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FALL 2017 Dairy Owners Find Value in Elite Genetics


Joining Forces


SelectCROSS - A Modernized Approach to Crossbreeding


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n September, a new Impact Sires of the Breed print was unveiled to the attendees of our National Sales Conference. The newest generation of impact sires include: L-R Front: 7HO11314 MOGUL, 7HO12165 MONTROSS and 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE. L-R Center: 7HO12600 MODESTY, 7HO13250 JEDI, 7HO10721 BOOKEM, 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN and 7HO12198 KINGBOY. L-R Back: 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD, 7HO10920 GOLD CHIP, 7HO9264 DEMPSEY and 7HO10524 ROBUST. Congratulations to the breeders of these impact sires.

Maximizing Your Value Through Cooperation by David C. Thorbahn, president and C.E.O. In my last three Selections articles, I encouraged dairy owners to measure and enhance the management of the genetic value of their herd. Select Sires continues to deliver more value to your operation. The joining of Accelerated Genetics with Select Sires is another example of our ability to deliver. Both Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires Inc., are built upon the same cooperative business principles and share similar operating structures. Each organization stems from a root of innovative breeders who had a common vision to move the dairy and beef industries forward. The outcome is a combined


cooperative that creates even greater value for our customerowners. This combination broadened our ability to improve service through a larger sales and marketing team in the United States and around the world. The value and expertise gained by joining people from both organizations allows us to

offer you, our customer-owners, a broader genetics program for a superior offering of dairy and beef genetics never seen in this industry. In addition, the combination of two herdmanagement product lines will give you more tools and choices to manage your herd. It’s very exciting to work together, allowing our organization the ability to expand genetic research, technical support, as well as service and programs delivered by people who are passionate about the dairy and beef industries. The addition of the Accelerated Genetics production facilities in Westby, Wis., and their talented employees, will allow us to expand production from elite bulls for both sexed and conventional semen in all the major breeds, to meet your growing needs. Select Sires is currently employing our industry-

leading semen processing technology in all collections at all facilities. Select Sires is now the largest and most successful A.I. organization in the world. It is unmatched in the genetic selection of its sires, the fertility of its semen and the level of its service. This was accomplished by cooperation of farmer-owned cooperatives working hard to meet the needs of dairy producers. The most exciting part of this cooperation is what it means for the future. This allows us to expand investment in sire programs, research, innovation and development of products and to continue to improve and maximize the value we provide. To understand the superiority of Select Sires’ programs and products, contact your local cooperative for more information.


Dairy Owners Find Value in Elite Genetics by Lyle Kruse, vice president U.S. market development

Two dairy owners with sizable operations gave presentations to an audience of 500 Select Sires sales, service and support staff from across the U.S. and international markets at Select Sires’ national sales conference held in Columbus, Ohio in early September. The dairy producers discussed why they have made significant increases in their level of genetic investment to utilize more elite genetics from Select Sires in recent years. Ken McCarty of McCarty Family Farms from Colby, Kan., reviewed the ongoing development of McCarty Family Farms, which has now grown to 9,700 milking and dry cows at four sites in Kansas and Nebraska, along with more than 9,000 replacement heifers at multiple sites in Kansas. As the name suggests, McCarty Family Farms is a family-owned operation with Ken, and his three brothers, Clay, David and Mike, serving in key leadership roles in the operation. During his presentation, Ken reviewed the McCarty genetic selection index that was created, with the help of their Select Sires reproductive and genetic team, to focus on the specific selection traits the McCarty family wants to emphasize for future replacements entering their


milking herd. Ken also highlighted that McCarty Family Farms has made significant increases in their genetic investment throughout the last five years, and this boost in genetic focus has paid off with considerable gains in TPI® and NM$. Over the last four years, McCarty Family Farms’ average sire of heifers by birth year has had an average gain of +127 TPI points and +102 NM$ per year. This far exceeds the industry average for genetic improvement and should enhance the productivity and longevity of McCarty replacements in future years. Ken also discussed their decision to begin genomic testing each heifer in 2016. They plan to use this information to improve mating decisions as well as the potential to develop genetic strategies in the future. Concluding, Ken outlined the McCarty Family Farms’ core values of genetic success: Get cows pregnant! Great genetic planning means nothing without pregnancies. Raise youngstock properly. Fantastic genetics mean nothing if the cow is broken by poor management. Focus on facility and management improvement. Remove roadblocks to the cow achieving her natural potential. Design a genetic selection index and pick bulls that best fit your business. Every dairy has different goals and needs for success. Ask for help and advice when it is needed. Admit what you don’t know and engage those who do know it. Jonathan Lamb of Lamb Farms Inc., and Oakfield Corners Dairy also reviewed the genetic development strategies for his

