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Sunshine Coast

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Your Award Winning Seniors' Newspaper – Written for Seniors by Seniors Vol 18. - Issue 7

August 2015

1300 880 265


It’s our week – let’s celebrate!

DIVE IN: Make a splash for Seniors Week and jump into the huge range of activities available.

THROUGHOUT the year, many seniors give generously of their time and expertise in a variety of endeavours. Thousands volunteer at local charities and many provide valuable support to their families, particularly by caring for and spending time with grandchildren. So now it is time to indulge yourself and enjoy what is on offer during Seniors Week. You have the chance to rekindle an interest or plunge into a new one, to meet new friends and to re-connect with old mates. In Queensland the week kicks off on August 15, finishing on August 23. As usual there is a huge range of activities to suit every taste, no matter whether you want to get the body moving or prefer to settle for something more sedentary. There are opportunities to exercise both your mind and your body.

Maybe try something different for a change – an aqua class at Coolum, a family history day at Caloundra, high tea at Caboolture Historical Society or a lively session of games at Pomona. The program is packed with entertainment, information, activities and events to suit all tastes. Peruse our Seniors Week calendar on pages 23–27 – you will be amazed at the variety of options. Many activities are free but with some you will need to book in advance, so get the red pen out and pick your preferences. Let’s end our winter hibernation, start sharing ourselves around and celebrating the things we can still do. As Henry David Thoreau, the poet and philosopher once said, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm”.

community news

Explore joy of ageing at Senior’s Week expo

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SUNSHINE 60 and Better Group Inc, supported by Council of the Ageing, Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities and Volunteering Sunshine Coast are celebrating Senior’s Week on the Sunshine Coast with an expo, Exploring the Joy of Ageing, on Friday, August 21, from 10am to 2.30pm at

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Page 2 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015


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on the day of the expo. Entertainment will be provided by Pacific Lutheran College Jazz Ensemble. The expo is free to the public with morning tea and lunch available for $6. For further information contact Sunshine 60 and Better Group Inc on 5443 7281 or email

THE 100th anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine fought during the Gallipoli Offensive will be remembered at the Nambour Museum on 8th August at 1pm. President Mr Clive Plater said the museum will acknowledge the battle with a service at the museum at 18 Mitchell Street. “This is the fifth consecutive year the museum has held a Remembrance Service, with each year commemorating a different battle or operation, and this year’s is of interest in that it acknowledges a Gallipoli offensive that Australian servicemen won,” he said. The Battle was fought between Australian and Turkish forces during World War I between 6 and 10 August 1915. Part of the Gallipoli Campaign, the battle was part of a diversionary attack to draw Turkish attention away from the main assaults and became known as the August Offensive. The Australians, initially at brigade strength, man-

aged to capture the main Ottoman trench line from the battalion that was defending the position in the first few hours of the fighting; however, the fighting continued for the next three days. Finally, on 9 August the Turks called off any further attempts and by 10 August offensive action ceased, leaving the Australians in control of the position. Publicity officer Jeanette Morrison said again this year leading up to the service, Sunshine Coast high school students took part in an essay writing competition to write a diary page by a nurse who would have treated the wounded from the Battle of Lone Pine. “The winning entries will be read at the service and prizes presented to the students,” she said. Also taking part will be cadets from 207SQN Nambour, personnel from RSL Nambour, essay sponsors, and RAAFA Nambour also essay sponsors and guest speak-

The Lone Pine at the Nambour Museum.

er Mary Murray, former nursing sister and wife of former Maroochy Council Chairman the late Fred Murray.” Free admission, donations appreciated, after-

noon tea is available. Visiting historic military vehicles will be on display and the museum is open to 4pm. For more information please phone 5441 2083.

Lock it in, wear a pin this Daffodil Day


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be on hand to answer questions and provide information. Demonstrations of activities such as belly dancing, gentle exercise, moving to music and tai chi will run throughout the day. Examples of art and craft will be on static display. Some health screening services will also be available

100th anniversary of Battle of Lone Pine


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Kawana Forest Meeting Place, 60 Woodlands Blvd, Meridan Plains. The aim of the expo is to inform and educate seniors, enhancing community connectedness and promoting proactive participation in lifestyle choices – as well as provide some fun activities. A variety of seniors’ service provider organisations will

YOU can’t flake on this date – it’s almost Daffodil Day – lock it in and wear a pin to brighten the lives of Queenslanders impacted by cancer. Join thousands of Queenslanders in a show of strength this August for Cancer Council’s Daffodil Appeal, and the official Daffodil Day (Friday, August 28) to raise vital funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Around 25,000 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. Daffodil Day is a time to come together and show you care about beating the

disease and supporting those affected. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said towns across Queensland would turn yellow as more than 800,000 fresh daffodils, pins, bears and pens were sold to raise vital funds. “Buying a daffodil or other yellow Cancer Council merchandise will brighten your day, and brighten the lives of Queenslanders impacted by cancer,” Ms Clift said. “All funds raised during the Daffodil Appeal, kicking off on August 1, and on Daffodil Day, are invested

in vital cancer research, prevention and education programs and patient support services. “Cancer Council Queensland hopes to raise $1.7 million during the Daffodil Appeal and on the official Daffodil Day, while nationally, the campaign aims to raise $8.5 million to fund vital cancer research, prevention programs and support services. The daffodil is the international symbol of hope for those touched by cancer, as it blooms at the end of winter and heralds the return of spring, vitality and growth.

Ms Clift said a bright splash of yellow does more than light up the community – it gives hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future. “With your help, we can make a difference and beat cancer – save the date this Daffodil Day!” Ms Clift said. Purchase Daffodil Day merchandise at your local shopping centre, train and bus stations and other locations on the official day, August 28. Donations can be made any time throughout the Daffodil Appeal.

community news

Bitter-sweet budget provisions for seniors “Seniors will be breathing a sigh of relief but they were hoping the concessions will be keeping pace with inflation, instead of being eroded by rising living costs,” said National Seniors’ Queensland policy advisory group chair Vera Somerwil. Ms Somerwil said there were some announcements in the budget that may deliver benefits for older people. These included: $2 million over four years towards rebuilding the Of-

fice for Seniors and establishing a One Stop Shop and the Advisory Taskforce for Residential Transition for Ageing Queenslanders $20 million over four years to community based organisations to provide long day social respite services to elderly people with dementia and other degenerative neurological disorders $5.5 million per year over four years to fund a Financial Resilience program to support Queenslanders to respond better to financial

Fancy dress proves the order of day at lunch

WIN: The winner of the best couple, the famous Paris Clown Pierrot and Piere The Pamplona bull runner.

stresses, personal issues and cost of living pressures Review of elder abuse as part of the Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce Response Team — $5.5m

of new and $26m for internal reallocation $240m over four years to reinstate Skilling Queenslanders for Work “Seniors will be watching

with interest to see how the government delivers on its commitments,” Ms Somerwil said. ■ Source: National Seniors Australia

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THE Vice President’s Lunch was held at the Caloundra Golf Club, with the theme being any city or country starting with V or P. Guests went to much thought and hard work. More than two-thirds of the guests turned out in fancy dress. The Grand Parade was a lot of fun as most of the fancy dressers thought that they were back to school days. Three trivia sheets were put out based on local history and geography, amazing how well each table did, so they were all showered with chocolate bars. Fellowship and fun were the big winners on the day.

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OLDER people have welcomed the Queensland government’s commitment to maintaining concessions but are disappointed they were not indexed to the CPI, consumer lobby group National Seniors Australia says. The State Budget reaffirmed the government’s earlier commitment to guarantee full funding for pensioner concessions on electricity, water, gas and transport after the Federal Government withdrew funds.

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:698;CS!C? O!?C?+!CS 0';4!+'9 L!+'?+' I>E *(B%%U August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 3

Linguistics and language THE fascinating story behind why we have moved from one language to thousands around the world is revealed by Dr Peter Grainger from the University of the Sunshine Coast at U3A House on Friday, July 31 at 2pm. Since combining with the University of the Sunshine Coast, U3A Noosa has enjoyed several talks by its academics opening up even more topics and discussions for members and the public. Historical linguistics, also called diachronic linguistics, is the scientific study of language change over time. Previous courses at U3A Noosa on the history of the English language, have been booked out and in this one-off Dr Grainger will discuss observed changes in particular languages, explain how prehistorical languages changed and can be grouped into language families, how and why languages change. The talk at U3A House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin, is open to everyone for $4 which includes afternoon tea.

Nutworks supports seniors promotion

NUTWORKS is the Sunshine Coast’s own macadamia processing and chocolate factory. General manager Kylie Watson welcomes the Sunshine Coast senior community to visit Nutworks Macadamia Factory in Yandina, particularly with National Seniors Week approaching. “In celebration of National Seniors Week we are offering free macadamia nut tastings, free tea and coffee and seniors discount on Nutworks products in our retail shop,” she said. National Seniors Week runs Saturday 15 to Sunday, August 2, and Nutworks senior discount will apply for the whole week. Other events coming up in August-

VISIT: Nutworks Macadamia Factory in Yandina.

“Jeans for Genes Day” on Friday, August 7, to raise funds for the Childrens Medical Research Institute. “Locals Day” Saturday, August 29, 10am-2pm at Nutworks, guests include Native Nut (liquid soaps),

Hello Honey and Lujoso Natural Skincare. Nutworks, 37 Pioneer Rd, Yandina. Phone 5472 7777. Website:, email:

community news Trivia with Allan Blackburn 1. What colour eggs does a robin lay? 2. What do whale watchers call the whale behaviour of leaping out of the water? 3. What is ergophobia a fear of? 4. What was the main timber used in the Hughes Flying Boat called the “Spruce Goose”? 5. On which island of New Zealand is the city of Hamilton? 6. Name two countries in Asia whose English names start with the letter “I”. 7. What is the hardest substance in the human body? 8. In what decade was the Australian $100 note first issued? 9. In a standard Sudoku puzzle, how many small squares are there? 10. By what stage name are entertainers Anthony, Emma, Lachlan and

Simon known? 11. In what sport has Laura Geitz excelled? 12. Which brass orchestral instrument traditionally uses a slide? 13. What Japanese car manufacturer’s name of five letters has three vowels? 14. How many wheels does a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet have in its undercarriage? 15. Which actor/singer is often called J. Lo? 16. After New York and Los Angeles, what US city is the third largest in population? 17. In whose honour was Tasmania named? 18. Which temperature is colder: zero Fahrenheit or zero Celsius? 19. What does RACQ call its monthly magazine? 20. In what country did Fisher and Paykel originate? Answers on page 12

Sunshine Coast Computer Club keeps members informed on scams EVERY day individuals fall victims to scams either by unsolicited telephone calls or emails. Some of these callers or emails can be very persuasive and easi-

ly confuse those who may not be very computer literate. By way of weekly and monthly bulletins and personal help the Sunshine

Coast Computer Club keeps its members informed so that they can avoid these scams. Meetings are held weekly at Caloundra on Saturdays

and Buderim on Thursdays, and for the north coast monthly meetings at Yandina on the third Wednesday of each month (excluding Dec). To find out

more telephone the club information line 5492 1005, visit the club website http:// or e mail the club at

&89)$- -+18 71,98$0 /234 *1638$02$:6 09$!2,5 71,98$0 )0$,; &< ?#D>E E>=E> <7 1G>1#H I)<+ *3E<G#B)#,E B>#@)=- 1G>1#)@ 83=>G#B 1B#=. %G7<>!< B70>@ 7=>E 5=#=!)#BBH "H 1#H)=# 83=>G#B )= <7@#H,E 1G)!>E. $1>#D <7 7=> 78 73G '3=>G#B ()G>!<7GE <7 B>#G= ?7G> #"73< +7I ">)=- )=07B0>@ )= H73G 7I= -77@"H> I)BB ">=>5< H73 #=@ H73G 8#?)BH. ($8++"4-!+89 2/C: 4F22

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Page 4 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

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community news

Seniors Week fun

QUEENSLAND Seniors Week is a great opportunity to promote positive community attitudes towards older people and ageing, inter-generational relationships and to enhance community connections, according to Council on the Ageing Queensland chief executive Mark Tucker-Evans. “Our aim is to unite different generations to develop socially inclusive communities in which older people are able to continue to make valuable contributions in their families, neighbourhoods and communities.” Held from August 15-23, Seniors Week provides an

FRIENDSHIP FORCE: The Murray Bridge ambassadors.

Changing the way we see the world THIS happy group of 21 visitors (ambassadors) from Murray Bridge, South Australia were on the Sunshine Coast for a week in June, being home hosted by the Friendship Force of the Sunshine Coast. They enjoyed seeing the attractions of the coast area as well as the hinterland and joining in organised activities with club members. One highlight was a day at the Corbould Park rac-

es, trying their best to pick winners. Friendship Force is an adult home hosting cultural exchange group, with more than 360 clubs in 67+ countries. The group hosts and befriends national and international visitors as well as travelling to other clubs of the world and being, in turn, hosted to learn about other countries and cultures, therefore promoting friendship.

The Sunshine Coast area encompasses the Glasshouse area through to Nambour, the hinterland; Maleny to Mapleton and over to the coast from Caloundra to Noosa. If anyone would like to learn more or attend one of the group’s meetings or social activities, contact the membership officer, Jim, on 5443 8959 or president, Mike, on 5478 1685. New members are always welcome.

Gympie VIEW Club THE Gympie VIEW Club meets on the third Friday of each month in the Orchid Room of the RSL Club at 10.30am for 11am. Visitors are always welcome at the luncheon meeting. Please direct any inquiries to secretary Carol on 5486 5893.

opportunity to bring together all Queenslanders, through events and activities within their communities while addressing social isolation concerns. “With events from Goondiwindi, to the Gold Coast to Far North Queensland, there is something for everyone as it is a cross cultural, intergenerational, on for young and old, week of fun and informative events,” Mr Tucker-Evans said. COTA Queensland co-ordinates Seniors Week and receives Queensland Government funding to collaboratively plan, run and subsidise Seniors Week events and activities.

“We encourage everyone to get involved. “You don’t have to be old to attend and you do not have to be young to have fun.” This year, COTA Queensland is asking people to take the time to make a connection by listening to someone’s story or by sharing your own. “Seniors Week provides the opportunity for discovery of programs and services available to establish new and maintain existing relations,” Mr TuckerEvans said. Visit or phone 1300 738 348 for an event near you.

Buderim’s National Seniors group enjoys the good times THE National Seniors Buderim branch monthly meeting will be held at the Buderim Bowls Club, Elizabeth St, Buderim, at 9.30am on Monday, August 24. The cost is $4 per person and morning tea will be served.

All over 50s are welcome to join our group of happy seniors who enjoy each other’s company. We have regular outings to places of interest, restaurants and picnics. For more information phone Graham on 5444 2831.

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,.- %)) $'&$ " &')$ *(+'#! =C" /%8#<"B" >%8" >"9<BC /9!" ' 2%7A<AB& /"6B!"D % 4A##83A7?!B, 478;#!B ( -!>@3A#B % .7@A ( .#1!&&6 0?1B % +7?8' 2?=?5C 0?1B % *!#BB>!# /7@@!#BB#B


% )>88 !75C# &" <3&&@#!B ( /&@&!?B#1 -A7?!B % 9?8@ ( 2?"@ -A7?!B % :&B$?@78 .#1B % :&?B@B ( 2?"@#!B

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25957) (((*4="A>#=%"D!D%"D%>6=:=%B*$#&*4< ># A?#! #%6=%D

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 5

community news Discover your family history

My Mother’s Veil I HESITATED a while before taking up the scissors, reflecting on the bittersweet history of the wedding veil spread out before me. Long ago, in 1928, my father had presented the veil to his bride-to-be, then a girl of 16. “I was tremendously thrilled,” recalled my mother in her memoirs. “It was a beautifully fragile handmade Limerick lace veil...a vision of beauty in its frothy and gossamer loveliness.” But mum never wore the veil. Just before the scheduled wedding, my father’s father died suddenly and the undercurrent of friction with his family, who were opposed to the marriage of an older man (my father was a widower of 32 with two small daughters) to a young girl, finally blew up, meaning the eventual wedding was a quiet affair with only two witnesses. My mother wore a flapper dress of green satin with a dropped waistline and handkerchief points – but not the cherished Limerick lace veil. Over the years the veil was removed from its box to be worn in the weddings of friends and related family. It adapted readily to the changing styles and many are the photographs of brides with the beautiful long embroidered train spread around their feet. My mother loved it. When it was taken out she would run her fingers under the delicate embroidery and say how lovely it was. I wore it and so did my sisters and sisters-in-law, then it was granddaughters who wore the veil and each time it was carefully

washed in alum, as the prevailing knowledge dictated, and folded away in its box. But the veil was becoming more fragile and had to be handled with great care. An under-layer of tulle was added to reinforce it but little did anyone guess that the alum wash was a major cause of the deterioration, which was revealed when we tried to donate it to a museum’s bridal exhibition, unsuccessfully because of its poor condition. As the eldest daughter, I became the veil’s custodian when mum died at the age of 96. It can never be worn again and at last my sisters and I decided, not without regret, to cut it up and give each female relative a sizable piece to do with it as they wished. Now something wonderful has happened. The veil that tore families apart also has the power to bring families together. Emails have been circulating to relatives not contacted in years, around Australia and beyond to overseas. We’ve swapped addresses and caught up with cousins and extended family, and photos of teenagers last known as babies have been flying around the internet. Even some appointments have been made to meet up at some time – and suddenly there is a whole network of people all talking together and remembering... Next week the pieces will be posted far and wide to our family, but for now, as I take up the scissors, I am sure my mother would be happy to know that her veil’s legacy is binding the family together.

A group of residents and volunteers knitting and nattering.

Knitting for the homeless OUR group of residents and volunteers met recently and spent another productive morning knitting and, of course, nattering! The group welcomed Lorraine Wood and June Willis from Peregian Beach Community House Knit for Charity. Lorraine and June came to personally thank the ladies for their contributions of squares and rugs for the needy. We have now completed

for the Needy Brisbane and Winter Angels. The group consists of residents and some of their daughters. We are always very excited to see how lovely our squares look when put together. We have at least 12–14 in the knitting group. They all love the socialising, laughing, sharing stories, but most of all the sense of continuity in helping the community.

Paralysis ticks can quickly affect the health of your pets THE paralysis tick is a parasite of native Australian animals. Bandicoots as the primary hosts are immune to ticks but ticks are indiscriminate feeders and will climb onto your pets for a feed. Winter/spring is tick season in South East Queensland. The tick will attach its mouth parts to your pet’s skin: its saliva is neurotoxic. After three to five days of feeding the tick has swollen to the size of a pea and is grey.

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8- #.?47?=4= *J/4K/5 !/H=43?4 HHHGJ/3>KAE/AF4..>=3/H=43?4G7.6G=K +)); ,8;1 8C+0),+== Page 6 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

more than 25 blankets, some of which will be distributed to the needy at the Homeless Connect Day. Lorraine and June, along with volunteers Wendy, Isabel, Heather and Jan, related stories of the increasing need for rugs and blankets in the cooler months. Items donated by Arcare Peregian Springs are distributed in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast through such organisations as Knit

AUGUST is Family History Month and this year CooroyNoosa Family and Local History Group will host Queensland Family History Society member and popular speaker Ann Swain as the guest on Saturday, August 15 from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Ann will deliver a seminar on Scottish Family History Research with the focus on the basics of Scottish research, wills and making the most of Scotland’s People website. Cooroy Library on Maple St will be the venue for the seminar. The cost of $10 includes morning tea. Bookings are essential on 5442 5570 or email The group is planning a fundraising garage sale on Saturday, September 26 so organisers are asking for donations of clean household goods. Contact Win Wynn to arrange drop off on 5442 5570.

Symptoms of Tick Paralysis Syndrome are classified in stages: Stage 1: the patient has a wobbly gait or changes to his voice. Stage 2: the patient presents with vomiting gagging or is having difficulty swallowing. Stage 3: the patient cannot walk and is having difficulty breathing. Stage 4: the patient is collapsed and unable to stay upright. Tick-affected pets need to be assessed by a veterinar-

ian as soon as symptoms are noted. Treatment levels depend on the severity of symptoms. Your pet will need to be cared for by the veterinary team. Drugs including the tick serum and intravenous fluids will be administered as needed. The majority of tick-affected patients need to be hospitalised for one or more days. The intensive care provided will include monitoring of vital signs – temperature,

pulse, respirations and oxygen levels; monitoring of urine output and provision of support therapy such intranasal oxygen. Your pet may need its throat regularly suctioned of saliva and mucous which accumulates with paralysis. Prevention is always better than cure and is done with daily coat checks and administering of tick preventing preparations especially the new monthly and threemonthly tablets for dogs. Ask your vet about what is the best for your pet.

