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The gift of kindness

Age no barrier - Will Scott and Jim Dunstan sharing a laugh

KINDNESS. If you consider the amazing effect that one small random act of kindness can generate, then showing the smallest ‘unexpected’ act of kindness to a friend, neighbour or a complete stranger this festive season is a beautiful gift to give.

I read this recently. “The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will occur not because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.” Story continued on Page 2

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community news Celebrating Age

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Page 2 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

WHO says the old can’t inspire the young? They were all tapping their feet, smiling, singing and praying together at Caloundra Uniting Church on Sunday. The occasion was a celebration of age where the church recognised the richness of the lives of members who are more than 90 years young. One of the organisers of the special service, Moira Laidlaw, said, “The service was about celebrating age – so often we

leave it too late to hear people’s stories. So this was a real, living tribute. It celebrated the experiences, wisdom and memories of those who have contributed so much to the lives of their family, their community and their church.” A printed booklet recorded the stories of 17 people in this age group along with coloured photos of their smiling faces. They were all interviewed beforehand and had input into the service by sug-

gesting hymns and scripture passages which have been important to them in their lives. The others in the congregation, from the old to the young, were inspired by the strength and sincerity of the Christian faith they expressed. All were affected by the depth of meaning which lay behind these special memories. Rev. Robin Osborne led the service and used a poem written by Rev. Doug McKenzie, at 92 one of the ‘younger’ ones of the group, as a reflection. ‘The Angel of Old Age’ focused on the challenges of ageing and the ultimate release when ‘All will be well’. A second reflection celebrated the value of those who understand ageing and are sensitive to its needs – practical thoughts for all! It was a joyous celebration of worship followed by a special morning tea to allow people time to share with the special guests. And share they did: the children gathered to shake hands with them afterwards, particularly with the oldest of the group, Jim Hooper, who has just turned 100. Jim said afterwards: “Wasn’t that lovely. I think the service meant a lot to everyone there and especially to those who are over 90!”Jim has really enjoyed reading the stories they all shared in the booklet since then. “These people, though often not as active physically as they would like to be, continue to contribute to society, “ said the organisers. “They share their wisdom about life, their spiritual journey and their understanding of the Gospel message of love, compassion and tolerance.” Caloundra Uniting Church hopes that we will continue to listen and learn from these, our ‘saints’!

The gift of kindness Continued from Page 1 We have seen the amazing feeling that can be created when we join together in a common cause, like the display of caring and compassion during the Brisbane floods. Cast your mind back to the images on television of thousands of people, complete strangers who turned up to volunteer to help others during the cleanup. Let’s not wait until something really bad happens to someone, or another natural disaster to offer a random act of kindness. Without caring and thoughtfulness from others around them, 95 year old Jimmy Dunstan and 4 year old Will Scott from Cooroy may not get to spend special times together. They are not related however are connected by kindness and bring so much joy to each other’s lives. Some random acts of kindness to consider can be simply bringing in the rubbish bin or washing for a neighbour, helping someone elderly across the street, doing small chores around their home, reading a paper to a blind person, writing to a friend who you haven’t seen in ages, offering to babysit for a busy family, or forgiving someone who has wronged you. When you do something good, your body rewards you by releasing endorphins. These morphine-like substances create the feel good experience, and also have the capacity to reduce or even block pain signals to the brain. People suffering from physical or psychological pain experience relief when they carry out an act of kindness. Being kind is not only a feel good experience and beneficial for your health, it validates you as a human being. The person who receives a kind act experiences the ‘feel good’ response, too. It’s a nice experience when someone smiles at you, or thanks you, or compliments you, or helps you in some way. It creates a bonding, and in that moment there is a greater sense of worth about yourself and people in general. We would love to hear about your random acts of kindness, so we can print them in our next edition, (anonymously of course). This way other readers will gain ideas on how little the act can be and how big a difference it can make. Email: editor@seniors (please mark the subject as RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS). Post to “Random Acts of Kindness” P O Box 1062, Tewantin Q. 4565.

Remembering “my “my Dad”

The Caloundra Coast Guard’s Memorial Wall on Caloundra Headland is providing a great way for people to keep their loved ones lives in their thoughts. The Wall was set up on a beautiful spot. Anyone can purchase a plaque from The Caloundra Coast Guard, and have it placed and kept by them forever. The Memorial Wall provides a living memory of friends and loved ones Enquiries may be made on

0439 913 333

community news Nambour Probus Club

Niven. Paul Halliday’s team took home some money by having the highest winning margin in the first game. The guest speaker for October was member Chris Dent who has researched the life history of Captain James Cook. Chris gave a resume of Cook’s life from his birth until his marriage at 33 years of age. We are yet to hear about Cook’s third voyage of discovery which took in the East Coast of Australia. Chris also had on display an excellent replica model of Cook’s barque Gerry & Valerie Zwart 60th Wedding Anniversary with President Vernon Flood Endeavour which he built himself from the original plans. AT the clubs October this milestone this year. players were, Team 1. Probus is an organizaTerry Hall, Jan Welk, meeting President Nambour Probus Club Vernon Flood made entered four teams in the Stan Shepherd, Team 2. tion for retired and semi Paul Halliday, Don Welk, retired people seeking presentations to Gerry annual Sunshine Coast fun and friendship John Ison, Team 3. and Valerie Zwart on the Probus Open Three through various social Martin Coleman, Bill occasion of their 60th Bowl Triples Carnival activities. Inquiries to Ware, Jean Coleman, wedding anniversary. A held at the Pelican Vernon on 5476 0615 or Team 4. Jim Stewart, number of the clubs Waters Bowls club on Don 5442 2464. Gordon Green, Bill couples have celebrated the 28th October. Our

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“Salvation Army personnel are currently on the ground supporting with the relief effort and will remain for as long as it takes. The Salvation Army has a strong presence within the Philippines and we would ask that the Australian community dig deep to assist those who had very little before the typhoon, but now have absolutely nothing,” Colonel Maxwell said. Australians who would like to support The Salvation Army’s Typhoon Disaster Relief Appeal can do so by calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58), online or in person at Westpac Bank branches across Australia.

Beware of button batteries THE Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding parents and carers about the dangers of button batteries after a nine-month-old boy was hospitalised recently for swallowing one of the batteries. These batteries may be found in some games and toys, hearing aids and garage remote controls. Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said approximately five Australian children are taken to hospital with battery-related injuries every week. “Many toys and common household items such as remote controls, calculators, watches, hearing aids, bathroom scales and musical greeting cards can contain lithium button batteries,” Mr Bauer said. “Serious injuries occur to children after swallowing these types of batteries including choking, soft tissue burns, perforation of the oesophagus or internal bleeding which can and has resulted in death. “It takes as little as two hours to cause severe burns once a button battery has been ingested and remains stuck in the body. “Once burning begins, damage can continue even after the battery is removed and repairing the damage can be painful and may require multiple surgeries.” Symptoms of swallowing a button battery include chest pain, coughing, nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever. Consumers are asked to keep coin-sized batteries and devices out of reach, secure battery compartments on items and dispose of old batteries immediately and safely. If you suspect a child has swallowed magnets, seek urgent medical attention. More information about the dangers of button batteries can be found at

FREECALL 1800 SAM 000 (1800 726 000) 12/278 Nicklin Way, Warana Tel: 5493 8455

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you “A very Merry Christmas to all our valued customers” Bryan, Shilo, Allan & Alex

Salvation Army launches Typhoon Disaster Relief Appeal for the Philippines

IN the wake of the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan, the fiercest typhoon to have ever made landfall, The Salvation Army has launched a Typhoon Disaster Relief Appeal to assist communities which have been devastated in the Philippines. The Salvation Army, as an international movement, has a strong presence within the Philippines with local personnel assisting the communities impacted both prior to and after Typhoon Haiyan hit. The Salvation Army’s Territorial Commander for the Philippines Colonel Wayne Maxwell, an Australian, says the devastation is catastrophic and widespread and unlike anything he has experienced before. “There are no words which can describe the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan,” Colonel Maxwell said. “Thousands of people are missing and feared dead, with the bodies of innocent men, women and children all over the place. The needs of the survivors are massive but also very basic; they need water, food, tarpaulins for shelter and mats to sleep on.” The Salvation Army in the Philippines has already released considerable resources to purchase water, food and medical supplies to assist the victims, with Salvation Army medical personnel also being deployed to typhoon affected communities.

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Australian Financial Services Licence No. 230559 December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 3

community news Petrie Park Art Group PETRIE Park Art Group meets every Wednesday morning at 9:15 am in Nambour. Beginners welcome. Friendly community orientated group. $25 for six months membership, or come along to see if it is for you for only $2.50 a week. Be creative with colour and have fun. Come and join us. Call Dawn on 0438 794 473 or Jenny on 0421 317 175 for more details.

Trivia with Allan Blackburn 1. Half brothers Dwayne and Darren Bravo play cricket for which international team? 2. What is a wahoo? 3. In which month of 2013 was Pope Francis appointed? 4. Which Australian state or territory has the Sturt Desert Rose as its floral emblem? 5. What is the formula for the area of a triangle? 6. Which Australian coin has the larger diameter: five cents or two dollars? 7. What kind of product were California Poppy and Brylcreem? 8. How many wives did Henry VIII have? 9. According to the proverb, what do “birds of a feather” do? 10. What meat is traditionally used in ossobucco? 11. In the TV series, “The Cosby Show”, what was Bill Cosby’s character’s job? 12. Prior to decimal currency, how many pence made a shilling? 13. In a petrol car, what device produces an explosive air-petrol mixture? 14. What man-made device was the first to break the sound barrier? 15. What was the adopted name of singer Marvin Lee Aday? 16. What does a Scotsman call the furry pocket hung in front of the kilt? 17. In Zoology, what does hircine mean? 18. Who was the American politician known as LBJ? 19. Tallinn is the capital of which Baltic state? 20. What version of a gambling game can have fatal consequences? Answers on page 10

Page 4 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

Christmas Fun & Games COME and join the team at the Pomona & District Community House for a fun-filled morning of games, quizzes, singalong and entertainment and enjoy a delicious Christmas morning tea all for $10.00. There will be raffles and prizes. Wear your favourite ‘Christmas Bling’ and win a prize for bestdressed. Bring a friend or book a table but book soon as places are strictly limited! Wednesday 4th December, 9.30am – Midday, Lawson Shed, Memorial Avenue Pomona Local transport ($2.00) and special diet catered for by request Bookings are essential phone 5485 2427.

Wise words THINGS turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. Author unknown.

Gone are the days of the Thunderbox! DEPENDING how old you are you might remember the outhouse at the end of the garden path in the backyard where, as a child, going to the toilet at night time was a scary mission. Toilet paper was the local newspaper and once a week at 4 o’clock we were woken up when the dunny man changed the drum. Toilet hygiene has increased in leaps and bounds. Now we all have a toilet inside our house that flushes our business away at the touch of a button, putting the good old dunny man out of a job. Toilet paper is available in so many types, from single ply scratchy sheets to the triple ply ultra soft luxury scented rolls and now even moisturized wipes. But as far apart as the old newspaper was to our luxury scented toilet rolls is toilet paper to the Bidet toilet seat. Did you know that this marvelous automatic toilet seat is available in Australia? With just the press of a button the bidet toilet seat provides a gentle stream of warm water that cleans you thoroughly. Then press the AIR DRYER button and the bidet will dry you without having to use any toilet paper, leaving you feeling so fresh and clean. And it replaces your existing toilet seat. The Coway and Hyundai Bidet toilet seats are available exclusively from

the BIDET SHOP. There are over 11 models to choose from, to suit all requirements and budgets. We even have a Bidet toilet seat that automatically opens the lid for you and then closes it after you leave. (This feature may save many a marriage). The Bidet Shop is now exclusively stocking Bidet Toilet Suites! For more info or to purchase call The Bidet Shop on Freecall 1800 140 900 or 07 5492 3350.

community news Proposed GST hike on mobile-homes has become a ‘political game’: Brough

ATO, asking the ATO to give a definitive ruling.” Mr Brough said it was a National Party member who argued successfully on behalf of mobile home owners back in 2000 that they should be exempt from the full rate GST. “That legislation was then amended July 1, Mal Brough 2000, before the introduction, to ensure that FEDERAL MPs on both there would be a sides of parliament have concessional rate of expressed concern over GST applied to these a draft proposal by the locations,” he said. Australian Tax Office to “It was fought by the slap GST on rent for then member for pensioners and families Richmond Larry living in caravans and Anthony.” mobile homes. Mr Brough encouraged Thousands of pension- MPs from both sides of ers and retirees living in parliament, and conmobile-home parks, cerned mobile home many of them based on owners, to contribute the Sunshine Coast, fear their views to the they will be hit by a 10% Australian Tax Office. hike on their rents. “It is up to us to However, MP for Fisher mobilise those who Mal Brough says Labor stand to lose by it and is playing politics on the to say that this is proposed changes. His wrong,” he said. comments come after Mr Brough supported a Richmond MP Justine motion to ensure site Elliot called on Prime rental for mobile homes Minister Tony Abbott to remained unchanged rule out imposing the and urged Labor to stop GST. the blame game. Speaking in Parliament Up to 100,000 families last week, Mr Brough who own a mobile home rebuked Labor for but rent the site could suggesting the Abbott be affected by the government, through introduction of the GST. the Australian Tax Leader of the Nationals Office, planned to apply and Member for Wide the full 10% GST to Bay Warren Truss is mobile home owners on also urging mobile home rented sites. park residents to let the “This is not a decision Tax Office know their of the government,” Mr thoughts about the Brough said. “This is proposal. not a decision, full stop. Mr Truss said the This is a draft ruling by proposed ruling could the ATO which compotentially see mobile menced under the Labor home park owners liable government. for GST, which may then It was commenced as a be passed on to result of independent residents. personnel putting “Obviously I am propositions to the concerned about any

Warren Truss

adverse effect on people who live in mobile home parks, many of whom choose to make their home in the Wide Bay region,” Mr Truss said. “Anyone who has concerns about the issue should make their views known to the Taxation Office through the consultation process, because it will help the tax commissioner make an informed decision about the impact of the proposed changes on mobile home owners.” Mr Truss stressed that if the ATO had not finalised the ruling and it would not apply retrospectively. “The legal nature of the decision means the issue is a matter for the Commissioner of Taxation,” he said. Consultation on the draft ruling was to have closed on November 29 but has now been extended to December 20, with the final ruling expected to be handed down next year. Objections can be lodged until that date. To comment on the draft ruling by December 20 contact Stephen Iselin at the tax office at or phone (07) 3213 8417 or write to him at PO Box 9977 Chermside Qld 4032.

Free legal help for war veterans

WITH the recent commemoration Of Remembrance Day, Legal Aid Queensland is reminding veterans, or their war widows/widowers who are trying to get disability pensions, that they can access free legal help. The War Veterans’ Legal Aid Scheme provides free legal help to veterans and their dependants who want to appeal a decision made about disability entitlements by the Veterans’ Review Board. Legal Aid Queensland CEO Anthony Reilly said Legal Aid was concerned some veterans may be paying for legal assistance when going before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, rather than getting free legal help. “Veterans or their war widows/widowers can contact Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88 to find out about their entitlements,” Mr Reilly said. “To be eligible for the scheme, veterans or their widows/widowers must have a case for a ‘war-caused’ pension claim that has been presented to the

Veterans’ Review Board and refused. “The matter can then be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and a Legal Aid lawyer will be able to represent the veteran or their widow/ widower. “Our legal representative will prepare the case, gather evidence including medical or other expert reports and provide representation at the hearing.” Mr Reilly said there was no charge to veterans or their widows/widowers who appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. “Legal Aid Queensland will provide veterans and their dependents with a high-quality service that will help them with their appeal at no cost,” he said. “There are no fees involved — not even when they win their case.” For more information about the War Veterans’ Legal Aid Scheme, call Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88 (cost of a local call from a landline in Australia), visit one of its 14 offices around the state or visit

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Parking at the rear December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 5

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community news Seniors Enquiry Line offers information on discounts and concessions UNITINGCARE Community’s Seniors Enquiry Line is a faucet of information regarding most things to do with seniors which includes providing access to materials and information that can help seniors find discounts and concessions which could make their journey of senior-hood more comfortable. The Business Discount Directory for Seniors and Carers is one such resource available for seniors who hold a Seniors Card, Seniors Business discount Card and/or Carer Business Discount Card. This directory shows the wealth of discounts and concessions available through participating businesses. In the past these directories have been posted to card holders however now limited numbers are being made available through various outlets in Queensland like Seniors Enquiry Line. “Seniors Enquiry Line has limited numbers but the directory is also available on the Queensland Government’s website at www.communities. where

seniors can also find information about senior’s concession cards in general,” said Julie Argeros, Seniors Enquiry Line Coordinator. “Seniors Enquiry Line can not only provide copies of this directory to interested seniors but they can also give information over the phone about concession cards, eligibility for those cards and other concessions available to card holders,” she said. This information is also available through Smart Services QLD (13 74 68) and at www.communities. There are 8 regional editions of the directories and a directory and discount offers listed in the directories are provided voluntarily by businesses and that not all businesses provide discounts to all card holder types. For more information from Seniors Enquiry Line about seniors discounts and concessions or on the Business Discount Directory for Seniors and Carers, please phone 1300 135 500 or visit us online at

Maroochydore VIEW Club

Maroochydore VIEW Club’s last function for 2013 will be the Christmas breakfast which is on Friday 6th December at Maroochy Surf Club. Alexandra Avenue, Maroochydore at 7.30 for 8am start. We are planning a Christmas buffet breakfast for members, partners and guests. Our club is a non-profit friendship club that supports The Smith Family chiefly through the Foundations Learning for Life Program for disadvantaged students. VIEW club also offers a range of social get-togethers such as coffee and movie mornings, book clubs and tours. If you would like to find out more about the club or attend one of our monthly luncheon meetings please phone Sharyn on 5451 0004. Breakfast cost will be $22pp. RSVP to Val on 5450 0717 by 6pm Tuesday 26th November.

community news U3A Network Queensland Regional Gathering

Love scams targeting older Australians A NEW report has revealed that dating and romance scams have cost Australian victims more than $23.3 million in 2012. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) latest annual report received more than 83,000 contacts about scams with losses reported of over $93 million in 2012. In Australia, women over 50 are the most susceptible to romance scams. Scams asking victims for advanced fees/upfront payments was the number one scam followed by romance scams and those scams derived from investment seminars and real estate. And it seems women over 50 are the most susceptible to romance scams, according to Detective Superintendent Brian Hay from the Queensland Police. Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, who was not commenting directly on the ACCC report, said women over 50 who use online dating sites or chat rooms were often targeted by fraudsters who spent months building a relationship with their victims before suddenly asking for big amounts of money for an emergency. Phishing and identity theft continues to be another big problem for Australians with nearly 500 people contacting the ACCC reporting financial loss.

A REGIONAL meeting was recently held at the Innovations Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, arranged and hosted by U3A Sunshine Coast. U3A members attended from Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Noosa, Caboolture, Pine Rivers, Bribie Island, Burran Heads and Sunshine Coast. The Queensland Network Executive members also attended from Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Brisbane and as far away as Townsville. The full day meeting provided lots of

interesting presentations and the opportunity for U3A members to network and discuss many matters of common interest. A highlight was the World Café, where mixed groups held lively discussions about common challenges faced by all U3As, such as finding sufficient tutors. There are 27 members U3A’s in the Queensland Network, representing thousands of older Queenslanders determined to stay young and healthy by lifelong learning.

L-R: Coralie Clune & Sandra Hamilton (both Gympie)

L-R: Jan Partridge (U3A Sunshine Coast) & Maria Licence (Network Executive Brisbane)

Nominate a local hero for Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards SUNSHINE Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson recently launched the 2014 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards at the Maroochy RSL. Mayor Jamieson said the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards are an opportunity to publicly recognise and honour the achievements of citizens who have made an outstanding contribution to the region. “Residents are being asked to nominate the individuals and organisations in our community that work to make the region a better place,” Cr Jamieson said. “There is no doubt that these people are our local heroes because they make a difference to life on the Sunshine Coast. So it is important that we not only celebrate their contribution on Australia Day but also publicly acknowledge them via a formal, highly

respected, awards program. Nominations are being sought for the following categories: Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Community Group or Organisation, Environment and Sport and Recreation. Nominations close 13 December 2013 and entries can be completed online, downloaded from council’s website or picked up from customer service centres, libraries. The sixth annual Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards will take place on Friday 24 January 2014. The event will include performances by local musicians, special guest speakers and the presentation of awards by the Mayor. For more information visit council’s website www.sunshinecoast. qld. or email ausdayawards@

December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 7

Page 8 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

community news Pet of the Month

BAMBI is a very affectionate, pretty, two-year-old girl who is in urgent need of a loving home. She is extremely lively and loves to play and smooch with people or other cats. Intelligent and fearless, Baby has lived with other cats and gets on well with them, so she would be very happy to share her new family with a feline friend. She is so outgoing and friendly she may also suit a household with a dog. Bambi is very agile and likes to climb, so a cushion up high to sleep on would be at the top of her wish list. Our 4 Paws volunteers have all been smitten immediately on meeting this little girl , she has so much love to share. Should wish for more information please phone 0438 635 191 or 0411 144 689 or view our web site All 4 Paws Cats and Dogs are flea and

worm free, microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed which are all covered by an adoption fee. All our needy animals can also be viewed on our website You can help support 4 Paws Animal Rescue by becoming a member! Members play a large part in supporting the committee and this contributes to the success of 4 Paws Animal Rescue. As a member of 4 Paws Animal Rescue you will receive our quarterly newsletter informing you of forthcoming events, merchandise and background into what happens to our cats and dogs once re-homed. You may even want to become a volunteer or even a temporary foster carer and look after one of our cats and dogs until a new permanent home can be found, all vet fees are covered; all we ask is that you supply a loving caring home.