“Get cows pregnant! Great genetics planning means nothing without pregnancies.” Ken McCarty, McCarty Family Farms, Colby, Kan.

operations. Lamb is a partner in his family’s 8,000-cow dairy. The farm operates with milking facilities at four sites, three in New York and one in Ohio. As an enterprise within the dairy, Jonathan manages a large embryo transfer program, focusing on elite-genomic and high-type cattle under the business name Oakfield Corners Dairy (OCD). OCD has become one of the preeminent suppliers of elite Holstein genetics in the world and has placed numerous breedleading sires into the Select Sires Holstein program throughout the last decade. The Lamb’s were early to use genomic insights to manage their genetic development program. While Jonathan recognizes the value of genomic testing to enhance genetic development in a dairy operation, he was very explicit in his opinion that too many dairy owners today do not take full advantage of the opportunity to invest more in the genetics they purchase for their future herd development. Jonathan’s take home messages for the group were:

“Breeding heavily to genomic young bulls should be in every commercial farm’s breeding strategy.” Jonathan Lamb, Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y.

sBreeding heavily to genomic young sires should be in every commercial farm’s breeding strategy. sUsing genomics for a “test and cull” strategy should be done only after careful planning. sBreeding with the best genetics is a worthwhile investment! Well thought-out breeding plans take patience and discipline. Cattle will exhibit the traits for which they are bred. These two dairy owners echo what we are hearing every day from a growing group of progressive dairy farmers that recognize the significant return on investment elite genetics can provide and the need to expand their genetic gains to be better equipped to thrive in the future. As the world leader in the selection of elite genetics, backed by great service and fertility, Select Sires is proud to be the supplier of choice for Oakfield Corners Dairy and McCarty Family Farms, as well as many other progressive dairy operations worldwide.

What is the Value of Elite Genetics? by Albert De Vries, professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida When ranking bulls based on the profitability of their daughters, compare the PTA of an economic index, such as CDCB’s lifetime Net Merit (NM$). Bulls vary greatly; not all semen prices are the same and bulls also vary on the number of inseminations needed to produce a pregnancy.

Considering differences in NM$, price and fertility it is not immediately obvious which bull’s semen is the best value. Attempts to calculate the economic value of semen have been made. Dr. Chad Dechow showed the basic calculations in an article in the February 25, 2016 issue of Hoard’s Dairyman. This article reviews these calculations and offers some estimates of what the genetics of semen may be worth. Let’s assume we have two bulls with a PTA for NM$ that differs by $100. The NM$ is a lifetime index, which suggests that the daughter of the one bull is $100 more profitable during her productive lifetime. CDCB has standardized this lifetime at 2.78 lactations, or approximately three years. To start our calculations, we note that not every insemination results in a pregnancy. We need the conception rate of the female but also the Sire Conception Rate (SCR). For example, a bull with a SCR of +2.0 elevates the conception rate by two percentage points. Heifers have generally greater conception rates than cows. Let’s assume for now that the SCR is 0.0 and the female’s conception rate is 35 percent.

If conception is achieved, there is still a risk of abortion and a risk the pregnant female is involuntarily culled. We’ll assume both risks are 5 percent. Once we have a calf, the calf must be alive in order for the genetic merit of the semen to have value. Next, we’ll assume that only female calves benefit from differences in genetic merit. Here we’ll assume that the chance of a female calf is 48 percent. Sexed semen would make this chance much greater. Next, a female calf has a risk of being culled in her young stock period before production starts. We’ll put this risk at 5 percent. Remember the NM$ index value applies to a daughter (1*$100) but does not include the value that this daughter passes on to her daughters (0.5*$100 = +$50), granddaughters (0.25*$100=+$25), and all later generations (also +$25). Each generation receives half the genetic merit of the previous generation. The sum of these “gene flow” multipliers is two but also depends on the number of future female offspring of the daughter. We’ll assume that every female produces one replacement. On the other hand, these expected genetic gains are realized into the future,

