with checks under $150)

Authentic Polynesian Luau Sundays 7:30 p.m. Reservations suggested


Along the Magnolia strip is Green Valley Collective (COMESAYHIGH.COM ), the dispensary of all dispensaries. Lining the exterior are sustainable wooden panels with a cannabis emblem inviting you inside, where you’ll encounter walls featuring famed rock ‘n’ rollers. The walls have quotes by Jimi Hendrix, black and white photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers endorsing Green Valley Collective as their dispensary of choice, and photos of other rockers who call this dispensary their cannabis stop shop. The staff is knowledgeable, the selection impressive, and the edibles and oils on point. A strain called Jellyfish with a 10:4 CBD- to-THC ratio is a draw for people looking for a tame flower high.


The NoBar (VINTAGEBARGROUP.COM/NO-BAR.PHP ) is as cool as it sounds. Part of the Vintage Bar Group, NoBar is an intimate neighborhood lounge. Opening at 6 p.m. week nights and 8 p.m. on weekends, this incredibly dark, slightly seedy bar has a jukebox and pool tables and dark

Ladies in Lace Burlesque Show Mondays 8:30 p.m. Reservations suggested


Wine Wednesdays

50 percent off all bottles all night

Whiskey Wednesdays

$12 whiskey flight plus a draft beer of your choice

Four-Legged Flights

Any four beers or four wines: $12 Kitchen is open late night Monday-Thursday until 11 p.m., Friday-Saturday until 11:30 p.m.


Open Monday-Friday 11a.m.- 2 a.m. Buy one drink, get the second for $2–or Texassize it


Get 20 percent off your first and fifth visits using your Project Cannabis card


corners for whatever. If you come here regularly, the bartender might remember you, but don’t count on it. The alcohol selection is standard, but NoBar features specialty cocktails with spry names like Cherry Mash Old Fashioned, Irish Manhattan, Bowl of Cereal, and Swedish Fish. The unconventional happy hour is why locals stroll in and stumble out on the regular, with smiles on their faces and their wallets intact.

NO BAR Monday-Friday, 6 p.m.-2 a.m. Weekend Happy Hour 8 p.m.- 10 p.m.

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 25



Five Aphrodisiacs and tips to get your blood flowing and awaken the devilish, seductive god or goddess within. by DAW N G A R C I A

26 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


Aphrodite is the goddess of love, BEAUTY, AND


Dark chocolate

may seem too obvious, but there

expectation, and you have a recipe for something divinely

is more to cocoa than meets the eye. The secret of dark

sexy (if you take the consumerism out of it). Sure, you can

chocolate isn’t in its taste but rather in its micronutri-

wait until Valentine’s Day and succumb to a commercial

ents. It contains tryptophan, which triggers serotonin

idea of romance—or—you can stop waiting for an excuse to

and phenylethylamine, two building blocks associated

have a little sensual foreplay and get to it straight away!

with feelings of falling in love. Dark chocolate also con-

Below is a guide of different ways to bring a little sexy

tains theobromine, a compound that works on the central

back into your love life with thoughtful provocation rath-

nervous system, causing stimulation and excitement.

er than feeding the beast that lends to the buildup for

Tip: Fully experience chocolate. Spend a little extra to purchase a high-quality, high-percentage dark cocoa bar. Unwrap it ever so carefully, allowing the aroma to dance under your nose. Break off a quarter-sized edge. Place it in between your middle finger and thumb and very slowly rub it together until you feel the warmth begin to take hold and the chocolate begin to melt. Place that piece of melted sensuality at the roof of your mouth. Press your tongue against it and allow the flavors to drip out. Only after you’ve felt every part of it can you allow your mouth to follow suit and devour it. Enjoy every moment.

one single day. Consider this your invitation to be sexy and surprising every chance you get, because a well-fed lover is a happy human being, and we could all stand a little more happiness.

Carnal Cravings Nature provides us with ample opportunities to delve in and explore the magic of getting the blood pumping in all the right places. Aphrodisiacs are readily available, and these five can be found at a fine grocer. From spices to nature’s gold, each have their sensual perks.

Chili Peppers are hearty aphrodisiacs—not the band

Cardamom is a powerful aphrodisiac and a natural

gets the juices flowing for some of us, but chili peppers

cure for impotence, so maybe the fellas can ditch the blue pill and try this alternative. Cardamom originated from ancient Egypt some 4,000 years ago and was carried to the moist evergreen forests of western Ghats in southern India. According to Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom, known as elá in Sanskrit, is utilized to stimulate digestion, alleviate intestinal spasms and pain, stop coughing, relieve hiccups, prevent nausea, redirect the flow of vata downward, and—bonus!—increase sexual potency. High in cineole, it increases blood flow in areas where it’s applied (wink, wink). Tip: Play with the power of taste and texture. Add cardamom to fresh blackberries with a twist of citrus, and let it sit in your mouth for a minute. Best results when enjoyed with a companion.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, though to be fair, Anthony Kiedis grown in plenty. Chili peppers in general are more than just fiery flames of tasty goodness. These spicy infernos kick up blood flow and wake up the sinuses, literally turning up the body’s temperature while simultaneously sparking up libido. Chili peppers can release endorphins that trigger pain relief and increase energy, which can translate into a newfound hunger for pleasure. According to Dr. Meryl S. Rosofsky, “Chili peppers stimulate endorphins, speed up heart rate, and make you sweat, which all mimic how you feel when you’re aroused.” Tip: Indulge in a spicy afternoon of habanero-infused tequila drinking. Make a margarita, pour in fresh lime and homemade sweet and sour, and muddle in some mint for good measure. Top the rim with a blend of sugar and chili powder. An afternoon delight will inevitably ensue.

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 27

Honey induces a visual in our minds eye that sends pleasure messages to our special parts. It is made through bee pollination and is a symbol of procreation. It contains boron, which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels, providing an energy boost. Boron is an essential mineral nutrient that can be found in trace amounts in most tissue, and can prevent magnesium and calcium deficiencies. That said, using honey as foreplay can be downright seductive and messy in all the right ways. Tip: Dab a few droplets of raw, locally sourced honey on the nape of your lover’s neck and take your time cleaning it up. The neck holds a plethora of erogenous zones.

