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Seniors continue their love affair with Harley-Davidson By martha maSiello

Hundreds of Harley-Davidson owners and riders from throughout the United States recently visited Brevard County to join the annual High Seas rally cruise from Port Canaveral. This year marks 110 years of HarleyDavidson and 30 years of Harley Owners Groups. The four founders: William Harley, William Davidson, arthur Davidson and Walter Davidson turned a backyard shop with 18 employees into the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee, Wis., where the corporate offices still are maintained. Devotees of the vehicle transcend all gender and age groups, professions and ethnicities. The company is credited with major contributions to america’s war efforts during both World War I and II. The Harley-Davidson Foundation and the Disabled american Veterans (DaV) came together in 2007 to help veterans. Harley’s Heroes brings DaVs mobile service offices to Harley-Davidson dealerships and other locations across the United States, providing counseling and assistance to veterans and their families and access to the full range of benefits available for them. locally, at Space Coast HarleyDavidson in Palm Bay, enthusiastic clients and visitors—many older than 50 – can inspect the newest technology in bikes and accessories or enjoy vintage equipment available for purchase. “approximately 30 percent of our business is with seniors, in particular military and disabled. Vietnam veterans are a large part of the H-D culture. The

Larry Wring enjoys looking at new bikes at Space Coast Honda in Palm Bay. popularity of the bike transcends entire families,” said Jamie lima, the SCHD sales manager. Mickey Goshen, customer service manager and member coordinator for the local H.O.G group #2860, is a 40-plus year Harley owner/rider. He discussed the price range for becoming a Harley owner.

“The standard models range from $8,000 to $38,500. By standard, I mean that we also carry the Harley’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) line, which are special in many ways. In 2010, H-D introduced the TriGlide (trike) which has become the fastest growing vehicle.” Owning a H-D means you may want


runs. Me on the se Coast Howners g sponsore dealersh There member H.O.G. y national spacecoa Chapt of the fu public pe also raise general a funds to larry

Senior life Martha Masiello

to become a member of the Space Coast Harley Owners Group. In addition to enjoying benefits of joining the national H.O.G. “family,” bikers annually participate in rallies and community fundraisers; dinner rides, holiday events and observation Harley continued to page 3.

Debbie T look for



321-757-9205 3

Harley continued from page 2 runs. Meetings of the local club are held at 10 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at the Space Coast H-D in Palm Bay. More than 1,400 official owners group chapters around the world, are sponsored by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership. There are a few requirements to become a member of the Space Coast Chapter of the H.O.G. you must first become a member of the national group. Information is available at Chapter events are held for the express purpose of the fun and benefit of members, improving the public perception of Harley-Davidson riders. It also raises the awareness of motorcycling in general and helps local and national charities raise funds to support worthy causes. larry Wring of Palm Bay recently purchased a

Sure a Card with Flowers is nice and maybe a box of Chocolates. Now, to add the final touch, how about two love songs by a Quartet in Tuxedos who will go anywhere in the County? You can name the time for the Special Valentine to be delivered. The Harbor City Harmonizers will have a number of quartets out in Brevard & Indian River Counties on Valentine’s Day to sing for your Special Someone. Surprise Your Sweetheart with something Different and Special! Sure a Card with Flowers is nice and maybe a box of Chocolates. Now, to add the final touch, how about two love songs by a Quartet in Tuxedos who will go anywhere in the County? You can name the time for the Special Valentine to be delivered. The Harbor City Harmonizers will have a number of quartets out in Brevard & Indian River Counties on Valentine’s Day to sing for your Special Someone.


Superglide and has been riding since age 12. “I started with a yamaha scooter and owning a Harley has always been on my bucket list,” Wring said. Mike and Becky eaker of North Carolina participated in the October High Seas rally cruise out of Port Canaveral. “Funds are earmarked for dialysis patients. More than 2,100 bikers will be onboard from all over the U.S. I started riding at age 14. Handicapped and sick children, and cancer and kidney patients gain from the rallies. In 2011, more than $1.2 million was collected to help dialysis patients,” eaker said. The couple also participates in bike week throughout the U.S., whenever possible. The 2013 High Seas rally is scheduled for Nov. 3 through Nov. 10 from Port Canaveral. For information go to or call 1-800-clubhog. SL

Cost Schedule For Singing Valentines: No time requirements (2 hour window) $45.00 Within +/- 15 minutes window $60.00 Quartets (Men or Ladies) will be available from 9 am to 11 pm February 13 and 14

ppy Ha tines len y a V Da

In Melbourne, Cost Schedule For Singing Valentines: call 321-256-3412 No time requirements hour window) In(2Vero Beach,$45.00 call 772-564-8460 Within +/- 15 minutes window ppy More info$60.00 at Ha tines Quartets (Men or Ladies) will be available from n ale ay V 9 am to 11 pm February 13 and 14 D


Some of the places The Harmonizers have delivered Singing Valentines: Homes, Offices at the work place, School rooms (the kids love that), In Melbourne, callthe321-256-3412 Dr./Medical facilities, Restaurants, On beach, Car dealers, Ball parks, Vero Beach, Churches, PAFBIn and many others. call 772-564-8460

More info at

Some of the places The Harmonizers have delivered Singing Valentines: Homes, Offices at the work place, School rooms (the kids love that), Dr./Medical facilities, Restaurants, On the beach, Car dealers, Ball parks, Churches, PAFB and many others.

By Attorney

By Attorney TRUMAN TRUMANSCARBOROUGH SCARBOROUGH 239 Harrison Harrison St., Titusville, FL 239 Street, Titusville, FL

For A Complimentary Copy For A Complimentary Copy Phone 321 267 - 4770 Phone 321-267-4770

Senior life Martha Masiello

Debbie Thompson and Marlene Thompson of South Carolina and Lynne McCurley of North Carolina look for just the right Harley-Davidson accessories.


Tech Know expo returns Saturday, March 9 Free show will be held from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Don’t let your smart phone out smart you or other high-tech gadgets outrun you. It’s easy to keep up with the latest gadgets and learn to master the skills that seem to come so easy to the younger generations. The second Tech Know expo will be held 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. Discover and explore new technology and be eligible for giveaways and door prizes. Vendors and instructors will be available to answer questions and show their latest offerings of technology-based goods and services from photography to medical technologies and personal security. The latest advances in robotics, Internet applications and communications are sure to be popular features, so don’t delay. register now. Tech Know expo, a free event, will take place at the Scott Center, located in the Holy Trinity episcopal academy Campus, located at 5625 Holy Trinity Drive in the Suntree area. For more information, call Senior life at 321-242-1235. SL


8040 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne

Board Certified in Ophthalmology • Cataract Surgery • Laser • Pediatric • Glaucoma • Diabetes

Voted One Of The Top Doctors and Top Ophthalmologists In America.



21 Years Excellence in Ophthalmology


Titusville Follies pay tribute to First Presbyterian Church

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Senior life Photo

Titusville Follies


By flora reigada

For 14 years, the cast of the annual Titusville Follies has rehearsed at the First Presbyterian Church of Titusville. Its hospitality made it possible for the show to go on. according to writer and producer Penny Storm, it is now time to say thank you by presenting a show to benefit the church. This will be done through “Titusville Follies presents Share the love,” a Valentine’s Day-themed medley of love songs and dance music. The show will include songs from past Follies as well as those new to the presentation. “a mark of the Follies is that things are uniquely presented,” Storm said. For example, a duet from the rossini opera, “Otello,” has been turned into a comic love song. a Follies first, it will highlight the first

meeting of an Italian male who speaks no French and a French female who speaks no Italian. “We’re reprising the 1960s hit “My Guy” from last year’s show being sung to a sitcom character,” Storm said. “Come and find out who that star might be.” The show will take place at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16 at the church, 1235 South Park ave. Tickets are $10 and available at the church. according to Storm, special arrangements will be made so there is no reason for anyone to miss it. “Because this is a show about sharing love, the church is providing limited transportation service for those who cannot drive at night,” Storm said. Desserts, wine and champagne will be available for purchase. For more information, call 321-267-2745. SL

Dr. Winslow is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has privileges at Holmes Regional Medical Center and has been delivering high quality care in Brevard County and central Florida since 2004. As an experienced Retinal Specialist, Dr. Winslow delivers expert care with a compassionate, patient-focused approach.

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Do you experience leg pain, swelling, or discomfort?

Do you have varicose veins?

Don!t let varicose veins stop you! Varicose veins are not always a cosmetic issue. The underlying cause of varicose veins and heavy, painful legs can now be treated in the doctor’s office with the VNUS Closure® procedure. The VNUS Closure® procedure is minimally invasive, offers a fast and mild recovery and is covered by most insurance. For your total vein care, call now!

Ravi Rao, MD, FACC, FSCAI Amanda Ryan, DO 321-757-9205

Titusville !"##$%&$'()*+,-./,$012,32 4+.3)1+5526$78$!#9":

Rockledge ";:$<=2>3.+12$8(,26$?@@: A/>B52C-26$78$!#9DD

321-636-6914 FEBRUARY 2013 • SENIOR LIFE


February 2013

Resort-Style att Br Brevard County’s R esort-Style Living a evar ard d County ’s Premiere Active Community Premier Pr emiere Activ e Adult Comm unity



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Best… at a D

iscount! Offers listed mo Must present nthly in Senior card at time Life of purchase



Valid for Seniors 55 and over. Non transf errable. Brought to you by Sponsored by


Ne w Ho mes New Homes

Suwannee Insurance • 517 N. Courtenay Pkwy. •  Merritt Island, Fl 32953

Home is where the heart is! Have you ever wondered how your family would carry Aflac is an extra measure measur of on and keep its house if anything would happen to you or your spouse? In financial prmost of today’s families, there are protection. many day-to-day expenses that we all face. Wouldn’t it help them to manage those For expenses more easily? more e information about policy benefits, When you’re e sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits dir directly

limitations, and exclusions, please call your Aflac insurance agent:

Our Term Life Insurance product can help you to do just to you, unless otherwise assigned, Warren Katina Bolton that. Available in 10, 15, Gail and 20 year plans. 1020 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.Ste A 517 N. Courtney Pkwy to help you and your family

with unexpected expenses.

321-302-0818 phone

Merritt Island

fax 321.459.2137 I want to encourage you to be covered for 321-610-4555 theB unex limitations, and exclusions, please pected. Give me a call at 321-459-2137 for a confidential call your Aflac insurance agent: interview so we can discuss your insurance needs or fill Gail Warren out the form517below. N. Courtney Pkwy Merritt Island Mail us or email us at


starting att jjust sta rttiinngg a ust

Please contact me with more information on your Term Life Insurance.