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By Margaret Johannson

community news Legacy Week 2015 LEGACY Week is the annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the families of our incapacitated and deceased veterans. It is held in towns and cities big and small across Australia and supported by young and old. The funds raised from Legacy Week help Legacy continue to assist the 90,000 widows and 1900 children and people with disabilities Australia-

Society ensuring history is not lost

Rivers from Bli Bli to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. One of the jewels in our collection is a box of 100 glass negatives depicting local life around Bli Bli and the Maroochy River. The daughter of Patrick Bennett donated these glass plates. An amateur photographer, Mr Bennett captured the images when he was head teacher at Bli Bli State School. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month (except January) at The Old Church, Willis Rd, Bli Bli, at 9.30am followed by morning tea. The next meeting on Monday, August 3, is the AGM. Visitors are very welcome. Membership is open to all, with an annual fee of $6. Follow us on Facebook or contact Anne on 0400 913 443.

.5(+*1%% $!#' 8*!%-,(/

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4,/-# 6,/-#

New members always welcome. For more information call 5449 8564.

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*6<4 )6AB2 !4+< 5=4A-2 @4?=-< ,


9.30am-10am at the Tewantin –Noosa RSL Citizens Club in Tewantin.

!2'4 ,+ 52('1), +, '41 $700 +) 2, '41 $700 '41 '4)+,1 7&'+.7'25 '+201' ("('1. ,+$ *)+%231( 31(2-,1)( 7,3 7)542'15'( $2'4 &,6+&,313 /)113+. 2, '41 31(2-, +/ .+31), 67'4)++.(

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Tewantin Noosa RAAFA TEWANTIN-Noosa RAAFA will meet on Sunday, August 8 at

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


for a large collection of photographs, slides and books. Once scanned, the digital images are linked to local places, people and events. Family photographs and items can be scanned and returned to their owners. There is also a collection of oral history interviews, which have been copied from cassettes to CDs. The stories are carefully transcribed. Listening to these local voices is an enjoyable and timeconsuming job. Scanned newspaper cuttings, brochures and postcards also hold valuable historical information. The Bli Bli on Maroochy Historical Society aims to record the life and times of people living within the coastal areas of the Maroochy and Mooloolah

seas. Legacy stands ready to assist their families should the worst happen. You can help these families by becoming a volunteer or donor now. All funds raised will help continue our essential role in the community. Legacy merchandise will be available at selected badge-selling points and from many fantastic volunteers on the streets during Legacy Week from August 30 to September 5.

*6A<C>=?>E A $7=H * 6 < 4 : > < ? 5 @4 ? = - <

Council officers Peter Connell and Angela Marczi talk with society members.

THE Bli Bli on Maroochy Historical Society recently welcomed Sunshine Coast Council cultural heritage officers Peter Connell and Angela Marczi who discussed the council’s draft cultural heritage program for the coming year. With the support of the only Cultural Heritage Levy in Queensland, our Sunshine Coast region has the capacity to develop regional heritage educational and tourism events. The council’s levy has supported society members to attend training workshops on research, digitisation, conservation and creating digital stories. These heritage skills are essential for the long-term preservation and digitisation projects the society is undertaking. The historical society cares

wide, with essential services such as counselling, special housing, medical, advocacy and social support. Public support will also help Legacy nurture children’s education by contributing towards school fees, books, uniforms and recreational activities to aid their self-development and confidence. There are thousands of Australian Defence Force personnel deployed over-

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 7

community news

Top acts set for festival WHAT better way to spend the first week of spring than relaxing with good friends and great music at the Noosa Jazz Festival! Join the cream of Australia’s musical talent who will perform in the Festival Village over the four-day event and enjoy more than 45 performances across multiple stages with a schedule that’s already packed with some of the greatest names in jazz as well as some amazing new talent for you to discover! Returning to the Festival Village main stage is Emma Pask who will be joined over the weekend by other great acts including: Wendy Matthews, Darren Percival, Colleen Hewett, Todd Hardy and Anita Spring, The Lachy Doley Group, Jan Preston and Clayton Doley. Taking on the laid-back lifestyle of the Noosa region, the Festival Village embraces a picnic theme providing patrons with a styl-

ish alfresco experience. Patrons can also dine in the middle of Hastings St at the exclusive lunch event “Tastings on Hastings” or treat yourself to the Legends Lunch Series which offers the chance to enjoy a delicious two-course meal whilst listening to some of the festival’s musical legends! Cruise along the Noosa River while you listen to the festival’s performers on the popular Jazz River Cruises, grab a session at the Masterclass tent, treat yourself to delicious food and wine from the festival’s food stalls and bars, or shop for treasures at the jazz market stalls. The Noosa Jazz Festival runs from Thursday 3Sunday, September 6, with tickets starting from $30 for a single day or from as little as only $99 for the whole four days. VIP upgrades, group discounts and “stay and play” packages are also available.

$115m boost in aged care facilities AUSTRALIA’S leading provider of innovative private aged care services, Season’s Aged Care, is proud to announce that construction will soon commence on stage one of its new $115 million 283unit community – Seasons Sinnamon Park. Located in the heart of one of Brisbane’s fastest growing suburbs, leafy Sinnamon Park sits in a prime location just 14kms from the CBD and enjoys wide open spaces, parks and walking tracks, as well as access to an array of shopping, medical and transport services. Stage one of Seasons Sinnamon Park is scheduled to be open to residents in early 2017. Valued at ap-

proximately $53 million, it includes 131 units with a choice of one, two and three bedroom, fully selfcontained apartments specifically designed and constructed to optimise delivery of clinical care and support services. Seasons Aged Care is proudly Queensland owned and operated and Sinnamon Park will be its seventh successful aged care development. Each Season’s community boasts its own unique amenities which are based on the needs of the individual community and the location and design of the land upon which it has been built. From beautiful lakes and walking tracks, men’s

sheds, chicken houses, bird aviaries and communal veggie gardens, there’s always something very special for residents to enjoy. Beautiful leisure facilities ensure safety and security, while cinemas, movie lounges, libraries, beauty salons and cafes all help to create that special sense of “community” which Seasons residents can access across the day. Onsite lifestyle co-ordinators are an integral part of each Seasons community, providing an endless offering of well-being and social activities for residents to connect with others and get involved. Seasons CEO Nick Loudon said that his focus was on providing a private home

environment for each resident. “Seasons Sinnamon Park has been designed to deliver the security, dignity, respect and choice which we all expect and that the older people in our communities have earned in building this great country of ours. While each unit will present as a private residence, it will also have been subtly integrated with state-of-the art clinical monitoring capability and emergency response systems”, Mr Loudon said. For more information on Seasons Sinnamon Park or to register your interest contact 1300 506 116 or visit www.seasons

Kawana Waters VIEW Club heads to bushland botanic gardens SEVERAL members of Kawana Waters VIEW Club recently visited the Maroochydore Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens for a guided walk. It was an informative morning in beautiful surroundings and the members all vowed to revisit with their families.

Kawana Waters VIEW Club has a monthly luncheon meeting on the fourth Wednesday and a social outing on the second Wednesday of each month. Lunch meetings, usually with a guest speaker, are held at Headland Golf Club, Golf Links Road, Buderim.

VIEW Clubs support the work of The Smith Family with their Learning for Life Program which assists disadvantaged children with their education. All women are welcome to club lunch meetings or social outings. For details phone Sandra on 0439 780 208.

For bookings, please phone Pat on 5493 7137. VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women. Kawana Waters VIEW Club is part of VIEW Clubs of Australia and is a friendly social club which has been meeting on the Coast for more than 21 years.

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

' % ! % ( 7 *3 % 3#% (%53 "< *$%& '*7% &"5'91%7 #9/


18$1;=1"$387";)7$, 4?/8CF8 :;1G/0? *3?B '/;? "C+/01CF8) (;1-1? $8,/FBD '/,CIFB;/D #/,,/F3I;D !/F3C %1,,D 7?B-/F. :,/1F8D 2/0?;9C;B 2?80D 41FF/HCF :/;. < '=!$@& 4==@

Page 8 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

Community Jury members Help out and grab a bargain give jury concept the tick Jury’s recommendations in August, following five months’ work by the jury. “I have expanded my idea of what organic waste management is and what it means for Noosa and I think the most important bit has been learning about other peoples’ views and incorporating that into my own view,” said Jury member Gabee. “It doesn’t feel like it’s my view now, it feels like more of the group’s thoughts and ideas. “I’ve really enjoyed listening to what they say, I don’t agree with everything they say, which has caused some interesting discussions in the group, but I’ve really enjoyed the process.” Jury member Jacqueline said the community jury process gave residents a say. “Bringing everybody on board, it’s not about the council, it’s about the whole community, society and the whole Noosa Shire acting as a whole and we’ve seen that Noosa can do that with the Free Noosa campaign. “The community can really come together.”

Barbara Garnock-Jones, left, arranged for a number of blankets, scarfs and beanies to be made from wool donated to The Edgewater Crafter’s. These were presented to Chris Morris, right, from Oceanian Oncology for their patients undergoing treatment.

ON SATURDAY 22nd August the Edgewater Crafter’s and Men’s Shed will be holding a combined Car Boot / Garage Sale between 8 am to 1 pm at Ed-

gewater Village 171 David Low Way, Bli Bli. Anyone wanting to book a 3 metre x 3 metre site for $15 can contact Heather Peterson on 5448 4950.

Calling all trivia buffs SUNSHINE Coast Council invites trivia buffs to attend the Friends of Maroochydore Library Inc. Trivia Afternoon on Saturday, August 22 at 2pm. Get together with family and friends to make a table of six and enjoy a fun afternoon, exercise your brain and maybe win a prize.

And if you are on your own and would like to come along, we will match you up with others at a table. Play starts at 2.30pm. Cost to attend is just $7 per person and includes light refreshments. Bookings are essential by visiting or phoning 5475 8989.

=& >@97>&8&< ?>#( 1 9:>@@, )@@5 .:>8;9(1; :#38"1'- 133 (' 6@<@9103@; )@>@ 1; 2 3@?9 9:@( 8& 9:@;@ 01<; 8& 9:@ ?>8"<@ * ?>@;: 1&" >@1"' 9# @19+ 2 :16@ 0@@& 7;8&< 9:@;@ 1(1%8&< 01<; ?#> (#>@ 9:1& 9)# '@1>; 1&" 9:@' 1>@ ;9833 <#8&< ;9>#&<+ /1<; 1>@ )1;:103@ *%"'!& *%)($#" 1&" >@7;103@ 1&" $1& 0@ 5@!9 1+%%#$' -(&&+,. "##%)+)+* /0! 1&'):@>@ 8& 9:@ ?>8"<@ , #& ;:@36@;- 8& 9:@ ?>8"<@ "##> 1&" 9:@ $>8;!@>+ 4# !7>$:1;@ 8((@"819@3' 68;89 +++&-(!)/'/)-$*,%-&."#&,( #> $133

!KG)A %A)>< (2?> ,. I0CC ;8E ;C8 %"&& '&#$:&"5 *=!@"*#$* 7$'&

8!'"*$# (688$"& += <7@1 7>= %7?2 ('" )' *$%' #$ ($!& #),13((4,.!2 1,,' 6!)3 !' !. !11,)5!723 +)463 $4'- '-3 6,.%3.43.63 ,1 6,04./ ', ",& 4. '-3 6,01,)' ,1 ",&) ,$. -,03* ,"0($+1+)- "0)+'(& /'( .% #0!(&*

")%'#$" "!)*',& (#$ #%&/ .-+ (4)) 8-2 872=4+) ;273)2 5,99 00. :/A



NOOSA’S inaugural Community Jury members have given the Community Jury concept – a first for a Queensland council – the thumbs-up. The 23 residents are finalising a set of recommendations on ways to reduce the 11,000 tonnes of organic waste Noosa is dumping to landfill annually. Jury member Brian said the process distilled jurors’ vastly different views to reach a group consensus. “Everyone came to the table and the thoughts that they had were totally different to mine, but over the process it was interesting how we’ve all narrowed that down,” he said. Community juries provide a way for councils to gauge everyday peoples’ views rather than the views of special interest groups. Jury members have called on leading waste management names, Council waste management staff, and residents from shires that have adopted organic waste management systems, in their quest to reach a set of recommendations. Council will consider the

', F,K H2.3 3, 6.,H <,H 3, >3,A) F,KA J)?)32/4)> 9. F,KA BA9+?)- >, 3<23 3<)F >32F BA)>< B,A 1,A) 3<2. 3H, H))6>D


community news

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 9

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

#% (*" $)!! * #$#)!#'! %&&(

Page 10 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - July 2015

community news

Retirees prudent in ‘super’ planning RETIREES are being prudent in the way they draw down their superannuation with a report showing most older Australians are not restructuring assets to gain access to the Age Pension. The Productivity Commission report, Superannuation Policy for Post-Retirement, explores when and how people access their superannuation, and examines what might happen if

the age that individuals can access their superannuation — the preservation age — is raised. The report found most retirees are prudent in the way they draw down on their superannuation and, while the use of lump sums attracts much attention, they are not problematic. Researchers examined whether individuals altered their draw down well in ad-

vance of the Age Pension age to gain access to the payment and found little evidence that individuals were acting strategically, and instead found other factors - such as experiencing the onset of disability were the reasons why some draw down early and exhaust their superannuation savings. Where lump sums were taken, they were most fre-

quently used to pay down debt, invest in income stream products, and purchase durable goods for use in retirement. Less than 30 per cent of superannuation benefits were taken as lump sums, with most superannuation benefits taken as income streams. “The current body of research suggests that the practice of restructuring as-

sets in order to gain access to the Age Pension is not widespread,” the report stated. National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill said the Productivity Commission report confirmed that people in or near retirement are very much attuned to the issue of longevity. “Having scrimped and saved all their lives, Aus-

tralians are not blowing their super lump sums on luxury holidays”. “We accept that as the pension age rises the preservation age will inevitably, slowly, follow suit. “But for a government to do it now - without a clear retirement income strategy or jobs for Australians in their 50s, let alone their 60s - would be ill-considered."


Caloundra club going strong after 46 years ON JULY 8, the Caloundra Senior Citizen’s Club had its 46th anniversary celebration. Long time member Elsie Graham, aged 98, with committee member Audrey Brown cut the cake while the audience of 116 sang happy birthday. Members then enjoyed excellent musical entertainment from TopShelf followed by a hot luncheon. People 50 and over may like to visit our club and take part in activities such as indoor bowls, tai chi, gentle exercise, and the games mah-jong, whist, 500, bolivia and hoy. We also have an interesting bus trip every month . Membership is only $10 for the year and entry is $3 for all these activities for members, $4 visitors. We offer a cuppa and en-

BIRTHDAY TIME: Audrey Brown and Elsie Graham.

tertainment every Wednesday morning for no extra charge. We meet at the CCSA Hall in Nutley St, Caloundra. For members without transport a Com-

Link bus is available to carry people to and from our club on Wednesdays. Please contact club president Ray Whiteley on 5438 1403 or secretary Jill Barr on 5491 5341.

Glasshouse Country Toastmasters Club WE ARE a daytime club and meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 9.15am–11.30am at Church on the Rise, Peachester Rd in Beerwah.

On Thursday, August 13, we have an open meeting, with a great morning tea, free of charge. There is no commitment, the morning is to show people what Toastmasters is

all about. For more information, contact Martine on 07 5496 9855, email or visit

CJ(SO: A DOS3S' %:3)N!: Q:!,S': 8!JP:LLSJ3-O @:3)N!: L:!,S': )"-) 'J5:L )J GJN J! ,SLS) JN! L)-): JP )": -!) DOS3S' S3 CJJOJJO-(-


;: OSL):3 )J GJN! )"JNF")L A 3::@L -3@ -@,SL: J3 )": (:L) LJON#J39


B:* @:3)N!:L? L-5: @-G !:OS3:L A !:&-S!L9


;: &!S@: JN!L:O,:L J3 JN! -I:!'-!:9 8!J,S@S3F - L:!,S': )"-) SL L:'J3@ )J 3J3:9


HJ'-O (NLS3:LL J&:!-#3F J3 )": 'J-L) PJ! 21 G:-!L9


%=$ 7JO@ D-!@ "JO@:!L *:O'J5:9

#4=-71/ !44+ '7??@=-,< ";)+ !46=4/6;<8 5:,. *@0@/,8 A952 %;>;=; '7??@=-,< &;)) $;=<-?; #,38 (@66-=; !)("' &%%% #$$#



4K +... M22M 202/4 E!SL(-3: R@? CJJOJJO-(- 6H% .++K T< !:':&#J3>-@,-3':J!-O9'J59-N ;< ***9-@,-3':J!-O@:3)N!:L9'J59-N

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community news Project Vietnam Project Vietnam is a not for profit organization based on the Sunshine Coast for 25 years that has been carrying out humanitarian aid and support to the people in Vietnam and in later years to Cambodia. Escape Travel, Mountain Creek has offered to become an ongoing supporter (and funding partner) for Project Vietnam by way of a Kick Back Program. This will provide ongoing funding by offering a 1% contribution to Project Vietnam from any travel packages booked through Escape Travel, Mountain Creek as long as the traveller making the booking identifies their support for the Project Vietnam Kick Back Program. All members of Project Vietnam are volunteers – there are no paid staff and there are no hidden commissions, fees or charges. Our personal experience with Escape Travel, Mountain Creek is without exception a competent and caring team of travel agents. For more information go to www.projectvietnam .com or phone 5477 7452.

Don’t ignore your prostate ONE in three men over 50 have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly known as an enlarged prostate; this number rises to nearly 80% of men when they reach 70. While BPH is not fatal like prostate cancer, it can cause a lot of pain and inconvenience. Common symptoms are frequent and painful urination and, for some cases, sexual performance is affected. It is no wonder that we have reached epidemic pro-

portions, yet so few men talk openly about it. According to Mr Indra, spokesman for Graminex Australia, a company that specialises in developing prostate medication, men in general do tend to be tight-lipped about their current condition. “It’s normal for men to feel uncomfortable talking about their prostate and their symptoms (of BPH), that’s okay, we understand,” says Mr Indra, who does his best to personally answer questions from in-

dividual callers. He has spoken to many concerned wives whose husbands are reluctant to acknowledge the issue. The key to this problem, he believes, is to slowly encourage a culture where men should not feel ashamed to talk about their medical condition, especially if it concerns their “personal equipment”. The good news is that all this is starting to change, especially with the internet which allows men to be more discreet in search for

prostate health information. Still, it cannot make up for face-to-face interaction, hence Graminex Australia, which introduced Magnus Shield, a new over-thecounter prostate supplement, has been working together with non-profit prostate support groups in Victoria to help bring awareness to men. For inquiries about Magnus Shield Prostate formula, visit for more or call 1300 760 627.

Age proves to be no barrier at Noosa Leisure Centre NOOSAVILLE’S Wallace Park is home to a wide range of activities for seniors. Nestled behind the hill in Wallace Park is Noosa Leisure Centre, hosting activities morning, noon and night, with many aimed at keeping our local seniors active, fit and healthy. Noosa Leisure Centre offers a comprehensive Group Fitness Program catering for all ages and abilities. Health research promotes the “move it or lose it” motto and staying active is a

great way to help ward off health issues such as obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. Noosa Leisure Group Fitness classes are designed with seniors in mind — they’re varied and interesting, with welcoming, mature and caring instructors, and affordable prices. Check out the current Group Fitness Timetable and full information at or phone 5329 6550. There is also a multitude of social senior sports and

@,<>>'K+ K>@# @,I?:#?,?'# ( ',<#

creative groups that meet weekly at the centre including table tennis, badminton, indoor bowls, RIPE dance classes, the creative writers group and the ’60s and Better group. All these groups are eager to welcome new participants, no experience necessary. The Noosa Leisure Centre’s cafe is well known for serving up freshly made morning tea and lunch treats and has a relaxed social atmosphere for cappuccinos and catch-ups! The centre also provides a

creche for those seniors on grandparent duty. Noosa Library Service, Noosa Bridge Club, Noosa Arts and Crafts (Wallace House), Noosa Environment Centre, Noosa Community Care and Endeavour House are also part of the Wallace Park precinct. Why not make a day of it and come by for a visit? Noosa Leisure Centre, 9 Wallace Dr, Noosaville Inquiries: Cathy Simon NLC co-ordinator, (07) 5329 6550 or

Trivia Answers From page 4 1. Blue 2. Breaching 3. Work 4. Birch 5. North Island 6. Iran, Iraq, India, Indonesia 7. Enamel 8. 1980s, ninth decade 9. 81 10. The Wiggles 11. Netball 12. Trombone 13. Isuzu 14. 18 15. Jennifer Lopez 16. Chicago 17. Abel Tasman 18. Zero Fahrenheit 19. The Road Ahead 20. New Zealand Disclaimer for quiz Answers are correct to the best knowledge of our quizmaster Allan Blackburn. Sometimes people may have different views and some answers considered correct by Allan may be considered incorrect by others. While all care and attention is taken with these answers, mistakes can happen. If you find one, please live with it! No correspondence will be entered into regarding Trivia Quiz answers.

