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Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Guy Redmond, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford

Calling all Sedgeberrow Youngsters (ie

: those under 18)

We want you to fill this space with a Christmas theme for our December /January issue. So itâ€&#x;s competition time. First prize is your very own picture filling this space and sporting your name. So, do get your thinking caps on, harness your talents and share your skills. Ring or email the Editor on 01386 881863 or at, to enter and sort out the best way for getting your artwork to us.

October and November 2012 A SeSaME Production. No 6

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Guitar Treat in Sedgeberrow. Page 14

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Turning over a new Leaf. Page 16 Bulk LPG Gas buying. Page 19 Parish Council Report. Page 20 Sandfield Farm visit & current footpath news. Page 27

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News from Sedgeberrow School. Page 28

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Your Village needs You Have you any experiences you wish to share, a skill that could please our villagers? Do please us all by submitting articles, recording your events and most importantly, hitting our deadlines. Editor‟s extra request: Calling all village under 18s. Have you ever penned a poem, drafted a drawing, crafted a cartoon, juggled jokes, or just have tales to tell? If so, share them with us in the Sedgeberrow Post and hit the small time!

Submitting material for publication If you are a local villager you will have a choice of a double A5 page spread, a single A5 page, a half page and a quarter page. We have some estimates of how many words you will need for each size. These are just approximations and will vary according to logos that you may also want to feature and the number of large headlines that you want. By working to these parameters when you are emailing your piece, you will help the editorial process immensely. Some of you will have a basic template that you can modify accordingly for each new issue. Email is best for us. A double A5 page spread. - Approx 560 words (No 12 font) A single A5 page. - Approx 280 words (No 12 font) A half A5 page. - Approx 140 words (No 12 font) A quarter A5 page. - Approx 60 words (No 12 font)

Talk to Mike, who will help you estimate how much space you will need. (01386 881863)

Remember. If it‟s in too late you've two months to wait! It‟s all free to villagers and with colour also available. Though our experience with the last Christmas edition has taught us that next Christmas we will have to ask for an affordable donation from village groups who want a page full of intense colour. That‟s if they think it‟s worth the extra expense.

Sedgeberrow Post is available online. Go to & click on the Kingfisher. If you want a reminder every publication date see below: Just contact the editor via .We won‟t deliver but send you a link to its place on our SeSaME website.


From: The Sedge Warbler. The Village Shop A Basket Case? You could be forgiven for thinking “the shop‟s gone, what can I do”. Have a look around you. There are ways for a local community to grasp the nettle and not depend on luck, just waiting for budding entrepreneurs to take on the big guys.Take the good villagers of Feckenham for an example. They created their own shop and have a splendid website: What‟s really interesting is their response to the minging minority who quickly dismissed local shops as too expensive, compared to the Supermarkets. They priced out a fairly straightforward, not overly exciting, day to day shopping basket of products which came to £26.08 if you bought it in the Village Shop. They discovered that If you were to buy the same basket of goods in their Sainsbury‟s it would cost £23.90. At their Tesco, it would cost £23.41 and at their Waitrose £24.16. Interestingly, they were cheaper for milk, washing up liquid and loo rolls (as well as a number of other things like organic vegetables which weren‟t part of the survey). So, unsurprisingly they found themselves slightly more expensive than the supermarkets for this basket, between £1.80 and £2.00 more. That is, until you add in the cost of getting the car out…. then see what happens. They assumed an extra cost of £0.50p per mile, which is the average cost to run a car according to the AA. Then taking the distances from the centre of Feckenham, Tesco was £1.73 more expensive, Sainsbury £4.97 and Waitrose a whopping £6.33 more. So, for those within a short distance of the shop, it made really good sense to use it for convenience items, let alone the other things that they stocked that you can‟t get in the supermarkets. We in Sedgeberrow are probably nearer to a Tesco and Morrisons. Even then, with the cost of 7 return miles for Morrisons and 9 return miles for Tesco, it should still make good economic sense to shop locally. Add otherwise productive travelling time gone down the drain and it‟s an attractive proposition. If every Sedgeberrow household were to spend a paltry £5 a week in a local shop it would have an annual gross income of over £93,500. More than enough to create good potential! Sedge Warbler


Do yourself a favour! Reduce your fuel costs. Buy Oil at consistently Low Prices, whether 500 or 1000 litres. Go for the payment method of your choice. (You can spread payments over 12 months). Ensure that you get a reliable delivery when the weather turns nasty. Receive a monthly reminder to check your oil tank.

