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February 2014

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Locals making a difference in Vietnam MORE and more Australians are visiting Vietnam as tourists and discovering the delightful people and wonderful sights of the country, but there is another side to Vietnam, particularly in the rural areas, where there is a great need for something more than just admiring tourists. Project Vietnam Inc (PVI) is an Australian humanitarian aid organisation which operates a range of projects including renovation of orphanages, schools, kindergartens & health care facilities throughout South-East Asia. Based here on the Sunshine Coast for 25 years, a team of approximately 50 fully self-funded members will depart in mid-March for the annual trip to Vietnam and Cambodia to carry out building works and medical education and clinics. Some of these members have been over 12 times. About one third of the population of Vietnam is still poor by international measures and there are many people, mainly residing in rural areas who need assistance. Continued on Page 2

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community news Locals making a difference in Vietnam

Hibiscus Society Meeting

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Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

THE Sunshine Coast Branch of the Australian Hibiscus Society will hold its next meeting at 10.30am on Sunday 9th February, 2014 at Woombye School of Arts Hall, Woombye. New Members and visitors very welcome. Morning Tea provided at 10am prior to meeting. See beautiful Hibiscus blooms on display. For further information please call 5476 2771.

The final collection of collectives FOLLOWING is the fourth and final collection of collectives for Seniors Newspaper readers. Although not claiming to be definitive by any stretch of the imagination, we hope you have enjoyed the collection; had fun with it and even used it to your advantage at quiz nights. If you haven’t, maybe someone else has. Chances are that you’ve heard of, or even eaten, escargot (French for snail) but did you know that a nursery for snails is called an escargatoire, which also refers to a group of snails, as do the words rout and walk? Snakes can be found in beds (hopefully their own), dens, knots, nests and pits, with sparrows in a host, tribe or meinie, an old word meaning household, crowd or feudal attendants. Dray and scurry refer to groups of squirrels; chattering, clattering and cloud to starlings, along with congregation and murmuration. Storks come in flights or musterings, but when they are migrating they appear in a phalanx. Gulp, appropriately, is for swallows, but a bank of swans is the correct term when these graceful birds are on the ground and a wedge when they are in flight, otherwise bevy,

drift, eyrar or sownder to list just a few alternate choices. Doylt, drift and trip can refer to swine, and ambush and streak to tigers. Trout group in hovers; turkeys in gangs (watch those turkeys!) and rafters; turtles in doles while a group of turtle doves is called a pitying. You would be correct to refer to a gathering of wa-

terfowl as a knob or a raft; weasels in colonies or packs; whales in gams (meaning unrelated whales), herds, mobs or pods (related through family); woodcocks in a fall; woodpeckers in a descent, and wrens in a herd. To end our collection of collectives, sit back and relax as you picture a herd, cohert or zeal of zebra on the grassy plains of Africa.

Remembering “My Dear Wife”

The Caloundra Coast Guard’s Memorial Wall on Caloundra Headland is providing a great way for people to keep their loved ones lives in their thoughts. The Wall was set up on a beautiful spot. Anyone can purchase a plaque from The Caloundra Coast Guard, and have it placed and kept by them forever. The Memorial Wall provides a living memory of friends and loved ones Enquiries may be made on

0439 913 333

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Page 2 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

Continued from Page 1 Whilst Vietnam continues to develop and prosper, there is still much to be done in the vital areas of health and education. All the volunteers who give their time to Project Vietnam Inc finance their own travel and accommodation on the various trips. There are simple ways in which you too can assist with the program. In conjunction with other groups Project Vietnam has for many years facilitated the donation of hundreds of wheelchairs annually to Vietnam. Wheelchairs for Kids Inc. annually manufactures more than 2,500 wheelchairs for distribution to developing countries where health care and other social services are poor to non-existent.It costs approximately $50AUD to freight a wheelchair to Vietnam and Cambodia. Also, each year the medical team prepares maternity and children’s packs which are distributed at hospitals. The $20 sponsorship of these packs provides essential items for parents and children. PVI welcomes donations to assist with the cost of sending wheelchairs and providing the packs to these countries and you can do this on their website at For more information phone 5477 7452.

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community news Nambour Probus

Where will your Scooter take you?

Bill Bray, George Lawrence, President Vernon Flood, Jim Stewart, Jack Tallon

THE Pro us Club of Nambour’s Christmas lunch was held at Cleo’s on Rosemount with seventy one member and ladies present. Master of Ceremonies, Terry Hall, ably assisted by his wife Lynn kept everyone entertained. President Vernon presented Wynn Davies with his OBE Certificate, having reached his eightieth year during December. Morgan Williams had Life Membership conferred on him and was welcomed into that august group by the other four Life Members. Morgan served the club for many years as Sec-

retary and is presently Immediate Past President. It is anticipated that the club will make a coach trip to the South Burnett region in the middle of February. The Members Spot at meetings has revealed the previously unknown aspect about the lives and activities of new members. Probus is an ideal organization for anyone who is retired or semi-retired who may be seeking fun and friendship with like minded people through various social activities. Enquiries can be made to Vernon on 54760615 or Don 54422464.

Lifestyle Scooters from . . . FREECALL 1800 SAM 000 (1800 726 000) 12/278 Nicklin Way, Warana Tel: 5493 8455

Seniors oppose weakening of finance sector protections OLDER Australians are opposed to the Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos’ moves to reverse consumer protections introduced under the Future of Financial Advice reforms (FOFA). In particular, National Seniors is concerned about proposals to remove the opt-in requirements so that advisers no longer need to seek their client’s agreement every two years, and to remove the retrospective application of the fee disclosure requirement.Moves to reverse consumer protections introduced under the Future of Financial Advice reforms are concerning. This means that advisers will not need to provide fee disclosure statements to clients who entered into a fee arrangement before the mandatory 1 July 2013 start date of FOFA. “What this says is that consum-

ers do not have support for ensuring basic accountability for the services financial advisers are paid to provide,” said National Seniors chief executive, Michael O’Neill. “These amendments are being pushed through without proper consumer consultation. “If cutting red tape means creating a murky environment in which the hard-earned savings of working Australians end up in the hands of financial advisers, you can leave it.” Research conducted by Rice Warner Actuaries in 2013 found that the FOFA laws would boost private savings under advice by $144 billion by 2027; and reduce the average cost of financial advice from $2,046 to $1,163 by 2026/27. Media release: National Seniors

No extra GST to be added to moveable homes The ATO has considered comments on its draft ruling and decided not to change the GST treatment of moveable home estates. The draft ruling hasl now be withdrawn and moveable home estates will continue to be treated as commercial residential premiseswith the same GST rules for long-term accommodation. “We have carefully con-

sidered the legal arguments and practical implications and decided that we don’t need to change the existing GST treatment of these estates. “Our preliminary view had been that moveable home estates were not sufficiently similar to caravan parks to be commercial residential premises. “With the benefit of submissions, it is evident that

while moveable home estates have changed, they are still similar enough to caravan parks to receive the concessional treatment. In particular, both involve letting of sites separately to the building, and provide communal facilities to residents. “Our draft ruling process encourages the community and stakeholders to put forward their views on


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our interpretation of tax issues. We received many comments from industry groups, residents and tax professionals during the consultation process. We thank the community for their involvement.”

Welcome back everyone! WE would like to take this opportunity to send greetings for 2014 to all our readers and advertisers. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Our newspaper is made possible because of the support of many local businesses, many of which are small family run concerns. Without them, we would not be able to produce our monthly edition and you would not be able to browse the news, community notices and other items of interest to seniors. We thank them for their continued support and hope that readers will in turn support them whenever possible – tell them that you heard about them through our newspaper.

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community news Monarch Road Artists


Trivia with Allan Blackburn 1.

rental accommodation

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Beachmere Waters

• Just across the road from the beach, residents of our 50s village in peaceful Beachmere enjoy gentle sea breezes all year round. • Our spacious 1 bedroom units offer an ensuite, lounge room, kitchenette with dining area and your own carport. • Each unit boasts a beautiful patio area just waiting for you to sit and enjoy your morning cuppa, on your way back from our clubhouse. • Our experienced chefs prepare meals using fresh locally sourced ingredients daily. There are limited vacancies available, so please call Leanne or Brian today or book a tour.

Page 4 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

13. 14. Photo by Lies Donovan

COMING up in the Pomona Gallery Railway Station Carriage Room, a group exhibition by the Monarch Road Artists. The group is made up of artists who meet at least one time per week at the home and studio of artist John Lodge. The work in this exhibition will represent a wide variety of style, technique and subject. Most of the artists have been students of Mr. Lodge for several years learning skills and techniques of oil painting. Current students as well as past students will be participating in the exhibition. All are invited. The exhibition will run to 13 February. For more information call 5485 2950 or the gallery website

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

What event is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry? In what country is the city of Mandalay? What colours are mixed to get purple? Which NSW town was the scene of an escape attempt by Japanese prisoners-of-war in 1944? On what hill in Canberra is Parliament House situated? What kind of creature is a terrapin? To what part of an orchestra does a timpani belong? Which singer songwriter is known as “The Boss”? What name is given to long, deep sea inlets gouged by glaciers in such places as Norway? Who created the character Bilbo Baggins? What is the traditional source of power for a rickshaw? According to a popular saying, what does “red sky in the morning” indicate? What are the bones of the spine called? What large building in Washington DC is the HQ of the Defence Department? What is the name for a vessel that travels on a cushion of air? Is the average temperature on Mars higher or lower than on Earth? In the Christian calendar, what is the period before Easter called? In what city was John Lennon shot dead? “Nomophobia” is the fear of what? What musical and movie was loosely based on Elvis Presley’s draft into the US army? Answers on page 10

community news

Helping hard-hit farmers the best medicine for Aussie Helper Brian By JIM BOWDEN

FARMER Brian Egan struck his heel on a cake of dry dust, loaded the truck and drove away from his grain and cattle property at Dalby for the last time - broke after three years of drought and not a drop of rain. Like many other good, experienced drought-hit farming families with their hearts in the soil, back then in 1999 it seemed like the end of the road for Brian and his wife Nerida. Shortly after losing his property, Brian developed co-morbid depression after a long battle with post-traumatic stress following service inVietnam and Indonesia; for a long time he was catatonic, unable to cope with life and went into Greenslopes Hospital. Then advice from a psychologist friend turned his life around. ‘’The best thing you could do is find some-

one worse off than yourself and help them,’’ Brian’s friend said. Recovering, Brian formed Aussie Helpers 11 years ago with his wife Nerida, a charity that assists farming families in need. “The most valuable thing we give is someone to sit across the kitchen table and listen to them over a cuppa,” Brian reflected. “Time and time again we see a deep, genuine thankfulness that someone really cares.” Now based at Charleville, the 70-yearold former Queensland Senior Australian of the Year talked to Toowoomba & Darling Downs Seniors Newspaper about Aussie Helpers and responded enthusiastically when we told him the newspaper and its family of publications were going to support and promote the charity.

Lift that bale, tote that truck .. Brian Egan sends off another load of hay to drought-stricken farmers


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A helping ha nd Brian Egan no . . . w has good reason to smile

“Good on you blokes,” Brian said. Aussie Helpers operates with about 40 volunteers, among them military veterans, ‘grey nomads’, former farmers, and truckies, who have travelled more than one and a half million kilometres to assist farming families all over Australia. Brian and Nerida have the support of their four children, too. “They’re grown up now and scattered all over the place.” Brian says it’s a dust bowl out west right now. “I reckon 60% of Queensland is in drought,” he said. “This is the big one that snuck up on us. But it’s not only feed that’s running out – it’s water. “And it worries me that both state and federal governments seem to be fiddling while Queensland burns.” The situation spurred Brian and his volunteers to start up their Buy-ABale Campaign, a joint venture with Aussie Helpers, which already has raised nearly $575,000 to provide mostly feed and diesel to affected farmers. He praised the support of radio personality Alan Jones at Sydney’s 2GB who had promoted the campaign far and wide. Brain says he may be 70, but he enjoys working up to 16 hours a day for the cause. And the figures for Aussie Helpers speak for themselves – more than 3000 families assisted and the delivery of 3000 tonnes of groceries, 4000 tonnes of stock feed and 20 tonnes of personal hygiene and paper packs – all donated. ‘I wouldn’t be alive if I wasn’t helping people,’’ Brian Egan said. ‘’It’s my medicine. All negativity is driven out of my head. Nothing in life makes you feel better than caring for someone else.’’ Visit: au or

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community news Bags of savings KEEP it fresh super Fresh Bags keep your fruit and vegetables fresh from the day you buy them to the day you eat them. One of the simplest ways we can save money is by reducing our own food wastage. Throwing out just $10 worth of food a week is $520 a year in the garbage. So, how do you take advantage of buying in bulk without the fruit and vegetables going off before they are eaten? Super Fresh Bags are a new food storage system that is easy to use, efficient, relatively inexpensive and take up little space in the refrigera-

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Retirement made easier with Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Noosa A.I.R. is a not for profit organisation working for the interests of self-funded and partially self-funded retirees or those about to retire. It has over 8,000 members in 65 branches across Australia. The Noosa Branch has served the local community for over 20 years and is one of the largest branches in Queensland. The Noosa Branch meets at 9:45 am for 10:00 am start South Pacific Resort, 179 Weyba Road, Noosaville on the second Thursday of each month. Next General Meeting will be held on 13 February, 2014 A representative from the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) will speak to the group about ASA’s role in ‘Standing up for Shareholders.’ Don’t miss our first General Meeting of the year. $5 pp inc morning tea. Visitors very welcome.

Please call 0407 590 262 for further information or email A.I.R. offers: • An investment group to discuss how best to handle your investments and Super fund • Advocacy to Government on superannuation taxation, health & concessions • Monthly meetings with speakers on matters of interest to retirees The Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Noosa Branch welcomes all members and visitors to our meetings. All meetings are conducted in a friendly and informal atmosphere and visitors are invited to attend and share a coffee and a chat with like-minded members of your community. You will be made very welcome. We seek a fair outcome for retirees.

community news Noosaville VIEW Club

THE Smith Family’s Noosaville VIEW Club February Luncheon will be Thursday 27th at 11am for 11.30 start at the Tewantin/ Noosa RSL. VIEW Clubs are a valued part of the Smith Family which is a national, independent children’s charity committed to helping disadvantaged Australian children by unlocking opportunities through education and learning support. Our club is a good place to meet and make friends and new members are always welcome. We have two meetings a month, one of which is our business meeting on the 4 th Thursday of the month, and our Social get together, with outings to various places. If you would like to join us please ring the lunch coordinator Nanette McLay at 5455 6157 by the Sunday before Rear left to right, Noosaville VIEW President Marie Coyne and Sue Griffith, Front left to right, Anne Hay and Jenny Williams the meeting date.

