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CONNECTING COMMUNITIES. PROTECTING NATURE. OUR VISION is a world where biodiversity is preserved

and people act to conserve nature and embrace it as central to a healthy community.

OUR MISSION is to protect and restore the resources of San

Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, its watershed, and related ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.



Doug Gillingham | PRESIDENT Nicolle Selby-Thomas | VICE PRESIDENT David Kramer | SECRETARY Matthew Adams, CPA | TREASURER Sally Foster* Bill Harman Anita Hayworth, PhD** Susie Hedrick Kevin K. Johnson, Esq** Linda Jones, PhD Michael Lea, PhD** Megan O’Toole Lyons** John Osborne** Ed Quinlivan Elizabeth Venrick, PhD Aaron Weiss* Paul Worthington * Directors whose terms ended in 2016, ** Directors who joined in 2017

Our future is built together. In 2016 we surveyed you, our members, the community and ourselves and conducted planning workshops to explore and refine our direction for the next five years and beyond. You can review the results at The new strategic plan is a developmental milestone as we prepared for our 30th Anniversary year. The plan establishes direction, sets measurable objectives and timelines, and challenges the whole of the organization to strengthen our role as protectors of nature, builders of community and fiduciaries to those who invest in our mission. Thank you for your investment in the San Elijo Lagoon community.

Tom Golich | PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL CHAIR Sally Foster and Paul Worthington | 2017 GALA CO-CHAIRS On the Cover: Andrea Cornelius, a Sage Environmental Intern majoring in Environmental Studies at CSU San Marcos, emerges from Annie’s Canyon Trail

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THANK YOU, FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Long View In 2016 I celebrated 20 years with you. There are so many milestones: open land saved, our youth are practicing conservation actions and even an increase in endangered species here.

“Congratulations Doug! Thank you for all you do!”

What we accomplished last year opened pathways for an exciting 30th Anniversary. The California Coastal Commission issued the permit for the San Elijo Lagoon Restoration project, estimated to begin fall 2017. In our December celebration for Harbaugh Seaside Trails, we announced that the property loan had been fully repaid. We cut the ribbon to Annie’s Canyon Trail and continue to steward its natural resources through community conservation.

—Grant T., Facebook

We are adding agriculture in our services by securing 16 acres at the western Strawberry Fields off Manchester Avenue. Six acres will be conservancy-managed agricultural land holding our native nursery and 10 acres will remain in our protection as open space. You are the future and we invite your continued involvement. Join us at Birds of a Feather on October 7, our 30th Anniversary benefit and a North County coastal celebration for nature. I am humbled by the support you have given me (us) these past 29 years. Your passion, commitment and support to our mission and vision prevail. See you on the trails! With gratitude,

Doug Gibson, Executive Director | Principal Scientist

Doug Gibson and family at San Elijo Lagoon 92024 Magazine

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SAVING UNIQUE HABITATS Southern California Nonprofit Land Trust The greatest threat to the diversity of life is loss of habitat. As a land trust we acquire and protect lands in the watershed, managing habitats for resident animals such as bobcats, mule deer, Quino checkerspot butterflies, Belding’s Savannah Sparrows, Snowy Egrets, Silvery legless lizards, Striped shore crabs, halibut, and rare plant communities with beach sand verbena, sea dahlia, and all our fragrant sages—more than 1,000 species of native plants and animals. The conservancy owns more than 66 acres through fee-title ownership, and holds more than 70 acres of conservation easements on private and public property.

Reserve Partners

San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve Conservancy Easements | Fee Title lands Future Easements | Fee Title lands

BE A LAND STEWARD If you’re a landowner who desires to ensure your land is protected for generations, contact us. We can help you reach your conservation goals.

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PATHS OF IMPACT Waggy Tails On Happy Trails Trails are here for you. From sunrise to sunset you enjoyed riparian shade, the glimpse of a rare salt marsh bird, or a good run with your dog in 2016.

Your membership supports the well-being of all of us who enjoy solace, natural inspiration and a great workout on the trails. Healthy Communities We need open lands for plants, animals and all of us. Protected lands provide a venue for outdoor recreation, which promotes social development and improves overall health and well-being.


We Are Connected Upstream and downstream everything we do is connected. Our field trips and events inspire both youth and adults about ways to make a difference for cleaner lands and waters.

Changing Climate We use predictions for sea level rise and more extreme weather events in our biological planning and habitat restoration actions. Youth are learning ways they can help in our school sciencebased curricula.

Check to see if your employer matches charitable donations. Many large corporations encourage matching gifts. San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | Page 5

A YEAR OF CELEBRATIONS THE WILDEST STRETCH OF SAN ELIJO LAGOON Annie’s Canyon Trail It’s true: one person can make a huge difference. Her name is Annie and she envisioned the reopening of rare sandstone canyon caves and trails once off-limits and vandalized by graffiti and trash. With her donation to the conservancy, we set to work: Civilian Conservation Corps reshaped the loop trail. Our county and state partners joined in. Volunteers—hundreds of you—removed graffiti and installed native plants in preparation for the opening of Annie’s Canyon Trail on June 21, 2016.

