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Your Award Winning Seniors' Newspaper – Written for Seniors by Seniors Vol 12. - Issue 6

July 2015

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Hearty crew aboard the South Passage including captain John Davis with Cath Downie of Kingscliff, Robyn Elkington of Manly and Graham Dix of Maryborough.

Hearty senior salts pass on the joy of sailing to students (-#&7+6 (#27/*( -*7&72!8

by Jim Bowden “SMOOTH sailing and a fair wind,” crackled the hearty voice of John Davis over the short-wave radio. “We’re about 16 nautical miles off Cairns pushing 14 knots and the kids are loving it.” The 75-year-old skipper of the tall ship South Passage was doing what he loves best – taking students on a high-seas sailing adventure and giving orders (politely) to his crew which often includes ‘senior salts’ up to 80 years of age. John is one of three skippers that, at

different times, captain the 30.5m gaff-rigged schooner along Australia’s coast – he’s the oldest. “The wind in your face and the salt in your hair – there’s nothing like it,” said John, who is encouraging seniors and new retirees to join the crew and experience the thrill of the open sea. Designed specifically for teenagers to experience adventure under sail, more than 40,000 young voyagers have sailed on South Passage since her launch in 1993. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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community news Seniors set sail on high-seas adventure FROM PAGE 1

“SHE is sailed in the traditional way,” John said. “Everything is done manually – there are no winches or mechanical aids. Sails are raised and lowered by hand and every activity requires a number of people working together as a team.” South Passage – Adventure under Sail is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. Many have a background in sailing and all have a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people who sail with them. “We receive no government funding and rely on voyage fees and community support to enable our unique youth development programs to operate,” John said. “Our vision for the South Passage is that it will grow and develop young people through adventure under sail.” With its crew of grey mariners, the South Passage sails up and down the east coast, stopping off in ports along the way. Queensland’s only adventure tall ship, designed and dedicated to youth, the

South Passage has been operating for more than 20 years in waters between Wollongong and Cairns. “A lot of the crew are seniors who after their working life are looking to satisfy a need to do something different, adventurous and meaningful,” John said. “Most of our non-professional volunteer crew are trained to operate the ship under the guidance of a qualified master and mate and senior, highly experienced watch leaders.” The South Passage is alcohol-free and cigarettes are also banned. “That’s not to say we’re strictly teetotallers; we enjoy socialising after a voyage and meet other members up and down the coast to exchange ideas and experiences and make new friends that last for years,” John said. Apart from an annual membership fee and the purchase of the ship’s Tshirt, everything else is free once you get yourself to the ship. One woman who knows every part of the tall-ship from stern to bow and from futtock shrouds on the top mast to the crew’s quarters, is Robyn Elkington of

Manly, who has enjoyed sailing ever since she was 10 years old. Now turning 70, Robyn gained her love of sailing from her father who took out the family trailer-sailer almost every weekend. For almost 60 years she has worked and sailed on many boats including the 50m Dutch three-masted bark Europa. Built in 1911, the Europa has travelled the oceans following the trade winds since 1994, powered by canvas. “Jim, your seniors’ readers should try it – sailing the sea brings you to life like no other way,” Robyn told me. “Our crews, ranging from over 50s up to 70s and 80s, become more active. “In fact, when we’re all aboard and under sail, you just can’t pick their ages.” Robyn is confined to quarters at the moment and is recovering for an eye corneal graft. “I suppose I could put on a black patch and board the South Passage as a pirate,” she laughed. “Wouldn’t that be fun?” Call the South Passage team on 3893 3777 and hop aboard.

Crochet a poppy at a workshop at SLQ.

Crochet a poppy workshop JOIN Ana Garcia from Crave for Crafts to learn to make a crocheted poppy. You can make your poppy into a brooch, necklace, attach it to a T-shirt or hat or find an even

more inventive use. Extra poppies will be available to purchase in the library shop if you want to take more home. Join the crochet workshop at State Library of Queensland (SLQ) on

Thursday, July 30 from 6pm-8pm. This workshop is suitable for beginners at a cost of $30. Bookings: Enquiries: phone 3840 7576.

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Page 2 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

community news Recognising 50 years of service to our community

Unearthing our past

CAMP Hill resident Athol Rushton, 90, celebrates 50 years of service as a justice of the peace. Mr Rushton was presented with a certificate and badge by Joe Kelly MP. Mr Rushton was appointed a justice of the peace in March 1965, when he was promoted to bank manager in Wondai. It was a requirement at that time for bank managers to become a JP. Mr Rushton was 15 when he started working as a bank clerk in Warwick in 1941. He served for five years in the RAAF during WWII, then returned to the bank. He retired in 1985, after serving the bank throughout Queensland for 44 years. “JPs provide a valuable service to our community and it is all done on a voluntary basis, 50 years of voluntary service is a very special achievement,” said Mr Kelly.

THE Redcliffe Museum is hosting Unearthing Ceramics: Archaeological Stories from South East Queensland, an exhibition examining Queensland’s early history through preserved ceramic items discovered over eight archaeological sites. Moreton Bay Regional Council’s division 6 councillor Koliana Winchester said a variety of ceramics is on display including valuable porcelain and bone china pieces. “After being buried for many years over sites in Redcliffe, Brisbane and southeast Queensland, these items will be on display at Redcliffe Museum and provide an insight into how Queenslanders lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries,” she said. Unearthing Ceramics is curated in partnership with the University of Queensland’s senior archaeological lecturer Dr Johnathan Prangnell. Dr Prangnell

Seniors welcome Labor’s stance to protect mid to-low income retirees thousands of retirees who’d saved for decades were suddenly worried about the future. “National Seniors isn’t opposed to reform, but changes that significantly affect the lives of ordinary Australians must be done in a considered way, not as a quick budget fix. “Parliament should reject the proposals to allow a comprehensive review that considers all components of the retirement income system...” The Coalition’s changes to the pension taper rate and assets test would have seen 325,000 retirees lose some

or all of their pension in 2017. Based on current interest rates, a single person earning $16,500 p.a. (3%) from $550,000 in assets would no longer qualify for a part pension. Yet a single person with few savings, and therefore entitled to the full Age Pension, would receive about $22,365 a year (2015 Age Pension amount) plus state concessions on rates, utilities and registrations. A couple earning $24,750 a year (3%) from $825,000 in assets would no longer qualify for a part pension. Yet a couple with few sav-

ings on the full Age Pension will receive about $33,717 a year (2015 rates) plus state concessions on rates, utilities and registrations. Pensioner comments: ■ “We have been planning on using the superannuation… to fund my partner’s entry into aged care as he has dementia. We have never thought of ourselves as wealthy… we are very disheartened and worried about our future.” – JH ■ “If the rate of decrease doubles to $3 we will lose $720/FN and find it extremely difficult to live.” – PK Media release: National Seniors


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OLDER Australians have welcomed Labor’s announcement it will oppose the Coalition’s $2.4 billion cut to pensions announced in the 2015 budget. “The changes as announced in the budget were poorly thought through, and, subsequently, unfair,” National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill said. “The public talk was about wealthy retirees. But, in fact, the sums show middleto low-income pensioners, with little capacity to adjust, would have been seriously impacted. “The goal posts shifted and


Joe Kelly MP presenting a certificate and badge to Athol Rushton.

said the archaeological finds on display are from the university’s research collection and formed a significant part in helping researchers understand how Queensland developed over 150 years. “Many of the ceramics on display are part of the state’s heritage and played a significant role in everyday lives of early Queenslanders,” he said. “Two dinner plates come from the 1 William Street redevelopment in Brisbane’s CBD and are from a small cottage built on the site in 1855. They are the first two pieces of white granite tableware ever identified on a Queensland archaeological site.” Unearthing Ceramics will run at the Redcliffe Museum until August 30. The museum is located at 75 Anzac Avenue Redcliffe and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. For further information please call 3883 1898.

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 3

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A&<#' 6@GH @& 5 $#((?&@B' #G 6@8H(@&"H" !H#!6H, 1@;@&E :H(D =HD#FBD 5FH 566 53#?B G?&- GF@H&"DC@! 5&" 6@GHDB'6H,

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Page 4 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

community news Rise of the ‘GranTechie’ closes the generation gap More than two-thirds of grandparents who are using the internet to communicate with their family are doing so on a weekly basis. Smartphone users aged 55 and over are the fastestgrowing segment in Australia, increasing by 28% in the last year. Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association president Nan Bosler said the group was seeing more Aussie grandparents embrace social media and video calling applications to be present for special family milestones. “I have no doubt that with the ability to access fast and reliable internet services via the NBN network, this new wave of ‘GranTechies’ will only continue to increase their adoption of technology to connect more often and more deeply with family and friends.”

to visit the Gallipoli Peninsula and Turkey this year. Australians are encouraged to register their intention to attend the service at www.gallipoli2015.dva. Senator Ronaldson said the Lone Pine service would commemorate the contribution of more than 50,000 Australians who served at Gallipoli during the eight-month campaign, and the 8700 who died there.

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.88 (5"703 *5,'1'"%703 +27! 45/'03 $21 6')2803 +2)%'03 *&51)03 +2#57'/0 '/*=#"!E":9"6 0<HG 2D&"! , B<!& 0%:6%: , *HF) '+1( , =7" 69<< #"!D%89<<& C% 9<< 9!"9D'

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AUSSIES have a chance to attend the 100th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Lone Pine at Gallipoli, in August. Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael Ronaldson has announced arrangements for the 100th anniversary commemoration for the battle in in Turkey on August 6. The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine will be a significant event and provide Australians with a further opportunity

Happy smiling retired couple using computer laptop at home.


Register your intention to attend anniversary

OUR next edition of the newspaper will feature activities during Seniors Week in Queensland, from August 15–23. We would like to be able to publish details of as many activities as possible and all community groups are asked to email your notices of Seniors Week events and activities by Wednesday, July 15 to office@seniorsnews


MOVE over Millennials and watch out GenZ, Aussie grandparents are some of the fastest-growing tech users in the country. Latest research, commissioned by the company building Australia’s broadband network, NBN, identifies a new wave of “GranTechies” – grandparents embracing fast broadband and smart devices to form deeper connections with their family and loved ones. The majority of Aussie grandparents surveyed use the internet to connect with their children (76%), grandchildren (59%) and other family members (72%). Grandparents are increasingly using high-bandwidth video calling applications such as FaceTime or Skype to stay in touch with their grandchildren, while more than half are using Facebook and email.

Seniors Week – publicise your event

(+- =7/- 7$ *@@9 #%- -"% (%/47//!(@% )*@+% 7+- 7$ *:& !:-7 B7+2 2%-!2%=%:- !:'7=% July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 5

%!"$%# 8*!"6# )4-2 :"$%

What to do after a disaster SOUTH-east Queensland is an area prone to natural disasters, so home and contents insurance is essential. In the event of such a happening, the insurer will help pay for repairs and other expenses. What to do if your home has been damaged in a bushfire, storm, flood or cyclone: ■ Contact your insurer to

*. 6%+"::% (:*'! 2#*08*'< 0-66)(*6!

lodge a claim. ■ Ask them to explain their claims process. ■ Take photos before cleaning up and make a list of everything that has been damaged to assist your claim. Also, note the serial numbers of electronics. ■ Start clearing up. Consider removing damaged possessions. For example,

carpet and soft furnishings can be removed from the building as part of the clean up. ■ Check with your insurer before authorising repairs or employing tradespeople. Phone ASIC’s infoline on 1300 300 630. Courtesy: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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;79= %;++".;7 1 #066+:0"/7 , /= 9 ;.,=

Wellington Point Seniors.

Wellington Point Seniors THIS group of happy mothers are members of the Wellington Point Senior Citizens Club. We play indoor bowls in the Community Hall, Birkdale Road, Wellington Point.

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Page 6 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

club and new members are always made welcome. So, come along and try indoor bowls. For more detail, please phone Edith on 3390 3196 or Madge on 3824 6160.

The Probus Club of Jindalee

Women’s Creative Centre

THE Probus Club of Jindalee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at the Jindalee Golf Club starting at 10am. Members enjoy morning tea before the meeting and this is usually followed by a guest speaker. A light lunch is available for those who wish to stay. For more details of outings, coffee mornings, theatre, movies and bus trips, please contact Annette on 3376 188.

DURING July the Women’s Creative Centre will celebrate 40 years since the commencement of this organisation. If you have been a member, tutor or class participant we would love to hear from you. A special day will be held in the Greenslopes Mall on the Thursday, July 16. Contact 3397 7758, email Facebook: Women/s Creative Centre

Trivia with Allan Blackburn

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'*:: -0 $42 *&+"'% 46 $2%%'*:: /5== === 333

Games are played on Saturdays, starting at 9am and Tuesdays games start at 12.45pm. Admittance is $3, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits. Annual fee is $5. We are a very friendly

1. In what city are Australia’s coins minted? 2. Port of Spain is the capital of what Caribbean country? 3. In what musical were the songs, Bali Hai and This Nearly Was Mine? 4. What prime number is between 13 and 19? 5. In Australian retailing, for what does DFO stand for? 6. What is the celebration that occurs when a Jewish boy reaches 13 years of age? 7. Who did Maxine McKew defeat in the 2007 Federal Election?

8. What are the key ingredients in a BLT burger? 9. Which is the only US state that has four i’s in its name? 10. In a calendar year, which is first out of Wimbledon and the French Open tennis? 11. Painted lady and monarch are types of what? 12. The embassy of which country has provided sanctuary for Julian Assange? 13. Which comic book character is known as The Man of Steel? 14. On which part of a

horse is the fetlock? 15. What kind of manmade thing is chambray? 16. In what city were the last Summer Olympics held? 17. In what general part of the human body is the smallest muscle? 18. What theme park claims to be “the happiest place on Earth?” 19. What means of transportation does a mahout control? 20. What does a digital clock in 24-hour mode display at 11 minutes past 11pm? Answers on P8.

community news

Metro Community Hub

Group enjoying a recent outing in the Blackall Ranges near Montville.

AIR Brisbane North ASSOCIATION of Independent Retirees Brisbane North will again meet for our normal monthly meeting at the Wavell Heights Community Hall in Edinburgh Castle Road behind the child care rooms. We normally meet at 09.30 till noon however this month we are off for our Christmas in July to a mystery site. Our next

meeting will be on August 21. We have various other forms of social outings as well as discussions on financial matters, without giving advice. Our members are made up in age groups of approx 60 to 80 years and we are usually fully or partially selffunded. We do have a pure financial section which discusses finances amongst our-

FEEDBACK we receive from our regular patrons tell us that attending Metro Community Hub’s range of activities enriches people’s lives and provides an opportunity to make new friends. An example of this is every Thursday morning we have an in-centre day where people come along, have morning tea and lunch served by our volunteers for $8, starts at 10am and

selves again without giving personal advice. This group meets at the Chermside Library on the second Friday at the same times but admittance is for members only. Which is a low annual fee. We like to consider we are “working for Australians in retirement.” For more information, contact Carl Nielsen on 3881 1820 or

Woolloongabba on 3391 8122 for more information and to book places for Thursday. If you already attend a group and would like your group to visit us on a Thursday, please give a call. We are always happy to have more people join in. We would like to also hear from people who would be interested in attending or running new activities.

finished around 2pm. The second Thursday of the month is our concert day where we have local acts entertain us. We also offer a variety of activities, crafts and other fun. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face after spending the day with friends. To find out more about our range of activities contact Metro Community Hub, 22 Qualtrough Street,

'.?< .@ 'A=A3: &0< %+,.)$,< #$,03>>) 3<@>?$,.>@ #: -A1, 3<8+$".@2 :>A3 <=.1,.@2 ,>.+<, 1<$,5 (@1,$++ $@ <+<",3>@." *.!<, ,>!$:6

More man-friendly health services needed to stem suicide flow tion Conference in Canberra was told on Wednesday. Keynote speaker Professor John MacDonald, director of Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre at the University of Western Sydney, said figures showed five men and one woman a day took their own life. “That hasn’t changed and it should be a trigger to get people thinking about what’s happening here,” he said. He said there needed to be more of a focus on prevention and “what keeps people alive” and what society was doing to value people. Professor MacDonald said there was still much work to be done to de-stigmatise mental health and illness among men. “The National Male

Health Policy says we should have male-friendly health services which I think is a turnaround,” he said. Assembly member Chris Bourke said there was still considerable stigma attached to suicide and it was unfortunate that help-seeking behaviour could be viewed as incongruent with the traditional male gender role. “Encouraging men to seek help early is an important aspect of addressing this issue in Canberra and also more broadly across Australia,” he said. If you or someone you know needs support in a crisis, phone Lifeline on 131 114. MensLine also offers 24-hour confidential support to men on 1300 789 978.

