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Bay Bites Thee Food Fest

Prohibition Approved Newly Revived

Scintillating Cannabis


{plus} Voodoo You Do Louisiana In LA NOVEMBER 2018 3

A highly anticipated new partnership



MJBizCon 4 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Nov 14-16 Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth1663 NOVEMBER 2018 5

6 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California NOVEMBER 2018 7


* 1 s t M S W D b o a r d a p p r o v e d Wa t e r S u p p l y A s s e s s m e n t ( W S A / W S V o n 5 - 1 5 - 2 0 1 7 ) *


of goods and services sold in the industry through cooperative cost-sharing • No electric company tier bumps for growers (~50% cost reduction) • 1,000 gallons/minute shared water well (~50% cost reduction) • Park-wide reverse osmosis water purification system (500,000 gal/day) • 4 million gallon water storage reservoir & distribution system • 50% lower security costs • State-of-the-art security technology

More than just a State of Mind!

• Security provided by U.S. veterans with former special forces personnel • U.S. embassy style secured compound • Private air-blown fiber-optic infrastructure


LAB BUILDING (SUITES FOR LEASE) 47,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs featuring extraction,

processing, and manufacturing laboratories with industrial kitchens for production of infused and edible products.


A 20,000 square foot drive-thru dispensary featuring products from the Coachillin’ Canna-Business Park. Coachillin’ Holdings, LLC 71713 Hwy 111, Ste. 100 Rancho Mirage, Ca 92270 760.775.4000 |

Visit for more info

Coachillin’ Holdings LLC does not engage in the production, manufacturing, planting, cultivation, growing, harvesting, preparation, propagation, compounding, processing, dispensing, delivery, or distribution of any controlled substance. 8 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

ISSUE 11 // VOLUME 1 // 11.2018

36 GAME ON! Unique, high-class gifts.



50 The Abnormal History

of the New Normal

Understanding the New Normal by laying it all out there.

56 Beauty in Imperfection

Pay no attention to what’s under the stairs.

CALL ME OLD-FASHIONED… Carribbean cocktails you’ll crave

every issue THE INSIDE SCOOP High Road interior design

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CORRECTION: In the October 2018 issue, we inadvertently referred to a film as Women of Cannabis in our High Profile section. The correct name is The Women of Cannabis, and the correct Instagram handle is @thewomenofcannabis NOVEMBER 2018 9

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M E D I A PA RT N E R S Marijuana Business Daily Minority Cannabis Business Association National Cannabis Industry Association Students for Sensible Drug Policy 10 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California







While our nation is inundated with more political chaos than Andy Dick debacles, this issue we’re pausing to appreciate the simple joy and influence of Life & Style. I’d love to say designer labels and overpriced merchandise were what epitomizes that for me, but to be honest, Life & Style is something that influences our decisions and our daily muses encouraging us to get out of our own way, value ourselves more, and find the courage to live out loud. I’m sure I sound like a broken record when I say those things are idealized for me through design, culinary adventures, art, and daring to explore places outside of single parenting by way of curious travel, but it’s true. They do it for me. Growing up in a Hispanic and Welsh family, I was drawn to things I didn’t understand: museums, foreign language, fascinating architecture, food that seemed weird, and design that was sophisticated yet understated and elegant. Even at a young age, I recognized the sheer beauty of self-expression, and that is where I felt most connected to everything around me. It also allowed me to view things that were different as inherently necessary to my very existence. As I grew up and worked in a variety of industries, I realized life could be anything I wanted it to be, including utilizing my voice by “rocking the vote”. At 18, I threw myself into a flurry of legislation, proudly casting my ballot for who would lead the nation (even if they didn’t win). I understood that voting wasn’t just a right, it was a privilege. A privilege that could be instrumental in changing the way our nation functioned—and that was something I was into: bringing people together. This month, Americans gets to participate in mid-term elections, and if ever there was a time when life and style played a role in our daily lives, this might take the cake. With cannabis measures on the California ballot, we can redefine what life and style mean. We can make cannabis more accessible, improving the lives of countless people, and we can make redefining “normal” stylish. This issue is about defining your own style, using your voice for the greater good, finding authenticity in unique cultures, applauding innovative design, exploring how cannabis can contribute to quality of life, and accepting that who you are will change every day, for the rest of your life. Sure, the fundamental version of you will always exist, but if you’re willing, style will filter in through the knowledge you obtain and the experiences you’re open to having. Before you know it, not only will you be your best self but everything will seem possible again. Here’s to finding whatever life and style mean to you.


Dawn Garcia



Enchanted: Forest of Light EXPERIENCE

La Reina de Los Ángeles Descanso Gardens – La Cañada

November 18, 2018–January 13, 2019

12 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Descanso Gardens (DESCANSOGARDENS.ORG ) in the Angeles Crest Forest is one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful garden sites, and its highly coveted Enchanted: Forest of Light transforms

G B O D G R O U P. C O M

the grounds into a literal forest of lights. Thousands of lights, bright colors, and a sense of magic take hold of you, captivating your senses for two glorious months. Descanso Gardens is best known as the home to the floats for the famed Rose Parade, which has been a Los Angeles tradition since 1890. Descanso Gardens dates to 1950, when Elias Boddy purchased the 165 acres of native California vegetation and extraordinary gardens. In 1953 it was put into a public trust, and it’s now a fully-fledged public garden, bringing in more than 500,000 visitors each year. When the more than 3,000


345 Sixth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.550.1600 @gaslampmeze Greek Cuisine with a SoCal Twist

roses, transcending Japanese gardens, and cycads (ancient species deriving from living fossil lineages) are transformed into a magical forest of light, you will find yourself enchanted. La Reina de Los Ángeles is an exhibition at Descanso Gardens showcasing contemporary artworks, documentary films, and historical materials that take viewers through the history and infrastructure that has created a culture of community around the LA River, a pivotal part of the city. This is one of the first exhibits devoted to educating the public about the story behind the river itself. Including events like a free olla-making class to learning about the art of fishing, it’s an immersive way to

560 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.501.1919 @elchingonsd Bad Ass Mexican Restaurant & Bar

learn more about the 51-mile river that runs through our city.

–Dawn Garcia

Descanso Gardens has a full calendar of events this fall, including conservation classes, rare screenings, and garden walks. Here are four you can’t miss:

Enchanted: Forest of Light

November 18-January 6 Tickets $28-$30 // Option for dinner at Maple Restaurant

Art and Fishing the LA River

548 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101 @havana1920 Traditional Cuban Cuisine & Rum Cocktails

November 4

Winter Bling

November 11 // 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Weekend Walk



November 18 // 11 a.m.-12 p.m. NOVEMBER 2018 13

E AT + D R I N K

San Diego Wine Classic November 11-18, 2018 This is the kind of high-level eating and drinking that’s worth the money. Wine, farmers, chefs, fishermen, and a message that the everyday deserves to be an experience to remember? That is the San Diego Wine Classic. For one glorious week beginning November 11, food enthusiasts, lovers of new cuisine, award-winning chefs, winemakers, and immersive industry events will be part of a weeklong celebration that tantalizes tastebuds and offers an indulgence fit for anyone with a hearty culinary wanderlust and a desire for discovery. Whether you find yourself in a whiskey tent, hanging with Chef Marcus Samuelson and an impressive lineup of James Beard Award-Winning chefs, sipping the finest wines with sommeliers, or upping your craft brew knowledge with brewmasters, you will be filled with joy in the process. Over the course of eight days, over 400 volunteers ensure attendees are exposed to the latest and most refined cuisine, showcases, wine, beer, and spirits, leading up to the Grand Tasting event on November 18. You can attend a speakeasy party on opening night; learn the Japanese culinary art of kaiseki; craft your own cocktails; learn to make chocolate truffles; take a day trip to Baja, Mexico; try your hand at wine pairings; delve into oysters and caviar while sipping on Dom; or try at least a dozen other options. The piece de la resistance is the Grand Tasting on November 18 with decadent gourmet bites and a backdrop of sailboats along an exquisite coast. This will be an experience far too exhilarating to miss. TICKETS – $165–$980, available at SANDIEGOWINECLASSIC.COM 14 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California




Starring Anjelica Huston, Bill Pullman, and David Morse, this is a film you’ll want to watch when it’s released. The brilliant Anjelica Huston plays Maggie, an overbearing sister to her strongwilled, illogical brother, Ben, played by the equally phenomenal Bill Pullman. As they hash out ownership of their father’s estate, everything short of killing each other unravels. When Ben shows up to claim his half of the property—that he willingly sold but now wants back—Maggie is not happy to welcome her brother. He’s hellbent on taking his half by force, and it appears Maggie may have to shoot him to make her point—and she does! In this twisted trigger-happy dramedy, Ben sets up camp in his mobile trailer on the estate lot, further pissing off

Chx & Blnz is a full-service accounting and business consulting group focused on assisting cannabis companies with bookkeeping/accounting, tax services, audits, compliance, first-time business setup for start-ups, product/service consulting and financial analysis software to give business operators the information they need to make decisions with confidence, and manage with success. Our staff include licensed CPAs, professionals with advanced degrees in Masters of Business Taxation from USC, Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Project Management.

