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selin demirci selected works

education 2018-2019

Welsh School of Archictecture, Cardiff University. MSc Environmental Design of Buildings. Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Final Grade: Has not been announced yet. Expected: Merit. Vice Chancellor Scholarship Student. Thesis: User-centred design through BIM. (on process) Related Modules: passive design, low carbon buildings, environmental design practice and application, climate comfort and energy. Skills gained: Energy performance analysis, passive design strategies, CFD&daylight analysis, occupant comfort investigation, collaborative working in an international environment, presentation skills, independent research.


University of Bologna, BArch-MArch joint degree. Bologna, Italy.

Erasmus exchange student. CGPA: 3,12/4.00 (equivalent to 2:1 honours) Related Modules: Environmental planning, lab-based building and architecture, lab-based course on town planning, lab-based architectural design. Skills gained: sufficient use of photoshop, intercultural competencies, developed international perspective for design ideas, improved personal management.

selin demirci +44(0)7375341184 selin-demirci


Cankaya University, BSc in Architecture. Ankara/Turkey.

Scholarship holder and in dean’s honour list for 3 years. CGPA: 3,23/4.00 (equivalent to 2:1 honours) Related Modules: Architectural design studio, green building certification systems, construction systems, architectural acoustics, building science, behaviour and analysis of structures, materials of architectural construction, technical drawing. Skills gained: architectural presentation, architectural design awareness, architectural plan solutions, software usage.


Kirkkonaklar Anatolian High School (A levels). Ankara/Turkey.

Science branch. CGPA: 76,72/100. Activities: Volunteered as a music intructor to students from turkish social service and children protection institution for 1 year. Played in the school music band for 2 years. Gained the ability of being sympathetic.

selin_demircii selin_demirci

An environmental enthusiast with an architectural background. Eager to develop sustainable ideas for the built environment and gain as much valuable experience as possible both in personal life and in a friendly working environment. Keen pianist with the love of capturing beautiful travel photos and discovering the cultures.

internships 2016

2 mos

Mertek Investment & Construction in Ankara/Turkey.

attended meetings with the clients, observed the procedures, gained commercial awareness, improved the 3D Visualization skills with using Sketch-Up, Revit, Adobe Photoshop and 3DS Max, and rendered the drawings, modelled the furnitures the client demanded.


1 mo

Acipayam District Governorship in Denizli/Turkey.

joint project with Acipayam Municipality. A team consisted of architects,restorators and students were charged with the examination of the old prison and detention house for refunctioning. Measured, surveyed, drawn the building to assist the team, acquired cultural heritage knowledge, developed restoration skills.


1 mo

Ulusal Construction Company in Ankara/Turkey.

helped the architects, attended the meetings with the construction team, reported the mistakes, observed the construction work on daily basis, worked closely with trim works chief on the 5000 person capacity residence project in Sinpas Altinoran Construction site.


1 mo

Baraka Design Academy in Ankara/Turkey.

attended the lessons, taken notes to help make a lecture book as a student assistant, in order to discover the suitability of architectural studies in the future.

experiences 2018

Erasmus+ Training Course Project in London, England, UK.

“Supporting Youth to Act Local Be Social” called awareness focused project to understand the needs of young people who can run any social action campaigns in order to overcome the issues affect them most. Sexuality, disability, citizenship, gender and race were the main oppressions that were touched upon.


Erasmus+, Youth Exchange Project in London, England, UK.

experiencing cultural influences on music and networking with young artists from different backgrounds through the project. Focused on diversity of music, shooted music videos expressing our cultural identity. Debated about the effects of diversity of music on young people and society. Developed diversity awareness on the society.


European Volunteering Service(EVS) in Tirana, Albania.

short term volunteer in “Remove Disadvantages” project under NCCS. Taught English to children and played games with the children from roma community and the poor suburbs. Supported the hosting organization with activities for poor women, farmers. Designed brochures and banners for information campaings.


Kirkkonaklar Anatolian High School Voluntary Team

volunteered as a music intructor to students from turkish social service and children protection institution for 1 year. Given weekly music classes to the children in order to improve their ability to play an instrument. After one year, they performed what they gained.

competitions 2017

Energy Efficient Building Design Competition

the competition was held by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Republic of Turkey. New Residential building that reflects the energy efficiency standards design category was chosen by our group. Ankara, Turkey was chosen as the site. Received the 3rd prize through sustainable building materials, innovative ideas used as a energy generator and the unique design.