so they need to be discounted to be put into today’s dollars. For example, the +$100 NM$ is not realized until approximately four years after the insemination. The $100 NM$ is worth $130 in today’s dollars if the insemination results in a cow that starts production. Now we can calculate the value of +$100 NM$ difference in the two units of semen as +$100*35%*(1-5%)*(15%)*48%*(1-5%)*1.3 = $18.73. A dairy farmer could afford to pay up to $18.73 more per unit of semen that is +$100 higher in NM$ and has the same SCR. If this semen was used in heifers with a conception rate of 60 percent, the value increases to $32.10. Genetic differences are more valuable in females with high conception rates because fewer inseminations are needed to get a pregnancy. Sexed semen also leads to greater values. With a 90 percent chance of a female calf instead of 48 percent, the value increases to $35.11 when conception rate is 35 percent. The value increases much more if the female is an embryo donor. We also have to account for the change and cost of days open. Low service rates and low conception rates mean more days open and greater loss for a missed conception. The average cost of a day open is approximatley $2.50. An insemination late in lactation has a high cost per day open (approximately $5), so the value of a one-point-greater SCR is worth a lot. An early first insemination in a high-producing cow has a low cost per day open (cost to $0). There are three other factors that may change the value of semen. Lower NM$ reliability means there is more uncertainty about the true genetic merit. The expected value of +$100 is independent of the reliability, but a risk averse

dairy farmer would prefer higher reliability over lower reliability. A second factor is response to selection. We have assumed that the difference in PTA of +$100 NM$ between two bulls results in a true genetic difference of $100. On farms where females are well cared for, the response is likely greater. A greater response to selection increases the value of semen. Finally, the NM$ and other USDA indexes are standardized at 2.78 lactations; corresponding to a 33 percent cull rate. On farms with a greater cull rate, the cow has fewer lactations to express her genetic merit and will have fewer daughters. For example, if the cow had only 1.78 lactations, then the $100 NM$ is approximately $64. This estimate is approximate because gene flow and discounting changes a little and the current NM$ formula contains heifer conception rate which is independent of the number of lactations. In general, a higher cull rate decreases the value of semen. In conclusion, a difference of $100 in NM$ is probably worth more than many dairy farmers think. Many factors affect the value of semen. A spreadsheet with the formulas and factors described above is available at



Joining Forces and Working Together Towards a United Goal Select Sires Inc., and Accelerated Genetics officially joined forces on July 1, 2017. Select Sires acquired all Accelerated Genetics’ assets, integrating employees and independent sales representatives into each of their geographic member organizations. The decision to merge coincides with an already collaborative business relationship between the two cooperatives that began in 2001, where each company shared ownership of World Wide Sires, Ltd. World Wide Sires served as the international marketing arm for both companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. “By working together we will be stronger,” says David Thorbahn, Select Sires Inc., president and chief executive officer. “The value and expertise gained by joining the people from both organizations allows us to offer our customers a broader genetics program in addition to an outstanding animal health product line. It’s very exciting to work with the

Accelerated Genetics team, giving our organizations the ability to expand genetic research, technical support, service and programs with people who are passionate about the dairy and beef industries.” Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires Inc., are built upon the same cooperative business principles and share similar operating structures. Each organization stems from a root of innovative breeders, who had a common vision to move the dairy and beef industries forward. Both cultures value the input of their member-owners and recognize the importance of their guidance in driving the need to produce superior genetics and outstanding reproductive programs. With the addition of the 14 product line, also comes 168 Accelerated Genetics employees that are spread throughout federation cooperatives: East Central/Select Sires, Minnesota Select Sires Cooperative Inc., NorthStar Cooperative and Prairie

Above: Ryan Weigel, who came from Accelerated Genetics, speaks at the 2017 East Central/Select Sires Annual Meeting. Below: NorthStar employees gather during August 2017 sire summary to work together.

State/Select Sires gained the most new employees. Business as Usual at NorthStar Cooperative Kelly Bristle, director, member relations and promotions, NorthStar states, “NorthStar went to the field, visiting with the new employees, one-by-one, in their area and then held meetings within team areas.” NorthStar is keeping the ‘business as usual’ philosophy for their new team members and new customers. “Since there is significant overlap in field staff serving customers, right now everyone is continuing to work with the customers they had initially, and in the next year, we will be working to make processes easier for the customer,” says Bristle. Proudly, she states that NorthStar has seen team members come together and work together to provide the “14” and “7” product lines for customers. During the August sire summary, NorthStar brought in two of their new members that were experts in the “14” product line. Bristle continues, “Having them join their existing staff allowed them to introduce new staff to NorthStar’s approach with genetic marketing.”