Name ______________________________Age ________

Call Toda Today for for a tour of our Five-Star

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Email me only ___________________________________


321-254-0303 500 Lantern Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32934 www


Telephone #(___) ________________

MELBOURNE Katina Bolton

1020 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. Ste A 321-302-0818 phone 321-610-4555 fax


517 N. Courtenay Pkwy. 321-459-2137 phone 321-459-2014 fax



Coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. ork, coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of New Y



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Online genealogy expert to speak Feb. 11


Senior life Photo

James L. Tanner will be in town for a special presentation on Feb. 11. %' & " $# ' & ' *#( %&#" # $

! !

Brevard County, Florida 321-757-9205

Gold sponsors of the 2009 MY BOOMER/SENIOR GUIDE )- '. " 0 , - % ( - (! ' ")' #( -#' -) *+ / (- 0" - ).& " / ( ')+ * #( .& 1* +# ( 4 " 2 '.,- " / ))!# ).- -" %5, # (! - 0"), .(-+ ")' 0 , +) +&# + -"#, 2 + 4 '.,- " / )' ")' 0" ( -" 2 0 + #( -" *+) ,, ) +) #(! ' " + 0 + ,) ' (2 )-" + -"#(!, -" - -" 2 # (6- - % 5 (! # #- 0 , -#' -) .2 ( & +( ")0 -) ,"))- !.( " 6, ()- &)( , ')+ , (#)+, #( + / + ).(-2 + .2#(! !.(, - %#(! & ,, , ( #&& #(! -" &) & ,"))-#(! + (! , -) ($)2 -" #+ ( 0 ,*)+-

4 $.,- 0 (- -) & )' )+- & ( & -) ( '2, & # #- " ** (, ! #( 5 , # (! ( -#/ ) -" "#& &*"# ,. .+ , 0") " , &#/ #( &)+# )+ -" * ,- 2 +, 4 /#(! '2 +)-" + ( "#, 0# ( 1- ))+ -) ' " , !#/ ( ' &, , (, ) , .+#-2 " 0#( )0, ).& )* ( ( 6 #!.+ # 2 && -" 26 & -) " + ' " 26+ + -.+(#(! .* )+-" -) &), -) -" #+ !+ ( "#& + ( 5 ) %& ! + ,# (- .( +#!"- 0") )''.+)' " + ")' #( 0 '*,"#+ -) - " #( ),-)( .+#(! " + 0)+%#(! 2 +, &#/ , #( # -" &))+ )( ) ( &, ,

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$ Clubs, Meetings, Resources and Senior Services $'


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Pick up Senior Life at

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WE PUT OUR in Caring for your loved one

Brevard Genealogical Society will host special guest James L. Tanner to share his wisdom of more than 30 years experience in genealogical research. Tanner is a well-known genealogy blogger and the author of “The Guide to FamilySearch Online.” Tanner will introduce the new-and-improved, one of the most extensive and popular on-line genealogy sites in the world at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 11 at the Central Brevard Library, 308 Forrest Ave. in Cocoa. For information, call 321-431-9528. SL

Valentine Events Valentine fun at Courtenay Springs Village

4292 N. Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach 1345 N. Courtenay Pkwy. Merritt Island 11 E. Merritt Island Cswy. Merritt Island U.S. 1 and Barton Blvd. Rockledge 1185 Fay Blvd. Port St. John 2324 State Rd 524 Cocoa 1820 Cheney Highway Titusville 5 Garden St. Titusville 1596 Hwy A1A Satellite Beach 100 N. Miramar Ave. Indialantic 1800 N. Wickham Rd. Melbourne 3050 N. Wickham Rd. Melbourne

Care Management Care Assistance Companions/Sitters Transportation and Errands Dementia Care Meal Preparation Medication Reminders Home or Facility Assistance Housekeeping / Laundry Hourly or Live-In Specialists On Call Supervision 24/7 Pet Assistance Our Caregivers are background screened, licensed, bonded & Payroll employees We Bill Insurance Companies

We are a Senior Resource Information Center

7975 N. Wickham Rd. Melbourne 15 E. New Haven Ave. Melbourne 399 Emerson Drive NW Palm Bay 1599 Palm Bay Rd. NE Palm Bay 1101 NE Malabar Road Palm Bay


Lic S227323


Courtenay Springs Village will host a free open house from 1 to 3 p.m. on Feb. 13 with live jazz music and snacks. Information on a healthy weight-loss approach will be presented by Kathie De Bickes

at 3 p.m. The facility is located at 1200 S. Courtenay Parkway on Merritt Island. To attend, call Kay Keyser at 321-452-1233 to RSVP by Feb.12.

Valentine Cabaret at the Henegar Center Get in the mood for Valentine's Day with “Hooray for Love! A Valentine Cabaret” Upstairs at the Henegar on Friday, Feb. 1, Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3. Former New York City performer Margaret Cross and pianist Diane Spahr will celebrate love with classic songs that run the gamut of emotion from romantic to ridiculous. Their nostaligic performance from hit Broadway shows will feature songs by the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Tom Waits, Rodgers & Hammerstein and others. Cross’ program ranges from comic sure-fires and novelty numbers to romantic songs. Raised in Florida, Cross spent seven years performing in New York City. Locally, she has performed at Cocoa Village Playhouse, Space Coast Symphony, Orlando Philharmonic and has written and presented three cabaret shows at the Hengar Center.

Tickets are $18. Evening shows are at 7:30 p.m., with 2 p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Upstairs at the Henegar is located at 625 E. New Haven Ave. in Melbourne. For more information, call the box office at 321-723-8698. SL

ServingBrevard Brevard County County For Serving for 16 13 Years Years



Senior life Bob Parente

Lindsey Deaton, Deputy Maria Fernez, public information officer, and Sheriff Wayne Ivey. Senior life Bob Parente

Becoming an Old Bastards is simple, cheap

week, but the Palm Bay Old Bastards prefer to meet the last Sunday of The recipe for being an Old Bastard is the month. simple, yet extremely appetizing. Start “We keep bookwork to a minimum,” with an ample amount of camaraderie, said Bill Hinkel, Archbastard for the toss in liberal servings of political incorPatrick group. rectness and add a soupcon of disregard Some groups do charitable projects, for all formalities. That, and a $10 lifewhile others prefer to sit back and time fee, will get you a membership card enjoy life. Although many of the life Bob Parente Seniorof life Bob Parente into the International Order Old Basmembers are retired Senior military, Old Wayne Ivey is sworn in by retiring sheriff, Jack Parker, right. tards, or I.O.O.B., a group that, despite Bastards can hail from any profession, Brevard County Commissioners present a framed its less-than-genteel moniker, has a long from grocery store owners to chemists. uniform to outgoing sheriff, Jack Parker. and proud history. Senior life Bob Parente You can never be too old to be an Almost 5,000 I.O.O.B. chapters and Old Bastard, either. According to Sheriff Wayne Ivey 1.5 million members around the world headquarters’ data, the youngest Old keep alive the flame ignited by the first Bastard was a baby issued a memberOld Bastard, American Army ship card on the day of his birth. officer Fred Kibbe. Stationed “down The whole idea is not to take under” during WWII, Kibbe noticed yourself—or life—too seriously. that Aussies fondly called friends “old “It’s all about laughter, getting bastards” when raising a pint or two. together and having a good time,” important are to each and every resident This focus in mind, he pledged to work with new SENIORhow By linda wigginS LIFE By Bob Olsen families After the war, Kibbe enlarged the ring said Olson. of Brevard State Attorneymeet Philfor Archer to The build an economic-crimes SLjoin a chapter, contact the Patrick Old Bastards lunch at Tides at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. on County.”To of friends into a semblance of an New Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, in an Sunday, Jan. 1, 2009. Clockwise Mickeytheft. Wolff, Felix Andruk, Bill Dunham, task force targeting fraud andareidentity organization. Chapter at 321-779-3336 or the Hinkel, Bobare Barton, Fram Butz, Ray it Mulbery, interview with SeniorThe Life, pledged toOrder focusofhis WhileBill these crimes nondiscriminatory, is the Don Clair, International Oldefforts Pat Eddie, Palm Bay Chapter at 321-724-8375. SL Olson, John are Abber and Joeaccording Romanoski. on crimes against boomers andborn. seniors andpassed putting thein Louis Bastards was Kibbe away mostSarro, tragicBob when seniors targeted, to Ivey, gonesworn but notin forgotten perpetrators behind1960. bars.He Heis was on Jan.as7. because they don’t have the time to work to rebuild their I.O.O.B. members worldwideof carry on “I can at dorisk. anything I insavings, the life ofand an Old Formerly head of the Florida Department Law mayBastard. already be frail or medically CAREGIVERS FOR SENIORS, INC. spirit loosey-goosey want,” joked “Jokes are a big part,” said Olson. Enforcement, Iveyhis used to of write a column bonhomie. for Senior The task force will also look at ways to inform HutchinKeeping Seniors Independent Robert Olson became an Old “We have lots of “You spend aimmediately lot of time laughing, which likeson. Life, often focusing on safety issues for seniors. He residents about topics particular Bastard ten years ago in the manner fun.” I think the world needs more of.” resumes his column today on page 30.about the group, neighborhoods being targeted by burglars so that area most members learn While jokes are a At the Patrick Air Force Base chapter “One of the firstthrough things word we talked about in my residents can take precautions. of mouth. given, structure is not. for the club, Olson and his fellow memcandidacy is that seniors all too often victims Iveyweekly said heforwill also focusthe on boomers their “An are acquaintance told the me to come of bers meet Thereand is no website and lunch to shoot crime. They can have entirewith bank emptied breeze, overtheir and meet the accounts Old Bastards,” families. Many and boomers may care for few bothrules. children and Chapters talk politics tell jokes. Like out, and then whatsaid are Olson. they supposed to do for the rest of many aging parents. meet according to conI.O.O.B. chapters, the Patrick Non Medical Another friend introduced Mike sensus group“Nothing’s is decidedly chauvinistic a humbling their lives?” Ivey said. ever been and more in and my do lifenot have In Home Care Shaffer to the group. report to Old Bas“One of our crime-prevention tactics is going to focus male thanbastion. that day, to have all these folks to celebrating with Hourly or 24 Hour Care “It’s acommunity very easy-going, compatible tards’ headquarat the nearby Palm Bay on elder crime with more education, but also usHowever, at the swearing in ceremony,” Ivey “I was so Licensed, Bonded and Insured group,” said Shaffer, a former WWII ters in Sebring. Beer Can Colonels’ Chapter 4683, the we are going to pursue strengthening prosecution, fortunate to have my whole family there, including all POW and retired professor. The Patrick chapter ladies not only are welcomed, they, too, because only one in 700 go rarely to jailseeks for this four mybecome children. My wifeOld sacrificed muchevery The criminals organization theright can gets so together joinofand card-carrying now.” during the I can tell you I know firsthand limelight, since the name that makes Bastarettes. Atcampaign. the Palm Bay chapter, them attractive to some, rankles others, District Deputy Archbastard Lloyd including the United States Hutchinson is boss, often fining Friend ENTERTAINMENT “THE MUSIC THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER” Postal Service. members a dollar for telling bad jokes. For those who want to join, the procedure is easy. MEDIUM “You pay your $10 lifetime fee and you never have to pay anything else,” said Olson. The I.O.O.B. memberNEW YORK CITY OLDIES / DOO-WOP ship card is one of Olson’s proudest possessions. “When I show the card to d for us e k s a anyone, it makes them u Yo ome back! laugh,” said the Tortoise to c e we are! Island resident. So her Laughter is important Easy BY MARIA SONNENBERG

Crime against seniors is job one for top cop “You spend a lot of time laughing, which I think the world needs more of.”