(3 !+' 1)#/

(3 !+' 4"1")"./% 0,-,12,03/ & 4"0*31/$ "5 (3G $#A 845A 5I!=9?G !A 43C :!<5 A3++5A9A; J5 .3C=)!A5 3A58 C5=C5!9D4:!? 05)D=?5A2 &: .!C9:5CA)D. JD9) 'C55: $#; J)4 )!05 @55: D: 9)5 @3AD:5AA 4/ A5??D:+ !:8 .3C=)!AD:+ =!C!0!:A !:8 <494C)4<5A /4C 405C 16 G5!CA; "5 (3G $#A DA )5C5 94 <!B5 9)5 .C4=5AA 4/ A5??D:+ !: $# AD<.?5 !:8 )!AA?5 /C55,

"1'+ 4-+$- 2'

32(++0,# !+/. "''*'&

*9 "5 (3G $#A; ! .5CA4:!? D:A.5=9D4: 4/ G43C $# DA:F9 C5H3DC58, "5 =!: 4//5C G43 ! .CD=5 A9C!D+)9 !J!G2 %3C 95!< =!: .3C=)!A5 !:G =!C!0!: 4C <494C)4<5 C5+!C8?5AA 4/ D9A =4:8D9D4: 4C 9)5 :3<@5C 4/ BD?4<59C5A =?4=B58 3.,

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

-# ,I@ :> K#A= +>9 :> <#@,I? AI8I?M I?%#=#?%#?:A+ I? +>9< K>@# !>< ,; A>?M ,; =>;;I*A#.

1! LJGFF1DB 3/%&&+*# 2.,+0 - 1! LJDN3GD1 "/(&$')%/ 2.,+0 Page 12 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

/4 !=77D !B.88B> (C7=BA.2> "%' -G4: 4?GG ,?5 ?4<

4E44 #)=8377; *68=98 &0@1)8> "%' -/,G

#+7=8 $78C G-4< ,/, ,5F


&60 1@0B+30 )9160<=B)69 >).)B $$$)/2(++0,#,+/.2''*'&)0+/)2% 60 '=?? 6@0 10)395?8 .B=112


&@95)9- 406>)535 :8 &3530=? =95 #B=B3 %6>309<39B2 &@95)9- 3?3-):)?)B8 70)B30)= =44?)3.2

community news

Flu cases reach record numbers KNGO Charity - Cambodia

Looking for an alternative retirement? Life in Cambodia teaching children is a rewarding and affordable lifestyle for retirees, whether for short trips or longer term. Khmer New Generation Organisation, near Battambang in Cambodia, is a registered Australian charity devoted to providing free supplementary education and vocational training to local children.

We do not charge volunteers for the experience and all our staff and directors work pro bono. KNGO welcomes volunteers of all ages and all levels of teaching experience for a unique experience in Cambodia, for a couple of hours or a couple of months! KNGO also runs programs to promote healthy and environmentally friendly practices in the

local community, and provides women with facilities to learn sewing work to supplement their income. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or learning more, please find us on Facebook at Khmer New Generation Organization, view our website ( or contact our engagement officer Chelsea Wallis at

RECORD numbers of Australians have been diagnosed with the flu this winter, prompting health authorities to renew warnings about vaccination. Health Minister Sussan Ley said the latest figures showed more than 14,000 flu cases have been reported so far this year in Australia. That compares to 9258 cases at the same time last year. Australia’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Baggoley said people at risk — such as those aged over 65, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pregnant women and anyone with a chronic condition — should take advantage of the free vaccine. “People who had the flu vaccine in 2014 need to have it in 2015, particularly this year, following a rare double strain change in the vaccine,” Professor Baggoley said.

Influenza is highly contagious, spreading easily from person to person, through the air and on hands. “We need higher uptake (of the vaccine) in vulnerable groups. Immunisation is still the best form of protection from influenza,” Professor Baggoley said. Influenza spreads easily from person to person through infected droplets in the air and by hands. Vaccination is the single most effective way of preventing and stopping its spread. It is more serious than a cold, with symptoms such as fever, sore throat and muscle aches, which can develop suddenly and last about as long as a week. Some patients can develop complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis, resulting in hospitalisation and even death. This year, there is a rare double strain circulating,

so the vaccine has been updated to reflect this. Importantly, the flu vaccine does not contain any live virus therefore you cannot get flu from receiving the vaccine. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone from six months of age but it is available free under the National Immunisation Program for people at high risk of complications. This includes people aged 65 years and over. The flu vaccine is safe but can have minor side effects such as soreness, redness, pain and swelling at the injection site, drowsiness, tiredness, muscle aches and low grade fever. Experts say side effects are usually mild and go away within a few days, usually without any treatment. You should contact your doctor if you are concerned. Courtesy: medical reporter Sophie Scott, ABC

"2*02*- '1*2)(' $2&+ 4),,%*2&# 2*/)(,5&2)* 54()'' !%11*'.5*3 /63 &- 0+3 !-146# &- "(.46#




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community news

Cherishing 125 years of memories tal role in council affairs. He was chairman from 1982–1985 and mayor from 1997–2000. Museum president Clive Plater found it a fitting occasion to wear a special medal. “The medal I am wearing was presented to my greatgrandfather, GL Bury, by the Maroochy Divisional Board to commemorate

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. He served on the Maroochy Divisional Board, which pre-dated the formation of the Maroochy Shire Council where he served as councillor for many years with two terms as shire chairman, 1899–1900 and 1903–1905,” he said. Gwen Street, the daughter of former chairman Sam

%"/* %' 3&&'.7 # +<$9.< 9. %31-$ # )$!01.$.: ' !$;%9:$ 1--&00&,1:9&. # (2:!1 ;$!79-$; 171931/3$ # 4&0$ -&&5$, 0$13;

# 6$-8!$ ;%$-9139;: ,$0$.:91 1!$1 # *$18:9"83 <1!,$.; ' %!971:$ $.;89:$, !&&0; # (2:$.;97$ 1-:979:9$; %!&<!10

+/../5/. 0 *'%/4*!4 ?#' 5;;8;J G;;7B .;B<D ,*2BL6$LD /N<C )('( F&O KA%E ())" #%"" H 1B0O ())" A?"( 3MB$NO >B88BMB89L;;7B>B8*C>;MCB4

#&,*(",) +')$ !+%)

THE Nambour Museum’s recent open day to celebrate 125 years of local government was all about reminiscing. The memories evoked were predominantly from descendants of former chairmen and mayors who read the history and sighted the photos of their forebears. Former mayor Don Culley came and recalled his pivo-

6/-/./ 0 +33.3$ =A ,;:BI -68**6D 5;;8;JD /N<C )('+ F&O KA%E ())% %+(( H 1B0O ())= (?"" 3MB$NO !B@B8B9L;;7B>B8*C>;MCB4

+355(4!*$ 3%4') # 43*0&3.02.3&!* # %%%1433,/+/.'1+351/(

Kelly, said she found the occasion poignant, remembering how she watched her father performing his duties. Cousins who had not met before, Russell Mitchell

E:=@4); "154 J#H14)5 (7:J 2@K:1H;7@I5 4:.H =)H47) L >)@14#(1K >)@=%)5A ,)K@-); L 5)=17) )H0#7:HJ)H4A 6 9)7()=4 9K@=) 4: =@KK %:J)A

Mario and Meg care about healthy hair at their organic Noosa salon IT OFTEN seems that most women with straight hair want curly hair and most women with curly hair want straight hair. Above all, since our hair is a big part of how we present ourselves to the world, we want it to express our personality when possible. As we age, we want the products and the way our hair is styled to be gentle, safe and ‘nutritious’. Sunshine Coast hairdressing salon Mario Mario has earned a loyal following from locals and visitors because of an overriding devotion to safe and healthy hair styling using totally organic products and solarfiltered water. “We like to say we are both very ecologically minded,” said Meg Agostino, whose

leaving it glossy, wonderful to the touch – and healthy. “Mario Mario uses only filtered water at the basin for true, beautiful lasting colours and the complimentary cinnamon and patchouli deep treatment is amazing,” Meg said. “There is no substitute for lush, healthy, shining hair.” Mario and Meg – a former Sydney fashion clothing retailer – invite Seniors Newspaper readers to enjoy a visit to the salon in the relaxed, creative, friendly and affordable environment, and to share a cup of coffee. The salon is located at shop 3/16 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads, opposite Noosa Fair shopping centre. Phone (07) 5449 2888.

'21!6$ 72,+1& 4&548& 6&&(&( ,5 415)!(& !6 #57& 65607&(!*28 .+4451, 56 2 *2.+28 #5+18" /2.!.3 #&84!6$ .&6!51. ,5 1&72!6 !6(&4&6(&6, !6 ,#&!1 5%6 #57&.0:@= >59E !CE9;#:@ E(!EC;E%$E $5C;%A D#C @E%;#C@,

.,*(/) ,%)+ )$-"(/,%)+ *" ,!!#'&

'1)2& 4"!% #1)+ 1!!7& #%7;%E 9;5 #:C )E4@;=E


0/*3+ ")".,"!,3 2-/* /1,( &$%#'###

Page 14 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

husband Mario trained with the famous Vidal Sassoon in London. Meg said her husband was a craftsman when it came to hairstyling. “Craftsmanship runs in the family – Mario’s Italianborn father, a shoemaker, was the best at his craft,” she said. Senior stylists at the Mario Mario salon also have a wealth of experience. All were trained locally or in Sydney, Melbourne or London. Hair products are locally based (in Coolum) and are certified organic, including the EverEscents product range that is free of silicone, sulphate, paraben and formaldehyde. The colour range is French and very gentle on the hair,

&),* "# %+-) '(,*-+!$+

! (:))A?-.< &!++ ! *:@+-?/ '566? ! "@-))-?/ #::+ ! %-;5!5< ! $: 3.!)7 8A.< ! $: 6>-. 466 ! #6. 45-6?8+<

3 $< D@7! ,:@; *)54B 2@K:1H;7@ 3 C%:H) 20=, 2199 3 ...A=@K:1H;7@&@7;)H5A=:JA@1 3 /J@#KM =@K:1H;7@&@7;)H58&J@#KA=:J

when it became the Maroochy Shire Council. Nearly 100 people attended the event throughout the day to take advantage of the special memorabilia on display.

Museum president Clive Plater and Cr Greg Rogerson.

" ')# %("!) $& 4",, 0/*3 +#41@4); :H 4%) >)@14#(1K +1H5%#H) 2:@54B 2@K:1H;7@ G@7;)H5 :(()75 7)5:74 54FK) 7)4#7)J)H4 K#0#H& (:7 4%) :0)7 '?I5A

from Nambour and Ian Alfredson from Brisbane, shared a great-grandfather – David HF Mitchell who served between 1892 and 1903 with the Maroochy Divisional Board and then


#C !#@= 5 4C;ED 7E==EC "E@$C;4;%A &#:C 45$8 AC#:%" =#+ .E@= 6% -5CE 1:@=C57;5 ?B .#( /*32 .:"EC;' <7" 322/


New work skills key to being competitive OLDER workers must acquire new qualifications and boost their work-related skills to remain competitive in the changing workforce, a new National Seniors report shows. A study of more than 1900 people aged over 50 found many mature age Australians were not focusing on education and training opportunities as they aged, leaving them vulnerable to unemployment. National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill said the findings highlighted the importance of keeping skills and qualifications up to date. “The changing nature of work, such as a shift to-

wards short-term project roles and advances in digital technology, means demand for strong skillsets in all occupations and sectors is growing,” O’Neill said. “To remain competitive, it’s imperative that the over-50s are either maintaining their work skills or acquiring new qualifications. “It is a two-way street – mature age workers need to be proactive or they run the risk of skills and competencies developed during their working life becoming devalued, especially as computer-based technologies take over the workforce.” This study found many mature age Australians did not place great importance

on learning, education and training as they didn’t believe it contributed to their quality of life. Forty per cent of respondents indicated they had undertaken some form of learning, education or training within the last three years. Of those, 59% believed their current work-related skills and knowledge were very up to date. Research shows that a 55year-old who becomes unemployed faces an average 73 weeks out of work compared to person in their 20s who would be out of work for 23 weeks. See a copy of the report at

'072#-< " (+-<6 '+4#<-<1 &745/8 '+4#< " %4#+2/. '072#-<5 " (+-<653 $ ."" :4#,2 8 -&7,2 $ (3,, *39! 609/325 +%31 8 :9/"0 $ (3,, *39! .21'!45 ."",3)%,2 8 +/21!%1,2

*&! #"+%.'-) $., +(-".,+ *)#,-<1 '+4#< #+5; $94!-#+-545 -<:


community news

Guest speaker John Barter spoke about prescription drugs. Seated beside him are Jan and Gwen.

Maroochydore’s VIEW Club turns 14 FLAIR with Flares, A ’70s Affair, will be the theme for the Maroochydore VIEW Club’s 14th birthday on Friday, August 28, at the Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club. The cost is $30 for a twocourse meal plus a glass of wine. It is at 11am for a

11.30 start. Dress in your best ’70s attire. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome. If you would like to attend the birthday bash, phone Terri on 5445 3392 before 6pm on Saturday, August 22. All fundraising efforts go

to the Smith Family’s Learning for Life program which helps 1000 disadvantaged students get the most out of education so they can create a better future for themselves. Monthly lunches are held on the fourth Friday of each month. Cost is $23.

", #,$ )%%" !%-* '& !,+%(

A'L@ A'@#A' A'N,>

7 .: +!2% D=:=#%64 7 C9 E9'O F: 19:26='24 7 C9 39:& 7 C9 LI!2 J%%4 7 J962:!#"2NG ,%:2 -=G;%:2 7 ,%:2 544!42=:'% 5/=!N=<N% $69; 1%:26%N!:O A$96 %N!#!<N% 8%98N%@ 7 D9&%6: ( <%&699; 0:!2 K!2" %:40!2% 7 B906 9K: -6!/=2% 19062G=6&

7 +%'06% H=2%& 19;8N%I 7 J0NNG $06:!4"%& 96 <6!:# G906 9K: $06:!206% 7 )%%ONG E!:%: +%6/!'% !:'N0&%& 7 +9;% 96#=:!4%& ='2!/!2!%4 7 5NN ;%=N4 4088N!%&? "9;% '99O%& 9: 2"% 86%;!4%4 7 -0<N!' *6=:48962 =2 2"% L:26=:'% 7 1N94% 29 4"988!:# '%:26%4 M &9'2964 %2'>

<#G H=GABJG >%H#G'3A>#% !7J3DJ $377 9B3G#% -3'JG#%*

J$9 3B.2 H)7H G5.G O"E"K&;+II+0DCKKFM<&M="O1:6M (5 N"K-FM A-8 ?CKKFM ?+/I


.(-"%+' #$,)!)$,)$+ *)$+-" &$%+/ *=OO !6$K 60 !=K":+ %FM4$0+C/

F=G "J">$3AJ" DA3HH (>77 J%D=GJ &#= GJ$J>:J 377 ABJ BJ7! &#= %JJ" A# DA3& >% ABJ $#'H#GA #H &#=G #(% B#'J*

5.?45;5@9 )0++ 6+6 +/6 (((*$#''=%>A&D=!!#GADJG:>$JD*%JA*3=


N"E+ #K-+4+K-+KIOC ?"I$9

-#''=%>A& 9=!!#GA 9JG:>$JD >D 3 9=%DB>%J -#3DA 23DJ" #GE3%>D3A>#% !G#:>">%E >% B#'J $3GJ DJG:>$JD A# AB#DJ %JJ">%E BJ7! 3A B#'J* F=G I=37>1J" !G#HJDD>#%37 DA3HH (>77 !G#:>"J D=!!#GA (>AB ! CJGD#%37 $3GJ ! ;JD!>AJ ! ,#'JDA>$ D=!!#GA ! 8G3%D>A>#% D=!!#GA ! 9#$>37 D=!!#GA ! C73$J'J%A D=!!#GA DJG:>$JD ! 8G3%D!#GA

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 15

community news

History group hosts Open Day CALOUNDRA Family History Research Inc hosted the Trout Game, with Ann and Tony Swain from QFHS the Games Masters. The meeting room was filled and, with heads down from 10am, the players were sustained with delicious fare as they grappled with the pitfalls of tracing the Trout family back many generations, all without the convenience of computers. Eleven types of records were used, thereby improving basic research techniques and identifying ways around brick walls. Guest speakers included members Paul Seto, who gave an informative talk on the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and June Blackburn who spoke on her personal visit and

experience researching at the LDS centre in Salt Lake City Utah. An on-screen demonstration on the popular “Family Treemaker” genealogical program was also held. The big news is – CFHRI will have an open day on Saturday, August 15 to celebrate National Family History Month and Sunshine Coast Seniors Week. The resource centre will open from 9.30am to 12.30pm and visitors are welcome to see the full extent of the library and other research resources. There will be free advice and help for seniors who are starting their family history research and a free morning tea will be supplied, thanks to sponsorship from COTA (Council of the Ageing).

Sunshine Coasters of all ages are welcome to see first hand the valuable contributions older people make to the community and to develop intergenerational connections through family history research. The CFHRI resource centre, with plenty of parking and wheelchair access, is located at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club and is accessed through Gate 2 on Pierce Avenue. A map is on the website at For more contact Valerie 5437 3879, Roz 5493 1197, Dawn 5492 2208 or email the secretary The resource centre is open every Thursday and Saturday morning and visitors are welcome.

Ian Edwardson congratulates Paul Seto on his presentation of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Mudjimba sporters can hone their ping pong skills as new table installed on esplanade Division 8 Councillor Jason OPray, who allocated divisional funding to construct the table, said it was the third table tennis table installed on the Sunshine Coast.

“This new table was installed following the success of two tables in Cotton Tree, which proved to be very popular,” Cr OPray said. “People of all ages and abil-

ities love having a hit of ping pong, so no doubt this table will be in high demand once the weather warms up. “We’ve also constructed a seating wall near the table

H$- :-/H DN-C/ 45 H$- 94</H1 K2-5 )40 JE59$ ; 7N55-0 . 7<B/1 *0-<L)</H -D-0B ?E57<B +"33<61

=N55-0 4) *-/H 'JE: ?E5/$N5'4</H FA3G ; FA3(

#'+-, )/""'.)!+$ %.+(' &+*.!)

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

# ) % & *

!&&& $%"#

Page 16 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

@%; JN6MLNJ ,;+F '(&!+'+ RIHHI.N-2 M;,;J; ,;-2/. PI-2LG


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*GB F. F- 21FCH -G8-:



“Through our investment in recreation projects like these tables, we’re providing more opportunities for people to enjoy our wonderful parks and outdoor areas.”

'44JE6 *-<9$ ?E0) 'JE: 54C $</ < M-C !NH9$-5 )-<HE0N5& < 9E/H46 :ENJH =447 %N0-7 '$<0 #0NJJ8 M-C I4LN-/8>,*8 !-548 M-C %E59HN45 @446 ;

#)+%/ -#"&!( $/,/. !#', *%+#.


for when you’re waiting to have a turn. “The table is the latest project in Council’s substantial community-based capital investment program,” he said.

E148EA 8II1/286EKA G1DK 41D0,-K/ .K/+F4K.A .,001/-A D8FC-KC8C4KA /K08F/. 8C2 -,F-F1C D D D D D D

5<>;46&: 8&:2!)!=#C:&;A!:8 A=' >A!=6&=A=)&B ,:<4?O&8"<<6!=#C 2!:48 A=' '!8P )O&A=!=#B E&L )<>;46&:C ;"<=&C ;:!=6&: N 6A?O&6 8&64;B H<>& L!:&O&88 =&6L<:P8C !=6&:=&6 A=' &>A!OB -I=)!=# A):<88 >4O6!;O& '&2!)&8B H<>& 646<:!=# A=' "A='I 6!;8B

5AOO >&$ G/> EA6"A= A=' G <%%&:C A6 "<>& )<>;46&: 84;;<:6 %<: A'4O68 A=' 8&=!<:8B G "A2& <2&: (@ I&A:8 &J;&:!&=)& != &2&:I6"!=# 6< '< L!6" *!='<L8 A=' 9;;O&C 6A?O&68 A=' !0A'8C ;:!=6&:8C ><'&>8C &>A!O A=' !=6&:=&6C "<>& A=' L!:&O&88 =&6L<:P8B

0GL )&>> $M' M)"

<?5#?<9#;=%5%(#?77!75@(;=@?3 JJJ@#;=%5%(#?77!75@(;=@?3 K1. ,H1-M 1K +- *H1 *M.ME/, 71.E *G,H 9 51F0+,M. GE 1EM H9E3B


FANCY a game of ping pong? Sunshine Coast Council has installed a table tennis table at Power Memorial Park, Mudjimba Esplanade.

