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Q3 / 2013 FEATURES 4 Kate’s Story

Patrick Shepard


Maximizing Your Brain Power As You Age Katy Schumann


Making the Best of Moving Your Loved One Kelley Smith


Living Under One Roof Through Life’s Many Stages Adam Conley


The Facts on Successful Aging Jane Meyers-Bowen


Life’s Essentials Kellie Moeller


A Guide to Senior Living Leslie Neely

20 The Truth About Seniors and Exercise

Mary Blakey


Improving Quality of Life for Those with Memory Loss Loren Shook


Ignoring Growing Older Won’t Make It Go Away Liz Taylor

26 What is the Difference Between Independent Living,

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes? Pamela Williams

29 Directory 32 Caring Faces

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Kate’s Story by Patrick Shepard

It was September of 2009, when Kate at age 51 began to realize something might not be right. So I don’t get ahead of myself, let’s first rewind to June when Kate was at work, where she is a Registered Nurse. She had worked in the same clinic for 23 years, and had a great routine down. On this particular day Kate went in to take a patients blood pressure, and completely forgot how to do it. She began to get angry, and then she broke out into a deep sweat. She had to go get a coworker to come take the blood pressure. Kate was not able to admit that she forgot how to do it. All she could do was get upset, and act as if her blood pressure cuff was broken. Several weeks later Kate was on a summer evening walk at about 8:00pm, doing the same walk she had done every night for 14 years. At 10:30 pm, Kate’s husband Gary called her cell phone to see if she was okay, as her walks usually only took her an hour at the most. When Kate answered the phone she was in a panic, and told her husband she was at the Grocery 4 miles from home. Gary hurried to pick Kate up from the store. When he asked what happened, Kate began to sob. She told Gary she had gotten lost, and could not find her way home. She then began to tell Gary about the issues she was having at work. Over three years later, Kate now lives in a memory care community where she receives 24-hour care. She is completely nonverbal now, but still has her smile and is able to walk safely in her secure memory care community. Kate’s story is just one of the many thousands of people discovering they have early onset Alzheimer’s. After the night Kate became lost on her walk, she was then able to talk with her husband about the signs he had been seeing for quite some time, but chose to ignore. It can be so very difficult to speak with someone who is experiencing memory loss, but is still quite cognitive. There are many resources available to help guide you through this process, from the Alzheimer’s Association, to your local Memory Care Community Expert. Here are just a few signs to look for if you suspect possible, early onset Alzheimer’s: • • • • •

Difficulty at work Forgetting names of close friends or loved ones Having trouble with simple tasks Word confusion Anxiety when asked about any of the above

Having a loved one with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, or any form of Alzheimer’s, is very difficult. There is no need to feel alone in this journey. Take advantage of the many organizations and communities out there to help you. Patrick is the Administrator for Rosewood Courte Memory Care of Edmonds Washington. For more information you can call, or email Patrick Shepard at Patrick@ or 425-673-2875.


SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

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Maximizing Your Brain Power as You Age by Katy Schumann

Within the last year Bob had noticed his usually sharp and attentive mother Pat was forgetting things more than normal and even repeating some of the things she would say. Since Pat was a former high school English teacher and very precise in everything she did, it was hard for him to see her go through this. Although he wanted to take her to a doctor, his two brothers told him it was a normal progression of aging and there was nothing that could be done. Bob recognized that Pat’s memory was getting worse as time progressed, and noticed her pulling back from seeing some of her closest friends. On sunny days she would normally take advantage of the uncommon northwest weather, and go for a walk or read a book outside. Unfortunately, it was now typical to find her inside watching infomercials, and ordering things she didn’t need. By the fourth decade of life, we are in a state of mental decline. This is due to a transition from a stage of acquiring abilities, to mostly using the ones we have acquired earlier in life. These are the ones that we do every day without thinking (i.e. driving), and it disengages us from what we do on a daily basis. However, when we purposely do something that is important or meaningful to us, it holds our attention and reengages our minds. This provides us with some core practices that help maximize mind functions, and possibly even rebuild some of what has been lost. New Learning Take on a new skill, or even an old one. Perhaps you used to play an instrument as a child, but stopped when you left for college. Reengaging your mind to discover something you thought you had lost is a great brain exercise. There are also brain puzzles like Sudoku, and online programs such as that will challenge you further. Stay Social Talking to others allows for the exchange of ideas, and stimulates the neurochemistry of the brain to keep it healthy. Interactions with new people challenge us as we learn new personalities, and how to interact with them. Physical Activity At least 15-30 minutes of physical exercise each day, provides the body with renewed oxygenated blood flow to stimulate the brain. Furthermore, consider taking off the headphones, and concentrating on what you are doing and your surroundings. Listening to music tends to make us zone out, and not maximize the use of our brains. Eating Healthy Diet is essential to supporting mental health. Eating the right fuel for your body will provide the minerals and nutrients you need to keep your mind working at its optimal level. Avoid excessive sugar, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners. These can lead to depression and other brain damage that can prematurely degenerate your brain. Consume less meat and more fish, which provides more omega-3 fat to promote brain health and fight cognitive disease. Katy Schumann is the Marketing Director at Madison House Retirement & Assisted Living in Kirkland. For more information, please call Katy at 425-821-8210 or visit


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Making the Best of Moving Your Loved One by Kelley Smith

Even if it’s moms idea, there is no easy way to pull it off. You might feel guilty, and worry about whether “she’ll fit in.” “Will she make new friends?” No one wants to think that mom might be lonely in her new environment. The number one reason for someone to make this move is safety. If mom has had falls or left the stove on, her safety is an issue and it’s no longer negotiable. A family meeting before the move can help make sure that everyone is on the same page. Support is something you need in this time of transition. Take mom into the community you’ve picked, several times before she moves. She might make some friends over lunch or an activity, and they will be looking forward to seeing her again! Talk to the social director at the community, and let them know mom’s interests, talents and hobbies. They can help to make sure mom is involved with the things that bring her joy. Remember, mom’s disabilities or cognitive decline is what she has; it does not define who she is. It is important to tell the community who mom is. Set up mom’s apartment to be as homey as possible. Maybe it’s time to get her that chair she’s been admiring. Hang pictures and decorate with photos of her loving family. This is a good way to help the new place feel like home, and surround her with good memories. Help mom fill out change of address forms. Some communities have them already made, and are free of charge. Schedule an open house to bring family and friends in to show off mom’s new place. Most communities will provide some goodies free of charge for your party! Don’t be a stranger to mom, come and visit. Let yourself be mom’s daughter or son again. The care giving part has been handled. Review the care plan with a nurse. Check in to see how mom is doing. Remember too, that we aren’t all qualified to be caregivers. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our loved one is to find them a great place that they can call home. You are doing the right thing! For her…and you. For more information you can email Kelley at, or call 425-931-2951.


SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

Behind Every Great Company Is A Great Group of People Our communities are filled with well-trained and big-hearted individuals who truly want to help your loved ones. The Cottages at Marysville & The Cottages at Mill Creek are intimate memory care communities. Vineyard Park & Everett Plaza provide personalized care in independent & assisted living communities. Stop by for a personal tour.