Maggie. With the help of his best friend, Gerry (played by David Morse), a friend on the inside, Rachel (played by Julia Stiles) and Curt (played by Jim Parrack, aka Hoyt from True Blood), maybe, just maybe, there is some hope for resolution between these two siblings. Rachel works in the Bureau of Land Management and as a favor to Ben makes the original sale of Ben’s half of the estate null and void. As Maggie does everything she can to kick him off the land, Ben and Gerry concoct a scheme to take his share of the property back, all while smoking a little weed. With terrific performances by Huston, Pullman, and Morse, this film makes anyone with family drama feel less dysfunctional. It’s a family feud you’ll want to witness imploding, all while secretly wishing to see Maggie and Ben hash it out long enough to find some common ground. Written and directed by Theresa Rebeck, Trouble will be in theatres this fall. The trailer is available on IMDB.COM.

–DG NOVEMBER 2018 15


Unfu*k Yourself

Written by Gary John Bishop Sometimes we allow our minds to outplay our willingness and determination, and that’s where Gary




Bishop’s Yourself

comes in. A crass and honest how-to, Unfuc* Yourself is a step-by-step guide to getting your life back on track—with no excuses. Daring readers to take responsibil-

manifesting big dreams and liv-

ity for how they got to a place of

ing your truth.

complacency, unhappiness, and

Unfuc* Yourself offers real-life

feelings of being fuc*ed, Bishop

applications of being present and

addresses a number of issues that

showing up for yourself, including

plague us on the daily. From being

a mantra that goes a little some-

unwilling to take life by the balls

thing like, “I am not my thoughts. I

and saying that out loud to taking

am what I do.” While owning up to

ownership of making bad decisions

our mistakes isn’t the easiest thing

and sabotaging our path to great-

to do, Bishop empowers us all to

ness, he gives you the tools—albeit

throw out all excuses, obstacles

tough love—to help you get your

we place in front of ourselves, and

sh*t together and back on track.

self-doubt, and encourages us to

The ultimate goal is getting back to

confront it all—head on—until we unfuc* ourselves.


Bishop also offers two hardcore courses meant to wake you up. Each session includes 10 video courses that you can keep and stream whenever you want on your smart devices and desktop. SELF: Tapping into your potential by deciding whether you want to stay where you are in life or you’re ready to untether yourself and be your best self. RELATIONSHIPS: Instead of wallowing in the woes of crappy relationships, this course puts you face-to-face with yourself, helping you get to a place where successful relationships are not goals but reality. BOOK: Harper Collins Publishing | $19.99 hard copy (available on Amazon. com for $11.99). Also available on audiobook, read by the author. COURSES: 16 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California


{askangie } by A N G I E Mc C A R T N E Y

MEET DR. ANGIE The only living Beatles’ stepmom, Dr. Angie McCartney, is ready to regale Sensi readers with anecdotes of inspiration, humor, survival instincts, small business tips and tricks, backstage tidbits, and more.

I’m Dr. Angie McCartney. I’m almost 89 years old, still

football match in Manchester. Times were tough. We lost

working full time on various ventures, including McCartney

our home, which belonged to Eddie’s employer, and after

Multimedia, McCartney Studios, Mrs. McCartney’s Teas, and

being turned down by 46 landlords who said, “We don’t

Mrs. McCartney’s Wines. As a newly converted advocate for

take kids,” I got a one-bedroom flat on the Kirby Trading

CBD, I’m excited Sensi magazine invited me to write a column.

Estates on the outskirts of Liverpool.

I grew up in Liverpool during World War II. The severe

In the summer of 1964, I met Paul McCartney’s dad, Jim.

bombing of our city in 1941, when I was 11, meant school

We married in November 1964, and shortly after, Jim ad-

was not a viable option. We kids were scattered and went

opted my four-year-old daughter Ruth.

one day a week to a local home to assemble with our teacher and try to learn something. As you can imagine, precious little school work got done. It was just us kids yakking on about the war, about whose brother had been injured (or worse) in Europe.

Life took a huge turn, and I’d find myself doing laundry for John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and others who came to “crash” at our house in Merseyside, near Liverpool. Paul would sometimes drive up from London to visit us, often bringing along his hippie chums. That’s when

My dad was a compound pharmacist, creating medi-

Jim and I became aware of the various substances these

cines, ointments, and tinctures to relieve pain, calm tooth-

young folks were mad for, and being the mother of four-

aches, etc., and he always said, “If it didn’t grow out of

year-old Ruth, I’d clean up, sweep away, flush away all

God’s green earth, then you shouldn’t put it in your body.”

kinds of powders, pills, and potions around the house. My

He died a long time ago, but I still remember his words.

janitorial efforts must have cost the guys fortunes.

How right he was. Now, in these days of opioids, we all know too well what can happen. I was widowed for the first time in 1962, when my husband Eddie died in a car crash on the way back from a 18 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Fast forward to today. After I had two knee replacements and got a new hip, a friend suggested I try CBD topicals for the pain. I needed some convincing, because of the stigma of the old days.

But once I tried CBD, I knew it was right for me. So now, as I am pushing 90, I find myself being an advocate for the soothing properties of cannabinoids. And I want to share my journey, experiences, and opinions with you. Each month, I’ll reply to readers’ submissions in this new Ask Angie column. What kind of questions? I’m glad you asked. All types: queries about what kind of topicals I use and how often are as welcome as questions about the rock and roll years. If any of you folks need any reassur-

Got a burning question? Ask away! email: ASKANGIE@SENSIMAG.COM Instagram: @SENSIMAGAZINE #ASKANGIE web: SENSIMAG.COM/ASKANGIE

Want more Dr. Angie? Catch her weekly show Teaflix Tuesdays on Facebook. FB.COM/DRANGIEMCCARTNEY

ing about using anything derived from the cannabis plant,

Listen to her live radio broadcast on the Pete Price Show

please get in touch.

out of Liverpool on Saturday nights


and on Richard Oliff’s HFM Drive Show on Wednesday afternoons (HARBOROUGHFM.CO.UK) . NOVEMBER 2018 19

20 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

CHULA VISTA PRIVATE SECURITY We Cover All of San Diego Armed & Unarmed Security Officer's

Low Cost Fast Service!



Call Today!

404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92114 (619) 371-5991 // Fax: (619) 761-5844 NOVEMBER 2018 21

{tastebuds } by DAW N G A R C I A

22 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Preux & Proper

840 S. Spring St. // Los Angeles


Keepin’ it classy with Louisianainspired cuisine that makes you feel all kinds of proper. Southern Californians have so much to be in love with, but it’s the food that ignites a lifelong love affair for everyone who lives here. We have access to every region of the world within the span of Los Angeles to San Diego, with an endless array of eateries and restaurants to cure our fanciful cravings. While diversity is what rings our bell, there is one type of cuisine that always makes you feel like celebrating, and that’s Louisiana-inspired Creole cooking. Preux & Proper (PREUXANDPROPER.COM) is just the fix. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ fashion district, Preux & Proper, a Cajun restaurant owned by Baton Rouge-born Josh Kopel, has an extensive New Orleans-style menu cooked up by Chef Sammy Monsour. As the name suggests, this restaurant does it right. With good old Southern charm, Preux & Proper is where restraint is a thing you’ll ditch as you devour hearty plates, rich flavors, and cocktails so good you’ll wonder how they’re legal. NOVEMBER 2018 23

Chef Monsour’s cuisine “Is like your grandma’s food went to school, traveled around the world, and came back to you beautifully plated with one hell of a story to tell,” Kopel says. A match made in heaven. The restaurant delivers two concepts in two spaces. Downstairs you’ll find Preux, a casual, fully-fledged daiquiri bar with soul food comfort bites. It’s the Cheers of LA. Preux—pronounced pru in French—means brave, gallant, courageous, and valiant. It’s almost like being set up for the night to begin or end in a proper superhero stance. The food and the bar are inspired by memories of growing up in New Orleans, surrounded by happy, flavor-forward food. “The way to your heart is through your stomach,” someone once said, and they were right. When you’re ready for bar food that isn’t the redundant fries and nachos, Preux has you covered. While everything on the menu calls your name like a siren in the open shore, beginning with the cornbread that’s been bathed in a bit of Kentucky sorghum, following it with Mississippi catfish is never a bad idea. The cornmeal-crusted catfish is smothered in a buttermilk marinade and served with pickles, celery salt, and red remoulade. Order a daiquiri—dealer’s choice—and top it off with a deep dish biscuit pizza, perhaps topped with Paulie’s pomegranate-habanero barbecue pork, shrimp jambalaya with chunky Creole tomato sauce, or seasonal mushroom with Tone’s pine nut pesto. The fixins will make you moan out loud. Proper is the more elegant restaurant upstairs. At Proper, the bar beckons, and that’s the place to begin. Want a Voodoo Queen, a Treasure Island, or a Punk Evans? The mixology will entertain your need for something that’s dirty, offers a low country 24 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