24%86#%< 3/:"<%8 -/0<%& 3#5%9*9#5%9* ,< ;45$1 /%" 8<$4:< / ./:9/5%) +58!0/& 7#'<8 8<005%9 %#()

*( ID+D)DB!D 7>!6' IDQ'AM 9DQQ %&*R #""" @> 'BD!Q 6!+:@>!D?Q!6!A$$'B<E+@BED8 # !.2$ !6#)*.4)5 !#,2#.1


3/)1*#.1 (.6'+ #17 3/,6

3/(6 )- */ 3#561&

$)8 19<:11= BA !C8"<)<"=B4+ "4; <)8 B4<8CB1C " ;8:B+)<, $)8C8 "C8 <31 A."@B19A !8;C117A "4; " A<9;G, $)8 =B<@)84 BA " @11=EA ;C8"7> <)8 38::D .:"448; :"G19< B4@:9;8A 483 @"!B48< ;11CA "4; !84@)<1.A .:9A <1. F9":B<G "..:B"4@8A, $)8C8 BA <B7!8C -11CB4+ B4 <)8 :B6B4+ "C8"A "4; 483 @"C.8< B4 <)8 !8;C117A,

$)BA 7"+4B/@84< <)C88 !8;C117 )178 )"A !884 2C8A):G ."B4<8; B4AB;8 "4; 19<, $)8 =B<@)84 )"A A<G:BA) 483 !84@)<1.A> <)8 7"B4 :B6B4+ "C8"A "C8 /4BA)8; <1 <)8 )B+)8A< A<"4;"C; "4; 28"<9C8 <B7!8C -11CB4+> ":: <)C88 !8;C117A )"68 483 @"C.8<> "4; !9B:< B4 C1!8A, $)8 7"A<8C !8;C117 )"A "4 84A9B<8 !"<)C117,

8#,#(#1 +.%67 2#,#26



76+.2167 '.*0 +*&56

(4?1G <)8 7"+B@ 12 &":84G 2C17 <)BA @)"C7B4+ "C@)B<8@< ;8AB+48; <)C88 !8;C117 )178, '8"<9C8A B4@:9;8 71;8C4 A<G:B4+ "4; ;8AB+48C ;5@1C @1:19CA, $)BA 21C78C ;BA.:"G )178 BA 413 2C8A):G ."B4<8; "4; <)8 2C14< A<8.A )"68 !884 C8A9C2"@8;, $)8C8 BA " 2C14< :"34> " :168:G !"@=G"C; "4; " +"C"+8,


+3#,* !)&6,"+ +-68.#5

$)BA A<G:BA) <31 !8;C117 6B::" <B@=A ":: <)8 !108A, $)8 B4<8CB1C BA ;8AB+48; 21C 8"AG :B6B4+ "4; 84<8C<"B4B4+ B4;11CA "4; 19<AB;8, $)8 38::D.:"448; =B<@)84 )"A <1. F9":B<G "..:B"4@8A, $)8 7"A<8C !8;C117 )"A " 3":= B4 3"C;C1!8, %."@B19A :B6B4+ "C8"A "C8 <B:8; "4; <)8 !8;C117A "C8 @"C.8<8;,

*)8@= 19< <)BA @9<8 "4; @1AG <31 !8;C117 )178 3B<) C117 21C <)8 @"C"6"4 B4 <)8 +"C"+8> B<EA <)8 .8C28@< !"A8 21C .81.:8 3)1 84?1G )"AA:8 2C88 )1:B;"GA, '8"<9C8A B4@:9;8 2C8A) ."B4< B4AB;8 "4; 19<> 483 =B<@)84 "4; 6"4B<G ;11CA> 483 @"C.8< "4; <B:8A, $)8C8 BA " !B++8C <)"4 "68C"+8 29::G 284@8; 84@8; G"C;,

1,(02( 3+'*)"$ -,02'



%"66G )178!9G8CA 314E< 3"4< <1 7BAA <)BA 148, #19 @"4 )"68 B< ":: "< " !"AB@ .CB@8, $)BA <31 !8;C117 )178 )"A " A<9;G 411= .:9A <1. F9":B<G /0<9C8A "4; /4BA)8A <)C19+)19<, $)8 /<<8; =B<@)84 )"A ":: <)8 71;8C4 "..:B"4@8A> <)8 A."@B19A :194+8 "4; ;B4B4+ C117A 1.84 19< <1 <)8 ":2C8A@1 "C8" "4; <)8C8 BA " :168:G !"@=G"C;,

;0G = HP. L5IP KH = JK/KHN NPI2 5/P3 %C2 3P2531 95II0HK1G H5 PH13G OPP2F P-K1 OPP2F JPN=J OPP2F 950H9KJ 3=1P2 53 3PH1P32 2PJJ =H7 3P1=KH ,CC 4P3 9PH1 5O G503 9=4K1=J N=KH 4P1 O3KPH7JGF 2135JJ 15 2L542 =H7 N=JJP3KP2F IP7K9=J 2P3/K9P2 =H7 = HP. L524K1=J =3P HP=3;G

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-#;%=A& $3;0 2%" 02A0D$;D !28<3<#% 7A2%" 0233A##' (<=> =>D2=AD ?=2@D 9D?<"D%=?+ 02A 2%" $#BBDD 3#;%@D 6%##5DA !2A3#;A 2%" @2'D? A##'

) ) )

-<%D'2 (<=> ?;AA#;%" ?#;%" /<0A2A&, 2A=?, $A2B=? 2%" ';?<$ A##'? :;33& DC;<!!D" (#A5?>#!

) ) )

4D2=D" ?(<''<%@ !##3 2%" ?!2 7&' 2%" *=%D?? A##' .#(3<%@ @ADD%

1<?<= ,,,'/*#/-!#+/."+/)"%(%#&&+$/'0!$'.* 2%" ?DD (>2= &#;+AD '<??<%@

July 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 17

community news

JPs deliver long service IF YOU have needed a Caloundra JP in the past six years, chances are you are one of 9000 locals each year who have met Ron Coffison and Len Green at Caloundra Library on a Monday. State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said some might have come across the long serving JPs in any number of Queensland regional towns in the past 40–50 years. “I was honoured to present Mr Coffison and Mr Green with distinguished service certificates for 50 years’ and 40 years’ respectively, and for donating a significant portion of their lives to helping others. “Chatting with Ron and Len it became clear that both gentlemen take their jobs very seriously and for very good reason. “Being a Justice of the Peace and attesting to documentation and a signature is a very important part of the legal process. “Far from a routine rubber stamping process, Ron and Len recall clients who came up against their rigour for accuracy and lost,” Mr McArdle said.

Buderim VIEW Club aids underprivileged kids Smith Family and the funds raised are used to assist the Learning for Life program for children from underprivileged families. If you have not been to any of our meetings, please consider coming along. Have lunch with a friendly group of ladies and make new and lasting friendships. Please call Sylvia at 5441 6049 to make a reservation. For lunch bookings or cancellations, please call by 6pm on the Sunday before the lunch.

BUDERIM VIEW Club’s meetings and lunches are held on the first Wednesday of the month, at 246 Petrie Creek Road, Rosemount (Bli Bli) at 11am. The next meeting and lunch is on Wednesday, August 5. There are always interesting guest speakers and also a social activity on the third Wednesday of the month. The guest speaker for the August meeting/lunch will be from The Smith Family. All VIEW Clubs are an important part of The Ron Coffison, State Member for Caloundra, Mark McArdle and Len Green.

“JPs must sight original documents, so any number of photocopies and tantrums will not suffice,” Mr Green said. “It is hard to understand why one client was happy to offer copies of an original yet not the actual original, as apparently it was none of my business. “If you want a JP to sign a document attesting to the fact you were not the driver of a vehicle involved in an

accident, you must be able to declare that you are telling the truth with a Statutory Declaration,” he said. “Lies, smokescreens and vague interpretations of the truth simply will not do and are un-lawful.” Mr McArdle said Mr Coffison worked in local government for 46 years. He was president of Dalby Regional Council of St Vincent de Paul Society for some years, further testi-

mony to his tireless commitment to serving others. “Both gentlemen should be very proud of their service and the contribution they continue to make to the Sunshine Coast community,” Mr McArdle said. “I look forward to many more years of them being at the Caloundra Library, offering help and assistance when required and I congratulate the library on this helpful initiative.”

Buderim Craft Cottage holds annual painting exhibition The Buderim Craft Cottage is a not-for-profit community organisation with many diverse craft groups, including calligraphy, pottery, silversmiths and quilt-making. The annual painting exhibition takes place in August at the Craft Cottage

Buderim (next to the Buderim Hall), Main Street, from Saturday, August 8 to Wednesday, August 12, 10am to 3pm. It includes water colours, acrylics, oil painting and porcelain painting. Light refreshments will be available.

*,)!+"&%$' (#!

L$694ML - S$>I$& = A:>&$& B448L - !M4F3 #9I6$LL BM4;M>7 - C3$6 >88 /$>M M4F6& - BM91>I$ A097 '8>LL$L - ,NF> '8>LL$L - O>3 A097796; - E>LI$ML ANF>& - Q6&919&F>8 !/7 BM4;M>7L - '9M+F9I '8>LL$L - A4+9>8 '>T$ - Q6&44M L34MIL 96+82 @><8$ @$669L( Q6&44M *408L = *>&796I46 - O9;:I %>6+$ '8>LL$L

D44L> O$9LFM$ '$6IM$ 5 ?>88>+$ %M91$( D44L>1988$ BS) RHG5 KRR. Q 0002644L>2N8&2;412>FJ68+ Page 18 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

D44L> ,NF>I9+ '$6IM$ K !9MM>0$$6 '4FMI AF6L:96$ *$>+: BS) RPP" .G"" Q 0002644L>2N8&2;412>FJ6>+

community news

Could you love Arizona?

Pet of the Month

ARIZONA is a two-yearold female cat. She is a very confident kitty, has an outgoing personality and is very playful. She gets along with other cats, but would rather be queen of her own castle. Arizona, or Zoe as her carer calls her, has been with 4 Paws for nearly six months and would love her own home. For more information

phone 0411 144 689 or 0411 144 689 or view our website www.4pawsanimal All 4 Paws cats and dogs are flea and worm free, microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed and are covered by an adoption fee. All needy animals can be viewed on our website at www.4pawsanimalrescue. You can help support 4 Paws Animal Rescue by becoming a member.

Members play a large part in supporting the committee and this contributes to the success of 4 Paws Animal Rescue. As a member you will receive a quarterly newsletter informing you of upcoming events, merchandise and background on our rehomed cats and dogs. You may even want to become a volunteer or even a temporary foster carer. All we ask is that you supply a loving, caring home.

Beginners can learn tai chi

Arizona needs a permanent, loving home.

A NEW beginners tai chi class for people 50 and over starts on Tuesday, August 4, at 2pm in Caloundra. It will be conducted by a qualified instructor. It is important to attend the first lessons if you wish to learn the exercise sequence. There is a small entry fee. A tai chi class is also held every Monday at 9am. Phone Maribel on 5492 2805 for more information. You will be very welcome.

Hot August Night dance dancing to quick steps, waltzes, a gypsy tap, foxtrots and, of course, rock’n’roll. Dance and sing to Neil Diamond favourites. Bookings are essential. Tables can seat groups up to 12 people or book individually at $15pp. Call Helen Winter on 5477 1037 or email ah au to book. BYO drinks and nibbles, tea and coffee available. Find us on Facebook and see the band’s website


DUST off your dancing shoes, get a group of friends together and join us for a fantastic Hot August Night of dancing, singing and entertainment on Saturday, August 8, at the Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima St, Buddina, from 7.30–11pm. Our musical Ken Chadwick OAM and the Sunshine Coast Concert Band, along with our vocalists Tanya McFadyen and Alan Winter, will entertain you as you shake off the winter cobwebs,

-4#='?=0& 18/%0?& 26..#%; *5;8)+

)%#+%. ,!##%&.('#%/ *"!-$

"/4 :>//4;?)< -44+,;0 :9))4:?,9;- 92 #?"=7-8 '9,;-8 (";+;9?4-8 $9-?:"/6-8 ',0"/4??4 '"/6-8 &4:4"-46 %-?"?4- 4?:1 29/ ?.4,/ $>!),: *>:?,9;- 5/4:9/6 !/4"+,;0 /4->)?-3 9/ 9>?/,0.? 7>/:."-41

2,*$-0' #/&/%& %) 1)$%( "0&% !$,,+&-0+. :0?/;? !9#%? >#= /% /!!#6%8'?%8 #%

!# %#"! !!!$

7( 3?03?8$#00?$8/.0?;,.6<!#%")$#'

('+"# *'&! )%%$,'-&$%# $* 1#&&(, )%&,,%. /"0!-'+ -10$& &/ !3"/14*2)+ "% !&&$ #!$$


*16 %6+5-<+675 " $6+-<75 (-5!<,+05


" '#:-65 /#-7!,0 !%$ %&'# 8.29)4 %$ " &6+5 /#-7!,0 !%$ %&'# 8;39==


+"#!& #! -%#. *( -$ "')'#,'

$#6/-62-3 "+,. 8%3' 4 735' +,-9 *,+& 6#6/-62-3 !/&1 6,9 +&13( '3(#/03) *"9136 !/%31 #,&82&,0) 5 $- -%.4( 63'7-!/%' 9++1:

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 19

community news St Peter’s celebration concert ST PETER’S choir and special guest artists will present Sounds of Celebration Concert on Sunday August 16 from 2-4pm at St Peter’s Church, Elizabeth St, Coolum Beach. Music from Broadway and around the world, scrumptious cocktail menu and mulled wine on arrival. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door. All proceeds go to St Vincent de Paul Sunshine Coast Homelessness projects.

Caloundra Stamp Fair IT IS estimated there will be around 500,000 stamps (mint and used), plus accessories available for purchase at the Caloundra Stamp Fair. Hosted by the Caloundra Stamp Club, it will be held at the Beerwah and District Community Hall, 25 Peachester Rd, Beerwah, on Sunday, August 23. The fair will open from 8.30am–3.30pm and members of the public are most welcome to attend. Entry is free, and there is plenty of off-street parking available. The hall is wheelchair accessible. There will be five stamp dealers (buying and sell-

ing) attending with a wide range of stock. There will also be up to 18 stamp clubs with stamps, covers etc for sale. Other attractions will be a bargain table, and an auction at 1.30pm of philatelic items offered by club members or the public. Auction lots must be submitted by 10.30am and there is a limit of 200 lots. There will be a raffle with multiple prizes and hourly lucky door prize. Refreshments will be available at moderate prices. For more information phone secretary Jill on 5494 7233 or email jill

TOP DAY: Nambour Probus Bowls teams played in the Bob Martin Open Fours Competition.

Nambour Probus Club NAMBOUR Probus Club played in the annual Bob Martin Open Fours Competition held at Buderim Bowls Club on the June 29. The club was represented by three teams, consisting of; Team 1: Martin Coleman, Dorothy Kelly, Don Welk and John Ison. Team 2: Terry Hall, Ron Will, Lynn Hall, Stan

Shepherd 1st game), Tony Brackley (2nd game), Team 3: Jim Stewart, Gordon Green, Jean Coleman and Bill Niven. Unfortunately the second game had to be called off after seven ends, due to the inclement weather. The overall winner on the day was a team from Pelican Waters and the runner-up team were from the

Nambour Probus 90 club. Terry Hall’s team had a “Round Win “and got their money back, and Jean Coleman won a bottle of port in the raffle as did Jim Stewart, and Gordon Green won a bottle of rum. As usual Buderim Bowls venue was spot on, and a good day was had by all. Thank you to the ladies

who filled in for our club due to some of our members being unavailable to play. The club’s guest speaker for July was Mr “Dusty” Miller DFM, who related his experiences in Bomber Command during the war. He flew many missions over enemy territory and is now in his nineties.

Queensland Pops Orchestra: The Early Days TO quote from the introductory program notes of the Lord Mayor’s 19th Command Performance from October 10, 1985: “It is considered by experts that Colin Harper’s choice of music will fill a void in Brisbane’s cultural life and – as is evident already – will make his new orchestra a popular institution”. This 1985 concert – the fourth ever of Brisbane’s newest professional orchestra, The Queensland Pops – took place at the recently opened Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. It continued a year of history in the

making, following the QPO’s inaugural performance in the QPAC Lyric Theatre on New Year’s Eve, 1984 (which was effectively the “christening” concert of the new theatre complex, taking place several months before QPAC’s official opening in April 1985). The Queensland Pops Orchestra is justifiably proud to be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so it’s timely to pause and reflect on the fledgling days of our beloved orchestra – and perhaps the elements that have contributed to its longevity. Founder conductor/music director Colin Harper believed there was a

!2/ +0-& (- #(%' 4(1# 3(%,1 *5./ 5 '/5, 10--/'/)3/ &( */1035, 0))($5&0()

need in Queensland (and particularly in Brisbane) for an orchestra able to cater for the vast middle-ofthe-road public who liked a potpourri of well-known opera arias, popular classics, sentimental old melodies, modern musicals and – as Colin once said – a little not-too-loud “pop”. Colin guided and nurtured the orchestra to great national acclaim before his untimely passing in early 2004. He took the Pops’ hugely successful Scotland The Brave concert series to the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Concert Hall in 1999, and the fact that both were sellout performances by an orchestra

unknown to interstate audiences remains the stuff of legend. In the early concerts, Colin Harper’s bent for production was palpable. His eye for visual effects, expert lighting and a constant stage turnaround of singers, dancers and scenestealers of all colours, shapes and sizes ensured the orchestra lived up to its premise: to entertain and enthral, in a light-hearted yet highly polished and professional way. During the orchestra’s first full year of concerts in 1985, the Queensland Pops Orchestra fielded an average of 60 players per concert. For a time, the orches-

?(8 53350IFK$IB I5 <8 =<O8 I5 8C=M$K8 = 08=O (FM=K <59B $/ = 30$E$O8)8: =K9 I(8 FOI$M=I8 )$7I I(=I /5M85K8 ;=K )$E8 I5 /;$8K;8 =K9 M89$;$K82 ?(8 &$% *;8< *65>61, '3;-3#) $/ = "8B ;5M35K8KI 57 M89$;=O 89F;=I$5K =K9 I0=$K$K) =I L>?2 %I $/ I(05F)( I(8 )8K805F/ )$7I 57 I(8$0 <59B I(=I M8M<80/ 57 I(8 3F<O$; 3O=B =K $M350I=KI 05O8 $K I(8 I0=$K$K) 57 (8=OI( 30578//$5K=O/ /F;( =/ /F0)85K/: 95;I50/: KF0/8/ =K9 =OO$89 (8=OI( D50"80/2 L>? K889/ B5F0 /F3350I I5 ;5KI$KF8 I($/ 8//8KI$=O I0=$K$K) =K9 5K)5$K) 08/8=0;(2 "('/ 0)-('*5&0() ?5 081F8/I = *;8< *65>61, (+, I(=I D$OO $K;OF98 =99$I$5K=O $K750M=I$5K =K9 08)$/I0=I$5K 750M/: 3O8=/8 3(5K8 ?9?4 /=.. 50 8M=$O !;8<!65>61,;20:63"5>,768>7#>

'*!&4-&GGH6 G4G+. ,J%,N@ !52AAG4H#

Page 20 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

tra was badged “The 4BH Queensland Pops Orchestra” in recognition of that radio station’s support. This enabled Colin Harper to headline popular local stars of the time, including Brisbane comedy cabaret band Wickety Wak and singer (and future G & S musical entrepreneur) Simon Gallaher among others. Right from the start the Pops gave young, talented singers and instrumental artists their first big break – to perform live on stage with a full symphony orchestra. Artists from these very early concerts that have gone on to achieve both national and interna-

tional acclaim include opera singer sisters Miriam and Clare Gormley and ABC TV’s Choir Of Hard Knocks director Jonathan Welch. By 1988, the Queensland Pops Orchestra had established itself as one of Australia’s foremost light entertainment orchestras, and that legacy continues ever strong under the enterprising and dynamic stewardship of conductor/ music director Patrick Pickett CSM. As cellist with the Pops since 1985, I have watched with pride how the orchestra has continued to evolve and prosper. Long may this great orchestra continue!