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2204 12th Street / Everett WA 98201 9

Living Under One Roof Through Life’s Many Stages

A Tribute to Chateau Couple David and Lucy Flora by Adam Conley

Seven years ago David and Lucy Flora moved in to Chateau Retirement as independent residents. They found their ideal apartment, and soon became involved in the Chateau community. During that first year, Lucy began to show signs of memory loss. Fortunately, Chateau had just opened a specialized dementia care wing on the first floor of the building. David brought his wife to the new memory care unit for a few hours a week, both to empower Lucy to engage in meaningful and appropriate activities, and also to offer David some respite as Lucy’s primary caregiver. Eventually, the family realized that Lucy’s needs would best be served by moving her into the unit as a full time memory care resident. Every morning and afternoon, David lovingly checked in on his wife. His apartment was directly above Lucy’s, so visiting was extremely convenient. Often, he would also take her to the main Chateau dining room to share meals together. They also continued to enjoy favorite Chateau events, excursions, and activities. As time went by, David began suffering from health issues of his own, and required assisted living services. With Chateau’s flexible assisted living, he was able to receive care and support in the comfort of his familiar apartment.


“It was absolutely important for us as a family, that Mom and Dad live together under one roof,” says Bill Flora, one of David and Lucy’s sons. “That way, not only was Dad able to check in on and spend time with mom as her care needs increased, but it was also convenient for us as a family to visit our parents in the same place.” Although David Flora has since passed, his wife Lucy continues as a cherished and beloved member of Chateau’s memory care family. Both Bill Flora and his brother Tom are grateful for the care their father received, and their mother continues to receive.

Adam Conley is the Communications Director of Chateau Retirement. To tour one of our Chateau Retirement properties and enjoy a complimentary meal, please visit

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations 11

The Facts on Successful Aging by Jane Meyers-Bowen

We are living longer… According to the US Census Bureau, life expectancy today is: 79.5 for white women; 73.7 for black women; 73.1 for white men; and 64.6 for black men. Reduction of death rates in the middle-aged and seniors, is due to taking better care of ourselves and new discoveries in medicine. Today 215 people reach age 100 everyday in the US! Successful aging is multidimensional… John W. Rowe and Robert L. Kahn, authors of Successful Aging, define three components of successful aging. • Good health, low risk of disease and disability • High mental and physical functioning • Sustained engagement with social life and productive activities All three components are important, but one doesn’t have to have all three to be successful. People live highly productive lives with paralysis, blindness, and chronic physical diseases like cancer or Parkinson’s disease. Even people with dementia can perform amazing contributions to others. For example, there is an ongoing study of 678 Catholic nuns who donated their brains to science. The study which is now referred to as the Nun Study, started with nuns born before 1917 and focused on Alzheimer’s. Within that study there is a special group who during their autopsy had the same pathology in the brain, but show no symptoms of the disease. Ageism is alive and well… It is important to recognize that there are many differences among us all. Many myths exist that distort the truth about aging, and limit one’s thinking about what their lives could look like at 70, 80, 90, or more. Let’s examine some of those myths: Myth #1 Old people are sick, frail, disabled, and/or depressed… With all the medical research today, chronic illnesses can be controlled and don’t have to threaten one’s independence. Only 5% of people end up in a nursing home today. Many diseases can be avoided or delayed, and have a minimized affect on your body. Recently one of my family members was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. It shook our whole family’s world. We immediately thought it was a death sentence. After exploring all of the new treatments, medicines, and therapies, however, we came to understand that it is possible to live a quality life with cancer for years. This reality didn’t exist 25 years ago. Myth #2 You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… Yes, seniors can learn to use technology, learn a foreign language, and can even go back to college and get a degree. Strong mental capacity can be increased through regular physical exercise, strong self-confidence in one’s ability to handle life with all the ups and downs, and a vibrant and supportive social life. These are all choices that one can make. 12

Myth #3 It’s too late! It is never too late to start exercising, quit smoking, or to find new friends. You can also recover strength, flexibility, and mental functioning with better health practices. People have to battle to protect their brains and their bodies. Myth #4 It’s in the genes! Genetics play less of a factor in mental and physical functioning, than environment and lifestyle. We often believe we are victims of our genetics. Myth #5 The lights may be on, but they are dim! It is true that some mental processes do slow down i.e. speed of processing information, and recall of names, numbers, or locations. However, brain research shows that some brain functions actually improve in old age. There are many other myths. Yet, there are many truths that can affect how we plan and live our lives. You don’t have to be lonely. You don’t have to be confined, and cut off from the fun that life offers. You don’t have to rely on your family to make your life meaningful, and you don’t have to do it alone. “You are not your disease…” You can age with grace by reviewing your lifestyle choices. Independence starts in your head. At Garden Court, we see seniors’ health indexes increase soon after they move into our community. What changes? People start moving more, eating right, socializing, sleeping better and laughing more. It is exciting to see new levels of wellness emerge. The resilience of the human body and spirit fills us all with a sense of possibility. Yes, it is possible to live life fully, no matter how old we are! For more information please call 425-438-9080 or visit

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

Bridge Park West Seattle | 206-938-6394

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Fun, stress-free, and all-inclusive. The way retirement living should be.

Cascadian Place Everett | 425-339-2225

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Holiday Retirement communities make retirement living simple and enjoyable by taking care of life’s daily details, allowing residents to focus on what’s most important to them. From three chef-prepared meals served daily to live-in managers available 24/7, we provide everything seniors need to live healthy, safe and stress-free lives.

Fernwood at the Park Normandy Park | 206-242-1455

The Garden Club Bellevue | 425-643-7111

Parkway Chateau Bellingham | 360.671.6060

And with all of the many benefits included in one monthly fee, retirement living at a Holiday Retirement community is an incredible value. Call today to schedule your complimentary meal and personal tour! Welcome to Holiday. Welcome home.