Do your Village a favour! Help bring some cash into the village to support our activities. Reduce the number of HGVs that enter our Village. Ensure less infrastructure damage and noise. Over the last 12 months our households bought 89766 litres of heating oil from Evesons, and our 0.25p a litre levy has earned a cheque for £224.41 from them. Last year‟s money helped launch this year‟s Post and this year‟s money should be free for other projects, once we know in December that we have a high repeat rate with our advertisers. Let‟s beat that figure with more members over the next 12 months and also support our advertisers. For a monthly email reminder - contact Mike Parker Don‟t miss out! Next Delivery Dates are Fri 12th Oct - Fri 16th Nov Make sure that you buy regularly as a member of Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group, as come the crunch at any time, because of supply and weather conditions, loyal members will be prioritised. 1. Check the year‟s dates. – See below 2. Phone on 01905 775920 or by email to 3. Remember: If you order after midday of the day before delivery, you will not be eligible for the reduced price. Check your tank levels regularly. 4. You must say you are part of the Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. 5. Give full delivery name and address. 6. Payment can be made either at time of ordering but certainly within TEN days of delivery, either by cheque or by phoning in with debit card details. 7. Sign up with SeSaME for an “email - order date reminder” if you lead a busy life. 8.The price is not fixed until two days before delivery, as market prices change every day. Final 2012 Delivery Date - Fri 14th Dec. 2013 Delivery Dates - Fri 11th Jan. Fri 8th Feb. Fri 8th Mar, Fri 12th April. Fri 10th May. Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy SeSaME – Email: Contact: Mike Parker (Chair) Tel: 01386 881863


Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. SeSaME Oil Buying Group, in association with Evesons of Worcestershire,


Sedgeberrow Wordsearch Find all the words on the right in this Sedgeberrow themed Wordsearch

The idea for this Wordsearch comes to you courtesy of Lindsey, a Villager and Post Advertiser (see page 15). If you have any ideas to share about what would be good to see in the Post, please let us know.

“Home sweet Home� Purpose built nest of a Long-tailed Tit, found in a clump of bamboo in a Main Street garden by Sid Talbot.

How well do you know your Village? Where was this picture taken then? (Pictures & idea courtesy of Peter Loomes) See page 30 for the answer




Loyalty scheme available. Opening Hours Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm Saturday - 9am to 5pm Tel: 01242 609330 9 North St, Winchcombe Gloucestershire GL54 5LH

Portrait Commissions Undertaken In Watercolour or Pastels By local artist - Carolyn Email:


Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

The Sedgeberrow Village Website: If you are a Village Group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on a page that you control on this website, contact Mike Parker at or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering Villagers access to their own page, via their own unique password, enabling them to update their own written material. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.

SC Heating And Plumbing

Tel: 07521 283002 A small Family business for all makes & models of cars. Free collection & delivery service. Free courtesy cars. Lowest labour rates within the area.        

We specialise in bathroom renovations, minor heating installations and general service and repair.

Manufacturer‟s spec servicing Mots by appointment General repairs Preventative maintenance Quality used car sales Paint work/body repairs Tyres and clutches Free quotations

Feel free to call to arrange for a free quotation on 07850151199 or 01386 882167

6 Orchard Industrial Estate Toddington, Nr Cheltenham. GL54 5EB Open Daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


Royal British Legion Womenâ€&#x;s Section October 3rd. The monthly meeting is to be held in the Betteridge Room at 7.30pm. Speaker: Patrica Knight on Display of Dolls. Hostesses are J. Lampitt and E. Lewis. November 7th Meeting. A meal at the Star Inn Ashton Under Hill to celebrate 60yrs of the formation of the Sedgeberrow Branch. Details of Menus etc will be discussed at the October meeting. May I take this opportunity to thank Chris Bradley & Brenda Davies for holding the August & September meetings at their homes. Many Thanks Sylvia Come to Bingo on: Oct 27th, Nov 24th If any member would like to donate a Bingo Prize this would be very much appreciated as this is our main money raising event. S.M.Brown Secretary. Phone: 01386 881620

Local in Sedgeberrow

WOODY’S GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden requirements, your local parish lengthsman... fully insured, friendly service, no job too small

Martin Woodhouse Telephone 882497 Mobile 07766 113 671

Registered & Reliable, Flexible Service with Trust. Cost Effective.

Worcestershire County Council approved contractor 9

200 Club Winners Weeks 31 to 40 Thank you for your continued support Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

31 32 32 32 33 34 35

No 142 No 135 No 185 No 142 No 45 No 29 No 195

Mrs Beirns Mr R Smith Mrs A Driver Mrs Beirns Mrs Loomes Mrs Britton Mrs Hughes

£10 £20 £10 £5 £10 £10 £10

Drawn by Mr Britton


Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

36 36 36 37 38 39 40 40 40

No No No No No No No No No

113 250 2 205 28 252 203 268 260

Mrs P Keen Mrs H Gardiner Mrs J Pearson Mr M Woodhouse Mr M Sollis Mr S Morris Mr D May Mrs Cook Max Barclay

£20 £10 £5 £10 £10 £10 £20 £10 £5

Drawn by Mr A Barr .

We are always looking for new members. It only costs 20p per week the same as it did 23 years ago. Each week there is a £10 prize, every 4th week £20, £10 and £5 prizes, and in week 52 there is a £100 prize. Anyone wishing to join please ring me, Cyril Banks on 881623 Quote - 'We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.' Nelson Mandela


The Queens Head Keep watching this Space John and Olive Wilsher are delighted to be taking over management of the Queens Head and send their best wishes to all in Sedgeberrow. We look forward to both maintaining and improving services to all existing and future customers.