Help Red Cross stock up for Christmas AS the festive season fast approaches Red Cross is appealing for urgent donations of unwanted summer clothing to help stock local Red Cross Shops for Christmas. National Marketing Manager, JayneAnne Power says ladies summer clothing is in hot demand, particularly dresses but anything light and in good condition is always appreciated. “The early summer weather in many parts of the country has depleted our stores of summer clothing” says JayneAnne. “Christmas is the busiest time of the year for our Red Cross Shops. “We need more stock in the next few weeks to cater for the many hundreds of people who’ll be coming into our

stores during December to buy something special for Christmas and help a great cause at the same time. The proceeds from our shop sales help support people during disasters, provide daily phone calls to check on the wellbeing of isolated or elderly Australians, and prepare nutritious breakfasts for children who need a healthy start to the day. To donate summer clothing simply walk into a Red Cross Shop and hand your items across the counter or place them in the donation box at the entrance to each store. To find the location of your nearest Red Cross Shop visit our website or call 1800 339 888.

Noosa Regional Gallery shop, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered IF you’re looking for a special present for friends or family, Sunshine Coast Council’s Noosa Regional Gallery shop is just the place to go. Explore the gallery shop where you’ll find the perfect gift at a very affordable price for original artwork, locally crafted and unique gifts. This is a win-win for everyone – you can support our local artists while picking up a unique gift that will be treasured for years to come. Gifts in this store are not your run of the mill items – you’ll find exquisite hand-made vintage Kimono bags, lovingly created pottery, intricately designed Japanese pendants and earrings, there’s something for everyone.

There is also a wide range of beautiful recycled paper and soy ink gift cards made by local company Lily and Ginger and sold at below retail prices to add the finishing touch to your personalised gift. While there, take the time to explore the current exhibitions and enjoy the beautiful river views. As an added bonus Friends of Noosa Regional Gallery members receive a 10% discount on their purchases. Noosa Regional Gallery is located along the riverside at the end of Pelican Street in Tewantin and is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm. Visit council’s gallery website for further information.

community news Council committed to delivering high quality library services

AS part of de-amalgamation and the pending re-establishment of the former Noosa Shire Council, Sunshine Coast Council will begin separating the regional library service to establish two independent library services by June 2014. The separation will occur in two stages. As of 1 January 2014 the Cooroy and Noosa Library buildings, the mobile library and all Noosa Shire based staff will transfer to the new Noosa Shire Council. The two Council’s will then continue working together on the second stage which will be to separate the library collections and cataloguing systems no later than 30 June 2014. During this stage, staff in the two Council’s will be given the necessary time to separate the library service materials into two independent library services and to inform library members and users of the changes. Deputy Mayor Chris Thompson said that State Legislation dictated that the Sunshine Coast Council must transfer staff, assets and equipment to the new Noosa Shire Council to enable that council to create its new local government and associated services. “Sunshine Coast Council has determined that this is to include that part of the current library service within the new Noosa Shire Council area,� he said. “This means the new Noosa Shire Council will operate the Noosa and Cooroy Libraries and the ongoing Sunshine Coast Council will operate the remaining eight libraries in the region. Both councils will continue to operate mobile library services in their respective local government area.

“I would like to reassure the community that Sunshine Coast Council remains committed to delivering high quality library services in welcoming and vibrant community spaces where people can interact, connect, learn and explore.� Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said that while there will be a period of readjustment for library users, it is anticipated that residents from both the Sunshine Coast and Noosa local government areas will be able to apply for a library card to access the library closest to them, whether that library be in the Noosa or Sunshine Coast local government areas. “It will be just the same as borrowing from libraries in other council areas, you will need to become a member of each library service and hold two library cards,� Cr McKay said. “The biggest change will be for library users who have become accustomed to collecting, borrowing, returning and reserving items from the different library locations across the coast – in both the Sunshine Coast Council and the new Noosa Shire local government areas. “From 1 January, you will only be able to return, borrow, reserve and collect your loan items at the library service (Noosa or Sunshine Coast) from where the items were borrowed.� Library members will be kept informed by a range of methods including council’s website www.sunshine, Library member’s enewsletter, council’s e-newsletter and fact sheets will be available at library branches across the Coast. BR O BE ASK ST US AVAI CHUR PR AB LAB ES ICE OU LE GU T O AR UR AN from Arthritis, Back Pain, Swollen Legs, Breathing TE E and many other health related problems

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community news Entries Open for Great Santa Race

A PRIZE pool that has been increased to $2,000 is sure to see a huge field of entrants in the Noosa to Hinterland Plumbing Group Great Santa Race on Saturday 7 December. The challenge is simple - make the short dash up Maple Street in Cooroy dressed in a Santa suit! First prize is $750, second is $500 and third is $250 but the beauty is that you don’t even have to place to be a winner as there are also five random draws of $100! If the prize pool isn’t enough enticement, the event also raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. So that should provide everyone with plenty of incentive to get their running shoes on! “This is the fifth year that we have had the madcap excitement of the Great Santa Race as a part of the Christmas in Cooroy celebrations. We’ve had around 50 Santas in the last couple of years but it would be great if we could double those numbers and get 100 Santas streaking their way up Maple Street. There are thousands of people in the crowd cheering them on so it is all quite exciting. The more Santas that run, the more funds are raised for the Leukaemia Foundation,” said Danielle Taylor, Event Manager. The Great Santa Race will start at Apex Park in Cooroy at 4.30pm on Saturday 7 December. Entry to the Great Santa Race is only $10 and all entrants receive a free Santa suit to race in. Proceeds of the race are donated to Leukaemia Foundation. Participants must be 18 years and over and entries can be obtained online at under the competitions tab. Ensure you enter early to secure a spot at the starting line. The Great Santa Race is a component of Christmas in Cooroy which is a fantastic free community event with free rides and entertainment for the entire family. Hosted by the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Cooroy this event is a showcase of Christmas spirit for the region. The race will precede the popular Bendigo Bank Street Parade which then leads into other festivities such as music and fireworks in Apex Park.

Christmas in Cooroy is a free non-for profit event hosted by the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Inc and the Rotary Club of Cooroy Inc. The event could not be run without the fantastic support from all its volunteers and funding partners: Cooroy Community Branch of Bendigo Bank, Wimmers Soft Drinks, Cooroy Hotel, Ri-con Contractors, Stella Conveyancing, Cooroy Pest Control, Zinc 96.1FM, Lukes Supa IGA Cooroy, Cooroy Rag, Cooroy Central Guardian Pharmacy, Noosa to Hinterland Plumbing Group, Qld Media Print, Firefly Solutions, Mower & ATV, Hinternoosa Real Estate, Ritek Building Solutions, David Lafferty @ Hinternoosa, Bamboo Australia, Gelignite Jacks, Hinterland Christian Centre and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The Christmas Story at Messy Church Messy Church is a fun way for everyone to start to celebrate Christmas. Last Messy Church we all helped build a fishing boat that the children could carry around the hall. Why not come along on Sunday, 1st December and find out what things you can make to help everyone celebrate Christmas. After the craft activities from page 4 we have a story and songs and then everyone 1. West Indies shares a meal. We often 2. Fish have a visit from 3. March “Bubbles” the clown who 4. Northern helps make this fun sharTerritory ing time even more enjoy5. Base times height able. divided by two Messy church is for 6. Two dollars young and old to enjoy. 7. Hair oil A wonderful relaxed way 8. Six to introduce small chil9. Flock together dren to church activities 10. Veal and a great way for par11. Obstetrician ents and grandparents to 12. 12 make new friends. 13. Carburettor Messy Church is on Sun14. The crack of a day, December 1st at 4pm whip at St Peter’s Anglican 15. Meatloaf Church, Cnr Church St & 16. Sporran Beach Rd. 17. Goat-like Maroochydore. For more 18. Lyndon Baines information phone 5443 Johnson 2133. 19. Estonia 20. Russian roulette

Trivia Answers

community news More community connections

Attention all former NASHOS THE National Servicemen’s Association of Australia (Qld) Inc. is inviting men who completed their National Service obligations during the periods 1951 to 1959; 1965 to 1972 and also those who did Alternate Service in the period of 1964 to 1972 and served and trained in the CMF to join our Association. The Association was formed in 1987 to seek a better deal for Vietnam-era National Servicemen and was later widened to include men who served in the 1951 to 1959 period. The main objectives of the Association are to improve the general welfare of all National servicemen through charitable, community, recreational, education and patriotic activities; and to promote fellowship and camaraderie between members. National Servicemen are entitled to National Service Commemorative Medal. They are also entitled to the Defence Service Medal if service was for more than four years. A National Memorial was dedicated in Canberra in 2010, there is a State Memorial in Toowoomba and each branch as its own Memorial. The Association was given a piece of land of the Wacol Army Barracks on we have established a Chapel, an Everyman’s hut, two barracks and a guard hut. This land was bequeathed to us by the Federal Gov-

ernment at a peppercorn rent. We have established a Nominal Roll equivalent to the Vietnam’s Veterans Nominal Roll and the World War 11 Nominal Roll. This Roll may be viewed at At the present time we are working on the 1951 to 1959 Army, also the 1964 to 1972. At the present time the Roll for the Navy 1951 to 1957 is complete. The RAAF in Queensland is 98% complete and correct. We have also completed the RAAF for NSW but we discovered anomalies in their service details and we are still rechecking these records. We were informed recently that Central Army Records use our Nominal Roll for conformation that some of the Personnel were entitled to medals. So all you Nashos and Alternate Servicemen, please come and join our Association. We all enjoy the meetings at the various branches and the camaraderie is valued and enjoyed by all. For further information contact Tony Stevenson in our office 9am to 1pm daily on (07)3324 1277, email or after hours Alex Garlin on (07) 5446 5210 email

Business discount schemes help Sunshine Coast seniors and carers save money Pictured is a happy shopper receiving their cakes and puddings

ON Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of October Maroochy North Shore Lions were once again helping to raise funds for the Local Community through the sale of their Lucky Envelopes at the Pacific Paradise shopping centre. This time it was to assist the Mudjimba Community Kindergarten as they endeavour to provide an additional teachers’ aide to help special needs children. As well, since Christmas is fast ap-

proaching the Lions famous Christmas Cakes and Puddings were also on sale and many shoppers took advantage to stock their pantries with this popular item before stocks run out. We will be selling cakes and puddings on other dates closer to Christmas. If you wish to help us with our Community activities and have fun along the way. Ring Lion Shirley on 5450 5088.

SUNSHINE Coast seniors and carers can benefit from savings on a wide range of products and services from a number of local businesses under the State Government’s Seniors and Carers Business Discount scheme. Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson said that residents who hold a Seniors Card, Seniors Business Discount Card or Carer Business Discount Card can access discounts on everything from insurance, flowers, travel and accommodation, to clothing, home improvement services, restaurants and health services Ms Simpson said that the new 2013-14 discount directory is now available from her electorate office, community service centres, government offices and

our local libraries. “It is great to see so many local businesses helping to cut the cost of living by offering discounts to some of the most deserving members of our communities,” Ms Simpson said. “I encourage any seniors and carers who do not currently hold a Seniors or Carers Business Discount Card to go online to find out if they’re eligible and apply for a card.” “Cardholders can also go online at seniorscard or to locate business discount providers or for a full list of directory pick-up points.” For more information contact my office on 5443 7995 or email


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December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 11

community news Having fun while helping READING the Sunshine Coast Seniors newspaper, I found that there are clubs and associations who help with their generosity in giving and helping the needy. We would like to think that a group of residents in our Golden Beach aged care facility falls into the same category. We have recently helped

with Operation Christmas Child. We covered shoe boxes and filled them with items such as something to love, something educational, something for hygiene, something to wear and something for play. Each box costs approximately $25 to fill. The real cost is postage, which is $9 to send overseas. Our final count was 91 boxes.

There is always something to keep us occupied. During the year, fundraising to help other organizations such as Salvation Army Flood Relief and also their Food Drive, Australia Zoo Koala Hospital, Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea and RSPCA Cupcake Day. We also have what we call ‘Knit and

Natter’ days where we knit all kinds of items such as blankets, toys and any items to keep ‘Brisbanes’ Needy’ warm. Our group also joined in the APSL 4 kilometer walk along the Golden Beach foreshore to raise money to ‘Keep Caloundra Hospital Emergency Department’. Our oldest resident to complete the walk

was 95 said she “enjoyed Lifestyle Coordinator have to thank the resithe morning walk”! who points us in the right dents for their generosity We have to thank our direction and we also in helping with donations.

“To embrace a lifetime, we give you time” Drysdale Funerals was established in 1989 by Don and June Drysdale to provide a special level of care for the residents of the entire Sunshine Coast. We place the very highest priority on meeting the specific and personal wishes of those involved in arranging funeral services either immediately or in the future. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Chris Jones Manager - Nambour/Maroochydore

Planning ahead gives peace of mind It is a good idea to plan ahead by completing your personal profile record. It ensures your family or close friends have the answers they will need should anything happen to you. As a community service, Drysdale Funerals have prepared a small booklet in which you can record these details. It is yours free, without obligation, upon request. Just complete the coupon and send it to us or phone 5449 9383. A member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association.

Send this coupon today to Drysdale Funerals. 27 Butler Street, Tewantin - PH: 5449 9383 Also 86 Maud Street, Maroochydore - PH: 5479 1055 EC Thomas Chapel 33 National Park Rd, Nambour - PH: 5441 1366 Please send me, free of charge, without obligation  Personal Profile Record/s Name:..................................................................................................................................................................... Address:.................................................................................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................................Postcode:........................................

Page 12 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc AFTER a full year of weekly meetings at Caloundra and Buderim and monthly meetings at Yandina for the north of the Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Coast Computer Club will be taking a short break over the Christmas New Year period. The Club expects to be busy when meetings resume. Members who may have received new pieces of technology or treated themselves to a Christmas gift will possibly have questions about their new or upgraded item. After the break they will be back to the Club with questions to be be answered. A new piece will have a learning curve and upgraded pieces have some new features to become familiar with. The Club also has various pieces of technology that members may borrow for short periods which may save them buying something they need to use for only a short time. These include a item to copy old slides and negatives to a computer and later make a DVD to share with others. No matter what a persons age it is never too late to discover the benefits of using a computer and associated pieces of technology. This is where the Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc can help. Weekly meetings are held at

Caloundra at the Community Hall in Queen Street, Caloundra on a Saturday morning from 9.00 am to 12.10 pm and at Buderim at the Goodlife Centre, 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim on a Thursday afternoon from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. At these meetings, Club members can get hands on help on a Club Computer or their own computer. Tutorials are given using projectors and large screens. There is time to socialise with other members, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and learn from each other. A monthly meeting at Yandina for the North Coast area is held at the Yandina/Eumundi RSL Hall from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month. The Club has a yearly membership fee and a small cost for each meeting that members attend. Visitors may attend one meeting to decide whether what the Club offers would suit them. To find out more about when and where the Club meetings are held and how you too can join the Club and get help – Telephone the Club Information Line 5492 1005, visit the Club Web Site – (view an informative Introductory Video) or e mail the Club at

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community news


Woombye Bowls Melbourne Cup luncheon Woombye Bowls Club organised a Melbourne Cup Fun luncheon and it was an open invitation to all in our community. Some were bowlers and others were Woombye residents and friends. It was a fun day with lots of sweeps, delicious champagne and nibbles on arrival, followed by a hearty 2 course lunch with yummy prawns. We also had in-house races with ‘strappers’ leading out the horses (hobby horses). The ‘jockeys’ had striped coloured caps and whips and raced each other 6 at a time. All winners won bottles of bubbly. One lucky patron celebrated her birthday with a Trifecta win on the cup. She was over the moon.

Fun was had by all

Rotary in motion to assist Philippines in crisis

IN response to the humanitarian crisis in the Philippines, the Rotary Club of Buderim is shipping the equivalent of $60,000 worth of LifeStraw to the devastated community of Tacloban, in the Philippines. Lifestraw is a portable filtering appliance which will filter out impurities from contaminated water. It will filter out bacteria, viruses and protozoa making contaminated water safe to drink. It does not require reticulated water and does not require any power source. Just over 18 months ago the Rotary Club of Buderim embraced LifeStraw as their major international project and attracted donations from across Australia. In line with Rotary standard procedure, all donations have been converted to stock and held as an emergency response store.

As is usual with donations to Rotary, 100% of the money donated will be delivered in aid, without any deductions. Early next week Grahame Orpin, a member of the Rotary Club of Buderim, will be travelling to the Philippines with World Outreach International Aid and taking with him our precious cargo. He will ensure that your donation will provide immediate aid to the area. “The logistics of getting the LifeStraws to the affected areas will be a challenge in itself” Grahame said. However, Rotary Clubs in Manila are already waiting for Grahame’s arrival to assist him on the ground. As is already apparent in this disaster, clean water is the first requirement as sewerage systems are damaged and bodies are in the waterways. In a disaster, this will inevitably result in sickness

and death. Buderim Rotary are still $30,000 short of funds to be able to ship another container of water filters. These devices will make a huge difference not only to the affected community but to the local authorities, freeing valuable manpower currently caught up in the logistics of transporting the liquid gold to the people in need. The partnership between the Rotary Club of Buderim, Clean Water Australia and New Zealand, and Global Aid and World Outreach International (including water aid through LifeStraw products) allows donations to be fully tax deductable. “What an unimaginable catastrophe, the damage and loss of life is almost impossible for us to comprehend; this is the type of situation that inspired the Rotary Club of

CHINA: Worcester, Doulton, Moorcroft, Shelley, Clarice Cliff, Maling, Beswick and Belleek etc. Especially vases and figurines. GLASS: Coloured glassware, Carnival glass, Ruby glass, Mary Gregory, Epergnes, Claret jugs, Lustres, Scent bottles, Galle and Lalique. WATCHES & CLOCKS: Mantle, Wall, Grandfather, Carriage etc., Barometers, Music jugs. Gramophones, Music boxes and clockwork toys. JEWELLERY: Rings, Brooches, Bangles, Cameos, Lockets, Diamond jewellery, Ivory, Jade and Marcasite etc. Old gold & broken jewellery. COINS & BANKNOTES: Commemorative medals, Masonic & Lodge medals, Old badges. Agricultural medals. Gold and silver coins. ORIENTAL ANTIQUES IVORY JADE SCRIMSHAW WAR MEDALS & SOUVENIRS: Swords, Daggers, Bayonets, Flags, Artillery shells and Trench art. War memorabilia and Maps, etc. SILVERWARE: Centrepieces, Dressing table silver, Perfume bottles, Tea sets, Canteens, Snuff boxes, Vinaigarettes and Inkwells. Especially Sterling Silver and cased silver items of all description. ANTIQUE FURNITURE AUSTRALIAN POTTERY BRONZES: Statues, Figurines, Jardinières, Kerosene Lamps & samplers. OLD GOLD: Broken jewellery and scrap gold. Gold coins & medals.

Buderim to take on the our supplies to be ready for PETER MARTIN of LYNZAY ANTIQUES FREECALL 1800 501 419 Lifestraw project” Rick the next natural disaster. Licenced (SHD 5368) 46 YEARS TRADING Beasley, president of the Rotary Club of Buderim said. Donations can be made online by accessing PEACHESTER Please donate, safe, potable drinking water is essential to the wellbeing of us all; lack of access to COLLECTABLES safe drinking water contributes to the staggering burden of water borne • Bus Tours,Clubs, Intimate Meals • Wholesome Homecooked Meals & Cakes diseases and deaths • Comfy Rooms or Sunny Outdoors • Friendly Staff . . . Browse & Enjoy worldwide. • Open 7 Days • 10 mins Woodford/Beerwah The big challenge now is to raise an additional $30,000 and to replenish


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community news


Mary Valley Tomato Festival

IT is a well-known fact that the Mary Valley, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland was dealt a cruel blow when it was announced that the Queensland Government wanted to build a dam and subsequently destroy the area. Every resident in the area was affected in one way or the other, whether or not they faced the threat of losing their homes. Even now, the Valley is still trying to recover. There are many initiatives under way to help this recovery. One of these is the Mary Valley Tomato Festival. This is how it started. In January this year, a group of enthusiastic home gardeners decided to try to see who could grow the heaviest tomato. The competition was so successful that they decided to take it a step further and make it an annual competition. They formed a committee of four, later increased to five, to plan a full-blown Festival. It was decided that the Festival would be held in December for two reasons. First, it appeared that the locally grown tomatoes were at their best at this time, and hopefully we can beat the wet season. Secondly, we wanted to incorporate a schools competition before school holidays started. However, the Festival was not to be just about growing tomatoes. There will be a series of tomato-based games, as well as market stalls, gourmet food stalls, a Grand Parade, a fashion parade, music and street entertainment. The Festival will be held in and around Imbil Bowls Club, where there is a natural outdoor amphitheatre looking out over beautiful Yabba Creek. This is where

Ongoing Discount of 10%*

the musicians will be setting up, and the entertainment will go on into the night. Plans for the future include extending the Festival so it becomes a week-long event. Festivities for this year will kick off with a Supper Dance on Friday 29th November, where the Tomato Festival Ambassador will be chosen. As an added attraction, Mary Valley Artslink will be holding an Art Exhibition, aptly titled ‘Imbil Alive’, at the Imbil RSL Hall over the weekend. This consists of invited Mary Valley artists, who will each display a selection of their work. The artists include Patricia Cale, Jennie Hawkes-Wright, Elli Schlunke, Nan Borsht, Narelle Webber, Lynne Hogg, Pam Hopkins, Elisa Balas-Wright, Chris Hardwick (3D) and Colin Beard (photography). Talented sculptor, Elli Schlunke, will be holding a workshop entitled ‘Garden Critters from Junk’ on Saturday 30th November. The Tomato Festival will be held on Sunday 1st December. Please visit our website for any more information.