Peninsula Gig Harbor | 253-858-4800

Point Defiance Village Tacoma | 253-759-8908

Willow Gardens Puyallup | 253-848-4430 7 13

Life’s Essentials by Kellie Moeller

Life can become so hectic as we work, run around, and live like crazy people. It’s no wonder we often miss what is truly necessary to live a life that is rich and fulfilling. We are so busy trying to make it, that we don’t take time to enjoy it! As I bounced around the worldwide web recently, I saw what I thought was an almost perfect list of life essentials: Everyone needs to: feel safe; feel welcomed; get recognized; feel valued; feel part of something bigger; feel loved; feel love for someone else; and feel empowered. (Scott Bedbury) These wise words are right on target! At the end of the day there is no warmer feeling than walking through your front door, knowing that you have a secure roof over your head, caring people around you who will ooh and aah over an important accomplishment, or offer reassurance when things go awry. With every birthday, we should count our blessings to have the opportunity to affect lives well beyond our own timeline, and invest in the journey of those we love. Be grateful to be surrounded with friends and family who help us put our mark on the world. These “essentials” become more focused as we age. As we step out of the professional limelight and into retirement, we have an opportunity to reinvent, reintegrate, and reinvest our time and energy into creating a legacy that lives beyond us. Contrary to the idea that retirement is for sitting around in front of a T.V. doing nothing, the golden years are designed for golden opportunities and accomplishments. Because our crazy professional lives once required a much larger living space, we are eager to simplify when the time finally comes. So, when looking for that perfect neighborhood or community, remember to look for the essentials. Is it really about the size of real estate, or more about the neighbors? Is the location about moving closer to activities, or closer to family? Is the decision to move based on being entertained, or on the opportunity to share your own gifts and talents with others? Are you hoping to age in place, or make several more moves Is it a move to increase free time, or is it also about having the opportunity to enrich the lives of others and be part of something bigger? Do you prefer a secluded senior environment, or a bustling multi-generational community? Is faith an important factor? Often, we overlook our true values when we are distracted by square footage or dollars. Not asking ourselves these questions can lead to an unhappy and unfruitful decision. Located on a beautiful 55 acre forested campus in Shoreline, or with waterfront views of Dyes Inlet in Silverdale, the communities at CRISTA Senior Living provide life’s essentials. Apartments include full amenities in a variety of sizes and costs, while providing privacy, 24 hour security, and a warm sense of community. You will feel welcomed when you arrive home. Neighbors will greet you, and you’ll quickly develop friendships. Privacy, joy, community, and purpose are an integral part of the culture, where faith is valued and lived out. CRISTA staff embraces “Loving God by Serving People” as a work ethic, and medical providers all over the northwest recognize their excellence in care. With seven ministries on our campus in Shoreline, you can be a part of multiple global outreaches and can make your mark on the world right from your own home. The intergenerational campus at CRISTA Senior Living generates a vibrancy that surpasses age, and provides many opportunities to volunteer. Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, the essentials are the same. If you or a loved one is looking for a community that embraces these essentials, arrange a “Take A Look” stay in one of our communities, or drop by the Welcome Center at CRISTA Senior Living to learn more. For more information, call 206-546-7565, or email 14

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

Essentials THE


What sets us apart:

 Over 60 year legacy in senior housing  Christian commitment to outstanding service and care  Intergenerational activities  Independent, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation  A variety of rental or entry fee payment options  5-star  rating Call us today to schedule a tour! 206.546.7565

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Caring for the Memory Impaired for Over 12 Years See our Freshly Renovated Apartments!

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SENIOR generations SENIOR guidebook guidebook –– bridging bridging generations

Life Lives Better at Edmonds Landing! Can it really be different? More than just maintenance free, at Edmonds Landing… Retirement and Assisted Living comes to life! Our emphasis on exceptional well-being is evident in the options available to you and it’s easy to live life to the fullest with our dedicated and talented staff ready to serve you. It can be different...let Edmonds Landing show you how.

Schedule Your Personal Visit Today!

180 Second Ave. South, Edmonds, WA 98020 • 425-744-1181 17 17

A Guide to Senior Living by Leslie Neely

When you begin researching Senior Living options for yourself or a loved one, you will find there are several variations among communities. It is important to take your time finding the community that best fits you and your family’s expectations, interests, and budget. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with Senior Living, as well as learn what to expect throughout the transition into retirement living. The difference between Independent and Assisted Living Independent Living combines community living within the privacy of your own apartment or town home, for a comfortable and rejuvenating retirement option. From a dynamic social schedule to a variety of services and amenities, Independent Living residents enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Assisted Living is designed for seniors who may need assistance with activities of daily living, but do not require continuous medical care. With professionally trained associates providing assistance with medication management and personal needs, residents have peace of mind knowing there is someone there to ensure they are safe and secure. The Health Benefits of Senior Living Delicious, Well-balanced Meals When living on their own, seniors may not be getting the nutrition they need because cooking can become tedious, and grocery shopping may become difficult. Senior Living provides residents with daily nutritious meals, to maximize their well-being. Exercise and Wellness Programs Assisted Living and Independent Living supplies seniors with the resources they need to exercise. There are exercise programs for every independence level, to help residents maintain a strong, healthy body. Socialization and Entertainment Our overall happiness makes us healthier, and socialization plays a leading role in our health. Once you have moved into a Senior Living community, you will have opened doors to entertainment, recreational activities, and new friendships. Professional Care and Assistance At an Assisted Living community, specially trained staff will monitor each resident’s well being, cater to their current needs, and adjust their services, as the resident’s needs change. They are able to provide assistance with personal care needs, and medication management. Carefree lifestyle and maintenance-free living Residents in Senior Living enjoy a clean, well-maintained home, without having to do any of the work. The associates cater to them with housekeeping, maintenance, and transportation services. 18

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community for You Researching Communities The Internet is an excellent way to research Senior Living communities. You will be able to find information about each community on their Web site, helping you decide if it could be the right choice for you. However, the best way to learn about a specific retirement community is to visit it first-hand. During your community visit, try to get a taste of what life is like there by attending an event, exercise class, or enjoying a meal in the community dining room. It is a good idea to take a personal checklist with you to each community visit. Below are some sample questions you may want to include: • • • • •

Do the staff members seem to genuinely care for the residents? Do the residents seem happy and content? Could I see myself living here, and do I like the environment? Does the community offer activities and events that interest me? What is included in the monthly fee?

Before the Move So, you found your new home, and are excited to move. Although transitioning into retirement living is rejuvenating, many seniors feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished before the move, and may feel sad to be leaving their familiar neighborhood. These feelings are completely normal, and the senior and their loved ones should talk openly to resolve any concerns or emotions together. After the Move It is time to experience a new way of living! The best way to quickly feel at home is to take advantage of all the services and amenities your new home has to offer. Join fitness classes, activities, and events at the community to get to know your neighbors and the staff. Invite your family to your favorite activity, introduce them to all your new friends and watch as your retirement years begin to blossom. To learn more about Senior Living, please contact The Bridge at Mount Vernon by calling (360) 416-0400 or visit

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

It’s good to know someone is always there for your loved one. The Bridge at Mount Vernon offers a full range of Assisted Living services including customized care plans, assistance with personal needs and fresh, home-cooked meals. With an all-inclusive fee, you will have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s needs will always be met. Call (360) 416-0400 to schedule your personal visit.