Cannabis is last but certainly not least on this list. The leafy green does more than take the edge off. While research is ongoing, the connection between cannabis and sexual acrobatics dates all the way back to the Kama Sutra (that revered resource showcasing tantric sex positions and pleasure points that you pretend not to know but find a healthy curiosity to explore) in 700 AD. Cannabis oil was used to stimulate the erogenous zones, heightening pleasure. Using cannabis relaxes you (most of you), heightens your sensitivity, and signals pleasure receptors, making you far more susceptible to the inevitable pleasure sex brings. Be smart. Bring a condom! Tip: Use products higher in CBD, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and produces a more relaxed sensation.

28 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Sensual Senses

ner’s entire—yes, entire—body, spending extra time on

In an age of instant gratification, nothing is quite as sat-

the inner thighs, stomach, neck, hands, and the crevice

isfying as good, old-fashioned sex. Sometimes it’s down-

between the wrist and interior of the forearm. Your part-

right necessary. Still, drawing out your partner’s desire

ner won’t be the only one aroused.

creates intense longing and pleasure; the kind of pleasure

Ever heard the saying, “It smells like sex?” It’s real. Ac-

that feeds every craving. Utilizing all five senses is the

tual pheromones are released when you are in a state of

provocation every primal, sexual being deserves.

physical intoxication. When your partner is feeling the

The first sense to focus on is taste. Something as sim-

passion, you can physically smell it, and once you do, it

ple as a kiss can reduce stress and stir up more than you

will be like a drug you have always longed for and have

know. Mouths are by far the most intriguing part of our

to have more of. This is a fail-proof way to know when

entire physical being, and kissing isn’t done enough. A

your partner is happy and aroused.

single kiss can be the most euphoric way of connecting

Sound is another sure-fire way of knowing. Sound is

with someone. It is intimate and, when done right, can

a sense that can create sheer lust when exemplified in

take you to places you only imagined. The warmth of re-

quickened breaths, sighs, and moans awakened with

laxed, passionate but intent lips sweetly kissing yours

touch. This one is self-explanatory, but when you hit

can tell you everything. If someone can kiss well, that’s

extra-sensitive zones that cause an additional reach for

likely not all they’ll be able to do. A single kiss can render

your hand or a gesture of encouragement, you’ve done

you defenseless. “The kiss that stole her heart”; “the kiss

it. Your partner is undoubtedly—and happily—hungry for

that made time stand still”; “The kiss that caused fire-

you. Throw on some sultry music, and your stage is set.

works”; these aren’t all dramatic descriptors. A kiss mea-

Last is sight. Have you really looked at the person you

sures whether or not there is chemistry. Male or female,

are about to devour? Their expressions? Have you taken

if you have an ounce of passion or sensual hunger, a kiss

the time to pay attention to the curve of their back, the

will reveal it. Kissing makes you human and vulnerable

shape of their mouth, the way their eyes become far more

and gets those juices flowing. Kisses not only envelop

endearing when you make them feel desired? Now is as

your sexuality, they awaken a deeper curiosity, and make

good a time as any. Body language is also an indicator of

the other senses far more likely to find a place to play.

what works and what doesn’t. Paying attention to the way

Next is touch, by far the most underutilized sense. Dragging fingertips slowly over a bare back sends chills over your entire body. Now envision touching your part-

his or her body moves will be like a road map to their form of ecstasy, making you the one they can’t live without. Now, go enjoy a little sexual rapture.

“After that first kiss, [choosier types] are much more likely to

change their minds about a potential partner… If it’s not in his kiss,

forget about him.” – New York Times, “Now, a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss”

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 29

connectivity app for cannabis commerce GROWERS: Offer your flowers on our new Listing Exchange. Expose your products to a huge wholesale marketplace of distributors & manufacturers. DISTRIBUTORS, RETAILERS & MANUFACTURERS: Join our private network to see the newest crops from multiple sources in real time; Then order using our free, easy and secure App.

connectivity app for cannabis commerce CULTIVATORS






For more info or a free demo, contact: info@chameleon420.com chameleon420.com A Product of Nash Solu�ons, LLC


A Product of Nash Solutions, LLC

30 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 31

{aroundtown } by DAW N G A R C I A

LATE-NIGHT BOOZE AND BITES Tap into the sweltering underbelly of great food and even greater libations.

In The Big Lebowski, the stranger (aka Sam Elliot) once said, “Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.” While you drink those hoity-toity cocktails, your hunger will awaken. Below is a glimpse at some late-night, LA foodie-worthy bites and booze you’ll be glad exist.

Black Rabbit Rose

1719 N Hudson Ave., Los Angeles // (323) 461-1464 BLACKRABBITROSE.COM/RESERVATIONS

The Houston brothers, Mark and Johnnie, are two of the most creative nightclub owners in Los Angeles. With a knack for era-specific night clubs and bars, the brothers create the kind of cocktail escapes Los Angeles craves. While you’re getting swallowed whole by celebrity sightings and pop-culture in this town, finding somewhere to slip away and embody a little anonymity is a well-intended

32 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

mission that takes on a magical form at Black Rabbit Rose,

and more. This late-night voyage your alcohol-lubricated

a newer bar and eatery in the Houston brothers’ portfolio.

self will thank you for also features above-par cocktails,

Black Rabbit Rose is where you go for old world magic

like all Houston Brothers joints. Whether you go for the Si-

and ornamented theatre, Thai-Chinese cuisine, cocktails to

amese Twin made with turmeric-infused cognac and Thai

tickle anyone’s fancy, and at any given moment, sleight-

iced tea with lavender bitters or the Drunken Noodle with tequila, blood orange, aperol, chili salt, peychauds bitters, and luster, you will be drinking in something out of this realm. Just be careful. These cocktails pack a punch and will creep up on you faster than you can say abracadabra. BLACK RABBIT ROSE serves late-night dinner and drinks. • Bar and Kitchen available Tuesday-Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. • Rose Theatre show performances until 10:30 p.m.