Customers First at East Central/ Select Sires “Everyone has been enthusiastic about working together as a team and moving forward. There has been a lot of cooperation between new and old employees to help make the transition as smooth as possible for the new employees and the customers,” says Jerome Meyer, East Central/Select Sires general manager. “This has been extremely beneficial in helping to make the new employees feel welcomed and a part of the East Central/Select Sires team moving forward.” Phil Dieter, East Central/Select Sires marketing and recruiting manager says, “Our approach is ‘customers first’ in the transition, which has been successful.” Meyer says August proof week was a great opportunity for their genetic staff to get together and learn from each other about the genetic offerings both sides of the partnership had. “Everyone had the chance to look at things from a different perspective about how to promote the respective product lines.” East Central/Select Sires decided to fully integrate the Select Sires and Accelerated Genetics product lines. Meyer states, “There has been a lot of excitement about adding additional genetic power for their customers.”


August 2017 Sire Summary Highlights Once again, Select Sires delivers the most elite and diverse genetics following the August 2017 sire summary. With Select Sires and Accelerated Genetics recently joining forces, Select Sires clearly provides the most dominant lineup of dairy sires in the industry. Check out the highlights on the next two pages!



7HO12266 YODER

Zahbulls Montross Creep-ET (VG-87) Larry Lexvold, Goodhue, Minn.

Macland HF Yoder Rachel-ET (VG-85) James W. Mcfarland, Elgin, Minn.



Brubaker Farms Trenton 6415-Grade Brubaker Farms, Mt. Joy, Pa.

Farnear Adeen Adella-ET (VG-85) Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

With four of the top 10 and 11 of the top 25, Select Sires continues to dominate the official Holstein Top 100 TPI list for proven sires. Select Sires also leads the way with 26 of the top 50 and 48 of the top 100. 7HO12165 MONTROSS (+2773 GTPI) ranks No. 2, 7HO12266 YODER (+2710 GTPI) ranks No. 5, 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE (+2600 GTPI) ranks No. 9 and MONTY (+2591 GTPI) ranks No. 10.

NET MERIT SUPERSTARS Select Sires is the industry leader for proven NM$ sires with 15 of the top 25 and 25 of the top 50 proven Holstein sires for NM$! YODER (+866 NM$), SUPERSIRE (+855 NM$), MONTROSS (+843 NM$), and new release sires 7HO11986 BALLGAME (+842 NM$) and 7HO13094 TRENTON (+789 NM$) all rank in the top 10 for NM$!

TYPE STANDOUTS Select Sires continues to be the world’s source for elite Type, offering three of the top five active proven Type sires, including new release 7HO12353 BEEMER (+3.59 PTAT), 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD (+3.55 PTAT) and 7HO11596 DEFIANT (+3.55 PTAT).



Calori-D CL Beemer Pisch-ET (VG-86) Calori-D Holsteins, Denair, Calif.

Galys-Vray (EX-94) Mark and Erhard Junker, Thomas Staub, Al. Be. Ro., Switzerland


14HO7347 MONTY

Miss Pottsdale Dfi Tang-Red (EX-92) Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, Ill.

Welcome Monty Vale (VG-85) Dam of 14HO7347 MONTY

GENOMIC YOUNG SIRES After the August sire summary, 20 of the top 30 young sires are available through Select Sires. Of the top 500 GTPI tested heifers, 378 are sired by Select Sires bulls, that’s 75 percent! Looking at the listing of the top 500 genomic tested heifers for NM$, 61 percent (310) are sired by a Select Sires bull. Select Sires continues to be the source for elite genomic young sires.