301 South LaVenture Road Mount Vernon, WA 98274 19

The Truth about Seniors and Exercise by Mary Blakey

During my visits to senior communities, I see many levels of fitness, and activity. I’m no fitness expert, but, I know what I see as I observe the seniors who live in those communities. Most independent communities don’t have many of what I call “Dozers” in the lobby, but they do have many other levels of activity and fitness. First there are the “Sitters.” They are the residents who sit in the Bistro, sit in the Lobby, sit in the Library...sit anywhere they can relax and socialize. The younger residents tend to only sit for a minute, and get their exercise in all sorts of forms...going swimming at the Y, or shopping at the Mall. Then, there are the more senior residents who just can’t get it moving much anymore, due to chronic physical ailments or lack of motivation. The long-term “sitters” should be moving more than they are, but think that taking the exercise class or walking around the building is too much work, or don’t think it applies to them. The more senior residents may have decided that they have worked hard all of their lives, and now is the time to take it easy. As my mom used to say…“Tired and re-tired.” Next, there are the “Walkers.” They circle and circle the building…three, sometimes four times, rain or shine. Some of the walkers discover how to walk a mile within the building. So, on days when the weather is inclement, they can be found everywhere in the building. They go down one hall, turn around and go down another hall, then down the stairs or elevator to do the same thing on another floor. The bad weather, indoor walkers love when the sun comes out, so they can log their miles outside with the rain or shine walkers. Most walk together so they can catch up on the community news, while getting their daily dose of Vitamin D. The benefits of walking are well documented: muscle use, fresh air, sunshine, and low impact on joints. Plus, there are many mental benefits…sharpness, focus, and a positive outlook. The next group you have are the “Exercisers.” They are the residents, who attend almost all of the exercise classes offered, and participate and socialize with the other class attendees. After the classes, most of the exercisers head to the Bistro for some water, coffee, or a goodie, and continue conversations that were begun in their exercise class. They like the exercise classes and feel that they are really good for them (which they are), but think that is all they need to do. While exercise class alone is great, combined with walking it may double the physical and mental benefits. Finally, there are the “Athletes.” They attend every exercise class; walk around the building, both inside and out, walk down to a trail or into town. They walk down to the local senior center to attend or teach classes, or to volunteer. Sometimes they drive (yes, some are still driving) to a local hospital or school to volunteer at the front desk, or help a child who is struggling to read. A better title for them might be, “Active.” They are still fully engaged in life, and plan to stay that way as long as possible. 20

The interesting thing is…some of the most active residents are the oldest residents. It’s obvious to me there are physical and mental benefits reaped by the “athletes,” as they are mentally quick and sharp, physically fit, and well toned. They are in the kind of shape that many middle-aged people wish they could attain. Again, the benefits of a good diet and exercise are many: fighting and delaying the onset of dementia, and possibly Alzheimers, more physical flexibility and stamina, better overall attitude, and enthusiasm for the activities of daily life. As I observe the “Sitters,” “Walkers,” “Exercisers,” and the “Athletes” at the communities I visit, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I move into a community a few years down the line…if I want to remain engaged in my life and my family’s life, I’ll need to strive to be one of the “Athletes.” I’ll need to be a leader to help others to become their own “Athlete.” I feel so fortunate to be able to see senior life from this side, so that when my time comes, I’ll be able to use the knowledge I’ve learned from the resident leaders in our senior communities to make a plan for my future. Mary Blakey is the director of marketing at Foundation House at Bothell. For more information, please call Mary at 425-402-9606.

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

If living well is an art...then here is your canvas Discover the Finest in Independent Senior Living

• Month-to-month rent– no long term lease • Complimentary membership at the Northshore Senior Center – the largest senior center in the region • No move-in fees or large buy-in costs – just a refundable deposit to hold your apartment • Full sized washers & dryers in every apartment – no need to take your turn at a communal laundry room • Scrumptious food – breakfast, dinner and Sunday brunch is included • Spacious, light-filled apartments

At Foundation House at Bothell you’ll rediscover the YOU that you thought had been left behind. With no worries about cooking, cleaning and yard work, you’ll be free to do all the things you’d planned to do when you retired. That’s why we call it “Independent Living”. You’ll have so much independence that you can plan your day any way YOU like. You could even paint that masterpiece you’ve always wanted to do. Call us today to reserve your complimentary meal and personal tour. Mention that you saw our ad in the Senior Guidebook and receive $500 off your first month’s rent. Please call Mary Blakey or Mallory Fisher at 425.402.9606 or send an email to A not-for-profit retirement community benefiting education

17502 102nd Avenue NE / Bothell WA 98011 425.402.9606 / 21 11

Improving Quality of Life for Those with Memory Loss by Loren B. Shook, Silverado Senior Living Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Silverado Senior Living was founded in 1996 with the goal of changing how the world cares for, and perceives those affected by memory loss. Establishing this purpose as the foundation of our endeavors allowed us – and our associates – to leave behind previous misconceptions, and operate in a way that provides our residents with utmost dignity, freedom, and quality of life. At the time, our approach was met with resistance; but the potential for this model of care was evidenced early on, years before the founding of our organization. At the age of 15, I began working at Fairfax Hospital in Kirkland, Washington; a psychiatric hospital owned and operated by my aunt and uncle. During the many years I worked there, one experience still stands out to me – an experience that helped shape my purpose in life, and ultimately became the foundation of Silverado’s life enriching care. More than a week after arriving at Fairfax Hospital, our new patient Janet had still not made a sound. A woman in her latetwenties, Janet was considered catatonic. She was unresponsive to all treatments. Yet, our staff made every effort to engage with her and her family, and eventually learned of Janet’s lifelong love for horses. Not coincidentally, our hospital was also home to a variety of dogs, cats, horses, peacocks and other friendly creatures that were incorporated into our therapeutic environment. So, I found our most social palomino and brought her to meet Janet. What happened next still remains etched in my memory. As the horse approached Janet, there was a long silence. Then suddenly, Janet put a hand on the friendly creature and began to lift herself up and out of the wheelchair. She grasped the horse’s face and leaned in to softly speak. We couldn’t hear what she was saying, but we didn’t have to – this was a private communication between a silent woman and the empathetic horse that brought her back to the world. Three weeks later, Janet walked out of Fairfax Hospital and went home, her spirit and life restored. This life enriching care, that was able to transform Janet’s life, now lives on through Silverado. Our focus on restorative care creates a community environment where people come to enjoy life, to express their creativity, and to experience things they would otherwise not have the opportunity 22

to do. Our communities are often referred to as noisy places, not because the environment is overwhelming, but because there is an abundance of life around every corner. Silverado communities are home to a variety of pets, which are often cared for by residents who enjoy taking them out for walks, grooming and feeding them, or simply watching them frolic in the shade. Our pets help promote a sense of purpose and responsibility, which in turn encourage residents to engage with the world around them – sometimes even helping them step out of their shell. The success of this model is a testament to the value of having purpose, freedom, and joy in life. Regardless of age or acumen, purpose is what drives us and helps us to enjoy the things around us. Ultimately, it is purpose that will make our world a better place. Silverado has also replicated this personalized approach – that aims to treat the individual rather than the disease – through our spectrum of care services, including home care, communities, and hospice. Through this approach, we have contributed to literally thousands of transformations among our clients, residents, patients, and families alike. Silverado pets contribute to our home-like environment, and provide comfort through unconditional love. Jamie Jones is the Family Ambassador at Silverado Senior Living in Everett. For more information please call 425-348-8800, or visit their website at www.