Timmy Nolan’s

10111 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake // (818) 985-3359 TIMMYNOLANS.NET

When the Irish come together to drink, it’s an epic experience that usually involves inappropriate jokes, references to the mainland, James Joyce, potatoes, and more whiskey and Guinness than seems natural—and yet somehow, it is. In Toluca Lake, known as the Hollywood studio hub and the place where Bob Hope lived, exists a pub that transcends you to the watering holes you’d find somewhere in Ireland. Timmy Nolan’s is a neighborhood pub that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is: an Irish bar. Late-night fixings that soak up all that good ole Irish whiskey you’ll likely partake of include Irish nachos, Irish stew, the Celtic of-hand up-close magic that could happen tableside, behind the bar, or on the street before you enter. In one of the more swell creations brought to life by Mark and Johnnie,

burger, and the original boogie melt. It even has bangers and mash for true Irishmen and mot. Drinking at a tavern never warmed you so heartily.

you will wonder—aptly so—when a handlebar mustache or a top hat with a furry bunny will appear. It’s a step into a truly magical world. The theatre show immerses you in an amusing curated experience that will leave you spellbound. Located deep inside Black Rabbit Rose, Crying Tiger features cuisine radiant with flavors and curious fusion. Beef Nam Tok Bao is among the most interesting. Served with sliced Crying Tiger beef, red onion, mint, cilantro, green onion, rice powder, chili flakes, fish sauce, and lime inside a fluffy steamed bao, it’s enough to make you open your mouth wide and indulge with glee. Crying Tiger serves vegetarian options such as lettuce cups that incorporate grilled shitake mushrooms, fried tofu, water chestnuts, eggplant, sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 33

Timmy Nolan’s is also known for its keen selection of craft brews. With a selection on tap that spans from seasonal beers to stouts, ales, and blondes, the G B O D G R O U P. C O M

pours will please you and keep you “Irish happy.” With an impressive selection of wines and bubbles along with classic cocktails, modest price points, and a lovely spirit, this neighborhood favorite will have you singing Ronnie Drew’s


“Seven Drunken Nights” in your best slurred Irish accent in no time. Good news is, it’s highly probably the rest of the bar will join in. TIMMY NOLAN’S is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. daily. • Kitchen stays open weekdays until 10 p.m., weekends until 11 p.m. • Kitchen happy hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10 p.m. until 10:45 (dependent on volume)

Highland Park Bowl 5621 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles (323) 257-2695 // HIGHLANDPARKBOWL.COM

In the guts of a bowling alley dating back to the 1930s, you’ll feel a little Lebowski coming on. Hell, you might even steal a rug before you stop in for The Dude Abides! Highland Park Bowl is one of the coolest hipster bowling alleys this side of—well, anywhere. Somewhere deep down, we all relate to The Dude, his obsession with a rug, and the conquest of a good bowling game. Highland Park Bowl feeds that need with an old-school bowling alley with mechanical bowling 467 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 monkeykingsd.com | @monkeykingsandiego Asian Fusion & Craft Cocktails

lanes made of original teak-stained wood panels, vintage metal pin sets, booths with shelves for glasses to nestle in, and cocktails that will make your entire game niftier than a well-dressed gal walking around offering candy and ciga-


rettes. Decorated with banners and vintage-inspired signs discovered when the


this recently renovated piece of LA history is the kind of joint you can’t help but be


bowling alley was purchased by Italian immigrant Joseph “Mr. T” Teresa in 1996, bewildered by. It’s filled with remnants of its story, including rare bottles of spirits

34 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

uncovered during renovations that now line the bar walls housed safely behind chicken wire, the original leather pin casings now serving as a chandelier, and a mysterious painted mural discovered when old wallpaper was peeled away. That is Highland Park Bowl. Late-night bar bites await as do cleverly named libations like the seductive and spicy Owen Loves His Mama (jalapeño-infused Herradura Silver tequila, Chareau aloe liqueur, hibiscus, and lime juice, topped with IPA), The Dude Abides (their twist on a White Russian), and the refreshing Pinsetter (Singani 63, Yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino, fresh lime, and grapefruit juices). The pizza is worth writing home about, and the sweet potato fries with Boomer burger will suffice. The capricciosa pizza with artichoke, Kalamata olives, prosciutto cotto, and shaved Parmesan will coat your stomach with bursts of flavor and the perfect crust. You’ll whet your thirst, summon your competitive spirit, and suck down wood-fired pizza before the words, “come on, man” eke out. HIGHLAND PARK BOWL harkens your inner dude with kickass cocktails and old-school bowling. • Bowling hours are 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends (21+ rules after 8 p.m.) • Mr. T’s Music Room features Spareoke (karaoke) every Sunday, musicians’ open mic night on Tuesdays, and


live musical performances weekly by notable bands.

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36 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

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{highprofile } by DAW N G A R C I A

AFZAL HASAN on influencing the cannabis space with knowledge; acknowledging the deficit in support and infrastructure for brands to maintain longevity in the industry; and working closely with Canadian, Californian, and federal regulators and legislators to implement the most successful strategies. 38 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California



More than a cannabis agency, Origin House is changing the way cannabiz is done. As perceptions continue to shift and the cannabis industry learns, grows, and develops into a mature sector filled with brands, growers, and cultivators, learning and understanding the art of the business can present challenges. With legislation in California continually evolving, having branding strategies that can take these new promising brands into an evergreen position in the marketplace is imperative. That’s where Origin House comes in. Origin House—formerly named CannaRoyalty—is a cannabis products and brands company. In the words of its President and General Counsel Afzal Hasan, “Deep in our DNA is the belief that working with the multitude of experienced operators in the cannabis space is an advantage. What makes us different is that we really hone in on the challenge of building cannabis brands. We think of this challenge philosophically and theoretically in ways that are foreign to uninformed participants. All of this is a part of our laser-focused goal of becoming a preeminent global house of cannabis brands.” I first learned about Origin House when attending a dinner party in Los Angeles. Discussing how the cannabis space is influencing the culinary, tech, and agency spaces, there, with a mind full of knowledge, was Andrew Rayl, Director of Compliance for Origin House. He spoke passionately about the man he works with who is changing the way investors and brands work in the cannabis industry. He was talking about Hasan. Hasan commutes between Canada and California and he is working closely with regulators, government officials, growers, and brands ensuring that the cannabis space garners the value and impact it deserves. Hasan knows through first-hand experience how much cannabis can improve quality of life through lessening stress and anxiety while improving overall health and well-being. His ultimate goal is to make cannabis accessible to informed adults while never compromising on quality, through intelligent marketing strategies and campaigns. When it comes to paving the way and helping clients with growth, branding, and government support, I asked Hasan how to keep brands in-the-know and on the cusp of change. Hasan believes that a mindset shift regarding cannabis is essential, and our hesitation to see it as something on par with coffee or other daily consumed products sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 39