Classical Music Competition in Piano Branch

received the 1st prize from National Education Directorate, for performing the opus demanded.

workshops 2019

Net Zero Energy Building Design in Navarra, Spain.

an office building was designed by our team for University of Navarra Campus and achieved net zero energy by using building integrated PV panels, passive design strategies and smart systems under leadership of Mahadev Raman.


Adobe Photoshop, Intermediate Adobe Indesign, SketchUp.

Open Studio, Beginner Energy Plus, 3DS Max.

languages Turkish Native

English Fluent, IELTS: 6.5

Italian Pre-intermediate.

organizations 2019

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Student membership. Society of Light and Lighting. 057714


Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)


Chamber of Architects of Turkey - 62244



Zeki Yurtbay Design Awards Competition

ceramic tile design competition that had a theme as “Chaos and Order”. Designed a tile can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, inspired by the golden ratio.


Lumion, Revit, Autocad, Advanced Design Builder, Microsoft Office.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania.

participated in debates including tolerence, refugee problems and the effect of different cultures on communication for one week.


software skills

Building Energy Modelling with Design Builder in Istanbul, Turkey.

a typical residential building was modelled on the software, outputs were analysed to interpret the energy consumption.

Travel Photography

Piano Playing


Kung Fu

references Dr. Vicki Stevenson

Chartered Energy Engineer, MSc Course Leader. contact:

Dr. Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster

My master thesis supervisor. contact:

rivereno masterplan

table of contents

light and sound

nicaea centre

sustainable residence wooden housing photographes

sustainable life

energy efficient building design competition ankara / turkey

date: 2016 fall project team: selin demirci, fuat sezen

life for its users?” was the main question to initiate the design problem. Therefore, roof constitutes the façade that was designed according to the organic form inspired by ants’ colonical life, folds up the building and creates a double layer façade which consists of octogonal, fotovoltaic sun panels, can move in axial motion to control the heat gaining, overspreads for 2500 m2 and tempered the

“Can an organic form building lead to create a sustainable

glass generates the roofage. In consideration of the movements in the social areas of the building were designed specially for the upholstery, responding to the moving loads on the upper layers and electricity


generating modules were placed.

Natural insulation materials were chosen to reduce using manufactured goods as far as possible. Compressed straws were used for interior walls, Alkers were chosen for the basement walls. Base of these materials were located in Turkey quite wide.

gypsum board 2 cm compressed straw 8 cm steel section 8 cm

gypsum board 2 cm

double bituminous coating 2 cm alker building blocks 35 cm

compressed straw 8 cm steel section 8 cm

gypsum board 2 cm


Prunus-Cerasifera named potted plants are suitable for the weather of Ankara, were used in South double facade. Also, air circulation was provided throughout the entire facade and the possible greenhouse effect that the shell would create was reduced. In winter, the facade system works like a heat gainer and make the interior spaces warmer. All the fotovoltaic panels create 284kw, is the total gain in an hour, 7 hours per day; 1500m2 sun-exposed area provides 2000kw energy. These semi-permeable, movable panels that were inspired

by Norman Foster and his 30st Mart Axe Tower in London.

Load-bearring system is heavy steel. Basement consists of steel and alker stone walls, other floor systems are only steel. Sustainability was also provided with steel and adobe

bricks that are extraordinary to put together in most of construction styles. Materials were used in construction were picked as recycle.


Energy Analysis Result

Annual Wind Rose (Speed Distribution)

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sustainable residence

Annual Energy Use/Cost

Energy Analysis Result

On the left, basic site analysis data is shown. The wind rose could not be used as it should have, considering the building design file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB/AnalysisTemplate.htm?loc=proje13.12.... 7.02.2018 concerns asConsumption architects. Instead, in of interior, the secEnergy Analysis Result Pagethe 10 ofplanning 12 Monthly Fuel tions that are used and categorised according to their function are placed to turn the little crisis into an opportunity. Monthly Design Data

Energy Analysis Result

Annual Wind Rose (Frequency Distribution)

Monthly Design Data

Page 10 of 12 the energy consumption of a building It is cleared that can be easily reduced during early design process. There was a compromising to make about the building facade which allows high amount of sun exposure. During summer, especially for 4 months, due to the high sun exposure, energy consumption in order to cool down the building is excessive than expected.