*#&9 / 9$&7# ' 9 *" & ' '9 3 "# $#%"#()&%!&' # ( $/4 (4;.)4 (-!;.1 !;6 ./4-3 $-;= *9,1-;15 %44. ./4<8 2446 ./4< !;6 7/9.903!7/ ./4<5

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!(.%, "..+-0/' 30)$


By Christopher Patrick

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->7SUU R,6,; C, :MJK5) ->7 AER 98$UU ',8 8&, &,U= Q>7 R,,?I ,6,R 4&,R Q>7 AERS8 ',8 8> 8&, =&>R,P 0E6, 7= 8> (D" >** 9E*,/AE;, @+F% ;,9=>R9,FT>R$8>;$R' 4$8& >7; 0,R$>;9 07C9$?Q =;>';ET .>;!9 ERQ4&,;,I 8&, =79& >* E C788>R U,89 79 !R>4 ,2EA8UQ 4&,;, Q>7 E;, @+F%I ERQ4&,;, $R :798;EU$EI 6$E 9E8,UU$8, 8;EA!$R'I @ 4EQ 8EU! ER? E?6ERA,? *EUU ?,8,A8$>RI E T798 &E6, *>; EUU E',9 ( H BD(

=:?$ 6E:!G$ &" '&B! ;84$%$84$86$ >CDE )5,2 %!&D$6DC&8 :R 5L0 L,?$AEU :U,;8 0Q98,T '$6,9 Q>7 ER? Q>7; *ET$UQ 8&, *;,,?>T ER? =,EA, >* T$R? 8> 98EQ $R?,=,R?,R8 U>R',;) .,S;, R>8 #798 ER ,T,;',RAQ ;,9=>R9, 9Q98,TI 4, E;, E 97==>;8 R,84>;! E6E$UECU, E8 EUU 8$T,9GGG )5,2 F$!@C6$F

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->7 ?,9,;6, 8> U$6, U$*, >R Q>7; 8,;T9 ER? 9&>7U? EU4EQ9 *,,U 9E*, $R Q>7; >4R &>T,G N* ER ,T,;',RAQ E;$9,9I 8&, 9$T=U, =;,99 >* E C788>R 4$UU R>8$*Q ?,?$AE8,? ;,9=>R9, =,;9>REUI 4&> 4$UU 4>;! 8> EU,;8 T,?$AEU 9,;6$A,9 ER? R>T$RE8,? *ET$UQ T,TC,;9 $TT,?$E8,UQ >R Q>7; C,&EU*G : 8;E$R,? T,TC,; >* >7; 5L0 8,ET 4$UU ,6,R 98EQ >R 8&, U$R, 4$8& Q>7 7R8$U &,U= E;;$6,9G /&$9 4$UU '$6, C>8& Q>7 ER? Q>7; *ET$UQ A>T=U,8, =,EA, >* T$R?G

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July 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 21

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D#'BE# 'GIIBHVC) KVAVHZ !GE CX# GA#E =JLD V> .P1 (6@ P0@6 =J (RW 5@@U8R; (R (>>P6W($T@Y W@58;R@6 :PS@ /83:8R ( 5@[16@ [PSS1R83. PR 3:@ D1R5:8R@ 'P(53Y Z(3@/(. K8>@53.T@ 85 3:@ NT([@ 3P $@M 'PS@ $@ ( N(63 P> 3:85 08$6(R3 [PSS1R83. 3:(3 P>>@65 $P3:Y T808R; (RW T@8516@ PN38PR5M

*@,K% K#= !IM#? : !EGI GHK) +F$47AAA HG #HCE) GE #+VC !##D " HG DC,IF %BC) " KG- I,VHC#H,H'# GH9DVC# I,H,Z#I#HC " DVHZK# K#A#K %-#KKVHZ HG E,C#D GE C,+#D " %#DVZH#E XGI#D

';JJ 2GAA G.2 G22 30 DL/LH CCC1";H)C;BJL&)/HBJ)19361;E M;0339NB8 2OQ *6(WS(R ,0@R1@Y I(6PP[:.WP6@ >CL5 ')-;0/8 <44 D3@0@R V6/8R -(.Y *@@6$1661S " E@;853@6 .P16 8R3@6@53? &F68[@ 51$7@[3 3P [:(R;@M F68[@ 6@T(3@5 3P :PS@ (3 I(6PP[:.M K(RW 85 T@(5@WM -:8T53 @0@6. @>>P63 85 S(W@ 3P @R516@ W@3(8T5 (6@ [P66@[3 (3 38S@ P> N68R3Y [:(R;@5 S(. P[[16 /83:P13 RP38[@M FT@(5@ 5N@(U 3P .P16 R@(6@53 5(T@5 [PR51T3(R3 >P6 SP6@ 8R>P6S(38PRM

Page 22 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - July 2015

)-#/&%#' ,!(/.


Tuesday August 11 9.30am NATIONAL SENIORS BUDERIM BRANCH A FASHION parade of women’s garments and accessories supplied by Portifino Fashions is being held at the Buderim Bowls Club, Elizabeth St, Buderim. Entry by tickets available from the Buderim Old Post Office for $10. Price includes morning tea and lucky door prize entry. Clothing and more can be purchased at the parade and credit card facilities will be available. Enquiries to Joe Pilarski 5453 4113.

Thursday August 13

2pm-4pm WHERE THE PATH LED JOIN Prue Wettenhall as she shares her journey tracing a family history. This history started in Van Diemen’s Land, Australia in 1822. Where the Path Led gives a brief background of the arrival of the family. It then follows the lives of those family members and their children. It is on at Nambour Library, cnr Currie and Bury Sts, Nambour. Bookings essential on 5475 8989. FREE.

Saturday August 15 CELEBRATE SENIORS WEEK AT YOUR LIBRARY WITH everything from how to become tech savvy to author talks on the latest best seller, Sunshine Coast Council libraries are the place to be during Seniors Week from August 15 to 23. “Seniors Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to take a moment to recognise the valuable contribution seniors make to the Sunshine Coast,” a spokesman said. “There will be morning teas, tech tutorials, author talks and Wii Play sessions for seniors and more.

)+1-#"1& '0/-, '0/-, '/!&1(/. '/!&1(/. 0% 0% $*&1,$*&1,)+1-#"1&

'$0$)+,&2/! ($/2.+( #$$1 %-*" “Seniors can stay better connected with their families and friends across the world by becoming tech savvy and learning how to use technology such as an iPad or how to download eBooks. “So during Seniors Week everyone should come along to a library activity and celebrate with our valued older residents and visitors that have made a difference to our lives. Visit Council’s library website http://library. for more details. To find out about other events happening across the Coast visit the Council of the Ageing website GENEALOGY SUNSHINE COAST OPEN DAY APART from researching family history, the Resource Centre on Petrie Park Rd, opposite the swimming pool, is a wonderful meeting place for Seniors to learn new skills like using photocopiers, scanning old photos and documents, using computers, indexing using Excel, and researching history for books published by the Centre. Seniors have compiled impressive family histories using the up-to-date resources and technology available there with the help and guidance of members with diverse skills. The Resource Centre offers a beginners’ course each September. At the open day all available resources will be displayed with volunteers available to assist interested Seniors embark upon a new area of discovery. 9:30am-12:30 pm CALOUNDRA FAMILY HISTORY OPEN DAY CELEBRATION of Sunshine Coast Seniors Week and National Family History month, enabling Sunshine Coasters of all ages to come together to further develop intergenerational

9am-5pm FREE HEARING TEST EXPERT Audiology Rehab Solutions. During Seniors Week we are offering senior card holders a free hearing test and consultation which also includes entry into our Seniors Week draw. Located at 5/21 Nicklin Way, Buddina Wheelchair accessible venue. Bookings required. Phone 5452 6288. Free.

connections through family history research. Everybody welcome to view the facilities the group has to assist in the search for ancestors, both in Australia and overseas. Caloundra family History Research Inc Library, Little Mountain, Caloundra. Wheelchair accessible. Free.

special admission of a gold coin at the Nambour Museum, Mitchell St, during Seniors Week. The Museum is open Wednesdays to Saturdays Please phone 5441 2083 for further information.

10am-2pm FAMILY FUN DAY AT WARANA LET’S Celebrate Seniors Week. Come along and enjoy a fun filled day. Bring the family. Listen to our best entertainment whilst smelling the aroma from the sausage sizzle and don’t forget our coffee stall with freshly brewed coffee and sweets. Feeling lucky? Enter in our raffles which will be drawn on the day. Visit and pat the farm animals from Old MacDonald’s Farm or perhaps join in with the games and prizes for all ages. Bookings required on 5490 2100 via Beachwood Warana Blue Care, 124 Nicklin Way, Warana. Hearing loop and wheelchair accessibility available. Entry is FREE. Raffles, coffee, soft drinks and sausagesizzles for sale at a small cost.

8am-2pm MALENY SUNDAY MARKET THE market will be held in the RSL Hall opposite the pub. Open rain, hail or shine. Collectables, craft, art, clothes, books , fruit and vegies, food, cafe, massage, psychic readings and much more.

1–4 pm NAMBOUR MUSEUM SENIORS, take advantage of a senior’s

Sunday August 16

11am-2pm CELEBRATING THE SACRIFICE OF OUR ANZACS IN THEIR CENTENARY YEAR AN event including dance, games, luncheon and social interaction. Eudlo Hall, 19 Rosebed St, Eudlo. Bookings required on 5445 9858. Wheelchair accessible. FREE

Monday August 17

8-9am AQUA CLASSES FOR SENIORS WEEK NEW Participants only. Coolum- Peregian Aquatic Centre, David Low Way, Coolum. FREE. Phone 5473 9042

!#&' %$"& %$"&

9.30am CALOUNDRA LIBRARY - DALE JACOBSEN - WHY ANTARCTICA? BOOK Launch with Talk & Tea. In 2013, Dale Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential. Phone 5475 8989. Morning tea provided. 9.30am TEA AND TUNES FOR SENIORS, COOROY LIBRARY MORNING tea starts at 9.30am and the Music for Mondays event for Seniors Week will begin at 10.30am. Come along and be entertained by local jazz band Many More Four who will be performing early swing music. Free. All welcome – no bookings required 10am-11am NEVER TOO LATE LEARN about websites for seniors at your library. Morning tea provided. Call 5475 8989 for more information. Coolum Library, Garden Room, 6 Park St, Coolum. Free. 11.30am-12.30pm BRAIN GAMING FOR SENIORS WEEK, COOROY LIBRARY EXERCISE your Brain and come along to a one hour session where you can train your brain with a fun bunch of brain gaming app’s. Bring along your tablet if you have one, or use one of ours. Discover

various online resources and explore new word games, quizzes and other tools to keep this muscle working. Free. Bookings required. Phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries. . 1.30pm-3.30pm GENEALOGY SUNSHINE COAST THE monthly DNA discussion group held at the Resource Centre on Petrie Park Rd (opposite the Swimming pool). 2pm DALE JACOBSEN WHY ANTARCTICA? BOOK LAUNCH WITH TALK & TEA DALE Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential. Phone 5475 8989. Afternoon tea provided. Entry is Free. . 2pm-3pm U3A NOOSA - LEGAL ISSUES FOR SENIORS LOCAL Solicitor Chris Reeves will discuss a range of legal issues affecting Seniors. Auditorium Michell House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin.

5pm COOLUM LIBRARY DALE JACOBSEN WHY ANTARCTICA? IN 2013, Dale Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential Phone 5475 8989.

Tuesday August 18

8-9am AQUA CLASSES FOR SENIORS WEEK NEW Participants only. Coolum- Peregian Aquatic Centre, David Low Way, Coolum. FREE. Phone 5473 9042 CONTINUED PAGE 24

%#)7!4 +&6 !+,.97' ("$"-28/31"6-/05*"28

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 23

)-#/&%#' ,!(/.



Tuesday August 18 9am-4pm HEALTH & WELLBEING PENSIONERS Come along and listen to some of the speakers to improve your health and mobility. Morning tea and lunch provided for free. Bookings required 5444 3122. Intercultural Community Development Centre, 9/68 Jessica Bvd, Minyama. Wheelchair accessible. Free. 9.30am-11.30am YOUNG AT HEART MAROOCHYDORE LIBRARY COME and play during Seniors Week! Join us for bowling, golf or boxing games using Wii on the big screen. Have a laugh and give it a go. Free. No bookings required. 10am NAMBOUR LIBRARY DALE JACOBSEN WHY ANTARCTICA? IN 2013, Dale Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential Phone 5475 8989. 10am-11am STAYING CYBERSAFE FOR SENIORS, NOOSAVILLE LIBRARY LEARN some cyber safety tips and stay eSmart when you visit the Internet. We’ll look at a range of internet resources that will help give you the knowledge and security you need. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa. 10.30am- 12.30pm HOME SECURITY AND PERSONAL SAFETY SERGEANT Di Kirkman of the Queensland Police Service will give a presentation and invite questions and discussion

)+1-#"1& '0/-, '0/-, '/!&1(/. '/!&1(/. 0% 0% $*&1,$*&1,)+1-#"1&

'$0$)+,&2/! ($/2.+( #$$1 %-*" attend our monthly Investment Discussion Group Meeting. Investment Discussion Group Meeting will be held at Uniting Church, Grass Tree Ct, Sunrise Beach. $5 includes morning tea. Visitors very welcome. Please call 0466 449946 for further information or email airnoosacommunications

about home security, personal safety, identity theft, and other scams and online issues. Arts Council Rooms 6 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth. Wheelchair accessible. Free. Noon-4pm HEALTH & WELLBEING ZUMBA GOLD U3A CLASSES COME along and listen to some of the speakers to improve your health and mobility. Morning tea and lunch provided for free. Bookings required. Please ring 5444 3122 for reservation. Wheelchair accessible. Free. 1pm-2pm BLOGGING FOR SENIORS, NOOSAVILLE LIBRARY WOULD you like to know how to create a blog using Blogger? This demonstration-only talk will introduce you to the world of blogging. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa. 1pm–2pm FIRE SAFETY IN THE HOME SIMON Cozens will give a presentation and demonstration of fire safety for home owners/occupiers, and how bad fires can be prevented or the damage diminished. The causes of fires, and statistics of damage and fatalities will be discussed. Arts Council Room, 6 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth. Wheelchair accessible. Free.

CYBERSAFE SENIORS FACEBOOK LESSON NOOSAVILLE LIBRARY COME along to our special cybersafe Facebook lesson. We will go through the Facebook security settings and explain how they can be used to ensure your safety and privacy online. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa.qld.

8-9am AQUA CLASSES FOR SENIORS WEEK NEW Participants only are invited to attend for free at Coolum- Peregian Aquatic Centre, David Low Way, Coolum. Phone 5473 9042.

10.15am-11.15am BRAIN GAMING FOR SENIORS WEEK – MOBILE LIBRARY COORAN EXERCISE your Brain – come along to a one hour session where you can train your brain with a fun bunch of brain gaming app’s Bring along your tablet if you have one, or use one of ours. Discover various online resources and explore new word games, quizzes and other tools to keep this muscle working. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa.



Wednesday Aug 19

HAP SENIORS WEEK HIGH TEA OPEN to anyone over 65 in the Sunshine Coast Region and their carers. With three hours of entertainment you won’t want to miss this event. Transport to and from the event can be arranged through local aged care services. If you don’t currently receive aged care support, please contact Katie Brown on 0428 877 990 for more details. Bookings required 5413 1400, Kawana Lakes Community Centre, 114 Sportsman Pde, Britinya. Hearing loop and wheelchair accessible. Cost $10. Ticket price includes entry, lucky door prize draw, morning tea, lunch and beverages. 10.30am-2pm OUR KITCHEN RULES LUNCHEON SUNCARE Community Services Ltd and Meals On Wheels Maroochydore will host a lunch for existing and potential clients, local indigenous leaders, Returned Services League members and community and school leaders to celebrate 2015 Seniors Week.

!#&' %$"& %$"&

Page 24 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

Entertainment will be provided and transport to and from the event can be organised. Bookings required 5443 3246, Maroochydore Community Centre, 2-6 George St, Maroochydore. Wheelchair accessible. Cost $5 1pm-3pm FAMILY HISTORY BRICKWALLS, NOOSAVILLE LIBRARY LEARN strategies for finding that elusive ancestor or cracking the stubborn mysteries in your family history. A Family History Month event. Free. Bookings required. www.libraries.noosa.qld. or 5329.6555

Thursday August 20 8:45am for 9am start. A.I.R. IDG ARE you retired or about to retire and want to further your knowledge of investments and Self-Managed Super Funds? The Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Limited Noosa Branch invites you to

9am-10:30am INTERNET FOR SENIORS, COOROY LIBRARY THESE small group sessions introduce the concepts of what the Internet is, and the basics of surfing and searching the Internet. Talk to staff about booking into these sessions. Changes to these sessions may be made depending on resources. Free. Bookings required through Library Staff – please phone 5329 6555. 9.30am-11.30am YOUNG AT HEART NAMBOUR LIBRARY Wii PLAY and iPad discovery. Come and play during Seniors Week. Join in a game or a sport on the Wii. Ask all those questions you always wanted to in the Ipad Discovery session. Have a laugh and give it a go. Free. No bookings required. Morning tea provided. 9.30am-11.30am INTERACTIVE PAINTING PRESENTATION MAROOCHYDORE LIBRARY FOYER ARTIST Talk - Fiona’s goal for her art is simple: “Share what I love with all who want to see it, improve, experience and grow.” Share in this philosophy and meet exhibiting artist Fiona Groom as she paints in situ. Free. No bookings required. Morning Tea provided. CONTINUED PAGE 25

%#)7!4 +&6 !+,.97' ("$"-28/31"6-/05*"28

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)+1-#"1& '0/-, '0/-, '/!&1(/. '/!&1(/. 0% 0% $*&1,$*&1,)+1-#"1&

'$0$)+,&2/! ($/2.+( #$$1 %-*"

9.30am–1.30pm NEW CONNECTIONS POMONA & District Community House. Come along and bring your friends, to a fun-filled morning of games and activities with a focus on skills that enhance and develop co-ordination, balance and concentration. Our lively facilitator, Louise Bezel, will explain the rationale behind how these activities help the brain focus and concentrate – guaranteed to bring lots of laughter! Come and participate or join in from the sidelines. Venue: Pomona Memorial Hall. Free event. Light lunch will be served. Bookings essential on 5485 2427.

10.30am– 2pm CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR A STRESS FREE LIFE WAYNE Ellis has more than 25 years’ experience helping people attain their dreams and goals and improve their health. He provides creative solutions for depression, anxiety and stress-related conditions. Wayne will be talking about his new book, Kissing the Black Dog. Free event to be held at Kenilworth Arts Council Rooms, 6 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth. Phone 5472.3089. Email: secretary@ kenilworthlibrary No need to book. Wheelchair accessible.

10am-11am MALENY LIBRARY DALE JACOBSEN WHY ANTARCTICA? BOOK LAUNCH IN 2013, Dale Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential Phone 5475 8989.

11.30am-2pm LET’S GET TOGETHER 2015 A lunch time barbecue is being held to provide a social setting for clients and volunteers to get together. This is also an opportunity to thank all the volunteers that make our service work so well. Bookings required on 5446 1000, Coolum Beach Meals on Wheels, 17 Santa Monica Ave, Coolum Beach. Wheelchair accessible. Free.

10am-11am OF ANOTHER TIME NOOSA Library will host a photo presentation Of Another Time by Ana Paula Estrada. It is a project based on a series of photographs and stories of people over 70 years living in Queensland and will be held in the meeting room. Presentation, chat and a cuppa. Please book on 5442 4411. 10am-2pm VOLUNTEERING SUNSHINE COAST AS part of Seniors Week, Volunteering Sunshine Coast will work with Sunshine 60 and Better to celebrate the contribution seniors make to the community. Please join us at the Caloundra Travel Centre for fun activities and refreshments. Email admin@volunteeringsc. to register.

KAWANA SENIORS The club will be celebrating its 24th birthday, and our A.G.M.A representative from Q.I.M.R. (Queensland Institute of Medical Research), will be present to receive our club’s donation to them, and to speak on some of the exciting research happening there. Two of our oldest members will cut our birthday cake, to be shared at morning tea. 2-3pm DOWNLOADING E-BOOKS FOR SENIORS WEEK COOROY LIBRARY LEARN how to download a great e-book read. Bring along your tablet if you have one, or use one of

ours. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa.qld. 2.30pm KAWANA LIBRARY DALE JACOBSEN WHY ANTARCTICA? Book Launch with Talk & Tea. In 2013, Dale Jacobsen fulfilled a life-long dream when she took part in a 32-day expedition to Antarctica. It was, of course, life changing. Free. Bookings essential Phone 5475 8989. Kawana Library . 3-4pm SENIORS WEEK LECTURES AT U3A NOOSA MEDICATION Management for Seniors Pharmacist Megan Tremlett how to effectively manage your medication. 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin, Wheelchair accessible. Free. 4-5pm U3A BEERWAH GRAFX GROUP AN Advanced Creative Photographic Composition Course dealing with format and pre-visualisation led by award-winning photographer Ian Ferguson, This is week five of an eight week course on various Advanced Creative Composition methods at Beerwah Library, Peachester Rd, Beerwah. The above presentation will be followed from 5-6pm with U3A tutor John Dumble presenting How to Create a Gift Card Template in Photoshop. This session is part of U3A Beerwah Grafx 8 week program for Term 3 which all are welcome to join. For further details of the rest of the Program and U3A Membership please contact Mrs Chris Bell on 5492 5885 or email

+*"'(#*$ %!!&" )!$ %*"" .#+%% $! "/&)( *&' $! .-,%(

"9 $-/+0& 2'.6%.& 2#&%*,/8.0 &*-#%/*+& %16%% !/-- 600 %1. 0.&/3+.' %*#21 %* :*#' 1*,.( 7. *55.' 6 2*,)-.%. '6+3. *5 &%:-.& 6+0 ,6%.'/6-& %* ,..% :*#' &%:-. 6+0 4#03.%

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*#59/9%8< 30. 08:!9:9%8< 2#35< .#597#!#. :% '%8! .%%! ,% 2#21#!<;9$ "## 30. 0% 2909282 %!.#! 4<#< 5%/35 $!%.8/:< 30. <#!79/#< 6-++) 3//!#.9:#. 69=;5' :!390#. <:3"" (079!%02#0:355' !#<$%0<915# 30. <8<:390315# $!3/:9/#<


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'9C<D1FA ? 5.DF<D<1EF (.1F:A DF: @E967CA /7=9C1<0 &EECA DF: )1F:E3A ? 5C16D=0 /=C77FA



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August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 25

)-#/&%#' ,!(/.