“Fantastic that this land was saved.” —Gail W., Facebook

SUNSET VIEWS FOREVER Harbaugh Seaside Trails We did it! The property loan is fully repaid. When plans were revealed at an Open House, we received your invaluable comments and input. We now look forward to the restoration of this rare 3.4-acre coastal overlook and its native habitat enhancement, trails, a donor monument and viewing deck. Classic California sunsets will always be cherished here.

Thank You • Boy Scout Troop #713 and Eagle Scout Ajay Kumar • California Department of Fish & Wildlife • Civilian Conservation Corps • County of San Diego Department of Parks & Recreation • Eagle Creek • San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy Volunteers • Teen Volunteers In Action

“Annie’s Canyon Trail is amazing! Thank you, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy! This would not have happened without you! Such a valuable organization. Tom and I are so proud to be a part of SELC.” —Stephanie W., Facebook

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A YEAR OF CELEBRATIONS REVIVING YOUR WETLANDS San Elijo Lagoon Restoration Vital mudflat and salt marsh habitats will be restored. Habitat diversity will be enhanced in addition to new trail connections in the upcoming San Elijo Lagoon Restoration Project. This is a major collaboration that has grown the conservancy’s reach into historic realms. Lagoon Restoration is a component of The North Coast Corridor (Build NCC) highway, rail and environmental improvements, paid by TransNet, the regional half-cent sales tax for transportation. Lagoon restoration is expected to begin in fall 2017.

“The Conservancy just keeps growing in their service to our county and to visitors. A great example of a group working together to preserve a precious lagoon and its inhabitants and us. Go visit!” —Patricia A., Facebook

STAKEHOLDERS California Coastal Commission California Coastal Conservancy California Department of Fish and Wildlife California Department of Transportation  City of Encinitas  City of Solana Beach  County of San Diego Parks and Recreation   National Marine Fisheries Service North County Transit District 

San Diego Association of Governments San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board  San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy  Surfrider Foundation U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service AECOM environmental and planning MOFFATT & NICHOL engineering support

No private donations (individual, corporate or foundation) fund this project. Your membership continues to support our core programs.

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2,000 Students, Their Families & Teachers in Nature ESCONDIDO PARTNER SCHOOLS Central Elementary Farr Elementary Felicita Elementary Lincoln Elementary Pioneer Elementary Rincon Middle School San Pasqual High School

Our Living Watershed provides a pathway for positive experiences in nature and for enhancing environmental literacy. We nurture the confidence and skills necessary to inspire student leaders for conservation. This is done in unique ways. At Central Elementary we teamed up with fifth-graders to install a native plant garden at their school. In the sunshine and breezes of the morning students got their hands dirty installing 57 different plants. “I feel like a planting champion,” one girl shared, “I hope our garden attracts lots of butterflies!” We are leading the charge for inspiring a movement with real action in the lives of socioeconomically challenged youth in grades 3-12. When children connect with our natural world it benefits them personally, and in our communities with healthy life-long habits for a vibrant world.

Our curricula meets Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards

“Since I heard what straws do in the reserve I stopped using them. Because plastics harm sea animals, wild animals, street animals, and even our pets.” —Daisy L., 5th-grade Central Elementary

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“ Our Living Watershed unleashes much youthful energy and creativity in support of our local watersheds.” —Alexis Strauss, U.S. EPA

EVERYONE IN NATURE LOYAL LAGOON MONTHLY GIVING Your monthly tax-deductible gift helps ensure that we have dependable resources in response to urgent concerns.

After taking the Botany Sketching workshop it opened my eyes to plant details I’m going to look for when I hike.” —Mary O., Vista

NATURE & YOU Discovery Tours Family Discovery Days Family Fun Days Wildlife Walks School & College Field Trips Special Tours & Events Senior Tours Corporate Teambuilding

Is there nature in your day? We unveiled a new series of specialized events and tours, including the passions we share in yoga, botany sketching, hiking and craft brews, sunset tours, nighttime insects, planting events and family fun days. Nine-year old Reese toured the lagoon with her grandfather to take pictures for the #loveyourlagoon Photo Contest. They discovered new plant life, like sticky Lemonade berries. It captivated her and she submitted her photo. “The lagoon is an open area with lots of fresh air and a beautiful place to visit when you want to go on a walk,” shared Reese, who won in the youth division. Students across our North County region, including San Dieguito High, Grauer School and Solana Vista Elementary, are on the trails with us where we encourage curiosity and learning in nature. Love your lagoon and join us. Members receive discounts as a benefit for your support.