Under new management Our Number is still 01386 881135

Abbey Cleaning Services Traditional Window Cleaners Family Run Business Established 1993 Domestic and Commercial

01386 446098 11

Sedgeberrow Parish Church News Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green. Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney as at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235. Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Doreen Hayes 881965 Drawing by John Livingstone

October/November Services October Oct 7 9am Holy Communion Oct 14th 11am Family Service Oct 21st 9am Holy Communion Oct 28th 11am Family Service th

Nov 4th Nov 11th Nov 18th Nov 25th

November 9am Holy Communion 10. 50am Remembrance Service 9am Holy Communion 11am Family Service

Coffee Mornings. The coffee mornings continue to be a success so why not come along and meet with friends and enjoy a natter. The next coffee mornings are on October 25th and November 22nd 10am -12noon. Bingo Our first Bingo in September was well supported. The next bingo sessions are on October 13th and Nov 17th at 8pm in the Village Hall. Harvest Supper is on October 5th 7pm for 7-30pm in the Village Hall. There will not be an Auction but some other entertainment. Tickets from Ann Banks 881623. Fundraising. On Saturday September 1st we did a stall at Hampton Ferry Gala Day we raised £90 for Church Funds (after a very long day). The Table Top sale September 15th made the Church Funds £26. (This was very poorly supported).

Christmas Trees We would like to have Christmas Trees in Church again this year. Please ring Ann Banks for details 881623. Last year‟s were very much admired.


Contact details of your key elected members. Maureen Pratt – Chairman of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Tel: 01386 881637. Email Clerk: Jacqueline Shields. Parish Councillors: John de Paris, Darren Farmer, Richard Hunt, Alan Stow.

Still Awaiting Photo

Roma Kirke – District Councillor Woodpeckers, 9 Hands Orchard, Great Comberton. Pershore. WR10 3DZ. Tel 01386 710514 Liz Eyre – County Councillor 150 High Street, Broadway, WR12 7AJ Tel: 01386 854807. Mobile: 07801816755 County Hall: 01905 766880

Harriett Baldwin – Member of Parliament. The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. (For Caseworkers).Tel: 01684 585165. Advice Surgery: Call Malvern Office to make an appointment on 01684 585165

Hand tied Bouquets, Contemporary Floral Arrangements, Country Main St, GL20 7AD Posies and 01386 881248 Vase filling.

Beckford Stores Speciality Foods & Delicatessan Post Office & PayPoint Dry Cleaning Email: Tel: 01386 881248

Parkers Paraffinalia “keeping old lamps aflame” Want to know more about your paraffin lamp? Do you .like complete, old lamps of your own for a kind mellow light and help in power cuts? Then call on Mike. 01386 881863 or 07949 200207 I collect and restore all kinds of old oil lamps, like Tilley, Hinks and Wells Unbreakable lamps. I am also quite happy to help you with queries about ways to restore or find parts for your lamps and give talks about early lighting. Email: Website:


Award-winning band at Sedgeberrow Village Hall with a treat for music lovers. Whalebone, critically acclaimed acoustic trio, bring their 2012 tour to Sedgeberrow Village Hall on Friday 26th October. Whalebone‟s Origins tour features high energy acoustic music alongside haunting atmospheric tunes. The show includes brand-new material, inventive interpretations of traditional music, rock classics and original material from their award winning album „Three Fires‟, along with tall tales, folklore and the myths which inspired the music. “This tour will also feature a very rare baritone eight-string guitar” says Whalebone frontman Steve Downs. “There are only a handful of these in the world, and it‟s possible we‟re playing the only one in the UK. The show will include music we‟ve written especially to showcase its beautiful and unusual qualities”. It went down well at the Beckford gig they played. The evening should be a treat for music-lovers. Steve, who will be playing the rare eight-string guitar for part of the night, has been praised by Melody Maker for his “great lead guitar work”. Whalebone played to over 26,000 people in 2011.Tickets are £7.50 and are available by calling 01386 881764. For more information please see, or follow Whalebone on Facebook or Twitter.

Sedgeberrow Post Advertisements To discuss your needs, format your advert, ring 01386 881863 (Speak to Mike)

Single Issue

For 2013 - 6 Issues

1/4 page ……£7.50 1/2 page…...£15.00 Full page…..£25.00

1/4 page ……£30.00 1/2 page……£60.00 Full page…..£120.00

All adverts that are booked for the six issues starting with February/ March 2013, will also appear at no extra charge in the village website, under “Local Traders” on the menu list. Please email advert material to: We can afford to include some colour in your advert for a logo or small section. If however you wish to have full colour throughout we will need to negotiate with you on the price


Regain Your Natural Poise

Chimney Pots Chimney Services


Chris Hurley

Can help with: -Woodburners and Liners fitted -Bird Guards and Pots fitted -Pointing and Repairs -Gutters cleaned -Broken roof tiles replaced 01386 841808 07969 423020

 

stress poor posture, back, neck and joint pain  improved performance in sport, music and other activities


Philippa Rands MSTAT 01386 881633

Ohmpride Electrics All electrical work undertaken:

Extra sockets, downlighters, security lighting. New consumer units to current specification. Testing and certification. Free estimates. Part P and 17th edition qualified.

general health & well being

Beauty by Lindsey Sedgeberrow 01386 881 841 Lindsey is a fully qualified vtct beauty therapist, has worked in the beauty industry since 2003. The home based salon is peaceful, professional, private and well equipped.