(321) 722-2242


e n r u o b Mel l Magic! Musica

Fri. April 24, 2009

7:30 PM


“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” —Muhammad Ali

Does Your Tile & Grout Need A Makeover?

Eau Gallie Civic Center SolutioN, One Night & 1551 Highland Ave, Melbourne page 35 One Night ONLY!

Recession Priced TICKETS

Sponsored by Preserve at Longleaf FEBRUARY Apartments - Melbourne, FLA 2013


• Vito ito Picone & the Elegants Ele ant

$50 or $45 SENIOR LIFE • Not

ONLY $40


Local effort puts more Women In Defense academia, according to Gregory. The Space Coast chapter will allow easier access for members who want to participate in the monthly networking events. The five-person team that successfully led the charge on this effort, in addition to Gregory and Gillespie, includes Joanne Longo, Barry University; Mary Kinberg, Kinberg & Associates; and Elizabeth May,  AhtnaSTS. The team worked with the guidance of the Central Florida Chapter president, Terri Smith, and past president, Debbie Berry. The cost to attend monthly meetings is $20 for members and $25 for nonmembers. Food is included, with a cash bar available. For more information about WID on the Space Coast, contact Karen Gregory at or go to

By linda wigginS

Uncle Sam is looking for a few good women; the more the better, actually. Women In Defense, A National Security Organization (WID), an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, formed its Space Coast Chapter Jan. 15. The mission is to cultivate and support the advancement and recognition of women in all aspects of national security, and provide women with a formal environment for professional growth through networking, education and career development. District 8 U.S. Congressman Bill Posey will be the keynote speaker at the next meeting, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19 at the Courtyard By Marriott in Cocoa Beach. The local chapter named a president and members to the leadership board at the inaugural meeting. “The Florida Space Coast is a unique area with several rapidly expanding national defense industries and a very prevalent military presence,” said new WID chapter president, Karen Gregory, of HRSS Consulting Group & USAFR. “By forming a Space Coast chapter, it will provide networking and professional development opportunities to promote the role of women in national defense and security, to support military service members, and to encourage partnerships within the local contractor community, defense industry and military personnel,” Gregory added. The move is critical to the new post-Space Shuttle economy, locally, according to Pam Gillespie, community relations director for Rep. Posey. “Our future in the local space and

Senior life photo

Members of the board chosen at the inaugural meeting Jan. 15 of the Space Coast Chapter of Women In Defense are, from left, Debbie Goode, Ana Leonard, Judy Gasperini, Pam Gillespie, Karen Gregory, Elizabeth May, Stephon Williams, Joanne Longo and Susan Glasgow. defense industry is for new businesses to form and provide services as contractors,” said Gillespie, who will serve on the WID board of directors. While WID will focus on the defense and security industry, Rep. Posey also is working to spur the development of space commerce overall. “We need the brightest of the bright to bring new products and services to the table, to win contracts from government agencies for space and defense,” Posey said. “We are going to see commercial

applications for space as never before, and that means we need people with great ideas and the ability to create teams to efficiently bring those ideas to fruition.” Currently, the Orlando-based Central Florida Chapter is the only chapter in the state, with more than 240 active members. The membership is comprised of a diverse demographic of women and men from a cross-section of national security professions in industry, government, military and

Navigator’s Club CALENDAR Please call for a detailed flyer. For more information call 321-727-0946. Next Meetings: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Special afternoon gathering for serious travelers. Limited participation. Call for details. Tuesday, April 2, 2013 10 a.m. at the Front Street Civic Center in Melbourne. Thursday, March 14, 2013 “The Kids Left, The Dog Died, Now What?” Winter Park Playhouse $110 per person (Waitlist) Wednesday, May 22, 2013 “Mystery Trip” $98 per person St. Petersburg & Tarpon Springs June 14 - 16, 2013 Call for detailed flyer Autumn in the Smokies Featuring Asheville, NC and Helen, GA Oct. 13 – Oct. 19, 2013 Call for detailed flyer



Black Watch continued from page 1 “Being accepted into the unit has been a great honor,” he said, “The pipes are an extension of being a member of The Black Watch, of being a soldier. I cherish what I am doing with the tour.” In 2009, Halliday was injured in a blast from an improvised explosive device, unable to see or hear. “I was fixed up and rehabilitated. I am fully a soldier, now. The pipes and drums play a special role in my military career,” he said. “Members of The Black Watch are soldiers foremost. We are professional soldiers and play music to the pro level. The pipers and drummers have just come back from combat. Performing is the string on the infantryman’s bow.” Halliday said his battalion still takes bagpipes and drums to the battlefield, as Scottish soldiers have done for generations. “Traditions are important.” He said audiences are amazed at the youthfulness of his men, especially when they realize how disciplined they are. “The Black Watch in the U.K. are currently training and we will go on operational standby readiness. When we go back, we will catch up and slide into the bigger unit.” Brevard residents will have the opportunity to see these soldier musicians at the King Center perform traditional Highland music, national anthems, Ode to Joy, Amazing Grace and jazz as never before. “In battle, emotions run high. Halliday said, The pipes and drums strike fear in enemies and motivate the troops. At the performance, the public will leave on an emotional high. The Black Watch lives long in the memory.” For more information on the Black Watch, go to For more information on their performance at the King Center, call 321-242-2219.


Senior Life Cape Canaveral Chapter, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) February Thursday, Feb. 7 — 8 to 9 a.m. Military Officers Assoc. meeting, Golf Club House 861 Marina Rd., Patrick AFB Frank Dunagan, 321-784-8934 Thursday, Feb. 14 — 8 to 9 a.m. Military Officers Assoc. meeting Golf Club House 861 Marina Rd. Patrick AFB Frank Dunagan, 321-784-8934 Tuesday, Feb. 19 — Noon Military Officers Assoc. Luncheon The Tides, 1001 N. A1A, Patrick AFB Joe Oblack, 321-453-2947

Thursday, Feb. 21 — 8 to 9 a.m. IRCC Colony Hall 1936 Freedom Dr., Viera Frank Dunagan, 321-784-8934 Thursday, Feb. 28 — 8 to 9 a.m. Military Officers Assoc. meeting Golf Club House 861 Marina Rd., Patrick AFB Frank Dunagan, 321-784-8934 Meetings are for active, retired and former officers. Meetings are coordinated by retired Army Lt. Col. Frank Dunagan, 321-784-8934. Luncheons are coordinated by retired USAF Maj. Joe Oblack, 321-453-2947. SL

Funny thing is… By Sammy Haddad

Snowbird season is that six-month period from October to March where people and birds fly south to escape the snow. The birds do it on instinct. The people do it so they don’t have to shovel their way out of the driveway. Either way, it’s a good idea. They both tend to leave their mark in Florida. The people spend lots of money and enrich towns they land in. The birds leave their mark, too, usually on the windows and paint of cars. When the people leave, we’re sad to see them go. When the birds leave, we’re happy to see them go because we know we can safely wash our cars and once again walk the nature trails without fear of getting strafed like a World War II bomber. Yesterday, while walking the new bridge in Titusville, I looked up to see thousands of birds flying in wild circu-

lar patterns. It kind of looked like the students at the University of Central Florida the first week of a new term. You know it almost never snows in Central Florida and, when it does, the snow doesn’t stick. But what those wild birds dropped did stick and the amount of white spots covering the bridge were reminiscent of the droppings of the first winter storm in Cleveland each year. I found the slalom pattern I had to walk to avoid them doubled the benefit of my workout, especially when I passed a friend who said “hello,” oops. I had to wash those shoes when I got home. We’re rapidly approaching the end of snowbird season, and I’ll be so depressed to see many friends flying back north and the towns once again struggling with their profit margins. But as long as they take the other snowbirds with them, I’ll be OK. They won’t need GPS to find their way back to the big cities up north. All they have to do is follow the spots!

Aging Matters in Brevard appoint new director of community kitchen By linda S. HumpHrey

Aging Matters in Brevard announced that Tom Kammerdener has been appointed the director of The Brevard Community Kitchen. Kammerdener comes with a wealth of experience within the food services industry, having spent the past 19 years at Health First Corporation where he was instrumental in providing food services for Holmes Regional Medical Center, including inpatient, cafeteria, employee day care and catering. Kammerdener joins Aging Matters in Brevard as the director of the Brevard Community Kitchen to continue Aging Matters success providing hot nutritious meals for Meals on Wheels, Seniors at Lunch, adult and child day care centers, charter schools and the parks and recreation summer lunch program. The kitchen also operates a catering service for corporate banquets, annual picnics, and community events as well as providing meals during times of disasters for first responders and Special Needs Shelters. Located in Rockledge, the kitchen produces in excess of 500,000 meals a year. “Coming to Aging Matters in Brevard was a wonderful opportunity to enter an exciting new world and get back to the grass roots of helping people in our community. I look forward to all of the

Senior life Photo courtesy of Aging Matters

Tom Kammerdener challenges that come my way. The foundation that was left is strong, filled with dedicated associates and volunteers working toward one goal. When speaking to others about the position, every person recognized Meals on Wheels. Now it’s an opportunity to continue the mission of Aging Matters In Brevard.” Cindy Flachmeier, president/CEO said “We are very fortunate that we were able to find someone of Tom’s caliber to fill this role. Tom’s wealth of experience and knowledge of the food services industry has already made him a key addition to the Aging Matters in Brevard team. I’m confident that Tom will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for our clients.” SL

Hospice of St. Francis is seeking

Partners in Compassionate Care Seeking caring people to provide friendly visits, respite care, transportation, dog therapy, errands, and other support services.