G B O D G R O U P. C O M


cure, or tiptoes on your tongue with elixirs that may or may not put you under a spell. These are like glasses of art, and from the nose of each libation down to the very last sip, you’re captivated by quality ingredients, a whole lot of passion, and a plentiful dose of sexy. Be sure to order an Old Fashioned. Made with a limited-release barrel of 110 proof Maker’s Mark, notes of caramel, oak, and orange rind sit on the palate like a shotgun wedding, and the tasty surprise is one you’ll envelop, not run from! After a proper drink, move to starters and shared plates. Everyone eats together, forks all touching the same dish, hearty appetites warmly remedied with cuisine that has all the makings of a perfect New Orleans night on Bourbon Street. Depending on your willingness to make way for every conceivable flavor profile, it’s the simplest of Southern dishes that tend to leave that indefinite mark of greatness. The black-eyed peas are cooked so sublimely, with a mesmerizing bite of spice, that you’ll feel transported to a place where the brass is blowing. Love a wellcharred octopus? This eight-legged sea creature served alongside crispy Weiser fingerlings with anchovy remoulade, mustard frills, and blood orange mojo will sink like butter onto your teeth and spruce up that dormant desire. With mild infusions of Cuban flavors, this is succulent all the way down to the last tentacle. Pair the octopus with the spicy roasted carrots bursting with adventurous layers of flavor, crunchy jerk chickpeas, and golden beets that pack a textural punch. This menu is undeniably good. It doesn’t matter if you order collard greens, house andouille sausage, seafood gumbo, or the decadent foie gras—every plating is beautifully presented with flavor and an echelon of greatness to match. Make room for strawberry rhubarb cornbread cobbler and pâte à choux beignets that transcend you into a kitchen filled with all the romance of Southern charm. The cobbler is balanced with fruits plucked fresh from the orchards with a heartiness only a grandmother could create. This sweet, savory wonder with nuances of lemon verbena will not disappoint. As for the beignets, well, the addition of bananas foster and dulce de leche takes this to the next level. You could say these beignets tap into your inner child—if your inner child has exquisite taste. Preux & Proper is a fixture in the Los Angeles terrain of award-worthy cuisine, with the added

467 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 | @monkeykingsandiego Asian Fusion & Craft Cocktails

bonus of no pretention interfering with the experience. With a design that breeds style and finesse, it’s a dining experience you need to submerge yourself in.



{aroundtown } by DAW N G A R C I A

DEFINITIVE DESIGN The Victorian’s resurgence takes elegance and cool to new heights.

Renovation, by its very definition, is a way to restore life

ica pier, stopping for a bite to eat at Rose Café on Main Street.

back into structures and buildings that time has neglected.

We knew we were almost home when we passed the Victo-

In Southern California, the buildings tell stories that connect

rian, a large two-story home-turned-venue and restaurant

us to the past in ways that instill a little extra romance into

that stood out amidst the bars, shops, and eateries.

our daily lives. Sadly, too many of them are dilapidated and in

At six years old, I reveled in its beauty, and as I grew up

need of revival. So when a hometown landmark that has been

and moved throughout Los Angeles, the Victorian became

an instrumental part of our iconic cityscape gets a makeover,

an important part of my nostalgic memories—and a damn

I can hardly wait to see what they do. Finally, the wait is over.

fine place to grab a drink and a bite with friends. (The Vic-

The Victorian (THEVICTORIAN.COM) in Santa Monica recently

torian is also the locale for the Sunday Farmers Market and

underwent renovations, and the historic fixture is fabulous.

the annual Main Street tree lighting ceremony.)

When I was growing up in Santa Monica, my mom, sister,

With a gorgeous exterior, the Victorian has design el-

and I would roller skate from Venice beach to the Santa Mon-

ements dating to the late 1800s. Built in 1892, the house

26 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

was moved to its present location in Santa Monica in 1973, to an intriguing new space surrounded by blooming flowers, and sprawling oak trees. With a brick entry, and multiple patios, the Victorian is a preserved part of history thanks to the California Heritage Museum (CALIFORNIAHERITAGEMUSEUM.ORG) , which is located on the

opposite side of the Victorian’s entry beyond a green lawn. The museum was once a home designed by renowned architect Sumner P. Hunt built for the son of John Percival Jones, the founder of Santa Monica. Committed to preserving the rich history and diversity of the area, it’s apropos that they are beside the Victorian, ensuring history and the architectural integrity of these landmarks don’t get lost in a sea of change. The Victorian is a well-loved venue with a restaurant, LGBT bar and club, and a world class speakeasy whiskey bar. “All the different locations have a really unique feel, and the experience as you move through the house takes you through different worlds,” says co-owner Garrett Gerson, who co-owns the Victorian with his brother, Garner. “The Basement Tavern is our speakeasy whiskey bar with great live music. As you move from there to the main floor, you walk into Mamacita’s, our restaurant and alfresco dining on our patio. From there, you can go to the Birdcage on the upper level of the house, a chic LGBTQ lounge with hints of the 1970s as the lush greenery brings in elements of the front patio. We created a very different look and feel to the location so that guests can meander and have the excitement of discovering different worlds within one site.” As you enter in through the white picket fence, patio tables and chairs are situated lining the perimeter of the house—at night, the way is lit with candles and twinkling lights. It’s like being welcomed with a warm, friendly hand, extending outwards to invite you in. In the main house, the redesign boasts 19th-century social urbanization with 1930s cabana-style décor. Enlarged palms line the walls, velvet-tufted sofas and chairs invite you to take a seat, and artistic cues signifying the influence of times when style and affluence was mirrored in design, set the tone. Shades of emeralds, azure, and elements of nature fill the space, with accents like exquisite crystal chandeliers. At Mamacita’s, the cocktail and dining menus showcase the idea of change. In addition to far more endearing décor, the renovations included the Mamacita’s menu, with

The Triple-Play The Victorian is one property with three different venues to play, dine, and revel in.

Mamacita’s Restaurant Brunch and dinner Mon.–Sat., 9:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

The Basement Tavern

Speakeasy and whiskey bar with live music Daily, 8 p.m.–2 a.m.

The Birdcage

LGBT bar and club Fri. and Sat., 10 p.m.–2 p.m. / Sun., 1-10 p.m.

the addition of cocktails like the Whiskey Kissed Collins and NOVEMBER 2018 27

Ward 8, and bartenders who can educate you on the history of the spirits you happily consume. “Our executive chef, Ricardo Zarate, drew on the rich South American culture found in Los Angeles and his experiences working with our local farmers and ranch where we source our ingredients from Malibu, and the menu is the result of all of it combined,” explains Gerson. I tried a variety of menu options, and a few completely impressed, including the Mama’s Papas, a potato fritter with pickled red jalapeño, avocado cream, and cilantro blossom. Like anyone with a heartbeat, I love a good fried potato, but these were really interesting from the texture down to the perfectly matched flavor profiles. My other favorites were the pork belly tacos, enoki mushroom tamales, queso made with soy chorizo, and the bourbon burger (clearly, I wasn’t tapping into my vegetarian diet this time around). This menu is a far cry from basic. I love the blend of cultural expansion that comes out in the unique ingredients and approach to taking something common and making it anything but. You won’t be disappointed in the bar, with drinks lending to the cabana vibe. The yuzu mojito is my pick simply because my love of savory and citrus was met in a single sip. In the downstairs speakeasy, whiskey calls like a cheeky lover, and it is way too easy to heed the call. The Basement Tavern (BASEMENTTAVERN.COM) is a dimly lit bar with live music and a fine selection of whiskey, bourbon, and everything in between. Sitting in the dark leather chairs that seem fit for a proper cigar, a lowball filled two fingers deep with Pappy 15, neat, the mood filtering through the air is one of total seduction and Paul Newman cool. The Basement Tavern is where you come with your favorite people to drink, convene and catch up, listen to really good music, and pass the hours with ease. The Birdcage (THEBIRDCAGESM.COM) , where clubbers are greeted by an oversized birdcage, is the place to go as night eases in. Karaoke; a DJ; a lively bar menu including salmon, filet mignon, and chicken; seductive lighting; dark corners; cozy seating; and cocktails galore make the Birdcage an LA favorite. When I feel the need for happy community, and dancing it out comes over me, it reeks of a good time. The Victorian staff is top notch in every way, and the renovation effortlessly lives up to my anticipation. Thanks to the Gerson brothers, Santa Monica’s beloved Victorian has even more reason to be your go-to.

28 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

ISO standard adapters compatible with virtually all waterpipes and bubblers

No metal mesh herb "disks" "cartridges" or "bowls".

Neutral polarity all-glass heating, extraction, and delivery surfaces for full spectrum vapor.

Water and/or ice conditioned vapor. Only melt glands with a solvent free extraction.

Variable to full spectrum vapor or hybrid vapor/smoke. | 650.206.2301 AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS NOVEMBER 2018 29

{highprofile } by DAW N G A R C I A

TAKING THE HIGH ROAD Dispelling the notion that dispensaries lack design appeal.

