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The Seldovia Visitor Seldovia, Alaska Summer 2011

Living by the sea is like no other ever changing, beautiful, majestic and abundant . Come enjoy the “good life� on Seldovia Bay.

The Seldovia Arts Council ~ Proudly bringing world-class artists to Seldovia.

Seldovia Summer Solstice Festival! June 16, 17 & 18th! Dynamic Vocal Group:! Moira Smiley ! & VOCO! Singer/ Songwriter:! Jaime Michaels! Plus…! other special guests and… ! a town full of fun!!

Memorial D ay Weekend ! May 29 th ! Gypsy Jazz Band:! The Hot Clu b! of Nunaka! Guitar Master’s Concert! Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd! Fingerstylist:!

Chris Proctor! Fingerstylist:! Steve Kaufman!

Folk-Pop Band:! Naked Blue!

Find out more by visiting www.seldoviaartscouncil.wordpress.com; check us out on Facebook; or call 907.234.7614. Be watching for other events over the 4th of July, and in August and October.


As the Mayor of Seldovia, I would like to welcome you to our beautiful firstclass city. Seldovia has so much to offer: its rich heritage, natural beauty and great fishing grounds to good food and inviting places to stay. There is something here for everyone. Seldovia is to Alaskans what Alaska is to the folks from the Lower 48. This will be one of the most unique and special places you have ever been. We’re glad you made the trip!

Keith Gain, Mayor City of Seldovia

© photo by Keith Swick

City of Seldovia

Welcome to our first class city on the south side of Kachemak Bay, where the locals are friendly and the visitors don’t want to go home.

148 Dock Street * PO Box B * Seldovia, AK. 99663 Phone (907) 234-7643 * Fax: (907) 234-7430 info@CityOfSeldovia.com


Raffle will  be  held  at  the  Seldovia  Chamber  of  Commerce  mee5ng     on  December  8,  2011  at  noon  in  Seldovia,  Alaska.       In  the  event  all  400  5ckets  are  not  sold,  the  cash  prizes  will  be  prorated.   TICKETS  SOLD  BY  MEMBERS  OF  THE:  

Drawer F    Seldovia,  AK  99663    Message  Phone  907-­‐234-­‐7612      Permit  Number  751.    Need  not  be  present  to  Win.  

VISITOR CONTENTS Mayor’s Welcome - 3 Chamber $20,000 Raffle - 4 Why I live in Seldovia- 7 Seldovia Tide Tables - 8 Summer Peak Fishing - 9 Chainsaw Carving - 11 Meet the Carvers of 2011 - 12 Fishing Derby - 15 Beachcomber Joe - 17 4th of July Celebration - 20 Messing Around in Boats- 24 Business Directory - 25 Walking Map - 27 101 Things To Do - 30 Berry Picking - 32 Trails Around Seldovia - 33 Fishing Family - 40 Seldovia’s Parks - 50

Much of what appeals to folks who visit and live in Seldovia is what is not here: no lines, no traffic, no rushing about and very little noise. It is a fabulous place to visit if you are searching for those intangibles and want to slow down, sit in the sun, paddle a kayak, hike in the woods or treat yourself to a coffee or ice cream along the waterfront. In Seldovia, there is plenty of time to do absolutely nothing! Time to gather your thoughts, daydream, enjoy the tranquility of life off the road system. Seldovians are very busy organizing the many activities and events that make this a very special place to live and visit. From the various school and SVT programs, annual 4th of July Celebration, Solstice Music Festival and concerts to the Chainsaw Carving Competition and Human Powered Fish Derby, there are many exciting reasons to visit Seldovia! Aside from our great events, we also have wonderful opportunities for peace and rest. Seldovia is a small town with a family atmosphere that promotes and encourages community spirit and involvement. Living on Kachemak Bay offers the residents and visitors many opportunities to play and work on the water. In this issue we will feature and celebrate both the recreational and commercial aspects of a boating life in Seldovia! This is an amazing city to live in if you want to know your neighbors, be in and close to nature, hang out with your children and have time to treasure those very fleeting moments with family and friends. Here’s to celebrating life in Seldovia!

Seldovia Chamber of Commerce PO Drawer F - Seldovia, AK. 99663 907-234-7612 SeldoviaChamber.org

The Seldovia Visitor produced by the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce, Map design by Kathleen George Guide Design & Photography by Seldovia.com


Cell Service Expanding to 3G in Seldovia Cellular service is available all around Seldovia and out to Jakolof Bay. ACS is the main provider for the area and we receive great coverage in the city of Seldovia. However, there are pockets on Jakolof Bay Road where you can lose reception. Speaking with ACS, there are plans for a 3G card in the Seldovia Tower in the near future, which will greatly improve the smart phone capabilities in our area. AT&T currently does not provide service in downtown Seldovia, but you can get reception on your AT&T phones out the road, from Outside Beach to Jakolof Bay as long as you are in the line of sight of Homer. Verizon has a roaming contract with ACS, so if you’re are with them - you should be able to use your phone in town!

One of Alaska’s best gift stores! Hand made products Alaskan hand carved antlers Hand blown glass Custom crafted Alaskan knives Alaskan wood carvings Seldovia shirts, hats & Sweatshirts Candles, jewelry, soaps & more


Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sundays 1pm-6pm

Stop by for a Cup of Coffee!

The Bridgekeeper’s Inn 223 Kachemak Street Seldovia, Alaska

907-234-7535 Perfect Setting

Perfect Town

Availability and Online Reservations at


Why do I live in Seldovia? There are those that ask, and then there are those that know. For those that ask, the answer is always a little different depending on who is asking and what I am feeling on any given day. I live here for many varied reasons. For you who ask today, the reason is boating. I live here for boating and do so as much as I can. I do so until I get my fill and then when I get a great notion to do so again, I do it some more. Kayak, rowboat or motorboat; one is not the same as the other, but the pleasure is equal. In each instance it not only gets me on the water, but also affords me a vantage of where I live, a physical vantage. I can look back and view the perfect setting, which is Seldovia. I can see our tiny hamlet beneath the mountains, which rise abruptly from the shore, protecting the small community, which for all intents and purposes, is now my family. I have boated through many an early morning July mist with the hurried summer folk, and I have also pushed through the harbor ice on Christmas Eve and braved the frigid and short winter hours of sun searching for a king salmon to feast upon. Each time I leave the harbor I leave with an excitement that met me the first time I boated from here. If I might be so lucky as to have been successful in my fishing ventures I will return to the harbor with equal excitement, and look for my friends with whom to divvy up the days catch. Look for me. I often try and sneak away. but will always respond to a friendly hailing. Ask for tips if you like, but know the best advice is to just get out there and try it. There is nothing I would like more than some company out there on a crisp November day or long summer’s eve. Someone I can hail and ask if there is a bite-on down wherever you might end up along the coast. Ask me why I live here and I might tell you it is for the people, the wilderness, the lack of highway noise or the exceptional dinners and parties we share with each other after the busy season is over. Ask me today, why I live here? Today the answer is for the boating. I’ll see you out there. Tim Dillon Tim & Ila are avid boaters who have lived along the greater Kachemak Bay and Seldovia Bay area for over thirty years. Photo was taken of daughter Amelia Dillon fishing Kachemak Bay - courtesy of Tim Dillon




10:08:12 AM

Seldovia JUNE 2011 Seldovia JULY 2011 HIGH TIDES LOW TIDES
























1 W 2 T 3 F 4 S 5 S 6 M 7 T 8 W 9 T 10 F 11 S 12 S 13 M 14 T 15 W 16 T 17 F 18 S 19 S 20 M 21 T 22 W 23 T 24 F 25 S 26 S 27 M 28 T 29 W 30 T

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18.3 18.7 18.8 18.7 18.2 17.4 16.3 15.2 14.3 13.9 14.3 ----18.8 19.6 20.1 20.3 20.1 19.4 18.3 17.0 15.6 14.1 12.8 12.0 11.8 12.3 ----16.1 17.0 18.0

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-1.8 -2.4 -2.7 -2.6 -2.2 ----3.5 3.5 3.0 2.1 0.8 -0.9 -2.4 -3.6 -4.3 -4.5 -4.1 -3.3 -2.1 2.7 3.4 4.0 4.4 4.5 4.1 3.2 2.0 0.7 -0.6 -1.8

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AM tides: light type • PM tides: bold type

Seldovia AUG 2011







TENT & BREAKFAST ADVENTURE CO. www.tentandbreakfastalaska.com

e Comfortable wall tents, f delicious meals and outdoor adventure! e Workshops f e Guided sea kayaking f e Mountain biking f

8.5 Jakolof Bay Road, Seldovia, Alaska 907.235.3633 • 907.345.2571











1 M 2 T 3 W 4 T 5 F 6 S 7 S 8 M 9 T 10 W 11 T 12 F 13 S 14 S 15 M 16 T 17 W 18 T 19 F 20 S 21 S 22 M 23 T 24 W 25 T 26 F 27 S 28 S 29 M 30 T 31 W

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Any day ďŹ shing, is a good day!

Summer Peak Times to Catch:

King Salmon/Chinook: May, June & July Sockeye Salmon/Reds: July Coho Salmon/Silvers: July & August Pink Salmon/Humpbacks: July & August Dolly Varden: June to Mid-July Halibut & Rockfish: June, July, August to Mid-September Shellfish: Mid-April through Mid-September Fish may may be be caught caught from from Kachemak Kachemak Bay Bay to to the the Fish Seldovia Seldovia Bridge Bridge & & from from Seldovia Seldovia Bay Bay to to Jakolof Jakolof Bay. Bay. Consult Consult with with the the locals locals for for the the best best spot spot for for each! each!


Nature at your doorstep

One of the many pleasures of living in Seldovia is how within minutes I can be either on the water in my rowboat or snowshoeing and hiking on the ridges above Seldovia. Having nature at your doorstep is what makes Seldovia an incredibly appealing place. Vivian Rojas

Seldovia's First Health Food Store!

A "Sister Business" of The Tide Pool, working together to keep Seldovia stocked with the freshest organic produce available. Bulk spices, dry goods, healthy bath & body supplies, & nutritional supplements. We are happy to make special orders for you as well. Enjoy a shot of wheat grass on the deck over-looking the harbor.