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

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For upcoming seminar dates, please visit or call: Aljoya Mercer Island: (206) 230-0150 • Aljoya Thornton Place: (206) 306-7920 Whatever your passion, Era Living offers eight unique communities designed to bring you closer to everything you love. 23

Ignoring Growing Older Won’t Make It Go Away by Liz Taylor

If you want to learn how to climb mountains, you’re not likely to start with Mount Everest. If you yearn to become a great cook, your first effort probably won’t be as chef of a huge dinner party. For all things that are complicated and worth knowing, it takes time, education, practice, and patience to learn the tricks, absorb the subtleties, and understand what’s really involved. So, it’s funny that most of us assume that growing old is easy — all you have to do is let the days roll by, right? Wrong! Poor health makes aging a vastly different story, and few of us prepare ahead of time. Of course it’s not fun to think about becoming sick, physically or cognitively, or both. However, not thinking about it — and not putting into place the systems that will protect us — won’t make it go away. It just leaves us more vulnerable, with fewer options and very little control over what happens. Here are two letters along that line that I’ve received recently: “My parents have had 60-plus years of a good marriage, but they’re now totally miserable. They’ve gone from complete independence to complete dependence in the space of five months, which of course is deeply upsetting. They could have seen it coming if they had thought about it, then prepared, but they refused. Many options they could have enjoyed are now closed to them.” “My husband and I didn’t think about our age when we moved into our two-story home a few years ago. It was our dream retirement home on acreage. But now, what started as mild chronic illnesses have become much more disabling and serious. We have no close neighbors, our kids live far away, and everything we need requires a car. We seem to be on our own, and it’s scary.” How Lucky Are You? A lot of luck goes into our later years: whether we live long enough to get old, for one, and whether we retain our health and independence, for two. However, the chances are good that most of us will live to an old age. Centenarians now make up the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, and about 50 to 70 percent of us will need daily assistance someday. (Given what medical science is doing to keep us alive, assume the larger number). But luck has little to do with whether we can avoid the angst contained in these two letters. Like anything complicated, aging well takes planning. The ideal age to begin is in your late 40s or early 50s, when you’re not in a crisis and can take your time. However, it’s never too late to start. The trick is to do it before calamity falls on your head, like a ton of bricks. What to Plan For: There are many factors to consider, but I think these are the top five: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How can you make sure the people you trust will watch out for your health, and finances when you become ill? Are you living in a home that will allow you to live comfortably as you age? How will you get groceries, or visit friends if you can no longer drive? Who will care for you when you need assistance? How will you pay for your care when family and friends can’t?

Two excellent books to help you begin this journey are Virginia Morris’ How to Care for Aging Parents, and Joy Loverde’s The Complete Eldercare Planner. What will surprise you is how interesting it is to plan for your aging. The more you know, the more you’ll see how interconnected the pieces are. But most surprising is the freedom that planning for your aging gives you (or for a parent who refuses to think about it). None of us ever has total control over our lives, but there are things we can do while we’re healthy that will protect our interests when we’re not. Once you start, I promise, you’ll look at the world differently. As one of Washington State’s first geriatric care managers, Liz Taylor consults one-on-one with families and individuals. She guides them in making wise decisions, in all the many ways to navigate our complex aging system. This allows them to have some control, and age deliberately. Connect with her by visiting For further information you can contact Alisa Sands or Sheila Bartlett at 360-652-4593, or visit 24

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

A LIFE WORTH LIVING AT WARM BEACH SENIOR COMMUNITY People notice it right away – the friendliness, the welcoming smiles, the immediate feeling of being a part of something special. That’s why so many who are 62+ years of age are eager to join our community. This is your chance to experience the fulfilling lifestyle and peace of mind provided by the area’s only full service retirement community. At Warm Beach, you’ll experience: • Newly renovated apartments and homes • Restaurant dining with 25+ items from our made to order menu • Convenient transportation service • Indoor pool, exercise area and 22 miles of walking trails around campus • Social, recreational and spiritual activities • On-site assisted living and nursing care, if needed during lifetime New friendships, spiritual vitality, a fulfilling retirement lifestyle, plus the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest...these are just a few of the things you will experience at Warm Beach Senior Community. But don’t wait, these homes and apartments won’t last long.

20420 Marine Drive. Stanwood, WA 98292 360-652-4593 or (800) 652-6302

Visit our website to learn more about us! 25

What is the Difference Between Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes? by Pamela Williams

This question is one of the most common when it comes to retirement living. Many people are confused about what independent retirement living offers, as compared to assisted living or skilled nursing (nursing homes). Here’s a brief description of each, keeping in mind that services and amenities will vary from community to community. Independent Living is a level of care below assisted living. Residents maintain as much independence as possible, and are still able to perform activities of daily living. Independent living housing generally targets seniors who are 65+, and offers meals, housekeeping, maintenance, security, an emergency call system, most utilities, transportation, and activities. This is an ideal option for those who no longer have the desire or ability to do yard work, maintain a house or cook nutritious meals. Security and 24 hour staffing also gives families a peace of mind, knowing their loved ones have help whenever needed. “Many of our independent residents still travel, and are very active. They just didn’t need or want the large three or four bedroom house anymore, and all that comes with it,” said Sandy Morgan, Administrator at Foundation House at Northgate. Assisted Living is for seniors who need help with activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as bathing, grooming, dressing, housekeeping, meals, laundry, transportation, medication management and incontinence care. However, they don’t offer the complex medical services of a nursing home. Residents are encouraged to have as much independence as possible, while knowing that personal care and support are available to help them enjoy life to the fullest. Assisted living is regulated at the state level. “It is important to understand assisted living and what services are provided, since admission into an assisted living community is a process that requires planning, evaluations, review of medical records, and obtaining the necessary papers prior to admission,” explained Jocelyn Washington. Jocelyn is the Personal Care Director at Foundation House at Northgate, which offers independent and assisted living. Both independent and assisted living communities typically offer a wide range of activities, and amenities. “We offer free transportation to doctor’s appointments, events, and activities,” said Mary Oakes, Activities Director at Foundation House at Northgate. “Our residents enjoy exercise classes, choir, piano lessons, art classes, trips to the casino, zoo, tulip fields, museums, and much more.” Be sure to ask about all that is offered at the retirement communities you tour. There’s something for everyone, and keeping active and being social offers numerous mental/physical health benefits. Nursing Homes (skilled nursing facilities) are for people who require care around the clock, at a higher level than assisted living. Staff nurses are present 24 hours per day. Skilled nursing also offers long term, and short-term rehabilitation services after surgery or health issues. Unfortunately, some seniors wait too long to transition to independent or assisted living, and end up going straight to a nursing home after a fall or other serious health issue. It’s smart to be proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to your health and aging. Think about your living situation and health, gather some information, schedule a few tours, and plan for your future. Knowing the difference will make a difference. Pamela Williams is the Marketing Director at Foundation House at Northgate. You can reach her at (206) 361-2758 or 26

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations




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In 2012, patients gave Bastyr Center providers an 85% satisfaction rating — ten points higher than the Puget Sound average.