3,400 Conservancy-County

Family Fun & Discovery Days Visitors


Adventurous Tour Participants

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First, a little seed gets placed into the soil. School children covered these seeds with their hands. Corporate members, including Eagle Creek and (W)right On Communications, moved these seedlings into larger pots. Perhaps you were one of a thousand volunteers who helped to install 3,000 coastal sage scrub and riparian plants cultivated from native species in the reserve. Our native plant nursery continues to inspire multigenerational learning and action. Equipped now with recycled water, it’s fully functioning with locally sourced seeds and cuttings from the reserve. Our goal next year is to propagate 70% of the plants used in habitat restoration.

LOVE PLANTS? Join us Wednesday mornings and 3rd Saturday mornings in our native plant nursery and out in the reserve to help in habitat restoration.

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | Page 10

“However many acres you’ve restored, it is both too little and a heckuva lot, and a job well done!” —Eric S., Facebook

SPROUTING COMMUNITY CONSERVATION Dozens of volunteers built “sandcastles” for wildlife. This unique habitat enhancement event occurred last May on the east side of Coast Highway 101 in Cardiff. Volunteers spread sand, 25-pound bucket by bucket, to expand coastal dunes in the lagoon’s west basin using excess sand from the conservancy’s annual inlet excavation. With shovel in hand, Director Doug Gibson related to the volunteers that over time they’ll see the results of their efforts in vibrant dunes. Our work today connects us with a more natural future. We hope to support nesting sites for endangered California Least Terns and revitalize rare coastal strand habitat. From working with Eagle Scouts, to our high school mentees and college interns, we’re building the future of conservation together.

Coastal Dune Plants for

INSTALLATION FALL 2017 Beach evening primrose

Nuttall’s lotus

Orcutt’s pincushion

Sand verbena

“I feel like I’m doing a little bit. If I do a little bit more each year and everybody does a little bit more each year, we’ll keep areas like this preserved.” —Trevor H., La Costa Canyon High, Del Mar Times, June 21, 2016

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MILESTONES for Nature & You

400+ 300+




88,000 +





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174 7



STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS Revenue Individuals 402,546 Corporate Sponsorship


Government* 3,043,711 Foundation 214,369 Investment Earning (net)

81,903 3,799,178

*San Elijo Lagoon Restoration Project

Expenses Programs 3,064,309 Development & Member Stewardship


General & Administrative


At least 85 cents of every dollar is used for programs.


6% 9%

How Total Revenue is Invested


Programs Development & Member Stewardship General & Administrative

Learn more and see Form 990: /profile/33-0358660


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“You wouldn’t know from the warm colors that it was windy and cold when I captured that springtime image on the westernmost trail. I waited until the final shards of sunlight had disappeared below the horizon and walked back to my car in chilled darkness.”—Terry R., People’s Choice Photo Contest

“@SanElijoLagoon thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us #hikingadventures.”

“Find both mystery & wonder along Annie's Trail at the @SanElijoLagoon Conservancy.”

—@DagmarNBCSD, Twitter

—@visitsandiego, Twitter

“So lucky to have this lagoon in my backyard!” —Sonny L, Instagram

“Perfect weekend for some #Birdwatching in #NorthCountySD. Thank you San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy for your great work!” —@MySanDiegoNorthCounty, Twitter

“I will stop taking shopping bags for free because in my whole life I always see plastic bags in streets, rivers and parks.”—Joshua B., Central Elementary “I support the conservancy because I believe it is important to preserve and protect spaces like San Elijo Lagoon.” —Rich R., Grounded Modern Landscape Architecture

“We frequent the nature center loop and Rios trails more often for fresh sea air and a sunset.” —Matt A., Board Member and dog walker

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | Page 14

“Spent a lovely afternoon at @SanElijoLagoon; so great to see an estuary so beloved by its community!” —Christina T, Twitter

“The students were able to notice the rattlesnake’s pattern and count the number of rattles. To see the nearly immediate conversion from fear to intrigue was hugely satisfying for me.”

“After reaching the end of his route, Norm talked about the changes he’s seen in the lagoon, primarily the restoration of natural habitats and removal of nonnative plants. ‘I guess I should join the conservancy,’ he said.”

—Susan E., Conservancy Naturalist

—San Diego Reader July 29, 2016

INVESTOR RECOGNITION Corporation & Foundation Investments $10,000+

You are making direct impacts with your gifts to connect communities and to protect nature. Membership begins at the $35 level and we are grateful for everyone’s support. LEGACY CIRCLE Russell & Betty Benson, realized Bob & Lois Chaddock Patty Cornelius Janie DeCelles Ilse Epprecht Marc & Lynne Friedmann Doug & Lauren Gibson Bill Gish, realized Tom & Donna Golich Margaret Griffith Pastor Bill & Patti Harman Robert Jensen & Erin Thomas Sheila K Johnson Mayme Kline Peter & Marge Kohl M. Alberta Kruger, realized


• Board Member • Legacy Circle • Loyal Lagoon monthly giving • President’s Council Jewish Community Foundation Rancho Santa Fe Foundation The San Diego Foundation

