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Designed as a pre- and post-dip with extra conditioning power, 4XLA is the ideal dip if you want the power of UDDERgold but don’t need the barrier. Proven effective with only 15-second kill time against environmental and contagious organisms, including Staph. aureus, 4XLA replenishes the cow’s natural defenses for fighting mastitis. 5 gallon set 15 gallon set *55 gallon set

UDDERgold barrier post-dip conditions the teat and fights mastitis with 12 hours of germicidal activity and a protective barrier. Use to protect against contagious Strep., Staph., and other environmental organisms.


500mL 2.5L 2.5L dispenser

* = direct shipped only

20KG Bag

This dry cow treatment is a polymer-based formula that sanitizes the teat and quickly dries to seal the teat end with a germicidal coating. Bacteria are killed on contact. This external teat sealant seals teat ends for up to seven days after application and the bright orange color will make it easy to determine which cows have been treated. Each 0.95L container seals approximately 72 cows.


Fresh cow start is a super concentrated form of Dairy Maximizer. Using the bolus approach, you can concentrate on certain problem cows and trigger a digestive response on the immune system at the highest-stress periods in a typical lactation. 600g Container


UDDERgold® Dry

The original antibiotic-free, peppermint-oil-based liniment, UDDERMINT helps reduce udder edema, hard quarters and swollen hocks within 12-24 hours of application.

Poor feed can result in weak or silent heats, elevated somatic cell counts, erratic intakes, sporadic loose manure and excessive DA’s. When used as directed, Dairy Maximizer combats negative feed impacts and improves milk production in lactating dairy cows.

Dip Cups Pump Beckson Pump

5 gallon set 15 gallon set



Select DTX is a unique direct-fed microbial product that is more effective than others available on the market due to the presence of special beneficial bacteria. DTX is designed specifically for feed problems caused by environmental challenges. DTX enhances the immune system to assist the cow when faced with these challenges. 20KG Bag



A viable yeast supplement for dairy cows, TRI-MIC 200 speeds digestive restoration and helps encourage increased intake by prodiving a concentrated form of direct-fed microbials (DFMs). TRI-MIC 200 uses patented methods of stabilization and packaging to ensure live, viable and fast-acting microbes for maximum performance. It contains research levels of ruminant-specific bacteria and is formulated for whole-herd application as either a top dress or as part of your total mixed ration. Ideal for allowing a smooth transition from the dry diet to the higher-energy, concentrated diets required for high milk production. Also effective for countering the negative effects of heat stress, poor-quality feed, calving stress, metabolic disorders or other negative environmental conditions. Add TRI-MIC 200 to the pre-fresh and fresh-cow ration, to high-lactation groups, or use for heifers during periods of stress.


CALF JACKETS Protect your investment in the next generation with our Thinsulate® Calf Jackets. Designed to repel wet, cold and windy weather to keep calves warm and dry. Featuring a water repellent, durable outer shell, velcro front and quick release buckles. Available Sizes • •

Small Large

2KG Bag


A viable yeast supplement for calves, TRI-CALF WD provides a complex combination of live, naturally-occurring microorganisms selected specifically for the pre-weaned calf. TRI-CALF WD enhances the environment of the digestive tract which activates the natural occurring beneficial digestive microbes. Microbes are combined into a state-of-the-art package with a low moisture carrier and moisture scavengers to ensure maximum performance. Research proven and field tested for over 15 years, TRI-CALF WD supports a healthy gut, helps reduce the severity and occurrence of scours, and results in higher feed efficiency. TRI-CALF WD mixes easily into milk, milk replacer or dry feeds making it ideal for all operations. 1.5KG Jar

SOP Lagoon is a product dedicated to the fluidization of manure. SOP Lagoon stimulates the beneficial bacteria, such as nitrogen-fixing, bio-valorizing the liquid manure, reducing the crust and sediment in the pits. This results in drastic reduction in manpower and agitation time. Overall reduction of odours, ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in flies and the conversion of nitrogen into a form that is accessible by the crops make SOP Lagoon a cost effective addition to your management program. 2KG Box


SOP Easy Cow is a calcareous corrector for both heifers and cows. Distribute Easy Cow with minimal labour over the laying areas (stalls/ bedding packs/yards) by hand or with provided measuring scoop. SOP Easy Cow is the opposition to the causes of the main cow pathologies of an environmental origin, such as mastitis and dermatitis. Reductions in somatic cell count, drastic odor reduction, decreased presence of flies, and the ability to increase animal comfort through dryer bedding, saves you in bedding materials being used and the resulting manure having a higher agronomic value. Easy Cow can be used in organic farming practices. 20KG Box


SOP Gold Pro Cow Compact is a complementary mineral feed that Bio-hygienizes the barn environment in both heifers and cows. It can easily be mixed with all types of feed, in all rations and does not influence the digestion process or ruminal environment. SOP Gold Pro Cow Compact is the opposition to the causes of the main cow pathologies of an environmental origin, such as mastitis and dermatitis. Reductions in somatic cell count, drastic odor reduction, decreased presence of flies, and the ability to increase animal comfort through dryer bedding, saves you in bedding materials being used and the resulting manure having a higher agronomic value. SOP Gold Pro Cow Compact can be used in organic farming practices. 5KG Box