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D&&: ?(2;-& VO68 /63O (6-J6O ;V /63 N3VV&O VO68 J=&N& N/84J68N

< ,A B *>1C3!+,!A )7A !=?;7 25 8,++ 1>4473 43?) !A 7A+!307: 93?1C!C7 &!0A>1 #.,7+:"& -67J?;7N (73A,C,A"&) J=& D1&(;N= 4699&7 &0JO?-J 4O62&7 ;7 &0J&7N;2& -9;7;-?9 JO;?9N J6 N3446OJ ? =&?9J=/ 4O6NJ?J& ?7( JO&?J J=& N/84J68N 6V ?7 &79?OR&( 4O6NJ?J&P 1$-#@) 3=< 8=F E;@>+@/ =<B &#/@<E %-+;D>7 ' F;#DD3 ";D+;9; B-;3 -#9; ";;@ # /F;#B ";@;5B B= C;7 *;8=F; &#/@<E %-+;D>A ' 6#E /=+@/ B= B-; B=+D;B ? =F 2 B+C;E # @+/-BA @=6 <E+@/ &#/@<E %-+;D> ',9; ";;@ /=+@/ =@!; # @+/-BA E=C;B+C;E @=B #B #DD. S6=7 @) *&7?99?) AU' " 5$ S?7 H.5. 1' 8=<@> B-;E; B#"D;BE &#/@<E %-+;D> 8F=C # C#/#0+@;7 ' 8=<@> +B -;D:;> C; B= ;C:B3 C3 "D#>>;F #B @+/-B B+C; #@> F;D+;9; B-; :#+@ 6-+D; :#EE+@/ 6#B;F7 'B F;#DD3 6=F)E 8=F C;. E?39 %) FO867( " HH ,4O;9 H..$P

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SUICIDE continues to be one of the top 10 causes of death among men. Suicide prevention campaigners are using a Canberra conference to call for more “male friendly” health services to encourage men to seek help. Suicide is a leading cause of male death, according to the most recent ABS data, which found three-quarters of people who died by suicide were male. Of the 2535 suicides in Australia in 2012, 1901 were men and 634 were women, which equates to almost seven suicide deaths a day. Men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide, and three times less likely to seek help than women, the 2014 Men’s Health and Suicide Preven-

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 7

community news Seniors computing club acknowledges Herb’s century MEMBERS of Wynnum Region Organised Computing Club for Senior Inc, better known as WROCCS, celebrated the 100th birthday of our eldest member, Herb Collie in June, with a luncheon at the RSL Wynnum. Herb loves to talk about his past experiences in computing. He is also willing to pass on his knowledge to other members. Herb has set a great example to us all, age is just a number. As a matter of fact he can discuss most subjects. Transport has become a bit of a challenge for Herb these days, however his happy face and sense of humour still greets us each month on “club day”. WROCCS seniors computing club will celebrate its 13th year of teaching in September. Thousands of ‘senior students’ have passed through the club and are now enjoying keeping in touch with family and friends on Skype and FaceTime where they can now watch their grandchildren grow in real time. Imagine the joy of one of our members recently who could see her son’s face for the first time in 30 years in

real time on the other side of the world. With the way technology is moving forward these days, everyone will need to know how to use a computer, tablet or smart phone in the near future. ■ Calling All Seniors: It’s time to get computer savvy. Computers have taken over the world. We think you might like to learn but are not sure how to go about it. Well, we would like to teach you! Your age is not a barrier or gender. Ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to the Wynnum Region Organised Computing Club for Seniors Inc. better known as WROCCS. At WROCCS you will be taught at your own pace by senior volunteers so it’s easy to understand what you are learning. We know the difficulties some seniors have with their learning because we have experienced it ourselves. All club members are seniors 50 years and over. We welcome you, should you decide to join us. Meetings are held at Wynnum RSL, 174 Tingal Road Wynnum, second Tuesday each month at 10.30am.

Page 8 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

Trivia answers from page 6 1. Canberra 2. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 3. South Pacific 4. 17 5. Direct Factory Outlet 6. Bar Mitzvah 7. John Howard 8. Bacon, lettuce, tomato 9. Mississippi 10. French Open 11. Butterflies 12. Ecuador 13. Superman 14. Leg 15. Material made from cotton, linen or similar 16. London, 2012 17. Ear 18. Disneyland 19. Elephant 20. 2311

Herb being presented with a gift for his 100th by local parliamentarian Joan Pease.

Membership $10. Call Lavina on 0411 806 154 or email ■ Classes taught: Computer basics for the beginner,

Microsoft Word basic, PowerPoint, Excel, digital photos, internet tools, using Windows 7 & 8. Internet, email, eBay, Skype, fa-

mily history, Facebook, movie maker. Apple iPad and iPhone, Mac Computer, FaceTime, Android tablet and smart phone.

Disclaimer for Trivia quiz Answers are correct to the best knowledge of our quizmaster Allan Blackburn. Sometimes people may have different views and some answers considered correct by Allan may be considered incorrect by others. While all care and attention is taken with these answers, mistakes can happen. If you find one, please live with it!

community news Gap/Ashgrove Branch NSA

Australian war remains found

TUESDAY, July 21 will be an important annual general meeting because members will have a say in who leads the branch for another year. The present office bearers have done a sterling job over a number of years. Can you help share the duties? Bev’s pick is always top notch. She organised a day tour to Cleveland early in the month which was a real pleasure. The lovely homes and gardens, neat road verges and trees and shrubs were a feature of the Bayside suburbs. Lunch at the iconic Grand View Hotel and a tour of that heritage building was not to be missed. Put this date in your diary – Saturday, July 25 is when The Gap High School staff and students will present Christmas in July. There will be a day tour on Friday, September 18 to Mary Cairncross Park. This will be another good day out. The cost will be $40. The regular meeting is on the third Tuesday of every month at 9.30am at the Ashgrove Bowls Club. For further information, contact Bev on 3300 1226.

THE remains of two soldiers, likely to be Australians who fought in the First World War were recently found at Bullecourt in France. Minister for Veteran Affairs, Senator Michael Ronaldson said the remains were discovered by a French fossicker in an area known to locals as the Australian line. They were then recovered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission “After efforts to identify the soldiers, the remains will be interred in a nearby war cemetery with full military honours,” Mr Ronaldson said. “During the initial examination of the remains, CWGC personnel discovered a button with a map of Australia on it, supporting the likelihood that they are Australian soldiers. “Australia owes a debt of gratitude to these men and all those who served our nation on foreign soil. It is our responsibility to ensure that their service and sacrifice is respectfully handled.” Australian and British troops fought two bloody battles at Bullecourt in April and May 1917.

Brendale Evening VIEW Club members enjoy a welcome afternoon tea for new members.

Brendale Evening VIEW Club children. Brendale Evening VIEW Club meets on the third Tuesday of the month at Wantima Country Club, 530 South Pine Rd, Brendale from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The next dinner meeting will be held on July 21. The guest speaker will be Jeanette from Bell & Bird who will explain colour analysis and style. If you would like to at-

tend, phone Julia on 3285 2153 by 8pm on Saturday, July 18. Visitors are welcome to join the friendly club. Coffee and Chat mornings are held on the first Saturday of the month at Gloria Jeans, Bracken Ridge Tavern, 154 Barrett St, Bracken Ridge. The next Coffee and Chat will be held on August 1. There is no need to book, just turn up.

The dinner meeting on August 18 will feature guest speaker Janine Bliss who will talk to us about human trafficking. Phone Julia on 3285 2153 by 8pm on Saturday, August 15 to advise of your attendance. VIEW is proud to be The Smith Family’s biggest sponsor of disadvantaged Australian students. For more information, phone Trish on 3264 2213.


VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women and was established by the children’s charity The Smith Family. Club members enjoy many activities including dinners, lunches, coffee mornings and various outings and social gatherings. All money raised from activities goes to The Smith Family Learning for Life program to help educate disadvantaged Australian

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 9

community news Having a support network 24/7 provides peace of mind to you, your family and friends EMERGENCY Medical Services is committed to finding solutions to keep people in their homes safely for longer. The safeTcare model offers monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 365 days a year. The devices they supply use the latest technology and more importantly are simple to use. Everyone deserves the freedom to take charge of their independence and stay in their own home for as long as they safely can. Paul Joseph, the heart and soul behind the business, spoke with us about the service. Q: Paul, was it your background in security that prompted you to start EMS or were there other contributing factors? A: My 18 years in security were definitely a factor in growing the business in this direction. But truthfully, it was the number of horror stories I kept hearing from elderly clients and the fact that I could see a way to very clearly prevent the majority of them. Obviously in the security game we focus on home se-

curity and personal safety, which for someone living on their own particularly, is pretty important. So already we were helping people protect themselves. By providing the safeTcare model we just increase our ability to offer assistance to when accidents occur as well. Q: So, why would someone need to use Emergency Medical Services? A: It still breaks my heart to think about an elderly friend of mine who spent 48 hours on the floor of her home after a fall, thinking she would die before someone found her, or the fellow who slipped in his shower and suffered excruciating pain for hours before he was discovered. We can’t stop accidents happening but we sure can reduce the amount of suffering following the event and hopefully save lives in the process. Because it’s not just the fall or accident that does damage, it’s the long-term psychological effects these events cause as well. I’ve known people who have moved to nursing

A/@2 ".24 8"/23

homes because they were so afraid of having another accident. We help minimise that fear by being there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Q: Tell me about the system. Is it really as simple to use as you say? A: It is literally, the press of a button. The system uses the latest technology but the user only has to push a button. There’s no dialling a phone or complicated setup, nothing to try and read or work out. It’s been designed with the end user in mind and our customers love how easy it is. Q: What does it look like? Is it big and bulky? My experience with these things is they aren’t always the most attractive accessory. A: Well, I’m no Ralph Lauren, but they are small light, weighing only 34g, and come in your choice of discreet black or bright colours if you prefer. The point is you have a choice. That’s important to us because a lot of medical-type equipment comes as a one size fits all approach.

We’re not like that. Q: What does monitored mean exactly? A: It means we’re there when you need us. The safeTcare team member taking the call assesses the situation, will contact the ambulance if needed, sharing with them all the necessary health history, conditions, medications, allergies etc which automatically shows on our computer screens when the button is pushed and is customised to every client. We also provide registered key safes to allow the ambulance immediate entry. Without this they may need to call the fire brigade as they don’t carry equipment to break in. This saves precious time and possibly lives. Generally we will get the client to safety, we stay on the phone until help arrives and then contact their family/friends, so their family/friends face less stress. We are more than a dial 000 service, we are a support network available at all times. In some cases we may just send an after-hours doctor or a close neighbour, de-

pending on the circumstances. It’s personal and we always ensure all partys’ peace of mind. Q: And, of course, the allimportant question – how much is it going to cost me? A: Right now, we are running a great Seniors subsidy program. We supply the equipment for free, which is over $500 in value and it’s the customer’s to keep. For the monitoring, we do prepaid packages and loyalty reward subsidies. A customer who has been with us for a couple of years can prepay as little as what calculates out to around 65–85 cents/day. Another benefit of prepaid, is our systems are always under same-day replacement warranty for the life of the customer being monitored by safeTcare. This is all best explained with an obligation-free in home demonstration, which I will be doing personally in the months of July and August, corresponding with the free system offer (135 units only). Simply call 1300 784 438.

Carindale National Seniors CARINDALE National Seniors held a successful meeting on June 9 with 99 members present. Sixteen members attended the Zone 101 conference at Springfield. This was an enlightening meeting with many subjects discussed. Sincere thanks go to Dr Marjorie Green for her many years as our Zone chairperson and our best wishes to Bob Spence for taking on this position. The picnic in the park at Manly was a perfect day out with 54 members attending. The annual Christmas in July will be a luncheon at St Bernards Tamborine on July 28. Carindale National Seniors meets at the Clem Jones Centre, Stanley Rd, Carina. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month (except in January and December). Bus trips are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except in January and December). For further information, phone Anne on 3245 3847 or Maureen on 3398 4236.

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

$9@ !#< #44918 ,1@6 #268 !#16 <9= #<8 .<,9 ,06 4@,@165 */+ @/ 09=5

.%## /#' ..'

-2"-7:-8"/2387=3"@ Page 10 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

community news Pine Rivers VIEW Club

AT A musical birthday luncheon on September 9, the Oxley Branch of The Queensland Country Women’s Association will celebrate 69 years of service to Oxley and neighbouring communities, while also supporting women and their families in need far afield. The branch has a happy group of singers who meet to practise every Monday morning at our new hall in Cawonga Park. Perfor-

mances bring joy to a wide range of audiences. Branch meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 12.30pm, when activities involving members are organised. An evening group of businesswomen also meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm, when topical subjects are discussed and guest speakers enjoyed. The cent auctions and lunch every third Wednes-

Aspley VIEW Club

June was the only lady at the meeting with a birthday in June.

its annual Winter Appeal. The Smith Family currently has more than 9500 Australian children who need support. The 2015 Winter Appeal will run until June 30 and all donations are fully tax deductible. To donate to The Smith Family’s Winter Appeal,

-4#='?=0& 18/%0?& 26..#%; *5;8)+

)%#+%. ,!##%&.('#%/ *"!-$


THE next club meeting will be held on July 15 and will be a Christmas in July luncheon with entertainment from the Undurba State School choir. Meetings are always held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Murrumba Downs Tavern on Dohles Rock Rd at 11am. How about coming along and meeting some new friends and find out more about VIEW clubs? The club welcomes visitors and new members and always looks forward to seeing new faces. For more details about the club and its meetings, phone Sandra on 3425 2738 or Elizabeth on 3886 4937. VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women and was established in 1960 by The Smith Family, as a service to women and the community. VIEW clubs are the largest community sponsor of the national children’s charity, which provides critical opportunities for children in low socioeconomic families to fully participate in school. This year The Smith Family foundation is hoping to raise $3.5 million through

QCWA Oxley Branch

"/4 :>//4;?)< -44+,;0 :9))4:?,9;- 92 #?"=7-8 '9,;-8 (";+;9?4-8 $9-?:"/6-8 ',0"/4??4 '"/6-8 &4:4"-46 %-?"?4- 4?:1 29/ ?.4,/ $>!),: *>:?,9;- 5/4:9/6 !/4"+,;0 /4->)?-3 9/ 9>?/,0.? 7>/:."-41

phone 1800 024 069 or visit www.thesmithfamily Pine River VIEW Club supports the education of three needy students in the area and is also donating $1500, which has been collected throughout the year, to The Smith Family’s 2015 Winter Appeal.

ASPLEY VIEW Club (Voice, Interest, Education of Women) meets for fun, friendship and fundraising on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Kedron Wavell Community Centre at 10.15 for an 11am start. The club members enjoy a delicious two-course lunch, an interesting guest speaker, lucky door prizes, a bargain book stall, homemade jams, chutneys and baked

goods for sale. We support The Smith Family and 25 Learning For Life students. We are having a fashion parade on Friday, September 18 at the Aspley Bowls Club and visitors or guests are most welcome to attend any of our functions. For more information about the club, contact Ros on 3263 8686, or Margaret on 3264 1586.

Australian Red Cross Inala Branch THE Inala branch is seeking volunteers to help operate the canteen from Monday to Friday between

?3 J4G)/).G 18B5)4G =684. &3/ ,M)+ =)4.I34)/. 84+ %I.87I6IGB 1)4.I34)/.

>8 &=C8 = M=1(8 1=I(8 57 7DMMA B51"0&53 G80G89 D089 0;55G810 751 G&508 5I = G$(&G <D9(8G: =I9 J5<$M8 @81C$;80 ?=I G5 381751K 081C$;$I(: 183=$10 G5 K50G K="80 =I9 K598M0: -GG$I( =;;80051$80 M$"8 ;=I53$80 =I9 0&533$I( <=(0: =I9 183M=;8K8IG <=GG81$802

8.30am and 12.30pm. For more information, contact Thelma on 3372 4508.

day morning of the month are a fun activity for Oxley residents, and a fundraiser to support people in needy circumstances. On the fourth Monday of the month, following choir practice, anyone interested in handcraft is welcome to join. . This happy group welcomes new-comers as they enjoy each other’s company in the hall, which is registered as a meeting point in times of disaster.

Women working for longer MORE older people are staying in the workforce longer, particularly women. In 2013, 45% of women aged 60–64 were in paid work – a rise from 15.2% in 1993, according to research by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research. The proportion of women aged 55–59 in the workforce jumped to 65.3% from 36.8% in the same period. There was an increase in women over 65 who were still working. Trends were similar for men. Source: National Seniors

)*$ .--2 +1")-/) ,-% " )!--'1+ !-&(2 !,"/.1 #-&+ (*01 42 @&533$I( $I9838I98IGMA E2 @88 #1$8I90 =I9 7=K$MA F2 J=$IG=$I LI9838I98I;8 )2 ,8GG81 =;;800 G5 05;$=M =;G$C$G$80

+2 ,8GG81 =;;800 G5 081C$;80 /2 H89D;89 3=$I.7=G$(D8 =7G81 4: E =I9 F

2,*$-0' #/&/%& %) 1)$%( "0&% !$,,+&-0+. :0?/;? !9#%? >#= /% /!!#6%8'?%8 #%

!# %#"! !!!$

7( 3?03?8$#00?$8/.0?;,.6<!#%")$#'

"+-%,(' 2+&( 4/. 3,01-+/+*# '+ !,$ 3,01-+/+*#)))

HJ !=C7=6 ?I/++I8 @#%O,K% *,> #7=NL9 ;=CEN+DEN-+4<;N"246-0:47 DDD0;=CEN+DEN-+40:470=F

AP9 H)G5 33&& M4;9 B$G) G5B BJ5

F.6 ?=M8IG8 *M508: *!%HJ@L'%

:>HH!<## 2FAA ((" ((A 3/ =K34) FF$A $$EE


:L# @>*JHJ:9 ;'>>:#< ;=#'J,HJ;:;


3B1 %N.:4F6I (4/ ?+6N4/. '=/- !4L-+/.


- @5& "44 N24$ J2D6$ !654G '23D$HF$& F2 %;% - ,55 ;6&$2 <91$G 7 ;N=( ;N=7'( =;N=( *$F9( ;6&$2 "( N6"( %6M6F95 " 8 J636 %; '23D$HF$& F2 %;% - ,E&62 <91$G 7 >$$5 F2 >$$5( '9GG$FF$G 8 >$)2H&G '23D$HF$& F2 '%IG - =1$)6956GFG 63 ,E&627;6GE95 ?K2F2 ?H$G$3F9F623G /<K6G 6G :2EH L6O$. F2 )$5$+H9F$ *6HFK&9BG( ,336D$HG9H6$G 8 =1$)695 #D$3FG - @EH ?K2F2 >$GF2H9F623 =$HD6)$ )93 +H63M A$C L6O$ F2 B2EH %949M$& 2H !9&$& ?K2F2G0

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community news Preserve lifetime memories MEMORIES are precious, and there are probably hundreds of them around your home captured in images on old VHS/VCR tapes, 8mm film and slide transparencies. But they’re probably languishing in boxes and the film will deteriorate, no matter how well they are kept. In the coastal subtopics there’s also the risk of images developing mould. Experienced photographer and film maker Steve Houghton specialises in various forms of video and film preservation at his Film Copy Centre, based on the Sunshine Coast. Since 1994, he has strived to create video productions that go far beyond customers’ expectations. “It’s our policy to add those extra touches that make the finished product so much more enjoyable, year after year,” Steve said. “VHS and camera tapes

have an expected life up to 10 years, while for a DVD it’s up to 40 years. “If you’ve got one reel of video or hundreds, you can feel confident that each order receives the same individual care. “We are proud to have the opportunity to work on orders every day from across Australia.” Services include camera tapes (all formats), cards/ chips, hard drives and Beta-VCR/VHS to DVD; super and standard 8mm film, 16mm film to DVD; 35mm slides and photos to DVD; and overseas tape conversions NTSC and PAL Steve runs two companies – the Film Copy Centre and Digital Media Productions. He offers free quotes and can arrange free pickup. Contact him on 1300 730 430 or 0412 757 144, seven days a week. Visit

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Winter growing tips JUNE – JULY – AUGUST ■ Position wind protection on the southern and western walls to keep the cold winds out. Some growers put plastic on all four walls. ■ Water in the mornings before 9am on clear sunny days. This allows the plants more time to dry out during the day. ■ Water plants every four days at the start and end of winter, and every six to seven days in mid-winter. ■ Watch the weather charts for very cold or wet days. You may have to adjust your watering program. ■ Do not fertilise heavily in the winter. Use low-nitrogen type fertilisers every 14 days at half strength. ■ Seasol is good as it helps

The perfect treat in your own home FRANCES has the perfect job for her. She loves working with seniors, visiting them on a regular rotation around Brisbane. She travels as far as Kallangur on the north side of Brisbane, to Inala on the west side, Acacia Ridge and out to Victoria Point, Carina and Carindale. Her caring nature certainly suits the job. Frances’s background is beauty therapy and she holds international qualifications, as well as a degree in psychology. As a senior herself, she is very aware of the needs of those she treats. Many have been her client

for some years and they look forward to seeing her drive up, not just for treatment but also for a good chat and some laughter. Frances soaks your feet, exfoliates the dry skin, clips the nails, checks the feet for any problems and then gives a beautiful lower leg and foot massage. Everything is supplied, all that is required is water. So, if you are looking to have a special treatment, this is the perfect treat in your own home, costing only $30 per visit. Phone Frances for more information or to book a visit on 0432 954 398. Treat yourself – you won’t regret it.

the plant to be less stressed with the cold weather. It is the best anti-freeze product available and the cheapest according to University of Tasmania tests. ■ Use Seasol every 12 to 14 days throughout the winter to maintain cold weather protection, it will also return plants back to normal growth. ■ Mix Seasol at 2mLs to a litre. ■ Most hybrid orchids grow during the whole year. Species do not. ■ Remember that during the winter the sun shines less, so the plants grow slower. You cannot force them to grow quicker unless you go to a lot of expense with lighting, heat etc.