Dr. Sammy SL

Train to be a Hospice of St. Francis Volunteer


Over 20 Years Experience




about our

DRIVEWAY 1-car $59 up to 350sf


DRIVEWAY 2-car $80 up to 750sf


Any single famil familyy 3/2 home & 1 car driveway $139

Senior Citizen Discount



(Min. 1 Hour) With SL coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. offers. Expires 2/28/2013

Training provided at no cost No previous experience necessary

Upcoming Training Class Schedule Monday, Feb. 4; Thursday, Feb. 7; Monday, Feb. 11 & Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 1250-B Grumman Place, Titusville 32780

Register with Vicky Hamilton by calling 321-269-4240 or toll free 866-269-4240

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout Brevard County.

Not including roof.




columnists Indian Mounds

Let me introduce you to an educational day trip just north of Brevard County that will be of major interest for the entire family. Recently, I escorted a group of friends on a tour of “Seminole Rest,” part of the Canaveral National Seashore, in nearby Oak Hill. Here is one of the few remaining ancient sites of our Native Americans who gathered clams, oysters and fish from the Mosquito River Lagoon. The Indians consumed the edible parts and used the site for refuse, which then over many centuries created extremely large shell mounds. At Seminole Rest there are several mounds, with the largest being Snyder’s Mound. This particular shell mound is over 700 feet long, 350 feet wide and over 14 feet high. All the shell mounds at this site date back from 2,000 B.C. to 1565 A.D. There are not many shell mounds left. Early in the 20th century, local communities used the shell as fill for the paving of roads. The archeological significance of the Seminole Rest mounds is the fact that they have survived relatively intact when 70 percent of the mounds in Volusia County have been destroyed. The National Park Service now preserves this site and the few remaining mound sites along the eastern seaboard.

There are a number of structures on this site. They include the historic In-Stone House, the historic John caretakers house, a Trieste non-historic garage and pilings from a boat dock. Seminole Rest is open seven days week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is an accommodating wheelchair-accessible paved trail with many outdoor exhibits. The trail straddles the west shore of the beautiful Mosquito River Lagoon. The site has free parking and rest room facilities. There is no charge to visit Seminole Rest. The main house has a gift shop and a bookstore and is open from noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Verify the openings by calling 386345-1997. Our group also had a delightful lunch at the Goodrich Seafood Restaurant. located just north of Seminole Rest at 253 River Road, Oak Hill. Call 386-345–3397. Getting to Seminole Rest is easy. We took U.S. 1 North, crossing the Brevard County line, to the town of Oak Hill, a delightful ride. At the traffic light in Oak Hill at Halifax Avenue, go east. In a few blocks you will be at River Road, Seminole Rest will be on your right. SL

Touring the Town

Living in Suntree This column will be more parochial than usual. I have the privilege of serving as general manager of Suntree Master Homeowners Association, Inc. Recently, I learned that many Suntree and area residents are not aware of the varied demographics and amenities. This column will tell you about them. Suntree is the largest Planned Unit Development (PUD) on the Space Coast, consisting of 4,506 dwellings. In addition, there are 29 commercial properties paying annual fees. The population is estimated at more than 11,000. While Suntree is home to many seniors, we also include numerous families. Elementary school age children residing south of Wickham attend Suntree Elementary School and those north of Wickham are Quest Elementary School students. There are 66 miles of roads in Suntree, most of which are maintained by Brevard County. We also have 11 miles of pedways, some of which are shared with Suntree Country Club. St. Johns River Waterway Management District requires that Suntree maintain 350 acres of wetlands, retention ponds, and stormwater drainage canals. These consist of five major drainage basins controlled by nine functioning weirs. Nine board members who are elected for two-year terms govern Suntree. Our next election will be


March 13 at Association Suntree Country Club. The volume Living of the election is By so large that the Frank Kneiser, Brevard Election CMCA, Commission AMS, PCAM provides voting machines and tabulations. Each board member either chairs or is involved in at least one standing committee. There are 13 employees of the association. We have two large parks with shaded playground equipment. The Spyglass Hill pavilion is available for resident reservations at no charge. Nine “pocket parks” are scattered throughout the community with picnic benches in serene atmospheres. Suntree provides a diverse assortment of community events. These have included symphonies and movies in the park and an annual Easter egg hunt. This is just a “thumbnail sketch” of Suntree. For more detailed information, visit our interactive website at It’s important to point out that Mr. Kneiser is not an attorney and legal questions should be referred to your attorney. However, a requirement of his Community Association Manager’s license is to stay abreast of the Florida Association laws. Contact him with any questions at SL


Caregiver Care giving is part of living a long life. Helpful, caring and kind people tend to live a longer life in a spiritual and physical way. Each person faces the caregiver challenge in a different way. Few people are prepared to provide help and assistance to an older spouse, relative or friend unless they have specific training in the field of assisted living or nursing services. Out of love, a feeling of devotion or recognized duty, men and women push forward to give daily care to their loved ones. For example, there are more than 50 million Americans caring for someone with memory loss (early onset dementia to extreme cases of Alzheimer disease) compounded by other ailments and afflictions. Care for others with sickness or injuries becomes part of the late-inlife scenario. The challenge for the caregiver as they advance in years is to protect their own health and happiness while caring for their loved ones. Each day is a new and separate challenge. Those who do well and survive know how to have balance in their lives. Leeza Gibbons collaborated with a psychologist and a medical doctor, Rosemary Laird, to write a caregiver handbook entitled “Take Your Oxygen First.” The book is a love letter and lifeline to all of those caregivers who have ever felt lost and afraid. A challenge calls for action in a positive manner. The book focuses on the adage “Knowledge is Power.” Each chapter

provides supportive

Challenges information that of Living to helps the reader understand his or Age 100

her situation and role to gain a good understanding of Ed memory-loss Baranowski disorders. Caregivers should not do it alone. The book helps caregivers find professional, community and agency resources. Caregivers must focus on their own well being by taking care of themselves. A section on caring for the caregiver’s body deals with exercise, diet, sleep, wellness and personal growth. Energy for caring comes from personal energy rather than fatigue. Set the example with joy and happiness. “Coping with Depression and Anxiety” is a helpful chapter with a focus on management of these challenges. Going further, the book covers overcoming denial and guilt along with managing anger. “Nourishing the Caregiver’s Spirit” covers the family and intergenerational connectivity. Spiritual practice, the meaning of life, the purpose of life and the payoff of being involved but not being overwhelmed is a fitting wrap-up to the easy-read handbook. Baranowski is president of Topics Unlimited, a Melbourne-based education, seminar and consulting company. He can be reached at SL

Proofreading I don’t know how I ever got into the habit — a good one according to some people, an annoying one according to others – but when I read anything, errors jump out at me! I was never taught “proofreading,” but I’ve been an avid reader since I was a little girl. My mother taught me to read and write before I even entered Kindergarten and one thing led to another, in particular writing carefully to spell words correctly, whether it was schoolwork I was doing or writing stories. In adult life working years, before marriage and children and again after children grown, so many people used to ask me to “check this for me,” meaning checking what was written for errors. In later years, it got to the point where I was hired, usually volunteer, but occasionally paid, to proofread papers for school work, letters written by bosses at work who weren’t confident of their own ability to spell or choose the correct words. I proofed organizational bulletins. Over my many years of adult reading especially, I have caught errors in books, newspapers and other publications. Sometimes it’s in time to get them corrected, but certainly not in books published back in the 1920s! Yes, in reading the books in my col-

lection of Mark Twain’s writings, I found misspelled words and occasionally other errors. Just Lucy recently a local publiKline cation had an article written about the “Veterans Holidday”. No, that is not a misprint — the newspaper really spelled the word “Holidday.” Some errors have been very funny indeed and some newspapers care more than others. My experience with our local daily newspaper is that they rarely print corrections, even when corrections are sent in by readers. On the other hand, the daily paper I now get out of Orlando is very good about making corrections on different things, mistaken facts, misspellings of names, etc. As you read my column now, I will add that Senior Life is very well proofed in my opinion and I rarely find an error. It’s never that I’m looking for them. That’s what always puzzles me. I was not trained in any way to proofread but as I’m reading along, errors in spelling just jump out at me as though they were in BIG BOLD PRINT! It’s both an annoying and satisfactory “talent” I seem to have had for many years. Comments are always welcome, at SL

My Point of View


Suntree’s Spring Fling promises fun-filled music, song and dance

Senior life Rosemary H. Lynn

Nick Chirico, entertainer, and Carolyn Hayes, entertainment director, smile as they talk about the upcoming Spring Fling dinner dance to be held on March 10 at the Holiday Inn in Viera. By roSemary H. lynn

The Suntree community will host a Spring Fling dinner-dance to benefit four organizations in Brevard County on March 10 at the Holiday Inn in Viera. This annual event is open to all Brevard County residents. The organizations benefiting from the proceeds are Viera High School, Serene Harbor, Nana’s House and South Brevard Animal Shelter. Each will receive a donation of $1,000. Carolyn Hayes, entertainment

planner, has booked entertainer Nick Chirico for the night, which will include dinner, a cash bar, silent auction, door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. The cost per person is $35, which includes dinner and entertainment by the phenomenal Chirico, who promises to be a highlight of the evening. As a wellknown entertainer for nursing and assisted living facilities in the area, many people do not realize that he also is available to perform at events such as clubs and local parties. He has entertained throughout the United States for

A comfortable lifestyle designed just for us!


energetically happy. cruises, casinos, theme parks, convenCocktails will be served at the open tions and concerts. cash bar from 5 to 6 p.m. with dinner from In his 40+ years of entertaining, 6 to 7 p.m. Dancing will be from 7 to 9 Chirico has opened for or played with such famous acts as Little Anthony, The p.m. For more information about the Spring Fling, visit Dell Vikings, The Platters, The For tickets contact Janice Godfrey at Coasters, Soul Survivors and the Ink Spots. He also opened for Garth Brooks For more information about Nick Chirico or to talk when Brooks was just starting out as to him about entertaining at an event, well as for jazz greats such as The contact him at Peterson Family. SL Chirico has acted in several feature length films as well as worked behind the scenes doing movie soundtrack producFULL SERVICE SALON tion. His light-hearted approach 1270 N. Wickham Rd., #28, Melbourne, FL 32935 makes him a (Near Old Time Pottery next to Dollar Tree) favorite entertainer at the many 0RQ6DWDPSP‡6XQGD\&ORVHG facilities he Maureen, formerly of $5 Haircuts, Melbourne Mall regularly visits. has now joined our staff. His goal is HAIRCUTS $5 and up ˜ WALK-INS WELCOME to give back to Services: Color, Perms, Highlights, Relaxers, Waxing & more a community that has done Tuesdays so much for Teacher’s Day him. He is passionate Wednesdays about his Senior’s Day calling and We do roller settings! with purchase of loves to make Shampoo & Blow Dry his audience, Expires 2/28/13 on any service no matter on your day. their age,

For Men, Women & Children 321-622-6886


10% discount

Sweetheart Special at Cedar Creek




Come join our community. CEDAR CREEK 4279 Judith Avenue, Merritt Island (Go North on Courtenay Parkway, right on Hall Rd. proceed to Judith Ave.)