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SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

DIRECTORY SNOHOMISH COUNTY ARLINGTON Olympic Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community 20909 Olympic Place Arlington WA 98223 360-435-8440 EDMONDS Aegis of Edmonds Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s Memory Care 21500 - 72nd Ave West Edmonds WA 98026 425-776-3600 Edmonds Landing Assisted Living 180 Second Ave South Edmonds WA 98020 425-744-1181 Rosewood Courte Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s Memory Impaired Only 728 Edmonds Way Edmonds WA 98020 425-673-2875 Sunrise of Edmonds Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s Care 750 Edmonds Way Edmonds WA 98020 425-673-9700 EVERETT Bethany at Silver Crest Assisted Living / Nursing Home Adjacent 2131 Lake Heights Drive Everett WA 98208 425-385-2335 Cascadian Place Retirement / Independent Living 3915 Colby Avenue North Everett WA 98201 425-339-2225 Clare Bridge Silver Lake Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 2015 Lake Heights Drive Everett WA 98208 425-337-6336 Emeritus at Seabrook Independent and Assisted Living 11333 3rd Place W Everett WA 98204 425-347-0372 Emeritus at Silver Lake Assisted Living 12806 Bothell-Everett Highway Everett WA 98208 425-338-3227

Everett Plaza Assisted Living 2204 12th Street Everett WA 98201 425-374-0170

Emeritus of Lynnwood Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s Care 18625 - 60th Ave W Lynnwood WA 98037 425-771-7700

Garden Court Retirement Community Independent and Assisted Living 520 - 112th Street SW Everett WA 98204 425-438-9080

Fairwinds – Brighton Court Retirement/Assisted Living 6520 - 196th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98036 425-775-4440

Silverado Senior Living Everett Dementia Care Community 524 - 75th Street SE Everett WA 98203 425-348-8800

Quail Park of Lynnwood Independent & Assisted Living / Memory Care 4015 164th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98037 206-441-1770

South Pointe Independent, Assisted Living 10330 4th Avenue West Everett WA 98204 425-513-5645 Washington Oakes Retirement and Assisted Living 1717 Rockefeller Ave Everett WA 98201 425-339-3300 GRANITE FALLS The Village Independent Living 302 North Alder Avenue Granite Falls WA 98252 360-691-1777 LAKE STEVENS Ashley Pointe Independent and Assisted Living 11117 - 20th Street NE Lake Stevens WA 98258 425-397-7500 LYNNWOOD Aegis of Lynnwood Assisted Living 18700 44th Avenue West Lynnwood WA 98037 425-712-9999 Chateau Pacific Indepedent / Assisted Living / Memory Care 3333 - 148th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98087 425-787-9693 Clare Bridge Lynnwood Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 18706 - 36th Ave W Lynnwood WA 98037 425-774-3300

Scriber Gardens Independent & Assisted Living / Wellness Services 6024 200th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98036 425-673-7111 MARYSVILLE Grandview Village Retirement & Assisted Living 5800 - 64th Street NE Marysville WA 98270 360-653-2223 Merrill Gardens at Marysville Independent & Assisted Living 9802 - 48th Dr NE Marysville WA 98270 360-659-1279 The Cottages at Marysville Memory Care Community 1216 Grove Street Marysville WA 98270 360-322-7561 MILL CREEK Mill Creek Gardens Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s memory impaired only 13200 - 10th Dr SE Mill Creek WA 98012 425-379-8276 Merrill Gardens at Mill Creek Independent and Assisted Living 14905 Bothell Everett Hwy Mill Creek WA 98012 425-338-1580 The Cottages at Mill Creek Memory Care Community 13200 10th Drive SE Mill Creek WA 98012 425-341-4356

MONROE Merrill Gardens at Monroe Independent and Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s Memory Impaired 15465 - 179th Ave SE Monroe WA 98272 360-794-4284 MOUNTLAKE TERRACE Mountlake Terrace Plaza A Merrill Gardens Community Independent and Assisted Living 23303 - 58th Ave W Mountlake Terrace WA 98043 425-672-4673 MUKILTEO Harbour Pointe Independent and Assisted Living 10200 Harbour Place Mukilteo WA 98275 425-493-8555 SNOHOMISH Emeritus at Snohomish Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s Care 1124 Pine Ave Snohomish WA 98290 360-568-1900 STANWOOD Josephine Assisted Living / Nursing Home Adjacent 9901 - 272nd Place NW Stanwood WA 98292 360-629-2126 Merrill Gardens at Stanwood Independent & Assisted Living / Memory Care 7212 - 265th Street NW Stanwood WA 98292 360-629-3445 Stanwood Community & Senior Center Independent Living 7430 - 276th Street NW Stanwood WA 98292 360-629-7403 Warm Beach Senior Community Independent & Assisted Living/ Skilled Nursing 20420 Marine Drive Stanwood WA 98292 360-652-7585 SKILLED NURSING CARE Bethany at Pacific - Everett 425-259-5508 Bethany at Silver Lake - Everett 425-338-3000 29

Delta Rehab Center - Snohomish 360-568-2168 Josephine Sunset Home - Stanwood 360-629-2126 Lynnwood Manor Health Center Lynnwood 425-776-5512 Madeleine Villa Health Care Marysville 360-659-1259 HCR Manor Care - Lynnwood 425-775-9222 Marysville Care Center - Marysville 360-659-3926 Merry Haven Health Care Center Snohomish 360-568-3161 Regency Care Center at Arlington Arlington 360-403-8247 Regency Care Center of Monroe Monroe 360-794-4011

SKAGIT COUNTY ANACORTES Cap Sante Court Retirement 1111 32nd Street Anacortes,WA 98221 360-293-8088

Chandler’s Square Retirement / Assisted Living 1300 “O” Avenue Anacortes WA 98221 360-293-1300 BURLINGTON Skagit Valley Senior Village Retirement / Assisted Living 400 Gilkey Road Burlington WA 98233 360-755-5550 LA CONNER La Conner Retirement Inn Independent, Assisted Living 204 North First Street La Conner WA 98257 360-466-5700 MOUNT VERNON The Bridge Assisted Living/Respite 301 S LaVenture Mount Vernon WA 98274 360-416-0400 Highland Greens Senior Apartments Affordable Senior Apartments 3100 N 30th St Mount Vernon WA 98273 360-848-8422


Highland Greens Cottages Senior Residences Village Court @ 3200 N 30th St Mount Vernon WA 98273 360-540-1438 Salem Village II Senior Residences 2601-2617 N LaVenture Rd Mount Vernon WA 98273 360-540-1438 Salem Village Apartments Affordable Senior Apartments 2619 N. LaVenture Rd Mount Vernon WA 98273 360-428-5662

Bellingham Health Care & Rehab Licensed Skilled Nursing / Specialized Care 1200 Birchwood Bellingham WA 98225 360-734-9295 Cordata Health Care & Rehab Center Licensed Skilled Nursing 4680 Cordata Parkway Bellingham WA 98226 360-398-1966