Active, happy community at friendly Caloundra Gardens “A LITTLE bit of heaven among the beaches” is how manager Phyllis Hart describes the friendly community at Caloundra Gardens Retirement Village. Established on the site 20 years ago, the village has changed its image and its name (from Little Mountain Home Park) to reflect the new social and environmental path it has taken. “I’d have to say it’s one of the most friendly and socially-active retirement facilities I have experienced,” Phyllis said. “Working here is as pleasurable as living here.” The village enjoys a range of facilities including a bowling green (with its own greenkeeper), a croquet club, table tennis, gym and health activities, and special women’s interests such

as craftwork, quilting, art, painting and dancing. The village’s active social club runs a happy hour every Thursday, dinner dance each month and a sausage sizzle once a month. In the warmer months, there’s aerobics every morning in the swimming pool. Residents have a bus service to the centre of Caloundra twice a week – Monday and Thursday – with trips to Maroochydore every second month. Caloundra Gardens is also pet friendly. Contact Phyllis on 5492 5600 or email Both the email and the website, www.caloundragardens. will be active from July 1.


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community news Citipointe Seniors CITIPOINTE Seniors had a great time during the last couple of months. Two highlights were a picnic at Wellington Point and an enjoyable cruise down the Brisbane River. On May 20 the club had a representative from St John Ambulance give a valuable demonstration on surviving a crisis. This was presented extremely well with a great sense of humour. Looking forward, the club

will have more fun times, all designed for people who are free on a Wednesday morning. Meetings start at 10am and the urn is boiled by 9.30am for those who like an early cuppa. On August 19 the club will have Trish King of Fitnessking coming to run a program. It is always a fun time when Trish visits. Citipointe Seniors’ program differs each week of the month. The first week is

a Christian church service. The second week is Surprise Wednesday, and is just that. The third week is Lifestyle Wednesday when we have guest speakers. The fourth week is Variety Day with small groups of your choice i.e. indoor bowls, board games, darts, Bible study, prayer meeting, and sometimes others. For further information, email seniors@citipointe or phone 3343 8888 or 0402 013 427.

New treatment trialled for rheumatoid arthritis

A group enjoys the recent trip.

Stafford Senior Social Club lunch with all of the Christmas treats. It will be on July 22, and the cost will be $55. The group will leave at 8.30am from the Queen of Apostle’s church on Appleby Rd, Staffordand, and arrive back at 4.30pm. Morning tea and lunch will be included. The club meets every se-

THE club’s last outing was a bus trip to the Gold Coast and a trip on the trams from Southport to Broadbeach, though they call in the light rail. Everyone had an enjoyable day. The next bus trip is for Christmas in July at the River Deck, Tewantin. This will be a magnificent

cond Wednesday and offers concerts, trading tables, bingo, hoy and guest speakers. Membership is $2 per person per year. Entrance is $2 which includes morning tea. For further information, contact Julia on 3355 6560 or 0467 680 551, or Carolyn on 3356 8223.

A NEW treatment for the cause of rheumatoid arthritis may become available thanks to the development of a vaccine-style treatment by researchers at the University of Queensland. Immunologist Professor Ranjeny Thomas of UQ’s Diamantina Institute said initial clinical trial results showed the treatment was safe and effective in suppressing the body’s immune response. “Current therapies only treat the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease,” Prof Thomas said. “We have designed a vaccine-style treatment or im-

munotherapy specifically for individuals carrying high-risk rheumatoid arthritis genes and specific rheumatoid arthritis antibodies, called anti-CCP. “This type of rheumatoid arthritis is called CCP-positive and accounts for the majority of cases.” In a sample of the patients’ blood, cells were taken and immune cells extracted and then challenged with the foreign peptide and an immune system modulator before being injected back into the patient. Prof Thomas said a single injection of the patient’s own immune-modified dendritic cells was found to

be safe and to help suppress the immune response in rheumatoid arthritis and was also associated with reduced inflammation. “At this stage, the technique would not be ideal for widespread treatment or prevention of rheumatoid arthritis because it’s costly and time-consuming,” Prof Thomas said. “However, the promising results of this trial lay the foundations for the development of a more cost-effective, clinically-practical vaccine technology that could deliver similar outcomes for patients.” Courtesy: National Seniors Connect

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community news QWCA Oxley Branch THE branch is holding cent auctions at QWCA Oxley Hall, in Cawonga Park at 80 Lincoln St on Wednesday, July 15 and August 19. The auctions will start at 10.30am. Admission is $6 and will include a light lunch, lucky door prize and one sheet of tickets. The 69th birthday function will

feature musical entertainment and lunch at the Oxley Senior Citizens’ Hall, Oxley Station Rd at 10.30am on Wednesday, September 9. Admission is $10. For further information, contact Noela on 3715 5098 or Pat on 3379 1318.

Tracking immigrant ancestors

Members enjoy the recent outing.

Forest Lake Fifty Plus Club ON A cool June morning, 52 members of The Forest Lake Fifty Plus Club boarded the Concorde Coach, with the first destination being Queens Park in Ipswich. Cuppas, cakes and slices were served and eagerly consumed by all. Following this stop, the next destination was the RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Museum. After having ID’s

checked, members were escorted by the military police into the museum, where they were greeted by volunteer guides. The guides passed on their knowledge and history of all the different aircraft and military equipment that was on display. This is a wonderful museum and one that should be on everyone’s bucket list. After the museum visit, it

was time to visit the Walloon Saloon, where the group enjoyed a twocourse meal and a few drinks. Some members even managed to put some extra cash into their pockets from the pokies. After a wonderful day, the group made its way back to Forest Lake. Forest Lake Fifty Plus Club meets on the third Friday of the month at the Lions Richlands Club, Pine Rd,

+$*,)&&'%( "##%!

Richlands. Sign on is at 10.30am for an 11am start. New members are always welcome. For more information about the club and its activities, contact Les the activities officer on 3279 9449 or 0466 377 618, or email Date claimers for the next three meetings: July 17, August 21, and September 18.

MANY immigrant ancestors moved around after they landed in their new country, making them difficult to trace. Some resources to trace them include diaries, letters and books, reports of government inquiries, post office directories, electoral rolls and newspaper accounts. Join Stephanie Ryan, senior librarian of family his-

tory as she discusses how you can explore these ways to track down immigrant ancestors and learn about some surprises in undertaking this type of search. Join the talk at the State Library of Queensland Auditorium 2, level 2 on Friday, August 7 from 10–11.30am. For bookings and inquiries, phone 3840 7775 or visit

Children’s wisdom A KINDERGARTEN teacher was walking around observing her classroom of children while they were busy drawing pictures. As she got to one girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was of.

The girl replied, “I’m drawing God”. The kindy teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like”. Without looking up from her drawing, the girl told her teacher, “They will in a minute”.

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community news First QFHS state conference ON SATURDAY, October 3 and Sunday, October 4, keen historians will have the opportunity to attend the first ever Queensland local, family, and social history conference. The conference, called In Time and Place will investigate the relationship between these three forms of history. Jointly organised by the Queensland Family History Society, History Queensland, and the Genealogical Society of Queensland, the conference will take place at the Riverglenn Conference Facility, 80 Kate St, Indooroopilly. Three keynote speakers, Shauna Hicks, Janis Wilton, and Dave Obee will present their interpretation of the relationships between family and local history. Over the course of the two-

The Artisans Guild

day conference, there will be 18 presentations presented by both the keynote speakers and 12 eminent speakers from Queensland. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear some fascinating presentations on all aspects of local, family, and social history and enjoy some time with other likeminded people. There will be a trade table, so participants will have a chance to buy the latest family history publications. Details of the conference are available on the website www.itap.historyqueens Here you will find details of the program and how to register to attend. You can find information about QFHS at For inquiries, contact the secretary by emailing

THE Artisans Guild is a group of local art and craft members with its own beautiful art gallery, and all art and craft is for sale. The gallery is found at the corner of Maitland Rd and Old Bay Rd, Burpengary. The guild hosts exhibitions, caters for bus tours and entry to the gallery is free. For more information, contact president Jacqui Ferguson on 5495 6838.

Artist Peter Bashaw works on a masterpiece.

Queensland Family History Society MANY of us want to know more about our families, where they came from, or what life was like in earlier times. We may wonder where our familiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; trials and tribulations fit into the broader

picture of history. What is our story in the bigger picture of history and how can we find out? The Queensland Family History Society helps people discover their family stories by providing help

and resources from the Library and Resource Centre at 58 Bellevue Ave, Gaythorne. To enable people to see the services offered for themselves, the society is holding an open day on Satur-

day, August 22 from 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;3pm. Volunteers will be on hand to show visitors around the facilities and explain the services on offer. The society has a number of special interest groups

mation about the open day at While you are there, check out the Events tab, For inquiries, contact the secretary by emailing

and representatives from these groups will be available to talk to you about research in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Central Europe, and the western counties of England or anywhere else. You can find more infor-

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"$%& !"#%

community news Elements of third age at Rochedale-Springwood meet THE elements of third-age living were highlighted by health care professional Chiou See Anderson at the June 17 meeting of the Rochedale-Springwood National Seniors branch. “In the first stage you are nourished; in the second age you’re a breadwinner; and in the third age life is a feast,” said Chiou See who is managing director of Elements Retirement Living at Springwood. Branch president Charles Achilles has reminded members that the annual general meeting will be held on July 15. “The branch prospers because of the strong support from committee members and we hope this support continues,” he said. On June 23, branch members visited a steam display at Timplin Historical Village on the Scenic Rim and enjoyed lunch at Flavours Cafe in Boonah. A recent guest speaker, Nev Ollis gave members the background on the preparation of his book John Pond Of Oaks and the discoveries he made along the way which led to an inspiring novel. Nev told of the many rumours generated through

Nev Ollis talks about his book with Dr Marjorie Green, Dorothy Netscher, Pat Macdonnell and Loretta Muenchberger at a Rochedale-Springwood branch meeting.

those early days of settlements, painting a different light on the picture that so many of us have enjoyed in the past. Zone101 chairman Dr Marjorie Green was also a welcome visitor at this

meeting. She outlined the recent zone conference where all four branches – Centenary, Corinda, Rochedale/Springwood and Sunnybank – celebrated 25 years of operations. In May, a coachload of

members visited the Maleny Botanical Gardens and Bird World against the backdrop of the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains. Lunch was enjoyed at Gypsy’s Table Restaurant in Maleny.

Bands perform for you in Brisbane’s parklands Sunday, July 12 ■ Swing and Blues: Swing down to Upper Moora Park, Shorncliffe and enjoy the sounds of Brisbane Brass as they twist and jive from 2–3pm. ■ Let’s Dance: Join Yellow Cabs Bayside Brass for a concert of dance favourites including swing tunes from Glenn Miller at Bulimba Memorial Park, 2–3pm. Sunday, July 19 ■ Simply Sinatra: Join Clayton Smith and his band as he presents the Unknown Sinatra at Newstead House from 2–3pm. ■ What the World Needs Now: Hear the Brisbane City Temple Salvation Army Band present an afternoon of romance at Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha, Toowong from 2–3pm. ■ Water Music: The Brisbane Municipal Concert Band will present a water-themed concert to celebrate 200 years of river settlement in Brisbane. It will be at

New Farm Park from 2–3pm. Sunday, 26 July ■ Rhythms around the world: South Brisbane Federal Band will bring you rhythms in brass at Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Park from 2–3pm. ■ Calypso Magic: Join Rivercity Steel Band for a lazy Sunday afternoon of tropical rhythms at Gregory Park, Paddington from 2–3pm. ■ Bright and Brassy: Musicians from Brisbane Brass will entertain crowds at a lively morning concert at McPherson Park, Bracken Ridge from 11am–noon. Sunday, August 2 ■ Russians and Roulette: Amadeus Orchestra will present wellknown melodies from light classics at Old Government House from 11am–noon. ■ Touch of Scotland: Follow the call of the bagpipes with a morning concert at Sherwood Arboretum from 11am–noon.

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=,L'= @%%!*' @?'H July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 17

Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club Inc N"E+ #K-+4+K-+KIOC ?"I$9

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"5/D"(# =+@-"/&2)"(& (&:-2& X> *<ZN6M:"Z D" %+M5 WPM0:(< EJ' >4I? $#$%!&%""

WHEN the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club Inc meets on Thursday morning, August 6, at the Enoggera Memorial Hall, guest speaker Adrian Petrie will talk about composting. We are all aware that one of the key components that help to maintain a productive garden is compost. Compost acts as a soil conditioner, and well-made compost contains a full range of plant nutrients, some in readily available form, and others that are slowly released as the compost breaks down. If you are able to make your own compost, it saves buying fertilisers and manures, and also, all food and vegetable scraps are put to good use instead of going to landfill with the garbage collection. Not

only food and vegetable scraps make compost, but paper, lawn clippings, leaves and garden waste all decompose in a few weeks to produce a wonderful crumbly mixture which feels like a dried out sponge. There are many ways to make compost. Using the correct ratio of dry and wet material in layers helps to bring about success. For the suburban gardener there isn’t the need to purchase compost tumblers, or make special wooden containers. Just a heap on the ground, covered with heavy black plastic will do the trick. Start with wet material such as kitchen scraps, fresh lawn clippings and garden waste. Make the second layer

dried leaves or paper. For quicker decomposition a sprinkle of cow manure or blood and bone could be added. Layering these different types of material should be continued. Then cover the mound with the plastic making sure the sides are anchored to the ground. This heap will provide a food source for bacteria and fungi. On August 6, Adrian Petrie will be talking about a new way to make compost. The meeting commences with morning tea at 9.45am and visitors and new members are most welcome. The Enoggera Memorial Hall is situated at the corner of Wardell and Trundle Streets. For more information, phone Pat on 3356 1256.

Caboolture VIEW Club CABOOLTURE VIEW Club is a charity organisation that provides women with the opportunity to meet regularly with other women from all walks of life, establish lasting friendships and help disadvantaged Australian children through supporting the work of children’s charity – The Smith Family. Our 17th birthday celebrations with the theme of

“denim and pearls”, held on Monday, May 18, was a spectacular success with 88 members and guests attending. Everyone was resplendent in their denim and pearls and the wonderful table decorations were put together by the ladies of committee. We enjoyed a three-course meal with entertainment by Boom Babies. There was so much chatter

in the room, not sure who was listening, but we hoped they appreciated the effort put into making the day so special. There were 20 raffle prizes on the day and 25 lucky dip prizes donated by our very giving members. We are always looking for new members and ladies are most welcome to contact secretary Lesley on 5498 8126 for further information.

Arana VIEW Club THE Arana VIEW Club’s next luncheon meeting, commencing 10.30am, is on Wednesday, August 5 at Arana Leagues Club, Dawson Parade, Keperra. Guest speaker Charlie Cacciola will share his lighthearted journey on growing up in the 50s and 60s as a migrant child. Trading table (bake, make, grow), raffles. Two-course lunch $24. Bookings: phone Dorothy 3351 5196

by 4pm, Monday, August 3. Arana VIEW welcomes new members and visitors to our meetings and other social activities organised each month. VIEW provides women with the opportunity to meet regularly with other women from all walks of life, establish lasting friendships and help disadvantaged Australian children. All funds raised are donat-

ed to The Smith Family and its Learning for Life programs which provide education scholarships and personal support for these students. Arana VIEW supports 10 Learning for Life students. VIEW is proud to be The Smith Family’s single biggest sponsor of disadvantaged Australian students. For more information:

74*+ $!'&=&!'&!4 *4 %@"& -$4% @1: 7&:/$(&7 ,/!.'($% *"/-#& ,/!.'($% )"+-#&

76;F.?68 )F).,)B,6< $ ,&*%5 -55<". 7"45=> ! +<"=<=<42 ! *%.<4=!' ! ,11;#4=<%245 6>"!4#<?= $ +%3"?=<1 -??<?=421" ! +4' :"?#<=" ! 6!42?#%!= ! /"9"5 ) *4184@"? $ /"9"5 ) ( 0 *4184@"?

=%@!&< DC5A KJK3 25CC Page 18 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

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community news

Enoggera and Districts Historical Society Inc

Annual stamp fair for Sherwood Society THE Sherwood Afternoon Stamp Society Inc cordially invites you to attend their annual stamp fair on July 19 from 9–4pm at the Corinda Bowls Club, Hall Avenue. Visiting club’s exchange books, lucky door prizes,

bargain table (unlimited value), raffles, sale by tender, stamp dealers available. Canteen available with refreshments at reasonable prices. Further information contact Brian Ray on 3376 5329.