Located next to the Tide Pool 10

Year round casual dining on the waterfront in Seldovia BREAKFAST * LUNCH SEASONAL DINNERS

Featuring Organic Produce, local seafood, hand-crafted soups & delicious baked goods Alaskan micro-brews on tap Fine Wines * Espresso Call (907) 234-7502 for reservations and hours of operation

Meet the Carvers

Ben Firth is an artist who works in a variety of media. He

has sculpted in wood, bronze,antler, ice and stone. He also enjoys working in pencil to capture the beauty of creation in varying shades of black and white.

Ben is looking forward to working with his son, Silas, in the upcoming Seldovia Chainsaw Competition. You can see Ben and his family's artwork at BenFirthStudio.com or visit his family's studio at Mile 161 Sterling Hwy. Anchor Point, Alaska. Silas Firth is also an artist who has been focusing recently on turning pens from wood, antler, bone and other materials. He has sculpted in wood and ice. He has also done well in the Junior National Duck Stamp competition.

Derrick Stanton. For the past three

years, the Stanton family has had the privilege of visiting our favorite Alaska town Seldovia and participating in the annual chainsaw carving competition. Each year we look more and more forward to seeing this great hidden treasure of a town and the friendly, hospitable people in it. Despite the hard work and physical challenge of the competition, Seldovia always puts us in a cheerful and relaxed vacation mode. Another challenge we face is bringing our three kids which are three years old and under along with our fourth newest addition this year. With this hand full of youngins, there is always so much to do that the “kiddios” stay happy and engaged the whole trip. Our kids; Hope 4, Adonijah 3, Eden 2 look so forward to going each year that we've taken up making a paper chain to count the days until we get to hop a ride on the ferry. This in part is because we got tired of answering each day,"When are we going to Seldovia?" The drive out to Jakolof Bay, exploring Red Mountain and sitting around a campfire at Outside Beach are among our favorite things to do each time we visit Seldovia. Stop by Derrick’s Gift Shop on the Spur Hywy in Kenai across from Arby’s, or go to ““Derrick Stanton Logworks” 12 Facebook page.

Jimmy Kitchens and his assistant & fiance Carisa

Curtis will be joining us again this year. This will be Jimmy’s 4th year competing! Once again, it will be a family adventure, as they will bring all four children; Kayli, Taylor, River & Willow. “My family and I always look forward to coming to Seldovia for its annual chainsaw competition. It is such a great community where the people are always friendly and the view is beyond amazing.” To Contatct Jimmy: hocsocmom@gmail.com

of 2011...

Scott and Sandy Hanson were instrumental in getting our competition off the

ground 6 years ago! They have been great resources in creating a successful and fun competition here in Seldovia. They have helped to introduce us to carvers and have kept a great spirit about the competition! We are so thankful that they can make the time to come and be a part of the Seldovia Chainsaw Carving Competition! They run a beautiful gift shop at the Town of Living Trees - north of Soldotna where Scott sells his carvings, and they feature a wide variety of gifts. See Sandy’s story - page 22 TownOfLivingTrees.com TownOfLivingTrees@acsalaska.net

Scott Thompson has participated in our competition


Younkins joined us last year for the first year and he came wearing a huge smile and sporting team shirts made specifically for this event in Seldovia. We love his enthusiasm and energy, and there’s a rumour that he’s going to attempt to webstream the event - so keep a lookout for that! This year Rob will be coming to Seldovia with his entire family in tow! We are looking forward to meeting your wife and two girls! You can reach Rob at: alaskansalmon@acsalaska.net

since the first year in 2006. In 2009 Scott won with a masterpiece carved from an 8 foot by 24 inch spruce log. This piece was inspired by the works of his painting friend, Kurt Jacobsen who occasionally paints fantasy art: Dragons, castles, fairies, nymphs, and scantily clad babes. “I have wanted to try something of that ilk for a long time. Hence the creation of the Seldovia Sea Siren, a legend of local lore, or perhaps just in my mind. Joan and I are looking forward to participating again this year, as we couldn’t schedule it in last year!” To view Scott’s art, check out his website, ScottThompsonArt.com


Hopkinson has been coming to the Seldovia carving contest for the past 4 years and looks forward to it every summer. “Our children seem to have the best time here, and that is one of our main reasons for returning year after year.” Steve has been carving on and off for the last 14 years. He started when he ran across a carved bear that he really liked, but was too frugal to buy, so he decided to make one for himself. Steve currently does not carve for a living, but participates in local carving contests in the summer and occasionally does custom orders. Email Steve at bearlyart@juno.com.


The Bear Essentials

necessary to safely enjoy your interaction with our Seldovia wilderness.

Be alert! Our Seldovia area (15C) has one of the highest black bear populations in the state. Our blacks are healthy and prevalent! A few tips to remember when out and about in the Summer in Seldovia: * Make noise so you don’t startle the bears. * Keep your distance. * Store food in containers. * Don’t fish with the bears. * Never get between a mama bear and her cubs!










3rd Annual Human Powered Fishing Derby Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 & 29, 2011 If you are reading this before Memorial Day, sign up now, if you are reading this after that date, ask around town how it went, and get ready for next year. Rowboats and kayaks of all makes and models are welcome. Last year we had over thirty boats participate with some fair sized halibut and a couple of beautiful king salmon weighed-in. This event is not for the faint of heart or arm! Fishing from a human powered craft is strenuous and also can be dangerous. Don’t expect to crawl into a kayak for the first time and start fishing. Kayaking on the Bay requires experience and local knowledge. The Seldovia Chamber of Commerce can put you in touch with local kayak guides, and there are a number of boats for rent here in Seldovia.

Prize winning King 2010 - photo by Amelia Dillon

Buy a fishing license and come on over to the south side of Kachemak Bay and give human powered fishing a try. Collect some mussels and clams, learn the intricacies of fishing from a rowboat or kayak, and celebrate the weekend with us with music and a local potlatch/fish fry to top things off. While you are endeavoring in these quiet sports try and envision the men and women of prehistoric times walking the beach in animal and bird skin clothes, perhaps an ivory pendant hanging from their necks, turning rocks or digging with hand-hewn tools. Know the hardships they endured, and be thankful for the bounty the sea still offers through a small exertion of human power. How To Enter The Human Powered Fishing Derby 1) Call Tim Dillon to register @ 234-7858 2) Pay $35 per pole in boat before going fishing 3) No motors allowed ! 4) No fishing from shore or within Seldovia Slough

Tim Dillon - photo by Ila Dillon

WINNER’S PRIZES A great many local merchants donate prizes from hotel-stays to fishing gear. Everyone who catches a fish and officially weighs it in will be eligible in the drawing for prizes. We also will be giving a grand prize of a human powered boat, so don’t wait, sign up now.

Fish-fry/Barbecue/Award Ceremony to be held on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. This event will be held in conjunction with the chainsaw carving contest and the entire community of Seldovia.


Seldovia Fuel & Hardware 319 Main Street - Seldovia, Alaska 99663


One of Seldovia’s most frequented stores! Friendly, helpful and courteous customer service

“Seldovia” Shirts, Hats, Bait & Fishing Gear, Candy, Gifts & More!

Get your fuel here... for your home, boat, car or grill! Marine Fuel: Call VHF 16, CB 3

* Seldovia Package * Kayak Rentals * State Park * Freight Let Mako’s Water Taxi be your Way across the Bay


Mako@xyz.net MakosWaterTaxi.com

Open Year ‘Round


Beachcombing Expert, Woodworker Extraordinaire! by Joe Fleckenstein

It is nice being retired and having beach combing as an occupation. The walking and fresh air is a good thing and you never know what might be washed up on shore. There are many miles of beach in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet accessible by skiff or inflatable. You will learn when it is safe to land on a beach after being swamped a time or two. While beach combing, I usually find several useable logs each year. The best ones are sawn up into boards and planks and allowed to dry for several years. They are then ready to be made into furniture, or some other useful thing. Logs of many different species show up. The ones that Teredos have chewed holes in are specially prized. Teredo worms are a member of the clam family. They use the sharp edges of their shells, which are at the head of their body, to drill the holes. , I like the natural edges on the planks cut from driftwood logs. They are worn smooth by the sand and bleached by the sun and salt. Imperfections, holes and knots, if they can be worked into the project, add character and beauty which cannot be found in store bought lumber.


he spotlight of Seldovia, our Conference Center is waterfront – offering unparalleled views of Seldovia Bay. Located in the heart of town, The Center offers flexible, full service, custom arrangements for your events. Showcase your event with our scenery and facilities. Our Event Planners are On-Call for all services. Leave the logistics and details to us, giving you time to enjoy your event. www.seldoviaconferencecenter.com • 907.435.3233 or 907.435.3248 • center@svt.org

he Seldovia Museum houses a collection of 300 objects, video & audio tape recordings, and over 1,000 historical and contemporary photographs. The Museum preserves the cultural traditions of the Native people that inhabited Seldovia. It also showcases it’s Russian history, geography, coastal and marine life. Come learn about this rich land and it's people through interpretive displays, exhibits, and publications. On Main Street in Visitor Center, Daily from 10am - 5pm. www.svt.org • 907. 234.7898


We promote the wellness of our people and communities through he

he SVT Health Center - Seldovia Clinic offers a variety of services: Travel Medicine, Preventive Health, Chronic Disease Management, Acute Illness/Injury, Laboratory, and Pharmacy. 206 Main Street, in Visitor Center, open Mondays and Tuesdays 9:00am - 5:00pm. www.svthc.org • 907.435.3262

he Alaska Tribal Cache is the proud home of Alaska Pure Berry's jams, jellies, syrups, vinaigrettes and honeys. Unique local and Alaskan Native crafts and art, as well as clothing, books, and treats! 328 Main Street, Daily 10am - 6pm.

laska Pure Berry - handmade jams, jellies, sauces, vinaigrettes and honey crafted from the wilds of Alaska. We make all Pure Berry creations from recipes handed down for generations, using fresh flowers and berries rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Our products are guaranteed – tradition demands it. www.alaskapureberry.com • 1.800.270.7810

ealth care and social services, economic development and education. 19


4th of July Weekend 2011 Independence Day Festivities Parade - Games - Salmon Shuffle Great Food - Fun and Time with Family and Friends


Open Daily

Across from Harbor ramp - A dining experience in the heart of Seldovia

Lunch 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Dinner 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Lunch: Fresh Alaskan seafood specialties, great chowders, fresh baked croissant sandwiches, half pound burgers, variety of salads and desserts. Dinner: Fresh Alaskan halibut, salmon, scallops, steak, chicken, and yum-yum desserts. • Wine & Beer Reservations Recommended 907-234-7676


My husband, myself and our 15 year old son were privileged enough to spend an entire winter season in Seldovia and have since found out that our hearts remain there. The beauty of Seldovia reminds me of a “Hawaii in Alaska” type ambiance. The people of Seldovia are real down-home folks that have no pretenses about them and aren’t scurrying around in the “fast lane” like other places in Alaska. It brings back homespun memories of growing up in a quiet neighborhood in a small town setting where everyone knew everyone; everyone helped everyone and everyone genuinely cared about each other. That’s what we experience in Seldovia. We have thought many, many times about moving there and “God Willing” it will happen one day. See ya there! Scott and Sandy Hanson Scott & Sandy have carved for our Seldovia Chainsaw Competition since 2006! They own the Town of Living Trees north of Soldotna where they sell Scott’s carvings, gifts and tickets for the Seldovia Bay Ferry! TownOfLivingTrees@acsalaska.net


Eagles abound on the shores of Seldovia. You can spot them daily on both Inside and Outside Beaches and along the Seldovia Slough. I caught this magnificent bird working on a bear carcass on Inside Beach last summer.