Grandparents pulling their weight at home

GRANDPARENTS play a key role in the modern Australian family with new research showing that almost the same proportion of children are being cared for by their grandparents as are in long day care centres. The report, Trends in Maternal Employment and Child Care, by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) found that nearly half of children under three years old of employed mothers were cared for – at least part of the time – by their grandparents.The AIFS said the report provided the first comprehensive analysis of trends in childcare in Australia from 1984 to 2011 with a particular focus on children with employed mothers. The report showed that in the early 1980s about four in 10 mothers were employed, compared to more than six in 10 in 2011. AIFS senior research fellow Dr Jennifer Baxter said grandparentprovided care was used by a large proportion of Australian families as mothers sought to find ways to manage childcare while holding down paid jobs. She said four in 10 children under three years old were cared for by a grandparent at some time during the week – almost the same proportion of children who spent time in a long day-care centre (47 per cent). Similarly, one third of children aged between three and five years were cared for by a grandparent, which again was roughly the same proportion as those attending a pre-school or a long day-care centre. “Grandparents were still busy even when children reached school age, with around 16 per cent of children with employed mothers being cared for by a grandparent, only slightly fewer than the 18 per cent

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of children who were in outside school care.” Dr Baxter said that opting for informal care was often a matter of preference among families with young children. “Involving grandparents is something we know that many parents seek out as a childcare option because children are still being cared for by family in a homebased setting,”Dr Baxter said. Families were looking for family-based solutions so they could maintain the care of children themselves where possible, squeezing in work around caring for children or by bringing in grandparents, Dr Baxter added. Responding to the research, National Seniors said it undermined claims that older Australians were a drain on the economy. “The report touches on the vast contribution – from volunteering to childcare – that older Australians are quietly making across the economy every day,” said National Seniors chief executive, Michael O’Neill. “Older people play a vital role in today’s working family: they’re providing childcare for their adult children and helping them into their first homes to the tune of $22 billion a year. “Most older Australians are already working beyond pension age – they’re just not getting paid for it. Put simply, when it comes to family, and their grandkids, seniors would not have it any other way,” O’Neill said. Through volunteering, National Seniors estimated the over-50s contribute around $3.12 billion a year to the economy. Courtesy: Australian Ageing Agenda

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February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 7

Page 8 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

community news Living it up at Living Gems Living Gems LIVING Gems Lifestyle represented Resorts for Queensland in the Australian active over 50 year olds is Government already enjoyNational Lifestyle ing a very happy New Housing for Year. Living Seniors Award for purpose Gems Opal Gardens Resort built dwellings sales manager and is now a finalist in the Glenys Lowry says celebraAustralian tions before, HIA-CSR Special during and after the holiday Purpose season atHousing Awards to be tracted a number of new announced in buyers. March. Living Gems “People love the style of the master planned David & Marilyn Doeke make the homes, the communities move to Opal Gardens are situated on hassle free lifestyle and all the Gold Coast, the activities,” Glenys in Brisbane and on the Glenys arranged a Sunshine Coast. says. “We are now preview of prestige seeing buyers who General manager Adrian homes in December. want to move from Puljich says Living She says a couple Gems offers an idyllic large rural properties called in after visiting while retaining the lifestyle most people their family at tranquillity of a country Yarrabilba. can afford. “It’s all about a fair deal for lifestyle near city “David and Marilyn amenities. Opal people who have Doecke bought the Gardens in Logan beautiful Jabiru display worked hard for most of their lives. We don’t Village is a perfect fit,” home. It’s a prestige she says. charge entry fees, exit home in a delightful Glenys says people fees or legal fees,” he location. They are a take a new lease on life lovely couple and I says. when they buy a home know they will be Adrian says home at a Living Gems owners who choose to valuable members of Resort. sell keep all of their the Opal Gardens “The homes are lovely community,” Glenys capital gain. and the grounds are “Our site fees are the says. immaculate but the five Living Gems Lifestyle lowest in Australia. star facilities and Living Gems Resorts Resorts enjoyed a community atmosphere successful 2013 with are situated on are the major attracrecord sales and a host Brisbane’s south side, tions,” she says. on the Sunshine Coast of building industry “People enjoy walking accolades. The over and the Gold Coast. their dogs in the 50s lifestyle resorts set Our established resorts grounds and around an industry benchmark are almost sold out but the lake; they love the by winning we plan to release easy access to the gym Queensland’s Housing several new resorts this and swimming in the year,” he says. Industry Australia heated pool. Residents (HIA) Special Purpose For more information have the advantage of Housing Award and about Living Gems an onsite bowling Resorts visit Master Builders green, tennis courts or Queensland Seniors’ and a croquet lawn. freecall 1800 458 177. Living Award.


community news Gympie VIEW Club





February and March SPECIAL for Sunshine Coast Seniors Readers Only

Members from L-R Elsie Matthews, Barbara Cameron, Carol Tonash & Elsa Meier

All moneys raised during the last month, and from the auctioning off of Christmas tree table decorations during the meeting were donated to The Smith Family Christmas Toy Appeal.

Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday 2 March CLEAN UP Australia Day is a simple way you can take action to clean up, fix up and conserve our prized Australian environment. In 2013 an estimated 550,300 volunteers removed 16,150 tonnes of rubbish at 7,341 sites right across the country - but we can do better! So lend a hand on Sunday 2 March and help clean up Australia. There are registered sites right across the Sunshine Coast. For your nearest site go to and lend a hand to clean up part of your local area.

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celebrate. There was an exchange of gifts between ‘Secret Friends’. After a year of secret gift, and card giving, it was intriguing to find out who our secret friends were.


GYMPIE VIEW (Voice Interests and Education of Women) Club held its Christmas Luncheon meeting in the Orchid Room at the Gympie RSL. A large number of members came along to

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community news Take a closer look at personality profiling

Trivia Answers

UNCOVER your personality type and learn how it affects almost every area of your life at the free Life in your Element sessions at Sunshine Coast Council library branches during February 2014. Join local author Michael White as he discusses personality profiling and gives a greater understanding of why we do what we do. Discover how your personal and professional relationships are influenced by your personality. Find out more about recognising and working with specific personality types and learn how to develop stronger communication skills. Register now in one of the following sessions to find out more: Kawana Library on Thursday 13 February, 2pm to 3.30pm - Nambour Library on Tuesday 18 February, 10am to 11.30am - Head to Sunshine Coast councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s library website or call 1300 LIBRARY for bookings or full details.

Caloundra Country & Farmers Market THE Caloundra Country & Farmers Market is held every Sunday from 6am to 12 noon at the Currimundi State School, 17 Buderim Street, Currimundi. Plenty of Parking at the Currimundi Hotel. Inside Stalls include coins, collectables, books, Art and Jewellery. Hand-crafts and hand-made clothes. Massage by Ann Woodwork and chopping boards. Kids books and toys. Outside Stalls have plenty of fruit and veg, Maleny yoghurt and cheeses, flowers, herbs, pots and plants. Fresh bread, cakes and Jam and pickles. Fresh Eggs. Handyman tools and garden supplies. Have coffee and breakfast, and a Treasure Hunt in the car-boot sales. New stall-holders always welcome at our friendly Market. Supporting the Dicky Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. For further information please phone 0401 482 949.

from page 4 1. Norman conquest of England 2. Burma 3. Red and blue 4. Cowra 5. Capital Hill 6. Turtle 7. Percussion 8. Bruce Springsteen 9. Fjords 10. J. R. R. Tolkien 11. Human 12. Warning 13. Vertebrae 14. Pentagon 15. Hovercraft 16. Lower 17. Lent 18. New York 19. Having no mobile phone contact 20. Bye Bye Birdie Disclaimer for Trivia quiz Answers are correct to the best knowledge of our quizmaster Allan Blackburn. Sometimes people may have different views and some answers considered correct by Allan may be considered incorrect by others. While all care and attention is taken with these answers, mistakes can happen. If you find one, please live with it! No correspondence will be entered into regarding Trivia Quiz answers.

w! o N g n i l l e S e g a t New S

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community news Palmwoods Garden Village Knitting Group

L-R:Lorraine Ellert, Pat Hoskins, Jan England, Grace Tolson and Wendy McMullin

THE Palmwoods Garden Village Knitting Group with theie Trauma Teddies that they made for the Hospital Foundation last November. They donated almost 1000 items in 2013 for the Wish List and Lily House. Special thanks to all these ladies and others for their hard work.

Noosa rates stay in Noosa Shire

AROUND 30-thousand Noosa Shire ratepayers have begun receiving their first rates notices under the new local council, along with some good advice on how to keep payments to a minimum. At its first meeting, the council decided against an increase in rates for the first half of this year, although people will notice a rise in the State Government imposed Fire Levy, over which Noosa Council has no control. The Queensland government has lifted the Fire levy by 6.5-percent and extended it to cover all properties, not just those in urban areas. The levy goes to the state government. The rates are due to be paid by February 14th, and residents will have to pay on time to qualify for the 5percent discount. Mayor Noel Playford has urged property owners who make electronic payments to take note of the new biller codes and payment reference numbers for Noosa Council. If these are not updated, local people will be sending money off to the Sunshine Coast Council by mistake.

MrPlayford says he’s particularly keen for pensioners to understand how they can get their rate concessions. Many pensioners have still not returned their consent forms to the new Noosa Council, and under Centrelink’s privacy policy the Sunshine Coast Council cannot simply pass on these details to the new Noosa Council. Without a consent form filled in by pensioners, the concession cannot be applied to rates. Pensioners who have not returned their consent forms to Noosa Council can fill in the form online at the council website, or in person at the Council office in Pelican Street, Tewantin. Mayor Playford says the new Council is running the ruler over every dollar spent to keep rates as low as possible, having started with no rates increase this financial year. “No-one likes paying bills” he says “ but at least from now on we all know that our rate money is being spent right here in Noosa Shire.”

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Laguna Estate - a lifestyle choice IS ‘grandma’s ghetto’ your idea of a retirement village? If so, stop right there! There is nothing further from the truth. In the past, most residents entered these villages aged in their seventies as part of a move to downsize, decrease maintenance responsibilities, experience a greater sense of safety and security, or for health and lifestyle reasons. Today, younger retirees from age 55 are seeing the benefits of relocating to a retirement village, with the emphasis on lifestyle and making the move a liberating experience. To those who say that they are not ready for such a move, many of the residents at Laguna Estate say that they wish they had made the decision earlier. It has given them the freedom to travel, visit family or just pursue new hobbies without any of the worries they previously had with the upkeep and security issues of their previous home. Combining outstanding resort facilities with stylish homes in a fully landscaped environment, this village strikes the perfect balance between privacy and independence whilst encouraging a vibrant and rewarding community in which to live. There are spacious villas and serviced apartments from which

Page 12 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

to choose, all in a quiet, peaceful location yet so close to all the vibrant action of Noosa. The range of facilities is cleverly geared towards anyone over the age of 55, whether you are physically active or prefer a quieter lifestyle - and the grandchildren are welcome here. So what will sell you on your decision to make Laguna Estate your home? It is a combination of many things – particularly the smart community facilities and the activities which cater for all lifestyles, but also the quality finish of both the new and the refurbished villas, the resort-style feel, the professional and hugely cheerful staff and the low monthly fees. At some time in the future you may need living assistance but this too is catered for at Laguna Estate with assisted care apartments available. Three meals a day, cleaning, weekly towel & linen changes and 24 hour on-call emergency staff are all part of the service. Laguna Estate is a class act – phone 1800 012 049 for lots more information and an appointment to view this special retirement estate at 21 Lake Weyba Drive, Noosaville. You could soon be making the best choice of your life!

community news Bringing Joy to Ghana! huge to tackle, but if each of us is able to help just one child or family then we will have made a dif-

ference. Every life is precious.” If you would like to make that big difference in a

child’s life, go to the Sallies’ informative website at www.salvation

Curtain & Blind Cleaning Fresh, Clean & Healthy Curtains & Blinds! • All Makes & Types • Free from Odours, Dirt & Mould • Free from Asthma, Allergies & Dustmites

10% DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS Amazing Clean also Specialises in: AS a volunteer with the Salvation Army, local Sunshine Coast woman Joy Prior has committed her time to helping older people by shopping for them, providing social contact and generally being a friend in need. Her life took a different turn when she decided to start visiting some of her sponsored children, one of whom was in South Africa. More recently Joy went to a rehabilitation centre in Ghana, where issues related to disability are very complex. When a child is born with a disability, there is a traditional belief that it is the result of a curse on the family. Parents can be advised to

leave the child next to a river, for the river god “to take the child away”. The shame and stigma can be so fierce that mothers will not take their children to early childhood clinics for weighing and immunisation and often do not see the need to give them an education. As Joy said, “This is not a story about me or what I do, but about the wonderful things being achieved through the Salvation Army programs across many countries.” The Begoro Rehabilitation Centre, supported by the Salvation Army, and operating from a rural area of Ghana, gives dis-

advantaged families access to education, health care and rehabilitation treatment.The Centre also provides therapy in community outpatient services to adults and children with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and the effects of paralysis. The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory is funding a 3 year project at Begoro, to assist with running costs and staff training. You can support Begoro through a monthly centre sponsorship of $25 a month, or through the purchase of a health related item from thegift catalogue at Joy was able to visit her

Make life easier with an Acorn Stairlift

sponsored boy, Aaron who lives not far from Begoro, with whom she has corresponded over the years. By sponsoring a child, you can make a huge difference to their life for around $1 a day. As Joy said, “The problems of poverty and disadvantage may seem too


An Acorn Stairlift could be the key to retaining your independence, while still being able to enjoy the beauty and space of the home you love.

Direct from the manufacturer Best price guaranteed Safe, reliable and trouble free For straight or curved staircases Ask about our free home assessment Indoor and outdoor lifts available

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community news RAAF Association Tewantin Noosa

Buderim VIEW Club

The RAAF Association monthly meeting will be at the RSL is on Sunday 9th February starting at 10am. Allied Air Force Members and wives or widows of ex-servicemen are eligible for Full Membership, no service experience necessary. For further information phone 5448 1457.

Buderim VIEW Club finished 2013 in style with a 20th Birthday Party in December. Throughout last year we had lunch meetings with interesting programs plus great monthly social activities and 2014 looks to be the same! The Committee has been hard at work getting programs and activities organized for the coming year. The first lunch meeting of the year will be held on Wednesday 5th February at 11 am at Clio’s, 246 Petrie Creek Road, Rosemount with guest speaker John McMahon from the Buderim Arts Theatre. Our lunch meetings are always held on the first Wednesday of the month. If you have not been to any of our meetings, please consider coming to one. Have lunch with a friendly group of ladies and make new and lasting friendships. All VIEW Clubs are an important part of The Smith Family and the funds we raise are used to assist The Learning for Life programme for children from underprivileged families. Please call Gay at 5445 2224 to make a reservation.For Luncheon bookings or cancellations, please call by 6 pm on the Sunday before the Luncheon.


The Gentle Giants and their Tiny Cousins. Meet them, feed them and photograph them. Working demonstrations. $7.00 per person Group Bookings Only

Heavy horse memorabilia. Learn the history of horses. Visit our gift shop.

Harry & Marlene Churches

Phone/Fax 5496 1590 Woodford Qld

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Caloundra Family History Research Inc AFTER 10 years at the Guide Hut, the Caloundra Family History group was forced to seek new premises by mid January 2014. Four months were spent looking at possible premises; many media articles and interviews were conducted by the Committee; local Council members and staff, and even our Patron the Hon. Mark McArdle were searching for us, but it all finally came down to good old ‘word of mouth’. Thankfully, a new facility was secured. Once the ‘ball started rolling’, January was devoted to setting up the new premises, with the big job of moving all the fixtures and fittings, plus resources. Caloundra Family History Research Inc will be ‘open for business’ from Saturday the 1st February 2014, which is also Grand Opening Day at the new premises. Located at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club, at Corbould Park in Pierce Avenue, Caloundra, access to the new rooms is from Gate 2. Further directional details, and a map, are on our website at The spacious research facility and library, with freshly painted bookshelves and furniture, will be open every Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm, and the third Thursday of the month from 9.30am to 12 noon. The monthly general meeting, commencing at 1.30pm each third Thursday, will be conducted in the dedicated meeting room. The research facility is open for the full day, from 9.30am to 4.00pm every other Thursday of the month. There is plenty of parking right beside the facility, which has wheelchair access. The group’s guest speaker, on Thursday 20th February will be popular raconteur and author, Dr James Lergessner, visiting us for the third year in succession, and his presentation will be on “Convict Foundations”. Enquiries are welcomed by contacting June on 5493 2679, Roz on 5493 1197, or Dawn on 5492 2208. The group can also be reached by email at

community news


Youngest member receives Competent Communicator all adieu” - as he was leaving the following week for USA where he has been selected for the Disney World program. Being a 3rd year student at SCU he will be working at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and studying at Harvard Business College for a year. Daniel credits Toastmasters with helping him to get through the tough selection criteria. Toastmasters helps members to gain in self esteem and self confidence - helping them in all facets of life, business, personal and social. You too can benefit from the Toastmaster program come along to our next meeting – 9am for 9.15 start at the Guide Hut, Iluka St. Buddina on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of every month. No obligation - and the first meeting is free. You will be warmly welcomed by the friendly, supportive members of the club and the Toastmaster program will be explained to you. No need to book, just come along. However if you would like any further information check us out on Facebook, on our webpage or phone Lorraine on 5493 7470 or Gabrielle on 5479 2369.

Brian Duckworth presenting Daniel Mason his award

EVERY house roof within Australia has a flaw that can only be fixed by replacing the roof with a better material than those currently available. The flaw of course is that heat is allowed into the roof space because all available domestic roof coverings have no insulation value. Roof space temperature rises rapidly as the insulation is at the bottom of the roof space on top of the ceiling and fibreglass batts or other air entrapping insulation is used to keep cost down. However, all such insulation materials are air permeable and on a summer day the 6070°C of the roof space is soon passed down to the habitable areas of the house. A properly insulated roof can save 45 per cent of household electricity cost for air conditioning as most winter heat loss or summer heat gain of dwellings occurs from the roof or ceiling. Cement roof tiles have been used on the majority of houses built in Australia since the 1950s and most have gone beyond the end of their useful lives. Early coatings employed to waterproof cement roof tiles were not durable and an industry has developed for the recoating of cement roof tiles. However, this does not fix the problem as the recoating of the tiles is only a temporary fix as the paint employed also breaks down and peels off making further coating next to impossible. The solution to the extreme heat generated in the roof space of a house is to use a BONSUL insulated panel as the roof covering so that temperature build up within the roof space is eliminated and the roof tile problem is solved permanently. BONSUL is seeking assistance to set up operations in Australia and full details can be viewed at

(PRECIOUS MEMORIES) Slides, negatives restored or copied to photos, CD (glass & large negatives included)

Photo Restoration and Reproductions OLD NEGATIVES - developed to photos or onto CD/DVD OLD MOVIE REELS - (8mm, 16mm film transfereed to DVD) Quality transfer HOME MOVIES - VHS, BETA, 8mm, (NTSC American) tapes to DVD RECORDS - (33, 45, 78) transferred onto CD, Scratches taken out and tracked *Conditions Apply CASETTES TAPES to CD - $25 20 years experience same location - Diagonally opposite McDonalds

2 Lowe Street


VIP Quality Picture Framing

5441 7322

Mobile: 0423 205 611


AT a recent meeting of Kawana Waters Toastmasters their youngest member Daniel Mason, received his CC award, the first in his Toastmasters journey, for having completed his first manual containing 10 speeches. Daniel’s evaluator, Brian Duckworth presented him with a special Toastmaster pin to celebrate the occasion. Daniel’s speech, which had the objectives of being ‘Inspirational’ - was titled “I bid you

Is your house roof wasting your money

Ongoing Discount of 10%*

SPECIAL Scooters from $400



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community news Genealogy Sunshine Coast

Perfect day for presents!