(321) 454-7768 Asssited Living Facility #AL10541



Call To for yo day u Consu r FREE ltation




make moving moving ““Realtors Realtors tthat hat make Boomer ers s an dS eniors tth heir sp ecialty” Boomers and Seniors their specialty” V isit C athy a nd S a ra Visit Cathy and Sara ffrom rom Tropical Tropical Realty Realty at at One Senior Place O ne S enior P lace Thursday am pm each T hursday ffrom ro m 9 a m–3p m

Sara Forst Gri ffin 321 -794-9001 Griffin 321-794-9001 C athy Ni chols 321 -514-0882 Cathy Nichols 321-514-0882 www. SpaceCoastBoomer ersA

Sandra Wagner BC-HIS

4 FREE Hearing Evaluation 4 In-Home Service for all of Brevard County 4 15 Years of Experience 4 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 4 We Service All Makes and Models 4 Family Owned and Operated 4 Full line of 100% Digital Hearing Aids

321-253-6310 321-757-9205



Senior Life

It wa luncheo Club in that I m Robinso vibrant p resonate several o who we group th Singers rehab ce day care I lear Aging M Seniors week. R Cuyler P lunch is about 30 televisio informa “Our more tha folks tal Senior life Martha Masiello We see m Freedom 7 Community member Louadora Riley has day. The Bill R volunteered for the Hot Night in the City fundraiser Snelling for seven years, inspiring and motivating other and nou members to enjoy or help put on activities. is a hug “I wa Smith sa Purchase tickets at Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce on Merritt Island; Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness; or at the Freedom 7 Community Center. Tickets will also be available at the door the evening of the event. Suggested dress is evening casual. For further information, or to reserve a table, call 321-783-9505 or visit SL

‘Hot Night In The City’ to benefit Freedom 7 Community Center By martha maSiello

organization primarily for seniors in Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island. Membership also In the mid 1980’s Mary Louise “Mother” Morgan is open to adults of all ages and from all areas of began the Freedom 7 (F7) Senior Citizens Brevard including winter residents. Community Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit From Monday through Thursday of each week, members volunteer, teach, lead and assist with various aspects of the organization and 9<::(7=(>*+%#"'0?(@0%AB0?C(D"%%$##(E,F0'/ participate in card and board games. GH&0$FI(A0?=A"?,"%J%KL=*%M$,$#I(BBB=N*+%#"'0?,O%$'-,P$FF0-"=*%Offerings include bridge and pinochle lessons, computer classes, recreational activities, group trips and health and !!"#"$%&'()"(*($'+%&', informational seminars. Freedom 7 Community Center will host its annual Hot Night In The City celebration ())"-&.)/,-0%" Friday, Feb. 22, at 5000 Tom Warriner $%,1$'2,'3)%")-0-&4" Blvd. (Cocoa Beach Country Club), Cocoa Beach. )-+-'%5"'-+%"1&)3 -678986786:");<;6="(9>?:@86:A" “The group builds upon itself as the ,:>?:;6="(A")BC"(A"DEF!GH@BI perfect community outlet for seniors to enjoy socializing; as a recreation resource; &1"%&'$(&.%"N%% provides educational programs; learning ,@>JJ"*8:A"K8JLB@87M ...Make new friends opportunities for caregivers; health ...Let us do your Chores programs; and shares opportunities for ...Let go of your Worries helping others,” said Bob Fritz, longtime ...Feel Safe and Secure Cocoa Beach educator, resident and ....Rest Easy knowing all the care you may need is a phone call away member. “It is especially enjoyed by winter residents, who often return home to convey Take the first step...Visit Courtenay Springs ideas and memories with others in their communities,” Gorgeous river views from your balcony The event will be from 7 to 11 p.m. Tickets are $20 each and include one drink (cash bar available); live band “Delgado” and dancing; 50-50 raffle; buffet-style catered hot food by For Any Occasion; and a silent auction. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH & TOUR! !"#$%"&"'#()*+,$'-(.*+'/0#$*'((((((((((((((12.3(4546((78.3(99:4:;69


A Fresh Approach to Home Care

Senior life

Jerri Tu Commun


aring with a Commitment to Quality

“Individualized Care Care and Ser vice that Enhance Life Life, Nurtur Nurturee the Mind, Body, Body, and Spirit, and Celebrate Celebrate Independence” Independence” “An Active, Holistic Lifestyle Lifestyle Encoura Encouraging Experiences that Exceed Expectations”


WWW.SPRING-HILLSHCS.COM W WW.SPRING-HILLSHCS.COM 3800 T Town own Center Blvd., Ste. #200 Orlando, FL 32837

Show this ad for 4 hours of FREE service!* * with signed agreement Call 888-528-9938 for details NR # 30211464



Congratu Tierce, w to see St tra,” at th center, a 57th ann

321-757-9205 w

Jessie Robinson: a senior who loves to serve

â&#x20AC;&#x153;People donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come for just the It was during a food. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the conversation. We luncheon at Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keeping look forward to getting up and Club in Titusville the Faith getting out,â&#x20AC;? Snelling said. that I met Jessie Linda S. Robinson said meals for those Robinson. Her Humphrey older than 60 cost $1. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If someone vibrant personality can afford to give more, it is resonated with welcome.â&#x20AC;? several other women Between 1,600 and 2,000 meals a day who were singing gospel songs to the are prepared at the Brevard Community group that day. The Senior Gospel Singers provide uplifting music weekly to Kitchen in Cocoa and delivered to recipients of Meals on Wheels, Seniors at rehab centers, nursing homes and adult Lunch and adult day care facilities such day care facilities. I learned that Robinson also works for as Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clubs. Aging Matters in Brevard with the Aging Matters in Brevard is funded by Seniors at Lunch program five days a various organizations, including the week. Robinson is the center manager at Older Americans Act, Brevard County Cuyler Park Annex in Mims, where a hot Board of County Commissioners and lunch is enjoyed daily by a group of block grants, said Cindy Flachmeier, about 30 seniors who gather to eat, watch president and CEO of Aging Matters. television, play bingo or listen to an â&#x20AC;&#x153;Parks and recreations around the informative guest speaker. county are a great support to this â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Seniors at Lunch program is program. There are 14 sites around the more than a meal,â&#x20AC;? Robinson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our county to which we deliver daily,â&#x20AC;? she folks talk and get to know one another. said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our staff is dedicated. They work tha Masiello We see many of the same people every hard and get the job done. They begin ley has day. They become friends.â&#x20AC;? with food prep at 6 a.m. and delivery Bill Rowland, Lee Smith and Mary draiser begins about 10:30 a.m.â&#x20AC;? Snelling all agree the lunches are tasty er For information about the programs and nourishing and that the camaraderie offered through Aging Matters, call is a huge part of the day. 321-639-8770. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was astonished at what they do,â&#x20AC;? To reach Robinson, call 321-264-6491 Smith said. between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. SL coa

Senior life Linda S. Humphrey

Bill Rowland, Jessie Robinson, Lee Smith and Mary Snelling enjoy lunch and time together during Seniors at Lunch on Nov. 1 at the Cuyler Park Annex in Mims. Robinson is the center manager and Rowland, Smith and Snelling are regulars for the lunch and fellowship time.

able at dress is

e, call L 6WDWHRIWKH$UW (TXLSPHQW )DFLOLW\ â&#x20AC;˘ Intra Oral Camera â&#x20AC;˘ Cosmetic Imaging â&#x20AC;˘ Digital X-Rays â&#x20AC;˘ CEREC CAD/CAM

Senior life Linda S. Humphrey

Jerri Turner and Dave McClellan prepare food at the Brevard Community Kitchen in Cocoa.

Cedric C. Chenet, DDS, PA General & Cosmetic Dentistry MODERN, HIGH-TECH DENTAL CARE Our Services Include:

â&#x20AC;˘ Dental Exams & Preventative Services

â&#x20AC;˘ Customized Full & Partial Dentures

â&#x20AC;˘ Crowns (Caps) & Bridges

â&#x20AC;˘ Endodontic / Root Canal Treatment

â&#x20AC;˘ Cosmetic / Tooth-Colored Fillings

â&#x20AC;˘ Porcelain Veneers & Cosmetic Bonding

â&#x20AC;˘ Extractions & Minor Oral Surgery

â&#x20AC;˘ Implant Restorations

â&#x20AC;˘ Zoom 1-hr Bleaching




Dr. Cedric C. Chenet Retired UNITED STATES AIR FORCE with 25 years experience in all phases of general, cosmetic & reconstructive dentistry


Located in the Heart of Merritt Island


Contest Winners Congratulations to Anita and Edward Tierce, winners of the Senior Life contest to see Steve Lippia perform â&#x20AC;&#x153;Simply Sinatra,â&#x20AC;? at the King Center. They met Lippia, center, afterward to cap off the coupleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 57th anniversary.



â&#x20AC;˘ Licensed Nurse on staff 24/7 â&#x20AC;˘ Scheduled transportation for medical appointments and errands â&#x20AC;˘ Restaurant-style dining â&#x20AC;˘ Social activities

Call today for a FREE consultation at 321-454-2363 The Place at Merritt Island, 535 Crockett Blvd., Merritt Island, FL FEBRUARY 2013 â&#x20AC;˘ SENIOR LIFE


Tech MARCH 9 Know 9 A.M.- 3 P.M. Expo Tech Register early Tec K no " SATURDAY, " " "

Join us fo

Join us at our second Technology Expo

Some class sizes are limited.

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Reserve November your seat today.13th, Go to or call 321-242-1235. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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Meet vendors who will intr introduce oduce and PCs), cameras, games, tele tions on healthcar healthcare e innovations inexpensive lunch fr from om a variety

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The latest Computers, cell and smart phon by digital cameras and iPad

Ways to connect with family and *' +*)-*,Facebook, Skype, email, bloggin Sponsorships and vendor space available

Photography Scrapbooking, scanning, upload

connect@techknowex opening reception sponsored by



Sponsorships and booths still ava

oice Viera V 321-544-4414 The Newspaper of Viera & Suntree

A Bluewater Creative Group Publication





We will be taking over the Scott Center at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Suntree/Melbourne (near Pineda & Wickham)

Class and seminar sChedule 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.—Class registration 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.— Vendor hall Open all day —Exhibitors & New Technology —Resource Room—Ask anything…One-on-One Questions

8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Opening Reception—Vendor Hall

Sponsored by VNA


Free Continental Breakfast. Free Gift to the first 100 people that arrive.