One Hundred and One Years THE Queensland Music Festival, from 17 July to 2 August, will transform lives through music, bringing first-class performances. On Sunday, 19 July from 6pm-7.30pm there will be a free musical event

at the Riverstage Brisbane. Audiences will be treated to One Hundred and One Years, a series of free concerts drawing on the spirit of the Anzacs and inspired by the music and songs from the World War I era.

Redcliffe Peninsula VIEW club’s city outing THE ladies from Redcliffe Peninsula VIEW flexed their Up and Go cards and went to Town Hall in Brisbane to view the Golden Age of Hollywood Exhibition. It was a magic day shared together via public transport with morning tea at the Shingle Inn. As many Town Hall displays are free, Tuesday was the day to visit as the lunchtime concert completed a fabulous, entertaining day

in the city. We meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Moreton Bay Boat Club for our meeting and a fine lunch. The sights and scenes seen from the deck are also something special to share and celebrate with friendly ladies gathering to help the Smith Family support Learning For Life Students. Please call Gillian on 3885 8210 if you would like to come along to share lunch.

U3A Brisbane president Marilyn Wagland with Ray Kelley.

U3A honours long-serving tutor RAY Kelley was recently honoured for his long service to U3A Brisbane. Ray has been tutoring his book discussion group since 1987 and is still going strong today. As a matter of fact, the presentation was done in front of his group by U3A Brisbane president Marilyn Wagland, who spoke about his outstanding achievement

and his contribution to the U3A movement. Ray is also contributing to the 30-year history project of U3A Brisbane with anecdotes and verses of original poetry from his 30 years with the organisation. This project is being coordinated by our successful self-publishing author and past president Ian Lipke.

THE war that gave rise to Margaret Mitchell’s epic Gone with the Wind and the TV series The American Civil War ended 150 years ago. What has that to do with us? Quite a lot actually. A number of ACW veterans settled in Australia some buried in Toowong Cemetery. That same year closer to home, Fernberg House was constructed, later to become the residence of the Governor of Queensland. That same year again, railways came to Queensland. These events are part of this year’s theme for our annual open day entitled ‘1865-2015: 150 years of history’ being staged at Enoggera Memorial Hall on Saturday, July 18, from 9.30am. For 1915 amid the trauma of World War I, we will commemorate in song (how else?) the centenary of the birth of Frank Sinatra. Three of our local schools, Hillbrook and Enoggera and Mitchelton State, with promotions of their own,

will take part. Queensland Family History Society will be on hand to help you research your ancestors, civilian and military. Our own collection of photos and memorabilia will show those 150 years as part of Enoggera and district’s local history. In the meantime, if you have any research of your own you would like to do, our library in Trundle Street (refidex 139A10) is open each Thursday between 9am-1pm. Parking is available in Trundle Street and there is wheelchair access. The library is adjacent to Enoggera Station on the Ferny Grove line and to BCC bus routes 350, 390, 598 and 599. Our publications, Enoggera Heritage Trail, Kedron Brook to Taylor Range, Mitchy Picture Show and Heritage Trail Davidson’s paddock are available on demand. For further information contact Dave on 3366 3191 or email

#372) ,. !/332) +*,%-53 .&'*-'-,&) '/*33 6,&*)3 /,03 532-%3*35 0372) 1,* &+ ', ( 57") 7 $334 +BKKH, "GK.B D '16L91@L ! $@!C+369 !>9 6:862+6>?69 ?;;)0

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" ')# %("!) $& 3"++ /.)2 ,#52A5)< ;I 5%) ?)A25#(2L ,2I6%#I) 3;A65C 3AL;2I<8A HA8<)I6 -)5#8)K)I5 +#LLA&) ;(()86 8)6;85 65GL) 8)5#8)K)I5 L#1#I& (;8 5%) ;1)8 '@J6B F;>A5)< "265 K#I25)6 (8;K 3AL;2I<8AJ6 5;/I >)I58) M ?)A25#(2L ?)A>%)6B -)LA.)< M 6)>28) )I1#8;IK)I5B 7 :)8()>5 :LA>) 5; >ALL %;K)B

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4 $= EA8! -;A< *)65C 3AL;2I<8A 4 D%;I) 0.:A 0/99 4 ///B>AL;2I<8A&A8<)I6B>;KBA2 4 0KA#LN >AL;2I<8A&A8<)I69&KA#LB>;K


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July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 19

community news Newmarket VIEW Club

Members enjoying morning tea at Newstead House.

Browns Plains NSA

Member Pat Matthews, with her fancy tea pot and tea cosy raffle prize

tend a soup night from the Brendale Evening VIEW Club at the Albany Creek Community Centre, which sounds very inviting and several members have expressed their interest in attending. There will also be a bring and buy scheduled for the July 28 lunch meeting when members can contribute various items to raise funds for The Smith Family appeal which all VIEW Clubs support.

If you are interested in finding out further information about our VIEW Club and perhaps considering membership, please make contact with our President Jan Capper on 3353 4129 or secretary Di Goodwin on 3300 4519. We would be pleased to invite you as a guest to our next lunch meeting, which is held each fourth Tuesday of the month with a 10.30am start at the Gaythorne RSL Club.

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Cent auction at Oxley QWCA hall A CENT auction will be held at the QWCA Oxley Hall in Cawonga Park, 80 Lincoln Street, Oxley on Wednesday, July 15, com-

mencing at 10.30am. Admission is $6 and includes a light lunch, lucky door prize and one sheet of tickets.

All welcome. For further information contact Noela 3715 5098 of or Pat 3379 1318.

!3/ 53/& K4"3/58G734 8-3DG 8 +6D- 4&8/ C3D

,0)B %F4I9+ !.5*AI7+F ?C3? ;C;>B0C55

'"%& !#(% !"**

Our membership is increasing each month, which is encouraging, and we invite you to come and join our happy group on the second Tuesday of each month, commencing at 10am, at Greenbank RSL. Our coach trips are on the fourth Tuesday of each Month. For further information, contact Bev or Ron on 3809 0697 or 0402 094 887.

popular with all monies raised going to a charity of our choice. This month, a coach will transport our members to the Outback Spectacular Show on the Gold Coast, which is bound to be a great day out for all. And our usual monthly trip will be to Christmas in July at Caloundra RSL, with entertainment by former Wickety Wack Greg Dolan.

>:##A<I,A% *=K%M# ,<<@'K,;K@A KA' 984G G3 168C */7(L&0

6- 15+ 0-,) $.&0 5,, "*%( 4%+-(5, +--/' .+ !(.'35+- 5+/ 7%((*%+/.+2 #(-5' B> (575/75J5 @6D++6 :..77..1<5225 ?,C0

THE month of June kept our branch on its toes with the wonderful Billy Guy entertaining us at our monthly meeting. He wears a variety of interesting hats as he imitates some of the great artists of the past. We had a lot of fun at our Sunday barbecue, which included some delicious fresh prawns, provided by one of our members. Our auction is always

?J34&) >D&&4.684( */7(L& ,..3+78G734



MEMBERS and their guests will be celebrating the seventh birthday of the club at the lunch function on Tuesday, June 23, at the Gaythorne RSL Club. With increasing membership attendance, the club’s committee is always searching for innovative ways to make the meetings an enjoyable occasion for all. The theme for the day is black and white, which will provide many incentives for the lady members to “dress up” for this special occasion. With various musical games being organised by the programme officers, the drawing of seven raffle prizes, plus the cutting of an enormous seventh birthday cake, it is sure to be a fun time where fellowship and laughter will be the highlights of the day. Members will also be informed of future social events, fundraisers and group outings to be held in July, which include a visit to the Sandgate and District Historical Society, followed with a lunch at the Café on the Park, at nearby Shorncliffe. On July 24 we have received an invitation to at-


(><;8:1- "-1<.>; $17<1- G("$&E ,>.0</-; :++.>/:87- 5.4,36-> 63<6<.1 +.> .0-> )F; <1 6B- '>-:6-> (><;8:1- :>-: .1 : .1-?.1?.1- 8:;<; 3;<1D -4,:6B-6<5 :1/ ,:6<-16 0.7316--> %-16.>; <1 7-:>1->A; .I1 B.4-; .1 6B-<> .I1 5.4,36->C (><;8:1- "-1<.>; .17<1- ,>.0</-; :++.>/:87- 5.4,36-> 63<6<.1 +.> 6B- .0-> )F; <1 6B- '>-:6-> (><;8:1- *>-:C @- 3;- ,:6<-16 :1/ -4,:6B-6<5 0.7316--> 4-16.>; 6. 6-:5B 7-:>1->; <1 6B-<> B.4- .1 6B-<> .I1 5.4,36->C "1$ 01.',)( !)1 .11313 ', *!(( ,. '/1-) %!2&!521 (+-22( ', (1.-,)( -. '/1-) 2,4!2 4,00&.-'# ("$& 53>>-167H 1--/; %-16.>; +.> *,,7- %:5 5.4,36->;2 <#:/ :1/ *1/>.</ /-0<5-; :; I-77 :; %<5>.;.+6 @<1/.I;C !.7316--> 4-16.>; 9.<1 +.> +>-- :1/ 5:1 ,:>6<5<,:6- <1 >-D37:> :/0:15-/ 6>:<1<1D .1 1-I 6-5B1.7.D<-;C =.3> 4-48->;B<, :7;. -16<67-; H.3 6. 9.<1 .3> ;,-5<:7 <16->-;6 D>.3,; ;35B :; /<D<6:7 :1/ 0</-. ,B.6.D>:,BH2 *,,7- >-7:6-/ 6-5B1.7.DH2 :1/ .3> %-16.> ;3,,.>6 '>.3,C 6) 250)+5 4 !),#*%55' +5*%)' )' %) ,54'* +)'5 42)#% /)9 95 /5,( &5*-)'& %) 15% )* ,-*5. 0)*%40% $78" )* 3 Page 20 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

*7++ 20 55 70


4$8& ERQ 9E*,/AE;, =;,=E$? @+F% ;,9=>R9, T>R$8>;$R' =EA!E', O,U= $9 EU4EQ9 4$8& Q>7 ERQ4&,;, Q>7 E;,)

->7SUU R,6,; C, :MJK5) ->7 AER 98$UU ',8 8&, &,U= Q>7 R,,?I ,6,R 4&,R Q>7 AERS8 ',8 8> 8&, =&>R,P 0E6, 7= 8> (D" >** 9E*,/AE;, @+F% ;,9=>R9,FT>R$8>;$R' 4$8& >7; 0,R$>;9 07C9$?Q =;>';ET .>;!9 ERQ4&,;,I 8&, =79& >* E C788>R U,89 79 !R>4 ,2EA8UQ 4&,;, Q>7 E;, @+F%I ERQ4&,;, $R :798;EU$EI 6$E 9E8,UU$8, 8;EA!$R'I @ 4EQ 8EU! ER? E?6ERA,? *EUU ?,8,A8$>RI E T798 &E6, *>; EUU E',9 ( H BD(

=:?$ 6E:!G$ &" '&B! ;84$%$84$86$ >CDE )5,2 %!&D$6DC&8 :R 5L0 L,?$AEU :U,;8 0Q98,T '$6,9 Q>7 ER? Q>7; *ET$UQ 8&, *;,,?>T ER? =,EA, >* T$R? 8> 98EQ $R?,=,R?,R8 U>R',;) .,S;, R>8 #798 ER ,T,;',RAQ ;,9=>R9, 9Q98,TI 4, E;, E 97==>;8 R,84>;! E6E$UECU, E8 EUU 8$T,9GGG )5,2 F$!@C6$F

444G,T9E9GA>TGE7 AE;,<,T9E9GA>TGE7 5T,;',RAQ L,?$AEU 0,;6$A,9

->7 ?,9,;6, 8> U$6, U$*, >R Q>7; 8,;T9 ER? 9&>7U? EU4EQ9 *,,U 9E*, $R Q>7; >4R &>T,G N* ER ,T,;',RAQ E;$9,9I 8&, 9$T=U, =;,99 >* E C788>R 4$UU R>8$*Q ?,?$AE8,? ;,9=>R9, =,;9>REUI 4&> 4$UU 4>;! 8> EU,;8 T,?$AEU 9,;6$A,9 ER? R>T$RE8,? *ET$UQ T,TC,;9 $TT,?$E8,UQ >R Q>7; C,&EU*G : 8;E$R,? T,TC,; >* >7; 5L0 8,ET 4$UU ,6,R 98EQ >R 8&, U$R, 4$8& Q>7 7R8$U &,U= E;;$6,9G /&$9 4$UU '$6, C>8& Q>7 ER? Q>7; *ET$UQ A>T=U,8, =,EA, >* T$R?G

1:<< BF D& F$$ C" '&B #B:<C"' "&! : -A// F'FD$9,%:6?:G$ &@$! (3++ @:<B$.

*73 B8CDF &8<'

*7++ 20 55 70

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 21

"-$/&02'#&% !#*, !.**.(+

5.4* 4 2')/ 1'3$'& $%( 6")/ " )5"1

'##& !+.0 !2..56

43,5 *2/2-/

&17B(C?; >,: 91 /": G*"<< *279C2 1,27A ),:E $"90C5"H; -C1: 3,: G*"<< *279C2 1,27A .F":E $075"H ! %0@<?= '1<?5"HA; 3)DCA G*"<< *279C2 1,27 3)DCAE

#2A8 I2 =1:2 91 H10C D1:2

Page 22 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015


community news U3A conference was an outstanding success

Nundah Men’s Shed welcomes QMSA president THE Nundah Men’s Shed was officially visited by the president of the Qld Men’s Shed Association (QMSA) Graeme Curnow to discuss developments happening across Australia in the men’s shed movement and also the existing refugee project within the Nundah Men’s Shed and, if viable, the possible adoption and expansion of the project to other men’s sheds across Australia. Projects already carried out at the Nundah Men’s Shed include community projects for not-for profit groups, wood working, welding and Bikes 4 Life. Recent projects included construction of a number of mallet transporters and hoop removers for a croquet club. Bird boxes, wooden toys and other wooden articles have been made by the shed members and often in beautiful timber. Bikes 4 Life is a project where donated bikes are repaired and rebuilt by volunteers and then transported to indigenous communities in Australia as well as overseas where they are needed. Currently the Bikes 4 Life project does not require any additional donated bikes but al-

Nundah Men's Shed members with QMSA president Graeme Curnow.

ways welcomes more volunteers to assist with repairing the large stock currently on hand. The Nundah Men’s Shed recently received significant funding from the Brisbane City Council Men’s Shed grant and the Australian Men’s Shed (AMSA) grant to purchase equipment, tools and a dust extraction system so it can expand its operation and increase membership by offering a greater range of activities. The Nundah Men’s Shed appreciates the financial assistance provided by the

council and the AMSA. The shed is located at the Nundah Activity Centre (NAC) who is very supportive of the men’s shed concept. NAC offers a wide range of social activities throughout the week. The shed operates on Wednesday and Thursdays. The Bikes 4 Life project operates mainly on Wednesday and Sunday. New members and volunteers are most welcome. Contact the Nundah Activity Centre on 3266 4500 for more information on all activities carried out at the centre.

“THE U3A Network Queensland and Asia Pacific conference held in Brisbane City Hall on the 28th- 29th May was an outstanding success,” said Rhonda Weston, president of Network Qld and the organising committee. The conference was opened by the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk with speakers from as far afield as Portugal and the UK plus many more local presenters, including 19year-old Sophie Ryan, who received a standing ovation for her inspirational talk “starfish, teacups and how to change

the world”. Delegates were treated to a very special couple of days and found the conference to be a great opportunity to meet with other U3As from around the world and Australia, exchange ideas and make new friendships. A very informative and enjoyable time was had by all who attended the conference in the iconic surroundings of the newly renovated Brisbane City Hall. To view the photo gallery of the conference, go to

Mitchelton Older Women’s Network MOVING into retirement living is the next topic for the Mitchelton branch of the Older Women’s Network Qld. At 10 am on Wednesday, July 8, we welcome Louise Skidmore from the Pine Rivers Legal Service to discuss the legal aspects. The meeting is at Picabeen Community Centre, 22 Hoben St, Mitchelton. Women of all ages are welcome. Contact Barbara on 3351 1864.

Wildflower Show and Native Plants Market A GLORIOUS array of native plants will be on display at the Wildflower Show and Native Plants Market at the auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens on August 15 from 9–4pm, and August 16 from 9–3pm. It will be hosted by Native Plants Queensland. This year the theme is ‘native gardens are for wildlife too’ and the fascinating

displays will feature wildlife groups such as birds, bees, butterflies, bush foods and frogs along with the diversity of native flora that sustains them. There will be displays by other allied groups as well as books, brochures and an informative speaker’s corner. Refreshments will be on sale as well. The famous native plants sale is the place to find a

huge range of native plants in all sizes from tubes to mature specimens at low prices. Expert advice is available from growers as well as NPQ members for plant identification, selection and care. Come early for the best selection and enjoy the beauty and variety of Australian native plants. For more details, go to

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REFLEXOLOGY is a manipulative body-based therapy performed on the hands, feet, face and ears. Reflexologists’ trained hands are experienced and qualified, achieving consistent positive results in clinical trials as an effective therapy for cancer care, diabetes, pregnancy and fertility, anxiety and stress, both post operatively or as part of day to day life. To find a professional reflexologist in your area, phone 1300 733 711 or visit find-a-practitioner. Reflexology has been a part

of human life for more than 3000 years and continues to be part of complementary health care systems around the world. Today reflexology is even more essential with the increase in modern diseases such as cancer and diabetes, stress and anxiety and the trend towards patients seeking additional therapy alongside mainstream medicine. Working with a professional reflexologist is key. Professional reflexologists hold diplomas and/or certificates in reflexology, are first-aid trained and comp-

ly with industry insurances and ongoing education. Reflexology is appropriate for seniors as it particularly addresses pain management, cognitive disorders, relief for tired or aching feet and legs, arthritis, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, constipation and balance issues. Interested in learning more and keeping up to date with reflexology therapy? Like the Reflexology Association of Australia on Facebook. Turn happy hour into reflexology hour and experience the proven benefits.

Stay active with bowls

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Do you know what reflexology is?

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THE community is invited to Northern Suburbs Bowls Club for social bowls which brings together a group of all ages. This group of active people enjoy each other’s company in good fellowship and a healthy lifestyle which supports each other in their weekly activities. Bowls is a low-impact, therapeutic form of exercise known to improve your health and sociability. Free coaching is offered and bowls aids for the disabled are available. If interested call into the club at Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, any day or on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when Jack Dearlove and Lois Bay will welcome you. Contact Lois on 3263 5148 or email the club at for details.