needs to change. “The cannabis nar-

While Canada may appear to be lead-

rative needs to be intertwined into the

ing the way, California is spearheading

natural conversation. Without common

progress in the cannabis movement,

consumables like caffeine, salt, sugar


etcetera, many would find a substantial

promised product. “A common misun-

reduction in their quality of life. Why is it

derstanding about Canada is about the

almost universally acceptable for some-

level of progress. The Canadian industry

one to have caffeine to help them deal

is in its infancy in virtually every practical

with a long day after a sleepless night,

sense versus California. Most people are

but not for the same person to attack the

a little bit shocked when I say this, but

root of the same problem—the sleeplessness—with cannabis? Cannabis is stigmatized but our narrative at large is that it’s okay to have that tool.” With California being a smoke-free state, as progressive as we may be, when it comes to smoking cannabis, making that shift into a more conscious intake is still a work in progress. Hasan has a strategy to help brands position themselves to be more mindful. “I believe the market will strongly shift in five to ten years. There will be a substantial or higher amount of ingestibles—not in the form of edibles but in the form of beverages. The chemistry involved in non-liquid edibles scare me. Dosing, in particular, is a nightmare. Most adults do not have the luxury of rolling the dice with edibles. I have had beverages that allow for far more accurate dosing and absorption profiles.” The brands Origin House work with are normalizing usage that reflects medicinal and recreational views sitting somewhere in the middle, and according to Hasan, “make life better”. “A large proportion of the population regularly consumes some form cannabis for its health and wellness benefits. Cannabis can serve a semi-therapeutic role and we find that very exciting,” he added. Hasan works closely with regulators in both Canada and the United States. 40 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Origin House’s business model relies on these applied principles:



I’ve seen and tried Canadian products that we couldn’t sell in California—even at bargain basement prices. Plus, the most interesting branded products like

Capital and Financing

vaporizers and edibles are not yet le-

Contract Manufacturing

more draconian. There is no marketing

Marketing and Brand Development Logistics and Infrastructure Legal Compliance Intellectual Property Founder Afzal Hasan is both an intelligent businessman with a law degree and a cannabis user and activist who believes the magical flower offers health and wellness to the world.

gal. This is a reflection that legislation in Canada is less business-friendly and and branding allowed in Canada, which ultimately hurts consumers.” In addition to how innovative the company is, they aren’t ones to sit idly when their clients or those in the cannabis industry need a hand. In fact, as California faced devastating fires in 2018, Origin House stepped in to help. It wasn’t Hasan who told me about their efforts to help the community but rather Andrew Rayl. When I asked Hasan to talk a bit about it, he responds with humility and doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for such things but his passion for community shines. “We take our community involvement very seriously. The fires are a terrible event that happened—folks and businesses were severely affected. Our corporate objectives extend beyond business and we were in a position to support entrepreneurs that were affected by the fires, so we stepped up. We try to be a good corporate citizen because its good for business and the local community. I strongly believe in operating

responsibly. We aren’t a charity or non-profit but we always try to direct our efforts in a way that will have the most positive impact.” As the industry continues to face hurdles and victories, companies like Origin House and industry leaders like Hasan are shifting perceptions about cannabis. For starters, he is 32 years-old, is of South Asian descent, and is an on-the-ground kind of businessman. Representing 36 different brands, including owning four of their own, working with 130 products, he says it’s the Origin House approach that differentiates them. “If you lined up the leaders of the top 20 cannabis companies, they’re older, white males. That makes me somewhat of an anomaly. I go out there and meet with the brands, dressed up like one of their line workers. I’m out there talking to them in their language, on their level, and have the same passion and background as the entrepreneurs we’re working with. That’s how local entrepreneurs have begun to distinguish us from the typical faceless monoliths. And I constantly challenge our employees and brand partners to match it. No one out there in this industry is doing this, and that

distinguishes us from being a monolith. I’m a normal person. I interact with clients, my team, I’m part of the hiring. My level of passion and enthusiasm is pervasive and reflected throughout our company and the brands we work with.” Setting a diverse and evolutionary trend in cannabis brand development and regulations, Hasan applies his training as a lawyer by proactively engaging with regulators in their operating jurisdictions to always maintain that edge in the industry, continue to open minds of those in opposition, and stay ahead of the curve. When I asked Hasan to summarize the company’s mission, he emphatically replied, “We don’t have a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to investments and partnerships. Each of our successful partnerships began with an open conversation about the needs and motivations of both parties. From there we pull out tools in our transaction toolkit and structure bespoke relationships that drive value for both us and our partners. Our focus is on developing global, branded, adult-use products. At Origin House, we like to simply say, some brands grow cannabis, we grow brands.” ORIGINHOUSE.COM sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 41

{travelwell } by DAW N G A R C I A



This beautiful village seems more like a magical land that exists in your imagination than a small town in Central California. Carmel is full of romance and history. The story begins in 1771, when the Carmel Mission was founded, but

not be the world’s only charming village, but it certainly is one of the most loved.

Carmel-by-the-Sea wouldn’t find its place as a charming

You can get to Carmel by air, car, or sea. Situated along

village along California’s central coast until the twentieth

one of the most beautiful stretches of the Pacific Ocean,

century. Located on the Monterey Peninsula, this village of

Carmel-by-the-Sea is nestled between Monterey Bay and

fairytale cottages, small shops, and awe-inspiring views is

Big Sur along Highway 101, near San Luis Obispo. The re-

referred to by some as “the most charming village in the

gion is so picturesque, literary legends like Henry Miller

world.” Once governed by Mayor Clint Eastwood, it may

and Jack Kerouac flocked here for inspiration.