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.—Opening Presentations (choose one) Beware! —Phishing, Online Scams, State Attorney’s Office, Laura Moody, PA A door prize given at this presentation How NASA Improves Our Quality of Life, Brooks Kimmel A door prize given at this presentation

10:45 - 11:45 a.m.—Class schedule (choose one) New Age Cardiovascular Treatment and Prevention—Physician Presentation How to use Google Search How to use You Tube Search How to set-up and use Wi-Fi What are fire walls and antivirus software How to use Twitter Setting up an Email address Uploading and sharing photos

All classes are FREE

11:45 - 12:45 p.m. —lunch break (food available for purchase) Vendor hall 12:45 - 1:45 p.m.—Class schedule (choose one) Introduction to Facebook Overview of Windows 8 Making and uploading a video Online Family Search—Instructor Jim Bouck How to set-up and use Skype Secrets to the smart phone Setting up an email address Notebook - iPad 101

2 - 3 p.m.—Class schedule (choose one)

Do you have a technology question?

Introduction to Facebook Ebay buying & selling Apple apps for smart phones Droid apps for smart phones Electronic Medical Records Blogging 101 All about Pinterest Overview of Windows 8

Come speak with our


9 a.m. - 3Thanks p.m. to our T

3 - 3:15 p.m.—door Prizes (must be present to win) Vendor hall

expo—saturday, march 9, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. register online at or call 321-242-1235 to reserve you seat. 321-757-9205

Classes are subject to change. Thanks to our Please check schedule upon arrival in the vendor hall.



Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x160; Â&#x2013;Â&#x2021;Â&#x192;Â&#x17D; Â&#x2018;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2C6;


Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022; Â&#x160;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2030;ÇŚ Â&#x192;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?ÇĄ

Â&#x160;Â&#x2021; Â&#x2013;Â&#x2018; Â&#x2020; Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D; Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x192; Â&#x2021;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2039;Â?ÇĄ Â?Â&#x2039;Â?ÇĄ Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020;

ÍśČ&#x152; Â&#x2030;Â&#x2014;Â&#x203A;



Second annual Art with a Heart auction to benefit Devereux kids By roSemary H. lynn

The second annual Art with a Heart auction will be held on Friday, Feb. 8 at the Holiday Inn, 8298 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne. Art in all media and price ranges will be available for sale. The art previews will begin at 6 p.m. and the auction will start at 7 p.m. Admission is $15 per person or $25 for two. This includes light hors dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;oeuvres, a cash bar, coffee or tea and a door prize ticket. Proceeds will assist the Devereux Foundation, which supports Devereuxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s programs for emotionally challenged children. The organization is planning on a major expansion which will allow more

children to benefit from the facilities. In Brevard there are 1,000 children enrolled in the Devereux system and 350 staff members. The children attend regular educational classes given by fully accredited teachers and schools. Children spend from three months to several years receiving individualized attention at Devereux. They come from all walks of life and from all over the U.S. and even out of the country. There are three group homes in the area that Devereux sponsors. Devereux opened its doors locally in 1988. It was founded by Helen Devereux 100 years ago as a national organization serving 13 states. Florida is now the second largest treat-

ment center, with board certified child psychologists and mental health professionals. The art auction is just one of the many fundraisers Devereux sponsors each year. In the coming months, there will be a mother-daughter tea, a garden party held at Florida Techâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s botanical gardens, and other events. Art auctioned will include some from famous artists such as Chagall, Rockwell, Moses, Wyeth and many more. Art created by the children of Devereux will also be auctioned. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Some truly amazing pieces available,â&#x20AC;? said Patricia Hurst, assistant director of development. She and art purveyor Karen Klein are in

Senior life Rosemary H. Lynn

Karen Klein, left, and Patricia Hurst display some of the childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art that will be up for auction on Feb. 8, 2013. charge of putting the show together. For more information, contact Hurst at 321-258-1772 or Klein at 321-549-7316. To purchase art, go to, using code 63907 so that proceeds will go to Devereux. Major credit cards will be accepted for art purchases. SL

Golden Steppers celebrate 25th

- . .&/0 1 2  32#2 0 - . .&/0  . .&&/0 0 0     1  22      3  32# # #2 2 2

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&+   %   , ) +   


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$%&'()*&+),), $%&'( $%&'()*&+ )*&++),), ),), 



%+.) * -%+.) */    /    / " * +! * +! * *  / "









Golden Steppers will celebrate its 25th anniversary of transforming golden girls into Broadway-style dancers with the Biggest Tap Show Ever, 2 p.m. Feb. 24 at the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. Under the direction of Choreographer Martha Seymour, the showâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 40 gals and a guy will benefit local arts and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s charities. For more information or to purchase tickets for $15, call 321-784-1454.

Í´Íľ Call us if you need: â&#x20AC;˘ Information and Referral Assistance â&#x20AC;˘ Seniors At Lunch â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Fellowship Dining â&#x20AC;˘ Transportation â&#x20AC;˘ Caregiver Support and Training â&#x20AC;˘ Help with Bathing and Dressing â&#x20AC;˘ Legal Assistance with Civil Matters â&#x20AC;˘ Volunteer Opportunities â&#x20AC;˘ Light Housekeeping â&#x20AC;˘ Caregiver Respite â&#x20AC;˘ Handyman Services â&#x20AC;˘ Meals on Wheels â&#x20AC;˘ Case Management

For Information call




Federal, state, and locally funded services provided. Eligibility requirements may apply. Private pay services available. Aging Matters in Brevard is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization recognized by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the Area Agency on Aging as the Lead Agency for senior services in Brevard County.


SpaceCoast boomers Boomer helps new business owners get an A on their Plan B preneurial instead of working long, hard hours at a job.â&#x20AC;? To purchase a book, have Rich-New speak to groups, or for more information, go to SL

By linda wigginS

Kathleen Rich-New has turned her past pain into profit for anyone who has ever wanted to start a business. The boomerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Plan B: The Real Deal Guide to Creating Your Business,â&#x20AC;? was published last month to rave reviews and brisk sales. Many fellow boomers as well as seniors are the reason Rich-New wrote the book, because of the recent changes in the local post-Space Shuttle job market, the challenged national economy and the local and national emphasis on creating new small businesses. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Plan B. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the career after you have been laid off, outsourced, down-sized, right-sized or fired,â&#x20AC;? said Rich-New, an adjunct professor of human resources at Webster University. In addition to her role at Webster, Rich-New is a powerful community leader, business expert, indemand speaker and business coach. She holds a masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in business and owns her own business-consulting firm, Clarity Works! She started her own business after suffering burnout from a successful Silicon Valley career and its demanding 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. routine. Her Jan. 11 book-signing audience of 150 included many members of the SpaceCoast Technical Network, made up of former space workers looking to either find a new job or start the businesses they always dreamed of but were too afraid to leave their day jobs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; until their day jobs left them in the wake of the Shuttle program shut down. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Times are tough and Plan-A jobs are hard to find, or if you find one itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at a fraction of what you are making and there are no benefits. Secure jobs and pensions are being destroyed,â&#x20AC;? RichNew said. While conducting research, Rich-New developed a one-credit-hour professional seminar for Webster called, â&#x20AC;&#x153;What is Your Plan B?â&#x20AC;?

Senior life Photo

Kathleen Rich-New holds the scissors to the launch of her new book Jan. 11, with the support of her mother, right. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Most of the students who took the seminar were shocked by what they learned,â&#x20AC;? Rich-New said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t aware of the time and work it would take to start their own business and be successful, the money needed, and the fact that some of their ideas just didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a large enough consumer base to be profitable.â&#x20AC;? Humorous chapter titles start with â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Worked Hard, I Played by the Rules, and This is all I Get?â&#x20AC;? and cover topics like starting a business versus buying one, the ins-and-outs of network marketing, the right time for the right product or service, and the necessary skills and training to become an entrepreneur. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Young workers may never know job or career security,â&#x20AC;? Rich-New said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Future success will depend on being entre-

Senior life Photo

Rich-New, center, leads a seminar on launching a sucessful business.

OUT with the NEW...IN with the OLD!

N OW B UY I N G In order to fill the demands of our clients, we are actively seeking quality antique and vintage items.



Find out about the only knee replacement specifically designed with women in mind.

1429 Highland Avenue Eau Gallie Arts District

Antiques â&#x20AC;˘ Mid-Century Modern Furniture â&#x20AC;˘ Collectibles â&#x20AC;˘ Costume Jewelry â&#x20AC;˘ Gold â&#x20AC;˘ Silverware â&#x20AC;˘ Coins Vintage Watches â&#x20AC;˘ Fine Art â&#x20AC;˘ Military Items â&#x20AC;˘ NASA Fine China â&#x20AC;˘ Asian Art â&#x20AC;˘ Diamonds â&#x20AC;˘ Vintage Tools

By the piece or entire households.

The Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee ÂŽ


Women are not just smaller men... ... th thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s atâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why why Zimmer Zimmer dev developed eloped the Gender Knee, the only only knee rep rreplacement eplacement sspecifically pecifically ouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a w oman, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s de signed ffor or a w omanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sh ape and ssize. ize. The rresult esult iiss impr oved fit designed womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shape improved fit.. If yyouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re woman, or. the knee ffor or yyou. ou. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s impor tant ttoo di scuss knee p ain w ith yyour our doct important discuss pain with doctor. all If yyou ou need help findin ysician ne ar yyou ou who u ses the ZZimmer immer Gender Knee, ccall findingg a ph physician near uses 1- 877- GEN-KNEE or vvisit isit www 








Annou1ncing Bayberry Bayberr Ba yberryy House yberr

A small, secured Memory Care accommodation for for residents with AlzheimerÂ&#x2019;s or other forms forms of dementia. Assisted Living Facility #10095




Simplified •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Our world changes so quickly that keeping up on the latest local and national health news can be daunting. That’s why Parrish Medical Center will do it for you. Whether it’s education, breaking news or a message from your physician, count on HealthBridge to get it to you quickly on your smartphone, tablet, computer or by mail. This FREE service is a passwordprotected portal for your personalized health information.