08/17 USDA/HA Genomic Data, NM$ Rel.%: MONTROSS 94, YODER 93, TRENTON 87, SUPERSIRE 98, BALLGAME 87, JEDI 77; Type Rel.%: BEEMER 86, G W ATWOOD 99, DEFIANT 98; AUGUST 85, BOSEPHUS 92. 08/17 USDA/AJCA Genomic Data, Type Rel.%: JX AVON 70, CHROME 80; SCR Rel.%: JX RONALDINHO {3} 90, VICTORIOUS 79, SAVVY, 83, JX STEELY {4}, 77, STRIKER 90, JX PFLEX {5} 86, JX POGBA {4} 65, MILTON 86, FIZZ 74. 08/17 USDA/BSCBA Genomic Data, Type Rel.%: BUSH 95, BOSEPHUS 92. 08/17 USDA/AGA Genomic Data, Rel. NOVAK 76% NM$, 69% SCR; Rel.% Type: COPPER 86, LADYS MAN 47.




With the addition of the strong Jersey program at Accelerated Genetics, Select Sires offers the most elite proven Jersey sires for JPI™, NM$, CM$, CFP, Type and Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™), regardless of generation count. Select Sires leads the industry with eight of the top 20 proven sires for JUI, including 14JE673 JX AVON {2} (+31.5 JUI) and 7JE5004 CHROME (+28.0 JUI). Our Jersey young sire lineup includes nine of the top 15 active young sires in the breed for SCR. This includes 7JE1503 JX RONALDINHO {3} (+4.4), 7JE5032 VICTORIOUS (+4.1), 7JE1409 SAVVY (+3.8), 7JE1459 JX STEELY {4} (+3.2), 7JE5020 STRIKER (+2.8), 7JE5016 JX PFLEX {5} (+2.5), 7JE1505 JX POGBA {4} (+2.3), 7JE1471 MILTON (+1.8) and 7JE1486 FIZZ (+1.8).

The Brown Swiss offering is possibly the most diverse and impactful in the history of Select Sires. 7BS826 AUGUST, the longtime customer favorite, is tied at No. 1 with a +3.2 SCR and continues transmitting a wonderful balance of Type, fitness and production. 7BS854 BUSH offers the breed’s highest Udder Composition (+1.69) and his maternal brother 7BS852 BOSEPHUS is an elite transmitter of Type, Mobility, components and offers a +2.6 SCR. The bull setting the standard in the Guernsey breed is 7GU446 NOVAK. He leads the breed for NM$ (+346), CM$ (+350), SCR (+1.6) and is the No. 2 sire for PTI. The proven Type leader can also be found at Select in 14GU318 COPPER (+2.1). Notable genomic sires in the Guernsey lineup are 7GU468 LADYS MAN who offers the top Type (+1.7) and 7GU473 BEAU who is the No. 1 PTI genomic sire at +104.

14JE673 JX AVON {2}



JX AVON {2} daughters Victory Farm, Elkton, SD

Paullyn Chrome Promise (VG-86%) Paullyn Farms, Ayton, ON

V B HP Bush Minty “E91 E92MS” Haley Reeson, Blanchardville, Wis.


Lavon Farms Novak Rattle Madelyn and Aubree Topp, Botkins, Ohio


OCD Supersire 9882-ET — The First Family in Elite Genetics Exploding with genetic impact, at less than four years of age, OCD Supersire 9882-ET (VG-86-DOM) has already made a huge mark in the A.I. industry, establishing herself as possibly one of the most influential Holstein cows of her time. Backed by 10 generations of Very Good or Excellent dams, 9882 has a GTPI® of +2625 with an actual 365 day record just shy of 32,000 pounds of milk, with 4.1% and 3.2% fat and protein tests. A 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE out of an Excellent (90-EX-MS-DOM) 7HO10524 ROBUST, 9882 has a deep pedigree that has spelled success for breeders around the globe. Born at Oakfield Corners Dairy in Oakfield, N.Y., Select Sires began working with 9882 as a heifer, which resulted in three very high Altaspring sons: 7HO12899 SLAMDUNK, 7HO12898 SUPERSPRING, and 7HO12897 SAMURI. “9882 is the product of a special line-bred mating that resulted in a genetic machine capable of pushing the breed to new heights,” says Rick VerBeek, sire analyst with Select Sires, who worked with 9882 because of her unique genetic profile. “This mating resulted in genomic inbreeding levels that are some of the highest in the breed. Based on her offspring, we can now conclude that all of those genes in common are some of the most desirable genes in the breed.” In May of 2015, 9882 was purchased by Pine Tree Farms in Marshallville, Ohio for $82,000 at the 2015 Sensation Sale, where she continued to spell success with her amazing embryo making ability that has resulted in more than 200 pregnancies. Select Sires Holstein Sire Analyst, Charlie Will worked with 9882 on a mating to 7HO12600