DO something new in 2014! Develop something for your family - research your family history. You have the memories and the contacts which may not be available to them so take the opportunity now. You can do this with expert assistance and local, national and international resources at Genealogy Sunshine Coast, Petrie Park Road Nambour, or 07 5441 4266.


Book prior to 31st January Seniors & Retirees Groups receive 1 hour guided tour through the Gaol with tea & coffee included

for only $13.99 Tour Bookings

Offer applies to a min of 20 visitors

3844 0059

or 0411 111 903

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Pebble Beach residents enjoying the day

CHRISTMAS cheer was in abundance as residents of Pebble Beach Freehold Retirement Community enjoyed a sparkling day along with a spread of afternoon tea delights at the community’s annual Christmas gathering. Secret Santa worked his magic with residents sharing

gifts, and there was a raffle to raise funds for the social committee that launched a smorgasbord of exciting activities scheduled for early 2014 like New Years Sausage Sizzle, Caloundra Races Expedition, Australia Day Breakfast and Eumundi Markets trip - all that’s before the end of January!

Maroochydore Aglow MAROOCHYDORE Aglow will hold its first meeting for the year on Wednesday, 19th February, 9.30 am. Meetings take place at Lifepointe Baptist Church, Wises Road, Maroochydore. Morning tea is served in a very friendly atmosphere

and all are welcome. Entry cost is $7. The new President, Mrs. Candice Sinfield will report on the Leaders’ Summit which is held inPerth. Aglow is an international Christian organization and is in 170 nations.

community news Not for Profit Organisation

PerformingParrots Parrots Performing HobbyHome HomeShows Shows Hobby

U3A Big Day Out

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Abraham Lincoln

◆Meet 400 Birds from all over Œ our beautiful birdsthe world ◆Make So many changes New Birds Œ friends with and parrots ◆ Don’t forget to bring your ŒBring a picnic & enjoy it bycamera the dam ◆Bring Learna how clever & intelligent thesetaken birds kenare Œ camera & have your photo ◆ Meet the Stars of the Show ŒLearn how clever & intelligent these birds are ◆ Check out our new walk through

Ph: 5438 7719

Affordable Rental Accommodation for Seniors • Modern 1 bedroom Courtyard Villas • Gympie location NEW • Packages starting from $255 per week SENIORS NRAS UNITS including services & food options • Air-conditioned COMING • Well located in a relaxed rural setting

Ross Hughes models for the Try it Out Portraiture class.

U3A on Display, the annual Open Day held at Lake Kawana Community Centre on Friday 17thJanuary, attracted more than800 people. U3A president Brenda Davies said tutors from many of the 150 classes on offer for 2014 were available to promote their classes with an interesting range of displays and information. “Many newcomers signed up to start their new life of learning with U3A, with active retirees joining classes in languages, writing, art, reading, discussion, physical activities and


lots of other areas of interest,” she said. “Many current members also attended to catch up with friends and share refreshments while watching performances in the courtyard or trying out a new activity such as Life Drawing or Yoga.” U3A Sunshine Coast provides lifelong learning to about 2300 Coast members who are no longer working full time. More information for anyone interested in joining U3A can be found at:http://

Gympie Gardens 2-12 College Road Southside Gympie

Ph: 3869 6696

Introducing our amazing hair artists “Reece and Kim” We are hard working professionals with a creative passion for hairdressing. Together we have a combinaion of 28 years experience with national and international recognition producing superior work in all aspects of hairdressing. Both of us are always active in our ndustry, whether it be the winning of hair competitions, judging national hair shows, or teaching advanced techniques to other hair stylists. We have so much to share with you in our expertise and look forward to not only providing you an amazing service but teaching you about your hair, and how to care for it.

Pensioner and Student Prices Perm Packages

• ½ Head perm package $69 • Full head perm package from: short $79 medium $89 long $99 • All packages include instant prescribed treatment style cut and blow dry or set • Same day all over semi permanent colour for just $20

Stunning Highlights Package

• Half Head Foils & Toner • Prescribed Treatment • Head Massage • Style Cut & Blow Dry • Curls or Straighten



Add all over tint for $25. Extra long hair add $20

Nourishing Tint Package

• Any length nourishing permanent tint • 5 foils $ • Prescribed treatment • Style cut and blow wave • Hot iron or set


Other Services Available

• Shampoo and hot iron straight or curly $20 • Shampoo and blow dry $20 • Shampoo and set $25 • Trim mens and ladies $15 • Shampoo style cut & blow dry or hot iron $29 • Mens shampoo and style cut $20 • Make your colour ammonia free paraben free and scent free for an extra $20

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community news At Parrots in Paradise the birds are number one

IF you are looking for a new and exciting experience, Parrots in Paradise is the place to be! There is nowhere else you can see birds such as these, behaving in the most natural way, socialising, feeding each other, playing, nesting and bringing up their chicks! They also are very happy to get involved in our wonderful parrot show. All parrot species are intelligent. Alexandrines especially have intelligence which is underestimated by most people; theirs is the equivalent of a 6year old child. Being so bright they need stimulation and activities and this is where the parrot show comes in. The tricks the Alexandrines perform are an extension of their natural behaviours, it gives them a chance to play and think creatively in a fun environment. We use positive training techniques and the stars are never punished or asked to do something they don’t want to do. During the shows you can see them eager to perform and volunteer for their favourite tricks! These include ballet, running an army assault course, fighting fires and much, much

Page 18 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

more! The goals and philosophy of Parrots in Paradise is to educate people about the intelligence of parrots, both physical and mental, through entertainment and interaction with our birds. Parrots in Paradise want to encourage people to look at conservation and preservation. As well as being a sanctuary for surrendered and rescued birds, we also are a breeding, grooming, and boarding establishment. As we are a non-profit organisation we have a little shop full of birdy goodies, all the proceeds of which go towards the care of the birds we look after. When you come for a show or tour you may explore our grounds and enjoy a picnic by our dam, make friends with our chickens, geese, turkeys, swans, ducks and cats! Bookings are essential to come for this amazing and unique experience and you can do this by calling us on 07 5438 7719. For more information, photographs and fun videos go to Whoppa looks forwards to greeting you!

Pocket size solution to storing records A UNIQUE in-your-home service that transforms a filing cabinet load of documents or family photos into a pocket-sized device is being offered to seniors. Well-known Sunshine Coasters, Kay and Mark Farley, have established “Senior Scanner” to provide a 21st Century solution to document and photograph storage dilemmas. By taking their own equipment to customers’ homes to do the work, Kay said they could provide an easy, cost-friendly way of storing documents and photographs,

in an organised way, on a CD, or memory stick. She and Mark had recognised the need for such a service when they had to tackle their own “important paper” filing needs. “We didn’t want to take our documents and photographs out of the home and office and leave it there, unsecured, while the work was being done,” said Kay. “Nor did we want to pay a price per page. “We had to come up with an easy solution that addressed our storage and security needs, so we invested in high quality, portable scanning equipment. “It was fantastic – quick and easy – and soon we

were being asked by friends and others to help them out.” Kay and Mark are offering their service, at an hourly rate, throughout the Sunshine Coast. Anything up to A4 size can be scanned and customers are given a written guarantee that their privacy and security will be maintained. “The service is particularly popular for anyone who has to downsize and wants to get their photographs and documents preserved in a format that their children and grandchildren can use and keep,” said Kay. Senior Scanner: 5492 8352 or 0418 156 585, or email seniorscanning

St Peter’s Anglican Messy Church Service

STARTING on Sunday 16th February, Messy Church is moving to the 3rd Sunday of the month. Messy Church is a fun way to introduce adults and children to some of the wonderful stories in the Bible. It is also a great way for all family members to attend an enjoyable service in Church. We have craft activities for all ages and then songs and stories in Church. After this you can sit down to a home cooked meal and enjoy the company of friends old and new. Messy Church is an enjoyable way for all family members, parents, grandparents, children young and old to spend fun, meaningful time together. If you have not been before, why not spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the company of family and friends in a happy, caring environment where your evening meal is provided. St Peter’s Anglican Church, Cnr Church Street & Beach Road, Maroochydore starting at 4pm. Phone 5443 2133. A donation towards the cost of the meal is appreciated.

community news Help restore dignity and self esteem THE Bidet Shop has been approached by many people seeking the need of a Bidet for themselves, their family or their patients. Occupational Therapists and Carers in particular recommend the BA08 Healthcare Bidet to family members and their patients to help hinder the difficulties that are prevalent with disabilities, diseases and the ageing during toileting and when ensuring personal hygiene. From Haemorrhoids to arthritis, motor neuron disease or obesity the Bidet toilet seat can help sufferers by alleviating pain and helping to restore dignity and self-esteem. Hear what our customers have to say Louise Whitton (Occupational Therapist): I have been speaking to your office about Mr and Mrs Barnier and the option of hiring a Bidet. Mrs Barnier has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; all areas of function have been affected by this condition. She is no longer able to wipe herself after using the toilet due to very poor balance, shoulder and trunk rotation. Mrs Barnier has had numerous falls off the toilet when attempting to wipe

herself. Her husband is currently completing this task for her. Some level of independence and dignity in wiping herself after using the toilet is a goal for Mrs Barnier whilst still able to do so…. Trevor & Eileen Brown (Customer): Eileen and I are thrilled with our Bidet and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. We first saw the Hyundai Bidet advertised in the South Australian RSL magazine. As a WW2 returned serviceman I immediately saw the benefits of having a Bidet and since it has been installed we have found it has assisted us both immensely. We found the service from the Bidet Shop excellent and would be happy to recommend the Hyundai Bidet to anyone We are happy to speak with anyone who in considering purchasing a Bidet Regards Trevor Brown Lynne Whittingham (Carer of her Husband): I have had my Bidet since the middle of 2006 and the only thing wrong is that I didn’t know about it earlier. The Bidet Shop staff told me I could install it myself. I was able to do this in about 30 minutes.

My Husband is a paraplegic and the Bidet has liberated me completely. I still have to take trousers and pants off and on, but that’s a small task after what I have had to do before (for 3 years) I can’t speak highly enough about the Bidet and of course I get the benefits myself of a lovely warm seat in winter, which I’d dreamed about for years ( I hate the cold ) and of course it is lovely and refreshing, to feel properly clean after my visits to the toilet. Laurel Budd (Customer): I am very pleased with my

Bidet; it has been a God- it’s customers. Are you an 140 900 and mention OT support pack, or to regissend to me. Occupational Therapist or (SCS 2) to receive a free ter with The Bidet Shop I have found the Bidet has Carer? Please Freecall 1800 Occupational Therapy OT online website! assisted me with my daily toileting and will recommend it to anyone with complications caused by ageing To find out more about PEACHESTER how a Bidet can help you or your loved ones, call The Bidet Shop’s support COLLECTABLES team today! We are more than happy to assist you in purchasing the right bi• Bus Tours,Clubs, Intimate Meals • Wholesome Homecooked Meals & Cakes det for you and your bud• Comfy Rooms or Sunny Outdoors • Friendly Staff . . . Browse & Enjoy get, as well as helping to arrange installation of the • Open 7 Days • 10 mins Woodford/Beerwah product. The Bidet Shop offers extended warranties and 24/7 support for all of


24 Coochin St, PEACHESTER PH: 5494 9118

A regal pose

Affordable! Independent Living Units from $175,000

A Little Pied Cormorant poses regally as it dries its wings. Photo taken on the Gold Coast by Donna Mroz Turcic.

Noosa Bridge Club LEARN to play Bridge. Noosa Bridge Club is again holding a series of lessons for people wishing to learn how to play this fascinating card game. People who enjoy “who dunnits” and who like to use reasoning and deduction to solve problems are attracted to the game. People who enjoy card games and other types of brain teasers will almost certainly enjoy playing bridge. Bridge is a game that mixes social activity and mental exercise and is sometimes considered more addictive than coffee. Just as physical exercise helps to tone our muscles and strengthen our bones, so games that challenge us to think help to keep our mental faculties alive and kicking well into old age. The Bridge Club currently has 390 members, many of whom learned to play only in the past two or three years. There will be a series of eight, 2 hour lessons from Monday 3 February through to Monday 24 March 2014, commencing at9.00am. The cost is $68 for the series and includes morning tea and a text book. Anyone interested in learning how to play can contact Noosa Bridge Club on 5447 1341.

February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 19

community news Make your New Year’s Resolution to support your ageing loved ones

“To embrace a lifetime, we give you time” Drysdale Funerals was established in 1989 by Don and June Drysdale to provide a special level of care for the residents of the entire Sunshine Coast. We place the very highest priority on meeting the specific and personal wishes of those involved in arranging funeral services either immediately or in the future. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

National Seniors Australia

Chris Jones Manager - Nambour/Maroochydore

Planning ahead gives peace of mind It is a good idea to plan ahead by completing your personal profile record. It ensures your family or close friends have the answers they will need should anything happen to you. As a community service, Drysdale Funerals have prepared a small booklet in which you can record these details. It is yours free, without obligation, upon request. Just complete the coupon and send it to us or phone 5449 9383. A member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association.

Send this coupon today to Drysdale Funerals. 27 Butler Street, Tewantin - PH: 5449 9383 Also 86 Maud Street, Maroochydore - PH: 5479 1055 EC Thomas Chapel 33 National Park Rd, Nambour - PH: 5441 1366 Please send me, free of charge, without obligation  Personal Profile Record/s Name:..................................................................................................................................................................... Address:.................................................................................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................................Postcode:........................................ Page 20 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

AS we celebrate our Christmas holidays and New Year period gathering with family and friends, many will be surprised to notice a decline in the physical or mental health of elderly loved ones. These changes can be upsetting, but you are not alone. According to Seasons Group CEO Nick Loudon, there is a significant increase in the number of enquiries for care for ageing parents during the holiday season. “Being able to identify that it is time to access care is an important step in securing your loved one’s future and the start of the year is a great time to develop a New Year’s resolution with your loved ones to plan for their future care needs. Mr Loudon said this resolution may be difficult at first but talking to loved ones about their plans for the future is extremely important and should include estate planning, wills, advance care plans and aged care options. “With ageing, mental and physical problems eventually will appear, but it’s often up to family members to help recognise the warning signs that mum or dad might need to seek medical help,” Mr Loudon said. “It is a daunting responsibility to try to determine whether your loved ones can remain safely at home, how to evaluate the circumstances and what to do once the decision has been made.

NATIONAL Seniors Australia (NSA) is the largest organisation representing Australians aged 50 and over. The Caloundra City branch meets at the rear function room Currimundi Hotel, Buderim Street, Currimundi every 2nd Tuesday of the month at new start time of 10am. Ample parking is available. Friendship, interesting speakers, local outings and other activities are offered. All over 50’s on the Sunshine Coast are cordially invited to attend and become part of this fun community group. Visitors from NSA are also welcome. Phone Elaine on 0438 579 948 or Fran 5444 8347.

“But one thing is certain; the Aged Care Sector in Australia faces a significant amount of change in 2014. Mr Loudon said the Australian aged care system is complex so knowing the options, understanding the changes and planning ahead can make all the difference “I urge relatives to act now to understand the impact of these changes, rather than leave it another year before they consider the health, welfare and living support needs of their elderly loved ones. “Knowing what to do, where to start, what is available and how much it costs is important to make an informed decision about your future. According to Mr Loudon Seasons Private Aged Care provides a surprisingly affordable alternative to government funded nursing home beds by allowing people to maintain personal independence in modern selfcontained private residences, while enjoying a great community and having the convenience of full service Private Aged Care provided in their apartments if and when it is needed. “Moving to a Private Aged Care Community such as Seasons while still independent is a smart choice for couples and people who are currently living alone as well

as people who are concerned about future health needs and would like to avoid moving into a nursing home,” Mr Loudon said. To find out more about your options, visit or contact Seasons on 1300 506 116. Mr Loudon suggests seven signs which may indicate that it is time to consider additional assistance or a move into supported living or aged care: Condition of house: The house has become cluttered and the yard is in disarray. Physical appearance: They no longer take care in dressing and might wear the same clothes for several days. Mail and bills: Mail has piled up and is unorganised; bills are not up-to-date. Eating habits: The refrigerator is empty or contains spoiled food; they are losing weight. Change in decision-making: They occasionally forget to turn off a burner on the stove. Physical decline: They are exhibiting physical problems such as hearing and eyesight loss, (dragging a foot or exhibiting difficulty getting out of a chair). Increased confusion: They appear confused about time and place; questions are often repeated in a short time; there’s a struggle to find the correct words.