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“There is nothing like messing around in boats.” by Valerie Morin

Somewhere it is written – “There is nothing like messing around in boats.” Although not a boat or water person by nature, I have learned to thoroughly enjoy being on the waters of Kachemak Bay. It was the Siren’s Song of Seldovia that captured my heart as we boated up the Seldovia Slough over a decade ago. It was July 3rd, hot, sunny, and clear. In case you have not heard her Song, you can hear it best on a day such as this. A few years later, after we had purchased Bridgekeeper’s Inn, friends were in SeldoBoating from via for the weekend. Homer, Scott and Zachary had also brought the “Hermes”, a small aluminum skiff which Kevin had built when my children and niece and nephew were young. Scott, Zachary, and Kevin had spent many hours putting finishing touches on the “Hermes. While standing on the Seldovia Slough Bridge, Zachary boated under the bridge and as I watched him, I thought about how enjoyable it would be to have a small boat that I could use during the summer months. I told this to Kevin and thus began the two year building process on what would be the Little Key. I first saw this 14’ aluminum beauty on a July 4th visit to Bagley Cove located in China Poot Bay. I thought our friends had purchased a new skiff and asked, but was told, “No, that is your skiff.” As it turned out, we needed some items from the boat in which we had traveled, which was moored in Peterson Bay. So without hesitation, Britt, my brother-in-law and I got into the Little Key. With the outboard’s tiller in hand, Britt and I boated around to Peterson Bay, loaded the items from the Star Tide onto the Little Key, and then Kevin and I boated back around into China Poot Bay. To my, as well as my family's amazement, this two hour trip was such a joy for me and I was not frightened for even a moment. On August 8, 2008, the finished Little Key, with a surrey on top, was delivered to the Seldovia Bay Harbor. Although I am still mastering my boating skills, an afternoon in Seldovia Bay with the wind blowing in my face, listening to the sound track from the movie, Master and Commander, watching the otters, and gazing at the beauty of God’s landscape is enjoyable beyond words.




SELDOVIA FISHING ADVENTURES, ADVENTURES, INC.(11) INC.(11) SELDOVIA FISHING INC.(11) Successful deep-sea fishing fishing forfor over over 2525 Successful deep-sea years. years. Daiwa Daiwa electric electric reels, reels, lunch, lunch, filleting filleting filleting & && freezing freezing fishfish included. included. Vacuum-packing Vacuum-packing andand shipping available. Quiet Quiet home-style home-style shipping available. home-style beachfront beachfront lodging lodging upup to to 6 people. 6 people.Private Private Private baths, beautiful baths, beautiful view view & home-cooked & home-cooked breakfast, right in town. FishHalibut.com breakfast, right in town. FishHalibut.com FishHalibut.com 234-7417 234-7417

SMOKEY SMOKEY SMOKEY BAY BAY BAY AIR AIR AIR(30) (30) (30) Alaska's Alaska's Alaska's finest. finest. finest.Glacier Glacier Glacier&&&bear bear beartours, tours, tours,air air airservice service service from from Homer Homer to Seldovia. Seldovia.Let Let Letus us ushelp help helpyou you youplan plan plan from Homer toto Seldovia. your your trip! trip! SmokeyBayAir.com SmokeyBayAir.com235-1511 235-1511 235-1511 your trip! SmokeyBayAir.com

SELDOVIA SELDOVIA FUEL FUEL AND AND HARDWARE HARDWARE “THE FLUBE” (33) “THE FLUBE” (33) Retail sales of all Retail sales of all fuels. fuels. Sporting Sporting goods, goods, hardware, clothing hardware, clothing & gifts. & gifts. VHF VHF Channel Channel 1616 16 or CB3. SFL@acsalaska.net234-7622 or CB3. SFL@acsalaska.net 234-7622

TIDE TIDE POOL POOL CAFE CAFE(18) (18) (18) TIDE POOL CAFE Casual Casual family family dining diningon on onthe the thewaterfront. waterfront. waterfront.Great Great Great Casual family dining food food atmosphere,reservations atmosphere,reservationsfor for forlarge large large food & && atmosphere,reservations parties parties recommended. recommended. parties recommended. Tidepool99663@yahoo.com234-7502 234-7502 Tidepool99663@yahoo.com Tidepool99663@yahoo.com 234-7502

SELDOVIA HARBOR SELDOVIA HARBOR INN INN (12) (12) Located harbor Located onon thethe harbor in in downtown downtown Seldovia. New deluxe in Seldovia. New deluxe accommodations accommodations inin “Town that time thethe “Town that time forgot. forgot. ” ” SeldoviaHarborInn.com SeldoviaHarborInn.com 234-1414 234-1414

TUTKA TUTKA BAY BAY LODGE LODGE(*) (*) (*) TUTKA BAY LODGE Located north ofof Seldovia Seldovia on Kachemak Bay. Located Located north north of Seldoviaon onKachemak KachemakBay. Bay. Ocean Ocean kayaking, kayaking, hiking, hiking,sportfishing sportfishing sportfishingfor for for Ocean kayaking, hiking, salmon and more! WithinTheWild.com salmon and more! WithinTheWild.com salmon and more! WithinTheWild.com 274-2710 274-2710 274-2710

SELDOVIA NATIVE INC.(42) SELDOVIA NATIVE ASSOCIATION, ASSOCIATION, INC.(42) INC.(42) Land access permits hunting. Land access permits forfor hiking hiking and and hunting. hunting. SNAI.com 234-7625 SNAI.com 234-7625

WAREHOUSE BOOKS COFFEE (19) WAREHOUSE BOOKS&&&COFFEE COFFEE(19) (19) WAREHOUSE BOOKS North bridge “Open” sign trail toto North of bridge –follow follow “Open”sign sign&&&trail trailto North ofof bridge ––follow “Open” waterfront deck. Books, collectibles great waterfront deck. Books,collectibles collectibles&&&great great waterfront deck. Books, coffee! Fenske.Bandc.googlepages.com coffee! Fenske.Bandc.googlepages.com coffee! Fenske.Bandc.googlepages.com 234-7850 234-7850 234-7850

SELDOVIA PROPERTY SELDOVIA PROPERTY (43) (43) Jenny Chissus, Broker/Owner Jenny Chissus, Broker/Owner – lives – lives in in Seldovia full-time Seldovia full-time and and is your is your local local real real estate expert! SeldoviaProperty.com estate expert! SeldoviaProperty.com 234-8000 234-8000 SELDOVIA ROWING SELDOVIA ROWING CLUB CLUB B&B B&B (13) (13) Seldovia's premier on Seldovia's premier B&B B&B establishment establishment onon historic boardwalk. Crazy thethe historic boardwalk. Home Home of of Crazy Crow Crow Concerts. Concerts. SeldoviaRowingClub.net SeldoviaRowingClub.net 234-7614 234-7614

THYME THYME ON ON THE THE BOARDWALK BOARDWALK(34) (34) (34) THYME ON THE BOARDWALK Garden Garden nursery nursery and andgreat great greatgifts. gifts. gifts.Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables, Garden nursery and herbs herbs flowers. flowers.Supporting Supporting SupportingSeldovia's Seldovia's Seldovia'spublic public public herbs &&& flowers. gardens. gardens. Suzie@gourmetfleurs.com Suzie@gourmetfleurs.com234-2060 234-2060 234-2060 gardens. Suzie@gourmetfleurs.com

WILDERNESS PARK (*) WILDERNESS PARK(*) (*) WILDERNESS PARK Fee Fee for tents tents and and R.V.s R.V.sCampsites Campsites Campsitesare are arechecked. checked. checked. Fee forfor tents and R.V.s Tents only Outside Beach. Call City office for Tents only at OutsideBeach. Beach.Call CallCity Cityoffice officefor for Tents only atat Outside information 234-7643 information 234-7643 information 234-7643 WINTER WATCH (37) WINTER WATCH(37) (37) WINTER WATCH Are you Give Paul call to keep Are you asnow-bird? snow-bird?Give GivePaul Paulaaacall callto tokeep keep Are you a asnow-bird? eye your property while you're away. anan an eye eye onon on your your property propertywhile whileyou're you'reaway. away. SeldoviaWinterWatch.com 234-7245 SeldoviaWinterWatch.com SeldoviaWinterWatch.com234-7245 234-7245


Berry Berry Picking... Picking... 

InInSeldovia, Seldovia,the thelocal local localberries berries berriesripen ripen ripenabout about aboutthe the thelast last lastweek weekininJuly. July. The Thefirst firsttotoripen ripenis is the theSalmonberry.  Salmonberry.  Salmonberry. This This Thislarge large largeraspberry-like raspberry-like raspberry-likeberry berry berrygrows grows growsalong alongmost mostofofthe theroads roadsinin in and andout outofoftown.  town.  town. Color Color Colorvariations variations variationsare are arefrom from fromyellow yellow yellowtotodark darkred.  red. If Ifthe thefruit fruitfeels feelssoft soft soft and andeasily easilypulls pullsoff off offthe the thestem, stem, stem,itititisisisripe. ripe. ripe.Blueberries Blueberries Blueberriesare arethe themost mostprolific prolificininthe thearea, area, area, they theylike likeaalittle littlecover, cover, cover,so so solook look lookat at atthe the theedges edges edgesofof ofthe the the spruce spruceforests. forests.These These Theseberries berries berriesoften often oftenlook look lookripe ripe ripeinin inJuly, July, July, but buthave havenot notsweetened sweetened sweetenedup up upyet. yet. yet.The The Theblueberries blueberries blueberriesare are are thefirst firstfreeze the thesweetest sweetestjust just justbefore before beforethe the first freeze freezeinin inthe the thefall, fall, fall,ifif you youcan canwait waitthat that thatlong long longto to topick pick pickthem! them! them!