42 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

When you enter Carmel, you’re transported to a land of romance, wine, family fun, delicious food, and a surprising amount of art. With around 40 hotels and bed and breakfasts, accommodations range from quaint to luxurious. From the Bavarian-themed Hofsas House (HOFSASHOUSE.COM ), a charming, salmon-colored family hotel that’s been a fixture in the area for 70 years, to the Zen-inspired Tradewinds Carmel (TRADEWINDSCARMEL.COM ), which melds antique Asian décor and French cuisine, to the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn (HYATT.COM ), with cliffside views and a restaurant that serves some of the best farm-totable, organic cuisine in the area, you have choices. sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 43

As you wander the town, you’ll notice none of the buildPHOTO BY DAWN GARCIA

ings or homes have physical addresses. They are simply fixtures of the region and their identity lies more in their design and offerings than in marked numbers. The streets are the same way, which can present a challenge but if you find yourself lost, pop into any store and they’ll hand you a map of the town that has every shop, restaurant, tasting room, and the like designated with cute little drawings adding to the sweetness and allure. With a local grocer, fresh seafood, local wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and restaurants serving cuisine that span the globe, you will be able to find just about anything you’re looking for. From breakfast to dinner, the one subtle downside of Carmel-by-the-Sea is that everything closes relatively early. You won’t find a roaring bar with copious amounts of loud patrons anywhere and that may be because this is a

boot, or succumb to a pair of your favorite tennis shoes.

family-friendly town that also believes in the art of romance.

Carmel-by-the-Sea does emit Old World romanticism,

Something else you won’t find in the city of Carmel are high

steadying our busy lives with exquisite reasons to visit if

heels! It has been said to be an urban myth but it’s not. Heels

for no other reason than to pause, breathe in nature, bask

more than two-inches in height require a permit in this city, so

in turquoise waters, take leisurely strolls, and find your

those of us who love a sexy heel will have to stick to a wedge,

center in an all-too-chaotic world.


Every few steps in the heart of town you’ll wander into an eatery. This quick guide showcases some of the charm and commitment to sustainability and local farm-to-table.


• Brophy’s Tavern Irish Pub + Eatery



• Il Tegamino

Italian comfort food ILTEGAMINO.COM

• Aubergine

Award-winning Relais & Châteaux AUBERGINECARMEL.COM


• Carmel Belle

Farm-fresh smoothies and juices CARMELBELLE.COM

• Doud Craft Studios BRUNCH

• Seventh & Delores

Contemporary cuisine + steakhouse 7DSTEAKHOUSE.COM

• Basil Seasonal Dining BASILCARMEL.COM

44 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

• Flaherty’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar FLAHERTYSSEAFOOD.COM


• The Tuck Box TUCKBOX.COM

• Carmel Bakery & Coffeehouse



• Scheid Tasting Room Full portfolio + reserves SCHEIDVINEYARDS.COM

• Cultura


Familiar ritual: pack bowl, put heat on it and inhale

Variable to full spectrum vapor or hybrid vapor/smoke

No metal mesh herb disks, cartridges or bowls

ISO standard adapters compatible with virtually all waterpipes and bubblers

Water and/or ice conditioned vapor

Proprietary sequential venturi extraction chamber

No plastic hoses or balloons

Highly efficient low wattage design

Only melt glands with a solvent free extraction

Neutral polarity all-glass heating, extraction and delivery surfaces for full spectrum vapor

www.vriptech.com (650) 206-2301 sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 45

{homemade } by E V I A K I

OUT OF AFRICA Nigerian-American author and blogger Evi Aki shares recipes she grew up with, as well as dishes found across Africa.

Flavors Of Africa

Page Street Publishing Co. // $21.99 paperback Nigerian born, Georgia- and Austin-raised EVI AKI made a name for herself with her blog, Ev’s Eats (EVSEATS.COM) as well as contributing to The Daily Meal as a travel writer. Aki has always been drawn to her African roots and through travel, family, and dining out, she put together a comprehensive collection of family recipes spanning the African continent now available through Page Street Publishing Company. 46 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Reprinted with permission from Flavors of Africa by Evi Aki, Page Street Publishing Co. 2018. Photo credit: Jakob Layman.

G B O D G R O U P. C O M


Kachumbari and Pilau

345 Sixth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.550.1600 gaslampmeze.com @gaslampmeze Greek Cuisine with a SoCal Twist

Serves 4-6

Kachumbari (East African Salsa) INGREDIENTS

• 2 lrg. tomatoes, diced • ½ lrg. red onion, diced • 2 lrg. jalapeño chiles, seeded and diced • 1 medium cucumber, diced

• 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1 lime, juiced • ½ cup fresh cilantro, roughly chopped • Salt and black pepper, to taste

INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: In a small bowl, combine all ingredients. STEP 2: Season with salt and black pepper to taste. 560 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.501.1919 elchingon.com @elchingonsd Bad Ass Mexican Restaurant & Bar

Pilau (Kenyan Spiced Rice) INGREDIENTS

• 1 cup vegetable oil

• 4 med. Yukon gold potatoes, diced

• 1 large onion, diced

• 2 cups basmati rice

• 4 cloves garlic, minced

• 4 cups chicken stock

• ½ tsp smoked paprika

• 1 cinnamon stick, 2–4 inches

• 1 tsp ground cumin

• ½ star anise, ground

• ½ tsp curry powder

• 1 bay leaf

• 2 med. tomatoes, roughly chopped

• Salt and black pepper, to taste

INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Heat oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add the onion and fry just

until it starts to turn golden brown, about 5 minutes.

548 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 havana1920.com @havana1920 Traditional Cuban Cuisine & Rum Cocktails

STEP 2: Add garlic, smoked paprika, cumin, curry powder. Sauté for 10 minutes. STEP 3: Add tomatoes, potatoes, and rice. Stir together and cook for 5 minutes. STEP 4: Add chicken stock, cinnamon stick, star anise and bay leaf. Season with salt

and black pepper. Cover pot and simmer 30 minutes until all liquid has evaporated.