15% OFF your first visit FOR A FULL PRICE LIST OR TO BOOK A TREATMENT CALL: 01386 881 841 OR 07801 629756

Treatments Include:

Please call Pete on 01386 882212, 07899 778725.

Brow shape £6 Half leg £12 Bikini £7 Facials from £16 Lash & Brow Tint £14 Manicure Classic ... 45min £17 Back Neck & Shoulder £18 Nailtiques, Jessica, Geleration, Guinot, AnneBorlind


Test drive on an all electric vehicle, the

Nissan Leaf. With some SeSaME members (by Mel Wilson) I was delighted when Nissan offered me a 24 hour test drive of their all electric vehicle - the LEAF. I took SeSaME Chair, Mike Parker with me to collect it & when we first saw it we were both taken aback at the carâ€&#x;s size. We were both expecting quite a small vehicle but this is a standard family size car. We were shown the workings of it & away we went. It drove like a dream, very quiet, very smooth. We picked up Brian & Marilyn, who sat in the back. Brian is 6ft 2ins tall & he was impressed by the amount of legroom. I went back home where my son, Liam was waiting with his girlfriend, Sophie Brazier, her sister & her mum. Took the four of them for a spin. Liam is a rugby player & is quite a hefty guy. He sat in the back with the girls & there was plenty of room to seat all three comfortably. Sophie's mum drives a people carrier so is used to a large vehicle & she was surprised that there was a so much space in the front. Had a break for lunch & plugged the LEAF in for a quick charge. I then went to collect Zoe Henfrey, who likes a powerful car. She was expecting me to turn up in a 'souped up milk float'. Surprise, surprise. Took her for a drive to Pershore where there is a charging point at the Council offices. Didn't realise I should have had a Fuel Card from Nissan to recharge at these points, so we went for a coffee with the lovely Council people letting us leave the car in the charging bay. So free parking for a couple of hours. On the way home decided to drive through Evesham to see if we could spot anyone we knew so I could toot the horn at them but no such luck. Arrived back home & called it a day. Left it on charge overnight, taking note of the meter reading before & after charging. By my reckoning 1kWh gives a range of around 4 1/2 miles. I'm on economy 7 so that would cost 5 pence. 5 pence! Checked my calculations again, then again. Yes, that's definitely correct. Time to return it, this time with my hubby, Chris, in tow. En route we took a detour up Fish Hill which has a gradient of 10%. Now to put it to the test. Flew up like a dream although it really drained the power. Turned round at the top & cruised down. By the time we reached the bottom, the range had increased by 16 miles! So headed back to Nissan where we regretably handed it back. Verdict - I would definitely consider one of these if I was replacing my car. They are expensive at the moment but, just think, no more sky high petrol prices to worry about. If purchasing an electric vehicle through a company, the tax breaks are very good. There is a 100% write off of the cost against the profit in the year of purchase & there is no benefit in kind for the employee or director, guaranteed


until 5th April 2015. (See for more details). Mel Wilson

All credit to Wychavon District Council, who have recently installed two charge points at the Civic Centre in Pershore. Editor This is good news for anyone with an electric car because it‟s free to use AND you can park for free too! Where else can you charge up? If you have a look at http:// you will see a map of where you can charge up in the Midlands and it will be added to as demand increases and local businesses see the sense in drastically reducing their fuel costs. Read about this at I‟d recommend electric cars to anyone. My journey to work is a 20 mile round trip, which is 100 miles a week. For most conventional petrol cars, at 40MPG this would mean 2.5 gallons a week, or 11.25 litres = £15.00 a week. An electric car will do about 80 miles on one full charge, which costs about £2.00 - £2.50. Absolutely no contest cost-wise, and you‟re not creating any emissions so you won‟t be paying any car tax either. Yes, they are currently expensive to buy, but remember that there is a £5000 grant you can get to buy one and you won‟t be creating any pollution. Funds permitting, Wychavon District Council will be looking to buy anelectric „pool car‟ in the future, and will also seek to install charging points in Evesham and Droitwich. If you want more information, feel free to email me on or ring 01386 565343. (Chris Brooks)

TRIPE. YESTERDAY'S FOOD. TODAY. Is tripe making a comeback? The people at the Tripe Marketing Board think it is. Sales in tripe, sadly, started to decline after the end of the war. This was due to the ending of rationing & increasing affluence. It is the TMB's belief that tripe can form part of a healthy diet for people of all ages as it is rich in vitamins and low in cholesterol - many people even enjoy the taste! In recent months the TMB has enjoyed good media coverage in national newspapers with some of the top chefs including tripe in their recipes. They are still waiting for Jamie Oliver to declare it 'pukka' then they will feel that they have conquered the nations' fear of tripe. They were upset to hear that chef Paul Hollywood (The Great British Bake Off) declared tripe as the 'Strangest thing I've ever eaten'. Whatever your feelings on tripe, take a look at their website & their facebook page, where you will find the latest news & some amusing anecdotes, but beware, they have a wicked Northern sense of humour. (Note from Mel Wilson - Paul Hollywood eats far too many cakes so his comments should be ignored - tripe is yummy!) (Mel Wilson)