30 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Design is one of those inherently beautiful aspects of liv-

High Road Design Studio has multiple projects in the works in

ing that makes you pay close attention to colors, shapes,

Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and California.

textures, functionality, and aesthetics, and as the cannabis

“Cannabis and a legal path to it has completely written the

industry grows, design has become an integral part of its

course of my adult life,” Megan Stone says with a smile. “As a pa-

message. Still, design in the 515 cannabis dispensaries in the

tient, it has provided tremendous relief and supported my health

United States as of May 2017 (according to STASTISTA.COM )

and wellness in a way that traditional medicine simply couldn’t.

isn’t always as stylistic and engaging as it could be. Imagine

And it has provided me a career path that simply didn’t even ex-

if every one of those had the foresight to create spaces that

ist before. My life partner and I both have strong careers in this

made you feel not just welcome but eased into a space that

space. In fact, this industry brought him to me. In every aspect,

bellowed finesse and originality. That’s where Megan Stone

personally and professionally, it has positively impacted me.”

and Benjamin Schutte come in. Stone is the award-winning

Stone and Schutte met at the International Retail Design Con-

founder of High Road Design Studio (HIGHROADSTUDIO.COM) ,

ference while she was presenting a project. Schutte had worked

and Schutte creates brand identity for clients they work with

for over 10 years in design with prestigious brands like Reebok,

and together, they have focused their expertise on designing

Samsung, CVS, Electrolux, and Aramark. When Stone needed a

exceptional dispensaries that encourage positivity and profes-

graphic designer who was also a cannabis advocate, she knew

sionalism without compromising the integrity of high-end de-

Schutte, with his keen eye and knack for innovative brand strat-

sign. Stone’s uncanny ability to invoke emotion in the spaces

egies, was the ideal candidate. After working on multiple projects

she creates make the cannabis experience all-encompassing.

together, Schutte says, “the stars aligned” and she had the re-

Stone was a cannabis patient who worked in a dispensary in

sources to make him a full-time member of the High Road team.

Orange County, where she realized there was a gap in the overall

“I’ve always viewed brand strategy and graphic design as a

feel of dispensaries. She recognized a need for a more positive and

means to help communicate stories visually, a way to draw peo-

professional retail experience that could also influence how the

ple in and connect on a personal level,” Schutte says. “As an advo-

cannabis industry was perceived. Understanding that the general

cate for the cannabis industry, I jumped at the chance to work with

populace is still grappling with the notion that cannabis isn’t taboo,

Megan and help create unique, authentic brands that represent

she found a way to mainstream dispensaries’ look and feel.

the positive benefits and combat the common misconceptions.”

“As I explored career options with area design firms, the need

Schutte’s experience in retail design gave him great insight into

for expertise in this niche was reinforced,” Stone explains. “No

how people engage with brands, he says, but he never felt pas-

one was focusing on this type of project work. It became a natu-

sionate about selling power tools or home appliances. “Working

ral fit for me to pursue this career path as an independent busi-

in the cannabis industry has given me the incredible opportunity

ness owner. It was out of necessity for me; it was the best way

to apply my skill set in design to emerging brands that can shift

for me to serve this industry that I so passionately believe in.”

negative public perceptions and bring about real, positive change.” NOVEMBER 2018 31

Now a force in design, Stone and Schutte have created a

Empowering clients to see the power of design as a modal-

niche in the cannabis industry, taking dispensaries to a level

ity to increase the bottom line is essential to growth. The duo

that would rival any cutting-edge retail space. They subscribe

believes it’s paramount to develop stores that convey the ho-

to the mindset that not only should you be passionate about

listic, thoughtful approach to life that cannabis delivers. “From

what you do, but you should also always do your best to un-

space planning to the materials and finishes that we specify, to

derstand what your client envisions, how they want to com-

the interior brand moments, and the way product is merchan-

municate that to their clients, and be contributing to the bet-

dised, we try to infuse the brand story and ethos throughout

terment of the world in the process.

the store experience,” says Stone.

Feed Your Body & Soul

Introducing the latest in massage therapy and skin care. Come in for your aches and pains, leave with a recharged body and soul! The natural alternative to reliving chronic discomfort, stress, and anxiety. $55 Facial $59 Massage $115 for Facial & Massage

619.371.7597 32 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

Though not everyone in the design community took the canna-

Approaching cannabis retail design with the ideology that

bis industry seriously initially, Stone was adamant from the very

you can change minds and break down stereotypical walls

beginning about changing perceptions and making cannabis retail

society has conditioned itself to, Stone has dedicated herself

design something to be revered. “I have persistently and passion-

to changing misconceptions. “I try just to be a good example

ately stayed the course. It was clear to me that design thinking

and leave a positive impression. And more importantly, I try to

was the proper fix for this industry and the perfect way to educate

leave them curious and wanting to ask more questions. It is a

people about cannabis,” she says. “This industry is full of objective

win if I can leave them questioning their own beliefs.”

and subjective challenges, and designing safe, compliant, impactful retail spaces has the power to reform people’s perceptions.” Originally from the Midwest, both Stone and Schutte have

Disruptors in the industry, High Road Design Studio is opening minds, changing perceptions and stigma, and creating dispensaries with warmth and purpose.

an approach that brings happiness to every project they work on together. Through their precision, refinement, and sheer inventiveness, every dispensary they design incorporates a refreshing level of creativity. They love cannabis retail design so much, they’re developing a dispensary of their own in Palm Springs that will be named Royal Highness. Even when Stone is met with challenges, High Road Design Studio is more than ready to face them. “I really appreciate the guardrails that specific client needs and site challenges put on the design process,” she says. “The best ideas come from the constraints. Creativity is ignited when trying to solve a problem.” NOVEMBER 2018 33

34 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California NOVEMBER 2018 35

{lifestyle } by E L I D U P I N


A Gift Guide that isn’t lame.

Much like the telephone booth in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, this year has flown by at hyperspeed. As the holidays are around the corner, maybe you could use a little help making this year a little less daunting and a lot more adventurous. Instead of heading to the nearest


Mary Jane Java $29.95 per 4-pack or $156 per case (24 cups per case) / GETITCBD.COM

Nothing beats a cup of joe in the morning, but take that same cup and add CBD, and you’ve got yourself an easy morning on a Sunday afternoon. Or any day, really. With rich, sultry coffee

red telephone-booth-time-machine to escape, get these

beans grown and produced in the Takengon highlands

cannabis cures for yourself and anyone in need of high-in-

of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indo-

spired merriment.

nesia, Mary Jane Java takes its coffee seriously—but not too seriously. The java is made in a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, infused with 5mg of NanoUltra CBD from Switzerland in each cold brew, creating a caffeinated euphoria. New to California and the cannabis industry, this coffee is something of a conversation starter. Who doesn’t love coffee with a kick?




From the coolest collections of newly released books to interesting casual attire, LA’s Ron Robinson is a gift-givers’ paradise. And now Ron Robinson’s has a new board game you can bust out during the holidays. The playmate to Monopoly (the longest board game in history) Weed-opoly has you working a cannabis farm with magical stops enforcing you “take a hit” and rewarding you with baggies of weed. Brush up on your lingo, because this is one game where knowing about sativas and indicas, joint rolling, and happy highs is a huge advantage. The game includes a colorful four-fold board, two decks of cards, a custom die, and six pawns. 36 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California


Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm $30-$85 / PAPAANDBARLEY.COM

We all have nagging aches,



ders, and migraines, no doubt caused by countless hours surfing the web, working out, or dealing with passive-aggressive co-workers.


less of why your body is crying out, cannabis topicals are a near-euphoric alternative to expensive spa days or Groupon massage deals, and don’t require you to leave the house. Papa & Barkley’s 3:1 CBD/THC Releaf Balm


Two Roots Beer $45 per 6-pack / TWOROOTSBREWING.COM

Imagine a brewery that stands not just for kickass craft brews but also for legislative reform. San Diego’s Two Roots Brewery, brewer of the first cannabis-infused beer, is that and more. Two Roots is non-alcoholic and micro-dosed with cannabis to help you keep all your brain cells and eliminate hangovers. It gets into the bloodstream as soon as you ingest it, and you’ll just feel happy without the unfortunate side effects. There are five brews to choose from, so even stout fans can rest easy. With Stout, New West IPA, Lager, Blonde Ale, and Wheat, there’s something for everyone. Showing up with non-alcoholic beer just became cool again.

is the kind of magic that makes your muscles want to thank you. The balance of CBD immediately


relief to your sore and tired muscles, and life is good again. Giving that gift will make you the holiday hero.


OLO Sublingual Strips $15-$30 / GETOLO.COM

Utilizing a combination of neuroscience and biochemistry, OLO is a cannabis delivery system that has all the makings of a cheesy bromance. You’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go, like a discreet wingman you keep in your back pocket next to the expired condoms. The strips work much like Listerine strips, if Listerine strips had components and combinations of CBD. There are four formulas: Chill, Focus, Active, and Social. They come in sealed packs of 5ml and 10ml doses. If you’re interested in sampling all four, you can buy the Quartet. OLO is vegan, gluten-free, and complies with state and federal food and drug laws and regulations. Available throughout California or delivered to your local dispensary. Problem solved. NOVEMBER 2018 37

Apparel - Accessories - Glass - Skincare

Find your

Cannastyle use code: SENSI25 38 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

@Think_Hemp_Chicks NOVEMBER 2018 39

{homemade } by DAW N G A R C I A

Mamajuana is more than a funny name.


