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OVERVIEW Kiki runs Kiki Maurey Consultancy Limited providing Executive Coaching and Keynote Speaker services based on a 23year track record of management and policy consultancy in the private, and not for profit sectors, as well as in Whitehall and the erstwhile UK RDAs. She has also held senior part-time roles alongside her business, and non-exec / Board roles in higher/further education, housing, health, learning & skills, contemporary arts, and business sectors. Kiki was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in June 2013 for services to women, and minorities in business after championing enterprise and business growth for these groups for many years, incl. being a appointed to a national business taskforce set up by ex-minister Margaret Hodge. In demand as an Exec Coach-Speaker, Kiki uses her expertise to support small firm growth as well as corporate leaders to hone their strategic, communications and authentic leadership performance. APPROACH TO COACHING Kiki is an advocate of the Situational Coaching Continuum developed by Eric Parsloe, one of the Founding Fathers of the coaching profession. This allows her to flexibly support coachees with their immediate challenges, as well as their longer-term emotional control and leadership effectiveness by being both authentic and self-aware. Her clients rapidly develop new skills and confidence as well as insights into the motivations of others, and organisational effectiveness. BACKGROUND Apart from over 23 years management consultancy with a wide range of organisations, some of which included business planning and development, Kiki has significant non-exec experience including Board Chair, steering significant service and financial improvements. She has also had experience of working at the highest levels in the British Government and understands how public policy affects business environments. She has run business growth programmes for over 7,000 small business owners, including for Barclays and Business Link. With customers as diverse as Esso Petroleum, Warwick Business School, the RBS Group, and the British Govt Departments of Business, Education, Health and the Cabinet Office, Kiki is described by Barclays as “one of the best keynote speakers/facilitators in the country” and by WBS as “world class”. In 2011/2012 she helped establish the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme at Aston Business School, and is becoming a regular speaker at the RBS Business School at Gogarburn, nr. Edinburgh. Kiki also has a number of high growth small business customers. Kiki is also an accomplished Non Exec Director (ministerial appointee), having served on the Southampton & South West Hampshire Health Authority, the Learning & Skills Development Agency, the South Central Connexions Partnership (Chairman of the Board), and the national Ethnic Minority Business Task Force reporting to the BIS Sec of State. She also has significant board experience in Probation, Housing, Contemporary Arts, Further & Higher Education, and Community sectors. AREAS OF COACHING EXPERTISE Executive Coaching Change / OD / Strategy Coaching

Effective Speaker Coaching

Career / Holistic Coaching

Return to Work / New Role Coaching

Confidential Non Exec Development & Support

Senior Manager Coaching

Developing High Performing Teams Authentic Leader Coaching

Company No.  06415617,  VAT  No.  173  3342  21   Main  Office:  Holly  House,  31  Queens  Road,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BR,  UK   Registered  Office:  GFM  Accounting  Ltd,  Heywood,  Southampton  Rd,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BU,  UK  

Kiki Maurey  OBE,  MBA,  BSc  Executive  Coach  Profile   2   http://www.kikimaurey-­‐  

QUALITY ASSURED Education: • EMCC Level 7 Senior Practitioner in Professional Coach-Mentoring (OCM Advanced Diploma - distinction) • MBA - Warwick Business School (full time) • BSc Joint Hons – Univ. of Southampton (2:1) Continuing Professional Development: via the OCM, the OPP (providers of MBTI and other psychometrics), Motivational Maps Ltd, and her own R&D. Kiki also provides occasional CPD sessions and events to other coaching and professional networks, including The Open University, the national PEARLS network, RBS Focused Women, the EMCC, and Warwick Business School. Supervision: Kiki has 3 – 4 sessions annually with a Coach Supervisor accredited with the Coaching Supervision Academy - working to the EMCC, AC and ICF Code of Ethics - is a member of a coach peer supervision network. She also has a Mentor who is an Executive Coach experienced at working at the very highest policy levels in the Department of Health. SUPPORTIVE DIAGNOTISTIC TOOLS • MBTI Step 1 / TKI Licensed Practitioner • Motivational MapsTM Licensed Practitioner • NLPTM Business Master Practitioner • Approved to use the WBS Leadership Competency Framework • CareerLeader Licensed Practitioner • Also skilled at utilising in-house or bespoke 360 feedback reports PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council • Associate Member of: the Institute of Consulting, the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) CLIENT FEEDBACK • My website • LinkedIn • My INSIGHTS Blog

“I just  wanted  to  add  my  huge  thanks  to  you  for  all  your  hard  work  and  efforts  on  our  behalf  with  our  MBA  Distance   learning  programme  and  coaching.  Your  boundless  energy,  insights  and  approachability  make  you  a  fantastic  facilitator   and  we  count  ourselves  very  lucky  to  have  had  you  as  part  of  our  ‘  extended’  family  and  team.”  Sue  Thorn,  Director  of   WBS  CareersPlus,  Warwick  Business  School,  University  of  Warwick     “Kiki's  energetic  and  enthusiastic  style  lends  itself  to  a  wide  range  of  coaching,  mentoring  and  development  situations.  She   has  a  deep  well  of  experience  from  which  to  draw  and  this  enables  her  to  appeal  to  audiences  of  any  mix.  From  a  Diversity   &  Inclusion  perspective,  we  found  Kiki  to  be  an  inspirational  addition  to  our  events.”  David  Allan,  Head  of  RBS  Secretariat  

"Kiki  has  all  the  qualities  you  would  ever  want  in  a  leadership/career  coach,  to  really  understand  you,  your  motivations   and  where  your  developments  needs  are.  Within  45  minutes  of  a  career  coaching  session  with  Kiki,  using  both   Motivational  map  and  Myers  Briggs  reports,  6  months  of  frustrations  around  what  'that  next  role'  could  be  was  resolved   for  me!”  Lydia  Carghill,  Interim  Lead,  Systems,  Data,  Procurement  Infrastructure  and  People  Engagement,  RBS  

Kiki  Maurey  Consultancy  Limited  (KMC)   Keynotes,  Masterclasses,  Coaching  and  Consultancy   m.+44(0)7760  270  392      skype.  kikimaurey   e.,  or      

DISCLAIMER: “A  coaching  program  with  me  will  contain  fresh  ideas,  different  perspectives  and  occasionally  challenging  language  –  all   designed  to  help  clients  reach  expanded  perceptions,  the  loss  of  unhelpful  limiting  beliefs,  increased  self-­‐  and  other-­‐awareness,  and  a   renewed  energy  in  structuring  and  attaining  their  goals.  I  am  neither  a  medical  practitioner  nor  a  psychologist,  my  sessions  are   enlightening,  educational  and  motivational  in  nature  and  depend  on  coachees  taking  their  learning  /  reflections  forward,  and  taking   action  themselves.”

Company No.  06415617,  VAT  No.  173  3342  21   Main  Office:  Holly  House,  31  Queens  Road,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BR,  UK   Registered  Office:  GFM  Accounting  Ltd,  Heywood,  Southampton  Rd,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BU,  UK  

Kiki Maurey  OBE,  MBA,  BSc  Executive  Coach  Profile   3   http://www.kikimaurey-­‐  



Company No.  06415617,  VAT  No.  173  3342  21   Main  Office:  Holly  House,  31  Queens  Road,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BR,  UK   Registered  Office:  GFM  Accounting  Ltd,  Heywood,  Southampton  Rd,  Lyndhurst,  Hants  SO43  7BU,  UK  

Kiki Maurey OBE, Coach Profile  

Kiki Maurey OBE, profile of her life and work