Have you had your flu shot? IT IS that time of year again. If you are 65 or older or are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander over 50, you are at high risk of catching flu and pneumococcal disease and all their nasty complications this winter season. People aged over 65 are also advised to have their dTpa (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough) booster shots if they haven’t had one in the last 10 years. Whooping cough has once again become a nasty menace and if you think the vaccinations your parents

inflicted on you as a defenceless child took care of things forever, think again. However, be aware the dTpa booster is not a free vaccination. See your doctor or healthcare provider to discuss getting the free flu and pneumonia vaccination. While the shots are free under the National Immunisation Program, your doctor may charge you a consultation fee. Remember, flu shots are needed every year as the types of virus circulation varies from season to season.

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Page 24 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

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Cashmere Family Focus

Be healthy and safe, with a walking cane.

Safe Steps, a walk to better health and safety in Brisbane COMMON accessories such a canes, walking sticks or umbrellas are all effective mobility, exercise and self-defence ‘tools’ for seniors. Philippe Hoareau says Safe Steps, a recently-formed personal safety community in Brisbane, is a free group for people of all ages who love walking and also want to take steps to improve their personal safety. “Walking can and should

be an adventure,” Philippe says. “But as we all know adventures are not without inherent risks.” Safe Steps encourages members to take control of their own personal safety wherever they are through assertive psychology and situational awareness. Walking routes can be varied and incorporate innovative exercises to improve fitness, stay active and re-

main functionally independent. Safe Steps is also an online personal safety community, posting regular personal safety articles and encouraging online discussions to empower members to take more control over their safety. Walking sticks and canes can be carried almost anywhere in the world. They are a great all-around survival tool and can be used in a number of surviv-

al situations including building a shelter, making a splint and improvising a crude defence weapon. “All Safe Steps events are free, fun, engaging, informative and physical,” Philippe said. Contact Philippe on 0431 582 147 or visit and also find out about the popular Golden Canes seniors health and safety program.

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tal health. The local men’s shed will also present on the night. They are local organisations that are founded on the principal of providing support and assistance to men in the community. Lastly but not least we have our resident GP Dr Reza Rayni speaking on general men’s health including prostate, diabetes, and other lifestyle issues affecting men’s health. Nibbles and drinks will be provided on the night. Please RSVP to assist with catering to 3882 5200 or to See you on the night.

COME and join us at Cashmere Medical Centre for a night focusing on men’s health. The men’s health night will be held on July 13, at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. We have four presenters on the night, each focusing on different elements of men’s health. We are located at shop 11, 1 Warra Lane, Cashmere (IGA complex). Firstly we have Richard Edwards from The Heart Foundation with a focus on active living for a healthy heart, and warning signs for a heart attack. Our resident psychologist Maria Buglar is also speaking with a focus on men’s men-

Spinal Injuries Australia Pauline Davis, general manager, personal support and home care services Spinal Injuries Australia. New members are welcome. For more information please ring the facilitator Albert on 3381 0976.

SPINAL Injuries Australia Brisbane Post Polio Network will meet at 2pm on Saturday, August 8 at Spinal Injuries Australia, 109 Logan Road, Woolloongabba (entrance and parking off Balaclava Street). Guest speaker will be

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July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 25

Nutrition and physical activity is the centre of our health HEALTHOLOGY Integrated Health Services is a team of occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and dietitians who work together to provide a professional, friendly and supportive service to better the health of our senior community. Together as a multidisciplinary team, our health professional’s work coherently to provide a treatment plan that can benefit the holistic health needs through individualised nutritional and exercise programs. Our exercise physiologists are qualified health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise and rehabilitation programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. Exercise programs are individualised and specific to injury or chronic condition and to the client’s physical capabilities. We offer oneon-one consultations, hydrotherapy, home visits and group classes (falls prevention, seniors). Our accredited practicing dietitians offer professional

advice to assist with the understanding of the relationship between food and health to prevent and treat disease, such as those listed above. Consultations generally involve collecting and assessing information relating to health and nutritional status, identifying goals, developing plans and strategies to achieve health goals. Together our health professionals can prescribe an effective program to suit your conditions, goals and needs. Some of the chronic conditions and injuries our programs treat include, but are not limited to, weight management and obesity, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and pre-diabetes, arthritis, joint replacements, chronic pain, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and more. Entitled clients may be referred through their general practitioner. There will be no out of pocket cost involved for those who have a DVA or Medicare referral. Private health fund rebates are also available. Eligible individuals can get

National Diabetes Week 2015

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are integral to aging well.

up to five bulk-billed visits through a Medicare referral from their general practitioner. Those who have diabetes may also qualify for a referral from their general practitioner to participate with no out of

pocket expenses in our diabetes management exercise program. Clinics are located at Aspley, Carseldine, Clontarf, Chermside, Deagon, Logan, Macgregor, Mt Gravatt, Nundah, Redcliffe,

Teneriffe and Woolloongabba. For more information about our programs please contact us toll free on 1800813113, email or visit our website

DESPITE diabetes increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer, research conducted by Diabetes Australia shows people find the numbers hard to believe. Participants in a recent qualitative research study were shocked to learn about 280 people developed diabetes every day and diabetes would become our number one burden of disease within the next five years. Diabetes Australia has developed a campaign to launch in National Diabetes Week, July 12–18, to raise awareness of the seriousness of the disease. The national television advertisement features 280 images of people with diabetes. The images represent the 280 people who develop diabetes every day in Australia. The aim of the campaign is to increase knowledge and understanding. For information go to www.diabetes


*.-'1), +3)3,. *.3-$* 2()2.&)%4 2*&()12 2()01$1()% ! 1)/#&1.% $*&(#,* .".&21%. ! )#$&1$1() %#''(&$ '&(,&3+% .2; B<<;69+569 -6BG5- >;A3688+ACBG8 <BC -6G> FA2 EBCB06&>;6/6C5% ' =6B;5 "+86B86 ' 42C0 "+86B86 ' "+B?6568 ' $;5-;+5+8 ( 7A+C5 ,B+C ' #BGBC<6 BC9 :C96>6C96C<6 ' @25 ,;A?6GE8 ( $GG6;0+68 ' D6+0-5 4A88 ' *2BG+5F A3 4+36

D6 <BC >;A/+96 FA2 I+5-% ' 125;+5+ACBG BCBGF8+8&>GBC8 ' 125;+5+ACBG 02+9BC<6 ' !H6;<+86 >;A0;BE8 ' )6-B?+G+5B5+AC ' =F9;A5-6;B>F ' @;A2> !H6;<+86 ' =AE6 /+8+58

)9 B2G+%B-GG DGG /-8-58 % CA A25 A6 >A?+95 9H>9C898 -6 FA2 0D/9 D ;969;;DG' )9 D;9 ;93-859;9< I-50 509 7*:& .9<-?D;9 ( ,;-/D59 49DG50 1C82;9;8 5&(./" ! 35'&/.10*/ ! 32/',&01/ ! 3.)*%5'- ! 1/5+)* ! .)+5* ,% +'5$5%% ! ,53'/+)' ! '/13.0--/ ! %/*/'0--/ ! #))..))*+5445 III$09DG50AGA3F$?AE$D2 ,0= "@## @"! ""! Page 26 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 27

Is your pet microchipped? MICROCHIPPING makes it easier to be reunited with your lost pet. Brisbane City Council is offering to microchip your dog or cat for a discounted fee. A microchip is a permanent form of electronic identification. The microchip implant is about the size of a grain of rice and causes no discomfort to your pet. It contains your contact details which are recorded on an animals record database for the life of your pet. This means Fido and Puss can be identified Australiawide and safely returned to you if they become lost. For more information on when the next discounted microchipping event will be in your area, visit or call council on 3403 8888.

Boomers aging at home must be on guard against scammers MANY baby boomers have an age-in-place agenda; they don’t plan to leave their current homes until they are well into retirement – and may never relocate at all – according to a new survey. “When an elder is healthy and socially active surrounded with friends or family, they will want to remain in their homes,” says probate lawyer and author Kristi Hood. “If they have confidence that someone will always be just a phone call away, they will want to stay in their own home.” This trend toward inertia is pervasive and potentially problematic: many Australians aged 50 and over plan to live in their current homes until they’re 80 or older, and the average age they say they intend to stay in their current homes until is 79. But aging at home offers no guarantee of safety, and retirees can be left particularly vulnerable. Older Australians run a greater risk of being taken advantage of when it comes to dealing with re-

pairmen, and letting a virtual stranger into their home can really increase this anxiety. A US federal consumer network, which collects consumer complaints and makes them available to law enforcement, found 26% of all fraud complaints were made by people 60 and older. And frauds targeting this most-

commonly bamboozled demographic are on the rise. It’s not difficult for con artists to gain access to seniors’ homes and information. Even handy types eventually find themselves in need of outside experts. “When a home repair is needed, it’s important that older homeowners have someone reliable they can

turn to,” say experts on aging. “They should consider a home repair service plan that gives them access to local, licensed and insured contractors that have already been pre-vetted for them.” The most common home emergency for boomers involves home heating or air-conditioning units with

the next most-common issue blocked or overflowing toilets, followed by electrical problems. Requesting references from previous customers or searching online reviews will help older Australians make more informed decisions when selecting a contractor to perform repairs. Retirees should also be clear about who will be arriving at their home, and at what time on the designated day, and should ask the representative to show a photo ID upon arrival. “Many scammers use official-looking stationary to appear as if the mail is coming from Medicare our other health services,” says Jack Halpern, CEO of an elder care franchise that works with families to navigate the health care system. “There are also door-todoor sales people who scam seniors with house or car-fixing scams, and when elders loss their assets to [scammers] and they need care, they will have to look to welfare,” he said.

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Page 28 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

Pension legislation hits hip pocket of wealthy

ALTHOUGH having a current will and enduring power of attorney are the basis of good estate planning, there are other important issues that need to be taken into consideration. When deciding how best to protect yourself and your estate it is wise to look carefully at how your property and superannuation affairs are structured. One effective tool for dealing with superannuation entitlements is to consider making a binding death benefit nomination. In general terms this form of nomination will ensure that superannuation trustees clearly know how you wish to have your entitlement di-

vided. There are strict rules around how nominations are prepared, worded and signed so getting sound legal and financial advice to ensure your wishes are respected is vital. If you have a self-managed superannuation fund it is important to ensure that it is clear who will control that fund when you die. A properly drawn will can avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes occur in this increasingly important area so that it is clear who will manage your fund. When it comes to real property many clients also need to consider how to ensure it can be effectively transferred under their es-

tate. For example, the situation may be very different for a husband and wife who have owned their home for a long time against those who own property in a blended family. There may also be issues relating to a loved one continuing to live in the family home before it is gifted to other beneficiaries. An enormous amount of stress and expense can be avoided if your will correctly reflects your wishes well in advance. For more information about your will, enduring power of attorney and other affairs phone Kennedy Spanner Lawyers 4639 2944.

The measures will reduce pensions for 235,756 seniors, cut 91,378 people from the part-pension and give 171,658 retirees about $15 a week extra. The government says the legislation ensures pensions are fairer, better targeted and sustainable. Independent senator Jacqui Lambie opposed the bill. “It deliberately creates winners and losers in a gen-

eration that knows the meaning of hard work and sacrifice,” she said. Fellow crossbencher Glenn Lazarus implored the government to stop targeting those who were unable to protect themselves. He says he is concerned retirees banking on their pensions won’t have time to make alternative arrangements before the changes come into effect in January 2017.

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64+330332"77# ,$322"4% *(4.0( 21G;G8 70 3+4' 7(++ )33'34% ,$322"4% &"771%( 33+7 )(/( -/27(# 8#2(0510!(. 34.3 3')) *10"4+17( ,$322"4% *(4.0( 33(/ 47))


Wills and estate planning – the value of good advice

MANY thousands of retirees with substantial assets will lose their pensions after legislation to tighten eligibility passed the Senate on June 22, hours after it cleared the House of Representatives. The Greens backed the bill – which cuts payments for pensioner couples who own $823,000 in assets outside their family home – after agreeing to a deal with the Abbott government.

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July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 29

Knit your bit Saturdays

In June we celebrated our 50th anniversary with a wonderful meeting and a beautiful cake. Four of our life members, Gwen, Margaret, Jane and Daphne were on hand to help us cut the cake.

Stafford Garden Club

'Doing his bit' for the war effort, ca 1917. SLQ record no. 438068.

DURING the First World War, craft acted as a therapeutic and moralebuilding activity for the loved ones of soldiers. Whilst the tradition of wartime crafting - particularly knitting, darning and sewing - often conjures ideas of missing

loved ones and sadness, this project frames this act as a positive one. Crafters thoughtfully made something to comfort those far away, resulting in a physical, tangible object of love. Crafting towards a common good connected fa-

3*+!&)#9 8''&% , 3+&**(% (&!+$'$"% )",$!& *$#,!$',

;44 '974.1- 5 '+/.A739J+ '..A> $9-B++ $+>? < #+I =37916+>> =3++6 &A966> 20 "$31


87$2 8457"1 65.0 ./5 6$"1.5-

DEF =3A.1B+A :+6-+- &A966> C =3++6 *7A> =H+/976 @73+> ).A "+1>9.1+A> %.1B +>37269>?+=0HH69+A !07693G "A.-0/3> 73 (.4H+3939J+ "A9/+>

7399 4+/&:'+ - 5:(#+

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.6, !!*% 8)))

milies to their absent loved ones and to their community at home. Join the Stitchery Collective for group craft to collaboratively crochet, construct and decorate an ever-growing comforter. Enjoy the beautiful SLQ Gallery and connect with

WITH the colder weather now on our doorstep, Energy and Water Ombudsman Forbes Smith is reminding Queenslanders to watch their energy consumption during the cooler months. “Many people contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) for assistance with high energy bills, especially after a cold winter,” Mr Smith said. “It’s important to stay comfortable during a cold winter but it’s equally as important to keep costs down for you and your family.” Mr Smith said the increased use of heaters or

" !2)&/&2)&2+& " '&+(,#*$ " .&-+& 0% 1#2)

$() '*)+& !'$"+$'#%

$3?>+=+B1 93+>#!5 #B= &B=:9:B=:B!:@ ;+C/ C/: 0:!A3+C5 ?7 93?8+D+C5 C? 7#D+)56 '):B=#): '3#BB5 (#"+B0 93?>+=: !?D7?3C#"):@ 0:)7-!?BC#+B:= #!!?DD?=#C+?B 7?3 :)=:3)5 3:)#C+>:0 ?B C/: 0#D: 0+C: #0 C/: 7#D+)5 /?D:6

$ )6"! -((( ;0:8;9", 53"/,03" %4/"!; $ * &"0! ;:!7.:7!03 40!!0/:& $ )6"! '+ &"0!; "2#"!8"/." $ 1/,8;#7:", 8/,7;:!& 3"0,"!


=(!"#*2"=@ $8%% 5"2% "@5:%'2"=@5 *@& &%5"#@ *55"52*@'% */*"!*(!% 1.+0%+ %+*- ,+ ,(&+ '*)(&,0$'(* (* !.+*-0.+ !&0**# "0/'*% %3E%30E%+00 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 *==3:00 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 $E(6666666666666666666666666666666 $/?B: 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

Page 30 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

of the most striking and beautiful settings in Australia. The club meets on Thursday, July 16 at the OES Hall, cnr Kitchener and Bohland streets, Kedron. The ladies will have their usual trade table. Come at 9.30am for a cup of tea and a chat before the meeting. Visitors are always welcome. The meeting starts at 10am. For more information phone Gloria on 3355 4703 or Kaye on 3357 7660.

Don’t get shocked by high electricity costs this winter

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&4)1>F, 8BCD '-+FF.63A? 79E0 $8%%'*!! E<00 <0E ;E0

fellow crafters in this free, hands-on activity. The Stitchery Collective group meets on the first and third Saturday of each month until July 25, from 10am-5pm at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) Gallery, Level 2.

OUR guest speaker for July is Gary Entwistle, curator for the Southbank Parklands, which comprise 17 hectares of lush gardens and lawns lining the southern bank of the river. South Bank has had many names and many identities - from a hunting and gathering place for local indigenous people, to industrial prosperity, then industrial wasteland. In the space of a few short years, the industrial area was transformed into one

gas for heating hot water during these months can significantly increase energy bills, which could bring an unwelcome surprise at the end of the billing cycle. “The last thing you want is a nasty shock at the end of the season when you open your electricity or gas bill,” he said. “Ensure you check your appliances for damage as faulty, old and inefficient appliances can cause a significant increase in the total amount of energy used in your home or business. “A licensed electrical contractor can check your appliances for faults if you believe there is a problem.

“Other ways to help reduce your energy bills include replacing worn or damaged fridge seals, using energyefficient light bulbs, turning appliances you are not using off at the wall, insulating walls and ceilings and only using washing machines, dryers and dishwashers at full capacity. “Also, remember to set your air conditioner to an energy-efficient 18°C in winter and seal gaps and close doors, windows and curtains to heat rooms quicker and keep them at a comfortable temperature for longer.” Mr Smith said people often underestimated how much

energy they use at home. “On average, one family could save over $170 on their energy bill per year if they use a clothes line to dry their clothes rather than the dryer for five loads a week.* “People also forget that household appliances use significant amounts of electricity in standby mode – when the appliance is not in use but is still turned on at the wall. So if you’re not using it, turn it off at the wall where practical.”

*According to the online energy savings calculator with the following factors: Clothes dryer unit size: 5 kg 2400 watts, Minutes per load: 60, Loads per week: 5 Days, per year: 365 days

Got the wet weather mouldy blues? NO WONDER they call them rain depressions! With mould sprouting like mushrooms on walls and ceilings, nobody can feel happy. But there’s a terrific recipe for removing mould which doesn’t include nasty, eco-unfriendly bleach – it’s good old oil of cloves. You can purchase it at your pharmacy. Sometimes it comes already diluted with water or sometimes it’s pure and you need to use half a

teaspoon in a litre of water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the mould (patch test first to make sure it doesn’t damage the surface), then leave for a few hours. Wipe off with a wet cloth to remove the mould. So-

metimes it may need a scrub with a brush to get rid of stubborn mould. Then spray a little more on the area and leave it to stop mould growing back. This works on tiles, grouting, walls and ceilings. A word of warning – make sure it doesn’t fall in your eyes when spraying the ceiling It’s best to wear protective eye glasses. Mouldy shower curtain? No worries! Just spray the solution on and leave overnight and wash it as usual the next day.

