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Time is on your side with ai24™


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The globally proven ai24™ programme delivers greater profitability by removing the guesswork from A.I. You’ve probably heard about the ai24™ breeding management programme from Semex. If you haven’t yet invested in this unique, pacesetting technology, it’s surely time to think again especially now that the new ai24™ HR and Horizon systems are available. ai24™ is an unquestionably profitable solution, since it reduces average calving intervals with all the benefits that follow. It also frees up your highly valuable time so you can channel your energies elsewhere whether for business or leisure. At the forefront of fertility management, ai24™ also includes the Promate™ computer mating system. Promate™ reduces in-breeding losses and delivers tailored breeding solutions to achieve your personal goals. Just ask around.

Making your ai24™ investment even more attractive is an interest-free finance option with one-third deposit then 36 monthly payments. There’s also an ai24™ loyalty rewards programme during the three-year finance period with a complimentary all-weather ai24™ jacket. It’s time to go into tomorrow together, with our innovative ai24™ technology helping your considerable herd management efforts!

Now working on 2,000 UK farms and hundreds of thousands of cows, easy-to-use ai24™ with Heatime heat detection is exceptionally accurate … whatever the time of day. It gives you a 99% tag read rate and an 85-90% True Heat Detection Rate.

H-Tag ® Unique cow motion sensor Filters head movements Easy and secure attachment Separate data storage in 2-hour intervals 8-year lifetime and 6-year graduated warranty

“Modern Holsteins can come on heat for as little as an hour and they can be very difficult, if not impossible, to see. That’s what makes this technology essential. There is no way I could run my farm efficiently without it now.”

Stephen Hamilton Ballymacauley, Northern Ireland

Semex: Genetics for Life Think Semex and you think life. Life links everything we do. New life is offered by our leading diversity of sires. Greater herd life — and enhanced profitability — is delivered by our defining dedication to the power of balanced breeding. And better quality of life (for you and your cows) results from pacesetting breeding solutions that save on time and costs. All of these benefits are underpinned by the lasting business relationships we create with people like you, often for life, which develop for mutual benefit.

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reasons to use ai24

24/7 heat detection system powered by Heatime®. Operates all day, every day to monitor cow activity, saving labour and time. Choice of standard Heatime, Heatime HR and Heatime Horizon systems with standard or long-distance RF collars.


Highly accurate at spotting bulling cows, even those with short heats or low activity.


Stand-alone technology makes it very easy to use.


Well proven world-wide and on over 2,000 UK farms.


Increases heat detection and submission rates.


More detailed information on time and duration of heat improves insemination timing and conception rates.


Reduces vet and drug costs.


Can also be used for bulling heifers.


Endorsed by vets and consultants.


Long distance technology with Heatime Horizon.


ai24™ loyalty rewards programme.


Interest free finance option available over 3 years makes budgeting easier and helps cashflow.


Software and cables included for connection to laptop or PC (nb. router required for systems using HR control box).

20 SMS alerts available (needs broadband connection).


Receive Promate™ computer mating as part of the ai24™ herd management solution.


Reduced Calving Intervals give large savings.


Cows calving back quicker means increased herd yields and income.

22 High quality breeding management advice

Individual cow results – breed each cow at her optimum time.

23 Experienced and knowledgeable Semex

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Identifies problem breeders early.


Identifies low activity cows with potential health problems.

and support.

genetic advisors will help you get the best from ai24™.

24 Benefit from Semex genetic solutions that target fertility, health and longevity.

How ai24 heat detection works ™

Research has shown that a cow’s steps are not the only factor required to accurately indicate estrus. Rubbing movements between cows, body movements and unusual behaviour like additional head and neck movements of the cows are also good indicators that she is in estrus. This information is constantly monitored and recorded in the neck tag and stored for 24 hours. When the cow passes under the reader (at least once in a 24 hour period) the tag is triggered to send the data to the control box. With ai24™ Horizon’s radio frequency tags, data is transmitted at regular intervals, 24 hours a day. In the case of cows the reader(s) can be mounted on the way in or out of the parlour, and for heifers, mounted above a water trough or bowl. With ai24™ Horizon, an antenna can pick up the data up to 500 metres away. The information collected by the system allows the normal activity of the cows to be determined. Once this base level has been established,

the control unit identifies cows that are displaying above average or below average activity and indicates whether they are in estrous or unwell. High or low activity is indicated by a flashing light or screen and detailed information on the control display. The system enables the user to view the activity history of each cow in a graphical display for up to 1 year (60 days with standard system). This shows the user the behaviour of the cow over several cycles. With the HR system, information on days in milk, heat dates, AI dates, PD dates etc. for each cow is also available.

Heatime® HR

Heatime® Horizon

Standard Activity Tag (H-Tag)

Long-distance radio-frequency tag (LD-Tag)



Heatime® HR Control Unit

Heatime® HR Control Unit Stand alone system, no need for PC Easy to interpret graphical display

• Touch screen for easy use • 1-year data history • Individual cow card provides breeding information • Automatic daily back-ups • Operates 2 or 3 way sorting gates • Allows report print-outs • USB connection • Up to 1000 tag capacity

Time to benefit • Time and labour saving technology • Increases pregnancy rates

• Individual cow card gives essential breeding info

• Lowers Calving Interval

• Identifies optimum insemination time

• More of the herd at peak yield means higher incomes

• Easy and quick to use

• Identifies non-cycling cows quickly

• Picks up low activity cows with potential health problems

• Low cost of ownership

• Proven results on 1000’s of UK farms


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Semex UK - ai24™ - Time is on your side  

ai24™ Brochure

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