Yew Tree Garage Conderton

Est. 1928

Quality Service and mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles

Sedgeberrow Based Driving Instructor SHIRLEY BUTCHER

Specialist in Classic Cars

Preferential Rates for Sedgeberrow Residents

MOTs arranged

Mon– Fri: 9 – 5.30. Sat: 9 – 12

Telephone: Home 01386 881505 Mobile 07808 476412 Email:

Arthur Turbefield Tel: 01386 725223

Dumbleton Village Club Entertainment 2012 We have live Country Music most Saturday nights. 8:15-11.30pm Entrance Fee £5.00 Our Skittle Alley is currently available. Please get in touch to find out more. Contact : 01386 881462


Meeting about Bulk Buying of LPG Gas We seem to have chosen a bad day, on the 5th September, for a meeting to consider possible action for a bulk LPG gas buying group. Either that or there is little interest in, or faith that one could be made to work. There is actually a possible option on the horizon but more of that later in the year. Meanwhile we have agreed to try and establish a red propane gas group or syndicate. We will begin by encouraging exchanges of price information and arrange another meeting in November, when any new price increases have materialised that might stimulate more interest. It would be very helpful if anyone in the village buying a cylinder would contact SeSaME with the following details. Supplier‟s name, date ordered, cylinder size, price ex VAT. That information can then be shared later amongst village buyers. Ring 01386 881863, or Email

Hard Pressed-Village Ironing Service Need more time at home or work? Lots of ironing to do, but no time to do it? I accept all orders, large or small at very competitive prices. Ironing can be collected and delivered back to your door.

CLEEVE ROAD, MIDDLE LITTLETON, EVESHAM, WORCS. WR11 8JR VEG BOX DELIVERY SCHEME 6-7 ITEMS £6.50 9 ITEMS £10.50 Home Grown, Local, Seasonal Produce 01386 834241

Call Lucy today for a friendly, efficient service.


01386 882353 or 07542748742 Email:



SEDGEBERROW PARISH COUNCIL Maureen Pratt – Chairman. Tel: 881637 - Email:

Jubilee Play Area. After many years of deliberation, the children‟s play area in Main Street has finally been refurbished and was officially opened on 8th September by Cllr Richard Morris, Chairman of Wychavon District Council. It was designed by Guy Redmond, who is a village resident, and his company, Leaves of Green, carried out the work. The old concrete post and chain link fencing has been replaced with a smart wooden fence, and a safe flight of steps and quality pathway added. New equipment includes a basket swing, a supernova roundabout, a wooden tower with metal slide, an outdoor table tennis table and new seating and safety grass surfacing. The old swings have been overhauled and retained, by popular request, as they are considered to be „the best swings in the area‟! The cost of the refurbishment was £19,600. A grant of £10,000 came from Wychavon District Council, £600 was raised in the village and £9,000 was provided from Parish Council funds. The play area is already proving popular with the children when they come out of school and the table tennis table is also being well used by several adults. Code of Conduct Under the Localism Act 2011 the Parish Council has a duty to adopt a new Code of Conduct, and at its last meeting the Parish Council agreed to adopt the new Worcestershire Code of Conduct. Each Parish Councillor is required to complete a new Register of Interests Form, which will be retained by Wychavon District Council and published on its website. Flyposting When putting up posters around the village please be aware that notices should not be fixed to telephone or electricity poles or highway signs without consent, as doing so could lead to a fine for flyposting. County Councillor‟s Blog County Cllr Liz Eyre no longer sends the Parish Council written reports, but publishes information relating to the villages that she represents on her „Blog‟. This can be accessed online at


Compost Bins: Worcestershire County Council has a special offer on plastic Compost Bins. There are two sizes available in black or green. There is a £5.00 delivery charge per order. 220 litre Compost Bin £8.00 330 litre Compost Bin £11.00 Buy 2 of same size and colour – get the second Half Price Order online at or call 0844 571 4444 quoting ref: HAW06L. Worcestershire Supported Lodgings Scheme If you have a spare room and can offer a caring environment to a vulnerable young person aged 16-21 St Basils Home2Home Charity would like to hear from you. In return you will receive support and £120 a week. For more information call Worcestershire Home2Home Co-ordinator, Shelley Stanley, on 07867354699 or email Free Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation Wychavon District Council is currently promoting a free „Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation‟ scheme. It is free to all owner/occupiers or residents who are privately renting their home. To apply contact: Act on Energy 0800 988 2881.

Oil Fired Heating Engineer

Routine Nail Cutting: £20* (Subject to nail assessment)

Routine Treatment: £28 (Reductions for Group Bookings– 5+ people) > Nail Cutting* > Callus (Hard Skin) < Corns > Dry Skin > Cracked Heels

Fungal Nails < Verruca < Athlete‟s Foot < Ingrown Toenails < Thickened Nails reduction <