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 31

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:,?31' /:53:7( '41(* +!B?D K!BN6$6B?D 56?#6B?$D /6<>B?D .<6@=!D JB:#$B<D +!?!?$ /1.IF ;H;ELGO /L9Q/ I#B:BD ONB?8:&D 0#!$B8:&D /:&8B?$ R 7#&?$(6

Latin American Tours IS MONEY important when you are planning a trip? Of course it is and you have to have plenty of value for it. We make sure that we make your dollar go further when you book an escorted tour or you create your own itinerary. We know the places, where to eat, where to buy that special present, and where to have fun in a safe environment. We pride ourselves not only to be knowledgeable and passionate about Latin America but also aware of what we Australians love and how we like to travel.

This is what some of our passengers have to say: ■ This was a tour packed with the “WOW” factor! Definitely the best land tour we have done. Having one’s own personal travel agents accompany us for the entire time was the crown on this ‘Trip of Nature’s & Ancient man’s Wonders’. A busy trip, not for the faint-hearted, although it can be self paced. Highly recommended. – Mike & Karen, Coolum Beach ■ My first day with the Latin American Tour group was in Buenos Aires starting off with a blast of a night at the Tango dance

hall. I fulfilled my longtime dream of being at Machu Pichu. Shared my Oz lollies at Cuzco Plaza. Stella was our very special and very knowledgeable leader. A most memorable trip and will certainly encourage anyone who is interested to follow this path. Another tick off my “bucket list”…Mexico next here I come! Many thanks to Stella and Horacio. – Lily, Mooloolaba ■ …having always resisted the temptation to travel with group tours at any level, any such resistance soon proved to be of no concern once we arrived with Stella and her team in

Latin America. Her local knowledge, eye for detail, a touch of difference and individual care made the tour a breeze and incredibly enjoyable. The bonus is that I have also made lifelong friends with other members of the tour, which made for one of the most exciting and fun trips I have experienced. – Felix, Melbourne Contact us for your next adventure and find it for yourself at Phone:5492 5274, Stella 0400 193 040, Horacio 0466 721 446.

1(' 91(64*1&31):3 7*1-/*B .48><A=; 7082%0$ 8# ;<A /"@2!+ 0+&*'("(%9<8( 9<=";9((<%= <%-#7/<%=2 R,N44W4F 6JN4,1W4 ) A;L;!, L);4;!G R(;),1)NO1! :J,1O1 :1O1); R1)!;A /JT"14F DJ41L,;!G 'CXRE# DJF1J 8!J=JL? &N4"N14F 916JNL K1L"F1! IW0;L,J)T D1!T;, -W*;,14? 'GF"N! ) K1+1T" 9JOT ENO,N!; K1+1T" SJ!L; VWAW4F &;6J4L,!1$J4 <;L,;!4 ,;!6W4NL +, ;"( 8!;1, <1OO -;!!1)J=1 <1!!WJ!L ) 8W14, :14A1L

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Page 32 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

Wallam Creek campsite

The town that refuses to die by Colleen Povall LIKE all outback towns, Bollon is doing it tough. There’s no longer a servo. Even the pub had to close its doors temporarily earlier this year and if a pub shuts down, you know a place is in trouble. There’s no grocery store as such. The café and the feed stock store sell basic necessities and for the rest, locals face the 120km drive to St George. But Bollon is not going down without a fight. In an attempt to attract the tourist dollar they

have created a beautiful campsite on Wallam Creek, free for travellers to pull up, have a drink by an open fire and, best of all, wash the dust off with a wonderful hot shower before bedding down for the night. While you yarn with your fellow travellers you can enjoy the local birdlife – brolgas, emus, butcherbirds, and, when the creek is flowing as it is just now, cormorants and ducks. All of this at no charge but the good folk of Bollon ask that you make a donation to keep their Bush

Nursing Centre operating. Last time I checked they were saving hard for a defibrillator. Hopefully they’ve achieved their goal and have moved on to the next lifesaving device. And where is this bighearted town, you may ask? It lies between St George and Cunnamulla. If you like an easy stroll before lunch, there is a concrete path along the creek that leads into the town and the handy pub just across the road. The path is lined with colour-

ful plaques describing local history and nature. Another ‘must-visit’ place is the local heritage centre, where enthusiastic locals can regale you with interesting snippets of history. The locals are friendly, love a chat and are always ready with advice on road conditions for the traveller. Grey nomads, like everyone else, are always on the lookout for great bargains when it comes to travel and Bollon’s Wallam Creek Campsite is hard to beat.

Reversing that caravan by Allan Blackburn THE joys of caravanning are many and varied – the feeling of freedom, the independence, the sightseeing, the relaxation, lack of commitments, the list goes on. But one of the joys rarely experienced by the uninitiated is watching other couples try to reverse their van. Of course, it is one of those peculiar aspects of life where everyone else is an expert. In a caravan park it is one of the more enjoyable pastimes to sit back in one’s folding chair and watch the new arrivals try to get their van onto their site. Van reversing techniques fall into several categories. One of the most common is the Arm Wavers. In this method one spouse stands in a spot where the driver can’t see them and madly waves both arms, usually in different directions at once. The driver can only use trial and error – turn the steering wheel any way and see what response it brings. It is truly amazing how ma-

ny different ways there are to wave two arms. A side effect of this style is that the driver often gets a kinked neck from trying to turn around in a vain attempt to find the other spouse. One disadvantage with this technique is that it usually degenerates into using another method when the van gets jack-knifed. A commonly heard phrase is “well you do it!” Another frequently observed routine is Shouting. It is necessary to shout loudly as the guiding spouse usually stands a long way from the driver and has to make an effort to be heard above the madly revving engine. Phrases like “not that way, the other way, no the other way” and “more yet” or “you just hit the tree” ring out across the park. Laughter from amassed onlookers does not help the hassled driver. These two previous methods are usually combined with Standing Behind the Van. Obviously, it is best for the guiding spouse to stand at the back of the van – they can then see exactly

what is going on and where the obstacles are. The only trouble is the poor driver hasn’t got a clue what is happening. It is the norm for tempers to fray rather rapidly between partners while attempting to get their mobile dwelling parked on the allotted space. Friends of mine really dread reversing onto a site and will go to several caravan parks until they find one with drivethrough sites. Divorce proceedings have been pending on several occasions when the inevitable misunderstanding escalates, tempers fray, blood pressure rises and nobody wins. When they arrive home from a trip their neighbour rushes out and offers to put the van in its spot. He hates the sight of blood. One couple was recently spotted using a walkie-talkie. She was moving around giving very clear directions while he calmly did as he was told. Their large van was quickly unhitched and the cuppa soon on the table. That was no fun for the audience.

In all seriousness, backing a van can be a real hassle – but it need not be. Here is the method my wife and I use. We have tested it over the years and avid onlookers around the country have applauded it. A starting condition is to have both the car’s front windows wound down. The spouse outside the car stands beside one of the open windows and faces the van, that is, faces the rear of the car. All the driver has to do is sit comfortably and listen. Shouting is not required as the guiding spouse is right alongside the driver. It does not matter which side of the car one stands, the one giving the best view is obviously preferable. The secret of this method’s success is this: if the rear of the van needs to go to the right, tell the driver “right hand down” - the van will then move in the correct direction. If the rear of the van needs to go to the left, the command is “left hand down”. Fine-tuning the turn of the steering wheel can regulate the rate of turn of the van.

%#&& **% ((! LLL*X8T!!R8P6=9X*%8:

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L^Ub.@:ZS 4-;J%;kFT 3%OkFT 4==Y**Y#%+-Y(T 3Y9;-(HT _k%BFT \-F%F K j;%+9-+-kF )Bk%Fk =%BB 9F JY; J9BB -+-(k;%;M #k+%-BF

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78 ^-H/+F +Y9;-(H +/k ZY9+/ LFB%(# ^kd Ak%B%(#T L(=B9#-(H ?;k%DJ%F+F %(# Jk%+9;k #-((k;F >B9F 6 J9BB #%MF %+ +/k [%;?-;#F Yhk; [%(%D%R 4-;F/Yd F/Yd=%F-(H FY*k YJ +/k dY;B#NF ?kF+ kO%*>BkF YJ [[LL eM-(H %-;=;%P -( %=&Y(R

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72 ^-H/+F '9%B-+M 4==Y*T W;k%DJ%F+ K #-((k;F #%-BMT b9O9;M UY%=/T bY=%B j9-#kT QM#k( [%hk ]Y=DT :F>k;%(=kNF Z+Y(k/k(HkT 3/k \%BBkM YJ +/k j-%(+FT _%;H%;k+ ]-hk; [-(k;-kFT 3/k )-((%=BkF YJ ^%*?9(HR


7!6 7!6T89 ,L=9 -V)6! !J S2M? -@O? 3M4 -=9X;! TP77;!:!9R DY((

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f ^-H/+F 4==Y* U%F+%d%M QY+kBT @%-BM W;k%DJ%F+T W9F/ [%BDT f @-((k;FT Q%BJ @%M E;-k(+%&Y( 3Y9;T _9&(M Y( +/k WY9(+M Z/YdT "Bk+=/k;NF _9&(M UM=BY;%*%T [Y(#k;B%(# ?M ^-H/+T U/;-F&%(NF jB%FF WYVY* WY%+ %(# *Y;k

c ^-H/+F '9%B-+M QY+kB 4==Y* 7 ^-H/+ _-BJY;# ZY9(# Ehk;(-H/+ U;9-Fk UYYDk# W;k%DJ%F+ @%-BMT @-((k; ^-H/+BMR ZY=-%B =;Y<9k+ J9( d-+/ Y9; g-d- =Y9F-(FR "9BBM kF=Y;+k# ?M % jY Zkk 3Y9;-(H F+%G *k*?k;R

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July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 33

St Helena Island cruise and tour IN JUNE, the Redcliffe City Mixed Probus Club enjoyed a memorable day outing to St Helena Island in inner Moreton Bay. With the winter cold and overcast skies, plus a bit of walking ahead, we all came fully prepared as we boarded the MV Lady Brisbane at the Redcliffe Jetty. It was in 1867 that the government signed a proclamation that St Helena Island was to be our first penal settlement in Queensland. The last prisoner left the island in1932, and in 1979 the island became our first historic National Park. The Penal settlement was set up to be self-sufficient in every way with crops and industries. Most people are probably aware of Port Arthur in Tasmania as a reminder of our past penal history, however, a guided tour of St Helena Island will also have an effect on you. The informative tour guide explains the history of all the various structures to the walking group as we stop at each stark ruin. At the restored chief war-

Mavis Adams, Ailsa Loch, June Conroy, Denise McIntosh on the jetty at Redcliffe.

denâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quarters and museum we reflected on the past grim days with the prison artefacts and photos. Among the historic stone ruins are the prisonersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; quarters, the many varied workshops and separate cemeteries. Besides all these past relics, we admired the beautiful setting of this island with great views to the Brisbane CBD and the bayside suburbs. We were also fascinated by the farm with the quality cattle, and especially the hundreds of wallabies that roamed the island. For information about our club, please phone 3885 9484.

Dave Liston, Shirley Davey, Rosslyn Broadbent, Robert Broadbent, Allan Shoemark, Joe Russo on St Helena Island.

#1*260+) 7,$*) 5 7*6"14 8OO 5;497 7#;M< !<-O4+) 9)549< #;=) 59@<7')97 C 69!7>@<) G)59;:;O!5@< 89)@B

,O=LT ,=/9O OT1-TH ;=H

9O1N0/J=0 )C+% F 521TNLLH20 ,( 5; ," 3)-)=>)9 ,?.& ( +@K7 A * <!%#57 '9;= R.*SS :: 5M!< 7#@9) ;9 7!<%O)

., 5; .* /):5)=>)9 ,?.& , 3@K7 A . F!%#5 '9;= R(QS:: 5M!< 7#@9)

IT, HT=1 F /=IQ=L55J= 1T051/ *? 3)-)=>)9 ,?.& 5; , J@<4@9K ,?.$ ( +@K7 A * <!%#57 '9;= RQQQ :: 5M!< 7#@9)

0.I 41NI9T00 3.TTI0L=I7 91.N0T

0T= 41NI9T00 91.N0T F 05./O 4=9NSN9 Q 5; ,? F;2)=>)9 ,?.$ '9;= R.SQ? E!<5)9!;9 -@>!<D

( 5; .. 1-5;>)9 ,?.& S 3@K7 A " F!%#57 '9;= R.,&? :: 5M!< 7#@9) !<5)9!;9 -@>!<

5-T1INQO/ T09=4T /OT 9O=II5I

# &' !&"%%$% " 5; S F;2)=>)9 ,?.& , +@K7 A . <!%#5 L9;= R(S& :)9 :)97;< 5M!< 7#@9)

I51S5LM N0L=I7 K IT, HT=1 )C+$ K )C+" ," 3)-)=>)9 ,?.$ 5; * J@<4@9K ,?." I L9;= R*("? :)9 :)97;< 5M!< 7#@9) 0@K +):;7!5 >K *? F;2)=>)9 ,?.& N 7@2) R..? $#$%!%&""

1NIQ I5, S51 =LL ;159O.1T0

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%WW 5RU'P 1@D(G 9@>!A(D &C"% N TBD!UV #'>BDA<?#'>BDA<:@8><DA(:>D6'UE*@BED8 Page 34 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

H!-)<-) F; S C 86FP ,"S$,.Q."((

3%+'&$.0 2/)(* !'/+, - ")& 1'#&% = %$/1 ?XX=f 0$1Z$Y]$

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D .CC:ZZ:@$Q]:Y $Q ` 1Q$2 '$]2Y1 JK>>Y1[$Y@>2 D R>$[1 :Y Q:K2 D e:2_>:K1 e2>>Y a1[$Y@ D L$2:Y>[[$ L$2\A aYY]1<$][A FC>Y]C '$11:G$2/ ':$1Q D L:2Q %:K_[$1A R:11Z$Y e:2_>A %$]YQ2>> H]I>2 '2K]1> D F\/2$][A UK2$Y@$A R$2>>b$ Q: W$6K>1 ':<<>> L[$YQ$Q]:Y D c>[8<K[ <KY Q:K2 ^:1Q

$'=+ 0=+E6< A2)< E,%+= 0B8E %00B)"%#B= +%)B 7%+=- &)<.B= E800 @;9/

$'=+ 0=+E6< A2)< E,%+=&)<.B= E800 @1:/

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")%+ 1)$'.0& ! &(*-.0& #0.1),0/ $ *BB A68+E E8#C="A A6 ",%<.=E !8= A6 8<76+=E==< ")+"8?EA%<"=E(<"B8!=E A+%5=B A)?=-

5+$( 6*-(4%+( #22(-/0%4%0+. !+)1 ,""3&3'&"

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"!'' &#(( %)) $$&

GGG7_2>$QI$[K>^:[]@$/17C:Z7$K #B ]Y<:d_2>$QI$[K>^:[]@$/17C:Z7$K

,(&/ +&/"$ $(#&% "*0 0/%$'*"$'(*% 1".. -(& !&(1)#&/


D .CC:ZZ:@$Q]:Y '^$2[>I][[> " +$2C$[@]Y>

; %$/1 ?9`XX 8>2 8>21:Y QG]Y 1^$2> 8[K1 $88[]C$b[> 2$][ <$2>

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 35


m o r f s g n i Greet

Chicken Alaska

Population: 7

by Allan Blackburn NO, THIS is not about a delicious, mouth-watering, delectable, haute cuisine variation of poultry. Rather, it is about the quirky town of Chicken in the US state of Alaska. Situated way out in the vast wilderness, Chicken had a population of seven in the last census. Even so, it is a town sharply divided into Upper Chicken and Lower Chicken, with bitter rivalry between the factions. It was not always so. In the heydays of the late 1890s, gold was king. As the Johnny Horton song goes,

“North to Alaska, they’re goin’ north, the rush is on.” Thousands of miners and probably even more hangers-on endured the harsh trek to the goldfields. A town rapidly developed. Resources were scarce, particularly food. The inhabitants relied heavily on a bird called a ptarmigan, a medium-sized game bird. Ptarmigans abounded in prodigious numbers and provided food, bedding and even leather for the locals. The people were so indebted to the bird that when it came time to choose a name for the town, it was decided to call

it Ptarmigan. Trouble was nobody knew how to spell this word. The solution was simple – call the place Chicken, everyone knew how to spell that. And so the name stuck. Inevitably, the gold dwindled and so did the population. Now only a handful remain, eking out an existence chiefly based on tourism. In summer there can be as many as 30 in the settlement. It is one of the few remaining gold rush towns in Alaska. Perhaps its bestknown inhabitant was a teacher called Anne Hobbs whose story of

bravery and endurance was told in the book Tisha, set in the 1920s. A few years ago we visited Chicken on a coach tour. The gravel road was called the Taylor Highway – “due to be sealed the year pigs fly”! In Upper Chicken there were three buildings including a saloon. Its walls and ceiling were covered with dirty baseball caps, its floor filthy, its proprietor looked like he had just came from wrestling with a bear. The ambience did not encourage us to linger. A short distance away, in Lower Chicken, there was a general store-cum-gift

shop. The female owner came out and started abusing our tour guide for stopping at Upper Chicken first. The tirade continued for some time. Worried for the safety of our guide, several of us hastily grabbed some postcards and proffered money for them. This appeared to placate her and things calmed down. A nearby road sign stated: “25 lovely people plus one old grump.” Apparently we had met the grump. It was a unique experience and we all learned something, including our guide who learned to always go to Lower Chicken first.

UNTIL recently, Cambodia was considered part of the ‘hippy trail’ – somewhat off-the-track and certainly lesser known than Asian ‘hotspots’ such as Hong Kong or Bali. However, Cambodia offers the visitor the chance to walk amongst ancient relics, catch glimpses of a French colonial past and gain an insight into a rapidly developing Asian nation. Formerly known as Kampuchea Capital City: Phnom Penh Other important cities/ town: Siem Riep, Battambang, Sihanoukville Language: Khmer (English spoken in tourist areas) Currency: Cambodian riel; $US also used Population: Approx. 15 million King: Norodom Sihamoni Religion: Majority are Theravada Buddhist Australian passport holders require an entry visa – available on-line Major attractions and things to do: Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Landmine museum, Royal Palace, Tonle Sap (giant inland lake), shopping in local markets, sampling local cuisine, taking a tuk-tuk ride

Probus Club enjoy river cruise

!1. /33 #1*. ($100"2% @=&=$!> /5E:GAC ( ;=$CB>$G ,"5CA 9>$AGE75$! 8"=E &'0/.+"2% ).",-/2'

@4@<H 2@+-@;+0H ( ;086<+0H

E<*K3)'7L - (#97 >5 I3=3<)! D>9M'57 - ,;39 D;<51!KK' J D>9G 4>!9<*9;77 0>9M - D>K'<G 4#''7' H>*5;9G



Probus Club members Brian, Ian, Gerry, Terry, Paul and Les enjoying the river cruise.