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Blue Care celebrates 60 years of volunteers

LEADING not-for-profit service provider Blue Care will thank its 2,311 volunteers across Queensland and northern New South Wales for their invaluable support as part of International Volunteer Day on December 5. Blue Care Executive Director Robyn Batten said Blue Care volunteers offer their time, experiences and individual skills to give something back to the community. “Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at Blue Care and it is important to celebrate and acknowledge their invaluable contribution,” she said. “As Blue Care celebrates its 60th anniversary year we reflect on the past and our beginnings in Brisbane’s West End. If it was not for the hard work, dedication and goodwill of volunteers and parishioners of The Methodist Mission in 1953 we would not be where we are today. “Blue Care has come a long way since 1953, and as a not-for-profit organisation, much of what Blue Care does would not be possible without the generosity of our volunteers. “Whether volunteers give one day each week or an hour each month, Blue Care appreciates every second they commit to helping others. “Volunteers take time to listen to residents and clients, who enjoy the time spent together as they share knowledge, stories and companionship.” Of the 2,311 volunteers at Blue Care, more than 1,771 are female. The average age of a Blue Care volunteer is 61, with its oldest volunteer now 93. In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly founded the International Volunteer Day (IVD) to globally acknowledge volunteer work by highlighting their contribution to communities. IVD provides volunteer organisations and individual volunteers with the opportunity to raise the public awareness of their contributions. To find out more about how to become a Blue Care volunteer, please visit About Blue Care: Blue Care is a leading not-for-profit service provider assisting 13,000 people every day with services that maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Services are tailor made and designed to promote peoples’ independence and maintain their quality of life. They are offered in people’s homes, in the community, in residential aged care facilities and retirement living villages.


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December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 15

community news RSL Care – 75 Years Young RETIREMENT and aged care provider, RSL Care celebrates 75 years of service this year, today offering 28 sites across Queensland and northern New South Wales. With a heritage built in providing accommodation services to veterans, today RSL Care is open to all members of the community and offers independent retirement living, low and high residential care and in home care and support. Over the past 75 years, RSL Care has continued to build its experience and services to the community. Today the organisation prides itself on its dedicated and reputed experience in delivering quality, tailored services to individuals, to keep them as independent and active as possible. Whether it is an independent living unit in the retirement community or low or high care in a residential unit, RSL Care residents are welcomed into a warm and active community with a range of weekly activities. Facilities are designed to promote physical and social activity. RSL Care Head of Retirement Living, Ceri Spain, said the celebration of 75 years showed how important these services are to the community. “Over the years, RSL Care has noticed a consistent demand from the community to provide a range of tailored solutions that suits our ageing population,” Ms Spain said. “Increasingly we have a population of older citizens who want to remain active and connected with their family and friends whilst receiving support as and when they need it”. In addition to residential care and retirement options, RSL Care is a proud provider of HomeCare services in which support services can be provided within the home. From medical support to shopping and transportation, social activity or companionship, HomeCare aims to ensure customers can stay comfortably within their own home whilst receiving the support and care they require. RSL Care is proud to offer a full continuum of care ensuring residents and clients can feel confident that as their needs change and differ, they will have all the support they require in the one location. To find out more about RSL Care, visit or call 1300 558 648 (cost of a local call).

Page 16 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

Dismal Damsels

WE are a group of mostly widows, who have been meeting once a month for years. We have a lovely afternoon with jokes and having a laugh. We also go on home visits, picnics, local museum, RSL Club etc. It takes the loneliness away for a short time. We spent a lovely afternoon recently at Strawberry Fields as our monthly outing topped off with a beautiful afternoon tea. But the highlight of the afternoon was some of our over 80 year olds getting out there and picking strawberries, which really topped off their day.

National Seniors Australia

NATIONAL Seniors Australia (NSA) is the largest organisation representing Australians aged 50 and over. The Caloundra City branch meets at the rear function room Currimundi Hotel, Buderim Street, Currimundi every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9.30am. Ample parking is available. Friendship, interesting speakers, local outings and other activities are offered. All over 50’s on the Sunshine Coast are cordially invited to attend and become part of this fun community group. Visitors from NSA are also welcome. Phone Fran on 5444 8347.

community news Second time lucky at Crows Nest LAST summer the Currimundi Combined Probus Club had bad luck being flooded out at Crows Nest Caravan Park, but a repeat trip recently produced lovely fine weather on a weekend when the township held its annual festival. The 23 Probians who were camping (or in cabins), had a wonderful sunny festival day on the Saturday, followed by a meal at the local Pub while they watched the fireworks. This day was really splendid, especially in the light of the population and size of Crows Nest, and included a Grand Parade at midday. On the Sunday the

Crows Nest Festival Parade

Postage stamps turned to gold FOR many years the Lions International Stamp Club (LISC) has been collecting used stamps from clubs and individuals in Australia and overseas and selling them to raise funds for the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation. (ALCMF) Year after year, kilo after kilo the search goes on. Yet many clubs and individual Lions still don’t know of this project At the recent Australian

Lions convention in Canberra, a cheque for a record $4,617 was handed over representing the results of stamp sales over the previous 12 months. This brings the total since 2005 to $22,500. The club handles in excess of 200 kilos of clipped stamps every year and each year the project grows a little larger as more and more clubs and individuals join in. The money donated is

used to purchase walking frames for children born with cerebral palsy. Stamp Club secretary Ross Paine co-ordinates the project. “We ask people sending stamps to clip around the stamp leaving no less than an eighth of an inch and no more than a quarter of an inch of paper. Not too close and not too much paper either. Every stamp donated is sent to auction and

Poet’s Breakfast - a great start to the Festive Season

THE annual Poet’s Breakfast has become a key part of the Christmas in Cooroy celebrations and is a great way to kick off the day on 7December! This is the sixth year for the breakfast and it seems the poets just get better every year! “Not only do you get a fantastic buffet breakfast to start the day, but you’ll also get your share of laughter too because these poets are very entertaining,” said event manager, Danielle Taylor. MC for the event, popular hinterland poet Ian Mackay has mustered up a stellar lineup again including ABC’s evergreen “poet-in residence” and master of the short poem, Harry Donnelly as will the very popular, “Irish Joe” Lynchand winner of the coveted Woodford Poetry Slam,Robin “Archie” Archbold. Each poet has developed his own, quite distinct style in both writing and performing but together they combine to produce a cohesive show that evolves as the morning unfolds. Tickets must be pre-purchased via the Cooroy Hotel for only $30 which includes a hearty breakfast and a few

every cent raised is passed on to ALCMF. “We ask that the stamps are clipped neatly as the buyers purchase by the kilo and they will not bid on a lot if they see too much paper left on the stamps, and unfortunately we just don’t have the time to clip any more stamps after we do the ones we obtain ourselves.” We will also happily accept old accumulations and collections, first day covers etc and

sort these for the auctions. “We recently sold the donated collection from a deceased estate and received $800 towards the project,” said Ross. Ross is a member of the Lions Club of Peregian and is based on the Sunshine Coast. For further details he can be contacted on 5448 1592 or by email – He would love to hear from you.

Probians visited and picnicked at the Historic listed Spring Bluff Railway Station and award winning gardens. Its significance stems from 145 years of railway history and the attraction of its beautiful landscaped gardens, which were launched as a result of a garden competition back in 1914. Trains frequently run through the station providing extra interest as visitors share a meal in the historic café or bbq and picnic at tables located throughout the park area. During the Great Floods of 2011 Spring Bluff was badly damaged and even the railway line was closed for a few months, with the site finally reopening in August 2011.Another successful Probus camp and outing with the obligatory “happy hour” each evening, a camp fire, and endless chatter.


Predecimal & Decimal C o i n s Australian 1966 Round 50c, Gold Sovereigns Australian & World Collections or Accumulations

Banknotes Australian & World

Medals & T okens Tokens Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam & Others

Gold & Silver

Ingots, Bars, Broken Jewellery, Rings, Fillings, etc

Stamps We







5 Top Prices Paid 5 Family Owned 5 Confidentiality assured 5 In Business over 30 years

Phone Geoff Yates

(07) 5535 5894 or 0412 11 32 11

hours of entertainment by some of the best local poets around. The Cooroy Poet’s Breakfast is at 8am on Saturday 7 December and bookings are essential by phoning 5447 6355 or visiting the Cooroy Hotel. For all the information about the other activities associated with Christmas in Cooroy visit The event is run by Cooroy Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club of Cooroy and could not continue to be free without the fantastic support from all its volunteers and funding partners: Cooroy Community Branch of Bendigo Bank, Wimmers Soft Drinks, Cooroy Hotel, Ri-con Contractors, Stellar Conveyancing, Cooroy Pest Control, Zinc 96.1FM, LukesSupa IGA Cooroy, Cooroy Rag, Cooroy Central Guardian Pharmacy, Noosa to Hinterland Plumbing Group, Qld Media Print, Hinternoosa Real Estate,Firefly Solutions, Mower & ATV, Master Hire Cooroy, Ritek Building Solutions, David Lafferty @ Hinternoosa, Bamboo Australia, Gelignite Jacks, Hinterland Christian Centre, The Cooroy App and Sunshine Coast Regional Council. December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 17

community news Interested in the new roofing alternative for Australian homes?

THERE is an urgent need to provide improved roofs for houses, both from householders trying to reduce electricity costs and from Government endeavouring to reduce the demand for electricity. The Federal Government, with the failed pink batts scheme, was attempting to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. But every house roof within Australia has a flaw that can only be fixed by replacing the roof with a better material than those currently available. The flaw of course is that heat is allowed into the roof space because all available domestic roof coverings have no insulation value. Roof space temperature rises rapidly as the insulation is at the bottom of the roof space on top of the ceiling and fibreglass batts or other air entrapping insulation is used to keep cost down. However, all such insulation materials are air permeable and on a summer day the 60-70°C of the roof space is soon passed down to the habitable areas of the house. The typical way to combat this increased temperature is to turn on the air-conditioning and feed refrigerated air to the rooms of the house using ducts that pass through the roof space. Rapidly rising electricity costs are making the folly of this method of cooling the house with inadequate insulation more obvious as air conditioners are very expensive to run. A properly insulated roof can save 45 per cent of household electricity consumption as most winter heat loss or summer heat gain of dwellings occurs from the roof or ceiling. Limitations of current installation methods for the insulation of roofs is made worse by the reality that cement roof tiles have not been a long term solution for roofing

houses. Cement roof tiles have been used on the majority of houses built in Australia since the 1950s and most have gone beyond the end of their useful lives. Early coatings employed to waterproof cement roof tiles were not durable and an industry has developed for the recoating of cement roof tiles. However, the recoating of the tiles is only a temporary fix as the paint employed also breaks down and peels off making further coating next to impossible. Terra cotta tiles and slate are more durable products but like cement tiles have no insulation value. With corrugated roof sheeting a blanket of fiberglass insulation is placed directly under the roof covering but this method also does not work because fiberglass insulation is air permeable and the insulation is squashed flat when the roof sheet is fixed to battens or trusses thereby destroying any insulation value. Roof ventilators are fitted to try and vent heat from the roof space but heat is vented all year, even when the house is being heated to raise the temperature of the house in winter. More importantly, the vents without a vapour barrier under the roof covering can create condensation problems leading to the growth of mould that can cause health problems and the vents are an open entry point for vermin and insects to the house. The solution to the extreme heat generated in the roof space of a house is to use an insulated panel as the roof covering so that temperature build up within the roof space is eliminated. Insulated roof panels with an expanded polystyrene core have been manufactured in Australia since the 1950s. However, expanded polystyrene insulated panels are not suitable for residential roofing primarily because they are not fireproof or the core melts in a fire and secondly because

they are too thick at R3 insulation rating to replace roof tiles. In 2005 a suitable alternative insulated roof panel was manufactured in Australia for the first time and the market share for this panel has increased dramatically every year since then. The core of the panel is Polyisocyanurate (PIR) which has the highest insulating values of any foam insulation available today combined with significantly better reaction to fire properties as PIR only chars and does not burn or melt, making it ideal for use as an insulation material. Currently all PIR insulated roof panels manufactured in Australia are made for use in factories and commercial buildings and are unsuitable for house roofs because of appearance and high production cost. BONSUL has devised methods to drastically reduce the production cost of PIR panels in a profile that matches the accepted appearance of a roof within the Australian housing market. A product that will eliminate the roof space heat trap of houses and thereby significantly reduce air conditioning costs for home owners, in essence the roof will pay for itself over time. This breakthrough has enabled the adoption of proven business models for the supply of roofing to new homes and replacement roofing for existing homes. Also the production cost breakthroughs developed by BONSUL are incorporated into a factory for the manufacture of energy efficient housing at reduced cost to the homebuyer. BONSUL is seeking assistance to set up operations in Australia and full details can be viewed at For a limited time Michael Manning, is available to answer any questions you may have, contact details available on the website.

Animals and storms! RSPCA Qld’s Lost and Found (Pet D Tect) service received well over one hundred calls after recent storms. “Obviously this is a concern as more storms are predicted throughout the season,” said spokesperson Michael Beatty. “Some dogs in particular suffer from what we call storm or firework phobia. Often they will sense the storm coming long before humans can and the noise of the thunder absolutely terrifies them. They then try to escape from areas they normally wouldn’t think of leaving.” “The animals need to be in an environment they feel comfortable with,” said the RSPCA’s Senior Veterinarian Dr Anne Chester. “They become very distressed and with severe winds predicted people need to clear any loose objects from the animal’s immediate area. This includes horse paddocks. For animals as well as humans, loose debris can cause major, even fatal, injuries”. Smaller pets are also at risk. “Guinea pigs in particular are often kept in hutches in the back yard. With heavy rain, the area floods and the guinea pigs drown. It’s all commonsense really, but sometimes common sense is sadly lacking!” Dr Chester also called on people to make certain their pet had identification. “After every storm we end up with reports of lost, (and found ), traumatised animals, many of which have no identification. If they have identification –in particular a microchip-we can contact the owner immediately. “We would urge anyone who loses an animal to register their details with out Pet D Tect service and do the same if they find an animal.” Pet-D-Tect 1300 363 736

! w o N g n i l l e S e g New Sta

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community news Combined Probus Club of Maleny Twin Island Adventure

and a multitude of fish, ter a couple of great days Bay then travelled home manta rays& turtles. Af- we returned to Hervey to Maleny.

34 Currie Street, NAMBOUR (next to McDonalds)

Ph 5441 6511

K ay’s Hair Innovations

Age Pensioners & Seniors Discounts Bring in this ad to receive

a LADIES haircut for ONLY $22.95

25 members of the Combined Probus Club of Maleny

CLUB members travelled to Rainbow Beach then joined a four wheel drive tour along the beach to the spectacular coloured sand dunes then ontoDouble Island Point Light House. After a night at Rainbow Beach we travelled to Fraser Island by barge fromInskip Point then along the ocean beach to Eurong. Turning inland we visited Lake Mackenzie and the rain forest around Central Station. We were glad we were not driving& getting bogged on the rough sand tracks as others

were. Coral reefs surround the glass bottom boat we The next two nights were island where from the could easily see the coral at Kingfisher Bay Resort where there was a choice of walks or, as many did, spent time enjoying each other’s company by the pool. On leaving Fraser Island we travelled to Hervey Bay Airport for theshortflight to Lady Elliot Island. This is a fascinatingislandwith hundreds of nesting sea birds& is at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. You can walk around it in 45 minutes.


a MENS haircut for ONLY $15.95 available Mon, Tues & Weds only (not available with any other service) (Valid until 31/12/13) - No other discounts apply

Close encounters – of the bird kind!

BIRDS of the Noosa area are the inspiration for local photographer; Vic Jake’s highly detailed photographic exhibition Close Encounters – of the Bird Kind! on display at Noosa Regional Gallery from 11 December 2013 to 19 January 2014. The exhibition encourages locals and visitors to embrace the diversity of birdlife within the Noosa biosphere. All are welcome to attend the official opening on Sunday 15 December at 11am and enjoy the following free public programs: Close Encounters Floor Talk – on Sunday 15 December at 2pm. Join Vic Jakes for an informative and fascinating exploration of the birds in the Noosa biosphere. Free event and phone bookings are essential by 14 December. Coffee and conversations – on Wednesday 8 January, 10.30am to 11.30am.Enjoy a relaxed and informative atmosphere with Vic Jakes. Gold coin donation and phone bookings are essential by 7 January. Special Festive Family Day – on Sunday 15 December from 11am to 2pm. Celebrate Christmas this year with a creative twist. Free festive children’s art activities, suitable for young and old. This Family Day is sponsored by the Friends, Noosa Regional Gallery Inc. No bookings required. Noosa Regional Gallery is located at the Riverside, Pelican Street, Tewantin and is open free to the public, Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. For bookings and for further information phone Noosa Regional Gallery on 5449 5340.

Affordable! Independent Living Units from $175,000

Retired or About to Retire?

THE Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Noosa Branch is a not for profit organisation working for the interests of self-funded and partially selffunded retirees or those about to retire. Next general meeting will be held on 12 December, 2013 at 9:45 am for 10:00 am start at the South Pacific Resort, 179 Weyba Road, Noosaville. Topic: “Old World Wines v New World Wines.” Speaker will be Matt Sherratt, Scothman Hill Wines. Matt will guide us through a comparison of what we used to drink and what we are drinking now. Don’t miss our final general meeting of the year. $5 pp inc morning tea. Visitors very welcome. Please call 5448 2985 for further information or email https:/ /

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Laguna Estate - a lifestyle choice

IS ‘grandma’s ghetto’ your idea of a retirement village? If so, stop right there! There is nothing further from the truth. In the past, most residents entered these villages aged in their seventies as part of a move to downsize, decrease maintenance responsibilities, experience a greater sense of safety and security, or for health and lifestyle reasons. Today, younger retirees from age 55 are seeing the benefits of relocating to a retirement village, with the emphasis on lifestyle and making the move a liberating experience. To those who say that they are not ready for such a move, many of the residents at Laguna Estate say that they wish they had made the decision earlier. It has given them the freedom to travel, visit family or just pursue new hobbies without any of the worries they previously had with the upkeep and security issues of their previous home. Combining outstanding resort facilities with stylish homes in a fully landscaped environment, this village strikes the perfect balance between privacy and independence whilst encouraging a vibrant and rewarding community in which to live. There are spacious villas and serviced apartments from which

Page 20 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

to choose, all in a quiet, peaceful location yet so close to all the vibrant action of Noosa. The range of facilities is cleverly geared towards anyone over the age of 55, whether you are physically active or prefer a quieter lifestyle - and the grandchildren are welcome here. So what will sell you on your decision to make Laguna Estate your home? It is a combination of many things – particularly the smart community facilities and the activities which cater for all lifestyles, but also the quality finish of both the new and the refurbished villas, the resort-style feel, the professional and hugely cheerful staff and the low monthly fees. At some time in the future you may need living assistance but this too is catered for at Laguna Estate with assisted care apartments available. Three meals a day, cleaning, weekly towel & linen changes and 24 hour on-call emergency staff are all part of the service. Laguna Estate is a class act – phone 1800 012 049 for lots more information and an appointment to view this special retirement estate at 21 Lake Weyba Drive, Noosaville. You could soon be making the best choice of your life!

community news Probus Club Discovers Hervey Bay & Maryborough to Hervey Bay, that lovely holiday spot on the Fraser Coast where Whales frolic in the warm waters of the Bay. We all stayed at the Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park, an excellent well maintained park close to the Esplanade and with a large recreation room ideal for our happy hours. The weather was picture perfect most days but on the Sunday when we expected to go Whale Watching, the wind came up and the trip had to be put off. That will keep for another time. Not wanting to waste a day we instead Group at Mary Poppins statue went to the Koala Markets, the new Discovery THE Probus Club of ganizing of Trev and Pam Caravanning and Camp- Sphere, Art Gallery and Kawana Waters has done Watkins, our enthusiastic ing Group. spent more time in the it again thanks to the or- coordinators of the This time they took us up park pool and spa.