Highgate House Assisted Living / Specialized Care 151 & 155 East Kellogg Bellingham WA 98226 360-671-1459

Logan Creek Retirement / Independent Living 2311 E Division Mount Vernon WA 98274 360-428-0222

Highland Care Center Licensed Skilled Nursing 2400 Samish Way Bellingham WA 98226 360-734-4800

Mountain Glen Retirement / Assisted Living 1810 East Division Mount Vernon WA 98274 360-424-7900

The Leopold Retirement & Assisted Living 1224 Cornwall Ave Bellingham WA 98225 360-733-3500

SEDRO-WOOLLEY Birchview - A Memory Care Community Assisted Living / Enhanced Adult Residential Care 925 Dunlop Ave Sedro-Woolley WA 98284 360-856-1911

Merrill Gardens at Cordata Retirement / Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s 4415 Columbine Dr Bellingham WA 98226 360-312-3542

Life Care Center of Skagit Valley Skilled Nursing 1462 West SR 20 Sedro-Woolley WA 98284 360-856-6867

WHATCOM COUNTY BELLINGHAM Alderwood Park Licensed Skilled Nursing 2726 Alderwood Bellingham WA 98225 360-733-2322

FREELAND Maple Ridge Assisted Living Community 1767 Alliance Avenue Freeland WA 98249 360-331-1303

Parkway Chateau Retirement / Independent Living 2818 Old Fairhaven Parkway Bellingham WA 98225 360-671-6060

Shuksan Health Care Center Licensed Skilled Nursing 1530 James Street Bellingham WA 98225 360-733-9161

Summit Place at Mt. Baker Assisted Living 2901 Connelly Ave Bellingham WA 98225 360-738-8447


Mt. Baker Care Center Licensed Skilled Nursing 2905 Connelly Ave Bellingham WA 98225 360-734-4181

Rosewood Villa Retirement/Assisted Living 702 32nd Street Bellingham WA 98225 360-676-9193

Spring Creek Retirement & Assisted Living 223 E Bakerview Road Bellingham WA 98226 360-756-2301 St. Francis Extended Health Care Licensed Skilled Nursing 3121 Squalicum Pkwy Bellingham WA 98225 360-734-6760

Emeritus at Fairhaven Assisted Living 2600 Old Fairhaven Parkway Bellingham WA 98225 360-647-1254

Life Care Center of Mount Vernon Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing / Rehab / Alzheimer’s 2120 E Division Mount Vernon WA 98274 360-424-4258

Country Meadow Village Retirement & Assisted Living 1501 Collins Rd Sedro-Woolley WA 98284 360-856-0404

Silverado Senior Living Bellingham Dementia Care Community 848 W Orchard Dr Bellingham WA 98225 360-715-1338

OAK HARBOR Harbor Tower Village Retirement & Assisted Living 100 E Whidbey Ave Oak Harbor WA 98277 360-675-2569 Home Place Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 171 SW 6th Ave Oak Harbor WA 98277 360-279-2555 Regency on Whidbey Assisted Living, Independent Cottages, Harbor Care 1040 & 1045 SW Kimball Dr Oak Harbor WA 98277 360-279-0933 & 360-279-2224 Summer Hill Retirement and Assisted Living 165 SW 6th Ave Oak Harbor WA 98277 360-679-1400


AUBURN Auburn Meadows Assisted Living/Memory Care 945 22nd Street NE Auburn WA 98002 253-333-0171

SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

BELLEVUE Aegis of Bellevue Assisted Living / Memory Care 148 102nd Ave SE Bellevue WA 98004 425-453-8100 The Bellettini Luxury Apartment Homes in the Heart of Bellevue / 62+ 1115 108th Avenue NE Bellevue WA 98004 425-450-0800 Emeritus of Bellevue Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care 15241 NE 20th Street Bellevue WA 98007 425-401-0300

North Creek Retirement & Assisted Living 907 201st Place SE Bothell WA 98012 425-483-8927

Farrington Court Retirement / Assisted Living 516 Kenosia Avenue Kent WA 98030 253-852-2737

Fairwinds – Redmond Retirement / Assisted Living 9988 Avondale Rd NE Redmond WA 98052 425-558-4700

Riverside East Retirement & Assisted Living 10315 East Riverside Drive Bothell WA 98011 425-481-1976

KIRKLAND Aegis of Kirkland Assisted Living / Memory Care 13000 Totem Lake Boulevard Kirkland WA 98034 425-823-7272

Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living 14431 Redmond Way Redmond WA 98052 425-869-2273

Vineyard Park at Bothell Landing Independent & Assisted Living Community 10519 East Riverside Drive Bothell WA 98011 425-354-3914

The Garden Club Retirement / Independent Living 13350 SE 26th Street Bellevue WA 98005 425-643-7111

BURIEN El Dorado West Retirement & Assisted Living 1010 SW 134th Street Burien WA 98146 206-248-1975

The Gardens at Town Square Independent, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 933 111th Avenue NE Bellevue WA 98004 425-688-1900

COVINGTON Covington Place Retirement Apartments 26906 169th Place SE Covington WA 98042 888-548-6609

Sunrise of Bellevue Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care 15928 NE 8th Street Bellevue WA 98008 425-401-5152

FEDERAL WAY Foundation House Independent Living / Personalized Assisted Living 32290 1st Avenue S Federal Way WA 98003 253-838-8823

Wynwood Bellevue Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 1640 148th Ave SE Bellevue WA 98007 425-373-1161 BOTHELL Aegis of Bothell Assisted Living / Memory Care 10605 NE 185th Street Bothell WA 98011 425-487-3245 Chateau Bothell Landing Independent / Assisted Living / Memory Care 17543 102nd Ave. NE Bothell WA 98011 425-485-1155 Foundation House at Bothell Retirement / Independent Living 17502 102nd Ave NE Bothell WA 98011 425-402-9606 Life Care Center of Bothell Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing 707 228th Street SW Bothell WA 98021 425-481-8500

ISSAQUAH Aegis of Issaquah Assisted Living / Memory Care / Hospice 780 NW Juniper Street Issaquah WA 98027 425-526-6037 University House - Issaquah Independent &Assisted Living 22975 SE Black Nugget Road Issaquah WA 98029 425-557-4200 KENMORE Spring Estates - Kenmore Assisted Living / Memory Care 7221 NE 182nd Street Kenmore WA 98028 425-481-4200 KENT Aegis of Kent Alzheimer’s / Memory Care 10421 SE 248th Street Kent WA 98030 253-479-1768