James Lauer Michael & Teresa Lea Andy & Kathleen Mauro William E. Miller & Ida Houby Brys & Rita Myers Craig & Jeanne Olson Mariette Pinchart Janet Placido Ann Pogue Elaine Dodge & Martin Staubus Dave & Denise Stillinger Elizabeth Venrick Tom Heywood & Stephanie Wilde Paul Worthington Ret. Col Harold Wright, realized Art & Sandy Yayanos

$100,000+ Anthony Cerami & Ann Dunne Foundation for World Health •

$20,000–$50,000 Ilse Epprecht • Tom & Donna Golich •• San Diego Gas & Electric The John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation • Frances Hamilton White Fund •

$10,000–$19,999 Anonymous (1) John DeBeer & Mona Baumgartel • John Chamberlain Peter House & Carol Childs • Blayne & Carrie Hartman • Qualcomm Foundation The Seeley Foundation • Union Bank of California Foundation David & Sherry Winkler

$5,000–$9,999 Anonymous (1) Magie Biehl County of San Diego Supervisor Dave Roberts James & Jewel Edson The M. House Family Fund • HW Fund Lisa Junge Ki’s Restaurant & Catering James Lauer • Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Pat Sheehy Denise & Dave Stillinger ••

Natural Resources Conservation Service

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TRAILBLAZERS $1,000–$4,999 Anonymous (1) Wolfgang & Karen Berger • Mark & Ellen Bramson • Bob & Lois Chaddock •• Steven & Norma Chodos • Warren & Barbara Cobb Cox Cares Fund Susan Crane Janie DeCelles •• Dowling Family Fund at the Coastal Community Foundation Frank & Penny Dudek David & Peg Engel • Robert & Mary Jane Engman Tom & Mary Evers Paul & Cheri Fleuelling • Sally Foster ••• Douglas Gillingham & Dana Friehauf •• Fulton Family Legacy Fund Steven Ganzberg & Anne Adair • Beverly J Gepfer Charitable Foundation • Karen Gleason Kimberly Godwin Charitable Gift Fund Habitat West Hansen Surfboards Carol Hart • Steve & Susie Hedrick •• Bill & Susan Hoehn Hokanson Family Fund • Hunter Industries Sheila Johnson • Joe & Mary Kellejian • Peter & Margaret Kohl •• David & Debra Kramer •• Michael & Teresa Lea •• The Leichtag Family Foundation Mark Levin & Carol Levin Kim MacConnel & Jean Lowe Marathon Construction Peggy Martin • Andy & Kathleen Mauro •• Andra Moran • Brys & Rita Myers ••

Olivenhain Municipal Water District Gerri Retman-Opper & Ira Opper Daniel Powell •• Ranch & Coast Equine Practice Sam Retman Ned & DeeDee Reynolds • Tony & Liz Salant • The San Diego Foundation Seiber Family Fund • Jeff Thomas & Nicolle Selby-Thomas •• Darrell & Jill Shrader • Mary Jean Smith Solana Beach Fund at the Coastal Community Foundation Elaine Dodge & Martin Staubus •• Ron George & Tricia Takacs • Alan & Steve Tarkington • Audrey Terras John Tolpa Jan Wier • Tom Heywood & Stephanie Wilde ••• Leonard & Martha Blane Wittwer Paul Worthington ••• Art & Sandy Yayanos •• Peter & Rachel Zahn •

$500–$999 Anonymous (1) Jon & Clemencia Appel Gladys Baird Alan & Cheryl Barnebey Belly Up Tavern/Wild Note Cafe Rennie Block & Debbie McGraw-Block Richard & Jan Block Boeing Company Gerald & Shela Bordin Albert & Cathleen Bourdon Gregory M Bullock James & Joanne Callan June Collins Joe Cooke Patty Cornelius • Dennis & Linda Costello DBA Western Auto Clearance

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Steve & Jane Dempsey • Steve Dinkin & Tara Fuad • Harry Ettinger Hal & Pam Fuson Don Geiger & Emmy Garnica James Gilmore & Cameron James The Grauer School Donald & Deborah Halliday Ken & Susan Heffner Jamie Henson & Robert Housekeeper George & Janet Hoover Mark Jenne Gordon & Janell Johns Linda Jones, PhD • Elizabeth Keithley Greg Kowieski John & Joan Kroener The Lawrence Alessio Trust David & Jayne Lesley Dr. Tilman Oltersdorf & Dr. Leah Levi Brian & Sharon Loveman & Mara Sundu Loveman Pat & Christine Magnarella Bruce & Marie McFarland Ron & Jill Morris Karen & Rick Noble James & Gretchen O’Connell Walter Rusinek & Katherine Patterson Todd J. Plastino Sharla Short Pemberton & Jean Smith Joe & Diane Steinberg Barbara Swanson Stuart & Karen Tanz Steve Eilenberg & Marie Tartar Donna Thal VF Foundation Charles & Judith Wheatley Katherine White Patricia Young