Plumbing and Heating Bathroom Refurbishments

Routine Treatment includes podiatric assessment & advice

Contact Me Visit my website for special offers

Tel. Home: 01386 858854 Tel. Mob: 07925822686 E-mail: grokhotova399@


Malcolm Prosser Tel: 01386-760300 Mob:07971-140237

Sedgeberrow Women‟s Institute August was a quiet month as far as the W.I. was concerned but we were happy to receive a 'Thank you” letter and card from Buckingham Palace in reply to the Diamond Jubilee card which was sent from our W.I. On Monday, August 20th a small group spent the afternoon playing croquet at the East Glos club, in Cheltenham. I think that I could get to like this game ! September: We held our book club at Helen's. At our monthly meeting we had an enjoyable and educational evening when Oliver McLaren told us about wood and wood turning. Oliver also provided some beautiful samples of his work. We had a trip to the 'Arts Centre' to see the show 'Stepping Out'. We held a coffee morning combined with a sale of Christmas cards, wrapping paper etc. and two of our members attended a painting and drawing day at Colesbourne Park. The Annual Council Meeting was held at the Centaur Centre at Cheltenham Race Course. October activities: Coffee Morning, Book Club at Chris's. Members of the book club are going to the Cheltenham Literary Festival to hear the author P.D.James. The Autumn Group Meeting will be held in Winchcombe and the speaker will be 'A Lady Toastmaster". There will also be a competition at this meeting, the subject being, “A hat depicting one or more of the events which have taken place during 2012”. So get your thinking hats (sorry !) caps on ladies. Our speaker this month will be Mr. Peter Jackson, the subject- 'Where there's a Will', everything you should know when making a will. Hopefully, this month we shall arrange another skittles evening at Dumbleton. Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes. November: We shall have our usual activities and there will be the A.G.M. and members night. A Group Quiz will be held. A scrabble evening is being organised. One or two trips have been suggested, but these have to be finalised. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting. Ella Hardman.O1386 881863


Local I.T Domestic & Business Support

Server & Network Installations WiFi & Mobile Advice Virus/Spyware Removal Custom Office Support Scenarios Competitive Rates Maintenance Contracts

Horse Rugs

Dog Bedding & Coats

Stable Rug Wash. from £7

Dog Coat Wash.

Turnout Wash.

Dog Bed Wash. from £5

from £8

Turnout Wash and Dog Coat Wash and Reproof. from £14 Reproof. from £6

*** Free Local Collection ***

Tel: 01684 273118 Mob: 07788 922534

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Keep It Safe - Don't Make Your Purse A Gift For Dippers! Police have issued tips to help avoid people's purses and valuables becoming a gift to criminals. The simple measures to deter and prevent thieves taking advantage of shoppers have been issued as part of West Mercia Police's Safe & Secure campaign. Jim Baker, West Mercia's Chief Inspector responsible for Community Safety and Partnerships, said: "Although crime is low in West Mercia, busy shoppers can become a target for opportunistic thieves and unsecured bags, wallets and purses can be easy pickings. "By following the simple advice people can ensure their valuables do not become a gift to watching criminals." Simple tips to follow when out enjoying your shopping are:  While out and about, be vigilant and stay aware of who is around you.  Securely fasten handbags, purses and wallets.  Keep you purse or wallet in an inside coat or jacket pocket.  Never leave your bags unattended.  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.  Never keep pin numbers with your bank cards. Always be particularly mindful to keep your wallet secure if you have been using an ATM cash machine - someone may have been watching you, so be mindful of this if you are approached by a stranger immediately afterwards. Got an Issue? Communities can play an active role in the fight against crime by providing us with valuable information about what is happening in your area. If you have any information or concerns you can raise them by:  Calling 101 to speak to your local police team PC Sean Woods or CSO Simon Williams.  Email your local police team on:  Calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to report information anonymously.



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Picturesque – Art Cafe Main Street, Dumbleton. WR11 7TH. Telephone: 01386 881782 e-mail: web:

We invite you to sample the delights at Picturesque Art Café We offer a comprehensive menu and can cater for small groups by prior arrangement. We are certain you will find many tempting things to enjoy. Why not discuss your Picture Framing, Photographic Enhancement requirements on a one to-one-basis and enjoy browsing our selection of Cards, Jewellery and Gifts, all at affordable prices. We also offer: Fresh:- Buckland Local tomatoes, Large Local Eggs, Local Bread, Local Milk. ART CAFÉ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sun/Monday


10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 3.00.p.m. CLOSED

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sun/Monday

SHOP 10.00a.m. – 5.00.p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00.p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 3.00 p.m. CLOSED


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CURRENT FOOTPATH TOPICS The 40 mile long Wychavon Way from Droitwich to Broadway is now officially open, and crosses Sedgeberrow from Longfurrow Farm (Sandfield Lane) to the Mill Bridge. As I have mentioned before the 5.5mile section from Sedgeberrow to Broadway is relatively easy and straightforward, and offers a lovely road free walk of 3 hours or so. The Wychavon Way is signposted throughout its full length, and more details about the whole route can be obtained from Worcestershire Countryside Services. The local footpath network will hopefully be further improved shortly, with the installation of three pedestrian gates to replace the stiles on the footpath from “The Hollows” to the small copse at the junction with the Wychavon Way. If fitted these gates will give better accessibility on one of the village‟s most popular walking routes.