Visit today to sign up or log in. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Members receive:

HealthBridge benefits:

• “Vim & Vigor” quarterly health magazine

• Personalized page based on health interests:

• Daily updates with tips for better living, event

health, weight control, diabetes, blood pressure and others

reminders, checklists and other helpful tools

• Communication how you want it: mailbox, computer, phone

• News alerts including as-needed reminders about events, appointments and breaking health news • Shareable low-fat, heart-healthy recipes

or tablet • One-click access to an exclusive health education video library • For patients of Parrish Medical Group physicians:

• “Health Tip of the Day” to keep you motivated

email physician offices, request prescription refills,

• Comment on articles to join the conversation

schedule an office appointment, view lab results

• Business office tools to pay bills and request estimates

H E A L I N G 321-757-9205

• RSVP online for events and classes • Many more future benefits being developed

FA M I L I E S — H E A L I N G



Recycle your old cell phone to benefit others and help the environment By martha masiello

Approximately 100 million cell phones are approaching end of life management, which equals more than 50,000 tons of waste containing metals. Therefore, every cell phone can and should, be recycled. Cell phones are potentially hazardous waste, as they contain toxic materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. if thrown into the trash, or sent to incinerators or landfills, environmental contamination can occur from combustion and leakage into soil and groundwater. As long as your phone has been deactivated from service, there are no security or privacy concerns. once phones are refurbished, they are completely cleared and reprogrammed removing traces of your contacts and personal information. You may be able to deduct the value of the phone for tax purposes. Check

with your accountant or tax preparer. Some newer smart phones can be worth up to $150. Cell phones may be donated to seniors, or people with disabilities, and shelters for battered women, as any phone can be made capable of dialing 911. Donating gently-used mobile phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers assists in its mission to provide free communication tools to active duty military members and veterans. The phones are sold to recycling partners and funds are used to purchase calling cards and other communication tools for the U.S. military. Many organizations and non-profit groups accept donations of cell phones for their clients. For further information check out:;;; and SL

women’s History Month luncheon The public is invited to attend the sixth annual Annual women’s History Month Luncheon hosted by the women’s Business Center (wBC), the Florida Tech Alumni Association (FTAA) and the Zonta Club of Melbourne. women inspiring innovation Through imagination: Celebrating women in Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics will be from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on March 18. at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne oceanfront. The cost is $35 per person. An RSvP is required to attend. The Space Coast Community Award, Florida Tech Award of Distinction and Joan Bixby Award recipients will be honored. Honoree for the Florida Tech Award of Distinction is General Ann e. Dunwoody, retired Army four-star general. Dunwoody is the first woman to serve as a four-star general in U.S. military history. Dunwoody joined the Army in 1974, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the women’s Army Corps in 1975. Her first assignment was as supply platoon leader, 226th Maintenance Company (Forward, Direct Support), 100th Supply and Services Battalion (Direct Support), Fort Sill, okla. Since then, she has served at every level of command. Most recently, Dunwoody served as commander of the Army Materiel Command, or AMC, one of the largest commands in the Army. For more information, to pre-register, or to pre-pay by credit card, please contact: Reneé Couperthwaite at 321-674-7007 or go to SL

Book Review By Chiffone Sandberg “Queen of Thrift: Snapshots of a Military wife” Author: John whalen         Published by inspiring voices iSBN: 978-1-4624-0045-4 Copyright 2012                                    Purchase:  Barnes & Noble $13.95 e-book $3.51 About the Author: John whalen is a decorated veteran retired from the army with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He also retired from a second occupation. He was services director for Presbyterian Homes of Crestwood Manor in New Jersey. He and his wife, Betty, have been married 56 years and have three children, 10 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He and his wife settled in Suntree/viera. This book depicts a woman of character, grit and determination. Those traits were instilled at a very early age. She grew up in a household where the father wanted boys and ended up with two girls. Betty and her sister, Carol, went with their father and participated in the recreational activities that boys do, shooting pool and fishing. Growing up in the post-Depression era, she was accustomed to watching her pennies and making them stretch. Learning these frugal traits at an early age would serve her well later in her life. Life in the military is ever changing for the soldier. A military wife has to be one who is very flexible and willing to

switch direction on a moment’s notice. it all began soon after Betty and John were married. John expected to be transferred to Germany and Betty was going with him. They would consider it their honeymoon and visit Paris, Rome and London. Before the deployment, Betty found out she was pregnant. They couldn’t have been happier. The Army had different plans for John. He was deployed to Taiwan instead and he had to tell Betty that she could not go with him. She was devastated. This scenario is just one of many times Betty had to dodge the curve balls pitched by the military. The book chronicles Betty’s life through each relocation. Her moniker “Queen of Thrift” was well earned. Her goal was not to pay full price for anything. Personal opinion: “Queen of Thrift” is a tribute to all military wives. These ladies must have sterling character and an ironclad constitution. i loved Betty’s tips on thrifty shopping. it’s a good read. SL

Chef's Table

Mardi Gras style! Thursday, feb. 14 and 28, 2013 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Join us to celebrate the revelry of Cajun Cuisine & Red hot New Orleans • Cooking Demonstration by Chef Russ Colleran • Creole food, bourbon Pecan Pie, Zydeco Music • beads, beads, beads!

It's the next b est thing to being in the big easy!

limited seating available. RsVP to Cynthia Cooler at 321-956-3330 a vibrant, active and heartwarming community located near the Turkey Creek sanctuary Preserve.

The Community with “

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Independent, Assisted Senior Living Managed by Assisted Living #11650



815 Briar Creek Blvd., NE Palm Bay, FL 32905 321-757-9205

Senior Life



Captain Giles Norrington saw service from both sides of the Navy fence By maria Sonnenberg

Retired Navy Capt. Giles Norrington has a unique vantage point regarding the military. Also a Marine, the jet attack pilot not only served a long and distinguished career, but after retirement, he became a Navy spouse. His wife, Navy Chaplain Eileen O’Hickey, was the first woman chaplain in Navy history to rise to the rank of captain. Giles retired in June 1988 after more than 34 years of service. The next month, he was back in action with a second career as Eileen’s husband. “It was just as interesting, but a bit different,” he said. Eileen, the fifth woman to become a chaplain in the United States Navy, had first met Giles during a previous tour of duty, but it wasn’t until the couple reacquainted at Diego Garcia, the little dab of earth in the middle of the Indian Ocean, that romance blossomed. The starting point was, of all things, cats. “We had a common interest, and that was cats,” Giles said. Giles, from Elyria, Ohio, enlisted as a Marine 59 years ago this January. Selected for officer training, Norrington received his wings in 1960. For several years, he was a flight instructor in Texas, before another lady, this one made of steel, stole his heart. “I fell in love with aircraft carriers, so I transferred to the Navy in 1965, and was assigned to Sanford Naval Air Station,” said Norrington, who to this day has a deep appreciation for both the Marines and the Navy. Being a Navy pilot in the late ’60s meant intense action in the Vietnam War, and Norrington found himself on the aircraft carrier Enterprise, flying the RA-5C Vigilantes, at the time one of the largest and most complex aircraft to operate from an aircraft carrier. He was piloting a Vigilante when the Viet Cong shot him down over the Tonkin Gulf. “We got unlucky and they blew away the right wing,” Norrington said. “We had 16,000 pounds of fuel aboard.” Norrington and navigator Richard Dick both ejected, although both sustained serious burns. A U.S. helicopter was on its way to rescue them when they were captured by the Viet Cong. “We were walked from village to village,” Norrington said. “We did not land close enough to make a combined attempt to escape, but we were reunited on the third day. Then we were trucked to the southern part of North Vietnam before we

Florida Tech Arts Series presents World Music Ensemble Feb. 22 The Florida Institute of Technology Humanities and Communication Performing Arts Series, sponsored by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, will present Florida State University’s Omn-

Senior life Photo

Giles Norrington, POW May 1968. finally made it to Hanoi. I had hoped for food, clothing and medical treatment, but none of that happened. We were both taken into interrogation.” Dumped into a 10-foot by 12-foot cell, the two men needed help, desperately. “In one of the few humane gestures of the Viet Cong, we were assigned a roommate who effectively became a caretaker,” Norrington said. Air Force Capt. Wes Rumble washed and fed them as the two men tried to get over their injuries. The men were eventually transferred to the “Hanoi Hilton,” the infamous old French prison that was to be their home for four-plus years. “It was a very serious prison,” Norrington said. With 46 men in one cell, Norrington would pass the long days by taking—and teaching—classes. “We had classes in math, languages, you name it,” said Norrington. Perhaps the most incredible incongruity was the fact that Norrington taught an etiquette class while living in the prison squalor. “It actually helped one of the POWs to prepare for his wedding,” he said. The prison release finally arrived in 1973. Many of the following years would be spent at the Pentagon and, after retirement, as executive director of a Red Cross chapter and an AIDs group in Virginia. Giles and Eileen eventually bought a motor home to tour the country. When they parked at the Great Outdoors, they found in the Titusville resort a place for a sweet retirement. Cats Tinker and Shadow keep them company, and activities are plentiful. “Keeping busy is not a problem,” Norrington said. SL

Senior life Photo

Retired Navy Capt. Giles Norrington and wife, Navy Chaplain Eileen O’Hickey.

Crossword Puzzle

Solution Page 33

iMusica Ensemble Feb. 22. The concert will be held on campus in the Gleason Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. The event is free to Florida Tech students. General admission is $15; and $5 for seniors and children under 12. For more information, call 321-674-8082, or go to



Protecting our boomers and seniors against fraud First of all, I would like to personally thank everyone for the tremendous show of support during my first few weeks as Brevard County’s new sheriff. As we worked to develop our agency’s new organizational structure, one area that we were committed to addressing was fraud-related crime. Crimes like these include identity theft, credit card fraud and scams that target our citizens every day, ranking Brevard County 105th in the nation for the most fraud-related crimes. While fraud can target anyone, our seniors most often become the victims of these types of crimes. In fact, perpetrators of fraud-related crimes not only target our seniors, but they steal their identities, bank accounts and life savings, making it virtually impossible for these victims to replace their resources because they may be at or beyond the end of their incomeearning years. It is estimated that only one in every 700 perpetrators of fraud actually serves time for the crime he or she commits. That is unacceptable to me. It is a statistic our team is focused on changing dra-

matically. In order to combat the increased volume of fraud-related crimes, we must take a multi-pronged approach that includes departments like Crime Prevention, Investigation and Victim Advocacy. Our agency’s new Crime Prevention model is designed to reach every resident. By educating our citizens with vital crime-prevention information, we give them an excellent tool to help us protect them.

them in recovering their good name and assets. I believe that we must be both pro-active and re-active in our approach to combating fraud-related crimes: pro-active in trying to prevent the crime from ever occurring, and reactive in recognizing it immediately if we do become a victim. As Brevard County’s sheriff, I am committed to protecting our citizens of all ages by targeting those criminals who target us. Enough is enough. SL

The second aspect of our approach includes working with our local partners and our new state attorney, Phil Archer, to create a multi-agency task force that is committed to the investigation of fraud-related crimes. Through a task force concept we can focus on the large-scale organizations that target thousands of citizens each year. The last aspect of our multi-pronged approach is to work closely with victims to make sure that we are assisting

Pinnacle Eye Center Expert, Personalized & Compassionate Eye Care Eye Exams, Glaucoma, Cataract, LASIK, Optical

State of the Art Glaucoma & Cataract Care Canaloplasty, a new alternative to traditional Glaucoma surgery to better control eye pressure and reduce the number of medications patients use. Dr. Pappas is one of few surgeons in the US and the first one in Florida to perform this state of the art procedure. Similarly, the Express Mini-Shunt advanced Glaucoma surgery, routinely performed over the last four years. Advance cataract surgery with combination of lenses — ReStor, Crystalens, ReZoom, Verisyse & Toric. Some of these lenses are designed to improve vision at all distances and potentially without glasses.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