ALASKA ALASKA ALASKA COASTAL COASTAL COASTAL MARINE MARINE MARINE (27) (27) (27) Depart Depart Depart onon on thethe the M/V M/V M/V Discovery Discovery Discovery at at 11:00am at11:00am 11:00am from from from Homer Homer Homer forfor for 2-hour 2-hour 2-hour wildlife wildlife wildlife tour tour tour en-route en-route en-route toto Seldovia. toSeldovia. Seldovia. Spend Spend Spend 3 hours 33hours hours in inin Seldovia! Seldovia! Seldovia! CentralCharter.com CentralCharter.com CentralCharter.com 235-7847 235-7847 235-7847

Most Mostofofthe theland landsurrounding surrounding surroundingSeldovia Seldovia Seldoviaisisisprivate private private aware land, land,so sobe beaware awareof of ofwhere where whereyou you youare are aregoing going goingtoto topick pick pick berries. berries. InIntown, town, town,the the thered red redraspberries raspberries raspberriesgrow grow growon on onprivate private private property propertyand andeach each eachsmall small smallpatch patch patchisisissomeone someone someoneelse’s else’s else’s treasure.  treasure. Please Pleaserespect respect respectprivate private privateproperty property propertyand and andrefrain refrain refrainfrom frompicking pickingraspberries raspberriesinin town.  town. The TheSeldovia Seldovia SeldoviaNative Native NativeAssociation Association Associationowns owns ownsland land landthat thatisisaccessible accessibleabout about1.5 1.5miles miles miles out outthe theroad roadtowards towards towardsthe the thecurrent current currentdumpsite.  dumpsite.  dumpsite. This This Thisisisaaprolific prolificwild wildberry berrypicking picking area areafor forhumans humans(and (and (andbears).  bears).  bears). The The TheSeldovia Seldovia Seldoviaarea area areahas has hasaalarge largeblack blackbear bearpopulation population and andititisisadvisable advisable advisableto to tomake make makenoise noise noisewhen when whenpicking, picking, picking,use use useCAUTION, CAUTION,and andconsider considerusing using using injuredthus thusfar, bearshave have the thebuddy buddysystem. system. system.No No Noperson person personhas has hasbeen been beeninjured injured thus far,but buta afew fewbears gottenaabig bigscare scarewhen whenthey theyrealize realizethey theyare aresharing sharinga apatch oneofofthe thelocal local gotten scare when they realize they are sharing patchwith withone local creatures!  creatures! You Youmay may mayalso also alsopick pick pickberries berries berriesalong along alongJakolof Jakolof JakolofBay BayRoad Roadwherever whereverthe theberries berries berries are arefound.  found. Once Once Onceagain, again, again,pick pick pickwithin within withinthe the theeasement easement easementofofthe theroad roadand andbebesure suretotostay stay outside outsideofofprivate private privateproperties.   properties.   properties.  

ALASKA ALASKA ALASKA MARINE MARINE MARINE HIGHWAY HIGHWAY HIGHWAY SYSTEM SYSTEM SYSTEM (26) (26) (26) Come Come Come toto Seldovia, toSeldovia, Seldovia, bring bring bring your your your vehicle, vehicle, vehicle, boats, boats, boats, upup to upto tothree three three bikes bikes bikes and and and families. families. families. Sailings Sailings Sailings times times times a week! aaweek! week! dot.state.ak.us/amhs dot.state.ak.us/amhs dot.state.ak.us/amhs Seldovia Seldovia Seldovia City City City Office: Office: Office: 234-7868 234-7868 234-7868

Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum (25) Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum (25) –– Recently Recently honored honored byby IMLS IMLS – Come – Come learn learn about about ourour richrich history history and and people people viavia interpretive interpretive displays, displays, exhibits andand collections. info@svt.org exhibits collections. info@svt.org SVT.org SVT.org Seldovia Conference Center (24) Seldovia Conference Center (24) –– year round waterfront open waterfront open year round forfor banquets, weddings, conferences, etc. banquets, weddings, conferences, etc. SeldoviaConferenceCenter.com SeldoviaConferenceCenter.com 234-7898 234-7898 Health Center – Travel SVTSVT Health Center (50)(50) – Travel medicine. medicine. Comprehensive Comprehensive medical medical care care in Seldovia. in Seldovia. 435-3262 435-3262 www.Seldovia.com www.Seldovia.com & www.SeldoviaGazette.com: & www.SeldoviaGazette.com: www.SeldoviaGazette.com: Comprehensive Comprehensive Comprehensive on-line on-line on-line information information information &&newspaper &newspaper newspaper about about Seldovia. Seldovia. Email Email information information information inquiries inquiries inquiries to:to: to: Webmaster@Seldovia.com Webmaster@Seldovia.com Webmaster@Seldovia.com

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ACROSS ACROSS ACROSS THE THE THE BAY BAY BAY TENT TENT TENT & BREAKFAST &&BREAKFAST BREAKFAST ADVENTURE ADVENTURE ADVENTURE COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY (*)(*) (*) Oceanside Oceanside Oceanside wall-tents wall-tents wall-tents & lodge &&lodge lodge onon Kasitsna onKasitsna Kasitsna Bay, Bay, Bay, 8 mi 88mi mi from from from Seldovia. Seldovia. Seldovia. Kayak, Kayak, Kayak, bike bike bike or or come orcome come relax relax relax with with with us.us. us. TentAndBreakfastAlaska.com TentAndBreakfastAlaska.com TentAndBreakfastAlaska.com Winter: Winter: Winter: 345-2571 345-2571 345-2571 Summer: Summer: Summer: 235-3633 235-3633 235-3633

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Free Freepersonal personal personaluse usepermits permitsare areavailable available available to Free toto pick pickon on onthe the theSeldovia SeldoviaNative NativeAssociation Associationland land land pick at206 206Main MainStreet, Street,Seldovia, Seldovia,Alaska. Alaska. Alaska. atat Call Call234-7625 234-7625for formore moreinformation. information. information. Call

ALASKA ALASKA ALASKA DANCING DANCING DANCING EAGLE EAGLE EAGLE REMOTE REMOTE REMOTE WILDERNESS WILDERNESS WILDERNESS CABIN CABIN CABIN RENTAL RENTAL RENTAL (1)(1) (1) Spectacular Spectacular Spectacular views views views onon on thethe the historic historic historic Seldovia Seldovia Seldovia boardwalk boardwalk boardwalk along along along thethe the slough. slough. slough. Daily Daily Daily and and and weekly weekly weekly rates. rates. rates. DancingEagles.com DancingEagles.com DancingEagles.com Winter: Winter: Winter: 360-6363 360-6363 360-6363 Summer: Summer: Summer: 234-7627 234-7627 234-7627

ALASKA ALASKA ALASKA PARADISE PARADISE PARADISE CHARTERS CHARTERS CHARTERS (35) (35) (35) Fishing, Fishing, Fishing, hunting, hunting, hunting, diving diving diving & whale &&whale whale watching watching watching out out out of of Seldovia. ofSeldovia. Seldovia. Kayak Kayak Kayak drop drop drop off/pick off/pick off/pick upup up service service service available. available. available. AlaskaParadiseCharters.com AlaskaParadiseCharters.com AlaskaParadiseCharters.com 234-7405 234-7405 234-7405


BOARDWALK BOARDWALK BOARDWALK HOTEL HOTEL HOTEL (3) (3)(3) Modern Modern Modern andand and comfortable comfortable comfortable rooms rooms rooms with with with beautiful beautiful beautiful views views views of the ofofthe harbor. theharbor. harbor. BikeBike Bike rentals rentals rentals andand and package package package deals. deals. deals. SeldoviaBoardwalkHotel.com SeldoviaBoardwalkHotel.com SeldoviaBoardwalkHotel.com 234-7816 234-7816 234-7816 BRIDGEKEEPER'S BRIDGEKEEPER'S BRIDGEKEEPER'S INNINN INN (4)(4)(4) Two non-smoking rooms, queen-sized beds Two Two non-smoking non-smoking rooms, rooms, queen-sized queen-sized beds beds with private bath, satellite full sit-down with with private private bath, bath, satellite satellite TV TV and TVand full and sit-down full sit-down breakfast. Serene setting – –balcony overlookbreakfast. breakfast. Serene Serene setting setting – balcony balcony overlookoverlookSlough. Perfect setting, inging the ingthe Seldovia theSeldovia Seldovia Slough. Slough. Perfect Perfect setting, setting, perfect town. Make your reservations online perfect perfect town. town. Make Make your your reservations reservations online online totosecure or or call orcall today calltoday today to secure secure your your your perfect perfect perfect Seldovia Seldovia Seldovia vacation! vacation! vacation! TheBridgekeepersInn.com TheBridgekeepersInn.com TheBridgekeepersInn.com 234-7535 234-7535 234-7535 CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL SUITES SUITES SUITES OFOF SELDOVIA OFSELDOVIA SELDOVIA (5) (5)(5) Furnished apt/suites. floor. Furnished Furnished 1 &121&bedroom &2 2bedroom bedroom apt/suites. apt/suites. 2nd2nd floor. 2nd floor. Daily-weekly-monthly Daily-weekly-monthly Daily-weekly-monthly rates. rates. rates. CentralSuitesOfSeldovia.com 234-3700 CentralSuitesOfSeldovia.com CentralSuitesOfSeldovia.com 234-3700 234-3700 CITY CITY CITY OFOF SELDOVIA OFSELDOVIA SELDOVIA (51)(51) (51) First class waterfront First First class class citycity serving cityserving serving thethe beautiful thebeautiful beautiful waterfront waterfront community ofofSeldovia side ofof community community of Seldovia Seldovia on on the onthe east theeast side east of side Kachemak CityOfSeldovia.com 234-7643 Kachemak Kachemak Bay.Bay. Bay. CityOfSeldovia.com CityOfSeldovia.com 234-7643 234-7643 CRABPOT GROCERY &&ART GALLERY CRABPOT CRABPOT GROCERY GROCERY & ART ART GALLERY GALLERY (15)(15) (15) Located next door totothe Office. Come Located Located next next door door to the Post thePost Post Office. Office. Come Come next seesee us! seeus! Check us!Check Check outout our outour fine ourfine art fineart gallery artgallery gallery next next door. CrabpotGrocery@yahoo.com 234-7435 door. door. CrabpotGrocery@yahoo.com CrabpotGrocery@yahoo.com 234-7435 234-7435