$250-$499 Matthew & Danielle Adams•• Alexander z”l & Valerie Viterbi Fund Nicholas Alston Don & Diana Ambrose Joseph & Patricia Amshey Charles & Katherine Anderson Anonymous (2) Judith & Richard Arendsee Keith Marzullo & Susie Armstrong Don & Teresa Barth Scott Bechtler-Levin Bill & Barbara Berrier James Beyster Helen Bourne Richard & Twink Bumann Cheryl & Thomas Burns Thomas & Caitlin Carter Dr. Hugh & Margaret Chivers Susan Steele & Mike Conley Dennis Cramer & Robin Radlauer-Cramer Alan & Jerelyn Creutz Gary & Denise David Del Mar Union School District Caroline DeMar James Dietz Gordon & Cathie Dixon Allan & Carol Dodds Lee & Kazumi Duran Matthew Edwards Michael Fisher & Elizabeth Meier Foothill Oak Elementary Joseph E. Ford & Gwen Littlewort Twhylla Frye Bernhard Geierstanger Mark & Kris Goldstein Dr. Richard Gomez & Lina Mendenhall Susan Graham Brad & Lauren Greider Dave Shaw & Anita Hayworth • William E Miller & Ida Houby • Carl & Lisa Hulle

Robert Hyman Carol Kane Carol Katayama Michael & Jeanne Kew Mahesh Kumar John LaGrange Chuck & Teri Lang Martin & Mary Lighterink Dr. and Mrs. Stuart MacPherson Randall & Constance Malin Michal & Eli Margalith Kevin & Margaret McGinnis Gioia Messinger Graham & Linda Milner Barbara Moore Abe Ordover & Eleanor Musick James & Josephine Myers Robert & Shauna Patton Cindy Pedersen • Magnus & Brigitte Pfahl Ann Pogue • William Popp Joe & Keren Ramsdell Rancho Santa Fe School Ross Ridder & John Spencer Dick & Pat Robertson Marcia Schofield Tom & Veronica Seay Fred & Jean Sebold Solana Beach Civic & Historical Society Sandy Somerville Robert & Nancy Sonnhalter Michael White & Jerre Stallcup Billy Stern & Carolyn Whitehouse Debby & Barry Strauss Bruce & Marge Sutherland Rita Svec Michael & Jennifer Tillman Kris & Dayle Van Lom Norman & Patricia Walker Weatherly Asset Management David Gray & Sarah White Elizabeth & Clint Winant Daniel Wulbert Sandra Zarcades Dave & Brenda Zito

Bradley Zlotnick Stephen Zug Jack & Dayle Zwart

$35-$249 Eduard Schwan & Jeri Abernathy Agnes Abola Donna Agnew Scott & Kathy Aldern David Allen Sharon Allen John & Linda Alspaugh Salvatore & Josephine Ambrogio Allan & Brenda Anderson Carla Anderson • Dale & Sharel Andrews Richard & Susan Andrews Chris Angioletti • Eva Armi Artefact Design Patricia Astier Dennis & Margo Astroth • James & Nancy Austin Eileen Ayars Dan Doyle & Maryanne Bache Ron Baer John & Elizabeth Bagby Ken & Lynne Baker Ralph & Dorothy Banks Tracie Barham Kaveh & Elaine Barjesteh Jackie & Terry Barker Steven & Eva Barnes Veronica Barraza Thomas & Laura Basacchi Karen Bates Gary Baum & Janet Chaloux- Baum Laurie Baum Jeffrey & Barbara Beaupain Terre & Allyn Becker Stephen & Michele Beck-von-Peccoz Elsie Begler Hazard Benedict Duncan & Christie Beniston

TRAILBLAZERS Steve Benjamin Jane Bentley Bruce & Mary Berend Elisabeth Berendsen Douglas Berg John & Margot Berg Bonnie & Gunnar Biggs Mike & Janice Blanco Dallas Boggs Jack Ross & Barbara Bolton David Bottorff Daniel Boyd Jonathan Kies & Kristine Brady Janice Brehm Kathleen Brooks Sean & Michelle Buchanan Mike & Nancy Buchmeier Cathy Bullock Jack & Susan Burger Walter Burkhard • Cristina Burlem Alison Burt David & Francine Busby Barry & Joanne Butler Ed & Sandy Butler Deborah Cadena Alison Cairnes Nigel Calcutt Craig Campion Cardiff School Jim & Debora Carl Scott & Dinah Carl Carmel Creek School Phil & Laurie Catron Bill & Willi Caylor Michael Davidson & Lori Chamberlain Chapman Construction Satit Chintawat Andrew & Joan Chitiea Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego Lynda Claassen Elizabeth Clarquist Martie & Muffer Clemons Don & Joan Clucas Gary & Pat Coad