Aegis at Totem Lake Retirement / Assisted Living / Memory Care 12629 116th Avenue NE Kirkland WA 98034 425-814-2841 Kirkland Lodge Assisted Living 6505 Lakeview Drive NE Kirkland WA 98033 425-803-6911 Madison House / Totem Lake Retirement / Assisted Living 12215 NE 128th Street Kirkland WA 98034 425-821-8210 Merrill Gardens at Kirkland Independent & Assisted Living 201 Kirkland Avenue Kirkland WA 98033 425-285-7743 MERCER ISLAND Aljoya Mercer Island Continuing Care Retirement Community 2430 76th Avenue SE Mercer Island WA 98040 206-230-0150 Merrill Gardens at Island House Independent & Assisted Living 7810 SE 30th St Mercer Island WA 98040 206-204-5421 Sunrise of Mercer Island Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care 2959 76th Avenue SE Mercer Island WA 98040 206-232-6565 NORMANDY PARK Fernwood at the Park Retirement / Independent Living 17623 First Avenue S Normandy Park WA 98148 206-242-1455 REDMOND Aegis of Redmond Assisted Living / Memory Care 7480 W. Lake Sammamish Parkway NE Redmond WA 98052 425-883-4000

The Marymoor Retirement & Assisted Living 4585 W. Lake Sammamish Parkway NE Redmond WA 98052 425-556-9398 RENTON Chateau Valley Center Independent / Assisted / Memory 4450 Davis Avenue S Renton WA 98055 425-251-6677 Evergreen Place Retirement / Independent Living 1414 Monroe Avenue NE Renton WA 98056 425-226-3312 The Lodge Retirement / Assisted Living 1600 South Eagle Ridge Drive Renton WA 98055 425-793-8080 Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre Independent and Assisted Living 104 Burnett Ave S Renton WA 98057 425-243-2941 SEATTLE Aegis at Northgate Memory Care 11039 17th Avenue NE Seattle WA 98125 206-440-1700 Aljoya Thornton Place - N. Seattle Continuing Care Retirement Community 450 NE 100th Street Seattle WA 98125 206-306-7920 Ballard Landmark Retirement/Assisted Living 5433 Leary Ave NW Seattle WA 98107 206-782-4000 Bridge Park Retirement/Independent Living 3204 SW Morgan Street Seattle WA 98126 206-938-6394 31

CRISTA Senior Living Independent / Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing / Rehabilitation / Memory Care 19303 Fremont Avenue North Shoreline WA 98133 1-877-639-3292 Faerland Terrace Assisted Living / Alzheimer’s Care 1421 Minor Avenue Seattle WA 98101 206-624-7637 Foundation House at Northgate Independent & Assisted Living 11301 3rd Ave NE Seattle WA 98125 206-361-2758 Ida Culver House, Broadview Independent, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Alzheimer’s, Dementia Care 12505 Greenwood Avenue N Seattle WA 98133 206-361-1989 Ida Culver House, Ravenna Independent & Assisted Living 2315 NE 65th Street Seattle WA 98115 206-523-7315 The Lakeshore Independent & Assisted Living 11448 Rainier Avenue S Seattle WA 98178 206-772-1200 Merrill Gardens at Northgate Independent and Assisted Living 11501 15th Avenue NE Seattle WA 98125 206-388-2989 Merrill Gardens at Queen Anne Independent and Assisted Living 805 4th Ave N Seattle WA 98109 206-438-9270 Merrill Gardens at West Seattle Independent / Assisted Living 4611 35th Ave SW Seattle (West) WA 98126 206-701-6093 Merrill Gardens West Seattle Admiral Heights Independent and Assisted Living 2326 California Ave. S.W. Seattle (West) WA 98116 206-204-5400 Merrill Gardens University Village Independent & Assisted Living 5115 25th Ave NE Seattle WA 98105 206-452-3170­


CARING FACES Peter’s Creek – Redmond Marcia Byrd • General Manager • 425.869.2273

Mirabella Independent, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing & Memory Care 116 Fairview Ave N Seattle WA 98109 206-254-1441 Northgate Plaza A Merrill Gardens Community Independent & Assisted Living 11030 5th Ave NE Seattle WA 98125 206-388-5061 Remington Place Retirement 3025 NE 137th Street Seattle WA 98125 206-367-0369 the Stratford at Maple Leaf ­­Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care 9001 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98115 206-729-1200 University House, Wallingford Independent & Assisted Living 4400 Stone Way N Seattle WA 98103 206-545-8400 SHORELINE Aegis of Shoreline & Callahan House Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care 14900 & 15100 First Avenue NE Shoreline WA 98155 206-367-6700 and 206-417-9747 Anderson House Independent / Assisted Living / Nursing & 2 Adult Family Homes 17201 15th Ave NE Shoreline WA 98155 206-364-9336 WOODINVILLE Fairwinds – Brittany Park Retirement / Assisted Living 17143 - 133rd Ave NE Woodinville WA 98072 425-402-7100

The Creekside A Merrill Gardens Community Independent Retirement Community 18200 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd NE Woodinville WA 98072 425-286-8974

Merrill Gardens at Puyallup Independent and Assisted Living 123 4th Avenue NW Puyallup WA 98371 253-200-9783


BREMERTON Bay Pointe Assisted Living 966 Oyster Bay Court Bremerton WA 98312 360-373-9904

Willow Gardens Retirement / Independent Living­ 4502 6th Street SE Puyallup WA 98374 253-848-4430

Marine Courte Memory Care 966 Oyster Bay Court Bremerton WA 98312 360-373-9904

TACOMA Charlton Place Assisted Living 9723 South Steel St Tacoma WA 98444 253-589-1834

SILVERDALE Crista Shores Independent, Assisted Living 1600 NW Crista Shores Lane Silverdale WA 98383 1-800-722-4135


GIG HARBOR Merrill Gardens at Gig Harbor Independent and Assisted Living 3213 45th Street Court NW Gig Harbor WA 98335 253-590-4972 Peninsula Retirement / Independent Living 3445 50th Street Court NW Gig Harbor WA 98335 253-858-4800 Sound Vista Village Retirement & Assisted Living 6633 McDonald Avenue Gig Harbor WA 98335 253-851-9929

PUYALLUP Meridian Hills Assisted Living 1813 South Meridian Street Puyallup WA 98371 253-841-4909

Merrill Gardens at Tacoma Independent & Assisted Living 7290 Rosemount Circle Tacoma WA 98465 253-617-0100 Point Defiance Village Retirement / Independent Living 6414 N Park Way Tacoma WA 98407 253-759-8908


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SENIOR guidebook – bridging generations

THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE Keep active, stay connected. Regency Pacific communities place value on what our residents consider most important. Special events, fun activities, care-free living and a highly trained staff all contribute to a way of life that embraces the values you hold most dear. Peters Creek is a warm, homelike environment that offers personalized services with a supportive and compassionate staff. Our full service retirement and assisted living community is located minutes from downtown Redmond and Kirkland. To learn more, call us today.

Peters Creek • 425.869.2273 14431 Redmond Way • Redmond WA 98052

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Bob is an avid gardener and he has Alzheimer’s

Before being diagnosed, Bob was an active and joyful person. Then, he became irritable, confused and isolated. His quality of life quickly declined. His family struggled. With a need for expert support and care, Bob moved into Silverado. Today, he spends his days gardening, socializing and enjoying life — his family has peace of mind.

Experience the Silverado difference (425) 348-8800 Now in Washington 524 75th Street, SE Everett, WA 98203 Lic. #1975

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