Introducing the

‘SENIOR SCANNER’ Get your Documents & Photos in Order


Kay: 5492 8352 or 0418 156 585

community news App helps rescuers zero in on emergency callers SUNSHINE Coast residents and holidaymakers planning on bush walking or travelling to Fraser Island or to any isolated location should take the time to download an app that could help save their life. Member for Fisher Mal Brough welcomed the launch of

the Emergency+ smartphone app by the Australian Government. The app gives people in trouble the ability to provide their exact location, as determined by the GPS functionality built-in to their smartphone. Mr Brough said more than 65 per cent of 000

emergency calls were made from mobile phones. “Sometimes, callers don’t know their exact location — a critical piece of information required by emergency call-takers,” he said. When activated, the free app provides users with their GPS reference

which they can verbally provide to an emergency call taker to pinpoint their physical location. “It will make it quicker and easier for emergency services to reach you if you find yourself in trouble,” Mr Brough said. “This can also save the limited resources of our emer-

gency services.” Emergency+ is available free on iOS and Android devices through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Development of the app was funded by the Australian Government through a National Emergency Management Project grant.

Mickey De Lorm & Yvonne Robinson from the Glasshouse Country VIEW Club enjoying themselves at their Christmas party in December

Affordable Home Help I’M a thoughtful, caring, fit 60 yr old lady resident of Tewantin willing and able to provide companionable home help services. Whether you require cleaning, washing, gardening or even someone to walk your pet, I’m keen to help you in any way I can. I’m trustworthy, honest and can provide you with references. I have a clean licence and own a safe, reliable vehicle which I can take you out in for shopping trips, visits to family and friends, morning teas, to the library, doctor’s clinic, vet clinic or even take you on a Sunshine Coast day trip of your choice. I will be delighted to help fulfil your special needs, no matter where you live on the Sunshine Coast. Please call Yvonne between 8.00am - 5.00pm on 0421 196 951.

Be the talk of the tea party

BE sure to impress your family and friends by learning exciting decorating techniques at the free Cupcake Decorating sessions at Sunshine Coast Council library branches during January, February and March 2014. Join professional tutor, cake maker and decorator Kira Klein from Sunshine Coast Community College for some insider tips and tricks. Nothing looks more delectable than a fabulously decorated cupcake. Learn how to create a sensational treat for both the eyes and belly. Register today in one of the following sessions to find out more: Beerwah Library, Sat 15 Feb, 10am to 11.30am. Caloundra Library, Thur 30th Jan, 5pm to 6.30pm. Coolum Library, Tues 25th Feb, 5pm to 6.30pm. Kawana Library, Thurs 13th Feb, 5.30pm to 7pm. Maleny Library, Sat 1st March, 10am to 11.30. Maroochydore Library, Tues 18th Feb, 5.30pm to 7pm. Head to council’s library website or call 1300 LIBRARY for bookings and full details.

National Seniors Buderim Branch

NATIONAL Seniors Buderim Branch monthly meeting will be held in the Buderim Bowls Club, Elizabeth Street, Buderim at 9.30am on Monday 24 February. Morning tea will be served. Cost is $4 per person. This month our guest speaker is Craig Allingham a local Physiotherapist, who will be talking about Physio for Seniors. Do come along for a social morning. All over 50s are welcome to join our group. Phone John 5456 1370.

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Let’s Get

Sunshine Coast Orchid Society Caloundra THE Sunshine Coast Orchid Society Caloundra is gearing up for another great year with shows, trips and shadehouse so-

cials already in the planning. If you are interested in joining this group of approximately ninety orchid lovers, come to one

of our meetings on the third Friday of the month (except April and December this year) or contact Secretary, Mary Coffey

Ph. 5437 3199 or caloundraorchid Meetings are held at the

CCSA Hall, Nutley Street from 7:30 until 9:00pm and feature plant displays and guest speakers. Visitors

are always welcome. Our first show for 2014 will take place on the 11th and 12th April in the Uniting

Church Hall, Queen Street and will combine the best flowering orchids from nine societies in the region.

New online course safeguards home renovators against asbestos


• Independence • Security • Peace of Mind


Providing privacy and Independence, with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self-contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• Over 4000 satisfied Glendale owners • 7 year structural warranty • Over 25 years experience • Undisputed industry leader


Dickson Rd., Caboolture 4510 FREECALL 1800 801 710

Please send me more information on Glendale Granny Cabins Mr/Mrs/Miss .............................................................. Address ................................................................... .................................................P/C.......................... Phone ......................................................................

TROUBLE with your HOME REPAIRS! HELP is at hand – Call PETER Bus hrs 5446 6350 Mobile 0437 734 403 Kitchen & vanity cupboard repairs Wardrobe & furniture repairs Doors & windows – locks, catches, hinges, runners Plasterboard repairs & patching Leaking taps & fittings Replace light fittings and/or globes Painting Tiling Repair and/or replace timber decks, pergolas, fences, garages, carports, gates & security screens Reliably servicing the Sunshine Coast 40 years trade experience – All repairs guaranteed QBSA Licence Page 22 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

HOME renovators will be better able to identify and safely handle asbestos thanks to a free online course being promoted by Cancer Council Queensland. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said the course would provide vital information to help protect home renovators from exposure to the deadly substance. “Even short-term or occasional exposure to asbestos fibres can cause mesothelioma and other fatal cancers,” Ms Clift said. “Alarmingly, Queensland’s homerenovation boom could see a future increase in asbestos-related diseases – if renovators don’t follow recommendations. “Buildings built before 1990 in Queensland could contain asbestos, but many home renovators do not know how to handle it safely.” A report tabled in Queensland Parliament found incidents of mesothelioma were expected to peak from 2013 to 2021. “When breathed in, asbestos fibres raise a person’s risk of asbestosis, lung, larynx and ovarian cancer, mesothelioma and other diseases of the lungs and stomach,” Ms Clift said. “And while many renovators may feel fine today, asbestos-related illness and disease can take between 10 and 40 years to develop.” In 2010, 640 deaths in Australia were caused by asbestos. In Queensland alone, 120 men and 27 women were diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2010.

“It is vitally important that Queenslanders educate themselves about the risks of asbestos exposure and participate in this course if they are planning home renovations,” Ms Clift said. “Australia has the highest per capita incidence of mesothelioma in the world and it’s estimated that up to 18,000 Australians are likely to die from this disease by 2020.” The online learning course, ‘kNOw asbestos in your home’, educates DIY renovators about identifying and handling asbestos. “It will make renovators aware of jobs that should be handled by a licensed and qualified professional,” Ms Clift said. “It is essential to seek professional advice before starting home renovations in order to protect against asbestos-related illness and disease. “Asbestos is a hazardous substance. We encourage all DIY renovators to use a licensed and registered asbestos removalist for any amount over 10m2.” ‘kNOw asbestos in the workplace’ is available now at Visit asbestos and for guidance to work safely with asbestos in Queensland. For more information on Asbestos Awareness visit For more information about Cancer Council Queensland, visit or call the Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.

Sunshine Coast Stamp Club Inc FOR some years, Australia Post has allowed members of the public to purchase ‘Personalised Stamps’ for use on mail in Australia at a very modest cost in comparison to the 60¢ normal postage rate. ‘Personalised Stamps’ is the trademark name of these stamps, and are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions, such as Engagements, Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, Special Birthdays or to send greetings to friends, loved ones and business associates. To order these special stamps, it is necessary to order them online at pstamps or obtain a brochure from the Post Office, complete the simple details required, and forward a photograph of your choice together with the fee, to the address shown in

the brochure. For the best result, a 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6") vertical photo is required. The photograph is then printed on the tab next to the stamp selected by you. You can then use these stamps on your mail, invitations, etc in the normal way and you can order as many stamps as you like in multiples of 20 stamps. To give people an idea of the cost of these stamps, a sheet of 20 stamps costs $24 and 3 sheets of 20 stamps costs $60.99 It usually only takes 10 days for delivery of the completed stamps The Sunshine Coast Stamp Clubs first meeting for 2014 is being held on Wednesday 5th February at the Red Cross Hall, Short St, Nambour starting at 7pm and further details can be obtained from Max Lennox phone 5448 6565.

Also, we would like to give advance notice of our Annual Stamp Fair which is to be held at

the Square Dance Hall, Dixon Road, Buderim on the Sunday 16th March 2014 from 9am to 4pm.

community news Could technology be the next big thing in dementia care? TECHNOLOGY has been on a swift ascension over the past few decades with little sign of slowing down. At RSL Care Fairview Retirement Community at Pinjarra Hills, residents and their families have experiencedfirst-hand the potential technology has to offer,as Director of the Centre for Health Practice Innovation at Griffith University’s Health Institute, Professor Wendy Moyle and her team have been trialling robot technology to assist people living with

dementia. VGo is a robot with a screen that enables a resident and a family member to connect so that they can see and hear each other, much like Skype. What is unique about VGo is the family member connects with VGo and remotely steers the robot which is located in the residential care facility. The family member can live a long way away and the technology is used to bridge this distance. RSL Care Residential Manager, Pam Sherman Carr said VGowas being trialled at Fairview and

the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “We have had a terrific response from residents and their families who have been included in the trial,” she said. “A mother and daughter can take a ‘virtual’ walk together with the aid of VGoand view our beautiful gardens here at Fairview together. “Residents living with dementia have responded positively.” RSL Care CEO Craig Mills said innovative technology like this had so much potential for the way customers

would be able to connect with their loved ones and the external community. “While the concept feels relatively new now it will most probably be a way of life for all of our customers in the future. “We are so pleased to be able to partner with Wendy and her team at Griffith University to work on such an exciting project. “Innovation like this, where we can enrich the lives and experiences of our customers, are a great motivator for me and set the scene for an exciting future for RSL Care.”

Friendship Force Sunshine Coast win two International Awards EACH year Friendship Force International recognise two clubs and two volunteers for achieving excellence in areas such as programs, public relations, service and specific achievements. There are about 400 clubs in 60 countries worldwide. The Awards for 2013 were announced at the Friendship Force World Conference held in New Orleans. The awards are: International Club of the Year –Friendship Force of Sunshine Coast Volunteers of the Year – Tom and Jean Ledwidge, Friendship Force Sunshine Coast for outstanding service. The Achievements Twenty two children

(aged from 14 to 17 years) affected by the Tsunami devastated areas of Japan were invited to a magnificent one week holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia in March 2013. This Humanitarian gesture (a first of its kind) was organised by Friendship Force of Sunshine Coast with all money being raised through club efforts and donations. Considerable communication was necessary with Friendship Force clubs in Japan and with Friendship Force International (USA) to develop the program and manage the cultural challenges from concept to fruition. The children

and chaperons were home hosted by members and were treated to a fun filled week of activity with local schools, Australia Zoo, sport and many attractions. The responses from the children indicate a very warm bond was built with their hosts and strong hopes for their futures. Their transformation from being scared and apprehensive at first to being happy and outgoing was a real reward from this unique program. Special thanks to Exchange Directors Tom and Jean Ledwidge who lead a very dedicated team of members to

achieve this excellent result. Friendship Force International also recognised Yasushi Kinugasa from Friendship Force of Koriyama (Japan) for his contributions to the success of this project. For more information contact the Club President Nev Berry on 5472 7618.

Dying with Dignity Queensland Inc. Are you one of the 85% of adult Australians who want the legal choice of a peaceful, painless, dignified death? Our not-for-profit society needs MEMBERS to convince our Members of Parliament to legalise assisted dignified death ON REQUEST by a terminally-ill adult. Our aim is to have the law in Queensland changed so that, subject to appropriate safeguards, residents suffering intolerably can receive assistance to die peacefully and painlessly. This help MUST be in accordance with that person’s expressed direction.

Phone: 1300 733 818 or write to: P O Box 432, Sherwood Q 4075

Join us (only $20 subscription) and insist on


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La w, F inance & Y OU Law Finance YOU A Balancing Act THE incredible mining boom we have experienced is coming to an end and our economy is moving along relatively intact. Mining booms of the past have often ended in a burst of inflation or recession, sometimes both. But thanks to good management by the Reserve Bank over the past 5 years it appears that in 2014 we

will experience more balanced growth. You may remember how the Reserve slashed interest rates during the GFC with relief for mortgage holders who had been paying double digit interest rates. When the worst of the GFC appeared to have passed in 2009 and 2010, the Reserve brought interest

rates back to normal again. But by late 2011 it became clear that commodity prices were softening - as government stimulus in China petered out – and our strong Aussie dollar was putting pressure on the rest of the trade exposed economy. Since then the Reserve has cut interest rates on eight occasions - the last cut, in August last year, taking the

official cash rate to a record low. It has been wait and see if consumers find the confidence to take over the reigns of growth from the mining sector. Households have spent the last halfdecade more inward focussed getting ahead on the mortgage and saving. The main question as we enter 2014 is: has enough been done? Have we seen the last rate cut? Increasingly, economists think we have. In fact, the median forecast of 30 economic forecasters surveyed by Bloomberg is for rates to remain exactly where they are for the whole of 2014. Retail sales and building approval figures released in January hint at a recovery in consumer spirits. Retail sales have now grown for seven consecutive months, to be 4.6 per cent higher over the year. It is important to understand that consumer spending actually makes up about two thirds of all economic activity. There is the risk though that the pick-up in nonmining sector growth in

Australia may not be strong enough to offset the slowdown in mining investment and budget cutbacks in the May budget. Investment in housing construction is also picking up. Building approvals fell slightly on the previous month but are up more than 20 per cent over the year. A shortage of supply and renewed interest by investors in housing is driving a boom in new apartment building. If sustained, this will create jobs and possibly keep a lid on property price rises. On that note, the jobs market remains of concern as it does continue to be sluggish at best. Recovering retirement nest eggs and home values are both helping to restore financial spirits. While share market volatility may increase and returns may slow, returns should still be good as shares and growth assets generally remain underpinned by an improving growth outlook, easy monetary conditions, a continued rotation in investor

flows from “safety” to “growth” and as shares are still not expensive. For now Europe’s debt situation continues, but the crisis has eased. Growth there remains low however and with bank stress tests due later in the year the crisis may return. Closer to home China, although slowing, is still powering along at around 8 per cent annual growth. The downside risk of course is the possibility of this to be a fleeting stabilisation. Time will tell. Meanwhile, the US economy is in recovery mode, creating jobs again. The US Federal Reserve will spend 2014 withdrawing extraordinary stimulus measures, while making sure this doesn’t restrict recovery. And on Capitol Hill, the worst of the debt ceiling debacle appears to have passed, as Republicans and Democrats work towards a compromise deal on restraining spending to avoid another damaging shutdown. On balance it’s all reasonably settled on the economic front as we

move into 2014. Now would be a good time to review your investment strategy and take a moment to assess if you are positioned best for times ahead and your desired investment outcomes.

For more Information contact Tim Maher at Maher Digby Securities Pty Ltd - Financial Advisers – AFSL No. 230559 (see advert Page 3). Ph: 07 5441 1266 or visit our website This document was prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not guaranteed as accurate or complete and should not be relied upon as such. Maher Digby Securities does not accept any responsibility for the opinions, comments and analysis contained in this document, all of which are intended to be of a general nature. Investors should, before acting on this information, consider the appropriateness of this information having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend consulting a financial advisor

New changes to Super accounts take effect in 2014 PTY LTD

WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY LAWYERS FOR 36 YEARS Please call us on 5491 2422 • How to prevent disputes regarding your Will • Attorneys’ obligations and the consequences of non-compliance • Appointing a decision maker for someone who does not have capacity to make a Power of Attorney Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Ave, Caloundra Qld 4551 P: (07) 5491 2422 F: (07) 5491 2670


AUSTRALIAN workers should check their superannuation accounts to ensure they have adequate insurance cover under new reforms that came into effect on1 January, 2014. It is now compulsory for superannuation funds to provide death and total permanent disablement (TPD) insurance as part of the new MySuper scheme. MySuper is the new super account that most funds will offer as the default option. Slater & Gordon Superannuation Lawyer Andrew Weinmann said in his experience most people do not have adequate TPD insurance to cover them in the event they can no longer work. “TPD insurance is the forgotten part of superannuation. A lot of people do not know they are able to access insurance through their super funds if they have to permanently give up work be-

cause of injury or illness. For that reason many people are not adequately covered,” MrWeinmann said. Research commission by Slater & Gordon in 2010 found only 47 per cent of Australia had heard of TPD insurance as provided through superannuation funds. Under the MySuper scheme, employees will be offered minimum levels of death and TPD cover on an opt-out basis. “Now is a very good time for you to review the insurance offered through your super fund and to ask yourself whether you have enough insurance to cover your debts if you are unable to work again. “Having the right amount of insurance provides peace of mind and, in the event you need to use it, can protect you and your family from financial hardship,” MrWeimann said.

Project Vietnam IncRockfest PROJECT Vietnam Inc. presentstheir first charity fund raising function in February,featuring live music, food and drink, and a charity auction. Music will be provided by The Foggs, a versatile quartet of musicians with a wide repertoire and Flackoes, two local blokes who love to entertain with their combination of guitar, bass, vocals and harmonies. The venue is Valdora Hall, 360 Valdora Road (off the Yandina-Coolum Rd) on 16th February. From 2pm – 6pm. Tickets are a very reasonable $20 and light foodis included in the ticket

price. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase. Tickets need to be booked and paid for before 16th February. Contact Noel McCarton 0481 314 380 or 5473 0581 for payment options. You can find out more about Project Vietnam Inc in our article on Page 1 of this issue.