Energy Analysis Result At the end, our project was chosen as in the 3rd place

because of Result its innovative approach. Energy Analysis

Annual Temperature Bins file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB/AnalysisTemplate.htm?loc=proje13.12.... 7.02.2018

Annual Temperature Bins

Page 5 of 12 Monthly Heating Load

Energy Use: Fuel

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Monthly Electricity Consumption

file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB/AnalysisTemplate.htm?loc=proje13.12.... 7.02.2018 Energy Analysis Result

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Diurnal Weather Averages

Diurnal Weather Averages

Energy Analysis Result file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB/AnalysisTemplate.htm?loc=proje13.12.... 7.02.2018

file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB/AnalysisTemplate.htm?loc=proje13.12.... 7.02.2018

Monthly Peak Demand Monthly Fuel Consumption

Monthly Cooling Load

Energy Use: Electricity file:///C:/Users/SELİN/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/Revit/Autodesk%20Revit%202017/CEA/DB



Annual Wind Rose (Speed Distribution) Monthly Electricity Consumption

Monthly Fuel Consumption

rivereno masterplan

urban design project bologna / italy

date: 2017 spring project team: selin demirci, yasemin demirel, blas moreno gavilรกn

poor access through the bridges to the park predominantly vast green area

little usage from the neighborhood

possible assembly areas

narrow pedestrian ways on the bridges

existing bicycle route


existing sport equipments


surrounding residential area

many blockages on bicycle roads abandoned areas around the river lack of reference points adjacent indistrual areas to the river

another bridge connection possibility for pedestrians between existing bridges continuous bicycle road integrated with other mobilities


areas with high possibility of flooding

existence of dierent interest areas

uncontrolled development

rearranging the public destination of brownfields

environmental degradation for urban development

possilibility of enhancing the Emilia-Romagna ponente street


light and sound

concept project rimini / italy

date: 2017 spring project team: selin demirci, gosia trojnar, joanna rozbroj, selin demirci

The biggest park of Rimini that is not used so common because of lack of planning principles. The main idea was bringing a

new function to the park and make it as active as possible. The park was located in the middle of two rivers coming together before, so it is considered as stream bed. Water element should have been used to respect its possessed features and water and the crowd that are demanded was the main inspiration, therefore the concept was shaped as light and sound....




Its potential was used and organic and natural river

lines that may have been there before, were drawn. These lines were seperated from each other to create little paths between them. In this way, people could enjoy the nature with feeling it more. One of the buildings were placed in south side of the park, and was thought as a concert hall and recreational area. The other one was thought as temporary exhibition areas and cafes. Diagonal paths that divide the whole park into the small areas, also shorten the way between the buildings.

nicaea urban center

cultural center project iznik(nicaea) / turkey

date: 2015 fall project team: selin demirci


emergency escape



administrator offices

main body

excavation laboratories

wet areas

conference room

permanent exhibition


museum shop&foyer

temporary exhibition

exhibition areas

excavation laboratories

exhibition circulation


main stairs

emergency exits

İznik which is very special to design a cultural center especially because of the excavation sites that are spreaded in entire city. Our site has an excavation The project location was in

site to still work on, so I wanted to think the excavation site and the cultural center as

a whole, also to bring the idea of

“fully accessible urban point” which aims:

approachable center from the every side of the city, making the lake view as enjoyable as possible from the whole an easily building,

free open

and semi-open spaces, to have respectful and point HagiaSophia Church view, to create respectful town silhouette, wide spaces in the main building for the instructive activities to the residents.

vehicle-free urban space pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment to have a real cultural center with the workshops, temporary exhibitions, concerts, cafes, library...

wooden housing in emilia-romagna

construction project ravenna / italy

date: 2017 spring project team: selin demirci, andres garcia estevan, vasco custodio

These wooden

balloon frame structural buildings that are limited at the both sides with bricks, were assumed locating in Emilia Romagna Region that has average 0c temperature in winter, 24c in summer and rainfall: Annualy 60-70 mm. The location, site lot and the brick walls that were placed on both sides of the building were given. So, our team wanted to create a void with subtracting the entrance and the balcony area. The void became a semi-open place works as veranda and tiny green areas. First of all, the need of the sun is thought. The region has the chance of getting the put to north and sud facades, the others are placed in the middle.

sunlight through the house in entire year except couple of months. So, most living areas are

The important point was avoiding summer light, taking the winter light as much as possible. Subtraction of the mass helped with the both side brick walls. They provided shade

areas. The house is programmed for 4 people and single family, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 wc, 1 kitchen, 1 living room 1 winter garden and 2 balconies. mass


semi open areas

wet areas



architectural photographs

date: 2016-2018

thank you

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Architectural Portfolio by Selin Demirci  

Architectural Portfolio by Selin Demirci