Cooroy Noosa Family History Group Cooroy-Noosa Family and Local History Group will hold the last research day of the year on Saturday, 14th December. The Research Room at 41 Miva Street, Cooroy will then reopen on Tuesday, 14th January 2014 at 9.30am. Visitors and new members are always welcome to use our History Resource Library and the subscription internet sites Ancestry and Find My Past, Duty Li-

brarians are always on hand to help with family and local history research from 9.30am to 1.00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Both local history publications are now available, “Echoes of the Past” in bookform at $35 a copy and “Pioneers Families of Cooroy and District” has been released as a CD at $15 a copy. To find out more phone 5442 5570.

Masonic Study Group THE next meeting of the Masonic Study Group will mencing at 10am. Morning tea will be available. The be held on the 9th December 2013 at the Maroochydore topic for discussion will be: How the enlightenment Masonic Centre, Main Road, Maroochydore com- helped Freemasonry to emerge into the open.

We were also able todo Our combined thanks that went into another something that none of Trev and Pam for all the successful trip and may us had ever done before, hard work and organizing there be more. play lawn bowls. We were joined by members of the Maryborough Probus Mixed Club and the Maryborough Bowls Club. Most of our players managed to win a prize for hitting “kitty” but Lenore, who had a knee replacement operation a few weeks earlier managed this feat twice. We had a very interesting guided walk of Maryborough City and Gardens and learnt more in those two hours than we had ever done. We visited great Restaurants and did quite a bit of dining and wining and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On Sunday evening we were joined at Hoolihans Irish Restaurant by 12 very friendly members of the Hervey Bay City Mixed Probus Club and had a most enjoyable night full of fun, fellowship and friendship. It was a great pity it had to end but after another fabulous weekend, we had to say “au revoir” to our new Probus friends and look forward to having long discussions about this trip at our regular Probus get-togethers.

NOW OPEN Refurbished Clubhouse including Media Room

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community news Kawana Senior Citizens Inc Buderim East Probus Club THIS month the Buderim East Probus Club will be holding their Christmas Party at the Corbould Park raceway on December 10. At the November meeting, members voted to change the club from a men only club to a combined club, effective immediately. The club has vacancies for new members and as a result of the change enquiries are most welcome from both men and ladies. The club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10.00a.m. at the Headland Bowls Club, Syd Lingard Drive Buderim. The club has some interesting speakers organised for the upcoming years well as outings and social functions. For further information please contact: Joe Seeleither (President) on 5443 3395 or Des Smallwood) on 5493 6158.

Dying with Dignity Sunshine Coast Are you one of the 85% of adult Australians who want the legal choice of a peaceful, painless, dignified death? Our not-for-profit society needs MEMBERS to convince our Members of Parliament to legalise assisted dignified death ON REQUEST by a terminally-ill adult. Our aim is to have the law in Queensland changed so that, subject to appropriate safeguards, residents suffering intolerably can receive assistance to die peacefully and painlessly. This help MUST be in accordance with that person’s expressed direction.

THE Seniors Melbourne Cupcake Day including the Seniors Fashion Parade and Hobby Horse Derby, went off very well at the end of October. Everyone joined in the fun. The photo shows three gents in the Men’s Fashion Parade Section, Gerry Edwards left third, Bob Caves who won best dressed in the middle and Ken Turnbull right, who was second. Audrey Christie won Best Dressed Lady and Lisa Clarke was the winner of the Hobby Horse Derby. The Seniors Coach Trip to Grafton for the Jacaranda Festival was excellent and the Jacarandas looked their best during the weekend excursion. Next, a Coach Trip to a Senior’s Concert on Bribie Island was very good. Coming up for the Seniors, is a shopping Coach

Trip to the Carrara Markets & Harbor Town, then finally a Coach Trip to see the Christmas lights in North Brisbane. These trips are all organized by their very active Trip Co-Ordinator Eileen. Cost of being in this Friendly Senior’s Club is just $3.00 per morning & yearly subs of $5. Each morning you will receive a Lucky Door Ticket that could win you spins on their wheel or one of 2 fruit trays as well as a meat tray raffle. The Kawana Seniors, start at 9.30 am Thursday Mornings, with musical entertainment and a delightful morning tea to follow. Indoor Bowls, Hoy and Bingo Games are played throughout the morning. Join this very Friendly Senior’s Club, who meet at the Kawana Community Hall, just behind the Kawana Shopping World in Nanyima St. Buddina, near the Kawana Library. Please phone their President, Mavis Farmer at 5493 3545, for any enquires, about this very active Seniors Club of Kawana Waters. If you are lonely, come along and meet other local seniors and join in the fun. Members come from all over the Sunshine Coast – Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek, Glenfields, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Minyama, Buddina, Warana, Bokarina, Wurtulla & Currimundi. Any seniors of the Sunshine Coast are made very welcome.

RAAF Kawana Waters

THE Royal Australian Air Force Association Kawana Waters Branch currently has vacancies for membership both male and female. The aim is to promote and maintain welfare and benefit of serving members, ex-members of the RAAF and of Her Majesty’s Air Forces, Allied Air Forces and their dependants. The Branch also conducts: monthly subsidized lunches, bus tours of an interesting nature and many other types of social activities. The Branch meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club at Pacific Blvd. Buddina at 10am. So why not become involved, if you are an Ex Air Force person living in our community, by phoning Secretary Lance on 07 PLEASE join the festivi5443 2775 for more infor- ties at Buderim VIEW Club’s 20th Birthday Party mation. with a South Pacific getaway theme, on Wednesday 4th December, 11am at Clio’s, 246 Petrie Creek Road, Rosemount. Celebrate with us!Come dressed for your Island holiday; wear a lei, put a flower in your hair if you feel like it. Enjoy a glass of tropical fruit punch, • Modern 1 bedroom Courtyard Villas • Gympie location lunch and Birthday cake NEW UNITS and take in the relaxing • Packages starting from $255 per week AVAILABLE holiday atmosphere with like-minded fun loving laincluding services & food options • Air-conditioned FOR dies. RENTAL • Well located in a relaxed rural setting All VIEW Clubs are an SOON! important part of The Smith Family and the funds we raise are used to assist The Learning for Life programme for chil2-12 College Road dren from underprivileged Southside Gympie families. Please call Gay at 5445 2224 to make a reservation. Guests are most welcome; we love to see new people! For cheon bookings or cancellations, please call by 6 pm on the Sunday before the Luncheon.

Phone: 5443 5576/0402 989433

or write to: P O Box 5639, Maroochydore Q 4558

Join us (only $20 subscription) and insist on

Buderim VIEW Club


Affordable Rental

Accommodation for Seniors

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Gympie Gardens Ph: 3869 6696

community news Can your Brain match up to all the fun?

Samuh/Bugbug Kindergarten

HAVE you entered your team of 4-6 for the “Battle of the Brains”, a great fun, friendly Trivia night where you could win $500, a round of golf for four including lunch valued at $260, $100 Bunnings voucher, a beautiful limited edition signed print valued at over $750, to list just a few of the fabulous prizes? Set to become an annual event, the “Battle of the Brains” begins with meal at 6pm on Saturday 30 November at the Noosa Tewantin Golf Club with the fun questions starting at 7.30pm. Sponsors in-

clude the Tewantin Bendigo Bank, Radio 101.3FM, Noosa Tewantin Golf Club, Tod Consulting Group and Nissen Computing. With several family or friends groups, community, service and sporting clubs already registered to play don’t miss this opportunity to win “bragging rights” or to show support for Noosa U3A which provides classes, courses and social activities for over 700 un-retiring members. Tickets are just $25 a person including the meal or just $15 to play only,

available from Reception at Noosa U3A, 64 Poinciana Avenue, Tewantin, Mon-Fri 9am-2pm, phone 5440 5500. For just a sample of what Noosa U3A offers, this year’s trip to Bali by 12 members and partners was a huge success with a hectic two weeks of sightseeing, visiting villages, workshops, sharing in Balinese family ceremonies, feasting, shopping, elephant riding, snorkelling and still finding time to relax with some members also attending sessions of the Ubud Writers’ Festival or even

playing golf on one of the island’s most beautiful courses. A highlight was visiting the Samuh/Bugbug Kindergarten sponsored by Eileen and David Walder as part of their ‘Boots for Bali” charity. The group handed out donations of books, educational materials, toys, musical instruments and other items while enjoying the children’s songs and shy smiles. The Walders presented money to pay for classroom ceiling fans, furniture and the next year’s water bill. This past year, teachers at the Kindy had worked for no pay as the children’s families are too poor to pay the fees. Rather than deprive the little ones, they chose to go without themselves. The U3A group also made huge donations of clothes, footwear, spectacles, torches and other much needed items to several village families. The final night Balinese feast complete with pig on the spit and delicious local food shared with the villagers left everyone with lasting memories of these beautiful people.

Interest is already shown for another trip next year. For more information phone U3A on 5440 5500.

A change in perspective WHEN you change the way you see things, the things you see change. Author unknown

Curtain Cleaning Fresh, Clean & Healthy Curtains! • All Makes & Types • Free from Odours, Dirt & Mould • Free from Asthma, Allergies & Dustmites

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community news Kawana Waters Toastmasters

Affordable rental accommodation

Beachmere Waters

• Just across the road from the beach, residents of our 50s village in peaceful Beachmere enjoy gentle sea breezes all year round. • Our spacious 1 bedroom units offer an ensuite, lounge room, kitchenette with dining area and your own carport. • Each unit boasts a beautiful patio area just waiting for you to sit and enjoy your morning cuppa, on your way back from our clubhouse. • Our experienced chefs prepare meals using fresh locally sourced ingredients daily. There are limited vacancies available, so please call Leanne or Brian today or book a tour.

Page 24 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

KAWANA Waters Toastmasters recently celebrated the long service of one of it’s members. Area Governor, also Club President, was delighted to present a 15 year pin to Helene Ross. Helene who was a charter member of the club has been a very active member - not only within the club but within the wider Toastmaster’s family. She has acted in every executive position within the club, except President.. she has helped with organising speech contests in the club and area. Organised buses to three District conventions - at Balina, Inverell and Roma. Helped organise raffles at area and district conferences and district conventions. Helene is known within the club as a caring, hands on mentor to newer members and delights in watching them grown in confidence. Why not come along to Kawana Waters Toastmasters - meeting at 9 a.m. for 9.15 start at the Guide Hut, Iluka Street, Buddina on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of every

month. You will be warmly welcomed and shown just how you can benefit from the Toastmaster program. All you have to lose is your fear...

and you can gain in self confidence, knowledge and also along the way gain new friends. Kawana waters have members aged from 20 -

85 and from all walks of life. Call Lorraine 5493 7470 or Gabrielle 5479 2369 or check out our web-site - just Google ‘Kawana Waters Toastmasters’.

Cotton Tree will be aglow with the magic of Christmas Carols SING along to your favourite carols at Sunshine Coast Council’s free familyfriendly Carols at Cotton Tree on Saturday 7 December from 5.30pm to 8.30pm at Cotton Tree Park. Bring a blanket or chair and join local performers for a night of festive merriment. The jam-packed program includes your favourite carols performed by local musicians Andrew Redford, William Clift, Mia Wray, Danae Grant and Genevieve O’Brien. The Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir and Youth Choir will add to the festive spirit with timeless traditional carols and of course there will be an appearance by our favourite bearded man in red Santa. Youngsters are in for a real treat with the high-energy Brett Campbell Kids Christmas Show and Goodwin Performing Arts will add to this magical night under the stars with a Glee style Christmas medley. Two new features to this year’s program will make a perfect evening complete: • Cotton Tree Park will light up with the magic of Christmas when a special, new laser light show kicks off at 8.30pm. • Sunshine Coast Council is partnering with Maroochydore Salvation Army to help disadvantaged local families and

individuals to have a happy Christmas by providing hampers and toys. This year, Carols at Cotton Tree will be a collection point for the community to bring donated toys or gifts (unwrapped) and place them under the big tree. Alternatively, you can make a coin donation. While gifts for all ages are welcome, of particular need are those for children aged 10 to 16 years of age. All this entertainment can lead to a healthy appetite and local community organisations will be on hand with a range of food and drink for purchase. You can also bring your own picnic basket (no glass or alcohol) from 4pm to secure your spot and enjoy the roving entertainment before the official carols stage show starts at 5.30pm. Take advantage of the special event parking at Maroochydore Rugby Union Club (access via Fourth Avenue) from 4pm to 9pm as there will be some parking restrictions within the event vicinity. Sunshine Coast Council gratefully acknowledges the Carols at Cotton Tree supporters – Sunshine Coast Daily, 7 Local News, Energex, Hot 91 FM, Maroochy RSL, Claytons Towing, Goodlife Health, Ramsay Health, CocaCola, Unity Water, Evolution and the Salvation Army.

Grab a read at Library book sale

SUNSHINE Coast Council in partnership with Friends of Maroochydore Library Inc. invites avid readers to grab a bargain at the giant two day book sale at Maroochydore Library on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 2013. Bring a bag and ensure to be early to grab a book bargain. Maroochydore Library is located at 44 Sixth Avenue, Cotton Tree. For further information visit council’s library website or call 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 727).


The Gentle Giants and their Tiny Cousins. Meet them, feed them and photograph them. Working demonstrations. $7.00 per person Group Bookings Only

Heavy horse memorabilia. Learn the history of horses. Visit our gift shop.

Harry & Marlene Churches

Phone/Fax 5496 1590 Woodford Qld

community news Coolum Croquet Club part of the community for over 20 years

HAVE you considered a new interest? Croquet could be what you are looking for. We are a small, friendly club with our own premises (without poker machines or bar). Annual membership fees ($230) are due by 1 January. This could be a Xmas present from your family. Croquet is a low cost – low impact sport while still providing plenty of exercise. Croquet is a sport that can be played by one of the widest ranges of ages from youngsters just able to manage to use a mallet up to people over ninety. It’s also one of the few sports where men and women compete on a completely equal footing. A typical singles game of Ricochet involves walking about 3½ km whereas a game of Golf Croquet takes just 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Coolum Croquet Club offers three different forms of the sport suitable for all levels of experience and for players from purely social up to the highest levels of the game. Our lawns are at Coolum off David Low Way north of Stumers Creek behind Seacove Resort / RSL. Croquet is said to contain the thinking of chess players and the skill of snooker players while combining two human passions – taking walks and hitting things with sticks. No special clothing is required apart from flat soled shoes. All equipment is supplied. Golf Croquet: 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm, Monday and Friday Ricochet: 8 am to 11 am, Wednesday and Saturdays Association: 8am to 11am Wednesdays and 2 pm Sundays Visitors and new members are always welcome and free tuition is available. Our courts and clubhouse are available for hire for social events of any kind including birthdays, weddings and Xmas parties. Anyone interested is welcome to come along and try Croquet free of charge both for the initial sessions and for coaching. For details phone Adrian Prince on 5448 2985, e-mail: or check the website at or find us on Facebook.

Project Vietnam Inc Christmas Get-Together

PROJECT Vietnam Inc. a not for profit organisation ( based here on the Sunshine Coast for almost 25 years. We carry out humanitarian aid in outlying and underprivileged villages in Vietnam and Cambodia on an annual basis in the form of refurbishing schools, kindergartens, orphanages, hospital wards and medical education. We also supply baby packs and bursaries for the local nurses. Reason to come along? To meet some of our very friendly and social members who have been to Vietnam and Cambodia on many occasions over the years and hear about personal experiences as a Volunteer on the building team or education medical team. Held at Maroochy Lions Park, Fisherman’s Road, Maroochydore on Sunday 1st December at 2pm. BYO if you wish to stay for the barbeque. Ring Claire 0402 746 048 for more information

Caloundra Family History Research Inc

Steve Carmody, Bill Bunter and Joe Borg with the Caloundra RSL Military Display

• Safe, comfortable and durable • Easy to use control handset • Designed to conform to your natural movement • 10 year foam and frame warranty • 5 year mechanism warranty • Wide range of styles available

The Management & Staff at the Recliner Warehouse Minyama would like to wish all their customers a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Celebrate 25 years with Friendship Force THE Sunshine Coast Friendship Force Club Inc will be celebrating 25 years as a club on Saturday 22nd February 2014 at The Yacht Club, 33 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Cost is $45 per person. Please RSVP by 5th February 2014. If interested please contact Jim Haxton on 07 5445 4928 or by email at

MEMBERS of Caloundra Family History Research Inc are reminded that the group’s Christmas Luncheon will be held on Wednesday 4th December, at the Power Boat Club, from Noon, when the festivities begin. Recently, the group had three guest speakers from the Caloundra RSL Military Museum. Messrs Bill Bunter, Steve Carmody and Joe Borg brought a display of military memorabilia and as a lead up to Remembrance Day on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a minute’s silence was observed. Bill Bunter gave a short talk on the significance of the Armistice for WWI which then became the currently observed Remembrance Day. Further information on the group’s calendar of events, resources, “Caloundra Clipper” journal, and activities, is available on our website at For personal contact about meetings and seminars, phone June on 5493 2679, Chris on 5492 1112 (after hours) or Roz on 5493 1197. You can send an email to

*We carry stock of certain models, hurry in while stocks last. Terms and Conditions may apply. Please see in store for more information

So try a La-Z-Boy Lift Chair at your nearest La-Z-Boy Gallery IMMEDIATE DELIVERY* FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION

* Mention this ad for offer. While stocks last. Terms and conditions may apply

In the green and purple building next to McDonalds

26 Nicklin Way MINYAMA Phone 5478 4600 December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 25

community news Portugal: Europe’s new hot spot WITH a mild climate, fascinating history, great natural beauty and friendly welcoming

people, it’s no wonder that Portugal is enjoying a surge in tourism with an almost 10% increase

Enjoy the Lifestyle Gated Over 50s Lifestyle Village

2 Halls, 2 Pools, Bowls, Library, Small Dog/Cat OK, Woodwork, Craft Group, Pool/Dart Room, Translink Bus - Mark Rd

Sales office open Wed & Sat 10-2pm or by appt. Phone 07 5491 5888

Villas shown $228,000 + $235,000

HOMES VILLAS (2 Bedrooms/ 1bathroom + Modern 2 bed / 2 bath freshly painted utility room) & new curtains $195,000, $215,000, $228,000 + $235,000 (see photo) & $249,000 $240,000 dishwasher & new carpets For inspections during Christmas/New Year Phone 0409 132 705 or 5491 5888 as sales office is unattended.


123 Mark Rd East (Off Daniel St) CALOUNDRA WEST 4551 SALES 07 5491 5888 Website INFORMATION PACK AVAILABLE

in 2013. This is a trend expected to continue, partly due to lower prices than in most other European destinations but also because of the easier access from countries like the USA and Canada….and Australia. Emirates Airlines now flies daily to Lisbon from Dubai, meaning a convenient one-stop connection to and from Australia. It’s hard to understand why so many of us have been to Spain and France multiple times, yet have never gone one step further to investigate all the attractions that Portugal has to offer. The capital Lisbon has a definitive charm with a history dating back to the 7th century BC; the south of the country offers the Algarve region with its Mediterranean and

Atlantic beaches; and the north has the unique city of Porto and the Douro Valley to explore. Then there are mountain villages, medieval castles and churches, and wonderful pousadas or inns to stay in. Perhaps most of all, a food and wine culture that Australians will definitely relate to. And, dare we mention it, excellent shopping for footwear, leather, ceramics and trendy new designer fashions. The logical starting point is Lisbon, where you’ll find so many attractions that deciding how many days to stay will be a challenge. Three days minimum will allow you to soak up a bit of the city’s vibe, including historic churches, the splendidly restored St. George Castle, excellent museums and great walking tours [tip: runners are a must in the cobblestone streets]. The funky little trams will get you around, and the no. 28 is a tourist mecca in its own right as it winds through narrow streets and up the hills. Traditional Portuguese food such as bacalhau [cod fish], hearty meat dishes and healthy salads laced with arguably the world’s best olive oil are on offer everywhere; and you’ll be tempted to over indulge in pasteis, devilishly delicious egg custard tarts. With local wines such good value, forget the diet. From Lisbon, you can take bus or train [but a rental car is better, and the highways are easy] north to Coimbra. This is a university city with a long history dating back to Roman times and then the Moors who ruled the area until the 11th century. After that, Coimbra was the

A new place to call home Situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Little Mountain Home Park offers resort style retirement living for the over 50’s. Located just minutes from Caloundra’s town centre & beautiful beaches. Relaxed & secure environment. A perfect place to call home. • Community Hall • Bowling Green • Swimming Pool • Spa • Library • Craft Room • Bus • BBQ • Hairdresser

Homes available from only $199,000

72 Mark Road West, Caloundra • Phone 5492 5600 • Page 26 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

by Phil Hawkes

Students at Coimbra

Portuguese capital for over a hundred years. One of the finest museums you’ll find anywhere is the Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, next to the university overlooking the city. There’s also the medieval monasteries of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, both with impressive stories to tell. At night the old town comes alive with tiny bars and restaurants befitting a university clientele and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself in a small café where students dressed in traditional black cloaks perform fado, a unique song-form expressive of the Portuguese spirit. You’ll find yourself getting carried away with the emotion of the crowd, unable to resist that extra nightcap! From Coimbra the road to the north brings you to Porto, famous for its port wine industry and a must-see destination on any itinerary. The city stands on both sides of the Douro River, near the mouth, and is the headquarters of wellknown brands such as Sandemans, Porto Cruz, Croft, Offley and Taylor’s. All have showrooms and continual tastings for those able to stay awake [and sober]. No need for a car here. Porto is also the jumping off point for the Douro Valley with its spectacular terraced vineyards plunging down to the river and local inns and hotels ready to welcome English-speaking travellers. The local cuisine using fresh ingredients represents some of Portugal’s finest. Much more could be written about this, but a little internet research will have you licking lips in anticipation. There are various ways to experience the Douro region, on tours [advisable if wine tasting], by car or by

river cruises from day trips to a week or more on board. It’s no wonder that Portugal is enjoying renewed interest, particularly by Austra-

lians who love “lifestyle travel”….there’s so much to explore and it’s now so easy to get there. And great value as well.

community news Glasshouse Country VIEW Club – Fashions of the Field

Members enjoying their Melbourne Cup luncheon

Our Club celebrated Melbourne Cup with a luncheon with a beautiful view of Tibrogargan at Pauline’s house. Twenty nine of our members arrived with food in hand for our lunch and dressed in all of their finery. There were many beautiful hats and outfits. Our best dressed winner was Val Burrows and the best hat was worn by Beryl Fletcher. We all had a beautiful lunch with delightful food, sweeps and watching the Cup in Pauline’s lounge looking out over the Glasshouse Mountains made for an enjoyable day. Our next event this year is our Xmas Party being held on 4th December at the Glasshouse Sports Club. The theme for the day is “An Elegant Christmas”. If you need any information please ring Elaine on 54933935. Anyone interested in joining our View Club can phone Margaret on 54352172 who will be pleased to supply further information about the club. For those who don’t know about the View Club, we are a ladies club and we have a luncheon once a month at the Glasshouse Sports Club and a monthly outing. We raise money for the Smith Family and are also involved with the Learning for Life program. Check out our club on

Pensioners feeling the pinch!