STEP 5: Fluff rice with a fork and serve alongside Kachumbari. sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 47

baileyscbd.com @ b a i l eys c b d


DABNATION.COM 48 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


Call Us: 800-4FOXFARM

Find Us: FoxFarmFertilizer.com sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 49



50 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Industrial hemp and psychoactive “marijuana” are the same plant, Cannabis sativa, bred and cultivated in very different ways. So, if hemp is now legal, shouldn’t “marijuana” be, too? by R O BY N G R I G G S L AW R E N C E


hemp foods and demand for CBD surged, more and more

ed States, it was a watershed moment. Already, 77,000

states established hemp programs, and production

acres of hemp are being cultivated under state protec-

soared in the United States.

tions (half of them in Colorado, which legalized hemp

For all that, the Farm Bill opened up a tangled and con-

in 2014), and 750 hemp-derived foods and supplements

fusing conversation when it put the US Agriculture De-

have flooded the $2 billion CBD market. Now, this na-

partment in charge of industrial hemp, which it defined

scent industry can operate under the full protection of

as cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC; removed the

federal law, with access to critical infrastructure such

non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD from inclusion in

as insurance, banking, and tax write-offs it had been de-

the Controlled Substances Act; and continued the Food

nied under prohibition.

and Drug Administration’s oversight of products con-

“It’s time to figure it out and see where this market will

taining cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds.

take us,” McConnell, a Republican who hopes hemp will

Hemp cultivation had been illegal largely because au-

replace tobacco as a revenue source in his home state of

thorities in the United States couldn’t tell it apart from

Kentucky, told CNBC. “I think it’s an important new devel-

psychoactive “marijuana.” Before the bill passed, all

opment in American agriculture. There’s plenty of hemp

cannabis plants—even those that could not get anybody

around; it’s just coming from other countries. Why in the

high—had effectively been outlawed by the 1937 Marijua-

world would we want a lot of it to not come from here?”

na Tax Act, which was rammed through the House Ways

In 1999, the United States began allowing imports of

and Means Committee before members understood

hemp products with less than 0.3 percent of the psycho-

what they were doing. Most had not been informed that

active cannabinoid THC, and in the 2010s it began al-

marijuana, the scary “new” drug they’d been fed so much

lowing limited domestic cultivation of industrial hemp,

propaganda about, was in fact hemp, which people all

which was used to make everything from food and body

over the world had used as food and fiber for centuries.

care products to insulation. As consumers embraced

“That knowledge,” Robert Deitch wrote in Hemp: Amersensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 51

ican History Revisited, “would have killed the Marijuana Tax Act dead in its tracks.”

THE WORLD’S MOST MISUNDERSTOOD VEGETABLE “Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more misunderstood than hemp,” David P. West wrote in a special report for the North American Industrial Hemp Council in 1998. “And nowhere have emotions run hotter than the debate over the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana.” Though they serve vastly different functions, don’t look alike, and are often referred to as “cousins,” industrial hemp and psychoactive “marijuana” are actually the same plant, Cannabis sativa, bred and cultivated in very different ways. For centuries, cannabis farmers have understood that when cannabis plants grow close together, they get less sunlight and produce longer fiber-producing stems and no psychoactive resin. To produce plants full of sticky flowers, farmers sow seeds farther apart to give each plant more sunlight and force them to secrete more resin to protect themselves from drying out. When distinguishing between the two types of cannabis plants became important as stricter drug laws were enacted worldwide in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Canadian researcher Ernest Small somewhat randomly tossed out a formula—hemp has less than 0.3 percent THC—that, for no real reason other than his authority as a renowned ethnobotanist became the internationally accepted standard written into most legislation outlawing marijuana. Small was merely continuing a taxonomical conversation that dates back to Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, who in 1753 introduced Cannabis sativa, a resilient, prolific plant species he named after the Greek word kannabis, meaning “hemp,” and sativa, meaning “cultivated.” When Linnaeus recorded the plant, he documented one species with five variants, launching a debate that rages to this day. Thirty years after Linnaeus recorded C. sativa, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck introduced what he described as a second “very distinct” species, C. indica, based on plant samples from India. Unlike the tall, lanky

C. sativa (hemp) common in Europe, Lamarck described C. indica as smaller and more densely branched, with consistently alternating leaves and a woodier stem that made the plant unsuitable for making fiber. Lamarck believed there were two separate species of cannabis,

Chanvre cultive (“cultivated hemp”) and Chanvre des Indes (“Indian cannabis”), which he believed was valued more for its psychoactive effects than its fiber. 52 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

A Nutritional Powerhouse Through the Ages Traditionally eaten as a staple food by people in the lower classes, nutritious hemp seeds carried Chinese peasants through times of famine and were the foundation for a gritty peanut butter-type preparation that carried Europeans through long winters. Every Russian and Polish household kept a store of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in the pantry. Russians commonly bruised and roasted the seeds, mixed them with salt, and spread them onto slabs of crusty bread. When major famines under the Soviets made beef and pork nearly impossible to come by, people survived on hemp seed oil as a major source of edible protein. In Poland, stewed hemp seed porridge was subsistence food in monasteries, military barracks, and among poor people. The soft, white kernels inside cannabis seeds’ hard shells produce high-protein oil high in essential fatty acids (EFAs), phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, zinc, carotene (a precursor to vitamin A), tocopherols (major antioxidants that include the vitamin E group), 30 thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B6, chlorophyll, sulfur, phosphorus, phosphosolipids, and phytosterols. Cannabis is the only current natural food source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which affects vital metabolic roles ranging from control of inflammation and vascular tone to hormone balancing. Cannabis seeds have extremely low THC content and taste creamy and nutty, without the bitterness of the plant material. They can be shelled and eaten like sunflower seeds or ground into a powder for snacking and cooking. They’re high in roughage and easily digestible edestin protein, which is likely why they became a staple for healing digestive issues in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing modalities. The seeds’ ideal 1:3 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs provides more of these compounds—which are called “essential” because they must come from a source outside the body—than fish. Cannabis seeds are high in linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, which are difficult to come by in Western diets and act as raw materials for cell structure and as biosynthesis precursors for many of the body’s regulatory biochemicals.

“The principal effect of this plant consists of going to the head, disrupting the brain, where it produces a sort of drunkenness that makes one forget one’s sorrows, and produces a strong gaiety,” Lamarck wrote, making him the first to suggest a distinction between two separate cannabis species based on C. indica’s psychoactive effects. In a Cannabinoids 2014 article, Jacob L. Erkelens and Arno Hazenkamp explained that Lamarck’s purpose in classifying C. indica as a separate species was to provide a more generally acceptable description of cannabis. “Unfortunately, the long-term effects of his publication would turn out to do the exact opposite,” they wrote, “and well over two hundred years later we are still left in confusion.”

