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The Portrait Session Guide for a stress-free experience

Welcome! All too often, photoshoots are full of stress and anxiety, which makes it impossible to capture fun-loving images that truly represent your family's love and connection. The stress starts with confusion about wardrobe and then worries flood in about the kids misbehaving. But take heart, I am passionate about creating a relaxed and fun experience for my clients!

As your photographer, it is my desire to facilitate a photo session experience that is a POSITIVE MEMORY as well as one that CAPTURES your family's natural connections. To ensure your experience is relaxed and stress-free, I will walk you step by step through the entire process. Starting with our over the phone or video chat consultation, through the wardrobe decisions, location choices, and even ordering prints and products for you. Trust me, you will not feel abandoned in this process! No need to feel stress about the session itself and your children misbehaving. I am a mother of three very energetic children. Trust me when I say I understand what it feels like to stress over the behavior of kids! But for photo sessions, we don't worry about it - we WORK with it! Not only am I a mom of three kiddos, I have a background in education and have over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages. I am far from perfect myself and have learned to give myself and any other parents a lot of respect and grace in this parenting journey. I want to invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and read through these pages so we can get better acquainted and you can get excited for your upcoming experience! Sincerely,


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"Rivkah Leah was so easy to work with. As a mom herself, she really understands scheduling around nap times and feeding times for families and little ones. During the photo session, it was obvious that she had my son's best interest in mind the whole time. She was warm, attentive and very professional during the session and after. My husband and I are in love with the final product!" ~ Amy N.

Why I do What I Do Most often I am called Mom, and that's because since I became a mother, I have rarely ever identified as anything both my children' mother. My motherhood journey has seen me go through a late miscarriage, postpartum depression, and raising three little ones, showing me that sometimes life can throw you curve balls, but friendship, introspection, and perseverance can bring inner peace and balance to the chaos around you. Â This thing called motherhood has been by far the most difficult, painful and beautiful thing I've ever done and continue to do. I'm constantly learning that I have so much to learn and so much to work on! Kids bring out your worst and your best, there is no such thing as 'doing it right.' There is so much good in the midst of the hard when it comes to raising kids and I'm so thankful to have an amazing husband who acts as my parenting partner and a sturdy shoulder to cry on!

My family, we are real people, with real emotions. I see and experience it all. What your kids bring to a session will not surprise me or leave me shaking my head. The above image, taken by a dear photographer friend of mine, captures a moment in time that I'm thankful for because far too often at the end of the day I feel like I only remember the tears, the grouchy responses, and the sibling squabbles. But photos like this one remind me that we DO laugh and have fun together! And that is what I want to offer you! Photos of you and your babes, engaging one another, laughing and loving each others, photos that leave you with memories you WANT to remember!

What to Expect Have you ever looked at a picture of your whole family smiling at the camera, but you just get this nagging sense of dissatisfaction and unease when you see it? It's because what you're really seeing in that picture is what happened in that moment. If that picture was taken when everyone was having a meltdown and you were all yelling at each other, it doesn't matter how beautiful the background was or how nice the smiles were, you just won't like it! It is my job to create an experience where your kids (and hubby) want to cooperate - and trust me, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve make it happen - so that when you look back at those images, you will treasure them with fond memories. I want to help you adjust your expectations, because when I do a photo session with any family, my focus is on creating opportunities for fun, loving connections so that you actually ARE having a great time! For this reason, you will rarely see pictures of my families looking directly at the camera and that's an intentional choice! I don't want you to be connecting with ME! I want you to be connecting with each other!

It is your job to just ENJOY the moment! The experience I create for you is what sets Self Image Photography apart from others. Following is a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect.

Before Your Session PLANNING FOR SUCCESS WITH A PERSONAL CONSULTATION Good planning is the best way to ensure a successful portrait session. I make it easy with a personal consultation over the phone, in your favorite coffee house, or on Skype. Our pre-session get-together gives us a chance to get to know each other and to coordinate all the details for the timing and location of your photo session. It's also an ideal time to discuss your specific goals and how you plan to display and share your family photos.

ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED I'm happy to offer expert guidance for the style of your shoot including what to wear, the ideal location, and the best ways to get the most from your beautiful new family portraits - everything from decorating your home with canvases, to the best options for framing, displaying and sharing your prints.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO PRODUCTS THAT INSPIRE I have a good variety of professional photo products, from hardcover photo books to canvases and framed prints. My goals is to give you a way to enjoy your family photos in ways that are more meaningful and quantitative than simply sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

"I had the best experience with Rivkah Leah. She was so easy to work with and bonded so well with my girls! My pictures came out amazing and I can't wait to use her services again!" ~ Shayna T.