SANDFIELD FARM STEWARDSHIP The last of the four village summer walks was a guided tour of the conservation areas being developed at Sandfield Farm. Among the tasks being undertaken by farmers Emma and Robert Harrison are the re-establishing of old orchards, developing hedgerows, planting wildflower banks, and creating a natural wildlife pond. Visits to these areas of the farm can be made at any time, as most of the site is open to everyone on public rights of way and permissive paths. The farm is within the parish of Sedgeberrow and is easy to get to via Sandfield Lane either by transport or walking. For the more energetic there are circular footpath routes from the village centre via Hinton and Ballard‟s Farm. We are very fortunate to have this project on our doorstep as it is a fine example of farmland being managed under The Countryside Stewardship Scheme. It also provides a convenient and safe way to enjoy and explore the local area around the village. As ever if you have any queries about our public rights of way please contact me. Dave May (footpath warden) Tel: 01386 882113. email: Q. How do you talk down a cheese standing on the edge of a cliff? A. Very caerphilly.


News from Sedgeberrow CE First School 01386 881391 Mrs M M Humphreys Headteacher

I do hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely September weather and has had a peaceful summer holiday. Our new term has started well with 166 children on roll which is another increase and the highest number we have ever had in the school so we are delighted. We have some changes of staff this September since Mrs Holdstock and Mrs Day both had their adorable babies during the summer holidays and Mr Roberts has moved on to a new school. With the lovely new building work finished and our Green Flag flying high we are very proud of Sedgeberrow CE First School. Our 30 new children in Reception have settled in well and are going to be a lovely class. The other children have all moved up a year group and are enjoying their new status. They are all looking forward to exciting topics which we will be able to report on in the next issue. Our regular visits to Sandfield Farm will continue with every year group having one visit per term when they spend the whole day working outside on activities linked to their topic work and to forest schools. The Autumn Term is always a busy one with lots of events and activities. We will be celebrating the European Day of Languages on Wednesday 26th September followed by our Harvest Festival in October and will be holding our annual Open Morning on Friday 19th October. After half-term our annual Talent Show takes place and then it will not be long until Christmas with all the associated shows and events! We look forward to seeing you all on our Open Morning when everyone is welcome to come and view our lovely school.

SEDGEBERROW CE FIRST SCHOOL OPEN MORNING Friday 19th October 9.45 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12.00 noon 28

A Builder with Vision: Robert Baker , Building Contractor of Bishops Cleeve is nearing completion of a new house in Churchill Rd. He‟s followed the logic of new-builds that include home energy production, alongside high specification insulation, and ison increasingly costly energy thus helping future residents reduce their reliance providers. “Let‟s hope that all future new houses in Sedgeberrow can be built south facing, with solar panels installed, thus following his foresight.” (Editor)

Pop your head round the doors of Sedgeberrow Village Hall Table Top Sale and Craft Fayre Refreshments available Come and have a cuppa and a chat.

Saturday November 3rd Saturday 10th November (CRAFT) 1 to 3 pm For table availability please ‘phone Marilyn 881764

Table tennis is a great hit.

Ben Coley (14Yrs) and Jacob Coley (12Yrs) enjoying the latest addition to activities for Sedgeberrow youngsters. They said “we are so pleased it‟s here and that we have found it free today. There are lots of us around, everyone has been buying their own bats & balls, so here‟s hoping that the idea spreads and funds can be found for another one down at the play area in Winchcombe Rd.”


My Brother Hallo everyone Muppet here Do I have to tell everyone what the weather has been like? Nah, didn‟t think so! Rotten -horrid. Because it‟s been so wet and muddy in the garden we‟ve had to turn our energies to indoor pursuits which includes taking it in turns to chase each other around the living room - it‟s grrreat when he slips „cause it means I get to bite his tail. I‟m not too keen on the hair that gets in my mouth but it‟s a small price to pay to see him run! We‟ve been carrying on in our quest to communicate with our two-legs by studying them. They spend a lot of time reading (“will you leave off, I‟m trying to read this paper!”) in an attempt to digest information, you know, stuff like world news, politics, housing and the such, so we decided to broaden our horizons too. Neither of us can read but we had a good go at digesting the Vale Magazine. Last but by no means least, and with our tails firmly between our legs, we have an apology to make. The other night our garden was invaded by a terrifying beast – it was covered in sharp spines and had a vicious pointed snout so we barked at it to leave but instead it just rolled into a ball (most weird). It obviously couldn‟t hear us so we barked and barked and barked some more. Unfortunately we woke up a two-legs called Simon – we were sooo grounded! No tennis balls, no squeaky toys, nothing. We would like to say very, very sorry to Simon and any other two-legs we disturbed. Now we have said sorry, can we please have our toys back? Love Muppet (and Doofuss)