Grand Cent Auction Complete Annual Administration Service from $1750 (+gst) Consider that an annual $500 savings in costs, invested at 5% interest over 10 years, compounds to around $7,400. Call us and see how we can help maximise your returns

Burnett Street, Buderim

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A Grand Cent Auction will be held at the Sands Tavern, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore on Friday 14th February. Doors open 6pm for 7pm start. Entry $3 includes Lucky Door Prize and free sheet of tickets. Over 100 fantastic prizes to be won including a 3 night Sunshine Coast Hinterland Getaway. All proceeds aid Home of the Open Heart AIDS Hospice in Thailand. Enquiries 5478 3174.

Caloundra 5491 1559 Maroochydore 5443 9953 Nambour 5476 2866 Noosa 5470 2664

community news Kawana Senior Citizens Inc AT the Christmas Luncheon held on Thursday 12 December Noreen Hearne pictured centre left, received a Kawana Seniors Award from the President Mavis Farmer left and Jarrod Bleijie Member for Kawana right, for her dedication and support to the Club, since the beginning of the Club in 1991. Merle Meredith, Margaret Lansdown and Joan Bennett, also received Awards for their support of the Club during the years they have been Members. The Christmas Breakup was very much enjoyed amongst the members, as well as the Christmas Luncheon in their Hall. Two Coach Trips were made during December, one to the Carrara Markets & Harbourtown and the other a Christmas Lights Coach Tour to Brisbane which was excellent. Eileen Edwards, the Tour Director has lots of Coach Trips available this year. The first one planned is to see the Police Dogs in action at Moggill in Brisbane and the Mounted Police. In March, the Kawana Seniors will have an enjoyable day when the Palmwoods Seniors visits them. The David Lee Duo ‘Fiddle me Please’ will be entertaining that day, followed by a

special Morning Tea Cost of being in this Friendly Seniors Club is just $4.00 per morning & yearly subs of $5. Each morning you will receive a Lucky Door Ticket that could win you spins on their wheel or one of 2 fruit trays. There is also a meat tray raffle. The Seniors, start at 9.30 am Thursday Mornings, with musical entertainment and a delightful morning tea to follow. Indoor Bowls, Hoy and Bingo Games are played throughout the morning. Join this very Friendly Senior’s Club, who meet at the Kawana Community Hall, just behind the Kawana Shopping World in Nanyima St. Buddina, near the Kawana Library. Please phone their President, Mavis Farmer at 5493 3545, for any enquires, about this very active Seniors Club of Kawana Waters. If you are lonely, come along and meet other local seniors and join in the fun. Members come from all over the Sunshine Coast – Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek, Glenfields, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Minyama, Buddina, Warana, Bokarina, Wurtulla & Currimundi. Any seniors of the Sunshine Coast are made very welcome.

Is income from a feed-in solar tariff taxable? THERE doesn’t appear to be any specific taxation legislation dealing with income derived from feed- in tariffs. Whether it is assessable income depends on the income producing nature of the activity. If it can be demonstrated that the system was installed with a view to making a profit, then receipts under the feed in tariff would be considered assessable income while all expenses associated with the income generating activity would be deductible (eg depreciation). In most cases, systems installed at domestic sites would not be taxable as they would be considered personal use / hobby (i.e. not in the nature of a business or profit making scheme). If the system is installed at a commercial site, it will most likely be considered taxable. However, system owners should consult their accountant for advice or can also request a private ruling from the ATO. According to a May 2010 announcement from Centrelink, feed- in tariff credits where applied as a credit on an electricity account are not included in Centrelink’s income test for pensioners, but credits converted to cash payments such as a cheque or direct deposit will be. The adjusted policy has applied from 14 May 2010 and is relevant to not just pensions, but all Social Security income support payments such as NewStart. However, it is still unclear if this applies to payments such as Family Tax Allowance and Parenting Payments. People who may be affected should consult with their local Centrelink Office. Source:

Let’s Go Line Dancin’ NEW beginners classes starting Maroochydore on Monday 3rd February at the Uniting Church, Millwell Road, Maroochydore on Monday 1pm to Wednesday 12.30pm. New beginners classes at Caloundra on Thursday 6th February, behind Indoor Bowls Hall, Burke Street, Caloundra at 10.30am. New beginners evening class at Bowling Club Caloundra on Monday 3rd February at 6.30pm. Please contact Karen on 0438 779 787 or Anne on 5452 6667.

• Safe, comfortable and durable • Easy to use control handset • Designed to conform to your natural movement • 10 year foam and frame warranty • 5 year mechanism warranty • Wide range of styles available

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In the green and purple building next to McDonalds

26 Nicklin Way MINYAMA Phone 5478 4600

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Simplifying AGED CARE Choices Doctors unclear on advance care planning laws

“The Claremont Private Residental Care” A beautiful ‘state of the art’ home in keeping with Padman Health Care’s award winning developments. Our recently built luxury collection comprises of well appointed single rooms; all have private ensuites and built in robes. Our rooms are designed to be an extension of your family home, made even more comfortable with items of your favourite furniture.

Our quality accommodation and services in a caring and personalized setting is an expression of high standards of services and quality of life for the elderly. Your stay with us can be for a holiday, respite or a permanent arrangement.

Padman Health Care established Aged Care Services in 1984 27 Glenbrook Drive, Nambour

Phone: (07) 5459 3600 Fax: (07) 5441 1247

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MANY doctors are confused about the legality of advance care directives and the authority of substitute decisionmakers, leaving them open to possible legal action, new research has found. According to the study led by Professor Colleen Cartwright from Southern Cross University only half of surveyed doctors in New South Wales correctly understood that an enduring power of attorney does not allow the person appointed to make healthcare decisions. Doctors were also unclear about the order of authority if no enduring guardian had been appointed, which in NSW is not the next-of-kin. Professor Cartwright said a lack of knowledge in this area may lead medical practitioners to accept the decision of a person who does not have legal authority to make those decisions for the patient, with potentially significant legal consequences. “Medical practitioners need to understand who has the authority to consent for someone who has lost capacity and are putting themselves at legal risk if they don’t follow a valid advance directive or the instructions of an appointed or legally authorised substitute decision-maker,” she said.

While the majority of doctors (77 per cent of specialists and 76 per cent of GPs) in the study said they would respect the patient’s autonomy and follow their wishes in an advance care directive, older doctors were least likely to agree with this action. Professor Cartwright said further education and training would need to target this cohort in addition to strengthening training in medical schools for new graduates. The standardisation of terminologies and systems across different states and territories would also assist in addressing these issues, she said. “My message to healthcare professionals is to know the law in your state or territory, respect the documents and the appointments that have been made unless you have a very good reason for doing otherwise and encourage your patients, residents and clients to complete their documents because it will give you certainty and the patient certainty.” The results of the study, which surveyed 150 GPs and 110 medical specialists, were recently published in the Internal Medicine Journal. Courtesy: Linda Belardi. Source: Australian Ageing Agenda

Too hot to sleep? IF a loved one who is a resident at an aged care facility is restless during summer nights, Ron Grunstein, Professor of Sleep Medicine at Sydney Medical School, may be able to help. “Sleep and body control of temperature are intimately connected. Body temperature follows a 24 hour cycle linked with the sleep wake rhythm,” he writes. According to Professor Grunstein, body temperature decreases during the night time sleep phase and

rises during the wake phase. Sleep is most likely to occur when core temperature decreases, and much less likely to occur during the rises. He adds the hands and feet play a key role in facilitating sleep as they permit the heated blood from the central body to lose heat to the environment through the skin surface. The sleep hormone melatonin plays an important part of the complex loss of heat through the peripheral parts of the body, Professor Grunstein explains. “At sleep onset, core body temperature falls but peripheral skin temperature rises. But temperature changes become more complex during sleep as our temperature self regulation varies according to sleep stage,” he says. Research has shown how environmental heat can disturb this delicate balance between sleep and body temperature. For instance, an ambient temperature of 22 or 23 de-

grees Celsius is ideal. Any major variation in this leads to disturbance of sleep with reduced slow wave sleep (a stage of sleep where the brain’s electrical wave activity slows and the brain ‘rests’), and also results in less dreaming sleep (rapid eye movement or REM sleep). According to Professor Grunstein, during REM sleep, our ability to regulate body temperature is impaired. Restless sleep may contribute to problems with complex memory retention, higher judgement (poorer decision making and increased risk taking behaviour), blood pressure control and regulation of glucose in the body. As we age, our sleep patterns change. In general, older people sleep less, experience more fragmented sleep, and spend less time in stages 3 & 4 and REM sleep (deep sleep and dream sleep) than younger people. Courtesy:

Commencement of the Quality Agency

THE Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (Quality Agency) commenced functions relating to residential aged care services from 1 January 2014 and will commence functions relating to home care services from 1 July 2014 replacing the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Limited (ACSAA Ltd). The Quality Agency is the new agency responsible for the accreditation and monitoring of Australia’s residential aged care providers. The Quality Agency is also continuing the ACSAA Ltd’s important work of supporting and promoting quality in aged care service delivery through its comprehensive industry education program. The Quality Agency will become the sole agency that aged care service providers will respond to regarding quality assurance of aged care services, whether in an aged care home or in a person’s own home. For more information, go to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency’s website at


endent p e d In g in y a t S d an Art Therapy Class

CARERS Queensland Maroochydore is offering an Art Therapy class for family carers from 10am to 12pm on Wednesday February 12th, 2014. Painting or drawing, writing or modelling provide a means of expression that allow surprising or revealing information to emerge. The caring

role can be deeply satisfying and also difficult. New information or perspectives are sometimes needed to help you cope. The class is about gentle discovery and getting to know each other. No experience necessary. For more info please contact counsellor Pam Danson on 5451 1882.

Congratulations to Ron and Jean Bath who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on December 13, 2013. The couple had a get-together with family and friends to commemorate this special day

Fitness, Fun & Friendship with Marjie QUALIFIED Fitness Leader, Marjie Andrews has taken a new direction in her long-standing devotion to health and fitness, particularly for mature-age citizens. Walking is a wonderful way to embrace Marjie’s strong belief that “lively legs” are the pillars of support on which to build a healthy upper body! By combining walking with exercise interludes, Marjie continues to promote her worthy cause of “active ageing” and achieving maximum fitness benefit at

each session. “Active ageing” simply means enjoying safe, sensible exercise under her guidance, and thereby improve, or gain, without pain. Resuming for 2014 on Monday - 3rd and Tuesday - 4th of February, Marjie’s Walking Group meets at the Cod Hole Picnic Shelter (Upstream of the Boat Ramp) at 9.00am on Mondays and Tuesdays. - Everyone very welcome. Please phone Marjie on 5448 4229 if you would like more information.

Life theme for 2014 – Value Your Health We are much more efficient and successful at achieving our goals when our values can back up our objectives. A life theme reflects what you value most and indicates what inspires and drives you. Your life themes can provide a viewpoint and insight into how you define yourself and prioritise your life. Making health and fitness one of your life themes is the best way to achieve your 2014 health and fitness resolutions and beyond. Adopt a whole new mindset and you’ll soon discover that a theme of health and fitness in your life will give you the motivation and the right attitude to be successful at reaching your health goals not just for 2014 but for the years ahead as it becomes your lifestyle. A better you, a fit and healthier you, will equip you to live and engage to the fullest in life. It’s important we also define what fit and healthy actually means and looks like as each and every person is unique. Moving Joints Accredited Exercise Physiologist are your local health exercise specialists equipped to help you exercise in the right way according to your level of health and personal goals and needs. AEP professionals are university qualified and have completed a 4 year degree, similar to physiotherapy, and work with Doctors and alongside other Allied Health professionals for a holistic approach to your health. If you suffer from a chronic condition you should speak to your Doctor to learn about the benefits of a personalised and evolving exercise program according to your specific goals and needs. For eligible persons there a health fund rebates available for AEP services such as Medicare, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Work Cover and private health

insurance. Our Senior AEP Paula is passionate about helping seniors to age with energy and take back the freedom of being able to carry out everyday lifestyle activities. If you are interested and would like more information about our services, programs and how we can help you please phone our central reception on 1800 ALL BETTER (1800 255 238 837). Start your 2014 with a health revolution!Andrew Robinson (71) – I’ve lost 5kg in about 6 weeks and have enjoyed Paula’s caring guidance with the specific exercises she gives me. My wife and I both enjoy coming to the group exercise classes. Audrey (87) – Since seeing Paula over the last 2 months, I’m no longer having any falls. I’ve come out of my shell again and gained my confidence back. I just enjoy the freedom of being able to physically do more.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7, 8 & 11am

No gym membership required

$12 per class & $8 for pensioners per class Excellent discounts available for week/month advance payments

Chancellor Park Village Blvd (Inside My Fitness Club)

1800 ALL BETTER (1800 255 238 837)

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dent n e p e d In g in y a t S and Sunshine Coast Multiple Sclerosis Self Help Group

Your Notebook of Wellbeing: Six elements of renewal

THE Sunshine Coast MS Self Help Group meet every 4th Saturday of the month at 2.00pm at the Suncare Day Respite Centre, George Street Maroochydore. Further information can be obtained by phoning Maureen on 5443 2215. There is no cost and Partners/Carers are also welcome. Future meetings for the rest of the year will be held on the 22nd February, 22nd March, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June, 26th July, 23rd August (Birthday Lunch), 27th September, 25th October & 22nd November (Christmas Lunch). No meeting in December.

CAN we achieve the wellbeing needed to cope with what comes up for us? That’s the theme of an upcoming workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to explore presenter Barry Long’s personal journey to renewal. They will also take away a guide for their own journey. The workshop is in the beautiful venue of Cooroy Anglican Church Hall, where the outside can be seen from the inside on Thursday 20th February from 9.30am – 1pm. “It’s based on my experience,” said Barry “I kept meeting setbacks from crises of every kind. To cap it all off, I discovered - many years after I reached retirement age - that I would be working for the rest of my active life. Despite all this, I found myself coping with adversity well. “I decided to take stock of what kept me afloat, so buoyant, throughout all these ups and downs. “Six elements stood out. Because they support my well being, I compiled a pocketbook of notes from my experience for guidance. These notes are the basis of my workshop. “You might need to cope with tension, rise above stress or find a new direction. If so, discover what it is about everyday life that can renew your future,” he said. A member of the Sunshine Coast Literary Association and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, Barry was awarded the Public Service Medal in an Australia Day honours list and the Centenary Medal of Australian Federation for service to local government and the community. Barry attributes his distinctive voice and presentation skills to a lifetime of speaking in public to groups and local communities. His colleague, Frances Cahill, is a public speaking coach with an honours degree in linguistics and more than a dash of drama. A qualified trainer, Frances also provides advice and training to close skill gaps. Bookings are essential. Phone 5474 5269 to attend. Cost is $49 concession $45 including morning tea and notebook kit.

Managing Anxiety Workshops LEARN how to manage anxiety in your life. Over 4 weeks learn about why we worry, what causes our anxiety to increase, ways to manage symptoms of anxiety, and plan for future life without overwhelming worry. This free course will be held at Noosa Community Health starting 13th February 2014. Bookings are essential as places are limited. Phone to book your place on 5449 5944.

Melanoma Patients Aust *General Care *Biomechanical Assessments *Paraffin wax foot baths

Free Orthotics for Medibank Private Extras Patients Shop 2, 1 Heidi St, Kuluin (Behind McDonalds)

Page 28 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

Phone 5456 2562

MPA is an Australia wide support group for people with Melanoma and their families. MPA meets on the third Friday of each month at the Cancer Council rooms, Bayden Powell Street, Maroochydore at 10am. If you or a member of your family has Melanoma, why not come along to our next meeting. It is on Friday, 21st February at 10 AM. To talk to a member or to get or information, phone Christine, 0412 689 546 or Daphne at 5478 8744. Melanoma Patients Australia web site is www.melanoma

My wish for you in 2014 May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words . . . May 2014 be the best year of your life!!! Happy New Year!


endent p e d In g in y a t S d an

Improved heart attack prediction for diabetics

AUSTRALIAN researchers have found a simple screening test that boosts the ability to predict heart attacks and death in people with type 2 diabetes. Lead author Associate Professor Graham Hillis, of The George Institute for Global Health and The University of Sydney, said the study had found that two biomarkers, HighSensitivity Cardiac Troponin T and NTerminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide, appeared to greatly improve the accuracy with which the risk of cardiovascular events or

death can be estimated in patients with type 2 diabetes. “The addition of either marker improved the prediction of major cardiovascular events within the next five years. Likewise, both markers greatly improved the accuracy with which the five-year risk of death was predicted. “The combination of both markers provided optimal risk discrimination.” In contrast, levels of total cholesterol or highsensitivity C-reactive protein provided minimal additional prognostic information, he said.