MODESTY, which resulted in an incredible number of high full brothers, including 507HO13771 KENNEDY, at +1,487 Milk, +1,024 NM$ and +2861GTPI; 7HO13764 TYLER, at +1,422 Milk, +957 NM$ and +2814GTPI ; and 7HO13766 JOHNSON at +1,860 Milk, +917 NM$ and +2790GTPI. “Breeders can always count on SUPERSIRE to sire extreme production, along with great fitness traits, such as Somatic Cell Score (SCS), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and Calving Ease (CE), as well as correct functional conformation traits,” says Will. “9882 fits the mold to the tee and she has proven to transmit these elite traits to her many exceptional offspring.” 9882 topped the 2016 World Classic Sale, selling for an impressive $270,000 - the highest price in recent history. She was purchased by a syndicate including Triple Crown Genetics, Jerome, Ind.,. Genosource, Blairstown, Iowa and Jerry Jorgenson, Webberville, Mich. She since has been sold to Faria Brothers Dairy in Dumas, Texas. To date, 9882 has 12 sons at Select Sires, making her a cow that not only stands out, but one that continues to make a lasting impression, both with the Holstein breed and at Select Sires. “Her full impact is still unknown as she is not yet old enough to have sons with daughter proofs, but undoubtedly, 9882 is the most influential cow of her time, and arguably the most genetically influential cow of all time,” says VerBeek.

OCD Supersire 9882-ET (VG-86-DOM)

OCD Robust Shimmer-ET (EX-90-MS-DOM) Dam of 9882 4-8 2X 305d 32,850M 3.8% 1,255F 3.0% 982P

Ammon-Peachey Shana-ET (VG-86-DOM) Maternal grandam of 9882 5-3 2X 305d 38,111M 4.4% 1,660F 2.8% 1,070P

Sons of OCD Supersire 9882-ET at Select Sires 7HO12897 SAMURI 7HO12898 SUPERSPRING 7HO12899 SLAMDUNK 7HO13763 MONROE 7HO13764 TYLER 7HO13765 POLK

+2765 GTPI +2741 GTPI +2774 GTPI +2769 GTPI +2814 GTPI +2781 GTPI

7HO13766 JOHNSON 7HO13770 HOOVER 14HO13761 ADAMS 14HO13767 ARTHUR 250HO13772 PIERCE 507HO13771 KENNEDY

+2790 GTPI +2820 GTPI +2774 GTPI +2755 GTPI +2792 GTPI +2861 GTPI

The First

FA M I LY of Profit

OCD Supersire 9882-ET (VG-86-DOM) Dam of KENNEDY, TYLER and JOHNSON

S: Bacon-Hill Pety MODESTY-ET (VG-86) D: Ocd Supersire 9882-ET (VG-86-DOM) 2-1 3X 365d 31,870M 4.1% 1,310F 3.2% 1,023P MGS: Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE-ET (EX-90-GM) MGD: Ocd Robust Shimmer-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM)

507HO13771 Pine-Tree Mod KENNEDY713-ET +1,487M +169CFP +.20%F +1,024NM$ +1,049CM$ +9.0PL +2861GTPI® 08/17 CDCB/HA Rel. Yield 76%, NM 73%, PL 71%

7HO13764 Pine-Tree Mod TYLER 699-ET +1,422M +159CFP +.15%F +957NM$ +992CM$ +8.0PL 6.6%CE +2814GTPI 08/17 CDCB/HA Rel. Yield 76%, NM 72%, PL 71%, CE 61%

MGGS: Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88-GM) MGGD: Ammon-Peachey Shana-ET (VG-86-DOM)

7HO13766 Pine-Tree Mod JOHNSON702-ET +1,860M +172CFP +917NM$ +1,141DWP$™ +2.04T +6.7PL +2.2DPR +2790GTPI

Add more profit to your herd today! Call your Select Sires representative and place your order.

08/17 CDCB/HA Rel. Yield 76%, NM 73%, Type 75%, PL 71%, DPR 70%. All bulls listed qualify for semen export ot Canada.™DWP is a trademark of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ®TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA.