DILLON &&DILLON TIMBER && LOG WRIGHTS(38) DILLON DILLON & DILLON DILLON TIMBER TIMBER & LOG LOG WRIGHTS(38) WRIGHTS(38) ALASKA ALASKA ALASKA TREE TREE TREE TOPS TOPS TOPS FISHING FISHING FISHING LODGE LODGE LODGE (2)(2) (2) General contractor specializing inin custom General General contractor contractor specializing specializing in custom custom Ocean Ocean Ocean view-luxury view-luxury view-luxury suites suites suites – gourmet ––gourmet gourmet meals meals meals homes. homes. “Local men & &women building Seldovia homes. “Local “Local men men & women women building building Seldovia Seldovia with electric – Private ––Private Private decks, decks, decks, Fish Fish Fish onon on 37'37' 37' CatCat Cat with with electric electric into into ” 234-7858 into thethe future. thefuture. future. ” 234-7858 ” 234-7858 reels! reels! reels! AlaskaTreeTops.com AlaskaTreeTops.com AlaskaTreeTops.com 234-6200 234-6200 234-6200 DIMOND CENTER HOTEL DIMOND DIMOND CENTER CENTER HOTEL HOTEL (*) (*)(*) ALASKA TRIBAL CACHE (31) ALASKA ALASKA TRIBAL TRIBAL CACHE CACHE (31) (31) place totostay ininAnchorage! Free airport TheThe The place place to stay stay in Anchorage! Anchorage! Free Free airport airport Alaska Alaska Alaska Pure Pure Pure Berry's Berry's Berry's wild wild wild hand-made hand-made hand-made jams, jams, jams, Shuttle Shuttle Shuttle Service Service Service andand and fullfull &full hearty & &hearty hearty breakfast. breakfast. breakfast. jellies, jellies, jellies, syrups syrups syrups and and and vinaigrettes. vinaigrettes. vinaigrettes. Unique Unique Unique DimondCenterHotel.com DimondCenterHotel.com DimondCenterHotel.com TollToll Free: TollFree: Free: 1-8661-8661-866Alaskan Alaskan Alaskan native native native and and and local local local crafts, crafts, crafts, gifts gifts gifts and and and 770-5002 770-5002 770-5002 treats. treats. treats. orders@AlaskaPureBerry.com orders@AlaskaPureBerry.com orders@AlaskaPureBerry.com DR.DR. DR. GERALD GERALD M. M. STRANIK M.STRANIK STRANIK (48)(48) (48) GERALD AlaskaPureBerry.com AlaskaPureBerry.com 1-800-270-7810 1-800-270-7810 AlaskaPureBerry.com 1-800-270-7810 Full Full service service family family dentist, dentist, available available by byby Full service family dentist, available 234-7898 234-7898 234-7898 appointment appointment appointment in Seldovia. ininSeldovia. Seldovia. JStranik@alaska.net JStranik@alaska.net JStranik@alaska.net ALASKAN ALASKAN GRACE GRACE (36) (36) ALASKAN GRACE (36) cell:cell: cell: 907-529-4558 907-529-4558 office: office: 234-7871 234-7871 or home: home: 907-529-4558 office: 234-7871 oror home: “Catch “Catch Fish” Fish” onon on beautiful beautiful Kachemak Kachemak BayBay Bay & && 234-2060 “Catch Fish” beautiful Kachemak 234-2060 234-2060 Lower Lower Cook Cook Inlet. Inlet. Free Free fishfish fish cleaning, cleaning, meals meals Lower Cook Inlet. Free cleaning, meals ELECTRIC ELECTRIC ELECTRIC VEHICLE VEHICLE VEHICLE RENTALS@HARBOR'S EDGE RENTALS@HARBOR'S RENTALS@HARBOR'S EDGE EDGE (6) (6)(6) and and equipment. equipment. Winter: Winter: 970-522-4497 970-522-4497 and equipment. Winter: 970-522-4497 Rent electric vehicles oror by the Rent Rent electric electric vehicles vehicles by by the bythe hour thehour hour or by the by the Summer: Summer: Summer: 234-7811 234-7811 234-7811 day. day. day. www.Seldovia.us www.Seldovia.us www.Seldovia.us 399-3194 399-3194 399-3194 AUNTIE'S WHOLE FOODS (14) AUNTIE'S AUNTIE'S WHOLE WHOLE FOODS FOODS (14) (14) HARBOR'S EDGE HARBOR'S EDGE EDGE (6)(6)(6) Organic produce, gourmet gifts, bulk spices, Organic Organic produce, produce, gourmet gourmet gifts, gifts, bulk bulk spices, spices, HARBOR'S Luxurious Luxurious Luxurious vacation vacation vacation rental rental rental on on Seldovia onSeldovia Seldovia Harbor. Harbor. Harbor. healthy healthy healthy bath/body bath/body bath/body supplies supplies supplies & nutritional &&nutritional nutritional www.Seldovia.us 399-3194 www.Seldovia.us www.Seldovia.us 399-3194 399-3194 supplements. supplements. supplements. Next Next Next to to the tothe the Tidepool Tidepool Tidepool 234-7502 234-7502 234-7502 NOTE: NOTE: NOTE: (#) (#) (#) indicates indicates indicates location location location on on on map map map onon reverse onreverse reverse side. side. side.

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PRINCE PRINCE PRINCE OF PEACE OF OF PEACE PEACE LUTHERAN LUTHERAN LUTHERAN CHURCH(45) CHURCH(45) CHURCH(45) HERRING HERRING HERRING BAYBAY MERCANTILE BAY MERCANTILE MERCANTILE (32)(32) (32) Church Church services services services at 1:30pm at 1:30pm at 1:30pm on 1st on&1st on 3rd1st & 3rd & 3rd Distinctive Distinctive Distinctive Alaskan Alaskan Alaskan made made made art, art, gifts, art, gifts, jewelry gifts, jewelry jewelry & & & Church Sundays at 334 Alder Street in St. the St. James Sundays at 334 Alder at 334 Street Alder inStreet the inJames the St. James books. books. books. 10am-5pm 10am-5pm 10am-5pm everyday everyday everyday except except except Sundays Sundays Sundays Sundays Catholic Church. faithlut@gci.net 235-7600 Catholic Church. Church. faithlut@gci.net faithlut@gci.net 235-7600 235-7600 1-5pm. 1-5pm. 1-5pm. HerringBayMercantile.com HerringBayMercantile.com HerringBayMercantile.com 234-5500 234-5500 234-5500Catholic RAINBOW TOURS RAINBOW RAINBOW TOURS TOURS (28)(28)(28) HOMER HOMER HOMER AIRAIR (20) AIR (20) (20) Rainbow Tours Homer to Seldovia passenRainbow Tours Homer Tours Homer to Seldovia to Seldovia passenpassenOffering Offering Offering yearyear round year round round hourly hourly hourly service service service to Seldovia to Seldovia to SeldoviaRainbow service 1984. “Ride the the Rainbow”! service ger service sincesince 1984. since “Ride 1984. the “Ride Rainbow”! Rainbow”! & the & the &Kachemak the Kachemak Kachemak Bay.Bay. Flight-see Bay. Flight-see Flight-see glacier glacier glacier andandand ger ger RainbowTours.net 235-7272 RainbowTours.net RainbowTours.net 235-7272 235-7272 wildlife. wildlife. wildlife. HomerAir.com HomerAir.com HomerAir.com 235-8591 235-8591 235-8591 ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION HOMER HOMER HOMER ELECTRIC ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION (39)(39) (39) reliable electricity superior Providing Providing Providing reliable reliable electricity electricity andand superior and superior customer service & innovative energy customer customer service service & innovative & innovative energy energy solutions. HomerElectric.com 235-8551 solutions. solutions. HomerElectric.com HomerElectric.com 235-8551 235-8551 KAYAK'ATAK KAYAK'ATAK KAYAK'ATAK (21)(21) (21) Kayak'Atak offers guided tours and kayak Kayak'Atak Kayak'Atak offers offers guided guided tours and tours kayak and kayak rentals to to experienced paddlers. rentals rentals to experienced experienced paddlers. paddlers. Alaska.net/~kayaks 234-7425 Alaska.net/~kayaks Alaska.net/~kayaks 234-7425 234-7425

MOUNTAIN MARINE REDRED MOUNTAIN RED MOUNTAIN MARINE MARINE (*) (*) (*) Mountain Marine Tours water taxitaxi RedRed Mountain Red Mountain Marine Marine Tours water Tours taxi water Beowulf. “Inthe to view”. the view”. Owner: Beowulf. Beowulf. Get Get “In Get to “In to the Owner: view”. Owner: TomTomTom Hopkins. RedMountainMarine.com Hopkins. Hopkins. RedMountainMarine.com RedMountainMarine.com 399-8230 399-8230 399-8230 SADIE COVE WILDERNESS LODGE SADIE SADIE COVE WILDERNESS COVE WILDERNESS LODGE LODGE (*) (*) (*) of top the topEco 10 Resorts Eco Resorts in North “One“One of“One the of the 10 top 10 Eco Resorts in North in North America!” Personal, family runrun with amazing America!” America!” Personal, Personal, family run family with amazing with amazing outdoor activities! SadieCove.com 235-2350 outdoor outdoor activities! activities! SadieCove.com SadieCove.com 235-2350 235-2350

KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH SCHOOL KENAI KENAI PENINSULA PENINSULA BOROUGH BOROUGH SCHOOL SCHOOL PARROT AND PERRY'S CAFE (8) (8) SEASEA PARROT SEA PARROT INNINN AND INN PERRY'S AND PERRY'S CAFE (8)CAFE DISTRICT - Susan B. B. English School DISTRICT DISTRICT - Susan - Susan B. English English School School (40)(40) (40) Rooms w/ w/ private baths, handicap access, Rooms w/ private private baths, handicap baths, handicap access, access, Public education provided forfor kindergarten Public Public education education provided provided for kindergarten kindergarten Rooms ice ice cream, espresso, shower, laundry, & & cream, espresso, espresso, shower, shower, laundry, laundry, ATV ATV & ATV through 12th grade at Susan B. English School through through 12th grade 12th grade at Susan at Susan B. English B. English School Schoolice cream, Ranger rentals. SeaParrot.com 234-STAY Ranger rentals. rentals. SeaParrot.com SeaParrot.com 234-STAY 234-STAY in in Seldovia. Kpbsd.k12.ak.us Susan B. English in Seldovia. Seldovia. Kpbsd.k12.ak.us Kpbsd.k12.ak.us Susan Susan B. English B. EnglishRanger 234-7616 234-7616 234-7616 SEAPORT COTTAGES SEAPORT SEAPORT COTTAGES COTTAGES (9) (9) (9) Inviting cottages, relaxed family environInviting Inviting cottages, cottages, relaxed relaxed family environfamily environLAID BACK IN...SELDOVIA LAID LAID BACK BACK IN...SELDOVIA IN...SELDOVIA (7) (7)(7) ment, fullfull kitchens & baths, wifi, tv, phone, ment, full ment, kitchens kitchens & baths, &wifi, baths, tv, phone, wifi, tv, phone, Quiet private, smoke-free Quiet Quiet andand private, and private, smoke-free smoke-free welcome. SeaportCottages.com petspets welcome. pets welcome. SeaportCottages.com SeaportCottages.com accommodations forfor 4. 4. Gorgeous view. for 4. Gorgeous Gorgeous view. view. accommodations accommodations 399-4473 399-4473 Winter: 907-242-2241. Summer: 234-7510 Winter: Winter: 907-242-2241. 907-242-2241. Summer: Summer: 234-7510 234-7510 399-4473 SELDOVIA SEASEA SELDOVIA SEA SELDOVIA (41)(41)(41) LINWOOD & GRILL LINWOOD LINWOOD BARBAR &BAR GRILL & GRILL (16)(16) (16) Seldovia's Travel Experts. www.Seldovia.us Seldovia's Travel Experts. Travel Experts. www.Seldovia.us www.Seldovia.us View dining onon the waterfront. Outside View dining View dining on the waterfront. the waterfront. Outside Outside deckdeck deck Seldovia's 399-3194 399-3194 seating, great food and pizza, open 7 days a a 399-3194 seating, seating, great great food and food pizza, and pizza, open 7open days 7a days week. week. week. 234-7674 234-7674 234-7674 SELDOVIA FERRY (29)(29) SELDOVIA SELDOVIA BAYBAY FERRY BAY (29) FERRY Lettake us take you Let us Let us you take “Across you “Across “Across the bay, thethe bay, a whole bay, a whole a whole MAD FISH RESTAURANT MAD MAD FISH RESTAURANT FISH RESTAURANT (17)(17) (17) world world away” world away” on away” our on our on high-speed our high-speed high-speed ferryferry that ferry thatthat Open Open Open daily daily in daily the in in the summer the summer summer months, months, months, provides provides provides dailydaily transportation daily transportation transportation between between between lunch lunch 12 -12 4:00pm, 12 - 4:00pm, Dinner Dinner 6 – 9:00pm. – 9:00pm. lunch - 4:00pm, Dinner 6 –69:00pm. Homer andand Seldovia. and Seldovia. Offers three Offers round-trip three round-trip Homer Seldovia. Offers three round-trip Reservations Reservations are are recommended. are recommended. recommended. 234-7676 234-7676 234-7676 Homer Reservations sailings sailings dailydaily between daily between Seldovia Seldovia and and Homer. and Homer. sailings between Seldovia Homer. MAKO WATER TAXI (*)(*) MAKO MAKO WATER WATER TAXI (*) TAXI TheThe fullThe schedule schedule andand reservations and reservations can be fullfull schedule reservations cancan be be Passenger Passenger Passenger water water water taxitaxi service taxi service service from from Homer from Homer Homer to to to made online made at online www.SeldoviaBayFerry.com at www.SeldoviaBayFerry.com made online at www.SeldoviaBayFerry.com Jakolof dock, 1010 miles to to Seldovia center. Jakolof Jakolof BayBay dock, Bay dock, 10 miles to miles Seldovia Seldovia center. center.or by or calling by calling 877-703-3779 877-703-3779 orcalling by 877-703-3779 235-9055 235-9055 235-9055 SELDOVIA SELDOVIA BAYVIEW BAYVIEW SUITES SUITES (10)(10)(10) SELDOVIA BAYVIEW SUITES BestBest Best lodging lodging lodging in Seldovia. 1-4 1-4 bedroom dealdeal in deal Seldovia. in Seldovia. 1-4 bedroom bedroom NUKA RESEARCH & PLANNING GROUP, LLC(*) NUKA NUKA RESEARCH RESEARCH & PLANNING & PLANNING GROUP, GROUP, LLC(*) LLC(*) suites, kitchen, suites, kitchen, kitchen, phone, phone, phone, satellite satellite satellite TV, WiFi, TV, TV, WiFi,WiFi, Environmental consulting specializing Environmental Environmental consulting consulting firmfirm specializing firm specializing in in insuites, balconies, balconies, hot hot tubhot tub – ontub –the on– waterfront. the on the waterfront. waterfront. oil spill oiloil spill prevention spill prevention prevention andand response and response response planning. planning. planning. balconies, 1.800.478.7898 1.800.478.7898 1.800.478.7898 or 234-7631 or 234-7631 or 234-7631 NukaResearch.com NukaResearch.com NukaResearch.com 234-7821 234-7821 234-7821 SELDOVIA SELDOVIA SELDOVIA BIBLE BIBLE CHAPEL BIBLE CHAPEL CHAPEL (46)(46)(46) 11am 11am Sundays. 11am Sundays. Sundays. Potluck Potluck Potluck follows follows follows 1st Sunday 1st 1st Sunday Sunday service service of the of the month. “To know Jesus know and Jesus service of month. the month. “To“To know Jesus andand Him make known. Him known. ” jm_hoard@hotmail.com ” jm_hoard@hotmail.com make Him known. ” jm_hoard@hotmail.com Visit Visit us Visit on us the us on on the web the web atweb Seldovia‛s at at Seldovia‛s Seldovia‛s make portal portal portal website website website at www.Seldovia.com at at www.Seldovia.com www.Seldovia.com234-7696 234-7696 234-7696


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20 Homer Air 30 Smokey Bay Air

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54 HARBORMASTER: 907.234.7886 (VHF CHANNEL 16 & CB CHANNEL 3) *Out the road/out of town – NOT ON MAP

1845‛ Grav el Runway (VFR)

h Lake Susan

et re53 Al d 5 a 52 e 15 viLibrary r S 21 32 o tr 45 d 12 el ee 48 14 S t Boat 49 18 Ramp 16



6 41



Float Plane Dock

Historic Boardwalk



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(Dirt Rd. climbs to 600‛ elevation)

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t por Air

AVAILABLE RESTROOMS: Harbormaster (54) Crabpot Grocery (15) Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum (25) Outside Beach Library Airport

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ROCKY RIDGE TRAILHEAD About 1.5 mi. from boat harbor to berry picking in season



- Air Transportation



Pete‛s Point

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t Stree






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In the early 1900‛s, Seldovia was bigger than Homer, & was an important supply point and trading post.

Seldovia Airport

Kac h





Boat Harbor


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Seldovia House



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Shor eline Drive

Bloch Street

S e l d o v i a

e Shorelin



Anderson Way

Winifred Avenue

Spruce Stree t






DISTANCE FROM HARBORMASTER‛S TO... Boardwalk – 0.1 mi. Bridge – 0.2 mi. Airport – 0.5 mi. SVT HEALTH CENTER: 907.234.7898 ext.237 Berry picking – 1.5 mi. CITY & FERRY OFFICES: 907.234.7643 Otterbahn Trailhead – 0.6 mi. POLICE: 907.234.7640 Outside Beach – 1.4 mi. Jakolof Bay ~ 10 mi. FIREHALL: 907.234.7812


Young Street

Frank Raby Dr.








Fuel Dock

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City Dock

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Alaska Marine Highway Central Charters & Tours-M/V Discovery Mako‛s Water Taxi Rainbow Tours Red Mountain Marine Seldovia Bay Ferry

Boat Ramp

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N. A ug u

26 27 * 28 * 29


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Susan B. English 23 School 40 s

Boat Yard

Church Beach


45 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church ACTIVITIES 46 Seldovia Bible Chapel 6 Electric Vehicle Rentals@Harbor‛s Edge 47 St. Nicholas Orthodox Church 20 Homer Air CITY, EMERGENCY & 21 Kayak' Atak MEDICAL SERVICES 22 Perry‛s Café ATV Rentals 23 Seldovia Community Center POLICE, FIRE, EMS: 911 24 Seldovia Conference Center 48 GERALD M. STRANIK, DDS: 907.234.7871 25 Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum 49 SELDOVIA MEDICAL CLINIC: 907.234.7825





Dillon & Dillon Timber & Log Wrights Homer Electric Association KPBSD - Susan B. English School Nuka Research & Planning Group, LLC Sea Seldovia Seldovia Fuel & Hardware “The Flube” Seldovia Native Association, Inc. Seldovia Property Seldovia Village Tribe Thyme on the Boardwalk Winter Watch



Lip ke


Boat Yard


38 39 40 * 41 33 42 43 44 34 37

Lookout Pt.



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101 Things you Otter Do in Seldovia!

-1 6-

(Moderate trail to Outside Beach - please stay on trail as it passes near private land)


Alaska Paradise Charters Alaska Tree Tops Fishing Lodge Alaskan Grace Rainbow Tours Seldovia Fishing Adventures, Inc. Winter Watch

Inside Beach


Auntie‛s Whole Foods Crab Pot Grocery & Art Gallery Linwood Bar & Grill Mad Fish Restaurant Sea Parrot Inn & Perry‛s Café Tidepool Café Warehouse Books & Coffee

Named in 1852, “Seldovia” comes from the Russian word for herring.