Diabetes is the world’s fastest-growing chronic disease. In 2013, 382 million people had diabetes in 2013; a figure expected to almost double to 592 million by 2031. About 956,000 Australians have type 2 diabetes, which is diagnosed in up to 90 per cent of all diabetics. The study is important because the incidence of heart attacks is increased twofold to threefold in patients with type 2 diabetes, to the point that about two in every three patients with the condition will die due to cardiovascular disease. “Simple screening tests that better detect high risk Type 2 diabetes patients would be particularly valuable,” said Associate Professor Graham Hillis. Existing risk prediction methods, he said, were imperfect, and classical cardiovascular risk factors were relatively poor predicators in patients with diabetes. The study looked at 3,862 patients who participated in the Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease (ADVANCE) trial, and was published in Diabetes Care. Source:

70th Wedding Anniversary

Frank and Grace Phillips are an amazing couple who celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on December 23rd, 2013. They are a loving couple, devoted to each other and share a double room at Sovereign Lodge at Noosa Nursing Centre. Residents and staff celebrated this special occasion with Grace and Frank at a lovely morning tea. A beautiful cake was supplied by the facility for all to share.

My Life, My Choice OUR next meeting will be held at the CWA Room, Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore on Wednesday February 19th at 2pm. Afternoon tea will be served and parking is available at the door. Our society lobbies politicians “to have the law in Queensland changed so that, subject to appropriate safeguards, residents suffering intoler-

ably can receive assistance to die peacefully and painlessly. This help must be in accordance with that person’s expressed direction”. We believe that all adult Australians should have choice in their end of life decisions. If this is also your belief, please help us achieve our aim and come and join us. The recent defeat of the bill

in Tasmania `13-11 with the chairperson unable to vote shows just how close the vote was and indicative of the feeling of 82% of adult Australians who want control over their end of life decisions. Any enquiries please phone Joan on 5443 5576 or email vesscoast@iinet.netnau.


Six Elements of Renewal Thursday 20th February 9.30am-1pm

A WORKSHOP Explore some of the elements that guide and support renewal through wellbeing. Casting new light on the value of everyday activities, workshop presenter Barry Long invites you to accompany him on his journey of discovery to vigorous living . The workshop will be held at the Anglican Church Hall in Miva Street Cooroy Find the surprisingly simple aspects of everyday life that can renew your future. Reserve your place - Booking is essential

Phone 5474 5269 to attend Cost including morning tea and notebook kit $49 concession $45

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HOLIDAY & Leisure THERE are many good reasons to plan a trip this year to Norfolk Island, undiscovered by many Australians yet only just over 2 hours flight from Brisbane.

An event-full year for Norfolk Island I’ve often been asked “why go to Norfolk when there are so many island options in the Whitsundays, North Queensland and the Pacific. What’s the big

Page 30 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

attraction?” For a start, if it’s true R&R you want [not the Bangkok kind] you’ll find N.I. one of the most relaxing places on earth. That’s probably one of

by Phil Hawkes

the reasons people like Colleen McCullough and Helen Reddy have their havens there. You can spend days among the stately pines and observing the sea-

Norfolk Island

scapes, just communing with nature if that’s on your current bucket list. Alternatively, there are plenty of things to do if you want some action like golf, tennis, fishing, walking along beautiful trails or horse riding. And if you’re interested in Australia’s colonial past and the saga of the Bounty mutineers whose descendants now populate the island, there’s a rich vein of history with significant buildings, museums and exhibits to explore. Food and wine buffs are well catered for, with everything from “paddock to plate” fine dining to “fish fries” in hotels and other outdoor locations, making use of the island’s excellent fresh seafood and vegetables. There’s also a thriving coffee culture and a distillery producing alltoo-drinkable liqueurs which make good souvenirs or gifts to bring back, duty-free. Other spirits are available at the town’s duty-free shop. As well as all that, N.I. has a surprising and varied special events programme right through the year. One worth noting is the “Christmas in July….Aussie Icons” series of concerts and other activities 12-19 July, with guest appearances by Normie Rowe, Colleen Hewitt and Johnny Young. A special highlight will be a lunch and afternoon hosted by acclaimed author Colleen McCullough. A similar event last year organised by Trade Travel was a rousing success. Here are a few other event highlights:

Colleen McCullough

First Fleet Anniversary celebrations 3-6 March; Quilting Retreat 7-11 April; Country Music Festival 18-22 May; Bounty Day celebrations 9 June; Rock n Roll Festival 2226 July; Food Festival 22-29 November;

Norfolk Island Jazz Festival 6-13 December. It’s time to think about Norfolk Island this year, and maybe plan for Christmas as you’ve never experienced it before….in July. www.


MARCH WEEKENDER O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat Fleay Wildlife Park, Australian Seabird Rescue and Sea Turtle Hospital 3 Day Saturday 29th to Monday 31st March $565 Includes: Marina Quays Resort, Full Buffet Breakfasts, Dinners, (1) Morning Tea, (1) Lunch, (1) Afternoon Tea, Australian Outback Spectacular Show - O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat, Fleay Wildlife Park, Australian Seabird and Turtle Hospital, Thursday Plantation, Carrara Markets. Home pickup and return Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe, Brisbane and Redlands Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Brisbane Metro Area, Redlands, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Banora Pt, Kingscliff Will mail Itinerary on all tours, Please Phone Sunshine Coast / Brisbane: 3343 6722 - Gold Coast: 5520 1499

Coastal Variety Tours

HOLIDAY & Leisure The freedom to explore! of the best ways to ensure you see as much of the destination you are visiting without having to worry about the small details that often make the difference between a great holiday and a trip of a lifetime. Wendy Wu Tours offer fully inclusive tours carefully designed to include major sites, different modes of transportation, culinary delights and incredible opportunities to

allowing you the freedom to explore your chosen destination knowing that everything has been taken care of. Using tour guides that are amongst the finest in the industry, along with local guides providing wonderful knowledge and insight into their homeland, ensures a seamless touring experience. Included in the fully inclusive tours are return international economy

class airfares, all meals and accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and entrance fees, taxes and charges as well as visas for Australian passport holders, tipping and the services of national escorts/and or local guides. Wendy Wu Tour’s wide range of fully inclusive group tours and destinations ensures there is something to suit every traveller. From visiting the

The Best of Vietnam

Vietnam & Cambodia Delights 16 Days fully inclusive from $3880 $3595

15 Days fully inclusive from $3495

tory and new cultures are just some of the many rewards of travelling overseas. Group touring has

long been a popular way for Australian travellers to explore their chosen destination. It is also one

Shanghai, Nanjing, Mt.Huang, Wuhan, Three Gorges, Chongqing, Hongkong

10 Days fully inclusive from $2595

U3A Noosa’s ArmChair Travel st

U3A Noosa’s ArmChair Travel starts 2014 on Friday 21 February with Marilyn and Arnold Kopf presenting ‘Another Country’- a journey through The Kimberley and Kakadu. Marilyn takes photos and Arnold takes videos, and they combine these with music to produce a very entertaining presentation. Our presentation starts at 1.45pm and everyone is welcome. Afternoon tea is served. U3A House is at 64 Poinciana Ave on the corner with Moorindil Street opposite the Shell Service Station. Any Questions phone 5440 5500.

Ancient Cities & Yangtze River Discovery 17 Days fully inclusive from $3988 $3788

Mighty Yangtze River & Hongkong 16 Days fully inclusive from $3798 $3298 Around Formosa Taiwan

Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai

Japan Cherry Blossom & Garden Tour 2014 14 Days fully inclusive from $6480 $5780


Taipei Sun moon lake, Kaohsiung, Taitung, Hualien, Taroko Gorge

Tokyo, Hakone, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kobe

Natural Wonders of China 15 Days fully inclusive from $4080 $3880

Japan, Korea & Taiwan Triple Indulgence 20 Days fully inclusive from $6495 $5995

Zhangjiajie, Yangtze river cruise, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Chengdu, Panda

Include Int’l& Domestic flights with all taxes and fuel surcharge, meals, 4-5* hotels, sightseeing & transfers, English Speaking Tour Guide, Tipping or most of tours. * Travel insurance, visa are extras



Saigon, Cui Chi, Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Halong, Hanoi

Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi an, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

DISCOVERING a new destination is an exciting time for any traveller – incredible sights, rich his-

Great Wall in China, to travelling through the original Silk Road route, sailing on Vietnam’ stunning Halong Bay to visiting the Taj Mahal at sunrise, each itinerary has been crafted to provide you with an unforgettable journey. Contact your local Travellers Choice consultant on 1300 78 78 58 or visit to book your Wendy Wu Tour today!

1300 842 688 for bookings and enquiry

Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taitung and Taroko Gorge, Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Seoul, Gwangju, Gyeongju, Mt.Sorak

2014 - 2015 New Brochure Out! Call us for your free copy!

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HOLIDAY & Leisure

s k c i P f f a t S

Explore Borneo jungles

BORNEO has intrigued adventurers and explorers for centuries. The South-East Asian island is split into three nations - Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and then Malaysian Borneo is split into the states of Sabah and Sarawak, with Kota Kinabalu (or KK as it is known) Sabah’s capital. The Borneo jungles contain some of the oldest undisturbed areas of rainforest in the world and it’s here you’ll have some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in all of Asia. You can view such amazing wildlife in their natural habitat such asthe orang Utan at Sepilok, the proboscis monkeys along the Kinabatangan River and the green and hawkbilled turtles on Turtle Island National Park. Besides the natural wonders of a visit to Borneo, Australian visitors like to pay homage to the heroes who fought in these steamy jungles and in most cases didn’t make it home. A memorial is held to commemorate the fallen heroes on the 15th of August every year, at the Sandakan Memorial Park - which was once the site of the prisoners of war camp. The current size of the Memorial Park is only a fraction of the original camp. In 1942 and 1943, the prisoners numbered some approximately 750


rave l & Cruis ith Uc ang o T

e Centr e








Sandakan Memorial






British and more than 1650 Australian soldiers and civilians. If you’d like to attend Sandakan Memorial Day in 2014 Go See Touring is running a fully escorted and fully inclusive tour which includes touring to the Kinabalu

National Park, the Sepilok Orang Utan Centre, the Australian War Memorial in Kundasang and of course the Sandakan Memorial Day Service. The tour also includes flights to Labuan Island where the Japanese surrendered

– leading to the end of the war in the Pacific. The tour departs from Brisbane on 11 August so give Go See Touring a call on 1300 551 997 for more information or check the details at

Ucango wins National Cruise Awards

Dawn Princess at Sunset

THE popularity of cruising among Sunshine Coast Travellers has shown through with local agent Ucango Travel & Cruise winning multiple cruise awards at the Travellers Choice annual conference in Hobart last month. The local travel agent, which has retail outlets at Maroochydore and Pelican Waters, took out the National Sales Awards for P&O Australia, Princess Cruises and Royal Carib-


bean International. Ucango Travel & Cruise Managing Director Dave Hulsman said it was a coup for the agency, particularly the Princess and RCI awards as both ships sailed mostly out of Sydney and they were competing against agencies in that area. “We really have noticed the popularity in cruising surge over the past few years,” Mr Hulsman said. “Travellers who believed cruising was not the prod-

uct for them are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of unpacking just once. And generally once someone takes that first cruise, they’re hooked.” “International cruise lines have cottoned on to the popularity or cruising with Australians and each year we are seeing more and more vessels come down and operate for the summer season. “Our staff book a lot of cruises for their clients

and take regular inspections on vessels so their knowledge of the sector really is broad. This was obviously recognized with winning these awards.” Cruise passenger numbers in Australia have more than doubled since 2008 surging from 330,000 passengers per year in 2008 to a little under 700,000 in 2012. There will be 15 different cruise ships operating roundtrip cruises from Australia over summer, while 19 other ships would visit during the season, delivering an ocean of choice to consumers. Travellers Choice is a national buying consortium which is represented by 200 travel agents around Australia. Anyone wishing to book a cruise either from Australian or overseas ports should contact Ucango Travel & Cruise on 5451 8600 (Maroochydore) or 5437 4000 (Pelican Waters) or email









• 8 DAY VENICE TO VENICE FROM $2,849* - SAVE $2,500


100% locally owned & operated 1300 822 646 MAROOCHYDORE & PELICAN WATERS


Travel & Cruise Centre Conditions may apply. See instore for more details.

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HOLIDAY & Leisure Meet a Screw, meet a Crim

OLD “screws” and “crims” stories are soon to be preserved under the plans of Boggo Road Gaol Pty Ltd. Over the next 12 months, Jack Sim and his team of Researchers, will begin interviewing and recording the incredible stories and tales of those who were part of the history of Boggo Road. “People often ask me, how did I become fascinated with Boggo Road. I count among my friends a number of former Officers and Prisoners who have a wealth of memories and tales which are impossible not to become fascinated by. Some of their information has made it into the tours

/ Ex-Inmate Tours taken by a former Warder and a Prisoner. “Many of the people who we are interviewing are either retired, or close to retirement, and the tours we offer give them the opportunity to come into contact with younger generations and make

them aware of the changes that have taken place regarding Crime, Justice and Society.” Over the past 12 months, Boggo Road Gaol has been visited by many Seniors Groups and Social Clubs. Discounts apply for large groups. Tea and coffee is provided complimentary.

Former Officer Marty Kreisch entertains visitors on the Ex-Officer/ Ex-Inmate tour

that we run through the Gaol, but we would like members of the public to be able to access this liv-

ing history outside of tours. We will digitally record these men and women, and make their

tales available online to everyone. It will be a great way for people to learn about the Gaol, and pro-

mote its value to Queensland”. As well as regular guided tours, the Gaol also runs Ex-Officer

Air New Zealand flights to continue with extended seasons THE success of international Air New Zealand flights to and from Auckland in 2012 and 2013 has resulted in a strong commitment from the airline for future direct services. Over the next three years, the length of seasonal services will be extended and frequency increased. The 2014 season will again run from June to October, with three flights a week during the peak period on Sundays, Tuesdays and a new Fridayservice added. The remainder of the season offers twice weekly flights on Sundays and Fridays. Next year will involve 42 return trips over 17 weeks, with the 2015/16 season extending to 28 weeks and the 2016/17 season at 30 weeks from June to January. Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games Jann Stuckey welcomed the extension of Air New Zealand’s seasonal service from Auckland to the Sunshine Coast for another three years. “The Queensland Government established the

Attracting Aviation Investment Fund to enhance existing aviation partnerships and secure new airline business into Queensland. Through this fund the Queensland Government can support extended seasonal Air New Zealand flights. “New Zealand is Queensland’s number one international market and the increased services to the Sunshine Coast will help Queensland achieve its goal of doubling annual overnight visitor expenditure from $15 billion to $30 billion by 2020.” Air New Zealand’s Group General Manager New Zealand and Pacific Islands Cam Wallace says the introduction of further capacity on the route demonstrates the anticipated growth between these two popular tourist destinations. “Sunshine Coast has been a real success story. Since the inaugural service in 2012 we’ve grown capacity each year to the point where we will offer 75 per cent more seats in 2014 than we did when the service launched. Next year we’ll offer close

to 13,000 seats between the two ports, compared with 7500 seats during the inaugural 2012 season. “Kiwis have embraced the opportunity to escape to the Sunshine Coast’s golden beaches over the winter months while Sunshine Coast travellers have welcomed the chance to reach New Zealand direct from their local Sunshine Coast Airport.” Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson said the new season announcements showed strong confidence in the value of the AucklandSunshine Coast route. “I am very pleased to see Air New Zealand continuing to increase its investment in this substantial market for international tourism here. Based on the 2013 season, the airline has grown the route in both directions, which is great news,” he said. “The total direct expenditure in the region by visitors for the 2013 season was estimated to be $9 million, with the overall economic impact $22M. The direct spend is anticipated to grow to $54M

over the next three years, with the overall economic impact estimated at $132M. “New Zealand is our largest overseas tourism market with Kiwis visiting the Coast annually contributing to around 25% of our overall international visitor numbers. “While we are still seeing a majority of passen-

gers inbound from New Zealand, the new weekend flights will prove attractive to those seeking a weekend away for a winter holiday or to visit relatives in Auckland,” he said. The 2014 season commences on Friday 27 June – Book flights at www.airnew

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Senior Super SaverS


Caloundra’s pathway to holiday happiness THE missing link in the Caloundra Coastal Path is now complete allowing visitors a continuous journey that takes in some of the Sunshine Coast’s most spectacular foreshore scenery. Recent work has connected Kathleen McCarthur Park at Currimundi Lake to Oceanic Drive South in Wurtulla. This completes a shared pathway that starts from Golden

Beach and finishes at Tewantin. The Caloundra Coastal Path hugs the shores of the Pumicestone Passage before arriving at the Bulcock Beach boardwalk on the way to Happy Valley, Kings Beach and around Moffat headland. Many sights of historical interest lie in wait including Military Jetty, used during World War II, and the heritage listed Kings Beach Bathing

Pavillion constructed in 1937. The Caloundra headland section follows a trail of plaques honouring the lives of those lost in war, and passes a memorial that points towards the final resting place of the Centaur, a hospital ship torpedoed during World War 2. Queen of the Colonies Monument was erected in 1933 and commemorates the rescue of a group of 14 sailors from

How’s your Radiator going? Do you know we • • • • • • •

Supply new & recore radiators Aluminium & Copper. All brands Service of all types of Aluminium & Copper Cleaning & Repairs Regassing of Airconditioning Air conditioning repairs Repair petrol tanks

Are you thinking about joining a friendly golf club?