IF you’re struggling to pay your power bills and want some help and advice Dermot O’Boyle from the home energy saver scheme says “get in touch ASAP to stop the worry of disconnection” Queensland has experienced its largest number of disconnections last year and that trend is expected to rise, mainly due to the lack of information about the services and support that is available in the community when paying your bill becomes a problem. Dermot from H.E.S.S. which is a community project supported by The Salvation Army says “For example there is a grant for $720 which you can apply for if you can’t pay your electricity bill and have had a financial emergency in the past 12 months, which very few in the community know about” The H.E.S.S. programme is designed to help people in all aspects relating to their electricity accounts from FREE energy assessments helping to reduce excess usage in the household to making sure you’re claiming the correct concessions, talking on behalf of the customer to resolve any problems or disputes to negotiating a more affordable plan for the client. To book a free service or to get some general advice please either call the HESS national number 1800 007 001 or call Dermot on 0419 905 532

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Let’s Get

Go solar and save with Accord Electrical WE know that clean energy is the future of Australia and there are now over one million homes

using PV solar panels. Going solar is one of the most effective ways for you to reduce your power

bill and protect yourself against the impact of rising electricity prices. Solar power can also reduce


• Independence • Security • Peace of Mind


Providing privacy and Independence, with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self-contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• Over 4000 satisfied Glendale owners • 7 year structural warranty • Over 25 years experience • Undisputed industry leader


Dickson Rd., Caboolture 4510 FREECALL 1800 801 710

Please send me more information on Glendale Granny Cabins Mr/Mrs/Miss .............................................................. Address ................................................................... .................................................P/C.......................... Phone ......................................................................

TROUBLE with your HOME REPAIRS! HELP is at hand – Call PETER Bus hrs 5446 6350 Mobile 0437 734 403 Kitchen & vanity cupboard repairs Wardrobe & furniture repairs Doors & windows – locks, catches, hinges, runners Plasterboard repairs & patching Leaking taps & fittings Replace light fittings and/or globes Painting Tiling Repair and/or replace timber decks, pergolas, fences, garages, carports, gates & security screens Reliably servicing the Sunshine Coast 40 years trade experience – All repairs guaranteed QBSA Licence Page 28 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

your impact on the environment by helping decrease carbon emissions. However, the sensible questions you may ask are whether this is an affordable option for you, will it save money in the long run and how do you find a trusted, accredited supplier. You don’t have to go far to find the answers. Accord Electrical are a well-established family owned and operated business that has been providing a great service to the Sunshine Coast for 23 years.They supply only high quality PV solar systems from the world’s top manufacturers and operate across the greater Sunshine Coast region - from North Brisbane to Noosa and throughout the hinterland. Customers constantly provide positive feedback about the attitudes and friendliness of the Accord Electrical staff and the high quality and speed of their work. Indeed, most of their busi-

ness comes from customer referrals. Just ask Joyce and Eldon Till from Golden Beach who said, “Since we installed solar power over four years ago, we are careful with our electricity use and we have never had an electricity bill in that time!” D Chard of Yandina remarked, “I was an early uptaker of solar power and friends scoffed at my decision. I am extremely happy with the payback period and the return on my investment is much better than from any financial institution.” Another very happy customer from Verrierdale,S Tracey, said, “I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Accord Electrical involved in installing our solar power system. The guys were very professional; nothing was a problem for them and the system works brilliantly. We would have no hesitation in referring our friends to you. “ Solar power is a great in-

Use your outdoor area in any weather conditions

vestment, and with systems cheaper now than ever before and electricity prices skyrocketing it makes sense to go solar right now. Government rebates are still available and payback time on your system is usually just a few years. Give the Accord Electrical team details of your current energy usage and they can estimate and compare payback times on a range of quality systems. All installations are warranted by Accord Electrical for 10 years and are installed by Clean Energy

Council accredited installers. Being Master Electrician accredited, Accord Electrical also has invaluable experience in electrical repairs and installations too. So, if you have a faulty power point,need a new ceiling fan or some other electricaljob, call the experts at Accord. This is the local family owned solar supplier and electrical service you can trust – give them a call on (07) 5438 2382 for an obligation free quote or advice, or check out their informative websiteat

Ever Heard Of A Sacrificial Anode? A sacrificial anode is a vital part of your water system, and having it inspected can be the difference between an efficiently working system and a costly replacement. Manufacturers recommend that you maintain the anode in your system in order to prevent damage from rust and corrosion. After it’s 5th birthday - warranty expires. THE ANODE IN YOUR SYSTEM SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO CORRODE AWAY WHATEVER TYPE OR BRAND OF SYSTEM YOU HAVE, SOLAR - Electric, Gas or Heat Pumps.

FOR A LIMITED TIME we will IT MAY be windy outside, but that’s no reason to check your anode in the Brisbane stop using your outdoor area, says a leading weather area free of charge. screen manufacturer. Julian Menzel from Accolade Weather Screens is helping customers realise the “REMEMBER YOU CAN’T LOSE, potential of their homes by showing them they can NO ANODE REPLACEMENT, enjoy the outdoors at any time of the year, in any NO CHARGE” weather conditions. The company has developed an Comes with a 5 year warranty innovative, modern alternative to PVC cafe and bisMake your Hot Water System last for 30 years without replacement. tro blinds, which has been awarded an Australian patent. “Using a similar material, the PVC is stretched AUSSIE ANODES and held tightly inside a durable aluminium frame, Arrange a free inspection, phone: giving the optical appearance of glass,” Mr Menzel said. “They are designed for the harsh Australian climate, preventing strong winds and rain entering your outdoor area. “The system is designed and retro fitted to suit your existing outdoor area, whether that is a deck, alfresco area or pergola.” With the clarity of glass, the screens are lightweight and can be easily opened without Home Maintenance & Alterations having to roll up and down a traditional blind Peter Hesse ...... 5446 6350 or 0437 734 403 allowing customers to Reatable Homes and Cabins enjoy interrupted views. Benefits include no PVC Glendale Homes .................... 1800 801 710 creasing from continually rolling up and down, sigOven Cleaning & BBQ nificantly improved clarOven Clean ................................ 5478 0691 ity and the cost is comparable to good quality PVC Hot Water System Maintenance cafe blinds. Accolade Gold Coast Anodes ................ 1300 166 673 Weather Screens is a family-owned company recScreens & Blinds ognized as an industry Accolade Screens ........................ 3102 1186 leader with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. “We want the name Accolade to be synonymous with bi-folding, sliding and fixed PVC screens,” Mr Menzel said. To see Cut out this Easy Find Directory how Accolade can weathfor your Fridge & erproof your outdoor area, contact 3102 1186 or Support Local Business visit them at www.accoladescreens.

1300 166 673

Original Anode

Cutaway section of a typical electric hot water heater

Let’s Get Fresh Directory

La w, F inance & Y OU Law Finance YOU Tewantin Masonic Lodge Supports Children’s Life Education, Australia

From left to right. Brian Lee, Frank Pardon, Eddie Forth, Trish Radge and Des Soley.

MEMBERS of Tewantin Masonic Lodge have presented a cheque for $3400 to Life Education Australia, Noosa. The money is for the express purpose of fitting audio and television equipment in the new van which is expected to cost $100,000. Local businesses have contributed all of these funds. The cheque for $3400 was presented by the Master of the Lodge, Des Soley to Frank Pardon and to Trisha Radge, Secretary of Life Education Australia, Noosa.

Life Education recognises that effectively teaching children about drug and health education requires a partnership between schools, parents and children. The Life Education program aims to promote a healthy self-image and selfesteem in children through education. Secretary of Tewantin Masonic Lodge, Brian Lee, said that the Lodge had also awarded four $200 annual bursaries to high-achieving students at Tewantin and Noosaville State schools to help with the cost of secondary school books.

In Search For Income 2013 will be remembered by long term investors as the year of meager income. One of the stand outs for this year was the decline in interest rates. In general our retiree’s and long term investors headed for the safety of Term Deposits during the decimation of the stock market through 2008-09. Many as we know suffered losses to accept the trade off, but had the comfort of what looks like now more than reasonable rates. This shift had a sting in its tail as Australian interest rates were driven down by our circumstances. A few years ago the rest of the world had interest rates of 0%-1% and we were able to access TD’s of around 6%. These have now fallen to below 4% There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about how cheap the share market has been and therefore the dividends they were offering was a big yield. A lot of maturing term deposit money has now flowed into the share market making the outlook for growth and income not look quite as attractive. This has also been the way for corporate debt and infrastructure investments as the search for yield has been cast wider and assets in great demand became more expensive. However these assets still have a better outlook than term deposits. There has been a significant shift in investor confidence and there is a general willingness to take on more risk to achieve the desired outcome and it is being largely driven by the retiree demographic, with the number of baby bombers heading into retirement accelerating significantly. This brings me to the age old trap of chasing yesterday’s best performer. We have heard of so many cases in recent times of retiree’s that were overweight in Australian shares in the lead up to the GFC and then selling at the bottom through 2008-09 as fear set in, and then move to the safety of cash deposits, only to see that asset class capitulate and be driven back to the share market for yield after it has already rebounded. The theory of long term investing centers around being across all the asset classes, with a slight bias

towards some growth assets which don’t have to be sold down when the market moves against them. When you are depending upon your investments to provide your main source of income long term there is a need to have a couple of years income tucked away in cash type holdings as a reserve for those tough times that will always show up sometime during the investment cycle.

For more Information contact Tim Maher at Maher Digby Securities Pty Ltd - Financial Advisers – AFSL No. 230559 (see advert Page 3). Ph: 07 5441 1266 or visit our website This document was prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not guaranteed as accurate or complete and should not be relied upon as such. Maher Digby Securities does not accept any responsibility for the opinions, comments and analysis contained in this document, all of which are intended to be of a general nature. Investors should, before acting on this information, consider the appropriateness of this information having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend consulting a financial advisor

NAB supports the Salvos this Christmas Season National Australia Bank (NAB) branches across the Sunshine Coast will again this year support the Salvos Christmas Appeal, in the collection

of non-perishable food and toys up until Christmas Eve. “Lieutenant Stuart Glover from Caloundra Salvos said there are a

number of people that don’t have the ability to provide a Christmas lunch and gifts for their families this Christmas season, your donation



will help those less Give the gift of giving fortunate then ourthis Christmas season. selves, enjoy Christmas a little more this year”. Help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. To support the Salvos via the NAB food and toy appeal, please drop your non-perishable food and toys into the NAB branches on the Sunshine Coast. The Salvation Army and NAB would like to thank the community for last year’s donations and hope for the same support for this year.

Caloundra 5491 1559 Maroochydore 5443 9953 Nambour 5476 2866 Noosa 5470 2664

Please call us on 5491 2422 • How to prevent disputes regarding your Will • Attorneys’ obligations and the consequences of non-compliance • Appointing a decision maker for someone who does not have capacity to make a Power of Attorney Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Ave, Caloundra Qld 4551 P: (07) 5491 2422 F: (07) 5491 2670

Complete Annual Administration Service from $1750 (+gst) Consider that an annual $500 savings in costs, invested at 5% interest over 10 years, compounds to around $7,400. Call us and see how we can help maximise your returns

Burnett Street, Buderim


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Caloundra refreshes holiday market

From us all at the Village

CALOUNDRA on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is always in the market for holiday fun but things are ramping up just in time for Christmas celebrations with The Caloundra Street Fair. The Markets on Bulcock, held in Caloundra’s picturesque main street, will now be known as The Caloundra Street Fair to reflect the broader appeal and vibrancy that a street fair entails. Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Coast Destination Limited, Simon Ambrose, said the new name and revitalisation was timely after 11 years of Caloundra’s CBD hosting a very successful street market. “The Caloundra Street Fair captures a carnival atmosphere with lots of diverse activities and entertainment from face painters, balloon masters, and street theatre performers,” Mr Ambrose said.

“Visitors can also enjoy some of the Sunshine Coast’s best musicians while browsing among over 200 stalls offering boutique gift ideas and an array of the tastiest food to tempt every pallet.” Mr Ambrose said The Caloundra Street Fair neighbourhood offered a unique experience only a short stroll from a diverse range of accommodation options and the tranquillity of the Pumicestone Passage, including Bulcock Beach’s boardwalk precinct. The Caloundra Street Fair runs every Sunday from 8am - 1pm in Bulcock Street with access to free Wi-Fi hotspots. Visit to sample the new offerings. For great value accommodation deals with no booking fees go to

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Christmas Ideas at Established Nambour 1981

Modern bargains for all women

Ladybird Lingerie Modern bargains for all women Established Nambour 1981


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Now Stocking a Range of Swimwear from Amoena and Panache in sizes 10 to 20

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Including varieties for post surgery


*Home visits available for all prosthetic fittings

Ladybird Lingerie Established Nambour 1981

Modern bargains for all women

Modern bargains for all women 3 Queen Street, Nambour Phone 5441 5547 EVERYTHING IN Established Nambour 1981


Page 30 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013


• THE PERFECT GIFT • Receive a unique toy bi-plane as your Gift Voucher • Nostalgic Experience for 2 people

For more information see us at: OR Call: 1300 35 99 22


Modern style with old fashioned service


10% Seniors Discount


“We can dress you from top to bottom” “Everything for the Man” We can even help with measurement and alterations

Bisley, Gloweave, Farrah, City Club, Breakaway, BlackBay and many more fashion brands to choose from

BALKINS MENSWEAR Currie Street, Nambour • Phone - 5441 5033








PH 5450 1099 NORTH BUDERIM SHOPPING CENTRE 3 PITTARDS ROAD, NORTH BUDERIM December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 31

Simplifying AGED CARE Choices

“The Claremont Private Residental Care”

Brisbane’s volunteers changing lives in the aged care sector

A beautiful ‘state of the art’ home in keeping with Padman Health Care’s award winning developments. Our recently built luxury collection comprises of well appointed single rooms; all have private ensuites and built in robes. Our rooms are designed to be an extension of your family home, made even more comfortable with items of your favourite furniture.

Our quality accommodation and services in a caring and personalized setting is an expression of high standards of services and quality of life for the elderly. Your stay with us can be for a holiday, respite or a permanent arrangement.

Padman Health Care established Aged Care Services in 1984 27 Glenbrook Drive, Nambour

Phone: (07) 5459 3600 Fax: (07) 5441 1247

Page 32 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

Nundah resident Elaine Hoey leads the Zion Knitwits each Monday from 10.30am.

AROUND 80 volunteers are helping change the lives of hundreds of Nundah aged care residents through fund-raising, supporting lifestyle programs, leading special interest groups and companionship. The Zion Lutheran Home volunteers have raised $65,000 over two years to buy a Toyota HiAce nineseater bus, run a thriving bargain centre, lead activities such as knitting and visited residents to uplift their spirits. In addition, the volunteers have donated goods each year to Zion including beds, wheel chairs and dining room furniture. The Zion Bargain Centre

sells donated pre-loved goods such as clothing, books and collector’s items.

Each volunteer works two shifts a week and many have been involved for more than 20 years.

Better future for Australians with Alzheimer’s

AN urgent national approach to the diagnosis and care of people with dementia is critical according to the findings of a report launched recently at the Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) conference in Melbourne. Stemming from a roundtable discussion between a team of leading health professionals from around the country, the report reveals barriers and potential solutions as part of a national approach to the diagnosis, treatment and care of Australians living with dementia. ItaButtrose, Australian of the Year and national president of Alzheimer’s Australia, launched the report titled ‘Collaborating for a better future for Australians living with Alzheimer’s disease’, released by Alzheimer’s Australia and sponsored by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly Australia (Lilly). MsButtrose said the report would provide valuable input to the development of a new National Action Framework on dementia by Australian health ministers. “The report recognises that every individual with dementia is unique and that care services and support should respond to the needs of the particular individual,” MsButtrose explained. “This is why the principle of partnership between the person with dementia and the family carer on the one hand and health care professionals and care services on the other is so important,” she added. Professor Henry Brodaty, director of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre and co-director of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, University of New South Wales, who chaired the roundtable, agreed a national approach was imperative. “The report puts forward a number of potential solutions that may form part of a national approach. One such solution is a National Dementia Registry aimed at ensuring that patients and their carers do not ‘fall through the cracks’,” Professor Brodaty said. He also recommended therapies and services were logged and followed up on, to improve the timely access to and delivery of appropriate information and services. Professor Brodaty also noted that together with an ageing population, a lack of specialist dementia and aged care professionals would pose significant challenges to society, indicating a critical need for a welltrained and remunerated dementia care workforce. The Collaborating for a better future for Australians living with Alzheimer’s disease report is available for download at Courtesy:


endent p e d In g in y a t S d an

Women avoiding intimacy because of discreet menopausal symptoms

MORE than 70% of post-menopausal Australian women have avoided intimacy with their partner as a result of a common, yet widely misunderstood condition, according to a new national survey. The CLOSER (CLarifying vaginal atrophy’s impact On SEx and Relationships) survey [conducted in Australia by Lonergan Research from August 20-Septembver 3, 2013] initially involving more than 8000 participants worldwide has now been repeated in Australia. The Australian survey includes 1005 participants, with about 500 postmenopausal women with symptoms and an additional 500 male partners of women with symptoms. It highlights some of the physical and emotional impacts of vaginal discomfort – a somewhat awkward topic – on Australian couples. Vaginal discomfort, which can be diagnosed by a healthcare professional as vaginal atrophy, is a relatively common genital condition in menopausal women as a result of changes in the levels of female hormones the body produces. Vaginal atrophy is most commonly diagnosed in women experiencing the natural menopause but can also be a result of surgery to remove ovaries and after treatments for certain medical conditions. According to women’s health specialist Dr Jane Elliott, immediate past-president of the Australasian Menopause Society, the survey is an important step in debunking the stigma associated with discussing vaginal atrophy. “Unfortunately, vaginal atrophy is considered a taboo subject, and even doctors can find it difficult to talk to their patients about it.” Dr Elliott said. “Symptoms of vaginal atrophy include vaginal dryness, itching and painful intercourse and may lead to serious long-term problems, including contributing to incontinence.

“If left undiagnosed, vaginal atrophy can have a significant impact on women and their partner’s lives.” The local CLOSER survey revealed 56% of Australian women surveyed admit to having sex less often as a result of vaginal discomfort. Loss of libido (60%), painful sex (44%), or a worry that sex will be painful (44%), are the main reasons Australian women surveyed with vaginal discomfort said they avoided being intimate with their partner. In addition, many women admitted the condition had a negative impact on their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing, with about half (47%) worrying that their long-term vaginal discomfort will never go away and have a long-term effect on their relationship as a result. More than half said the condition made them feel old (59%) and upset that their body did not work the way it used to (58%). Professor Rod Baber, president-elect of the International Menopause Society and Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Sydney, encourages couples to recognise the impact of vaginal discomfort on their relationship and seek advice from their healthcare professional. “There are practical things women can do to minimise irritation to the vagina such as clothing choice, use of low-allergenic washing products and non-scented hygiene products, Prof. Baber said. There are also numerous nonprescription treatment options available including creams, lubricants and moisturisers. If necessary, your doctor may also recommend prescription medications that may help relieve symptoms. All treatments have benefits and risks; please discuss these benefits and risks with your doctor. If you have any pre-existing conditions, you must advise your doctor before commencing treatment.

Chinese proverb Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.