('0#/,+ (.')#-4


?8D6< * .E>C35$G +5% 8"=E 1G5!GE 4#'*M ;5#'9 2>G ,;397 )':>95!<$ '>*# +')<'7)>G J .>539)>G C;;7> J .3<7#!<' 4;>75 F!<5'9K><) ,;39 ? O&N .'<!;97 .:'*!>K B!<*K3)'7 C;;7> /!1'9 H'99G 493!7'@ 83759>K!> A;; H3KK 2>G ,;39 ? O"% .'<!;97 .:'*!>K

H;9 6;;M!<$7 *>KK &%** &53 !35 /, *$2* %5& 3!& ''')FA"=E)#"&)5=

Page 36 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

PROBUS Club members recently enjoyed a one-anda-half hour cruise on the Brisbane River complete with a delicious Devonshire tea. The club has an active membership of retired and semi-retired women and men from diverse backgrounds; teachers, medical profession, police force, armed forces, tourist indus-

try, corporate world etc. Social co-ordinators Rosemary and Paul organise an amazing variety of activities, something to suit every member. The monthly dinner group is popular along with picnics in the park, walk and talk coffee mornings, visits to places of interest, day at the races including a tour behind the scenes, car rally

and Christmas in July where everyone gets into the spirit of things. Car pooling is organised so that all members who want to attended events are included. The club meets at Bribie Island RSL on the second Tuesday each month at 9.15am for a 9.30 start. Visitors and new members are most welcome.

Air transport tips


■ GET tech savvy (if you don’t know how your kids will help you). Check with your airline to determine if there are options for web, kiosk or mobile phone check-in to save time when you arrive at the airport. ■ Hold the stress and understand your airline’s baggage requirements. Check with your airline to ensure that you have the latest information about baggage restrictions. Be prepared if any extra charges may apply to you. If you have any items that you are unsure about, check with your airline prior to arriving at the airport so that you can avoid any unnecessary surprises or delays while checking in for your flight. ■ Gifts – Unless your present is intended for the security personnel, it is best to keep all of your items (including those packed in your checked baggage) unwrapped until you arrive at your destination point. Don’t be “that person” in the security line (you know

who you are!) ■ Don’t hold up the line. Ensure that all personal toiletry items such as liquids, aerosols and gels are packaged in containers with a capacity of 100 ml/100 grams (3.4 oz) or less. The containers must fit comfortably in one clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag, with a capacity of no more than 1 litre. One plastic bag per person is allowed and must be removed from carry-on

Where: Stanthorpe, Qld What: The ‘chilly, but charming’ heart of the Granite Belt region Why: Wineries, dining, olive orchards, strawberry farms, nation al parks Bonus: Comfortable two-hour drive from Toowoomba, very well-resourced Tourist Information Centre

baggage. Any containers over 100 ml should be placed in checked baggage. All liquid food in your carry-on (for example, yogurt, pudding, peanut butter or jam) must be in containers of 100 ml or less. ■ Still unsure about the rules? You are responsible for making sure that you have the proper identification and travel documentation for yourself and your children as required by the country of destination.

Penny Gate WE TOOK a ferry tour of the islands off Oban but unfortunately the fog rolled in and although the guide kept up his commentary, “And if you look out the port – that’s the left hand side for you landlubbers – you will see

the house once owned by Oswald Mosley, leader of the English Fascist Party”. We looked in vain but saw only swirling clouds of mist and the vague shape of colourless mountains in the background.

On Mull we saw the Penny Gate through which passengers once had to pass. If they could fit through with their bags they paid landing tax of 1d., but if they couldn’t fit thought they had to pay 2d.! – Kenn Rogers




EAT In keeping with the Italian heritage of many of Stanthorpe’s residents, Anna’s Restaurant features an extensive buffet of Italian cuisine ($29.90 per person on Friday nights, including tea and coffee); Many local vineyards offer free tastings of their boutique wines. SLEEP Stanthorpe Top of Town Tourist Park has caravan sites from $30 per night; Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park’s standard cabins are available from $75 per night DO Enjoy the dramatic boulder scenery of Girraween National Park. Walking trails to suit a variety of fitness levels, helpful and friendly ranger staff on-site, great day-use areas with barbecue and picnic facilities. Free entry, open seven days.

EAT Whiskey Gully Wines and Beverly Vineyard Restaurant offers fine dining within a colonial homestead setting. Meals are teamed with their selection of award-winning wines. SLEEP Alure Stanthorpe has self-contained, insulated luxury villas and tents complete with outdoor spas from $440 per night. The price includes a Taste-ofthe-Granite Belt continental breakfast basket featuring an array of local produce. DO Be a winemaker for a weekend. The Queensland College of Wine Tourism holds courses on selected weekends throughout the year. Priced at $320 per person, the courses offer the opportunity to handpick grapes, a masterclass in berry assessment, experience with the crushing and fermentation processes.

WEATHER conditions can make or break a holiday, so any ‘inside information’ you can gather is always helpful. This is where the Weatherzone app comes into play. With data sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology, the app offers everything from sevenday forecasts, animated rain radar, forecasts for over 2000 Australian locations and 1500 international locations and even pollen forecasts , which, if you have ever suffered from hay fever, is a very handy thing to have. The new addition even provides fire danger ratings. Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

DI&E@#&IGE+=I&@#G /@B@%I&E

%!*!( $+)&(-, !, ,-+("'+, ,*# #."-$ , !(#)& 3+/1%)2 *)'0)!#


+,&,( !)) I took this photo at a railway station in India. Cows were sacred there and are allowed to roam unharmed anywhere, amongst traffic, in shops, markets, gardens and on railway tracks. – Shirley Krome



!$,/ ".6)4 (,/034 (%**3414/'

0 : ;),+B1 #<<5> 0 : +5B !-2#1B1 " 0 : +5B 6);;431 A : >53;);, B4#1 ? : #2B43;55; B4#1 &'$% .: 2#!=@5=1 1<4;)< !=1 B5=31

5+## .2/0$ 0/% "/, ",$$ +,/*2(,$ )1-- !'' &## A'8@;, @&H#3C@;;"G#!-$#'-8? 5I6E@BI, )))-C@;;"G#!-$#'-8? !& %&"$' $!# <@;;"G#! 2#B#G 9&& DF 0#( :71. =BC >G8HB#& 741*

(09-:4#% 37 ;-73.& 9;-$5;" 13- $-9 #% 45; 6-$3,$ /385'-& #9* 3: &#2 49-1;. 13- $#-$5)9-3. '; !9#13"; $#294;7& 49-%7:;97+


All aboard!


July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 37

Safer roads

Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction

The Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction.

Brisbane greeters welcome new candidates IF YOU love Brisbane and want to share your enthusiasm about the city with visitors, get involved in the Brisbane Greeter Program. Welcome visitors to our city and make their stay more memorable by helping them get under Brisbane’s

skin, telling them stories and showing them areas that only the locals know. The Brisbane Greeters Program is a volunteer service, provided free of charge, that offers short walking tours of the city to visitors (up to six per tour).

We ask that our volunteers love and know their local area well; have a special interest in Brisbane’s heritage, architecture, arts and culture; share their personal stories, favourite locations and experiences; welcome everyone with a big

!()*%&''( *!-&$( +#) "!+,(% *(#"!("$#% &'(! FEQ: N13E !A%,? !A%,? >,MM >,MM ?B ?B

!BM'%C !BM'%C !,?% !,?% EH C798G C79 798G 8G #6.( #6. 6.(( *K07J" *K07 *K 07J" 07 J" < @G=. @G= G=. . PK25 PK25


L"K L"KJ24 "KJ24 "KJ 24 G/74 J8=K" J8=K" J8= K"

*K07J" &"L=KGJ EE4& D=K+8( E-1H D3+3YOTTV CJSY 9UN9[Y





$I(QH3 $1-(F-3

DSY$9+W 9N /+W9[ 0U39W

F1JG O06. E-1N )("$'&,&"$# *!!%+

,+./ *-" 0 )$#)(*)* #'!&%

!"/ ,2*0. )$%& -'#

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

41,43!4! ,2*0. )$%& -'+(

";9:/8 >H,K/1 @;/ G/; G/;8,04 8?@;/ KC90 + 890B6/ G;9:/8 @F@96@=6/ < &,3/ !;@08)/;8 %0:6H1/1 D';/@K/; (;98=@0/ *;/@A

(_,N# (,-'_ : _#B)#& *,& 6M QS 6O A<5Q<V`<1 MC67 : 91SV =\T; A+J FB]J'#AA 'B+]A# Z D+##JAN,J% \ QS 66 H^QS`<1 MC67 : 91SV =6M7C -_# '_,JJHJ : JS1Q[<1U JA( / QS ; JSI<V`<1 MC67 : 91SV =\;7 J#( &#,B : -,Ja,NHHL, B#AHBOC %<^<V`<1 MC67 QS M R$UK$1E MC6. : 91SV =TTT 55 A#, FB]J'#AA 'B+]A# : ASKQ[ F$^Y8^ T QS MC JSI<V`<1 MC6. : 91SV =6;TC 4YUQ<1YS1 ^$`YU3

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

*!++ /< !<6 0!+- 09 9<4 92 9,5 25/4<6+= 30!22 295 /<295)!0/9< 9< 9,5 +!0430 05!>4+ : 85,/34 7!8-!143

+%$#)* FEQ: -,(& N13E '"!,

;. "468+/224 #!5!64 "'(*$%&&'

can pick up printed application forms at the Queen Street Mall Visitor Information Centre. Once you have submitted your application form, a Brisbane Greeter Program representative will be in touch with you shortly.

%*.&+$-, '")., ! '.+(*#

#6. *K07J" =4& @G=. 74+60J724J)



smile; and conduct greeter tours on a regular basis (at least once a month). To apply, download the greeter role description and complete the greeter application form at Alternatively, you

#,BN& *]B% : J#( &#,B MC6. Z MC6/ JHB!HNP ]AN,J% M/ %<^<V`<1 MC6. QS O R$UK$1E MC6/ : 91SV =O\/C *SSX " F$E ><5S0YQ `E OC JSI<V`<1 MC6. " A,)# =66C N B]Ja JH( !HB ,N A B# *BH'_+

%*.&+$-, '")., ! '.+(*# *&"%() ,,!$ #+''

7TT HGW<E BS$>? 'S1YU>$ \C/7 ] #V$YW@ [<1V$U0b[<1V$U0QSK10$U>Q1$I<W2^SV2$K


I WAS born in Sydney in March 1929 and my father used to take photos from the Manly ferry of the Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction. This is an historical photo of the first girder being lowered into place to link both semi-spans of the bridge. I imagine that because of the thermal effects on steelwork, riggers would have had to have been in place, ready for the right moments. – Tom Chun

A CONCERTED campaign is underway to improve safety on Queensland’s vast road network following the worst Easter road toll in the state in more than 20 years. The Safer Roads, Safer Queensland forum was held on April 10 and a new road safety strategy and action plan will be launched in the coming months. The forum brought together road safety experts to share their expertise on ways to address the spike in road trauma, both now and into the future. Road fatalities and injuries are estimated to cost the Queensland economy over $4 billion each year, not to mention the significant toll it takes on family and friends. How can Queenslanders get involved? Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The first step is to remember how the fatal five – speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving distracted, and driving while fatigued – can risk your own or another’s life on the road.

$9:/0:/ #, - < *(#7 J5-2JI.I5EE

Page 38 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

The Regent – lavish theatre that entertained Brisbane for decades HOW could a building – just bricks, timber and plaster – generate such extreme feelings of passion? Why was this building the focal point of the city’s entertainment for decades? The answers are all in a new history of Brisbane’s iconic Regent Theatre, the largest and most ornate theatre and picture palace ever built in the city, and described in detail in the new book The Regent: Brisbane’s Motion Picture Cathedral by Michael T Gillies. The story of the Regent from its conception in 1927 to its partial demolition in 1978 and rebirth in 1980 to its closure in 2010 and cinema demolition in 2012 is one that until now had never been told. With chapters on the design, operation and the personal experiences of those who entered its gilded interior, it is the complete A to Z of the Regent. Also included is a chapter on the Wurlitzer organ, a list of major feature films

'LIVE' music at City Hall EACH Tuesday from noon to 1pm, Brisbane City Council's LIVE program hosts the Clem Jones City Hall free concerts. July 14: New voices of jazz. Montreux Jazz Festival International Vocal Competition winner Kristin Berardi and Bell Jazz Award winner, Elly Holt share their exquisite voices and songs. July 21: Mum's favourites with Hoang Pham and little friends. Hoang Pham, ABC award winning pianist, joins forc-

es with young rising talents in a fun and entertaining classical and slightly pop concert. July 28: The Australian Army Band in concert. Back by popular demand, Australian Army Band returns with their uplifting arrangements and hugely fun set of audience favourites. August 4: Lev Vlassenko piano competition showcase. Savour a morsel of Brisbane's outstanding classical pianist talents.

St John’s Cathedral free morning concert FREE morning concert at St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Thursday, August 6, 11am-11.50am at 413 Ann Street, Brisbane. The Queensland Conservatorium of Music post-graduate students are performing. For further information, visit the website or phone 3835 2222.

Country Song at QPAC

and live artists who performed on the Regent’s stage from 1929 to its close in 1978. The Regent: Brisbane’s Motion Picture Cathedral comes as a hardback book of 174 pages and lavishly illustrated with more than 190 full-colour, sepia and

monochrome images. The book is available directly from the author, at bookshops or from Copyright Publishing Pty Ltd at $49.50 r.r.p. Visit to order direct from author or email

QUEENSLAND Performing Arts Centre and Queensland Theatre Company present Country Song, a fictionalised celebration of the music and life of Jimmy Little (pictured) by Reg Cribb and original concept by Michael Tuahine. Country Song is a beautiful, musical, witty and warming journey that celebrates the healing pow-

er of music. It will take you on a heartfelt journey with toe-tapping tunes and larger-than-life characters led by an incredible cast. The production will be staged at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, from July 4 to August 8. Tickets are available at or by calling 136 246.

*-$+ ' ,(/!"( )%(#-%. ,$-& !-0+ #)%( $,,/ CONTOUR CUSHION (Roho) made in U.S.A. suitable wheelchair, as new. Cost $650, sell for $325. Phone 3287 3377. Beenleigh. CRYSTAL GLASSES 6 glasses, 10.5cm tall, Bohemia cross pattern. $48. Phone 3902 1746. Bulimba. LADY’S JACKET imported size 16, beige suede with inner lining. Brand new, never worn $50 ono. Phone 3286 3518. Cleveland.

MAHJONG SET brand new oriental case 28cm x 20cm includes ties, dice, counters, instructions $40. Phone 3862 7810 or mobile 0438 627 810. Aspley. MITSUBISHI TRITON 4 Bridgestone dueller 205R, 16c, 110/108R. Tyres rims 80% tread. One new tyre. $480. Phone 3282 6242. Booval. PUSH WALKER as new, sell for $110. Phone 3888 5405. Burpengary.

)(** ).- '&"# +"&,,$!#%,

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4%+.0#' >3226D PD3N<;" <3 M1);LO$W(HHH %NA/ A3226D M<0" K16<) /3226D PD3N<;" <3 M1);LO$2(HHH %NA/ 993226D PI<>=3 G/:6O? . $@H \A:[ \71N:L %NA/6

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*,$-)$#)4 3 8$>5 0/79.1/9.0 '.)> %9 #99+! ($?? 32)3 7010 4D 5<$B? -K9!6B49A#!$DB9$?5$EK5A,!4<,$K


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43226D 43226D A3226D 92322!D 43226D 43226D A3226D 92322!D 43226D

D/<JJ:" CN<7 X<);63AN3 '=A9VA>8" ZA9 %!0=< \<>= I778 CN<7 #A)<8OC=" 'N7/& I<>=36=<[3 %17 'B:70 %A0<& M"" CN<7

,&0"N3<6"& "83"N3A<89"83 9AL )=A8>" /<3=713 873<)"S


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

3%,'.0#' 93226D PE7::<8> E<)="6OF7;<" FN797 ,3226D CN<0<A 993226D PI<>=3 G/:6O? . $@H \A:[ \71N:L %NA/6

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 39

Cabaret showcase concerts CELEBRATE the music of the 1960s and come along to support Brisbane’s talented seniors as they dance, sing and set the stage alight in 10 free showcase performances throughout July. Each concert starts at 11am and runs until 12.15pm. The venues are: July 6: Kedron Wavell Services Club July 7: Old Museum Building, Bowen Hills July 9:Brookside Shopping Centre July 14: Iona College Performing Arts Centre July 15: Brisbane Powerhouse July 16: Upper Mount Gravatt Progress Hall July 17: Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown July 21: Bracken Ridge Hall July 22: Sandgate Town Hall July 23: Aspley Hypermarket

It’s hard, fast and funny, it’s the Short+Sweet Festival GETTING juicy reviews is the amazing Short+Sweet Festival – a ‘tropfest’ of theatre to taste and explore the best of emerging artists from south-east Queensland’s cabaret performers. Now in its seventh year, the festival is on again

from July 9 to 18 at the Brisbane Powerhouse and from June 30 to July 8 at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. A unique program of more than 60 performances and over 250 artists presenting theatre, cabaret, and comedy, participants

work to gain coveted festival titles, including best overall production, actor, cabaret artist and audience’s choice. The full program is divided into seven strands made up of 5–10 works in a single line-up; each strand is attended by a pa-

Mike Leigh’s Operatic Debut on the Big Screen THE Pirates of Penzance will screen at Event Cinemas Indooroopilly on July 18–19 at 3pm as part of ENO Screen – English National Opera’s series of fresh and dynamic productions direct to the big screen. All productions are sung in the English language, its opera for everyone. Fresh from the major success of his celebrated film Mr Turner, renowned film

maker, director and Gilbert and Sullivan aficionado Mike Leigh makes his opera directing debut with this eagerly anticipated new production of sparkling comic masterpiece The Pirates of Penzance. In a hilarious performance where comedy and romance combine with surprising twists and turns, this popular farcical comedy features swashbuckling pirates, flat-footed police-

men, razor-sharp satire and memorable melodies. The Pirates of Penzance tells the story of the pirate apprentice Frederic and his love for Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley who has the famous tongue-twisting patter song I am the very model of a modern Major-General. Tickets: adults $23; concessions and students $21; Child $15. Prices excluded $1.20 online booking fee.

rent acts – all in one night. “It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s funny, sad, punchy and offers a myriad of theatrical performers to ‘strut their stuff’. In short – it’s Short+Sweet.” Buy tickets at

nel of anonymous judges drawn from the local industry. Festival director Nathan Sibthorpe says the wonderful thing about the festival is the opportunity it gives audiences to take a magical carpet ride through a variety of diffe-

Events are free to attend, but bookings are required. To book visit or phone 3257 4905.