40 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

The Dominican Republic is a destination that soothes the soul and invites everyone who comes to relax, dance, drink, and let go. From Santo Domingo in the South to Puerto Plata in the North, the people, the culture, the cuisine, and the rum invoke the islander and free spirit within. To celebrate life in the DR, there is rum. No matter where you go, what time of day it happens to be, rum derived from the sugarcane grown plentifully in the region is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Indigenous to the islands, rum is a spirit that has found more prestige in recent years than in years past, and as a result, rum cocktails have emerged with style. Connoisseurs have found their way back to the spirits that represent cultural influence, happy dispositions, and a harrowing tone of revival. In spite of that newfound prestige, the drink native to the Dominican Republic, Mamajuana, is finally coming to the masses. What is it? Locals make it by soaking rum, red wine, and honey in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. It’s said to bring back your libido … in spades. It’s a family recipe you’ll flock to— and not just with hopes of getting your swagger back. Candela Mamajuana, the first ready-to-drink Mamajuana brought to the masses, is now available in the United States. Based on a family recipe, it’s infused with premium Dominican rum and sweetened with organic honey. DRINKCANDELA.COM

Happy Ending Fall brings cool breezes, colorful landscapes, and a slew of colds and flus happily waiting to infest our bodies. While Emergen-C may be your go-to, why not opt for a libation that also happens to boost your immune system? Happy Ending is a cocktail utilizing kombucha, Candela Mamajuana, and good island rum. INGREDIENTS

• 3 ounces Candela Mamajuana • 3 ounces kombucha DIRECTIONS STEP 1: Add ice to a shaker and mix kombucha with

Old-Fashioned with a Twist The old-fashioned—the drink of all drinks—has taken on a medley of variations over time. Though it’s traditionally crafted with whiskey, bourbon, or rye, there’s no reason you can’t mix it up with rum. The cocktail below is a new take on an old classic. INGREDIENTS

• 1 sugar cube • 2 dashes bitters • 2 ounces Candela Mamajuana DIRECTIONS

Candela Mamajuana.

STEP 1: Muddle sugar cube with bitters.

STEP 2: Gently shake or stir. Strain into a cocktail glass.

STEP 2: Add Candela Mamajuana, ice, and an orange twist on

STEP 3: Top with a sugar rim or an edible flower.

the side. NOVEMBER 2018 41

Get in touch: | 303.918.8404 |

42 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

.Brand Development

.Public Relations

.Product Development

.Website Design & SEO


. Graphic Design

.Photography & Videography

.Tradeshow Production @inclusivecanna NOVEMBER 2018 43

{travelwell } by DAW N G A R C I A

When you think of the Idaho capital, Boise, you might not imagine good wine, diverse food, and a thriving art scene. This Americana city synonymous with potatoes, it turns out, is much more than expected. With a history infused with Basque influence and flourishing agriculture, the city is now populated with a modest 217,000 people and another 400,000 in the five Boise-city Nampa counties and is becoming the Austin of Idaho. From a burgeoning wine scene to a freak alley art gallery off 8th Street, Boise is finding new ways to entice locals and travelers while staying true to the sweet disposition it’s known for. Yep, turns out people in Boise are some of the nicest people you’ll meet on your travels throughout the states. Meshing the past and today’s modern influence, Boi-

dating to the turn of the century, is what’s most impressive,

se has managed to honor tradition, embrace progress, and

however. The design shows remnants of hard times and cel-

shake things up with vibrant art, wine, and culinary scenes.

ebration from one side of a street to the other, marking Boi-

Throughout the capital, you’ll find modern art sculptures,

se’s early days, when silver, gold, and sandtone were abun-

quirky street art, social and political statements, and every-

dant. The city could afford to hire forward-thinking architects

thing from Basque and French cuisine to a store devoted

like Tourtellotte & Hummel to landscape the city center with

entirely to the potatoes that grow in Idaho. The architecture,

unique designs in sandstone and provide jobs. While it never

44 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

became a big city, it maintained its charm, nurtured its re-

wine region of Paso Robles. The wine industry is thriving and

sources, and is now at a new place of growth.

had already brought in almost $170 million by 2013, making a

Boise is home to over 50 wineries and cideries that produce

substantial economic impact on the region. Now, more winer-

over 150,000 cases, and wine has taken center stage, with the

ies are popping up as viticulturists and winemakers, both sea-

art and culinary scenes following suit. Throughout Idaho, 1,300

soned and novice, set up shop. Just how good is their wine?

acres of grapevines have been planted, giving way to varietals

They’re right on the cusp of greatness and, with a little more

and blends that are reminiscent of the surge in the California

time, they’ll be a force to sip and swirl with. NOVEMBER 2018 45

I toured the wineries with Idaho Wine Commission Executive Director Moya Dolsby and felt the excitement brewing among winemakers. “Winemakers make wine here because they want to. We are growing and developing high-quality fruit and wine every day,” Dolsby told me. At Boise’s wineries, you can expect to find a range of flavors and processes, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of community that sets the winemakers apart. “We are becoming an integral part of Idaho’s growing economy while producing over 30 different varietals. Most importantly, we are having fun, and I think it’s infectious.” Syrah stands out, with a nose containing a bit of pepper and

The Wines

ripe berry, this full-bodied wine has a finish that’s romantic

What’s most impressive about Boise’s wineries is the

and sultry with hints of allspice and cherry.

presence of female winemakers and the quality of wines

For Travis Walker, making wine is about the creativity and pro-

being produced. In Garden City, professional ballet danc-

cess. “The whole underlying theme is we just want to be humble

ers turned winemakers Par Terre


artists; we aren’t in it for the money,” he said. “Growth for us is

owners Travis and Mallory Walker take a graceful approach to

getting to a point where we can pay ourselves, make our grapes,

producing quality wines that unravel and open up with time.

and then eventually buy an estate and make wines onsite.”

Par Terre’s 2017 Rosé of Syrah, 2016 Merlot, 2017 Sémillon, and 2016 Syrah each has its own respective story, but the

At Sawtooth Winery


in the

Snake River Valley, the soil’s minerality produces something lovely, but it’s winemaker Meredith Smith who makes this wine so special. With a love for Rhone varietals, Smith finds her greatest challenge—and love—in producing Chardonnays that gain recognition and authenticity among a popular giant of mass consumption. Chardonnay is one of the most enjoyed varietals, so the challenge of making an exceptional varietal is one Smith willingly embraces. Sawtooth has won numerous industry awards for its delicious Chardonnay, reserve reds, and wine selection ranging from Petit Verdot, Malbec, Tempranillo, Rosé, Riesling, Grenache, Carmenere. The Sawtooth portfolio is magnificent and will have your palate in a bit of wine heaven.

Eight Grape Greats

With so many wineries to explore in Boise, be sure to make time to visit one (or all) of these delicious destinations: • • • • • • • •

Cinder Winery Telaya 3100 Cellars Williamson Orchards and Vineyards Koenig Fujishin Family Cellars Sawtooth Winery Scoria Vineyards.

Also notable is Scoria Vineyards (SCORIAVINEYARDS.COM), run by the ambitious fourth-generation agriculturalist and winemaker Sydney Weitz-Nederend. Scoria cultivates red varietals on a ridge overlooking the Owyhee Mountains, with a geological site you’ll want to stay and excavate within walking distance of the vines. There’s something magical and spiritual about the Owyhee Mountains that showcases in the wines, which have a beautiful minerality that allows you to experience the richness of the land the grapes are grown on creating a more intimate experience with every bottle. Scoria’s 2016 Malbec, Snake River Valley AVA, and the 2016 Petit Verdot both have a strong backbone that will age exceptionally well.

46 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

SAN DIEGO'S FAVORITE STOREFRONT As Weitz-Nederend continues to experiment and bottle, Scoria is one of those vineyards that’s got the potential to be a leader in the wine space. While sipping on the mountaintop is sublime, Scoria’s tasting room, with modern industrial accents and earth elements subtly implemented into the design, is a must-visit. It’s open through the end of November.

The Art Scene Throughout downtown Boise, you’ll find streets alive with art from Freak Alley Gallery to painted electrical boxes and sculptures scattered around. You’ll also find more good food than you can handle. Freak Alley Gallery is a space off of 8th Street that started as a drawing on the walls and turned into one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the Northwest. The city commissions artists to paint and express themselves as they see fit on a designated

$20 for 1/8th

space on the alley walls. It’s a beautiful display of free expression, thought-provoking

*Bring in the October issue of Sensi Magazine **While supplies last. First time customers only.

imagery, and a fundamental shift in how art can transform an entire city. Nearly every

Spend $50, get an 1/8th for a Penny

street block downtown now has sculptures, murals, and mosaic installations that lend to the city’s education, innovation, and evolution of the city.

*Bring in the October issue of Sensi Magazine **While supplies last. Good for 1 time per customer.