1649 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne


REGINE PAPPAS, MD Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Eye Surgeon,

Glaucoma Specialist

JENIFER RAMSOWER, OD Board Certified Optometric Physician



By Sheriff Wayne ivey

FEBRUARY 2013 SENIOR DISCOUNTS Handyman Direct No job too small!

iscount! D a t a t… es B ’s rd a v re B Enjoy Senior Life

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Hansen’s Handyman Coupons available. see page 11 Senior Discounts

Free Photo Album

For information, call Senior Life 321-757-9205


with booking of a 7 day or longer cruise. Harbor City Travel 305 W. Hibiscus Blvd. Melbourne, FL 321-727-0946


$11 senior meN’s Haircut Tues -Thurs. 10-4 p.m.

sports clips The Avenue at Viera near Kohl’s 321-637-1553

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Cabinet Refacing & Countertops page 25


10% off purchase SPCA Thrift Store

By Attorney TRUMAN SCARBOROUGH 239 Harrison St. Titusville, FL Phone 321-267- 4770 page 3

4220 S. Washington Ave., Titusville (corner of US 1 and Knox McCrae, old World's Away/Rex building).

$1 oFF

Spring Tune Up

Warbird air museum Valiant air command present card for discount



Valiant Air Command Space Coast Regional Airport

M&M Air & Heat

6600 Tico Road, Titusville

CoUpon pAge 25

Mon.-Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


health & wellness Shingles and Medicare

Events in February

Dear Lynne: I frequently see a commercial on TV that recommends getting the shingles vaccine. I plan to discuss this option with my doctor, but will Medicare pay for the shot? I’ve heard from friends that the shot is very expensive. Cost Conscious

Events sometimes change. Please call the numbers provided to verify times and locations.

Ask Lynne

Friday, Feb. 8 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Community Health Fair Tropical Haven, Eddie Allen Rd. Melbourne

Lynne Meagher SHINE

Saturday, Feb. 9 Healthy Living Expos 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Florida, Clemente Center 150 University Ave., Melbourne 321-777-6433

Dear Cost Conscious: If you have a Medicare Part D or prescription drug plan, it must cover your shingles vaccine! The only vaccines not covered under Part D are those that prevent the flu, pneumonia and hepatitis B. Each of those vaccines is covered under Medicare Part B. Your Part D plan will cover not only the cost of the vaccine but also for your doctor or other health care provider to administer the shot. Check your coverage rules to determine where you can get the shot covered at the lowest cost to you. Your local pharmacy may be a convenient and cost-effective place to receive the vaccine, if that pharmacy is in your plan’s network or is considered an in-network pharmacy. You might also receive the vaccine from your primary care physician if his or her office can bill directly for the vaccine. If you receive the shot from either an innetwork pharmacy or your doctor’s office which will bill your Part D plan, your only cost for both the vaccine and its administration is your drug plan’s approved co-pay. If you choose to receive your shot elsewhere, you may need to pay more for it, including the entire cost of the vaccine and its administration up front. You would then submit the bill to your Part D plan for reimbursement. Your refund would be the plan’s approved amount, and you would be responsible for the difference. The same holds true if you are eligible for the Low-Income Subsidy or Extra Help that helps to pay for your prescription drugs. Using a network pharmacy or a doctor who can bill your drug plan is the least expensive as your payment responsibility is your Extra Help co-pay. SHINE is an award-winning, statewide volunteer-based program that provides free, unbiased counseling and information for people on Medicare, their families, and caregivers. SHINE is a program of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and is administered in partnership with the state’s 11 Area Agencies on Aging. In Brevard, our Area Agency on Aging is the Senior Resource Alliance located in Orlando. To contact a SHINE counselor for unbiased assistance with your search for the best plan, call the Elder Helpline toll-free at 1-800-963-5337. Brevard County SHINE presently has nine offices located throughout the county but may be able to assist you over the phone. If you have a question you would like the Ask Lynne column to answer, please write or email Lynne at Senior Life and look for a response in one of the next issues. Lynne can be reached by writing Senior Life at 7630 N. Wickham Road, Ste. 105, Viera, FL 32940, by emailing jill@mysenior, or by calling 321-242-1235.

Friday, March 8 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Community Health Fair Holiday Park Rec. Center 215 Holiday Park Blvd.

Tuesday, Feb. 12 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. How Foods Fight Cancer and most Chronic Diseases Presented by Susie Fricker, certified Food for Life Instructor Parrish Health and Fitness Center 2210 Cheney Hwy., Titusville 321-268-6200 or Wednesday, Feb. 13 11 a.m. to noon Life Saving Medications After Heart Attack and Stroke - The Anti-Platelets Drugs Holmes Regional Medical Center 321-434-4335

DO Y YOU OU SUFFER FR FROM OM A ARTHRITIS RTHRITIS P PAIN? AIN? Advanced Neuromuscular Stimulator typically provides 4 - 6 hours of pain relief for sufferers of chronic back, neck, shoulder shoulder,, knee, arm, leg, hand and foot pain. Reduces inflammation, helps to relax muscle spasms and increase range of motion.

100% COVERED by most insurances

for each part of the body, much easier to use Our conductive mesh garments are specific for than standard electrodes. Device is provided to patient for for convenient at-home use.

Contact us now to find out if this device can benefit you WITH NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE.

Contact Lacey at ART Rehabilitation (321)243-1171

ENTER TO WIN TWO TICKETS Black Watch & Scots Guards tickets at the King Center on March 23. One winner will be drawn for a pair of tickets. Send this form with your name, address and phone for your chance to win. Good Deadline to enter is March 15, 2013. One entry per person. L Name ________________________________________________ Address/City ________________________________________________ Phone and Email ________________________________________________

Send this entry form to: Senior Life 7630 N. Wickham Rd. Suite 105, Viera FL 32940 or scan and email to



King Center for the Performing Arts 3865 n. WiCKhAm roAd melbourne

A Senior Life Contest



55+ Retirement, Apartments & Assisted Living Senior Life Newspaper

Senior Living Map Let us introduce our featured listing



Cedar Creek Assisted Living 4279 Judith Ave., Merritt Island 321-454-7768

The Place at Merritt Island 535 Crockett Blvd., Merritt Island 321-454-2363

Palm Cottages 3821 Sunnyside Ct., Rockledge 321-633-1819



Heydays Senior Day Program 210 N. Grove St., Merritt Island 321-474-8289

La Casa Assisted Living & Memory Care 220 N. Grove Street, Merritt Island 321-426-5505











Courtenay Springs Village 1200 S. Courtenay Pkwy., Merritt Island 321-452-1233

Palm Cottages 3821 Sunnyside Ct., Rockledge 321-633-1819

Retreat at Watersong 7300 Watersong Lane, Melbourne, Fl 32940 321-253-7450









Indian River Colony Club 1936 Freedom Drive, Viera 1-877-503-7353

Lamplighter Village 500 Lantern Boulevard, Melbourne 321-254-0303

Century Oaks 4001 Stack Blvd., Melbourne 321-722-4440



Glenbrooke at Palm Bay 815 Briar Creek Blvd NE, Palm Bay 888-699-7695 Glenbrooke at Palm Bay is the Root Beer Float sponsor at the Boomer Guide Expo Friday, Feb. 1. Visit the Glenbrooke at Palm Bay table at the expo for your FREE cup.

For Senior Living Map information, call 321-757-9205




Boomers and Seniors REgiSTER To Win a Kindle Fire or Memberships

at Tech Know Expo March 9


Tech Know Expo needs you Calling all volunteers! If you can stand, sit or point, the Saturday, March 9 Tech Know Expo needs you. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be a rocket scientist to help direct boomers and seniors to the experts who can help them learn about and experience the latest high-tech gadgets, apps and software. Call 321-242-1235 to accept your mission, and see pages 20 and 21 for more details.

Ask for the VNA! If youÂ&#x2019;re planning

to have surgery, your doctor may recommend that you receive post-surgery care at home. If so, the VNA may be able to help.

Brevardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second Tech Know Expo LEarn ThE LaTEsT from LocaL insTrucTors! Saturday, March 9, 2013 Scott Center, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy 5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne, Florida

Our nurses, wound care specialists, and therapists are dedicated to making your transition back to your home as simple and stress-free as possible.

ď&#x20AC;Ąď&#x20AC;˘ WorKshops â&#x20AC;˘ cLassEs VEndor Expo haLL

For information, call 321-242-1235

When you need post-surgery care, ask your physician for the VNA.

rEgisTEr Today!






ď&#x20AC;§ď&#x20AC;¨ď&#x20AC;Š ď&#x20AC;Ąď&#x20AC;˘ď&#x20AC;Łď&#x20AC;¤ď&#x20AC;Łď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Ś


ď&#x20AC;łď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Šď&#x20AC;Şď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Łď&#x20AC;¤ď&#x20AC;Şď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;´ď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Łď&#x20AC;Şď&#x20AC;Ź ď&#x20AC;łď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Łď&#x20AC;ľď&#x20AC;Ťď&#x20AC;śď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Žď&#x20AC;ˇď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;¸ď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Ťď&#x20AC;šď&#x20AC;¤ď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Ąď&#x20AC;ˇď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Ąď&#x20AC;şď&#x20AC;ťď&#x20AC;ź ď&#x20AC;˝ď&#x20AC;Şď&#x20AC;śď&#x20AC;§ď&#x20AC;Şď&#x20AC;Źď&#x20AC;śď&#x20AC;­ď&#x20AC;Žď&#x20AC;ˇď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Śď&#x20AC;žď&#x20AC;Ťď&#x20AC;¨ď&#x20AC;°ď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;ťď&#x20AC;şď&#x20AC;ˇď&#x20AC;Ľď&#x20AC;Ąď&#x20AC;şď&#x20AC;ťď&#x20AC;ź

SA SATURDAY, ATURD TURDA AY Y, MARCH 2, 20 2013 13 Sponsor P ar ty Party C oncer t of the Boston Boston P ops Esplanade Esplanade Or chestra, Concert Pops Orchestra, K eith Lockhart, Lockhar t, Conducting Conducting Keith WEDNE SDA AY Y, APRIL APRIL 1 0, 2013 2013 WEDNESDAY, 10, 80s themed pr e-show party par ty pre-show Rock R ock of Ages Ages Broadway Broadway musical musical

Corporate Sponsorship C or porate and Individual Sponsor ship packages packages ar ea vailable b y cont acting are available by contacting Autumn A utumn Shrum Shrum at 321-433-5714 321-433-5714 or ashr





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