SOP Easy Cow can easily be distributed over the laying areas (hutches/packs) by hand or with provided measuring scoop. Obtain dryer bedding, opposition to the causes of the main calf pathologoes of an environmental origin, such as diarrhea and pneumonia, reduction in odours and ammonia emissions, and drastic reduction in flies. Overall SOP Easy Calf promotes a more stable rearing environment with noticeable improvement on growth performance. Easy Calf can be used in organic farming practices. 5KG Bag



See fast results

with HEALMAX® A biodegradable footbath additive that is easy to mix and use. Fast-acting formula, start seeing results in one week. Maintains control of digital dermatitis better than any other non-formaldehyde product Before Maintains effectiveness even in the presence of organic matter. Preserves elasticity and hardness of the hoof, where formaldehyde can leave hooves brittle and cracked Effective in both hot and cold weather when formaldehyde loses efficacy After 5 gal 15 gal *55 gal The HEALMAX® family of products features an exclusive, PATENTED FORMULA that replaces formaldehyde for the control of digital *275 gal


dermatitis. HEALMAX® is safer for cows and crew, more effective in cold weather, and is better for the environment than formaldehyde. That is why HEALMAX® is THE product for digital dermatitis.

Designed for easy topical antiseptic spot application. Special gel formulation adheres to the area that needs treatment. See results with just one or two applications, on the same day or consecutive days. Provides exceptional results without dangerous formaldehyde. When using a footbath, HEALMAX® Spray can also be used for severe cases that require extra attention. 1 qt bottle

HEALMAX® Paste Fast-acting formulation, developed for hoof trimmers, containing HEALMAX® in a unique paste that simplifies handling and ensures contact with the infected area. See results with only a one-time application. Non-antibiotic product does not create issues in withholding of milk. Not painful like copper and much safer than formaldehyde. 14 oz

* = direct shipped only

ALL THE BENEFITS WITHOUT ALL THE COPPER HOOFMAX® Footbath Additive HOOFMAX binds to hydroxide ions (OH-) found in manure and urine, preventing them from neutralizing coppers ions (Cu+). This makes more copper available for killing pathogens and promoting hoof hardness. HOOFMAX is the original additive designed to optimize footbaths based on copper or zinc sulfate, to keep copper working even in the presence of heavy organic matter loading. Its highly concentrated formula delivers more consistent, effective results than traditional copper sulfate footbaths. HOOFMAX includes a surfactant to pre-clean hooves so copper can better affect the surface of the hoof. It also helps reduce copper loading on land. HOOFMAX includes a blue colour so users can identify the product in a container or the footbath. HOOFMAX can be used in organic farming practices. 5 gal *15 gal *55 gal

HEALMAX® Foam An economical, easy-to-use application method for the entire herd. Ideal for whole-herd application of milking cows, dry cows and heifers, or anytime when the footbath can’t be used. 2.5 gal 5 gal *15 gal


Digital Dermatitis

A Healthy Hoof

The sole is not hard enough to withstand long distances on concrete. A copper program with HOOFMAX can improve hoof hardness to meet the conditions of modern dairy farms.

“Hairy Heel Warts” are caused by Treponema bacteria invading soft hoof tissue. A copper program with HOOFMAX can be an effective means of prevention.

A regular, customized copper program with HOOFMAX will promote proper hoof hardness and can be very effective as a control for most forms of infectious hoof disease.

HEAT DETECTION Accuracy. No less.

CowManager provides the most accurate and real-time information about four areas: fertility, health, nutrition and location. These modules are based on ear temperature, activity, rumination, eating and resting time. KAMAR Heatmount Detectors are activated only after a cow has been mounted for three seconds or more. This built-in timing mechanism eliminates false positives.

Fertility - heat detection The CowManager system is the most accurate heat detection system on the market, providing not only the intensity of the heat, but also the stage of the heat and insights into the cow’s cycle. All the information you need for insemination.

25 count box Adhesive

Self-adhesive and easy to apply, ESTROTECT stays in place no matter what the weather. After several mountings, a colored signal layer is exposed, detecting standing heat with accuracy. No glue necessary. Colors Available: Red/Orange, Blue, Green, Fuchsia & Yellow Priced Individually 50 count box

Health - sickness alerts CowManager will alert you immediately to any cow that is not eating or ruminating and/or has a drop in ear temperature. This gives you the ability to intervene early, saving you money on labor and antibiotics and reduces milk drops. Nutrition - eating and rumination By providing insight into the eating behavior of individual cows, management groups and the entire herd, CowManager gives you the perfect assessment of the right ration for your herd. CowManager is also an excellent tool to monitor cows in the transition period. Find my Cow - cow locator No more hide and seek. Searching for cows in heat, sick cows, cull cows and cows in wrong pens on dairies from 10 to 10.000+ cows will now be an easy and time saving task, allowing you to spend your valuable time elsewhere. The installation is very easy, no need for extra beacons or calibrations. The benefits of CowManager Keep an eye on your herd 24/7, using your laptop, tablet or smartphone The most accurate and reliable product on the market Save labor and ensure a sustainable herd User-friendly technology with a plug-and-play installation Fantastic 24/7 support at your disposal Through regular updates always equipped with the latest developments

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