ONE SPECIES OR TWO? In 1893, the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission conducted one of the most thoroughly investigated, comprehensive studies of cannabis use and culture ever, and commissioners spent considerable time and energy investigating the long-burning question of whether the narcotic-yielding plant (later known as “marijuana”) was identical to the non-narcotic fiber-yielding plant (later known as “hemp’). They surmised, quite presciently, that inquiring into the longstanding argument about wheth-

CDPH-T00000079 sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 53

er C. indica and C. sativa were one species or two would

ernment has bestowed its blessings upon C. sativa and

be important in the future because of the possibility that

suggest that the plant is legal, regardless of how it grows

“the restriction of the production of the narcotic by lim-

and what it’s grown for? I’m pretty sure we could find a

iting the cultivation may affect a product and an indus-

few botanists who would stand behind that.

try which are above suspicion.” The commission based its findings on studies by botanical researcher Dr. J.M. Watt, who concluded, “With

Cannabis indica differing in so marked a degree accord-

It’s time to revive this debate. ROBYN GRIGGS LAWRENCE’S new book, Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis, will be published by Rowman & Littlefield in May.

ing to the climate, soil, and mode of cultivation, it was rightly concluded that its separation from the hemp plant of Europe could not be maintained.” Watt compared the hemp plant to potatoes, tobacco, and poppies, all of which “seem to have the power of growing with equal luxuriance under almost any climatic condition, changing or modifying some important function as if to adapt themselves to the altered circumstances.” His opinions were replicated by Dr. D. Prain, who observed: “There are no botanical characters to separate the Indian plant from Cannabis sativa, and they do not differ as regard the structure of stem, leaves, flowers, or fruit. … Hemp, therefore, as a fibre-yielding plant in no way differs from hemp as a narcotic-producing one.” Well, hello. Couldn’t we—shouldn’t we—take this debate to its next logical conclusion now that the US gov-

Build your customer base and reach more women through Ellementa.

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Get in touch: sales@ellementa.com | ellementa.com Get in touch sales@ellementa.com / 303.918.8404 /| 303.918.8404 ellementa.com 54 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

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Just Add

Water Like cake mixes and TV dinners, which revolutionized home cooking in the mid-20th century, water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes are disrupting cannabis cuisine. by R O BY N G R I G G S L AW R E N C E

56 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

fat-soluble (adj)


water-soluble (adj)

CAPABLE OF DISSOLVING IN WATER Well, this changes everything.

tough to homogenize throughout a recipe, so if you don’t

Cooking with cannabis was once relatively straightfor-

know what you’re doing, one bite could deliver a massive

ward, if not all that simple. To extract the plant’s fat-sol-

dose of cannabinoids while another has none at all.

uble terpenes and cannabinoids (THC and CBD, primar-

Anyone who cooks with cannabis has dreamt of a

ily), you had to slowly simmer the flowers and leaves in

workaround. We’ve all known that finding a way to dis-

something oleaginous (butter, oil, cream) or macerate

solve cannabinoids and terpenes homogenously into

them in a spirit (gin, vodka, everclear). Heat and alcohol

water and other liquids as simply as we stir in baking

gave the added benefit of converting non-psychoactive

soda or tamari would be a giant leap for cannabis chefs

THC-A into mind-altering THC, unlocking the cannabis

and eaters everywhere.

plant’s unique magic.

The demise of prohibition brings new miracles every

This technique has been the core of cannabis cookery

day. Water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes are now a

for centuries, even though every cannabis chef knows it’s

thing, available in dispensaries and retail stores in legal

far from perfect. It doesn’t give people on raw and low-fat

states and countries. Hydrophilic THC and CBD is sold in

diets a lot of options, and lipids are one of the least efficient

various formulations of easily doseable powders and liq-

ways to deliver cannabinoids and terpenes to the blood,

uids that can be folded into any dish or beverage just as

which is about 80 percent water. When THC and CBD are

you would add water, salt, or stevia. Processed through

ingested and processed through the liver, they’re less

the intestines rather than the liver, these cannabinoids

bioavailable and take longer to come on, with potential-

deliver predictable effects in about 10 minutes.

ly more potent and unpredictable effects. Finally, fats are

We are getting what we wished for.

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 57

No more time spent simmering oils, straining out messy plant matter, calculating dosage! Freedom for the cannabis chef!

Revolutionizing Archaic Processes The ability to easily stir reliable doses of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and terpenes into any food or beverage shakes up the cannabis food scene as considerably as TV dinners and cake mixes revolutionized home cooking in the mid-20th century. No more time spent simmering oils, straining out messy plant matter, calculating dosage! Freedom for the cannabis chef! A whole new world! I’m excited about this—and selfishly, I can’t help but worry a little as a cannabis cookbook author. Will anyone ever need directions for foolproof coconut oil infusions or ask for my favorite Bubba Kush-infused bone broth recipe again? Juan Ayala, chief technology officer for Seattle-based Tarukino, which sells water-soluble cannabis liquids and powders to the wholesale market and to consumers via drinks like Happy Apple and Utopia sparkling water, assures me they will. The former worldwide marketing director for Microsoft, whose new mission is to “revolutionize the archaic processes associated with the bio-delivery of cannabis to patients and consumers,” says people who love the cannabis plant–“the people who say even the terroir, the minerals from where and how the plant was grown, has meaningful impact”–will continue to make up a credible, if small, premium market.

Fake News Before Fake News In late summer 2016, just as the media was desperately seeking dog-days diversions from the impending election, a report about THC being found in wells in Hugo, Colorado–complete with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment encouraging residents not to drink, cook with, or bathe in the water–was almost too good to be true. And of course, as anyone who understands even the basic chemistry of fat-soluble cannabinoids could tell you, it was. Tests found no THC in the water supply, because that would be impossible. Christopher Hudalla, PhD, chief scientific officer of Massachusetts-based medical marijuana testing company ProVerdeLabs, told Self.com that even if massive amounts of THC did get into a well, the cannabinoids would stick to the muck on the sides rather than dispersing into the water because it isn’t water-soluble. “You can make cannabinoids water-soluble, but it would be very, very expensive and very difficult,” said Hudalla, who went on to explain what a huge challenge this has been for the cannabis industry. “People in the industry have been working on this for years, and a few people have achieved water-soluble cannabinoids–but it requires very sophisticated technology.” Warp speed, 2019. Cannabinoids dissolve in water, and Donald Trump is president. If we’ve learned anything over the past three years, it is this: you can’t make this stuff up. 58 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Tarukino (named after the Maori word for cannabis)

ty. The company is also targeting home cooks with its Pro

is reaching out to that market with strain-specific can-

20 and Pro-Mini water sold in bottles with dosing cups.