Coping with grief at Christmas CHRISTMAS may be a time when you get together with family and friends. Often, if you have lost someone you love, you will be reminded that they are not around. This may be hard and everyone reacts differently to this. It may be that it causes you to react more sensitively to things, but everyone has their own way of coping. It is important that you look after yourself and find your own way of getting through the hard bits. Here are some ideas that may help you better manage the Christmas holidays. Allow yourself to be sad – Christmas may have been a time you spent with someone you have lost. It is normal to feel sad that they are not with you. It may help to take some time out, to remember the person you love. You may want to find a quiet spot to remember all the good things about the person or go

and do something that you used to do together; or you might be able to revisit that favourite spot you had, to recall some of the memories. It is also acceptable to enjoy yourself – it may be hard to celebrate when you are missing someone you love, but getting together with family and close friends may be a chance to remember the good times and it is ok to relax and have a laugh. Having fun is not necessarily a sign that you miss that person any less. Look after yourself – remembering that this may be a tough time for you is important. This may mean that you have to treat yourself with a bit of care. Avoid making major decisions until after Christmas is over. If possible, treat yourself to something you enjoy doing. It may be that you go to the beach or for a walk; perhaps listening to some favourite music will warm your spirit.

Driving with eye disease OLDER drivers with an eye disease are invited to participate in an ongoing Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study which aims to better understand the driving difficulties faced by drivers with eye disease. Optometry and Vision Science expert, Professor Joanne Wood, said previous research revealed that common eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration are some of the reasons that older drivers give up driving altogether. However, added that there was limited information about the actual driving abilities of patients with these eye conditions. “This information is needed so we can identify people with difficulties and design potential interventions or training programs,” Professor Wood said. “Research has shown that simply

having an eye condition doesn’t mean you are a good or bad driver and in fact in our research to date, the majority of drivers with eye diseases have been rated as safe to drive. “But different eye conditions can create different driving difficulties and we want to find out what these are, and whether we might be able to predict these difficulties using simple screening tests.” Driving often enables older people to maintain independence and facilitate social connections. “We want to help people continue to drive safely for as long as possible and we need a better understanding of the effect of eye diseases on driving in order to design appropriate education and training interventions,” she said. Contact the research team on (07) 3138 5704 or email if you’d like to participate.

Widest range of organic topical magnesium oils & lotions plus bath flakes, natural algaes - Spirulina, Astaxanthin, Modifilan - and detox clay kits • Easy spray-on $29.00 • Magnesium massage to revitalise your circulation • Magnesium baths for deep relaxation

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Page 34 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

FEELING GOOD Independent and Staying Dying with Dignity DYING with Dignity Queensland will not hold a meeting in December, members instead will celebrate Christmas over lunch at Maroochy Bridge Hotel on December 4. Brisbane and Sunshine Coast branches combined to form one united Queensland Society. Our Patron, Jim Soorley, is contributing fresh ideas for future activities and we look forward to being stronger and more active than ever before. Dying with Dignity Queensland is happy to supply speakers for community groups. Changes to state legislation to allow people suffering intolerably to have control over their end of life decisions have been unsuccessful to date. The subject which was once taboo, is now being more openly discussed. Last month the Premier of Tasmania, Lara Gittings introduced the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 which was defeated 11-13 with one member in favour unable to vote because of his position in the chair. A similar bill will be introduced in

South Australia this year. Should South Australia lead the way for compassionate legislation it is anticipated that other states must follow. Our meetings during the year included topics of organ and body donations to medical science; prepaid funerals; diabetes; e-health and Advance Health Directive workshops. A continued campaign of letters to politicians and a survey of local doctors to ascertain their views on Doctors supporting Voluntary Euthanasia ( was conducted. Marshall Perron explained the need for legislative change at a public meeting of the Australian Independent Party on the coast. Our monthly meetings will resume again on Wednesday January 15th at 2pm in the CWA room, Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore. In the mean time we wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. Any enquiries please phone Joan on 5443 5576 or email

Physiotherapy to help you â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be All You Can Beâ&#x20AC;? PHYSIOTHERAPY helps to restore the normal movement and function of the body which sometimes changes as we get older. Reach That Goal Physiotherapy Services will work with you to help you to improve movement to allow you to achieve your personal life goals. We treat all kinds of conditions and will come to your home. We specialise in seniors physiotherapy so we are the best at what we do. Talk to your GP about EPC (Enhanced

Primary Care) plan which entitles people with chronic disease conditions 5 visits with a health professional a year. DVA members may also access physio services through their GP. Rebates are also available through your private health funds, depending on your level of cover. We service all areas of the sunshine coast. Contact us on (07) 5499 7165 or email us on

Maroochydore Aglow MAROOCHYDORE Aglow will hold its December meeting in St. Peters Anglican Hall, Church Street, Maroochydore, on Wednesday, 11th December, 9.30am. Sing Australia Choir will entertain at this meeting with Christmas Carols and songs. Christmas fare will be served for morning tea and the entry cost is $7. All are welcome to attend this meeting. Aglow is a Christian organization and is nondenominational. Phone Kath Parry 5478 8034 for information.


endent p e d In g in y a t S d an

Alive and Kicking Doctor in Buderim

ALIVE & Kicking Medical Practices are delighted to announce the opening of their new medical centre in Buderim called Doctors On Buderim. Located in the same building as the Chemmart Pharmacy Superstore on King Street the surgery will open for bookings on December 9th with first appointments on December 13th. Dr Francois Pretorius will be our principal doctor. Dr Francois was born and bred in Durban, South Africa. He completed his medical studies in 1995 and commenced general practice in Upington in the Southern Kalahari Desert where he did regular outreach clinics into the desert. In 2003, Dr Francois and his family emigrated to Australia and he continued his passion for rural general practice in Inverell, NSW. Here he obtained his fellowships from both the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

Between 2006 and 2012, Dr Francois was a principal partner in a large country practice in Horsham, VIC where he concentrated his practice in Obstetrics and Paediatrics, delivering up to 300 babies per year and performing 150 Caesarian sections per year. Dr Francois was also heavily involved in teaching both medical students and training Registrars in Emergency Medicine. Dr Francois has now moved to the Sunshine Coast and is very excited about the prospect of serving Buderim residents of all ages. His extensive experience of particular interest to the seniors community includes general practice, skin checks, dermascopy and removal of skin cancers including specialised flap procedures. Read more about Dr Francois and Doctors On Buderim on the clinic’s website at

Healthy lifestyle helps you survive bowel cancer

WOMEN diagnosed with colorectal cancer who are physically active, don’t smoke and aren’t overweight or obese have dramatically improved survival rates, according to a new study by the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR). The research by Dr Terry Boyle, who works in the Epidemiology group under Professor Lin Fritschi at WAIMR, looked at 879 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed between 2005 and 2007. Although both men and women took part in the study, Dr Boyle said the female patients showed the most pronounced results. “We found that women’s lifestyles during the years before they were diagnosed with colorectal cancer had a strong impact on their survival rate afterwards,” Dr Boyle said. “Women who were physically active were about 60% less likely to die during the follow up period than inactive women,” he said. “We also found that women who smoked were three times as likely to die from

colorectal cancer compared with patients who had never smoked. “Our figures also showed that overweight and obese women had almost twice the risk of dying, compared with women of a normal weight.” While the average colorectal cancer patient was diagnosed at about 65 years of age, the questionnaire asked about old and recent habits, including the amount of physical activity performed recently and over the lifetime, smoking history, and height and weight at different ages. “This study adds to a growing body of evidence indicating that lifestyle factors, particularly physical *General Care *Biomechanical Assessments *Paraffin wax foot baths activity, have an important role in the prognosis of colorectal cancer,” Dr Boyle said. The paper, ‘Lifestyle factors associated with survival after colorectal Shop 2, 1 Heidi St, Kuluin (Behind McDonalds) cancer diagnosis’ has been published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Free Orthotics for Medibank Private Extras Patients

Phone 5456 2562 Sponsored Article

Menopause: let’s start the conversation Hormonal change is a fact of life for women, whether a mother, a career woman or juggling both. But once menopausal hot flushes start to dissipate, hormonal change can continue to impact women’s wellbeing. Post-menopause brings a series of common physical changes, which may extend beyond the individual.1-4 Up to one in two post-menopausal women will be affected by vaginal atrophy – a condition that may cause dryness, discomfort, irritation, burning, itching, chafing and uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse.3

Speak to your doctor today to discuss any symptoms you may have, ways to minimise vaginal irritation, whether you need treatment and if so, the options available that are suitable for you. All treatments have benefits and risks; please discuss these benefits and risks and any pre-existing conditions with your doctor before commencing treatment.

Visit or for independent, up-to-date information and support on menopause and vaginal atrophy References 1. Australasian Menopause Society. Menopause and body changes information sheet (2006) Last accessed October 2013. 2. Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. September 2012. Menopause Factsheet. Available at: Last accessed October 2013. 3. Nappi RE, Kokot-Kierepa M. Vaginal health: Insights, Views and Attitudes (VIVA) – results from an international survey. Climacteric. February 2012; 15:36-44. 4. CLarifying vaginal atrophy’s impact On SEx and Relationships (CLOSER). Research conducted in Australia by Lonergan Research from 20 August – 3 September 2013. Research on file.

Article sponsored by Novo Nordisk® AD8_HT211 | Date of preparation: October 2013

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HOLIDAY & Leisure Xmas in Rhineland!

Cosy apartments in Zell-on-Mosel, close to rail and Hahn Airport low-cost flights hub. Popular with Aussies. Winter rentals from $200AUD/ week. Small groups OK too. A.H Call 07 4635 2508

Gaudi or Gawdy? MOST Aussies probably have never heard of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. However, to residents of Barcelona, his name is synonymous with their city. Gaudi’s style is unique and his buildings instantly recognisable. He took much of his inspiration from nature, emulating the curves and natural forms found in plants and animals. He abhorred straight lines and flat surfaces. Consequently, his constructions are a strange combination of bends and flowing lines with lavish use of odd colours. Gaudi (pronounced gowDEE) lived from 1852 till 1926. Much of his work was centred on Barcelona and many buildings in the city are recognisable as his inspiration. Casa Battlo is a multi-storied house in the heart of Barcelona and is open to the public to view his work. None of its windows are rectangular, doors are not flat, walls are curved, ceilings twist with different textures and finishes, weird shapes emerge from surfaces, chimneys are bent,

Page 36 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

even the floors are not level. Gaudi’s creative genius would have been a headache for the builders. To traditionalists, his style is totally over-the-top. You either love it or hate it. His crowning masterpiece is the Sagrada Familia or Temple of the Sacred Family, a huge Roman Catholic church. Work began on this iconic structure in 1882 and it is still unfinished, but estimates guess at a completion around 2028. Gaudi devoted much of his life to this project and it was less than a quarter complete when he died. At one stage he remarked, “My client is not in a hurry.” Teams of architects have continued the work. It is totally funded by tourist visits and donations, with no support from government or church sources. The edifice is intended to have a total of 18 spires of varying heights. Their completion will make Sagrada Familia the tallest church building in the world. Construction cranes dominate the skyline. It will have three

by Allan Blackburn

grand facades. The Nativity Façade and the Passion Façade are complete while the Glory Façade, still undergoing work, will be the largest. They are all heavily ornate in Gaudi’s inimitable style. The exterior looks somewhat like melting concrete, flowing down under gravity – the work of a madman or a genius? The interior is in the shape of a Latin cross with five aisles. The detail and complexity are unbelievable and difficult to comprehend. One wonders how a single person could have conceived such a complex design. Each piece in the puzzle is unique and required individual construction by painstaking artisans using complicated moulds. Gold leaf adorns many decorations. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, testifying to Gaudi’s exceptional creative talent. With a total construction time of over 140 years, the Sagrada Familia must rank as one of the most incredible structures on Earth.

Sagrada Familia

Casa Battlo

HOLIDAY & Leisure

s k c i P f f a t S

See the world in five weeks

YOU can see a lot of the world in five weeks…. and Ucango Travel & Cruise can make it happen next April. ‘Planet Earth Parade’ is a 37-day holiday that combines two cruises (Transatlantic and Baltic) with airfares to and from Australia and plenty of highlights. It begins on the golden sands of Hawaii then moves on to three nights in Las Vegas. There’s a 15-night transatlantic luxury cruise aboard Celebrity Constellation from Florida to Amsterdam, then a 12night Baltic round-trip cruise on the same ship. The holiday visits ports and cities in Portugal, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, all in European springtime – finishing up with a couple of nights in the shopping paradise of Dubai before jetting back to Australia. ‘Planet Earth Parade’ includes airfares from

S H T N O M S I TH w

rave l & Cruis ith Uc ang o T

e Centr e






Sydney or Brisbane to Las Vegas (via Honolulu) and return from Amsterdam via Dubai. Ucango Travel and Cruise is offering this 37-day fly, double-cruise & stay holiday from $6599 per person. See your local Ucango

or email Travel & Cruise outlet at 4000) Maroochydore (5451 8600) for or Pelican Waters (5437 more details.

Hinterland Connect bus service EARLIER this year the Hinterland community, led by local Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP and Cr Jenny McKay, won a great victory in keeping the Hinterland Connect service for a further 12 months to demonstrate the viability of the Maleny to Nambour route. “The continuation of the service through to 27 June 2014 was on the basis that patronage and support from the local community was consistent,” Mr Powell said. “I’m afraid to say, so far, the numbers of people using the service are not encouraging. The first two months of data collected are not showing that this bus service is viable into the future. “The community came out in force to voice their concerns at the potential risk of losing this bus service, now they need to come out and start using it,” he said. Sunshine Coast Councillor, Jenny McKay strongly represented the views of her constituents and assisted Mr Powell in the fight against TransLink’s recommendation to cease the service several months ago. “We put up a great fight and convinced them to keep the service, now we need to show what a valuable commodity it is and use it during the evaluation period until 30 April 2014,” Cr McKay said. “Public transport options for locals living in the Hinterland is too important to lose and it’s time to hop on the bus and show our support for this Hinterland Connect service,” she said.













Vietnam & Cambodia Delights 16 Days fully inclusive from $3880 $3595 Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi an, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

The Best of Vietnam

15 Days fully inclusive from $3495


Saigon, Cui Chi, Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Halong, Hanoi

Mighty Yangtze River & Hongkong 16 Days fully inclusive from $3798 $3298

Ancient Cities & Yangtze River Discovery 17 Days fully inclusive from $3988 $3788

Around Formosa Taiwan

Japan Cherry Blossom & Garden Tour 2014 14 Days fully inclusive from $6480 $5780

Shanghai, Nanjing, Mt.Huang, Wuhan, Three Gorges, Chongqing, Hongkong

10 Days fully inclusive from $2595


Taipei Sun moon lake, Kaohsiung, Taitung, Hualien, Taroko Gorge

Natural Wonders of China 15 Days fully inclusive from $4080 $3880

Zhangjiajie, Yangtze river cruise, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Chengdu, Panda

Include Int’l& Domestic flights with all taxes and fuel surcharge, meals, 4-5* hotels, sightseeing & transfers, English Speaking Tour Guide, Tipping or most of tours. * Travel insurance, visa are extras


1300 842 688 for bookings and enquiry

Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai


MAROOCHYDORE & PELICAN WATERS 1300 822 646 PHONE 5451 8600 PHONE 5437 4000

100% locally owned & operated


Tokyo, Hakone, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kobe

Japan, Korea & Taiwan Triple Indulgence 20 Days fully inclusive from $6495 $5995

Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taitung and Taroko Gorge, Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Seoul, Gwangju, Gyeongju, Mt.Sorak

2014 - 2015 New Brochure Out! Call us for your free copy!

Travel & Cruise Centre Conditions may apply. See instore for more details. December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 37

Page 38 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

HOLIDAY & Leisure A short visit to Warsaw in Poland by Antoinette O’Connor AFTER five hours on the train from Berlin to Warsaw on my own, it was with some trepidation that I climbed the stairs of the station to the concourse. Would I be able to change money? I only had British pounds and Euro. I needed Zloty in Poland. I looked around and could see no change booth and NO ENGLISH ! I left through the doors where I needed to take a taxi. The driver agreed to take Euro. Poor man, the hotel was only a short distance for him, but he was quite agreeable as he took my case from the car. I only planned two nights in Warsaw as my airline didn’t travel from Berlin. Mark, my European travel agent, who booked my rail and hotel, agreed that I would be able to see a little of the city in that time. I was in a modern Novotel hotel on the twentieth floor, with a great view from my window. The receptionist could speak English and directed me out the door past “Coffee Heaven” to a 24 hour change shop. So in no time at all I was settled and could do a reconnaissance in the nearby streets. To my surprise there was a Marks and Spencers in one of the arcade as well as many eating places. But it was hot and I was getting tired, so I had a meal in the cool dining room of the hotel. On the following day I decided to go to the Uprising Museum and then spend time in the Old Town. The receptionist agreed that it would be best to get a taxi, and ordered one for me. The driver spoke a little English and seemed to be happy to have an Australian passenger. He suggested he would pick me up later on and to take me to The Old Town. The Museum occupies a former tram power station dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Established in 1983 it was finally opened in 2004, marking the 60th anniversary of the Uprising. It was an attempt by the Polish Resistance Home Army to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany. It ended

In the Memorial Garden at the Uprising museum

after 63 days of fighting when the Resistance surrendered. The Germans then systematically razed the city. The museum was quite crowded, and was filled with a very mixed age group, particularly young people in their twenties. It was an excellent museum with hands on exhibits suitable for children and although I paid extra for an audio guide, most of the captions had English as well as Polish. Another extra was to see a 5 minute 3D film called The Ruins of Warsaw, taking one over the war torn city in March 1945. As I left and waited for my taxi I could see a memorial wall on which are engraved the names of more than 10,000 insurgents who died during the battle. On the opposite side of this wall was a beautiful garden with pictures and captions of victims. My driver arrived exactly on time and in his limited English pointed out a few sights. He left me by the square of the Old Town which was completely rebuilt after the end of the war. Predominantly pedestrian, there were hundreds of people out on this very warm Sunday. I wandered into a church. At 12.30 it was packed with people. It was obviously a midday Mass. I stood at the back and stayed until the end. The congregation was represented by all ages. Later on I went into another church (as one does) it was about 4pm and was packed with people celebrating Mass. Poland being a Catholic Country, nuns were still wearing traditional habits and a group of young priests, not in sports shirt but in their traditional collar. I had previously been

on a literary tour of France and seen the house where Chopin lived and composed while living with George Sand. I had also seen his grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Of course he had lived in Warsaw and is well remembered. There were signs in the street “ Here is where Chopin performed his first concert at eight years old, and commented to his mother that they liked his lace collar!””Here is the church where Chopin played the piano while attending Warsaw’s Lyceum” AND “Here is the church where Chopin’s heart is interned in a pillar.” There is no doubt he was hosted as Poland’s greatest composer and 2010 marked the 200th anniversary of his birth. After a long leisurely lunch, I walked the narrow streets of the Old Town, with its numerous eating places. In 1980 the historic Old Town was inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage list. I then turned around to walk The Royal Route that would eventually take me back to the hotel, passing more churches and impressive buildings. I know I only touched what there is to see, having no Polish and with only one day, I didn’t see the Marie Curie Museum nor did I see the The Museum of History of Polish Jews on the site of the Warsaw ghetto. There simply was not enough time. It would be good to revisit this City on some sort of tour being transported around the city, which although some of the buildings are bland communist style it is still has quite attractive areas to visit.

HOLIDAY & Leisure New Zealand by Cruise and Luxury Coach

COPY DEADLINE for the Christmas edition of Sunshine Coast Seniors Newspaper is December 4th, 2013


DECEMBER HOLIDAY SEASON TOURS • Blue Mountains • Sydney • Bowral & Southern Highlands • Illawarra • Mudgee • New England $ 1,550 7 Days - 23rd - 29th December 2013

GRAND Pacific Tours, the New Zealand coach holiday specialist, in conjunction with Celebrity Cruises, is proud to present this exclusive opportunity to discover New Zealand by Cruise and Luxury Coach. See the best of this stunning country with one of four innovative itineraries to choose from, giving you the holiday you have always wished for. Relax on a cruise across the Tasman Sea on board one of the most luxurious superliners, the Celebrity Solstice. Combine this with a luxury coach holiday or Auckland getaway giving you a complete on the road experience, with each locale providing its own treasure trove of unique experiences. From an upper deck of lush, natural grass to chic restaurants and lounges, the Celebrity Solstice offers you more than you ever imagined. Relax in a Deluxe Balcony Cabin, your own personal escape at sea. Blurring the indoors with the outdoors, these

spacious, light and beautifully appointed rooms are packed with thoughtful touches and feature a balcony with an ocean view. There is no better way to see New Zealand than to enjoy a range of iconic attractions and stunning scenery, traverse the roads in the safe hands of your Coach Captain never worrying about taking a wrong turn. See the sights and hear all of the stories only an experienced tour guide can provide. The four tour options available are the 23 Day Best of New Zealand by Cruise & Luxury Coach, the 17 Day New Zealand Southern Explorer & Cruise, the 15 Day New Zealand Cruise & Auckland Highlights and the 28 Day New Zealand & Australia by Luxury Coach & Cruise. Discover the land of the long white cloud and return home with memories to last a lifetime. For your 16 page brochure contact your local travel agent or Grand Pacific Tours on 1800 622 768.