Bob & Linda Coale Mike Foreman & Lydia Cobb Brett & Karen Colby Cathy Collier Steve Cologne Robert Friedman & Claudia Comins Carolyn Cope Albert Somit & Linda Corder Corner Frame Shop Country Montessori School of Poway Mary Coyne • David & Nancy Cranmer Michael & Nan Criqui Denise Croft Jennifer Croft Paul & Sarah Culver Thomas and Jacqueline Curriden Richard & Lynn Cusac Barbara Daedlow-Schweller Mike & Pam Dalton Christine Dance Dave Stubbs Realty William & Prudence Davison Paul & Linnea Dayton Lon & Sandra Dean Steve & Cherylann Deering John & Gail DeLalla Blumberg Nick & Cristina DePolo Barbara Derrick Rahul Deshpande Jim Determan Fred & Kathleen Dickey Lori Dilley Louis Montrose & Caroline Ding Sidney Djanogly Donna Todd Yoga Edward & Edith Drcar Inge Bisconer & Pam Drew Mr. & Mrs. William Driscoll Helen Driver Daniel Drogichen Ames & Beryl Early Bruce Ehlers Richard & Jeri Eimers

Lum & Suzy Eisenman George Eiser Franklin Eller Jim & Susan Elliott Barbara J Snyder & Eric M Emont Encinitas Educational Foundation James & Diane Eriksen Mark & Elizabeth Eshoo Alfred & Karin Esser Daniel Essig Mike & Nancy Evans Roderick Evans • Jay Evarts Meryl Faulkner Feather Acres Farm & Nursery Gerald & Janne Fecht Dave & Peg Ferguson Edith Fine Jac & Marylou Flanders Katrin & Phyllis Flechsig Kim Fletcher Wanda Forman Stephen Forrest Katherine Leonard & Richard Forsyth Joseph & Cynthia Fossen Stephen & Lynda Fox Warren Fox Vernon Francis Mark & Lisa Franovich John Frazier Marvin & Janine Free William French & Peggy Dugan French

Alex & Nancy Friehauf Ellen Fujikawa Yoko Fujimoto Heath Kelly Fulton Joseph Gabbert Richard Gross & Cheryl Gann Bill & Holly Gastil Ryan Gates Casey & Hilary Gauntt James & Elizabeth Gautsch Steve & Brenda Gebler Dennis Geiler John & Lis Georgeson Gibson Lighting Jason & Jesse Giessow Dan & Cathy Gill Elizabeth Gilpin Marc Gittelsohn Jane Gleason Jeff & Sara Glenn-Levin Bill & Susan Glockner Daniel & Patricia Gold Martin Gold

Steven Reich & Constance Gonczy Jonathan Goodmacher • Rod Goodson Jane Goodwin Rosemary Goodyear Jeanne Gordon Joseph Gordon Michael & Jane Gordon June Gottleib Henry & Catherine Graham Tandora Grant Bruce Green Dorothy Green

Jim & Carrie Greenstein Don & Joan Grine Erik & Irina Gronborg Barbara & George Groth Donna & Donald Gruol Greg Gurewitz Jean Hahn Hardy Terrence & Martha Hallaren Tony & Christie Hamel Lisa Hamilton Patrick Hamilton Debbie Hanna

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | Page 17

TRAILBLAZERS Judy Hanson Christopher & Kristy Harden James & Diane Hardison William T & Anita Harless Pastor & Mrs. Bill Harman •• Roger & Nancy Harmon Gary R. Johnson & Florence Harrod Leonard & Frances Hart Bill& Elaine Hartleb Marjorie Hatcher Geoffrey Miller & Karen Haubrich Linda Hauck Park Chuck & Lee Hawley Georgia Ann Hayashi Diane Hazard Jim Healy Cynthia Heinlein John & Jane Helmer Herb Henderson Michael & Kandi Henderson Christy Hendrickson Steven & Sarah Henriksen Daniel & Susan Henry Scott Henry & Kim Lande Dr. James Michelsen & Dr. Mary E. Hensler Thomas Hermann David & Joan Herskowitz Dennis & Joan Higgins Robert Higuchi Chantal Hill Charles & Roberta Hilton Matt Shaughnessy & Pamela Hinchcliffe J. William Hinchy Patricia Hogan Ken & Barbara Holland Stanley & Annette Hook Mark & Jane Hoppe Ken & Chris Hornback David & Bonnie Horrigan Estil & Margaret Hoversten William & Pam Howe Mr. Jang Hsu Mark Huber Virginia Huey