Friday August 21 8-9am AQUA CLASSES FOR SENIORS WEEK NEW participants only. Coolum- Peregian Aquatic Centre, David Low Way, Coolum. Free. Phone 5473 9042. 9.30am–2pm SENIORS WEEK CONCERT WITH BILLY GUY COME along and have a fun filled morning of laughter, humour and great music. The Seniors Week concert

59%><:%! +$0>; +$0>; +01!%#0@ +01!%#0@ $A $A )6!%;> )6!%;> 59%><:%!

85H5:1</JGL 05GJF10 -55I +CB% doors open at 9am for 9.30am start. Light refreshments will be served. Billy Guy plays everything from classic favourites to current hits, rock’n’roll, Rockabilly, Aussie Country, Swing and Old Time. A lucky door and great raffle prizes will be up for grabs. CCSA Hall, 1 Nutley St, Caloundra Bookings required 0408 156 276. Wheelchair accessible. Cost is $3. 10am-2.30pm EXPLORING THE JOY OF AGEING EXPO SUNSHINE 60 and Better

Group Inc, at Kawana Forest Meeting Place, 60 Woodlands Blvd, Meridan Plains. The Expo is free to the public with morning tea and lunch available for $6. For further information contact Sunshine 60 and Better Group Inc on 5443 7281 or email 10-11.30am COOROY LIBRARY Come along to our special cybersafe Facebook Lesson. We will go through the Facebook security settings and explain how they can be

-(OA?N( 9? G./-F1I0 ' 80-;$@& 5"!-:01> ( .:!3:%? ' 5!%:$@ *:>-$9%;> ' 87)) ,0-0#0/:0 20>;! 2!>;:%? ' )0>& =0@4:%? ' +$AA!! 0%# +04! *!01>

)" 3!?@((= 1?D* ,D@*!@D 2H6 6!=(A9OK ?>>?;!9( /#( L!@$(= MDA9?=K C" %'"+ """" & 444E@794?=P;EA?NED7

used to ensure your safety and privacy online. Free. Bookings required. Please phone 5329 6555 or visit www.libraries.noosa. 10am-NOON DEVONSHIRE TEA SENIORS morning tea on Friday August 21 for Seniors week, is $8pp including fashion parade starting at 11am and live music. Bookings essential. It is a beautiful atmosphere and amazing location, Eumundi Square, Eumundi. The venue is wheelchair and walker friendly, and has plenty of car parking, Shuttle bus can be arranged for groups of 15 or more at additional charge. For enquires and bookings phone 0428 135 456 or email louisformosa@ Afternoon - start time to be advised HOME FIRE SAFETY FOR SENIORS DATE NIGEL Terrell from Rural Fire Service Queensland will provide advice about managing fire risk and home safety, particularly for residents living in close proximity to bushland. Auditorium, Michell House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin.

Saturday August 22 All day event BEERWAH CHARITY SPORTS AND SPRING CARNIVAL ANNUAL community fund raiser for Cancer Council Queensland. Lots to see and do. Horse events, Show and shine, lots of stalls, food available and much more. Entry is $2. Enquiries Bruce Page 5494 9557 or Ross Lowe 5494 6654. 9am-4pm THE GREY MEDALLION THIS is a Royal Life Saving Society two day course designed

!#&' %$"& %$"&

Page 26 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

specifically for 55+. It teaches the essential lifesaving skills that could one day save you, your family or friends. It includes emergency procedures (aquatic or land based); CPR; beach and basic home first aid, use of a Defibrillator; dry rescue; and pool, sea and water safety. You do not need to be fit or able to swim to complete the grey medallion, as it aims to teach you to how to rescue someone without getting into the water. Bookings required 0403 071 651 BreakFree Grand Pacific Resort, Caloundra. Wheelchair accessible.Free. 9am – 4pm HALCYON PARKS ART GROUP EXHIBITION OF ART HALCYON Parks Art Group would like to invite you to their annual Art Exhibition. Come and inspect the latest work by our talented home owners. Homemade treats, tea and coffee available for purchase. 42 Meridan Way, Meridan Plains. Entry is Free. 10am-3pm ART JOURNALING WEEKEND WORKSHOP HIGHLY Recommended! The August art journaling weekend workshop at Noosa U3A is on 22nd or 23rd (your choice). Our guest tutors Kathryn Shewring & Aimee Stanyer are experienced local painters who will be taking a visual-verbal approach to art making, in a booklet or brochure format. Bookings required 5440 5500, Noosa U3A House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin. Free. 2pm FREE GALA CONCERT LIFEPOINTE Baptist Church will be celebrating Queensland Seniors Week with a free Gala Concert. The afternoon will include a decadent afternoon tea and the spectacular

%#)7!4 +&6 !+,.97' ("$"-28/31"6-/05*"28

musical stylings of The Sunshine Coast Youth Band, along with Pacific Lutheran College Jazz Band and Sienna Catholic College Choir. All will be in for a treat for the ears as they sit back and enjoy the sounds of the 28-piece Sunshine Coast Youth Band, which is made up of some of the finest brass players on the Sunshine Coast. They were crowned Australian Band Champions this year while competing against bands from Sydney and Melbourne, and they will perform an entertaining program of music from ABBA to Baroque with music for all ages and tastes. This exciting young group of musicians from 11-16 years are soloists in their own right and you will be enthralled by their versatility. This is a concert not to be missed and is open to everyone of any age to enjoy. Join us at 186 Wises Rd Buderim for this free afternoon of entertainment and food as we celebrate seniors in our community. Contact 5443 1582 for more information. 2-3pm RACQ – THE YEARS AHEAD THE Years Ahead is a 45 minute presentation in which older motorists learn how to become more aware of their own capabilities. It covers topics such as: Recent changes to the Queensland road rules (including roundabouts and merging), medical considerations when driving and alternative transport options (such as motorised wheelchairs). Free. Kenilworth Arts Council Rooms, 6 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth Phone 5472 3089. Email: secretary@kenilworth Not necessary to book. Wheelchair accessible. CONTINUED PAGE 27



)-#/&%#' ,!(/.

Sunday August 23

9am-4pm THE GREY MEDALLION THIS is a Royal Life Saving Society two day course designed specifically for those aged 55 years and over. The course teaches the essential lifesaving skills that could one day save you, your family or friends. It includes emergency procedures, aquatic or land based; CPR; beach and basic home first aid, use of a defibrillator; dry rescue; and pool, sea and water safety. You do not need to be fit or able to swim to complete the Grey Medallion, as it aims to teach you to how to rescue someone without getting into the water. Bookings required 0403 071 651 BreakFree Grand Pacific Resort, Caloundra. Wheelchair accessible. Free. 7am-NOON 16TH AMATEUR FUN WALK FOR THE OVER 50’S FAMILIES & FRIENDS JOIN the Australian Pensioners & Superannuants League, Caloundra for the 16th Annual Fun Walk. Registration starts and 7am with warm ups at 8am. This is a 4km flat walk along the Golden Beach Foreshore starting at the Oaks Resort and finishing at the Caloundra Power Boat Club. You can leave your car at the Caloundra Power Boat Club and take the free shuttle bus to the start. For more information and to register call Frank 5492 7134 or Don 5492 .2105. Oaks Oasis Resort Cnr North Street and Landsborough Pde, Caloundra. Wheelchair accessible. Cost $10. Children free 9am–4pm HALCYON PARKS ART GROUP EXHIBITION

'$0$)+,&2/! ($/2.+( #$$1 %-*" OF ART HALCYON Parks Art Group would like to invite you to their annual Art Exhibition. Come and inspect the latest work by our talented home owners. Homemade treats, tea and coffee available for purchase. 42 Meridan Way, Meridan Plains. Entry is Free. 10am-3pm ART JOURNALING WEEKEND WORKSHOP HIGHLY recommended. The August Art Journaling weekend workshop at Noosa U3A is on 22 or 23 (your choice). Our guest tutors Kathryn Shewring and Aimee Stanyer are experienced local painters who will be taking a visual-verbal approach to art making, in a booklet or brochure format. Bookings required 5440 5500. Noosa U3A House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin. 11am-7pm YANDINA STREET FAIR SENIORS can enjoy a wonderful day out with all the family. Entertainment provided by Gold Dust Rocks (Rock‘n’Roll Dancing), Let’s Go! Line Dancin’, Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters, The Red Couch, All Stars Show Band, Canta La Tumba, Barry Charles and The Deepest Beat and many more. Plein Air Art Exhibition, Food Celebration, Gubbi Gubbi program throughout the day. Children’s zoo, garage Sale, craft stalls and food for sale, as well as fairground Rides. After dark, the day culminates in a Laser Light Spectacular. See you all there. For further information, visit our facebook page “Yandina Happenins” or our website www.yandinastreetfair. 11am onwards GENEALOGY SUNSHINE COAST

WE will have a stand at the Yandina Street Fair where, as part of our involvement with local community history, we will not only be bringing some of our stories, photographs, maps and more, but more importantly, we will be wanting to hear stories and collect photos from Senior citizens in relation to their education at Fairhill Provisional School, Fairhill State School and North Arm State School for the reunion to be held on Saturday, September 12 at North Arm State School. The school is celebrating its 130th year of school and local history. 2pm BRASS AND WOODWIND AT THE BEACH SUNSHINE Brass in conjunction with the Noosa Concert Band are proud to present Brass and Woodwind at the Beach to be held at the Coolum Community hall. Admission is $15 adults, $13 concession, including afternoon tea. Tickets available at the door. Come along and hear some fabulous music from classical to pop. For further information phone Arch Robertson on 0409 85 546 or email sunshinebrassband

★ Seniors Week events as outlined are up to date at time of publication. For later inclusions check the Department of Communities website at www.communities.qld. seniors/seniors-week or Council of the Ageing at programs_events/ seniors-week-2015 /sponsors/



!)&(%"! !*#) %& !$*"'()! &@@! $B @)@"C0-"$) ?0 $-0 "?B!-C-?B-B1 C@"/B-"-$B3 */??.@ 'B%C5)@ ()@"C0-". :?0 @8"@))@BC .@0>-"@ $B! 6A$)-C5 ;?0+D$B./-9 = 9)A. $B @8")A.->@ +#) 2*'3-%/& ,-( '0/*-('.









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%#)7!4 +&6 !+,.97' ("$"-28/31"6-/05*"28

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 27

Melanoma support

MELANOMA Patients Australia is a support group for anyone who has been diagnosed with melanoma, their family and their friends. The Sunshine Coast branch meets at 10am on the third Friday of the month at the Cancer Council Office, Shop 4, 54 Baden Powell St, Maroochydore. The next meeting is on Friday, August 21. For learn more please phone Christine on 0412 689 546.

Is the world ignoring you?

As you age, have you noticed people ignore you or mumble? When they’re not mumbling, they’re yelling? The TV volume needs to be turned up and when you dine out restaurants are noisier so you can’t enjoy a conversation? You could be suffering the beginning of hearing loss and rather than hoping it will go away, you need to tackle the problem. For some reason, there is a stigma attached to hearing loss. A hearing aid? Good grief! People will think you’re old! No, people are more likely to think you’re

Women’s Lifestyle Expo time MORE than 100 exhibits, 30 free workshops, a fashion and beauty hub with pamper angels, money and property experts, prizes and giveaways are all on offer at this year’s Wo-

men’s Lifestyle Expo. Being held on August 21-22 from 9am to 4pm at the Lake Kawana Community Centre, Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina, entry is a gold coin donation.

2 :8147.< 8.81E;7; 2 !>6989))1 &,,6I)8> 2 @8>8B?. I8G B,,6 5869; 2 %).)>81 (8>) ")+758.4 @>7J86) @867).6; D &>)) !>69,67/; =9,F 3- H $)7+7 =6- #0107. C*)97.+ "/',.81+;A

"+.'0 /-/& %/&% ###*,(.!(1+*1.)*!$


#3 *34).:7 %";3 ! ()1 $-6 $61,81)94 ): /0 &8-64 + '-"6":133522

a dreary old pest if you keep saying, “What’s that? Speak up!” The Office of Hearing Services is a government service that provides free hearing assessments to pensioners and if you need a hearing aid, they will provide one free. All you need is a letter from your GP requesting an assessment. The thing to do then is to contact Expert Audiology Rehab Solutions (EARS – clever, no?) in Buddina and ask Michael Williams and his staff for an assessment. Michael will invite you to come along, preferably

with a family member, to discuss exactly why you are there and what your needs are. Having someone with you is not only good for morale, they also may have noticed little hearing problems you are unaware of. During the first consultation, Michael will discuss exactly what your needs are, if you’re actually ready to wear a hearing aid (they’re no use shoved in a drawer at home), and what kind you need. There is an ever-growing range of hearing aids available and if you prefer a more sophisticated device,

Tips to keep the memory sharp

Seniors Community Talk SENIORS Week is nearly upon us again – and this year we have a wealth of information to share. On Wednesday, August 19, at the Kawana Community Hall, Advance Oral and a group of likeminded providers are hosting a Seniors Community Talk and morning tea. This talk is about providing seniors with the tools to stay in their homes safe and happy for longer, making the most of the in-home services available. Make the most of your private health insurance with in-home services available to you. Tim from Terry White Kawana will be speaking about how to access in-home medication management, with free delivery. Kerri from Best in Care will be speaking about

full role in society. Think how nice it will be to be able to chat to your grandchildren and friends again as you once did. Or, if you already have a hearing aid and you’re not getting the results you want, don’t give up! Call EARS and they’ll be happy to help you hear better. So, obtain your referral from you GP today and contact the friendly staff at EARS on 5452 6288 for an appointment. Then just go along to their clinic at 5/21 Nicklin Way, Buddina, to solve your hearing problems.

the Office of Hearing Services will partly fund it, as will your private health cover. Michael is enthusiastic about the Lyric, the latest innovation in hearing aids, that goes in your ear and stays there – no having to take it out to shower or when you go to bed. It can remain there for two to three months at a time. Whatever kind you need, the staff at EARS will make sure the assessment and provision of a hearing aid will be a friendly, reassuring process and you’ll be able to once more play a

how to access a vast range of in-home care services with little or no out-of-pocket expenses. Gronya from Advance Oral will be speaking about health and wellness with a focus on dental care. Come and enjoy a lovely morning tea, while learning how to make the most of the services available across the Sunshine Coast. There is a free complimentary morning tea, with sample bags and a lucky door prize. ■ Time: 11am–12.30pm. ■ Date: Wednesday, August 19. ■ Venue: Kawana Community Hall (on Nanyima St, Buddina, behind the Kawana Community Library). ■ RSVP: reception@ or phone 5444 6116.

over their lives, their brain chemistry actually improves. Relax: tension may prolong a memory loss. Make sure you get enough sleep regularly and eat a well-balanced diet. Pay attention – concentrate on what you want to remember. Minimise and resist distractions. Use a notepad and carry a calendar. This may not keep your memory sharp, but does make up for any memory lapses. Organise belongings. All tips are courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Australia

HERE are a few tips for keeping your brain fit and memory sharp. Avoid harmful substances: excessive drinking and drug abuse damages brain cells. Manage any medical conditions: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes affect your brain as well as your heart. Challenge yourself: Reading widely, keeping mentally active and learning new skills strengthens brain connections and promotes new ones. Trust yourself more: if people feel they have control

Aglow International meeting Entry is $8 and includes a delicious morning tea. Founder/director of Lily House Fiona Browne will be speaker. For further information contact Dorothy on 5476 4190 or Melva on 5443 5752.

THE Aglow International Sunshine Coast branch will meet at the Flame Tree Baptist Church hall, 27 Coes Creek Rd, Nambour, on Friday, August 14, at 9.30am. Come along to enjoy worship and an inspirational message.

/&)',/0 .-(2 -) $-&) .-(2# %.,". %-&*! $-& +)212)#

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3$%#*+)$ %0 $)(*1-() / 100%$+1-() !&,.%') 2)&*%$ "1$) & *%0$1/:%/ *1!# & 4#3$ 1";#! <%=$:;13 =;1' & 8#=$:;# =#!7:.#= & )#!=%/13 *1!# 1==:=;1/.# & 4%0# 015#! =#!7:.#=

& (!!1/-= 1/- ;!1/=$%!;1;:%/ & 2/"%!01;:%/ 1/- !#"#!!13 =#!7:.#= & 8#>:=;#!#- +9!=:/> 6#!7:.#= & *%009/:;' ,9=

*- 4).# &(8# (=(20('0# "8). (5 02,,0# (5 @ 4)?8 ,) A9/3 &(8#% >8)=2$#$ ': &#8,2!#$ (-$ ;?(02!#$ &(8#62=#85 (-$ )=#85##- ': ( ;?(02!#$ -?85#


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Page 28 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

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"/1)%-# !)//. , , , $-# &' 0(+%+01)* 4%($3,- 5,--'0)2& 501. (+ 5)(%0)2& "--,0)2 40%-/& !((% *-*(%#&

#-, .""$ ! ')**( '&%+# "&' #*$( !*0%*( -*( 1 (/-/((1. %* %+/ 0.),)0 & +9$!1;?=< ='3$ >5$$% ><:/;$> & -$/;04!$ !$24<$> 494;5425$ & +1?';1? >:%%'!< "'! 6!$4<3$1< '" 85$$% .%1'$4 41/ 7$45<=( 85$$% 742;<> & *;><!;2:<$! "'! ,).) 340=;1$> 41/ 455 $#:;%3$1< & 7':>$ 0455> %!'9;/$/

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."+5 *<F)6B, &535D 78 79A=7 #:)?>)!?! *35?658 "50!?<)? 4D)2< !3!)D!@D51 July 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 29


,NN %,?> #A? !(;/74O ,C;/(4(KK <((6

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!=A$)@=<3L (@EM$=) (@ETJ( $L E RELL$2@ :3DT$C (@ETJ( :M<DT@R $= M@R<J@ :EMJL <> ,3LJMET$E6

Q=@ $= L$0 ,3LJMET$E=L $L E>>@CJ@A D/ (@EM$=) T<LL ? J(EJNL E= @LJ$REJ@A I6- R$TT$<= :@<:T@6

4Q=@ <> J(@ RE$= C<=L@53@=C@L <> (@EM$=) T<LL $L E M@A3C@A CE:EC$J/ J< C<RR3=$CEJ@BP LE$A $(@EM ,3A$<R@JM$LJ U$LE *3MT@/

#@EM$=) T<LL $= ,3LJMET$E $L RE$=T/ R$TA $= =EJ3M@B D3J <=@ J($MA <> :@<:T@ @0:@M$@=C@ E T<LL J(EJ $L R<A@MEJ@ <M L@2@M@ J< :M<><3=A6

4G($L CE= (E2@ E D$) $R:ECJ <= E :@ML<=NL T$>@ C(E=C@L J(M<3)( J(@ M@A3C@A <::<MJ3=$J/ J< )@J E )<<A @A3CEJ$<=B J< )E$= C<R:@J$J$2@ LV$TTL E=A @R:T</R@=J6 !J CE= ETL< :3J 53$J@ E LJME$= <= M@TEJ$<=L($:L6P

G(@ :M@2ET@=C@ <> (@EM$=) T<LL M$L@L >M<R ;7 ><M :@<:T@ E)@A /<3=)@M J(E= ;- /@EML J< J(M@@ $= @2@M/ ><3M :@<:T@ E)@A <2@M K. /@EML6 G(@ =3RD@M <> ,3LJMET$E=L 1(< EM@ (@EM$=) $R:E$M@A <M A@E> $L $=CM@EL$=) D@CE3L@ <> T<=)&J@MR @0:<L3M@ J< @0C@LL$2@ =<$L@ $= J(@ 1<MV:TEC@B J(@ @=2$M<=R@=J E=A E M@L3TJ <> E= E)@$=) :<:3TEJ$<=6 #@EM$=) T<LL $L :M<"@CJ@A J< $=CM@EL@ J< ; $= @2@M/ + ,3LJMET$E=L D/ H.-.6

4SE=/ :@<:T@ CE==<J E>><MA J< D3/ E=A RE$=JE$= J(@$M (@EM$=) A@2$C@L6 , D$) C(ETT@=)@ $L J(@ T$>@&T<=) >$=E=C$ET D3MA@=L <> 3:)MEA$=) /<3M A@2$C@L E=A J(@ =@2@M&@=A$=) C<LJ <> DEJJ@M/ M@:TEC@R@=JL6P U$LE LE$A6 #@EM$=) ,1EM@=@LL F@@V 1$TT L@@ E ME=)@ <> :M<R<J$<=ET ECJ$2$J$@L (E::@= ECM<LL J(@ C<3=JM/B $=CT3A$=) OL$T@=JN L:<MJL @2@=JLB :3DT$C @0($D$J$<=L <= (@EM$=) J@C(=<T<)$@LB E=A (@EM$=) LE>@J/ JME$=$=) D/ @R:T</@ML J< ET@MJ :@<:T@ J< J(@ $LL3@L6

#@EM$=) ,1EM@=@LL F@@V 9,3)3LJ HI & I.8 E$RL J< ($)(T$)(J J(@ $LL3@L >EC@A D/ :@<:T@ 1$J( (@EM$=) T<LL EL J(@ <M)E=$L@MLB J(@ '@E>=@LL %<M3R <> ,3LJMET$EB C<=J$=3@ J< CER:E$)= ><M )M@EJ@M M@C<)=$J$<= ><M J(@ $LL3@6 S3C( =@@AL J< D@ A<=@ J< EAAM@LL J(@ T@2@T <> 3=&RE=E)@A (@EM$=) T<LL $= J(@ C<RR3=$J/6 G(@M@ EM@ RE=/ :@<:T@ $= <3M E)@A CEM@ >EC$T$J$@L 1(< (E2@ =<J D@@= A$E)=<L@A E=A L<R@J$R@L J(@$M (@EM$=) T<LL $L C<=>3L@A 1$J( A@R@=J$E6

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Page 30 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - July 2015


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(42@6@29A: E/C9:?C 7A0 6AE0, >"/E7C A42 8142@?@14C A..:0,


Guide to accessing aged care services

So much to offer seniors THE Noosa Aquatic Centre prides itself in keeping seniors healthy by offering a wide range of “mature fitness” options. Even with the cold winter upon us, the pools are nice and warm for lap swimming and daily aqua aerobics classes. Motivating and friendly instructors will help you start your day feeling energised and strong, and the lovely social network means you can relax with a coffee in the company of your fellow participants afterwards. The Aquatic Centre gym specialises in the health and fitness of the over 50s and the welcoming instructors can work together with your health care practitioner to make sure all your physical concerns and injuries are taken care of. Tailor-made programs for each individual together with a non-threatening atmosphere ensure you get the most out of your workout while making new

EXERCISE: Ladies enjoying aqua aerobics at the NAC.

friends at the same time. If you need some advice on your swimming style, the Noosa Aquatic Centre offers private Learn To Swim classes at a time to suit you. Or if you are lacking in motivation, our Masters Swim Squad is perfect for you. Only minimal swim experience is required as you build up your fitness as you go. Every lane caters for different levels and the program is supervised by outstanding local coach Jan Croft. The Noosa Aquatic Centre also has an on-site osteopath and massage therapist who can assist with any in-

juries and imbalances and send you on your road to recovery. The Noosa Aquatic Centre is owned and managed by Noosa Council and aims to offer a broad range of activities to our local community at very affordable prices. We encourage all residents and visitors of Noosa to check out the “NAC” — there is an activity for everyone! For full information on class timetables and inquiries visit or phone 5448 0288. Noosa Aquatic Centre, 6 Girraween Crt, Sunshine Beach.