“Art in public places adds meaning, stories, and beauty to our public environment. Our city’s Public Art program is well loved; citizens recognize the value in this investment and appreciate efforts to transform non-descript streets and vacant

Sales expire 11/01/18 (Coupons and specials cannot be combined.)

lots into environments that are vibrant and new. More than two-thirds of the artists commissioned live in Boise—as a result, our public art authentically reflects Boise’s local character, more tightly binding us to one another and to this place.” – BOISEARTSANDHISTORY.ORG

The Culinary Scene The best way to discover Boise’s culinary offerings is to wander the broad spectrum downtown has to offer. In the words of Anthony Bourdain, “Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.” As you wander, do not pass up these restaurants. The Funky Taco (THEFUNKYTACO.COM) is an eatery with broad strokes of creativity, interesting décor, an ambiance that makes it easy to sit down and settle in—and tacos you will literally have dreams about. Whether you’re coming in for linner (it’s a thing), dinner, brunch, or happy hour, be ready to dive in. The



Piggy Stardust taco made with slow-roasted pork in banana leaves, pickled red onion, cilantro, and lime crema will make you a believer. For vegetarians, the fried flower taco makes squash blossoms so damn cool, you’ll order four. Juniper on 8th


is set in a chic in-

dustrial space with brick walls spanning some 20 feet high and a menu curated with farm-fresh ingredients, all locally sourced, and a cocktail, beer, and wine selection that pairs effortlessly. The star of the dining experience at Juniper is the beet and carrot

To keep that insatiable urge for overindulgence going,

burger. Sure, it sounds like it wouldn’t be much to write home

stop by Guru Donuts (GURUDONUTS.COM) for the greatest

about but it is perfection. Paired with the pork belly fries (hey,

donuts you may have ever eaten. These donuts might cause

gluttony knows no bounds) and a glass of red wine, you’ll be set.

a real life foodgasm. Every day the selection changes, but if

When you’re in the mood to partake of the Idaho potato, look

you’re lucky, you’ll go when they’re serving the Girl Scout. An

no further than Boise Fry Company (BOISEFRYCOMPANY.COM).

homage to the famed Somoa Girl Scout cookies, the donut

With every Idaho potato represented from purple to Yukon and

looks like it and tastes even better. Throw caution to the wind

one you may have never heard of like the Laura, get ready to

and visit during afternoon happy hour at three o’clock, when

swim in carbs and do it with a smile on your face. To go with

you can buy one and get the second one free, and sink your

whatever fry you choose to indulge in (sample as many as your

teeth into sweet, hearty, and even vegan-friendly donuts.

conscience will allow), you get to choose from over eight dipping sauces, from sour Thai to jalapeño ranch. Diet days are over.

Boise is a surprising city, with wine, food, and art threaded throughout the region that make visiting a must.

CBD Coffee + Tea Enjoy a more comfortable, calm, and alert caffeine experience. Whole Bean & Loose LEaf. Full-Spectrum hemp extract. natural Infusion. Boulder, Co use "sensi20nov" at checkout for 20% off 48 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California NOVEMBER 2018 49




t you, bu t u o b . know a ill here t I don’t s s ’ e d Dav I’m gla R UCKE LAN by L E

50 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California







Chong and Big Bambú, two records that amplified and cru-

most famous routine, “Dave’s Not Here,” became part of stoner mythology. Everybody knew “Dave’s Not Here.”

cified the stoner clichés of the era. Those albums kept me,

Cheech & Chong’s comedy, far ahead of its time and

and as it turns out, millions of other tokers, laughing our

with a minority focus—Richard “Cheech” Marin is Mexi-

asses off, whether at Bob Bitchen enthusiastically going for

can-American, and Tommy Chong is of Scottish-Irish/Chi-

the hash on the C&C’s 1980 Let’s Make a Dope Deal album,

nese descent—provided a secret language for our then-ille-

the hapless “Pedro and the Man at the Drive-Inn” down-

gal, secret society. C&C made it so much less clandestine.

ing their stash to keep from getting busted by the police on

They poked holes in marijuana myths—wink, wink—which

1973’s Los Cochinos, or Sister Mary Elephant scream-

made us giggle, and at the same time convinced the an-

ing at her class to “SHUUUUUDD-UP!” in the

ti-pot crowd that that’s how people act when they’re high.

skit bearing her name. Nobody said

We knew better. But the stoner stereotype was born.

“far out, man” better than

Fast forward about 46 years to September 2018, and I’m

Tommy Chong.

eating catered Cracker Barrel pancakes, bacon, and scram-


bled eggs on paper plates chatting with Tommy Chong in NOVEMBER 2018 51

Lucy Sky, a Denver dispensary that carries Chong’s Choice,

hippies, and drug use among them. His aide John Ehrli-

his brand of cannabis products. What once was an under-

chman later admitted the administration put cannabis

ground cult with its own code and buzzwords is now a

in the same classification as heroin to give Nixon extra

worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry that even Coca-Co-

legal leverage over hippies and minorities—that period’s

la is interested in investing in.

“enemies of the state.” This was after the administration’s

Darkness and Lies

Shafer Commission concluded the only problem with marijuana was its illegality. For a short period, the US

Thinking back, it’s pretty amazing the lengths that the

government helped Mexico spray its fields with the her-

federal government went to—and still does, the budget

bicide paraquat to kill pot plants in the early 1970s in an

for the Drug War this year is about 36 billion dollars—to

effort to curtail use. In March 1978, 33 percent of marijua-

try to keep Americans from “getting high.” Despite that

na samples found in the US were found to be contaminat-

pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol get you “high,” too,

ed with the chemical, a known pulmonary toxin.

American leaders on both sides of the political aisle

But even then, the hypocrisy was already beginning to

have tried their damnedest to stop millions of Ameri-

unravel. I remember reading about a 20-something-year-old

cans who use cannabis as a part of their lives.

man named Robert Randall, who, after years of court battles,

International cannabis policy is still governed by the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, convened in 1961

won the right to have the US government supply him with marijuana to keep him from going blind back in the 1970s.

IN 2017, 659,700 AMERICANS WERE ARRESTED FOR MARIJUANA OFFENSES. and updated in 1971 and 1988 by the United Nations. The

Randall’s eye doctor had given him the unfortunate

Single Convention was based on the idea that addiction

news that severe glaucoma would render him unable to

“constitutes a serious evil for the individual” and is a so-

see by age 30. After smoking a joint, he noted that the

cial and economic obstruction to mankind’s progress.

halos he usually saw around streetlights, a symptom of

The “solution” was an approach that included incarcer-

his disease, had disappeared. He started self-medicating

ation for users and dealers and, except for medical and

and working with his ophthalmologist, who noted that

scientific purposes, total elimination of all illegal drugs. To

cannabis was lessening the glaucoma symptoms. He

be honest, it hasn’t worked out very well after a half-cen-

began growing his own plants, and in 1975 was arrested

tury and who knows how many dollars spent, and it’s not

after a search warrant was executed on his property.

surprising that some signatories are beginning to question

Instead of pleading guilty to a misdemeanor posses-

this wisdom, especially in light of legalization efforts in

sion charge, Randall challenged the government, argu-

the US. At this point, American states that allow legal mar-

ing that he was forced to break the law to keep from go-

ijuana are technically breaking international law.

ing blind. And he won. When he found that the feds were

The Convention was used by President Richard Nix-

growing marijuana on a farm in Mississippi, he demand-

on and Congress to help pass the Controlled Substances

ed that the government supply him with marijuana to

Act in 1970, and since then, the federal government has

keep his disease in check, and Randall became the first

desperately tried to stop you and me and lots of other

recipient of the short-lived Compassionate Investiga-

people from doing something they find enjoyable and

tional New Drug program, which supplied him with a tin

that, given the alternatives, seems fairly benign. So plea-

filled with 300 hand-rolled joints every month for many

surable, in fact, that millions of Americans are willing to

years. The label on the bottle: “Smoke as directed.”

continue to break federal and international law to do it.

When Randall died in 2001 at age 53 of AIDS-related

Nixon, who wandered the White House corridors drunk

complications, he still had his sight. So marijuana was

and babbling to paintings in the dark days before his res-

as bad as heroin, the government was telling us, unless

ignation, was phobic about a lot of things—Jews, gays,

you had glaucoma. Did they think we weren’t paying at-

52 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

tention because we were all as stupid as Cheech & Chong were pretending to be when in character?

Clinton claiming that he never inhaled? Still, attitudes toward legalization began to change in the

Ah, and then there were the Reagan years. Ronald Rea-

1990s, as the numbers of people incarcerated for cannabis

gan, the handsome former actor and corporate spokes-

continued to rise, and states, beginning with California in

person, became president in 1980 and reinstated the goal

1996, petitioned to allow cannabis for medical purposes.

of zero tolerance for all drug users and sellers. Richard

Undaunted, the DEA, unable to stop the flow of canna-

Nixon reborn, Reagan demonized marijuana much as he

bis into the country from our borders, targeted American

did communism, calling for a nationwide crusade “to rid

growers, unwittingly leading to cannabis becoming the

America of this scourge.”

largest cash crop in America. On several occasions, the

The dope jokes were running thin, but Cheech & Chong’s

government went after paraphernalia shops. During one

string of hit films after 1978’s Up in Smoke coincided with

of those, 2003’s Operation Pipe Dreams, Tommy Chong

the Reagan years and found another eager generation,

was arrested and served nine months in prison.

this one the recipients of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” and the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) absti-

The New Normal

nence campaigns. I’m always reminded of those two fail-

The fact is, as Cheech & Chong continue to remind us,

ures every time I attend a cannabis function, since many

that humans are always going to find ways to change

of the brightest people in the modern cannabis industry

their consciousness. Always have, always will. The

grew up in the clutches of those programs.