City Cemetery

Home of 265 friendly people and a few old crabs


14 15 16 17 8 18 19

Alaska Tribal Cache Crab Pot Grocery & Art Gallery Herring Bay Mercantile Seldovia Fuel & Hardware “The Flube” Thyme on the Boardwalk Warehouse Books & Coffee



31 15 32 33 34 19


2 3 4 5 * 6 7 * 8 9 10 11 12 13 * *




Across the Bay Tent & Breakfast Adventure Company Alaska Dancing Eagles Remote Wilderness Vacation Cabin Rental Alaska Tree Tops Fishing Lodge Boardwalk Hotel Bridgekeeper‛s Inn Central Suites of Seldovia Diamond Center Hotel Harbor‛s Edge Laid Back in...Seldovia Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge Sea Parrot Inn & Perry‛s Café Seaport Cottages Seldovia Bayview Suites Seldovia Fishing Adventures, Inc. Seldovia Harbor Inn Seldovia Rowing Club B&B Tutka Bay Lodge Wilderness Park

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- Chainsaw Carvings

- Emergency Services - Gardens/Parks - Marine Transportation

200 ft 100 m

- Post Office - Recreation


Camp at Outside Beach, Play basketball at SBE, Fly fish off Pete‛s Point, Beachcomb at Inside Beach, Climb a tree, Send a postcard, Buy a Seldovia hat, Picnic on Church beach, On Memorial Day weekend come to see our fabulous Chainsaw Carving Competition, Make friends with the locals, Check email at the library, Find all the chainsaw carvings around town, Enjoy outdoor dining, Check out our school, Visit the Russian Orthodox Church, Fly into Seldovia, Rent a bike, Play tennis at the school, Walk the docks, Pick wildflowers, Hike to the reservoir, Pick your favorite painted trash can, Look at the Post Office bulletin board for local happenings, Play pool at the Community Center, Take a boat ride, Play Frisbee, Walk to Outside Beach and eat smores, Enjoy lunch with a friend, Visit the folks at the Seldovia House, Walk to the airport, Enjoy a coffee while you walk about town, Hike Red Mountain, Go fishing in Jakolof Bay, Pick blueberries, Rent a Kayak, Walk the Otterbahn trail, Watch the ferry come in, Hike to the radio tower, Look for river otters, Take a Halibut Charter, Join us on the 4th of July, Enjoy the Seldovia Bible Chapel Sunday Service at 11:00, Go whale watching, Admire local gardens, Spend the night on your boat, Take a flight seeing tour, Go clam digging, Watch the sunset at Outside Beach, Bird watching, Pick your favorite decorated fire hydrant, Check out a book at the library, Make reservations for your return visit at a local B&B, Join the “gals” for Chicks with Sticks night, Boat over to Hoen‛s Lagoon for a picnic, Check your email at the Community Center, Make an appointment to see what beautiful properties are for sale in town, Have an ice cream, Find the trail to the Lake Susan gazebo, Meet the city manager, Eat a pizza, Watch folks clean their fish, Check out the artwork about town, Stroll down the old boardwalk, Join us for our Summer Solstice Music Festival in June, Yoga class, Enjoy A hot meal at our Senior Meals program, Tour the Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum at SVT, Use the Harbormaster‛s restrooms, Meet our Police Chief Andy, Watch the sunset from the pier, Stay an extra night, Sit in the sun, Order flowers, Walk the drydock area and look at boats, Participate in the human-powered fish derby on Memorial Day Weekend, Make reservations for the Ferry at our city office, Pay your respects at the city cemetery, Watch planes at the airport, Hold hands with someone you love, Get a specialty drink, Enjoy soft serve ice cream, Find your way to Sandy Beach, Wave goodbye to the folks leaving on the daily passenger boats, Befriend a Seldovia Labrador, Check out Fish Creek, Return to Homer with a water taxi, Go to the Lutheran Church service at 1:30 on the 1st or 3rd Sunday, Get your family portrait taken on the beach, Watch for eagles at Outside Beach, Check out www.Seldovia.com online, Look for sea otters from the breakwater, Test the local jellies and fudge at the Tribal Cache, Check out the Arts Council concert schedule, Take a nap in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Pick salmonberries, Look for lost lures in the rocks below the bridge at low tide tide, Go King Salmon fishing, Sit in the flower boardwalk Eat an ice cream in the sun, Fly a kite, garden at the corner of the old boardwalk, Read the Seldovia Visitor Guide!


The Otterbahn Trail by Tamara Blodgett Level of difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate. Time: 1.5 hours A jewel in Seldovia’s crown...

Located directly behind Seldovia’s only school is a pleasant day hike that ends at an unnamed beach between Sandy and White Rock Beaches. This trail has a long history that dates back to the 1930’s. A rustic trail at best, updating, widening and rerouting was needed to expand and improve upon the original.

From rustic to regal... In 1994 the Parks and Recreation Committee of Seldovia received a Marine Recreation Project Grant through the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Funding. This funding provided the necessary money to renovate, cultivate and maintain the trail. A section of boardwalk was installed along a part of the trail that crosses the lagoon. This shortened the original trail, but the walkway over the lagoon added dimension and interest to the hike, especially at high tide. Several tireless volunteers spearheaded and organized the revamping of the trail which included handmade “otter paws” that mark the trail and signs made by Sandy Murray for information and trail guidance. Susan Springer and a couple of involved teachers combined efforts to see that the construction of the trail would progress through to the final stage of completion. In the end, 17 students, some community members and random volunteers that had a spare hour or two to give, saw this project to fruition.

Scenic forest... An ethereal hike that meanders hrough mature second growth spruce trees, alders, muskeg and open meadow, this hike has it all at just over a mile long. The best “bang for your buck” would be to go in late summer when the blueberries are starting to ripen and the salmonberries are ending their run. This is your chance to pick to your hearts content and have a snack too! For the finale, the hike ends on a private and isolated beach that is sandwiched between two larger beaches. On a minus or low tide, one could hike the coastal side and end up at Outside Beach or, go further on to the city (not on a high tide). Seldovia is well-viewed from the perspective of deep forest that is penetrated by shards of ambient light that play off the undergrowth so abundant on this wonderful trail.


Rocky Ridge Trail by Tamara Blodgett Level of difficulty: Intermediate Time: 1-2 hours Diverse & updated...

Kari Hulien is responsible for writing the grant that made the trail what it is today. Kenton Bloom donated his services to survey the trail for Hulien. Of the $5,560.00 of grant monies received the funds were spent on trailhead signs, trail markers built by local chainsaw carving artist Toby Craft and treated wood for a boardwalk. We love boardwalks in Seldovia and this, like the Otterbahn, has a section of its trail that is boardwalk. There is also a 70-foot section of a log, gravel and dirt bridge at the commencement of the trail, and a smaller secondary bridge. Steps and switchbacks were installed to make the hike have greater maneuverability for foot traffic. Eventually, as money and time allows it is possible that a brief history could be placed at viewing points along the trail.

A quick trail to run or hike... Vivian Rojas mentioned that this is an hour-long hike. Not a long hike at all and fun to hike with runners enjoying the challenge of the diverse terrain and interesting views that abounds. This hike is filled with wildlife viewing possibilities. A stir of excitement was felt when a wolverine was spotted in ’03. This is a close-in hike that has an inviting and intimate peek-a-boo view of the bay and wouldn’t take a big time commitment.


Graduation Peak by Tamara Blodgett Level of difficulty: Intermediate /Advanced Time to hike: 5-8 hours Not for the faint of heart...

This is a strenuous hike that begins with a steep incline from the very beginning and can be a “bushwhacking” trail that is primitive. In speaking with local advanced hiker Vivian Rojas, she said the hike could be done at a robust pace, by experienced hikers in about 5 hours, with the intermediate hiker making time between 7-8 hours. There are different levels of difficulty. Rojas mentioned that the most accessible route to reach Graduation Peak would be from the TV tower, leaving the road and following the trail that is steeply uphill from the onset. This distance is about a 30-40 minute climb, depending on endurance level. From that point a hiker makes their way to a non-maintained trail to the “humps” and alpine. The journey to the first hump is a leisurely, 2-4 hour round trip hike for the intermediate or young children with parents, traveling at an easy pace. Plan on a 6-7 hour (min) round trip to reach Graduation Peak Ridge, taking into consideration hiking ability and length of viewing. Rojas considers this hike to be for the 8 year-old set and above. She mentioned that if you go to the first “mound” that is a great “cap” for an end of the school year hike for intermediates. A hike to the Peak would be for an adult or older child, with intermediate/advanced hiking skills. The reward for all the hard work ascending to the top is the beautiful view of the Gulf of Alaska, Seldovia Bay, Lower Cook Inlet, Red Mountain and Homer. Rojas said it is breathtaking. Try to time the hike with a clear day for optimum viewing.

Please Note: This hike involves crossing SNA land, and a permit is required. Permits are available at the SNA office at 206 Main Street. Call 234-7625 for more information.



Tutka Bay Trail by Tamara Blodgett Level of Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate Time: All day A flat trail through the forest...

This is a wide trail that was originally a back-up transportation route for the Tutka Bay Salmon Hatchery. There is a creek bed crossing that may or may not have water in it. Next are a gravel pit and an old logging road that one will leave twice before the eventual cross onto Kachemak Bay State Park Land. There is a spruce forest to traverse and while walking near streams you may see some salmon at the right time of year. The terminus of the hike leads the hiker to the lagoon. At the lagoon, you can see the hatchery operation from the shore.

Red Mountain

by Tamara Blodgett Level of difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Time: All day The ultimate climb... A terrific hike that has it all: wide open spaces and paths leading to a tremendous open area, several that are terrific respite areas for relaxing, sucking up the view and picnicking; this hike is great for everyone. Good boots are essential for this hike for stability over different terrain. There is an old mining camp to explore with “Crow” berries to pick; a river to enjoy with ice cold water and salmon at the right time of year! Once a hiker gets to the “bowl” this is a great area to enjoy the vistas. Vivian Rojas mentioned that geologically speaking, it is rich with interest, having been covered by ocean in antiquity. Interestingly enough, there is also a fault line that runs through Red Mountain. Rocky Bay/ River, Cape Douglas and Windy Bay are just some of the wonderful views to soak in after a magnificent climb. Getting to the “shelf” area would be for intermediate hikers and obtaining “peak” status would be for advanced hikers. Getting there is by bike, ATV, or car and is around 18 miles from town (approximately a.45 minute drive). There are some local residents that have improved on the trailhead and made it more accessible for hikers. From the base of the bridge to the old mines and camp area takes about two hoursplus. Consider this an all day trip with a packed lunch a must. Please Note: This hike involves crossing SNA land, and a permit is required. Permits are available at the SNA office at 206 Main Street. Call 234-7625 for more information.