SelectCROSS - A Modernized Approach to Crossbreeding For several decades, dairy owners in the U.S. have attempted to utilize crossbreeding with their Holstein cows to control the effects of heterosis and reduce the mature size of the cow. They did this to help reduce maintenance cost and improve reproductive efficiency, calving ability, fitness and longevity. The goal of any dairy crossbreeding program should be to: smaximize heterosis by using a three-breed rotation. s utilize breeds that have sufficient genetic options and development to offer a broad selection of elite sires. sbuild on the strengths of each breed in the rotation and properly select to overcome the breed weaknesses. s produce cows that calve easily, transition into production with no issues, breed back easily and stay productive in the herd for many years, while maintaining a profitable level of milk production and milk solids. screate consistent cows that fit into the operation’s housing and milking systems. Select Sires has supported extensive crossbreeding research. Armed with this data and years of experience, we recommend a modernized approach to crossbreeding, SelectCROSSTM. Newly unveiled, SelectCROSS is superior to any other crossbreeding program today. SelectCROSS brings several advantages to dairy producers crossing Jerseys on Holsteins, by using sires from our Montebeliarde offering. Select Sires is the recognized leader for offering the most elite Holstein and purebred Jersey genetics. Globally, Jura Betail is the leader for consistently producing superior Montbeliarde sires for production, fitness and udder quality. Jura Betail’s sire development program is very similar to Select Sires’. SelectCROSS is fueled with three popular and historically


well-documented breeds that have been decisively bred for countless generations. On top of the Holstein, purebred and elite udder - improving Jersey sires add fitness, components and reduce stature. Following the JE x HO cross with Montbeliarde will noticeably add strength and improve fertility, while not adversely affecting udders or feet and legs. The result will be a cow that is all-around profitable through production, minimal health costs and by thriving well into later lactations. “She won’t look like a Holstein,” states Adam Oswalt, dairy sire product specialist, Select Sires. “She won’t look anything like a Jersey either. However, she will look great to your bottom line!”

01 JERSEY x HOLSTEIN The cross starts by using elite Jersey sires on purebred Holstein cows.



The resulting three-way cross is bred back to Holstein to continue the rotation.

JEHO x MONTBELIARDE The next step is to use elite Montbeliarde sires on the Jersey x Holstein cross offspring.

Getting Started Use elite sires with pure descent from each parent breed for more predictable outcomes and consistency. says Czech. “We started calving them in and we really liked them and they This is currently a challenge for some performed well. These Jersey crosses active Jerseys and many Viking Red had the kind of features we wanted sires. in our herd.” Czech now uses Jersey Protect the weaknesses and build sires on all purebred Holsteins. Jersey on the strengths of each breed in the x Holstein cross animals are bred to rotation. Start the rotation with purebred (no Montbeliarde and the resulting calf is then crossed back to a Holstein generation count) Jersey sires greater than 20 Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) to build the proper udder for a highproducing Jersey x Holstein cow cross. A group of SelectCROSS milk cows at New Heights Dairy. Breed this cross to Montbeliarde sires with a Calving Ease score greater than 89 and an udder score greater than +110. New Heights Dairy Brent Czech of New Heights Dairy near Rice, Minn., is one of several Select Sires customer-owners who has noticed lower stillbirths, higher reproductive efficiency and other benefits with his crossbred cows. “After we began crossbreeding, we noticed that our Holstein cows were settling very well to semen from other breeds. We then added Jerseys to the rotation because the semen was cheaper for problem breeder cows,”


sire. No matter the rotation, Czech is adamant the key is choosing the best genetics from each breed. Your Select Sires representative is available to help you develop a crossbreeding program that meets the goals as outlined above. Greater profits through crossbreeding are just a phone call away.

Clockwise from upper left: Jenny Baerwolf, co-owner, Dr. Adam Ward, veterinarian, Scott Hecker, East Central/Select Sires Select Reproductive Solutions® specialist and Rob Baerwolf, co-owner.

Baerwolf Dairies LLC Improved Pregnancy Rates and Lowered the Need for Drug Intervention with CowManager “Our annualized pregnancy rate has increased (from 18-19% to 25%), our A.I. submission rate has increased and we have had an increase in detected services with fewer cows going to the Ovsynch program.” Rob Baerwolf “I use the system to track recovery and determine if the treatment we use worked for specific cows. My goal is to accomplish my objectives with the least intervention possible. Using CowManager at Baerwolf Dairy has made me a better veterinarian, as I have learned to eliminate some treatments and use less invasive practices. We I.V. fewer cows and trust treatments thanks to the constant feedback in health status that CowManager provides. ” Dr. Adam Ward, DVM

® CowManager is a registered trademark of Agis Automatisering, Select Reproductive Solutions is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc..