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Michael & Jeannie Huse Edwin & Dona Hutchins Karen Hutchinson IBM Michael Imrich Innovation Centre Encinitas Ann Irwin, MD Bob & Sandy Irwin Denise Jackson Donald & Charlotte Jackson Padma Jagannathan Mary Jane Jagodzinski Philip Raffee & Lois James Dean and Diane Jensen Linda Joerden Carl & Charlotte Johnk Duane Johnson Linda Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson Peter Johnson Douglas & Cecilia Jolly Herschel & Mary Ann Jones Donald Jones & Debra Quick-Jones Julian Charter School Jim & Louise Julig Jim & Mary Lou Kaae Thomas & Rena Kaiser Lisa Kakone Lee & Lisa Kaplan Sidney Karin John & Deborah Kaufman The Keenan-Rivers Family Joe Kellogg Gary & Cindy Kendrick Gwen Kenney Kern Kenyon John & Sheryl Kies, III Kathleen Kilbourne Trish Kimper Clarence & Keiko King Jim & Janie King Robert Beasley & Mayme Kline Robert Klinek Karen Knight William & Sandra Knowles Terry Knox

Stephen Perry & Trudy Kohout Jeffrey Pressman & Nancy Kollisch Joel Kramer Tony Kranz Irene Kratzer Mitchell Kronenberg Richard & Cynthia Kumlin Kerry Kusiak Jessica Laemmle David Daymude & Lisa Lane F. Lane Wells & Betty Lange Alan & Linda Langhorn Terry & Kathy Lathrum Larry & Joyce Laveman George & Carol Law Daina Krigens & Hugh Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lawton Joshua & Nancy Lazerson Jean Leamy Thomas Leathem Dennis & Kathleen Lees Greg & Deb Lefevre Charles & Marianne Leighton Jon & Judy Lelevier Russell & Jill Levan David Checkley & Lisa Levin John Denton & Nancy Levin Mark & Meg Levy Nick & Lorraine Levy Smith James & Nancy Likins Kathleen Lindemann Barry & Roberta Lindgren Paul & Eva Linke • Linkedin Karina Lion Michael Newhouse & Rose Lochmann Mike Lock Eric & Suellen Lodge Dave & Barbara Loskutoff Jennifer Luce Dave Plutner & Julie Lucier Lucile Lynch Lisa H Madanat

Vilma Malmberg Jackie Malone Marie Marcinko Richard & Kristin Markell Dr. Jack & Mrs. Jack Martin Kaye Martin Roland & Candy Martinez Carol M. Mason Barbara Mathis Christopher McBee Lise McCarty Marilyn McCurdy Bob Sauers & Alis McCurdy Susan McEachern Thomas & Livier McGee John & Vernie McGowan John & Mary McIsaac Janet McLaughlin Marilee McLean Frank & Deborah McRock Steve & Cristina McSkimming Wendy McWethy Dan Jaoudi & Meghan Laurs Sheila Mergeanian Mary Meyers Arnold Markman & Elizabeth Michel John & Torre Middleton • Milch & Wolfsheimer Nancy Miller Bonnie Minamide Mike Minneman • Robin Mitchell Brian & Heather Miyazaki Beverly Moazed Gary Moinet John & Ellen Montanari Dierdre & Greg Morris Robin & Jerry Morris Bill Pultz & Maureen Moss Patricia E Mosteller Thomas Mowry Linda & Joe Murria Jon & Sharon Nachison George Nakamura Rick Schlesinger & Judy Nakatomi

TRAILBLAZERS Barry Naughton Alex & Natalie Neal Thomas & Mary Nee Nancy Neigus Alexis Nelson Bud & Susan Nelson Charlie & Barbara Nelson Jennifer Nelson Paul & Nancy Nelson Michael & Eren Nemiroff Lori & John Nickerson Robert & Delores Noble North Coast Acupuncture Center Bradley Nussbaum Stephen & Kathleen O’Leary Craig & Jeanne Olson Eric Olson Robert Olson Gary & Julia Orso Ken Owen • Arleene Antin & Lenny Ozerkis Robert & Christine Paccione John & Linette Page Thomas Parker Rosalie Parkinson Mrs. Caryl Parrish Jenny Paschall Dean Pasko & Francine Duvall Barbara Patterson Paul Ecke Central Copper & Catherine Pavnic James & Marinee Payne John Payne & Susan Rae Milner Payne Dennis Codlin & Jaquelin Pearson Michael G Peeler Betsy Penberth Jim & Ann Peter Hans Petermann • Will Barnes & Yvette Peters David & Janet Peters Iris Peterson Timothy & Carrie Pickwell Eric Slater & Marcia Pilatti Mariette Pinchart • Ryan Pingree

Todd & Hallie Pizitz Sally J. Pla Janet Placido Shirley Platzer-Stocks Wayne & Carol Pletcher Charles & Cecilia Plost J. Steven Poceta Dr. Pamela Polcyn David Polidori Jon & Patti Polikoff Mary Poniatowski Nancy Gordon & Barb Potts Quentin Powers Bernard Preyer Jennifer Price Carl Provder Carla Pryor Larry & Tina Pryor Susan Quillman Robert & Jennie Ratliff Carol & John Rayes Gary & Cheryl Reist Edwina & Roy Riblet Gary & Rebecca Rice Robert Murashige & Marsha Richards Tracy & Debby Richmond Lisa M Risser Floyd & Michelle Roberson David Roberts George & Carol Rodriguez Harry Roesener Lawrence & Joy Rogers Wayne & Kristina Rogers Edson & Colleen Rood Steve Rose & Sharon Clay Rose Barbara Rosen Patricia Roskowski Marion Ellen Ross Rick & Joyce Ross Emil & Eleanor Rothenberg Peter & Winona Rowat Alan Russell Randall Ryti Victoria Sack Kevin & Deborah Sagara San Dieguito Equine Group