The Day of Your Session LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION If you have a special place you'd like to use for your session, be sure to tell me. I have some beautiful goto locations within 20 minutes of Redondo Beach that cover a variety of aesthetics, including woodsy, field, urban and beach. We will decide on your preference ahead of time!

FUN IS NOT OPTIONAL This shoot will be full-on fun, complete with laughs, hugs, play time and plenty of tickling. There's no manufacturing a good time when you're with loved ones, exuberance and spontaneity take over the most natural, exciting images.

TIME FLIES Please allow 1-2 hours for our shoot. This gives us plenty of time to capture the full range of your family story with no pressure on kids or parents. But don't worry about kids being patient enough because they will be too busy playing!

FAST FRIENDS I work quickly capturing natural images so photography doesn't feel like a chore to even the most cynical toddler (or dad, haha). Self Image Photography delights in providing a super, safe setting for families to have fun!

TREATS FOR THE SWEET Bring snacks (but don't tell the kids). Be mindful to bring foods that won't stain clothing, like cheerios, applesauce pouches, banana chips, grapes or even sliced apples.

Investment Outdoor Family/Maternity Session - $350 INCLUDES: 1-1.5 Hour Outdoor Session 10 High Res Digital Files Private Online Photo Gallery to Purchase Additional Files, Prints, and Wall Art  Optional In-person design appointment for purchasing wall portraits for your home

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session - $450 INCLUDES: 2-3 Hour In-Home Session Digital Birth Announcement available within 48 hours of the session 10 High Res Digital Files  Private Online Photo Gallery to Purchase Additional Files, Prints, and Wall Art  Optional In-person design appointment for purchasing wall portraits for your home

Fresh 48 Documentary Session - $450 INCLUDES: 1-1.5 Hour Documentary Session within 48 hours of birth (at the birth place) 10 High Res Digital Files My being on call from weeks 38-41 Private Online Photo Gallery to Purchase Additional Files, Prints, and Wall Art  Optional In-person design appointment for purchasing wall portraits for your home

Bundle Sessions for Extra Value Bundle any 2 sessions - take $100 off your total session fee(s) Bundle 3 sessions - take $200 off your total session fee(s)

Digital & Print Products It's important to me that my families have the opportunity to print their images and enjoy them for REAL. With both digital and print products available, all your needs can be met.

Digital Collection - $150 Purchase the entire gallery of images - many clients can't walk away with just their favorite 10 and purchase the entire gallery as an add-on, available for immediate download!

Hardcover Photo Book - $250 Don't stress about designing your own photo book with your session images. The hardcover photo book uses thick paper and beautiful colors so you can flip through your photos with your kids, without worrying about ruining it.

Digital & Print Products Wall Portraits - $75 & up Display your favorite images on the walls of your home to create warmth and love all around you. You can choose from canvas, framed prints and metals, to best suite your home decor. Take advantage of the post-session design appointment to get my help creating beautiful artwork for your home!




































Digital & Print Products Print Collection Inspiration Print Collections allow you to share your family's story on the walls of your home, as opposed to having one central wall portrait. Below are some ideas of how you can hang multiple groupings from your family portraits.

When creating your beautiful wall display, we ask for an image of the wall(s) in your home that you wish to hang your images on. We will then provide a preview of your images on your wall so you can visualize the exact size!

FAQ I'M NERVOUS ABOUT MY KIDS COOPERATING DURING THE SESSION! HELP! I totally hear you! Life with kids can be hectic at best, so it may feel like a lot of pressure to prepare multiple outfits, make sure everyone is well fed and rested AND get yourself ready, while packing everyone up to go somewhere and have your photos taken. The thing is, we can all only do our best, and I am 100% aware of that, AND prepare for it! I want my sessions to be low key and relaxed. I like to give a lot of attention to the kids and allow them to really be a part of the action (if not most of the focus), which usually lends to them having a fun time and therefore being more cooperative. Of course, kids have a limited attention span, so when kids need a break, the best part is, we are outdoors, in a safe place, so they can run around, sit down or do cartwheels if they need! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO SEE OUR IMAGES? HOW WILL WE VIEW THEM? Your images will be ready to view within 3 weeks of your session. You will receive an email with a private link to your gallery of images. From there, you can share the link with family and you can also select your favorite images for download and printing. DO YOU PROVIDE RAW IMAGES? Yes! Digitals are a part of the services I offer. I understand that it is a digital age and we all want to have access to those High Res Files. I do not provide RAW files, as you are hiring me for my artistic eye and creative perspective and for me to deliver that vision to you, I need to be able to edit images based on my personal style and technique. WHAT ARE YOUR PACKAGES? I offer both digital and print products including beautiful hardcover photo books, framed prints and canvases. I will spend some time before our session getting to know your personal style and needs so I can create photographs that are in line with your ultimate goals and taste.


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Self Image Photography Family Session Guide  

Self Image Photography Family Session Guide