We use our own pick-up and delivery service from Caloundra to Noosa (Inclusive)

Same Day service to most jobs where possible

Caloundra Coastal Path was a great launching pad to explore the entire Sunshine Coast coastline all the way to Tewantin. “This is a world class system of pathways that connects visitors of all ages and abilities with the natural scenic beauty of the region,” Mr Ambrose said. “Explore on your own terms and stop off as often as you like with coffee shops, eateries and great picnic and swimming spots to enjoy.” Caloundra Coastal Pathway For great value accommodation deals with no the immigrant ship the during a severe storm, Chief Executive Officer booking fees go to of Sunshine Coast Queen of the Colonies in and were eventually www.visitsunshine 1863. The sailors were washed ashore at Destination Limited, Simon Ambrose, said the separated from their ship Moffat Beach.

69 Coronation Ave Nambour

COOROY Golf Club is inviting women of all standards to join their 9 hole competition on Tuesday mornings. The Tuesday Club is designed for beginners but we also have more experienced players who are willing to help, so if you have never played golf but have been unsure where to begin this is a perfect opportunity to come along and see if this is for you. An Australian handicap is not essential and you can play for 3 weeks before needing to become a member

Help shape the future of six SC council venues

Ph: 5441 2669 or 5441 5562

HAVE your say on the draft Sunshine Coast Performance and

Fax: 5441 2669

Dental Prosthetist

Stephanie Shaw Cert.DSA ( UK),BOH,MDT

• New Dentures • Repairs • Relines

• Free denture examination and quote • Bulk – Billing eligible patients • 5% Discount for pensioners Friendly, relaxed environment

Ph 5478 2994

Shop 5, 84 Bulcock Street, Caloundra, 4551


• $100 off ‘ Formula 1’ (RRP $495) Premium Quality Darkest Legal Tint

• We also Tint Homes

call: 13TINT That’s 138468 Page 36 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

of the club. Memberships are currently available. We would also welcome experienced golfers who would like to play 9 holes in our Tuesday competition and/or 18 holes on Thursdays. The New Year competition will begin on Tuesday 5th February 2013 at 7am but you are very welcome to come along any Tuesday and see if this group is what you have been looking for. Enquiries to Cooroy Golf Club 5447 6258, Mary Miller 0418 207 414 & Carole Clancy 5485 2712.

Community Venues Plan 2013-2028 from 20 January to 14 February 2014 for a chance to win event tickets. Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the draft Sunshine Coast Performance and Community Venues Plan will shape the future of six of Sunshine Coast Council’s key performance and community venues over the next 15 years. “These include The Events Centre Caloundra, Nambour Civic Centre, Lake Kawana Community Centre, Coolum Civic Centre, Kawana Community Hall and Beerwah and District Community Hall,” Cr McKay said. “These popular venues play a vital role within our region and in the past year they hosted more than 4,000 bookings, 200 live performances and approximately 315,000 visits. “Importantly, they provide a platform for the community to gather and participate in a range of activities and events, while also supporting arts and cultural development for the region.” Councillor McKay said it is important that the community have their say on the draft Plan,

which aspires to provide a quality portfolio of venues which are able to accommodate the needs of the region for the next 15 years. “The draft Plan aims to transform council’s existing network of performance and community venues into one which is able to keep pace with industry standards, and is able to meet the creative and cultural needs of the region. “I urge the community to have their say on the draft Plan from 20

January to 14 February 2014 and help shape the future of these six key venues. “The feedback provided will help to inform the preparation of the final Plan, which will be presented to council seeking adoption in early to mid-2014.” Visit council’s website to view the Sunshine Coast Performance and Community Venues Plan 2013-2028 to have your say or call council’s customer service desk on 5475 7272 for more information.

Repairs • Training • Servicing We come to you $60/hour, Pensioners $40/hour

Daren 0419 027 170 5447 0549 Servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1994

community news The best job in the world

Skipper Arthur Waye is pictured ‘on the job’

ARTHUR Waye figures he’s got the best job in the world and there’s a good chance that many would agree. Arthur, 68 in February, actually gets paid to greet locals and visitors alike and exchange friendly banter with them before amiably sharing his wealth of knowledge about the picturesque Noosa River and surrounding area. Maybe you have met Arthur ‘on the job’ but, in case you haven’t, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by allowing this genial skipper to tranquilly transport you along the Noosa River between Noosa and Tewantin (or Tewantin to Noosa), and the five stops in-between, on one of

the Noosa Ferry Cruise Company vessels. Semi-retired, Arthur works two days a week plus does an evening Sunset Cruise as well. He’s been on the job for almost 11 years and in his quietly enthusiastic manner says ‘I absolutely love my job.’ Arthur is married to Jan, a local businesswoman about whom Arthur will proudly tell you, and they share three children and ‘three wonderful grandchildren; the best thing that ever happened to us.’ Anyone interested in mud crabbing might want to have a chat with Arthur too, as that’s just one of his hobbies.

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Paddy’s in the bathroom and Murphy shouts to him. “Did you find the shampoo?” Paddy says, “yes but it’s for dry hair and I’ve just wet mine.”

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Super and Standard 8 Films to DVD Slides and Photos to DVD Camera/Video Tapes to DVD LP Records & Audio Cassettes to CD

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February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 37

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . .

Page 38 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

THE MEETING PLACE Women Seeking Men Caloundra Area Lady Early 60’s, NS ND interests are gardening and the outdoors. Not interested in computers. WLTM a gent with same interests and of similar age with no ties. Tall would be nice as I am tall 5’10" Ref: 2041 Lady Helping Man If you are a nice elderly gent, alone and lonely in need of company and would like to have a friendly conversation with the smile, you will find out that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be positive and try. Ref: 2044 Widow 68 Maroochydore Active WLTM new friends around my age NS SP VGSOH, likes cinema, outings, travel, coffee and a chat. Ref: 2045 Single Lady 63 seeks to meet nice gentleman for company, chats, dining out and gardening. Ref: 2046 Companionship sought by Hinterland lady who is thoughtful and insightful. He would be 70’s, NS, healthy and educated. She is off beat and feels a lack in her of laughter and shared

experience. Please reflect on my words and consider replying. Ref : 2047 Willing to meet Gentleman, perhaps you will read my advert. The only riches you need are within yourself. Restore my faith. MS 70+. Ref: 2048 Active Buderim Lady WLTM wants to meet gentleman 70 -75 years, sincere, fit and healthy. I enjoy gardening, golf, dining in and out, weekends away also travelling overseas. Ref: 2051

Wanted a loving affectionate Lady NS SD 65-75 who loves life and wants to share joy laughter reading gardening music and traveling this country by caravan to live life now. I am retired professional gent living on acreage. Ref: 2043 Out there…Is a charming dancing lady, petite, easy going, no strings involved and I still wish to contact her, I am single, neat, NS,

Men Seeking Women Good natured understanding Gent 69 slim well presented many interests dancing, walking the beach, dining out, country drives, markets, lawn bowls, seeks sincere honest petite lady NS SD GSOH with view to travel cruise ship detailed letter essential, photo appreciated. Ref: 2042

ND. Please try meeting me at the Caloundra RSL Club 11am till 3pm. I usually sit in an armchair on the dance floor perimeter – see you soon. Ref: 2049 Christian Gent, good natured, understanding, 70, 172cm, slim well presented, uni edu, FS, many interests, homeowner, seeks sincere soft-spoken, honest, petite lady NS, SD, Maroochy area for friendship, travel, happy outings. Ref: 2050

How to Reply Place your reply in a sealed STAMPED envelope (please don’t write on this envelope). Enclose this envelope inside another envelope and write the reference number advertisement you wish to respond to and post it to “Seniors Meeting Place”, P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin. Qld 4565. We will then forward your message on to the person who placed the advertisement. To place a FREE ad Send your free advertisement (up to 40 words) with your name, address and phone number to “Seniors Meeting Place”, P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin. Qld 4565. (No names, addresses or phone numbers are printed in the advertisements, only a reference number).

Crossword Answers

Brain Training Solutions

from Page 42

From page 43 Fit the Word: 1. Pad 2. Oft 3. Ion 4. She 5. Lad Spot the Sum: 28 (12+16) Mind the Gap: Whippet, Smuggle, Primary, Chapati, Shekels, Firkins, Renewed, Nosegay. The shaded word is: PUMPKINS.

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . . What’s in a name?”- Everything!

Tune in for these


Band members enjoying their end-of-year party - Lenore Phillips, Theresa Hawke, Lorraine Patterson and Wendy Selby

THE Sunshine Coast Concert Band (SCCB) is delighted to present a most aptly named “Musical Paws” concert to raise funds for the Guide Dogs of Australia, at 2pm, Sunday February 16th at the Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima St Buddina. Guide Dogs Queensland has been helping visually impaired people to be independent for over 50 years, by providing a full range of services, including Guide Dog training and placement; White Cane training; Electronic Travel Aid training; Community education workshops; Special mobility programmes for children; and Counselling by staff psychologists. These services are delivered directly to more than 2,000 Queenslanders, with 370 clients on the Sunshine Coast alone! It costs $30,000 to breed, train and place every Guide Dog, so with less than 7% of its funding provided by the government (for specifically Brisbane and Gold Coast activities, with nothing to the Sunshine Coast!), Guide Dogs Queensland relies on the generosity and support of the community. Despite this situation, all services provided by Guide Dogs Queensland – in-

cluding their iconic Guide Dogs – are provided free-of-charge to Queenslanders in need. For this special concert, Music Director, Ken Chadwick OAM has even included “Hound Dog” in the programme, as well as “Spiderman”, “Send in the Clowns” and “What the World needs now, is love, sweet love” – a most appropriate message. The concert features band soloists (eg Charlie Simm) and the Singers are Alan Winter and Tanya McFadyen, with John Sheed as the MC. Cost is only $15, payable at the door, and this also includes afternoon tea. Or, tickets can be pre-purchased by calling 5443 8033 or emailing So, music lovers and dog lovers alike, please come to: A “Musical Paws Concert” performed by the Sunshine Coast Concert Band, at the Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima St Buddina (behind the Kawana Library), at 2pm, Sunday 16th February 2014, in aid of Australia’s most trusted charity – Guide Dogs Australia. (The SCCB’s events for the year are listed on their website

Suncoaster Square Dance Club LOOKING for fitness, fun, and value for money? We have the activity for you. Square dancing has it all – don’t say no, give it a go. Keep fit – walk 2-3 km each session in a safe, indoor environment and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a relaxed social atmosphere. Come to our 7.30pm introductory night on Saturday 1 February at the Dance Centre, 260 Dixon Road, Buderim or our Tuesday sessions 6.30pm or Wednesdays 10am during February and March. Enquiries to Gary on 0434 772 066.

A Special Nostalgia Radio Service from

“Rhythm Showcase” Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA 1pm Mondays; “Theatre Organ Memories” 1-30pm Fridays; “Great Hymns” 8-30pm Sundays; and plus old Serials; Classic Comedy; the Great “Relaxing Musicals; Jazz, Swing & Big Band; Sing-A-Long ‘Till Midnight” shows; and even Birthday 10-30pm nightly! and Cheerio calls - 24 Hours a day, every day!

Bringing you your favourite music from the 20s through to the 60s To listen to “Silver Memories”, just get one of our special radios available from 4MBSClassic FM for just $85 each

Plus postage & Handling if needed It works on 240v. or Batteries, and picks up all other FM stations too!

Phone: 3847 1717 to order yours TODAY!


EAT, DRINK, PLAY, STAY @ GBT CALOUNDRA Restaurants I Cafe I Sports Bar I Bottle Shop

BINGO GUIDE TUESDAY Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Assoc. Indoor Bowls Hall, Burke St, Golden Beach Start - 10am

Jackpots $1000 on progressive calls $500 on progressive calls $300 on progressive calls



at the INDOOR BOWLS CLUB, Burke St., Golden Beach

START 7.30PM  $2000 on PROGRESSIVE - $500 on PROGRESSIVE $200 on 90 CALLS

To advertise your Bingo times and prizes call 5474 0447

Newest & Best Gaming Room on Sunshine Coast I 45 Machines with the best & latest games Open 7am - Midnight - 7 Days a week Cnr Baldwin St & Bowman Rd Caloundra I 5492 8300 February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 39

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . . Valentine’s Day Weekend Special CELEBRATE Valentine’s Day Weekend with Alan & Melissa Western (Father & Daughter) together for the first time in concert on the Sunshine Coast. Alan & Melissa Western together with the Tnee Dyer Trio. Alan has been in Show Business as entertainer, singer, songwriter, compere, cabaret artiste and actor. Alan’s years in Show Business have provided him with a

wealth of experience as an entertainer. His stylish vocals, bright personality and good humour appeal to audiences of all ages. Alan has performed at the Savoy Hotel in London, Yorkshire, Sri Lanka the Gold Coast and many cabaret venues throughout Australia. Now for Melissa. Melissa’s performing background includes France the UK, sell out Fringe 2007-2013 shows at the Edinburgh garnering 5 star

reviews and described by critics as “Abso-

lutely brilliant”. Melissa has performed

in cabaret and festivals throughout Australia to enthusiastic audiences. Melissa can be sassy, soulful, smart and sweet as well as straddling the worlds of jazz, cabaret and theatre bringing her rich velvety tones to live music. Alan & Melissa Father & Daughter together a once only event to good to miss. Doors open at 12.30 pm show starts at 2.30—4.30pm on

Sunday 16 th February at the Currimundi Hotel Motel Function Room, Buderim Street, Currimundi. Cost for Members $20, U3A & Concession $ 22.50, Visitors $25. For Bookings [Credit cards] phone Jennie 5476 7154 For information phone Ted 5491 6017. This event is sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Jazz Club and 104.9 Sunshine FM

Free a’cappella singing lessons in Buderim!

RESTAURANT OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Friday - Lunch 10am-2pm Main Meals from $10 Wednesday Night - 3 Course Dinner 5.30-8.00pm $21 Friday Night - A La Carte Entrees’ from $5 - Main Meals from $16 Saturday - BBQ Freshly cooked - Hamburgers - Bacon & Egg Rolls - Steak Burgers - Sausage Sizzle from $3 9.45am-2.45pm



Horton Park Golf Club Tuesday - Friday & Sunday Lunch ONLY

Buy One Main Course & Receive the 2nd Main FREE *Discount applies to item of equal or lesser value* (Not to be used with any other offer) Valid 02/02/2014 to the 28/02/2014 Please bring this voucher when booking: Horton Park Golf Club - PH: 5443 6401


With your choice of special topper

Buy any main meal$16.90 or over & choose one of our $1 Dicky deals


Diamond Rewards Jackpot Bonanza 6-8pm Market Day 1-2:30pm

Mon - Fri 12pm - 2pm


Serving size and presentation may vary from picture Selected items only - Must show Seniors Card

See staff for details, Bookings essential.

Comes with a FREE House Wine, Pot of Beer or Soft Drink

Must be 12 years or under. Max 1 kid per full paying adult. Terms & conditions apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Page 40 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

Triple Rewards Points 1-4pm


Purchase two full priced main meals & included in the price is a bottle of wine.



Bingo Bonus 12-2pm







DO you love theatre and community arts? We require volunteers to join our new adventure: a theatre experience with a difference including people of various abilities. Workshops start on 29th January in Tewantin on Wednesday morning, a lot of fun and great experience for all. Please contact Florence on 0403 288 287 or email:

Diamond Rewards Jackpot Bonanza 12-2pm Scratch for Cash 5-7pm


Choose any of the Chefs specials and receive a free glass of house wine, pot of beer or soft drink.

Creative Moves



$14.90 MEAL DEAL

SINGING is something we all want to do but are afraid we don’t know how to do it properly. True? True! Now you can learn how to sing a’cappella with the Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus. Around 30 men of all ages get together very Wednesday and sing their Barbershop version of a’cappella singing which is 4 part harmonising without musical accompaniment. Renowned singing teacher, Sarah Laws, will run the lessons for the Chorus and will mount the podium to ease us into singing with fun and confidence – come on join us and you too can have the enjoyment we all achieve with this Chorus. This starts Wednesday 5th February (orientation session) and then weekly on Wednesday for 6 weeks – 7.00 to 8.30pm at the Buderim Uniting Church Hall, Cnr Kings & Gloucester Streets, Buderim. Contact Graham 5494 62412 or Eric 5441 2979 for more information.