Jerry & Lynn Sandlin Harold Feder & Gloria Sandvik Sid & Patricia Sarkar Mary Sasso Nancy Satur James & Nancy Saw Richard & Alexa Saxon Charles & Jenny Schalliol John & Mary Schatz Roger & Louise Schmitt Jeff Bada & Margaret Schoeninger Judy Schramm Betsy Schultz Hans & Mary Jo Schumann John & Eleanor Schuster Mary Schwalen Becky Sciglimpaglia Sea Coast Exclusive Properties Seashores Tours Rebecca Selk Levin Kenneth & Lynn Selzer Laurence Shapiro Penelope Shelly James & Susan Sherman Jon & Dr. Sabine Kurtz Sherman Jerry & Jamie Shiller Patti Koger & Patrick Shipley • Tom & Linda Shipman Phyllis & Herbert Shukiar Glenn Silverman William & Ellen Simms Jim & Gretchen Simpson Enid V. Singer Lissa Skiles Lance & Lynne Small Dale Smathers Allys Smith Bob & Loretta Smith Carol & Stuart Smith Gail Smith Amber & Daniel Sogorka Aaron & Kaori Sokoloff Marty Sommercamp Peter & Carol Soria Robert & Annete Spillane Barbara & Mark Spiro St. Columba School

Mark Stabb Martin & Nancy Stabb Alexander & Barbara Stanculescu Cindy Standley John Steckert Stuart Steinfeld Herschel & Camille Stern Barbara J. Stewart Peter & Anne Sticklen James & Kathleen Stiven Sally & Al Stoffel Martin & Maryann Stone Douglas Belden & Debbie Stranton Ted & Joyce Strauss Erika Streuer Jane Stro Debbie Struck-Shampain Ronald L Styn Valetta Sueppel John D Sullivan Cliff & Pam Surko Rock & Suzanne Swanson Robert Randolph & Laurie Switzer Robert & Cindy Switzler Trudy Synodis Jean Tempke Dan & Mary Thomas Julianna & James Thomas Diane Thompson Lisa Thompson William Thompson • Tony & Gillian Thornley Judy Thum Donna Todd Kay Townsend Rachel Townsend Dr. John & Mrs. Marcia Trombold Truist Jerry Tuler Wendy Turner Tammy Valley Rankine & Mary Van Anda Sally Van Haitsma Jutta Von Weise William & Ann Wachtler Stephan Miller & Elisabeth Walcott Charles & Nancy Walker

Julia & Tom Walker Matthew & Monique Walker Pamela Walker Nolan & Barbara Wallach Despina Walter Marie Walton Frank Warner Nancy Watkins Scott & Victoria Wehrley Mikel & Betzi Weinberg Jim Weinberger John G. Wells Mark & Gayle Wells Lynn Wetzell Mark & Deborah Whitehouse Bill & Maryann Wickett Antony & Barbara Widgery John Wigmore Jane Wilkens John & Christine Willems Robert Williams Ed & Janet Willson Elizabeth Wilson Mark Wilson Russ Wilson Karen & Fred Wise Carol Wolf John & Patricia Wolfe Francisco & Toni Wong Paul & Jane Woody James & Jane Woulfe Steve Davis & Amy Wrench Susan Wright Margaret Wurster Pete & Sharon Wylie Susan Wynn Robert Blumberg & Andrea Yates Jeffrey & Karen Young Candace Young-Schult Mary Yount Judith Zibbell Noam Ziv

IN-KIND DONATIONS $250+ Addison Construction Artefact Design  Wolfgang & Karen Berger Scott & Melissa Fischel Doug Gillingham & Dana Friehauf Guayaki Yerba Mate Ki’s Restaurant Las Olas Perfect Bar Tidelines Calendar Jeff Thomas & Nicole Selby-Thomas

THANK YOU: Contributing Photographers Rick Bramhall, Calibas, Chris Mayne, Lorenzo Menendez, Jo Quinn, Rennett Stowe & Eugene Zelenko

Jennifer Bright Development Director (760) 436-3944 x 705

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | Page 19

Our vision

is a world where biodiversity is preserved and people act to conserve nature and embrace it as central to a healthy community.

You Saved These Lands

and Waters.

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy | Impact Report 2016 | | (760) 436-3944 | Tax ID: 33-0358660

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy 2016 IMPACT REPORT  

The 2016 Impact Report features news in conservation and education that benefit nature and community at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve...

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