National Sales Conference: Maximizing Value and Passion At Select Sires, we live our brand promise, Your Success Our Passion, daily. More than 500 Select Sires staff from around the globe gathered in Columbus, Ohio in early September to engage and learn about how Select Sires continues to maximize value for our customer-owners. Select Sires’ commitment to provide more value to our customer-owners than any other source in terms of genetics, quality, service and expertise is second-to-none. Fueled with the passion for customer success, Select Sires employees are committed to excellence because they are very proud about what they do and why they do it, spelling success for all. Dialing in on the theme, ‘Maximizing Value and Passion,’ Select Sires’ National Sales Conference (NSC) is a valuable tool for educating and motivating staff to the next level. The conference began with a daughter tour at three high-quality dairy operations in Ohio: Henry Farms, East Liberty; Buschur Dairy, New Weston and The Ohio State University Dairy, Columbus. “This years’ focus was to equip Select Sires’ staff with a better understanding of measuring, communicating and delivering our member-owners a high level

of genetic value,” says Lyle Kruse, vice president, U.S. market development, Select Sires. Kruse stated the objective was to provide insight into effective communication, along with updates on sires, products and services, while challenging and motivating employees. NSC is also a reunion of sorts, allowing the Select Sires family to come together under one umbrella and welcome new family members. “With the recent joining of forces of Select Sires and Accelerated Genetics, this sales conference provides opportunity to welcome and network with the many new Accelerated staff joining our Select family,” says Kruse. The conference concluded with a bull parade, showcasing 15 prominent Select Sires bulls narrated by Charlie Will. “For many sales members, this is their only opportunity to see the bulls live,” tells Charlie Will.

Charlie Will, Holstein sire anaylst has been a part of the Select Sires family for four decades and announced he will retire at the end of 2017. Charlie’s influence is evident in herds all around the world. Sires, like those pictured on the Select Sires’ August Holstein Directory, as well as countless others that Charlie contracted, ensured success for Select Sires’ customerowners for years to come. Charlie is the epitome of the Select Sires brand promise: Your

Success Our Passion. Undoubtedly, he will be missed, but his legacy lives on. As a token of appreciation, Charlie was presented with a giclée print during the unveiling of the new Impact Sires of the Breed print at the 2017 National Sales Conference. Thank you, Charlie for your dedication and commitment to genetic improvement, to the Holstein breed and to the Select Sires federation. Best wishes!

Above: Shirley Kaltenbach and Leslie Maurice present Charlie Will with a giclée Impact Sires of the Breed print as a token of appreciation. Below (L-R): 500-plus Select Sires staff from around the globe gather to learn and engage at Select Sires’ National Sales Conference. 7HO10999 BRADNICK is paraded at the NSC and Charlie Will narrating at the bull parade.









To enhance the productivity and profitability of dairy and beef producers, Select Sires is committed to be the premier provider of highly fertile, superior genetics accompanied by effective reproductive- and herdmanagement products and services. For more information, visit or call (614) 873-4683. Product of the USA.

Super Sampler, gender SELECTed, Aggressive Reproductive Technologies, ART, SelectCROSSTM, Program for Genetic Advancement, PGA and Superior Settler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Dairy Wellness Profit Index and DWP$ are trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. JPI and JUI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association. ÂŽSelect Mating Service, SMS, Select Reproductive Solutions, SRS and FeedPRO are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc. CowManager is a registered trademark of Agis Automatisering. CLARIFIDE is a registered trademark of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. gender SELECTedTM semen processed by Sexing Technologies for Select Sires shall be used only for the single insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to produce single offspring unless specifically approved on an individual customer basis by Sexing Technologies in writing. This semen is produced using the proprietary technology of XY LLC and Inguran LLC, as partially represented by U.S. Patents: 6372422, 7094527, 7208265, 7371517, 6357307, 7723116, 7758811and 7799569. Patents pending in US and foreign markets. XYÂŽ is a trademark of XY LLC. All gender SELECTed semen is processed using SexedULTRATM technology.

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Fall 2017 Selections  

Select Sires Fall 2017 Selections

Fall 2017 Selections  

Select Sires Fall 2017 Selections