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InTouch is the only magazine in the East of England dedicated to the unique and inspirational world of social enterprise. InTouch is distributed to organisations and not individuals. Copies of InTouch across the region can be found on senior managers desks, in receptions for the general public and on factory floors. The multiplier effect of the readership means adverts are seen by an unquantifiable number of people and conversely so is your message….Concrete value for money when you consider the direct marketing cost for you reaching this audience!

The outcomes for your organisation when advertising in InTouch: • Reach the key decision makers in businesses and local government • Get your message to the most successful social enterprises in the region • Connect with other like-minded organisations • Forge new links to “meet the challenge of change” • Raise your organisations visibility and influence in the East of England • Meet your business objectives • Increase your market share in the region • Reinforce your values to the readership.

The audience The readers of InTouch are 40-60, interested in the Third Sector, small business, advice and training. They have a keen interest in case studies, networking and in socially responsible products, companies or initiatives. 100% of the readers are ABC1. They are in higher managerial, administrative and professional jobs, intermediate roles and junior roles. Our readers are split between businesses that have 10 or less employees and those that have 100+ employees. Social enterprises are businesses that have social or environmental aims. They reinvest their surpluses into the business or community. They are organisations interested in overcoming social injustice or exclusion and contributing to society.

We understand that in the current economic climate advertising might be far from your mind however, the packages that InTouch offers are both competitive and will support your organisations objectives. Your advert in InTouch can be prompted by a whole range of motivations;

Selling your services? Educating the readership? Informing them? We have a number of creative and bespoke solutions to meet your marketing and advertising needs. The wide selection of packages means it is affordable and accessible to all in the region. The InTouch team always learn about the goals, procedures and resources for any organisations deciding to advertise in the magazine. That way, we can help advise and inform you in the long term of ways to get your message across in a timely, effective and affordable manner. Whatever your product or message, we can help. Contact us at

Advertising in InTouch is the only way for you to reach the growing readership in the region. Your advert can do the following:

• Inform • Persuade • Question • Teach We have 5 tried and tested ways to help you promote your business

• Advertising • Advertorials • Profile listing • Inserts • Editorial Marketing options with InTouch. Advertising within InTouch can help you either with general brand building or more specific marketing actions.

• Business Card • Enhanced listing • Quarter page • Half page • Full page

OR these high impact packages:

Gatefold – stand out to the advertiser, while complimenting the readers experience. In Touch gatefolds are stylishly executed and never fail to create intrigue. Belly band -

By wrapping your message on a band around the whole of the magazine, your message is delivered to the reader before they can even open our pages! To deliver the reader directly to an advert that you place, the band can be tipped to open directly on your pages. What a way to eliminate the competition!

Polybag printing –

Advertising on the bag in full colour, ensures your message is seen before the magazine is removed from its wrapping.

Carrier sheet printing – Printed in black and white, your half page advert can be a cheap but highly effective way of getting your advertising message across.

Inserts – What better way to take you offers directly to the office table of a highly targeted customer and reader. For immediate results - inserts deliver.

Sponsored pages – These are away of associating your brand with a specific business topic. These pages rung in In Touch for a consecutive 4 issues within a dedicated single page section. We would also like to offer organisations a sponsored magazine which will be designed in the style of the publication.

Advertorials – When you have a details message that you want to communicate sometimes advertising just won’t do it! Advertorials, designed by our team using your content and case studies, reflect the look and feel of the magazine - which readers trust and are familiar with. We can offer you the complete service from your brief.

1/16 Page

1/4 Page

1/8 Page

Advertising sizes Page 1/2 page 1/4 page 1/8 page 1/16 page

210mm x 297mm 182mm x 133mm 89.5mm x 133mm 89.5mm x 66mm 43.5mm x 65mm

1/2 Page

Copy dates 7th of the preceding month before publishing (late copy by arrangement) Publishing dates Winter 2009 – 1st December Spring 2010 – 1st March Summer 2010 – 1st June Autumn 2010 – 1st September Published by Social Enterprise East of England Bedford i-Lab Priory Business Park Stannard Way Bedford MK44 3RZ Tel: 01234 834549

For production and mechanical data guidelines contact

InTouch Media pack  

Interested in advertising in In Touch? take a look at the media pack to find out more information!

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