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WANT to know how to access aged care services? • How to access in home medication management with free delivery • Mobile dental care • Domestic help and companion care • Personal and nursing care • Carer support and respite services • Wellness programs and how to access free management programs on osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and COPD. Many of these services may

be accessed with limited or no out of pocket expenses (subject to Private Health Insurance and Government Subsidies). We are a collective group of locally-owned companies that recognised a need to educate and link together our seniors, on how to access in home services. We aim to educate our seniors in the community on how to stay safe, happy and healthy at home, for as long as possible. This free event includes

complimentary morning tea, a sample bag of goodies and a lucky door prize. Only limited seats are available. Please RSVP on 5444 6116 or reception@advanceoral. Seniors card must be presented upon attendance. When: Wednesday, August 19. Time: 10.45am arrival for an 11am start until noon. Where: Kawana Community Hall, Namyima St, Buddina.

Arthritis support group

Exercise with a view

ARE you at risk of developing diabetes? Our speaker Sue Latimer, a diabetes educator at Nambour Diabetes Centre, will provide information on this subject. The Arthritis Queensland Sunshine Coast Support Group meets from 12.45–2pm on Thursday, August 6, at the Maroochydore RSL Sub-Branch, Memorial Ave, Maroochydore. For more information or a chat phone Mary on 5441 2259 or 0403 339 057.

ENJOY healthy exercise at your own pace by walking for fitness, fun and friendship. Riverside walks with exercise interludes are held along the south bank of the Maroochy River. Meet opposite 333 Bradman Ave from 9am - Mondays and Tuesdays. For more details please phone Marjie on 5448 4229.

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.# !B:?#$;B'9$23= .# @?2>?2%$B= #? $#3#8?= .# 2%9'23 $#%:B%: #? :B=:9%> /3:B?%2:97B :# !B:?#$;B'9$23 =#?1#3B%B=


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###+/7)'4*130')+6-/+7% August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 31

What’s all the fuss about Greece and China? to destabilise it. On this front the threat is substantially reduced from several years ago. Other vulnerable Eurozone countries – namely Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy – are all now in much better shape than was the case when Greece triggered the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis over the 2010-12 period. Also, defence mechanisms to support troubled Eurozone countries are now much stronger than was the case in 2010-12 and investors are aware of this The Greek crisis is now nearly six years old and private exposure to Greek public debt is now very low at just 50bn euros, with 80% of Greek public debt held by the IMF, the rest of the Eurozone and the ECB. Similarly the exposure of the global banking system to Greece is now low

having fallen from $US300bn in 2008 to $US54bn last year. In regard to China: The Chinese share market has been seeing a pull-back since around August 2009. This made sense as Chinese shares were among the world’s cheapest and the Chinese authorities were gradually starting to ease economic policy. Some drivers of the pull-back include regulatory measures to stabilise the market that started to bite recently at a time when shares had become overbought, after a 150% gain over 12 months and were ripe for profit taking. Also an unwinding of the leverage built into margin loans. As the downturn accelerated, there were concerns it could destabilise the financial system and economy. So D21D27?$$

THERE has been a lot of volatility in the markets of late mainly driven by Greece and China. In regard to Greece: The bottom line is that uncertainty around Greece is set to drag on for a while. But while the plight of Greece is terrible there are several reasons not to be too alarmed in terms of the global implications. First, Greece is a very small economy that has been getting even smaller. It’s just 0.25% of global GDP, it takes just 0.5% of Eurozone countries’ exports and it’s a trivial market for Australian exports. So the direct impact on the Eurozone, the global economy and Australia is virtually non-existent. Rather the relevance comes via Greece’s membership of the Eurozone common currency and its potential

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' 5&6 ;& %!$8$0; -:=%9;$= !$>3!-:0> (&9! /:44 ' ,;;&!0$(=) &14:>3;:&0= 30- ;<$ .&0=$#9$0.$= &" 0&0*.&2%4:30.$ ' ,%%&:0;:0> 3 -$.:=:&0 237$! "&! =&2$&0$ 6<& -&$= 0&; <38$ .3%3.:;( ;& 237$ 3 +&6$! <4 *AA<.B:5 (B.0 (:BA$;. %A.::A # 'C.$+ *8:@ ($)<;B=.$ &)= /119 !- 28,0 )A94 >A>> &- 62E3 1/?9 >DE2 '- -)5<B,"-)5<B,0!<C0$;

Chinese authorities took a number of measures to stabilise and support the market. These included: lower interest rates; relaxed rules around margin financing. While the significant drop in Chinese share values is unsettling for some investors, the impact on the Chinese economy is likely to be limited. The 150% 12-month gain in Chinese shares to the high had only a small economic impact so it’s hard to see why the fall will. Second, Chinese shares are still up 90% from a year ago. With the share market fall in China unlikely to have a major impact on Chinese economic growth, it’s hard to see a huge impact on the global or Australian economies. Locally however with supply of commodities continuing to ramp-up, and Chinese

THE invaluable contribution to the health and wellbeing of the veteran community made by Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop was commemorated in Melbourne on July 12, marking the 30th anniversary of the creation of his medical research foundation and the launch of its annual fundraising appeal. Minister for Veteran Affairs Michael Ronaldson said he was honoured to attend the annual commemoration ceremony at the Weary Dunlop Statue in Kings Domain to acknowledge Sir Edward’s lasting legacy. “The Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Medical Research Foundation is the result of Sir Edward’s vision and his great compassion for others,” Mr Ronaldson said.

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M5"3H/+ *:0/+ *03J(5 K(D(77(0C+ ?L5"/+ #L77L5"/+ (H8

Page 32 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

“Thirty years on, we acknowledge his foundation’s world-class work into the vital arena of veterans’ medical research.” The commemorative service coincided with the launch of the annual Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation Appeal, which helps raise funds to continue the Foundation’s work. The foundation was established in 1985 by Sir Edward, a World War Two veteran, doctor and humanitarian. The Foundation’s work has led to new discoveries and improvements in the treatment and prevention of illnesses affecting veterans and their families. For more visit

"+) /+)2 3-0+)/7&3+- 6711

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$/)-8 &8)44 !:085 ;=39 22.2 26+1 )7 =1<, << ., <<

■For more Information contact Tim Maher at Maher Digby Securities Pty Ltd - Financial Advisers – AFSL No. 230559 (see advert Page 3). Ph: 07 5441 1266 or visit our website This document was prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not guaranteed as accurate or complete and should not be relied upon as such. Maher Digby Securities does not accept any responsibility for the opinions, comments, forward looking statements, and analysis contained in this document, all of which are intended to be of a general nature. Investors should, before acting on this information, consider the appropriateness of this information having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend consulting a financial advisor.

(&#+#*&+% "/$)"" - !'."&*+% !+&#,

!37) >3E(0(L"5/+ ,F/H0:7L:5 9 ;307) '377(8HL35/ 30 ,88F6F7:HL35/

! =31 @0L8(/ @:L) ! #:6L7C AD5() ! '35&)(5HL:7LHC ://F0() ! M5 *F/L5(// 3E(0 GB C(:0/

THE Office of Fair Trading is urging consumers and businesses to “Get Smarter with Your Data”. Fair Trading acting executive director Tony Johnson said consumers and business needed to think about protecting their personal information from identity theft. “Sadly, identity crime is now one of the most common crimes in Australia, with an estimated economic impact exceeding $1.6 billion in this country every year,” he said. “Scammers will use your identity for all sorts of crimes. They can make unauthorised purchases on your credit card, open a bank account, take out loans and carry out other illegal business under your name.” To minimise the risk of identity theft: Keep your personal details secure; think twice about what you say and do online; keep your mobile devices and computers secure; choose your passwords carefully; beware of any request for your details or money; and get a copy of your credit report. You should contact your bank or credit union immediately if you think your banking details might have been compromised. You can contact IDcare, Australia and New Zealand’s national identity support service, if your identity information has been stolen. Visit or call 1300 432 273.

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demand lower, the secular trend in commodity prices is likely to remain down. Holding a longer-term view of the markets is always the winner over the panic often associated with short-term volatility.

Weary Dunlop foundation fundraising appeal launch


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Protecting personal information

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DI&E@#&IGE+=I&@#G /@B@%I&E

A'8@;, @&H#3C@;;"G#!-$#'-8? 5I6E@BI, )))-C@;;"G#!-$#'-8? !& %&"$' $!# <@;;"G#! 2#B#G 9&& DF 0#( :71. =BC >G8HB#& 741*

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August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 33

#&::4 64 ."6$:& .+22:&8&6,

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Discover the true Latin America

LATIN America Group Tours are passionate about their beautiful part of the world and are waiting to introduce you to its many wonders. Horacio and Stella Passeggi came to Australia 18 years ago from Uruguay in South America where he was head of Nissan and she was involved in organising tours for employees, customers and dealers who wanted to visit the Nissan factories in Mexico, Spain and Japan. Moving across to the travel industry was a natural process, especially given their love of travel which they always organised for themselves. Nothing like experience for discovering and solving difficulties! They love the satisfaction of giving their passengers the genuine article – helping them experience the real Latin America and revealing all its hidden gems. Their clients don’t just visit

a country. They experience the real life there. The Passeggis’ favourite destination is Rio de Janeiro. They love its great food, weather, friendly locals, caipirinha (Brazil’s traditional drink) and the best music. No wonder they return so often! But Rio is just one of the fabulous places to go. Latin America Group Tours specialise in every destination from Mexico down through Central America into South America. Their tours offer the most comprehensive value for money, authentic activities and excellent service. Main destinations are Peru, Argentina and Brazil in South America; and Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba in North and Central America. If you have only three or four weeks, these are the places to go. Horaccio and Stella specialise in escorted groups but people can ask them to

design their own itineraries. They often have passengers for a full or a segment of a tour who then branch out onto specific personal interests, such as wildlife, textiles, golf etc. They pride themselves on their flexibility. Local guides are carefully selected, especially those with indigenous ancestry. These are the experts who can give you insights into their culture and can take you to special places, festivities and religious celebrations not covered by the conventional tourist trade. Customers claim it’s like going on your own with the advantage of having someone with you who knows the language and culture: issues are resolved and all the planning is done. Contact Horacio and Stella on 5492 5374 or visit their website: You can say hello at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

"% <4+ (0+".& ,#04+$# ,#& 84.&::& 0&$"46; 8*!& .+0& <4+ ,0< ,#& :4(*: 0"&.:"6$1 ",/. '&:"(*,& *6' %0+",<

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9:*0'10,20 74%1, $-0'124 !1%3 4 *0'&+,4/ %+#23 %8 0)BB "8 ?+8,8 $? $BB ?)@8G G7 76, D=70B8;-8 $=; 1$GG)7= !$= $GG)G? H76 ?7 8I18,)8=!8 $ ;,8$@ +7B);$H H76 0)BB =838, 57,-8?.


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

Page 34 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015


*77< E9/ 4.TK ,2E;79 FE6(N1E/M #3N7S(E9 N=2(N AN3=M( =9 AEB=9 AE6(?7N/ # 7N % E9+ 1(O;; 1E=2( 6>( M=9?;( M3SS;(:(96"C


It’s a common Queensland saying but beyond the black stump is … where exactly? By Colleen Povall TO MOST folk the phrase “beyond the black stump” is just a vague indication of somewhere outback. But to the residents of Central Queensland’s Blackall it is a very defi-

nite place – it’s all the country to the west of their town. In 1887 the original Astro Station, where the town now lies, was chosen by the Surveyor General for the purpose of survey, based on the principal meridional circuit traverse

around the town of Blackall. The circuit was 27 miles square and contained an area of 729 square miles. The surveyors used a handy stump to rest their theodolites on, big heavy brass objects that would have trouble balancing on

the standard modern legs. This enabled them to fix the position of prime towns extending from Brisbane to Boulia via Roma, Charleville and Blackall. This also established the points of important centres with which the

survey work of the whole colony could be connected and enabled the mapping of Queensland on a more accurate basis. So beyond the black stump? That’s definitely anywhere west of Blackall. Visitors to the outback

town can still find the location of the Black Stump, tucked away behind the state school. The actual stump is no longer there having been burnt out but locals have replaced it with a stump of petrified wood, guaranteed fire-proof.

Easy tours? Stonestreets!

ROAM: Holland with Stonestreets Coaches and Travel.

STONESTREETS Coaches and Travel has been escorting small group tours throughout Australia since 1993. During this time they have built a huge following of happy travellers and contributed to the creation of many wonderful memories. There isn’t a corner of Australia that a Stonestreets tour hasn’t seen – from bitumen freeways to not so smooth roads such as the Gunbarrel Track! Recently, at the suggestion of their Travel Club members, Stonestreets decided to explore the possibility of widening their speciality of personally escorted tours

to overseas destinations. After much planning, Stonestreets Travel took its first Small Group International tour to the USA. That tour proved to be so popular that Stonestreets then arranged a tour through Europe culminating with a cruise on the River Rhine. The first European tour sold out within weeks so a second sell out tour was arranged. Following the successful introduction of Stonestreets Small Group International Travel, the Stonestreet family appointed a dedicated international tour co-ordinator, Sue

McPherson. Sue has a wealth of experience with international travel and many contacts in the industry. One of these contacts was a company called Made Easy Tours, another company specialising in small group international tours. With the owner of Made Easy Tours wishing to retire and Stonestreets Travel entering a new phase of international touring, the Stonestreet Family decided to purchase Made Easy Tours, creating Stonestreets – Made Easy Tours. Since the amalgamation, Sue has been very busy planning small group tours

to many exotic international destinations: Vietnam, Africa, European battlefields, Canada and the USA just to name a few. She can also plan and book international travel for individuals to any destination. Stonestreets is now set to release the next edition of their Destinations booklet, packed full of fantastic escorted holiday tours throughout Australia and the world. Give Stonestreets – Made Easy Tours a call today on 1800 673 337 for your free copy and you will soon discover Tours, Made Easy with Stonestreets.

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August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 35

Stress less on your break

ESCAPE Travel Caloundra is a locally-owned and operated business based in Caloundra. Neil and Therese Playford, along with a team of fantastic travel consultants, have been providing fantastic travel experiences since 2006. The staff have been selected for their outstanding service levels, their passion for travel and their own extensive travel experiences. Their Escorted Escapes offer you a great opportunity to travel all over the world with the very best of each destination included in each tour. Each Escorted Escape – whether it be an Antarctica Adventure, South America, Africa or Indian Odyssey – is tailor- made by the experienced staff at Escape Travel Caloundra. The team carefully plans each itinerary, ensuring you see the main attractions with included sightseeing and unique added extras that make your escape unforgettable.

Iceland offers cool welcome but time your visit to the loo ONE of the coldest countries I have visited recently is Iceland. We hired a car and spent six days circumnavigating the island during May when the average temperature for Rekjavik is between 7 and 11 degrees Celsius. The long term average warmest day of the year is 26 July at 14 degrees! Our warmest day was 13C and the locals were sitting outside in shorts and tshirts enjoying the “heat”. I was still wearing thermal underwear, merino jumper plus a beanie and thick

jacket. This photograph, inset below, was taken in a park near Reykjavik. Note: this toilet only opens from May 15 to October 15. I wasn’t sure about the emergency number – could I ring if I needed the toilet outside those times? The Icelanders are a very friendly lot and their country is well worth visiting, despite the weather. Just make sure you know which toilets are open and when! Margaret Mourik

SPECTACULAR SIGHTS: Escape Travel can help you get to Niagara Falls.

They are sure, like many of our previous travellers that you will be back time and time again exploring yet another part of the world with them. These tailor-made tours enable you to travel as a couple, with friends or as a solo traveller – exploring the world with like-minded people. The tours strike the perfect balance between in-

clusions and free time for individual interests. Included in the tour price are return airfares, door to door Brisbane airport transfers, entrances and sightseeing as per itinerary, tipping and some group meals and activities. Enjoy a pre-trip get together to get to know your fellow travellers and a post-trip reunion to share

all your wonderful travel stories and snaps. They look forward to sharing our passion for travel and taking care of all your travel arrangements when you join them on your next holiday. Drop in at 46 Bulcock St, Caloundra, call 1300 212 896 or take a look at the itineraries online at

CHILL OUT: Be prepared for the cold in Iceland.

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7!6 7!6T89 ,L=9 -V)6! !J S2M? -@O? 3M4 -=9X;! TP77;!:!9R DY((

7!6 7!6T89 ,L=9 -V)6! !J S2M? -@O 3M4 -=9X;! TP77;!:!9R D<>Y

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Page 36 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

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July 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 37

Coolum Quilters’ 10th birthday COOLUM Beach Quilters will celebrate their 10th Birthday with a Quilt Show on August 29-30 from 9am to 3.30pm at the Coolum Civic Centre, Park St, Coolum Beach (near Coolum Beach Library). Supporting Beautiful You Cancer Retreat, entry is $5, with stalls and raffles. The group meets every Thursday from 911.30am. Most members are patchworkers and quilters but anyone who is interested in sewing is welcome to join. OUT AND ABOUT: The Buderim Garden Club group at the National Freedom Wall.

Hibiscus Society THE Australian Hibiscus Society Sunshine Coast branch is holding a monthly meeting together with a workshop on ‘Fertilisers: How and when to use’ on Sunday, August 9. It is at the Woombye School of Arts Hall at 10am, with morning tea beforehand. Phone Audrey on 5476 2771 for information

Garden club journeys south groups through the different areas including the newly-opened Legacy Way adjacent to the new road tunnel. The BGC is a very active group involved in monthly

THE Buderim Garden Club recently went on its second bus trip for the year to the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens. At the gardens, volunteer guides showed small

meetings with interesting speakers, and recently there have been chats about plants and gardening in general – e.g. about growing plants from seeds, the changing of the colour of

carrots, and how to grow rosellas and then make rosella jam (and eat some at afternoon tea time). Workshops and working bees are held on a regular basis.

Maroochydore Orchid Society

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>A% ?#N,9J-#: < )&1&96Q&) I6 Q=6I6M 6N 67I6 '%J%A% >A% @>-J# ;##A: 7 P$88+ 5K88 W98 IN@7M"&N&&) I6 %A%O F2@9;I/ IN@7M"&N L>@# @>-J#: < A!D+ *#C,+ $88+ PRCD' ,8&N;-@7O I@Q&M I6 %A% ;#'>;%: < P44+ SU+ L$O IN@7M"&NN&) 67I6 '%+ D-N@I-=&M I@:&7 62I @7) IN@-:&) ',:#99#: 9,=#: I6 '% < (3U ()"$'&,&"$# *!!%+

Photo courtesy van Veen Organics.