War on Drugs has been extremely effective at putting

If anything, President George H. Bush was even worse,

Americans, especially minorities, behind bars. (In 2017,

hiring William Bennett, a compulsive gambler and

659,700 Americans were arrested for marijuana offens-

nicotine addict, as his first Drug Czar. “The white mid-

es.) But despite endless cash, “Just Say No” and D.A.R.E.

dle-class user needs to be coerced, needs to be told that

campaigns, zealous border patrols, sophisticated gad-

his behavior won’t be tolerated,” Bennett once said. He

getry, mandatory sentencing, and harsher punishments,

still believes that. And who could forget President Bill

the government hasn’t been able to stop anybody who NOVEMBER 2018 53

really wants to from using cannabis. More than 30 states allow some kind of medical marijuana, and nine states and the District of Columbia allow adults over 21 to purchase cannabis. More than 200 million Americans have access to legal marijuana. Celebrity brands are growing, with Tommy’s Choice among them. Chong, who turned 80 in May, has never been the character he plays on stage and screen, and he says he’s pretty much a one-toker these days. Almost as many people recognize him from his appearances on television’s

Dancing with the Stars as from his routines with Marin. “It’s pretty funny having young fans come over and grab the old stoner for a selfie,” he says, grinning. He and Marin do about two months worth of live gigs every year, many of them in casinos, he says. The Cheech & Chong act has transformed from a series of skits about stoners into a kind of a play. A quick look at a recent show on YouTube indicates that “Dave’s Not Here” is now part of a set piece on vigilante justice. #TheNewNormal as theater. I just read about a campaign in California that is trying to defame words like “stoner” that contribute to the continuing stigma around cannabis use. I’m all for that, but only up to a point. It’s somehow still comforting to know that Dave’s still here.



1727 Boyd St., Santa Ana, CA 92705 H OURS : M ON -T HURS 9:00 AM 54 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California


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High Desert Group provides premier manufacturing, processing and distribution solutions for the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. We operate multiple California compliant, state-of-the-art facilities, with our newest addition nestled in the heart of the southern California high desert, Adelanto CA. An hour drive from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, it provides the foremost access to the exciting and booming southern California cannabis markets. High Desert Group sets the standard for the absolute cleanest, consistent, hi-quality, large-scale toll-processing the cannabis distillation market has to offer today. Enterprise level production and distribution of both Cannabis (THC) and Hemp (CBD) derived products providing a full spectrum solution. High Desert Group Inc is the ultimate solution for your large scale commercial cannabis product manufacturing needs.


Love the Tree Farm, License #CDPH-T00000458 is Powered by High Desert Group, Inc.

high DESERT NOVEMBER 2018 55

Confessions of a Wabi-Fraudie, or Pay No Attention to What’s Under The Stairs. by R O BY N G R I G G S L AW R E N C E

56 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

I had so much shit I got rid of most of it Wabi-sabi me?

When I started writing about wabi-sabi, right around

say vinyl planks); rice paper, not glass. Wabi-sabi cele-

9/11, the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in im-

brates cracks and crevices and rot, reminding us that we

perfection had a serious underground following, but

are all transient beings—that our bodies, as well as the

most people still thought wabi-sabi was that spicy green

material world around us, are in the process of returning

stuff you eat with sushi. Marie Kondo was, like, 10.

to the dust from which we came. “

Wabi-sabi was a great umbrella for a lot of conversa-

Well, you can see. This didn’t land all that well in the forev-

tions I was enmeshed in as the editor of a green lifestyle

er-rich, forever-young early aughts, which launched the Kar-

magazine: simplicity, the Slow movement (starting with

dashians and eventually crashed into the Great Recession.

Slow Food and evolving into Slow Everything), reduction, recycling, reuse. It was still pretty early for a lot of those conversations in 2001, though, and it was early for wabi-sabi in America, too. In those first few months after the planes hit the towers,

A Simple, Unpretentious Oasis in an Extravagance- and War-Weary World In 2011, while Americans were still smarting from the financial meltdown four years earlier, I wrote a follow-up

my agent and I and a handful of people in publishing were

book, Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi House,

pretty certain Americans would retreat and nest, plant

for a small, progressive Canadian publisher. I didn’t get a fat

Victory gardens, and live more thriftily, as they always had

advance. But it seemed like the time might finally be right

during times of war. I got a fat advance to write The Wa-

for wabi-sabi, and I wanted to see it have its day. If everyone

bi-Sabi House just as Americans—at the directive of Pres-

embraced it, we would have a completely different world.

ident George W. Bush, who told them it was the patriotic

Wabi-sabi was born from the Japanese Tea Ceremony,

thing to do—embraced easy credit and went shopping. My

a simple Zen ritual for making and sharing a cup of tea

book wasn’t the runaway bestseller we thought it would be.

that warlords in 15th-century Japan turned into a means

Wabi-sabi—if you’re being real about it—is a tough sell for

of showing off their immense wealth through gaudy Tea

Americans. An ancient philosophy with roots in Zen, it’s

houses full of gilded imported goods. The wabi way of Tea

about revering austerity, nature, and the everyday and ac-

(wabichado) grew out of a backlash to that, championed by

cepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. A re-

a master so powerful his style is practiced to this day. Sen

action to the prevailing aesthetic of lavishness, ornamen-

no Rikyu’s quiet, simple Tea ceremony, with tea served in

tation, and rich materials in 15th-century Japan, wabi-sabi

locally fired bowls and flowers in fishermen’s baskets, was

is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity

what everyone wanted. Wood, bamboo, and hospitality

in earthiness, and revering authenticity above all.

were in; porcelain, lacquer, and pretension were out.

“It’s everything our sleek, mass-produced, technol-

Japan had just gone through several centuries of war and

ogy-saturated culture isn’t,” I wrote in The Wabi-Sabi

extravagant consumerism, and Rikyu’s Tea ceremony pro-

House. “It’s flea markets, not warehouse stores (today I

vided the simple, unpretentious oasis that society craved.

would say Amazon); aged wood, not Pergo (today I would

For wealthy merchants and shoguns, it felt like the ultimate NOVEMBER 2018 57

Great Uncluttering Advice (If You Follow It)

Here’s what I had to say about uncluttering in Simply Imperfect: Uncluttering is common sense; there’s no magic to it. All the experts offer the same basic advice, in one form or another. It goes like this:

luxury, the epitome of high art. For peasants and commoners, it made the art of Tea accessible. Preparing and serving the bitter green tea became a means for everyday samurai, who had few material comforts, to escape for a moment and share a ritual. Ichigo, ichie, or “once in a lifetime,” is perhaps the most important tenet when learning the art of Tea. We never know what might happen tomorrow, or even later today, but right now we can stop for a cup of tea. Wabi, the name for Rikyu’s style of Tea, was often used by poets to evoke melancholy. One of my favorite

• Don’t try to unclutter your entire house at once. Start with a drawer or a shelf and move to problem areas (such as the garage or basement) once you’ve had some smaller success.

descriptions of it is “the feeling you have when you’re

• Maintenance is key. Spend 15 minutes per day cleaning up daily detritus before it becomes overwhelming.

up with wabi, but conjoined it takes on an entourage ef-

• Take everything out of a drawer or closet and spread it out in front of you. You’ll eliminate more and organize what’s left more efficiently if you can see it all at once. (This also gives you a chance to clear out the dust and run a damp rag over the surface.)

and rust; the enchantment of old things; appreciation for

• Mark four boxes or bags “Keep,” “Give Away,” “Throw Away,” and “Hold for One Year.” (The last one’s for items you don’t need or use but just can’t bear to part with yet. If you haven’t touched these things in a year, their time has come.) • If in doubt, throw it out. Give it to Goodwill or any of the charitable organizations who send trucks around to collect it. Or give it away on Craigslist. Nothing moves faster than the stuff in the “Free” listings. • If you can’t find a good home for something, it’s time to say farewell. • Get rid of two items every time you buy a new one.

waiting for your lover.” It evokes a little monk in his torn robe, enjoying a night by the fire, content in poverty. No one’s quite sure how or when the word sabi got hooked fect. Meaning “the bloom of time,” sabi connotes tarnish dignified, graceful aging. Wabi-sabi, then, is a philosophy that reveres age, imperfection, and natural order. We don’t practice Tea in this culture, though, and it can be hard to see how it translates for 21st-century Westerners who drink lots of coffee. Like all good philosophies, wabi-sabi gives us a launching point toward thinking about what matters. To practice it, or to become what is called a wabibito, means living modestly, satisfied with things as they are, owning only what’s necessary for its utility or beauty (ideally, both).