FRIDAY Friday Frenzy 5-7pm

SUNDAY Roll to win 1-3pm See in club for more details



community news

P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin, Qld. 4565 Fax: (07)5474 4975 Email:

ABN 26 089 559 697

2014 Subscriptions are on sale now!

Items for Sale must not exceed $500 & be up to 20 words. Adverts must only be accepted by fax, email or post. (No Business ads Accepted)

AIRCON Kelvinator Kc20 Q 4 star efficient. Cost $1,1020 sell $480. Used 2 summers. Ph 0416 749 606. Caloundra. AUSCARE bedside & shower commode, alum, frame adjustable legs padded seat, arm rests, near new. $75. Ph 5457 3104. BOWLING outfits ladies, white tops, skirts, dresses. Maroon jackets VGC. Size 16. $5-10. Ph 5445 2716. Buderim. BUFFETT & hutch, quality crafted stained pine, 2 glass display cabinets, 2 drawers, 2 base cupboards, 1.25L x 45D x 1.9H. exc. cond. $350. Ph 0403 206 225. Pelican Waters. CAMPING toilet, never used. ThetFord, Porta Potti 15/12 Lte capacity, comes with disinfecting

liquid. Off white. $85. Ph 0400 081 537. Currimundi. CHANCELLOR State College senior uniforms, size 12-14 ladies blouses, skirts, ties. 3 fleece winter jackets size 14-16, 2 bucket hats. , brand new sports shorts size XS. Middle College polo shirt, 2 skirts sm. Sell $350 the lot. Ph. 5456 1098. COLLECTORS 100 spoon collection, good quality. World variety with timber display rack. $60 ono. Ph 5441 6699. Burnside. DINING table & 6 chairs in rosewood. $450. Same setting with 4 chairs retails for $1200. Ph 0401 368 493. Sippy Downs. FREEZER upright, six drawers $100. One bar fridge $40. Ph 5493 3545, GLORY box 1952 model made of plain wood with

a tray inside and in GC. 90W x 51H. $60 ono. Ph 5309 6387. Maroochydore. GRAIN mill hand operated, attaches to table, never used. Metal parts, Jupiter, made in Germany $160. Ph 5494 3376. Maleny. LOUNGE suite 2x2seaters + 1 chair, solid timber with pale green covering including matching coffee table. $150. Ph 0400 014 011. Noosaville. MATTRESSES 2 for single beds in caravan, blue covers on sponge rubber (firm) 150mm thick. Exc cond. $100 for pair. Ph 5494 0161. Beerwah. RECLINER brown leather little use. GC. $60. Ph 0408 719 306 or 5477 0637. Sippy Downs. REFRIGERATOR LG 420lt good working $450 ono. Ph 0432 574 298.

RESMED C.P.A.P. S8 auto set spirit 2 with h41 humidifier with carry bag, plus 12 vol converter. $400. Ph 0419 642 335. Nambour. ROCKING chair for sale GC. $30. Ph 07 5443 4508. SHOES ladies, new, leather, 8½ flats, 9½ sm. heel patent, Urban soul and Tootsie. Cost $140, sell $40. Ph 0450 830 348. Buddina. TELSTRA Cordless phone, one handset. $20. Ph 5491 1705. Caloundra. VALLANCE double cream box pleated. Exc. cond. $20. Ph 5477 7670. Mooloolaba. WHEELCHAIR electric Jazzy GC new batteries cost $3950 sell $500. Ph 5441 4319. Nambour. WHEELIE walker, adjustable GC $55 ono. Ph 5445 9089. Palmwoods.

BUYING a subscription to our mainstage shows can save you up to 20% off single ticket prices and offer you access to benefits like priority seating, discounted tickets to our special events, free exchanges, free program, plus the chance to win the cost of your subscription back when you book early. 3 and 4 play packages are available with Preview, Adult and Concession prices. The 2014 season features four mainstage shows, three Special Events, one Pantomime, and NTLive screenings from London. Among the mainstage productions there is the deliciously wicked comedy The Female of the Species, the touching drama of Minefields and Miniskirts, the Broadway hit Jerry’s Girls and our flagship annual OneAct Play Festival showcasing the three finalists in the National One-Act Playwriting Competition. Our Special Events include a return visit from the madness that is Promac

Productions withPirates to Pinafore, Bruce Glen in The Gentleman Magician, and the expect-theunexpected Keep Calm and Cabaret Finally, Noosa Arts Theatre has partnered with Fresh Air Entertainment to bring to the stunning National Theatre productions to our screen through NTLive; nearly a dozen gems await us in 2014. Please note the Pantomime, Special Events and NTLive are not part of the subscription packages, but subscribers are entitled to concession prices. To purchase a subscription, call 07 5449 9343, or visit to view the season brochure, book online or for more information. Phone and Counter sales: Tuesday to Friday 9am to 2pm; and Saturday 9am to noon 4 weeks before First Night Phone: 07 5449 9343 or Online:

iPad Tips & Tricks - Make Text Bigger For most keeping up with technology has been difficult. Without the benefit of computers existing when you were at school it has been a journey of self teaching and the occasion bout of assistance from family members. (Until they lost patience with you!) How times have changed. Modern devices like the iPad are simply much less intimidating than a computer and even those who have never used a computer before are successfully using their iPad’s to browse the internet, do email, communicate with friends and relatives and use them for games and entertainment. Best of all you can customise them to your own needs like this great tip for making the text bigger. Step 1: Tap the Settings App Step 2: Tap General on the left hand side of the screen Step 3: Tap Cˆ-A Text Size Cˆ-A on the ride hand side of the screen Step 4: Tap and Hold the white circle and drag it to the right to make the text larger Your text will now be larger and easier to read for browsing the web, reading email and many other application. For more tips and tricks visit or if you

have a question please email Every question will be answered and we may even feature your question in this column. Testimonials Enjoyed the Experience - ”The biggest challenge I had was achieving the basic skill to develop use of the iPad. I enjoyed the training which was well carried out and feel I have been given the basics to be able to progress even further.” - Bob P, Cotton Tree Everything explained well - ”The group was small and informal and Colin was very approachable and explained everything well” - Lynn S, Buddina

Present this coupon offer for



$310 330



$380) (normally $360) Supply & Fit (normally CONDITIONS APPLY. VALID UNTIL 05-04-2011 28-2-14

Authorised distributor of

Call MATT LAVERY on 5441 7891

February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 41

community news Seniors Twospeed Crossword Cryptic Clues

Straight Clues

ACROSS 1 Controls a bicycle in arid escarpments 4 Classify grazing land 7 Infringes upon disputes 9 Cleverly conceals Adam’s lady friend 10 A religious song from a vehicle centrefold 12 Briefly detonating a prominent school 13 Wash and scrub Uncle Angus shortly 15 Flat out of ammunition 17 Hasty licensees produce gramophone needles 19 Recently bought, in one way 21 Being romantic sent the first person mad 22 Wait on some closer velocipedes 23 Powdery, in the Hindu style

ACROSS 1 Sits on 4 Scope 7 Transgresses 9 First lady 10 Christmas song 12 Boy’s college 13 Unsoiled 15 Single entity 17 Hard pointed devices 19 Up-to-date 21 Maudlin 22 Work for 23 Slim ...

DOWN 1 Tracks 2 Benefactor 3 Walk leisurely 4 Wander about 5 Group of nine 6 Absolutely necessary 8 Occurrence 11 Eight singers 14 Go up 16 Not obvious 18 Abominable snowmen 20 Telegram

Auspac Media - Answers on Page 38

Puppets sure to delight at Nambour Civic Centre

THE playful theatre and Wulamanayuwi and the puppetry tale packed with Seven Pamanui will despirit and humour, light young and old at

Page 42 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

Nambour Civic Centre on Tuesday 11 March at 6pm and Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 10:30am. Originally produced by the Darwin Festival, and toured by Performing Lines for Blak Lines, this play uses the language and rhyme of the Tiwi Is-

lands north of Darwin, to tell the story of a young girl called Wulamanayuwi (pronounced “Wool–a– man–aye–you”), and her experiences with the spirit-beings of a mystical, dreamtime land. Playwright Jason de Santis and Director

“The most exquisite gardens I’ve seen in my 41 years in the garden business. It will be the next wonder of the world” Graham Ellis, The Garden Guru. Set on over three hectares of uniquely layered and manicured gardens, positioned high on the escarpment, the magnificent, privately owned gardens are a panorama of waterfalls, ponds and colourful plantings. Idyllic rainforest surroundings and the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains backdrop create a truly unique garden. Get up close and personal with colourful birds in our Walk-Through Aviary. Watch, listen and photograph the birds as they alight upon you.

Entry by admission Devonshire Tea available Daily Aviary Tours

Open 7 days 9am - 4.30pm PH: 07 5408 4110 or 0400 091 731 233 Maleny-Stanley River Rd, Cnr Mountain View Rd, Maleny Qld Group Bookings Welcome

Eamon Flack bring a Tiwi twist to an old favourite to create a modern Aboriginal adventure story, inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Wulamanayuwi and the Seven Pamanui is a joyful romp through a familiar tale of myth, magic and adventure. Narrated by Jarparra, the Moon Man, join Wulamanayuwi, daughter of a Tiwi warrior, on her journey to rescue her seven little brothers transformed by Jirrakilala, her evil stepmother into seven mischievous spirits, the seven Pamanui. Wulamanayuwi inhabits a visually stunning world of fantasy, full of spiritbeings, bush creatures and mischievous water spirits. The puppets and set were made in Melville Island by the Jilimara Arts and Craft Association in Milikapiti and the students of the Milikapiti Primary School. Educational resource kits are available for local teachers who wish to use the show as a learning excursion for their students. Cost to attend is just $15 per person, $13.50 for SCvip members and $55 for a family (minimum two children) or groups of four. For bookings visit Nambour Civic Centre, Upper Level, Centenary Square, Currie Street, Nambour or call 07 5475 7777 or book online at www.scvenues

DOWN 1 Career classes for turf establishments 2 One who contributes to the German god of thunder, say 3 A constitutional promenade 4 Some drovers stray 5 Finally went without one of nine performers 6 Fundamentally, that’s for sure

8 One sporting contest out of seventeen 11 A group of eight briefly concoct, etc 14 A top scientist, towards the finish, may move up 16 Esoteric main nerve centre 18 Yes, it turns out to be Himalayan yowies 20 A current carrier in new Ireland

Seeking Singers for choirs! AFTER great Christmas Concerts, Spiritsong [Sacred Classical], Good Vibrations [popular], and Doonella A Cappella [popular], are seeking new singers for 2014. If you would like to sing in an A Cappella Choir, please email Andrew at for info. 5474 1498. Choirs start again February 2014.

Chinese New Year 31st January 2014

PEOPLE born in the Year of the Horse are traditionally clever, kind, animated and energetic. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented and love to be in the centre of a crowd. They are popular among friends, active at work and have a deft sense of humour. 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. Wood Horses are strong and stable and have a better ability to make decisions. Excellent at interacting with others, they are successful personally and professionally. The Chinese clean their home from top to bottom and pay off all debts before New Year. They decorate the home to welcome in the New Year - red is a popular colour as it scares away evil spirits and bad fortune. They place mandarins in bowls throughout the house, being careful to keep their numbers even, as uneven numbers bring unhappiness. Mandarins with their leaves still intact are the fruits of happiness for the New Year. They also wear new clothes and are polite to others on the first day of the New Year – it sets the tone for the year to come. New Year is celebrated with a family dinner. Traditional dishes include uncut noodles – a symbol of longevity – and fish and chicken, symbols of prosperity. Those born in 1930, 1942 and 1954 were born in the Year of the Horse.

Hair @ Home Perms $70 Ladies Cuts $25 Colours from $25 Men’s Cuts $20 Call me for an appointment today Diana Thorburn

0411 187 801 Hair@Home

community news Star studded line-up for Sunshine Melodies 2014 SIX of Australia’s leading names in entertainment for baby boomers and beyond will be a special feature of The Events Centre 2014 Sunshine Melodies special anniversary program. Centre Manager Gary Mears said “The star studded line-up celebrates 30 years of the regular morning melodies program with six of the best headlining acts returning to celebrate and entertain with hits and memories. The popular

morning entertainment program includes a complimentary morning tea and has become a regular social event for Sunshine Coast residents with many travelling from afar to be a part of the unique experience.” Tickets have just been released for the popular concert series that is destined to be the best yet and is sure to get audiences excited. Kicking off the year in February will be Jackie Love who is renown in

Australia and Internationally for sharing the great warmth in her vocal talent to embrace audiences in her musical journey. She returns from overseas with her successful stage show singing the ‘Timeless Great Standards’ and ‘Big Showstoppers of Today’ and will present to Caloundra ‘A Magical Musical Journey with LOVE.’ In April, star of Australian stage and screen Ian Stenlake will feature in

‘The Leading Man,’ an entertaining tribute to some of the best theatre music ever written. Little Pattie will return to the Events Centre in June with her performance ‘Memories of Bandstand’ including surf music of the Bandstand years, the swing era and contemporary music. Little Pattie will take you on a musical journey of great music and wonderful stories. Simon Gallaher, our very own superstar, returns to the concert stage in August with a new show, ‘With a

Song in My Heart’ packed with songs and good humour. Simon’s pure and smooth tenor voice is better than ever and his inimitable approach to performance will delight as never before. Rhonda Burchmore will wow audiences with her ‘Up Close and Personal’ show in October presenting songs and stories from her life in major theatre shows and cabaret performances. ‘My Music, My Life’ By Kamahl, will finish off the year with a performance about the music and the people that cre-

ated ‘Kamahl’. He will tell his story of success and will sing the songs that got him there. Join us for a year of great music, morning teas and memo-

ries with Sunshine Melodies 2014 at The Events Centre, Caloundra. Phone 5491 4240 or visit www.theevents

TRANSPORT Train Times:................. 5453 8200 Bus Times - Translink: ..... 131 230 Taxi: ................................. 131 008

Who do you call…

Queensland Pops Orchestra returns to Caloundra with Celtic Celebrations

Seniors Card 137 468 or 1800 175 500 (free call outside Brisbane)

THE Queensland Pops Orchestra will return to The Events Centre, Caloundra on Saturday 22nd February 2014 at 7:30pm with their boldest Celtic Celebrations ever. In the time honoured tradition of “Scotland the Brave,” the Pops return with their boldest Celtic Celebration ever. Internationally renowned Celtic soprano Kathleen Procter-Moore will headline this most amazing Celtic program, as the Pops launches its 30th Anniversary Subscription Series. One of the great Irish bands of our day is Queensland based Murphy’s Pigs. Their traditional music features well known Irish melodies played on authentic Celtic instruments. Without doubt the Queensland Police Pipes and Drums are one of the most valuable Queensland assets and they will bring an amazing repertoire of well-known and excitingly new Scottish music. As always, the Watkins Academy of Irish Dance and Thistle Highland Dance Studio will set the stage on fire with the swirl of their kilts and their high leaping kicks. This concert will deliver all you ever wanted from the Celtic genre and more. The Events Centre, Caloundra on Saturday 22nd February at 7.30pm. Full Price: $69.90 / Concession: $59.90. Pre show dining is at 5.30pm for $28.00. Call 5491 4240 or visit

Centrelink: Retirement 132 300 Disability, Sickness & Carers 132 717 Employment Services 132 850 Seniors Enquiry Line 1300 135 500 Department of Veteran Affairs 133 254 Veteran Affairs Network 1300 551 918 National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) 1800 020 110 National Aged Care Information 1800 200 422


Genealogy Sunshine Coast Heritage Weekend

Property 4 Sale adverts to cease Our special discounted private property adverts will no longer be accepted. Any current bookings will continue until finished. Enquiries for sizes and rates for future property for sale ads please email or phone 1300 880 265

$122,000 Phone 0417844977


Price $140,000 neg. Enquiries Michael 0400 220 423

The home - 2 B/R villa. Refurbished kitchen, bathroom and floor-coverings. Enclosed verandah, loads of cupboards, 2 a/cs, separate toilet, carport, shed. The setting - well maintained resort. 2 pools, bus stop outside. 10 minutes Sunshine Plaza. Great managers. Live in it or rent out while you travel. Ground rent approx $100 a week plus elect. Great Value at $172,000 For inspection phone 5448 4543 or 0407 766 395

Code 2588

Enjoyable Lifestyle

Code 2589

Answers on Page 38

$90,000 Phone Bill 0438 446 559 or 07 3829 9335

Quiet location with wildlife Immaculate 1 Bedroom Steel Frame Home with Private Verandah • Air • Fans • Carport • Shed • Raised Garden Beds • Dog permitted • Easy walking distance to transport, shops & all services

A home in secure tranquil village park. Right on the Maroochy River for fishing, kayaking, walks (or dancing!), whatever your whimsy! Save your money for other pursuits with this 2 bed for over 50’s.

Dicky Beach Holiday Park Caloundra 2 Bedroom Self Contained permanent Van. Shower, toilet, kitchen, lounge. Furnished. Lovely garden. Huge deck and carport. 5 min stroll to patrolled beach and surf club, well maintained. Peaceful and clean park.

Over 50’s Cabin

Code 2591

FROM the 8th to 9th of March 2014, we are holding our Heritage Weekend. A dozen different heritage and history groups from across the Sunshine coast will be on display from 9.00 to 3.00 daily. Free event. Do you want to know more about your local area or your family? All welcome! A dozen heritage and history groups from across the Sunshine Coast will be on display at Genealogy Sunshine Coast, Petrie Park Road Nambour for the Heritage Weekend. Groups will be selling their products and promoting their services. This is also an opportunity to see the new extensions of the GSC building. Experienced local and genealogical researchers will be on hand to help you with any queries. For any enquiry please contact 07 5441 4266 or

February 2014 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 43

Page 44 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - February 2014

Sunshine coast seniors newspaper february 2014  
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