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A SIMPLER WAY BCDVideo, Avaya Simplify Networking for Video Surveillance with Titan Networking Series. BCDVideo and Avaya are working together to bring plug and play networking solutions to the security industry. Northbrook, IL – BCDVideo and Avaya have partnered together to create Titan Networking. This new line of video surveillance switches will be powered by Avaya’s network operating system software (NOS) Avaya Fabric Connect. BCDVideo is the first system integrator to adopt Avaya NOS software for private label distribution. “Until this point, the only option available to the video surveillance industry was expensive, complicated, and in many cases, low-performing multicast networking systems,” says Tom Larson, Director of Sales and Engineering at BCDVideo.

The combined BCDVideo and Avaya solution gives our customers a simple and powerful offering at an attractive price point. The Titan Series makes shopping around for multicast networks and specialized engineers a thing of the past. According to ZK Research, 75% of video surveillance issues are attributed to the underlying network. Most of these issues have been found to be improper network support. Traditionally, a certified networking technician would be required to setup the network. The Titan Series solves this problem. With just a few lines of code, these systems are setup and ready for operation. Equipped with Avaya’s Fabric Connect, it offers the shortest path bridging, enabling multi-path routing in the data center.

“BCDVideo’s introduction of its new line of switches that are powered by Avaya will enable it to deliver mission critical, always-on video surveillance systems for its customers globally,” says Liam Kiely, Vice President of Avaya Networking.“With Titan, customers can focus on protecting their organizations versus worrying about the network related issues that plague many other IP surveillance deployments.” BCDVideo’s Titan Networking Series utilizes Avaya Fabric Connect to offer a simpler way. Fundamentally different from today’s complex and static IP networks, Avaya Fabric Connect enables a dynamic, agile and resilient network where services can be deployed at the edge only. Customers can streamline their network, eliminate legacy protocols, and enable IP routing. BCDVideo’s Titan Networking Series supports a greater ease, scale, and resiliency that what has been possible in the past. Similar to most BCDVideo servers and storage, the multicast networks offer a five-year warranty to ensure total system coverage and comprehensive technical support from Avaya. For more information on BCDVideo’s new offering, visit: titan-networking/ or email info@bcdvideo.



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