Here it is! The answer to the page 6 question. It‟s on “Main St” 30



Contact:Cerys McCreanor: 01386 882816

Things have been ticking over as expected over the last few months – the site is gradually being cleared where appropriate - and plans are being drawn up and agreed between members. There has been no co-ordinated food production in Sedgeberrow for many years and our members have all agreed that if we can create a group that can sow the seeds for interactive gardening and community food resilience and creating better outdoor spaces for villagers to do things together, then that‟s going to be good for Sedgeberrow. The success of village life in future years will require resilient people and families: $200 a barrel oil is coming sooner rather than later, and if our noble leaders keep the printing presses primed to create extra digital money, then we can expect petrol to double, triple and quadruple in price over the next 10-15 years. That will have a knock on effect with travel and high mileage food – resulting in huge demand for lower cost, high quality locally produced food. Sesame Seeds should provide a platform for getting access to allotments, purchasing seeds at discounted prices and putting the fun back into shared gardening. Sesame Seeds might also provide a future platform for bulk food buying; seed saving; and garden sharing. The village oil buying group is a fantastic way to save money and get oil when deliveries are tight. Likewise, bulk food buying can save ££‟s and many journeys to your favourite supermarket. Garden sharing is about getting the most out of your garden if you haven‟t got the energy or motivation to do it yourself – you simply agree to share with someone else who does the physical work and you both share the produce. A co-ordinated village tree survey can quantify our inventory of fruits and nuts – so instead of an abundance of walnuts or cooking apples rotting under trees, these can be gathered and traded for other nuts/fruits from other gardens so you get a lot of variety from your one big tree. Likewise, a co-ordinated fruit juice pressing day can become an annual event. If you want to be part of Sesame Seeds, if you want to garden, or if you want to help, explore and co-ordinate some of the ideas suggested here, then get in touch. The community group has just been awarded over £600 by Wychavon District Council towards new equipment, and there are other grants available that can help establish such groups. From small beginnings…….. Our Head Gardener for the next 2 years is Gilly who lives at the little white cottage near the Church. Recommended websites if you want to learn more about the above issues: (Guy Redmond)


Get your local Veg Here AG Driver & Son of Oakwood farm, Sandfield Lane, are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, they will once again be selling their produce directly from the farm. They are also able to source other produce,which they don't grow themselves, from the local market at a very competative price. If you let them know what you would like to see on offer, they will try to accommodate you. Note from the editor - Steve Driver very kindly made a donation to SeSaME for the acquisition of the vegetable stall.

We're back and this time it’s for real Well only a bit real. It’s another

FUN NITE QUIZ SATURDAY 6th October @ 7.30pm Village Hall Teams up to 6, bring your own drinks and snackaroonies

WASSAIL A Celebration of Christmas Barring any ladder accidents, the Wassail is back, As you would expect there is singing of traditional carols, Christmas songs, a sketch or two, and a visit from Father Christmas. This year we will take you on a journey through the celebrations of the magical time that is Christmas SUNDAY 9th December @ the Village Hall 5.30 pm £2.00 per head ( children free ) Tea/coffee & mince pies & soft drinks on sale


The QUALITY Vehicle Valeting Service For Evesham and the North Cotswolds Mobile: 07849 712709 Landline: 01386 761290 Email:

Evesham Central Indoor Market. High St, Opposite the Co-op

Steve‟s Stationery Supplier of affordable stationery. For both home and office. Books, envelopes, photocopier paper, word searches, children‟s colouring materials, craft materials, writing pads, pencils, pens, and a wide range of other goods.

I supply and fit watch batteries and straps, sell watches and clocks.


One on One Studio Evesham


6.00 - 7.00pm


Sedgeberrow School Hall

Zumba Pilates

6.30 - 7.30pm 7.30 - 8.30pm

Weds Harvington School Hall

Zumba Pilates

7.00 - 8.00pm 8.00 - 9.00pm


St Egwin‟s Middle School


7.30 - 8.30pm


Evesham High Sch Dance Studio


7.00 - 8.00pm

We have a wide range of tobacco supplies, rolling papers, filters, lighters, rolling machines, pipes and much more.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm Saturday 9am - 5pm

Ring me on 07747 327033


Village Hall Events (MH) = Main Hall (BR) = Betteridge Room

What‟s on in October

What‟s on in November

3rd Table Top Sale 1pm – 3pm (MH &BR) 2 Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 6th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) 3rd RBLWS 7.30pm (BR) 8th Drama 8.00pm (MH) th th 5 Harvest Super 7.00pm (MH) 10 Craft Fayre 1pm – 3pm (MH &BR) 6th Quiz Night 7.30pm (MH) 12th Village Hall Ctee Meeting 8.00pm (BR) th 9 Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 13th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) 13th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 13th Church Bingo 8.00pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) 16th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 15th Polling Station 7.00am-10.00pm (BR) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) Drama 8.00pm (MH) WI 7.30pm (BR) 17th Church Bingo 8.00pm (MH) 23rd Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 20th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) 26th Whalebone 7.30pm (MH) WI 7.30pm (BR) 27th RBLWS Bingo 8.00pm (MH 22nd Drama 8.00pm (MH) 30th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) 24th RBLWS Bingo 8.00pm (MH) Pilates 7.30pm (MH) 27th Zumba 6.30pm (MH) Whalebone is a music lovers Pilates 7.30pm (MH) th treat. See page 14 29 Drama 8.00pm (MH) nd

The Sedgeberrow branch of the Royal British Legion will conduct their annual branch „Service of Remembrance‟ in St Mary the Virgin Church, Sedgeberrow, on Sunday 11th November commencing 3pm. Immediately after this service the customary wreath laying ceremony will take place outside at the Village War Memorial. Families and friends are cordially invited to attend this service on this very special and significant occasion. It would be much appreciated if this area could be clear of motor vehicles during this part of the afternoon to facilitate this short ceremony. Thank You. Vic Vickery. Branch Secretary


Sedgeberrow Post Oct-Nov 2012  

Sedgeberrow village news

Sedgeberrow Post Oct-Nov 2012  

Sedgeberrow village news