• Gold Coast Hinterland • Ballina • Byron Bay • Tweed Valley • Marina Quays International Resort $ 635 3 Days - 24 - 26th December 2013

ADELAIDE EXPLORER • Great Ocean Rd• Kangaroo Island • Murray River • Barossa Valley • Glenelg & Victor Harbour 16 Days 8th - 23rd March 2014 Includes: Motel, All Dinners (except 1), Breakfasts, All Admissions, Murray River Boat Cruise and Morning Tea, Kangaroo Island Touring, Barossa Winery Tour, Haig’s Chocolate Maker, Hay Pow & International Centre, plus much more!

Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Brisbane Metro Area, Redlands, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Banora Pt, Kingscliff Will mail Itinerary on all tours, Please Phone

Sunshine Coast / Brisbane: 3343 6722 - Gold Coast: 5520 1499

Coastal Variety Tours

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Senior Super SaverS


Sunshine Coast heritage calendar inspires nostalgia

Personalised Plates contribute to RSPCA

THE 2014 Picture Sunshine Coast heritage calendar has just been launched by Sunshine Coast Council just in time for the Festive Season. Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the striking 2014 Picture Sunshine Coast heritage calendar would brighten up any wall and make a beautiful gift to treasure. “This year there are large heritage images from across the region featured for each month which take you a step back in time,” she said. “The images from yesteryear are classic photos of pioneer families, familiar landscapes, people and local heritage places which are sure to put a smile on your face and inspire nostalgia. “April features a sweeping aerial view of Coolum looking north towards Noosa, with only a dozen or so houses, each with its own outhouse and water tank. “In Mooloolaba in the 1950s, the river was as popular for swimming as the beach, as the swathe of swimmers show on the month of May. “The heritage calendar is an excellent way to see how the Coast looked in the “old days”. “And at $5 each, you can afford to be generous and buy a few as stocking fillers this Festive Season.” The 2103 Picture Sunshine Coast calendars are available for purchase at council’s library branches across the Coast for just $5 each or online at council’s library eShop for just $6.50 each including postage.

THE RSPCA has announced a brand new partnership with Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) and the introduction of the state’s first Pet Plates. PPQ is throwing their plate weight behind the cause. Their legacy Pet Plates will take the animal welfare campaign to the streets allowing proud pet owners to declare their commitment and care for all creatures great and small. Purchasers can show great cat-itude with a felinefeel plate featuring a silhouette of a cartoon style cat while dog lovers are urged to go barking mad for the cute, paw-print canine plate. RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty notes, “We need Queenslanders to get behind Pet Plates and help us spread the word. The more plates we sell, the more animals we can help.” $50 from the purchase of every new set of Pet Plates is being donated to the RSPCA to help improve animal welfare. “There are just over 3.6 million cars registered in Queensland and with the help of pet and animal lovers on our roads, these plates can really help drive our animal care and adoption centres and accelerate our quest to end animal cruelty,” Michael said. Pet Plates are now available at for $495 and once purchased, they are yours for life. PPQ and the RSPCA hope motorists will consider Pet Plates for a unique and perfect present for their animal loving family and friends to give the ultimate gift of life to our furry little friends.

Build Your Business and Help Support Our Pensioners

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‘Tis the season to be birdwatching

A male Mistletoe Bird rests on a mistletoe plant

GOLD Coaster Tony Bailey of Runaway Bay has again excelled himself for the benefit of the Seniors newspaper. When asked if he might have a photo with even just a hint of Christmas reds and greens, a snapshot that he would like to share with readers of the December 2013 edition, not only did this keen wildlife photographer reply ‘millions of them’, but it became clear that Tony takes gift giving seriously. All that is missing is snow in this photograph of the festively-named Mistletoe Bird, a photo hobbyist Tony took

Caloundra Country Farmers Market THE Caloundra Country & Farmers Market is held on Sundays from 6am to12 noon at the Currimundi State School, 17 Buderim St, Currimundi. Plenty of parking at the Currimundi Hotel. Inside stalls include coins, collectables, books, art, hand-crafts and hand-made clothes, jewellery, kids clothes and toys and lovely cakes. Outside stalls have Mr. Tweedales fresh picked

Stephanie Shaw

Ph 5478 2994

Page 40 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

peas and beans from the farm. Plenty of fruit and Asian vegetables, Maleny yoghurt and cheeses, fresh bread, cakes and jam. plants, herbs, palms and pots and handyman tools. Have coffee and breakfast, and a treasure hunt in the car-boot sales. New stall-holders welcome. Supporting the Dicky Beach Surf Lifesaving Club Contact:- ph. 0401 482 949.

Edgewater Crafters Xmas Craft Sale On Saturday the 7th December, 2013 from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Refreshments available. Your opportunity to purchase some wonderful Xmas gifts for the whole family. All proceeds to the purchase of 10 Xmas Ham-

pers for St Vincent de Paul ‘Adopt a Family Xmas Appeal’. Entry Gold Coin. Community Hall, Edgewater Village, 171 David Low Way, BLI BLI. For further details please call 5448 4950.

Golfing humour

A YOUNG man who was also an avid golfer found himself with a few hours to spare one afternoon. He figured if he hurried and played very fast, he could get in nine holes before he had to head home. Just as he was about to tee off an old gentleman shuffled onto the tee and asked if he could accomIf You Would Like More Information pany the young man as he was golfing alone. Not On This Space Please Call being able to say no, he allowed the old gent to join him. To his surprise the old man played fairly quickly. He didn’t hit the ball far, but plodded along consistently and didn’t waste much time. Finally, they reached the 9th fairway and the young man found or email himself with a tough shot. There was a large pine tree right in front of his ball – and directly between his ball and the green. After several minutes of debatDental Prosthetist ing how to hit the shot the old man finally said, “You • Free denture know, when I was your examination and age I’d hit the ball right quote over that tree.” With that challenge Cert.DSA ( UK),BOH,MDT placed before him, the • Bulk – Billing youngster swung hard, eligible patients hit the ball up, right • New Dentures smack into the top of the • Repairs • 5% Discount for tree trunk and it thudded back on the ground not a pensioners • Relines foot from where it had originally lay. Friendly, relaxed The old man offered one environment more comment, “Of course, when I was your Shop 5, 84 Bulcock Street, age that pine tree was Caloundra, 4551 only three feet tall.”

5474 0447

(and this sounds almost too good to be true, but true it is) at Christmas Creek, south of Beaudesert. And what delicacies will make up the Mistletoe Bird’s Christmas Day lunch? The berries of the mistletoe plant, of course. Tony says that ‘Mistletoe Birds are important distributors of mistletoe plants’ (a parasitic but a nutritious food source for various animals) ‘as they only digest the outer coating of the mistletoe berry, depositing the sticky seed on to the nearest branch.’ Thank you Tony!

Love is ... If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. ~ A.A. Milne

Who do you call… Seniors Card 137 468 or 1800 175 500 (free call outside Brisbane) Centrelink: Retirement 132 300 Disability, Sickness & Carers 132 717 Employment Services 132 850 Seniors Enquiry Line 1300 135 500 Department of Veteran Affairs 133 254 Veteran Affairs Network 1300 551 918 National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) 1800 020 110 National Aged Care Information 1800 200 422

Senior Super SaverS


Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal aims to collect 500,000 gifts this Christmas

THE 26th annual Wishing Tree Appeal has been launched in Kmart stores across Australia. The Salvation Army and Kmart are hoping the Australian community will get behind the appeal and help reach the national target of 500,000 gifts. The Salvation Army will distribute the gifts donated by the public in Kmart stores to Australians doing it tough this Christmas. One in two Salvation Army clients will not be able to afford gifts for family members and friends this Christmas, according to a survey of clients accessing emergency relief and community services conducted in May. “Christmas is a hard time for people doing it tough. With Kmart’s help, we can

help to bring hope and joy to Australians in need this holiday season,” said The Salvation Army’s Dr Bruce Redman. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal has collected more than six million gifts since the Appeal commenced in 1988. Kmart Managing Director, Guy Russo, praised the continued support of the Appeal across Australia. “Each year we continue to be astounded at the thoughtful gifts placed under the Wishing Tree and I know this year will be no different. Communities around Australia continue to spread the joy of Christmas and generously give their time and money to support those less fortunate,” said Mr Russo.

“Over the years The Salvation Army has worked with many mums and dads who come to us in a state of need and despair at Christmas. To see them supported and encouraged through the provision of gifts and hampers for them and their children is very special, and seeing the hope reappear in their eyes is simply wonderful,” said Dr Redman. This Christmas, The Salvation Army expects to assist approximately 300,000 people. In December, The Salvation Army will assist three times more people compared to any other month. Kmart and The Salvation Army encourage Australians to place a gift under the Wishing Tree located in any Kmart store or at the Express Gift Drop off point located at the front of the store. As an alternative to donating a gift, cash contributions can be made at the register or in the coin collection boxes located at store check outs. These contributions are converted into Kmart gift cards and distributed by The Salvation Army to recipients to choose their own gift.


Transfer 8mm Films to DVD • • • •

15% OFF

Super and Standard 8 Films to DVD Slides and Photos to DVD Camera/Video Tapes to DVD LP Records & Audio Cassettes to CD

8mm Film Transfers


PH 1300 730 430 or 0412 757 144

Pickup & Delivery Must present this Coupon Valid till 31-12-13

Cent Sale

THE members of the Maroochydore CWA will be holding a Cent Sale on Friday 29th November at 10am with morning tea at 9.30. Entry is $5.00. Lots of wonderful prizes, lucky door prizes etc. Everyone will be made very welcome. Contact 5448 7632 for more information.


• $100 off ‘ Formula 1’ (RRP $495) Premium Quality Darkest Legal Tint

• We also Tint Homes

call: 13TINT That’s 138468

COLOURS FOR CHRISTMAS SEMI $25 TINT $40 • Men $10-$13 • Ladies $14 • Eyebrow Waxing $10 Senior Discounts Also


Shop 38, Second Ave, Maroochydore (Across from Aldi Car Park) 5319 4722 No Appointments

December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 41

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . . Festive season preparations well underway

THE festive season is rapidly approaching and preparations are well underway to ensure the region’s Christmas Tree Trail is bigger and better than ever. Sunshine Coast Council’s Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said with 28 trees progressively

lighting up across the region from 21 November locals will start to notice contractors with cranes, cherry pickers and ladders busily installing decorations. “This year’s Christmas trees are being decorated with a range of custom festive decorations in trees located throughout

the region from Kin Kin in the North all the way down to Glasshouse in the South,” Cr McKay said. “Christmas tree decorations tend to bring out the inner child in us all and this year’s trees will dazzle and delight right across the region. “The trees are being deco-

rated to celebrate community events and to provide a vibrant festive atmosphere to our terrific public spaces for all to enjoy. “I invite the community to keep an eye on our decorated trees – particularly in the coming storm season or more generally, acts of vandalism. If you notice anything damaged or missing from the trees please notify us at council. The promotion of the Sunshine Coast Festive Season is supported by major partners, The Sunshine Coast Daily and Channel 7. To find out what’s happening in your local area head to council’s website or look out for a copy of the Sunshine Coast Festive Season Program near you. To report damage to any of the region’s Christmas trees phone council’s Customer Contact Centre on 5475 7272.

Carol Service and Sausage Sizzle THE annual Carol Service and Sausage Sizzle will be held at the Caloundra Uniting Church, Cnr. Queen & Ulm Sts on Sunday 8th December, starting with sausages in the Church Hall at 6 p.m. and followed by Carols in the Church at 7 p.m.

This is always an evening of fun, food and fellowship sharing our Faith. Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends. If you need any further information contact the Church office 5491 5353 or

Celebrate a Jazzy Christmas with Caxton Street SUNSHINE Coast Jazz Club proudly presents Caxton Street Jazz Band on Saturday 7th December at the Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima Street, Buddina (behind the Library). Caxton Street Jazz Band needs no introduction to Jazz and Music lovers. The 6 piece band appeals not only to jazz aficionados but has a wide following from the general public who enjoy good music...This band is right up with the top in this country and indeed overseas. A band for the dancers and listeners alike with well known music from the 30’s 40’s and 50’ name it they play it. Bob Mair leader of band on

drums / washboard / vocals, Bernice Haydock piano / vocals, Tom Nicholson trombone / banjo / vocals, JohnBraben trumpet, Paul Williams clarinet / tenor sax, Andrew Shaw double bass, and they will be playing some of the songs from their latest CD…it doesn’t get better. Book your Christmas table early to celebrate with family and friends. BYO everything - coffee, tea, & cakes available $4. Show starts 7.30pm—10.30pm. Members $20, Seniors and U3A $22.50 Public $25.00. Bookings: Credit card Jennie 5476 7154, Cheque or Money Order PO Box 1428 Caloundra 4551. Info Ted 5491 6017.

Christmas on “Little Main” PALMWOODS is having a street party! A magical evening of family fun and entertainment, including market stalls, food, Christmas carols and entertainment on Saturday 14th December from 2pm to 8pm at the Palmwoods Memorial Hall, 1 Main Street, Palmwoods. If you would like to hold a stall please call & book. $15/site + $5 table hire (if applicable). Contact details: Wendy 0409 765 357.

A Hot Summer Night

CHRISTMAS a Capella Choir Concert featuring: Good Vibrations (popular) and Spiritsong (sacred classical) on Friday December 6th at 7.30pm at the Uniting Church Hall, Werin Street, Tewantin. Admission $10 Conc. $8. Directed by Andrew Emmet. For further details phone 5474 1498 or email

Brain Training

Crossword Solution

Answers from page 47

Answers from page 46

Staircase: Spectre, Lamia, Bunyip, Undine, Merman, Naiad, Griffin The word is: SANDMAN Number Jig: 7516 StepRiddle: Hunks, Bunks, Banks, Basks, Basis, Basic

Tune in for these


A Special Nostalgia Radio Service from

“Rhythm Showcase” Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA 1pm Mondays; “Theatre Organ Memories” 1-30pm Fridays; “Great Hymns” 8-30pm Sundays; and plus old Serials; Classic Comedy; the Great “Relaxing ‘Till Musicals; Jazz, Swing & Big Band; Sing-A-Long Midnight” shows; and even Birthday 10-30pm nightly! and Cheerio calls - 24 Hours a day, every day!

Bringing you your favourite music from the 20s through to the 60s To listen to “Silver Memories”, just get one of our special radios available from 4MBSClassic FM for just $85 each

Plus postage & Handling if needed It works on 240v. or Batteries, and picks up all other FM stations too!

Phone: 3847 1717 to order yours TODAY!

NOW ALSO HEARD IN TOOWOOMBA! Page 42 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . . Winners of free theatre tickets

Wassail 2013

CELEBRATE Xmas with a unique event to the Sunshine Coast - the Noosa Chorale Wassail. Booking are now open for Noosa Chorale’s Wassail concerts at 7.30pm on Saturday 14th December and Sunday 15th December. Wassail is all about eating, drinking and singing—lots of carols (some sung by everyone), funny stories and poems, lots of food (delicious gourmet platters and yummy homemade Christmas treats), and lots of drinks. Wassail comes from the cider-producing counties of SW England where people would enjoy a cup of hot mulled punch (a wassail), sing carols and wish each other ’wes hale’ or good health. They saw their revelry as way of awakening the cider apple trees to produce a good harvest. This year’s guest artist is Andrew Pryor, wellknown and loved by Sunshine Coast audiences for his exquisite voice and vibrant personality. Andrew was a founding member of the Ten Tenors and later joined the four-man Tenorissimos. The Bicentennial Hall at Sunshine Beach will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland for the concert and Noosa Chorale, led by its charismatic conductor, Adrian King, , will sing a varied mix of carols and songs— traditional and modern. This year’s theme is angels and there will be lots of Angel carols.

JALLY Entertainment, the locally based theatre company, spent a long time searching for a script that could offer a fitting to the centenary celebrations of the birth of the ANZAC legacy due in 2015. They found this in ‘Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare’, written nearly 40 years ago by Clem Gorman. In last month’s edition of this paper, we asked readers to phone in to win double passes for the Saturday matinee This is a very social outing with plenty of time for chatting at your table and eating and drinking in the two intervals. So come along and enjoy wonderful music and plenty of Christmas goodies in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere of Christmas Cheer! There is nothing else quite like it on the Sunshine Coast. Tickets are $30 which includes fruit punch, gourmet nibbles & desserts, a complimentary glass of bubbly, and a program/song sheet. There is also a bar available for beer and wine purchases. For further information and bookings: phone 0424 086 732. Check out Noosa Chorale’s Facebook page to see photo albums of previous Wassails. Noosa Chorale is very grateful for sponsorship from the Bendigo Community Bank at Tewantin and from Noosa Community Radio 101.3.

performance, staged at the J in Noosa. These winners were Sonia Benesovsky of Nambour and Jenny Payne from Noosa Heads. Congratulations to both of you!

COPY DEADLINE for the Christmas/ January edition of Sunshine Coast Seniors is December 4th, 2013

TRANSPORT Train Times:................. 5453 8200 Bus Times - Translink: ..... 131 230 Taxi: ................................. 131 008

EAT, DRINK, PLAY, STAY @ GBT CALOUNDRA Restaurants I Cafe I Sports Bar I Bottle Shop

Newest & Best Gaming Room on Sunshine Coast I 45 Machines with the best & latest games Open 7am - Midnight - 7 Days a week Cnr Baldwin St & Bowman Rd Caloundra I 5492 8300


Mon - Fri 12pm - 2pm

Serving size and presentation may vary from picture Selected items only - Must show Seniors Card OPEN 7 DAYS 1A COCHIN STREET, DICKY BEACH FREE COURTESY BUS 7 DAYS A WEEK

December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 43

‘Let Us Entertain You’ . . . THE MEETING PLACE Women Seeking Men Little older, active Lady Would like to meet gent over 80 years of age, for simple pleasant conversation and happy friendship. Ref: 2024 Buderim Lady 61yrs, working, WLTM clean, tidy gent who enjoys a laugh, good food, coffee, weekend breakfast dining. Smoker ok, I do. I’m not into clubs but love a beer/ wine, family and gardening. New friends are good. Ref: 2025 Maroochydore Lady 72yrs, wishes to meet genuine Gentleman to share these good times. Am trim, taught and terrific. NS, enjoy music, literature, theatre etc. Would like a mate. I have a wicked sense of humour and have travelled. Ref:2027 Sunshine Coast Lady Widow 5’10" tall NS ND with love of the country and the outdoors WLTM, a healthy active Tall Gent with no ties who is ready to move on with life. Must be very loyal and compassionate. Ref: 2028

honest WLTM a genuine gent 60-72 yrs old, NS, SD, GSOH and fit for friendship and companion for outing, a positive outlook in life. Just be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Ref: 2029

sincere soft-spoken, honest, ptite lady NS SD Buderim area. F/ship, travek, happy outings. Detailed letter essential, photo apprec. Ref: 2032

Coastal Lady Lateral thinking and insightful lady from the Hinterland 70s NS SD FS seeks educated man who values the exchange of ideas with good food and laughter thrown in. Does such a man exist and have the interest in responding? Ref: 2031

How to Reply Place your reply in a sealed STAMPED envelope (please don’t write on this envelope). Enclose this envelope inside another envelope and write the reference number advertisement you wish to respond to and post it to “Seniors Meeting Place”, P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin. Men Seeking Women Qld 4565. We will then forward your message on Tewantin Gent WLTM to the person who placed nice looking woman 56 to the advertisement. 60 who lives Tewantin. NS, SD and GSOH who To place a FREE ad likes walk on the beach Send your free advertiseand in the bush and bike ment (up to 40 words) with rides, gardening and mu- your name, address and sic Enjoys volunteering phone number to “Seand movies. Ref: 2030 niors Meeting Place”, P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin. Qld Good Natured under- 4565. (No names, adstanding gent, 69, 172cm, dresses or phone numslim, well presented, uni bers are printed in the adeduc/fin sec, many inter- vertisements, only a refests, homeowner, seeks erence number).

Sounds of Christmas concert

Maroochydore Lady Slim, petite and attractive, 58 THE Sunshine Coast Choral Society will be presentyrs young looking, well ing its annual “Sounds of Christmas” thconcert at the presented, genuine and Nambour Uniting Church on Sunday 8 December at

2.30pm. Conductor Adrian King has put together a program of music which reflects the many aspects of the Christmas season. Carols from the fifteenth century through to 21st Century including works by Bach and Australian born New Zealand based composer Leanne Daharja Veitch will be presented both a cappella and accompanied by the choir’s accomplished acompanist Natasha Koch. Local soprano, Karina Gough will be the soloist for the concert. The ticket price of $20 includes afternoon tea and a programme. Children under 15 are free. Concession for groups of ten or more. There will be door sales. Credit card sales enquiries and concessions please call 5444 3899. More information www.suncoast

BINGO GUIDE TUESDAY Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Assoc.