Crabpot Grocery & Fine Art Gallery

Groceries, Cold Drinks, Ice, Produce, Film, fishing Licenses, bait & supplies

Chris & Tata Wheeler 266 Main Street Seldovia, Alaska 99663

(907) 234-7435

Dave and Peggy Cloninger

907-234-7417 www.fishhalibut.com

♦ USCG licensed Captain with 30+ years of successful fishing ♦ Custom 30’ boat with twin diesels and “Glyde Ryde” hydraulic seats ♦ Computer navigational electronics, fishing gear & Daiwa electric reels! ♦ Home-made lunches, filleting and freezing fish included with trip ♦ Commercial vacuum packing and over night shipping available ♦ Beachfront lodging with private baths and spectacular view ♦ Delicious home cooking


(907) 235-7847 www.centralcharter.com  (OMER 3PIT 2OAD s (OMER !+  6%33%, /7.%$  /0%2!4%$ "9 !,!3+! #/!34!, -!2).% s 777!,!3+!#/!34!,-!2).%#/-

Alaska Paradise Charters Join Captain Bob Rafferty aboard the Veronica Mae, for a beautiful day on Kachemak Bay!

We offer:

Year Round Fishing Water Taxi Service Diving Whale Watching Kayak Drop off/Pick up Service Beach Combing day or overnight trips

Call us:

to plan your own customized adventure on Kachemak Bay.

907-399-7404 or 907-234-7405 Special Offer:

Salmon Fishing trips for up to 6 people only $500.00 plus tax for a 6 hour day!

The Linwood Bar & Grill CARRY OUT AVAILABLE 234-7674

SUMMER SEASON HOURS Memorial Day to Labor Day Bar & Package Liquor Store Hours: Every Day 8AM to 2AM Grill Hours: 6PM TO 10PM Daily FALL- WINTER-SPRING HOURS Labor Day to Memorial Day Bar & Package Liquor Store Hours: Sunday - Friday 10AM to Midnight Saturdays-open until 2AM Grill: Thurs – Saturdays 5PM to 9PM


A Peek into the life of the Swicks, A Commercial Fishing Family photos by Keith Swick


A Year in the Life of a Seldovia Commercial Fishing Family by Jenny Chissus I’ve always been curious about our Seldovian fishing families’ lifestyle and schedules, so I sat down with Keith Swick and I hope you’ll enjoy this small glimpse into a year on the Laura S. The Swick Family has been commercial fishing out of Seldovia for three generations. It began long ago when Ken Swick Sr. began fishing for crab on the Hellion, a military landing craft - prior to the purchase of the custom 58 foot Laura S. January through March, in the thick of winter, with the mighty waves rolling and in the biting cold, The Laura S will set out to fish for gray cod, dropping and picking as many as 190 pots a day using modified crab pots. As spring warms the air and calms the sea in April and May, they switch over to long lining for halibut and black cod, also known as sable fish. It is standard to set 80-100 tubs of line daily, each over 1/10th of a mile with 170 halibut hooks! Fortunately, they use an automatic baiter, saving a lot of time and risk of getting caught on a sharp hook! For the summer months, June till late August, most of the family sets out to their cabin on Kalgin Island - across from Kenai in the Cook Inlet where they set net for red salmon right off the shore of their property, and enjoy time away with the family. From late August through September the Swicks switch back to long lining for halibut and black cod. Through November and December the crew will enjoy some time off and manage boat maintenance, cleaning and preparing the “Laura S.” for the next year of fishing! In talking with Keith Swick, one of Alvin’s sons, who graduated © CCollier from college as a computer software specialist, and now works full time on the Laura S, he emphasized how much he truly enjoys the family business. He appreciates the great opportunity for a good income - and loves being out on the water. “I really don’t like the idea of a 9 to 5 schedule, and even though there are times that we have to work 18 hour days, it is a very rewarding and positive experience to work with my family. The time off is good too - as November and December are great months for snow machining!” He is looking forward to securing his own fishing quota, so that someday he could run his own boat. The Laura S is one of four commercial fishing boats moored and working out of Seldovia. Each of these fishing/crabbing vessels support up to 4 Seldovia families.


An Ode to Halibut Come relax and recharge at our hotel. Where you can curl up with a book and connect with nature in this tranquil setting. Our accommodations include 12 rooms with private baths, continental breakfast and a large deck overlooking the Seldovia Harbor.

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This luxurious inn is conveniently located in downtown Seldovia, just steps away from Seldovia Harbor. We offer full kitchens, full baths (featuring flush toilets,) private decks(w/grill) and private entrances. Steve and Mary Pollack seldoviaharborinn.com (907)234‐1414


White waves roll under the direction of my knife opening up and releasing memory instantaneous and Proustian from olfactory nerves to the brain and I am in my mother’s kitchen small and hungry seeing the textured fish and rice emerge from the dancing heat of the oven she is singing, or humming as I often do when I cook over my very own stove in summer so different from home I lift the fork to my mouth and the ivory flesh melts my eyes close to feel the soft taste transform my body into the fluid experience of the purest flesh ever eaten tasting essence of the sea spices and home I smile a special smile that I reserve for something sacred. by Cheri Cloninger daughter of Dave & Peggy Cloninger photo above is also of Cheri

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There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. In or out of ‘em, it doesn’t matter. Nothing seems really to matter, that’s the charm of it. Whether you get away, or whether you don’t; whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all., you’re always busy, and you never do anything in particular; and when you’ve done it there’s always something else to do. - from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame



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Alaska Tree Tops Fishing Lodge

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Main Street, Seldovia by Sandy Murray

Seldovia is known for its little "pocket parks" and gardens that everyone has come to enjoy. The first gem is " City Park," a beautiful grassy area, tucked away at the city end of the old boardwalk next to Dancing Eagles. The view in front of you is Seldovia Bay and to the right- the Seldovia Boat Harbor. There is a park bench and a picnic table for you to enjoy You can relax and enjoy the solitude this area offers. If the king salmon are running, you might see a king jump out of the water. Walking towards town you will see the Seldovia Village Tribe Museum. Take some time to visit their gardens. Walk the paths and enjoy the lovely flowers and shrubs. There are benches where you can linger in the gardens and enjoy the views. It is a great place to wait for those still in the Museum. As you continue down Main Street you will see the boat harbor and Harbormaster Building. This area has many wonderful gardens


and little paths. You will find cute windchimes in the plantings and other fun things. Take a walk around and see what you can discover. Stop and sit on the benches and watch the boat harbor activities. You won't be disappointed. Just past the Harbormaster Building, you will see a children's playground on your left called "Jack P. English Lollipop Park." Mr. English was a local magistrate, a city council member and a mayor of Seldovia. Jack and his wife, Susan (who was the Post Mistress and the namesake of our school) owned a variety store located on the corner next to the post office. Jack gave lollipops to the children who visited their store, thus the name Lollipop Park. This park was completed last summer by the Seldovia Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee, the City, and volunteers, some local and some not. Keep walking and you will come to an area on the right locally known as "Main Street Gardens" in front of the local clinic parking area.

a Parks and Gardens There are two park benches located here and a wonderful new boardwalk behind which are beautiful flowers for your enjoyment. If you are lucky, the local crows will keep you entertained. Local volunteers and a group of teens from the East Coast completed this area. A little further on pass the Post Office and just past The Crab Pot Grocery you will see "Central Park" on the right side of the road. This is yet another new park completed last summer by the Seldovia Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee, the City and more local volunteers. Its retaining wall was constructed to stabilize the rock wall behind it. The interactive carvings and eagle bench were carved using chain saws by visiting carvers who have competed in Seldovia’s Annual Chainsaw Carving Competition held each year over Memorial Day Weekend. These provide wonderful photo opportunities. Take a picture of someone riding the salmon! Just past Central Park, all along the roadway and bank on your right, are lots more lovely flowers and shrubs for your enjoyment. Many of these,

including a beautiful honeysuckle bush, grow in the local area and were transplanted to this garden. If the season is right, you can smell its fragrance as you pass. Across from the old Main Street Market is "Pieren Park." This park is named for the local gardener who created it using local flora and fauna. It has benches and is a delightful place to pass some time. The final little park is called "Mermaid Park" and while just a small grassy area next to where the next roadway goes up a hill on the way to the school and Outside Beach, it contains some flowers and a trash bin. Grass itself is special here in Seldovia. As you may have noticed, we do not have a lot of it! Our parks and gardens represent countless hours of volunteer time. We hope that you take time to smell the flowers and enjoy these special places along Main Street.


Is It A Law To Wave To One Another? by Barbara Carlough

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Seldovia is a close-knit community and you may have noticed that its residents tend to wave to each other when passing in vehicles. Community members may have heated debates at meetings, as to what is best for the community, however, once leaving, many will laugh and have short friendly conversations just outside the meeting. Seldovians are friendly, committed to the betterment of their community, so don’t be surprised if someone waves a hello to you.


Beware of Bombadier Crows!

By Barbara Carlough

Extreme low tides are a busy time for local crows. They like to pluck Hairy Tritons (large sea snails) from the tidepools in the Harbor, then fly high above and bombard the paved roads to break the large shells open for a seafood snack. So when visiting Seldovia, if you find broken shells on Main Street, it may seem a little odd at first until you know the story. (Hint: Walk on the side of the road, as crows direct their drop midway on the street.)


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This book, Seldovia, Alaska -has considerable historical information on the interesting and important story of Seldovia. The St. Nicholas Church is is featured in this book along with many other historical buildings that survived the earthquake of 1964. It can be purchased locally at Herringbay Mercantile or the Alaska Tribal Cache. The book was written by Susan Springer, a former resident of Seldovia.

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Visit the Seldovia Village Tribe's ancestral lands, hear about our history & culture as you navigate through scenic Kachemak Bay.




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Seldovia Visitor 2011  

Summer Visitor Guide for the waterfront community of Seldovia, Alaska

Seldovia Visitor 2011  

Summer Visitor Guide for the waterfront community of Seldovia, Alaska