nabinoid and terpene formulations made using its Sorse

The biggest hurdle, Ayala says, is getting people to under-

emulsion technology. The Tarukino team is investing

stand how simple the product is to use.

heavily in water-soluble technology because it believes

“People are having a really hard time understanding it’s

that is the cannabis industry’s future. The company’s

just water,” he says. “You can make pancakes, soup, ramen,

scientists have worked for more than two years to break

guacamole…anything. The only dishes you can’t make are

cannabinoids and terpenes into ever-tinier particles for

ones in which you throw away the water, like spaghetti.”

maximum absorption while removing or improving their

Colorado-based Stillwater Brands ran into similar issues

bitter taste. “Our first version was kind of like the original

when it started marketing Ripple cold-water soluble powders

iPhone,” Ayala says. “It was good, it did some things, but

derived from distillate, says brand director Missy Bradley.

there’s no comparison to where the technology is today.”

The team had to explain again and again that Ripple was not

Reliable Dosing, No Hashy Taste

a sugar packet and that the powder was tasteless, odorless, calorie-free, and could be stirred into anything. Stillwater’s

Since Naturally Splendid USA claimed the first USPTO pat-

lead food scientist Keith Woelfel, who left Mars, Inc., to join the

ent for water-soluble cannabinoids, which are essential to its

startup in 2016, says his team has “spent considerable time

hemp-based Natera nutraceuticals, in 2014, several cannabis

and gone to great lengths to achieve consistency in dosing

companies have won or are seeking patents that tweak the

and clean, consistent flavor without green, hashy bitterness.”

process of emulsifying cannabinoids into nano-size particles

Los Angeles-based cannabis chef Chris Sayegh, who has

that dissolve into water and mix more easily into blood. In the

been cooking with water-soluble cannabinoid solutions

cannabis industry, water-soluble is the new black.

for several years, will soon sell bottles of water-soluble CBD

At Tarukino, Ayala says soccer moms—who can just as

solution through his company, The Herbal Chef. Sayegh

easily and discreetly sip a Utopia sparkling water as they

says the liquid is more stable, easier to dose, and “probably

would a LaCroix–represent the biggest growth opportuni-

the best way to homogenize because on a molecular level,

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 59

nanoparticles work to create a nice, even net, if you will.” All of this is why Jon Cooper, founder and CEO of Colorado-based Ebbu—which sells liquid cannabinoid formulations engineered to produce certain moods to the wholesale and consumer markets—predicts water-soluble technology will create “some fairly seismic shifts in the food and alcohol world in the next five years.” (Canopy Growth Corp., which acquired Ebbu late last year for $330 million, appears to agree.)

“[Our team has] gone to great lengths to achieve…clean, consistent flavor without green, hashy bitterness.” —Keith Woelfel, Stillwater Brands

“Our most important message as we move forward as an says. “People will never trust products that don’t deliver consistent experiences. Big companies coming into this space will have no choice but to achieve that.” ROBYN GRIGGS LAWRENCE is the author of the bestselling Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook and Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis, out in May.

Not So Hot Cooking with water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes is relatively simple, but you still need to understand the plant’s science to get the most out of the liquids and powders. Heat degrades cannabinoids and terpenes, so never put them in an oven hotter than 200˚F. It’s best to stir in the cannabinoids at the very end of cooking, just before serving, if possible.

60 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California


industry is trust, control, responsibility, and safety,” Cooper

sensimag.com FEBRUARY 2019 61

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{HereWeGo } by E L I D U P I N

SEXUAL HEALING Sushi and joint rolling with a kick of sensuality.

Introducing the Sushi + Doobie Rolling class by Mary Jane University and High Dining. Food usually equates to love, so when Mary Jane University and High Dining teamed up, the result is a match made in cannabis foodie heaven. Together they have curated a unique sushi and doobie rolling workshop in Culver City. Immerse yourself in an artful afternoon of Japanese culinary tradition and the finer points of cannabis. Under the instruction of sushi chef Victor Miller and cannabis aficionado Keiko Beatie, guests will be treated to expertise, creativity, inspiration, and some killer music thanks to rapper MC Flor and DJ Jack Pharaoh. In addition to rolling, you will also have a chance to earn extra credit by tapping into your Tantric curiosities with CannaSexual’s Ashley Manta, who is teaching an additional course about the art of hand sex. “This event has all the ingredients for the perfect date night: cannabis is an aphrodisiac that brings out the best in food,” states High Dining Chief Experience Creator Barbie Sommars. “The intent is not for everyone to get so stoned they go home and go to sleep–we want them to go home and make love! Cannabis enhances all the senses, including touch. Sushi is sexy, shiny, and slippery. We want our students to learn how to tap into that love vibration!” High Dining is an activist-led company devoted to producing engaging cannabis-infused cuisine and events curated by some of the most notable chefs in the public and private sectors of culinary arts. Tickets are $200 // February 23 at 4:20 p.m. // HIGHDININGCLUB.COM

66 FEBRUARY 2019 Southern California

Included in your enrollment: • Appetizers • Japanese tea • Professional education from Potfessor Keiko Beatie and sushi chef Victor Miller • Tasting (and smoking) your labors • Dessert • Extra credit option: The Art of Hand Sex elective course with Ashley Manta, the CannaSexual • Live entertainment by MC Flow and Jack Pharaoh. • Mary Jane University schools on site with OTTO, the world’s first mill, fill, and chill machine. Make the perfect doobie every time. MJU educators will be on hand to take orders. • Sushi pipes provided by Empire Glassworks. • Rolling supplies so you may do your “homework.” • Origami crane, makisu (rolling mat), grinder, lighter, Empire Glassworks sushi pipe, gift bag, and more.

i am


(n.) The state o f bein g.

t: 1.833.ARTEMIS www.iamARTEMIS.com ig: @iamARTEMISca

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Sensi Magazine February 2019 - San Diego Digital Edition

Sensi Magazine - San Diego (February 2019)  

Sensi Magazine February 2019 - San Diego Digital Edition