RESTAURANT OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Friday - Lunch 10am-2pm Main Meals from $10

Wednesday Night - 3 Course Dinner 5.30-8.00pm $21 Friday Night - A La Carte Entrees’ from $5 - Main Meals from $16

Saturday - BBQ Freshly cooked - Hamburgers - Bacon & Egg Rolls Steak Burgers - Sausage Sizzle from $3 - 9.45am-2.45pm The Restaurant will be closed from Monday 23rd December - Reopen on Thursday 2nd January Sandwiches, Pies & Sausage Rolls will be available from the Bar during this time - the BBQ will also operate on Saturday 28th December Page 44 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013


Christmas Function Menu

Book your Christmas Party at Horton Park Golf Club 5443 6401 • 3 Course $35.00 • 2 Course $29.00 • Main Course $24.50


1st Course Prawn cocktail, Marie rose sauce Pumpkin soup with seared scallops Crispy fried pork belly, pickled red cabbage, onion jam Main Course Traditional roast turkey, baked ham, apricot stuffing, cranberry sauce, rich roast gravy Atlantic salmon, hollandaise sauce Beef Mignon, onion jam & red wine jus

Plum pudding & brandy custard Strawberry Pavlova & fresh cream Chocolate Bacio, berry coulis & fresh cream Extras Bon Bons & party poppers $3.00 per person extra Self serve coffee & tea station including chocolate dinner mint $2.50 extra

Indoor Bowls Hall, Burke St, Golden Beach Start - 10am

Jackpots $1000 on progressive calls $500 on progressive calls $300 on progressive calls



at the INDOOR BOWLS CLUB, Burke St., Golden Beach

I START 7.30PMI I $2000 on PROGRESSIVE - $500 on PROGRESSIVE $200 on 90 CALLS

To advertise your Bingo times and prizes call 5474 0447


community news NEWSPAPERS ABN 26 089 559 697

More than just a fruit THE great thing about Queensland summers in mangoes! For a few precious months, those divine fruit that in most places in the world are a luxury, are affordable and plentiful. We can lean over the sink, slobber to our hearts content and then lick the juice off our arms (go on admit you do it). But did you know just how good mangoes really are for you? In many cultures, it is regarded as an important remedy for various ills. Originating in India over 400 years ago, it plays a role in Hindu mythology, where it is described as ‘heavenly fruit’. Heavenly indeed! As well as being delicious, it is a veritable pharmacy. The unripe mango is used as a cure for heat exhaustion, tummy upsets and blood disorders. It can also tone up your liver and prevent scurvy.

When ripe, it is said to treat eye disorders, infections, weight loss, diabetes and diarrhoea. The bark from the tree is used for sore throats and the sap relieves scorpion bites, but treat that last claim with caution – the sap can definitely cause dermatitis in sensitive skins! The leaves and bark are also irritants and their smoke can be toxic to the lungs and eyes if burnt. Apart from those minor problems, the magnificent mango is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, which improve brittle nails and skin problems and eases itchy scalps and dry hair. So next time you are in the greengrocers and the heavenly perfume of mangoes beckons, go for it! The season is all too short and you can tell your budget you are doing it for your health.

iPad Tips & Tricks The iPad is a beautiful, easy to use, computer replacing technology. The new model iPad Air weighs in at less than 500g and uses a chip that delivers speed you probably haven’t seen on your computer for years. If you don’t own one already the chances are you will very soon. The Apple iPad can accomplish far more than anyone ever envisaged on its release just over three years ago and now has a staggering 475,000 “Apps” (software applications) that run exclusively on it. With so many “Apps” that are continuously upgraded and updated by their developer it can become frustrating seeing a red number sitting on your “Apps” Icon telling you how many software updates you need to do. Thankfully in the new IOS7 software release this problem is solved. The old way… a red number on your app icon How to upgrade your “Apps” automatically if you are running the latest IOS7 software on your iPad 1. Tap “Settings” 2. On the left hand side scroll down until you see “iTunes & App Store” 3. Tap “iTunes & App Store” 4. On the right hand side look for a sub-heading “Automatic Downloads” 5. Tap on the switch next to “Updates” so it is green.

From now on any updates made by the developer of the App will automatically update on your iPad. If you would like to know more tips and tricks for your iPad visit or call Colin Dunkerley on 041 44 10 100. Do you have a question that you would like answered about your iPad? Email for an answer & we may even feature your question in this column

P.O. Box 1062, Tewantin, Qld. 4565 Fax: (07)5474 4975 Email:

10 JOHN WAYNE plates, still in foam boxes Franklin Mint 24 carrot gold edges with wall mounting. $300 ono. Ph 0481 343 304. Yandina. 2 RECLINGER chairs, quality Aust. made Acme brand. VGC. $499 for both. Ph 5478 6332. 4FT CHRISTMAS tree and decorations outside Xmas lights all as new. $30. Ph 5444 2438. BBQ 4 burner gas with automatic ignition. comes with timber trolley wheel table and gas bottle. $150 ono. Ph 5492 1423. Pelican Waters COIN & STAMP collection gathered over 40 years, good legacy for son or grandson. $350. Ph 0410 137 966. Wurtulla. CHANCELLOR State College uniforms. Senior and middle college sizes 14, sm 16. GC. Sell $350 the lot. Ph 5456 1098 or 0424 724 886. CHILD’S scooter, Razor brand, 3 wheeler and helmet included, pink exc. cond. $20. Ph 5477 5659. Buddina. CHRISTMAS lights old style strong lights 2-3 lengths. All parts, 2 transformers. Exc. cond. $85 ono. Ph 5494 3376. Maleny. COBOLT digital TV and set top box $50 lot. Ph 5441 3271. COFFEE table dark hardwood, one metre square, shaped legs. $100. Ph 5491 9131. Little Mountain. COLLECTORS – Readers Digest hard cover, select edition 70 books. Original cond. Best offer over $50. Ph 5493 5579. Wurtulla. DREAMPOT plus full kit VGC used once $50. Ph 07 5441 3649. Nambour. HUTCH solid timber. Glass doors exc. cond.1.9W x 2H x 38D. $275. Ph 5493 9174. Caloundra. METTERS Canberra wood stove. Oven thermostat, plate rack, flue fittings, flue pipe missing oven trays all GC. $375. Ph 5440 5564. Tewantin. MIXMASTER Sunbeam, new, never used. $60 ono. Ph 5443 6654. Maroochydore.

PARKLITE weekend carry bag. Front pocket. 42x31x19. Navy GC. $15. Ph 5491 3807. Caloundra PATIO setting white Colebrook cast alloy round table and 2 chairs as new. $95. Ph 5493 2060. Wurtulla. PLANER, electric Hitachi 82mm. Like new. $75 ono. 0400 081 537. Currimundi. QUEEN SIZE BED and Mattress, brand new never used. Cost $555, receipt on request, sell for $320. ono. Ph 0424 022 703. Caloundra. READERS digest monthly magazine from Jan 1990 to Oct 2013. (274 editions) $100 the lot. VGC. Ph 07 5491 3266. Caloundra. RECLINER electric as new 2 years old. New $1500, sell $500. Ph 5448 4347. Bli Bli. ROCKING chair, solid mahogany in exc. Cond. $200. Ph 0421 502 016. Sippy Downs. SAMSUNG fridge 2 door white in exc. cond. 4 star rating. $450. Ph 5476 8519. Buderim. SINGLE bed, unused. Sealy Commercial Luxury. $150. Ph 0401 368 493. Sippy Downs SLEEPING bag padded older style, perfect cond. $25. Ph 5472 8571 or 5494 3376. Yandina. STRETCHER folding king single easy to set up, power coated steel frame with carry bag included VGC. $40. Ph 5443 4508. TILES many types, good quality Travertine. Enough to cover entire bathroom. Ph 0448 733 243. Noosaville. TV UNIT Entertainment and display. 190 long. 124 high. 53 wide. On castors VG Cond. $150 ono. Ph 5491 6919. WEDGWOOD 4 colours, various styles, sizes. Will discount when buying 3 or more. From $25 each, negotiable. Ph 0419 737 461. Noosa Heads

FREE For Sale Classifieds Only ONE FREE FOR SALE classified allowed per person per month. No other sorts of Classifieds, ie: Wanted adverts will be accepted. The publisher reserves the right to decline, edit and reduce the number of classifieds appearing due to space available in the newspaper. Due to these space constraints sometimes not all adverts will appear in the one month, but will be placed in the following month. You can write up to 20 words per advert, but make sure that your contact phone number, and the selling price are clearly stated. Items for sale must not exceed $500. Please submit FREE classifieds only by post, fax or email to our office by 17th of each month. (No adverts will be accepted over the telephone.) Wanted items are no longer accepted.

Conditions apply: Free For Sale classifieds are for private party advertising only. No business adverts accepted. Please print the first word of your classified in CAPITALS, and the rest of the advert should be in lower case. All adverts must be accompanied by the name, address and phone number of the person placing the advertising. POST your adverts to: ‘SC Free 4 Sale,’ SC Seniors Newspaper, P O Box 1062, Tewantin Q. 4565. FAX adverts to: 5474 4975 EMAIL: (All emailed adverts must be in lower case, except for the first word, which should be in capitals.)

Present this coupon offer for



$310 330



$380) (normally $360) Supply & Fit (normally CONDITIONS APPLY. VALID UNTIL 05-04-2011 31-12-13

Authorised distributor of

Call MATT LAVERY on 5441 7891

December 2013 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - Page 45

community news Seniors Twospeed Crossword Cryptic Clues

Straight Clues

ACROSS 1 Having left the army, got rid of one’s cellphone, perhaps 7 Avoid giving a direct answer to a windbreaker 8 Dislocated a twin pair 11 Therefore model a cereal disease 12 Chat tirelessly about clothes 14 Tolstoy’s Ms Karenina was the governess to the King of Siam 16 A bloke may briefly catch apples 19 Deliver a blow and take industrial action 22 Enthusiastic enjoyment during August, overseas 24 The specialist returns to become a contestant 25 An eagle’s claw made from metal

ACROSS 1 Disbanded army troops 7 Row of bushes 8 Two 11 Fungal disease 12 Dress 14 Early Indian coin 16 Fellow 19 Withdraw one’s labour 22 Keen relish 24 Go in 25 Sharply hooked claw 26 Went backwards DOWN 1 Widely cultivated flower 2 Psychopath 3 Cry of a calf 4 Afterwards 5 Shiralee 6 Surface hollow 9 Devastate 10 A tittle 13 Sample 15 Part of speech 17 Cured 18 Put in hock 20 Trunk 21 Bury 22 Toothed wheel 23 Let it stand

Auspac Media - Answers on Page 48

once 26 Reversed, and degenerated

10 Jot some radio talks 13 Flavour, in a sense 15 A major form class definitely not unattached DOWN 17 Patched up some of 1 Some howdah liabilities the ale deliveries make a bloomer 18 Pledged a chess 2 Dr Jekyll’s alter ego piece to end heartlessly was a lunatic 20 A headless, limbless 3 Complain about the statue found in the cry of a sheep west, or south 4 Eventually in koala 21 Lay to rest in the territory main territories 5 Bluey points to silver 22 Give out arrow 6 Sedentary during the heads for personal depression belongings 9 Sabotage a sunken 23 A printer’s instruction vessel from the east, etc

Facts and oddities of the English language Euouae, a 6 letter English word consisting only of vowels, also contains the most consecutive vowels.

Christmas is going Crackers! As the name suggests, there will be an explosion of joyful sound when the Sunshine Coast Concert


Holiday in the Hinterland

at Clouds of Montville

Band present their “Christmas Crackers” concert in the Kawana Community Hall (behind the Kawana Library, Nanyima St., Buddina), on Sunday 8th December, starting at 2pm. This is the band’s “last hurrah” for 2013, so it will feature some tunes from recent concerts which the

band members have selected as their favourites - a Dixie Group playing Medleys of Gershwin and Glen Miller, an African Symphony and an American Patrol – ie. a very diverse selection. The MC will be John Sheed, and the singers (Aart Schouten, Alan Winter and Bev Gourlay),


Available Sunday to Thursday ONLY 3 Nights accommodation for 2 in a self contained/air conditioned ground floor GARDEN UNIT Plus Cooked breakfast each morning served to your unit

TOTAL PRICE $295 per couple SAVE $197 on our normal mid-week rates! OR 5 Nights accommodation for 2 in a self contained/air conditioned ground floor GARDEN UNIT Plus Cooked breakfast each morning served to your unit

TOTAL PRICE $435 per couple SAVE $295 on our normal mid-week rates! Upgrade to a first floor unit with great coastal views for only an extra $20 per night!


Enjoy a traditional Christmas Lunch or Dinner for 2 including Roast Turkey with all the Trimmings Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce Only - at the Famous Montville Bar & Grill (Free transport if required)



Available from 1st Dec to 24th Dec

per couple us Now 07 5442 9174 Page 46 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - December 2013

NOW OPEN “The most exquisite gardens I’ve seen in my 41 years in the garden business. It will be the next wonder of the world” Graham Ellis, The Garden Guru.

Set on over three hectares of uniquely layered and manicured gardens, positioned high on the escarpment, the magnificent, privately owned gardens are a panorama of waterfalls, ponds and colourful plantings. Idyllic rainforest surroundings and the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains backdrop create a truly unique garden. Entry by admission Devonshire Tea available

Open 7 days 9am - 4.30pm PH: 07 5408 4110 or 0400 091 731 233 Maleny-Stanley River Rd, Cnr Mountain View Rd, Maleny Qld Group Bookings Welcome

Band members Ron Clarkson, Noel Bowden, Jack Taylor and Wayne Pearson in festive mode.

will entertain with some popular Christmas songs such as The Christmas Bells, and the band’s own version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Like the festive “bon bons”, the musical contents will delight and be different from the usual tunes. The concert will end with a couple of singalong carols, as the band exemplifies “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. So, no matter what the weather on the day, the audience will be guaranteed a warm, snug, festive afternoon of excellent music! Cost is only $12, payable at the door, and this includes afternoon tea. See you there! And......... The SCCB have enjoyed a very successful year, having produced 8 concerts and 2 Balls, where the proceeds have been given to the local charities of Nambour Special School, Sunshine Coast Community Hospice, Blue Care Nurses, Cittamani Hospice, Coolum Chaplaincy, Hear

and Say, and Legacy. Each year, we also provide the music for the Buderim Anzac Day services. We’ve held 3 dances, and with the Christmas concert these dances raise funds for our running costs, and also gives the band members a good end of year party! We thank the community

for supporting the SCCB’s efforts in providing high quality entertainment and raising lots of $$s for our Charities. Under Ken Chadwick’s baton we have a similar programme of events organised for 2014. Please check out the band’s website

Hair @ Home Perms $70 Ladies Cuts $25 Colours from $25 Men’s Cuts $20 Call me for an appointment today Diana Thorburn

0411 187 801 Hair@Home

community news The Fall & Rise of Mr Scrooge

Frank Wilkie plays Scrooge with Helen Ainsworth, John Balchin, Rachel Greiger and Tim Murfin playing ghosts. (Photo by Shutterbug Photography)

NOOSA Arts leads into the story of Scrooge. Christmas with a very Created by Charles classic Christmas story - Dickens in A Christmas

Carol, the character of Scrooge has given rise to ‘scrooge’ as an everyday term for meanness. But as so often happens when you read the original story, there is much more to Scrooge. In fact Scrooge in the story changes into a generous and caring hero who truly reflects the Christmas spirit. All will be revealed in The Fall and The Rise of Mr Scrooge which opens at Noosa Arts Theatre on Friday 29 November. The Fall and Rise of Mr Scrooge is pitched for all ages. It is not a panto-

mime and it will recreate the Scrooge story in its Victorian setting and have a very genuine Dickensian feel about it. Sue Sewell has been writing, directing and acting in plays on the coast for many years and she has adapted this story as well as writing the lyrics and music for this production. She and co-director, Jane Rivers, have put together a strong cast for this play with Frank Wilkie playing Scrooge and Tim Murfin playing the Ghost of Christmas Present. Performances are on No-

Himalayan Film Festival comes to Nambour Arthouse Cinema

PROUDLY presented by Nambour Arthouse Cinema and Tenzin Cheogyal The aim of the Himalayan Film Festival is to shed light on the remarkable cultural diversity within the Himalayan region. The films explore themes of compassion, conflict, occupation, love, peace, migration, environmental justice and human rights. Proceeds go directly to support local Himalayan communities. The Hill - Friday 29th November - 6.30pm - 1hr Five Australians risk everything in their attempt to climb to the highest point on Earth. The Hill transports you to the slopes of Mount Everest, where our team is pushed to their mental and physical limits. What started as Pete Wells’ video journal of his pursuit of Mount Everest became a documentary of this team’s struggle to fulfill their dream to stand on top of the world. The Hill is an extraordinary personal account of the climb, and a spectacular visual journey as the adventure unfolds high in the Himalayas. Tibet: Murder In The Snow – Saturday 30th November – 3pm – 1hr An incident that shocked the world, a teenage Tibetan nun, Kelsand Namtso, was killed when Chinese border police opened fire on a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet over the infamous Nangpa Pass. Using the original climber footage, re-enactments and interviews with witnesses and survivors, Tibet: Murder in the Snow, tells of young Tibetans who risk their lives each year to illegally cross the rugged

vember 29 and December 6 at 7.30pm with matinees on November 30 and December 1, 7, and 8 at 2pm. All tickets $15. Bookings on 5449 9343 or online at or at theatre Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 2pm; Saturday, 9am to noon. Noosa Arts is very grateful to Bendigo Bank Tewantin and Noosa Community Radio for their sponsorship of the theatre and to the Sunshine Coast Council for supporting the theatre through the Community Partnership Funding Program.

Repairs • Training • Servicing We come to you $60/hour, Pensioners $40/hour

Daren 0419 027 170 5447 0549 Servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1994

How’s your Radiator going?

Himalaya Mountains in an attempt to see their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, or attend school in India. Bardsongs - Sunday 1st December - 4.30pm - 1hr 40m Set against a backdrop of war and love, this voyage • Supply new & recore radiators of discovery through Rajasthan, Mali and Ladakh contains three songs, three stories and myriad time• Aluminium & Copper. All brands less wisdom. Dutch filmmaker Sander Francken di• Service of all types of Aluminium & Copper rected the musical feature film Bardsongs in India • Cleaning & Repairs and Mali. At the basis of this filmare three folk tales from respectively Rajasthan, Western Africa and • Regassing of Airconditioning Ladakh, put to music by musical celebrities from those • Air conditioning repairs regions and interpreted by local actors who knew • Repair petrol tanks these tales from their youth. The film focuses on the similarities between three totally different worlds. We use our own pick-up and The world of Sahir, who father refuses to pass judgeSame Day service to delivery service from Caloundra ment on his fate…the world of Bouba, a pupil at Komost jobs where ran school who has to find the largest part of all to Noosa (Inclusive) possible knowledge…and the world of Somam, who has to sell his dzo (a crossbreed between a yak and a cow), 69 Coronation Ave and therefore journeys to town through the Himalayas Nambour with his daughter. The filmed tales provide the viewer with a glance at Ph: 5441 2669 universal wisdom and music. Tickets are available to or 5441 5562 purchase online by visiting www.scvenues Fax: 5441 2669 or at the box office. Adults $14 / Concession / Full time Property 4 Sale adverts to cease Student $11 / Film Club Our special discounted private property adverts will no longer be accepted. Any current member & Child $9.

Do you know we

bookings will continue until finished. Enquiries for sizes and rates for future property for sale ads please email or phone 1300 880 265

Dicky Beach Holiday Park Caloundra

A 700sq mtr high level block in quiet street adjacent to RSL/Fernhill Seniors Village and all services. Suit home / dual living. Code 2588

Answers on Page 42

Code 2581

Land For Sale Caboolture CBD

Enjoyable Lifestyle The home - 2 B/R villa. Refurbished kitchen, bathroom and floor-coverings. Enclosed verandah, loads of cupboards, 2 a/cs, separate toilet, carport, shed. The setting - well maintained resort. 2 pools, bus stop outside. 10 minutes Sunshine Plaza. Great managers. Live in it or rent out while you travel. Ground rent approx $100 a week plus elect. Great Value at $172,000 For inspection phone 5448 4543 or 0407 766 395

Reduced to $154,000 Very Good Value! Phone 0435 914 412

Code 2583

Situated in a small quiet village within easy reach of shopping, doctors, hospital and churches. 3 brm, 1 bath, 2 carports 2nd could be outdoor living area. Split level reverse cycle A/C in lounge, wall mounted A/C in 3rd Brm 4 ceiling fans. All ceilings insulated. Powered shed, low maintenance garden. Code 2591

Price $140,000 neg. Enquiries Michael 0400 220 423

For inspection ph 5456 4590 or 0409 673 000

Palmwoods Homepark

River-dancing! A home in secure tranquil village park. Right on the Maroochy River for fishing, kayaking, walks (or dancing!), whatever your whimsy! Save your money for other pursuits with this 2 bed for over 50’s.

$198,500 (part furnished) or P.O.A.

$230,000 Phone Phillips 3266 6890 or email

Code 2587

$90,000 Phone Bill 0438 446 559 or 07 3829 9335

Code 2589

2 Bedroom Self Contained permanent Van. Shower, toilet, kitchen, lounge. Furnished. Lovely garden. Huge deck and carport. 5 min stroll to patrolled beach and surf club, well maintained. Peaceful and clean park.

Forest Glen Village Glendale home set in a small over 50s village. Facilities at adjacent tourist park available for use. 2 bdrms, aircon & fans, new s/steel kitchen appliances. Shed, carport, full length verandah at rear overlooking botanic garden setting. Private & quiet.

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