But What’s Under Those Stairs? Both of my books have entire chapters on the importance of uncluttering and how to do it. I’m something of an expert. Unfortunately, they both have chapters on

• Keep like items with like: cups, baking goods, candles, etc.

decorating with salvage and flea market finds and how

• Allow only three items on each surface.

to find them, so I’m something of an expert on that as

• Cover only one-tenth of a table; use objects of differing sizes.

well. These areas of expertise don’t play nice together,

• Just say no to refrigerator magnets. They encourage clutter. • Keep windowsills clear of knickknacks and potted plants. • Use baskets and bowls to collect mail, pens and pencils, loose change, and all the other odds and ends that collect on counters and tabletops.

as you can imagine. I wrote Simply Imperfect post-divorce, after I’d moved into a townhouse and left most everything behind. Looking back, I’m hilarious. “Living in a small space keeps me from acquiring things,” I wrote. “Except for storage, my

• Storage is key to containing clutter. Storage areas should make up at least ten percent of your home’s total square footage and be placed so that you can store items where they’re used. (If you can’t get rid of the stuff, hide it well.)

little house has just enough of everything.”

• Furnishings that do double duty as storage help minimize clutter. A wicker chest holding blankets can serve as a coffee table in the TV room; a small chest of drawers makes a great end table.

of crap to build up. When the space became impene-

I was so smug and such a wabi-fraudie, hiding everything under the stairs in the basement. My townhome had a terrible little crawl space, far too deep and narrow, that encouraged layers upon layers trable, I would stand in the doorway and throw stuff in. The woman I bought the house from warned me about it during the closing. She’d thought she could show the house furnished until she looked in there. When it came time for me to sell the place 10 years later, I felt her pain.

58 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

(Continued on p.60)

Live Wabi-Sabi

Without Buying Anything Wabi-sabi is the design trend of the year. Everyone from NBC News to Rachael Ray is talking about it (and if it’s on Rachael Ray’s site, can it still be cool?). It doesn’t seem like most of the media get the philosophy at its core, though, because a lot of them use it as a basis for featuring new products that consumers should buy to get the wabi-sabi “look.” Here are a few tips on getting to wabi-sabi without buying a bunch of shit, lifted from Simply Imperfect.

• Next time you sweep the floor, CONSIDER IT A MEDITATION. Opt for the broom over the Dirt Devil when possible. • OFFER EVERYONE WHO COMES TO VISIT A CUP OF TEA. Serve it in pretty cups with something sweet. If no one comes by, enjoy a cup of tea by yourself in the late afternoon. • KEEP ONE VASE IN YOUR HOME FILLED with seasonal flowers, branches, or grasses, ideally picked within a mile of your home. • TAKE A WALK EVERY DAY. • LEARN TO KNIT OR CROCHET.

• PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAILY BREAD. Is the food you’re eating in season, and is it available locally? The meals you choose and prepare connect you with the earth’s cycles and where you live, and you’ll live a healthier life. Buy food from your local farmers’ markets and ask the produce manager at your grocery store where different items came from. • When you’re invited to someone’s house or even to a meeting, BRING A SMALL GIFT—nothing extravagant, just a small gesture (homemade jam, apples from your tree, or a luxurious bar of soap) that lets them know they’re appreciated.




@trinitysungrown NOVEMBER 2018 59

“Where the hell has all this stuff been?” everybody asked

hit the road in her van 10 years earlier and was starting

as I unearthed bins and boxes of my memorabilia, my

over again. I gave her all the bedding, too. When it was all

kids’ art projects, photo albums, toys, sports equipment,

over, I felt like I’d had an ayahuasca-strength purging.

appliances, file cabinets, record albums, CDs, books, dish-

“Clutter smudges clarity, both physically and meta-

es, phones (four of them!), textiles, dog beds, jars, tools, old

phorically,” I wrote in Simply Imperfect. “Things you’re

paint, door, light fixtures, screws, nails (so many screws

holding onto because they were expensive, because

and nails), and assorted other crap I had tucked in there

they were gifts from your mother-in-law, or because you

and forgotten about over a decade. “In hell,” I would say.

might need them some day are all just getting in your

Clutter Smudges Clarity

way. In a wabi-sabi home, space and light are the most desirable ornaments.”

I spent a solid three months clearing out that town-

I bought an Airstream with brilliant space and light,

house, most of them under the stairs. I dumped a camper

limited but efficient storage; no room for furniture; and

truck and several carloads of stuff at Goodwill and left

no basement. After all these years and all these words, I

weekly loads for the Vietnam Veterans Association. I

might finally be a wabibito.

had a garage sale and got depressed watching no one

If not, I can always find a bed on Craigslist.

want my gorgeous coffee table books and pink midcentury nesting ashtrays, even for a dollar. I got tired of being rejected by my son when I texted, “Sure you don’t want those red dishes from your childhood?” Some people wanted my shit. It felt good to give away an Eastlake chair I tripped over in my bedroom for nine years to a furniture refinisher who understood its value and could give it the love and attention it deserved. I sold my daughter’s bed to a woman who had gotten rid of everything to

760-632-9674 60 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California NOVEMBER 2018 61

As the cannabis industry grows, so does the number of professionals within it, acting as incredible sources of insider info on the trends and issues driving the marketplace forward. The Sensi Advisory Board is comprised of select industry leaders in a variety of fields, from compliance and education to concentrates and cultivation. They are invited to share specialized insight in this dedicated section. This month, we hear from a member in the Luxury Vaporizer category. FOR A FULL LIST OF ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS, SEE THE MASTHEAD ON PAGE 10.


If you could change one thing about social media, what would that be?

Vee: How fake it tends to be. Constantly comparing your life to the influencers you follow on social media can be very difficult on the mental health—especially for the younger generation. There isn’t enough of a human aspect portrayed in social media today.

Where do you think social media is headed?

Vee: I think social media is headed in a more communiCreating engaging social media content is an artform.

ty-based direction. Both individuals and companies are

Taking that artform and incorporating cannabis content

tired of competing for likes. I also think things will become

into the mix requires insight and passion. Photographer

more video-based because people crave more interaction.

and budding Instagram influencer @FALLFORVEE is doing

her part to normalize cannabis, and we sat down with her to gain a little insight on the topic.

What is unique about your social media voice, content, and mission?

Vee: I feature many women and different demographics in my photography. My goal is to share the beautiful plant that has changed my entire life with other women and eliminate any shame they may have about smoking weed.

What is something you would like to see more of within the cannabis space?

Vee: I would like to see a lot more diversity within the cannabis space. I would also like to see more companies owned and run by women, creating products specifically for women.

What caused you to want to embark upon this path in the first place?

I transitioned from pharmaceuticals to cannabis for med-

Vee: I started doing this because I wanted to be an active

ical reasons, and I want to help others feel comfortable

part of removing the stigma that goes along with regular

doing the same. I didn’t consume at all before becoming

cannabis use. Three years ago, I became a patient in Cana-

a medical patient. I grew up being told (and believing)

da. I started taking pictures of myself medicating because I

negative things about cannabis. I definitely experienced

just couldn’t relate to the typical “stoner girl” imagery—not

the stigma firsthand, but after losing mobility and find-

that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not me. My

ing cannabis to be the only cure, I have a responsibility to

goal is to create approachable content for others like my-

share what I’ve learned.

self and introduce folks to new methods of consumption.

62 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California NOVEMBER 2018 63


Sensi Night Los Angeles invited guests for a night of fun, relaxation, live music, bites, cocktails, live art, prizes, and networking, all in the name of cannabis. The night was all about community, giving guests PHOTOGRAPHY: RICHARD VOGEL AP

an all-access pass to cannabis industry folks and like-minded individuals ready to share knowledge, product, and enjoy in the festivities together, in spite of lingering heat. It was an opportunity to create a larger network, make new friends, and have direct access to your favorite brands and a few new ones. Sensi Nights are flourishing. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

64 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California


{HereWeGo } by DAW N G A R C I A


SECOND CHANCES How one man’s vision has given a new lease on life to people convicted of crimes. If you’re driving on an open road near Los Angeles’ Men’s

Lowell Herb Company has an impressive product line. Working with some of the best cultivators from around the state, it offers incredible strains and curated blends, unique to the growers and Appalachians they come from. Products to look out for: —Variety Pack of 7 individual strains —Quicks, a 10-pack of .35g smokes This year, thanks to the success of 2017’s holiday extras, Lowell is releasing a handful of spe-

Central Jail, you might see a billboard that reads, “Recently

cialty items, so make sure to check them out at

pardoned? We’re hiring!” It may seem strange to some, but for


people who have been convicted of crimes and served prison time, finding a job post-release can be downright discouraging. The Lowell Herb Company saw this as an opportunity.

Lowell Herb Company is a team-oriented, collaborative, fast-paced cannabis company where employees are consid-

Lowell Herb Company founder and CEO David Elias creat-

ered family. Elias and his team take the time to understand

ed a job initiative specifically targeting applicants convicted of

the skills and passion of every single team member they

crimes. “Our absolute biggest success thus far has been con-

bring on board.

necting with candidates who felt comfortable applying openly

“We hope that society continues to evolve its’ perception

after having been convicted,” he says. “Normally, the first check-

of cannabis to embrace the endless uses of the plant ful-

box on an application is whether or not you’ve been convicted

ly,” Elias says. “Our goal is to enter most recreational and

of a crime. There isn’t necessarily a job board for these can-

medicinal markets around the world, and we see great

didates, and that’s

opportunity within CBD products, all while staying at the

where the Job Ini-

forefront of industry topics, leading in quality product and

tiative came in.”

packaging standards.”

66 NOVEMBER 2018 Southern California

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