QSO presents Morrison and Meyer QSO presents Morrison and Meyer on Friday, July 17 at 7.30pm, at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Concert Hall (Maestro). The evening will featuring conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali, trumpeter James Morrison, and Edgar Meyer on double bass. The program includes Nielsen Overture to Maskarade, Savikangas Concerto for Trumpet and Double 1 ) % !

! 0 0 ' ) 0 + / -

music, Fate knocking at the door and a symphony that is the live classical music experience, all conducted by new-school Finnish sensation Santtu-Matias Rouvali. This world premiere was co-commissioned by QSO/ QMF with the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra in Finland, in collaboration with Queensland Music Festival. All tickets at

Bass, and Beethoven Symphony No 5. Nielsen’s colourful Maskarade Overture is followed by Max Savikangas’s newly commissioned concerto for virtuosic trumpeter James Morrison and legendary bassist Edgar Meyer, an artist with unparalleled technique and musicianship. This dream combination is set to create a thrilling world premiere. And then, four notes of

, * 0 ( 0 ' & (

(:)943"2 7-.8 ;. )9 *005"2

',)14!6 &4992: #6:"9+:

%0: *!9 $2"/ (:)943"2 "?@=, =,1?4 *+@/,5005 < #A)B@ - *=) *=)=D@@ =51?4 $0,5A5) < *+@/,5005 2 *=)=D "=51 =)=D@


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#'%+)*& $ !'%"(( *."(& )%'1-0(

'5#3847" :)= /?9B +,08 @B/

!ADA@0,D '5+0,8?@A05 (/5@,/ ?51 05;A5/ ...;5<7.5#6154418468%498;#+/;%0 +,08 C &=;4. *1>=1A9?@0,6 $D %/D;4 "@/:/5D053 #/79?D@;/ Page 40 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

;,E="O=:O- L6M I6 #0" NFM9& < '"MM-01 @0"9- "M9OF8-/ L="M *6F0/- < '-//-0I

>D6 3G2 ?6=/I/ NFM9&-/ +60 I&- @0"9- 6+ 6M- 352 $ 7.1KA1 *010+$0 ?-9-"EJ++-0 E=O"8 +60 >&F0/8=B L60M"M( L-O68"-/1 %C4"0-/ H5 !FOB GA5)1


,-.'0# 26=9 5627 ,,,;!-.""88)-8/31;!<+

06* *-#+8/) $4: (88)-8/31 %&'

Brisbane Writers Festival BRISBANE Writers Festival is back from September 2-6 with something for everyone. Delight in the books and writers you love and discover new ones at State Library of Queensland. Join in conversations ranging from fiction and politics to science and sport. Don't miss festival highlights including WellMade, a chance to celebrate and explore maker

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams with Leo Herreygers of Art Unlimited.

Program to bring artistic flair to city centre UNDER-UTILISED CBD businesses will be transformed into creative spaces under a new council program officially launched recently. Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Renew Cleveland program would bring artistic flair to the city’s commercial district. “This program is a real win-win; it will see currently under-utilised CBD space brought to life by local artists who can lease the commercial space on a short-term basis for minimal cost,” she said. “The vision is for an attractive, vibrant and lively city centre showcasing the city’s greatest asset – its people.” Speaking at the opening of

Art Unlimited – the first premises to be opened under the Renew Cleveland auspice – Cr Williams said the program continued council’s open for business strategy. “This program celebrates art as a form of commerce recognising that business isn’t always collared shirts and brief-cases; sometimes it is canvases and easels,” she said. “The idea is that those who come to see the art on display as part of the Renew Cleveland program will visit our cafes, restaurants and shops, bringing a new wave of commercial potential for local businesses. “It follows the success of other Renew programs in areas such as Newcastle

and recognises the artistic talent that exists in the Redlands.” Cr Williams said Leo Herreygers of Art Unlimited was a renowned artist and this would further boost the program’s credentials. “Leo is well known for his paintings, particularly after painting a number of pieces for last year’s G20 event, so having his name associated with Renew Cleveland will serve to further support its success,” she said. Leo Herreygers said he was excited to be the first local artist to open a gallery as part of Renew Cleveland. “It is quite an honour to be chosen to be part of this program,” Leo said.

culture in our world, or the popular Good Thinking public lectures from Australia's leading intellectuals. There is also something for your grandchildren to participate in. They will be kept enthralled at Alphabet Zoo with fun activities, and students in grades P-12 will love Word Play, an academically engaging experience for young readers

and writers. Browse the library shop for new favourites and indulge your inner wordsmith at Author + Master classes and seminars. At the end of the day, relax with a drink in the Festival Club to the soulful strains of talented singer-songwriters, poets and performers. Visit: for further information. Tickets available from July 25.

Queensland Accordion Orchestra Variety Concert

Bravo! I Musici – An Italian Odyssey

THE Queensland Accordion Orchestra Variety Concert will be held at Queen Alexandra House, Alexandra Conference Room (upstairs), 347 Cleveland Road, Coorparoo on Sunday, August 2 at 2pm. Doors open at 1:30pm. Tickets cost $1o per person. The concert features Queensland Accordion Orchestra’s John Cave

THE world’s leading Italian chamber orchestra is in Brisbane for an Australian exclusive. Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) has secured an exclusive performance from one of the world’s most renowned chamber orchestras, Italy’s I Musici. They will deliver one Australian exclusive performance on Saturday, July 18 in the QPAC Concert Hall. Tickets on sale at or phone 136 246.

(solo accordionist), Julius Schmidt (accordionist) with violinist Jon O’Brien. Other guest artists include vocalist Mary Martyn. Refreshments available for purchase during intermission. Further enquiries to Mary 3172 3652 or email Website:

#".?54"= @< *?0?3. @8,; ! 18,;7)6 (9>:25. '"++ $%*( )+&&$#%($' *"!# )+&&$#%($'

&92 (/->4")9

5.@-916 %;@A> *B>9A> '@/0B1< =,3006@+ 16A0 #"$ !@8 =B6@12A 5>B@@> (12) &4.9B@ 5892? 12) ><@ 76) :0.A (9? (12)

"))- !)# *.10,0)+,1$ '&( %/(


July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 41

*&3!2/. '%2.1&&) (/2..%2/)

*-/0!$#- (4,&. ($&!%%


T KU4 O;>=4 6 '=USS;W> ;WN4O17$W4N " M-8$ =$-& TH GU9$O N4-9$ TT '=1O)= U][);-8N T3 ES$$& R)U88Q T5 Z7S-;O T" XU/$O 2H G;)41O$N 2T !UU4/$-O 22 #.4$OW-8 WUN$ US$W;W>N



2 G$W1O;U1N 3 ZW - 7$)=-W;)-8 /-L ? CSO;>=4 +O-)9$4N Y A;4=U14 &$[W;4$ S1OSUN$ 5 %O$-& " F-;& ]UO S81W&$O V '$-N$ T2 *$$O 71>N T? G-O-&;N$ TY ,&7;O$& N4$O$U4LS$ T6 XUW> ]UO T" #.S$WN;0$ TV ZW >UU& =$-84=














!* !% !! '(*.-& 0$%!- + '1*#$,* /1 )-"$ "!

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N1+&;0;N;UWN 2T ,W ;4$7 U] ]UU4/$-O U] =$-&N=O;W9$O U14N;&$ IO-W>$ 22 D1OW 4UWN;8N O;>=4 ;W4U W-N-8 UO;[)$N #!"' 2 ZW4$W& 4U +$ S-ON;7UW;U1N 3 M$)=-W;)-88L )UOO$NSUW&$&( NU 4U NS$-9 ? M17 UO &-& NU7$=U/ N=;$N -/-L ]OU7 +O-)9$4N Y \-S=-J-O& U14 U] ]$-O -W& U7;NN;UWN 5 *$ -]O-;& U] ;OUW -OOU/=$-&N

ON AUGUST 29, the Queensland Pops Orchestra is back – bigger and brighter than ever – with its next stunning season concert Come Swing Again, presenting an all-time greats swing music showcase. The highly entertaining JMI New Orleans Street Band will open this unfor-

music (‘30s to present day) come and join us. The band rehearses on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 10am at Presbyterian Church Hall, cnr Whish and Maygar streets, Wilston. For further details contact Connor on 0412 571 765 or Garry 3882 5514.


gettable event, transporting the listener back to the birthplace of traditional jazz with a roving ‘streetstyle’ presentation that will set the pace for this carnival of concerts. Comprising staff and students of the Jazz Music Institute in Brisbane’s Bowen Hills, this ebullient ensemble values the importance

of early jazz and they’re sure to have audiences smiling, tapping their feet and even dancing in the aisles to their cheerful and lively music throughout the concert – encapsulating the very best of traditional melodies and rhythms of the streets of New Orleans. Headline artist, internationally renowned pianist

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3*=VS T=@6* /$@>>"V& 9*V;=* ? /$@> +K )#J'D NCT"VV 0@GAK 3*=VS T=@6* 1O7 )F''


Page 42 - Brisbane Seniors - July 2015

" A-W&$O ;W N$-O)= U] S$US8$ 4U -44-)9 NU7$ >O-77-O -1&;$W)$N V G14 -W $W& 4U 4=$ +$N4 USSUO41W;4;$N /;4=;W T2 D-N4$ ;WN$)4;);&$ ;W 4-W9-O&N T? I14 U] 4=$ -0$W1$ =$O$-]4$O TY D=$ [ON4 S$ONUW 4U 4O;)9 - B%C S;)41O$ T6 *-)=$8UON =;&$ S-;W T" Z4 ;N =;>=8L< SO;)$& 7L +$8U0$& TV A$ /;88 +O;$@L SOU&1)$ - /-4$O NU1O)$

Come Swing Again with the Qld Pops Orchestra

Band players wanted ROCUS is a band comprised of musicians who volunteer their time to create a big band sound. The band needs players especially brass (trumpet, trombone (tenor and base), also string bass or bass guitar. If you are interested in playing big band dance

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C4I >E>N7>=7+ DNIP >5/ 4IP+L 4((+L AF=9+<I I4 54L6>7 >E>N7>=N7NI/

Joe Chindamo, will tinkle the ivories with a suite of music by the legendary Duke Ellington arranged for piano and orchestra. Joining Joe on stage will be special guest artists Deborah O’Toole and the Empire Swing Dancers. The ever-suave Qld Pops Big Band will be in full swing mode, adding their special sound to this delectable musical feast. As they say, variety is the spice of life ... and Pops audiences are assured of a dazzling display of talent for this third series concert of 2015. Born and bred in Melbourne, special guest vocalist Deborah O’Toole has enjoyed a varied professional career – everything from vocal tutor, cover band vocalist and freelance session singer to musical theatre and television performer, appearing in productions of Into The Woods, The Dusty Springfield Story and Les Miserables among many others. Adding to the excitement and enjoyment of this Come Swing Again program, maestro Patrick Pickett CSM and the Queensland Pops Orchestra are proud to introduce one of Brisbane’s most appealing specialist ensembles, the Empire Swing Dancers. Empire Swing is Brisbane’s premier swing dance school and this talented troupe’s number one priority is to have fun. There’ll be colour and movement a ’plenty as they wow the crowd with dance moves ranging from Lindy Hop and Charleston to Balboa and Blues. Come Swing Again with the Queensland Pops Orchestra and special guest artists, is on at QPAC Concert Hall, Saturday, August 29, 2.30pm and 7.30pm.


Crossword Answers from Page ## 42




Brain Training Answers From page 38 Opposites: 1. Hamper/help 2. Current/ past 3. Conflict/harmony 4. Bumpkin/sophisticate 5. Magnanimous/mean Mini Fit: Ear Soundalikes: 1. Ate/eight 2. Chews/ choose 3. Peeked/piqued 4. Wheeled/wield

Yarn bombing in Warwick

(From left) Brian, Raelene, Narelle, Brent, June, Neil and Barbara from last year’s fashion show.

Dickson Seniors Expo Westfield to the venue in the Tom Petrie and Isabella Halls. Refreshments are available from the Pensioners Meeting Rooms. We have keynote speakers both days. The event is sponsored by Peter Dutton MP, our local federal

minister. Entry is free as well as our popular show sample bags. Hours: 9am and 2pm each day. Over 60 stallholders will be present. Come all for a good time. For more information phone 3205 9977.

What is a one-act play festival? EACH year, across southeast Queensland there is a flurry of thespian activity as small and large theatre groups select a one-act play, audition and cast the required actors and rehearse intently to create the very best possible production of that play. While this is happening, entry forms are completed and sent off to the various theatre groups who host a weekend one-act play festival and then the fun begins. Each festival has an average of 15-20 plays entered in either intermediate or open (senior) categories

and there is a wide range of awards available to be won. Festivals are held as far west as Dalby, south to Beenleigh and north to Sunshine Coast (Buderim) and the season runs from June to September. Some plays are entered into all the festivals, some to only one or two, but regardless of the number, all involved speak of the fun, friendliness and rewards that are gained. We are proud that our festival has the reputation of being one of the friendliest and best organised festivals in the south-east Queens-

land festival circuit and we would love your theatre group to submit a play this year. If your theatre group is interested in entering our exciting festival, please contact the festival director, Craig Taylor on 0422 611 812 or via email to be put on the database. The Ipswich Little Theatre One Act Play Festival continues to be the longest running festival of its type in Australia and no one has yet disputed that claim. Do be a part of all the fun and competition this year – you will be warmly welcomed.

"1:</261 4>> &+)>/ @9 (!( $ 75:."= 41. )<%;%= ;% *2* $ ,43"!4'2:."% 64#"= ;% *2* $ /) 8"0%!.= & -9.:% ,4==";;"= ;% ,*

6! -(## )(# .(# /* #.-' )0) -.. ---"*'&%+!$,+(#./(")!%

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@"9(68" K6 + Q4..9" TK7"LL 16M:64K +;8"$ +K ;8QM62;7= /64M )M+;7 Q61"MP *66LK /64M 8"7K+9 +=;9;K/ 1;K< + L"LL;67 "2"M/ $+/ ;7 K<" H"7K+9 !/8P D"(6M$ K<" K;8" /64 K+:" K6 (68Q9"K" "+(< Q4..9" +7$ /64 (+7 :""Q KM+(: 6V /64M "2"M ;7(M"+L;7= 8"7K+9 LKM"7=K<P
















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C<" 333 +K K<" (9;8)"ML <+2;7= M"+(<"$ K<" 8647K+;7 K6Q +7$ <"M ;7K"M"LK


,L <" 1+L )";7= 333 +967= )"(+4L" 6V <;L )M6:"7 9"=& 9;KK9" B688/

+(KLP 1+L 333P $"(;$"$ K<+K <" L<649$ 333 <;L (M4K(< +7$ L<64K& O%0K"M8;7+K"XN $#$&&!%""

tist’s talk or design a tree jumper. Bring your knitting needles or crochet hooks – spontaneous acts of art in the streets, coffee shops and parks are encouraged. For more:

*', -+1 %+.)0"3" "'%5 +! 35"6" 6",3",%"6 /435 3/+ /+8#6 35'3 6+1,# '042"$ &13 '8" 6)"00"# #4!!"8",30-;

6,43&+ 5 "21,%2*$

%=/@ 516/6<@ @.+/ *9=59< !:)+8 @+)) ?;,;-,70

most popular exhibitions ever. Warwick Art Gallery’s yarn bombing team has big plans for Jumpers & Jazz in July, from July 16 to 26. Involve yourself in the creativity by joining an art workshop, attend an ar-



$ 79#"! 41. 7;41.4!. + (:53= ;% *2*

A yarn bombed tree outside the Warwick Art Gallery


THE Dickson Seniors Expo is on August 10–11 at the community centre in Mecklem Street near Peter Dutton’s office, opposite the old council office in Gympie Road. Heaps of parking is available and free shuttle buses leave regularly from

THE witty art form known as yarn bombing is a relative newcomer to the street art scene, gathering participants and audiences all over the world. In the picturesque regional town of Warwick, yarn bombing a handful of trees 11 years ago was the catalyst for the establishment of a yarn bombing art and jazz music festival that transforms the town during the last two weeks of July every year. Yarn bombing projects naturally involve the participation of many willing hands using their knitting needles and crochet hooks, dreaming up quirky ideas and clever objects to transform. Warwick Art Gallery has an energetic team of yarn bombers who collaborate on projects for Jumpers & Jazz in July all year. In 2014 the Warwick Art Gallery yarn bombing team created a remarkable knitted, crochet, felted and wrapped installation inspired by an old-fashioned kitchen. The Knitchen attracted a massive audience and was one of the gallery’s

July 2015 - Brisbane Seniors- Page 43


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,1@N& B;66;6= '83-<R3M" *!$ !$?62 9# 2!$ .?<; D?M$ &9;;0:O2G O4 2!$ 5J?6% (O::O:" 1<0'!904$ 9##$6O:"> -

DC,!# 5 HGB D#SSUH! H"1 <R7"M TNR7 $>X?(...

HR "6JN/ RN "0;J T""MV 4 *@N6"/M FR;6J ER@&( *@6RN@ FR;6J HDB 4>XK F<) QX.. XXQ .>Q GF#H L %,AD



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%"$$& (!'$*"MJ #0<;-;J;R6 WR7"M

E:%996 F$?2$% .99< C +8? I0<<GA$70O88$% IO2:$44 1$:26$ 1O:$;? 3O4269 16?#2 ,99; DO'6?6G

Brisbane seniors newspaper july 2015  
Brisbane seniors newspaper july 2015