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Enquiries about the Buderim Garden Club can be directed to 0448 714 561 or email or check out the website

Check out the Sunshine Coast’s stunning wild side NATURE is putting on its annual display of wildflowers and we’re celebrating. The Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival is on from August 18–30, with 18 events including guided walks, activities and art exhibitions. Sunshine Coast residents and visitors are invited to explore the region’s natural beauty and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about our natural environment, so come and explore the exquisite range of native flowering plants our local ecosystems support. Environment portfolio councillor Jenny McKay said wildflowers typically only grew in wallum heathland. “Here on the Sunshine Coast, we have 15 examples of wallum heathland, mak-

ing this one of the few places in the world to experience this sensory display on such a scale,” Cr McKay said. “The proximity to the ocean has always been a challenge to this ecosystem. “Our Biodiversity Strategy shows that 63% of our local wallum heath has been lost to development since European settlement. “This highlights the importance of understanding our local environment.” The festival will feature activities for all ages and interests including lino printing and printmaking, wildflower walks and art exhibitions. Bookings are now open and residents can view a full program on council’s website. Go to sunshine

OUR Orchid Show is on Friday, August 7, 9am–4pm and Saturday, August 8, 9am–3pm. Presentations are on Saturday at 3pm. Plants for sale, raffles, potting demonstrations at 10.30am Friday and Saturday. Light refreshments available. Entry is $3. At Millwell Road Community Centre, Millwell Road East, Maroochydore (behind Sunshine Plaza Myer car park). Contact Kathy Howatson on 5448 4450, Del Whittaker on 5476 5305 or email: maroochyorchid1@

Petrie Park Pottery OUR group meets every Thursday at 9.30am at the corner of Price St and Petrie Park Rd, Nambour. An advanced to beginners self-help pottery group. You don’t need to have done hand-built pottery before, just give it a go. Social, fun and creative, all ages and beginners are welcome. It’s $25 for six months membership, or come along to see if it is for you for only $2.50 a week. For more information, call Jenny on 0421 317 175.

Brass and woodwind event with a beachy vibe SUNSHINE Brass, in conjunction with the Noosa Concert Band, is proud to present Brass and Woodwind at the Beach at the Coolum Civic Com-

munity Hall on Sunday, August 23, from 2pm. Admission is $15 for adults, $13 aged for concessions, including afternoon tea.

Tickets at the door. For further information, phone Arch Robertson on 0409 851 546 or email sunshinebrassband@gmail. com.

Margaret Humphreys, Derek Silk and Hillie Vieth.

Concert certain to be rather pleasant THE popular Pleasant Sunday Afternoon concert for August will be hosted by well-known accompanist Margaret Humphreys, assisted by Yvonne Everard. The concert will feature a variety of local artists. A highlight will be popular tenor Peter Wilson with

the Show Biz Kids performing the hit song from the musical Oliver! – You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two. Derek Silk and Hillie Vieth will perform the Irving Berlin classic comedy hit song, We’re a Couple of Swells, from the movie Easter Parade.

The ever-popular cockney classic, Lambeth Walk, will feature Peter and June Gotobe as the Pearly King and Queen It is on at the CCSA Hall, Nutley St, Caloundra, on August 2 at 2pm. Tickets at the door $9 adults, $5 FOC and members. A delicious afternoon tea is included.

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A Capella choir needs experienced singers SPIRITSONG A Cappella Choir is seeking experienced choral singers. Singing mostly sacred music, anthems and ma-

drigals from the 15th century onwards, some scholarships are on offer. The group is cheerful and welcoming and sings in

Tewantin on Wednesdays. Email choir director Andrew Emmet. or 5474 1498.

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Bushland vibes COME and experience Spring in our Gardens on Sunday, September 6 at 9am-4pm. A free family day out for people of all ages has been organised on Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. There will be music, a Welcome to Country indigenous dance, wildlife presentation, guided walks, pottery and sculpture demonstrations, an art exhibition, plant sales, botanical and book stalls, and a giant raffle. Places at the Gourmet Bush Food Tasting and Weaving Workshops can be reserved at There will be food available â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Lions BBQ, On the Go Espresso, sandwiches and afternoon tea will be served at the Friends Green Wall Cafe, or bring your own picnic hamper. Find out more at or contact Lynn Vlismas on 0408 466 808.

Russell Baynes All Stars jazz up the club THE Sunshine Coast Jazz Club Inc proudly presents, for your pleasure, the Russell Baynes All Stars. Jo Hawthorne is on honky tonk piano, with Peter Robbins on drums and vocals and Peter Upperman on trumpet and vocals. Russell Bayne is a professional guitarist and has performed with international and national entertainers.

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TRANQUIL: The lagoon at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens.

He has shared the stage with Chuck Berry, Davy Jones and The Monkees, Shirley Bassey, Jerry Lewis, Kiri Ti Kanawa, Pavarotti, James Morrison, Don Burrows, Debbie Byrne, Phil Emmanuel, Normie Rowe and Gina Jeffries. The list would fill the page. He is one of our great Australians.

You can see the Russell Baynes All Stars at the Currimundi Hotel Motel Function Room on Sunday, August 2 from 12.30pm. The All Stars will start at 2pm and play till 4pm. Book a table by phoning Carlyn on 5444 7502. Members $20, non members $25, Seniors & U3A $22.50.

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'-41E2(J- %6IGJ6+G K2(11J *1C462N ,II1+. <G-JG " 0/3 K2(11J *1C4I M-44) *EJ5$ <G) O14($2 *$-+L

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Caloundra to see best of beanies fest WITH the 19th annual Alice Springs Beanie Festival wrapping up last month, the Queensland Theatre Company is bringing to Caloundra its play, Head Full of Love, and a special exhibition of beanies from the festival. The play will take place at The Events Centre, Caloundra, on Wednesday, July 29. The specially curated selection of previous entries

from the annual festival will be on display at the Caloundra Regional Gallery from July 24–27, and is open to the public, free of charge. The exhibition will then move onto The Events Centre, Caloundra, from July 28–29 and will also include more than 50 beanies from two beanie making sessions in July. The donated beanies will then be passed onto Alice

From Alice Springs, with love.

Spring’s Purple House, a renal health facility for remote community members to stay when they come to town for dialysis

treatment, providing a friendly environment while they are away from the support of their families and communities.

MEETING PLACE Women Seeking Men IS THERE a guy out there looking for some company? Active trendy lady 70 years old WLTM you. Likes dining out, walks, drives, music, shows etc. Ref: 2212 I AM a Christian lady. I do use a wheelie walker when out, not at home. I am honest and caring. I’d just like to meet someone for friendship and coffee. Must have good morals. I am 71, I also prefer a man who is clean in habits. Ref: 2213 THIS active slim, outdoor loving Caloundra lady would like to share companionship, and friendship with a fit, tall, caring gentleman NS 67+ who is fun, to share travel, maybe a cruise. Would love caravan adventures. Let’s live life now. Ref: 2214

SUNSHINE Coast active, well presented NS, SD lady seeks gentleman 70s FS. For outings, dining in and out, good conversation, caring, sharing possible travel. I am 5’6” divorced FS with many interests including gardening, golf and getting away. Ref: 2215 IT SEEMS such a waste. I sit at home, read and garden. I go for a meal, film, concert on my own. Is there a DTE man with educated vocabulary and emotional honesty who does the same thing? Need I say more? Hinterland lady 70s NS. Shared expenses. Ref: 2216 Men Seeking Women GENT, Caloundra, 74, NS, SD, GSOH, WLTM intelligent and caring lady with an adventurous spirit for travel both in Australia and overseas. Initially for

friendship, companionship and hopefully VTPR. Ref: 2218 WISHING to meet active lady for company for walks, live theatre, movies and weekends away maybe travel or cruising. I am my 70s GSOH, NS, Self-funded, thinks young, near local area Maroochy. Ref: 2217 How to Reply Place your reply in a sealed STAMPED envelope (please don’t write on this envelope). Enclose this envelope inside another envelope and write the reference number advertisement you wish to respond to and post it to “Seniors Meeting Place”, Shop 2, 12 Project Ave, Noosaville Qld 4566. We will then forward your message on to the person who placed the advertisement.

&@#/"1,#8 %:;$<

To place a FREE ad Send your free advertisement (up to 40 words) with your name, address and phone number to “Seniors Meeting Place”, Shop 2, 12 Project Ave, Noosaville Qld 4566. (No names, addresses or phone numbers are printed in the advertisements, only a reference number). Abbreviations: DTE down to earth, FS financially secure, NS non smoker, ND non drinker, NG non gambler, SD social drinker, SOH sense of humour, GSOH good sense of humour, VGSOH very good sense of humour, Affect – affectionate, Hon – honest, Med – medium, WLTM would love to meet, VTPR view to permanent relationship.

ANTIQUE BEDROOM FURNITURE 1930-40 made from Gympie red cedar. One ornate carved single bed with matching duchess. $350 for both. Will sell separate. Phone 0408 624 247 BOAT TRAILER Galvanised suit up to 4 metre, rego, spare wheel $500 Phone 5493 6456 Wurtulla BOOKS Di Morrissey - 19 books, $50 or $3.50 each. Tamara McKinley – 10 books $3.50 each. Phone 5443 6780 Maroochydore BRAND NEW Tailwagger’s brand heated pet bed. The Experts since 2005 (large) 82 x 65cm / 32.3 x 25.6 inches. Chompers. Pet play pen. The lot for $35. Phone 5499 7834. Caloundra CANE Glass Top Dining Suite, 3 matching high back stools. Excellent condition $200. Phone 5477 7670 Noosaville CARRIAGE UMBRELLA black 1m 20cm diam Suitable for sheltering two or three people. Good condition $35 Phone 5494 3376 Maleny COINS for sale reduced $2 ANZAC Lest we forget in capsules $15 each or two for $25 Phone 0412 288 921 Pickup Caloundra COUCH 2 seater outdoor, near new. Can just hose off or put cushions in washing machine. $350 ONO Phone 5448 6665 Diddillibah DOONA COVER Queen or King sized, 2 pillowcases, excellent condition, autumn colours 236cm x 422cm $30 negotiable Phone 0419 737 461 Noosa Heads FUN MOKI Picture Books for Grandchildren 3-7

years old by local writer. $10 each, A4 size, full colour. Phone 0434 097 679 LEFT HAND Men’s golf set and bag $50 Phone 5455 6040 Tewantin MAHOGANY COLOURED BOOK CABINET old style, Height 1500mm, Width 1200mm, Depth 380mm. Could also be used as Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet, and easily distress painted to shabby chic look. Only $120. Phone 0408 624 247 NATURAL GAS CONVECTION HEATER (Everdure Brigadier) 25MJ Power, heats areas up to 90m², Low cost heating, Electronic Ignition, Equipped with Flame Failure Shut Off and Safety Tip Over Switch for peace of mind. Like new. Only $450. Phone 0408 624 247 PORTABLE COT $30 Phone 5456 1098 Sippy Downs ROOM DIVIDER 4 tiered Large. Beautiful timber and pattern. New and unused $100 ONO 0401 278 333 Caloundra SOLID PINE TV unit on lockable wheels $200 Phone 5449 8138 Tewantin STANDARD MOULDED TABLE 180 x 60cms (folding steel legs) as new $20. Phone 5441 4440 Nambour TWO SINGLE leather recliners and a two seater in dark green. Italian made and in good condition. $450 Phone 5443 4508 Marooochydore WALKER for sale 8 months old limited use. $75 Phone 5493 5754 or 0409 849 161Wurtulla WHEELIE WALKER VGC $60 Phone 5491 5446

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&@55:1A A.8 /A$A,:? #< #8":),?0 $ &@?/.,?8 *( )8)#81-/@#/"1,#81 A:;$<3


&*5 D)2(O6N 69- .M 544. LZ:.

August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 41

*&3!2/. '%2.1&&) (/2..%2/)

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Y E>& >T9(&O T" "37(N M D7<6N T" AO&A $ GARA+<6/ U !<ON6 1T8A7 SS ,3N6OA9<APN %A8& S5 ZAO(&7 RAO6/ S@ 'TT:&O SY H399 3R SM BT36>N SU ET0<+ RT<NT7 4J 'T3?AO 4S V3N6 >A2& 44 C<T9&76 A66A+:N



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Y E>& :&&R&O T" "37(N "TO NT8&T7& 1>T >AN A7 <76&O&N6 <7 A7 &76&ORO<N& M 'AO&N A-T36 9A7( 8&AN3O&8&76N $ #0+&NN<2& (&N<O& "TO ?9366T7/ U , OA+& N6AO6&O <7 6>& N&2&76<&N SS VN #2&OA?& <N <7 6>& G&( KA2/ S5 E>& -A.AAO NT37(N 9<:& (&N6<7/ S@ E>& OA7?& <N ;3N6 A-T36 6>& -&N6) T2&OA99 SY X&A(<7? >A7(N 9&"6 T36N<(&) +T8& 6T A N6TR SM BT37? -9T:&N



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#!"' S FRT7NTO 4 !A+396/ 5 *&A6 <76T N>AR& @ F6<+: 6T Y !9/<7? NA3+&O L F&6 O<?>6 SJ !TO+&"39 S4 F6&99AO S5 'A69<:& SL BT37? N>&&R S$ #0R&O6N





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5 !A-O<+A6& A RAO6<+39AO "3O7A+& @ G&8A<7 9T/A9 6T 6>& +T88&O+<A9 <7 6><N R9A+& Y , D!I 8A/-&) >AN OTT8 "TO A -TA6 L 'TOO&+6&() A7( &Q3<RR&( 1<6> +9T6><7? A?A<7 SJ F<0 O<7? -&"TO& #AN6&O) OT3?>9/ S4 ,96&ON A96AON 1>&7 N6AO=N>AR&( S5 FT8& 9<"& 9<7&N -&9T7?<7? 6T 6>& +A6 "A8<9/ SL , O&7T17&( &NNA/<N6 <N A 9<669& WA8-T/A76 S$ KT7=O&63O7A-9& 6&77<N N&O2&N "OT8 N:<99&( [?>6&O R<9T6N

N6AO6 9AN6 1<6> +9TN& "O<&7(N SU , RT<NT7T3N &9&8&76 +A7 O<N& T36 T" +T76OT9 4J E>& 8T376A<7 9<T7 63O7N 3R -/ &AO9/ VAO+> 4S G&Q3<O& NT8& [7& &(3+A6<T7 44 %&"&A6N (&+<N<2&9/ 1<6> -T8-<7? +A8RA<?7N #!"' S I7& 1>T ?<2&N [7A7+<A9 N3RRTO6 6T A O&?39AO +3N6T8&O 4 D7(&ON6A7(<7? A1AO&7&NN

'(*.-& 0$%!- + '1*#$,* /1 )-"$ "!


Choral music at Lake Kawana Centre THE Sunshine Coast Choral Society will be presenting “Celebrating Choral Music”, at the Lake Kawana Community Centre on Sunday August 9 at 2.30pm. With works by Bruckner, Rutter, Tavener and Carr the program will span the

19th, 20th and 21st centuries of choral music. Beerwah-based Australian composer Jennifer Carr’s a cappella work “A Choral Mass” will be premiered by the Society at the request of the composer. Jennifer feels fortunate that the choir has agreed to pre-

mier her work as she loves the sensitive sounds it is able to make. Conductor Adrian King has worked closely with Jennifer while rehearsing the work. Bringing a new work to “life” is a challenging task. Three a capella anthems by

Austrian composer Anton Bruckner will also be part of the program, along with two by English composer John Tavener. The concert program will finish with “Magnificat” by John Rutter, a contemporary of John Tavener. The accompanist for the

to meet the composer and conductor before the concert, at 1.30pm. Tickets available from Lake Kawana Community Centre 5413 1400, www.scvenuesandevents. Door sales from 1pm.

Rutter is Natasha Koch, who returns as the Society’s accompanist after maternity leave. Brisbane-based soprano Lauren Lodge-Campbell returns as soloists for the Rutter. There will be a special opportunity for ticket holders

* $5&*1 3&<#95.3 37&'#*" The Gallipoli Symphony set to premiere in Australia

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"$0/-0.-* 4%+,0# &) 31%(',0# &1/' "2!243 H 5NRPIK ><<4664:>IN45 (4L G N5 > K+7( <45I>N5+:; RL4F5: &44L KIF:N4 >2>LI6+5I N5<7F:N5R (>=F74FK <448+: =L+>8(>KIK K+LE+: I4 /4F +><P 64L5N5R111

*0*"2 .,3!4 /$$+ &-% 1'#&)-


?2RL>:+ I4 > 3KI &44L 3 =+:L446 >2>LI6+5I (4L >5 >::NIN45>7 -G. 2+L 5NRPI1 QN5R =+:; =>7<45/ >5: 4FL N<45N< EN+DK I4 IP+ <4>KI

*0*"2 .,3!4 /$(+ &-% 1'#&)$ 5NRPI 2><8>R+K >L+ >7K4 >E>N7>=7+)

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M4L5N5R 4L ,(I+L5445 @+> >I IP+ =+>FIN(F7 A+<L+IK */ @P+ O>8+ 4E+L7448N5R *>L445 B4<8+I %>6

A4 =LN5R /4FL *4D7K; =LN5R /4FL #47( '7F=K; IP+L+0K 74IK 4( (F5 I4 =+ P>: >I '74F:K1 , =NR (>=F74FK <448+: =L+>8(>KI DN77 K+I /4F F2 (4L > =NR :>/; +E+L/ :>/)

"0'' %( 1,# #% "!!$ '&%! 0AA (-862,-8 5+ !24?=;88) >@A: C4I >E>N7>=7+ DNIP >5/ 4IP+L 4((+L AF=9+<I I4 54L6>7 >E>N7>=N7NI/

Page 42 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - August 2015

THE Australian and International premieres of the Gallipoli Symphony, a musical and visual journey which tells the story of the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign, have been announced by the Australian Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldson. Senator Ronaldson said the international premiere will be performed by the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra at the historic Hagia Irene in Istanbul on August 4 with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to perform the Australian premiere in Brisbane on November 24 this year. “I am pleased we have been able to work closely with the Turkish Government and the Queensland Government to bring this unique experience to Australian and Turkish audiences,” he said. “Since being commissioned by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in 2006, 11 composers from Australia, New Zealand and Turkey have worked over the course of a decade to compose the individual movements that comprise the symphony. “Each year, one of the movements has been performed for visitors to the Gallipoli Anzac Day service. These premiere events

will be the first time the individual movements have been performed together as the complete symphony,” the Senator said. Queensland Premier and Arts Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said, “We will be proud to host the Australian premiere of the Gallipoli Symphony at the Queensland Performing

The symphony has received generous support from the Turkish and New Zealand governments, the Queensland Government, Qantas Airways and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The premieres in August and November will be the first time the symphony has been performed in full.

Arts Centre in Brisbane. I applaud the hard work of all involved in bringing this moment of historical significance to life.” Tickets to the Australian performance will be on sale through the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and ABC Classical FM will broadcast the performance here.

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Silence sure will be golden

From page 43 Sequence: 1. 20 (alternate +7; x2) 2. 50 (x3, –1) 3. 18 (alternate x2; –2) 4. 74 (+17) 5. 25 (+2; +4; +6 etc) Splits: 1. Mishandle 2. Careerism 3. Reticence 4. Undergone 5. Marketeer Word builder: Chaps, Crush, Space, Peach, Paces, Chase, Spruce, Cursed, Preach, Saucer, Arched, Sacred, Parched, Scraped, Redcaps, Crashed, Crusade, Purchased.

As this is always a popular evening, it is recommended you book early. Ticket prices have not increased and include a fabulous supper. Don’t forget to mark it in your diary – Silent Movies at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Cnr Church St and Beach Rd, Maroochydore, Friday, September 11, at 7.30pm. Tickets are just $10 and children’s tickets $5. To book tickets for the evening phone Doris on 5445 1632.

Crossword Answers from 42 Page ##



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FANCY a silent movie marathon? St Peter’s Anglican Church in Church St, Maroochydore, is having a Silent Movie Night on Friday, September 11, as part of the centenary celebration of Anglican Church services in Maroochydore. Be ready to cheer the hero and boo the villain in a night of fun and laughter. With maestro Ron West providing the wonderful organ music to accompany the silent movies, it will be a night to remember.


Brain training answers


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:6+/ 8;44

@1 *,,1?4<7+4<A D1C 26<A August 2015 - Sunshine Coast Seniors- Page 43

, # - $

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*A1,3#-#1.#51 (91, &?93 4751 %91@3, =.))93 !39#,9< ,0.1 "@A,.8A9 391@3, @6 >B/ #3!0.,9!, <91.2)9< 0@+91 #)< @A,1,#)<.)2 -.691,:-9 6#!.-.,.91; 3)7 ("0-8 '<. #",: &"!-5! &";"8-96: $2+9/-+6 *<"94 % 1371

$.1., %%%0!.$,("1.3,+.(0!+/0"& @3 '399!#-- )2## '*- *2' 6@3 +@39 .)6@3+#,.@) Page 44 - Sunshine Coast Seniors - July 2015

Sunshine coast seniors newspaper august 2015  
Sunshine coast seniors newspaper august 2015